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Jessica Alba - Business with Pleasure
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Jessica Alba – Business with Pleasure

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

This is a story written for SammyColto, who very kindly agreed to share it with you all, so I hope you enjoy!

* * * * *

Walking back into her hotel, Jessica Alba readjusted the bag strap over her shoulder as her heels clicked on the polished marble tiles of reception. It had been a long day, productive but long, and now she just needed to get a break. It was about six in the evening, the long sunny day waning into a lovely evening, the kind where you just wanted to kick back with a cocktail and watch the sun set with some friends. Not that she could, she was away on business in a different city, so there were no friends to hang out with, but she could definitely still enjoy a drink and a bite to eat. It was early evening but she hadn't eaten properly since breakfast with business meetings taking up the whole day, having only had the chance to grab a quick bite here and there on some snacks and too much coffee.

The Californian decided to head straight into the restaurant of the hotel, one that was as good as the hotel she could afford to stay in, and was shown to a table alone. Once seated she was immediately served, choosing a nicely cold glass of white wine and a pasta dish to sate her hunger. The wine was swiftly brought to her and she enjoyed the crisp, refreshing flavour as she gazed out the window over the sunny boulevard, just letting herself unwind a little as she stretched out and let her heels sag from her feet with the curl of her arches. Her phone vibrated on the table beside her and she lazily picked it up to read through the latest email she'd gotten, more business details she needed to keep in mind; it was never ending, but that was the price of running a successful cosmetics company. It hadn't become the juggernaut it was today because she'd slacked off, so she tucked it in the back of her mind to tackle as soon as she had the time to. But right now, she wanted to kick back a bit.

She sipped her wine and was shortly delivered her chosen pasta, dismissing the server with polite thanks and settling down to tuck into a much needed meal. She practically melted as the smooth, creamy taste of the sauce spread across her tongue, closing her eyes to maximise the sensation as she chewed gratefully. After a busy day like hers it was a welcome pleasure to close out the day with. Sipping her wine, the gorgeous actress looked around the dining room of the hotel; it was quiet, there weren't many people around, a older couple enjoying a meal by the windows and a couple of other business types grabbing a bite as they caught up on their emails much like she was. Finishing her meal, she drained her glass of wine and thanked the server for the top quality meal before gathering herself and heading for the elevators to get back to her room. Heading into her opulent room, Jessica threw her stuff to the bed as she collapsed onto it, giving a sigh as she stretched then relaxed, just letting her body truly unwind and go limp for a moment as she let her heels drop to the floor.

Deciding a shower would be best, she pried herself up from the sheets and stripped off her black jacket, having worn a straightforward business look today. She had to be professional, and that meant a conservative outfit, but damn if she didn't make it work. She thought so at least, glancing to herself in the mirror and momentarily checking herself out as she unbuttoned the sandy coloured silk blouse and let it slip down her arms to the bed behind her. She undid her trousers and let them fall, kicking them aside and checking herself out in the mirror again; she was wearing a simple black underwear set, light padding to the cups of her bra to keep the high beams out of sight and similarly functional black panties- it was a business day after all. Looking at herself in the mirror, she turned and pulled her stomach in a little, running her hand over her soft skin, musing that she could do with a bit more ab work at the gym when she had time. She reached behind herself and unclipped the bra, discarding it to the floor in the same smooth motion that she removed her panties with. Jessica walked casually to the bathroom and closed the door.

She flipped on the shower and waited a moment as it heated up before immersing herself in the huge, heavy cascade of liquid that tumbled down over her, immediately soaking her hair and every inch of her toned, tanned body. Slicking her hair back, she breathed in deeply to let the steamy air fill her lungs and open her airways, running her hands down her body, taking in her breasts with a quick squeeze before pushing her hands down her thighs. Pulling back up as she straightened, she let her hands play over her smooth pussy, middle finger just pressing in to tingle her clit and make herself shudder. Her pussy was smoothly waxed, always kept hairless and perfectly presented; she liked it that way, firm and silky, always ready to be licked. Stretching up under the shower, Jessica reached up for the sky as high as possible to pull her muscles out fully, settling back down and letting her fingers stray back to her pussy. Rubbing her clit gently, teasing herself, she shuddered and gave a sigh. God she was horny, she just needed a good fuck and being away from home on business like this always left her unsatisfied, especially if it was for a few days at a time.

Pulling her hand away, she frustratedly decided to refrain, knowing it would only make it better when she got home to her husband and he had at her, fucking her brains out and relieving all the stresses and strains of her trip. She grabbed the shower gel and soaped up, running her slick hands all over her wet body, stepping back from the cascade the lather herself up before diving back underneath it to rinse it away in seconds, the soapy coating peeling away from her skin in a torrent of steaming water. Shutting off the shower, the actress just stood for a second dripping wet, letting it drain from her body before grabbing her towel and wrapping herself in it to dry, absorbing her as she grabbed another towel to dry her hair. Leaving the bathroom, she spent the next half hour or so drying herself and her hair, hair drying her dark mane. She glanced to the clock; it was still early, before eight, and she wasn't ready to just give up for the night like she might normally. She could do with a drink, another drink rather, and didn't intend to just sit in her room with the minibar.

Deciding she'd head down to the hotel bar, she set about fixing her make-up, giving herself a quick going over before getting dressed. Standing up, she peeled the towel off her now dry body and threw it aside towards the bathroom before stepping to her suitcase to find something to wear. She deliberated for a minute or so, then chose a grey silk dress she had with her and some racy orange underwear, a matching lace bra and skimpy thong, leaving little to the imagination due to their fairly sheer nature. It didn't matter though, nobody was going to see it, she just liked to wear it to feel sexy and it contrasted beautifully with the grey dress. Sliding into it, she settled her boobs in the close cups and just pulled the thong up her ass a bit more before picking up the dress and stepping into it, wasting no time pulling it up and expertly closing the zip at her back. Checking herself out in the mirror, she was satisfied she looked good and turned to kick on her heels again, not having many other footwear choices and the simply black heels worked fine with the outfit. Not that she expected anyone to be looking at her, but she just knew if she looked like she'd given up someone would snap a photo that would end up on some trashy news site, claiming Jessica Alba had let herself go.

