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Katy and Kaley Work Out
« on: February 04, 2020, 12:00:22 PM »
Note- I have never met either of these celebrities, and this tall tale did not take place in reality, I made it up.


2019. Los Angeles.


Kaley Cuoco emerged from the Studio City Fitness Facility looking like a million bucks. Her fitness regime, together with her yoga and horse riding, had paid off with astonishing results.

Her coach had given her a programme of push ups, planks and squat thrusts, three times a week, which had given her a seriously honed body. Taut belly, toned legs and muscled abs and butt were her reward, and she smiled as she got into her silver Mercedes Benz and contemplated her day.

"Looking good, Kaley, looking good."

Dressed in a royal blue stretch knit top, her gorgeous enhanced breasts looked fabulous, and at the same time the form fitting top accentuated her narrow upper waist.

She turned on the L.A. weather station, KW037, and heard that although rain had cooled the temperature somewhat clear skies were expected by midday. As a treat to herself she sipped her Starbuck's strawberries and cream frappuccino, then headed off to Sherman Oaks where she envisaged a sweat breaking yoga session.

"Just on time."

Kaley checked the dash clock and parked up, gathering up a light shoulder bag. She had forgone a shower earlier preferring the better stalls here, and her blonde locks were in a slight state of disarray.

This institute also had a wide range of classes and bright, spacious studios. Now at an advanced level there was a confidence in her step as she passed through the gated entrance and strolled along the gravel driveway.

The building had a rustic feel that gave it a warm and relaxed atmosphere which suited the tv actress. As she entered she heard the soft music over the loud speakers and greeted the receptionist.

"Morning Miss Cuoco," said the Japanese girl with a big smile.

"Hi Asumi, how are you?"

The young woman rose slightly at the waist and bowed her head.

"Very well. Please to enjoy our wonderful facility."

Kaley grinned as she bowed in return, always happy to see the nice and friendly staff. Once she hit the locker room she changed into a skimpy black sports bra and a pair of figure hugging yoga pants.

She admired herself in the full length mirror, pleased with her toned midriff, and pert derriere. Putting on a pair of pink sandals she headed to the class.

"Let's see, what to choose today."

The blonde actress decided to attend the morning 'mellow movement and meditation' class. This involved moving slowly and breathing deeply in a warm candlelit environment without music. She finished off with the Savasana posture, where she laid on her back and totally relaxed.

"Mmm, nice session, shower time I think."

Kaley returned to the locker room and binned her grey mat and took a fluffy towel. The facility had six stalls and the owners had provided deodorant sprays, body lotion and even tampons.

Stripped off, the long haired beauty let the soothing hot water strike her toned physique, then she grabbed a bar of soap and made a lather.

"Wow, I need this."

As she turned around under the shower head the needles of water ran in rivulets down her cleavage and her prefect bubble butt. Her fine tresses dangled down her back and clung to her moist skin.

Now she was good and wet, Kaley washed her body, starting with her shoulders and breasts. Inevitably, in her relaxed state, her hands caressed her belly and bum and ended up at her shaven pussy.

It felt good as she rubbed around and around in a clockwise motion, and she tilted her face up to catch the cleansing spray.

"That felt good." Thought Kaley as she sat on one of the benches in the middle of the stalls, her towel around her waist.

That was when she heard the singing.

"I kissed a girl, I liked it. That taste of cherry chap stick."

The voice came from the furthest stall and Kaley could clearly make out a wonderful female voice singing one of her favourite songs.

"I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it." Kaley joined in.

Still unseen, the voice sang the next line loudly.

"Hey, you sound just like Katy Perry." Yelled Kaley as she dried her hair.

A head poked out of the shower, and a blue eyed woman in her thirties spoke.

"That's because I AM Katy Perry!" Said the platinum blonde.

Kaley looked on speechless as the tall naked figure of the International star stepped out, dripping on the floor tiles.

She still sported her pixie haircut, which showed off her symmetrical face and elegant neck. But Kaley could only stare at the marvellous 32D natural boobs that hung large above the woman's trim waist and big hips.

