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Author Topic: What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Kaley Cuoco-Accidental Fluffer  (Read 1037 times)

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Note- Usual disclaimer, nothing written here is based on anyone or any event in real life.


It was in between the shows 'Charmed' and 'Big Bang Theory' that Kaley Cuoco decided to get a boob job.

As her role as Billie was coming to an end the blonde actress wanted to stay in a television series, and hopefully comedy which suited her acting style.

She had heard of a new show about science geeks and she was due to audition at the end of the summer. In an attempt to raise her self esteem she had visited one of the best surgeons in Beverly Hills located on North Bedford Drive.

Aware of the fact that she had no boobs she had always felt ill proportioned in that particular area, and desired an enhancement. It was at the surgery that she ran into and met Maria, head of wardrobe for New Sensations, a company who made adult movies.

"So, you ever need a job call me at the studio, I'm always in need of a make up girl."

As Maria left after a pleasant visit Kaley got to thinking of doing some work for a few extra bucks while she awaited news of another acting role.

After her successful breast enhancement she decided to take up the temporary offer and a month later turned up backstage of the movie set on Cahuenga Boulevard.

Dressed casually in a pale blue crop top and polka dot flared mini skirt she wore her hair braided into a side ponytail that showed her dark blonde roots and honeyed highlights.

"Kaley, hi, nice to meet you again. Love the boobs." Grinned Maria.

The mousy brunette adjusted her eye glasses for a better look at Kaley's new 32C bra sized tits.

"Thanks, I like 'em."

Kaley gave her affectionate bubbly smile as she followed Maria to a dressing room. As they walked together several naked men and women were here and there, oblivious to their state of undress.

"You're no stranger to a soundstage and film set, right?"

Kaley nodded as a round assed blonde with big boobs passed them smiling.


"That's Alexis Texas, she just got the role as the new Buttwoman."

Kaley watched the rear of the bodacious young woman and was mesmerised by the way her buttocks rolled as she walked. No kidding.

"No, I'm pretty much familiar with how things are done. It must be amazing working on porn movies."

"Honey, believe me, making a fuck film is anything but sexy. You must know that the hours are long and the sets can be hot and stifling. And when the guy fails to get it up, all hell breaks loose."


"So, this picture is called 'Scrubs, an XXX parody' and has James Deen as DJ and Ashlynn Brooke as Ellie."

"Oh, I like Scrubs, I'd like to be on that show."

"We've got to get about four medical uniforms ready by the afternoon. Hand me that blue one."

Kaley reached over and the pair of them got to work. An hour later a bearded man lumbered in and waved his hands.

"Quick, the director needs you on set right now."

Then, as quickly as he came he left again.

"They must want the uniform. Take this to the main stage right away."

Kaley took the neatly folded costume and hurried to the set, and as she got nearer she could hear a man yelling at the cast and crew.

"Adjust that lighting, give me quiet over here."

Kaley looked around at a scene on a hospital bed with a nude blonde giving fellatio to a well hung man with dark curly hair. Also naked he laid on his back and looked anxiously at the frustrated director.

"Sorry Lee Roy, it just isn't happening."

A cameraman and a sound man with a microphone on a long boom were beside the bed as the director looked on disgusted. The set looked pretty realistic and Kaley felt like she really was on the Scrubs show. The girl had a nurse hat on and surgical gloves but little else as she struggled to give the guy a stiff.

"What happened to all the Viagra?" Asked Lee Roy.

"Some wise guy stole all our stash last night."

"So bring me the fluffer girl. There, hey you blondie, get over here and get this guy hard for us."

Kaley made shapes with her mouth like a goldfish and looked around when she realised it was her he was referring to. She knew a fluffer was a person in the industry whose purpose was to give the male actors an erection between takes.

In these days of Viagra the role had become irrelevant but with many more scene changes in a short time things could get held up.

"Er, she isn't a fluffer boss, we don't actually have one." Explained the sound man.

"Oh for fuck sake. Hey big tits, wanna earn a hundred bucks?"

Lee Roy studied the attractive blonde with the creamy complexion and wide green eyes. The crop top made her new boobs the focal point of every male in the room.

Kaley cleared her throat as she considered the question, stealing a glance at the cute actor on the bed and she felt her face blush as he smiled at her. Kaley had not dated anyone for a long time and the stunt cock looked mighty tempting.

"Well, time is money, are we good?"

Kaley nodded and moved to the bed.

"Right, Joanna, take five but don't go too far."

The brunette on the bed hopped off and disappeared from the set. Kaley got closer and got a close up look of the mans impressive cock atop a large ball sack.

