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Note- This is completely made up by me and has no basis in the truth whatsoever. As far as I know.


January, 2020

There is no question that a failed marriage sucks. And when the breakup makes front page news it sucks even more.

Jennifer Aniston was now divorced twice, the second just recently, although the relationship had been rocky for some time. After such a breakup doing anything was better than doing nothing and Jen had hit the yoga gym hard.

Having just won a well earned award and being seen flirting with her ex Brad Pitt only made things worse.

Within the week things became impossible with reporters and cameramen waiting outside the gym every day to catch a glimpse of the International celebrity.

With her Beverly Hills home now on the market, Jennifer decided it would be best to leave Los Angeles for a while and took a British Airways flight to London. Checking into the legendary Ritz Hotel on Piccadilly she soon settled down into a somewhat more relaxed state.

The English weather was rainy and grey but this did not deter Jennifer in visiting the exclusive gym studio known as Barry's Boot Camp every chance she got.

The tough US owned studio had developed a cult following with its trademark red lit studio and Fuel Bar and she was highly impressed.

Determined to put her ex Justin and Brad out of her thoughts she threw herself into a tough regime which paid her back in dividends by honing her body.

The high intensity daily work outs burned up the calories and toned her muscles. Monday was arms and abs, Tuesday butt and legs and at the weekend the full body.

During her second week in London Jennifer found herself behind the most amazing ass she had seen in a while.

In a tight pair of yoga pants the ass popped high in the air as the woman negotiated the various positions. The pants showed off the beautiful curvy bottom and Jennifer found herself hypnotised.

"Oh hi, it's Jennifer right?"

The tall tanned and healthy looking brunette turned to face her with an engaging smile. She spoke in an educated English accent and her green eyes locked on Jennifer. Smouldering hot in super soft black leggings the woman held out her hand in greeting and Jennifer took the warm shake.

"It's Liz, Liz Hurley, pleased to meet you."

Jen gazed at the jaw dropping beauty with the flawless complexion and enviable figure.

The high waist leggings hugged her midriff and pulled in for a very snug crotch. Her stylish body suit with the spaghetti straps and textured panelling pushed her 36C bust up high. Jennifer shook her head to clear her thoughts and her ponytail hopped on her back.

"Hello, Elizabeth, yeah. How do you do."

"Call me Liz. I've been hearing a lot about you in the press lately. Those bastards never let go. You look great though."

Jennifer wiped down her arms with a towel and shrugged her shoulders. In floral pattern loose pants and black sports bra with an elasticated hem she didn't feel all that attractive at that moment.

"Why don't we hit the fuel bar and get to know each other."

The two of them made their way to the exclusive bar where Liz ordered a banana nut shake while Jennifer decided on the blueberry cobbler.

Within half an hour the pair of actresses were getting along like a house on fire sharing common issues, mainly man problems.

"I've learned from experience to bury any negative thoughts and get back out there."

Jennifer studied the classy brunette closely as she listened. The woman oozed sex appeal with her loose wavy tresses and strong cheekbones.

"Have a good time, don't feel guilty. You don't have to jump into another relationship, give yourself time and play the field. I've had the best sex in my life lately and I just turned fifty."

Jen sipped her shake. It HAD been a while since she had enjoyed some steamy sex and she just realised how much she had missed out since marrying. The more she listened the more she warmed to the effervescent English rose.

"Look, I have to run. Are you going to be here on the weekend? I want you to meet my favourite instructor here, Manuel, he's quite the looker."

And with that Liz hurried to the showers.


Saturday came and Jennifer met with Liz in the locker rooms and joined a group of women as they passed a row of stationary bikes and treadmills.

Both had changed into similar outfits as the other day and had their hair in ponytails. They saw a brawny man with the studio tee shirt warming up on one of the machines. He was pumping his legs hard and Jennifer admired his calf and thigh muscles which stood out in his yoga pants.

"That's him, cute right?" Said Liz as she nudged Jen.

