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Author Topic: First Groupie Part 6: Anniversary Weekend (Elizabeth Olsen)  (Read 445 times)

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First Groupie Part 6: Anniversary Weekend (Elizabeth Olsen)
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A few short days from now was Valentine’s Day. Justin and Elizabeth also have two more special days wrapped into one, two days after Valentine’s. They had decided to get married on her birthday. It seemed perfect at the time and it can be, but it can also be very chaotic to say the least. How does one plan for three big days all in the same week that revolve around love?

Justin was soon to find out just how difficult and unique it was going to be. You see, people usually like to celebrate their birthdays with friends and family and they also like to celebrate their love of their spouse on their anniversary together, unless it’s a big number, then, it’s a big party. The trick was to celebrate both big days with friends and family and also to find some alone time.

It wouldn’t just be difficult for Justin, but for Elizabeth as well. She wanted to make Valentine’s Day and their anniversary special as much for him as he would for her. Stress wasn’t supposed to be a part of these special days, but what married couple ever escaped the occasional argument?

“Hey babe,” Justin said to his wife as he walked into their spacious, ultra modern home in the hills of Hollywood and kissed her cheek.

“Wait till you see what I have in store for this week for you. Are you excited?” He asked her with a smile, genuinely curious and very much happy, which made her response all the more shocking.

Liz froze with a glare and a spark in her eyes that gave Justin pause and a warning that things were not as well as he thought.

“What? No. Wait, I thought we were planning this together. Fuck!” She slammed her palms on the marble kitchen island top.

“Whoa! Hey, calm down now.” He said with his palms up in surrender, “I didn’t mean to upset you. I thought I’d take control and make these few days special, especially since you’re busy with the Kimmel show on Friday.”

“Fuck! That’s right, I’ve got that too. Fuck.” She heaved out a long sigh of defeat after pounding the hard marble once again. She looked tired and over stressed.

Justin walked behind her and put his hands on her shoulders gently to feel her out. She flinched at first, but relaxed and let her husband do his thing.

“It’s okay Liz, relax. You’re really stressing out. I got this. You just worry about the show and I’ll take care of the rest. There is no need to freak out, I got this. We got this.” He emphasized the “we”.

Elizabeth put her hand on his and said, “I know, but it’s our anniversary and it’s Valentine’s Day first. It’s not just for you to do things for me. It’s for the both of us and I didn’t forget, I just….” He massaged her neck and she rolled it around and moaned softly with the release of stress from his strong hands working their magic.

“I know, Elizabeth, I know. It’s okay, really. You’ve been incredibly busy. Your sisters already have the baby for the week and we have some alone time….”

Before he could continue, Liz stressed out again, “They already have our baby?” She winced in pain, “And I completely forgot. Oh my God, I’m a terrible mother.” She put her hands over her mouth to hold back tears.

“No you’re not. Seriously, it’s okay. I got you, relax. Don’t cry, please. You’re a good mother. You’re just a mother who has a career and many things going on all at once, but you also have a husband who knows what you need and is here for you.” His hands continued to massage her stiff neck as she leaned forward onto the counter.

“I can’t believe I forgot.” Elizabeth pushed her hair out of her face with her hands and wiped away tears.

“Maybe this was a bad idea.”

“What was a bad idea?” Justin asked.

“This, all of this; getting married on my birthday and two days after Valentine’s Day.” She turned into him and saw the hurt in his eyes, “I’m sorry.” Elizabeth had her hand softly touching his cheek, “You know I didn’t mean it that way.” She held his face gently and kissed him.

Justin had his head down and his hands on her hips, “I know what you meant. Still, maybe you’re right, it’s my fault, and I shouldn’t have pushed you into this if you weren’t ready.”

“No, it’s not. I chose this. It’s just been a lot of stress lately and I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you like that.” With his head in her hands, she tried to look into his eyes. “Can we start this over again?”

