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Author Topic: What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Scarlett Johansson writes a porn screenplay  (Read 4764 times)

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What if Scarlett Johansson got bored of the mainstream Hollywood? She has hinted of such feelings and I think she could take the adult movie world by storm if she so chose. Imagine her in a Black Widow XXX parody, anyone?


From Scarlett's POV.

I emerge from my bathroom after my luxurious bath with my special lavender, blue fig and pomegranate salts, then settle on my soft bed with the satin sheets. My naked body settles and I lean on my right elbow and turn on my Sony laptop. I find my diary page and look at the blank page for a few moments. Then I begin to type the words,

'Scenes for a future movie starring myself, Scarlett Johansson as a cougar on the prowl.'

Scene one.

I am a teacher at a college and notice a young 21 year old new black student named Tosh. He is six feet tall, lean and has long legs.

I introduce myself on campus and am happy to let him check out my figure. I wear my white blouse which accentuates my 32D breasts and flat stomach. My legs are bare under a tight midi skirt of navy blue.

I deliberately bend forward to pick up my purse which I drop intentionally and notice his long cock that rests down his left thigh. I decide to have him that day.

He visits my apartment that afternoon under the pretence of my giving him a rare book. As we sit and drink herbal tea I tell him straight that I would like nothing better than to make love to him.

He agrees and tells me I have a gorgeous body. I start to remove his shirt, then when all the buttons are undone I run my hand on his chest. His ebony skin is magnificent and my fingertips linger on his pectorals.

I slip the shirt off his shoulders and drop to my knees and unfasten his belt. The zip slides down effortlessly and his jeans gather around his ankles. My slender hands squeeze his growing erection as I gaze into his dark eyes.

"You have a very nice cock."

He grunts and shifts his hips as i pump it in my fist.

I stand up and unbutton my own blouse and his eyes grow wide as he sees my round breasts thrust out from my bra. He drops to his knees as I undo my skirt and let it slide over my wide hips and puddle round my feet.

As I unhook my bra and toss it to the floor he wastes no time in tugging down my skimpy panties. He gasps at the sight of my smooth waxed labia with the little thatch of golden hair above, then he puts his face to my groin and takes a big sniff of my womanly scent.

Then he stands up and presses my naked body to his, my paleness contrasts with his black flesh. He kisses me hard on the mouth, his full lips mash against mine, then his hot tongue pushes inside seeking out mine. We swirl around and around letting our mutual saliva mingle. His hands cup my full boobs and then flick the hard nipples. I moan and cock my head to one side as my pussy begins that familiar tingle.

He takes me by surprise and spins me around so he can view my fleshy ass, then puts his hand in the small of my back and pushes me down from the waist. I spread my legs apart so he can plunder my pussy and poke a fat finger inside me.

His digit moves in and out as my head drops and my blonde locks tumble forward. He parts my cheeks to study my cunt from behind then presses his face to my ass and laps at my outer lips.

"Oh my Tosh, you are a clever boy. I need you to fuck me."

I stand upright and take him by the hard cock lead him to my bedroom. He smiles as his prick is in my fist leading the way. My bed is big and soft and I lay down and pat the sheets with my hand.

"With me Tosh, lie down here."

He crawls up and puts both his arms around me and we hug tight. We kiss once more and my big boobs crush against his chest and my pubic bone presses on his rigid prick.

I moan loudly when his mouth lowers to suck on my nipples and I stretch out my body and legs along the bed. His left hand finds my clitoris between my open thighs and he discovers how wet I have become. He makes circles with his fingers around my hard nub and I grip his strong biceps as I writhe under him.

"Mmmmm, delightful, wonderful. Fuck me now Tosh, give me your big black cock."

He leans back and rests on top of me and moves his stiff organ to my aching slot. I lock eyes with his as I feel him slowly push up into my juicy hole.

"Do it slow babe, I want to feel every vein of your thick shaft."

My tightness and his thickness drive me wild as he fills me up. I use my pussy muscles and squeeze with all my strength as he starts to move back and forth. His arms go under my narrow back and I drape mine over his broad ebony shoulders.

"Lovely, now you may go faster."

I anticipate his big cock deep inside but am unprepared for his powerful thrusts and my mouth opens wide with the exquisite feel of him. He plunges in and out of me, he draws right out then back inside with his whole length.

I could feel my cream foam on his big stick and my heart beat fast. I bring my legs up and around his waist and lock my feet together. His hips drive into me and my body bounces on the mattress.

"I love your fucking cock stuffed up me," I cry and thrash my head side to side and whip my golden hair around on the pillow.

My legs begin to weaken and I drop them beside his pumping body and start to shake uncontrollably as my orgasm builds and builds. I scream loudly as I flex my cunt around his prick and gasp for air.

My pussy leaks out over my upturned butt and a trickle runs down my crack. Tosh pulls his glistening cock from my wetness and rests it on my belly. I gaze at the monster and still am unable to believe it was just inside my cunt. I need more.

I lower my head and take a real good look at his knob, dark like chocolate, brown head and a good eight inches long. I put my lips over the top and lick all around the spongy head.

Then I suck and suck and I hear his moans. My mouth dribbles some spit down my chin as I lean back and Tosh lies down beside me. I rise up and lift my left leg over his body and press my pussy against his stiff pole. I reach under to grip it and parted my thighs a little more.

