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Kate Middleton's Uni Years
« on: February 11, 2020, 07:34:54 AM »
Note- Having heard of Kate's wilder teenage years I did some digging and discovered that she DID indeed have some righteous times in Uni. Thanks to my vivid imagination I will attempt to elaborate.

Chapter One.

February, 2020.

Another week, another school visit. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, had to carefully stifle a yawn as she stole a glance at her watch.
She quickly snapped out of her ennui and put her interested face back on again for the public.
God! I must not become like Meghan Markle, she thought. Heaven forbid I wind up like her.

So, it was something of a pleasant surprise when she was unexpectedly reunited with two dear old friends, Kevin and his wife Denise, her teachers from her prep school days.

"Oh, it's been so long, how are you both?"

Kate spent some time with the retired teachers and reminisced about old times in her teenage years.
After a light lunch the Duchess grew misty eyed and a wicked smile brightened her face as she recalled those crazy days at the University of St. Andrews in Fife.


Although she was now a Royal treasure Kate had started her final educational years as a nineteen year old in 2001.
Enrolled at St. Andrews she would eventually graduate with honours in Art History and meet her future husband, Prince William.

Apart from her studies Kate had a sporty side and had also tried to get into the University's hockey team, something she had achieved in her boarding school years.
During her freshman year the attractive brunette lived in St. Salvator's Hall, which by a coincidence was where the Prince also roomed.
Within a short space of time she had been named the prettiest girl in the dorm and she welcomed the attention of male and female alike.

At this time however Kate was dating fellow student Rupert, and William another.
Their paths would not cross until a year later, by which time the horny minx had sowed her wild oats.
William did not know it then but the horny brunette would be bringing a LOT of experience to the Royal bed.
Classy, she was undoubtedly, with just the right amount of dirty!


Scotland, 2001.

Professor Tristan Newman yelled come in and the door to his office opened to allow an attractive brunette with long wavy hair, superb legs, slim waist and splendid behind to enter.
She was still dressed in her hockey outfit as she had just arrived from after school training.

"You wanted to see me, Professor?"

He loved it when she wore the Uni uniform of navy three quarter sleeve jersey and navy shorts.
The short skirt in particular had been deliberately shortened by her own fair hand to show off her sensational thighs and pretty knees.

"Afternoon, Middlebum. Stay standing."

The nineteen year old had a mischievous grin on her face and a warm glow in her eyes as she crossed her hands behind her back and bowed her head.
She knew that she was in trouble, again, and that the notoriously impatient head of art education would be decidedly cross with her.

"Yes, Sir."

"Been a naughty girl again have we, Middlebum?"

The middle aged fellow referred to her notorious nickname from her boarding school times when she loved to flash her backside to the boys from an upstairs window, egged on by her girlfriends.


Newman had the distinguished grey look going on, prematurely perhaps at the age of forty three.
As per usual he had an immaculate suit and tie and neatly groomed hair.

Since getting to know the not too shabby Professor she had recognised distinct leanings toward the masochistic, in particular, being spanked.
Nothing too drastic, just a beating on the ass made her heart beat fast and gave her loins an exciting arousal.

"Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir." Kate sucked in a deep breath.

"I hear you've been flashing at the hockey field again. Have you no shame, girl?"

"No, Sir. I mean, yes of course, Sir."

The man stood up and walked to the front of his desk and came up alongside the tall brunette until they were practically touching.

"I'm sorely disappointed in you, young miss."

"Truth is, Professor. I don't give a fuck!"

Kate lifted her chin proudly and was ready to accept the consequences.

"Well! Fancy that. You deserve to be punished. I'm afraid it's a spanking followed by six of the best."

"Oh, Professor! Will that be, knickers down?"


Kate's heart raced and her loins throbbed in her tight knickers.
Newman returned to his chair and patted his lap several times.

"You won't be able to take a caning cold, so come here and bend over my knees."

Kate did as she was told and flopped across his thighs so that her head and arms dangled forward and her legs behind her.
With her rump perched high up in the air Newman slowly lifted the back of her skirt and peeled her panties down over her pert bottom until they hung down by her track shoes.

With her buttocks exposed and vulnerable Kate hissed between her gritted teeth as he smoothed the soft flesh of her upper thighs.
This is what he loved best. A beautiful young student lying compliantly across his stiffening manhood.
He caressed her legs in a long wave of spiral motions, making sure to just avoid her most sensitive spot by tantalising inches.

"We shall begin."


The initial blow took Kate's breath away but before she could react further Newman opened the palm of his right hand and smacked her hard.
Hard and relentless, from left cheek to right and back again.
He expertly moved around and around, never concentrating on one area so that the whimpering woman had no idea what was to come next.

"Are you enjoying this?"

Kate moved her head up as the teacher rubbed her dripping slit and gently probed her outer labia.
Her backside stung like hell and Newman observed the emerging redness that spread out over both delectable globes.

"You're quite wet, you little trollop!"

"You did that, Sir."



More stinging blows came down in a rapid, overlapping onslaught.
So rapid that Kate lost count of the number of blows.

"Enough, you may stand up."

Kate sighed and got up a tad wobbly and wiggled her rosy bottom.
Newman caught himself staring directly at her toned thighs and her bared nether regions as her skirt remained rucked up about her waist.
He was transfixed by her appealing trim thatch between her fantastic legs, now moist and shiny with her arousal.

"Please go the desk and bend across the top. Grip the far side with both hands and raise your bottom up as high as you can. Quickly! We don't have all day."

"No, Sir."

Kate stretched out so that her legs were spaced apart by about four inches.
Professor Newman was close enough to see her warmed up nates and he smiled with some satisfaction.
He observed her vulva in the inviting division of her legs and the groove of her slit was displayed from within.

"It was six, wasn't it?"

Yes, it...AGG!"

Kate flinched from the unexpected first whip of the rattan cane across both of her buttocks.
The swish of the cane was actually more vivid than the strike on her soft flesh, and she gripped the edge of the desk until her knuckles were white.

"Good. Keep that ass up."

Kate murmured something under her breath as two more spanks took the air from her lungs.
Her lower body writhed and the aroused young brunette thrust herself forward into the desk as a trickle of perspiration ran down the crevice of her cheeks.

"Oh, my!"

"This is for the lewd and public demonstration of your naked posterior."


"This is for your insubordination."


Kate's bum was aflame and showed distinct red stripes from left to right.
She clamped her thighs together and felt a definite moistness leaking from her tingling cunt.

"And this for using course language in front of a school master."


"How amusing! Kate Middle 'red' bum! You may go."

Newman panted and laid the cane down on the desk as a quivering Kate stood tall and gripped her raw buttocks.
She lowered her skirt and hunted around for her knickers.
When she looked up the man had them in his hands and was blatantly sniffing them with deep inhalations.

"And I'll keep these."

"Thank you, Professor."

As she felt the air on her uncovered sex she turned back and spoke.

"So, what time shall I call on you and Mrs. Newman tonight?"

"Make it eight. And wear something sexy."

"It's a date."


After taking supper in her rooms with her boyfriend Rupert Kate excused herself as per usual.

"Not extra tuition with Newman again, surely?" He protested.

"I need this degree, Rupert. It's a really hard subject, and he's a patient tutor. I'll make it up to you, I promise."

Kate gave him a kiss on the head and quickly got ready and hurried off to the Professor's private accommodation.
He answered the door dressed in homely cardigan and slacks.

"Good evening, how's the bottom?"

"Still a bit sore, not too."

"I always try not to leave any lingering marks, my dear. Do come in."

The rooms were of a typical master on campus, studious and stuffy with lots of books.

"We shan't stand on ceremony. My wife awaits your presence in the bedroom. Take your coat off."

Kate removed her long raincoat and Newman widened his eyes as he drank in her attire beneath it.
Just a skimpy red thong and four inch heels were all she had on and she looked fucking gorgeous.

Indeed, Mrs. Newman, Susan, stood in the threshold of their bedroom in the nude apart from a set of black stockings and suspenders.
She was in her mid thirties, had long legs, short fair hair and a great set of perky tits.

"I've waited all day for this," she said with a smile and led Kate by the hand to her bed.

Kate had learned on the grapevine that the couple were a pair of insatiable swingers and loved nothing more than inviting willing females into their sex lives.
Deep down she had always known that she was bisexual but had not really experimented with her feminine side until now.