“Sure.” this time, he kissed her, “Your sisters have Heath, he’s okay. They have him through the weekend if we want since it’s Valentine’s Day soon and then you have the Kimmel show Friday with it being your birthday/anniversary. I have some good things planned for us, if that’s okay.”

Elizabeth smiled at him, “Of course it is, but I haven’t even got you anything for either day. It’s been crazy and stressful and I honestly forgot and I feel really bad about it.”

“It’s okay Liz, no biggie. I don’t need anything. We already have anything we want or need. It’s you alone that I want for both days. Besides, it’s also your birthday. I have a special dinner planned for Valentine’s and after the show on Friday we have plans to go out, if that’s okay. I’ll take care of it all….this time.” He paused with a grin before finishing.

“Of course. You’re too good for me.” Elizabeth said with her arms around his neck. Justin lifted her up onto the counter.

“That’s what I usually say about you, Liz.” Justin kissed her lips softly. Then again and again, each time with more desire and passion.

Before they knew it, they were doing more than just kissing and touching. They were in foreplay, which would lead to sex.

“Are you hungry?” Elizabeth asked Justin with her playful smile, her legs were spread under her black skirt.
Justin looked at her smile and then down her low cut black top that split down the middle and to her open invitation. Her pink lace panties were exposed for his pleasure only. Liz pulled on the edges of her top to let her breasts free. She was not wearing a bra, just the way he liked her.

His fingers explored her panties to tease her lips to become wet with desire. She gasped and moaned as her fingers ran through his hair as she pulled his face between her breasts as he motor boated her.

Liz laughed out loud as Justin made his funny noises. The two were as playful as any couple could be. Sex wasn’t always so serious. He grabbed one breast and pulled on her nipple as his mouth and tongue teased the other tantalizing pink protruding nipple. Teeth nibbled and pulled and then he sucked on it. Liz loved the pain and the pleasure that it brought. Justin knew just how much of each that he needed to provide.

Justin felt that her lips were spreading with the need to be filled by his lustful passions and he aimed to fill that void. He reached under her ass and grabbed handfuls of her panties and pulled them off swiftly. Immediately, he pushed his head under her skirt and between her legs. His tongue, serpentine like, snaked through wet lips and entered Elizabeth’s warm body.

Liz held his hair in fistfuls, pushing and forcing her lover to give her what she needed. She moaned and groaned as each lick up and down her pretty pink pussy left her begging for more. Each time Justin used his mouth to suck on her labia, Elizabeth felt the rush of excitement and orgasmic pulses course through her body like electricity.

Over and over, Justin alternated between licking up and down and sucking and pulling on her lips. Liz was already near orgasm and Justin wanted to fuck her hard. He could taste her sex and it tasted delicious. Justin kissed her lips on last time and pulled his head out of her skirt to give her other lips a kiss just so that she could taste herself on his lips.

Liz didn’t mind tasting herself. Justin helped her to see that it was okay to do, early on in their relationship. As he kissed her, his fingers slipped inside and quickly out only to find their way to her mouth. She sucked on his fingers and stared into his eyes while moaning. As she looked down, Liz could see his hard cock struggling to get out and she knew that she had to have it now.

Elizabeth’s fingers were deftly removing Justin’s jeans. His boxers showed the outline of his hard cock. He was busy pulling them off as quick as possible. His cock sprang to life after being freed. She hopped off the counter and he pulled down her skirt and her panties to expose her round ass with her pretty pink pussy peaking out as she bent over the counter already spreading her legs to take him in. Liz was hot with anticipation; her breath quickened, her heart rate was picking up.

Justin was hard and ready to go; his heart rate was speeding. He wanted to fuck his wife with everything that he had. He knew that this was going to be a quickie as he felt the need to cum already.

“Quickie?” he asked.

“What are you waiting for?” She replied as she looked behind, her hands were putting her hair up in a ponytail that she knew he would grab a hold of during the act.

Justin smiled as he knew what she was doing and what she wanted him to do. His hands spread her ass apart to help her wet lips open up to take every inch of him deep inside. Their desires for each other could be tasted; emotions ran high as did their hormones. His dick was as stiff as a board and he didn’t need to hold it in order to guide it in.