They joined the handful of others and they all lined up in two rows.

"Alright ladies, we'll start by some stretching before we get to the more strenuous stuff."

All eyes were on the ripped instructor as he started his routine and Jennifer stared at his abs and muscled torso under his tight top.

Once settled they all assumed the Lotus position and waved their arms back and forth. Next they knelt and stretched their legs back one at time.

Manuel walked amongst them and checked out individual women and helped with their posturing. Liz felt him behind her as he fondled her butt and moved her by an inch.

"Perfect Liz, as always."

Liz winked and gave him a suggestive smile. Then they all stood and bent at the waist on Manuel's lead and with their legs apart.

The music sounded through the loudspeakers as they worked and Jennifer began to feel the perspiration prickle her forehead. She could feel his eyes on her from behind as she strained, then she felt his hand run up her back and settle. A thrill shot through her as he brushed her pussy mound with the back of his hand.

"Good job ladies, you all worked well today."

The hour was up and everybody broke out in applause. Manuel wiped his brow as the group began to disperse. He pointed to Liz and Jennifer as they became the last two to leave.

"You two did well, I would like to step up your regime if you were interested."

He stood between the pair of them and nodded approvingly.

"You both have great bodies, I'm very impressed. You make some of the teenagers jealous I think."

Jennifer grinned modestly and looked down at her rubber skin shoes. As usual her nipples poked out of her sport bra like bullets.

Having grown up in California she recognised his Spanish accent and she blushed coyly. He touched her gently on her shoulder and she made out the prominent veins in his developed biceps.

"Thank you, Manuel. Too kind."

The young Spaniard kissed her left hand and smiled with straight white teeth. His green flecked blue eyes locked on hers.

"Come to my office and we can talk privately."

A short walk away all three entered a modest room with desk and a three seat sofa. There was a single bright light above them as they moved close.

"If you would permit, you have a good posture but it can be improved with the right guidance."

Manuel took Liz by the arms and manipulated her frame in front of him. From behind he pushed against her and she felt the unmistakable shape of his erection in his shorts.

Jennifer was quite shocked at how fast things were happening and sat herself down on the sofa. Liz moaned as hot lips nudged her exquisite neck and hands roamed over her boobs.

"You are so fucking hot," he whispered as he nibbled her earlobe.

The tall English woman turned and took off her body suit as the lustful man dropped his shorts and stepped out of them.

Liz put her hands on each side of his face and kissed him with big wet slobbers as he fondled her bared breasts. Jennifer put her hand to her mouth as she glimpsed his large thick hard on between their bodies.

"Isn't he just scrummy darling, don't you want to eat him up with a spoon!"

Liz turned to Jen with a smile as the Americans eyes were torn between her tits and his caramel coloured erection.

As he took his shirt off over his head he stood naked before them, his chest and groin covered in dark hair. Being Hispanic his complexion was rather dusky and his seven inch cock seemed somewhat darker in comparison, almost dark brown.

"Would you like to kiss it?" His cock bobbed as he spoke.

Jennifer smiled and her eyes screwed up as she shook her head.

"Oh that's fine, I'll just watch from the wings thank you."

Manuel nodded and looked at Liz as she knelt down in front of him. The looker with the age defying beauty licked her lips and popped his fat cock head into her mouth.

Jennifer watched enthralled as Liz Hurley sucked the thick cock and played with the hairy ball sack underneath. Then, as Manuel chuckled, her head lifted so she could run her tongue on his prominent abs, obviously enjoying his warm body as she made yummy sounds.

"Very nice." He observed and held her long hair up in his hands.

Her hefty boobs swayed as she moved her upper body back and forth, working her reddened lips on his bell end. She leaned back and left a long string of spit that sagged and then broke as the connection between her mouth and his crown stopped. Liz held the rigid pole upright for Jennifer to see better and stood up.

"Now who wouldn't want to sit on this fine example of a stiff penis. I know I would."

