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Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
« on: February 11, 2020, 12:28:35 PM »
Note- This is purely fiction. Although Emma has let it be known that she has spent time and money in deliberate research into the study of the female orgasm. Nice.


Chapter One. Sex with a stranger.

Emma was between boyfriends and movies and as a consequence was mightily bored.
The epitome of English grace and charm she had spent the best part of a week browsing the net researching advanced sexual fantasies and technique. She had a monthly blog on the website she subscribed to that looked at how to enhance sexual pleasure for females, and had dedicated her spare time there.

She had been intrigued by the notion of voyeurism and public sex with a complete stranger. The thrill of anonymous sex and the possible danger of being caught fired her imagination so much that she was unable to sleep that night. Having had no sexual activity in her life for at least a month the young actress had a strong urge to live the fantasy for real.


On the next available Sunday morning Emma woke early and drove off in her beloved three door Mini Hatch in fire truck red. She reached her destination which was the Blue Water Shopping and Retail Centre, situated several miles out of London. Circling the vast place she stopped in the larger of the car parks and sat in silence and foreboding as she considered her next move.

"Oh well, here goes nothing."

The glossy brunette stepped out and stood by her car, no one appeared to be out at the early hour as far as she could tell.
She has tied off her light brown hair into a sleek side parted pony tail, a few loose waves of which graced the side of her elegant neck. With a cerise gloss on her dreamy lips, and sultry smoky eye make up she would have turned any male's eyes her way.

Dressed down in a showerproof Aquascutum mini trench coat with epaulettes and waistband, she had slipped on a pair of red patent leather stilettos with pointed toes. The four inch high heel was designed to lengthen her lithe bare legs.

"This way I think."

The chic twenty six year old strolled off looking effortlessly stylish toward the House of Fraser store on the remote corner of the centre. .

The sun had risen and various birdsong could be heard along with the constant thrum of generators. The store had an enormous glass window display and Emma peered at the clothing advertised as being on sale.

"Oh, that's pretty," she thought as her eye was drawn to a floral summer dress.

As she looked closer the reflection of a car caught her eye and she spun around to see an idling Ford Focus about fifty feet away.

Her heart skipped a beat and her belly flip flopped as she nervously tottered up and down outside the closed store with one eye on the car.

A male shape could be seen in the driving seat and Emma fingered the pack of three condoms in the storm flap of her coat and bit her lip, an insatiable lust for danger chilled her spine.

"Shit, he's getting out." She frowned.

The compact beauty froze in mid step as the stranger came toward her. At least six feet tall in his black leather derby shoes, he had sleek dark hair with a curl that dropped over his left brow untidily. A hint of six o'clock shadow on his lantern jaw gave him a classic look of masculinity.

He must have been at a function all night and still wore his single breast tuxedo with precision cut trousers. His burgundy bow tie was undone and hung on the left side of his collar.

"Hi." She said, a little embarrassed about her appearance in front of the well dressed and handsome stranger.

He remained silent as Emma gazed at his sharp features and darling hazel eyes. Instantly attracted, the petite young woman could feel her cheeks burn as she blushed in his looming presence.

An overwhelming desire to touch him gripped her and she dug her hands deep into her coat pockets to avoid undue disappointment.

"Do you, er, that is, when does the store open?"

She gave her best smile as he simply shrugged his shoulders and rubbed his square chin, his eyes glued to hers.

A slight gust of wind lifted the tiny hem of her trench coat and his eye line was drawn to the quick flash of her creamy white thigh that came and went.

Likewise, Emma lowered her stare to the left side of his well pressed pants and swore that he was semi hard.


Emma stuttered as her heart hammered in her chest and a sexual tension hung heavy in the air. Her thick lashes fluttered as their eyes met. Before she could say another word she was pulled into him close and he gave her a wet, passionate kiss that literally took her breath away.

She returned the kiss that lasted a full minute and she relaxed into his solid chest in complete surrender, her shoes on tiptoe. He tasted faintly of Scotch and cigar smoke as he released his hold on her, only to spin her around to face the store window.


Emma gasped as she was held around the waist by two strong arms and the nape of her neck was gently nibbled and nudged by his nose.

Her eyes closed in bliss and she rubbed her thighs together in anticipation of what may happen next. His lower body bumped at her from behind and the unmistakable bulge of his burgeoning erection was quite obvious.

"Well girl, this is what you wanted." She thought to herself.

The mans hulk towered over her diminutive figure as he deftly undid her waist belt and slipped it out of the little loops.

One button, two, and then three were popped on the front of her coat as she tilted her head back into his face, smothering him with her fragrant locks.

"Hah!" He exclaimed as he discovered Emma was nude under the coat aside from skimpy panties.

Emma writhed in his grip as he caressed her flanks and widened the gap of her coat so that the morning breeze made the pointy nipples of her medium sized tits agonisingly erect.

She turned her face away from him and he peppered the side of her face with butterfly kisses, her ponytail gently falling to one side. Two hands slid up her ribs and then she stifled a moan as his right hand groped her right breast and thumbed the rock hard tip.


His body still felt pressed tightly behind her as his tongue went inside her left ear and swirled around lightly, his thumbs moved across her taut nipples at the same time.

Her legs parted and he got the message and slipped his left hand down the waistband of her white panties. Emma sucked in air as the breeze gave the backs of her bare thighs goose flesh. Her downy curls were brushed gently by a light touch of the mans fingertips and she thought she might very well swoon.

"Don't stop,' she whispered as her legs moved inward and trapped his hand.

Emma sobbed quietly as his hand sawed back and forth along the slit of her damp pussy, making her knees buckle. He slowly withdrew his hand and she looked down between her legs to see her sodden underwear matted to her vulva.

The stranger paused in his ministrations and Emma took this as a signal and with his help she let her coat fall from her enchanting naked form. He took one step back and she bent at the waist and tugged her panties all the way to her red heels and stepped out of them.

"I feel so alive," she thought and looked from right to left to survey the immediate area.

Still no one. Her lover shed his jacket and dropped it on the floor by her mini coat and hugged her from behind once more.

Emma placed the palms against the pane of the big window and threw her arms behind her to grab onto his head. He trailed one hand across the plain of her flat tummy, slowly moving lower.

Now her sloppy wet cunt was fingered with a renewed vigour and the English rose began to quiver as two fingers slipped into her soft, aching slot.

"Oh my gosh!"

She could not see but imagined the hunk to have a wicked grin as he pulled his hand from between her open legs and presented wet digits to her mouth.

Without thinking she pursed her dreamy lips and sucked her own juices greedily. Once dry he returned to her heated muff and his middle finger vanished into her tight and moist flesh.

"Yesss!" She hissed and ground her hips in a seductive circle on his probing digit.

His left hand moved between their bodies so that he could run his palm over the smooth and rounded buttocks of her perfect ass. Her own hand held his on her pussy and pressed him harder to her twat.

Emma enjoyed a delicious tingling that set off the chill down her spine as he found her over sensitive clitoris, and she wallowed in the exquisite friction.

"So...good." She muttered.

Her pussy began seep fluids freely and her cunt became a hot, sticky groove as his fingers stroked the hard bump of her clit.

A long drawn out sigh emanated from deep down in her throat as she was rubbed harder and faster hastening her impending climax. Emma gasped and then shrieked as she came and her legs shook so much she had to be held up by his strong grip.


Now she turned to face the stranger once more and kissed him long and hard. They broke and he looked into her face. Her heavy eye shadow belied her tender years as he unbuttoned his white shirt.

Emma went onto her knees on the stone floor and rubbed his impressive lump that tented his trousers. Then she drew the zip of his fly all the way, her eyes never leaving his. Her small hand went inside the hot confines of his trousers and retrieved his stiff cock.

Once freed it stood straight up like a white pole of steel, topped off with a tapered glans. She held it at the base and his erection appeared longer than it probably was. Emma was no expert but judged him to be the proud owner of a seven incher.

"There it is." She smiled as she gave him a few hard rubs.

As he looked down at the erotic sight of his big boner in her tiny fist he let down his trousers and boxers down to his shoes.

The gentle morning breeze felt cool on his exposed butt and balls as Emma moved closer until his knob was only an inch from her pretty face. A ripple of excitement went through her and she was unable to prevent a slight trickle escape her quim. Her lips parted and accepted his cock head into her mouth as she pumped his veiny shaft.

"Feels nice." She noted in between sucks.

Her hand moved over his abs and felt the hair that went from his groin on up. Emma bobbed on her stilettos as she sucked and pumped for all she was worth, occasionally licking his shaft with salacious licks of the thick stalk.

Smooth skin stretched tightly on his straining erection and he groaned which pleased Emma highly. She paused for air and traced out slow lines along the underside of his thick shaft before resuming stuffing him back in her mouth.

Her cheeks hollowed and his big head poked out of her left side in a lewd fashion. She kept a tight grip on the base of his cock and made sure he couldn't push in hard and make her gag.

"Huh!" He grunted as he held her head in an attempt to face fuck the petite actress.

"No!" She protested and he ceased his humping.

Satisfied Emma tickled the red hot top of his steel hard prick with just the tip of her pink tongue and bathed it in her spit. Her tongue drove the guy crazy as every inch of his cock was covered with flicks and licks that threatened a premature ejaculation.

Sensing his plight her hand went inside her pocket and retrieved a condom wrapper and she tore it open with her teeth, and he took it and slipped it on his rigid pole. They hugged and his rod pulsed against her satin soft belly.

"OH!" She squealed as she was pulled up to her feet and turned to the window.

Another look left and right confirmed no other person was present and Emma felt relief and a little disappointment at the lack of danger of being discovered.

As she leaned up against the window the stranger spread her legs apart with a subtle move of his right leg and pushed his cock up at the crevice of her pert bottom. As her cute nose pressed against the glass she screamed with surprise at the shape of a man inside the store!

