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Author Topic: Emma Watson's Undisclosed Daisy Chain  (Read 1473 times)

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Emma Watson's Undisclosed Daisy Chain
« on: January 15, 2020, 07:32:36 AM »
Note- This is purely fiction and is not based on actual events.


I had such a wonderful time reuniting with my fellow actor friends that I eagerly organised a similar evening soon after.

This time a girl's night out. Or in, actually.

I had fulfilled my dream of being the willing subject in a gangbang and fancied I could top it with a seven girl daisy chain. It was a lengthy task to get all the actresses in London at the same time and I was constantly disappointed when it didn't quite work out.

Finally I received several text messages to confirm availability for one particular evening in October. I went online and checked out each of the girls latest updates on Google and was amazed at how grown up we all looked these days.


Of course they had no idea of what I had planned but I was optimistic about how things would pan out.
I spent the week before ordering enough Astroglide for seven horny women, and a few vibrators in differing sizes and colours.

My idea was to entertain them at my four bedroom duplex in London's Dockland area so that we could all get comfortable in complete privacy. I spent the day getting ready and was more than happy when I checked out my all black ensemble.

I did a happy twirl in my sleeveless, open back mini dress with the lace inserts. The waist was high and the hem was flared and the spandex hugged all the contours of my body.

I had shaved off my pubes that day and wore no panties under my dress and the guilty secret made me smile wickedly. My legs were bare and I wore a pair of sexy black stiletto shoes with a four inch heel and cross over laces. That took me a while to fix let me tell you. I contemplated putting my hair up but this was to be an informal affair so I let it hang loose.

"Nice and sexy. Ten out of ten."

My intercom buzzed and I jumped up to answer my first guest. I picked up the receiver and heard a sexy voice on the line.

"Hi, Emma?"

"Come on up."

I pressed 'door open' and went to open my front door. A wave of expensive perfume hit me and a figure in high heels swished in. It was Kaya Scodelario and she smiled broadly as she brushed her shoulder length curls with the thick bangs over her shoulders.

"Am I the first?"

I found myself staring into her deep brown eyes and to my delight realised that she was staring right back at me.

"You are." I said as I snapped out of it. "Let me take your coat. Champagne?"

Kaya threw her coat off of her shoulders and I got a look at her daring outfit for the evening. Her alert eyes flickered around the room as she walked gracefully to the three seat sofa.

She crossed her legs and her Victoria Beckham floor length dress opened to display lots of bare thigh. Everything about the woman exuded sex. I had opened the first bottle of Bollinger Special Cuvee and handed her a champagne flute.

"This place is amazing!"

"Oh, that's right. You haven't been here before, have you?"

I sat next to her and she gave my thigh a squeeze. Good start I thought.

"So, how have you been?" Asked Kaya.

"Pretty good. Still making movies, you know."

Kaya was an excellent uprising British actress who I adored. Still only twenty five she reminded me of myself when I was starting out in acting.

"Are you seeing any guy right now?"

"No, no guys."

She sipped her champagne and then put her hand on mine.

"You, mean...a woman?"

"Don't be so surprised, Emma."

Kaya entwined her fingers in mine as our faces moved together slowly. Then the buzzer sounded and I got up to let more of my guests in. I never thought, only hoped that the girls would be up for some sapphic fun and this was a perfect start.

I opened the door and gave each of my next guests a warm hug each. Lily Collins, the daughter of Phil Collins looked so grown up now with her flowing locks straight cut and down her back. I had run into her at Coachella and we had hit it off immediately.

She wore a boob tube dress in beige and the off shoulder choice really did things for her.

Beside her, the tall but waif like British model Sophia Sumner, my old roomate, had a slinky white mini dress that complemented her slender pins. Her dress had a heart shaped hole cut into the centre which showed a glimpse of her snow white breasts.

"Go in and help yourselves to champagne and nibbles."

The buzzer informed me of more guests arriving and I was highly delighted to greet two of the most exotic young women it had been my privilege to know.

Katie looked quite the charmer in a traditional Chinese, short sleeve silk dress in black and white. With a high collar and slit up the right thigh she looked the perfect doll.

Yusra Mardini, the Olympic swimmer, was a lithe and slim female from Syria who I had befriended in Rio in 2016 and she had been gracious enough to visit. She had a sexy pout and a picture perfect light brown complexion. Her outfit was a brilliant choice of an almost masculine double breasted jacket and matching flared pants.

"Who are we waiting on?"

The buzzer went again and I breezed over to the door.

"That must be her now.

