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Title: Alternate Timeline Part 16 - Progressive
Show: Supergirl
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Kara Danvers (Supergirl)/Lena Luthor
Codes: FF, Oral, Rim
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Arrow, or Supergirl, nor its characters especially Felicity Smoak, Kara Danvers, Lena Luthor and Oliver Queen.

Summary: After Russia, having seen her sister slept with her crush, Kara is changed. She has embraced her sexuality and is more confident in that respect. The combination of needing to blow off steam and repay a debt brings her to Lena Luthor's office after hours.

Well Felicity Smoak may have gotten over the betrayal of Oliver Queen when he slept with Alex Danvers, another female attached to both those parties certainly hadn't. Kara Danvers, Alex's adoptive sister from the planet Krypton and the human mask for her Supergirl alter ego, was still hurt and transformed from watching Alex fuck her crush Oliver.

However, the good-natured alien had channeled that burning emotion into her work as Supergirl, albeit with delivering enemies a bit more punishment than usual. And then her personality was also icy as well, though that was normally limited to her sister Alex. For everyone else she was still loveable, adorable Kara with the heart of gold.

"Any leads yet Winn? I could really do with punching something," Kara asked one of the newest recruits to the D.E.O.

Winn had been an employee with Kara at Catco, but he too had made the transition to the DEO although his was a full-time position. The man always wanted to help, at first it was by aiding Supergirl and now it was on an even bigger scale. And though he was a close friend to Kara, he hadn't been able to help her get over her issues with Alex. All he could do was point her at a target to pommel, which she wanted to do after spending any time together in the same room with her sister.

"Nope...wait a second. Team is relaying back that he was taken outside Megan's," Winn shared.

"And that means it's Roulette who abducted him," Alex connected the dots.

"Roulette has him? I'm going," Supergirl said, her face a mask of determination and anger, not all of which just because she was around her traitorous sister.

"Going for round two I suppose," Alex commented as her adopted sister stormed off.

* * *

"Alex, we have a problem," the Kryptonian female spoke into her comm, wishing she didn't have to talk to her but with Hank captured Alex was now in charge. "The whole thing is gone. The fight club's been cleared out like it never happened."

The flight wasn't a far one from the DEO headquarters to the original location of the underground fights, however the warehouse was abandoned. A scan with her x-ray vision turned up nothing as well, leaving her and the rest of the DEO up the river without a paddle.

"Well shit," Winn surmised. "So how do we find them? It's not like we are only the mailing list."

"No...but I know someone who might be," Supergirl thought outloud.

Knowing time was of the essence, Supergirl took flight as she thought of a game plan. When Winn mentioned mailing list, she immediately realized that it was only the National City elite that got invitations for the high stakes betting ring. And lucky for her, ever since she returned home from Russia, she had befriended one of these elites, a most unlikely friend in fact.

Supergirl may not have had any contact with Lena Luthor, adoptive sister to the infamous Lex Luthor, but Kara Danvers did. Not having her clothing with her, the Woman of Steel made a quick stop off at her apartment before booking it to L-Corp. She had only met Lena a handful of times but they had a really good, almost friendly rapport that she was surely about to test to its limit.

"Excuse me, you can't go in there," Lena's personal secretary tried to stop Kara as she breezed by and pushed open the large wooden doors, entering the CEO's office. Seeing her boss behind her desk looking none to pleased about the intrusion, the secretary saw her employment at the company shrinking by the second. "I swear I blinked for a second and she got by."

"Lena I'm sorry but this is my fault," Kara described, stopping on the other side of the desk.

"She's so fast," the secretary chimed in.

"I just need to talk to you," Kara added before waiting for a reply.

"Jess, make a note with downstairs that Kara Danvers is to be shown in right away whenever possible," the powerful Lena authorized in a warm tone.

"Really," Kara said surprised as the secretary nodded and exited the office. "Thank you."

It was now that she actually had her audience with Lena that she realized how different the two really were. Kara was insecure and new at her job while the dark-haired Luthor was confident, thriving and, well, powerful.

There clothed were also on the opposite ends of the spectrum as well. Kara wore her professional drab attire of a business jacket overtop a floral blouse, long pants that were at least moderately tight and flats while her hair was drawn back in a boring ponytail. Lena on the other hand looked like ready for a night out in a skin-tight yet still business-looking dress that showed off a nice amount of her cleavage.

"Now," Lena asked, sitting down on her comfortable chair that probably cost as much as Kara made in a month. "How can I help?"

"I...I think a friend of mine has gotten involved in something shady," the reporter started.

Lena's eyebrow went up as her curiosity was suddenly peaked. This nerdy, awkward girl who didn't even know how utterly gorgeous she was was involved in something shady? And she came to her for help? Ms. Danvers certainly did have all of her attention now. "A friend?!"

"No, an actual friend," Kara corrected, knowing that Lena thought she was talking about herself. "He's missing. Do you know of a woman named Veronica St. Clair? She caters to people in your...um...circles."

"Tight dresses, snake tattoos all over her amazing body? Yeah, I know her. Went to boarding school together. Never liked her...too shady," Lena described, even using Kara's language.

"I need to find her."

This was Kara's shot. Just because Lena went to school and knew of Veronica or Roulette didn't mean she got invited to her secret underground fight club. However, she was desperate, hence coming to the CEO of one of National City's biggest businesses in the first place.

"That's the trick isn't it? Her little fight club moves around," Lena said.

"But do you know where she's holding the next fight? I wouldn't ask if I had any other option," Kara pleaded.

The moment the question was out of the reporter's pretty lips her wheels were turning. She liked Kara, and not just because she was tall, leggy and had that mix of hot and adorable that she loved so much. Those attributes didn't hurt, but the pair had an easy kinship that felt so organic. She wanted to see where it went and now she had her foot in the door in owning the newbie reporter.

"I'm a Luthor," Lena replied, reaching for a pen and piece of paper before scribbling an address down. "Of course I'm invited for her little shows. Not that I'm interested in her type of entertainment."

Breathing a sigh of relief as Lena walked around the desk and handed her the piece of paper with the information she needed, she wanted to hug the woman. Instead she used her words in her most heartfelt gratitude. "Thank you. I owe you."

Lena had to hide her smile with some high degree of restraint as those words exited the younger woman's mouth. She played it cool however,instead replying with calmness. "Not at all. I just hope when the time comes I can count on you for a favor."

Kara thanked her once again and Lena flashed the girl a warm grin but when Kara turned to leave her wolfish smile came out. The reporter hastily retreated from the room, Lena's crystal blue eyes never left her backside, noting the bunching up each cheek did in opposite rhythm as she walked.

* * *

The visit from Kara had interrupted Lena as she was finishing some last minute paperwork, but the conversation left the dark-haired woman inspired. She settled back into her chair and got back to work, fiddling with some designs before going over some the numbers on some preliminary tests her company was running.

She didn't know how late she had worked, but it wasn't like she had anything to go home to. No pets, no family, no boyfriend or girlfriend. Of course she had urges, a lot of them in fact, but that was what escorts were for. They could be called up on a moments notice, knew how to deliver pleasure and then left whenever you required it. Perfection.

"Kara...well this is unexpected," Lena said as the woman entered her office. "I know I gave you an open door policy but isn't this a little late?"

"Depends," she retorted, pulling a bottle of wine out from behind her back. "Is it too late to enjoy a glass with someone I owe a favor too?"

"Not at all," the stunning dark-haired woman replied, pulling out two glasses from a drawer in her desk. "I see you had time to change after helping your friend."

In truth, Kara had forgotten what she had worn to see to L-Corp CEO earlier in the night. Currently she was wearing a rather tight dress that she commonly wore to work. The pink colored skirt ended at her mid-thigh, showcasing her stellar long legs that had a good amount of meat on the bone. Of course the form-hugging feature of the garment helped show off her bubbly ass and medium-sized tits as well.

"Yeah. I really appreciate you helping so much with that," Cara said as she effortlessly removed the cork with the tool Lena handed her.

As the ladies drank and conversed, Kara was just basking in the other woman's unbelievable hotness. Lena had the vintage pin-up style beauty about her that the Kryptonian was very much attracted to. And likely every other being on Earth given the Luthor's piercing icy-blue eyes, unblemished ivory skin and the fact she came from an evil family yet seemed well-adjusted gave her an aura of hidden sinister to her.

Once or twice Kara thought that Lena may have caught her checking out the powerful CEO, but the ivory-skinned beauty made no indication. That suited Kara just well because she still wasn't sure what she wanted by coming here this late. She liked Lena and found her attracted, plus after a good fight she was always left with an adrenalin high. However, she was planning on just returning home for a date with her fingers but then she had this urge to come to L-Corp

"You surprise me Kara Danvers and that's a compliment. I don't often misread people," Lena said to the other woman.

"What do you mean," the girl asked.

"You have this unprecedented charm that is so...hypnotic," the Luthor began. "And the whole awkward innocence and bubbly laugh makes you so adorable I wanna eat you up. But then you add this, this, smouldering side to you, which was so unexpected...and welcoming."

"Oh well...thank you," Kara blushed, fidgeting by fixing her glasses.

"And then there is the whole flirting with me aspect. Again, surprising me when I thought I had good gay radar," Lena added.

Kara was shocked having her attempt at seducing the beautiful billionaire called out on. She didn't know what she wanted to do about it too. While it was true she was very horny and found Lena extremely attracted and had her sexuality expanded upon in Russia by Felicity Smoak, it was a gamble. Did Lena like her? Was she even into girls? But she needed to do something.

"Flirting? You caught that, huh," Supergirl admitted, deciding it was worth the risk.

"So you like me," Lena asked playfully, swirling her wine around in her glass.

"Who wouldn't," Kara gushed. "You're beautiful and smart and..."

"And into you as well," Lena added, finishing her sentence for the reporter.

The two women stared at one another with hunger in their eyes until Lena was the first to move. If it wasn't for her super speed Kara wouldn't have seen Lena move as she pounced out of her seat and was sitting practically on top of Kara on her leather loveseat. Their lips pressed against one another, the kissing electric as tongues mingled in the space created between their mouths.

Despite the fact the two had never been together before they went ahead and skipped most of the foreplay aimed at familiarizing themselves with the others body. Though there was no rush as they had all night, there was an urgency between them. So instead fingers had gone to buttons and hands had clawed at material in an effort to get naked as quickly as possible.

"What a wonderful body you have under your clothes," Lena gushed as she held both of Kara's small but perky tits in her hand. "Seriously though, your fitness is ridiculous!"

"Mine? It's yours that's flawless," Kara cooed, holding Lea's pair in her grip, which were larger than her own.

The surprises kept coming for Lena. She figured she would be the aggressor in their encounter given how she had vast more experience than Kara, but the Kryptonian made the first big move. The blonde slipped off her seat so that her face was drawn level with the pale woman's tits, allowing her the chance to latch her lips around one of her nipples.

"Yes Kara...suck my tits," the Luthor encouraged, clutching the blonde's head to her chest as she exchanged one breast for the other.

Kara didn't require any of her Kryptonian strength in order to push the dark-haired girl onto her back and wasted no time in feasting on the completely bare pussy laid out before her. She stuck out her tongue and dragged it through her slit, tasting her sweet juices which had already gathered just from their kissing before burying it in her pussy.

"Mhmm...oh good, you've done this before," Lena commented, worried she was breaking in a new lesbian finding her sexuality.

"Once," Kara said, taking a brief break from licking the other woman's pussy. "But I'm a real quick study."

Kara was a lot more confident than when she was first with Felicity, more willing to experiment. She dragged her mouth up from her gushing hole in order to expertly work Lena's clit with her tongue before slipping two fingers into her bald cunt. Then just as Lena had started getting used to the combination Kara had switched and strummed on her clit with a thumb while digging her tongue into her pussy once more.

"Oh my fucking God, don't stop," Lena hissed, planting her feet on the edge of the leather sofa and lifting her ass off the bed to hump her crotch against Kara's face.

Dragging her tongue back up to Lena's clit, Kara began to tap her tongue against the pale woman's clit, cheating by using her alien super speed. It seemed to work as by Kara's second time through the lower case alphabet Lena's knees snapped shut around Supergirl's head. The L-Corp CEO's hands grabbed Kara's hair and roughly yanked the alien harder against her pussy as a loud growl came rumbling out of her throat.

"Holy fucking fuck," Lena grunted as every muscle in her body spasmed, loosening and tightening at random intervals while her orgasm raged inside her.

Of course Kara couldn't feel the pain that a mere human surely would have perceived by having her hair pulled and her neck being wrenched from side to side by a pair of strong thighs. However, before she had to act in discomfort, Lena's body went limp. Obviously Kara took it as a compliment, a badge of honor that in only her second time with another girl that she'd managed to wipe Lena out like that.

"Oh my god," Lena sighed as she started to regain her bearings.

"I take it you liked it?" Kara asked as she moved up the sofa to hover over Lena.

"Mmm I really did," she purred in delight. "Now let me show you how appreciative I truly am."

Kara couldn't help but smile deeply as the woman she liked told her she was going to pleasure her. While it was true getting eaten out wasn't new to her, it had only been done once before by another female.

That thought was interrupted as Lena grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet, bringing her into a kiss as they both stood. The ivory-skinned beauty could taste her pussy juices on Kara's lips, which seemed to fuel her desire to cram her tongue around Supergirl's mouth and up onto her lips.

"Bend over," Lena demanded as her arm swiped across her desk, clearing it of the few remaining documents.

Kara hadn't even been aware that the two had swiveled and stepped their way from the cozy leather chairs over to the CEO's desk. However there they were with an order lingering for her listen to. She was obedient to powerful people, especially when they looked as beautiful as Lena Luthor.

"Ohh...mhmmm," Kara moaned as Lena immediately rummaged her tongue through the other girl's slit.

When the adopted Luthor saw something she wanted, she went right for it whether that was in regards to the business world or in the bedroom. She was desperate to taste the undercover Kryptonian and found she tasted much sweeter than any previous conquest of her's. With a hand gripping each cheek and pulling them apart to give her better access, the dark-haired girl .

"Such a cute little booty," Lena commented with a wide smile. "And honestly the tasty snatch I've ever had."

"Not to brag but I get that a lot...awwwhhh," Kara said before a shiver of pleasure shot up her spine to her Kryptonian brain.

The naked ivory-skinned woman had a feeling she could spend hours munching on Kara's cute pussy and still not get tired of it. It was just perfect, both in terms of it being a gorgeous little pussy, but also because it was so responsive to her every move. It helped that Lena had perfected her craft with many different patterns but she had Kara seemed to have instant chemistry.

Getting into the swing of things Lena flattened her tongue against Kara's clit and let the nerdy reporter swivel her hips and grind her pussy against her. As Kara's movements got wider and more elaborate Lena kept catching glimpses of the blonde's tight little puckered asshole and started to get an idea, which she stored for a little later.

"Oh like that Kara," her confident lover asked, already knowing the answer.

"So much," the blonde replied as she grinded her clit against the other woman's tongue.

Lena was usually the type of lesbian who liked taking them time and drawing out her lover's pleasure, almost torturously. However, with Kara it was different. She didn't know if was the electricity that the pair had or just her inability to control herself around the innocent reporter, but Lena was running hot and fast with no signs of slowing.

Steady streams of moans were being released from the thrashing Kryptonian but Lena knew she wasn't ready to cum just yet. Knowing she had to back off now if she wanted to delay her orgasm, Lena didn't even consider it with much seriousness, wanting to pleasure Kara as much as possible.

"Cum for me Kara," Lena demanded, slipping first one than a second finger to probe inside her, immediately searching out then repeatedly tapping her G-spot.

Kara didn't stand a chance, despite her alien physiology. No one could withstand such a talented barrage as that which Lena was exposing her too after all. Not only was she still pumping the two fingers into her twat, she latched his lips around the top of her clit and repeatedly flicked with speed.

"Oohhhh....yesssss....ugghhhhhh," Kara screamed at the top of her lungs as she had her most intense orgasm derived from a woman yet.

"Such a yummy pussy," Lena murmured as Kara started to spasm in a massive orgasm.

"Ohhhhh...mhmmm...AAAHHHHH," Supergirl shrieked, her moans turning to a wail of ecstasy.

"Mmm," the L-Corp CEO moaned contentedly as she lapped up Kara's orgasmic fluids.

Knowing just how sensitive her pussy would be after such a long-awaited orgasm, Lena reluctantly pulled her tongue away from her folds after she was satisfied she collected every drop of her ultra-sweet juices. However, Lena wasn't done with her new reporter lover, not by a long shot.

Even though it was her first time hooking up with the long-legged reporter, Lena was about to take a risk. In her view all women, and men for that matter, had enjoyed it when she used her tongue to rim their asshole and now she was going to put that to the test once more. With her hands already pulling apart Kara's bubbly ass, she took aim before performing a long slow lick with her tongue over her puckered backdoor.

"Whooaa...mhmmm," Kara shrieked with eyes opening wide, first out of surprise then out of enjoyment.

It wasn't a negative reaction so Lena continued and went straight back in. Once again, the CatCo reporter moaned under the presence of his tongue exploring every nook and crook of her puckered bum. Lena went slow at first with a broad tongue then narrowed it so he probed against the muscular ring's resistance, which held steadfast.

With her hands squeezing and pulling apart Kara's butt cheeks Lena folded her tongue in half and poked it against the center of the reporter's anus until it finally relented. The more aggressive Lena got with her new lover's ass, the more both of them enjoyed it. For Lena it was so extremely arousing to be tossing such an innocent looking girl's asshole. For Kara, she now understood how good Felicity felt when the big booty girl from Starling City had Kara go down on her asshole and rim her.

"Uhhh, yeah," Kara said aloud before thinking "Shove that tongue in my tight little ass."

Sensing that the undercover Kryptonian wasn't that far from coming, Lena moved a hand off of Kara's booty. Slipping it around to her front front, she found Kara's clit and stroked it with her finger. The reaction was immediate as the reporter moaned and pushed down against Lena's tongue.

"Ohhhh ohh oh," Kara panted as the billionaire made her feel oh so good.

Between the tongue in her ass and the finger working on her clit Kara's mind was swimming in delight. She could feel another orgasm building inside her rapidly and knew it was going to be a good one. Closing her eyes and biting her lower lip Kara bucked her hips insistently against Lena's face, being sure not to tap into any of her Kryptonian power.

"Oh God...eat my ass Lena ," Kara screeched as she felt the first wave of her climax hit her. She was normally much more reserved than that, preferring to think it than say it aloud but she was on cloud nine with not a worry in her head.

With her body spasming in orgasm, Kara could just feel her new lover's tongue trace its way down from her puckered backdoor. Lena shifted her tongue down to lap up the juices that were gushing out of her pussy, Kara groaned and her body jerked involuntarily.

"Mmm," they both cooed simultaneously as Kara's muscles gave out on her and she collapsed her body onto the white desk when her orgasm had run its course.

"That was fun," Lena said, her hands stroking the soft skin of Kara's hips and thighs.

"It really was," Kara smiled, looking back over her shoulder to Lena when someone else appeared in the doorway.

Lena felt Kara startle before the blonde stayed hunching over the desk but rotated around the object so it was blocking her. Curious as to what could make the nerdy reporter have such a reaction, Lena turned her naked self around to see an older woman in her 50s walk into her room and come to stand 10 feet away from herself, roaming Lena's body.

"So this is the type of business you are running now Lena," the confident bordering on cocky woman commented with contempt in her tone.

"And hello to you too mother," Lena said, not acting rattled at all as she went to collect her clothing.

"And who is this? A new lover to add to your vast collection or hopefully a discreet prostitute?"

"None of your business, mother," the ivory-skinned beauty retorted as she delivered Kara's clothes to her before getting dressed herself. "Kara I hate to kick you out but would you mind if I had privacy while I talked to her."

"Yeah sure. Not a problem," the now dressed reporter answered, practically running from the room in embarrassment at being caught red handed by her lesbian partner's mom.

Kara fought the urge to use her super speed to zip from the office the second she was out of sight in case cameras were around, which they surely were. Instead she maintained calm and controlled her embarrassment until out in the street where she dipped into the first alley and fly high up into the sky and home.

Although the night ended in disaster, for a few hours while she was in Lena's company she had forgotten completely about the betrayal by her sister. She had already discovered sex was a welcome break from her hatred of Alex, but she had been distracted by just being in the beautiful girl's presence. The lesbian tryst was just a bonus. She'd have to follow up on that revelation too.


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Re: Arrow: Alternate Timeline
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Title: Alternate Timeline Part 17 - Siblings At Work
Show: Arrow
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Thea Queen/Oliver Queen/Tommy Merlyn
Codes: MFF, MF, Anal, DP, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Arrow,or Supergirl, nor its characters especially Oliver Queen, Tommy Merlyn, Thea Queen, Felicity Smoak, Helena Bertinelli, & Evelyn Sharp.

Summary: Evelyn Sharp has betrayed Oliver and given info to Palmer Tech. Needing a new assistant Felicity talks Thea Queen into it. Olli agrees to try her out, which is more than simple office tasks before they are interrupted by Tommy

"That little cunt," Felicity Smoak swore as she burst into Oliver's office.

"And a good morning to you as well," the handsome billionaire retorted, finishing his sip of coffee despite her rare outburst. "Now if this is about Helena again, I'm well aware that she can be a little rash and abrasive but..."

"No this isn't about your sham fiance," the sexy girl waved away. "It's about Evelyn...Evelyn Sharp," when Oliver still didn't show signs of recognition, Felicity continued. "The personal assistant we hired a few weeks ago and had a threesome in Verdant with to celebrate."

"Oh...little, young brunette with a fantastic ass and underrated tits. Okay, I'm with you now," Oliver smirked, knowing who Evelyn was the entire time.

"Well that...miserable insect sold us out to Palmer Tech!"

"Who sold us out to our biggest rival," a gorgeous, 20-something woman asked from the doorway.

"Come in honey," Oliver said as he stood from his desk. "Felicity, this is my fiance Helena Bertinelli. Helena, this is Felicity Smoak, our new head of R&D."

"Wow, you are beautiful," Felicity felt compelled to say. "Like, have me questioning my sexuality type of hotness."

"Focus Felicity," Oliver said with a wry grin. "Apparently my short-lived personal assistant sold some trade secrets to Ray Palmer's tech company."

"Why aren't you more upset," his soon-to-be wife asked, her own eyes starting to mist with anger.

"Because I planted fake information. I wanted to see if she took the bait because, frankly, I didn't trust her. She seemed duplicitous and it turns out my judge of character is still working. So now I get to write a scything letter to whatever college she wants to go to, which now won't have Ray's plaudit-filled recommendation to outshine since I doubt he'll be pleased with getting non-existent details of our next big project."

"Genius," Felicity said with mouth agape, admiring her boss' intellect.

"Still, that bitch will get hers," Helena added, with both Oliver and Felicity feeling a chill run up the back of their necks. "Anyway, I should go as you two clearly have your work cut out for you. Oli, you still working late tonight? Okay, so I'll see you tomorrow night for dinner then."

"And just like that I'm down another assistant," Oliver said once Helena exited. "You would think it's a tough position or something."

"Yes but I actually have a lead in that department and I think she'll be perfect," Felicity said, her gears spinning.

* * *

Felicity needed to head to her own office and get projects updates and a plan for the rest of the day before putting Curtis in charge as she needed to work out from the office today. The tall black man was loving life under Felicity Smoak and thrived on more responsibility, which worked perfect as it allowed his female boss to drive across the city to a random law firm.

City Necessary Resource Initiative, or CNRI for short, did noble work, but the real reason Felicity was stepping into their busy office was because of one woman. She'd met her on a handful of occasions and seen her in action on camera a few more times so when the leggy Thea Queen rounded the corner she gave her a wave.

"Thea, just the person I wanted to see," Felicity said. "Can we chat?"

"Laurel, mind if I take an early lunch," the youngest Queen child asked her boss.

"Go ahead," Laurel said, more distracted with whom she was on the phone with to care about Thea right then.

"I'll cut right to the point," the girl with the extremely large booty said once they were alone in a small office. "Your brother needs your help. I know you are doing good work here and Laurel Lance is a great role model for you, but Oli needs someone he can trust and lean on as his personal assistant."

"You want me to work under Oli," Thea said, stunned at the job office.

For Felicity, the answer to Oliver's job vacancy was crystal clear as Thea checked all the boxes. She was loyal and would never betray Oliver. It was a family company and by letting Thea learn on the job in a less pressure environment was perfect until she was ready for more responsibility and a bigger title.

And then it was also perfect in terms of the handsome man's other requirements for an assistant. He worked long hours and needed someone to fuck privately and despite the fact they were siblings, that didn't stop him and Thea from sleeping together. It also was good for Felicity in terms of it, sure, it was another woman she had to share him with, but there was no risk of a long-term future between the brother and sister.

"Yes I do. Queen Consolidated is a family company and its time to bring you back into the fold. Just like when Oliver had a checkered past, he developed and matured away from the company until he was ready. You're over using Vertigo and being a party girl and ready to be brought back into the fold," Felicity explained.

"But what about the CNRI?"

"I have a feeling that Queen Consolidated is about to make a sizeable charitable donation to the inner city law firm that helps people in need. It'll allow them to hire more staff, including able to replace a certain young law clerk," the blonde said, sweetening the deal.

"Well in that case...tell Olli I can start tomorrow."

* * *

Felicity settled into her bed and felt satisfied with her day, and rightfully so. They had uncovered a mole in their organization, she'd survived her first meeting with Oliver's fiance and didn't embarrass herself, plus secured him the best personal assistant that would please both of them. Plus there was the fact she got back to work and still got a fuck in with Oliver before he left for the day.

"Special news bulletin! The vigilante Huntress has struck again, this time an honor student with her whole future ahead of her," the news anchor stated, prompting Felicity to turn it up. "Down to Susan Williams at the scene."

"Thanks John. I'm here at the gruesome murder of Evelyn Sharp at what appear to be the hands, or rather, crossbows of Starling City's own Huntress," the leggy brunette explained, causing Felicity's jaw to drop in surprise.

"Oliver, put on the channel 52 news, now," the MIT grad said after quickly calling her boss.

"...filled with several crossbow bolts, with authorities believing this to be more a crime of passion from the vigilante than her normally controlled brand of justice," Susan Williams finished explaining. "The SCPD still do not have a motive for the crime. Back to you, John."

"Jesus! Seems like Evelyn pissed other people off as well," Oliver commented, just as shocked as his former assistant.

"Do you think Ray Palmer had her killed," Felicity asked. "You know, for the useless information she stole."

"He is a businessman, not a murderer. He'd never do this, not Ray," Olli explained with conviction. "Huntress isn't for hire anyway. And the fact it was out of vengeance...Jesus!"

* * *

As promised, Queen Consolidated made a sizeable donation to the law firm which dealt with the underprivileged in Starling City's Glades. They were able to hire another full-time lawyer, two paralegals and a handful of clerks all so Laurel was willing to hand over Thea to Oliver. The pair still had a rocky relationship after Laurel discovered her sister Sara was fucking her then boyfriend behind her back, but it had gotten more civil over the last few years.

Thea Queen's first day working at the company that her father, mother and brother were apart of went fairly smooth. She spent the first half of the day being shown around to all the different departments and then given special instructions in the areas Oliver was directly in charge of. By the end of the work day, her head was filled with new information but she felt she had gained a firm grasp on what was expected of her.

"See, it's not so bad here," Oliver said his sister.

"Yeah I suppose not," Thea admitted as she took a seat in one of his expensive leather chairs. "Once you sell your soul to a big company, it gets easier to swallow."

"Oh come now," Olli said with a mock hurt look. He took his eyes from his gorgeous younger sibling in order to look down, at which point his hand pulled two glasses and a half empty bottle of brandy from his lower desk drawer. "It's not so bad here. Besides, the CNRI is better off now."

"Oh...thanks bro," Thea said, accepting one of the glasses filled with the amber fluid.

"You know what I mean," he said, laughing at his own foot-in-mouth comment. "They get more staff, I get you, it's win-win. Cheers."

"Damn, that's smooth," the leggy 22-year-old cooed. "So how good of a lay is Felicity?"

"What? Jesus, Thea, that was fucking random," Oliver retorted, completely caught by surprise from the question. "What makes you even think we're fooling around."