Newman followed a step behind them and began to take off his cardigan and undo his necktie.
In the brighter light of the bedroom, Susan got a proper look at the slim figure of Kate.
Susan gently persuaded the slightly nervous Kate onto the bed and Susan eyed her slender frame up and down.

"So pretty. Good enough to gobble up."

Kate opened her willowy legs and watched as Susan went down on her and ran her hands up the insides of her thighs.
The older woman fell on top of the younger Kate and they kissed passionately.
Susan, being rather like her husband, showed her dominant side and gyrated furiously on Kate's mound.
Her tongue flicked out into Kate's mouth and searched for hers.

"What splendid sport!" Exclaimed the Professor as he stripped off, almost tripping over his own feet as he kicked off his strides.

Susan lowered her head to Kate's boobs and started to nibble and suck hungrily on the ripe nipples, all the while grinding her hips into Kate's lithe thighs.
In turn Kate ruffled the elder woman's short hair and lifted her lower body up against the heavier Susan.

"Oh, my goodness."

Kate had sensitive nipples and loved having them teased and bitten.
As she moaned softly she hoped that this might be the start of a regular visit.

"Eat me." Said Susan in Kate's ear and rolled over onto her back and offered up her front like a puppy wanting his belly rubbed.

Kate smoothed her long hair and duly knelt down at Susan's hairy muff.
She licked the fingers of her right hand and inserted the index and middle digit inside the excited blonde.

Kate fingered the sticky bush and gradually pushed the labia open and admired the pink inner.
She bent down and inhaled the heady feminine scent and pushed her pointed tongue right inside the vertical slit.

"Come on, my dear. I want you to lick my pussy until I come on your face."

Kate immediately came up for air, still somewhat new to all this and Susan wickedly clamped her thighs to her face and physically drew her back to her aching cunt.

"Isn't she a little tiger, Middlebum? A girl after my own heart!"

Newman sat on the other side of the bed and wanked his erection in frenzied jerks of his fist.

Kate made muted moans as Susan literally fucked her face with swift and urgent pushes of her hips up from the bed.
Her juices smeared Kate's lips and chin as she licked out the other as best she could.
Susan widened her legs once more, eager for her pussy to be really probed.

Kate obliged and stuck out her tongue and flicked it around, lapping noisily and darting fast at the rapidly dampening quim of the blonde.
Susan was becoming hysterical with the fevered pleasuring her cunt was receiving and grabbed fistfuls of the sheet in both hands.
Her clitoris started to twitch the more Kate brushed the erect nub with her luscious lips until she snapped her head back in a superb orgasm.

"She's a natural, darling." Said she to her wide eyed husband.

"Rather," he answered as he jerked his cock in agreement.

"Your turn, sweetheart."

Kate was moved onto all fours and Susan and her husband espied the slightly red bottom of the recently caned brunette.

"Again, Tristan?"

"Sorry, my love. Just can't resist that lovely round bum.

Susan stroked Kate's behind and then tugged the barely there thong off and tossed it to her husband who eagerly wrapped it around his erection and sighed at the sensation of the thin material on his shaft.

Kate closed her eyes as she was lightly licked from the base of her spine down to her bared pussy.
Susan moved closer and as she kissed Kate's peach of an ass she slipped her left hand around her front and began to play with the young student's clit.

"OH!" Kate sighed as her clit was toyed with and her pussy licked from behind.

She shunted to and fro on her knees as her juices trickled out into the open mouth of the thirty year old.

"Wet enough, I think." Said the voice of the Professor.

"Oh, she's ready."

As Kate oozed from her pussy Susan surprised her by lifting her pert derriere up and placing the business end of a nine inch silver dildo to her gaping hole.

"My gosh!"

She pushed slowly as far as she could until an impressive seven inches of plastic cock was embedded inside the gasping female's sopping cunt.
Newman clambered up beside his wife as she started to fuck Kate with increasing flicks of her wrist.
He joined in the fun and gave the curved rump of Kate a few slaps which made her yelp and tremble on all fours.

"Please, oh please," came her cries of bliss as Kate felt the fake cock inside her stretching her out as it went in and out without respite.

She looked at the Professor with half closed eyes as she was aggressively pumped full of silver plastic.

"Going to cum, going to cum."

Susan had increased the speed and intensity of the thrusting dildo as she held onto Kate's left buttock in a firm grip.

"Not yet!"

Susan knew her beloved was in dire need to fuck the naked female in his bed and she pulled the slick dildo from Kate's opened up pussy.
Newman flipped Kate over and before she knew it her legs were pulled right up and separated.
He took hold of her ankles in each hand as Susan guided his boner into Kate's pussy.

"Thank you, darling. How thoughtful."

Kate looked on amazed as he buried his dick inside her and paused.
It felt nice to have a real, warm cock and when he began to shunt back and forth, it was even better.
His cock was surprisingly hard and her pussy spasmed slightly as he kept going.

"Good, isn't he?"

Susan nuzzled Kate's face and kissed her lovingly on the cheek and neck as she pawed at her tits.
Newman let go of her ankles as he geared himself up for his finale.
She dug her high heels into his sides and fucked her hard and fast.
The squelching sounds of him inside her well oiled pussy made Susan grin as she eagerly watched the proceedings wide big eyes.

"Give it to her, lover." She urged.

Then he grunted and brought his arms up under her thighs and forced her knees up to the level of her jiggling tits.
He stopped in mid stroke as he exhaled and then drove in and out like a hurricane.

"Make me cum, Sir. Make me cream all over your big cock!"

Kate was totally overwhelmed by his control and his prowess was bringing out the whore in her.
Newman increased his thrusting and Kate clung to him tightly.
She came on his shaft and her violent convulsions caused her to stiffen under his body.
He did not stop fucking her and the next thing she knew was him ejaculating into her overflowing cunt.

"Bravo, Tristan!"

He kept moving slowly in her pussy until his soft dick slipped out.
His semen dribbled out and down Kate's upturned crack and made a small puddle under her ass.
The swinging couple laughed and helped Kate clean up.
They both wished her goodnight as the giggling minx made her way back to St. Salvator's Hall.


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Re: Kate Middleton's Uni Years
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2020, 07:53:52 AM »
Chapter Two.

Scotland, December 2001.

About tea time.



Kate Middleton, six months into her Freshman year at the University of St. Andrews in Fife, was bent at the waist as she looked out of her dorm window onto the busy Campus three floors below.

"Busy for this time of year, looks rather chilly to me."


"Oh, is that William down there?"

The attractive nineteen year old pressed her cute nose to the glass.

"W...William who, oh YES!"

"PRINCE William, of course. First time I've seen him this term. A bit skinny, isn't he?"

Kate turned her head to her boyfriend/roommate Rupert, a senior student, who was standing behind her and fucking her doggy style.
The slim brunette had on a snug fitting V neck sweater, thick white socks and nothing else.

"Nearly, nearly, nearly," huffed the young fellow as he gripped Kate by her hips and sawed in and out as fast as he was able.

Kate yawned and raised a brow at the profusely sweating man who was butt naked with screwed up eyes and gritted teeth.

"Oh do finish up, there's a good chap. I'm due at the Professor's in a half hour. And don't cum inside me. I want to be squeaky clean for him."

Rupert grunted loudly as he pulled his slick prick from Kate's muff and proceeded to spray his wad onto her bare bottom.
He bent forwards onto her back, desperately trying to catch his breath.


Rupert staggered over to the dresser and handed Kate the box of tissues and then sat down in the easy chair, his dick dribbling on his left thigh.

"I really don't know what you see in Newman. He's ancient! Must be forty at the very least."

Kate yelled out from the shower as she cleaned up after the ineffectual quickie.

"He has helped me a lot these past few weeks, both in my studies and sex life. So, be a dear and fetch my green dress."

Kate was an appealing and open minded young filly who had never had any trouble making friends.
She had been popular in boarding school and now she was at Uni she had quickly adapted to early adult life and had jumped right in.
Rupert had caught her eye and in a flash they were rooming together.

Reading the history of art, in particular the Victorian period, she found herself beginning to have a crush on one of the lecturers by the name of Professor Newman, an older man than her by about twenty four years.
He always dressed impeccably and had a definite warmth in his eyes.
He was charming and attentive when she asked even the most mundane questions and she was instantly attracted.