The American born Jennifer Larwence walked in to a hushed gathering and I found myself transfixed by her beauty.
Quite simply the thirty year old blonde was the most glamorous of us all.

Tall and slender, Jennnifer had a pale hue and had sparkling blue eyes. Her hair was up in a chignon which showed off her elegant neck, and her lemon yellow mini dress was the latest in Chanel's Summer range. We had met at several Dior fashion shows and we had always promised each other we would get together one day.

"SO glad you could make it!" I said happily.

I watched her as she greeted everybody and I was mesmerised by the sway of her hips as she moved.
I had a moment where I imagined her slim legs wide open as I kissed and kicked her wet pussy.

My room had two large sofas opposite each other and one armchair at a coffee table where I had set the champagne bottles in two buckets of ice water. I turned on my sound system and brgan to play some Lady Gaga, who else? I sat between Lily and Sophie on one sofa and we chatted as the bubbly flowed freely. The blonde girl playfully stroked my arm as we giggled and I could see opposite us that Jennifer, Katie and Kaya were pressed up close as they drank.

Yusra was on the armchair just observing and I noticed her crossing and uncrossing her legs as she was presumably getting heated. We were all a bit giggly after an hour of visiting and downing two and a half bottles of bubbly and I decided to chance my arm.

"Well. I'm really feeling mellow right now. Any idea for a fun game?"

I tested the atmosphere and looked from one bemused face to the next. Kaya got up and was dancing to 'born this way,' naturally.

"What do you have in mind?" Wondered Lily as she drained her champagne flute.

"How about, 'Truth or Dare' ever tried it?" I suggested.

"Oh, Emma. What are you, twelve?"

"Come on, we can jazz it up a little."

"I'm in."

"Me too."

"Great. So. I'll start the ball rolling. I choose truth. The truth is girls that I invited you all here to make out. There, I've said it. Sophie, truth or dare."

The petite, lily white skinned poppet sat up and smiled.

"Truth. Truth is I've always wanted to kiss you, Emma."

"Nice start, babe. Right, here goes a two minute kiss between Sophie and myself. Someone keep count."

I joined my ex roomate on the sofa and we held each other tightly as our mouths met. I could taste her saliva with the hint of champagne as she sucked on my lips. Her tongue slid between them the kiss deepened and I entwined her tongue with my own. We kept it up for a good two minutes and then Lily called time. Sophie and I resurfaced and took in huge lungful's of breath.

"Wow, you're such a good kisser!" I told the grinning blonde.

"Shit! That was fucking amazing! Me now, me now. Dare, dare!"

Kaya was definitely in the mood and so I tested her.

"Right, I dare you to kiss Yusra's tits for nothing less than three minutes. Is that cool with you, Yusra? Have you ever kissed a girl?"

Yusra opened the front of her double breasted jacket in answer proudly and we all saw that she was braless. She had gorgeous C cup breasts, dark toned and with delightful pink nipples against chocolate hued areolas.

"Bring it on, sister," she offered.

Kaya giggled and lowered her mouth to the right one and flicked back and forth in a rapid motion. Yusra threw her head back and moaned as the eager babe closed her mouth over the firm globe of flesh and sucked loudly. After two minutes she moved to the left breast and planted a series of tiny kisses all around the dark areola of Yusra's tit.

"That's three minutes, girls. Good job! Now, shall we get more comfortable? Quickly ladies, I dare ALL of you to strip off as fast as you can. And, go!"

I peeled my stretchy dress off and stood boldly naked in just my stilettos. Kaya's was already on the carpet before anybody else had even started.

Lily tore down her boob tube dress and the cute girl stepped out of her panties to show off her snatch, glistening in it's wetness. Sophie slid the straps off of her dress and let it fall from her body, exposing her pretty little breasts and exposing her smoothly shaved pussy in all of its glory. Yusra unsnapped her flared pants and tugged them down to display her exotic coffee coloured complexion.

"Alright, now, a double dare. I dare you, Lily Collins to eat the pussy of...Kaya! For no less than four minutes!"

We all gasped at Kaya Scodelario who grinned happily and spread her legs on her seat to display her shaven mound and moist pink flesh that formed adorable and alluring petals.

I think that everyone in the room would have stepped over hot coals to lick her out. Lily bent to kiss and lick the brown tanned inner thighs of the groaning Kaya who parted her legs as wide as possible. She went from one leg to the other, moving inwards a little at a time, teasing Kaya wickedly. Her hand came behind Lily's head and moved her face closer so that Lily got a healthy whiff of the damp vulva.

"Lick me already!" Whimpered an impatient Kaya.