"Well because you're you, and I know you have a thing for girls with big asses and fit bodies so she's practically your dream girl. Besides, the way she's working to get you a perfect helper, you can tell this is more than just a job for her," Thea described, downing the rest of her drink. "Now does this job come with extra perks?"

"Touche," Olli agreed before finishing off his as well. "Perks? HR went through all that with you, or at least I was led to believe."

Oliver watched as his kid sister stood from her chair and rounded to his side of the desk. Kid sister wasn't an accurate way to describe Thea Queen, not that she was a fully grown young adult with a body to die for. Impossibly model-esque long legs, a face of an angel but a reputation more akin to the devil, she was fit beyond belief.

Her hands went to his shoulders and began rubbing them, lightly working the knots that had developed there. He moaned as it felt good, though Thea was getting just as much out of the experience, getting to feel his large muscles under his business shirt. Wanting to touch more, she stopped her kneading and ran her hands down the front of his chest, over his well-built pecs then onto his rippling abdominals.

"I more so meant these types of benefits," Thea replied, her hands now undoing his belt.

"Oh...how foolish of me," Olli mused, his own hands reaching behind himself to rub her petite but rounded ass.

He quickly brought his hands back to undo his tie and rip off his shirt, throwing them aside. However, before he could get his mitts back on his sister's fine little tushy, she was moving away from him. Though it was after hours and unlikely anyone else would enter Olli's floor, Thea thought extra discretion was a good idea when incest was involved.

Just as the leggy brunette shut the last of the floor-to-ceiling blinds, Olli had her spun around and pressed against the glass wall. His bare chest pressed against her expensive blouse she still wore, at least that was until his fingers hooked in along the edges then violently pulled back, spilling buttons to the floor.

"Hey! That was expensive...oh...mhmm," Thea protested until his lips sealed around her exposed nipple and began sucking.

As her nipple stayed in his mouth, Olli pushed down his pants completely off his legs after kicking off his shoes. Standing fully naked, he stroked his cock lightly, though Thea had much better ideas for his pole. Squirming her slender body away from his grip, she spun him around so she was more in the middle of the office before descending to her knees, drawing eye level with his girthy member.

"God yes...suck that cock," Olli said to the girl in only a pencil skirt and high heels.

Thea had not only found herself in this position often, but doing it in front of her brother was also nothing new. To say her and Olli had a unique relationship would be putting it mildly, what with his cock currently moving in and out of her wet mouth and all. The siblings loved each other and didn't hesitate to show it to one another.

"I so love this dick," Thea said with admiration, using her tongue to lick up one side then down the other.

Oliver only tilted his head back up to the ceiling and let out another low moan as his tip was captured back between her lips. She was a natural when it came to sex, made better from constant practice. Her slender face continuously bobbed towards his powerful lap as her spit began to really grease his cock in preparation for more fun to come.

However, just as Thea was finding her stride, the door to Oliver's office came open and a familiar man stood in the opening. Despite walking in on a brother getting blown by his younger sister, the tall male only stood with a wide, knowing smile on his handsome face.

"Tommy! Fuck...this isn't..." Olli started to explain as he stepped back from his kneeling sister.

"Isn't what it looks like? Your dick was literally in your sister's mouth? Did your penis get bit by a snake and Thea's sucking the venom out," the taller man cut him off.

"I'm sucking something out," Thea mused as she stayed smirking on her knees. "Olli relax, I invited Tommy here.

"What?! Why the fuck would you do that," the bearded billionaire asked, using his desk to cover his lower body nudity.

"Because I want you both to fuck me and I know you wouldn't readily jump at the chance," the leggy girl explained. "You don't exactly have a reputation of sharing well."

All the time that the siblings were talking, Tommy was getting undressed. He took the news of the two Queen children having sexual relations all in stride, after all who was he to judge. And when Thea expressed her desire for the two of them to share her, he got on board with the idea quickly.

"And you decided to trap me into a threesome with my best friend," Olli retorted, though not with the same iron in his voice.

"So if I just came to you, all like, 'hey Olli, come screw me with your oldest, dearest friend', you think that would have worked," Thea countered as Tommy approached her.

As his best friend stepped beside his sister, Thea reached out for his cock in her hand and stroked it until reaching its full 8 inch length. The skinny brunette maintained eye contact with her big brother as she opened her mouth and accepted him into her wet opening. Tommy moaned as she bobbed along the first several inches, not her best work since her focus was so divided but still nothing to complain about.

"Now get over here," Thea demanded, sucking Tommy in earnest now.

Oliver couldn't help but keep his eyes glued on the scene in front of him. His siter looked like a runway model, her sunkissed skin glistening in the dim office lighting as his pumped her face towards Tommy repeatedly. He was surprised to find it so arousing to see his sister blowing his best friend, but the evidence was before in as his cock was standing back at attention.

Realizing that he'd rather fuck Thea with Tommy than not at all, he walked up to his scheming sister and was rewarded with slender fingers wrapping around his hardened cock and beginning to stroke him. After another half-minute of pleasuring her brother's best friend, Thea pivoted so she could take Olli into her mouth once more, her tongue dancing on his underbelly as her lips glided along his shaft.

"Mhmm...just no crossing swords," Olli commented as Thea made slurping noises beneath him.

"Deal. Now shut up," Tommy said as Thea came back to orally please him. "So I can enjoy my blowjob."

Thea smiled up at Malcolm Merlyn's only son before going back to work on her task. After all, there were two mountainous cocks in front of her face, both waiting to be sucked. Comparing them revealed Tommy's to be the slightly longer one at a considerable 10 inches, while Olli's had the distinct of being of more girth, but barely. The mere thought of these dicks stretching out her holes as they ravaged her together made a whole new wave of wetness flood her mound.

"God I love sucking cock," Thea said in one of the rare moments that her lips weren't wrapped around one of the men. "And the only thing better than one, is sucking two."

Her enthusiasm was clear for both men in the office to see, given the sheer amount of energy she performed with. Her smile, or as much of one you could have with your lips opened in a large 'O', never left her face as she bobbed faster on Olli before pulling away from his tip with an audible pop. She pivoted her body slightly to get to her half-brother Tommy again, surprising him by cramming as much of his lengthy tool as possible into her gullet.

"Gllk guullkkk," the leggy brunette gurgled as his cock repeatedly went to the back of her throat.

The two men forgot how weird it was to be naked in front of the other as the same girl, their sister no less, sucked their manhoods. They had never been in a threesome with each other in the past despite being best friends, nor had either man let anyone else join them when they were hooking up with their own flesh and blood.

"As much as I would love to blow you all night, I worked hard today and really wanna be fucked," Thea said from her knees.

"I think we can take care of that," Tommy replied, sharing a brief smirk with the more rugged Oliver.

Two sets of hands reached down to grab the all-but-naked Thea, sans a pair of stockings and her high heels. The next moment she was hoisted to her feet and being led back to Oliver's large desk off to one side of the room. Unlike in the movies, rather than swipe an arm across the surface to clear it, Olli closed his laptop and placed it in his bag, rendering the desk clear and ready for their sexual purposes.

Knowing that only one of them could fuck her at a time, the boys had a decision to make. Luckily Tommy understood that they would both get their fill of the slender Queen girl so he graciously rounded to the side of the desk, standing so that his thighs were pressed against the edge and his cock stood waiting for Thea.

"Such a beautifully vibrant color," Olli cooed as she set-up behind his bent over sister. With a hand on either bubbly cheek, the burly man pulled them apart to better reveal her pussy, at which point he bent his face in and ran his tongue along her well dampened slit. "Mhmm...and tasty too!"

"Fuck that's good," the horny brunette groaned with her sexy raspy voice. "Don't worry...didn't forget about you and that gorgeous cock."

With most of her weight resting on the glass surface, Thea leaned forward until her small but perky tits were pressed tightly against the desk as well. Her hands immediately found Tommy's lengthy cock and began stroking him off all while her tongue darted out to lap at the very tip of his tool.

"It's all yours," her half-brother stated as he tipped his head back and just enjoyed her services.

Thea didn't want to tease him too long with just a handjob and licking to tip. She removed one hand so that she still had one stroking the bottom few inches of his pipe while opening her mouth up and taking about half his length. Of course, as Olli finished his brief warm-up licking on her pussy and lined his dick up with her twat she got a thrill of excitement, humming as a result against her half-brother's cock in her mouth.

Standing behind the sexy girl, Oliver didn't delay as the moment his spit-laced cock was placed at her velvety entrance he was pushing forward. Thea was no prude and got around, however her slender stature helped to make her pussy continuously tight, meaning her brother was only successful in thrusting half his girthy member into her before he needed to back up.

"Much better," she cooed before going back to bobbing her head in the tall man's tool.

"So fucking tight," Olli groaned as he got up to speed.

The feel of her pussy was sensational, as it always was whenever the siblings met up like this. Her pussy was loosening to accommodate his thick shaft, now allowing him to work his entire length into her moist heat but with enough pressure to allow Oliver to savor every stroke into her. And she was responding to his presence behind her, moaning around his best friend's member and even starting to thrust her very firm ass back towards him.

"Yes...fuck me Olli...more! Harder," Thea demanded, loving the feel of his cock pistoning inside her.

The two men didn't know if Thea commonly found herself in this arrangement, being used at both ends of her body but she truly embracing the role nonetheless. She was working perfectly in sync with both her brothers, using her arms to push back onto Olli's cock, at which point there was a loud slapping of her fleshy ass on his naked lap. She rode that momentum forward to then skewer her mouth on Tommy's dick, allowing it to poke the back of her throat before repeating the action all over again.

"Ughh...I think you're blowjobs keep getting better and better," the tall man complimented while resting his hands on the top of her head, messing up her hair.

"Pussy always feels like fucking a virgin," Olli added, the exertion he was pouring into his pounding clear from the ragged breathing.

The trio fell into a good rhythm, as though they performed threesomes with each other all the time. Olli had hands on Thea's slender waist, using it to hold her fixed in place so she wasn't getting jostled too much and ruining her focus for pleasing Tommy. The leggy Queen girl was humming and moaning all over her half-brother's cock as a result of the pussy thumping she was receiving on her other end, while Tommy was more than satisfied for now to be on the end of one of Thea's excellent blowjobs.

When Thea felt hands placed on the back of her head, she decided to let the boys do all the work and use her body as they desired. Rather than bob her head, the slender brunette opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue as Tommy pulled her head towards him. He timed it right so that as Olli was stroking into her pussy he rode that wave of momentum and shoved his cock into Thea's mouth.

"Glllkkk...glllkkk...hhhhhkkllllkkk," Thea gurgled, spitting more saliva onto his cock.

"Yes...get that cock nice and wet," Tommy grunted as his tip poked his sister in the back of her throat again.

"Why? You gonna put it in my ass, you pervert," Thea spat almost challengingly.

"You're damn right I'm gonna fuck that tight little ass of yours," the taller man answered back, drawing a smile from Thea. "Feel like trading, Olli?"

"Have at it, Tommy," the burly billionaire answered, pulling out of Thea's pussy with a wet sound.

Tommy came to where Olli had been fucking his sister but rather than take the same position he lifted the slender brunette up onto the desk before tipping her over so she rested on her side. Her small ass, though wonderfully curvy, was pointed back at him and he wasted no time getting re-acquainted with her. After a brief lick over her puckered brown eye to smear more saliva onto her opening, he placed his tip at her entrance and continued forward until he pushed through her sphincter.

"Mmm...ughh...keep going," Thea encouraged after a moment of biting her bottom lip.

She felt the familiar sting of her anal sphincter being opened up but the discomfort went away within seconds. Instead of taking a little time to get used to a cock punching into her ass, the skinny girl sought out Olli's member, twisted so she was more on her side and at a much better angle so she could suck him more readily to help distract herself.

"God I taste good," Thea moaned as she noisily sucked up the remaining juices left from her pussy on Olli's shaft

Her asshole felt tight, but within a few slow, short thrusts with only a quarter of his length, Tommy found her relaxing and loosening up. In fact, after he started to rub her clit, the girl was actually moaning...with a dick fucking her in the ass. Riding his good fortunes, the son of Malcolm Merlyn began thrusting harder and faster, lengthening his stride to fit nearly his whole cock up her rear. Her very fine, well formed rear at that.

"Didn't know you were also an ass guy," Oliver commented, looking down and watching his sister suck his cock while sparing a few glances to watching his best friend sodomize her as well.

"Guilty as charged," Tommy mused, all without breaking stride.

"Ah yes...mhmmm...Tommy here has a very healthy appetite...ahhhh...for my booty," Thea agreed before getting Olli's balls into her mouth one at a time.

Thea had taken over the duties of rubbing her own clit, multitasking rather well as she gave Oliver what was still an above average blowjob despite the lousy positioning. With both hands now freed up, her half-brother clutched onto Thea's thigh, using that to pull back on as he forced his hips forwards. With his new grip, he was able to completely bury his length pole into the slender brunette's asshole finally.

The new personal assistant had taken a lot of dicks in her life, and she understood very plainly when a man was getting close to popping. There was a look they got in their eyes and a wildness that overtook their body. She recognized the signs in the taller half brother but she wasn't ready for him or Olli to finish just yet.

"Before you too cum...I wanna try something," Thea warned, sensing correctly that they were getting closer to their release.

With a reluctant sigh, Tommy pulled out of her tight-fitting asshole and left a gaping void in his wake. Thea also felt a lot emptier but she was determined to try something taking two cocks at once. She'd been wanting to try it for some time, and now that she had her two favorite partners in the same room, it was like the fates had intervened on her behalf.

She instructed the taller Tommy to lay on his back on the expensive rug in the middle of the room. Once he was down in position she sauntered over to him, heels clicking as she walked, before straddling his lap and taking him deep in her pussy. She rose and fell a few times, getting herself worked up before summoning her brother over.

"Double team me with those big cocks," Thea surprised them both by demanding.

Oliver had been heading back towards her face to get sucked off, but the prospect of fucking her tight little ass was too good to pass up, even if it meant being awfully close to Tommy's own cock. As he rounded behind them, Thea pushed her tush further back, making her perky tits be pressed against her half-brother's sweaty chest as his cock remained buried fully in her pussy.

"You ready, Speedy," Olli asked his younger sister, making sure she was game to be doubled up on.

"Please Olli...fuck me," Thea urged.

Knowing once her mind was on something she was unwilling to give it up, Olli gave his sister exactly what she desired by pushing against her anal sphincter until popping inside. With her asshole already loosened from Tommy fucking it for the past 10 minutes, the billionaire found his thicker cock slid in far easier than ever before. They thought she might need a minute to adapt but Thea immediately pushed back into both their meat poles and started fucking them.

"Ohhh....mmmm....oohhhhh," she moaned loudly, the sensation being anything but painful.

With Tommy on his back fucking up into her pussy and Oliver kneeling above her slamming his entire length into her tight ass, Thea was in pure bliss. She felt so unbelievably tight and full on a visceral level that words couldn't express it. The whole encounter of being wanted so badly by two men, her own flesh-and-blood no less, really turned her on. Then there was the friction their two cocks were causing on the thin membrane between her pussy and anal walls, which was successful in driving her nearly mad with pleasure.

"Oh God it's so good," she screamed again. "Come on fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh yeah."

"Oh shit, Speedy...you're incredible," Olli grunted, the feel of his cock slamming into her asshole being heavenly.

"Agreed," Tommy groaned as the slender girl was grinding her pussy deep onto his cock. "Fucking great."

Given how thick and filling Olli was inside her ass, he had been going slow while making his headway inside her brown eye. Tommy too had resisted his urge to ruthlessly fuck up into her, instead slowing his approach as well in order to not overburden the petite girl. However, with each passing minute, Thea was demanding more, first through body language and then with her voice.

"Yes! Please...fuck me."

The two men smiled as they worked in unison. Tommy wasn't able to thrust up into her pussy with as much speed as before but he was still able to push his entire shaft upwards. Oliver timed it that every time his best friend pulled his lengthy dick from her cunt, he would thrust his tool into her ass.

"You okay with this? Us stretching out both your tight holes," Tommy asked from underneath the model-esque girl.

"Honestly I don't know why I haven't tried this sooner," Thea blurted out honestly, her trademark sexy smile drape across her face.

Having two men, two men who loved her as much as they did, desiring her so much to share her body, fucking her at the same time was both mentally and physically arousing to the young Queen. So many times in her past she had fucked both these men, but only one at a time, but after today she could do the whole team.

Sensing how good she was handling both of them, her billionaire brother took that as a good sign to go harder. Reaching to hold onto her shoulders, Oliver started to push his hips towards her small bubbly butt with more vigor. Still not thrusting with his entire length, Olli had managed to work 3/4 of his length inside her with his speed getting faster with each passing second.

"Deeper...fuck me...both of you," Thea breathed out, her moaning growing more desperate.

Oliver didn't hesitate, not for a second. Tommy played the good soldier by slowing down his thrusting once more as his best friend took one more hard thrust. The last 2 inches flew into his sister, her asshole eating them up until finally Olli felt the familiar slender cheeks pressed against his abdominals. Spotting the chance to fill the small Queen girl completely with meat, Tommy lifted his hips until he too was balls deep inside Thea.

With the sexy brunette now able to handle both their full lengths, the best friends held nothing back and Thea loved it. With a near constant chorus of positive moans, the new personal assistant was rocked back and forth in bed as the man behind her plowed her ass while Tommy poked up into her twat. What made it all the better was Thea's willingness for more. With a hand on her half-brother's chest, and the other on the leg of the desk, the skinny girl used her arms to push back against Olli while she rocked her hips to grind down on the bigger man's tool.

"Don't stop. You're gonna make me cum," Thea nearly screamed as the thudding of their body was echoed throughout the room.

"Do it," Oliver demanded.

Tommy found it hard to believe that anyone could survive taking this much cock, this hard no less, yet Thea was moaning and the way her body movements became more jerky, he had no doubt now that she would cum. With her pitch getting louder and words more incoherent, Merlyn reached a hand under their stomachs and found her slit. Practically the second his finger brushed her clitoris, the girl erupted in her well-earned orgasm while being fucked by two men simultaneously.

"OHHH....MYYYY....GGAAWWWDDD," Thea bellowed out as she reached her climax.

Thea practically blacked out from the intensity of her orgasm. She lost track of time, easily believing it could have been seconds or hours after cumming until she came to enough to recognize what was going on.

In reality, it had been only a minute more that Thea received the ragdoll treatment from her siblings. Her holes had clinched tight upon reaching her climax, making the thrusting a lot harder. In truth, both men should have slowed if they hoped to continue the tryst, but they were both too far along and they knew it.

"Can't hold out any longer," Tommy grunted from underneath the trio.

"Me neither," Olli added through gritted teeth.

"Cum in me! Fill me up! I want to fill you inside me," Thea begged, conscious again.

All Olli could do was tightly clench the younger woman's hips and quickly stroke his cock into her asshole for the last few seconds. Tossing his head back, the billionaire buried himself in Thea for the last time before blasting several streams of thick warm cum into her rectum. He held himself still in the depths of his sister's bowels until his love gun had emptied completely. Exhausted he rolled over onto his back and panted, recovering.

While his best friend was getting off and painting the walls of Thea's bowels, Tommy was about to do the same as well. He gave the energetic girl credit, even after a strong orgasm she was still bouncing on his pecker, helping to get him off. Their combined efforts worked perfectly as moments after Oliver had finished in one of her holes, it was Tommy now squirting deep into her pussy, pinning her hips against his to ride out the last few blasts of cum.

"See...told you that you'd love working here," Olli mused, breaking the blissful silence.

"So happy Felicity convinced me," Thea agreed.

"Are we still on for squash tomorrow after work, Oliver," Tommy asked, bringing a laugh from all three of the incestuous group.

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Re: Arrow: Alternate Timeline
« Reply #17 on: January 10, 2020, 12:43:52 PM »
Title: Alternate Timeline Part 18 - Magic & Making Up
Show: Arrow/Supergirl
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Kara Danvers/Man, Kara Danvers/Alex Danvers
Codes: MF, FF, Anal, Mind Control, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Arrow,or Supergirl, nor its characters especially Kara Danvers, Alex Danvers, Lena Luthor, Cat Grant & Oliver Queen.

Summary: Kara realizes that Kryptonians aren't immune to magic while covering a hypnotist for CatCo. Afterwards, her and Alex finally discuss their fight over Oliver and it has an unexpected conclusion...great lesbian sex

"Heading off to work? So late," Alex Danvers asked her adopted sister from the sofa.

"Yup," Kara answered without emotion.

To say that things were still fractured between the Danvers sisters was putting it rather lightly. Kara Danvers, aka Supergirl, was still pissed at the older sibling for sleeping with Oliver Queen. While true that Kara wasn't dating him, or really thought they had much of a future, it was still a shitty thing for Alex to have done and the Kryptonian hadn't forgiven her for it yet.

"You must be doing an assignment then," the girl with shoulder length dark hair assumed.

"Yeah...some magician who claims he's the real deal," Supergirl answered, at first frosty until some ice fell away.

Kara wanted to forgive Alex, she really did mainly because they were more than adoptive sisters, they were best friends. She wish she could gush about this new assignment Cat Grant gave her, tell her all about how she was earning the trust of the media mogul but they weren't there yet.

Instead, Kara finished putting on her flats and headed out the door with the destination of the Magic Shop. She always had a keen fascination for magic, however each and every time she'd been to a show it turned out to be slight-of-hand tricks, not the real stuff. This had left her jaded and now she took an extreme pessimistic attitude to the Mystic Arts, now as staunch of a critic as they came.

"Congrats," Alex said to the back of the door. Feeling as dejected as ever, the older Danvers sibling took another pull on her beer and settled back into her show.

* * *

The show was much more sexual in nature than the naive Kara Danvers was expecting. It was true that she was no virgin before hooking up with Oliver Queen, and she had done some very adventurous things in Russia with several men, and now could add sleeping with women to that list now. God, women really were attractive to the Kryptonian now that Felicity Smoak opened her eyes to that whole new side of pleasure, while Lena Luthor had been expanding on it regularly since.

The show was rated 18 years and older so the reporter for Cat Co shouldn't have been surprised that it began with some sexy dancing from an attractive blonde, though she was little more than a tease. The Magnificent Zonko made a grand entrance after that, then proceeded to showcase his tricks.

"...And...your card was the Ace of Spades," the magician announced.

The woman nodded her head vigorously and a round of applause rose up from the crowd, which was maybe a few hundred sitting around 40 tables. Kara made notes as he performed another few card tricks, which didn't go unnoticed by Zonko.

"Miss...yes you with the book. Please come and take a card from my assistant," Zonko spoke to Kara. Seconds later, a tall redhead with a full deck of cards came to her. She did a quick scan with her x-ray vision, detected nothing so picked a card. She only glanced at it for a second before she felt the intense gaze of the magician fall on her, studying her. "The 9 of Diamonds."

Kara nodded her head a gave a sympathetic smile. "Yup. That's my card."

"Please give the card to your neighbor," at which time Kara did. "Oh but wait. You can't have the 9 of diamonds, as I have it right here," Zonko said, producing the identical card from the front pocket of his suit. "You actually have the 3 of Clubs."

This time it brought an even louder roar from the crowd as the man seated beside the reporter held aloft his card, which had changed to the 3 of Clubs. Kara even gave a small applause this time, though she still firmly wore her pessimistic cap. For all she knew, this fella and Zonko could have been working together, and just like that she dismissed the trick.

"And now, The Magnificent Zonko will perform an act known as Telepathic Communication or Transfer," the gorgeous assistant announced.

Kara watched as the magician sent his assistant out into the crowd, at which point she found a random man and asked for something, anything, from his wallet. The man at the table produced one and the assistant read it, all while Zonko placed his fingers on his temples and focused hard at the redhead.

"Ms. Tessmacher...you have in your hands a piece of identification. A driver's license with the number D4667...778...900," Zonko spoke. A hush fell over the crowd but he wasn't done yet. "Issued 1993 December 7...born 1779 in August...16th day."

After she handed the card back to the man, he studied it before his jaw dropped as wide as possible. "That's amazing...it's all correct!"

As cheers rose from the crowd once more, Kara gave a light clap but she wasn't sold. He could have had another plant in the audience and simply studied the numbers and dates beforehand. Or Ms. Tessmacher could have read very quietly the numbers into a small microphone, spoken right into Zonko's ear.

He performed more of this telepathy apparently shared between magician and assistant, with similar effect. He managed to guess correct license plate numbers just by having an audience member hold their car keys, however, he had one more trick up his sleeve; hypnotism.

"Ms. Tessmacher, please go select a guest at random and bring to the stage. Now by aware, if successfully hypnotize then you will show off some...anatomy for the group. Nothing lewd though, only good fun," Zonko spoke as the assistant selected an attractive young woman of maybe 25 years.

The crowd watched on as he did his act, 'pretending' to hypnotize her until it appeared she was in a trance. True to his word, Zonko had the woman show off her black lace thong under her dress before discarding of the clothing altogether, left only in bra and thong. He had her dance and even rub up against some men and women in the crowd before 'waking her up' and allowing the shocked looking woman to get dressed and return embarrassed to her seat.

"Thank you! Thank you," the club owner announced as he walked up onto the small stage with his prized magician. "Bravo Zonko! Bravo! And as Zonko takes his leave, enjoy the musical show we have for you fine folks."

"Miss...you're a reporter aren't you," Ms. Tessmacher asked as she approached Kara, who nodded. "The Magnificent Zonko would be gracious enough to give an interview if you desire."

Kara consented and was brought from her table to the back of the club. The attractive redhead opened a door and deposited her inside the small room, which was clearly Zonko's space to rehearse and change into clothing. He wasn't there so the leggy blonde used the chance of being alone to explore the room, however she found nothing of significance.

"Hello Miss," Zonko said, appearing from a small door in the side of the room, a robe now covering his body instead of his suit.

"Nice to meet you...Mr. Zonko. Kara Danvers, CatCo News," she said, sharing a handshake with the fraud. "Your assistant said you'd be up for an interview."

"Of course, sit down," he offered. Considering he was sitting on the only chair in the room, the girl in the blue dress had no choice but to sit on his sofa, which resembled more of a bed. "Did you like the show?"

"I don't mean to offend...but I don't believe your wizardry. But that won't stop me from writing an objective piece for the paper," Kara said, maintaining her professionalism despite her personal opinions.

"Let me guess, you thought the audience members were stooges, plants," Zonko rationalized, bringing a nod from the reporter. "What about the telepathy?"

"I'm sorry but no."

Zonko tried to maintain his cool but her disregard for his craft was starting to show. He was growing frustrated with her, blaming her for only understanding things she could only see or feel. Of course he had no idea that she herself as a fabled creature, an alien from an unknown galaxy, but despite that, Kara was still determined he was a fake.

However, an idea hit the magician, spurred on when the reporter with the gorgeous long, toned legs crossed them while sitting down. Her smooth flesh led up to her mid-thigh length dress, making him appreciate her body, which included a set of small albeit perky tits, but she possessed the face of an angel.

"Tell you what, how about we try something on you. The hardest of them, hypnotism," Zonko suggested to her, joining her on the sofa.

"Go ahead, and as you try that, I'm going to get my questions ready for you," she said.

While the beautiful Kryptonian opened her file and began sorting through her notes, Zonko began staring at her with an intense gaze. He said nothing, only stared deeply at her while it almost seemed that his aura began to shimmer. The speaking and fingers to temple were only an act for the crowd but the hypnotism was as real as water.

"Concentrate...your eyelids are heavy. You hear nothing but my voice," Zonko projected the thought into Kara's mind. "You will forget all about your prejudice, anger and grievance. From now and forever, you are mine. You need not worry about boyfriends, girlfriends or past lovers. You shall be on my call whenever I desire. Now...take off your dress."

Kara didn't know how to describe it, only that she had the sudden urge to rid herself of the little blue dress she came to the club in. She knew it was inappropriate, after all she was working and she was in the presence of a strange man, so she fought.

Zonko watched on as the lovely blonde tried to resist his subconscious demands, after all, all subjects did but it was a losing fight. Kara bit her lip and furrowed her brow, but her hands were pawing over her tits now, each time kneading them before going higher to the straps of her dress.