He watched his tip push its way in slowly; the head broke through and the shaft followed, Justin groaned as did Elizabeth. Her eyes went wide as always from that first thrust; the feeling of being filled made her feel incredible every time. Justin loved how wet and tight she was, his first penetration always felt intense. His fingers gripped her ponytail as he prepared to ram her into oblivion if he could. She took a deep breath as she enjoyed him being still inside her.

“You ready baby?” Justin asked, knowing the answer.

“Fuck me hard.” Elizabeth said in a moan.

“Ummm…baby, I may cum quick. You've got me really horny.”

“It’s okay, don't worry darling. I’m about to explode if you don’t fuck my brains out right now. Just…. don't cum inside. I don't want to drip, okay.”

“Where at?”

“How about here?” She said as she pulled out her breasts from her open shirt

“You got it, babe.” Justin smacked her ass to get started after the talk of where to cum, as couples often do.

With one hand holding her hair to make her arch her back, and the other reaching around her front to grab a handful of her 32B breasts, Justin began to thrust in and out as hard and as fast as he could. He was grunting and she was gasping and panting.

Elizabeth felt his thickness forcefully pushing its way in and out of her tight pussy, leaving her sweating and near orgasmic pleasures in mere minutes. Her labia was stretched wonderfully. She could feel the ridge of his head teasing her in ways that only he could. Liz was soaking his cock and dripping down to his balls.

Justin could feel his load trying to push its way out too soon. He wanted to make her cum first. The way her tight pussy felt was intense; her lips seemed to grab a hold of him and not wanting to let go until he filled her insides with his love, but he remembered what she said and he better listen or else he wouldn't be cumming anywhere near her for awhile. He let go of pulling on her nipples and slid lower to tease her clit to make her cum quicker.

The feeling of her nipples being pulled hurt Liz, but it also felt hot. It turned her on and she moaned out loud her pleasures. His fingers found their way to her clit and she screamed even louder. That was her button to push as she neared climax; she squeezed her eyes shut and her mouth was wide open, her hands clinched the counter, no sounds left her as her body pushed out a powerful and extremely sensitive orgasm. Her pussy clamped down, her body shivered; her entire being was lost in bliss.

Justin knew she was near; he knew what to do as he teased her clit. He could feel her pussy gripping his dick hard. He was struggling to hold back his own orgasm. He held himself inside her as she finished her quiet climax.

“Fuck! I’m about to cum.” Justin exclaimed.

“I just did.” Liz gasped.

“I know.” He said, clinching his teeth.

Liz pushed her ass back into him and squeezed her pussy as tight as she could to make him struggle to hold his impending explosion.

“What's wrong Justin?” She asked with a grin, looking back.

“Would you stop? I'm trying to pull out.”

“I know you are.”

She let her muscles relax and he held his cock tightly as he was finally able to pull out. Elizabeth turned around and got on her knees to take his sticky load into her chest. Instead, Justin let go and accidentally sprayed some semen onto her face before aiming down her chest. Liz flinched and closed her eyes as his substantial load hit her cheek and more hit her mouth. The rest of the hot load found its target, both of them in fact. Liz grabbed his shaft and guided the rest out as she shook her head and laughed.

“Oh fuck! I didn't mean to, I’m so sorry.” He pleaded his case as he was trying not to moan. It did feel amazing to cum on her face.

“It’s okay babe, I guess I deserve that.”

She used her free hand to wipe the semen off her chin and licked it up and then wiped off the rest from her cheek and into her mouth as she used his cock to paint her breasts with his remaining white gooey paint.

“I shouldn't have teased you like that, but I think you enjoyed it all the same.” Elizabeth added as she was looking up into his eyes.

Justin loved the feeling of the release; the force that it came out with, was both a relief and a pleasure. He really didn't mean for it to blast onto her face. Although, she was right; it was fucking hot to see.

“It was hot.” He let out a long breath. “That was amazing.”

“Yeah it was.” She smiled.