The curvaceous singer also shaved her Mons pubis as did Kaley, and her stunning thighs had that gap like an inverted V.

"Hi," said Kaley weakly and blushed uncontrollably.

"And you of course are Kaley Cuoco, pleased to make your acquaintance."

Katy stuck out her hand and Kaley grasped the warm woman and shook hello. Acutely aware her own tits were exposed, she tried in vain to cover herself up.

"You know, I only cut my hair when I saw YOU get a short cut."

"Oh really? I actually hated that look."

Katy sat beside the awestruck actress whom she had admired for years. She could smell the natural feminine scent of the smiling blonde as she got up cosy against her naked form.

"I love it, I even persuaded that English actress, Emma Watson to cut hers."

"Oh, you know Emma?"

"A little, we just made out a few times when she turned twenty one."

Kaley stood up and smiled nervously as she went to her locker. Katy stared and licked her lips at the delightful glimpse of firm buttocks as Kaley let her towel slip.

"You...you made out with her?"

Katy also stood and sought out her own locker.

"Sure, now she's all grown up that girl is a little fuck bunny."

"So, you come here often?"

Kaley tried to divert the conversation despite the hint of prurient intrigue in the knowledge that Katy Perry and Emma Watson slept together.

As they dressed Katy continued about her lesbian tryst.

"So, there I was on my hands and knees with that little minx behind me wearing a strap on dildo. Fuck! I thought I was gonna pass out the way she rammed that thing up me, I came like an express train coming out of a tunnel!"

Kaley slipped on a floral summer dress, no underwear, and tied her hair in a side ponytail. Her stomach did a flip flop on hearing the lewd tale, and the pulsating wetness in her pussy increased.

She turned to Katy who had adorned tight sparkly blue leggings and a crop top. A pair of turquoise platform shoes on her feet which Katy absolutely loved to wear at every opportunity. She looked so lovely!

"You want me, don't you sweetie, I can tell."

Kaley felt her mouth dry up, and became aware of her flushed cheeks. They were quite alone and Kaley came up close to the vivacious woman and squeezed her hands.

"You KNOW I do, so lets do it."

Once the words were out she felt a rush of relief and relaxed, and the two adorable celebrities hugged each other tight and kissed. Katy could feel the nipples cut through the thin fabric of the dress as they embraced. Both were lost in their reverie before breaking away reluctantly.

"Just one question, your place or mine?"


The women laid in each others arms, naked and aroused. They had driven the short way to Beverly Hills, and arrived at the lavish home of Katy Perry.

Listed at over seven million dollars, it had four bedrooms and four bathrooms and had a Mediterranean influence. The main bedroom suite was bright and spacious, with white walls and ceiling.

"I'm not a lesbian if you think that, I just adore beautiful people."

Katy reached out to use her slim fingers to caress Kaley's wonderful tits, so full and form to the touch.

"I know, you married that English guy Russell, right?"

"Yeah, fuck! Was he good in bed or what. Still, he turned out to be an asshole."

As they spoke, the short haired stunner ran her hand through the fine hair of the blonde who sighed softly, Her fulsome lips parted and her pink tongue ran over the upper lip.

Katy lowered her face and pushed out her own tongue and Kaley welcomed it inside her warm mouth. They twisted and curled tongues gleefully as waves of pleasure rippled through their ripe nude bodies.

"How about you, babe?"

Katy kissed the neck and collarbone of Kaley who gripped the other at her waist as she moved on top of the writhing goddess. Hands pawed boobs, thumbing the erect nipples playfully, fingers tickling the big globes of flesh.

"Oh, you know...mmmm...yeah, I love a man inside me...oh gosh!"

Katy had slid down the king size bed and placed her head between Kaley's legs. She puckered her lips and planted a big smacker on the moist pussy lips that had become pouty and swollen. Hot air was blown in a gentle way onto the smooth labia and Kaley rolled her hips from left to right.

"Baby, that feels ever so good, kiss it again."