"Stand," Zonko said, his cock already hard as he lightly stroked it with his robe wide open.

Kara did as she was told with less issues this time, hands still groping her own mounds. Without knowing she wanted to, she walked to the magician and allowed him to embrace her, his hands reaching around to paw at her lovely backside as his dick pressed against her flat stomach.

Supergirl was as susceptible as any human to magic and had no safeguards against it. She found herself angling her head upwards to kiss the man who controlled her, finding she wanted his tongue in her mouth. Still remembering her earlier command, Kara reached down and hoisted the hem of her skirt up over her tight ass, revealing her red thong nestled between her rounded cheeks.

"Mhmm...yes Zonko," Kara moaned before a sudden thought smacked her like a truck. "Please let me suck your cock."

Normally Supergirl wouldn't have begged to blow some weird man she had just met while on duty, but this new, hypnotized Kara only cared about pleasing him. With a satisfied smile, the blonde dropped down to her knees, a position she found herself in commonly over the past several months, albeit so she could eat Lena Luthor, not suck cock.

With his robe open and cock hard and ready for action, Kara was able to get right to work. She wanted to get an estimation of what she was working with so she stuck her tongue out and ran it along one side of his member then back down the other. He was a good length and girth with his smooth shaft decorated with some small veins, while his cut manhood with exposed pink head looked so inviting to suck on.

"God I missed this," the horny reporter cooed as her tongue batted lightly on the tip of his cock.

With a wicked grin on her face, Kara licked her lips as she guiding his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. Zonko couldn't help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. The magician could only toss his head back in appreciation of her oral skill, as the reporter who initially seemed timid and almost repulsed by him and his craft now certainly was anything but.

"Well...this is...very pleasing," he groaned in delight towards the girl he held in his mind control.

"Mmmmm," Kara moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

Supergirl parted her plush red lips and brushed her long, golden hair behind her ears then took him into her mouth again. Just like before, Zonko moaned audibly as she started sucking him off while he was left with his head tilted back and fingertip digging into the top of her head. She enjoyed the affect she had on him, but shifted all her focus on building momentum as she bobbed her head up and down his towering pole, taking more of him inside her each time. After a good minute of the more intense blowjob, she slowed her pace back down then pulled off his spit-covered cock altogether.

"God I missed cock," Kara admitted as she licked his shaft.

"My Lord, you have talent," Zonko confessed, lowered himself onto his back atop the sofa. "And don't forget the balls."

As if she had the most urgent thought in her mind, which she actually did, Kara tilted his cock up with her hand and began stroking him. Her fist was a near blur as she slightly tapped into her Kryptonian powers to deliver the best handjob of his life while her mouth angled down and took a nut into her mouth. After some cheek hollowing from the sucking, she plopped the first out of her mouth before taking up the second ball and repeating the trick.

Kara took turns taking each nut into her mouth and giving it proper attention before she moved back to something more solid. She moved half of his pole between her lips while stroking the other half. Using her free hand to massage his sack again, she could hear how much he appreciated what she was doing.

"Not as tasty as a pussy...but definitely feels nice to have my lips around," Kara commented as she took in a breath before returning her lips to his cock.

Zonko realized that the horny girl would have sucked his dick all night had he not given her another command or broken his hypnotic control over her. He entertained the thought given how proficient the adorable looking reporter was on her knees and a cock in her mouth, but he had grander plans for her.

"Stand so I may see what is mine," Zonko demanded.

Kara pulled her mouth from on his dick, an audible popping noise ringing around the small room as her lips came free of his bulbous head. She stood, slipping the straps of her conservative yet form-fitting dress from her shoulders. Zonko sat up and undid the clasp of her bra and threw it away, instantly taking into his mouth one of her small, bright pink nipples that came free as a result.

"Mhmm...awhh," the young reporter cooed.

He let his mouth wander to the next of her adorable nipples while his hands pulled down her dress from around her waist, as well as her thong. Standing stark naked in the magician's change room, Zonko drank in the image. The woman truly had gorgeous legs, long and muscular and led to an equally toned but rounded ass. She thought about tossing her salad and sampling her pussy, but why use foreplay when you had hypnotism?

Instead he pulled her down onto the bed with him, placing her on her side with his chest pressed firmly against her back. He hoisted her leg up and gave himself easy access to her bright pink snatch, the hint of moisture on her lips confirmed when he slid his bulbous head through her slit. Placing his tip at her entrance, he didn't delay any further and pushed his hips forwards, sinking half his length in the Kryptonian's pussy.

"Mhmm...yes...fuck me," Kara moaned, her hand roaming up her body to squeeze her perky breast.

She was tight, just like he expected. The reporter may have had a body that was sinfully gorgeous, but her naive attitude and innocent face tipped him off she was no sexual expert. That suited him just fine as his hypnosis gave him the opening into her pants and her tightness was all the better for him.

As he continued thrusting into the girl with the almost magical pussy, he managed to fit practically his entire length into her sheath. It was warm and gripped him with a velvety feel, and after only a minute of fucking he was having to bit his lip to slow his orgasm. Which was why he started fucking her on their sides, it allowed him to control his humping so he couldn't go too hard or deep, forcing himself to slow down and take him time while his hands could roam her fit body.

"More...want more," Kara demanded, thrusting her ass back at him in a bid to take him deeper and harder.

Zonko went purposely slowly, making the superhero frustrated so she would try fucking back even harder. It worked perfectly as now the angel-faced reporter was grinding her adorable ass into his lap, taking him as deep into her pussy as the position allowed and rubbing around inside her. He loved the feel of her curvy ass on his lap, the sensation and visual only heightening his arousal.

Finally he gave his mind-controlled sex puppet what she wanted. He left Kara on her side as he rose higher onto his knees, forcing her legs back together. This made her instantly tighter, but his new vantage point allowed him to spike his cock as deep into her pussy as possible. She responded with a chorus of moans, coos and screams accordingly.

"God...you like that? You like it hard, you non-believer," he hissed while giving her what she wanted.

Zonko didn't go easy on the blonde any longer. She wanted hard and he would live up to that challenge. Thumping into her with reckless abandon, Kara screamed out in pleasure, her modest tits jiggling with each mighty thrust. The magician busied his hands, gripping tightly onto her rounded hips to help pull her back to him when suddenly a wicked idea struck him.

"Hands and knees...now."

He commanded and she hopped to his orders as the second his slick cock left her gushing cunt she was positioned with her firm ass facing him and her head almost butted against the end wall. Looking down, Zonko smiled deeply as he saw the object of his affection between her firm cheeks - her crinkled little butthole.

Kneeling overtop the gorgeous reporter, Zonko knew now was the time to get in her ass as a considerable portion of his weak stamina was depleted. He gave her another series of soothing words mentally so her relaxed state would aide the anal penetration, as would his cock being drenched in both her spit and lady juices, but for good measure he dripped a mouthful of his spit right over her tightest of holes, using his hand to rub it around her surface.

"Good, just like that," he told her, kneeling overtop Kara.

With his cock in hand, he rubbed his dripping wet tip against his target, the soft center of Kara Danvers' asshole. When she gave no attempt of getting away from his touch, he pushed harder until after a good fight her sphincter relaxed and the head of his dick was lodged in Supergirl's perfect little ass.

This not being his first time sodomizing someone, Zonko knew the proper thing to do was wait for his hypnotized reporter to make the next move, or at least give her a few moments to get use to the sudden widening of their tightest of holes. He was shocked when not only didn't Kara make a grimace or grunt in pain, but no sooner had he penetrated her bowels was when the girl more than 2 decades his junior leaned her weight backwards to take the next few inches into her booty.

"Holy damn that's tight," he grunted before remembering the girl actually having her bowels forcibly opened. "You okay?"

"God yes. Give it to me," Kara answered confidently, even going a step further in rocking back against him.

Of course Zonko had no way of knowing that he was sodomizing Supergirl, who couldn't feel pain from bullets, let alone a dick in the ass. Blessing his good fortune that Cat Grant sent this heavenly creature to interview him, the magician didn't waste his luck.

With two hands now holding onto her hips to still her motion, the lanky man began making more progress into the depths of her anus. He kept making small strokes into her asshole, but seeing as she was so comfortable with it, within a minute he was making long, hard strides deep into her anus.

"How's it feel to have your tight little asshole stretched open," Zonko engaged her in dirty talk.

"Oh! So big! So deep! In my ass," Kara could barely manage to get out. "Wanna feel it deeper!"

Already giving her his entire length, the older man started to go faster. He didn't want to push the curvy blonde too much and have her stop him, but she was demanding more and he was game for it. As his dick continued to grind in and out of her stretched bowels, the sounds of his hips slapping her firm little ass filled the tiny room, however his intense anal fucking came at a cost.

"Fuck...God Damn! Gonna cum," he hissed through gritted teeth and closed eyes.

Zonko knew he couldn't have any evidence of what had transpired during Kara Danvers' interview, which was easy enough. He'd wipe her memory of his little transgression immediately after, but that also meant he couldn't leave a creamy gift up her ass either. He gave a couple more hard thrusts deep into the superhero's asshole before reaching the point of no return than pulled out.

"Turn around...suck," Zonko demanded urgently.

Putty in his hands, Kara flipped over onto her back with her head propped up against the headrest. She didn't have to wait until she felt a dick invading her mouth, poking the back of her throat as the magician began humping her flawless face. In her normal constitution she never would have thought to take a cock straight from her rectum into her mouth, but whatever her hypnotist wanted, he received.

"Tell me where my cock came from," Zonko asked, nearing his completion.

"My ass," Kara mumbled around his dick still in her mouth.

"And do you like it," he further prodded.

"Surprisingly yes," Supergirl answered honestly.

"Oh God...yes!"

And just like that a mountain of cum erupted from his slit and painted the roof of Kara's mouth. Zonko wasn't sure if he'd ever cum harder in his entire life as he did into Kara Danvers' mouth right then. After a few more seconds and a handful of thick spurts of jizz, he pulled out from between her lips, making sure to drag his tip against her tongue on the way out to smear the last drop of semen onto her waiting taste buds.


Following his orders once more, Kara allowed his massive load of semen to sit on her tongue, holding it in her oral cavity to taste and love. Finally she tossed her head back and gulped down what was indeed a full mouthful of his salty goo, making sure to return with a smile on her lips.

He tracked down both of their clothes and redressed himself while giving her the mental command to do the same before going to to sit on his sofa with her notes piled on her lap. He recreated the scene of where she was, or at least the best to his memory then gave her more mental commands.

"I want you to forget everything that happened sexually between us. However, I want you to remember this: you will be more open-minded, more willing to accept that for which you cannot understand. Oh, and whenever you see you're pussy will tingle and flood and you'll have the sudden urge to rip my clothes off and fuck me right then and there...after leaving the club tonight that is."

With her final instructions in place, Zonko went back to the last place Kara would have remembered him before he hypnotized her. Reluctantly he released his complete control over her mind and restore her to her own free will. She gave a brief shake of her head then started smacking her lips together as if trying to place a certain taste.

"So, you were saying that you were going to rave about me and my act in your newspaper," Zonko suggested with his best smile.

"I...well...I'm normally a skeptic but...you...well, I guess I'm more of a believer than I expected," Kara said with a surprised look all over her face.

Kara stayed in his dressing room for another 10 minutes as they finished the interview, at which point she left the club still feeling a little off. She felt like something happened, after all her thinking on the matter had shifted more than she thought possible with his show, but maybe she just felt like that because her Earth was turned upside down as she was now a believer in magic.

* * *

"Hey Kara...how was your assignment," Alex asked, purposely having waited up for her stepsister to come home.

"Enlightening, actually," the gorgeous nerdy girl answered.

"Okay I'm cutting right to it Kara. We need to talk about this schism between us," Alex Danvers insisted, finally getting to the point where she needed to stop avoiding the messy subject. "Yes, I slept with Oliver though I knew you had a crush on him."

"Good, you admitted that you knew," Kara said, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Yes but we both knew you were done with him. Hell, he's engaged! Plus, we both know how you feel about James," Alex pressed.

"What...James?! Me and James," Kara started to stammer, feeling blood come to her face but not out of anger.

"Listen kid, I admit that what I did was shitty," Alex continued, pulling her sister to the sofa with her so they could sit and face each other. Kara could have easily stopped her but she didn't, instead she allowed herself to be towed to the couch with her. "I got caught up in his sheer..."

"Handsomeness, charm, charisma," Kara cut her off. "I know. It made me forget about being a homewrecker. He just has this...I don't know the Earth word for it."

"We both fell prey to it. Me especially, it made me act stupid and potentially ruin the best relationship that I will ever have...with my sister," Alex continued, placing her forehead against Kara's and staring her deep in her eyes.

Kara returned the gaze back in her sister's eyes and was suddenly overcome with powerful emotion...and desire. She had no idea where it came from, but she somehow suspected that the magician may have been responsible. That didn't matter though, the only thing Kara could focus on was her love for Alex.

Surprising the girl a few years older than her, Supergirl arched her neck and twisted her head to one side so she could plant a passionate kiss right on Alex's lips. The brunette was so startled and caught off guard that she returned the kiss in turn, smacking her lips with her sister and even dancing their tongues together before the moment caught up with her.

"Kara, wait. What are you doing," Alex said, pulling back but still only an arm's length away.

"Did that not feel right? I love you Alex and want to show you all the ways how," Kara answered, licking her lips.

"But...we're sisters," the brunette retorted, finding herself staring at Kara's plump lips now glistening in a combination of both their spit.

"Adopted sisters Alex. More importantly, you're my best friend and the one I want to spend all my time, and life, with. Don't you feel the same," Kara asked, adding her adorable puppy-dog eyes to the mix. "Reflecting over the last month without you in my life made me realize how badly I need you...and craze you."

Alex thought about the words her sister - adopted sister - was saying. It was true she missed Kara more than ever while they fought, and it was also a great kiss that felt right. But she'd never been with a girl before, but thinking about it, being with men never felt right. She was excellent at everything in her life, except sex, in which it was pretty shitty actually.

Having enhanced physical reflexes meant that Kara saw her sister leaning in and coming for another kiss a mile away but she let the brunette have the moment of sexual realization. Supergirl and her adopted sister both moaned as they pressed their lips against each other and even more so when their tongues started batting and rubbing against one another.

"I missed you so much Kara. I'm so, so sorry," Alex admitted all while her lips never left Kara's.

"Me too," the blonde replied, her tongue currently pushing halfway inside her sister's mouth.

"I've never been with a girl before," Alex shared, knowing exactly where they were headed.

"That's okay. I'll teach you," Kara told her.

Alex felt comforted by her sister's words before Kara started to guide her down onto the sofa, so she was laying on her back. Supergirl had no problem hooking her fingers into the loose drawstrings of Alex's sweat pants, pulling them down her very toned legs and off her body. She had pulled her panties down along with the pants but left on her cute ankle socks, leaving her bare from the waist down.

"Do you know what...oh! Oh my! Oh my God!"

Kara decided no point wasting time and went right for Alex's tasty looking pussy. Extending her tongue, she glided it through the brunette's slit, causing Alex to stop what she was saying and start moaning loudly instead. Luckily for both of them, Kara had been hooking up with Lena Luthor for the past several weeks and had really refined her oral skills.

The DEO agent's mouth formed a perfect circle as Supergirl's tongue snaked within her pussy, licking her inner walls with urgency yet still maintaining a high level of skill for someone so relatively inexperienced. She stayed slumped on the sofa, almost reclined with her legs spread wide and as Kara's arm reaching up under her sister's sweater to clutch one of her tits. They were bigger than her own, and Alex gave a little extra scream as Kara's fingers closed around her nipple and gave the erect bud a tweak, making it even harder.

"God you taste good," the alien commented as she came up for air.

As Kara licked her lips and savored her sister's taste, she went back down between her ivory-skinned thighs. Supergirl picked up where she left off, continuing with her oral assault on her sister's sensitive bare pussy. Alex found herself getting used to the situation now, placing one of her hands on her free breast and subconsciously mirroring Kara's action, kneading her left boob and teasing her small pink nipple, while her free hand went onto her sister's blonde head.

Looking up to watch the effect she had on the secret agent, Kara stuffed first one then a second finger into her sex in short order. Alex moaned louder as her twat was stretched and probed, nimble and experienced fingertips reaching inside her and finding all the little crevices that unlocked more pleasure.

"Oh my God...just like that," the brunette encouraged, bucking her hips in rhythm with Lois pushing her fingers inside her.

However, Supergirl wasn't just content with fingering her beautiful yet deadly sister. Leaning her head back down between her juicy thighs, the blonde superhero extended out her tongue and began lashing the girl's clit with it. This brought even more groans of delight from Alex, magnified even greater as she formed a tight seal around the engorged nub and added suction to her licking.

Her energy and licking seemed never ending, probably having something to do with her Kryptonian heritage. Over and over Kara sawed her digits deep inside her sister's cunt and dragged them out just as fast but being sure to rub over her sensitive G spot along the way.

"You're trembling sis. I think you're going to cum for me soon, aren't you," Kara asked with a knowing smirk on her beautiful face.

With the combination of the surprisingly experienced girl stimulating her cunt and clit while she pulled at her own nipples, Alex stood no chance of lasting very long. And the hunger in which Kara sought to pleasure her only added to the sudden onslaught of her own orgasm, which was hurling to its climax at record speeds.

"Yes...keep going," she pleaded, so close to reaching her climax.

Steady streams of moans were being released from the thrashing brunette as she edged nearer to her sweet release. Not delaying the inevitable, Supergirl drove her two digits as deep inside her new lover as physically possible. This time, instead of withdrawing them she left them in her and began pulling upwards. She tapped into her superpowers to use extra speed so her fingertips relentlessly assaulted Alex's G-spot, a move which always seemed to do it for Lena.

"Oohhhh....yesssss....ugghhhhhh," Alex screamed at the top of her lungs as she orgasmed in the most satisfactory of manners.

Once sure that her sister was done cumming, Kara pulled her fingers and mouth away from her tingling cunt and began kissing her way up the DEO agent's stomach. After a swirl of her tongue around her belly button, Supergirl hooked an arm around the curve of Sara's low back and helped lift her into a seated position so they could kiss once more.

However, Kara had more on her mind than simply kissing her sister as she pulled her up off her back. Supergirl had pulled up her short dress and exposed her own naked sex, which was odd because she could have sworn she wore panties to the magic show earlier. Banishing that though, the blonde laced her long leg through her sister's so they were tangled up but so that their pussies' were now smushed together.

"Oh! Ah! Yes," Kara cooed as she grinded her hips lower this time, contacting her clit against her sister's groin.

She wasn't a real veteran at this move so it took her a few passes until Kara had them lined up perfectly. A tilt frontwards and backwards caused her sex to rub arousingly against Alex's own twat, spurring her older adopted sibling to lightly bite down on her plump lower lip.

At first, due to the fact that it was new and she was still drowsy from her first girl-on-girl orgasm, Alex was letting Kara have all the control. However, after a minute or so of having her Kryptonian sister grind her pussy against hers, she understood what to do. Propping herself up onto her hands, Alex began pushing back against Kara and hinging her hips so that they were frictioning with more force than before.

"Awhh...yes Alex," she made her superhero sister moan.

The sofa underneath them started to creak and rock as the two women began thrashing atop it with more energy. What started out as simply pressing their lips together soon morphed into them wiggling their hips until it reached the feverish pitch they were now at. While their sexes were squeezed against one another, they grinded with grunting effort, using their hips to tilt and hinge, constantly reaching new levels of pleasure.

"Jesus...so good," Kara huffed, her perky chest heaving with the effort.

Alex was just as into the encounter as her more experienced sister. That became apparent when Kara was forced backwards into a more seated position with the DEO agent mirroring her stance, the pair more equal rather than Alex resting back and being more passive. It served both better as it allowed their pussies a better chance to fit together, their lips pressed firmer and heightening their pleasure.

Their scissoring all happened while they never stopped kissing, that was until Alex broke it so she could run her lips down Supergirl's neck. The long-haired blonde moaned with greater urgency as the necking combining with the twat grinding sparked new delight throughout her alien body. However, her hunger demanded her own mouth to be busy she she risked losing her balance to free a and so she could tilt Alex's head back up towards hers.

"Kara...I'm so close again," Alex warned, eyes shut tight as she allowed her body to be awash in carnal delight.

"I know honey...me too," the horny superhero replied.

From there it took little time until both girls were left satisfied. All they had to do was maintain the frantic pace and smooth rhythm, which was no trouble. More creaking of the couch's springs were heard, filling the apartment with its noise as they continued their thrashing. They couldn't recall who had came first, though it didn't matter as they both reached their screaming climaxes in such short and pleasing order.

"Wow Kara," Alex huffed, laying on her back once more, limbs still tangled together.

"Let's never fight like that again," Kara said, in the same reclined position.

"Deal...as long as there's more of this," the brunette retorted, accentuating her point with a tilting of her hips, flicking at Kara's clit with her slit.

"Ahh God! Yes...100%," Supergirl squirmed but smiling the whole time.


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Re: Arrow: Alternate Timeline
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Title: Alternate Timeline Part 19 - Wedding Gift Part 1
Show: Arrow
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Felicity Smoak/Helena Bertinelli/Oliver Queen
Codes: MFF, FF, Anal, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Arrow,or Supergirl, nor its characters especially Oliver Queen, Moira Queen, Felicity Smoak, Helena Bertinelli, & Laurel Lance.

Summary: After saving Helena's life after a misstep as Huntress, Felicity is rewarded by Helena with a sexy romp, with her and Olli

"Good night, Mrs Queen," Walter Steele said as he poked his bald head into the CFO's office.

"Good night, Walter," the still beautiful for her age woman replied.

"Be sure to get some rest," he replied, giving her a last warm smile before departing.

Moira couldn't help but think the tall black man had feelings for her, but Walter was far too professional to let that cloud his mind during business. He was also gentlemanly enough to never make a move on a married woman, especially when said woman was his boss' wife. However, Walter always kept his flirtation, if it could be called that, subtle and small, just enough to flatter Moira but never to make her feel uncomfortable.

The CFO of Queen Consolidated would soon be following Walter's lead and leaving the office for the evening shortly. As she finished the file she was working on and closed it, she caught glimpse of the picture of her family and felt a swell of pride. She had a happy marriage to a great man, and finally her two children were over their rebellious phase with them now working and very much contributing to the family business.

"Life is good..."

Moira never got a chance to finish that thought as suddenly the large window to her right exploded into thousands of shards of glass. The blonde mother of two had enough time to stand and take notice of the medium-sized woman fully clothed in dark purple shaded pants and long leather jacket. Before she could even note the crossbow in her hand, the mask-wearing woman fired a bolt that took out the lamp on Moira's desk, rendering the office in even less light.

In the blink of an eye, the vigilante that the mainstream media was calling Huntress somehow had another bolt loaded in the piece, which was now aimed directly at Moira's heart. There seemed to be something oddly familiar but in a very fuzzy way about Huntress, but the panic she was experiencing somewhat stopped all thought.

"Moira Queen, you have failed Starling City," a feminine voice distorted by some type of technology stated. The older blonde thought briefly about making a move for the phone, a move Huntress guessed and soon another crossbow bolt was sent flying, knocking the phone off the desk. "Stand still."

"Please don't kill me," Moira said, panicked but still retaining some semblance of calm.

"That depends," Huntress spoke, almost in a taunting tone before snapping back into anger. "Tell me everything you know about the Undertaking!"

"Don't shoot. Please, I'm a mother! I have children," Moira said, reaching to pick up a picture of her family.

Moira was terrified, so that wasn't an act, but she was playing up how distracted by fear she was. In reality, the Queen Consolidated CFO was fairly calm if not calculating, her wheels turning about how to get herself out of this setting. Huntress was a killer and it would take the limited security staff minutes to reach her, and even then they likely couldn't help much against the murderous vigilante.

Moira was buying time, thinking of a way out until she saw something beside her on the ground. Luckily, when Huntress shot her phone off her desk, a little device that Curtis Holt down in R&D fell with it. Acting as though she was getting more comfortable on her knees, Moira palmed the small creation, took a breath then flipped the switch


"What the...."


As Huntress turned to look at the doorway behind her, Moira sprang into action. She was a proud gun owner so she quickly pivoted to the drawer on her right and pulled out a small firearm. With the automatic door closer having distracted Huntress, it allowed Moira to cock the pistol and get off a series of shots aimed at the leather-clad figure before she ducked tight behind her desk...and waited.

Moira found her cell phone a moment later and placed a call into 911, ordering help then called down to her security staff to send everyone. She realized that since the vigilante wasn't currently climbing over the desk and filling her arrows then a bullet, maybe more, had struck home. Listening, she could hear the faint grimacing and groaning from the female, but Moira still did not dare poke her head out yet.

"Ms. Queen! Ms. Queen," a commanding voice shouted as the door was thrown from its hinges. "It's your security team."

Finally brave enough to come out, Moira got to slightly unsteady legs and peered over the large wooden desk to where Huntress was last seen. Instead of finding the vigilante on the ground, Huntress must have somehow escaped, but she left behind a fair few pints of blood on the glass-covered floor of Moira Queen's office.

* * *

Felicity knew that her new job in charge of the IT department at Queen Consolidated would come with more responsibility, which correlated into longer hours. However, she wasn't complaining because she simply loved the work. In truth, it was the closest to her dream job that she could get.

Once more she left the office and noticed that both Moira Queen and Walter Steele's car were in the parking lot as well. As she climbed into her car, which she was finally able to trade up from an old clunker to a new, sleek model, she looked over her shoulder to back-up when something, actually a someone, caught her eye.


"Relax," a strangled feminine voice stated, the girl clearly in a good deal of pain as she laid on her side in Felicity's back seat. "I'm not going to hurt you Felicity."

"How do you know my name," the blonde retorted, shocked to have found the Huntress laying in her car.

Reaching up, the vigilante pulled off her mask and revealed her uncovered face. Felicity gasped as she recognized the killer known in the media as Huntress to really be Helena Bertinelli. Oliver's Helena...his fiance.

"Helena...oh wow," Felicity said, startled by the revelation. "You're bleeding."

"I don't need to be told that," Helena still had the strength to retain some of her wit. "And no, no hospitals. I knew you were thinking it. Drive towards the glades. There is an abandoned warehouse formerly belonging to my father. 5477 Jordan Drive. Go."

"Helena, you need a doctor."

"Felicity, losing strength. Just promise you'll take me to that location and nowhere else. Understand," the vigilante said with still some steel in her voice, though it was clearly weakening.

Felicity nodded her head after a second of thought and peeled out of the parking lot. Though she didn't like anything about the circumstances, she knew she had to listen. She did her best not to think about a potentially dying woman in her back seat, that said woman was both Olli's fiance and the murderous Huntress. Instead, she just drove.

* * *

Laurel Lance, known to only a select few as the Black Canary, sat in her lair watching the news. The headline on channel 52 read 'Attack on Queen Consolidated' and described how the masked vigilante made an unsuccessful attack on Moira Queen. Laurel didn't give it much thought, mainly because Helena's goal for tonight was information gathering, not killing.

"Excuse me...Laurel?!"

Black Canary, only in her civilian clothing with no mask, spun with gun loaded and ready to face her trespasser. As the panic died down, Laurel realized that it was a shocked looking Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen's part-time lover, standing in front of her. The eldest Lance girl didn't know what was more surprising; Felicity finding the lair she and Huntress used or the fact the meek nerd's clothing was covered in blood.

"Can you help? She's lost a lot of blood," Felicity explained, all while staring down the barrel of a gun.

Both girls let go of their utter surprise of seeing the other in such a random place and sprang to action. Within minutes they had Helena on a metal gurney with her top completely removed in order to work on the gunshot wound in her left shoulder. The way in which Laurel moved and the tools available let Felicity know that treating their own injuries was commonplace here.

And that was even before Laurel pulled out from a freezer chest a pint of blood marked 'HB' and fed an intravenous line into Helena's arm. Felicity kept her questions to herself, allowing Laurel to order her around as they worked frantically to save Huntress' life. Blood was transfused, the bullet was extracted and the wound was sealed, all in under an hour.

"Good job," Felicity told Laurel as she tied off the last of the stitches.