Elizabeth glowed with happiness and jizz on her skin. Sex seemed to make her skin glow even without the semen on it.

“Okay, are we good now?”

“Yes, we are good.”

“Good,” Justin said. “Relax, I got this week.”

“Okay Justin.”

“I am beat, I’m off to bed. I’ll see you later?”

“I’m going to clean up and I’ll see you in a bit.”

Liz got up off her knees and kissed her hubby on his cheek.
Valentine’s night was here and that is where we pick back up with our lovers.

Liz was as lovely as ever in her skimpy, sparkly pink dress that opened down the middle of her chest. Her hair was up in a sexy bun that exposed her long and gorgeous neck that Justin loved to kiss and tickle her with. She walked down stairs after spending a long time to get ready to find Justin in the kitchen.

“What are you doing?” She asked quizzically, expecting them to be leaving.

Justin was in a black suit with a red shirt and pink tie finishing up their dinner.

“Finishing getting ready to take you out to dinner.”

He had the table with a white cloth on it and red candles lit. The lights in the house were dimmed for effect and soft music was playing in the background.

“I thought we were going out.”

“We are…sort of.” He answered.

Liz stopped and had her hands on her hips. “I got all dolled up just to stay home?”

“No, you got all dolled up and so did I, so that I could take you out at home. Alone, no kid, no crowd, a fancy meal and wine. What more could you want?”

She seemed to contemplate what to say next. She wasn’t mad; she was more caught off guard. Liz knew what he meant and what trouble he went through to do all of this, as she looked around to see all that he did as she was getting ready.

“No, you’re right.” She looked more relaxed, “it’s okay. It’s actually well done, I’m impressed.”

“Thanks, I tried. I’m glad you like. Here, sit.” He pulled out a chair for his wife and gave her a kiss on her cheek as she sat. He poured her a glass of red before heading back to the kitchen to finish up.

He cooked her roasted asparagus and soaked a filet mignon over night in seasoning along with a salad. The smells permeated the room. The food and wine and the candles all added to the arousing aromas. Liz was feeling better about this more and more as the wine went down smooth.

Justin took a few minutes to finish preparing their Valentine’s dinner and served her and himself. They sat and ate and had small talk, but they both knew what they really wanted at the end of the meal; dessert. You know what kind of dessert I mean; the sexual kind that only they could give each other. The dessert that they could only use their mouths to get, the kind that would secrete creamy goodness that filled the brain with endorphins and their mouths with the sexual climax from their lover. The kind that once given, left you wanting more.

Elizabeth couldn’t wait, she initiated this sexual game. This lustful need to swallow his fluids was overwhelming for her. She felt herself getting wetter by the moment. Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the candles or the food, maybe it was the effort that he put into this meal. Either way, Liz felt her sexual needs exploding to get free.

Justin wanted to start the foreplay, but he wasn’t sure when to do it. He wanted to continue to chat and flirt with his wife. He wanted to enjoy their time alone, but he was also hard as a rock and needed to ravage her body. Her sparkly pink dress that split down the middle, exposing her firm and round breasts, drove him crazy. She couldn’t wear a bra with it and he suspected that she wasn’t wearing any panties either.

These sexual thoughts made him want to pull up her dress and have her ride him until he filled her holes with his seed. He knew that it was just the hormones speaking and that wouldn’t really happen. He just felt strong when his testosterone was running wild. He felt the need to spew sperm in her pussy and ass and her mouth. He wanted to use her as a sex toy, even though he would never treat her as such.

Justin was relieved when Elizabeth took control. He let out a sigh as he was chatting and her fingers told him to pull his chair next to him. He swallowed hard as those same fingers began to undo his button and then his zipper. He tried to continue their conversation, but her mouth made his brain freeze, her tongue made his words disappear from thought.

His hands held her hair and guided her up and down as her tongue did its magic. Elizabeth’s mouth could do wonders like no other. Her saliva and her hands worked his shaft and squeezed his balls just enough to get him overly excited.