At seven, Kate left her room in St. Salvador's Hall and walked the short distance to the teacher's quarters of Professor Newman who ushered her inside his warm rooms.

"Good evening, Kate. Nice to see you. I have everything prepared. Do go into the bedroom."

Kate kissed him hello and did as she was told.
The dignified man's eyes followed her as she sauntered along the narrow passage in her red raincoat.
Kate duly stepped into the brightly lit room with the twin bed and white bedspread.

Excited and nervous at the same time Kate stripped off and saw that on the crisp white sheet there were two distinct objects.
A length of black velvet with curious foot straps and a small black two inch butt plug.
Intrigued by these items Kate felt a tingle of sexual excitement shoot through her loins.

Newman entered the room in stripped to the waist and Kate saw the black fleck riding crop in his left hand which he brought down across his right palm with a sharp crack.
It looked to Kate to be at least sixteen inches in length with a wrapped leather handle and big braided cap.

"Looking fit, Middlebum." He noted, using her not too subtle nickname.

She did look extremely desirable with her long chestnut hair tumbling down her left side.
Her breasts were firm and lifted and her willowy legs seemed to go on forever.
Kate had shaved her mound and her pussy protruded seductively from between her upper thighs.

"Not too bad yourself," thought Kate as she gazed at the half naked form of the forty three year old teacher of history at the Uni.

Indeed, if it wasn't for his premature greying he could have passed for someone ten years his junior.
She felt herself trembling as she stood before him completely nude.

"I am happy that you found time to join my wife and myself this evening. I can assure you that if you keep an open mind it will have been worthwhile."

Kate sat on the edge of the bed and glanced at the objects beside her.

"Curious, my dear young woman?"

"Very, Professor."

"Good to hear. I chose well in picking you out of this terms latest intake of willing subjects. Take the butt plug and make it wet in your mouth."

Kate took the tiny thing and held it in her palm.
It appeared to be made of silicone with a crystal base and a smooth tapered bulb tip.
She popped it into her mouth and rolled it around with her tongue.
She took it out and held it up to let the Professor see it.

"Good. Now lay down and place it inside your anus."

Kate obeyed without question and kicked her feet up and spread her buttocks.
Using her right hand she worked the plug into her asshole and widened her legs to show Newman.
What was just a faint crinkle and barely visible, her anus now looked to contain a round black stopper.

"Most inviting."

Newman had now become fully erect and his bulge tented his dark grey trousers as Kate stroked her inner thighs, moving inwards to her plump mound of venus.
She let out a soft sigh and experienced a definite moistening in her vulva.

"Here, bend your legs at the knees."

As she did so he took the velvet sling back and placed the padded neck support around the back of her head and brought the other ends to her bare feet.
The other ends of the position enhancer were in fact two stirrups that Newman placed over each of her soles.
In this upturned position Kate with her legs firmly raised and fixed in such a way that she not move them.
Her anus and pussy were lewdly displayed with her asshole firmly stopped with the plug.

"What an astonishing sight, young Kate. Superb in fact."

Newman lingered on the puckered asshole stuffed with the butt plug quivering just below Kate's moist quim.
Kate bit her lower lip and wiggled her toes as Newman caressed them with the leather header making her flinch.
He lightly tapped the undersides of her feet and slowly drew the crop in a downward line to her plump pussy.
Her mind floated with the gentle contact and a warmth enveloped her naked form.

Then he tapped each of her upturned thighs before striking the plug.
He continued to hit the plug with increasing force, driving it into her rectum.
Kate moaned from the unusual sensation and stared directly into the eyes of the sombre looking man.

"I have discovered that anal stimulation combined with erotic spanking are an unusual but no less superlative sexual appeasement. As I shall attempt to demonstrate."

Kate had found that his words had a ring of truth as he had spanked her before and she had loved the experience.
She had never felt so vulnerable as she did at this moment in time and the urge to close her legs was acute, albeit impossible.

"Oh, Sir!"

Newman brought the crop across her upraised bottom and the sudden impact on the soft flesh of her nates took her breath away.
She saw that he stood at the bottom of the bed at a slight angle as he raised his arm strike her with staccato cracks, almost like a pistol shot.

"Happy, Middlebum?"

"Mm, hmm!"

He traced his fingers tenderly along both her inner thighs and even this light touch from the dashing fellow sent electric shocks through her loins.
He grinned wickedly as he made large circles around her bald cunt and Kate experienced heights of pleasure her young lovers had never sent her.


Newman stuck his tongue out and almost in slow motion flicked out at her aching clitoris.
He licked and rubbed on her tiny nub until Kate was delirious with a lustful bliss.

"I do so love a freshly shaven quim, and you have a most tasty one to boot."

The Professor bent and slowly removed the plug from Kate's well stretched anus and he nodded with approval at the decently wide and prepared opening.

"Anal sex is not ideal for everyone. Indeed, left to one with limited knowledge it can be a painful and regrettable experience.
But in the hands of an expert it opens up the possibility of unique enjoyment and gratification."

As he spoke he dropped his pants and smeared his prominent erection with a generous covering of KY jelly and pressed the bell end against Kate's bum hole.
Still firmly held in the sling back she had no way of protesting in such an intimate posture.

"Shall I demonstrate?"

Kate had her heart in her mouth as she managed to croak an affirmative.
He nudged the entrance to her back door until the correct amount of pressure was applied for him to pierce her sphincter.

"Heavens!" She muttered at the exquisite and different tightness in her ass.

Then the young filly felt her rectum relax as he pulled back, leaving only the head of his cock embedded inside her nether hole.
She opened her mouth wide as he pushed further inside and the tightness returned.
As he began to ass fuck her Kate was overwhelmed by the sublime cycle of relaxation and tightening and the muscles of her cunt convulsed as her other orifice was plundered relentlessly.

"Lovely, lovely, lovely," intoned the Professor as he sawed in and out.

He picked up the crop and occasionally struck Kate on the rump and she felt her calves begin to cramp.
His greased dick surprised both he and Kate as he managed to push in all the way into her yielding depths.

The view of his organ buried inside her bottom was utterly astonishing and he had to pause in order to prevent his orgasm erupting.

"Professor, I can't hold out much longer."

"Me neither."

He noted her cunt and it's uncontrollable contractions as he fucked her faster.
Looking down he observed his cock lunge up between Kate's glorious buttocks and he stiffened as he ejaculated deep inside her tight rectum.

Kate opened her mouth in a silent scream as his helmet gushed inside her asshole and delightful spasms of a beautiful orgasm drove her absolutely insane.
Every hot spurt against the walls of her rectum could be felt and Kate sighed in admiration.

"I don't believe it!"

Soaked in sweat Newman pulled out his dripping hose, and as he wilted he removed Kate's feet from the stirrups and let her curl up on the bed.
The cum trickled out of Kate's bum and down the crevice of her upturned buns, soothing her spanked cheeks.

"That was spectacular, Tristan."

Both he and Kate acknowledged the arrival of Mrs. Susan Newman who was attired in a sensational fetish outfit.
The voluptuous blonde had a plus size black lame bustier with lace sides and a zipper front.
Apart from her knee high six inch spike heeled boots she was bared and her downy pubed mons was clearly visible between her milky upper thighs.

"Thank you, darling. I shall leave you two alone."

As he turned to leave his wife addressed Kate Middleton.

"Good evening to you, young Kate."

Kate fingered her juiced up cunt as she suspected the night was still young.


The wife of the distinguished Professor was ten years younger than he, blessed with a nice figure with curves in all the right places, and medium cut blonde locks.

Determined to have lots of sexual activity before graduation, Kate had heard strong rumours that the couple were an insatiable pair of swingers and used their status to invite those young and willing students into their bed.

"Have you ever seen one of these before?"

Susan held up the end of the flesh coloured dildo and put it to her mouth.
She opened her scarlet lips a fraction and her pink tongue flicked out to lick the very tip of the sex toy.

Kate felt her pussy twitch at the erotic sight of the older woman who began to deep throat the dildo whilst staring into her eyes intently.

"Now you."

Susan handed over the dildo and Kate saw that the end was well lubricated by Susan's saliva.
It must have been all of eight inches in length with a generous five inch girth.
Kate licked her lips and attempted to imitate the other and fed half of the silicone thing into her mouth.