"Her heart's still ticking and the bleeding is stopped," Canary replied before pulling off her latex gloves. "Thank you for helping."

"I always wondered how I would react if I ever found my boss' fiance in my car bleeding," Felicity mused, looking around the basement of the warehouse.

"I figured this would be more of a shock for you," Laurel said, sitting on a stool. "But you're acting really cool."

"Well, although I'm not exactly a fan of the manner in which she deals with all the criminals in this town, it's nice to know someone is punishing white collar criminals who ruin thousands of lives and aren't held accountable," Felicity answered.

"Listen, she's gonna be out for awhile yet and I'm gonna stay with her. Head home, get some rest and forget about this."

"Forget about this? How? Her blood is still in my car, on my clothes. I know Helena is Huntress and you, the Black Canary! And I'm suppose to lose my memories all of a sudden," Felicity pondered. "I feel like more explaining is needed."

"And I will...but not tonight. That I promise you. Any questions you have, we'll answer," Laurel agreed honestly. "And I think we both know that this needs to stay quiet."

"Yes, of course. But if it's all the same to you, I think I'd like to stay, wait to see how she's doing," the girl in glasses replied. "I feel invested."

Laurel gave her a comforting smile and nodded her head in ascent. "Showers are down that way, spare cloth in either of the rooms along the way. If you're hungry or thirst, we have an improvised kitchen down there."

* * *

"Well I guess I didn't die," Helena murmured groggily without trying to sit up.

Laurel and Felicity both came rushing over to see the gorgeous vigilante, but this time they both wore smiles for the first time in hours since Felicity brought her in. They caught up Helena on everything that happened while she was recovering, how the blonde nerd hacked the police crime lab to have the blood sample collected from Moira's office destroyed.

"Thank you," Huntress said, getting help as she sat up. "Now, go ahead with your questions. I know you have a lot of them."

"Why were you going to kill Moira Queen," Felicity didn't hesitate.

"I wasn't. I was trying to scare answers out of her about something called The Undertaking, which she may be involved in," Helena answered.

"Does Oliver know? About Huntress," Felicity asked, flowing right into the next one.

"We each have our little secrets," Helena answered. "For me, I clean up the city at night. For Olli, he uses his evenings to sleep with half of Starling City...including yourself."

"Helena, look, I'm..." Felicity started stammering, nervous beyond belief.

"Relax little kitten, I'm not upset and going to take vengeance. I have my secrets from Olli, just like he has his from mine. To me, that makes us even," the taller brunette explained.

"Okay, that's enough of the Q&A for now," Laurel cut in, noting the increasing amount of grimacing and the still pale complexion of the injured girl's skin. "Felicity, we appreciate your help, more than you can know, but I'm kicking you out. Helena, you are lying that fine bottom back down on that bed and getting more rest."

* * *

Felicity was happy that all this happened Friday night, since she didn't think she could handle seeing Oliver the morning after finding out his fiance was the Huntress. Could she still? Did she even want to? These questions and more floated through her head, which was why she didn't want to see him, at least not until she had things figured out.

However, things rarely went as planned when it came to Felicity and Oliver Queen. Sunday morning her phone buzzed with a text message from Olli, telling her to be at his family house at 2pm. She tried to lie and explain she couldn't, being as she was still conflicted with the Helena revelation, but he didn't give her any wiggle room. With no other choice, she ate, showered and changed before heading over.

"Ms. Smoak? I'm surprised to see you here," Oliver's father said as he greeted his new head of IT at his company. "Is everything at Queen Consolidated?"

However, before Felicity could answer him in some made-up excuse for why she was there for a booty call from his engaged son, Helena spoke. "Oh sorry Robert, I invited her. Felicity, come on up, please."

Felicity gave the older man another friendly smile before climbing the stairs and was led into Oliver's large bedroom. She'd been in there countless times since she and Olli started hooking up, but never with Helena present. As she followed, she couldn't help but note that Huntress seemed impressively recovered, not favoring her injured shoulder and the color had come back to her, well as much as her normally ivory complexion contained.

"So, you wanted me here? Oh my God! Your shoulder! There's no wound," Felicity gasped, even running her fingers over the location that Moira Queen had shot her 36 hours ago.

"Yes. Will I spent time on this remote island in the South Pacific, I discovered this miracle herb that, when applied to a fresh wound, accelerates healing greatly and immediately," Helena explained. "How else do you think I could keep all the rigors of being a vigilante from my fiance?"

"Touche," the blonde agreed.

"And I invited you for two reasons," the woman secretly known as Huntress continued. "The first is to thank you..."

Felicity saw the woman leaning in towards her but she still didn't believe Helena was coming to kiss her until the taller woman's lips were pressing against hers. As if she was no longer in control of her own body, the blonde with the thick ass seemed to melt into Helena's form. As Helena opened her mouth, so too did Felicity until their tongues were mingling and the depth of their kissing increased.

The blonde had no idea how much time had eclipsed, not that she cared. She just allowed herself to kiss and be kissed the the taller vigilante, allowing Helena to show her appreciation to the thick-rumped IT girl who had saved her life two nights ago. The kissing just felt right, everything about it was perfect. The softness of Helena's lips, the hunger of her tongue digging in her mouth and the grazing her hands were doing over her body.

"Mhmm...And the second," Felicity murmured in almost a dream-like trance.

"To give Olli my early wedding gift to him."

Felicity didn't immediately understand the other woman's comment and before she could spend a great deal of time thinking about it, lips were being used on the nape of her neck. It didn't take Helena long to use her hands for roaming the thicker girl's body to then using them to remove clothing. First was Felicity's shirt, followed by her bra at which point Huntress' mouth latched onto one of the free nipples.

"Mhmm...yes," Felicity moaned.

Having her small but perky tits sucked on seemed to wake the sexual beast within Felicity. She had felt the release of tightness of her denim shorts as Helena had undone the button on them but before she could pull them off the blonde, Felicity had reached down and pulled the taller woman's dress up over her head, leaving her in only her purple thong.

The woman known as Huntress by the media was pleased that the shorter girl was getting ramped up by the excitement, but she wanted to remind Felicity that she wasn't in control, Helena was. She felt the MIT grad to remove her thong, but the vigilante beat her to the punch by hooking strong hands onto Felicity's jean shorts and pulling down.

"God...that ass really makes these shorts work hard," Helena mused as she needed all her strength to get the garment over Felicity's mountainous booty.

Huntress didn't know if her conquest hadn't worn panties to Oliver's at all or if they were removed with her shorts. Regardless, the blonde now stood in front of her stark naked, without even some peach fuzz in front of her sex. Helena's eyes couldn't stop staring at her bald pussy, making her lips look even pinker...and the need to taste her grew too strong.

"Oh! Oh, God! Oh God, yes!"

Felicity was no longer thinking about the vile things Huntress was accused of, or what if Olli came into the room, or anything else other than Helena's tongue licking through her snatch. Looking down, the nerdy girl saw her new lover's face dipped between her legs with what can only be described as smiling back up at Felicity with her eyes.

Over and over she directed her tongue to orally assault, in the most pleasurable way possible, the other girl's sex. Helena let her wet muscle lick through her folds, flick her clit and dip into her hole, all in random timings and bursts. Felicity was rendered to a standing, moaning figure, one hand rubbing her own breast and the other holding Helena's head between her legs.

"Come here," Helena said.

With a sudden burst of speed, Felicity was thrown down onto the bed by the much stronger girl, who had to only pivot on her knees to stay with her face buried in Felicity's lap. The standing position was sexy and all, but to better access the blonde's soaking wet hole, Helena needed her laying down on her back.

Felicity propped herself up on her elbows to view the action once more, but her arms nearly buckled seconds later as Helena spent the next long while digging her tongue deep inside Felicity. Once more the blonde used her hands to knead her round globes, occasionally twisting her nipples to make them harder, an act that was both a little painful and pleasurable.

"Oh my God...just like that," Felicity encouraged, bucking her hips in rhythm with Helena pushing her tongue inside her.

Even though Helena knew this was exactly what Felicity wanted, she didn't give it to her all the time. Instead she would do a rapid series of licks through her folds before latching her lips around her clit and sucking. This drew a sudden cry from the shorter blonde, whose eyes constantly locked with Helena's, unless they were shut hard as she screamed in delight.

With the combination of the surprisingly experienced girl stimulating her cunt and clit while she pulled at her own nipples, Felicity stood no chance of lasting very long. And the hunger in which Helena sought to pleasure her only added to the sudden onslaught of her own orgasm, which was hurling to its climax at record speeds.

"You're trembling baby. I think you're going to cum for me soon, aren't you," Huntress asked with a knowing smirk on her beautiful face.

"Yes...keep going," Felicity pleaded, so close to reaching her climax.

Steady streams of moans were being cooed from the thrashing blonde as she edged nearer to her sweet release. Knowing she could accomplish that whenever she wanted to give it to her date, Helena decided to bring her to her orgasm sooner rather than later. After all, this was only ever meant to be a little taste, an appetizer for the rest of the day that was to follow.

Not delaying the inevitable, Helena drove her two digits as deep inside her new lover as physically possible. This time, instead of withdrawing them she left them in her and began pulling upwards. She felt the familiar ache in her forearm as usual while her fingertips relentlessly assaulted the smaller girl's G-spot, a move that was always received with 100% success when performed on her usual partner, Laurel Lance.

"Oohhhh....yesssss....ugghhhhhh," Felicity screamed at the top of her lungs as she orgasmed in the most satisfactory of manners.

Once sure that the blonde was done cumming, Helena pulled her fingers and mouth away from her tingling cunt and put them on her own tongue. Felicity's cum tasted even sweeter than her usual pussy juices, which was why she savored the cum on her fingers, sucking them deeply so she didn't miss a single drop.

Felicity was still basking in the after-orgasm bliss that washed over her mind and body, unknotting ever muscle fiber and relaxing her every thought, when she felt herself being moved. Helena's appetite apparently was satiated with only munching Felicity's pussy for the last while, as now she was rolling the blonde over onto her stomach so her thick ass was now facing upwards.

"Glorious! Truly glorious," Helena gushed, her hands running over the large, rounded surface of Felicity's highly impressive rump.

Felicity went to thank the gorgeous dark-haired girl but her words were cut off by a hard, double-handed slap to both cheeks. It didn't hurt despite being delivered by the vigilante, but it succeeded in both causing her giant ass to quake and begin to redden.

As if the spank was just a warm up, this time when Helena did the slap again she kept her hands on the large rump and pulled the two cheeks outwards to expose her adorable looking butthole. Helena smiled as the crinkled hole gave way just slightly, a tell-tale sign that the MIT grad was no strange to backdoor loving. With a wide grin, Huntress extended her tongue and ran it directly over the hole and felt it pulse against her tastebuds.

"Shit! Why do I love having my asshole licked so much," Felicity mused through another series of moans.

It made Helena wet thinking that the girl who her future husband was fucking regularly was getting off having her ass played with. While normally she wouldn't have gone right to rimming a new lover on their first hook-up, Felicity's ass was just to gorgeous to not try wiggling her tongue in ASAP. Helena kept her tongue wagging over the tight hole after the successful first lick, getting more of her taste on her buds.

"You like having your adorable ass eaten out," the vigilante asked between swipes of her tongue against the constricted hole.

Felicity responded by letting loose a torrent of moans and grunts into the bedroom without regard if anyone outside in the hallway heard her due to the amazing work of the girl giving her the best rimjob of her life. Completely lost in the embrace of the sexy Huntress, the blonde allowed her to use her however they wished.

However, Helena only got a little more time in eating out her asshole before the vigilante heard the squeak of a floorboard right outside the room. Felicity hadn't heard it, nor did she hear the faint creak of the door hinges as they opened up. Helena didn't stop her rimjob, even though her peripheral vision told her that a large, broad shouldered man was standing in the doorway now.

"Helena! Felicity," Oliver nearly screamed as he opened his bedroom door and saw the scene on his bed. Hurriedly he stepped into the room and quickly closed the door behind himself, locking it as well. "What is happening?"

"Oh my, Olli! Can you believe the rump on this one," Helena cooed, her hands never leaving Felicity's large and firm ass.

"Helena invited me," Felicity stated, raising her head from being buried in the pillows to address her boss and secret lover, her face reddening already.

"So, are you just going to stand there with that goofy look on that handsome face, or are you going to come enjoy the wedding gift your soon-to-be wife got you," Helena asked. "Now come on, don't keep us waiting."

By the time Oliver had walked to the edge of the bed, both girls were kneeling, waiting for him. Naturally he kissed Helena first, after all he had no idea how she got the idea for a threesome involving his prime mistress of all people. He was curious if they hooked up like this often because as he kissed Helena, she undid all the buttons on his dress shirt and Felicity seamlessly pulled it off his shoulders.

He may have been taking completely by surprise, but Olli's primitive urges were still fully functioning. His hand dipped between Helena's legs and felt the massive dampness between her thighs, his two fingers having no problem pumping into her sex. He could feel Felicity's kisses on his back as her tits pressed into him as well, all while her hands undid his belt then loosened his pants.

"So, are there any rules," Olli asked, knowing that some ex-girlfriends had some strange guidelines to use when in a threesome.

"Yeah, fuck us," Helena mused with a smile. "But since you ask, and since I'll be your wife, you make me cum first and then we play with our new toy together."

Oliver didn't saw anything else, he didn't need to. Twisting his body so that he could kiss Felicity now, he began to finger her sex as well with his free hand. Both girls were taking their turns to moan into his mouth as they danced with their tongues, all while he pumped each of them as foreplay.

Helena succeeded in getting his pants halfway down his thighs, far enough so that his thick, 8-inch cock sprang free. She was bent down onto her elbows and knees the next moment, taking his tip and the first several inches into her mouth before bobbing on that much length. Felicity had come around beside Helena so that she could reach out and fondle Olli's nuts as his fiance blow him.

"Glllggg...hhgglll," Helena gurgled as her future husband's cock repeatedly poked the back of her throat.

Oliver rested a hand on his wife's head as his other was wrapped around Felicity's as the two work colleagues kissed deeply. It felt like such a rush to show Felicity such passion and desire all while his wife was in the bed with him, filling the room with her noise blowjob.

"Come share with me Felicity," Helena urged.

"Gladly," the blonde retorted.

Oliver took the slight pause to get down onto his back and perch himself up on his elbows after doing away with his trousers. Felicity and Helena were now on opposite sides of him, his wife holding the base of his member so he stood straight up before the girls, as if they had rehearsed it, began licking their side of his cock.

Their licks evolved into them each running their lips over his cock in such away that they were actually touching each other as they rode their mouths up and down his tool. Their upper lips constantly bobbed the length of his underbelly while their tongue and bottom lips glided along the harder topside.

"Here, take my husband, your boss," Helena told Felicity.

Helena was well aware that Felicity had gone down on Oliver countless times, but she was putting the show on for his benefit. The blonde played along, opening her mouth and accepting Olli into her wet opening and immediately closed her lips and began bobbing. He was thick and long, a combination insuring she would only be able to fit just over half his length into her mouth at one time, which he seemed to appreciate.

As she handed him back to Helena, who went back to nearly gagging on his awesome size, Felicity bent lower so she could tongue Olli's nuts. She knew from vast experience that Oliver loved having his balls played with, and it made it all the better that it happened all while still being blown.

"Now this time Felicity, take him down," Helena explained, at which point Felicity bobbed her head until his tip hit the back of her throat. "And hold him until he chokes you."

Felicity went along with her decree, past the point where she normally would have pulled him out of her mouth. She felt saliva start to drip from her mouth, running down Olli's cock and coating it as she gave a small but sexy cough then retreated back up his length.

"God that was hot," Helena cooed, reaching over to kiss Felicity overtop her husband's cock as she stroked the now well-lubricated meatpole with gusto.

Olli couldn't help but rest back and enjoy the show. The two girls had lowered their kissing, which had transformed into a series of tongue wagging at each other so that his bulbous head was caught in the crossfire. The girls continued to dart their wet muscles around, licking his cock as often as finding each other. Occasionally they would ignore him altogether to traditionally make out with each other, but they never left his dick orally unattended for very long.

"I think you should fuck us now," Helena said with a wide smile.

"Absolutely," Olli replied, just as excitedly.

Helena didn't give her fiance the chance to get up as she was already throwing a long leg around his lap to straddle him. From her positioning on the side, Felicity made herself usefully by grabbing Olli's spit-covered dick and lining it up with Helena's cunt. When the Huntress felt him in position, she sat down, descending all the way until all 8 inches resided in her wet furnace.

"Oh God, fuck that's good," Helena shrieked in pleasure.

Helena soon fell into a good rhythm, rocking her athletic body up and down his full length and cooing the whole time. Felicity stayed just behind them, rubbing Olli's nuts as his future wife rode his cock. Her pussy looked tight as her lips hugged his member tightly, but with each passing minute the vigilante started to ride him harder and faster.

Felicity couldn't get over how much of a screamer Helena was. Olli must have been hitting all the right spots with his cock, not to mention his lips latching onto one of Helena's nipples was probably adding up as well. However, Olli soon took control, his strong hands on Helena's ass controlling her now, making her go slow and ride every inch.

"Taste it, now," Olli demanded from Felicity.

The blonde nerd waited for Olli to slowly drag Helena's pussy up his shaft until it popped free with a wet pop. As soon as it was clear she wrapped her lips around his head and bobbed downwards, her taste buds become flooded with Helena's pussy juice. Knowing her role was to sample the good and probably to add more lube for his fiance's tight snatch, Felicity did just that before placing his cock back in the brunette's hole.

"Awwhh...fuck yes," Helena screamed again as his cock drilled up into her.

Felicity couldn't help but admit that the pair made a sexy couple, and without thinking Felicity found her hand tucked between her meaty thighs and rubbing her snatch. Watching as Olli's thick prick continued to rocket upwards, in perfect rhythm with her thudding back down onto his lap, Felicity began rubbing her slit faster and faster.

"Oh my God! Yes! Keep fucking me," Helena shrieked, her hands curling tightly onto the bedsheets.

Olli's cock continued to be a flesh-colored blur as he thrust upwards into her cunt. He was giving it to her as hard as Felicity ever remembered him ever fucking, but apparently that was exactly what his fiance wanted and needed. Her face was reddening from the constant stream of moaning, her knuckles were turning white from the death grip she clutched the sheets with.

"I don't think she's gonna last much longer," Felicity mused to Olli, her mouth pressing over his as her fingers rubbed her own snatch.

As much as Felicity wanted to speed things along by reaching her finger down between their bodies and swiping at the girl's sensitive nub, she couldn't. Their thrashing bodies were simply going to damn fast and chaotic, so the blonde had to content herself with kissing the bearded man in front of his fiance and playing with her own sex.

"Shhiittt...really not...mhmmm....gonna...cum...awwwhh...close," Helena screamed.

"Go real deep Olli," the MIT grad instructed, not that he really needed the tip.

The billionaire did just that, continuing his assault from under his fiance so his pelvis constantly thrust up. The brunette was more than pleased to repeatedly accept his girthy 8-inch cock inside her pussy, his cock tip grinding against her G spot each time. Finally, unable to sustain such a repetitive force for too long, Helena took one sharp breath in and felt a tingling run up her spine than explode outwards.

"OHHHH YYEEESSS...SSSHHIITTT," Helena swore as she came.

The bearded man continued to slowly fuck his fiance, coating as much of his dick in her juices as he could before pulling out. He knew from experience that Felicity was gaining more and more appreciation for lesbian theatrics so when he presented her with his cock, completely coated in Helena's cum, she took it gleefully and sucked him dry with vigor.

"God that's a tasty pussy," Felicity cooed as Helena joined her a moment later. "Here, try."

Helena had no issue sucking on his dick that was coated in her own cum, extending her tongue to make a few swirls over his head before descending down his length. Felicity stayed close by, in fact her face was tilted lower so her tongue could lick at the portion of flesh that the brunette couldn't fit in her gullet as they worked as a team again.

"I guess that makes it my turn now," Felicity reasoned after the pair finished sucking him.

This time Olli wasn't content to just lay back and have the action done on him. Rolling over, he placed Felicity down so her perky tits and face rested on the mattress but with her knees under her so that big, beautiful ass was pointed up in the air. He stood above her then squatted down, his cock in hand as he lined it up with her waiting pink snatch.

"Oh no, Olli. When a girl has an ass this perfect you don't waste it by merely fucking her pussy," Helena explained before grabbing his cock and lining it up with Felicity's asshole. "You show her the proper respect and only plow her booty."

Apparently Helena didn't want the third wheel in their relationship to have any lube as she was assfucked by a thick cock. Luckily for Felicity, her asshole was still rimmed in Helena's spit from earlier, while Olli's cock was coated in a thick layer of the two ladies' spit. It also would help that Felicity was used to getting reamed in her giant rump on the regular for the last half a year.

With his cock already in position, Olli squatted down even further to test out her anal sphincter, which soon gave way after a brief fight. Her asshole always felt like a soft vice, not painful as it squeezed his cock for all it was worth though. For her part, Felicity was accustomed to anal sex so even the initial penetration was only a slight discomfort, especially when he stopped after pushing in with several inches.

"Holy God above, yes," Felicity cooed as Olli started thrusting in with more speed, using half his length.

"I know you were a butt slut when I was rimming you," Helena smiled before kissing the sodomized girl. ""You must really love my fiance's big cock stretching out your ass."

Felicity managed to nod her head as her mouth was currently being used to moan and scream in bliss. Olli knew her well so kept the pace to a reasonable pace as he continued to push deeper and deeper. Felicity smiled all the while, Helena kissing her neck as she took his big dick in her ass until finally they felt his full ball sack tap against her ass cheeks.

"What a fucking ass! Taking such a thick cock all the way," Helena said excitedly, now kneeling up so she could watch her fiance's tool constantly disappear fully inside her bowels. "Show me how much it gapes."

Olli smiled at his future wife before telling her to grip Felicity's mountainous ass cheeks and pull them apart. When she complied, Oliver spiked down one last time into the other girl's ass before pulling back sharply and leaving her grip completely. Helena had a perfect bird's eye view to look down and see the blonde's wide hole hang open a good inch and half before it slowly started to seal back up.

The bearded man saw the glee in his fiance's eyes as she watched Felicity's hole open so he decided to give it to her again. After pushing his member back inside her rectum and fucking her deeply several times, Olli pulled back out and showed his future wife the massive gape. Helena loved how it went from flesh-colored to pink-purple and finally to utter darkness.

"God! I love when you stretch me out," Felicity cooed after another series of jackhammer thrusts before his pulling out.

Oliver seemed to satisfy his fiance's love for looking down into the blackness of Felicity's asshole, as she was now sitting further back so she could caress and kiss her new sex partner. That suited the billionaire just fine, as well as Felicity, as he entered her once more and wouldn't exit her booty until he was ready to cum.

Olli resumed his deep strides but now was going harder, not quite as hard as he did when fucking Helena, but close. He knew Felicity could not only handle the pace, but thrive due to it, which she was demonstrating in front of Helena now.

"Keep fucking her ass so she can cum," Helena said rushed to Olli, as if he didn't recognize the signs from his favorite mistress.

"Lick her pussy," Olli encouraged, fucking with more wild strokes. "Help her cum so I can too."

Feeling like the orgasms of the two others was solely on her shoulders, the horny brunette rolled off the bed so that she could come up from behind the fucking pair then squirm her way under both sets of legs. Her pussy was wide open and she could still see her fiance's cock pummelling her large ass as Helena made a seal around her friend's clit then bat at the nub relentlessly with her tongue. That was until Felicity suddenly tossed her golden blonde hair back and let out a howl that could indicate only one thing.


Felicity came like a freight train, harder than usual as it combined the best aspects of being with a man and a woman. Helena's tongue dancing along her slit helped greatly, as did the way his cock seemed to fill her bowels without ever hurting.

Now knowing that both girls had hit their orgasm, Oliver found his resistance was broken as well. After several more hard thrusts, the billionaire grunted in an animalistic fashion before burying his manhood as deep as possible in her rectum.

Felicity could feel his cock twitching against the smooth walls of her colon before he squirted his warm load into her ass. Having him cream inside her asshole was a big-time favorite of hers, as she loved the feel of her boss and lover pumping his seed inside her. As he pulled out after spending over drop, the blonde was smacked with an idea. She took a step further up the bed until it was now her bum hovering over Helena, rather than her pussy.

"Say awwhhh babe," Felicity told her as she pushed, not thinking that it may be something Helena didn't want.

Helena didn't know what she meant until she opened her eyes. She had just enough time to make sure Felicity's gaping asshole and her own mouth were perfectly in line. No sooner did her lips form a perfect "O" did Olli's cum come leaking out of her bum. To her credit Helena didn't spill a drop before she swallowed down like she always did.

Wondering how she would react to having a woman she barely knew squirt a lod of jizz into her mouth directly from her used asshole, Felicity watched as Helena got to her knees and stared at her. Her emotionless face soon broke into a wide grin, and finally Felicity's heart started beating again as the Huntress was no longer intimidating her.

"That was so fucking sexy," Helena celebrated, giving Felicity a deep kiss as a reward for her awesome idea.

"Holy crap ladies," Olli spoke up finally. "That was a hell of a wedding gift."

"Just wait for the wedding night, stud," Helena said to her fiance with a wink.


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Title: Alternate Timeline Part 20 - Wedding Gift Part 2
Show: Arrow
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Sara Lance/Laurel Lance/Oliver Queen
Codes: MFF, MF, FF, Anal, Incest, Oral, Rim
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Summary: It's the night before the wedding between Oliver Queen and Helena Bertinelli and Laurel wants to make sure Olli doesn't have any nerves for the big day. Luckily, Sara Lance is there to help out as well.

"How much...ugh...luggage did you bring," Laurel Lance complained as she pulled a massive bag from the trunk of the cab. "Did you think you were moving in?"

Sara Lance emerged from the inside of the car, having settled up with the driver and took a look at the large condo building her sister lived in. Being a lawyer was good for money, and even though she worked for a firm more interested in helping than turning a big profit, Laurel still did alright.

"Usually you're always complaining how I don't visit enough and now you complain I might stay for awhile longer," the smiling blonde replied. "Make up your mind, sis."

The timing was perfect because as Laurel placed the bag down on the sidewalk she opened her arms right as Sara practically jumped into them. The Lance girls didn't get to see each other as often as they wished, so the hug convened how much they missed each other and how happy they were to be together. It didn't help that most of the time Sara came to Starling, she had to keep her appearances hidden from all but a few due to League business.

"I miss you," Laurel cooed into her ear.

"I miss you too," Sara replied, hugging her sister with just as much gusto.

They didn't know how long they stood there in the street embracing one another, nor did they care. After what could have been a few seconds or a minute or even longer, they broke apart and Laurel led the way up into the building and finally showed Sara into her apartment. It was a nice space with a good sized living room, modern kitchen but only one bedroom with a queen-sized bed.

"Nice digs," Sara said, putting her massive bag down. "I'm hoping the sofa pulls out."

"It doesn't, but regardless you'll be staying in my room...with me. Like old times," Laurel explained, wheeling the luggage into her room. "Now I hope that bag has a dress for the rehearsal dinner in it."

"Of course," Sara said, unzipping and pulling out a little black dress for the occasion. "Thanks for scoring me an invite."

Sara wasn't sure if the invitation for the biggest wedding of the Starling City calendar was from Laurel or Olli. She'd known Oliver Queen for a long-time, but her history as one of his mistress' usually meant you didn't get to come to the big wedding. Laurel, who to the public was close friends with Helena Bertinelli but in reality shared her bed more than Olli did, was more likely the cause.

"Sorry your girlfriend couldn't make it," Laurel said with a chagrined look.

"She had...family business that needed tending to for her father," Sara explained. "Now, I'm gonna have a nice, long, hot shower then we are gonna go to Queen Manor and drink them dry."


* * *

"I'm not sure he's coming," Laurel said with a worried grin as she walked arm-in-arm with Sara.

The sisters had arrived at the mansion 5 minutes ago, and after doing a lap of the main room and hadn't spied Olli, Laurel grew concerned. Though he had cleaned up his act greatly from his playboy days, Laurel still couldn't forget the irresponsible boy from their youth. However, if Helena was worried she wasn't showing it, chatting and laughing with some of her Italian relatives.

