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Author Topic: Kylie Minogue-Red Blooded Woman  (Read 906 times)

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Kylie Minogue-Red Blooded Woman
« on: January 24, 2020, 07:05:25 AM »
Note- This is completely made up and does not reflect on any actual real events or persons.




Kylie Minogue, the pint sized pop princess was surprisingly turning fifty years old in May 2018. The age defying Australian celebrity had never liked birthday parties but on this occasion had decided to splash out and have a good time.

Recent times had seen her enjoy only bad luck in her personal relationships and she figured she deserved some quality 'me time.'

Although born and bred in Australia she had chosen London as her adopted home and resided in a £4,000,000 house in Chelsea.

Immaculately refurbished by herself the beautiful mansion boasted three bathrooms, four bedrooms and even an elevator.

After her split from her fiance a year ago she had channelled her heartbreak into her forthcoming new album, writing songs and setting up a new office for her personal use.

In an effort to rebuild her confidence and self esteem she has chosen only female members of staff. Kylie figured that getting men out of her system would be the perfect tonic to regain her sense of self and get in touch with her sexual emotions and sex drive.

"Oh, hell!"

Susan, Kylie's trusted secretary was running late due to signal problems on the District line on the Underground system, and when she arrived at the office she could hear the Aussie singer yelling down the phone at someone. Not a good omen to start the day. The long haired brunette cautiously opened the door to the office and closed it behind her quietly.

"Hi, I'm so sorry..."

Kylie held her index finger up at Susan without looking up or breaking her phone conversation. Always stylish in an unexaggerated way the ash blonde looked every inch the successful business woman in a short, powder blue, single button blazer with skinny lapels and ruched sleeves. The button was undone to show off her plain cream mini dress with the open neck sleeveless boob tube style and figure flattering body con fit. On her dainty feet she had the latest Saint Laurent black leather ankle boots with stiletto heel.

"I don't care what the excuse is, I expect that when I book your venue, the date stands, even if Megadeth DOES need to rehearse for their sold out show!"

Kylie's blue eyes blazed with fury as she held her Apple iPhone 8 to her ear, her unfussed blow waved tresses sat on her shoulders in long layers.

Susan hovered in silence and hopped on one high heeled shoe to the other. The attractive young twenty year old had been handpicked by Kylie to attend to various secretarial duties and just be a presence for feedback.

"I cannot believe this!" Said the emotional poppet as she grabbed a mouthful of her Mocha Java.

The venue for the proposed party was the Indigo Club at the O2 Arena in North Greenwich, formerly the Millennium Dome.

Between the pair of them they had supposedly reserved the club a month previous and had diligently gone about other important things such as invitations and the like.

"Quickly, get on the MacBook and check the e-mail confirmation from the O2 director."

Kylie motioned to a flustered Susan who barely had time to breathe. The young brunette brushed her long bangs that were swept to the left of her face and sat at the desk.

Now Spring had finally arrived in London Susan had a short sleeved cardigan with a button up front which served as a flowing mini dress just an inch decent at the upper thigh. She removed the red jacket of soft leather that she wore over it and logged on.

"You found it yet? Wait, I have another call. Yes, Stepney Catering? Where are my printed menus? I've been waiting patiently for two weeks now, this is not good people."

Kylie shook her head as she walked around the office, click clacking on the tiled floor. The slim beauty was only five tall in bare feet and even with the four inch heeled boots she still looked tiny, although her toned pins were quite long in proportion to her small frame.

Susan adored her and had gotten to know the fun sized celebrity extremely well during the last two months. So well in fact that they had shared a bed together several times, the young Londoner being a full blown lesbian and all.

 Having attended an all girl school until she finally left, the hot brunette had preferred the company of females to men, and was strongly attracted to other women of all ages and sizes.

"I found the message, confirmed on January 21st."

"I knew it!" Cried Kylie in her adorable Australian twang. "Get them back on the phone."

Susan got to work and her dark brown eyes met Kylie's and they shared a moment of empathy. Kylie smiled and revealed her white teeth as she held on the iPhone. Then her expression changed and she made a plump pout of her very kissable lips as she received more bad news.