"Wait! It's a man!" Emma stood transfixed and her heart pounded.

Ignoring her alarm he savoured the view of her heart shaped bottom with the pink centre and plunged up inside with one forceful thrust. The lunge into her very wet pussy pushed her at the window and caused her to move onto the pointed toes of her shoes. With both hands on her hips the man pushed in again hard and the lightweight Emma was almost lifted off the floor.


He pulled all the way back until only his cock head was inserted and Emma looked down under herself to look at the incredible sight of his knob just in her exposed muff.

She saw his legs with the fine hair tense as he moved forward and sighed heavily once his magnificent tool rode all the way in to the hilt. Emma melted as she was completely filled, and when he started to move finally she gasped from the primal fuck.

"I feel so stuffed," she thought as he speeded up his thrusts.

Each time he entered her his bare hips and thighs smacked on her rounded posterior and she fought to stay balanced. The sun went behind a cloud and Emma could make out what appeared to be a window cleaner inside the store.

As she opened her eyes wide she saw him open mouthed with his hard on in his fist! Her body humped to and fro with her fingers spread out on the pane as the new stranger pressed his nose to the window for a better look at her being fucked.

"He sees us!"

Emma felt an exhilaration at the voyeur watching her intimate act and as the cleaner nosed the inside of the window she made obscene licks with her tongue on the outside of the glass.

Then she turned her face left as the man behind her withdrew his hard cock and left her pussy gaping. His face met the back of her neck and he nibbled her skin with hard teeth leaving her gasping for air. Then he bent at the knees whilst holding her upper thighs and proceeded to lick her sticky slot from behind.

"So nice." She purred as he deftly flicked her outer labia before delving inside the sweet insides.

Emma moved closer to the window and squashed her tits against the glass and the cleaner feigned licking the hard nipples on the other side as he wanked his cock furiously in his sweaty hand.

Her legs spread wide as a tongue circled all around her pussy with a teasing brush on her clit that drove her insane. She never imagined anything could feel so good as she thrust her fist in her mouth to stifle a scream. Then he poked his thumb into her anus and jiggled it in and out as he tongued her.


The two hands that massaged her cute buns slid up to cup her perky tits as he stood up once more. Emma knew what was coming and took in a sharp intake of breath. She had leaked so much love juice that a line ran down her right thigh to her shapely calf.

"Fuck me, you devil!"

His hard shaft of flesh shoved up inside her as he pulled the tiny woman towards him and buried himself in her snug wet hole. He settled his hairy groin at her cushion of an ass and he began to fuck her with a driving force that made her catch her breath.

Emma rocked her hips back and forth in tandem with his relentless hammering, the throbbing of his tool rippling through her great intensity. A warm feeling spread down her spine as she was jerked back into him, each hard thrust made her hands slam on the glass.


The hard stabbing cock felt bloated and thick in her seething tunnel as it was ravaged over and over and her impending climax built and built. His muscular thighs tightened as he plugged up her with rotations of his hips and Emma wheezed as his legs slammed against her round ass.

"Gonna, gonna cum!" She murmured.

The stranger held her waist loosely and began to pull back from her frothing cunt before ramming back in all the way. Emma jerked and shuddered as she achieved her climax and he also withdrew as he felt his balls spasm.

He ripped the condom off just in time to pant her backside with several spurts of his cum. She slid down the glass slowly as her body quaked from her orgasm.

"Wow!" She whispered as her legs shook.

At the same time the cleaner sprayed the window as he too had his orgasm and Emma licked the outside of the window pane in a pretence of licking his white cum.

The sunlight altered her view and her vision of the panting cleaner vanished as he withdrew back further inside. Emma straightened up and fingered her sticky buttocks and noted the used condom on the floor by her heels.

She turned around, naked save for her stilettos, and discovered her virile young lover had returned to his Ford and was already leaving.

"That was different." She smiled to herself as she picked up her and panties.

She hurried to her Mini and opened the glove compartment to clean herself up. Looking into the mirror she saw her ponytail had become loose and her eye makeup was smudged.

Emma Watson began to imagine who the man was. Married? Returning home from a party? Looking for danger and a quick fuck in public? Had he even spoken a word? She gave a rue smile and started the motor. On reflection things had turned out rather well.

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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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Chapter two, all aboard the Orient Express.       

Having spent a heavenly vacation in Venice Emma had decided to return to London aboard the legendary Venice Simplon Orient Express.

The charming English actress had left England to unwind and evaluate her life after ending her latest relationship.

It had become apparent to her that this latest was not the man for her and had moved onto pastures new. True also the sex had been mundane and by the numbers, and Emma, who had studied for hours on how to improve female sexual awareness and satisfaction, demanded more.

In fact the best experience in recent times had been when she had been taken by a total stranger in a vacant car lot.

"Welcome aboard the Orient Express, we hope you enjoy the ride."

A young man in the company uniform of blue with gold trim and white gloves smiled as Emma boarded the train and she checked out his handsome features. His name tag said Louis and as she stepped into the second of the seventeen coaches she stole another glance at his rear and noted his tight bod.

"Nice bum." She thought.

She herself was fitted out in a chic little black dress designed to show off her toned bare legs. The Ralph Lauren number had a neckline and short sleeves with a lace trim and she had chosen to wear a pair of black platform heels on her dainty feet. To start the journey the attractive young girl had her hair in a casual up do style, pulled back and pinned to the back of her head.

"This is a dream come true."

It was like taking a step back in time as she looked around inside the immaculate train. She had arrived at Santa Lucia Station for the 10.30 departure that would see the famous luxury train travel north through Verona, Lichtenstein, Germany, France and then England. The scenery promised spectacular views of valleys, soaring mountains and the Brenner Pass.

"This might be an inspiring journey," she thought as she looked out the window.

It would take two days and a night and Emma had booked a 6,000 suite decorated in a grand Italian Baroque style with glass lamps and woven fabrics. The large bed had a high headboard, embroidered pillows and silk sheets.

With the addition of a private bathroom and power shower Emma looked forward to a night of opulence and comfort. She noted also the suite boasted of a personal cabin steward available 24/7.

"I even have my own complimentary bathrobe."

The table with crisp white linen and bespoke china had already been laid out with a sumptuous selection of sandwiches, cakes and a teapot.

After a pleasant half hour unwinding Emma took a stroll along the iconic train as it began to rock and clatter on the tracks. She passed several excited passengers on the way, some casually dressed but for the main people had donned their finest attire.

"Its the only way to travel." Said an elderly woman in a cocktail dress.

The central point for life aboard was apparently the bar with a live pianist, and already Emma could hear the tinkling of the ivory keys in the near distance. Laughter and the chinking of glass on glass greeted her and a liveried steward handed her a chilled champagne flute immediately.

Caught up in the intoxicating atmosphere, heady with the glamour and romance of the train journey, Emma smiled to herself. This was going to be an ideal opportunity for some racy entries in her blog on the sex research website she subscribed to.


The 1920's, the Great Gatsby, the Jazz Age and of course the Orient Express. Emma, being a lover of old Hollywood and the birth of the silver screen appeared after a beautiful dinner of salt lamb dressed in a flapper look.

Her stunning sheer black dress featured white pom poms, delicate see through sleeves and a seductive neckline. The light material skimmed over her subtle curves giving her a sleek silhouette. On her feet she wore a pair of Louboutin strappy heels in stylish silver, and around her forehead she had a black and silver headband. Not a particular lover of stockings or hose she left her legs bare.

"Let the fun begin."

With head high and back straight the English rose sauntered into the crowded bar car called 3674, named after the original carriage number back in 1931.

She ordered a Bloody Mary and sat opposite a well turned out man in a black evening suit and white shirt. He looked to be about thirty years of age as he drank from a crystal whisky tumbler. Their eyes met for a split second then Emma looked over a crowd of loud revellers.

"Wonder if he's alone." She mused.

Emma looked out of the small window but as it was nearly midnight she couldn't make anything out. She stared out of the window but in reality she was looking at his reflection and was thrilled to see that he was staring directly at her crossed legs.

Averting her eyes still she uncrossed them and switched from left over right to right over left. Her bosom rose and fell and she unconsciously stroked her calf with scarlet fingernails.

"Refill Miss?" Asked a passing steward.

Emma shook her head and took a furtive look at the stranger across the aisle . He oozed confidence and was devilishly handsome with short but neat brown hair.

Slowly Emma uncrossed her slender pins and let them fall apart, giving him a glimpse of her milky white thighs. He lowered his unrelenting gaze to her midriff and rubbed his chin with his glass.

People came and went as the train thundered on through the night and now Emma and her new admirer kept a solid stare at each other.

"I'll just tease him some."

Still with her eyes on his, Emma slid her left hand up between her spread thighs and touched herself through her panties. She licked her lips as she closed her thighs and trapped her hand and she blushed unashamedly.

Without seeing, the man knew she was stroking her pussy, arousing herself as her hand caressed her most intimate area.

"Oh!" She exclaimed and extracted her hand quickly as a woman turned her head to her.

She thought she was cool and collected but in truth Emma's light brown eyes betrayed her as she got off on showing off to a stranger. Emma stood and crossed the rich carpet and loomed over the bemused man.

From behind, a slightly drunken man bumped her and she accidentally, deliberately maybe, spilled some of her drink over the seated man. Her hand went to her mouth in an apologetic mode as he shifted on his chair.


Emma put her index finger to his lips in a signal for him to hush. There would be no need for words. She hitched up her vintage skirt over her upper thighs and straddled his strong lower body, feeling him squirm under her.

Her right hand went to his groin and she felt his obviously uncomfortable position as his trouser fly tented. With finger and thumb she delicately unzipped him and let his stiffness emerge from the tight confines. They kissed, long and hard and Emma flared her nostrils as she breathed him in.