"Don't worry, he'll be here," Sara tried to console as they walked up to the bar. "You know Olli hasn't been on time for anything in his whole entire life."

Both girls had decided on dark colored dresses for the evening, with Laurel's a dark blue, tight-fitting dress that went traditionally down to her knees. Sara, on the other hand, was a little more brazen in her choice, with the length of the dress barely descending down further than her bubbly, large ass so that it showcased her wonderfully toned legs.

"You didn't see him earlier. He looked nervous."

"I'm sure every guy has that look the night before his wedding," Sara said, collecting two champagne flutes and handing one to Laurel.

"You know, there was a time once when I thought the two of you would hook up," the older sibling, who spent her nights known as the Black Canary, admitted.

"You know I prefer girls," Sara retorted before adding. "Besides...who's to say I haven't?"

"What? When," Laurel started to question when suddenly the broad-shouldered groom-to-be entered the party right in front of them. "Well...speak of the devil."

"And a good evening to you too, Laurel," Oliver Queen replied, giving his best crowd-pleasing grin. "And you too, Sara."

After giving each of the Lance sisters a kiss on the cheek, the ice surrounding Laurel seemed to melt a bit more. However, the tension knotted in her shoulders were clearly diminished as the thought of Olli not showing at his own engagement dinner was extinguished. Laurel finally gave him a warm smile before leaving to go track down Helena, her secret lesbian lover and crime-fighting partner, and tell her that her groom was present.

"Well she seems uptight," Olli said as the waiter believed him a glass of his favorite whiskey.

"Oh you know, my sister was pretty worried you might been having cold feet," Sara said in a relaxed tone to the groom-to-be.

"How very...typical of her," Olli said as the old friends shared a smile. "No Nyassi? I was hoping to receive your wedding present tonight, this on the eve of my big day for which I need to be at my most relaxed."

"Well, I think I can manage that," Sara grinned before adding a wink. However, before he could say anything else, the petite yet deadly blonde was struck with a wicked little idea, one that would be difficult to pull but worth it.

"What? You just got a look on your face like you're trying to work out the plot of Inception again," Olli teased.

"Firstly, fuck you, I totally understood that masterpiece. Secondly, I have to finish getting your gift ready," the blonde fired back. "All you have to remember is that you'll be coming home with me, understand?"

"Mhmm, I love when you get all fiery, little Lance," the bearded man cooed. "Alright, just make sure..."

"Shut up, I got work to do."

* * *

"You sure you don't want me to stay with you tonight," Laurel offered her best friend and lover.

"No, I'll be completely fine. My mom and sister want me to spend the night with them in a quasi-sleepover. It's something of a family tradition," Helena explained. "Besides, you have Sara. Have some time with her, enjoy her while she's home."

"Yeah, you're right," the lawyer replied.

"Where is your hot sister anyway," Huntress asked of her partner in crime.

"Back off lady, you get one Lance girl. Period. And she left already, about 10 minutes ago," Black Canary answered.

"Then you head out as well. This is dying down and everyone is going to want their rest for the day tomorrow. I can already see my parents getting a little antsy to leave so I'll be departing soon anyway," Helena explained.

"Alright, fine," Laurel agreed before leaning in to whisper into her lover's ear. "While you're home alone, just picture me and my hot sister in bed together."

"Oh, you are so naughty...but ultimately a big tease. Like you'd ever cross that taboo. But if you do, I want all the juicy details," Huntress explained.

"God you're gross," Laurel smiled before giving her one last hug.

Helena was right in saying the party was winding down as Laurel only had a few good-byes to make before she was seeing herself out of the massive Queen Manor. Olli's parents had spared no expense and had a ride service set-up for all guests, so Laurel was able to get into a black car and be driven to her home by a nice but quiet man named John Diggle.

The ride was only 15 minutes until a buzzed Laurel Lance was deposited right out front of her nice condo. John gave her a farewell before driving away once she had made her way into the building. Laurel lived up on one of the uppermost floors but at this hour of the morning there wasn't a wait for the elevator.

Her front door to her apartment was unlocked, Sara seemingly forgotten to turn the deadbolt once she got home. However, Laurel soon realized that her baby sister had brought a man home with her, judging by the deep grunts and wet slurping noises resonating around her apartment.She centered the noise coming from her bedroom, how typical of Sara to fuck on her bed after all, so she crept to the ajar door and peered in.

"Holy crap. She's mid-blowjob on...Olli?!," Laurel thought.

It took her a moment to get her thoughts organized. Olli was suppose to be marrying her best friend and lover Helena tomorrow, and yet he was here. The day before his wedding, fucking another girl. Her sister no less...her oddly beautiful sister, who was laying flat on her stomach, her head in Olli's lap as she had his cock in her mouth as his meaty hand rested on her head encouragingly.

"Sara! What the fuck are you doing! With Olli no less," Laurel practically screamed after breaking out of her initial daze.

The blonde had pulled her head off Oliver's cock with a face that was of pure shock, which was of course manufactured. She'd organized this whole bit to have Laurel catch them in the act, with her sucking Olli off in her lingerie, making the scene as sexy and organic as possible. Sara pushed herself off her stomach and made to get off the bed, acting upset that her sister caught her in the act.

"Get out and leave us al..."

"Shh...come on baby," Oliver silenced her, his hand lightly touching her face in a soothing gesture before kissing her forehead. "Let me handle this."

Again, Oliver was also coached up on what Sara had planned, a way to entrap her sister into a threesome. It would be a fantastic wedding gift for the stud, who had slept with both Lance girls separately, but now would get a chance with both if played right. Thus, she allowed the slightly older Olli to handle the situation so she rolled back onto her side as he stood, pulling his pants back up to around his waist as he sauntered over to Laurel with confidence.

Laurel had no idea what was happening. The handsome billionaire was stalking towards her, not surprised or startled in the least to have been walked in on. In fact, his swagger was intimidating, not in a physical violence way at all but one that oozed sexuality and Laurel suddenly found herself confused and flustered...and somehow longing for a dick, something she hadn't had in awhile.

"Come on Laurel," Olli said, standing before her.

He sensed her confusion and she jerked her head away as his fingers hooked under her chin, trying to make her look into his hypnotic eyes. They had dated as recently as 5 years ago and shared a lot of good memories together, but right now she was angry, which was cooling, and mainly confused. However, she could have moved away from him as she wasn't trapped, but she'd barely even voiced any protest despite the fact his cock stood erect out in front of him and was poking against her stomach.

Finally after another moment she stopped tossing her beautiful head around and let him hold her chin gently, tilting her face up to look at him. They stood, their mouths no more than 6 inches apart as it seemed that all the fight went out of the blonde. Olli could tell that their was a sexual tempest just waiting to be released inside Laurel, but it would need the right handling, however, he believed he was up to the task.

"You don't have to rat on us. Listen, Sara said you've been worried about me and my stress levels before the wedding. Maybe you've been right to, but your sister has offered to let me blow off as much steam as I need...which is considerable. But this, this could work better...come here," he said in a soothing, sexual voice.

He moved his hand from her gorgeous, model-esque face and grabbed her hand. He stepped back towards the bed and though she fought him at first, like seconds earlier she eventually caved and allowed him to move her further into her own bedroom. She wanted to stop but her legs wouldn't and her mind wasn't working either and soon she was standing in front of her bed with her little sister kneeling atop it.

"I...I don't know...this is so weird...you're marrying my Helena," Laurel babbled as he turned to face her again. She didn't even knew she let that last comment slip, but she was so confused and frazzled at that time.

As his hands came up to hold the sides of Laurel's face, Sara perched herself up on her knees only a foot away. "You are going to do exactly what I tell you. Understand?"

"Wh...umm...yes sir," Laurel found herself agreeing before she knew what was happening.

It was as if Olli had unlocked all these raging hormones inside of her which were now flooding Laurel's brain. She hadn't realized how pent-up she had been, how much she needed to relax and have a good time. She'd been working so hard at night as Black Canary and then now had the added stress of her secret lesbian lover about to be married to a man. And not just any guy, but Oliver Queen, her ex-boyfriend. And it took the strapping male to teach her that in the matter of seconds.

"Now you are going to be my good little slut," Olli continued, watching as Laurel had closed her eyes and bent completely and utterly to his will. "Just like old times."

"Mhmm...you're gonna fuck her good, aren't you baby," Sara cooed, standing beside her sister and the groom-to-be now. "She needs it so badly."

Laurel didn't know what was happening but when Oliver's lips pressed against her's she returned the kiss with ernst. In fact, she was the first one to part her lips and slide her tongue out into his mouth while her hand reached out and gripped his lengthy cock. She felt his hands on her face still while another set of hands pulled up her dress all the way to reveal her bra underneath. Had that been Sara working on undressing her own sister?

"She's so wound up she needs to get fucked really good," Sara continued.

Laurel wasn't the only one wrapped up in the groom-to-be's charms. Sara found that her hands continued to roam her sister's body, first gliding over Laurel's flat stomach then continued up to grope her large chest. She didn't know what overcame her but for some reason it just felt right, all while her own bra-clad breasts were pressed against Laurel's back, the lawyer's slender ass pressing against Sara's equally chiseled stomach.

"Get on your knees and suck my cock," Oliver demanded.

Laurel was 29 years old and had given many blowjobs in the past, but it had been a little while and it was likely Olli that she blew last. As she listened to the controlling figure and got on the ground, she noticed Sara had descended to her knees as well, which was oddly comforting to have her half-naked sister there. Going with her instincts, the older girl opened her mouth and devoured the first 4 inches of his cock before settling into an fairly fast bobbing repetition.

She felt Sara gather her long, dyed blonde hair behind her as Oliver rested a hand on the back of her head, just like he had done to her sister when she caught Sara blowing him. Laurel lengthened her stride, thinking that was what they wanted and was correct. His tip poked against the back of her throat but didn't cause her to gag, only to make Oliver grunt his approval.

"Just like that," Sara said with a smile. "You like Oliver's big cock now, don't you?"

Laurel didn't respond as her mouth was needed urgently somewhere else. Over and over she took him as deep against her throat as possible. She felt spit accumulating in her mouth as the blowjob became wetter and the sloshing noises became louder. The pair gave her more instructions, telling her to use her hand or stick her tongue out, which she did without thought.

As one sister blew him, Oliver bent down and brought the younger Lance girl in for a kiss. She was more confident in her sexual actions than Laurel, though the lawyer was quickly wearing off the rust when it came to sucking cock, just like he remembered from years back..

After breaking the kiss, Sara waited for Laurel to pull back for air. "Let me show you how to suck this dick."

Laurel felt her shorter sister lean over her shoulder as her hand was already clutching Olli's cock. Her fist moved easily over his manhood from all the spit her older sister left on his shaft. Laurel moved to the side enough so her sister had easier access, never taking her eyes from the blonde as she bobbed her lips effortlessly on his thick cock.

"Now your turn," Oliver decreed, at which point Sara pulled her lips from his dick and steered it back to Laurel's waiting mouth.

"Suck that cock Laurel. Make it nice and wet and sloppy," Sara cooed into her ear, already having noticed spit spilling from Laurel's mouth and populating her chin.

As Laurel pulled off and caught her breath, more spit than she would have thought was decorating his lengthy pole. Reaching down he hoisted it up and presented his balls to her, which Laurel instinctively leaned forward and took one into her mouth. As her cheeks hollowed from the suction, she felt the slobbery cock placed onto her face, right on her nose in fact, smearing her spit onto her flawless skin.

Seeing that his cock was free while Laurel sucked on his nuts, a favorite of Oliver's, Sara went for it. Laurel's forehead pressed against her throat as Sara opened her mouth and blew just his purple-colored tip, drawing an extra groan from the man as the two sisters worked together.

"Yeah...like that," Oliver grunted as he felt Laurel start to lick the underside of his cock now.

Sensing her older sister wanted to suck on Oliver's manhood again, Sara had no problem turning it back over to her. Resting behind Laurel once more, the blonde with the thick ass unhooked her sister's bra and pulled it away. Instantly Sara's hands reached around and massaged the freed globes, feeling how big and weighty they were as they easily filled her hands plus more spilled out.

"That's it, play with her big tits," Oliver called out, his hand back against Laurel's head.

Of course the sister's natural competition with each other was coming out but in the best way possible. Sara never let Laurel suck on the groom-to-be's cock for too long before stepping in and taking it back. Laurel was proving to be the perfect compliment in the threesome, waiting eagerly but would whimper when it was too long, at which point Oliver deposited his cock back into her mouth.

But than an unexpected and amazing thing happened. As Oliver bounced from one sister's mouth to the next, sharing with each of them, his manhood slipped prematurely from Laurel's mouth back in the direction of Sara's. As the younger sister extended her tongue to greet him, Laurel went back and tried corralling him with her mouth. The result was the sister's tongues touching in an organic way, which soon turned into a full-fledge makeout session between the already close sisters.

"Yes, kiss," Oliver encouraged, a hand on the back of each of their heads.

Laurel and Sara forgot about being sisters with the taboo and negative opinions surrounding it so they could just became absorbed in the kissing. Their tongues danced in the interspace their lips created, constantly spilling out and licking the skin around their mouths as Laurel proved to be as sloppy a kisser as she was at giving a blowjob.

"I suddenly think she's on board with getting you ready for your nuptials," Sara said up to Oliver as Laurel returned to sucking his cock.

"Lose the clothes Laurel and both join me on the bed," Oliver instructed after nodding his agreeance to Sara.

Laying on his back with his cock standing straight up in the air, Sara on his right in her bra and panties and now Laurel on his left in only a thong and black stocking that proved too slow to get off. Oliver's think worked perfectly as the added space on the bed allowed the sister more opportunity to work in tandem on him.

The bigger-breasted lawyer and her younger sister seemed to be sharing thought with him. As Sara held his cock straight up, they each leaned in and used their tongues to glide up their own side of his manhood. They shared a quick tongue touch at his tip, no longer put off by the thought of their anatomy touching, before running back down his length while working in perfect rhythm.

"Look at you girls getting along so well," Oliver pointed out, between grunts.

His comment made the girls lock eyes with one another as they continued licking his cock together, sharing a smile between them. "This is nice, isn't it," Sara added.

"I really like sharing a cock with my sister," Laurel agreed, realizing it didn't seem so weird to speak aloud.

Sara let her older sister take over with the blowjob as she moved up Oliver's body in order to kiss him. She kept her hand down on his sack, massaging the sensitive balls just the way he liked. All the while Laurel bobbed on his length, back to spreading her saliva on his spear as her pillowy tits bounced beneath her with every motion.

"My sister's sucking your cock again," Sara commented with a disbelieving smile

"She's improved...and so very good," Oliver added, thinking back to almost 5 years ago when she performed her last one on him. "Just like her little sister. But I think it's time to fuck her."

"Yes," Sara agreed, Laurel joining them higher up the bed.

"Are you sure," Laurel asked as she allowed Oliver to lay her down. "I'm not sure I should be doing this," she added, as Sara ripped her panties down her toned legs.

"Please," Olli scoffed ather her half-hearted rebuke. "Only fair to sleep with me after being my future wife's lover for months."

Oliver was right behind her, the pair lying on their sides with his strong chest pressed against her back. She felt his thick cock line up against her slit, running through her folds to gather her juices. She was soaking wet as she had never been hornier in her life. She was tight as he pushed the first half of his member into her pussy, but he was also as slippery as an eel from the Lance's girls combined blowjob.

"Oh...mhmmm...yes," Laurel cooed, pushing her meaty ass further back onto his rod.

"Now you get why I always have a spell with cock every now and then," Sara commented, shedding her bra in the process to reveal her smaller but perky chest.

Laurel could only laugh as she now understood Sara's sexual reasoning more than ever, especially while she was participating in a threeway with her and her ex-boyfriend. As Oliver kissed Sara over his shoulder he never stopped thrusting his cock forward, impaling Laurel fully with his 8 inch sword much to the brunette's pleasure.

"More...want more," Laurel demanded, thrusting her ass back at him in a bid to take him deeper and harder.

"What do you think Sara, can she handle more," Oliver taunted.

Sara made him pull out of his sister so should could suck on his cock, spreading more spit to make the rougher sex smoother for Laurel. In the process she realized she was tasting her sister's pussy as she juices were smeared all over Olli's cock. She had to admit that the uptight lawyer tasted amazing, savoring her flavor before lining his cock back up with her pink hole.

"Oh fuck...yes, yes, yes," Laurel cooed as Oliver rammed in much stronger this time around.

Oliver didn't go easy on the vigilante any longer. She wanted it hard and he would live up to that challenge. Thumping into her with reckless abandon, Laurel screamed out in pleasure, her tits jiggling with each mighty thrust. Sara was making herself useful as well, having crawled between Oliver's legs and using her tongue to lick and occasionally suck on his balls.

"Look down and watch your sister's pretty face suck my nuts," Oliver demanded from Laurel, who did so with a smile of pride for her baby sister.

"It's hot, isn't it. Your high school sweetheart's big cock stretching out your tight pussy," Sara said to her sister, who moaned in agreeance.

Sara demanded him take a break from fucking her sister every few minutes so that she could suck on his cock, though it was tasting Laurel's juices that she was after. It was so hot doing something so taboo, so naughty, so pleasing. She felt Oliver pulling her back up the bed, bringing her in for a kiss before leaning her further over his chest.

"Come and kiss your sister," Oliver urged, pulling Laurel's face towards Sara.

Apparently the Lance girls weren't the only ones who found kissing each other to be so sexy. Oliver had also been a big fan of the incestious display, watching with his eyes glued as their tongues pressed against each other. Laurel moaned into the kiss, right down her sister's throat as Oliver started back up with his deep penetration, his head rubbing the deepest recesses where her G spot was aching for him.

Over and over Oliver pumped into her, the whole encounter just feeling right. Sometimes Sara stayed down licking the billionaire's nuts, other times she roamed Laurel's tits with her hands. The brunette loved when she did that, especially when she used her fingers to pull erotically at her pokey nipples.

"Jesus! Oh Lord," Laurel screamed louder, body starting to quake.

Sara had made enough women cum so she could identify someone gearing up to cum fairly easily. She could have been blind and dumb and still picked up that Laurel was fixing to orgasm in a big way.

"Rub your pussy," Sara instructed as her tongue wagged against his sack. "Cum all over his cock."

Laurel's hand worked faster and faster as it rubbed her clit, all while Oliver continued stroking into her cunt as deeply as he could. It was working but Sara felt like her older sister needed just that little extra boost to get over the finish line. Moving higher up between their spread legs, her tongue licked over his thrusting cock until she was pushing aside the lawyer's fingers and replaced the rubbing digit on her clit with Sara's tongue.

"I want to watch you cum Laurel," Sara urged, her mouth lapping at her exposed clit.

"OH GOD! YES! I'm...I'M CUMMING," Laurel screamed as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she came harder than all her other previous orgasms combined.

Sara let her sister cum, watching as her whole body went rigid as her brain exploded in orgasmic bliss. After a few seconds she did the opposite, all Laurel's muscles loosing their tone at the same time, leaving her a limp ragdoll as she rolled face down onto her own bed that Olli and Sara had originally hijacked.

The blonde with the meaty ass pounced on Oliver's cock as it popped free of her sister's cunt, getting the thing halfway buried in her mouth before he could tell it had gone from one warm, wet orifice to another. She bobbed as far down as she could before pulling off and using her tongue to lick every available surface, only finally stopping when she was certain she'd collected every last sweet drop of Laurel's cum.

"So fucking tasty, sis." Sara cooed, which was met by a muffled mumble from the lawyer. "You made her cum baby. But it made me super jealous."

"How about we show your sister how we do it...all special like," Oliver said, already laying Sara down onto her back.

Neither Sara or Oliver expected anything to cause Black Canary to stir for awhile yet that sentence did the trick. As the lumbering man pulled Sara's sexy legs apart and began licking her pussy, Laurel had rallied and was at the blonde's head, kissing her deeply once more. The act had now become commonplace between the incestual pair and they were both all the happier for it.

This time was a little different. They kissed slower, more passionate as their tongue wagging never spilled out their lips. Sara would release periodic moans into her big sister's mouth as Oliver lapped deep in her cleanly shaven pussy before moving down to give the same treatment to her puckered hole.

"Put it in my ass," Sara demanded as Oliver yanked her thong from her body. "Let's show her how we do it."

Oliver took the news in stride considering anal sex was something that was fairly common between the pair when they hooked up. He pulled her back to the edge of the bed so he could stand since it was the perfect height to have them lined up. He spat down on his cock, though it was wet enough with Lance girls spit before easing his head onto her tight ass.

"Mmm...yes," Sara cooed as Oliver started slowly thrusting a few inches of his dick into her ass. "Rub my pussy."

Laurel may have started out liking guys but for the past few years girls were much more her speed. Licking her fingers, she brought them down to Sara's hairless pussy, which made it look pinker and even yummier. She she slowly started working her digits in her younger sister's folds, Sara started moaning louder, which allowed Oliver to cram over half his length into her.

Laurel found it easy to multitask, using her fingers to rub her sister's clit as she knelt tall on her knees to kiss Oliver. The small bedroom was filled with moaning and dirty talk, Sara saying how much she loved her asshole fucked, Laurel encouraging Oliver to fuck her sister's slutty asshole and Oliver acknowledging he was doing just that.

"Go lick her clit," Oliver said between kisses, knowing that strong stimulation would let him fuck Sara's backdoor balls deep.

"Lick my sister's pussy," Laurel said questioning but in truth was already moving that direction.

"Yes! Come on Laurel! Eat me out," Sara screamed, suddenly craving her to do so.

Having her baby sister demand it of her made her go right down, only stopping when her pretty face was resting against Sara's hairless groin close enough so her extended tongue could reach her clit. Sara moaned loudest yet the second the wet muscle licked her folds, which also allowed Oliver to do as he planned, worming almost his entire length into Sara's tight ass.

"Oh...shit...open your mouth. Open wide," Oliver said.

Laurel didn't realize the command was for her as she kept licking Sara's very tasty pussy. However slowly Oliver pulled his cock from the blonde's asshole, leaving the backdoor gaping open as he did so and moved it right in front of Laurel's mouth. Without thinking, Helena's secret lover opened up right in time for Oliver to shove his dirty cock into her mouth.

Oliver could see the exact moment that Laurel realized what she was doing, that she was cleaning his cock off as it came straight from her baby sister's filthy asshole. She began sucking tentatively before she must have decided the taste wasn't disgusting and returned to her previous deep and energetic blowjob technique.

"How's my ass taste, Laurel," Sara asked with a wide grin, unbelieving that her prude of a sister was sucking his dick right from her poop chute.

"So good," Laurel moaned with his dick still in her slutty mouth.

"Good girl," Oliver applauded.

As the burly man went back to fucking Sara's asshole, Laurel resumed eating out her sister. It still felt extremely naughty but right all at the same time. After all, how could something that was so flavorful and felt so right be wrong?

Laurel was rewarded with Oliver's cock into her mouth again after another few minutes of sodomizing the younger of the two Lance girls. He'd let her taste Sara's asshole for a few bobs before going back and plunging balls deep into the secretly trained assassin. It felt great to be fucking her tight asshole deeper than ever while getting to stare down at a beautiful face he hadn't seen like this in years.

Oliver couldn't help himself. After thrusting deep inside Sara's asshole he would pull completely out and poke the back of Laurel's throat. Before her asshole stopped gaping open he would thrust balls deep into Sara again, collecting her ass juices then present it back to her older sister.

"Yes...taste your sister on my dick," the self-assured man grunted, still in disbelief that he was fucking two smoking hot sisters.

After Oliver went back to fucking Sara repeatedly, showing no signs of slowing down or sharing his cock with her, Laurel retreated back up Sara's toned body. She stopped at her small but perky tits, cupping the closer one in her hand before leaning in and sucking on her nipple. It was small and erect, the pink nipple become slick in her sister's saliva and making Sara grunt and groan louder by the second.

Sara had never felt such pleasure before. As Oliver fucked her asshole deeper than ever and Laurel lapped at her sensitive nipples, the groom-to-be upped the ante by sticking two fingers into her available twat. It felt so erotic to have the thin membrane being rubbed on both sides, feeling his fingers and cock grind against each other.

"Oh shit! Fuck...stuffing both my holes...so good," Sara babbled at an almost incoherent level.

"Holy crap...you're totally gonna cum with a dick in your ass," Laurel exclaimed, smiling with actual pride at her younger sister. "You really are something special."

"Mhmm...it's why I'm dad's favorite...ahh God," Sara screamed, climax almost peaked.

Sara was so close that the moment Laurel started kissing her with all the passion and desire they had at the beginning of their encounter, she nearly came on the spot. It helped that her own hand was back rubbing her snatch, but the rightness that having her older sister's tongue push into her mouth, invading her senses was the true closer.


"Yes! Yes...you came...with my dick in your ass," Oliver cooed, somehow managing to stop himself from experiencing an orgasm despite the tightness her asshole squeezed on him. "Come take your sister's place now."

Laurel didn't argue, telling him she didn't like anal and had bad previous encounters, one of those encounters being with Olli's best friend no less. Instead, as her exhausted baby sister rolled out of the spot, Laurel moved into position, going onto her hands and knees before him. She trusted him and so relaxed fully despite normally wanting to tense up as his tip probed against her sphincter. It was the right thing to do and a moment later she was slowly entered, half his dick penetrating her rectum before slowly backing out.

"Oh my God! That...it...feels kinda good," Laurel found herself admitting.

"Such a small little butt," Oliver grunted, slowly thrusting into her ass.

"God you're doing so good," Sara cooed into her ear. "His dick feels really good in your tight ass, doesn't it?"

"It does...I like it," Laurel disclosed, actually starting to moan.

It helped that Oliver knew so well what he was doing. First slow and steady then quickening the pace with only the same amount of cock. Once she grew use to that it was back to slow but probing deeper. As soon as she grew used to a certain depth he fucked her faster, then slowed to go further. It was a tried and true method that took time but the payoff was worth it.

"That's it. Relax and let him finish going all the way," Sara encouraged, moving away from her head. "Being such a good whore. In fact, you're gonna be such an anal slut after this, just like me."

"How wet does it make your pussy as I fuck your ass," Oliver looked down and asked.

"Soaked," Laurel admitted between moans. "Oh...oh shit!"

The most recent screams of pleasure was from Sara, having moved completely off the bed and snaked in between the fucking couple. With her head tilted up and mouth hovering over Laurel's pussy, she ran her tongue through her slit. True to her big sister's word, Laurel was dripping wet from getting sodomized, tasting all the more sweeter for it as Sara delved her tongue as deep into her pussy as possible.

Oliver continued fucking her deeper than ever, finding that Sara eating her snatch was making it easier to do so. His balls were whipping forward with every thrust now, slapping against the girl in the League of Assassin's chin as she stayed true to her task. Suddenly he realized he was being unfair to Sara and sought to correct that immediately.

"How about we get your sister to suck my dick straight from your asshole," Oliver offered.

"Yes! Give me that cock," Sara demanded, hand wrapping around his base before he had even left Laurel's brown eye.

"Ah God," Oliver moaned before looking at Laurel who was watching her sister pridefully. "See Sara sucking on your dirty asshole."

Sara seemed like she didn't want to give it back. She sucked deep and fast, bobbing her head routinely on his member, making her head a golden blur. It was a thing a beauty and felt good going from one wet, warm inferno to another for the horny man. New lube was being spread on his member, making it that much better when he resumed sodomizing Laurel Lance.

"Taste my ass! Taste it Sara! Oh shit! Fuck...ME!," Laurel screamed once he wrestled his cock away from Sara's mouth and back to the sister's backdoor.

"God it's insane how sexy it is watching Olli's dick slide into your ass," Sara cooed, one hand rubbing Laurel's clit and the other massaging his balls.

As much as Oliver hated to admit it, he had to face facts. He was going to cum soon. It had actually been a miracle he hadn't cum already in truth, surviving the sister's incestous tandem blowjob, Laurel's drenched pussy and then both of their extremely tight but accommodating assholes.

"Oh shit...oh...yes...fuck," Oliver spewed out, his thrusting becoming faster and more erratic.

"My sister's asshole gonna make you cum baby," Sara asked, reading the signs. "Cum for us."