"Are you kidding me! Lost in the post! I paid good money for those and I expect either a full refund or replacement menus by the end of the week. I...am...so...stressed!"

Susan hung up on her mobile phone and looked serious.

"The venue director is in a meeting and said he would get back to us."

Kylie pulled on her blonde locks and screamed.

"Oh wait, I got a call. Hello! No, this is not the Taiwan Noodle Shop! You got the wrong number, idiot!"

Kylie nearly tossed her phone out of the window in frustration and threw her arms in the air. She fanned her face with her right hand and took a few deep breaths.

"Can I get you more coffee?"

The diminutive singer looked at the seated Susan who had crossed her bare legs and was displaying ample thigh flesh.

"No, no coffee, I want you. I need you to eat my pussy."

Susan smiled as she watched Kylie draw her dress up over her hips and tug her white panties down her legs and off.

Her pubic mound was perfectly trimmed down to a fine downy triangle just above her shaven labia which protruded from the centre of her upper thighs. She sat on the chair next to the desk and widened her legs, boots pointed to the tiled floor.

Her dress bunched up around her small waist as she watched the girl go on hands and knees under the desk. Immediately Kylie felt warm lips on her inner thighs and a wave of restfulness came upon her.

"Oh, yes. That's much better. Lovely." This was the unique way she had for stress relief.

Kylie's legs started to shake as she raised her hips so Susan could put her face into her hot cunt. Susan studied the pink pussy a moment with the puffy lips that resembled rose petals and put both her hands on the milky thighs gently.

"You have a darling pussy Kylie, so soft and creamy."

"Why thank you, that makes me feel good."

It smelled divine as well she thought as she put her watering mouth to the tender folds and made contact with the fluttering muff.

Susan ran her wet tongue all over the juicy slit until it was moist and gleaming. Kylie began to pant as she became heated from the wonderful licking of her smooth labia.

"Oh, yes, that feels so good. I need to release all this stress."

Susan closed her eyes as she felt the inevitable tingling of her own twat as she eagerly lapped the well lubricated cunt of her employer. Kylie heard her phone ring and she checked the caller I.D.

"It's Jason Donovan. Hi, baby, how are you?"

Susan continued her oral assault on Kylie's pussy with an increased enthusiasm which made conversation slightly difficult.

"What? Oh yes, I do, oh yes keep doing that. What! No, not you Jason, yes! Yes! Yes! No, I mean. You didn't get an invitation yet? Oooooohhhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhh, well, let me get back to you. Uh huh! Uh huh! Got to cum, no! Got to go I mean."

"How am I doing?" Came a voice from under the desk, followed by a sensual vibration of pursed lips against the hot, pulsing cunt of Kylie.

"Hot damn, so fucking good, oh my. So much on my mind. Right there, right there."

Kylie's left boot began to drum out a beat on the floor as she revelled in the exquisite tongue on her quim.

The phone jingled once more and Kylie reluctantly picked up.

"H...h...hello? Who? Oh, yes, ohhhhhh! Yes! Call you back, call you back, call you back."

The blonde tossed the iPhone aside and snapped her head backwards. One slim finger was busy poking inside her hot channel with quick little jabs like a mini cock, twirling and grinding and making her supple legs quiver.

"Would you like me to lick your little clit for you now?"

"Please do." Squeaked Kylie, praying her phone would stop for about three minutes.

She spread her legs wider and experienced considerable waves of pleasure as her straining bud was deliciously stroked.

The little button throbbed as it was expertly teased and sucked rhythmically by the young lesbian. Kylie intended no harm but she trapped Susan's head as she brought her sleek thighs together and held her still as she ground her juice soaked cunt on the girls salivating mouth.

"Eat me, eat me!" Grunted Kylie, her stress dissipating with each lick.

Faster now, Susan licked and finger fucked the tiny singer who in turn humped her hips back and forth on the chair, leaving a line of dampness.

The concentrated tongue action, the licking and fluttering motion of the talented girl sent Kylie rigid with a sudden spasm. Then she howled as she erupted in a simmering climax that bathed the mouth and chin of the young English girl.

"Is it me, or is it really hot in here?"