Now, with his erection in her tiny fist she quickly rubbed the thick length up and down from base to just under the foreskin where his fat glans mushroomed out.

A couple passed them by in the space between the two rows of window seats but her cock jerking was obscured by her body. Low moans emanated from the lucky man as Emma's warm palm made him as hard as steel.

"Ugh, I."

Emma twisted on his lap and she dipped her head to get her first look at his big boner. She was not disappointed at his generous sized prick and craved it to be inside her moistening muff.

Her hips raised up by an inch and she rubbed his cock head along her damp panties from anus to clitoris and he met her infuriating silk underwear instead of her flesh.

Then with her left hand she moved her panties to the right and with a subliminal shift she impaled herself on his rock hard organ making him gasp.

"Oh my!" She exclaimed as she sank down on him, first half way, and then after a brief reprise, all the way down.

With her delicate frame settled on his bulk and her right hand on his hipbone they remained quite still as several guests passed them by in the corridor.
A prickle of sweat glistened on the mans brow as he willed the petite beauty to move on his throbbing member. Emma looked over her shoulder at a steward laden with a full drinks tray in the crook of his arm.

"Hi, nice evening."

Oblivious to the erotic scene unfolding he continued on his merry way as she spoke, and her pussy ground on the seated stranger who humped up and made Emma rise and fall on his lap.
She moved to and fro on his length and closed her eyes as the sweet friction on her clit made her blood boil. Her hands rested on his abdomen as she rolled with the motion of the speeding train and his up thrusts. Every push in made Emma squeak little moans as her pussy was stretched by his delicious cock.

"You okay?"

The elderly woman from earlier tapped Emma on the shoulder and the young girl in heat slowed up to an imperceptible riding motion as she turned her head. Her dress covered any tell tale signs of their guilty secret and the inquisitive lady was none the wiser to their erotic coupling.

"He feels a little woozy is all." Answered Emma with a smile.

Satisfied, the rutting pair were left and Emma bent at the waist and brought her pretty face down to just an inch from her mystery lover. With their noses almost touching she peered into his narrowed eyes as she resumed humping his glorious hard cock. She kept her upper half still and just used her hips to move along his hot man meat which drove him crazy.


The train entered a tunnel and the lights were snuffed out. Emma took the opportunity to fuck him fast and lifted up and down on his prick, delighting in the sensation of riding his cock to the hilt.

The train emerged again and the lights flickered back to life once more. Her hips went in slow circles for several strokes, slowly so as not to attract attention. Her sensitive skin in her pussy mound felt his balls swell and Emma knew she had brought him to his impending climax.

She felt a wicked sense of complete control and dominance as she squeezed the muscles of her pussy around his log, bringing him to the very brink.

"Uh huh, uh huh." He gasped.

She lifted right up then so that his cock left her warm confines and he fucked air. At the point of no return Emma grabbed his hands and held them down on the arms of the chair leaving him with no option but to cum on his trouser fly in a ruined orgasm.

His cock spewed cum but with no physical contact that exquisite relief was lost for him. Without a backwards glance Emma strode off gracefully with an ignoble grin.

"I'm so bad!" She thought as she sought out the bar car.


The general atmosphere was relaxed at the midnight hour in the bar and the pianist played soft and languid notes to the few remaining guests who lingered behind.

Emma went straight to the piano and leaned on it as she listened intently to the music. The player looked up as he was appraised by the young English woman dressed like something from the roaring twenties.

"Ah yes." And he began a Jelly Roll Morton number.

He reminded her of Daniel Radcliffe in a way with his round lens eyeglasses and dark thick hair. A strong brow, nose and jaw gave him a rugged look and she would have bet he had hair on his chest.

He had shed his evening jacket and sat at the keyboard in silk shirt and bowtie. She kicked up her left leg at the knee behind her as her thoughts became decidedly naughty.

"You play well. I play well."

"A pretty song for a pretty girl."

Still quite horny from her quickie just before Emma looked around and then slipped under the piano unnoticed by anyone. Reckless yet bold she knelt at his legs and took hold of his belt buckle and pulled the strap aside. He squirmed as he looked down at the grinning girl and his heart thumped when he realised her intentions.

"Er, miss?"

He already had an erection by the time she had fished out his boner and it swayed in her locked hand as she peeled back his foreskin. The big flared tip emerged and Emma nearly jumped as it leaked pre cum so soon. Her lips pursed and she planted a gentle kiss on the very tip and then let it enter her mouth.


The man hit a couple of wrong notes as a trickle of warm saliva ran down the underside of his upright pole. With an expertise that belied her age Emma flicked at the engorged head with rapid back and forth moves that drove the man mad.

Her tongue flattened and went all the way down the left side of his iron hard shaft and then back up the other side, and when she reached the top she devoured it with a rush.

"Hey feller, you drunk? You're hitting the wrong keys."

"Sorry," he answered with a dry mouth as he was sucked off with busy strokes.

Her sucks and licks intensified as Emma accepted half of his length and increased the suction rate. She made little noises as she breathed through her nose, filling her mouth with his fat cock.

Her hands gripped his exposed thighs as his trousers slid to his shoes and he wallowed in her relentless sucking of his pipe. He looked at her head which bobbed to and fro in his lap and watched her headband loosen on her brow.

He stopped playing as the airtight hold on his prick proved too much and he exploded his seed far down her throat. She gulped down every last drop as he came and came until he became limp on his seat, his balls drained.

"Here it is!"

Emma emerged from under the table with her headband in her hand as if she had been looking for a lost item. The pianist quickly hoisted his trousers back up and adjusted his glasses and when he had regained his composure Emma was gone.

She found the other bar known as 3674 and quickly downed two glasses of champagne to cleanse her gullet. Within a minute she had been joined by a olive skinned male of about six feet with large eyes and slightly greying temples.

"Mademoiselle, I think that you are in the wrong decade."

He smiled with strong white teeth and dimples in both cheeks, and his eyes of green had the shape of almonds. His accent sounded French and she felt a frisson of a thrill down her spine as she found herself staring at him under the low light electric lamps.

"Boop boop be doop!"

"How charming, Betty Boop, hah, hah. Bonsoir to you, you are of exceptional beauty if you forgive my boldness."

"Not at all. Are you travelling to Paris?"

"Oui, it is my home these last forty years."

He leaned toward her and placed his hand on hers. His hand felt warm and strong and Emma was aware of that familiar tingling in her loins.

"Are you alone?" She asked, her eyes held by his as if she were in a hypnotic spell.

"Oui, a tragedy non? To be aboard the most romantic train in history and no lover to share the rare moment."


The suave older man had an air of sophistication about him and his refreshing smile did things to her. The clothes he wore, crisp navy suit with a cravat hinted at an impressive physique.

Her thoughts were turned to the idea of being seduced by an older man, a predator preying on young women who he sensed to be vulnerable. Emma felt his eye look at the smooth curve of her calves as his hand moved to her bare upper arm.

"Your mouth was made to be kissed mon cherie."

Her stomach trembled as she was kissed hard, the suddenness erotic and exciting as she relented to his advance and kissed him back. Her mind reeled as she gave in meekly to the more experienced older man and yielded to his increasing lustful assault.

He grabbed her by the hand and in a single movement they hurried to the nearest toilet. They burst through the door giggling and embraced in an urgent kiss, their hands all over each other in heated passion.

The horny man pushed the young woman back to the wall of the small closet, his tongue and lips seeking out hers. He slid both hands up her slender thighs and around her back so he could cup her pert buttocks.

"Oh yeah!"

Her hand came between them and found his bulge in his trouser front where she made a prominent shape by squeezing his erection. She pushed him away and he looked into her dreamy heavy lidded eyes.

"Fuck me hard." She breathed as she showed him her back.

The Frenchman rolled her panties down and Emma stepped out of them as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped himself. Emma stood facing the mirror above the sink and bent over, leaning forwards with her backside up in the air.

She looked ahead but was in fact gazing at the man behind her who had his erect cock in hand and had it pointed at her offered pussy. Her dress was inched up until her bum and thighs were on show.

He looked closely at her downy fluff between her upper thighs and took in a sharp intake of breath as he stroked himself. With his left hand on her hip he found her pink inflamed pussy slit and pushed in, watching intently as his veiny cock vanished up inside.


She was so wet he slid all the way in and Emma shook on tiptoe in her silver heels as he began to ease in and out. He held onto her other hip as well and started to fuck her as she held onto the sides of the wash basin to steady herself.

This was what she had hoped for as her cunt was reamed by the thankful man. In a state of bliss Emma felt her stomach tremble and little spasms in her stuffed muff. His fingers dug in as he thrust up into her faster and her moaning grew louder as her pussy grew wetter.

"Ooh fuck!"

Her eyes met his in the reflection of the mirror and her heart flip flopped as she looked at herself being fucked doggy style. She parted her legs wider in the small confines of the toilet as they rocked together, joined at the hip, fucking frantically His heavy balls slapped against her cheeks with each power thrust and Emma felt her legs go weak at the knees.

"Go to your fucking room, perverts!"

A voice outside alerted them that they were maybe a tad too loud despite the sound of the metal wheels clacking on metal tracks. Emma made a shush noise as they resumed their naughtiness with big smiles. Now he fucked her with steady yet assured strokes, sliding in and out with his entire length.

"Hey, can I come in? I need to pee real bad."

A woman outside banged on the door and rattled the lock as Emma turned her head.

"It's busy!" She said through gritted teeth.

"I'm busting, let me go."

"Go to your cabin." Emma cried as her lover slammed into her from behind.

"It's too far, I'm going to wet myself."

Still locked in intercourse the pair edged to the door and Emma peered out as she opened it a crack. It was the elderly lady in the cocktail dress, now looking the worse for wear after too much champagne.