Manuel moved to sit beside a nervous Jen as Liz wriggled out of her tight leggings. Her pussy mound was impeccable with a tiny dark line of pubic hair that set up from the top of her moist labia.

Naked she sat on Manuel's lap and he immediately began to massage her luscious breasts, eliciting an appreciative moan from the grateful woman.

"Lovely touch."

Once she was settled she looked at Jennifer and stroked her cheek with a dry palm.

"Watch me darling." She said in her refined accent.

She leaned back and thrust her tits up and made gentle rocking motions as she moved her cunt along his stiff shaft. Then she inhaled deeply and sighed contently as she commenced to bounce up and down, filling her quim with his meat. Manuel laughed heartily as he turned to face a speechless Jennifer.

"Delightful, delightful, her pussy is like a silk purse." He enthused.

Jennifer smiled inanely as she watched his muscular arms wrap around the waist of Liz. As she fucked him she wiggled her butt and felt his balls in the crack of her ass. Her breathing had quickened and her pumping of his stiff hose increased in pace as her face blushed scarlet.

"Feels so good inside me, oooo, yes!"

Liz panted with the exertion as they rocked beside Jennifer for a good ten minutes. The American was certainly aroused by the frenzied passion of them both, and so close to her on the sofa.

"Sure you won't join in sweetheart?"

Jennifer fingered her ponytail between her fidgety fingers and squirmed on her butt.

"I don't know." She said demurely.

She looked at Manuel whose hypnotic gaze met hers and she felt her pulse race. Without thinking her left hand went to her mound and she rubbed herself through the fabric of her pants.

His arms and chest flexed as Liz thrust up and down with more urgency, her orgasm building. Then she arched her back and placed the palms of her hands on his belly as she felt the welcome spasm of her climax. She stopped her grinding and pulled his cock from her weeping pussy.

"Wonderful, what splendid fun. Come on Jennifer, help me finish him off."

Liz went to her knees on the floor and guided Jennifer's hand to the shiny cock that poked up from his sweaty groin. The musky smell of him together with her own heated ardour persuaded her to jerk his boner.

Within seconds Manuel shot stream after stream of cum over her fist and his stomach. The first pulse made her yelp with surprise as it sprayed up in a huge arc before her eyes.

"What a pistol!" Cried Liz who marvelled at his orgasmic discharge.

Jennifer was equally impressed and did not relinquish her grip on his pole for several seconds.


At precisely Midnight all heads turned as the two leggy and glamorous women entered the louche gathering at the swish manor house in Surrey.

As they walked side by side in perfect symmetry they could well have been sisters. The near on six footer with the long wavy highlighted brown hair strode in confidently in a tight black leather dress with one single shoulder strap. Split up the left thigh the cock stiffening outfit had a daring plunging neckline all the way to her navel. Her expensive high heeled Christian Louboutin shoes accentuated her slim calves superbly.

"Cheers, darling." She said as she took an offered glass of champagne from a passing waiter.

Beside her, slightly shorter was a slim beauty with light brown hair with honey highlights that tumbled over her bared shoulders. Also in towering black heels she wore a black lace strapless mini dress which showed off her seemingly endless pins. Liz and her new best friend had spent all week on choosing their attire for this special night.

Both had their features covered in half masks, Jennifer Aniston in a black feather butterfly choice, and Liz Hurley in a black and gold cat mask complete with whiskers. The intoxicating fragrance of Gabrielle Chanel eau de parfum emanated from the impeccable ladies, both looking incredibly youthful despite their age.

"Nervous sweetheart?" Asked Liz.

"Very." Came the expected answer.

After two weeks of persuasion Liz had convinced Jennifer to attend a swinger's sex party. This was certainly not Miss Hurley's first time and she had eagerly awaited the invitation for a considerable time.

Jen downed a glass of champagne and immediately felt rather better. The room had about twenty other guests, all masked and incognito as were they.