She pulled him out of her mouth to say, “I need dessert, now.”

She spoke, not so much to Justin, but more so to his thick, hard, 8 inch cock. It was a command, she wanted it quick and she wanted it now. There was no need for him to try to prolong the ejaculation.

Justin let it all go and just enjoyed her magic. He let go of his muscles and let the rush of fluids take over along with the sensations that she made him feel, it was incredible. Her hands pumped his shaft up and down like he was going to give her life saving water. Her needs were extraordinary, her spit mixed with her sucking sounds and her hands were used to scrape his tip in order for him to know that she was in control. Her hands also sent that message with their grip on his loaded balls, squeezing them to make him groan with the pain and the pleasure.

In a few minutes, her mouth filled with his jizz. Elizabeth choked it down without slowing down, just how he loved it. She drank him all down and it felt sticky and warm, and yet, it didn’t bother her as she knew how good it made him feel. She didn’t like the taste, in fact, she hated it, but she loved the sounds he made when she did it. It made her feel needed and loved and desired.

Elizabeth pulled up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and smiled at him. She observed the glow on his face as he sat there with a huge grin. She took a huge gulp of wine to wash down his semen, which hit the spot.

While she wasn’t looking as she was drinking, Justin got under the table on his knees and buried his head between her lips. She almost spit out the wine as his tongue licked her slit up and down, that was the spot. He was so good at this, he kissed her lips over and over. Then, he licked it up and down. Next, he swirled his tongue over her exposed clit that his fingers pulled the lips apart enough to reveal.

Liz moaned loudly; she let it all go; her hands gripped the table as her body lost control, her muscles contracted and let go as the rhythmic dance of oral took control of her entire being. Deep his tongue traversed as far as it could go, it twisted and turned, his mouth sucked on her lips and his fingers penetrated her pussy and pressed her clit. Elizabeth came quickly and Justin could taste it. He wasn’t going to stop just yet, she could keep cumming unlike him. He needed some more time to get hard again to properly fuck her the way she needed it.

Justin ate his dessert to Elizabeth’s pleasure, she kept moaning and screaming her pleasures. The wine was letting her inhibitions go free. He felt himself becoming aroused once again and he slowed down and finished. He sat back on his chair and held her head; they looked into one another’s eyes, their hearts beating as one, their sexual satisfaction was only beginning. He kissed her full on the lips, deep and passionate.

Elizabeth found herself on top of him with his pants down. He was busy pulling out her breasts with his hands and she guided his erect cock between her legs. Her dress was pulled off and she was completely naked before she even realized it. She had his tie off and his shirt unbuttoned, one hand of his and the then the other were tied behind his chair.

“Kinky” Justin said.

Elizabeth smiled and asked, “Do you like it?”


Liz turned her head and said, “Oohh, that gives me an idea.” She reached back and grabbed a napkin and spun it around to resemble a twisted piece of rope.

“What’s that for…mmmm” Justin didn’t finish his sentence before he realized what it was for.

Elizabeth had pushed the napkin into his mouth as he was talking and tied it behind his head. Now his hands were tied and his mouth was gagged. Liz was getting very aroused. All the time, Justin was firmly inside her. Liz was in complete control of the situation. She pushed her index finger into his nose.

“Now you’re mine.” She said with a dark tone.

Her hips grinded on his slowly. Justin moaned; he was excited that she was doing this as unexpected as it was. It was totally not what she would normally do. All Justin could do was sit on the chair with his pants down and his naked wife riding him and just enjoy the ride. She was a sight to see until she wasn’t; Elizabeth reached and took the other napkin and used it as a blindfold. Now he was tied and gagged and now blind.

Elizabeth didn’t know what was coming over her, but she liked it a lot. She put on a show with loud noises and over the top movements. Justin was loving how the lack of sight and movement turned him on. Liz loved being in control; she was louder than normal as she came and he couldn’t hold back his excitement as his orgasm exploded out in pure ecstasy. Elizabeth moved her hips in circles and bounced up and down with her hands all over his body and kissing him all over as well.