"Can I use this toilet, hic!"

"I am, ooh, a bit, ahh, yes. That is ugh, I have a tummy upset, can't leave, shit!"

As Emma spoke she was unceremoniously shoved forward by the mans rampant cock as he still fucked her from behind. Her face bobbed up and down and the tipsy woman outside struggled to focus.

"Please, hic, I will be quick."

"Oh, alright."

Emma eased backwards still impaled on cock and dropped her hitched up dress down to hide her illicit coupling from the woozy woman, who promptly sat on the toilet.

"Oh, you have company."

Emma had straightened up and the man had his arms around her waist as he ground his hips at her and thrust in and out of her juicy cunt.

"Oh yes, the Doctor, he's helping me with my stomach upset. Oh yes, rub my belly Doctor. Mmm, that feels good."

"Bonsoir Madam, how are you?" He said politely as his cock slipped into Emma's wetness.

The faint hiss of the woman pissing was the only sound as Emma elbowed her beau in the ribs indicating that he should finish.

"Cum in me." She whispered and reached back to grip his right thigh.

He grunted then and Emma felt hot spurts of his cum shoot inside her and she closed her eyes at the wonderful sensation of his semen dribble out of her quim and slowly run down her left thigh. They uncoupled and he quickly pulled up his trousers to hide his dribbling hose.

"Oh Doctor, that is so much better, thank you. Well must dash, bye lady."

Emma and the Frenchman opened the toilet door and as she turned left he turned right and they vanished in different directions.


After a dream free sleep Emma awoke in bed as fresh as a daisy at around noon. Things had gone splendidly so far, more than her expectations and she made some preliminary notes on her Galaxy Tablet.

She had still not achieved her own orgasm and this would be her aim on the final day on the Orient Express as they thundered through France. She had slept in the raw and she slipped from under the sheet and yawned. Having a ravenous appetite she called her personal steward and ordered breakfast and headed for the bathroom.

"Hello? Miss Watson? Breakfast is served."

Under the shower Emma was deaf to the young mans calls and she came back feeling refreshed with a towel around her damp hair and nothing else.

"Oh, that was quick, great. It's Louis right?"

The uniformed man nodded with his heart in his mouth as he drank in the naked form of the twenty eight year old. Only five feet in bare feet the slim and petite Emma glowed from her hot shower and her perky medium sized breasts were tipped with erect nipples which looked outstanding from every angle. With lissom legs and cute bottom she was the epitome of perfection.

"Please forgive my nakedness, I just stepped out of the shower."

"Sorry, I did knock."

"No need to apologise. Could you pour me some tea while I brush my hair?"


Emma dragged the towel from her head and began to brush it out as she stood in her birthday suit in front of a mirror. She heard the sound of shaking china and smiled to herself with the knowledge that he was eying up her backside. To tease him she hummed a tune from 'Beauty and the Beast' and rotated her lower body in sensuous moves designed to drive him nuts.

"Milk and sugar?" He asked nervously as his cock stirred in his pants.

"Yes, thank you Louis, or is it Loo-eee."

"The second one."

"Well," she turned to him and put a hand on her left hip. "I'm going to drink my tea and then to cap off a a splendid journey I'm going to fuck your brains out. Any questions?"

"One lump or two?" He said dryly after a slight pause.

With the ice broken Emma laughed and sat on the edge of the big bed as Louis stripped off his blue uniform. Much like herself he had a boy next door look about him with a fair complexion, sandy hair and clear blue eyes.

He body was hairless and as he got down to his underwear Emma noted his almost transparent pubes. Finally nude she leaned up and took a lingering look at his rising manhood that poked up as straight as a bar from his groin.

"Now that's a nice cock. You have a girlfriend?"

Louis rubbed his hard on as his eye was drawn to her parted thighs that showed off her neatly trimmed pussy.

"Nah, I'm only nineteen. I want to see the world."

Emma leaned casually back on the bed and let the young man savour her nakedness. He took in her slender, diminutive form with erectile delight, her glowing skin, high tilted breasts, and smooth pins.

"Show me how you please a girl."

Louis crawled between her parted legs and softly ran his right hand over her body just above her vulva. Emma gasped at the teasing touch and her thighs trembled slightly and splayed out.

He went onto his stomach and stared intently at her exposed cunt and used his hands to spread her thighs further. His face came low and he breathed hot air on her flesh.

"Oh my goodness!"

Emma closed her eyes and cupped her tits as the tip of his tongue eased to the base of her slit and held it there hard. Then he flattened his tongue and pressed against her pussy and let his saliva drool down the crevice of her bum.

This is different she thought and smiled to herself. Louis nibbled and lightly bit her thighs just either side of her pussy where her skin was most sensitive and Emma leaked juices profusely.

"That is so good." She purred.

He certainly knew what he was doing as he scraped his teeth all around her Mound of Venus and her breath caught in her throat as she made the sheet into little bunches in her fists.

She moaned loudly as the train jolted on the tracks and her young lover sank two digits inside her wet cunt and glided in and out in a steady pump. Emma raised her hips so that he could paint the upper half of her quim with his wriggling tongue and she gurgled incomprehensible garbage as her orgasm built.

"I'm gonna cum pretty soon if you keep that up."

She lifted her head slowly and looked down between her legs to see his head bob on her and her heart leapt at the erotic sight. Her left hand rested on his hair as he pressed his tongue to her clitoris and sucked in a breath and held it.

Emma raked her nails in his scalp and sparks went through her loins as her clit was flicked at with lightning fast strokes with just the pointed tip of his tongue.

With his fingers jammed right inside he hit that perfect spot on her clit and Emma seized up in the throes of an exquisite orgasm fit to cap off a splendid couple of days. Louis slipped his fingers out and lifted them to Emma who licked them clean. Their eyes locked and she looked at his swaying boner.

"One good turn deserves another." She grinned and crooked her finger at him.

He crept up the bed and presented his cock like he was raising a flag up a pole.

"Show me how you please a man."


Emma bounced up and happily gripped his stiff tool and began to draw her slim fist up and down the shaft, noting the difference between his near translucent cock skin compared to the two other older ones from earlier. Louis gulped and watched her swinging tits and her stomach undulate as he was wanked quickly.

"Oh fuck , yes!"

She slipped the fat glans between her dreamy lips and applied her tongue just under the head with a rapid back and forth motion. A line of spit trailed down the underside of the hard shaft all the way to his huge balls. Then the brunette beauty put his cock inside her hot mouth and sucked the rigid column further in as her head sank downwards.


Emma drooled as her clear eyes stared up at the lucky young man who stared directly back at her as she had half his prick in her mouth. Her lips tightened as she sucked on the top half with an ardent lust, determined to make him as hard as possible for her dripping pussy.

She took a deep breath through her nostrils and took his full length down into her throat until his pubes tickled her cute nose and her chin pressed into his groin.

"Holy fuck!" He yelled.

With a slow motion move Emma let go his cock out of her throat, paused, and plunged back on it. She repeated this twice more and then withdrew with a final lick of the swollen head.

"Give me that cock, lover."

Emma laid on her back as Louis moved between her opened legs and gathered her petite body up in his arms. He entered her and thrust up with one full push into her succulent cunt. Her pert tits squeezed into his hairless chest and her head snapped back as he lowered her to the bed, following her down with his bulk.

Her thighs made a V on either side of his as his in and out motions were astounding for both of them as he delivered long and languid strokes filling her completely. As she moaned with each and every thrust Emma hooked her dainty feet around his back and welcomed the deep penetration.

"So good, so good." She murmured.

The mans young body jolted her small frame ad he lifted her hips up off the bed and plunged inside her with punctuated strokes. His weight pushed her legs back and her knees rested on his shoulders and Emma felt every bump and vein of his boner in her tight pussy. Such a snug fit he thought as he gazed down at her angelic face and lustrous hair fanned out on the pillow.

"Thirty minutes to London, Victoria. All staff report to designated posts."

An authoritative voice came out of the personal radio of Louis and he turned his head.


"You got to leave?" Emma panted.

"Afraid so."

Louis leaned in with his upper body and his pelvis went into overdrive as he fucked the babe into the soft mattress. Hard and deep, deep and relentless, relentless and swift he hammered into the delirious girl who moaned over and over.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes."

Emma clutched at his tense buttocks and held on for dear life as he ploughed into her, spurred on by inexhaustible energy. Then he yelled and he emptied his balls inside her, shooting considerable amounts of cum, not stopping until he was dry. He took in huge gulps of air as he eased his sticky length from the confines of her throbbing pussy and rolled onto his back.

"Wow, that was awesome."

Emma held his deflating cock up and proceeded to lick the remains of his goo and then laid back with a contented smile.

"Have i got time for a quick shower?"

Louis gathered up his uniform and made for the door.

"Go ahead, and make sure you wash everywhere."

Emma laughed as she considered the damp patch on the sheet. Cheeky sod!

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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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Chapter three, more sex with strangers.


Emma luxuriated in the bubble bath and reflected on her day. She had taken on the frustrating task of moving house and had asked the help of old friend Rupert Grint for assistance.

Located in Canary Wharf and overlooking the Thames and O2 Arena her new apartment was a four bedroom duplex with a large open plan kitchen and en suite bathrooms. The young English actress had been particularly taken by the main bathroom.

"This is for me."

She loved to spend time in the tub and this room was large and spa like. A curved grey vanity with nickel hardware and white marble countertop took up one wall under a long mirror. The circular tub had a round step up and had a marble mosaic surround over marbled tiled floors. A separate shower nestled in a curved nook flanked by geometric shaped mirrors.

"I can't wait."