"Give me that cum I worked so hard for," Laurel added, fully embracing her new self. "Cum in me!"

And Oliver did just that. He gave her a few more hard strokes before reaching the point of no return. He spikes his hips forward sharply, burying his entire length in Laurel's ass before feeling his load explode out, painting the lawyer's rectum. She could feel his jizz streaking deep inside her bowels, maybe 5 times in total before he slowly withdrew his already softening dick for the final time that night.

"Stay just like that," Sara told Black Canary.

With her mouth now hovering right over Laurel's backdoor, she need only wait and that wasn't a very long one. Soon the salty load started dripping out of Laurel's still gaped asshole and pooled right onto Sara's extended tongue. The League-trained killer didn't miss a drop, collecting it all in her mouth but Oliver stopped her before she swallow down his spunk.

"I think it would be perfect gesture to share that, don't you Sara?"

Sara was pissed at first, wanting to drink down his essence all by herself but she acknowledged the truth in his words, plus this was his wedding present after all. With Laurel having rolled onto her back she hovered her face above the natural brunette's and went in for yet another incestous kiss. Laurel was in for a surprise this time as the entire load of cum which had been originally blasted up her ass suddenly was pushed into her mouth.

Out of reflex Laurel had swallowed down half his jizz before opening her eyes and seeing Sara's frustrated face staring back at her. Realizing what the younger sister wanted, Laurel kissed her back, cramming the remaining spunk into Sara's mouth which she promptly swallowed. The pair continued making out though, tasting Oliver's semen in each other's mouth for quite awhile until they rolled back onto the bed.

"God I came really hard," Oliver breathed out, thoroughly spent and completely at ease.

"I can't believe how good you took it," the League of Assassin's member told her older sister.

"And I can't believe you guys made me join," Laurel cooed, already wanting more dick, wanting to make up for the years she didn't take advantage of having Olli right there.

"You mean turn you into a crazy anal slut," Sara retorted, looking at her older sister with pride.

"Same difference," Black Canary agreed. "So Olli, did this hot display warm up any coolness in those feet?"

"I'd say it was a hell of an early wedding present," Oliver said with a smirking grin.


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Re: Arrow: Alternate Timeline
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Title: Alternate Timeline Part 21 - Killer Frost
Show: Arrow/Flash
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Caitlin Snow/Captain Cold/Heatwave/Weather Wizard/Girder
Codes: MMMF, Anal, DP, Oral, Rim
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow or Flash, nor its characters especially Caitlin Snow, Leonard Snart, Mick Rory, Tony Woodyard or Mark Mardon.

Summary: Killer Frost is brought into the Rogues in order to pull off the heist of the century - the Queen-Bertinelli wedding. Caitlin gets hot and horny at the prospect of pulling off such a job and rewards the Rogues with a little advance.

While the Queens and Bertinellis prepared for the big day in Starling City, there was another group also getting their final preparations for the wedding as well. However, rather than trying to make sure the nuptials went off without a hitch, the Rogues back in Central City were planning the exact opposite.

"Shall we go over it again," Caitlin Snow, better known to her fellow criminals as Killer Frost, asked the group.

"I think we got it, sweet cheeks," Mick Rory, or Heatwave, answered.

Those icy blue eyes of Caitlin shifted to Mick and more an instance, the much bigger man felt fear. But then his brain was taken over by the overwhelming sensation of his balls growing colder, much colder, painfully cold in fact. Caitlin began to smile as Heatwave reached down and grabbed his nuts, as if holding them would help the frostbite she was settling into them.

"Now that's not playing nice," Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, commented. "Mick, say you're sorry to the lady. Killer Frost, be so kind as to release Mr. Rory."

Leonard was the leader of the Rogues, if in fact anyone could actually claim that title. However, the tall, thin man seemed to be the brains of the organization and was able to somewhat get them all steering in roughly the same direction. Once again his leadership was required, because before Mick lost his testicles to extreme cold, he uttered an apology and the pain went away.

"Anyone else? Or can I go over the details one last time," Caitlin said with a threatening tone that was met with nods from all the men, who instinctively dropped their own hands to their laps. "That's what I thought."

"I make the distraction, bringing in a wicked storm front that will cause confusion amongst the guards and cover our escape," Mark Mardon, a Rogue with the power to control the weather, hence his nickname Weather Wizard.

"Me and my blue-balled partner Mick will be on hand to relieve the Starling City elite of their jewels, money and other assorted items," Leonard added. "I'll be posing as your date, friends of Helena Bertinelli's father. Mick will be staged as a wait-staff member."

"I'm the muscle, big surprise," Girder, or Tony Woodward as he used to be known, spoke next. "As the guards are distracted by fog or whatever the Wiz conjures up, I take them out."

"Now boys, you made me very happy right there," Caitlin beamed with pride.

"Good enough for a reward again," Leonard asked with his big, shit-eating grin.

"Sorry boys, not in the mood. Maybe after we successfully ease the rich of their fortunes," the metahuman replied. "Something about money and causing strife amongst the wealthy gets my juices going."

The men watched their newest recruit sway her perfectly large ass out of the warehouse, all their eyes glued to her rounded booty held within tight leather pants. Each of them were thinking back to their initial encounter with Killer Frost a few weeks ago, when they were exposed to the two sides of her. Both the ice queen and the much warmer girl inside.

* * *

2 weeks earlier - Downtown Central City

A collection of Central City's most notorious criminals were sitting in their newest hideout, an old warehouse down by the docks. They never really got used to a place since their headquarters seemed to shift locations every few weeks, or whenever it became compromised. However, this one was a nice enough place with cement walls, some old furniture and separate rooms for sleeping.

The men were in the middle of a poker game when the back door swung open and a man in a dark blue parka stepped through. As his fur-lined hood came back, his salt-and-pepper colored hair and handsome face revealed him to be Leonard Snart, the closest thing the Rogues recognized as a leader. But he wasn't alone, a tall woman with wide hips, narrow waist and decent bust came walking inside with him, her long hair the color of icy white.

"That's okay boys, don't get up," a woman, a very attractive woman at that spoke.

"Who the hell is this," Girder, the youngest member of the Rogues voiced up.

"You can call me Killer Frost, little boy," she answered for herself.

"Who you calling 'little boy', girl? I'm 6'4, 225lbs of pure muscle, bit..."

"Easy now, children," Leonard Snart insisted. "Girder, have a seat and let's hear out this fine specimen of a human being. Physically speaking, that is. Mentally and morally I'm sure you're as deplorable as the rest of us."

"And why would we do that, Snart," Mark Mardon questioned, his bad attitude rearing its ugly head once more.

"Because I'm going to help make you boys a lot of money, obviously. Now does anyone want to ask me anymore dumb questions or can I speak?"

"Yeah, I got one," Mick Rory spoke up. "Why the hell shouldn't we hear you out, and if we like the plan, kill you right after?"

Caitlin had been expecting that question, whether it was verbalized or just seen in the way they looked at her. The men watching her saw her eyes go even more icy blue than they already were and mist started radiating from her. Suddenly all the members of the Rogues seated at the table were shackled to the floor beneath them by ice blocks that covered their feet.

"A fucking meta," Mick spat.

Her display apparently wasn't done because she decided to pepper the rude men with hale. Not overly large pieces, only the size of dimes but there were many of them and were sure to leave some welts on their skin. Her final act was flinging roughly 25 pieces of icicles, each 12 inches long and sharp as daggers, into the far wall with enough force that they stuck.

"A dangerous meta," Caitlin corrected him. "And careful with that tone. By my research, you and Snart are the only non-metas around here."

"All too true," Leonard agreed. "Now go ahead, we will all listen...if you could first release my men that is."

"Here's the deal, I've been slowly casing the Queen-Bertinelli wedding happening in Starling City in just over 2 weeks. It'll have roughly 250 of the most wealthy individuals all in one place. I've gotten invitations for two people, an in with the caterer company to get another of our members into the venue via that means. That's three of us, but I still need your two metas for help."

Caitlin went into detail about some of the guests who would be in attendance and their net worth. She followed that up by roughly estimating a draw of 30 millions dollar when all was said and done. She had her own fence to pawn the items off on and offered an equal share of the plunder. All and all it was too tempting of a deal for the Rogues to turn down, hence why Killer Frost didn't mind coming into their stronghold and acting like she did.

"Any questions?" Caitlin asked at the end of her presentation.

"Yeah, one," Mick Rory spoke up. "How the hell do you squeeze that big ass into such tight leather pants?"

"Cute," Caitlin replied, but with a definitive sparkle in her eye. "Shouldn't you be more concerned with squeezing them off my big ass, anyway?"

During her explanation of the plan, which the 4 Rogues were clearly very in favor of, Mick had gotten up from the metal chair and plopped himself down on the large comfortable recliner chair. On the table sitting right beside him was his infamous fire gun, and so when Caitlin sauntered herself over to him, being sure to sway her 'big ass' in the process, she sat herself done on Mick's lap and reached for his weapon.

"I'd be careful with that if I were you, missy," Mick warned, seeing her with his gun in her hand.

Just the feel of the gun that was essentially a compressed flamethrower gave Caitlin a bad feeling. However, she brought the long, thick barrel towards her mouth, stuck out her tongue and proceeded to lick all along the metallic gun until reaching the tip. Luckily it didn't have a gross taste, only the flavor of metal, and when she looked back at the men it had the desired effect.

"Man, I wish that was my cock," Girder commented with a wide grin.

"Patience, my young friend. Patience," Leonard said with icy calmness.

Killer Frost finished her brief but arousing blowjob on the barrel of the specialized firearm and sat it back down on the table. Instead of straightening back up, the white-haired metahuman stayed bent over so that she could press her lips to the arsonist's lips, bringing him in for a passionate kiss. She had to fight her urge to let her powers run rampant and ice the big fella from the insides out, but he proved a good kisser and got her own libido revved up.

Naturally being the stubborn and entitled man-child such as he was, Girder didn't listen to his more experienced peer and instead moved into the action. Mick was in the thralls of a passionate embrace from the sexy metahuman with a hand palming her wonderfully thick ass through the leather pants. Killer Frost soon felt two extra hands grope her, reaching around to her front to knead, roughly so in fact, her underrated tits.

"Mmhm...so the kid thinks he can just jump in with the adults," Caitlin stated, some steel in her voice.

"You know it, bitch," the fellow metahuman replied.

As if to accent his point, and to rise up to the challenge so he wouldn't be embarrassed by some woman in front of his crew, Tony stepped back and undid his pants. A second later they were ripped down his legs, showcasing his strong thighs and a cock that was only half-erect but already 5 inches long.

"Never, ever, call me bitch again," Killer Frost issued the warning. "And as for that, I've had much bigger but I suppose I can work with that."

Caitlin gave the bald big man another passionate kiss, opposites attracting to produce a very heated embrace as Mick palmed her ass once more. She pulled away from him and dropped to her knees, directly in the middle of the seated Heatwave and the standing, pantless Girder. Mick seemed to get the hint and made his way to undo his trousers, meanwhile Tony's cock was hardening by the second as the gorgeous metahuman knelt in front of him.

"I believe now is a good time to make our intentions known as well, wouldn't you agree Mr. Mardon," Leonard suggested as he shed his parka.

"Aye, aye captain," the Weather Wizard agreed.

5 years ago, if you were to ask anyone about whether Caitlin Snow would participate in gangbangs, they would have each said that there is a better chance to find a snowball in hell. Before becoming a metahuman with powers to manipulate ice and snow, Caitlin was a Ph.D candidate with a prudish attitude and who covered her amazing body under a lab coat.

However, that was then and this was now. She didn't even call herself Caitlin Snow, that was a separate person. She was Killer Frost and the change wasn't just to her metahuman gifts, but also to her sex drive. Not only was her engine generally revved up, but she loved gangbagns with a passion. There was just something about having the attention of all the men drawn to her and her alone.

"4 cocks and all for little ol' me. Well, I better get started then," Caitlin said with mock innocence.

And with that the meta reached up with her left hand and circled her fingers around Girder's cock and stroked his cock to full life. She reached out with the other arm and clutched Mick's member, which was now exposed and looked just like him - tall and thick. She licked her lips in anticipation before putting them to use by wrapping them around the recently arrived Snart's penis.

To all 4 men it was crystal clear that the woman known as Killer Frost had participated in orgies before given the ease she split her attention between them. After sucking on Leonard's cock for half-a-minute, she pivoted to her left and started blowing the still seated Mick, practically having to unhinge her jaw to fit him in her oral cavity. She rinsed and repeated that method until they were all blown and stroked, at which point she started another loop.

"About fucking time," Tony groaned as Caitlin glided her tongue on the underbelly of his rock-hard member.

Girder couldn't help himself, mainly because he was an abusive asshole, and when it became his turn with Caitlin's mouth he pounced. He allowed her to bob along his shaft a few times before he reached down, grabbed the back of her head and pulled her forward sharply. Instantly his dick flew to the back of her mouth, gagging her with extra spit noises and coughing emitted from her lips.

The youngest man on the crew by nearly a decade tossed his head back in elation as the feel of the gorgeous metahuman struggling on her knees before him was exactly what he wanted. Her face started to turn red from the forceful facefuck, her eyes also starting to go teary until finally he released his iron hold on her and allowed Caitlin to suck in some air.

"You asshole," she choked out after barely managing not to throw-up.

The circle of men around the kneeling metahuman had widened, except for where Girder stood. He was still right in front of Killer Frost, who was staring daggers up at him. If he sensed the danger looking in her killer glance he didn't act like it, standing tall and proud, a smile on his face with a cocky look.

"Oh, I'll get there soon enough," Girder smiled down at her like a predator.

He wouldn't get the chance to fuck her in the ass, or pussy or even finish his blowjob. The angered Killer Frost decided at that moment to showcase what earned her that villain name. Girder felt a chill run up his spine and start spreading out throughout all his limbs. Before he could comprehend what was going on, his massive body became covered in a layer of ice, which was thickening by the second.

The cocky man realized what his fellow meta was doing, but by the time he transformed into his organic iron form, not even his increased strength could free him from becoming a living popsicle. It did however preserve his life, as illustrated by the fact his eyelids remained opened and his eyes constantly darted around, searching for aid.

"Now, the rest of you know how to treat a woman, correct," Caitlin said from her knees, still horny but the tone rang with violence.

"Yes," the three men answered before Mick added. "I'm so much more turned on now than ever."

Mark Mardon summoned a small wind storm, strong but localized so that the frozen statue of a man was pushed back out of the way so they could resume their fun with the bad ass chick. As they formed a triangle around Caitlin, Mick still seated of course, the gorgeous woman had shed her matching leather jacket and was pulling away her dark blue corset as well, revealing her perky medium-sized chest.

"Mmm...what a body," Mick grunted with his approval.

"Why Mick, I had no idea you were such a gentleman," Caitlin said, playing with him as she stood and peeled off her incredibly tight pants. In fact, she needed to pull and shake her hips side to side, causing her pillowy chest to sway in doing so before they finally crested her massively plump ass and the leather pants landed on the ground. "Now, where was I"?

"What a beautiful ass," Mark commented, his long-fingered hand grasping the thick booty in between medium-strength slaps.

Caitlin had remained on her feet because she was immediately engulfed by a tight circle of men, even Mick had gotten out of his chair. Their hands were all over her, and Killer Frost didn't mind at all. One of them brought her in for a sloppy and aggressive kiss, which she was more than happy to match. Weather Wizard took his chance to reach from behind her and knead her awesome rack, the soft flesh squishing around his hands. Meanwhile, Leonard used his right hand to grope her tight backside and his left hand to rub her snatch, which was already gushing wet.

"Have we mentioned the flawless rack as well," Mick commented, still not comprehending how the metahuman could have such perfect tits.

With all eyes on the naked scientist (from a different Earth, that is), Caitlin slowly and seductively lowered herself back to the ground, coming to rest on her knees. As she settled into a very common position for the meta, she blocked from her mind the abusive Girder and focused on the fun times ahead. By the time she was down, the three men had all seemingly ignored their frozen teammate as well, as their cocks were all rock hard and ready for the horny girl.

Caitlin was impressed with Mark's athletic physique but her eyes bulged at the sight of his 8-inch cock. After staring for a few seconds she looked next to her right, seeing the fellow cold lover, Snart, who had a taller frame with surprising definition though she wouldn't call him muscular. However he rocked a longer cock than the Weather Wizard albeit slightly skinner. Last she looked at fell back in love with Mick's manhood who had both the longest and fattest dick of the trio, a healthy 9 inches with amazing girth.

"See something...or somethings you like," one of them asked with supreme confidence.

Caitlin nodded her pretty head while her beautiful eyes remained fixed on their impressive packages. Killer Frost didn't want to keep the excited boys waiting any longer. With a final lick of her lips she opened her mouth wide, leaned forward and engulfed the tip of the closest cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head a few times,apparently on Snart's lengthy dick, working just about half his good-sized tool into her oral cavity then pulled off him altogether.

"Oh man that's good," the white-haired man groaned.

"Just the tip of the iceberg, pal," the kneeling meta replied, aware of the pun.

Caitlin pivoted slightly so that she was now facing the muscular Mick and repeated the same trick on him. After sucking on his lengthy pole for a minute she pulled away from him and turned nearly 180 degrees to face the remaining man, Mark. Again she opened her mouth and pushed her lips around her third cock in as many minutes, getting half his length wet with her spit.

"You've certainly got talent," Weather Wizard commended.

"Please," Caitlin said. "You haven't seen anything yet boys."

With the men paying attention to her every sexy move, the girl with the big tits did a long lick over her thumb and forefinger on each hand. With their cocks now lubricated as well as her hands, Caitlin gripped the two dicks on the outside and began stroking them at a solid pace. This left her face to focus on the meat right in front of her, belong to the arsonist, which she gladly gobbled up with her mouth.

The Rogues to their credit showed intelligence and the ability to share which wasn't always easy amongst thieves. Every minute or two Caitlin would pull her plump lips from one dick, only to pivot to her left and swallow the next one. The men were now shifting along with her so that she was continuously stimulating the trio.

"Yes Frosty! Suck my dick," the bearded meta groaned in satisfaction.

Mark had stepped good and close to the naked girl and was prepared to take advantage of her underrated, magnificent tits. He waited for the girl with a fetish for cold to finish sucking his cock, leaving it nice and slobbery before he squatted down a little lower. Now, as he placed a hand on the outside of each of them, he pushed them together to form a tight pillowy hold around his cock.

"You smart bastard," Mick observed, his own shaft being stroked by Caitlin's hand. "Nice."

"Damn straight," Weather Wizard practically shouted with excitement.

Both Mick and Snart was jealous of their fellow Rogue for being the first one to take advantage of her pillowy tits and thrusting his pole between them, but he knew it would be their turn sooner rather than later. Mick watched as it was soon his best friend's cock wedged between Killer Frost's breasts and formulated the next step in their little celebration orgy.

The muscular man let his Rogues have a little bit more fun titty-fucking the attractive Killer Frost, but after another minute he sprang to action. Putting his hands under her arms, Mick lifted the girl and walked towards the furniture until settling her down on the chair he was occupying earlier. As she got on her knees so her chest rested on the back of the seat, Mick and Snart were positioned themselves in front and behind her, respectively with Mark off to the side.

"God, such a big dick," Caitlin said, subconsciously licking her lips as she stared at the manhood belonging to Mick which was the size of a baby's arm.

The horny meta wasted no time stroking his length before popping his tip into her mouth and getting to work orally. She didn't know why it was Mick Rory of all people that she had such instant chemistry with, given his habit of starting fire. It was probably about opposites attracting or something along those lines.

"Mmhmm...had you pegged for a talented cock sucker," the gruff man observed.

"You should see what I can do with a pussy," Killer Frost replied before bobbing her head further down his pole.

She bobbed her head a few times, working just about half his hulk-sized tool into her oral cavity then pulled off him altogether. Obviously confident with her blowjob ability and wanting to show off, Caitlin used her tongue to dart out and repeatedly lick at his pee slit before opening her mouth wide and swallowing half his cock in one go, an impressive feat.

Meanwhile, as Mark joined Mick up by Caitlin's face to get in line for more oral, the man behind her wasn't exactly sitting on his hands. In fact, Snart was putting his to good use by pulling apart her thick ass cheeks to better expose her freshly waxed sex. He always liked a bald pussy and he showed that appreciation by sticking his tongue out and running it through her folds, into her pink hole before continuing back and swiping over her tight purple-colored asshole.

"Yes...more of that," Killer Frost told her fellow cold-lover before swapping Mark's cock into her mouth.

While Heatwave and the Wizard took turns getting an expert blowjob, Snart continued eating the younger woman's pussy and asshole. However, the white-haired man had much more on his mind then simply licking the metahuman's holes. Infact, that was merely a means to an ends, so he gave her asshole another lick, leaving globes of spit on the crinkled surface and straightened up.

Caitlin didn't flinch or show any reservations as his hand touched her thick cheek and pulled it to the side again, to give him a view of his target. Seeing her glistening pink pussy, Snart rubbed his tip through her folds and felt how truly wet the pale beauty was. But looking down and seeing her tight asshole, covered in spit then remembering the way the puckered hole gapped and winked at him during the rimjob, Leonard got a better idea.

"Oh shit," Killer Frost said through a grimace as, in one motion, Snart pushed his dick past her anal sphincter causing her to pause mid-blowjob. "You Rogues goes right for the ass."

"Hope that's okay," Leonard said with more than a hint of respect in his tone, the memory of poor Tony being frozen alive fresh in his mind, all while he let his tip rest in the entrance of her asshole.

"Trust me, you aren't my first back there and certainly won't be the last," Caitlin answered as she pushed back towards him.

"Now it's a party," Mick celebrated. "Well done Snart, you cocky bastard."

All while they were talking, the eldest statesman of the Rogues was starting to rock his cock in the curvy girl's ass. He didn't go fast or very deep, but after a minute he had managed to slowly envelope half of his lengthy 8 inch manhood into her rectum. Using smooth strokes and never pushing too much in at one time, Caitlin felt no pain or even discomfort any longer with Snart now feeling the horny girl pushing back against him as she resumed bobbing on the dicks in front of her face.

Leonard was lost in the feeling of the tightest hole he'd ever felt rubbing his cock from all sides, but eventually snapped out of it. Gripping tightly onto her hips, the man known to the police as Captain Cold started to pump into her faster, being certain to not be too jerky or stab too wildly.

"Stop pussy-footing around back there and really fuck me," Caitlin Snow told him before going back to sucking cock.

Mick and Mark couldn't help but notice her blowing got more sloppy and lacked the same technique as Snart gripped her hips and fucked the curvy girl harder. It was to be expected after all, with his strong arms jerking her back and forth, but Caitlin still was bouncing between their two members and sucking them as best she could under the circumstances of being assfucked at a vigorous pace.

After seeing that she took the sudden hard thrusts in stride, Leonard stopped holding anything back. He stroked his tool in and out of her bowels, completely remove himself from her to see the gap in her hole every time before diving back in. He gradually increased his speed until he was really sawing into her ass, making her drop her hand onto her clit and rub furiously.

"Jesus," Weather Wizard swore, watching the intense ass fucking. "She can take a hard pounding."

The metahuman spoke truth. Caitlin was trying to distract herself by sucking hard on whichever cock was in her mouth. It did some good, but when she started to flick her clit with her fingers it really started to make a bigger difference. Though she was experienced at taking a hard cock up the ass, it had been a little while since she was sodomized and her backdoor was tighter than ever.

"You bet I can," Caitlin beamed with well-earned pride.

Leonard wished he could have extended these minutes to feel her constricted ring of muscle around his cock forever, but he knew he had a few minutes max left in him before the other Rogues would demand their turn. He dug his fingers in even harder to the flesh around her hips and really pump into her for all he was worth.

"Balls deep in her asshole and she's wearing a smile," Mick observed. "My kinda girl!"

"Well I'd love to see if you were my type of guy," Killer Frost said with a wink.

Before Mick could push his oldest friend away, Snart speared deep into Caitlin's asshole one last time to savor the feeling. He watched as her thick white girl ass rippled from the blow before he pulled out and watched as her backdoor gaped open, a satisfied grin crossing his face.

The team moved like they did this all the time. Mick pulled his dick from Caitlin's mouth and took a seat in the chair directly beside the stunning criminal. As soon as Leonard pulled out of her asshole, Caitlin stood up, but didn't remain on her feet for very long at all..

"Mind if I go for a ride," Caitlin asked rhetorically with her trademark smirk on her face, already straddling his lap.

"Please do," Mick said as he pawed her bouncy tits, being sure to not grope too hard.

"Those are a nice set of tits there Killer Frost," Mark commented as the long-haired meta sank her pussy down on his fellow Rogue's lap.

"Mhmm...awwhh...thank you," Caitlin replied as she started to ride Mick's massive cock in her twat.

"I still prefer that ass," Mick weighed in as he reached around and squeezed her incredibly thick bottom.

As Killer Frost settled into her very bouncy riding pace on Mick's lap, she reached out and grabbed the fellow cold lover by the thigh to pull him closer. Snart knew what she was planning and almost spoke up to tell her that no more than 60 seconds ago that his dick had been as deep in her asshole as he could plunge.

Instead, Leonard used his genius-level intellect and self-serving attitude by keeping his trap shut as she opened her mouth wide and swallowed half his length in one impressive gulp. He was certain she could taste her asshole all over his dick, but no one would be able to tell, not with as much vigor as she sucked on his dirty meat in front of her currently.

"Hey Snart, didn't that dick come straight from Snow White's asshole," Mark commented, knowing the answer full well.

Caitlin couldn't recall ever taking a cock straight from her bum into her mouth, but sadly this experience wasn't going to sour her from doing it in the future. Though her asshole tasted less pleasant than her pussy, she was surprised it still had a nice, albeit more metallic flavor to it.

"Feels so fucking good," Mick groaned from beneath the riding girl.

To Caitlin's credit, the girl could multi-task. She may not have been able to bounce with as much reckless abandonment as she was doing before she started sucking on Snart's cock, she still maintained a good pace that took all of his girthy member into her wet hole. That was why Mick could have cared less that she had slowed down, in fact it meant that he could lean forward and latch his lips around one on her pokey nipples while his rough hands kneaded her thick ass.

Mark Mardon, or Weather Wizard as he was known to the Central City news, had also noticed that Caitlin had slowed her pace. The handsome man had rounded behind the thick-bottomed girl and waited for his moment, which presented itself shortly thereafter. Riding Mick's cock all the way down to the base, Caitlin kept him completely in her pussy as she began grinding on his lap.

"Let's really make this like that time in Bludhaven," Mark said to his fellow Rogue.

"Mmm...why the hell not," Mick grunted his approval. "As long as the Ice Queen here is up for it."

"Bring it on," Killer Frost replied, game for anything these boys could throw at her.

Caitlin wasn't paying much attention to what the two thieves were saying, concentrating more on rocking her hips on Mick's lap and sucking the ass-flavored cock in her face. While Mick held her down on his dick, stopping her bucking altogether, she looked back just in time to see the skinnier man step up right behind her before feeling his head press against her already-used backdoor.

The move caught Caitlin by complete surprise. She had been having sexy regularly since she was a freshman in high school as she had developed both physically and sexual early in the life. However when Mark gently yet firmly shoved his dick into her asshole without warning, she was shocked for the first time in the bedroom since a long time.

"Jesus Christ! Fuck fuck fuck," Killer Frost exclaimed at the top of her lungs.

All three men heard Caitlin's scream as she had two dicks inserted into her pussy and asshole simultaneously. She didn't know it was even possible for this to happen, but the two men took time sawing into her holes, one pushing forward as the other retreated. Within moments they had settled into a matched rhythm and all the pale beauty could do was sit back and enjoy being ruthlessly used by the two criminal.

Caitlin relaxed and let them pummel her body with their hard tools, only managing to squirm into a position that gave them better access to what they were doing. She took a break from sucking on Snart's member, though her hand still clutched it and was stroking him off. She lost track of time as she basked in the glory of two men taking turns going balls deep in her anus and twat, bringing her rapidly towards a strong orgasm.

"OH SHIT," she swore as one of her most powerful orgasms of her life rocked her unnaturally chilled body.