Katy obliged, spreading the limber legs apart and kicking her legs back in a straight line behind her. As Kaley literally bounced up and down on the bed, her titillated twat was peppered with tiny butterfly kisses.

Then two digits were slid inside her honey pot and she was carefully stroked, every movement inside her cunt sending intense thrills throughout. The fingering increased in tempo and Kaley felt her heart pound in her chest.

"Your pussy is divine, I simply have to suck it."

"F...f...feel free." Uttered the blonde, a helpless puddle of submission.

"I know, I'll show you the car wash."

What the hell is that? Wondered Kaley, who looked down at the pixie head between her widened thighs.

Katy inhaled deeply and then clamped her mouth to the damp cunt in her face. She gave rapid licks up and down on the left outer lip, then switched quickly to the right.

Her tongue became a blur as she repeated the process over and over, and Kaley's quim became decidedly wet.

"That's amazing." She breathed, her hands in tight fists.

No fingers were used as Katy lapped this way and that, in circles, side sweeps and probing. Kaley pushed her head back into the pillows as her cunt was sucked, kissed and pouted on with hot and wet lips.

Spit and slobber ran riot on her loins and ass crack as the actress was rendered speechless. A thousand tingles assaulted her delectable body and her head swam as tiny bubbles formed on her dampened labia.

"Mercy me, I never had such a feeling!"

Kaley curled her toes in the sheets, her legs trembled, her stomach quivered and her large tits jiggled on her chest. Her lower body was simply splattered with a combination of saliva, dribble and her own fluids, all of which made a viscous trail that slowly ran down her crack.

Then Katy concentrated on the stiff clitoris that had sprouted from the top of the wet folds, and Kaley hissed and panted on her back.

"Now wait."

Kaley experienced hot air blown on her cunt in unrelenting blasts that in an instant dried her sodden pussy. She purred like a kitten, a wide grin on her bee stung lips as the dreamy warmth hit her quim. Her back arched as a sublime climax tore through her with an intensity that shocked her.

"And that my dear is the car wash."

Kaley recovered slowly and looked up weak and spent, her legs spayed at an impossible angle.

"You invented that?"

Katy rose up, her huge tits looking spectacular on her nude frame.

"Actually, it was Russell Brand, but hey ho. Now, have you ever sucked ass?"

"No, I haven't."

"Up, pup." Katy rolled over onto her belly and wiggled her buns in the air.

Kaley gulped and cupped her soaking pussy a moment to relish her orgasm. Then she leaned forward and let her fingers smooth over the perfectly rounded buttocks of the famous singer.

"Be a devil, Kaley, kiss 'em."

Still stroking gently the blonde dipped her head, sweeping her hair over her back, and ran her tongue on the meaty left buttock. Tentatively she worked up and down, then, taking Katy's initiative she changed to a side sweep. As she began to enjoy herself Kaley shifted to the other cheek and eagerly licked the hot flesh.

"Good start, keep it up." Said Katy enthusiastically.

Ever bolder, and relieved at the clean and odourless body of the ravishing woman, Kaley plunged her tongue into the offered anus of Katy.

"I like it, more."

Kaley closed her big green eyes and poked in and out with steady stabs and bathed the puckered starfish with her spit. Her hands came up to better part the pale ass and with her cute nose buried in the alluring butt, her tongue doubled the rate. Katy was not idle and rubbed her clit with one hand as she balanced herself on the other.

"I'm close, real close." Moaned Katy, wonderful sensations radiating through her body.

Now, Kaley broadened her horizons and alternated between asshole and pussy with great swipes of her tongue that glided up and down with loving dexterity.

Katy became unglued with positive delirium as her pussy responded with a mini orgasm, which was then superseded by an eruption of juices that shot out of her snatch and onto Kaley's outstretched tongue.

"Yummy!" She exclaimed happily.

Katy twitched and laid flat on her stomach, her tits mashed to the bed. Kaley climbed aboard and mashed her frame to the back of the other.

"I kissed a girl's ass, I liked it!" Sang Kaley, giggling and rotating her soft flesh on Katy.

"I think you had better stick to acting and let me do the singing!"