As they finished and she slowed her motions, she could still feel his cock pulsating with more sperm pouring out, Elizabeth just rested on top of him. She didn’t remove any of the restraints just yet, it was calming to sit on him and hold him like this.

Eventually she did get off of him and cleaned the table and did the dishes all while he sat there. She talked to him while she did the cleaning and told him that he had to wait just a little while longer. After about 15 minutes, she finished her tasks and released him from his willing captivity. The two of them were spent and slipped off the bed. Only two more days until her birthday and their anniversary and also the Kimmel show.

It was to be a big day.

The day arrived and Justin woke his sleeping wife up with her gift on her neck. It was a silver chain with 3 gem stones; one was his birthstone, the other was hers and the last was their son’s. Elizabeth felt the necklace being put on and she asked what it was and when she found out, she had tears in her eyes.

The rest of the day was madness; they both had to get ready for the show and then the party afterwards for her birthday and their anniversary along with the hotel that night.

Finally, the time arrived for the show. Kimmel asked them about their marriage and their son and they talked about their new album being released soon. The show went as smooth as it could have possibly gone.

Elizabeth wore a short, black dress that was the same cut as the pink one that she wore for Valentine’s. Everyone stared at her beauty, Justin didn’t mind all the attention that she received.

After the show, they jumped into a limo and he had a surprise for her.

“Where are we going now? This isn’t the way back to the hotel.” Liz asked.

“It’s a birthday slash anniversary party we are going to.”

“I thought we talked about this the other day. It’s been so crazy and I didn’t even get you anything. It’s not right for you to do all of this.”

“It is and it’s okay. I don’t need anything. Besides, you have me a huge present the other night, that was fucking hot.”

Elizabeth blushed. “Oh yeah, you liked that? Well then, in that case, I have another gift for you.”

The front of the limo they were in had a dark and soundproof window for privacy. If they needed anything, they had an intercom to push to talk to the driver, who was already told to drive for half an hour for some alone time.

Her hands unzipped his pants and his cock was all ready to go. Elizabeth took it and swallowed him whole. She sucked him up and down; her hands squeezed his balls and twisted them a little bit for pain and pleasure. Justin was in love with her gift; her mouth and hands were working their magic. Her saliva drenched his cock and she pulled up to look into his eyes. She reached into her purse and pulled out lube.

“Anal.” it wasn’t a question. She poured it onto his cock and then she lifted up her tight dress to expose her panty-less ass.

“W-w-what?” Justin stammered.

“You heard me.”

She handed him the bottle so that he could add more if needed before she turned around and sat on his lap with his cock in her hands being guided slowly and gently easing herself onto his long, thick cock. She winced at first and began to work her ass on it. Justin added more lube, his heart was racing. They were really doing this, this new Elizabeth was kinky as fuck.

Elizabeth worked his cock more and more, slowly she was able to fit him in. Her ass spread wider and wider, once his tip pushed in, the rest went a little smoother. Liz had to keep going up and down with a little of him at a time. This wasn’t porn, she couldn’t just take it all in at once. Little by little and more lube, Elizabeth became more comfortable. After a few minutes, Justin’s wide cock was buried into her tight, firm ass. She closed her eyes and sighed as she sat still and savored the feeling and being pushed to her limits.

Justin didn’t know what to do. He kept adding lube to make sure he didn’t hurt her. Eventually she was completely enveloping his dick inside her ass. She was able to take it all, it felt incredible. Not necessarily his thing, but she seemed to want to do it. He felt more comfortable with the situation and began to kiss her neck and grab her breasts and pulled them out. Justin heard a buzzing sound and looked to see what it was.

Elizabeth was enjoying being kissed on her neck and having her boobs being grabbed hard. She wanted to try this and to have both her holes filled with cocks, real and fake ones. Liz pulled out a vibrator that she had made from a mold of his cock and inserted it into her wet pussy. The anal made her very wet already, now she was totally full, the feeling was pure bliss, it felt like being fucked by two Justins.