"Get him back up."

"Hi, I'm Kris."

"Hi, Kaley."

It all seemed rather odd to be making pleasantries in this strange fashion as the blonde knelt beside him and rubbed his limp prick in her right hand. She held it up in her hand lest it fall onto his thigh and gave it a good long lick.

The response was immediate as the mans meat began to swell and get thicker. Kaley stroked the smooth cock to attention then put her lips over the head to taste it.

"Can we speed things up here people?" Said the director.

Kris moaned as his breathing changed and his legs spread apart as Kaley crawled up the bed and knelt in the space he had made between his thighs.

Her mouth closed over his knob as her fist speeded up and down his ever growing shaft. She moaned happily as his cock began to engorge in her mouth, loving the amazing sensation of a man between her ruby lips.

It was wonderful as he hardened inside her mouth and she kept a lip lock on the warm flesh of his shaft.

"Looking good boss." Said a lighting man.

"Go and get Joanna."

Kaley moved south and licked all along the underside of his length to the tip and then back down, agonisingly slowly and Kris achieved full erection. This is fucking awesome she thought as she sucked in earnest, her head dizzy with mixed emotions.

"Suck it babe, suck it!"

The actor was in an excited state now as the actress in the nurse hat brushed Kaley aside and took her place.

"Thanks for that, I'll take it from here."

With a disappointed pout Kaley obliged and watched the buxom brunette poise over the man's groin and hold his hard on to her lubricated pussy.

"About time, ready to roll? And, action! Get out of shot fluffer."

Kaley retreated as the couple on the bed began to fuck in earnest. The crew surrounded the bed and Kaley went back to the wardrobe room.

"Any problems?" Asked Maria.

"No, none." Said Kaley unable to get the vision of her blow job out of her mind.


Next day Kaley arrived early in an oversized Raiders football jersey and light blue denim shorts with a rip across the left buttock.

Instead of going to wardrobe she wandered back to the hospital bed set and looked around for any action. On the bed was Ashlynn Brooke being given oral sex by James Deen, both naked and both horny as hell.

"Oh, hi, how are you?"

Ashlynn smiled cheerily between throaty moans as her shaven pussy was licked and fingered by the dark haired actor.

"We're just getting warmed up, it's going to be a long day."

Kaley smiled sheepishly as her eyes grew like saucers as the pair continued to cavort on the bed. She made her way to wardrobe and soon was joined by Maria. About mid morning the bearded man from yesterday hurried in.

"You, blondie. The boss wants you pronto."

Kaley was secretly pleased and went along to see the director by the bed where Ashlynn, James and Kris were engaged in a threesome. Her breath came in short gasps as she looked on enthralled by the writhing bodies engaged in sex.

"Ah, big tits. Ashlynn needs the bathroom, keep these two stiff will you?"

With pleasure, thought Kaley as she joined the two studs on the bed. Director and crew took five and left the set and she smiled at James and then at Kris and held both their hot cocks in each hand.

Bending at the waist Kaley turned her head to the left and took James into her mouth. It was really thick and it was all she could do to get it all in. James looked on impressed and put his arm along her back as Kris put a hand at the base of her neck.

"You have really soft hair."

"And a soft mouth," said James.

Already Kaley felt her jaw ache as she sucked on the fat cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She kept a firm grip on Kris as she pleasured James, her eyes closed in concentration and joy. Apart from the previous day it had been a while since her last man and now she had two studs do deal with.

"Keep me hard babe."

Kaley let the rigid cock of James Deen out of her wet mouth, a string of spit still attached to his smooth head. The green eyed beauty looked Kris in the eye and the horny blonde brought the hard prick up and her mouth glided down on him in a single motion. She was relishing the divine feel of a hot cock in her mouth and she sucked hard and very fast, moaning on his meat.

"This girl should be in the movie," said Kris.

James agreed as he looked on at Kaley who began that twisting neck motion that screwed her face around as she went down on him in a spiral motion.

Kaley was having a great time as she gave James a sexy look before putting her face in his lap. She allowed herself a guilty pleasure and let her hand roam up his naked torso, up his hairy chest and across his pectorals.

"Boy, she's really getting into it."

Now her tongue slavered around his shaft and he cupped her head in both hands and helped her bob on him with rhythmic moves. Kris started to caress her right thigh just where her shorts ended and moved his fingers towards her inner thigh. She stopped sucking James and lifted her head up as she felt her pussy leak in her panties.

"I'm back guys." Said a naked Ashlynn Brooke who hopped onto the bed.

"Get on your hands and knees quickly." James said with his cock in his fist.