The entire day had seen her and Rupert shifting her belongings and she felt grubby and tired. She drew her bath and poured in a generous amount of her favourite bath soak, a purifying sake blend with sesame seed oils and ginger root extract.

The room quickly misted up and Emma pulled her Oasis tee off, followed by her lacy bra. Her nipples were already erect and stiff as she pushed her jeans over her pert bottom.

She pinned her soft brown hair up and her clothes were dumped in an untidy heap on the floor as she tested the hot water. Then she peeled off her red thong that had stuck to her shaven pussy and stepped in.

"So good." She sighed and submerged up to her neck.

"Are you decent?" Rupert called from outside.

"Come on in, it's alright."

The red haired actor came in with another man who was tall and black. Rupert had suggested a young plumber he knew to help out with bathroom fixtures and some other odd jobs.

"Oh, you're in the tub."

"The bubbles cover me, don't worry."

"So the plumber is going to fix those loose tiles in the shower while I go upstairs and work on that curtain rail. Is that okay with you?"

"He won't bother me," said Emma as she eyed up the silent worker.

Shaven headed and about six feet tall he had only a white string vest on his body which showed off his developed biceps. She felt a slight tingle between her legs and turned the other way.

As he got to work Emma bathed her body and basked in the water, fondling her perky breasts and using the palms of her hands on her sensitive nipples. She stole a glance at the man bent over and got a glimpse of his ass crack under his blue jeans.

She was shocked at first but secretly felt daring and wanton as she made a big splash to see his reaction. Sure enough he turned around and Emma naughtily bared her tits above the water level.

"I'm so wicked," she thought and gave him her endearing smile.

Taken by wild and carnal thoughts Emma opened her legs under the foamy water and ran her fingertips up the insides of her thighs. When she reached her smooth pussy mound she shuddered and teased open her outer folds and pushed one finger deep inside.

Her left foot came up onto the edge of the tub with toes curled and the hot water lapped against her body as she alternatively rubbed her muff and ass cheeks.

"Fuck!" She uttered under her breath as she played with herself, the fact that a stranger was in her bathroom, barely four feet away, only heightened her flirtatious high spirits.

Rupert returned at that moment and entered without knocking.

"Sorry Em', I need some curtain rings in the vanity drawer."

"No worries, go right ahead. I'm loving my bath."

It was at that precise second that Emma decided she wanted a piece of black ass. She rotated in the tub and beckoned the black hunk to approach her.

Thinking she needed assistance he came over and then opened his mouth in surprise when she cupped his groin through the denim. With his back turned Rupert had no idea what was going down as Emma chuckled and raised her bum up out of the bubbles and gave the plumber an instant boner as he looked down at the enticing parting of her creamy buttocks.

"Can't seem to find them," moaned Rupert as he rummaged through the vanity.

Quickly Emma ducked back in the soapy water and the black guy got back on his knees to continue work as the red headed actor turned their way.

"I'll try one of the trunks."

"Good idea."

The second he left the bathroom Emma stood up in the tub, her petite body dripping and soapy and then stepped out onto the tiled floor. The plumber turned to her and drank in her winsome loveliness.

Blessed with a delicate porcelain complexion she had slender limbs and dainty feet. Her perky tits had rosy tips and her stomach was nicely flat.

"You like?" She asked and he nodded back at her as she turned and showed him her tiny round ass cheeks.

Emma was naturally curious as to how well hung he was having heard all the old tales of black men with tree trunk cocks. When she lowered his zipper and fished out his man meat she found a nice sized seven and a half incher with a thick foreskin and mushroom head. As she thumbed the shaft he unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans to his knees.

"Nice cock."

Emma stared at the smooth texture of his ebony tool. It was her first look at a black cock and she rolled it around in her wet palms, mesmerised by the sight of it in her snow white hands. Not such a monster after all, but still as dark as midnight and very desirable.

"MMM," she hummed and sent delicious vibrations along the outside of the thick shaft.

She steered him to the curved nook and looked him directly in the eyes. He felt her warm breath as her lips encased his bell end and gave him baby sucks on the tip alone.

His fingers mussed with her damp hair which tumbled free of the pins. Then she parted her thin lips and let the purple head enter her mouth. His foreskin peeled back as she moved her head down onto the first three inches.

Emma loved to suck cock and the sensation of the spongy head sliding between her pursed lips was her favourite part. Now his foreskin receded she relished the feel of his heavily veined shaft as she slid along it. Her right hand came up under his hairy black scrotum and he yelped as she tickled his leathery plums.

The man began to move his hips, almost as if he were dancing as his pulsing knob vanished inside Emma's hot mouth. Her right hand came up under his hairy black scrotum and tickled his leathery plums.

"Wow!" He yelped at the sudden touch to his sensitive parts.

"Emma! Emma!"

Oh, shit, Rupert was back. The pair of lovers shrank into the nook with only the plumbers face appearing visible to the actor.

"Did Emma leave?"

He pointed to the toilet and stifled a groan as the petite beauty slowly and deliberately sucked on him out of sight of Rupert. The worker wiped the sweat from his brow as his pulsating pole was engulfed in the hot recess of her slavering mouth.

"You okay, man?" Wondered Rupert as he watched the black guy quiver on the spot.

He have a thumbs up as Emma's delightful mouth slid tightly up and down on his bone. Rupert retreated and the giggling girl emerged from the shadows.

Increasingly turned on Emma poked his glans into the inside of her left cheek which pushed out of the side of her face which almost made him cum right there. Aware of his tense body Emma straightened up and gripped his erection in her tiny fist.

"You make my pussy so wet, I want to take you in the shower and have you fuck my brains out!"

He dragged his vest off and stripped away his jeans, socks and shoes. Emma turned on the faucets and stepped into her new shower and gasped as the sharp needles of water bounced off her tight body. She grabbed his hand and pulled him in and kissed him on his fulsome lips as the water cascaded onto their naked bodies.

"Oh, fuck!"

As they necked his rough hand moved between her parted legs and he flicked at her aching clit. She hugged him close as he rubbed to and fro on her mound and her face buried itself in his solid chest.

The audacious young actress surprised herself at how things had progressed and the notion of anonymous sex sent a thrill down her spine. The relentless friction on her clit made her weak at the knees.

"Put it up me." She said as her hair matted to her wet shoulders.

He leaned back and supported her left leg with his arm under her knee. He raised it right up in the air as she desperately maintained balance on her right foot on the slippery tiles. Her right hand snaked around his neck as he thrust up inside her tight pussy and rolled his pelvis as he fucked her standing up.

"Fuck that pussy, boy."

Their faces were barely an inch apart as they gazed into each others eyes as her body rose and fell, impaled on his black pole. Her breath quickened as she was speared on his stiff prick and it was bliss!

His cock pushed her in an upward direction as she leaked fluids down his shaft which made it glisten. Her leg flailed as she hopped on one leg, grateful for his firm grip. She was scooted backwards and her bottom and back made contact with the rear tiles of the shower. Her rump smacked on the tiles as he plundered her pussy with rapid fire strokes.

"Love it, love it."

He let her weary leg down and held her by the ass and raised and lowered her on his upright prick as she stood on tiptoe, her muff stretched out on his rock hard knob. Now soaked from the shower their bodies slipped and slid against each other.

"Turn me around." She said as hot water hit her open mouth.

Emma was spun around and she braced herself on the towel rack with both hands. A long sticky string of her vaginal juices hung from her slit and remained attached to her body in an obscene feature of her casual intercourse.

Her man came behind her and cupped her tits as he smothered her backside with his masculine frame. His right foot brushed her right leg and she widened her stance in the stall, feet dug in.

She could feel him slide his length between the sublime crevice made by her buttocks and then her knuckles turned white on the rail as inch by inch he sank into her wet cunt.

"Holy shit!" She gasped quietly.

As the stall became steamy and the hiss of water filled their ears Emma was power fucked as her lightweight form was pulled and pushed onto his rampant cock. His big balls slapped against her peach of an ass as she was totally consumed by her lust for his cock.

"Emma, oh Emma. You done yet? I need a shower."

"Shush!" She motioned with her index finger to her lips.

They shifted around, still attached at the groin and she poked her head out of the shower door.

"I'm in here babe."

"You taking a shower, after a bath?" Asked Rupert.

"Just wanted to rinse off the bubbles. Oohh, yes! Oh my goodness!"

"You okay? Water too much?"

The black plumber had both hands on her hips as he banged her hard so that her impeccable body moved back and forth. She bit her lip in attempt to disguise her sneaky fuck from the bewildered Rupert and spread her hands out on the glass door, the shower spray hitting the back of her legs.

"What about the other bathrooms?"

"No clean towels, you got all of them."

"Just, just, oh, oh, oh, right there! Just give me a few more, more, more oh yes more! Er, minutes."

"Where did the guy go?"

Rupert noticed his tool bag on the floor.

"He, he's, shit! He's deep into something. Something big came up. Mmmm, my!"

His black rod stayed inside her pussy as he gripped her hard and wiggled his hips as he ground his lower body on her bod.

"So good, oh so good." She whimpered.

"Shower that good, huh?"

"Best shower ever Rupe, you have no idea."

Emma's face jiggled as she spoke from the hard banging from behind and Rupert shook his head and left once more.

"Five minutes!" He shouted back.

The pair of them got out of the shower and padded over to the still filled tub. Emma grabbed a white towel and slid under her ass and sat on the edge with her left foot up on the flat side.

"Make me cum, babe."

She shifted and presented her pink inner folds, turned darker due to the vigorous fucking. Her breath came in a prolonged hiss as her pussy was enveloped in the black guy's big lips.

He sucked in hard and hollowed out his cheeks and dribbled spit down her butt crack that ticked her anus with an exquisite torture. His full lips smothered her entire pussy as he ate her while his tongue delved into the depths.

Pussy eating?