"Agreed," laughed the two of them as they rolled over and over in each others arms.

"Oh, hey! Have you ever used a strap on before?"

"Er, no! Just a regular vibrator."

"Oh, you got to try it, it's a hoot!"

Kaley sat up in bed as Katy cheerily rummaged through her closet.
She had come this far and she wanted to push the boundaries of what she was capable of.


Kaley puffed out air as she looked at the six inch rigid pvc dildo that poked up from the harness of nylon it was attached to.
Katy grinned as she turned her right hand along the black rod from the root up to the engorged false head.

"Look, it even has balls!" She noted proudly as she tied it around her waist. "Wanna suck it!"

Katy held the obscene looking dildo out and Kaley stretched her mouth open and closed her thin lips around the head. The short haired blonde pushed and pulled the false cock as if fucking the girls mouth.

Kaley was on her knees, hands on the other woman's thighs as she bobbed her head up and down, her oh so cute bottom shuddering slightly.

"Yes, make it nice and wet so I can fuck your little beaver."

Decidedly horny, the black sex toy looked very appealing to a heaving Kaley Cuoco.

Katy then liberally smeared some lubricant she had retrieved from the bedroom dresser onto the stiff toy.
She neared the bed and bent to the spread open legs of the wide eyed blonde.

"You're gonna love it."

Katy climbed on top of the curvy blonde and slowly inserted the fake cock inside her.

Kaley watched wide eyed as the singer fed the black monster into her tight, bald cunt. The sight of the black thing vanishing inside the smooth slit of the girl, together with her hiss of a sigh made Katy actually drool.

"How is it?" She asked, and a tiny whimper was her reply.

Kaley was not prepared for the incredible sensation of the solid penetration.
She pulled her legs up and wrapped them tightly around Katy Perry.

Katy expertly used her pelvis and hips to move the false prick in and out, a smear of the KY glistened on Kaley's pussy and ass crack. Katy leaned over and caressed the B cup tits and strummed the bullet sized nipples that poked up proud.
Each inward thrust made the girl gasp aloud as she was relentlessly fucked.

Kaley felt it go deeper into her with each new thrust as Katy increased the rate of her strokes.
After a full two minutes Kaley needed some relief and she put her hand on Katy's chest.

"Let us switch. Are you game?"

Katy rubbed her soaking quim and nodded affirmatively, profoundly jealous of all the attention Kaley was getting. The dildo pulled out slowly, glistening in the bright lights of the room.

The contraption was handed from one to the other and then it was Katy's turn, and she threw her head back as the whole cock disappeared inside her hot cave.

"You're so tight! How many cocks have you ever had?"

Kaley increased her pace, leaning forward so that Katy lifted her butt up off the bed to the dildo penetrate her soft cunt that much more.

"Lovely butt you have, lover."

Katy was moaning with sheer delight as she was fucked by Kaley, and she rubbed her clitoris energetically.
Gasping and panting she shook on the bed, her hands tearing up fistfuls of sheet.
Kaley got into the swing of things and fucked Katy with the force a man might use.

Kaley had an aching pussy and figured it was her turn once more. She got up onto all fours and wiggled her cute derriere in the air invitingly.

Next thing Kaley was impaled on the latex cock to the hilt. With harder and faster pelvic thrusts, Katy grabbed the hips of the trim girl and ploughed in and out to her heart's content. Her own pussy was dripping down her left thigh as time went on.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, you're gonna hear me roar!"

Excitement and pleasure built and built in Kaley as she was fucked deeper with every motion of Katy behind her.
Then the sheer momentum meant that Kaley was pushed onto her stomach and the room resonated with the slapping sound of naked skin on naked skin.

Katy was the first to cum, a song on her lips and a shimmer of her hips as a huge orgasm hit her. Kaley also sighed from the welcome intrusion. Her body pressed up as she climaxed around the solid sex toy and both girls collapsed onto the bed in a quivering heap. The dildo was removed and Katy gave little taps on each of Kaley's buttocks as if making an exclamation point.

"What good fun that was," said she as she unhooked the harness.

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