"There's no one filming." Ashlynn looked around the vacant set.

"Fuck that, I gotta have you."

Ash obliged and a rampant James shoved inside a bemused Ashlynn who was unceremoniously fucked silly.

"Oh fuck, oh shit, that's nice." She moaned.

"The fuck is this! I didn't call action yet!"

James turned to Lee Roy as he banged in and out of the blonde bombshell doggy style.

"You better hurry, that fluffer turned me on real good."

Kaley got up with a sheepish look and blushed as she backed away.

"I should probably go."

The crew hurried in and began to set up. Not looking back Kaley moved right along and stumbled upon another couple of porn stars in the act of fellatio close by.

It was none other than Alexis Texas who was on hands and knees butt naked with an enormous black cock in her mouth. A tall ebony actor about five feet ten and stark naked was standing with hands on hips and looking decidedly ill at ease.

"Oh here she is, quick, we need Shane hard for an upcoming scene."

Alexis motioned for a bemused Kaley to approach. In for a penny in for a pound she thought as she looked up at the towering stud.

"Raiders fan huh, nice touch." Said the man with the muscular physique.

Kaley gulped as her eyes lingered on his fine body and in particular his pipe of a cock, which looked to be about ten inches at a reasonable guess.

She had no experience with black men and was quietly fearful of the mans sizeable manhood. So all black men were hung like horses, well on this display she would have to agree.

"What, er, ahem! What should I do?"

"We are up on set in about fifteen minutes. Can you lick his ass while I suck him off? It keeps him hard."

Kaley visibly blanched as she looked at the pair with her mouth hung open.

"Say what now? Lick his what?"

"Sure baby, I got a sensitive anus, it gets me going real good. Don't worry, I'm clean."

Alexis resumed her blow job and Kaley slowly went onto her knees behind him and placed her left hand on his tight butt. She turned her attention to his big balls first and let her lips slowly part the two and lick up and down the centre.

The stud groaned and thrust into the gaping mouth of Alexis as his balls were bathed in long strokes of a warm and wriggling tongue.

"This girl sure knows what she is doing, she must be real experienced."

If only he knew thought Kaley! She was as green as the grass. Everything was pure instinct. Shane shifted on his feet as he felt her tongue flick over and over at his sensitive perineum which sent glorious vibrations through his lower body.

Kaley found a smooth section of skin just below his hanging ball sack and as she flattened her tongue on him her nose dug in his anal area.

"Your pretty damn hard now babe." Said Alexis as she jerked his black snake.

"Uh huh." He mumbled as Kaley made little circles around his asshole.

With both hands the blonde actress spread his cheeks apart and stabbed his ring, leaving spit all over his ebony flesh. Her own pussy was seriously wet now and her panties had that definite dampness about them.

Shane was unable to resist and pushed backwards into Kaley's face. He had spoken the truth and was squeaky clean but the abrupt action made her mad.

"Hey now!"

She treated him to a back hander across his meaty ass with a resounding echo. He yelped as she smacked his right buttock with a reverberating slap.

"Again!" He yelled loving the attention.

His boner was now like a steel rod as Kaley gave him one last firm smack on the left buttock and stood up.

"Alexis! Shane! You're up."

"Gee thanks blondie, nice fluffing."

The nude pair rushed off leaving a horny Kaley with a throbbing pussy and no relief.


Today was the final day of the shoot and Kaley joined Maria in the wardrobe area as they made last minute preparations to costume. As they laboured they were joined by Kris Slater in his birthday suit.

"Hi ladies, I need your help, this uniform is chafing me. Look."

The dark haired stud showed the two his inner thighs that showed a slight redness on the skin, Kaley leaned in for a closer look, but secretly she was checking out that superb cock of his that hung between his lean legs.

"Take a seat while I go look for an alternative."

Maria left them alone and Kaley looked down at her feet and shuffled nervously. In a green sleeveless print mini dress Kris drank in her toned legs and calves.

"Say you were great yesterday, I almost wish it was you on that bed in there."

He pointed over his shoulder as his cock began to twitch.

"Oh, I don't know about that." Blushed the blonde.

"You know what? I'd like to return the favour."

For the last three days Kaley has been fascinated and turned on by the heady goings on and needed a fuck quite badly. She leapt on Kris and pressed her lips to his and he got to his feet and they embraced in a lingering clinch.
He got her around the waist and pulled her to him tightly as they gazed into each others eyes, overcome by sheer lust.

"I feel the same way, lets do it."

They kissed some more as he lifted the hem of her dress and pawed her curvaceous ass. Kaley ground her body into his and welcomed his stiff cock which pressed firmly between her thighs.