Grabbing her bag, she dropped her phone in and headed back downstairs to the bar. Seating herself at the bar with a few other people, the evening starting to get going a bit, she got herself a cocktail and sipped it easily, the sweet taste deliciously tempting. She knew she was alone and there was nothing else going on for her tonight, but she felt like it was an escape, that she was getting away with something almost. As she sat there, she couldn't help but smile to herself, subtly noticing the glances at her from the men in the bar; some guys were alone, checking her out but far too chicken to do anything about it, others were with wives or girlfriends, making sure to keep their glances far more hidden lest they be discovered. It was certainly a turn on for her to know that so many people wanted her, even if she wasn't available.

One guy however wasn't perturbed by her status or fame, checking her out quietly from the corner of the bar before making his move. Walking over to her, he made sure to catch her eye on his approach as he nonchalantly slid onto the stool next to her.

“Evening Jessica,” he said, disarming her a little with use of her first name. It was hardly a surprise though, everyone knew who she was.

“Good evening...” she said, holding up a hand for him to fill in the blank.

“Dan,” he said, completing her sentence.

“Dan. How's it going?” she said as she stood her glass aside, engaging him with polite conversation.

“It's going good thanks, how about you?” he asked.

“Yeah good thanks, things are going alright,” she replied.

“Good. You here alone?” he enquired.

“Yes I'm on business for a few days, I have things to get done,” she replied.

“Interesting. Can I buy you a drink?” he asked, offering towards the bar, his intentions fairly clear.

“No I'm good, I'm married you know,” she said, holding up her hand to show her wedding ring.

“I know. Come on one drink, it doesn't mean anything,” he said, shrugging his shoulders a little. Jessica studied him; he was tall, pretty handsome, a guy in his 40s but in good shape. She could see that he clearly worked out and took care of himself, his floppy hair suiting his rugged good looks. She couldn't deny she'd certainly had worse looking guys try and hit on her. She'd been around the block a few times however and knew he was a bit of a ladies man; it wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but she bet he knew how to talk girls in the bedroom, and she was wary of that as she relented to his offer.

“Ok, a drink. Another one of these,” she said, pointing to the empty cocktail glass. He smiled and flagged down the bartender, getting another of the cocktails and ordering a straight whisky for himself. Jessica sipped at the cocktail, getting through it quite quickly thanks to its sweet taste that covered up the three shots of liquor in every drink. He sipped at his whisky and they chatted, making general conversation about their day, what she was doing in town and so on. She was quite impressed to hear he was a high level software guy, having been around at the right time in the huge surge in technology companies to get to a high position. It was always nice to meet other high achieving individuals such as herself, being somewhat attracted to that drive and aspiration in people. She noticed his glances over her dress, down at her bare legs and heels, her skirt only mid-thigh length and short enough to give him a glimpse up her skirt if she moved wrong.

They had another couple of drinks together, Jessica feeling the buzz as the alcohol got into her, warming and loosening her body. The cocktails were so easy to drink and it was suddenly starting to hit her, relaxing her and loosening her tongue a little. The bar had thinned out now as people went further afield for the night, choosing to go out and leave them pretty much alone in the bar save the staff, who kept quietly out of the way unless they were requested. It was hardly their place to interject themselves in anyone's business.

“So what colour panties you got on?” he said, suddenly turning the conversation and making her take notice.

“Excuse me?” she said, a little indignantly. It was rather forward to say the least, and she certainly hadn't been expecting it.

“Your panties,” he said with a smile, playfully, “what colour are they?”

“Why should I tell you...and why do you even care?” she said, a little offended but also rather allured by the fact he'd straight up asked.

“Come on Jess, live a little. You're being boring here, have some fun,” he coaxed, teasing her into rising to the challenge.

“I...come on you know the deal,” she murmured, trying to stop herself though she was helplessly captivated by his evident interest in her. She might have it all, but she was still a sucker for when a guy put moves on her, something she hadn't had in ages and with a few drinks in her she wanted to play.

“I know, but doesn't mean you can't have some fun,” he said with a sly smile, one that always charmed the ladies and didn't fail on Jessica.

“Alright,” she relented, giving a slightly shy smile, “but to get anything off me I have to know about you first, deal?” she said, taking charge of it somewhat. She figured if he was going to ask her personal questions she wanted similar out of the deal, maybe it could be fun.

“Deal,” he replied, keeping the smile from his face as his eyes glanced down her slim body.

“So, what colour shorts have you got on?” she asked with a smile, turning his question straight around on him. He just gave a short laugh as he signalled the bartender to refresh their drinks.

“Dark blue shorts today, since you ask,” he said, going so far as to lean back and pull up the waistband a little past his trousers, revealing the dark blue shorts and Calvin Klein logo.

“Very nice,” Jessica giggled, sipping the last of her existing cocktail as he tucked his shirt down and sat back up.

“So, what colour panties?” he asked, since he'd played his part as she'd asked.

“Orange,” she said, picking up her new drink smoothly and sipping it through the straw.

“Very nice, what kind?” he asked, intrigued at getting her to open up.

“G-string,” she replied without thinking, forgetting she was supposed to be getting information from him before revealing more of her own.

“Oh very nice, very sexy,” he replied with a smile as he picked up his whisky, Jessica immediately realising she'd tripped up, blushing slightly and looking away.

“Naughty, you're meant to answer a question first. Two questions for you now then,” she said, scolding him playfully.

“Fair enough, shoot,” he replied, standing his glass aside. Jessica sipped thoughtfully at her cocktail for a moment, composing her next question.