She took two inches into her mouth and eased the next two deeper until it moved to the back of her throat.
As she devoured it Susan began to lick her breasts while using her fingers to gently caress her throbbing pussy.

Susan rolled each hard nipple between her teeth and Kate hissed in delight as she let the dildo pop out of her mouth.
Kate was desperate for Susan to plunge her fingers inside her muff but she was teased further by fleeting contact with her dripping slit.

"Frig me." Begged Kate breathlessly as she fell onto her back on the bed.

Susan smothered her and continued to explore Kate's ripe tits greedily.
Then Kate got her wish as her mound was cupped for a few seconds and one blissful digit finally slipped inside her cunt and each rapid stroke sent welcome shivers throughout her body.

"So very wet, my dear. I think we're ready for some fucking."

Susan picked up the black strap on harness and proceeded to slip the straps around her waist and thighs and inserted the dildo in the appropriate slot.
She took a tiny tube of lubricant and smeared the entire length of the shaft and then the fair haired woman dropped herself on top of Kate and deftly lifted her slim pins over her shoulders.

The hot brunette felt the tip of the cock at her parted entrance and gasped at the erotic thrill of what was to come.

Kate fingered her clit as Susan pushed the fake cock up inside her pussy and her labia parted with ease.
The young brunette moaned as the dildo was plunged in and out at just the right speed.

Susan was undoubtedly no novice with a strap on device and she quickly worked up to a steady rhythm.
With every thrust up into her cunt the sticky cock brought an immense sense of fullness.
Kate's legs shook and her feet flapped in the air as the toy continued to stretch her out.

"Oh, fuck!" Whimpered Kate as waves of ecstasy caused her pussy to gush her juices our along the thick shaft.

Her head spun from the intense fuck and her entire body screamed for her release.
She frantically strummed her clit as Susan enthusiastically thrust in and out as if she were a man.

"Speak to me, my dear."

Kate widened her eyes as Mrs. Newman withdrew the glistening silicone and wanked it in her right fist.

"Please fuck me, Mrs. Newman. I've been a bad girl and need a thorough seeing to."

Kate played the game as Susan again positioned the head of the dildo to Kate's snatch and pushed through the wetness.
She watched eagerly as the cock disappeared inside her plump pussy.
Susan leaned over and whispered in Kate's ear.

"You dirty little slut, what are you?"

"Oh, I'm a...gosh! A dirty little slut!"

Susan gripped Kate by the hips and began to piston in with the toy.
Kate was pinned to the bed and her breath came in little gasps, and the faster she was fucked the more the dildo felt enormous inside off her.

Amazed at the curious fuck Kate tossed her head from side to side as Susan slammed into her with manic humping of her hips.


Kate came hard and the older woman stopped with the dildo still buried in her cunt.

"Now it's my turn."

Susan pulled out and unbuckled the straps and helped Kate into the harness.
Kate rubbed her chin as she looked at the eight inch fake cock poking up from her loins.
How on earth do men live with these things!
She slapped the silicone member and watched with amusement as it bobbed up and down.

"I've never..."

"Never fucked another woman like a man? Ha! It's easy."

Susan unlaced her bustier and turned around on the bed onto her hands and knees and wiggled her curvy rump in indignant invitation.

"Put the butt plug up my ass."

Kate looked about the bed and saw the tiny black thing.
She sucked it and then carefully inserted it inside the puckered target and noted the instant contraction of Susan's accepting bunghole.

"Come on, then!" She said, tapping her spike heeled boot on the bed impatiently.

Kate eyed up the moist opening of the woman's slot and shook her head in order to concentrate.
Unable to resist the tempting sight she leaned in and licked up and down to get a taste of the juicy cunt.

As Susan moaned Kate gripped the shaft of the dildo firmly and watched enraptured as she managed to slide it inside the easily opened cunt of the fair haired woman.

Immediately Susan began to fuck HER with frantic pushes back onto the flesh coloured toy.
Kate held her hips and attempted to shove her own hips forwards but the dildo skipped out once or twice in her innocence.

"It's not as easy as it looks."

"You'll get the hang of it in time. Just hold onto me tightly."

Kate shifted on her knees and Susan gyrated on the dildo with constant moans and groans.
With her nether holes stopped she oozed fluids from both so that they backside trickled down to the crisp sheet.
She could feel the butt plug inside her anus bump against the thin membrane that separated her love channel with the dildo.

"Holy shit!"

It wasn't long before Susan cried out as her orgasm made her shudder out of control.
Both women were exhausted and collapsed on the bed.
Kate rubbed her feet and calves which were cramping.

"My dear. We must get you into better shape, and I know just the thing.
A visit to Dink's Thai Massage Spa in Fife. I guarantee that you will love it."

"I have a free day tomorrow."

"Splendid. It's a date then."


At ten the next morning a tired looking Kate met up with Susan Newman and they took a taxi to the main road location of the spa.
Susan explained that the Thai practise offered unique ancient stretching techniques that relaxed the entire body.
Unlike a Swedish massage the Thai version involved the client to actively participate.

"I'll try to get Boonsri, I love her gentle touch."

Kate had never visited such a place and was in awe of the tranquil interior with the opulent Thai silks, wood carvings, and gilt hued murals.
A large statue of Buddha seemed to point the way to the private relation room Susan had hired for the next hour.

They undressed in the low lit changing room and threw on the provided spa robe and slippers.
They padded to the warm candle lit massage room and Kate inhaled the intoxicating aroma of cinnamon, pepper, cardamom and basil.
Sensuous Eastern music chimed their arrival and Susan took Kate's robe off and then her own.

"You will love this."

The masseuse named Boonsri walked in dressed in a cotton top and skirt and bowed in greeting.
She had waist length black hair and almond shaped brown eyes.

"We booked your twin special, Boonsri," said Susan with a sly wink to the Oriental young lady."

She spread her hands and Kate and Susan laid on top of white towels on the twin table, side by side and completely naked.
Kate felt instantly relaxed as she felt warm oil being drizzled along her spine and the backs of her legs.
Soft and practiced hands began to knead her muscles with slow strokes from the top of her back down.

Susan grinned at the slim figure of young Kate as the masseuse pummeled her hamstrings with the thin edge of her open hands.
Highly aroused Kate started to hump her bottom up in order to try to meet the assured strokes.

"Now you're getting it."

Unknown to Kate who had her eyes closed Susan nodded to Boonsri who moved her hands in ever decreasing circles towards her firm buttocks.
Two thumbs applied pressure on Kate's well oiled inner thighs and cheeks.

Then more of the soothing oil was poured over her raised backside and Kate shuddered at the sublime sensation of the liquid trickling down the canal of her ass to her bald pussy lips.

"You have a superb bum, my dear."

Kate barely heard the older woman as a hand slipped in between her thighs to cup her smooth quim.
She let out a loud moan as a finger slid into her wet and wanting muff.
It was as if a tap had been turned on as Kate's juices flowed out of her engorged cunt.


Kate turned to see that the expert Boonsri was massaging both her and Susan at the same time.
As they both groaned in unison, their exposed cunts penetrated and frigged, they bobbed up and down on their knees.

"Please to turn over."

The two naked and oiled up women complied and Boonsri got to work on their breasts.
She took a small wooden bowl and smeared the contents all over her hands.
This time the touch was heavier and the Thai girl used the palms of her hands caress and infuse their tits with fragrant scents.

Both Susan and Kate arched their backs as their tits were lifted and kneaded.
Their taut nipples were pinched and Kate unashamedly bent her knees and opened her legs wide apart.

"It's amazing!" Cried Kate as her clit was thumbed and ground into.

Boonsri maintained a steady rhythm against both women's hard little nubs and both women responded in moving their hips in time with the desirable massaging.
Kate writhed on her back as Boonsri worked her magic, and each sweep of the Thai woman's hands steered her to her climax.

Kate looked at Susan and they grabbed each others hands as they both started to shake and convulse on their backs.

"I fucking needed that," said Susan as she propped herself up on her elbow. "Now for the finale."

Kate looked up to see Boonsri disrobe and reveal her big boobed body.

"Lie down, please to do."