Kylie inhaled deeply as she regained her composure and slipped her blazer off and fluffed up her hair.

Susan got up and came around the same side of the desk as the seated Kylie and giggled as she unbuttoned her cardigan and opened it over her shoulders.

Without a bra her medium sized tits jiggled lightly on her chest as she drew her panties over her cute bottom and dropped them on top of Kylie's discarded underwear.

"Alright, I have to make an important call and it is going to be extremely stressful. You know what to do, right?"

Kylie stepped out of her cream dress and Susan felt a surge of lust at the sight of the naked pocket bombshell. Her tits and ass were perfect and her hips had a sensual curve that was a treat to look at.

She turned her delectable naked form away from Susan and wiggled her award winning butt from left to right in flagrant invitation. The girl drank in the perfect symmetry of that bottom with the adorable slot between the sexy mounds of milky white flesh.

Kylie looked over her right shoulder and observed the girl step behind her and part her desirable cheeks open. With her phone plastered to her ear Kylie made the call.

"Hi, it's me. Are you free to talk? Fine, just hold a moment. Oh, yes! Lick me there, right there, oh fuck!"

Kylie was licked enthusiastically as she covered the mouthpiece of the phone and bit her lower lip in delight. She pressed up against the rear table as Susan stuck her tongue right inside her cunt.

"Ugng!" She squealed as she bumped her hips up and down lightly.

The girl planted her button nose into Kylie's asshole and reamed her with her hands firmly grasping the twin cheeks apart.

"I'm back, so, I would love it if you and Meghan could come, cum, cum, oh my, gotta cum. Yes, yes, yes, it would be an honour Harry. Yes, get back to me as soon as you can come. Cum, cum, cum."

Kylie tossed the phone aside and put her right boot up on the table and presented her cunt and ass up. Slick with the sweet nectar that dribbled from Kylie's sweaty pussy,

Susan lapped up and down from clit to anus with broad swipes, making sure to linger on that sensitive strip in between. Then the girl added a finger to the mix and jammed her index finger right into the puckered ass of the petite pop princess.

"Fuck!" Exclaimed a surprised, but delirious Kylie.

As Susan held her flattened tongue against the hard clit she squeezed the twin holes of cunt and anus together with her left hand for a sublime tweak.

Kylie planted her hands face down on the table as Susan changed tactics and moved her pointed tongue up the flexible woman's anus. Her buttocks were grabbed and kneaded as the pink arrow darted in and out of her offered asshole, and Kylie wriggled around with a wanton glee.

Kylie sobbed as her pussy became a foaming mush and she ground her ass hard into the face of Susan, who, in turn, rubbed her own twat vigorously.

"I'm getting close." Mewled the blonde between ragged breaths.

Each and every flick and lick hit the spot as her pleasure built, her pussy now swollen from the dancing tongue that swirled around. Her heart pounded in her ears and Kylie arched her back a little as the tell tale sign of her climax made her shudder.

She choked back a scream as that glorious feeling pulsed through her upper thighs, culminating in a heavenly meltdown that made her inhale deeply.

"Wonderful, just wonderful, let me repay you." Kylie lowered her tired right leg and stood.

Susan smiled and rubbed her aching pussy as she settled on top of the desk. She flung her legs up on the air and exposed her completely shaven pussy with the big outer flaps.

Kylie stared a moment at the remarkably pink flesh, then went right down and kissed the pretty prize as she teetered on her heeled boots. Playfully she teased with wet kisses from inner thigh to inner thigh, delaying the inevitable.

Then she slipped her hands underneath the pert derriere of the young brunette and raised her up, bringing her seeping cunt up to her face.

"Such a smooth pussy."

Kylie slowly licked up the left lip and then down the other, and was pleased to taste the trickle of fluids that began to emerge from the hot depths.

She stuck her tongue right inside and wiggled it around and around as she cupped Susan's ass in both hands. Pussy juice smeared Kylie's face as she poked in with audible slurping sounds that sent a thrill up the spine of the lucky girl who quivered like a jelly on the desk. She rubbed her hard nipples, flicking the stiff points with her fingers.

"You do that so well."