“What's your favourite position?” she asked.

“Whatever the girl likes,” he replied smoothly, giving a grin.

“Don't gimme that bullshit, that's a cop out answer. Come on, what's your favourite way to screw a girl? I'm assuming you do it a lot,” she said pointedly, feisty and taking a little dig at him along the way.

“Doggy style. I love smashing a girl hard from behind, pulling back on her hips, maybe spanking her a little,” he said, fleshing it out for her enjoyment, sensing her interest now. He was pleased to see her squeeze her crossed legs together, evidently aroused.

“Good choice,” she murmured, sipping her cocktail, perhaps giving away more than she intended.

“I have good taste,” he said with a smile, sipping his drink again.

“Ok next question; what's the kinkiest thing you like doing?” she asked, getting more illicit with her questions now.

“Hmm,” he mused, pondering for a moment, “I really like letting girls tie me up to be honest. Not often, but sometimes I just like giving up that control,” he said, deciding to be more candid with her and pique her interest with such an admission.

“Oh really? Wow ok, I thought you'd be the in charge type all the time,” she said, flicking her eyebrows at him with a smile.

“It's fun to switch things up,” he murmured over his glass.

“It can be. Your turn then,” she conceded, giving him the power.

“Do you shave your pussy?” he asked after a measured pause, deciding not to ask her favourite position in return, figuring her comment after he had mentioned doggy style was enough to tell him what he wanted to know.

“Not shave, I wax it all off,” she replied, glancing down unconsciously to her lap where it was hidden by a couple of layers of fabric.

“Very sexy, I love that. Nice and smooth under those little orange panties huh?” he teased.

“Yes, hidden away,” she said with a little flick of her eyebrows again. Despite the drink they made sure to keep their voices low, conversation private, out of earshot of anyone else, not that anyone else had come into the bar.

“When did you last get any?” Jessica asked, glancing down at his trousers with a smirk. He wasn't hard but getting a semi, unable to help it when talking like this with the actress.

“About two weeks ago actually,” he said, eyes flicking upwards as he remembered.

“Really. I'd have thought it'd be more recent than that,” she smiled, sipping at her straws again. He just raised his eyebrows at her and launched straight into his next question.

“Can you deepthroat?” he asked, stepping it up a bit now. Jessica coughed slightly on her drink and carefully put it down, looking back at him. She thought about refusing, but this was the game after all and she'd agreed to play.

“Not very well. I mean I'm alright but I'm no....adult star with it,” she said carefully, noticing his eyes flick down to her big lips.

“So you swallow then?” he added on, caught up on the thought of her deepthroating cock.

“One question at a time,” she said, sitting back a little on her stool.

“Ok ok, your turn,” he said with a smile, conceding the point.

“How big is your cock?” she asked, looking deliberately down to his crotch then back to his eyes.

“That's quite a broad question,” he smiled, liking that she was going there.

“Paint me a picture,” she smiled, sipping her cocktail, alcohol coursing through her body now. She was drunk enough not to mess about any more.

“Over seven inches long, pretty thick, nice bulging head that you could practice on,” he said with a grin at her, looking down over her to where she squeezed her crossed legs more, evidently horny.

“Pretty impressive then,” she said quietly, thinking about it, the thought of handling it right now, stroking and sucking on a nice hard cock for the night. She needed a fuck and this only made her think of it more.

“Most girls seem to like it. So, do you do anal?” he said, keeping the pace of conversation up.

“Sometimes yes. Not that often but yeah I do, I quite like it,” she admitted, shyly looking away as his cock surged in his trousers.

“Do you eat ass? You know, as a payback,” Jessica said, finding herself again and looking up to him with a smile.

“If the girl wants me to,” he smiled.

“I do want you to,” she blurted out, biting her lip nervously as their hearts raced, Jessica suddenly becoming very forward.

“Then I definitely will,” he said with a smile. She just drained her cocktail, feeling the hit of it now, wobbling a little on her stool. She was far more drunk than she'd intended on getting, but it felt good to let loose and have fun. And she was definitely having fun now though she knew she shouldn't.

“Hey, how about you gimme your panties?” he said, stepping it up further. Both of them were quite clear where things were going now, but Jessica still sat up more and squeezed her thighs.

“Why should I do that?” she asked, raising an eyebrow as he finished his whisky.

“Well, I want them obviously, but you said they're only small. Can't be doing a lot for you so you should share them,” he teased, tipsy himself as he made the proposal.

“Well, that may be true,” she conceded, since the sheer orange lace of the string panties wasn't really doing much to conceal her from anyone. He smiled, feeling he was on the edge of getting what he wanted from her before she turned it.

“What do I get in return for that though? Quid pro quo here remember,” she said with a devilish smile.

“Hm...what do you want? I can't take my shorts off so easy for you...and I doubt you'd want them,” he said with a slight laugh.

“No that's not for me,” she replied, letting her eyes drop to his lap where she was able to make out the outline of his thick cock through his trousers, pretty erect now for her, letting her imagine from the definition what he was like.

“How about I get to squeeze that?” she said, indicating quite subtly with her hand towards his crotch. He glanced down, though he knew exactly what she was pointing to and back into her eyes.

“Deal,” he said, then stopped her hands as she reached out for him impulsively.

“Deal's a deal. Your underwear first,” he smiled, giving her a “that's the deal” expression. Jessica bit her lip, looking around carefully to see whether she could get away with it; there was nobody else in the hotel bar now, and the bar staff were all down the other end of the bar or taking a break, paying them no interest.

“Ok, but don't look,” she scolded playfully, lifting her knees and reaching up underneath her skirt. He looked away chivalrously as she hooked her thumbs into her G-string, trying to keep her dress down as much as possible over her thighs though she didn't do a very good job of it. As she fumbled, he let his eyes steel fleeting glances of the gorgeous actress, looking up her toned thighs to glimpses of the soft orange lace as she wiggled the panties down. He looked away just in time to avoid her checking glance back to him, shifting her weight to work the tiny thong out of her ass and onto her thighs, letting her knees drop as she slipped down her legs, reaching down to carefully untangle them past her heels.