She closed her eyes as she worked the fake cock in and out and worked her hips up on down on the real one. Elizabeth moaned and groaned from the incredible pleasures flowing through her body and it felt indescribable. Her body felt like she was being controlled by someone else, like she wasn’t herself at all.

Justin just let her do her thing as he kissed the back of her neck and pulled on her breasts and twisted her nipples. He almost forgot that they drunkenly made a mold of his dick one night. Now she was using it on herself while his real dick was being used to fill her ass. He was doubly fucking Elizabeth, it was strange and hot at the same time.

He grabbed his fake dick and said, “Let me do this.”

Liz let go and allowed him to control the motion. Before that he had a tie that he wanted to use on her the way she used it on him the other night. She smiled and blushed a little as she felt the silk binding her arms behind her back.

Justin then continued what she had started with the vibrator as Liz worked her body up and down. The rhythm was erotic; the sounds, sensual, the sex was perfection. He remembered that he told the driver a specific amount of time to give them and looked at his watch and it was nearly time.

“Quickly my love, we are about to stop. Shit, how are we going to clean up?”

“I always bring tissues in my purse as you never know. Now fucking cum already, but pull out before, so we can clean quickly. Oh my God, this is so fucking hot, it’s like fucking two of you baby.” She moaned out her words as she worked him faster.

“I’m trying to. Fuck, come on dick, cum.”

Elizabeth laughed out loud and Justin began to smile and laugh with her, it was comical. Having anal sex in the back of a limo and trying to go fast so they wouldn’t get caught made them feel young.

“Okay, okay, okay. Pull up, I’m about to cum.” Justin said in a rush.

“Shit.” Liz giggled. “My hands are tied, I can’t get up.”

“Fuck.” Justin quickly untied her hands and she pulled up and Justin squeezed his hands tight on his dick, so that he didn’t cum just yet.

Liz grabbed her tissues and hand them to Justin just in time. He moaned long as he finally let it go. She grabbed a few more and wiped herself too. She was giggling.

“What is so funny, babe?” He asked.

“This whole thing, it’s really funny. Doing it quickly so we don’t get caught.”

The limo stopped.

“Yeah. I guess it is pretty funny.” He smiled and kissed her. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

A knock on the door let them know it was time to get out. Justin pulled on the handle to let the driver know it was okay to fully open. They arrived at a hotel where Justin had rented a room for her birthday party and their anniversary. Nothing too big; some friends and some family, some good food and good spirits. Tonight was about her and their marriage.

“I hope you didn’t go too big with this, dear.” Liz said.

“Who, me? Never.” Justin played it off with over exaggeration.

When the couple entered the hall, everyone yelled happy birthday and happy anniversary. Most of their friends and family where there to celebrate with them. Most were already drinking and some were already half in the bag. They were bombarded by congrats and handshakes and kisses on the cheeks immediately.

The crowd parted and led them to the dance floor as their wedding song was being played. Elizabeth started to cry tears of joy and Justin took her hand and started to dance with her. Everyone else gathered around the couple and clapped and cheered.

After the dance they sat at the head table and ate and drank and celebrated their marriage with all of their loved ones and her birthday of course. She had presents galore. The night was very special for Elizabeth, she never expected all of this.

“Why did you do all of this after I told you that I didn't do anything for you?” She asked him when they had a moment alone.

“Elizabeth darling, I already told you, I don’t need anything. Besides, what we did the other night and just now and I’m hoping what we will do in the hotel, is way more of a gift than I deserve. That was fucking hot!”

She laughed and smacked his arm playfully, “Stop that, you know what I mean.”

“Yes, I do and I meant what I said too.” He kissed her lips.

Dancing and drinking and partying the night away with the friends and family was wonderful. The night was coming to a close and the couple snuck off to their room.

As soon as Justin shut the door, her dress hit the floor and Elizabeth walked to the big full length windows and put her hands to it and spread her legs. The lights were off and she didn’t think that anyone would be able to see them at this height. Besides, the windows had a tint to them to make it hard to see inside.