Kate assumed the position on top of the towel, by now her body glistened from the oils and bodily sweat and the aroma of sex permeated the very room.
Behind her Susan and the masseuse oiled up their fronts and their tits.
Then Boonsri climbed up onto Kate's body and let the weight of her body settle on the young brunette.

With her slippery and curvy frame the Thai girl began to slither up and down Kate's front, using her ample bosom to move across her perky tits.
At the same time Boonsri used her thighs gently to move Kate's pins open and then shut.
Kate felt the others pussy mound grind on hers and the oils and moist vaginal juices combined in a mind blowing massage.

"Mind if I join in?"

Susan hopped onto Boonsri's back and rubbed HER oiled up body on the back and rounded bottom of the Asian girl.
All three moaned and gyrated in the curious three way grind and lewd sucking and lubricious slurping noises emanated from their sliding and rotating hips.

"Oh, right there!"

Somehow, someone had managed to squeeze Kate's slick and smooth labia while a delving finger penetrated her increasingly leaking slit.
Wave after wave of the utmost pleasure resonated in her heated pussy as she screamed out in her welcome release.


When her heart finally stopped beating like a hammer in her chest Kate and Susan took a well earned shower and got dressed.

"Tea, my dear?"

After they treated themselves further by indulging in fresh Thai herbal tea and rice cake.

"How was it?"

"Best massage ever! I feel invigorated and stress free."

"Glad you liked it. We should do it again some time."

Absolutely, thought Kate as she sipped her tea and sat back in her chair with a warm smile.

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Re: Kate Middleton's Uni Years
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Chapter Three.

Kate Middleton was a passionate lover of life and her own sexuality. Something fueled by her years at Uni.
Privately educated at an early age the forthright and free spirited young teenager had thrived on the attention she received from boys and girls alike.

When she arrived at Fife at the age of nineteen certain people had made preconceived ideas of her, even going so far as to see her as a potential bride in Royalty.
But although she turned out to be an excellent student she did not intend to tone down on her rebellious side.
Immediately named the prettiest girl in St. Salvator's Hall, her dorm, she had her own mind and her own agenda.
It had not resulted from any particular epiphany but Kate Middleton desired to get laid often and have a good time.


Kate's current boyfriend, a senior by the name of Rupert, had suggested his best friend David would be perfect to give her tennis lessons.
Also a senior he had been a teenage sensation and had reached the last sixteen at Wimbledon 1996.

The sporty young brunette adored taking part in all different games.
hockey, rowing, swimming and all had been thoroughly enjoyed by the fit Freshman.
She had her long chestnut hair in a ponytail and had dressed accordingly in a white top and ridiculously short white skirt.

She met up with the two men at the hard floor courts at back of the University at an early hour of nine.
The sun had climbed in the morning sky and the weather was particularly clement for the time of the year.

"Hi, Kate. Ready to bang out some balls?"

"Sure thing, David."

The happy go lucky brunette had to supress a cheeky snigger at the good looking man's innocent remark and checked him out.
At six feet he was taller than Kate and had a healthy complexion, toned arms and torso.
In his tight shorts his thighs were ripped and smooth and his tight bottom filled out the back which Kate found rather fetching.

"You two play together while I fetch the balls."

Kate's fellow, Rupert was also in his tennis white's and cut a leaner figure than his friend.
She looked around and noted that on this week day the courts were deserted.
A wire fence went all the way around the court and was only accessible by a small gate.

They began to knock balls at each other over the net while David yelled out suitable advice.
Kate was a quick learner and David was impressed at how much energy the young woman had.
Rupert ran around collecting loose balls like a ball boy and a pleasant twenty minutes passed quickly.

"Try some lobs."

David hit the balls high into the air and Kate reached out with her racquet to hit each one.
Both David and Rupert could not fail to notice Kate's firm and rounded bum dimple as she ran about.

It helped that her short skirt lifted up at the back to let them get a clear shot at her delectable backside.
Both David and Rupert could not fail to notice the added fact that Kate was not wearing any underwear!

"Nice hams, Kate."

Yelled David, although what he really wanted to say was nice nates.
For fun Rupert rolled six or seven balls her way and both men stood back to admire the view as Kate bent down to retrieve them, thereby displaying her half moons.

"Just give me five, guys." Said David as he stopped for a drink and surprised her by removing his sweaty shirt.

Now she got a better perception of his athletic honed physique.
Being a fair haired person he had a smooth chest and his abs were perfectly defined.
And now he was topless his ass was more noticeable and cut an alluring sight.
She joined him and now he saw that her erect nipples cut through her tight top.

"Yeah, getting a bit warm."

Rupert shed his shirt and lifted his face to the high sun.
Being a great joiner in Kate grabbed the bottom of her top with both hands and started to fan her upper body with it.
As she undid her ponytail she shook her head to let her silky brown hair fly about.

"Yes, that is better."

Both men gawped at the sight of her perky tits freed up and instantly got hard on's.

"New balls, please." Quipped an amused Kate at the two distinct bulges in the guys shorts.

Davis gasped as Kate unzipped his shorts and took out his huge cock.

"Er, we're going to do this? Here?" Said a stunned David.

"Mm, hmm," hummed she as she put her drooling mouth over his knob.

With her top rucked up above her tits Kate sucked on him she fondled his balls and tugged his pants down to his tennis shoes.
She licked the tip, stroked his nuts and flicked her snake of a tongue along his length.


Rupert had previously warned his friend that Kate was an insatiable type but this was something new.
Seriously aroused Rupert dropped his shorts and put his dick in front of Kate's face as well.


The horny slut gladly accepted the offered cock and started to suck him too.
Now, she had TWO men to play ball with.
She took turns with both and they saw a look of total lust in her big eyes.
When David popped out she sucked on Rupert as she stroked the other.
Then she paid attention to the newer cock of David's and pumped her mouth on his length, taking him ever deeper each time.

"My god, Rupe. He's huge!"

Fuck this, thought Rupert who then spun Kate around and made her balance on the top of the net with both hands.
He raised her tiny skirt up and parted her buttocks.
As she wanked David she turned to see her current boyfriend enter her from behind.

"Ooh, lovely!"

Kate went up on tiptoe as Rupert shunted up inside her welcome cunt.
The net shook as she gripped it firmly and kissed David.
She felt her man sink his fingers into the pliant and creamy flesh of her buttocks as he persistently banged in and out.

"Oh, lord! Fuck!"

Kate instinctively pressed back into his groin, ensuring that his entire seven inches impale her.
Rupert observed her cheeks jiggle lightly from his searching thrusts.
The willowy brunette felt her pussy drool around his rigid shaft and she began to pant like an overheated dog.

David had moved to the wooden bench and had sat down with his dick waving in the air.
Kate pushed Rupert back and disengaged from his shiny rod over to David, eager to take this new cock.

"Let me fuck this bloody thing!"

Kate spun around and sank back in a reverse cowgirl stance.
She cried out from the wonderful sensation of his bloated cock head rubbing on her slippery cunt lips.
David fed his knob to her slick opening and Kate slid down slowly.
Slowly, taking inch by glorious inch, until her warm and welcome tunnel consumed his entire pole.

"Oh, that's so fucking good!"

It was a tight fit but he felt incredible inside of her.
Kate pushed down all the way and then raised her left hand to indicate to David not to move.
She stayed still for seconds and then started to shift back and forth in a sensuous grind.


Rupert stood over her and she sucked on him as she quickened the rate of her gyrations.
As the three of them got into a steady groove a couple in their tennis whites strolled up and took the very next court.

Kate's tits bounced up and down in time with her rolling hips and David snorted as he began to push up into her.
Each of her outward stroke was met by his hard thrust up and the penetration was everything she had imagined and more.

"Hey, there's someone here." Said Rupert in alarm.

"Don't stop! Keep going!"

Rupert had pulled out and stood there looking sheepish as he glanced at the curious couple.
David took over and licked Kate's pussy and she sighed as she luxuriated in his gorgeous cock.

"Fuck me hard!"

David dug his shoes in and slammed Kate into the bench.
Despite the hard wood against her back she cared not as she spun madly out of control.

Over his shoulder Kate saw the new couple looking on with wide eyes and mouths agape.
She arched her back in a blatant and exaggerated action just to show off.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! I'm going to cum. Please, please, oh please!"