I tease myself as I rub my clitoris with his huge crown and my ass wiggles in delight. Just to feel his knob head on me sends a shiver up my spine. I slide down and grit my teeth as my cunt stretches out and he is all inside. My legs drop so my body rests on his and I am impaled on him totally.

I become an animal and ride and buck up and down and slam violently onto his groin. I hear my voice scream obscenities as my lust overcomes me. My big tits and buttocks jiggle and bounce as my entire body is focused on fucking my young lover.

His fat member feels like heaven stuffed up me and I bring my thighs together and bite my lip in ecstasy. I do not slow up or break my steady pace as my second climax hits and am driven to buck my hips even faster. My fluids drench his stalk and we are both very slippery as we smack on each other. His strong thighs drove me up and I know he is nearly done.

"Yes oh yes, yo, yo, wow!" He mutters.

He jerks and keeps his pulsating cock deep inside me as he pumps his seed up into my cunt. I can feel him throb and expand and my big hazel eyes stare into his. When I rise off his dribbling cock I take it in my hand to milk him. As we take deep breaths we smile at each other and cuddle on the big bed.


I rub my eyes and wiggle my fingers from my typing on the laptop. I lay back and open my legs to feel the air on my mound and I caress my tits. Going lower my fingers find my pussy nice and wet and I stroke my lips with satisfaction of an erotic first scene complete. What next I wonder as I work my digit inside my juicy cunt? I close my eyes and consider a lesbian theme, yes, got it. I sit up on the bed and resume typing.

Scene two.

My best friend Abbie Cornish from Australia and I are watching some new amateur couples dvd's on my tv as we sip white wine. I am reviewing the series of films for my new employers, a new adult movie company. I visit the bathroom and when I return Abbie is topless.

"Its so warm I took my top off, alright?"

"Abbie, I've seen you naked tons of times, strip off all the way if you want."

Right away she does so, and I admire her sublime natural tits. We sit close on the sofa and watch the various sex scenes on the dvd.

As we both get aroused Abbie puts her hand on my thigh and I loosen my top and tug it over my head. I lift my hips up and she draws my panties down my bare legs and off. Two of her fingers trace out an imaginary line around my pussy and my hand fondles her mammoth tits.

"You make me so hot Scarlett, the way you touch my boobs."

I am very wet now and my legs spread wide as my friend rubs my exposed cunt. Her middle finger goes into me and frigs me hard, and my hand presses her head to my groin.

We go to my bedroom and lay down in the classic 69 position with my mouth on her pussy and hers by mine. I lift my leg and take hers in my hand and our faces clamp tight on one another. I always have liked her brown bush of pubic hair and I make myself busy with her clit with my tongue. She quivers and bites my clit in return and I hug her ass tight.

"Oh Scarlett, eat me babe, suck that clit!"

I know she is close and speed up my attack on her then hear her shriek. As she cum's so I go over the edge and have my orgasm and my pussy pulses on her mouth. We separate and rest, our bodies glow with perspiration.

"Wait there," I say and sashay naked to my bedside cabinet as Abbie rests on her right elbow and watches.

I reach in and retrieve my favourite strap on dildo, the black latex seven inch with enlarged head. I step into it and attach the three straps. One around each thigh and one around my waist. Abbie wolf whistles at my figure. Flat stomach, tiny waist, large tits and rounded ass. And with a great big false cock that sticks up from my groin!

"Suck my cock!" I say to her.

I kneel on the bed and watch her brush her long fair hair from her face and swallow up the first three inches of the toy. She bobs her head to and fro as I pretend to get excited.

"OOO, baby, you suck my cock so well, you make me wanna cum all over your pretty face."

She kisses and licks and smears the shaft with saliva, then I push her onto her back and lie on her belly. We lock eyes as she wiggles her hips and I penetrate her cunt easily. I shove forward and the bulbous head eases up inside her.

Our pubes mash together then I move back and forth and try to fuck her like a man would. After a few moments I get a good rhythm going and Abbie fucks me back by arching her body up to me. I manage to bury half of the toy inside her pussy but my hips don't quite push hard enough to get the thing all in.

I fall further onto her and our voluptuous breasts crush on each other. My hips and thighs move into overdrive as I thrust ever quicker inside my friend. Abbie responds to my fucking motions and hugs me tight.


I myself feel my own pussy drip freely and we get ever closer to a mutual orgasm.

Our moans and cries get more heated and then comes the sublime moment when we climax simultaneously. We cum and cum and cum, then we collapse onto each other and kiss deeply.


I lay on my back frantically rubbing my pussy with my legs wide and my toes curling. My right hand is a blur as I pleasure myself and dream of my fantasy. When I cum my body shudders and a warm sensation courses through my entire being. I close the laptop lid and curl up like a baby and drift off to a blissful sleep.

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Thanks for sharing this story with us. I quite enjoyed it. Scarlett definitely will be a cougar when she hits her 40s, she's already a prime MILF  ;)
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I have to agree with Cade, she isn't quite a cougar yet but her fangs will be rearing in years down the line. Nice story
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I have really liked your Celebs/Porn Stars installments, thank you for the fun times.  :Y:
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