All the women wore classy dresses, and the men in suits. The music of Ravel filled their ears as they stood and welcomed the licentious stares from both sexes.

"Now, some of these guests will be voyeurs, people who pay just to watch, but mostly we're all here to get laid."

During the previous weeks Jennifer had begun to come out of her initial reticence and had pleasured Manuel at the studio with a couple of blow jobs.

Liz had explained about her penchant for attending invitation only high class orgies at a cool £2,000 a ticket. Her favourite venue for such events was in rural Surrey in the south of the country and was popular with actors, singers and professional footballers. Only the best looking and adventurous made the grade.

"The rules are simple," she explained in the car on the drive down. "Everyone is anonymous in masks. No celebrity names are revealed and all mobile phones are to be left at the door."

"Right." Jennifer fiddled with her mask as she paid rapt attention.

The American had spent one or two restless nights imagining what might occur on her first appearance at an orgy.

"Anything goes, no fetish is too debauched, no limit to pairings. But you are under no pressure my dear, the organisers make it clear that no person may be coerced into something they don't want to do."

Jennifer stuck to Liz like glue as she looked around the large room. Whoever owned the manor house was significantly well off as she noted the elegant furniture and fine art on the walls.

Someone brushed by her and she looked at a dashing and handsome man in a black mask.

"Excuse me, my dear." He said in an incredible vibrant voice.

Just looking and listening Jennifer felt a thrill up her spine combined with a definite wetness between her thighs. As her attention was broken she noticed Liz had joined a small group in conversation.

Then three people walked past her, a young bearded man with two stunning women in cat masks on each arm. Behind his gold mask his eyes gleamed with desire.

"Are you coming to the room now?"

Jennifer put her left hand through her long locks and stuttered.

"The...the room?"

He pointed to the west wall as several others were headed to double doors.

"The play room." He smiled and carried on.

Jen looked off into the distance in a half dream, realising she could just leave now or commit herself.

"Jennifer, Jennifer."

A voice came to her and she looked over at Liz Hurley who was headed to the play room on the arm of a masked man with broad shoulders.

She waved and indicated for her to join the party and on teetering heels Jennifer nervously entered the room. The lights were dimmed but she could make out several couches and beds.

"Here goes."

Around the room guests were becoming more intimate and various scenarios were beginning to take place. Men and women were pairing off and pleasuring each other.

Jennifer tried hard not to gawp as a well built man in black tie and suit removed the cocktail dress of a big busted blonde. Others were peeling off in twos and threes, losing their inhibitions as well as their clothing.

One tall naked girl was sandwiched between two equally nude men as they appeared to be having sex in an upright position.

"Shall we?"

She felt a subtle hand on the small of her back and she turned to the naked hunk beside her. In just his mask the brown haired figure stood with his erect cock at a forty five degree angle. It was nice and thick with an angry looking crown. Jennifer felt the rush of excitement and her nipples harden under her dress.

"Why not." She answered.

She brought her arms around his rugged frame, closed her eyes and kissed the mystery man. He grasped her right breast and removed it from the confines of her strapless lace dress and thumbed the nipple.

Jen moaned into his mouth and boldly grabbed his hard on in her right hand, pleased at how thick it felt. She massaged the hot shaft as they smooched, relishing the rippled skin over his member, and wondered how many women he had fucked.

"Suck it."

Having practised on the yoga instructor recently Jennifer leaned forward and licked the swollen head in a circular motion. As she bent her tits tumbled out from the top of her dress.

Now well in the swing of things the American stunner made sweeping licks from his root to tip swirling her tongue intermittently.

"Fucking nice." He groaned and tilted his head back.

Jennifer dropped her head further and inserted the smooth head into her open mouth and took half of his cock in. She sucked him with soft sighs, her red lips clamped around his veiny flesh.