He was having breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Then he shook his face from side to side with his tongue protruding and sent the woman delirious with the intense attention.

"Holy crap!"

He found her left foot and caressed the tiny ankle and instep and then put it to his mouth and sucked on the toes with gentle and tender care. Emma felt a shiver of delight as he flicked in between each toe and finished up by giving her a big swipe up the damp sole.

"Fucking amazing!" She exclaimed.

He repeated with her right foot before returning to her muff which he thumbed with rapid strumming from top to bottom. Emma snapped her head back as she climaxed on his never ending clitoral stimulation. As she recovered with trembling legs she switched positions and planted his bare butt on the tub.

"We have to be quick."

She held his rigid organ in both hands and twisted her fists this way and that, lingering on the tapered head as she moved up and down. They kept eye contact as she bumped up and down on her haunches.


Emma's dreamy half lidded eyes opened wide as she watched his white cum erupt from the shiny black cock, spraying her palms as he bobbed up on the edge of the tub. She chuckled as she wrung his hose dry and relished the satisfactory climax.

"Emma, I need the shower if you don't mind." Yelled Rupert.

"Hey! Under the water before he comes in."

"Say what now?"

Emma ducked the confused naked hunk into the cooling suds with a splash and he desperately held his breath. She wound a cotton towel around her body and ran her hands through her damp hair.

"Right, done? And where did the guy go?" Rupert looked all around.

Emma shielded the tub by sitting on the edge and crossed her legs. She held up an index finger and pointed to the door.

"Oh, that's right, he said he needs to speak to you about curtain rods, or something."

"That man is driving me nuts."

He ran off again as a coughing, spluttering figure rose up out of the tub.


"So sorry for that, good fun though!"

Emma dropped her towel and gave him a final eyeful of her beautiful naked form, and then picked up her clothes and left the speechless man alone to reflect on an odd day. As she left the steamy bathroom he began to chuckle as he sat on the bathroom floor panting.


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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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Note- This is purely a fictional story that has no basis in actual events or persons. xxx


Chapter Four. Emma attends a bored meeting.

Acting in movies, or onstage, involves a lot of planning and discussion and interminable meetings. The best part for the actor is the moment the camera rolls or the curtain rises to the audience.

For young Emma Watson the boardroom meeting was a colossal bore and she desperately wanted to leave and have lunch. Months of preparation is needed to make a successful feature film and Disney Productions took all the time necessary. Planning, crew employment, budget meetings, casting, the list went on.

The big room in the west of London was filled with production men and the like as they prepared for Emma's next big movie 'Beauty And The Beast Two' in which she had the lead female role.

She was as pretty as a picture at the end of the long table as chatter filled the air and arguments bounced from one end of the room to the other. Dressed in a gypsy style off the shoulder top in a bold crimson and a pleated mini skirt in subtle pastel colour, she looked at the wall clock and sighed.

Finally the main meeting came to an end but her agent asked her to remain to speak to two members of the costume department that needed vital information.

"But it's been three hours, I'm starved and bored."

Emma pouted and sulked in her chair as Mrs. Smith consulted her Galaxy Tablet.

"If we don't do this now," said the middle aged personal agent, "it will mean another meeting tomorrow morning."

Fuck that, thought Emma and resigned herself to another hour or two of tedium. As everyone left a pair of booted and suited young men joined her in the now large empty room and her eyes lit up. Having been in the company of older men and women this was something better.

"Hi, I'm Eric, and this is Jeremy."

Emma looked at the man who spoke and was pleasantly taken aback. Bearded and square jawed his smile lit up the room. Casually attired in a striped shirt and slim fitting blue jeans he held out a well manicured hand and took hers in his.

Beside him with shoulder length fair hair was Jeremy in a Foo Fighters tee shirt and aged relaxed fit jeans with a rip in the denim here and there.

"Pleased to meet you." He said in an educated burr.

She shook his hand and held his gaze as he relinquished hers slowly. His green eyes distracted her momentarily and she smiled back demurely. He continued to consider her beautiful features, light brown eyes, arched brows and light freckles. Her wavy brown hair was brushed off her face and down her back in loose waves.

"Let's sit."

The three of them maintained a comfortable distance around the table as they examined a grey folder of drawings and designs. The Disney company had designed a unique tablecloth of Emma and the beast from the first movie and it had been spread out on the table top. So large was it that the edges came way down to the room carpet.

Emma listened with a not too attentive ear as they related their thoughts and ideas for the movie, and she stared at the stitched cloth. She nodded politely as they chattered but her eyes were now mentally undressing the pair of handsome men.

"And in this dress you will attend a ball and apparently dance the night away."

"Oh, that's pretty." She said in answer to Jeremy and looked directly at him.

The young English actress had recently been researching online into female sexual pleasure and the advancement of erotic and exciting scenarios in the bedroom. She has an interesting idea and the corners of her mouth curled up.

"I could really do with a cup of tea, anyone else?"

"Good idea, I'll go get some."

Eric rose and left her alone with Jeremy and she quickly sat beside the twenty year old and leaned in close.

"So, you have a girlfriend? I bet you do, you're quite good looking."

"Yeah, well, on and off, she's away in Cambridge most of the time."

"Do you live together?"

"Sure, just off the Kings Road."

"Thing is Jeremy, I think you're totally hot."

In a heartbeat Emma threw her arms around the surprised man and gave him a quick kiss.

"Oh." He exclaimed.

They kissed again and this time their tongues rolled together. At the same time Emma grabbed his cock through his jeans and felt the outline of a sizeable rod. He jumped a little, more shocked than embarrassed and shifted on his chair.

They kissed with more passion and with a growing boldness Jeremy put his hand to the hem of her short skirt. He moved it between her legs and only stopped when he got to her panties.

"Mmm, nice touch." She purred.

Emma began to rub his fly when the door opened and she ducked under the table, unseen by Eric as the long tablecloth hid her.

"Where did she go?" He said as he set a tray down opposite Jeremy.

"Ladies room, ho, wow!"

"You alright mate?"

Jeremy nodded and held his breath as he felt Emma run his zipper down softly and fish out his stiffening cock. It ached in response as her slender fingers ran lightly over the rippling organ.

"Never better." He said in reply as he squirmed uneasily.

He stiffened as Emma put her index finger on the very tip and peeled his foreskin back and pop the head in her mouth.


"Fuck yeah!" He said in an unnecessary loudness to which Eric chuckled.

Jeremy was amazed at how her tongue found its way to the underside of his very erect shaft and teased it with agonising slowness. He grabbed his offered teacup which spilled into the saucer as his hand shook when Emma took his whole length into her warm wet mouth.

He was rock hard in her mouth as her hand rested at the base and tickled his scrotum. Her head moved faster on his cock and he nervously grinned at his colleague who remained unaware of the scenario by his very feet.

"She's taking a long time."

"I imagine she's a bit shy around us." Jeremy suggested.

Shy, hah! The little minx had his hose in a tight grip as he was taken deeper inside her hungry mouth and sucked firmly.

Who would have thought Emma Watson liked to suck cock like a porn star. Her tongue teased the engorged crown and Jeremy leaned back and let out a low moan.

"Tea too hot?" Wondered Eric.

"Yeah, hot, really hot!"

"What about that Emma, what a babe. She's got just the kind of lips that you would want around your cock, right?"

Eric grinned and mimed sucking on a big prick.

"You're so right man." Jeremy readily agreed.

As his bell end was captured between pursed and wet lips the horny guy humped up from the seat in a surreptitious way and sent the top half of his cock in and out of the narrowed oral channel.

He dared to look down between his legs and saw Emma grinding her face to his groin with his jeans around his ankles. With a concerted effort she pushed down and drove his prick down her tight throat until her cute nose pressed on his belly. There came an audible sound as she gagged and Eric looked up from his folder.

"Was that you?"

"Er, yeah, I think I feel slightly nauseous, could you do me a favour and get some aspirin?"

"Alright, try to drink some more tea."

As Eric again left the room Jeremy gasped out loud and looked at Emma who had his entire length lodged at the back of her throat. She let him out with a splutter and she sucked in huge breaths of air.

"That was fun! You think Eric noticed?"

"Emma, you're nuts!"

"Quick, under the table, he's coming back."

"What! Why?"

Emma assumed her seat and Jeremy ducked under and he was shoved between her legs as she raised her skirt up to her hipbones. She held her legs wide open in a clear indication for him to do whatever he so desired to her aching pussy.

"Oh, Emma. Where's Jeremy?"

"He said he needed to freshen up." Emma said with a slight lump in her throat.

"Here, have some tea." He offered.

Emma peered at the bearded young man, as unseen by him her panties were gradually drawn over her thighs and down to her sling back shoes. Her shapely pins were felt up with hands running along the outsides from knees on up.

Then Jeremy moved inwards to the innermost softness and settled at her downy haired muff. Excited she parted her legs wider and brushed her hair over her shoulder.

"Hot in here, don't you think?" She uttered breathlessly.

Emma fanned her heated face as her thighs and exposed abdomen were peppered with a trail of kisses that left a tell tale smear along the way. She covered her mouth to stifle a moan as the man under the table got closer and closer to her steaming pussy mound. In turn she raised her hips off the seat in order to encourage him to attend to her weeping quim.

"Want me to open a window?"

"NO! That is, don't bother." Emma feared her secret tryst may be discovered.

Jeremy plunged two fingers into her velvet like cunt and started to rub vigorously, curling his fingertips upward inside her. Emma grabbed onto the arms of the chair and twisted her bottom on the seat. Then, when his thumb brushed her hard clit she was unable to supress a squeal.

"Oh fuck!"

She clamped her hand to her mouth as she almost gave the game away.

"What's that?"

"I'm so sorry, I just remembered it's my dads birthday."