“Here,” she said casually, as much as she could manage, handing the little panties to him.

“Thanks,” he said with a smile, heart beating hard as she handed him the scrap of warm orange lace. He pushed them into his pocket, safely out the way for later.

“And now my turn,” she said with a drunken smile, already reaching forward towards him.

“Go for it,” he said with a smile, really quite happy to let Jessica Alba get a feel of his cock. Her hand slid onto his thigh as she leaned forward, taking a quick glance around behind her to ensure they were still in privacy as she pushed her fingers over his trousers and straight onto his concealed erection. He stifled a slight groan of pleasure as she touched him, the fabric and her pressure stimulating the sensitive head of his bulging erection as she explored. Immediately captivated, Jessica's attention was entirely focussed on what she was doing, squeezing him firmly to feel him flex powerfully, pressing the trousers down around him to outline his shape and size to her hungry gaze.

“It feels like you promised it,” she murmured, rubbing her hand up and down a few times to stroke him as she looked back up with a smile, gripping him to feel him pulsing. He was so hard for her, swollen to full erection under her rough touch and undoubtedly ready to sink it inside her.

“It is, that's why,” he said with a smile as she gave him a final grasp and sat back from him.

“You could do a lot with that,” she murmured slyly, giving him a wink and smile.

“I'd love to see where it might fit with you,” he said, looking back down at her skirt and toned thighs. She knew exactly what he was after.

“That wasn't part of our deal,” she replied coolly, raising an eyebrow.

“I know, how about you give me one for free?” he said with a smile.

“I don't know about free,” she said, cocking her head a little.

“I'll pay you back,” he said, feeling he was close to getting what he wanted. Jessica contemplated it for a moment, heart racing as she made a decision.

“You'd better,” she said simply, meaningfully, as she let her fingers play along the hem of her skirt before lifting it up for him, spreading her legs a little to give him a look. His heart skipped a beat as he got a view of her beautifully smooth pussy, perfectly waxed as she'd said, lips just rolled in a little and slightly swollen.

“Gorgeous,” he whispered, eyes still locked on her sweet pussy.

“Thanks,” she said, lowering her skirt again to hide herself.

“How about we get out of here?” he said smoothly, sitting up as he felt his cock throbbing in her trousers.

“Where to?” she mumbled, glancing for her drink but remembering it was empty.

“I could take you upstairs and...pay you back,” he said with a smile, standing up and offering her his hand. Jessica paused, momentary sensibility crossing her mind before she internally shrugged.

“Sounds like a deal,” she almost purred, taking his hand and pulling herself up onto her heels from the stool, stumbling a little on her high heels before she grabbed her bag and followed his lead out of the bar area, unable to see the somewhat approving looks of a couple of bar staff members in the background, impressed that he'd pulled her.

He led her to the elevator and, after confirming her room number, took her up to the correct floor. Jessica took the lead as she headed down the hall to her suite, a posher one on one of the upper floors, grabbing her key card out of her bag and readying it in her hand. Both of them were excited, anticipating things to come as she reached her door and quite deftly swiped her way in, door swinging open for her. Stepping inside, she walked in and threw her bag aside, kicking her high heels off as she shut the door behind them, flicking the lock. Spinning round and dropping onto the bed, she leaned back on her hands, legs just leaning apart a little.

“So, why don't you come here and pay me back?” she said with a naughty smile, just waiting to be taken.

“With pleasure,” he said, surging towards her as she gave a giggle. He leaned down to kiss her, their mouths meeting hungrily as their tongues twisted together in a passionate lip lock. His hands went straight onto her body, cupping her perky breasts through the grey dress and squeezing firmly at her feminine curves, Jessica moaning lightly through their kiss as he groped her, hands sliding down her to her waist as his kisses moved to her neck. The actress giggled and shivered as he teased her, softly kissing and lightly biting down the tanned skin of her neck as his hands slid over her skirt and pulled it back up to reveal her silky thighs. Breaking away, he grasped her slender body and used surprising strength to dominantly lift her a little and throw her back on the bed, legs splayed as she landed with a giggle. He immediately dived down on her, lifting her skirt and pushing it back to expose her naked bottom half, taking in her sweet pussy in detail as he shoved the dress up her body out the way. Jessica craned up to look down at him, murmuring as his lips started planting gentle kisses on her thighs and around her mound.

“Ohh fuck,” she moaned, shuddering and dropping her head to the bed as he suddenly planted his mouth on her vulva and split her lips with his tongue, immediately hitting straight onto her clit to make her whole body shudder intensely. Her hips pushed up into him as he started licking at her, wasting no time with anything else as he circled her clit with his tongue, first going one way and then the other, the alternating motions cranking her arousal up even more. Everything about it felt fantastic, his pressure and speed, the way he applied the tip of his tongue to her most intimate area, dancing around her and lighting up the thousands of nerve endings as he touched them. Her hips writhed under him, hands holding them lightly to let her move in pleasure as he worked solely for that, aiming to give her a great orgasm. Her legs lifted up, muscles tensing with the intense pleasure, not knowing what else to do as she struggled to think straight, but he just leaned carefully onto her and pressed her toned thigh back down to her bed, keeping her out of the way of his ministrations on her.

“Oh god don't stop,” she gasped, fingers digging into the bedding as she shook with pre-orgasmic tension at his tongue driving firmly across her clit, the direct pressure different and almost overwhelming, thighs clenching and hips pulling away from him as it was almost too much. He took a tighter grasp on the slender actress, holding her gym honed body as he attacked her pussy and made her press herself harder into the bedding. This was definitely worth flashing him for; she hadn't had her pussy eaten this intently in years and he was building her towards what she was sure would be an immense orgasm. His tongue danced illicitly across her button for a few more moments as his hands retreated from her pelvis and slid underneath her legs, making her tremble as he suddenly sucked at her, making her soul surge with a deep inhale of breath before he suddenly broke away and pulled her legs up, pushing them back with his thumbs under her knees.