As his groans grew louder Jen stood, her dress halfway down her body and stroked his cock faster and faster. The stranger stood on tiptoe, his buttocks clenched as he felt his orgasm build, then he trembled and exploded in the palm of Jennifer. His cock throbbed in her fist as it sent strings of cum from the pulsing tip.

"Bloody good sport, thank you kindly."

"You're welcome," she said with a grin.

She sat on the nearest convenient couch and reached out to the table next to it. The organisers had thoughts of everything as she noted the condoms and tissues provided.

Taking a Kleenex she cleaned her hands and looked around. She could see sex everywhere, naked butts of aroused men were bouncing up and down atop of women with their legs spread.

Naked masked women were on their knees sucking cocks and getting fucked from behind. Jennifer took a sip from a champagne flute and drew her dress off over her supple pins. With no underwear she sat as naked as the day she was born left in just her butterfly mask and fuck me heels. It was then that the unmistakable sound of Liz Hurley's voice could be heard.

"Fuck me guys, come on."

She turned her head to her right and saw a large bed with Liz, naked and on all fours with a fair haired mans prick in her hands and a big black man thrust up her cunt from behind.

Stunned and intrigued she watched unblinking as the robust masked man with the shining ebony skin slid his prodigious cock in and out of the squealing English rose.

"Oh my gosh!" Murmured Jennifer utterly mesmerised at the erotic scene.

She had never seen a black cock before and from her angle it seemed like a huge log was being inserted the glistening pussy of her friend.

Then Liz began bobbing her head on the cock in front of her which belonged to a middle aged gentleman in a black bandit mask. Jennifer could see her cheeks puff out under her cat mask as she sucked on him in time with the vigorous stroking of the man fucking her.

"Liz, you devil!"

The men decided to switch and the white stranger came behind and shoved his stiff cock into the sopping pussy just vacated by the well hung black guy.

Jennifer began to rub her wet slit and bit her lower lip as she gazed at Liz who licked up and down on the large veined black cock in her face. From behind her other lover was pounding into her at a fast rate.

After a good five minutes the men were past the point of no return and Liz screamed as the black guy came in her face, splashing her mask and pursed lips. A throaty growl came from the other man who squirted his load over the perfect rounded bottom of a quivering Liz.

"May I lick your pussy?"

Jennifer came out of her reverie to be confronted by a naked young woman in a PVC Gothic mask. She looked about twenty, five feet six tall with long slender legs and flat stomach. Although not huge her tits were very firm with stiff nipples. With short blonde hair and azure coloured eyes she was the epitome of beauty.

"I said, may I lick you?"

Unable to speak due to the lump in her throat Jen felt the beautiful girl lean over and push her tongue out over her moist lips. They kissed long and slow as the mystery girl pushed her soft frame on Jennifer.

She smelled of flowers and honey as her ripe young body slid on Jennifer, both of them exploring each others mouths at the same time. The girl stroked the American's breasts, stomach and flanks and Jennifer knew her muff was dripping down her thigh.

"Fuck, I'm so wet!" She thought.

The girl continued to wriggle up and down on the seated Jennifer who loved the sensation of breast against breast, crotch against crotch. Then she gasped as two fingers traced out her damp pussy, newly shaved for the occasion, and felt tiny beads of perspiration on her flesh.

With a wonderful delicate touch Jennifer was stroked and fondled on the sweet spot of her pussy and her legs came up of their own accord and drew the tender young girl towards her. They humped and rocked in each other arms rubbing their bodies on each other with an increased urgency.

"Lick me sweetie, for heavens sake, lick me."

Jennifer was surprised to hear her own voice utter the words and watched with bated breath and tingling quim as the girl knelt down before her. With both hands she peeled back the puffy outer lips to reveal the pink inner slit and very swollen clitoris. Her boobs heaved as she leaned back on her elbows and parted her legs.

"Oh, fuck!" Gasped Jennifer as her little bud was drawn into the girls mouth.

With a slender middle finger probing her tight cunt Jennifer sucked in huge amounts of air as her clit was sucked with an expertise that belied the girls age.