Kylie gave a muffled moan as she kept on licking and prodding the delicious prize. Susan was hovering in the edge of an orgasm and her pale flesh reddened as she literally humped Kylie's face. Now she lifted up and took in much needed air and gazed into Susan's doe like eyes.

"Was that the MacBook? Quick check for new messages."

Kylie handed the machine to Susan who propped it open on her belly. She gave her ruffled hair a big sweep over her right shoulder and read the list, as Kylie gave her little butterfly kisses on her glistening slit.

"The...the catering company, oh shit! Wait, wait, wait, wait, oh my!"

"What is it? Tell me," said Kylie as she nibbled the girl's clit.

"Mmm, oh, wow! Here, they say they have printed a whole new batch of menus for the party."

"Perfect, that's just what I wanted to hear." Grinned a happy Kylie.

With one finger in the girls pussy, she inserted her thumb in and out of her asshole, giving the delighted girl a double whammy.

"Oh, fuck! Keep doing that!"

Susan leaned backwards and propped herself up on her elbows and gasped loudly, shoving the Mac to one side. She, being a seasoned lesbian, despite her tender age was dumbstruck as Kylie shoved finger and thumb in deep and pressed them together through the incredibly thin membrane that separated cunt and anus.

"Oh, Fuck!" She screamed as the glow of her orgasm spread through pussy, ass and stomach.

Kylie stood and moved to take a seat and plonked her bare ass down, reaching for her phone.

"Let me see, so much to do, so little time."

The English sex kitten came around, looking sexy as hell, bare ass naked in just her heels, and straddled the left leg of Kylie and rubbed her damp pussy mound to and fro along the superb thigh.

Kylie kicked her right leg up onto the desk and stroked her cunt as her left thigh was dry humped. The iPhone rang and her eyes lit up when she looked at the caller I.D.

"It's him! Prince Harry! Don't stop by the way."

Kylie wove her fingers through her own hair and spoke down the phone. Susan speeded up her pelvic thrusts, rubbing her pubic bone firmly and producing extreme friction on her dripping vulva.

"Harry, hi, yes, no, yes, yes I understand. Thanks anyway. See ya. He says he's too busy with his moving plans to come."

"Such a shame." Said the girl breathlessly as she ground her throbbing pussy down.

Susan looked at a wide eyed Kylie as she rotated her hips and slid backward and forward into the soft thigh. She leaned forward with her upper body and thrust her tits out. Kylie reached up with both hands and squeezed the offered breasts, tweaking and tugging the rock hard nipples.

"Yeah, like that."

Kylie caressed the gorgeous pair lovingly, so soft and ripe, and very sensitive. She used the palms of her hands up the outside of the firm globes and moved inward.

Then she flicked out her tongue against each stiff nipple in turn, dribbling unashamedly as she did so. Susan was becoming crazed as her tits received the delightful attention and made little cries from pursed lips.

The wetness of the young brunette made a sticky smear on the upper thigh of Kylie as her dry hump became more and more vigorous.

"Oh my, this is such good therapy for stress relief."

"Hear, hear."

Susan was pushed over the edge and her lithe body shook as her pussy gushed atop Kylie's leg. She gasped several times and then slumped down into the arms of her employer, breathless and satisfied. The pair of them kissed deeply with open mouths as they gradually regained their composure.

"Really good morning, lots of things accomplished, lots more to do. Let's get to work."

Kylie slipped her panties on again and stepped into her boob tube dress. Susan began to button up the front of her cardigan top and checked the MacBook for any updates.

"Oh, no!"

"What? Tell me it's good news." Kylie tapped her boot nervously on the floor.

"The cards are printed and they sent a sample. They spell Minogue Minogogo."

"You have GOT to be kidding me, aghh! I'm getting irritable again. Quick, strip off and get my pink Rabbit Vibrator. This is going to be a long afternoon."

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Re: Kylie Minogue-Red Blooded Woman
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2020, 11:47:43 AM »
Many thanks for a new Kylie story, love reading about her.
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Re: Kylie Minogue-Red Blooded Woman
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Many thanks for a new Kylie story, love reading about her.

Cheers, I have one more finished story to load up.

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