His eyes narrowed as he looked at her. Her top had slipped a little on the right side and the top of her delectable breast was quite attractive to view. A stirring in his jeans made him cross his legs in an attempt to hide his embarrassment.

Under the table Jeremy held her thighs down in a firm grip as he used his tongue to lick up and down her succulent slit, lingering at the top where he lapped at her clit. She squirmed and bucked as he worked wonders on her exquisite muff and she panted hard as she became lost to her unbridled pleasure.

Her back arched from the actions of his delicious, exploring tongue which wriggled inside her pussy entrance, and her head moved from side to side.

"You seem a little fidgety Emma."

"Just excited about the project, that's all."

"Would you care for a biscuit with your tea?"

"Thanks but no, I had a nibble or two already."

Emma bit her lip as Jeremy's teeth grazed her pussy lips and nipped at her hot quim.

Just then Eric's mobile phone twittered and he took a call.

"Yeah, right. Sure."

When he hung up he stood and spread his hands.

"That was my boss. Jeremy and I need to go downstairs for an update. If he comes back let him know."

"Will do." She uttered quietly as her legs came together on each side of the mans head.

Eric left and Jeremy emerged from under the table.

"Man, I was just getting close too." She told him.

The long haired man adjusted his clothing and made for the door.

"It shouldn't take long." He said hopefully as he dashed off.

Emma was left alone and she stood up in the empty boardroom and put her discarded panties in her purse. Too aroused to quit now the English rose unzipped her short skirt and eased it off and kicked it aside.

Naked from the waist down she sat back down and put her left leg up on the table. Her left hand made its way to her damp mound and cupped it as she licked the fingers of her right.


Her index finger ran over the outer lips with a teasing softness, so soft she could barely feel it. She parted her labia and pushed two fingers inside her insatiable slit and moved them in and out.

Her butt rubbed back and forth on the chair as she pumped her cunt for all she was worth, imagining one of the guys cocks was inside fucking her. Her right leg trembled as she stroked herself faster, and she became so lost in her own reverie that she did not hear Eric come back in.


Her eyes snapped open as she saw the bearded hunk of a man stare at her masturbating.

"Where's Jeremy?"

"He's a little busy at the moment." He said with eyes like saucers.

"Good, that gives us a chance to get to know each other better. Wanna fuck me?"

At that Emma stood and offered her rear up as she faced the table and placed both hands on the top. In her little experiment she wondered who would get caught out by the other as she teased them wickedly.

The sight of her bared bum was too inviting for the red blooded male and he dropped his jeans to his feet and stepped behind her. He spat in his right palm and applied his saliva to his knob and stepped forwards one pace, just as she widened her stance. His hands smoothed out over her dreamy hips and down the outside of her lithe thighs and suddenly he pulled her back to his groin.

"Ooh, so manly!"

His erection rubbed at her backside and he delighted in her lower body grinding into him. Just five feet six in her shoes the rangy man loomed over her as she turned back to look at him, desire written all over her face.

She remained silent as she breathed in softly, the anticipation was almost unbearable as her pussy was swiped by his stiff cock and she rubbed to and fro on his thick shaft, wallowing in the welcome feel of his organ. Her lips were parted and moistened as he tortured her by avoiding penetration, grinding his hips up and down her curvy rear.

"Eric, please put it in. I'm simply dripping for it."

True enough, her soft curly pubes were glistening in the harsh light of the large room as he coiled himself and entered her with a single thrust. Emma moved to the table, her cunt skewered on his rock hard cock and she screamed with approval and relief.

"Yes! Fuck, yes!"

Without a moment to ponder Eric began to pump her with rapid and brutal stabs of his love rod that quite took the petite beauty's breath away. Her head went back and her hair whipped in his face and he flinched slightly. Already Emma felt her legs get weak and Eric pressed up against her to give her the extra balance needed to remain upright.

"Oh my gosh!"

Emma bucked and moaned and clawed the table as he placed his right hand in the small of her back and pushed her flat to the table top. Her face turned and her cheek touched the surface as he increased his thrusting once more and really gave it to her.

He leaned forward and she felt his hot breath on the nape of her neck as he twisted inside her cunt. As he banged on her butt with his strong thighs his big balls slapped on her peach of an ass. He slowed up and gave her deep and lengthy strokes that made her put her fist in her mouth.

"Fuck me harder!"

Just as she spoke the door opened and Jeremy returned to the room.

"Quick, behind the screen."

The two half naked lovers moved with haste to a life sized poster of her and the beast from the first movie at the far end of the room. Emma slipped behind the 72 by 36 inch poster out of sight of the long haired costume artist and Eric joined her as she bent at the waist and grabbed her ankles.

"Put it back in." She chuckled and Eric held her by the waist and began to fuck her again from behind.

From Jeremy's point of view all he saw was Eric's head peer from around the back and his left shoulder.

"What are you doing?"

Eric coughed as his boner vanished inside Emma who hung onto the cardboard image, bent almost double, her heels dug in the floor. The poster flopped and wobbled as she bumped at the back of it and she swayed from the energetic male's hammer thrusts.

"I was just, you know, er, looking for my keys."

"Don't stop." Emma whispered at the sudden absence of cock thrusting.

"Is someone there? Is it Emma?"

"I think the game is up babe." Said Jeremy who withdrew his shiny cock from a disappointed Emma.

Eric emerged from behind the poster looking sheepish and with an erection that poked out of his mass of pubic hair. He was closely followed by Emma whose red top was rucked up to her medium sized tits and nothing else below.

"Fucking hell! You've been with Emma! But she was sucking my cock not half an hour ago!"

"Guys, guys, relax. I was just having fun. And we're not through yet."

She skipped to the long table and patted the top as she hopped up and dangled her legs over the edge.

"Jeremy, to me."

The eager young man stripped his jeans off and wanked his cock to stiffness and came between the girls opened legs. She tugged her top off and revealed her pert breasts for the two virile men to enjoy.

Moving to the table she pulled up a chair and sat herself on the edge with her shoe up. Jeremy moved first and stood between her open legs and hitched them over his elbows at the knees.

"Give me that bone lover."

Emma cocked her head down and held his long shaft in her left head and fed it to her inviting cunt. He slipped inside to the hilt and started to move his butt, driving his cock into her with strong strokes in her clutching pussy. Emma kicked her legs in the air as she raked his back, squealing like a banshee.

"Go, go, go, yeah!"

The young woman was insatiable as she and the long haired man moved together in a frenzied pace. He changed tack and fucked in and out hard, then paused. In and out and pause.

Emma shrieked as she humped up, driven insane by the sweet sensations possessing her dripping pussy. Just as she neared her peak the sweating man pulled out.


Eric took his friends place and leaned over and kissed her boobs and neck as he rubbed his hands along her inner thighs. He put his face to her left breast and bit on the nipple and Emma wilted from his sensual touches. Now he was naked she loved his toned body and hard prick that poked her right leg. He wasn't as big as Jeremy but he was much thicker and her pussy splayed out.


He aggressively pulled her legs up in the air and she wrapped them around his waist. He thrust inside her half way and paused, then rammed in all the way, his meat causing sublime friction to build her inevitable climax.

Fucking her with feet planted firmly on the floor her bod was practically off the table and her back was arched. They kissed as he pumped in and out hard and fast and he put his hands under her ass for the extra leverage.

"Team work."

Again they switched and Jeremy slid Emma along the table top on her ass and began to give it her some more. He raised her knees up to her chest and pushed in deeper, exciting the slender beauty beyond words. She was so wet from all the wild sex that his cock slid in all the way to his balls.

"I just love a good fuck!" She purred as she squirmed on the table.

I'm fucking Emma Watson thought Jeremy and she's a cock loving crazy little minx! Who would have thought the sweet and innocent one was simply gagging for it. Emma would have agreed if she knew what the man stuffed in her adorable muff was thinking, it felt so good getting fucked by two virile men.

She looked to her left as she was swivelled around and entered by Eric and basically used her as a fuck toy as he lifted her butt off the table and bobbed the lightweight up and down on his rampant pole. Jeremy looked on impatiently, eager to have her velvet like cunt around his aching prick.

"My turn, man." He spoke and was literally handed the girl over like she was a gift.

He held her up with strong arms and Emma locked her legs about his waist and draped her arms around his neck as she was hoisted into mid air. She was lifted up and down on his upright pole which slid all the way inside her with ease. Her face was buried in his shoulder as she rode on him and she whimpered with sheer ecstasy.

Both of her legs trembled with fatigue from the somewhat awkward position, but then her thighs were seized as Jeremy throbbed inside her and shot his cum into her cunt. At the same time Emma tensed and she had her orgasm around his jabbing prick.

"Oh my!"

Eric had been jacking off with frantic jerks and he too was at his end and approached Emma as Jeremy backed off, his cock still dribbling. The bearded man stiffened and a stream of creamy white stuff gushed over Emma's elfin like face.

She closed her eyes as the cum splattered her helpless face and painted her nose, lips and chin. As she recovered and was handed a Kleenex by Eric Emma sat up. Her face had been hosed and her pussy leaked from combined fluids of hers and Jeremy.

"Guys, I look forward to our next costume fitting meet."

Eric and Jeremy looked at each other and then back to the demure naked beauty between them coated with their cum.

"How about next Friday?" She grinned.


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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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That gives a whole new meaning to executive decisions, thank you!!!!

Chapter One. Sex with a stranger.
Love your use of the photographs, they really add to it.

Chapter two, all aboard the Orient Express.       
Again, your storylines are believable.
Emma Watson, money no object looking to fulfil her fantasies.

Chapter three, more sex with strangers.
There's a heavy-duty sex drive Emma has.

Appreciate all your EW stories, thank you!
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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
« Reply #5 on: February 16, 2020, 12:31:21 PM »
That gives a whole new meaning to executive decisions, thank you!!!!