Jennifer felt her belly flutter and an intense pleasure as her pussy juiced up. With a furtive look she saw the short haired head of the girl buried in her snatch, lapping at her wet opening.

"Don't you stop now, keep sucking."

Jennifer bucked lightly on her bottom as electric shocks flew up her legs and to her very core. Her heels dug in the carpet and her body flushed as she was sucked without pause.


Jennifer panted hard and her right leg shook uncontrollably as she came, delicious spasms pumping through her pussy. The girl eased off her clit and withdrew her finger and simply walked off and took the arm of a well hung man who had been watching.

"I got to get laid." Whimpered Jennifer and pulled her limp body up from the couch.

She couldn't see Liz anywhere as she wandered between the beds and sofas on wobbly legs. Lingering by an older looking man who had a long legged brunette on her back she watched as he thrust his quite well endowed cock into her bald cunt. As she became distracted she felt strong hands hold her arms to her sides and then spin her around and fling her back onto the bed.


Jen looked down her tanned naked body, breasts rising and falling, and saw two fists grip her shapely calves. A bronzed man in a gold mask traced his hands up the inside of her lithe legs all the way to her splayed pussy.

She lifted her ass slightly and moaned with excitement as the naked man began to finger fuck her. Her head rolled from side to side, her groomed hair fanned out seductively on the bed, and she kicked her heels up in the air.

"OHHHH!" She exclaimed as she was licked over and over until a mix of her juices and his spit ran down the crack of her ass.

She managed to raise her head to see the stranger lean back and thrust his eight inch erection in her direction. His neck was immensely thick and his shaven head comparatively small as he moved closer.

This was it she gulped. He moved in and rubbed his knob up and down her parted labia, coating the big spongy head ready for penetration. Her head buzzed and all sound seemed to recede as he pushed his organ deep within her welcoming slot.

"Heavens!" She shrieked as her cunt opened and his whole length slid in to the hilt.

Immediately he started to fuck the shit out of her with a series of ruthless and relentless strokes that saw his plum sized balls slap against her ass. His significant weight pinned Jennifer on her back as she was stuffed with his fat cock.

She looked breath taking with her high heels in the air and her tits jiggling under him. After a couple of pussy pounding minutes gold mask jerked his hips and sank his rigid pole deep inside her and then pulled out almost completely.

"I love it," she cooed, then yelped when he speeded up again and rammed in with great force.

Jennifer felt her body shift up the bed the more he slammed his cock home and her pussy began to feel as if it might melt. Then, as suddenly as he had appeared he was gone.

She lifted herself up and her pussy felt decidedly empty as she pouted with disappointment. It was not to last long as three masked males lined up at the foot of the bed and leered at her spread out legs and damp, gaping cunt.

"Oh, hi guys, how are YOU doing?"

All three were huge with broad chests and tight butts, not to mention their big cocks that all stood to attention. The one in the middle made no sound as he bent over her naked form and entered her wetness. As he banged her hard Jennifer's face was turned to her left and she came face to face with a big throbbing cock, the tip of which was rubbed over her mouth. Her tongue flicked out and circled around the tapered glans and she tasted the saltiness.


She tried to scream as her pussy was fucked in nice, long steady strokes but the prick in her mouth muffled her cries. The man on her right pawed at her boobs and caressed the two natural globes lovingly. Her outstretched arm brushed his thigh and his stout prick was placed on her open palm.

As the cock in her pussy and the cock in her mouth slid in and out she wanked the other in her balled up fist. Then the cock in her mouth withdrew as well as the man between her legs and she groaned with frustration.

Looking up she became aware of a male in a fine feathered mask that covered his whole head and face.

"May I?"

Jen nodded at the man whose biceps rippled and flexed as he moved in. He had a completely hairless body and sported a tight washboard stomach. His left arm was completely covered in a riot of tattoos from the top of his shoulder to the fingertips.