David growled as he gave her what for and he leaned over her as he doubled his stokes.
He exploded and just pulled out to spray her pussy with his sticky cum.
This triggered Kate to climax and she tossed her head back and propped herself up on her elbows.

"Oh, hi there! Nice day, no?"

Kate waved to the other players as she smoothed out her skirt and tugged down her top.


Despite the fact that Kate was an intelligent and independent woman, it had dawned on her at an early age that she was very comfortable in her own skin, and proud of her looks.
Prolific displays of her bare bottom from high windows had earned her the nickname of Kate Middlebum, and after the recent public sex on the tennis court she craved more.

Rupert had acquired his dream motorcycle, a 1960's Royal Enfield Interceptor with 650 with gas charged twin shocks and a long pillion pad for passengers
On the next warm Sunday he and Kate took a little trip on the road to Lochore Meadows.
Situated in the heart of Fife it was a popular attraction with a variety of paths, track trails and bike parks.

They planned on taking lunch after enjoying the scenery.
Kate had on her black jeans that hugged her hips, plain tee shirt and knee high black boots.
Rupert handed her a green helmet and she settled on the leather seat behind him.

"Hold on tight."

Kate held him around his waist and he cranked up the engine.
He pulled back on the throttle and began to zip in and out of the weekend traffic at a nifty 70mph.
The mix of the whining engine and the roar of air in her face excited young Kate, not to mention the persistent throb of the cycle between her legs.

"Here, looks a nice place."

They found a shady spot under a big oak and stretched out on the warm grass.
Both of them very relaxed and pretty soon Rupert was all over Kate as they laid on the long grass.
Oblivious to anyone else they took things further and Kate fished out her boyfriend's erection and proceeded to give him a blowjob.

"Oh, you saucy minx!"

He laid on his back as Kate took long licks of his mushrooming cock head and made it super slick.
Her tongue seemed to have a life of its own as she swirled it in slow, rotating circles around the knob.
Rupert wallowed in the fantastic attention before looking up to see a couple peering at them from about fifty yards away.

"Heads up." He said and attempted to shove his boner back inside his pants.

Kate became extremely excited and clapped her hands in glee.

"Let's give them something to REALLY look at."

Before he could protest Rupert was amazed as Kate ripped her tee off and rolled her jeans off over her boots.
With her beautiful body bared the two onlookers got a great view of her superb figure.

Tall and slim with a small waist and a firm rack, maybe a size B, Kate was simply stunning. And her cute derriere screamed out to be pinched and groped as she raised it up in the air behind her.


Kate smiled as she looked over her shoulder at the hypnotized man and woman and slid her panties down over her boots.

Rupert's erection strained in his fist as Kate took it and popped it back between her desirable lips.

Now in her element the hot brunette sucked on his dick with deliberately loud noises, designed to amuse her new found audience.
Kate was unashamedly fully exposed and between sucking off Rupert she stared back at the two voyeurs.

"Oh, shit!"

Rupert had reached the point of no return and shot his load over Kate's left breast.
As he recovered both he and Kate noticed the couple had left.


Kate got up and cleaned her dripping boob, picked up her crash helmet and got up on the back of the cycle.

"Come on, Rupe. Let's go for a spin."

Kate was still stark naked aside from her black boots as she settled on the pillion, squirming and wriggling her nether regions on the black leather.
Rupert gunned the starter and took off at about thirty.

"If you insist."

"Oh, I do, I do. Come on, darling. It'll be fun!"

Kate giggled from the thrill of sitting on the back of the cycle with her bared thighs apart and her pussy rubbing on the seat.
She loved the feel of the smooth leather against her most sensitive spot and a jolt of pleasure went through her.
Pedestrians began to notice the naked nubile on the bike and Kate waved back to all the interested onlookers.


She yelled at a passing motor car and the driver did a double take as Kate flashed her bare tits at him.
She bobbed up and down on the seat and made sure that anyone looking got a good, hard look at her muff and asshole.
As Rupert darted down the back road he returned to the same spot as before.

"That was amazing!"

Said Kate as she removed her helmet and put her hand between her thighs.

"I'm dripping!"

"Who's this now?"

Rupert saw a line of five 750cc motor cycles belonging to the Blue Angels MC of Scotland.
They saw a stack of beer cans and a big container of crushed ice.
The men in jeans, white tee shirts and black cuts looked at the naked firm of Kate Middleton in stunned silence.

"Hello, boys."

Rupert became anxious as his girl moved from one biker to the other, feeling the rough leather of their cuts and pretty much showing off her stupendous naked form.

"May I have a beer?" She asked one who gawked at her glistening quim.


Kate bent down and was sure to let them all get a look at her firm behind as she retrieved a can from the big stack and opened it.
She took a long slug, tipping her head back and letting the golden liquid dribble down her exposed boobs.

"Like what you see?"

Kate gave them all a sideways glance.
Her heart beat fast and her pussy tingled like mad.

"Kate. Shouldn't we be going?" Asked a nervous Rupert.

"Hush, dear. The Angels are thinking."

The sexual tension was suffocating as the obvious leader just stared ar her in silence, not believing his eyes.
Kate knelt down at the feet of the tallest biker and unbuckled his belt and unzipped the front.
His boner sprang out and Kate grabbed the swaying dick.
As he looked down she captured the bell end between her pursed lips and drooled down the upright shaft.


Kate hummed happily and cradled his balls and pushed her head down firmly.
His dick slid down her throat and he gasped loudly as she cocked her head and slid up and down on his length.
Her left cheek puffed out as she sucked and gagged until he came hard and pumped his cream down her throat.

"Holy fuck!"

Kate gulped hard and turned to the biker with the broad chest and bushy beard.
She got onto her haunches and squeezed her tits together to make one big boob slid down on his turgid cock.

Her mouth opened and she let out a long trickle of spit that trailed down her cleavage as if in slow motion.
Then she poured the remainder of the beer out onto her nipples and wetted them nicely.
With her almost captivating eyes on his she tit fucked him, making sure she took his entire length up inside her home made fuck channel.

"Fuck my tits, darling."

The guy bent at the knees as he thrust up into her slick cleavage and Kate flinched as he erupted and splattered her neck and boobs.
A big cock slapped against her left cheek and Kate opened her mouth and filled it with man meat.

She coughed and groaned as she jerked the thick shaft and ran her tongue along the hot prick.
Yet another offered up his erection and Kate took it and began a rapid passing of the batons, going from one to the other in fleeting swipes of her lips.
She stroked and sucked and sucked and stroked until both cocks exploded simultaneously and splashed her face.


Cum ran down Kate's face in thick drops that made their way to her chin.
Her right eye was glued shut from a direct hit and she groped for the next cock to be serviced.
Sure enough a big organ bumped on her lips and her tongue curled around the bulbous head and flicked the smooth shaft back and forth.
The unknown biker grunted and spewed his cum onto her face, leaving thick strings attached to his glans and her lips.

"All done?"

Kate gurgled cum and spit and someone tossed her a towel.
She wiped her sticky face and looked about for her ride, but Rupert had split.

"That bastard! Well, he can stick this relationship right up his bottom!"


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Re: Kate Middleton's Uni Years
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Chapter Four, of a tall tale. Not intended to insult those portrayed.


Summer, 2002.

Kate looked out of the train window at the miserable looking cows chewing the cud and yawned.
She was halfway to London on a long and tedious railway journey from Fife to London where she had just completed her first year at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

It had been an enjoyable year and she looked forward to another during which she hoped might match the first for some exciting relationships.
She had just dumped her room mate and boyfriend, Rupert, and was free and single.

Not that being with him all year had stopped her from having a good time and experimenting sex with various partners.


She had caught the 13.41 from Kirkcaldy railway station on Abottshall Road to Endinburgh's Waverley station where she boarded the 14.25 from platform 16 bound for Kings Cross.
The journey was estimated to take five hours non stop, and Kate hoped to catch up on some needed research on her chosen subject, Victorian Art History.

As she settled in a seat by the window and got comfortable she fished inside her bag for her Walkman.
The click clack of the train wheels on the track were soon drowned out as she listened to a previous lecture she had recorded.
The train appeared to have very few passengers and alone and feeling a little restless she got up to walk along the corridor to find the consession section.

"Oh, he's cute."