“What are you...” she started before interrupting her own question with a long, guttural, shuddering groan as he dived down deeply and dragged his skilful tongue over her asshole and all the way up her slick pussy, over her clit and off. Diving down once more, he pressed his tongue, slippery with her abundant juices, against her asshole again and licked intently at it, working the tip of his tongue over her tight, muscled ring more deliberately this time. Jessica moaned deeply with pleasure; it had been a long time since anyone had eaten her ass and she'd forgotten how good it could feel, twitching and murmuring with pleasure as he licked at her, working the tip of his tongue into her tightest hole. She pulled her legs back more than he pushed to give him maximum access to her body, wanting everything he was giving her as he just teasingly worked his tongue into her, deep enough that she tensed then released, anus opening to let him sink succulently inside for a brief moment before he pulled out.

“Oh goddamn,” she mumbled drunkenly as he suddenly withdrew and moved back up to her pussy, delving his tongue into her vagina and feeling her muscles clench up on him, squeezing his invading tongue as he thrust it as deep as possible inside her hot tunnel. She deliberately worked to squeeze her pelvic muscles down on him, massaging his tongue as he thrust it in and out of her, pushing it round all sides of her pussy to give her maximum stimulation. She murmured as he pressed it upwards, searching for her G-spot though he couldn't reach it inside her, still providing another different and enjoyable sensation for the American. She resisted her urge to reach down and press his face into her, well aware he knew what he was doing with her, teasing and touching her just right. Done with her vagina as abruptly as he had been with her ass, he swiftly withdrew his tongue, gave another long lick up her from bottom to top and then attacked her clit once more, aggressively sucking at it and rapidly working his tongue up and down against her.

“Oh fuuuccck...” Jessica exclaimed as she gave a strained groan, arching up from the bed, body shuddering in an all too familiar way. She didn't want things to end but goddamn he was pushing her to orgasm and there was nothing she could do about it. Holding her hips down powerfully meant she couldn't move to deny his success, not that she really wanted to, letting herself be pinned and devoured by him as his tongue resumed its expert circling motion on her clit, working round and round her button in alternating directions, stepping up the pressure and applying more of his tongue now to make her come. It certainly worked as the last of her resistance gave up and she felt her climax rush up on her quite suddenly, all the sensations culminating in an instant to bring on a hard, body shaking orgasm. Her tummy tensed hard as her thighs squeezed, digging her nails into the bedding as her head drove back into the mattress, giving a series of hard gasps prior to exploding in an intense climax.

She let out a wail of pleasure that was sure to alert other guests as her orgasm gripped her, body shuddering before she gave several long, grinding pushes of her hips up into his mouth as his pace increased for her final moments, clit throbbing in pleasure as her orgasm spread through her body, tingle zipping up her spine as she practically screamed her ecstasy to the gloomy hotel room. With a few final contractions of her muscles and a final push onto his tongue she was done, suddenly sensitive and overwhelmed, dropping back to the bed and fumbling for his head as she begged him to stop. She lay gasping underneath him, grey dress rucked up around her body in a mess as she tried to recover from the fantastic orgasm she'd just had, sweat beading on her brow and muscles feeling helplessly wobbly. She glanced down to him as he pushed himself up on his elbows, smiling up to her, pleased she had enjoyed herself so much. Jessica could only smile back tiredly before resting her head back, staring at the ceiling as she took deep breaths to slow her heart rate and put some energy back into her body.

“Paid back?” he asked with a smile, standing up and kicking his shoes off to the side of the room.

“Definitely,” she purred, rolling onto her side and watching him as he unbuttoned his shirt and discarded it to show off his decent physique. It was obvious he took care of himself and that's why he had the strength to manhandle her, which is just how she wanted it. He stripped his trousers off to leave him in just his shorts before her, thick cock evident in front of her, making her hungrily eye it, spurring her into action. Finding her energy, she swung her legs round and slid off the bed onto her feet,  dress dropping down to hide her smooth treasures, standing up and pulling herself to him for a kiss, pushing up onto her toes to do so before she pulled back with a smile. She reached down for the hem of her dress and peeled the expensive grey fabric up her body in one smooth, revealing display that unveiled her body in the best way possible.

“Damn,” he said with a smile as she exposed her toned, tanned body to him, her beautiful shape visible in the soft light of the hotel room. She smiled as she reached back for her matching orange bra strap, unhooking it deftly and shrugging the lacy underwear off her shoulders, letting it slip swiftly down her arms and casting it aside to leave her standing completely naked before him and his approving gaze. Wasting no further time she stepped forward and sank to her knees in one smooth motion, grabbing the sides of his shorts as she settled on the floor, flicking her long hair back and drawing them down to his ankles to let his rock hard cock spring up before her. Her eyes locked onto it, taking him in and loving the way he hardened to absolutely full size before her eyes, thick and contoured, his bulging purple head straining for her affections.

He groaned in pleasure as Jessica placed her hands back on his hips and took him straight into her mouth, not wasting any time stroking him and simply going for it, the way he had with her. She wasn't shy or tentative, swallowing almost half his cock and letting him bump the back of her mouth as she closed it around him, a hot, wet trap engulfing his cock as he groaned deeply with pleasure, her blowjob like instant heaven as she sucked just right at him. She gave a couple of slow, long sucks of him before she started characteristically bobbing her head on his manhood, mouth making wet noises as she started to work quite quickly at him, increasing her vacuum and letting her tongue get in on the action to stimulate him. She employed all her tricks, letting her cheeks hollow to stroke along the sides of his cock as she bobbed her head, tongue pressing up intently into the underside of his cock, catching him near the tip for maximum stimulation as she worked him deeply into her mouth.