"I want your cock so badly."

"I'm yours."

Kaley felt her pulse race as she was stripped of her dress which Kris lifted up over her head. Her long waves of hair fluttered about her shoulders as she was plonked onto the make up chair, her full rounded new tits thrust out much more shapely than before. The porn star went to his knees and slipped a hand into the waistband of her white panties.

"Oh, yes." Purred Kaley as her underwear was dragged off.

Kris sank his middle finger into her already moist pussy and Kaley felt a shiver course through her. As he fingered her tight hole he kissed her left inner thigh, then the right, and began to alternate between the two. She shifted on the seat and lifted her legs up at the knee.

"Mmm, that's more like it."

Kris clamped his lips to her hard clitoris as he drew his finger in and out of her puffy wet cunt, delving deeper every time. Kaley lifted her left leg up onto his shoulder as her pink bud was licked and her hot pussy was finger fucked. Her moaning increased as his tongue danced on her clit from side to side.

"Goodness, that feels amazing. Give me that cock, fuck my brains out."

Kaley got up and fluffed her hair up and let her new tits jiggle seductively, and Kris sat back in the chair, his eyes on her perfect round melons.

Getting the implants was a major plus she thought and for a moment considered giving him a tit fuck.

Her toned legs moved apart lightly and her hand went between them as she craved cock. He figured she would straddle him face to face but she turned her back to him and wiggled her bottom at him.

"Nice ass."

She settled on his lap and ground her butt on his upper thighs for a better placement. His eyes never left her ass as she reached between her legs with her left hand and inserted his eight inch cock into her steamy cunt.

"Oh fuck! I've been waiting for this." She gasped.

The blonde stunner spread out her legs and her luscious ass made contact with his belly as she took him all in. Kris held her hips as she started off with long and slow strokes, lifting right up and sliding down his whole length, her pussy stretching all around him.

Her hips began to squirm as she planted each foot on either side of the chair and she began to rotate her hips as she ground on him faster.

"Doing good babe." Said Kris highly impressed.

Kaley clutched his thighs as she humped up and down, her mouth open, her hair fluttering. Enjoying his big bone in her juicy cunt she made little jerking motions back and forth as she held his rod inside her. Her clit ached as she drew her pelvic area along his cock, babbling and groaning contently.

"Oh man, I gotta fuck the shit out of you so bad."

Kaley grinned and stood up abruptly so that his glistening cock smacked on his stomach. Looking over her shoulder at the breathless porn star she bent over the make up table and braced herself, feeling the cool air of the room on her ass and backs of her thighs.

Kris studied her pink slit between the two moons of her bum and guided the cock head easily inside her moist folds.

"Oh yeah, right there."

Kaley's head thrashed back as his whole length vanished into her pussy, Kris felt like his cock had been enveloped by a silk glove as his hands pulled her back to him by her waist and proceeded to fuck the curvy blonde with deep reaching forceful strokes.

As the little table rocked on its legs Kaley clawed at the counter top for fear of toppling over.

"F..f..fuck me stud!"

Their hips banged against each other with reverberating noises in the small room, and mixed with their loud moaning. Kaley nearly swooned when she felt his fingers dig into the soft flesh of her bountiful butt.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming!"

Kaley dipped her head forward when Kris sneakily pressed his right thumb into her very tight anus and rotated it hard. She reached behind her with her right hand to slow him down but he grabbed her wrist and pinned it up behind her back. Now at his mercy Kaley was fucked hard, his pace growing faster by the second.

"Agh, agh, agh!"

Sensing another orgasm approaching Kris gave her right cheek a good slap, leaving a red print of his hand in its wake. Her buttock trembled and quivered with the hard smack and she was forced to rest on her elbows on the table.

 She came again as Kris let his prick stay embedded in her cunt and he gave her spurt after spurt after spurt of hot cum inside her.

"Oh shit!"

His semen dribbled out of her stuffed quim along with her own juices and when he pulled out a torrent trickled from within and down her right thigh.

"Fuck, I need to get back. I got some dialogue to tape. Thanks blondie, nice fuck."

"You're welcome." Said Kaley and kicked herself for uttering such a stupid remark.

Maria swept back in to see Kaley putting her dress back on.

"Did I miss something?"

"You could say that."

As she wiggled back into her panties her infectious smile would not be wiped for quite a considerable time.


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Re: What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Kaley Cuoco-Accidental Fluffer
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Nice story. I'm happy to see someone else using the 'what if celebs were porn stars' tag line. I have yet to write one but have been planning on it. Life just has a way of keeping you busy at times.
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