As she passed one of the other compartments she saw a good looking young man dressed in a fine suit and looking well groomed.
She paused by the door with the glass window and peered inside at the sole occupant.

The square jawed man lowered his magazine and glanced up at Kate.
She had put on a very short dress on this trip and was bare legged with a pair of high heeled naked sandals.
Despite wearing no make up the pretty brunette was undoutably enchanting with her long waves loose about her shoulders.


Kate felt a thrill as she saw him take a lingering look at her gazelle like long legs.
She had long considered her pins to be her best feature with slender thighs and calves which tapered to fine ankles.

Intrigued, and feeling a tad frisky, Kate walked down to purchase a cup of tea and passed the same compartment on her way back to hers.

With a supreme confidence and a little daring Kate decided to act and at precisely the point where her intended target sat she stopped, turned her back to the glass door and lifted the hem of her dress and scratched languidly at her left buttock.

"This should be easy."

In addition to her ravishing legs, Kate had a marvelous behind, with lifted cheeks and a desirable and exciting gap between those upper thighs.
She had a pair of the skimpiest panties she owned and the underwear was so scanty as to be virtually non existent.

Kate returned to her seat and crossed one bare leg over her other.
She made certain that her tight dress rode up to show off those splendid white thighs, not to mention a tantalising peak of her undies.
At the open door Kate felt a shadow being cast and looked up to see the very same man she had flirted with.


"Pardon me, miss. But do you have a match?"

"I might. Let me check, Mister?"

"Call me John."

"Mine's Kate. Do have a seat."

Pleased at her result she picked up her bag and deliberately widened her bewitching legs so when John sat opposite her he had a bird's eye view of her exposed pussy mound.
As she searched she stole a glance at his crotch and noted a definite bulge that made a sizeable tent in his well pressed trousers.


"No, terribly sorry. Maybe in my big bag."

Kate rose from her seat and reached up with both hands to the overhead rack above the seated John.

"Allow me."

John got up and stood hip to hip with Kate.
She fluttered her long lashes and took a big sniff of his cologne.
Just then the train entered a tunnel and the compartment went black for a few seconds.
Then the train accelerated and the pair of them fell into each other.
Kate yelped but took the welcome opportunity to grab at John's large package.

"Excuse me. so sorry." Said Kate blushing.

"Don't be." Answered the tall man with the mop of sandy hair.


They embraced and their mouths met in a heated kiss.
Kate liked how his chest brushed against her breasts and she felt her nipples tingle and stiffen.
John reached behind her and pawed at her bottom under her short dress.
This fueled her passion and Kate sought out his tongue with hers, all the while their hands explored each other.

"I want you," she whispered in his ear in a hushed tone.

Her hands ran over his muscles under his suit jacket as her hips swayed and bumped into his.

"I don't even know you." He replied.

John never felt so stiff as he drank in her lovely aroma and nibbled her neck.

"Makes it more interesting, don't you think?"

Kate ground against him in an attempt to brush on his erection and she unravelled his neck tie and shirt buttons.
He broke off and stood back.

"I can't."

Kate pointed to his obvious erection and then lifted her dress off over her head.
She shifted her weight to her left leg and put her hands on her hips.

"I find that hard to believe, considering how hard THAT looks."

John had to agree as he focused on her naked body.
Her dark brown hair contrasted with her fair complexion and he admired the way her waves stopped just at the tops of her luscious breasts.


Without waiting for permission Kate loosened his belt and tugged the zip down all the way.
She gasped as she grabbed his boner and stared at his wonderful cock.
It pointed straight up and was completely smooth apart from a pulsing blue vein down the side.
Game, set and match!

"Things just got even more lnteresting."

John groaned and his dick jerked in Kate's fist.
She leaned forward and stretched her mouth over the big head and his foreskin peeled back.
Her hot breath made John hiss between clenched teeth as she sucked on his bell end.
He especially liked the way she lapped at that sensitive part of his cock e where his foreskin ended.

"Oh, fuck!"

Kate's eyes burned into his with an intensity that made his heart thump in his chest.
He began to jerk his hips at her as she took more and more of his throbbing hose inside her drooling mouth.
Kate loved how he felt in her mouth and her tongue darted out like a snake, lapping and flicking out rapidly.


As Kate began to giggle the resulting vibrations ran down his thick shaft and he seized her head to stop her for fear of coming down her throat.
Kate relinquished her grip on his heavenly rod and sighed.

"I'm so wet down there. Care to stem the tide?"

She then peeled off her saturated panties and laid back along the train's three seated train chair.
She kicked out her willowy legs in a wanton invitation and the pink insides of her wet cunt beckoned with it's succulent slit.
Kate mouthed a silent 'fuck me' and the clacking of the steel wheels on the tracks seemed to say the same thing.

'Fuck me, click clack. Fuck me, click clack. Fuck me, click clack!'

John shrugged his jacket off and dropped his trousers and underpants.
He reached into his pocket and Kate laughed as he retrieved a single condom.

"You came prepared!"

John ripped the wrapper off and rolled it down onto his quivering dick.
He climbed in between her splayed legs and fed his cock head to her pussy entrance.
His wide tip opened her up and his shaft followed on in.
The seat was not idle for a missionary fuck and John was all elbows and hands as he fought for a balance.

"Do it."

The young female grabbed onto his butt and hooked her heels on his calves and drew him in further.
With the passion ramped up John shunted in and out of her tightness and was surprised at how hard she fucked him back.

The compartment was filled with the sounds of them both panting and moaning, occasionally drowned out as the train clattered over the points.
Kate loved how his stiff organ slid in and out and her pussy stretched out nicely to accommodate him.

"Yes, yes, yes!"

John fucked Kate faster as their ardour intensified, and their bodies became heated and slick.
Kate raised her left hand to hang onto the seat cushion behind her which shifted with their energetic humping.

"Get up. I want to change position."

John eased his weight up and Kate turned her back to him.
She showed him her heels and raised her backside which he kissed and rolled his palms over.

"Do me doggy."

John bent over her and slid effortlessly back into her slippery hole.
He wasted no time and pulled her back onto his length and began to fuck the shit out of her.
Kate gasped as every thrust in took her breath away.
His hips smacked against her rump as he pushed in deep and hard and his groin ground on her back as he cupped her tits.

"Pull my hair. I like it rough."

John hesitated and Kate drummed her heel on his right calf to make her point.
He took a generous handful of her silky hair and tugged her head back with a snap.


John was now in his stride and his hips became a blur as he pistoned in and out.
He used her long tresses like reins as he gave her every inch of his rampant cock.
In, tug back. Out, ease up. In, tug her hair.
He looked down and admired his prowess as his length vanished between her cheeks into her hot box.
From his point of view her puckered star of an asshole seemed to wink at him and he dared to plug it with his index finger.

"Ooo, cheeky!"

John let go of her hair and held her by the hips as he got down to his vinegar strokes.
The journey was coming to an end.

"Almost, almost, all...OH!"

Kate cried out and John stopped thrusting and remained inside her as she climaxed.
She fell into the seat limp and weak as he pulled out.

"You next."

Kate ripped his condom off and sealed her lips around his knob at the same time she wanked his shaft.
She sucked on him deeply and urged him to ejaculate with feverish jerks of her slender hand on his meat.


John exploded and Kate massaged his balls as he came in her mouth.
She pursed her lips and drank down his seed, letting a tell tale trickle leak out of the corners of her mouth.

"Kings Cross in thirty minutes!"

The voice of the train guard called out the final stop as Kate smacked her lips and swallowed hard.

"Thanks, John. See you around."

John blinked and took that as a firm dismissal and dressed in silence and left.
Kate settled back in her seat after a cursory visit to the washroom and smiled to herself as she recalled the hilarious incident that had occurred during her very last week of the term.
She gazed out of the train window and took a sip of lukewarm tea.


The Uni had been around for hundreds of years and was Scotland's oldest. She and Rupert had roomed in St. Salvator's Hall, the very same dorm as Prince William.
As the school year drew to an end Kate had been aware of the Prince giving her the eye and lingering around the old stone building, presumably in the hope of seeing her. He had been drawn to her good looks and allure which caused him to loiter with serious intent.
Kate resented the unwanted attention and discovered that she was not the only one to find him an utter bore and always looked scruffy.
After a fun afternoon with some of her girlfriends the mischievous nineteen year old was dared to spray paint the wall, taunting the Prince.