His hands slid into her long brown hair as she sucked his cock, just lightly gripping her head to let her know as she worked at him, mouth sliding hungrily up and down his cock. Her fingers tightened on his hips as she started working hard, going fast and pushing him against the back of her throat. She wasn't planning to deepthroat him properly or anything, he was too big and she wasn't the most skilled at that, but she wanted him to feel the lovely sensation of her throat contracting around him as she tried to push him in, pausing with her tongue to suck him hard, hearing him gasp and feeling fingers tighten on her skull before she alternated and stopped sucking to attack hard with her tongue, pulling him back to work under and around the bulging head of his cock. His abs tightened and he gave a strained gasp as she almost overwhelmed him before she pushed back down to resume her blowjob. His other hand joined her head as she sucked, pulling back into full length strokes again to stimulate every inch of his cock that she could fit into her mouth, lips sealing beautifully around him as she worked, eyes closed, enjoying herself.

Jessica was caught completely by surprise as his hands suddenly closed on her head, taking a bold grip so he could drive himself into her throat. Without being ready at all her body wasn't prepared to resist him, gag reflex too slow as she suddenly took hold of her and drove himself all the way down her throat. It was just another of her thrusts down his cock, aiming to hit the back of her throat again, when he just pushed her all the way and buried himself in her mouth so his balls pressed to her chin. He powerfully held her in place as she gagged around him, trying to expel him from her body, lurching beneath him as she spasmed. Releasing her, she pulled back and gasped loudly for air around him, taking the moment her gave her to haul it into her lungs before he pulled her back onto his cock. He let her dictate the rhythm for a few strokes before driving back into her throat again, making her swallow his cock hard, feeling her control her gag better as she constricted around him.

“Goddamn that's it,” he murmured as he deepthroated the brunette actress, letting his cock flex in her throat before pulling back. Deepthroat wasn't something Jessica was great at; she did it, aiming to please her husband with it but she wasn't brilliantly skilled at it or anything and certainly never did it as hard and fast as this. Holding her head firmly, he decided she was more than capable of handling it and started to pump into her mouth, pushing past the back of her throat to make her swallow it. Jessica coughed and gagged a bit around him but controlled herself, letting her hands drop to her knees and giving him the green light to go for it. Holding her tightly he pumped into her throat, forcing himself balls deep in her with every thrust as he just fucked her face, hearing the wet, sloppy sounds she elicited as he did, her tongue still driving up into his cock to provide all possible stimulation as she struggled to suck at him. He just enjoyed himself for a minute or so, feeling her struggle and pull beneath him when he gag reflex tried to kick in, the contractions of her muscles around his invading cock an absolute treat. With a final intense burial of himself into her, holding it deep to feel her gag reflex override her as he suddenly went from rapid thrusts to stationary, he suddenly yanked his thick shaft out of her mouth entirely and pulled away.

“Fuck,” Jessica mumbled through her coughing, leaning on her hands as she tried to haul in a breath.

“I'm intending to,” he said with a smile as he reached down to pull her to her feet, using his strength to pull he effortlessly up before he lifted her up and threw her back onto the bed, the naked beauty bouncing on the mattress as she gave a giggle. Grabbing her ankle he pulled her dominantly back towards the edge of the bed and then grabbed her hips and rolled her abruptly onto her front, Alba sprawling across the sheets. Pulling her up, he hauled her into a classic doggy style position, feet over the edge of the bed so she was perfectly positioned for him to access, just ready to take his cock. It bounced in front of him with his heartbeat, slick from her sloppy throat fuck and achingly hard just inches away from her hot body. She was pushed back and ready for him, back arched, all prepared to get fucked. Her pussy was dripping wet now, so turned on from the way he was treating her and just the fun of their fuck, it was exhilarating and she was absolutely ready to get nailed now.

Breathing hard, her heart pounded as his hand smacked her ass, a quick spank as he moved up close behind her, taking hold of her hip as his other gripped his shaft, aiming it down towards her slippery entrance. He teased the tip of it up her pussy to feel her heat, lips slick and ready for him, her swollen pout easily separating with just the easiest touch of his manhood, just willing him to sink it inside her. But it wasn't what he wanted, and after a moment more teasing her labia he smoothly and swiftly moved himself upwards, grasped his cock tightly and abruptly squeezed himself straight into her ass. She didn't realise his intentions and failed to respond in time, her asshole only squeezing up when it was too late and he was already inside her, stretching her out in a unique way only anal sex could give, thick cock driving inside her and pushing her helpless muscles to the limit as she cried out sharply, loudly to the darkened hotel room.

“Fuck!” she squealed, clenching up and trying to pull away from him, strong hand at her hip holding her back as he drove his hips against her ass, sinking his impressive cock full depth inside her. Her thick saliva only helped him penetrate her, lubricating the way inside her as she was abruptly reintroduced to anal sex, pain twisting her body as she breathed hard through it, trying to will it away.

“Take it out, Christ!” she exclaimed, still trying to pull away from him. Anal sex was something she did, she was a pretty open but this was too much, just being taken like this with barely any lube. Her husband never did this to her.

“I'm in charge here,” he said deeply, dominantly, almost growling it as his other hand went to her waist and he pulled back against her hips to accentuate his position over her. Jessica just let out struggled breaths as he pulled back and then sunk himself into her again, body still resisting him, blissfully tight around his cock as he started to fuck her. She just gave a whimper as her muscles continued to fight it, giving little spasms and squeezes at him, unsure whether to clamp down at his invading cock or try and force it out of her. Neither would have helped mind, he had total control of her, pull back intently against her body to crank against her figure and drive his thick, throbbing cock deeply inside her most forbidden hole. He gave deep growls of pleasure, seeming to love her body fighting him, appreciating his dominance of her, gripping her tightly as he risked pulling back till just his head remained inside her before piling back inside, stroking his whole length and making her tremble. Even as he confidently took her the pain started to subside, muscles getting used to it or simply giving up, overwhelmed now by him, just resigning themselves to his fucking of her ass. The deep, satisfying sensations of anal sex started to overcome her discomfort, enjoying the feel of him sliding tightly in and out of her tight hole, liking the powerful way he held her and beginning to push back into him, helping him to drive his cock full depth in her tight asshole and take maximum pleasure from her body.