None of the men fucking the beautiful metahuman wanted to be the first to climax and spend the rest of the time spent on the sidelines. However, as Caitlin came her fuckholes spasmed tightly, making her asshole in particular a fleshy vice. The Weather Wizard tried to slow his thrusting, but it was too late; he could feel the cum in his balls already boiling up.

"Don't you cum in her asshole and ruin it for me," Mick demanded of his partner, as he recognized the expression on his face and knew what it meant.

"Quickly, cum in mouth," Caitlin urged. "I want to taste you."

The handsome criminal withdrew from Caitlin's well-used asshole and rounded the seat to stand by her head, the position that Leonard had just departed from. Before Mark started to cum he placed the head of his booty-flavored cock between the ice queen's plump lips. Torrents of jizz erupted from his, plastering the back of her throat and surface of her tongue.

Caitlin had always found the taste of cum to be pleasant, but in her heightened aroused state it tasted like a fine wine to her. Even as Mick started to thrust harder up into her pussy, the metahuman killer swallowed down Weather Wizard's offering of salty seed, even giving him some post-coital head on top of it.

"Mmmm...now that hit the spot," Caitlin commented with a wide grin.

"Well there's gonna be more soon," Mick roared in his deep voice. "But first, I want to take a little ride down the dirt road."

"How could I decline such a well-spoken request," Caitlin jested, feeling the big man pull out of her cunt.

By the time Caitlin sank back down onto his lap, Mick had angled his manhood backwards so that he immediately plunged into her asshole. For Caitlin, it was the third different dick to make it's way into her backdoor, but Mick's was by far the widest. She bit her bottom lip as she felt her rectum expand further than ever before, but the sodomy for the past 30 minutes had loosened it up enough that she didn't tear in half.

After getting used to his impressive girth, the thick-rumped metahuman showed no signs that it was the biggest cock she'd ever taken in her perfect as she rode his dick expertly. Over and over Caitlin lifted her perfectly shaped ass off his lap until only the last inch of his well formed cock remained held by her sphincter, at which point she would reverse course and slide down his pole.

"Not gonna...awwh...be able to...mhhmm...sit for a week," Caitlin commented between moans.

"The job isn't for a few weeks, you'll recover by then," Snart wisely stated.

All while Caitlin rode his tool like a pro, she hadn't forgotten about the white-haired man in his middle years. Leonard was stroking his own dick while Killer Frost lowered her head so she could capture first one nut then after a long suck she'd tried it for the other. It was the perfect amount of attention to keep the leader of the Rogues aroused while allowing Caitlin to spend most of her energy on riding Mick.

However, Caitlin could feel her stamina fatiguing with each plunge down onto his cock. She wanted to finish him off quickly since there was still Snart left, so that meant upping the ante. Pulling her mouth away from licking Captain Cold's balls, Caitlin planted her feet on the seat next to burly thug and used her legs to propel herself up then slammed her meaty ass down on his lap.

"Oh God," Mick roared as the slight tweak in her positioning meant that her ass felt tighter as she rode him even harder.

"You like that big boy," Caitlin asked, slamming her ass back down time after time.

"Shit... need to cum," Heat Wave warned. "Ugh...ugh...here it comes...ugh."

"Mhmm...yes...cum in my ass," Caitlin encouraged as their sweat covered bodies continued to slam into each other.

All Mick could do was tightly clench the meta's wide hips and quickly pump his cock up into her spit-lined asshole for the last few seconds. Tossing his head back, the burly man buried himself in the younger girl for the last time before blasting several streams of thick warm cum into her rectum. He held himself still in the depths of her bowels until his manhood had emptied, at which point the exhausted man lifted Caitlin from his lap, leaving his sticky reward deep in her asshole.

"Hope you didn't forget about little ol' me," Captain Cold said, appearing in front of the tired ice queen.

In his haste, Mick had rolled Caitlin onto the seat next to them with Killer Frost sitting on her thick ass in a reclined position. Snart had barely wasted any time in running around the seats so he could stand in front of her, hard cock in hand. Caitlin ran a hand through her hair and gave the eager man a smile as she settled a leg up onto his shoulder to give him even better access to her sex.

"Mhmm...yes," Caitlin groaned as his lengthy cock began plunging into her damp pussy.

Having experienced several strong orgasms and been on the receiving end of 3 men who used her holes to fuck ruthlessly, Caitlin was spent. Therefore she had no idea how long Leonard stood over her, pumping his long dick into her twat. Captain Cold, as he was known to the media as, was savoring every moment of the sex with Caitlin, which was going on only 5 minutes now.

"So good," he grunted as he reached down and kneaded her bouncing tits.

"Yeah? Good enough to give me that cum," Caitlin asked in her most sultry tone.

"Ask and ye shall receive, Snart replied, feeling his orgasm approaching. "Where do you want it?"

"Cum wherever you want stud."

"Okay babe...here it comes. UUNNGHHH," he screamed.

Like a volcano erupting, Snart felt his balls started to bubble and boil before the thick liquid flowed up his shaft and out his narrow slit. With his cock buried so far inside Killer Frost, his cum pasted her inner walls, mixing with her own sweet juices. The self-appointed Captain held himself in her snatch for a few extra moments after finishing unloading his huge wad in Caitlin before pushing off of her sexy body and collapsing in a chair nearby.

"Well...now that's what I call team building," Mick grinned, already re-dressed.

"I can only imagine what we do to celebrate a successful mission," Mark added, lighting up a cigarette.

"You have no idea," the exhausted girl retorted, wide smile on her face as well.

After the foursome tracked down their clothing and got dressed, Leonard suggested to the powerful metahuman that it was probably time to take the abusive Rogue out of his timeout. Kaitlin was still pretty pissed about his rough treatment, nearly making her gag, and still wasn't in a forgiving mood so once she left the Rogues alone in the warehouse it was up to Mick and his powerful flamethrower to rescue Tony.

"What a psychotic bitch," Girder roared in anger.

"Easy kid, she might hear you and come back to finish where she left off," a relaxed Snart told the hothead.

"So what? I just ignore her disrespecting me," Tony spat.

"Kid, you stand to make one fifth of 30 million dollars. Even my uneducated ass knows that's a good fucking deal. So keep your damn mouth shut, get over it and make your damn money," Mick advice.

"Precisely. Now, time to plan this heist out."


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Re: Arrow: Alternate Timeline
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Title: Alternate Timeline Part 22 - The Big Day Part 1
Show: Arrow
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Felicity Smoak/Donna Smoak
Codes: FF, Anal, Incest, Oral, Toys, Voyeur
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Arrow Flash or Supergirl, nor its characters especially Helena Bertinelli, Felicity Smoak, Donna Smoak, Oliver Queen and Thea Queen

Summary: On the day of Helena's wedding to Oliver Queen, Felicity gifts her a front row seat to a mother-daughter sex show

Helena Bertinelli woke up in her bedroom within her parent's house. Of course she had her own place, a gorgeous 3 bedroom condo overlooking the Starling City harbor, but it was something of a family tradition to spend the night before your wedding in the same dwelling as your parents.

The raven-haired vigilante didn't spend the entire time in the bedroom though, in fact she made several stops around town last night, but no one but she needed to know about those. After all, she wanted her identity as Huntress to be kept as quiet as possible. That knowledge was currently limited to her partner-in-crime Laurel Lance, and now to Felicity Smoak, who gave their team help when Helena needed it the most.

"Good morning Helena," her mother greeted as her daughter entered the kitchen.

"How'd you sleep, baby," her father asked, kissing her on the cheek.

"Great actually," Helena admitted. "And late, apparently."

"Don't worry. You still have an hour to get to your hair appointment," Mrs Bertinelli informed her. "The car will be up front in 15 minutes so go get dressed."

She ate breakfast with her parents, albeit briefly before the two Bertinelli women headed down to get into their private car. They, along with her two bridesmaids and a few friends, were all to meet to get their hair done before the big day. And since the combined power and wealth of the Queens and Bertinelli's was rather vast, the top stylist and their team were meeting at the Queen Manor to have it all done.

It was a short ride between the two family houses and soon the two women were greeting the rest of the party already assembled. Helena wanted to get her's done last, less chance to mess it up in truth. As the two mothers went into the room to get worked over, Thea Queen came over to give the woman who was to marry her brother a big hug.

"Well you look rested," Thea Queen said to her soon-to-be sister-in-law.

"Yup. I had a great day," Helena replied with a wide smile. "Plus I get to marry a great guy today."

"I was kinda hoping that my gift to you last night helped etch that smile onto your face," the youngest Queen child commented.

"Oh, that it did Speedy," Huntress agreed before pulling the slimmer girl in her a lengthy kiss. "Damn, I'm going to love being part of this family."

At that moment the door to the room was rapped with knuckles a few times, causing the two attractive women to back away from each other. Helena called out for them to enter, whipping her mouth from the kiss her husband's little sister gave her and was surprised to see Felicity Smoak standing in the doorway. She was early for the wedding but was donning her dress for the occasion, an impressively tight one that highlighted her fantastically large ass and did a good job showcasing her small cleavage.

"Hi Helena...and Thea. Sorry to interrupt but I was hoping to steal you for a little while...if you had time," Oliver's former personal assistant requested of the bride.

"Sure Felicity," the vigilante agreed. "It's not like they can start today without me or anything. I'll come find you after, Thea."

Helena motioned for the other girl to lead the way and like that they were off. Helena didn't exactly know where Felicity was taking her, but she was certainly going to enjoy the miraculous view the entire time. It turned out that the big-booty blonde was bringing her to Oliver's secluded bedroom for some reason, and when Felicity opened the door, there was another woman inside.

"Hey baby, this is quite the room," an older looking blonde said before realizing that Helena was present as well. "Oh! You must be the bride! I'm Donna, Donna Smoak."

"Smoak? Felicity...is this your mother," Helena asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I am," the bubbly blonde answered before her daughter could get a word in. "And she figured that since Olli already had his chance with the two of us, then that my daughter's gift to you would be us as well."

"Mother! I was going to word that a little less shockingly, you know, from an incestious standpoint," Felicity scolded the attractive older woman.

"So prim and proper, this one," Donna said to Helena.

"Wait, slow down," the vigilante ordered, mind spinning but not unhappy with the situation. In fact, already her pussy was starting to dampen.

"I tried and I tried and I tried to come up with a wedding gift idea for you and Olli. Now obviously, I give Olli a lot so I wanted it to be more centered around you. And then it clicked...a threesome with a woman who is fairly lesbian-leaning," Felicity recapped.

"Don't get me wrong Felicity, I would love nothing more than to eat and fuck you and your MILF all day long..."

"But," Felicity said, visibly deflated and feeling stupid.

"But my hair and makeup are already done. It would dry too much attention of the bride needed to be completely re-made," Helena explained. "However, for two regular wedding guests to borrow the bridal party's hair team after we were all done, now that would go largely unnoticed."

"Ohh," both Smoak women cooed at the same time, in the same excited tone.

Her meaning wasn't exactly veiled and both mother and daughter understood her completely. With eyes never leaving the two blondes, who were offering up an incestious lesbian threesome with the bride, Helena reached behind her and found the large leather chair, resting her fine rump in it.

"So how did we want to..."

Felicity was interrupted by her mother's tongue, which was none to subtly shoved into her mouth as she was mid sentence. Having her own mom kiss her would have been a shock for 99.9% of people, but this was not the first time that Felicity and Donna Smoak had hooked up. In fact, they had fucked not long ago, mere months ago in fact, although it was an Oliver Queen sandwich at that point.

"I had no idea watching a mother and daughter kiss would be so...erotic," Huntress cooed, rubbing her thighs together.

"No offence baby but you think wayyy too much," Donna said to her daughter.

"Well you talk too much," Felicity replied before she turned instigated and crammed her tongue down her mom's throat.

As the two Smoak women made out in front of the bride in her fiance's bedroom, Helena felt her pussy dampening considerably. It had only been a few weeks ago that Helena finally fucked the brainy Felicity so she was all too aware of the amazing assets the younger Smoak girl possessed. From the looks of things, it was rather obvious that she got her good looks from her mother.

Donna may have been a teen mom, but it meant that while she had a 23 year old daughter, she was still in her prime and less than 40. She took great care of herself, as Helena could tell even with her dress on, mainly because she chose a style similar to Felicity's in terms of it was super form fitting. However, where Felicity contained an amazingly huge ass, Donna's main feature was her large tits, which she was more than happy to display with the low-cut nature of the dress.

"God, you're a good kisser," Donna complimented her intellectually superior daughter.

"I'm properly motivated," Felicity replied, running her hands over her mother's much larger breasts.

"Bed, baby," the older woman stated, already in the process of backing her only child up.

It didn't take long until the MIT grad felt the edge of the bed against her calves then she was falling backwards, her black heels swinging upwards on either side of her mom's slim frame. Before she could lock her ankles around the women's tapered waist, Donna pulled away, but not before hooking her fingers into her waistband of the younger women's panties and sliding them off Felicity's insanely meaty legs.

"Give those here," Helena instructed.

While Donna was tossing the bride her daughter's damp panties, Felicity had pulled her tight dress up over her very thick ass, exposing her bare pussy. Her mom must of used her peripheral vision to notice this because before she spun around she was already lowering herself prone on the bed, her blonde head between Felicity's thighs.

"I haven't done this in awhile," Donna commented, her positioning allowing the seated bride a perfect view of the action.

"Just do the best you...oh...ahhh...yes," Felicity immediately started moaning.

It had been a few years since the older Smoak girl had been with another woman, the night she spent with Oliver and Felicity notwithstanding, but she picked up right where she left off. While Helena Bertinelli watched one, sucking on Felicity's panties, Donna went to work on her daughter. Rather than be hypnotized by her pretty cunt, Donna leaned in and did a long lick down from her clit to her already wet hole.

Felicity had her head tossed back with back arching, her hands going under her dress to her small tits and pulling at her nipples. Donna was finding her stride with ease, using her fingers to pry apart the other girl's lips and expose the bright pink slit it contained. Sticking out her tongue, the woman approaching 40 years of age wagged her tongue over and over, collecting Felicity's juices all while her daughter continued to flail about.

"God I missed this," Donna said between licks, the fingers of her free hand rubbing Felicity's puffy mound.

Helena didn't know if that comment was in reference to Donna missing eating pussy, or eating her daughter's cunt, though in truth it didn't matter. While sex between a mother and daughter was considered extremely taboo, Helena couldn't help but think how hot it was to watch. In fact, her fingers were now pumping inside her own snatch, first only one, but now two.

Looking up to watch the effect she had on her offspring, Donna followed suit with Helena by stuffed first one then a second finger into her sex in short order. Felicity moaned louder as her twat was stretched and probed by her mother's nimble and experienced fingertips reaching inside her and finding all the little crevices that unlocked more pleasure.

"Yes mom," Felicity cooed. "Fuck my pussy!"

However, Donna wasn't just content with fingering her beautiful and intelligent daughter. Leaning her head back down between her juicy thighs, the cocktail waitress extended out her tongue and began lashing the younger girl's clit with it. This brought even more groans of delight from Felicity, magnified even greater as her mother formed a tight seal around the engorged nub and added suction to her licking.

Felicity was an extremely smart woman, after all she graduated at the top of her class from MIT, so she understood that incest was wrong. However, every instance she had had with it was gloriously erotic and just felt right. Whether it was a threesome with her favorite guy and her mom, or watching Olli and his gorgeous little sister getting it on, Felicity now severely doubted that there was anything wrong with it.

"Oh my God...just like that," Felicity encouraged, bucking her hips in rhythm with Donna pushing her fingers inside her.

Her energy and licking seemed never ending. Donna was normally a considerate lover, a fact that Felicity's father would attest to if he wasn't currently in hiding from the police, but now it was Felicity getting to benefit from this fact. Over and over Donna sawed her digits deep inside the MIT grad's cunt and dragged them out just as fast but being sure to rub over her daughter's sensitive G spot along the way.

With the combination of her surprisingly experienced mother stimulating her cunt and clit while she pulled at her own nipples, Felicity stood no chance of lasting very long. And the hunger in which Donna sought to pleasure her only child only added to the sudden onslaught of her orgasm, which was hurling to its climax at record speeds.

"You're trembling baby girl. Mommy thinks you're going to cum for her soon, aren't you," Donna asked with a knowing smirk on her beautiful face.

"I think that is all but apparent," Helena replied, now rubbing her own clit with a feverish pace.

"Yes...keep going," Felicity pleaded, so close to reaching her climax.

Steady streams of moans were being released from the thrashing blonde as she edged nearer to her sweet release. Knowing she could accomplish that whenever she wanted to give it to her daughter, Donna decided to bring Felicity to her orgasm sooner rather than later. After all, the onlooking bride had a big day ahead of her so the Smoak girls couldn't occupy her for too long.

Not delaying the inevitable, Donna drove her two digits as deep inside her new lover as physically possible. This time, instead of withdrawing them she left them buried in Felicity and began pulling upwards. The Vegas waitress felt the familiar ache in her forearm as usual while her fingertips relentlessly assaulted her baby girl's G-spot, a move that was always successful back in her day when she ate out other women regularly.

"Oohhhh....yesssss....ugghhhhhh," Felicity screamed at the top of her lungs as she orgasmed in the most satisfactory of manners.

Once sure that Felicity was done cumming, Donna pulled her fingers and mouth away from her tingling cunt and began kissing her way up her daughter's extremely flat stomach. After a swirl of her tongue around Felicity's belly button, Donna hooked an arm around the curve of Felicity's low back and helped lift her into a seated position so they could kiss once more.

However, Donna peeked an eye open after only a few seconds of making out with her only daughter as she felt lips close around the two fingers she had used to pump Felicity to an orgasm. The soon-to-be Mrs. Oliver Queen had risen from her seat and joined the two Smoak girls, moaning as she sucked hard at the two digits in her mouth.

"We still have a little time if you two are up for another gift to me," Helena asked with a dangerous glint in her eyes, her hands instantly reaching out to coral both Smoak women's thick asses.

* * *

Several Hours Later

The music that was now iconic for weddings started up and the first bridesmaid came into view. Thea looked beautiful in the tan-colored dress that hugged her petite yet very feminine body perfectly. It simultaneously pushed up her modest chest to give her cleavage while ended mid-thigh to showcase her tremendously long and toned legs.

Next came Laurel Lance into view, the maid of honor. Oliver couldn't help but blush a little bit as he thought of the naughty things he did to the lawyer last night, including having her fuck her own sister and get off on it. Her chest was larger than Thea's and made to look even more impressive in the flattering dress as well.

"All raise please," the pastor addressed the crowd as Laurel finished her entrance.

As everyone rose from their chairs, Helena made the turn around the hedges and came into view of the entire crowd, including Oliver. The raven-haired vigilante looked an absolute vision in her lace white dress, which made her ivory white skin and beautiful facial feature look even more enticing.

The took the same route as the two women that came before her until she was standing in front of Oliver, her groom. Her future husband came to her, shook her father's hand and the two men exchanged a few words before the Italian took a seat in the front row and Olli escorted his bride the last few strides.

"You look beautiful," Oliver told his soon-to-be wife.

"Thanks handsome," the raven-haired beauty replied. "You don't look so bad yourself."

"You may be seated," the holy man said to the mass.

As the pastor started going on and on about the sanctity of marriage and the hardships that must be overcome, Helena's mind was elsewhere. She took time to make sure it wasn't her time to go over the vows, but her eyes swept the crowd just as often, seeing both familiar faces and more than a few handfuls of those that were foreign to her. Of course, as her gaze fell upon the gorgeous mother-daughter tandem who were seated rather awkwardly as if unable to get comfortable, Helena's thoughts wandered to the events that transpired roughly 200 yards away earlier that day, which would bring a smile to her lips.

* * *

"You just keep one of these in your boyfriend's bedroom...just in case the chance arises?" Felicity asked in utter amazement.

"This is a real good quality rubber cock," Donna cooed, holding the weighty, dildo in her hand.

Felicity's jaw nearly dropped out of her skull when Helena first retrieved the double-ended dildo from a hiding place within Oliver's closet. The former MIT student was familiar with a regular toy and vibrators, but this one was massive. Only an inch and a half thick, it had a cock-shaped tip on both ends and was fairly solid though seemed like it had a little wiggle to it.

Watching the two blonde family members the whole time, Helena beckoned them to join her on the massive king-sized bed belong to her fiance. Before Felicity started to move, her mother grabbed her hand and led her to their mistress, each step feeling odd for both women due to the matching butt plugs in each of their asses, nestled nicely between their bubbly cheeks. It had been Helena's idea, allowing their bowels and sphincter to stretch out in preparation for the main event.

Ever the coordinator, Helena got both Smoak girls onto the bed but facing away from one another so their beautiful but vastly different shaped booties were less than a foot away. Reaching to Felicity's impossibly large ass with her right hand, then to Donna's slimmer but still bubbly butt with her left, she gave closed her fingers around the butt plugs she had placed in them not long ago. Helena pulled both of them free, watching as they came out clean but dripping in the copious amounts of lube she used, leaving both Felicity's and her mom's assholes yawning gapes in its wake.

"Take a picture why don't you," Felicity smirked backwards, still wearing her naughty librarian glasses despite the rigorous lovemaking thus far.

Huntress replied with a firm yet playful swat to Felicity's phat ass, an action that made the blonde yelp in surprise, but also plastered a broad smile on her lovely face. Focusing back on the task at hand, Helena reached forward and feed the toy into the younger of the Smoak women's asshole first.

I was a credit to the amount of mileage Felicity's backdoor had gotten over the past year that the nerdy girl barely flinched as the first 4 inches of her end of the dildo was slid into her booty. Helena allowed herself another few seconds for her eyes to linger on Felicity's truly epic ass before inserting the other end of the toy into Donna's smaller but still firm ass.

"Great genetics," Helena murmured as she worshipped their twin amazing features.

Helena decided to stay close and dictate the action, at least to start with. Holding the center of the nearly 2 foot toy, Huntress took turns slowly stroking the dildo first into Felicity's younger hole, then back the opposite direction into her mom's hungry ass. She went slow as she thrust it into her 2 favorite wedding guests for over a minute, allowing them to get use to it before she passed the reins over to them.

"This is my type of wedding," Donna cooed as she was now connected to her only child by the same dildo.

"Mhmm...good," Helena encouraged, her fingers going back to her own pussy once more. "Now use your arms to rock back and forward."

"Like this...awwhh...yup. We got it now," Felicity agreed, feeling the usual pleasure of having a cock-shaped object glide into her rectum.

"Good girl baby...mhmmm...awww...back and forward," her mother added.

Helena didn't know if either of the Smoak's had used this type of toy before, though she was guessing not. However, both women were proving quick studies as soon Felicity and Donna were doing as Helena instructed, albeit slowly. But it was Felicity that was clearly using all of her patience to not just slam her thick ass backwards, forcing them both to swallow a good majority of the toy into both their booties.

"God it's big," Donna said, a little sheen building on her forward and along her spine. "Feels...funny too."

There was no doubt that Donna had the tighter asshole since her daughter had been getting assfucked very regular of late, not to mention sodomized by 5 of the meanest villains this Earth had to offer no more than a few months back. So with Felicity having better control and mastery of what they were doing, it still meant that for every thrust backwards it was her mother taking more of the toy inside her.

"That's it. Push against Felicity or you'll be eating this whole thing," Helena warned.

"And I would really like to have some fuck me," Felicity added.

"I'm...ahhh...trying," Donna wailed as she awkwardly lurched her curvy body backwards.

The gentle hand wasn't working so Felicity was going to have to try a different tactic with her mother. When the horse wouldn't be led by the carrot then you drove them with the whip. Tensing her arms, the former MIT student thrust herself back into Donna with new found power. She heard her mom yelp in surprise before she crashed backward again...and again and again.

"Come on mom," Felicity grunted, her arms aching as she forced them to thrust her body back into her mother. "Let go mom...release the beast."

"Ugghh...Felicity...slow," Donna urged though she knew when her daughter got an idea in her head she wouldn't relent.

And then something snapped within the former Vegas waitress. The constant whack of flesh on flesh almost put Donna into a trance, allowing her to find her inner force. It was like everything suddenly clicked into place as adrenalin and endorphins flooded her curvy body.

Felicity immediately sensed something had changed from behind her. The first sign was her mother's groans of being dominated stopping, replaced with icy silence. Not calm, far from that actually. Her next clue was when she felt Donna's bubbly, small ass thud against her own with more intensity than ever. More power then Felicity was currently generating in fact.


"Yes Donna! Fuck her! Fuck her hard," Helena roared in excitement.

Felicity heard her mom bellow in carnal desire before ramming herself backwards...hard. Felicity would have been thrown from the bed if she wasn't prepared for it, but she steadied herself at the last instant. If the blonde thought about trying to fuck Donna back than it was quickly displaced from her mind as all Felicity could do was hold on for dear life.


In what was in stark contrast to minutes earlier, the double-ended dildo was now slamming deep into Felicity's bowels. With each collision between their large asses, the toy slid further into the younger Smoak girl while Donna held only a quarter of the nearly 2 foot dildo.

"God...so much," Felicity groaned, feeling new sections of her bowels probed for the first time.

"Yes! Take it," Donna screamed with a heated intensity, as if possessed by some type of sex demon.

Felicity was powerless to do anything but take the extreme assfucking that her new lover was doling out to her. Time after time she absorbed the mighty pounding that Donna's skinner ass smashed against her own much wider and thicker booty. And each time the dildo went a little further inside her, Felicity feeling it deeper than anything had ever been inside her previously.

Though Felicity couldn't tell since her mother continued to rear her body forward before crashing it back into her, but her groans of discomfort had an effect. Through the passion and intensity, Donna heard her daughter's cries and remembered why they were doing this. Felicity was rewarding her friend Helena on her wedding day by giving the blushing bride a great show, not here to pound her baby girl into oblivion.

"Felicity, baby...I'm sorry," Donna said, stopping her momentum dead.

"It's fine mom. I'm good. Now use that and let's give Helena a good experience," Felicity replied with excitement, though with a note of exhaustion.

"Yes please," Helena commented, a wide smile plastered on her face.

Without thought, the older woman started rocking her body backwards and forwards. It didn't have near the same amount of force that she used moments before to ruthlessly fuck her daughter, but it was also with more power than Donna herself had done earlier than that. Now with a wide grin on her own face, Felicity used her aching arms to sway back into her mother as well, matching her intensity.

"Mhmm...that's it...," Helena instructed, fingering her snatch a little harder.

Instantly Donna matched her in stride, picking up her own pace by the same amount as Felicity. Rather than either Smoak girl dominating the other, instead they had found a balance. The double-ended dildo speared into both their asses in near equal length, the lovely mother-daughter tandem both using the toy to actually get off now.

"Awwh...so good baby girl," Donna celebrated, while simultaneously slipping a hand between her thighs.

"Yes...like that...mhmmm...perfect," Felicity moaned, her own hand rubbing relentlessly through her wet slit.

Helena observed the other two women were in perfect rhythm with one another and it was bringing the best out of both of them. Donna had gained mastery over the new position, all while her fingers skittered back and forth on her clit. Meanwhile her daughter Felicity was more than happy to help her gain experience, especially when with every rocking motion it brought her closer to her own orgasm.

"Felicity...ahhh...I'm gonna," Donna started to shout.

"I'm cumming too....aawwwhhhh....mmhhmmmm....YYEESSSS," Felicity interrupted as she came with nearly 12 inches of rubbery cock gliding into her phat ass repeatedly.

"Shhiittttttt," Donna swore, eyes flashing red for an instant as she came just as hard.

"Yes! Cum! Both of you," Helena shrieked, extracting a climax from herself as well.

Both Smoak girls, as well as Helena Bertinelli, shuddered and jerked and moaned some more before crashing forward, allowing the double-ended dildo to spill from their asses for the first time in quite awhile. Felicity and Donna both panted and tried to regain their breath.

* * *

"What are you thinking about in that pretty head of yours," Oliver asked in hushed tones.

"You," Helena answered after a longer-than-normal pause.

After her replied, the boom of a thunder clap was heard, a lot closer than anyone cared for. Suddenly, the clear day grew overcast before thick clouds rolled in, which brought with it even more thunder. As the crowd grew concerned, an unnaturally fast moving fog started to envelope the ground they were sitting or standing on.