“Lizzie, what are you doing?”

“You know exactly what I’m doing. Now fuck me, it’s not like anyone can see us, the windows are tinted and the lights are off anyhow. Are you scared?” She was daring him.

He walked towards her while removing his clothes, arriving naked.

“It is a pretty view, isn’t it?” He asked.

“Yes it is.”

Elizabeth looked out the window at the big city covered in night; everything was lit, the city that never sleeps was alive as ever.

Justin smacked her ass and she yelped loudly.

“Harder, again.” She demanded.

He complied and did it again and again. She was moaning loudly.

“Will you keep it down, Liz?”

“Fuck no! Now use me”

She was extremely horny tonight for some reason, more so than usual and she didn’t know why nor did she care. She was loving it.

Justin pulled on her hair to make her arch her back and he kissed her lips and sucked on her tongue. His other hand wrapped over her throat. He didn’t put any pressure on it. It made her body shiver and she moaned from the sexual sensations. His hard cock was pushing her lips apart now. He was trying to tease her by pushing it between her legs and it worked. Each time he did it, she moaned more and more. Justin could feel the juices flowing out of her pussy and onto his dick.

Finally, to her pleasure and her loud moans, he entered her sacred place with a shiver and a groan of satisfaction. Elizabeth had her hands on the window and her legs spread for him. Her breasts were being grabbed and her nipples were being twisted and pulled, all the way she liked it. The sex was full of hair pulling, ass smacking, nipple twisting, tongue kissing, and neck biting; pure sexual fun.

Justin thrust hard and fast and Elizabeth was getting louder and louder. It went on and on as Justin would not cum and Liz had climaxed a few times already. She was lost in ecstasy, he was just trying to please her in any way that he could. Her face and breasts pressed against the window as he pushed her against it to thrust as hard as he could, so that he could finish with a huge explosion deep inside her body. He wanted her to feel it so far inside that she’d choke.

Justin pushed her against the window with a fist full of hair and smacking her ass over and over. He felt the need building up to have his much needed reward of sweet release. Liz screamed and moaned and begged as he pounded her into oblivion, she was in heaven. He had one last surprise for her; Justin pulled out and grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks. He pushed the tip inside her ass and started to cum as she started the scream.

“Shit! Sorry, I’ll pull out.” He felt bad that he hurt her.

“No don’t stop.”

He tried to push it in more as he finished cumming.

Elizabeth was hurting, but it was okay. It was spontaneous and very hot. She could feel it flowing inside her.

They were startled and jumped as a loud knocking erupted on their room door.

“Is everything okay in there? This is security, we heard reports of screaming.”

“Oh shit!” They both said at the same time.

Liz was trying not to laugh. Justin was freaking out and he was still inside her.

“Shhhh….don’t pull out just yet. It’s okay, relax.” She giggled.

“Ummmm…. Sorry about that. We uhhhh….got a little carried away.” Elizabeth said while suppressing a laugh. She looked and Justin and mouthed “Oh my God”

“Yes, we are fine. Sorry about that. It won’t happen again, promise.” He looked at her with big eyes.

“Okay…Uhhh… just keep it down please.” The security officer replied.

He realized what it was; this wasn’t the first time and it wouldn’t be the last time he had a complaint of a couple being too loud during sex.

Justin let out a huge sigh of relief as he pulled out, semen dripped out of her asshole and down her legs.

“Damn it, Elizabeth, I told you to be quiet.”

“I didn’t know you were going to push your cock up my ass without lube.”

“I was carried away. Besides, it was all the other moans and screams from my pussy pounding dick that made someone call security.” He said with pride.

“Yes, well…. I couldn't help it, it was fucking good.” She smiled. “I can’t believe someone called. Oh my God!”

“I know, right?” He said.

“Let’s just shower and go to sleep.” She looked at him and added, “And I do mean a shower and sleep and not a euphemism for sex you dirty boy.”

“Yes, dear.”

And that is how it all went down and dirty for this hot and sexy couple.

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