“Oh yeah that's it,” he groaned, feeling her responding positively to him, sphincter relaxing a little on him to let him fuck her faster, able to go harder in driving against her toned booty and relaxing his hands a little on her waist. He stroked the full length of himself in and out with steady strokes, feeling her asshole bulge as he threatened to pop out of it before gliding easily back inside the American actress, her moans starting to build up to match his own throaty exhales. Moving a hand from her waist he reached up for her hair, gathering it inside a decent handful and giving a tug, making her cry out again as he pulled it, a sharp pain blending with the deep pleasure she was starting to feel as he fucked her ass, hand at her hip just guiding her as much as anything else as she obediently thrust back against him. He pulled her hair to arch her body, Jessica sinking her back as she craned back into him, letting him bend her tightly as he fucked her, gripping her harder again and picking up the pace as he pumped his thick prick inside her, using shorter strokes and shoving more intensely against the toned cheeks of her ass.

Releasing her hair, her head dropping as his hand stroked down her back to her booty, grabbing her flesh in a hard squeeze before laying a spank on her, the sound breaking the air before he slid it over her hip and hooked it underneath her prone form. Fingertips slipping smoothly over her silky, hairless body, he slipped onto her puffy lips and immediately separated them to push over her delicate clit hood, making her moan deeply with pleasure as he pushed at her engorged button beneath, rubbing gently and pressuring her just right. She sighed with pleasure and rocked her hips at his touch before he dipped down to pull up beneath it, directly onto her sensitive nub, ready for further stimulation after his tongue. She groaned deeply as he started to circle it firmly again, knowing what she loved and giving it to her, timing it to go with his deep, powerful thrusts into her ass, circling with a rhythm to intently stimulate her and stop every time his thick head drove full depth in her ass.

“Oh yeah, keep doing that,” she breathed, loving the way he was playing her even as he used her for his own pleasure.

“Like that? Like when I fuck you ass?” he said with a smile, keeping it up.

“Fuck yeah, don't stop,” she said, rolling her hips against his hand.

“What's the magic word?” he teasing, easing up on her clit to tease her, feeling her try to chase his touch.

“Please, please don't stop fucking me ass!” she said deliberately, wasting no dignity in practically begging for what she wanted, what she needed at that moment. She knew what he wanted to hear.

“Deal,” he said with a smile, Jessica able to almost feel his smug expression, but she didn't care so long as he didn't stop. She groaned deeply with pleasure as he started to hammer on her ass again, pounding his hips against her, fingers pressing into her skin so tight his fingerprint was stamped onto her skin as he hauled back against her hips to keep her in place. His fingers danced around her clit once more, circling in different directions, sliding easily back and forth across her nub to drive her wild, stimulating and exciting every one of the thousands of nerve endings at his touch. Jessica felt a characteristic sensation rush up on her, tingling her spine and contracting her abdominal muscles, legs squeezing together. She knew what it was, and so did he, rubbing intently and fucking her even harder, a few seconds of the hardest anal sex she'd had in years before she suddenly erupted in a huge orgasm.

She always came hard if she did during anal sex, it was just something that got to her, and she did this time as well, exploding into a hard climax that rocked her body, making her shudder powerfully beneath him, twisting up as she practically squirted onto his fingers, a rush of juices coating them as she climaxed. Uttering a stuttering cry throughout, her eyes screwed shut as she pleasure rushed through her, sphincter clenching tightly around his impaling cock as he continued to work it in and out, fingers still circling her clit until she could take no more, arching her back to push her ass into him and going weak beneath, dropping to her elbows gasping as sweat beaded across her brow. Pulling back to hold her hips with both hands he gave slower, more deliberate thrusts into her, feeding his whole cock into her ass and giving her a moment to recover. She had barely caught her breath when he suddenly slammed into her hard, almost knocking her off her elbows as he drove against her ass, catching her unaware and proceeding to pound her with several hard, deep thrusts before he suddenly yanked out of her, hard cock spring up from her gaping asshole.

Jessica gasped at the sudden emptiness and looked back just in time for him to grab her hips and flip her over on the bed, tumbling onto her back as he surged onto the bed between her legs. She looked up, breathing hard as he settled before her, rock hard erection sticking up and ready, taking hold of her leg and pushing it back to roll her hips for him. Sliding over her, he braced himself on his knees as he lined his thick head up with her loosened asshole then let his legs slide out from underneath him to smoothly drive every inch of his cock back inside her with a groan, mutually met by her as he filled her again. Her ass could easily take him now and he immediately got back into a fast rhythm, thumping his cock into her ass as he leaned over her. Jessica craned up to kiss him, his pace slowing briefly as they kissed deeply, tongues entwining as they hungrily made out, their passionate kiss lingering until he pulled away and resumed pumping her busily, the actress lowering her aching neck to the bed.

Starting to really fuck her now, he shuffled himself on the bed to give himself maximum stability and therefore strength to fuck her, wanting to really put it to her now. His cock felt great inside her, rock hard and throbbing, tingling beautifully with the sensation of her tight ass squeezed around it. He hooked his strong arms under her knees and pulled her legs up, rolling her back and leaning on the back of her thighs as he drove down, getting as deep inside her as possible now to push a grunt from the actress. Leaning down on the bed past her, he rested on her legs and pumped his hips hard and fast, slamming his cock down into her, chasing his pleasure as his cock ached with hardness, feeling her hot juices leaking down over his cock from her juicy, shaven pussy.