"Well, I always heard that he has the biggest cock on campus."

Kate looked at Jane and raised her eyes.

"Oh, please. I heard that he's gay."

Kate nodded at Mary who sat beside her on the single bed.

"No way. Haven't you seen how he looks at Kate? He can't wait to get inside her knickers."

"He has no chance of that, trust me. Anyway, what shall we do to finish up the year?"

"Something fun, for sure." Said Mary with a grin.

"I have an idea," said Jane with a wicked look in her eyes. "I dare Kate to paint a rude slogan about William in big letters on the wall."

"Really. Is that the best you can come up with? I was thinking of having an all night orgy or gangbang or something. Alright. I'll do it."

From a surprising early age the outgoing Kate had discovered a naughty streak for mischief that made her flash her bare bottom out of windows, taunt young men, and pull down their pants in public.

For this she had earned the cheeky nickname of Kate Middlebum, and she had an odd sense of pride in welcoming the attention.
Egged on by the girls, Kate waited until the final day of school to carry out the deed.
She raided the art department for some supplies and sneaked back to her room.

Just before the sun went down she crept out and found a suitable spot of the dorm, just near to the private rooms of Lady Cooper, an elderly sponsor of the school and a very secluded woman.
She had on an old and grubby tee shirt and a pair of frayed denim shorts that rode up high at her butt crack.


Kate got to work and she daubed the slogan "Prince William is gay' in big letters on the stone with a can of red paint.
Giggling as she did so she failed to notice the two privately hired security guards that ensured that Lady Cooper got her privacy.

The two uniformed officers were responding to the call of wanton vandalism and as they investigated the commotion they watched Kate hop about in glee at her work.
They immediately recognised the young female perpetrating the crime and approached her.

She did not know the two men but as she considered the Middleton family as being 'members of the aristocracy' and 'friends of British royalty' Kate was of the opinion she was above the law.
Trouble was she was close to the property of Lady Cooper which was a complication, and the men were reluctant to let the incident pass.

"Hi, guys. How are you?"

Kate brushed her wavy hair over her shoulder and flashed her award winning smile flirtatiously.
The last thing she wanted was to be written up on the last day of school.
Although she was adventurous and loved a prank or two Kate was actually a studious type and dedicated to graduating.
She didn't need this.

"Did you do this?"

Kate looked at the man with the baby blue eyes and fair complexion.

"Do what?" She replied in all innocence.

Then she blushed as she became aware that her shirt had been smeared with red paint, and she had tell tale flecks on the palms of her hands.

"The paint job." Said the other guard with the full beard.

"Oh, that."

Realising the game was up Kate took off and sprinted around the corner of the building to where there were various objects dumped and a two seat sofa covered with a dusty sheet.
The men pursued her and Blue Eyes managed to grab her shirt and tug on it.

Kate fell across the sofa with her legs up in the air and her tits lewdly showing through the tattered remains of her tee.

"Get her against the wall."

Kate protested as she was manhandled and made to face the wall with arms out wide.
Bearded man came behind her and used his right leg to spread hers.

"Frisk her."

With her nose against the stone work Kate felt the man's torch feel up the outsides of her bare legs and then snake inside from her calves and up her thighs.

The young brunette closed her eyes as she experienced a definite warmth in her loins which in turn stiffened her nipples.
Then she felt a shiver up her spine when the same flashlight brushed the crotch of her shorts and remained there.

"Anything in particular you looking for there?" Asked Kate with a slight whimper.

She turned her head back to see two very turned on men.
She glanced back and forth at the pair of them and took a gamble.
The sun had dipped quickly and the light was considerably subdued as Kate addressed them with wide eyes.

"Gentlemen, you seem to be men of the world. What say we cut a deal?"

Kate tore away the remains of her shirt and thrust her tits out proudly.
Then she pulled on the zip of her denim shorts and shrugged them off with a wiggle of her hips.

"Were you searching for this perhaps?"

Both men looked on in an uneasy silence as the tall female tugged her panties down her thighs and stood stark naked before them.
She cupped her pubis and cocked her head to the left.
Her pussy released an initial trickle into her palm as she focused on their groins.


There was no question that the two were turned on at the unexpected sight of Kate's hot naked form with the delicious looking tits and tight ass.
They came to her slowly and made the first physical contact by nudging her from each side.

"Yeah, let's have some fun and forget about the whole business."

Kate purred as they cupped her breasts and thumbed the hard tips.
Blue Eyes overcame his shyness and bent to suck on her right tit, making very audible slurping noises as he greedily lapped at the soft flesh.
At the same time Beard lapped at her left nipple and soon both of her tits glistened in the light of the street lamps.

"Good, boys. Good."

Kate dropped to her knees and caressed both of their bulging crotches.
She diligently unbuckled their belts as they looked down and accepted the inevitable.

Blue Eyes, or Thomas, knew of Kate Middleton and the whispered rumours of her extraordinary sexual exploits.
He looked at his colleague, Stanley, and just shrugged his shoulders.

"What DO we have here?"

Kate grinned as both her hands were filled with two throbbing erections.
She dipped her head to Thomas and took his cock head into her mouth and sucked him in.
His taste seeped in and the wanton slut murmured softly on his dick.
She jerked Stanley with her left fist as she stroked her mouth up and down on Thomas.

"Mmm, lovely."

Then she did the same for his buddy and discovered that Stanley was quite the well endowed one.
His cock was as rigid as a bar of steel and Kate left a trail of saliva down the shaft as she attempted to suck in all of it as was humanly possible.

"Let's get down to it, hmm?"

All three stood together in a breathless anticipation, she totally nude, they naked from the waist down.
Stanley, the stronger of the two, acted and lifted her up effortlessly and positioned her on his upstanding cock.

Kate gasped as she wrapped long legs around his waist and welcomed the tip of his knob at her wet entrance.
She groaned as it opened her hole and she buried her head in his chest as he dropped her all the way down his length.


Kate was roughly manhandled as Stanley bobbed her up and down on his cock which thrust up deeply inside the slender woman.
She was helpless on his arms as he bumped her to and fro with savage thrusts.
Her feet flailed in mid air as she was firmly held and her juices ran out and down her left thigh.

"Team work!" Cried Thomas and Kate was handed over to him like a footballer passing the ball.

Kate was held up in the air with her head and shoulders cradled in Stanley's arms.
Thomas stepped inside her spread out legs and held them up in his forearms.
He took one step forwards and his erect cock pushed up inside the hovering Kate.


As Stanley held her up, Thomas drove in, pounding the grateful Kate into ecstasy.
His balls smacked up at her pert bottom each time he pushed on in, impaling her totally on his thickness.

Thomas half walked, half carried her on his pole and plopped her onto the dusty covered sofa.
He bent over her and held her legs out by the ankles and slid in and out at a furious pace.
Stanley moved in and strummed her clit with his left hand and used the other to fondle her tits.
As she fucked senseless a rusty spring popped out of the discarded seat and Kate yelped.

"Team work!"

Thomas obliged his friend who spun Kate around so that she faced the back of the sofa on her knees.
He noted her bottom looked somewhat dirty now from the grubby chair and he gave her several spanks on each cheek to clean them up.

"Put it in." She demanded and tapped her foot impatiently on the edge of the sofa.

Stanley knelt behind her and swiped her dripping slit with unhurried stabs of his bell end.


He penetrated her with one steady thrust and he was in all the way to the hilt.
As he felt his orgasm build he fucked Kate quickly and hard, slamming into her backside so much that she was forced to grab onto the back of the sofa.

"Oh, my!"

Kate moaned loudly as her orgasm hit and copious amounts of her juices dripped out and down the insides of her thighs.
Stanley pulled out and Kate sat on the edge of the seat as both men jerked their cocks at her perky tits.

"Come on my tits," she said with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Stanley erupted first and he spurted onto her left breast, his cum dribbling down her globe of flesh in a slow trickle.
Thomas was next and he ejaculated over and over so that Kate's tits were absolutely covered in streams of sperm.
She got up on wobbly legs and the cum hung in strands that gradually broke and hit the ground.

"So, boys. Shall we forget this ever happened?"

Without another word Kate picked up her things and crept back to her dorm room in the darkness.


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