Then her eyes fixed on his erection which poked up proud from his bald groin which gave the effect he was even more well endowed than he really was. Her gaze became glued to his right hand as he pumped his shaft, the flesh gliding along the thick organ.

"You want this cock? He asked knowing the answer.

He looked to his right and then to his left before returning his eyes to Jennifer.

"Maybe later." He said teasingly and to her amazement he walked off, his beautiful ass a sight to behold.


As she stood to follow the desirable stud her view was blocked by the elderly gentleman she had seen before. His lean body had a mass of grey hair across his chest like coconut matting and his arms were folded across as he stood in front of her.

"I would very much like to fuck you my dear, you remind me of my first wife."

Rather than say no to the distinguished sounding fellow Jennifer smiled back into his leopard spotted face mask and got back onto the bed. His erection was small but had a very bulbous looking head that flared out from his foreskin.

With an assured confident air about him he spun the sex hungry actress around so that she faced away from him. With a surprising iron grip he moved her into a doggy position and widened her legs for his eager entry.

"Please excuse my rough housing my dear."

Jennifer grunted an affirmative as he split her pussy folds with the fat head only. With his hands firmly on her cheeks he stabbed all the way in causing Jennifer to gasp through gritted teeth.

He proceeded to give short and rapid thrusts in, his lower body slapping on her butt like a crack of a whip. The intense but slow stabs of his cock made her frame shift forward two inches on the bed.

"I may use coarse language now, if that is permissible."

Jennifer planted her hands in front of her in an attempt to stay upright from the mans steady thrusts.

"That's right you little slut, take that cock in your filthy cunt. Do you like it? My cock deep in your dirty smelly pussy? Dirty from so many men? Whore!"

As he spoke his strokes gained speed as he rammed his length into the hapless babe. She felt him spread her buttocks and run his thumb over her exposed asshole.

"Do you like me touching your anus while I fuck your wet cunt? Does it feel good? Shall I cum on your bottom? CUNT! Shall I?"

Jennifer had her eyes shut tight as he withdrew his pulsating organ, and she felt the loss of his meat inside her more than she expected. With his hand raised high up he gave her six of the best, hard quick smacks on her peach of an ass. She lifted her head, her bum stinging, as the gentleman then erupted and sprayed her butt and lower spine with his sperm.

"What spiffing fun! Simply splendid, thank you my dear, must dash, urgent meeting in the House of Lords."

Jen sighed and blinked as her eyes focused on Liz Hurley on her hands and knees on the other side of the bed, a masked man with sandy hair behind her balls deep in her pussy.

"I so love this position, it makes for better penetration, don't you agree sweetie?"

Jennifer stared at the English woman as she royally humped by the swarthy man who pulled and pushed her tall frame to him.

"Been having fun?" She said between breathless moans.

"Yes, say, have you seen a big guy in a feather mask?"

Liz bit her lower lip as her lover rammed his cock hard and true into her aching cunt.

"Yeah, he comes here every time, oh fuck! We think he might be a famous rugby footballer. Shit! Fuck that pussy darling!"

Jennifer stood and cleaned her back with a handy tissue.

"I must have him. He looks unbelievable."

"Well good luck, he only fucks one lucky woman on the night."

Jennifer's nipples were so hard they hurt as she stumbled around various copulating couples and threesomes. Then she spied her target as he sat on a couch with the leggy short haired blonde on her knees sucking his enormous erection. His eyes burned through his big mask into hers and Jennifer felt an ache, a strong desire to have his huge throbbing cock.

"Hello again." He boomed looking over the top of the girl licking his immense shaft.

Jen stood looking radiant in the low light, her tanned flesh glowing as she stood with her hands on her hips. She was proud of her figure and she tilted her face up with confidence.

The man pushed the young blonde to the side and drank in Jennifer's firm breasts, trim waist and well shaped legs. Her toned calves had that seductive arch from wearing the high heels and her back and ass were complimented in the same way.