And then all hell broke loose.


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Re: Arrow: Alternate Timeline
« Reply #22 on: January 10, 2020, 12:47:34 PM »
Title: Alternate Timeline Part 23 - The Big Day Part 2
Show: Flash/Supergirl
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Kara Danvers/Maggie Sawyer, Iris West/Barry Allen
Codes: FF, MF, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Arrow Flash or Supergirl, nor its characters especially Maggie Sawyer, Kara Danvers/Supergirl, Alex Danvers, John Diggle, Andy Diggle, Tommy Merlin,. Sara Lance, Killer Frost, Leonard Snart, Mick Rory, Girder, Weather Wizard, Iris West or Barry Allen

Summary: The Rogues led by Killer Frost attack the biggest wedding of the year. Before that though, some of the party guests find some empty rooms for some fun before the main event

The day was getting closer and closer to the main event. There was a palpable thrum of excitement coming from Queen Manor as the wedding guests enjoyed a brief drink and snack out in the rose garden before the ceremony. Of course, little did the wealthy patrons of Star City know that members of the catering crew were hardened criminals intent on robbing them this very day, but that doesn't matter until later.

"Hey Alex," Felicity Smoak said, approaching the National City woman.

"Felicity, right?" Alex Danvers replied. "You're the one who talked Olli and the bride into inviting my sister and I. And then somehow got me a plus one as well?"

"Yeah, right. Listen, I know we don't really know each other but...is Kara okay? She's normally all bubbly and sunshine and rainbows but right now, she seems...dark," Felicity enquired.

The observation was extremely perceptive of the thick-bottomed blonde who happened to possess a degree from MIT. Things were not good on the Kara Danvers, aka Supergirl, front. After a lengthy dating spell with Lena Luthor ended in heartbreak, the Kryptonian had been having a very rough month or two. Kara had dove into her Supergirl persona and the only time that Alex found her half-sister being somewhat human was during sex.

"She and Lena broke up," Alex explained in one sentence.

"Oh no! They seemed so natural together," Felicity commented. "Well, it seems like she's found her next hook-up over by the crab cake station. By the way, where's your date?"

"My fiancee Maggie is over entertaining my sister by the food," Alex answered, making Felicity flush in embarrassment.

"Oh. Well I'm sure it's perfectly natural and not sexual," Felicity replied, backpedaling.

"Felicity, it's fine. Obviously we have a somewhat open relationship since I've been having to be Kara's humanity relief in the form of a fuck buddy," the special agent replied. "Speaking of which, I should go make sure they are both okay."

The two women shared a friendly if not awkward smile before they departed in opposite directions. Before the red-haired special agent reached her date and sister, Kara had already departed, obviously in search for another drink., Alcohol barely worked on Kryptonians but Kara was intent on pushing that theory to its limit by today's early signs.

"How she doing?" Alex asked Maggie.

"What you'd expect," the National City detective replied. "She came to a wedding after her heart was broken and has only coped by ignoring her humanity and fucking her sister rare."

"Step sister," Alex corrected, though got an extra jolt of arousal from Maggie's taboo wording. "Besides, she needs that release valve."

"Even if it kills you? Figuratively I mean but damn, you seem always exhausted now."

"Oh? And you have a solution?" Alex questioned.

"Let me have a crack at her," Maggie said, offering a short term solution.

"I don't think that's such a good idea," Alex replied.

"Is it because it's your sister and that would be weird? Or because she's Kryptonian and I'm a breakable human?" Maggie asked.

"Neither. Both. I don't know," Alex answered.

Maggie was going to press on with her full frontal assault on her girlfriend, but she realized that a different tact may be more useful. Changing gears, she ramped down her intensity and moved in close to Alex, taking the DEO agent's hands in hers and holding them tenderly. Alex flashed a warm, inviting look at the detective before they both shut their eyes as they touched foreheads with each other.

"Look, you and Cat Grant are worn out, exhausted by Kara. You two need a little break to recoup. I understand what I'm getting into," Maggie stated. "You know it's true."

"I do. God, how did I fall into such a weird situation. That my step-sister is an alien from a different world galaxies away. And that we would end up sleeping together. And then that now, my super-awesome fiance would take some of the burden and offer herself up to Kara," Alex explained.

"Don't think about the craziness. Think of it as a shared experience. So...will you take up my suggestion?" Maggie asked, trying to control her eagerness.

"I'll have a talk with her once we get back to National City" the DEO agent replied.

"And can I make one, little request," Maggie pressed, hoping it wouldn't be too much.

"Yes...I'll ask if she'll come in her Supergirl costume," Alex said with a roll of her eyes yet wearing a playful smile.

"Thank you so very much," the Latin detective gushed.

From across the rose garden, while picking up another two glasses of champagne, Kara heard the conversation her sister and her fiance were having. She didn't mean to eavesdrop but being that she was slightly buzzed, her superpowers were seeming to leak out a little bit, including her super-hearing.

* * *

Kara watched and waited patiently for her time to act, which was tough considering the hundreds of people in attendance at the Star City event of the year. Lucky for Maggie, Kara was wearing her Supergirl costume already, just in case she found an excuse, any excuse, to ditch the human garb and save some lives.

He patience paid off within the hour as soon Maggie and Alex separated so her sister could get them another glass of bubbly. Not knowing anyone else at the wedding, Maggie backed up and became a wallflower, allowing Kara to act. A sudden whoosh of air which Maggie heard before feeling her hair toss over her shoulders. Looking up, she saw the red and blue standing out before the face of the gorgeous Supergirl was clear. Not wanting to attract attention, Kara had quickly pulled Maggie behind a hedge and out of sight.

"Kara...hi," the detective said, stunned about the sudden appearance of her fiance's sister.

"Heard you wanted to step to the plate," serious Kara responded.

"I...well...it just seemed that Alex was getting out and I thought that..."

"You think you can handle me?" Supergirl asked with an aura of pure cockiness.

"Bet I can be a better match than either your sister or the Luthor chick," Maggie replied, getting back her own confident swagger.

"That's the Maggie I need," Kara replied with a smile appearing on her adorable yet beautiful face.

Before the homicide detective could respond, everything happened all at once. First, Supergirl vanished from standing right in front of her. A moment later, the Kryptonian was at her side, but only for an instance. The next thing Maggie knew, she was feeling a cold rush of air against her face and seeing the lights of National City at night rushing by her.

"Holy crap! I'm flying," Maggie shrieked in excitement.

"Yeah, it's pretty awesome," Kara agreed, continuing her flight.

It only took Supergirl a few seconds of hovering high above Queen Manor, scanning with her X-ray vision before she found what she was looking for. It helped that the ceremony would be starting soon so the house was fairly empty, but Supergirl decided on a second floor bedroom on the far side of the estate and took off in that direction, straight through the open window.

"You really know how to impress a girl," Maggie said, getting use to her new surroundings.

Kara wasn't going to afford her that option though. Stepping close to Maggie, this time at normal Earth speed, Kara wrapped one arm around the detectives narrow waist, pinning her against her own hard body. Kara's other arm snaked around the Latina's neck, her hand intertwining in her wavy dark hair so she could pull her face towards hers.

Despite the suddenness of Kara's approach, Maggie was prepared. She already had her lips perched and wet, only waiting for a matching pair to seek them out. Luckily, Kara Danvers indulged her, pressing her lips against the Mexican-born girl. Despite being an alien who became super-powered due to the the Earth's yellow sun, Kara's embrace was not crushing, though it carried with it a fierceness that Maggie had rarely felt before.

However, just as swiftly as Kara initiated the make-out session, she halted it, pulling her arms away from the detective and backing up until she rested against the back wall of the bedroom.

"Hey?! What gives," the leather pant-wearing detective asked.

"You wanna get fucked Supergirl," Kara sneered, her cockiness returning.

Smirking after seeing the tough detective nod, Kara lifted her bulletproof skirt of her costume. It was at this point that Maggie realized that something was different about Kara this night. Normally, Supergirl wore black tights under her skirt, however tonight she had only the red skirt and knee-high boots on, with bare leg in between.

"Then come eat me," Kara finished.

Well it felt weird to hear the adorably dorky Kara Danvers swear, and even stranger to see her peep her surprisingly bare pussy under her skirt, it also made Maggie oh so wet. And that wasn't the only thing. For a month since Lena broke her heart, Kara had been in a dark, sour mood, but now that her sexual desires were about to be satisfied, that had changed.

Supergirl's face had a shine back in her eye and her natural beauty was back on display. She didn't wear the same joyful smile that made her blue eyes twinkle like normal, but the upturn of her mouth made her as beautiful and pretty as anyone on Earth.

As she dropped to her knees, Maggie couldn't help but ask Supergirl a question. "How do you shave?"

Kara was about to answer but the feel of Maggie's strong hands on her ass gave her pause. The detective pushed her red skirt the rest of the way up until it was bunched around her waist. Lifting up Supergirl's boot-clad leg to drape over her shoulder, Maggie buried her face in the bald pussy.

"Kryptonians don't grow hair other than the scalp and eyebrows...ohhh! Mmmhmm...yes!" Supergirl moaned as Maggie clamped her lips around her clit.

Grabbing the back of the detective's head, the Woman of Steel moderated her force to hold Maggie in place. From her reclined standing position against the wall, Kara began humping her face. Supergirl bit her lip to stifle her moan enough so that she didn't create a sonic wave that would have leveled the mansion as Maggie continued her assault on her clit.

Maggie took advantage of the fact that the suit was all one piece to reach up and grab one of her braless tits and tweak her nipple, heightening the pleasure further. Though the titty appreciation spectrum was broad, Maggie trended towards medium-to-large, such that Alex possessed. However, she was open-minded enough to recognize when a larger rack wasn't appropriate, and for Supergirl, her small-to-medium sized boobs were perfect. Especially given how perky and how responsive her erect nipples were to increasing her pleasure.

"Uh...yes Maggie!" Kara moaned as she grinded her pussy onto Maggie's face, getting her lips, nose and cheeks wet in her juices.

Kara felt a pang of jealousy over her sister Alex getting to come home to this excellent pussy licker on a daily basis. Though only a human with all their physical limitations, Maggie was truly special in this aspect of sex. And Maggie was eager, excited to be having sex with Supergirl of all people, showing it now by drilling into the Girl of Steel's pussy with her talented tongue. However, Maggie wasn't a one trick pony by any stretch as she would pull out and slowly lick up her slit to give her clit a little suck once more

The constant shifting in her techniques, one second poking deep in her cunt with Maggie's fingers then her tongue, or sucking on her clit hood, or any combo of them had Kara pushing steadily towards her orgasm. Which, after all, was Maggie's plan, wanting to finish the Girl of Steel off quickly so they could get to more fun parts.

"So close...need it...want it," Supergirl screamed into the empty apartment.

Maggie loved that she just made the sexually demanding creature literally beg her to get her off, which gave her a renewed sense of purpose. Making her tongue into a stiff point, she used it to fuck the leggy superhero, spearing her wet hole repeatedly. After a couple seconds she added in a finger into her twat, stretching out the Kryptonian further while her nose rubbing against Kara's clit, mainly due to Supergirl grinding her sex onto the kneeling detective's face.

"Oh God! Oh my God! Yes, yes, yesssssss," Kara screamed as she came like a freight train.

"So I take it I passed the test," Maggie said with a satisfied grin plastered on her cum-smeared lips.

"Not gonna lie, you surpassed my expectations," Supergirl replied, pulling her long leg from the detective's shoulder and allowing her to stand.

Maggie would have been wondering if she had broken Kara's mind if she didn't know the girl better because suddenly Kara began turning her head slowly from the left to the right, focusing on something off in the distance. Having seen her use this Kryptonian ability on numerous occasions, Maggie knew that Supergirl was using her x-ray vision.

"There one is. I figured someone in the house would have one, I'm just surprised it's Olli little sister that is so adventurous," Kara said while smirking.

Once again Supergirl used her speed in front of Maggie, acting as a red-and-blue blur as she zipped out of the room before returning a heartbeat later. Like before, when Kara slowed down a lot was different, and the result made Maggie's mouth hang down in utter shock.

Kara had remembered that Maggie was getting an added thrill in hooking up with both her fiance's sister and Supergirl. With that in mind, Kara had removed only her skirt, leaving her blue long-sleeve and red, full-length cape in place. However, she now had a lengthy black dildo suspended in front of her pelvis by a blue harness.

"Oh my God," Maggie gasped in shock, soaking her panties thoroughly in that very moment. "Supergirl wants to fuck me."

"Correction: Supergirl is going to fuck you...hard," Kara said with a wolfish smile.

* * *

"This house is flipping ridiculous," Iris West commented.

Though cocktail hour was over and the wedding was minutes away from starting, Iris and her date Barry Allen lingered in the house. Well, Iris hung back and Barry stayed with her rather reluctantly. The mixed-race beauty was Barry's girlfriend for the past 6 months after his break-up with Patty Spivot, who was his original wedding date until swapping it out for the journalist.

"Great point but I think we should go now," Barry replied in a frantic tone. "The ceremony is about to start at any minute. Besides, I'm not sure we should be snooping."

"I thought being late was your thing," Iris mused, moving into the next area. "And I'm a journalist, Barry. I'm suppose to be observant."

"Observant, yes. But...wait," Barry said. "I think someone's coming."

Iris stopped her playful banter and used all her senses to the problem at hand. Barry could be a little flighty but his years spent as a forensics scientist for the Central City Police Department had honed his intuition. Sure enough, Iris heard the tread of a footfall coming from the hallway 20 feet to her left. Looking around swiftly, the biracial girl spied a doorway closeby so she grabbed her date's arm and hauled him in that direction.

As her left hand hauled Barry behind her, Iris through open the closed door with her free hand. It wasn't to a new wing of the house or even a bathroom, but the coat room would have to do for now. Just in case Barry decided to open his adorable mouth, Iris preemptively placed her finger against his lips to silence him.

"Could have sworn I heard someone in here," a deep voice carried through the heavy wood door.

"Face big brother, you're hearing things," a secondly manly voice, albeit not as gruff as the first. "Maybe early-onset dementia, Johnny."

"Shut it, Andy," the guard named John spat. "You forget, little brother, that I'm a lot bigger than you."

"Yeah, yeah. Let's sweep the top floor before heading out for the nuptials," Andy suggested.

Iris and Barry stayed quiet for a few more seconds until they figured that the guards had left them alone. However, Iris may have been a risk taker in her pursuit of a story but she did have an instinct for self-preservation. Though the two brothers were likely gone, Iris thought that restraint was required and she had a few ideas on how to kill some time until making a timely exit.

"Come here stud," Iris demanded, pulling him by the lapels of his jacket.

Instead of asking her a question they continued to push their faces towards each other, each rotating a few degrees so their noses slid beside one another so their lips could touch. The kiss was electric as always and Iris felt such a deep flooding of both emotion and her pussy that she needed to have the forensic scientist right then and there, wedding be damned!

"We don't have much time," Iris hissed in a rushed whisper.

Luckily for them, Iris was no stranger to flings, or quickies. With time of the essence, she made short work of his belt and pants before pushing them down his waist to his knees. His cock instantly sprang free, and like all warm-blooded males after kissing her, Barry was rock hard simply from a brief make-out session.

"Not going to be a problem," Barry retorted under his breath as Iris' hand stroked his member.

"Glad you're up for the task," she said between kisses as he backed her up against the coat-lined wall.

Normally Iris would have dropped to her knees and shown off her well practiced oral skills, which she was rather proud of. However, they only had roughly 6 minutes or less left to go before they needed to be in their seats so there was no time for that now. So instead, she used her right hand to stroke his cock, which was already as hard as iron, while her free hand went under her dress and pulled her panties to the side.

Barry couldn't stop smiling as he pressed the girl of his dreams up against the wall in the tight confines of the closet. This wasn't there first time fucking but it was still an extra thrill for Barry to be fucking his dream girl each and every time they hooked up. His daydream was interrupted as Iris lifted her leg and placed it around his hip and Barry knew what to do. Squatting a little lower the forensic scientist brought his cock under her dress, rubbed his bulbous head through her very wet folds before lining it up with her hole.

"Fuck me Barry," Iris groaned after feeling his tip rub along her slit.

The Central City man didn't delay their pleasure any longer, using the hand on her hips to guide her downward while his strong thighs propelled him upwards. His head nestled inside her wet and warm twat, Iris West clearly just as horny as he was. They both did their best to stifle their moans in order to not give any security guards outside any indication of what was happening inside the closet.

After a few short strokes inside Iris, it was crystal clear to Barry that the girl could handle more, despite the cramped confines. Lengthening his strides first, the brilliant forensic scientist planted half his length, then 3-quarters before finally feeling the base of his healthy-sized cock embedded in the raven-haired girl's heavenly pussy.

"That's better," Iris groaned with a wide grin, appreciative of him finally giving all of himself into her.

After pushing all the way into her snatch, Barry backed out most of the way. Despite his nerdy persona Barry Allen had great luck with women, namely Patty and Iris, so he had enough sense to know not to go too quickly at the beginning despite what his urges wanted. Slowly and methodically the Central City scientist pumped into Iris' twat, with her purring into his ear the whole time.

"This is so hot...could get caught any moment," Barry hissed without slowing down for a moment.

"I know...makes me so much hornier," Iris cooed in his ear, wrapping a leg around his waist and digging her heel into her buttock to spur Barry on even more.

As always Iris was the aggressor, now wrapping both arms around the back of his neck as well to pull him in good and close. The black girl knew it was a fine balancing act, knowing it had to be a quickie but selfishly not wanting him to blow to soon in order to draw out as much pleasure as possible for herself, and Barry as well.

For his part, Barry showed a surprising amount of trepidation, as while he was repeatedly thrusting deeply into her snatch, he found a way to sneak a hand up under her shirt to knead her pillowy tits. Barry wasn't much of a boob man, his dating history of Patty and Iris showing he was more into booties, but Iris was a handful for him as her smallish tits perfectly filled his palm.

"God...ahhh...I love every inch of your body," the Central City man declared after another minute of pawing her perky chest.

"And I'm loving 7 particular inches on you a little more than the rest right now," the journalist commented, bringing some levity to the heated encounter.

The couple did their best to quiet their muffled sounds of moaning into each other mouths and the subtle slapping of skin-on-skin as they filled the room as the horny couple fucked with all their desire. For Barry, he had felt this animalistic attraction to Iris every since his hormones started pumping through his teenage body and now he was able to manifest it physically after roughly 10 years of waiting, and boy was he making it count.

For Iris, she knew the score as well, that this had to be quick and dirty but she was always wanting to cum whenever having sex. Today at Oliver and Helena's wedding in the coat closet of his manor would be no different. Still holding a hand on the back of his head, the sexy journalist slid a hand down her flat stomach towards her sex. Her fingertips could feel his throbbing member as it pounded into her wet hole, but her fingers were instead being used to rub her clit furiously.

"Oh yes Barry," she screamed through gritted teeth. "Just like that!"

"Shh...we're in public. Could get...ughh...caught at...ahhh...any second," the nervous man warned in between his own grunts.

She was getting closer and closer with each lengthy stroke up into her pussy, especially since her fingers were working overtime on her sensitive nub. However, something was still missing. Given time, she believed she would have reached her sweet release of ecstasy, but that was something lacking today as their time before the nuptials was rapidly running out.

"1 minute...ugh...45 seconds," Barry informed, pushing his hips up and forward all the while.

"Flip me over," Iris urged, realizing doggy-style, or simply being bent over was better for her.

Without having to think about it, the forensic scientist listened to his more experienced girlfriend. Listen to her, Barry reluctantly pulled out of her velvety inferno, at which point his date quickly got her feet back under her from locked around his narrow waist. It was hard to see in the dark but the nerd man was aware she was now facing away from him with her firm athletic ass pointed backwards.

"Such a nice ass," Barry murmured his appreciation, his hands taking two big palmfuls of her bubbly booty.

"As much as I love having my ass worshipped, get back inside me and finish fucking me," Iris demanded with a sexual longing.

"Ahhh," both groaned in satisfaction as he pushed half his length into her snatch again without reserve.

Within a few thrusts, Barry was sawing his entire 7 inch member into the girl he pined over since junior High. Just as earlier while fucking her against the wall, Iris felt amazing, her wet velvety folds completely hugging his dick from every angle. Thrust after thrust found its mark, rubbing his tip against her G-spot while the repeated friction drove him to new heights as well. It was a sensation that was unmatched despite the amount of times he and Iris had laid together since getting together.

"Feel so good," he grunted.

His hips started to pump into the thick-bottomed journalist faster, little by little but his hands were working overtime. The new position made getting at her bouncing tits rather difficult, but he was more than satisfied to work over her firm ass instead, which made her dark flesh turn red in short order.

However, Barry wasn't the only occupant of the coat closet using their hands to good effect as Iris had once again found her exposed nub with her fingers. As she made tight circles against her sensitive clit, combined with Barry's grinding strokes against her G-spot, she was soon on a one-way trip to her climax.

"Shit Barry...I'm...shitttttt...cumming," Iris moaning as she came.

Rather than burst out into a voluminous screaming fit as she reached her climax, Iris opened her mouth and bit the article of clothing in front of her face, which happened to be a coat belonging to Mr. Merlin. It worked, as her howling came out in a strangled muffling that Barry could barely hear, but he knew she was cumming from the way her already tight cunt clamped down even harder on his dick.

"Damn...ughh...need to cum Iris," Barry warned his girlfriend.

Iris had to think quickly about where he was going to unload. They were in the middle of a wedding party so having him cream on her face was out of the equation, same with anywhere on her skin for that matter. There was no tissues in here for him to shoot into either, and as much as she despised the supreme upper class, she wasn't going to have Barry blast on one of the garments in the closet. That left the only as option as inside her, with two places in contention.

"It's okay Barry," Iris answered after another moment of thought. "Cum inside me."

"You sure," the stunned boy asked, knowing it would be the first time filling her womb.

She had ultimately decided that having him cream inside her snatch would be best. Once her panties were back in place, no one would be able to tell that his cum was inside her. Besides, it was likely be the first time Barry came inside a girl without wearing a condom, which was true in fact since Patty had a firm no creampie rule.

Holding her hips tightly, Barry slowed his thrusting from his neck-breaking pace but what he gave up in speed he compensated for with depth and power. By the fourth powerful spike of his manhood into her snatch, the scientist felt his jizz explode out of his tip and paint the walls of Iris's pussy.

"Mhmm...well done Barry," Iris cooed, fighting the urge to collapse face down on the floor to recover her energy.

"Crap! We need to hurry to our seats to make it in time," Barry said, straightening out and adjusting his clothes.

"Typical Barry Allen. Late again."

* * *

As the familiar wedding music booted up, all eyes turned to the walkway where Helena Bertinelli appeared, her arm looped around her father's. The bride was gushing as she came down the aisle, her eyes fixed only on her handsome groom, other than when she passed Laurel Lance, her secret lesbian lover and maid of honor, and flashed her a little wink.

Ollie walked the last few strides to meet father and daughter, shaking the older man's hand and exchanging a few words with him before escorting Helena up in front of the pastor. However, that is where the traditional wedding ended and all hell broke loose. This was signified by a wall of storm clouds drawing in out of nowhere with several funnel clouds beginning to form.

"Ladies and gentlemen, as much as this wedding is sickeningly sweet, it's coming to a premature end," Leonard Snart's booming voice proclaimed.

"You heard him," a white-haired gorgeous woman agreed. "All your money and valuables, in the bags. Now!" Killer Frost demanded.

"And be quick about it," the thuggish Mick Rory boomed. "I don't have all day."

For all of Killer Frost and The Rogue's planning for this wedding heist, they failed to realize quite a few important details. How were they to know that Black Canary was part of the wedding party? Or that the bride herself was the infamous and murderous Huntress. Or that the guests were to include a member of the mysterious but deadly League of Assassins, not to mention National City's own Supergirl?

The heist imploded almost straight from the off. Luckily for the Rogues, Kara Danvers was still back inside the Manor, and as she fucked Maggie ruthlessly she wasn't using her super hearing. With that heavy hitter sidelined for the time being, it still gave the Rogues enough to worry about with the guests in attendance.

"You sons of bitches," Sara Lance swore, jumping up from her seated and into the thick of things.

Mick Rory had no idea that the gorgeous blonde with the great ass in the second row would be such a fierce warrior. Though Sara was trained by assassins, Mick's size and brute strength was a fair match for her. She needed to attack quickly and pull back, not giving the bruiser a chance to get his arms around her, while also not going back to far and being in range of his flamethrower he held in one massive hand.

Meanwhile, 2 other women were joining the fray on behalf of protecting the wedding party, albeit they weighed up the pros and cons of revealing their secret identities to everyone first. However, for Laurel Lance and Helena Bertinelli, they couldn't in good conscience stand around and act helpless, not after Sara had stepped to the plate to help.

"Helena," Laurel asked, scanning the crowd and searching who to attack.

"I'm with you," the bride replied. "You take the white-haired bitch who crashed my wedding. I'll take the man with the freeze gun."

And with that, the women who protected Star City as Black Canary and Huntress sprang into action. Laurel darted right, using the scattering party guests as a diversion to get close to her target, which happened to bring her within striking distance of the mountain of a man fighting her sister. One well placed kick helped buckle his standing leg, giving Sara a much needed advantage. Laurel didn't have time to see if Sara seized the chance, as she had Killer Frost to do battle with.

Ollie looked on in horror with his best man Tommy Merlin as all hell broke loose. He knew that Sara was a trained and accomplished fighter, hence why she frequently was employed by him. But seeing his ex-girlfriend Laurel Lance and future bride fighting with efficiency was a whole other matter. In fact, at this very moment Helena was taking the fight to a middle-aged man while simultaneously deflecting blows from a younger man who looked like a bodybuilder.

"We have to help her," Oliver said to his best friend.

"Let's go show that Millennial what we think of his stupid generation," Tommy agreed.

Oliver and Tommy were two big guys, each weighing in well over 220lb of mostly muscle. That, and various boxing lessons the two took, helped them to spring an attack on the villain known as Girder and had the younger lad reeling. That was until the larger boy turned into a steel-coated metahuman, at which point the two rich men were well and truly out of their league and in tons of trouble.

"Listen, we only want your money so instead of killing you I'll give you a set of broken ribs," Girder spoke before punching Tommy in the right side, sending in flying 8 feet away in a crumpled ball. "And for the groom, maybe a nice broken leg for your trouble."

"Or you could mess on someone your own size," a feminine voice rang out from above the ground.

Before Girder could bring his foot crashing down on Oliver's leg, Girder looked up to the female calling him out. His worst dream was confirmed as the blonde-haired beauty in a blue suit and red cape floated 20 feet above the grass, looking down with contempt at him. Before he could think of anything quippy to respond with, Supergirl blurred into motion and sent the much large man launching backwards from a punch.

"Frost! You're in trouble here," Leonard said, just managing to dodge a blow from Helena which had the looks of being fatal if it connected.

"Grrr! Abort! Wizard, a diversion!" Caitlin Snow screamed, missing once more as she brought her ice sword down in an attempt to loose Laurel's head from her neck.

Suddenly the 5 funnel clouds that were simply threatening became a terror. All of the swirling clouds became raging tornadoes, touching down in a star pattern around the wedding. As Weather Wizard manipulated the tornadoes, Killer Frost made an ice slide to aid her tactical retreat, heading for Girder to pick up his unconscious form first.

The heroes were now concerned about taking shelter, especially Helena and Laurel who knew the premise the best and had the training to respond. They disengaged from their fights to help organize the party guests, steering them away from trouble and towards the manor, for safety. Sara did likewise as well, though she had Mick Rory all but beat, but she wouldn't see her sister killed while trying to save lives.

"Are you okay Ollie?" Helena asked, running over to help her groom carry the crumpled Tommy to safety.

"Helena? What? Who," Oliver gasped in utter and complete shock.

"Ollie...I...I'm the Huntress," she admitted, feeling a weight leave her chest as she confessed her deepest secret.

"You're a killer," he commented without thought, his mind flashing to all the news stories and deaths laid at the feet of the infamous Star City vigilante.

"I have to go deal with this. We can chat later," Helena said, but the look on Ollie's face let her know there was no coming back from this reveal.

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