I had to laugh as Kaya grabbed a bunch of hair and pushed Lily's face into her cunt. Lily lapped up the milky juices that made Kaya's labia moist and silky and then she slid her pointed tongue right inside. The little minx rotated her tongue anti clockwise as Kaya breathed more rapidly.

We all salivated at the sight as Lily added her index finger to the mix and curved it up inside, seeking that elusive sensitive spot. Kaya bobbed up and down lightly as she welcomed the attention and a hint of perspiration covered her upper lip.

"Time!" I called out.

"What? NO!"

I ignored her plea to continue as I sought out Sophie and reached out to hug her close. I found her hot mouth and let my tongue stroke hers as she gleefully parted her lips.

She gasped into my mouth as I moved my hand to her left thigh and lightly brushed her soft flesh. As she purred in delight she gently slipped two slender fingers inside my pussy and teased my moist labia. We both became quite animated as we fingered each other, tottering on our ridiculous heels in the middle of the room.

"Like that, Emma?"

My breathing became deeper and I just nodded as my cunt contracted around her delving fingers. Sophie mirrored my hand cupping her mound and we came nipple to nipple and kissed.

Then I felt another come behind me and press themselves to my bare back and start to thrust their hips forwards. The motion made Sophie probe even deeper inside me and my wetness dripped down my right thigh.

"Mmm, so soft."

Katie nibbled my earlobe as we all three humped against each other with me as the filling in the girl sandwich.

"I've dreamed of doing this for ever." Whispered the glossy haired Asian.

Lily meanwhile has slid down onto her knees in front of me and was moving her tongue up my thighs towards my bald mound. As Katie pawed at my tits from behind I looked down at the blonde head between my parted legs as Sophie eased inside my steaming cunt with her tongue.
My legs felt like water and my knees buckled with unbridled rapture and I was glad of Katie holding me up.

"Oh, shit!"

Katie had dipped down behind me as well and had pushed her face into my rear end as she held the backs of my knees.

Now I had TWO mouths pleasuring me at the same time and it felt fucking awesome! Sophie was a natural as she flicked at my clit with fleeting swipes of her tongue. Katie lapped at my slit from my anus and down to where she and Sophie occasionally made tongue contact.

"Oh, yeah, oh, shit!"

I was so turned on as their tongues furiously lapped away inside my squishy slit. Still intently focused I looked to my right and saw Kaya and Yusra holding each others naked bodies and kissing and stroking.

The smouldering babe was straddled over the dusky skinned one and was sliding to and fro and smearing the other with her own wetness. Yusra pushed up into Kaya and her rounded stomach met the other. I turned my attention to the left and on the carpet Jennifer and Lily Collins were all over each other and groaning loudly.


I was myself lowered to the thick carpet I had purchased one time in Paris and it seemed a dozen hands were all over me.

Katie, Sophie, Kaya and Yusra pulled me this way and that, one kissing my mouth, one nibbling my neck and shoulders, one kissing my belly and one had two fingers sliding in and out of my pussy.

All my senses were reeling and my heart pounded in my chest. Sophie was the one between my legs and she was quickly joined by Kaya and they both feasted on my dribbling cunt. As one sucked on my hard nub the other licked my slit and then they switched and blew my mind. Katie bit lightly on my nipples as four hands roamed across my abdomen and ribs.

"Please, girls...pl..please," I moaned as my orgasm ripped through me.

As I panted hard I watched Lily, Kaya and Sophie move back to the sofa and collapse into a steamy heap of flesh.
The pocket sized blonde was pinned between the other two who took turns stroking and kissing her pale form.

Sophie tilted her head to seek out Lily's tongue which snaked out in response. I was gobsmacked as I observed a string of saliva dangle out of the mouth of Kaya and drop onto the bald pussy of Sophie.

Then the lust filled Kaya swirled the tip of her tongue up and then down the glistening pussy lips of Sophie who bucked her hips in bliss. Sophie tensed as Lily sped up her licking and Kaya matched the panting babe stroke for stroke.

"You girls! Oh!"

Jennifer Lawrence was on all fours on the carpet and Yusra Mardini had both arms squeezing the curvy ass cheeks of the gorgeous American stunner. The exotic Syrian had her tongue plunged deep into the ass of Jennifer who fingered her cunt at the same time.

As things began to hot up nicely as I observed Katie take Lily by the hand and formed a pile of hot flesh on the carpet. Katie lifted her left leg over Lily and straddled her face in a reverse cowgirl position. Lily let out muffled moans as her face was engulfed by Katie's black pubes. Her tongue slipped up into the warm cunt of Katie.