“Didn't even fuck your pussy,” he smiled between breaths, exerting himself hard.

“Didn't need to,” she smiled, looking up to him as she braced herself on the bedding beneath his intense fucking.

“You never wanted me to,” he replied with a rattlesnake smile, jamming himself hard against her ass, as deep as possible with short, rapid strokes to bury his manhood in her naughtiest hole.

“You never needed to,” she breathed, rolling her head back and closing her eyes, referring to the fantastic orgasm he'd driven her to. He just smiled as he he fucked her, another minute or so of intense, hard anal pounding to make her tingle as he came to his orgasm, on the brink.

“Come on baby, come for me, come in my tight ass,” she breathed, encouraging him as she reached up to cup her breasts, squeezing and pulling at her nipples for his pleasure, knowing he was watching. That and the clenching of her muscles was enough to finally finish him off, feeling the telltale sensation of climax spreading through him, cock hardening inside her in readiness as he held it back to pump her hard and fast for a few more seconds, getting every last stroke he could into her fantastic booty before he blew. Hitting the point of no return, he felt himself boiling over and with a final deep thrust he pulled out of her, making her look up suddenly with an unexpected gasp as her legs flopped from on top of his shoulders, splaying her on the bed.

“What the...” she started to question as he moved with incredible speed and agility to crouch over her body, grabbing her hair in one hand and his cock in the other, managing just a couple of fast strokes before he came, exploding hard with a loud, deep growl of ecstasy all over her face. She gave a cry of displeasure and surprise as his hot load hit her skin, squeezing her eyes shut tightly as he twisted her hair and jerked himself off all over her pretty face, his long, low growl of pleasure not abating until he was finished. He unloaded a thick initial spurt across her nose and into her hair, followed by others across her cheeks, eyes and chin before he pushed his cock down to rub the last of it out over her full, pouting lips. She hated facials, even more so when it wasn't expected, and she growled with frustration at it even as she opened her mouth to let his thick head in, sucking his softening cock and salty load obediently. He squeezed the last drops of him come out into her mouth and gave a last slap of his shaft on her mouth before easing away, dropping back onto the bed beside her and flopping back gasping for breath.

After a moment of catching their breath Jessica sat up slightly and signalled hurriedly to him to get something for her to wipe her face with. He obliged, grabbing the tissues from the end table and handing her a couple, putting the box down beside her as she wiped his thick load from her skin. Screwing up the tissues and getting more, she looked at him with annoyance as she wiped it from her hair and chin.

“I hate when guys do that,” she said, checking she'd got it all before throwing it aside and flopping back onto the damp sheets.

“Really? Sorry,” he said, sliding back onto the bed with her to relax again.

“No you're not,” she replied, taking deeper breaths as he laid beside her to do the same. She was right, he wasn't.

After a few minutes he stretched and got up, not intending to overstay his welcome with her. They'd both got what they wanted, well...he'd most definitely got what he wanted and now he was going to leave her to sleep. He didn't fancy the awkward morning after and he assumed she didn't either, so he started grabbing his clothes to get dressed. Jessica pulled herself up to watch him, wanting to take a last look at his toned body before he walked out of her life.

“This was great, but nobody can know about it,” she said, recovering her composure somewhat as he pulled his shirt on.

“No?” he replied, playing with her as he kicked his shoes on.

“No. I'm married, as you well know,” she said, holding her hand up to him and feeling a little pang of guilt inside. She might be married, but this had been exactly what she needed she couldn't deny.

“Well then, perhaps you'd better let me know next time you're in town,” he said slyly. Jessica's eyes widened and she just gaped a little, realising what she had got herself into as he gave that characteristic rattlesnake smile, reaching into his pocket to pull out a card and flip it onto the table. He topped it with a wink and turned to leave, letting himself out of her hotel room and closing the door. Jessica just sat shocked for a moment, hearing his feet pad down the hallway before she hopped up from the bed and went to lock the door. Clicking the locks closed, she took a deep breath and paused, feeling the alcohol coursing through her and the need for sleep.

Stepping back to the luxurious bed, she pulled the covers back and slid into the cool comfort, reaching up to flick the lights off. She was going to give her husband a fantastic deepthroat blowjob when she got home to make up for this, that was for sure, not that she'd tell him why of course. Flopping back into the deep pillows, she let everything overtake her and passed out until morning.


The End.

Big thanks to Ghost for helping check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.
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Magnum Opus

Re: Jessica Alba - Business with Pleasure
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2020, 11:30:53 AM »
Damn! The details in that story! I love the way you describe each maneuver, each motion, each emotion. Lucky dude got his way with the beautiful Jessica Alba. Kudos Noj sir! Big fan!
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Re: Jessica Alba - Business with Pleasure
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2020, 02:59:34 PM »
another fantastic story; thank you Noj, I always enjoy reading your story
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Re: Jessica Alba - Business with Pleasure
« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2020, 08:08:39 PM »
Great story. You really know how to drive a plot with details, always fun to read your works.
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Re: Jessica Alba - Business with Pleasure
« Reply #4 on: January 14, 2020, 04:13:10 AM »
Wow, that was excellent! I never thought you would write about Alba, she is one of my favorites. The anal bit was probably my favorite, but I loved this story all around. Definitely one of my favorites from you.
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Re: Jessica Alba - Business with Pleasure
« Reply #5 on: January 15, 2020, 02:10:56 AM »
Thank you so much for writing something with Alba. She is my favorite celeb and I'm happy to see a new story with her any time.
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Re: Jessica Alba - Business with Pleasure
« Reply #6 on: February 10, 2020, 04:20:47 AM »
Amazing story, I love reading your work on here. You are one of the best authors out there, you almost make me want to stop what I am doing and begin writing after I'm done reading.
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