"This is my night I think." She stated as a matter of fact and turned to walk to the nearest vacant bed, her buns rolling from side to side as she walked.

Jen laid on her back and raised her long arms above her head and stretched like a cat that had gotten the cream. The beefy rugby player approached the bed and joined her, kissing and caressing her tits softly, taking great pleasure in nibbling the bullet sized points. He whispered in her ear that he was going to fuck her like she had never been fucked before.

"Then do it." She demanded.

Peering out of her mask she spread her legs for him, her pussy seeping fluids. Then she felt the blunt top of his generously sized knob nudge her folds and then press on in.

Jennifer gasped as she realised she was about to be fucked by the biggest cock she had ever laid eyes on. He pushed in further and inch by inch he sank in, savouring her tightness despite her sexual activities earlier.

"Fuck, go easy honey, it's mighty big."

Her plea fell on deaf ears as all at once he flexed his muscles and began to saw in and out between her open thighs. She screamed loudly and thrashed wildly on her back, lost in sheer animalistic delight as her stretched quim was filled by the big cock.

Her juices leaked profusely soaking his thick girth as he fucked the babe at an incredible pace, his strong motions shifting her body back on forth under him.

"Goodness!" She shrieked as she came.

Her clit was rubbed hard with each full stroke of his body and she shook as her entire being was wracked by her orgasm. Still her soaking cunt was reamed by forceful thrusts of his throbbing member and Jennifer wrapped her arms and legs around his solid body. The veins of his huge shaft rubbed the ridges of her inner walls like no other cock she had ever had.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." She sobbed into his wide shoulder as he fucked her brains out.

His sweaty body left a sheen on her soft skin as they writhed in each others arms on the large bed. Then the athletic footballer rolled onto his back taking Jennifer with him as if she were a toy doll in his arms.

Still embedded on his monster cock she bounced up and down on him with her long hair whipping about her head. His steel like grip on her hips pulled her body down to meet his thrusts up, each time burying his length inside her.

As she thrashed about on his rigid pole Jennifer looked up to see Liz and several others enjoying the glorious sight of her riding feather mask.

"Way to go Jennifer." Said Liz clapping her hands.

The super stud rubbed and squeezed the gorgeous tits in his face as Jen leaned forward. Jennifer's emotions ran wild, trapped in a lust crazed frenzy and oblivious to the onlookers.

With a big effort she managed to clamp her legs around his back, crossing her high heels behind him. Each powerful thrust lifted her right up on his lap and back down again, impaling her on his tremendous appendage.

The stranger howled and threw his head back as he came, his white hot cum shooting up inside Jennifer's pussy with seemingly never ending spurts. Her own climax rocked her world at the same time and she held onto the stud tightly for fear of fainting.

"Bravo darling!" Yelled an enthusiastic and naked Liz Hurley as she looked on.

Jennifer was lightly lifted up and laid out on the bed as the rugby player silently left. She watched in a daze as three men jerked their cocks and one by one they shot their loads over her with varying cum blasts.

The first scored a direct hit on her lips and neck as he stroked hard. Next, from her side a man in a cat mask showered her boobs with several arcs of the white stuff as he laughed heartily. Last but not least the third masked male dappled her belly and upper thighs, mingling with the leaking goo from her overfilled cunt.


As the party came to an end the guests dispersed and the manor house became silent in the early hour. Both Jennifer and Liz took their sky scraper heels off aching feet and padded out to the car outside.

"So darling, did that help you forget Brad for a while?"

"Brad who?" Answered Jennifer with a grin. "Say, when does the English rugby season start?"

Although exhausted from the night of frolics Jennifer Aniston had a healthy spring to her step as they left the house. Rugby seemed a fun sport she thought as her imagination ran wild.

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Re: Jennifer And Liz Go Swinging (Elizabeth Hurley, Jennifer Aniston)
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Nice story here, never seen anything with these two lovely ladies paired together before.  :Y:
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