Lily squealed into Katie's pussy as Kaya scooted between her outstretched legs and bathed her pussy with a serious tongue lashing.
I saw Jennifer by herself and took the opportunity to hop on top of her. I plopped myself down in a 69 and wiggled my bottom in an invitation for the hot blonde to tongue me, which she did.

I looked down at her pussy and was amused at the quaint sight of an upside down vagina. With the clit above her gaping slot I pursed my lips and took the hard nub into my mouth. My saliva drooled out and ran in a trickle down her puffy labia to the crevice of her cheeks where it pooled nicely. Her tongue parted my outer folds and plunged upwards as she held my nates in a tight grip.


My body dropped onto Jennifer as Sophie jumped onto my lower back and started to tap out a tattoo on my buttocks with the palms of her hands.

"Bad Emma, bad Emma, bad naughty girl!"

She spanked my derriere as I moaned loudly on the throbbing clit of Jennifer who bucked up in sheer delight.
I added a finger and slipped inside Jennifer who mumbled into my cunt.

My nether regions tingled like mad from the light spanks I was receiving and we all three moaned accordingly. I pushed my hips down further to the face of the gorgeous blonde and relished her gulps as she held her pointed tongue at my throbbing clit.

This is definitely going in my diary I thought to myself. The entire room in fact had become an all out orgy with groaning and giggling and shrieking.

"Oh. I nearly forgot!"

I reluctantly broke away from the frenzied action and I padded naked to my bedroom and returned with a big cardboard box of the vibrators and lubricant. I had done some checking online about daisy chains and had devised a unique twist.

"Okay, girls. Everyone kick off your shoes, lube up and grab a vibrator."

"What do you have in mind now?"

"A daisy chain with a buzz! I'll begin."

We all applied a generous amount of the lube in our cunts and then I went down onto the carpet and leaned on my left side. I bent my left leg at the knee and Sophie put her head between my legs, At my head Kaya laid down and opened her legs for me to shove my face into. The scent of her heated and moist pussy gave me goose flesh.

"Now you're getting it."

Yusra got between the long pale pins of Sophie and then shrieked when Lily scooted in close to her wet snatch. We bent our bodies and a circle began to form. Jennifer completed the chain with Katie and we were ready.

What a sight! Seven horny women with a face at their pussy and a head between their splayed legs.

"Now, use your vibrator on the girl ahead of you and let's see who gets off first."

"Emma? You're nuts!"

Sophie chuckled as she turned her toy on and began to tease my pussy entrance. The slender blonde slid the seven inch vibrator inside me and I felt my nipples harden and my clit throb.

To my right I inhaled Kaya and slid my purple rabbit into her juicy pussy and was rewarded by her gasps of pleasure as the toy buzzed in the palm of my hand.

I looked around the group and saw Kaya working her black and silver vibe in and out of the American stunner whose large clitoris was being buzzed over and over in wicked stabs.

Jennifer moaned loudly at Katie's mound and was stroking her hot box with elaborate twists of her wrist. Katie was busy with her yellow toy which hummed inside the ginger snatch of Lily Collins who squealed in response.

"Keep it up, girls."

The scent of out stoked pussies filled our nostrils as we all worked ourselves into a frenzy.
Apart from being with a man the smell of seven steaming hot cunts and the sound of seven buzzing vibrators was the next best thing. I leaned in and flicked out at Kaya's clit and she howled with the attention My own nub was getting loving tongue flicks as Sophie fed her vibrator fully into my aching muff.

"You're so wet, Emma."

Sophie increased the vibrator speed and I could feel my juices pouring out.

Lliy was peppering Yusra's inner thighs with delicate kisses as she fed her with her sex toy.

"Oh yes! Oh yes!"

By now the humming vibrators were doing their work and all of us were building to a well deserved climax.

"OOOOOHH!" Screamed Katie.

"FUCK ME, FUCK ME!" Pleaded Jennifer.

"I...LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!" Moaned Kaya.

"THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD!" Said a well fucked Sophie.

"DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP!" Demanded Yusra to Lily.


"I'M COMING!" Declared Lily as the pretty hazel eyed beauty felt the onrush of her orgasm.

I held my toy to Kaya's clit and felt it buzz in my palm. She turned bright red as she came and I pulled the vibrator from her cunt. Her thighs tightened around my head as I welcomed my very own explosion of pleasure and came on Sophie's smooth vibrator. We all climaxed with shrieks and whoops and the chain broke up as we all writhed on the carpet.

"Well, that was fucking amazing! What say we all hit the bathroom and freshen up? Last one in the shower is a pussy!"


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