Chapter One. Sex with a stranger.
Love your use of the photographs, they really add to it.

Chapter two, all aboard the Orient Express.       
Again, your storylines are believable.
Emma Watson, money no object looking to fulfil her fantasies.

Chapter three, more sex with strangers.
There's a heavy-duty sex drive Emma has.

Appreciate all your EW stories, thank you!
Thanks, more Emma to come as I repost my Lit stories. Plus I'm writing my new Harry Potter series, with Hermione as lead character, natch. I'm loving the ability to post pictures, pity I can't use fakes. There are a LOT of them on the web.   
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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
« Reply #6 on: February 18, 2020, 12:05:06 AM »
Chapter Five, Emma's hot photoshoot.

To celebrate twenty one years since the publication of the first Harry Potter novel, Dan Kennedy had arranged a special photo shoot.

The famed celebrity photographer had gathered together the three young actors who had starred so well in the adapted feature films based on the works of J.K. Rowling.

In his London studio on a wet Monday morning in April of 2019 were Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, affectionately known as Rupe.

"Come on Radcliffe, come on."

Grint looked at his watch as they all waited impatiently for Daniel Radcliffe, well known for his tardiness in these type of things. Kennedy had taken a few initial test pictures of the pair seated on a wooden bench against a backdrop of a country garden.

He had two other sets besides this, one other of a rooftop and one bedroom. The Sunday Times Magazine had contacted Kennedy and had booked him for the official shoot for a pretty penny.

"Nice, nice, now if you could just look at Emma as she looks up at the sky. Good, good."

The red headed young man did so and was struck at how the radiant English rose had blossomed over the years. She looked so sweet in her flattering prim little floral midi dress that hugged her in all the right places. On her dainty feet she had a pair of high heeled open toe sandals with rope straps that led the eye to her perfect ankles.

Rupe had always had a thing for girls feet and he considered Emma to have a pretty pair. He himself was quite dapper in a three button pin stripe suit with dandy silk tie and vintage brogues of black leather.

"Now I want you to sit cheek to cheek and look at the lens."

Kennedy fired off a series of photographs as the young couple got cosy on the bench. Rupe felt her bare left thigh press against his right as they rubbed faces with big smiles.

Kennedy turned and fussed with a white reflector shade as Emma looked to her left and momentarily lost herself in Grint's big green puppy eyes.

She had a memory flash to a few years ago when they had affectionately shared a movie set whilst making their famous pictures.

"Right, now move horizontally on the bench and sit tightly back to back."

Emma basked in the attention, relishing the camera as she tilted her chin up. Her narrow back rubbed Rupert's surprisingly muscular shoulders and she squirmed against him with languid stretches.

She confessed to herself that the shy young man she once knew had matured nicely, and she felt a growing sense of excitement through her body.

"Damn, we've lost a half hour without Daniel already." Said the popular photographer. "I think I'm going to put this mornings session on hold and we'll reconvene in an hour."

The two celebrities shrugged and stood up and stretched.

"Can I trust you both to stay here while I go to my apartment and get some other lenses? I'll be back within the hour."

"Go ahead, we won't go anywhere." Said Emma.

With that they were alone. Rupert checked his Samsung S8 in midnight black and read the latest text from Radcliffe. He looked up to see Emma rummaging through various props and other items in a big chest. A bloody hour to kill.

"Dan says he's held up in traffic, may be a while."

"Hey, check this out."

The bubbly girl held up a colourful parasol and twirled it around as she opened it.

"That's supposed to be bad luck to open a brolly indoors."

Emma laughed as she danced in a circle with the thing above her head.

"But we're in an English garden!"

She jumped onto the prop bench waving the parasol."

"Look, I'm Mary Poppins!"

With that she jumped up from the bench and then landed on the floor using the prop like a parachute.

Rupert couldn't help but grin as he was caught up in her infectious gaiety. He also had a very good glimpse of her tantalising milky thighs as her dress rode up as she leapt into the air.

"Oh, yeah! Well I'm Bert, and here I come!"

The red head chased Emma around the bench twice as she feigned a frightened shriek and then veered off into the bedroom set.

By that time Grint had caught up with her and both fell onto the large circular bed in the middle of the room. Both panted as Rupert got the upper hand and pinned Emma on her back, her wrists above her head. His prick roused in his pants as he stared directly at her breasts that rose and fell as she breathed deeply.

"Unhand me good sir, I implore you!" She said between giggles.

"You are mine to toy with!" He answered in an exaggerated gruff voice.

He settled his weight on the petite girl as she thrashed her head from left to right. Then he got the chance as she looked up and they both gave in to their desires and kissed. Immediately Emma relaxed her body and took him into her arms, totally abandoned to his sweet lips.

"You don't know how many wet dreams I had about you in the past.

Said he as he gazed into her doe like brown eyes and her perfectly groomed brows and pressed his mouth to hers again. Emma closed her eyes as she surrendered to his warm embrace, her arms firmly around his neck.

She also had harboured thoughts of him during those times they had acted together and had felt rather nervous about that screen kiss they had shared. He shifted and her dress rode up her legs, baring her slender thighs, and his hand brushed her overheated skin lightly.

A frisson of excitement gave her goose bumps and Emma thrust her hips up as the young man left butterfly kisses on her collarbones and shoulders.

"We need to catch up, don't you think?" She said in her velvet voice.

Emma felt her heart hammer against his chest and felt his distinctive bar on her left thigh through the thin fabric of his suit.

"Is that your Weasley Wand? Or are you just pleased to see me?"

She pushed up at him and a moan rose in his throat at her soft frame writhing under him. His fingers moved up the nape of her long and enchanting neck and slid through her wavy hair, her scent made him dizzy as he inhaled her essence deeply.

Their tongues moved in a sensuous twirl, their lips wet and warm on each others. Emma nibbled on his lower lip and her breath made his cock strain in his trousers. Without thinking her hands skimmed down his back and grabbed his butt tightly.

"Are we really going to do this, here?" She wondered aloud.

Rupert leaned back and Emma propped herself up on her elbows.

"I haven't slept with a woman for nearly a year." He admitted with a trembling lip.

"We have an hour, so get naked."

Neither he nor she even remembered stripping off but in an instant they were naked in front of each other. The sight of the glowing Emma was a dream come true for Rupert as he was face to face with the adorable girl.

Her long light brown hair was swept to the left side of her head and dissolved in loose waves. Her breasts were medium, but round and with pointed nipples that stood proud from soft brown areolas.

He tried to keep looking into her half lidded, come to bed eyes but his gaze came down to the sensuous curve of her neatly trimmed muff which protruded at the alluring gap at her upper thighs.

"You're an angel." He gushed and she smiled demurely.

Grint had been working out on and off for years and had developed a nicely shaped abdomen and pectorals. He had a ginger trail of hair that ran from his navel to his mass of curly pubes.

Emma opened her mouth in awe at her first look at his erection, almost nine inches in length and curved up to his belly. Several veins protruded on his shaft from the base all the way up to the circumcised glans that flared out like a mushroom.

"My gosh, Rupe. I had no idea! Now lie down."

The smile on his face was huge as he laid on the round bed and put his hands behind his head. The tiny naked girl came to the edge of the bed and knelt between his spread legs.

Her slim fingers rubbed his stiff stalk up and down slowly as she locked eyes with his. Each time her little fist passed over the big knob he let out a satisfied sigh.

"Such a delicate touch." He mumbled as he quivered on his butt.

Then he gasped as Emma popped his cock into her eager mouth and swirled her snake of a tongue around and around in a spiral motion. She spent a minute like this before licking his shaft from the bottom up, lingering on the saliva coated head and then devouring him once more.

"Fucking hell Emma! Where did you learn that?"

The grinning babe stopped with her grip on his aching cock firm and tight.

"Well, it wasn't drama school."

She sucked his hot cock again, taking his generous length to the back of her throat until his balls slapped on her chin. Spit ran out in a stream down his prick and bathed his ball sack.

As her head moved back and forth she gagged with an obscene slurping sound, she dug her nails in the pale flesh of his upper thighs, leaving scarlet coloured drag marks.

"This is like a dream."

Emma released his shiny tool and jerked him with both hands, one above the other, and just about managed to cover the enormous length. She looked at the delirious man directly as she wanked him with rapid twists of her hands until his head leaked pre cum. He grabbed handfuls of sheet and his toes curled in the carpet under his feet until he cried out.

"I'm gonna cum in your face if you carry on like that."

"Fair enough, my turn I think."

Emma wiped the foam from her thin lips and spread out on the bed quite blatantly. Still in her heels she opened her lithe legs as she felt a heat rush through her lower body.

He had barely touched her bare skin but a delectable wetness had collected in her pussy. Her body arched as his hands made contact with her upper legs and his left wandered over her flat stomach.

"So soft," he noted admiringly.

Emma's breath came in ragged gasps as he placed his mouth along her right inner thigh, slowing moving across to the left with agonising slowness. Her hands sought out his red locks and her fingers ran wild on his head as he trailed his lips along her curved thighs.

Fluids leaked from her beaver profusely as her arousal increased, her body twisting, squirming, demanding that he pay overdue attention to her overheating cunt.

"Your legs are amazing."

Emma just groaned as her butt clenched and her stomach flexed from his teasing. His cock dripped from his own anticipation of penetrating the darling pussy of the yearning girl as he began a series of licks and nibbles on the outer lips of her moist muff.

"For heavens sake, inside me, now."

Rupert obliged and his rough tongue poked inside the pink folds and he tasted her sticky honey for the first time. He held her heaving hips with strong hands as he lapped blissfully at her parted slit, his nose embedded in her downy pubes. His head bobbed faster as he tongue fucked the hot pussy with an occasional kiss of his pursed lips on the hidden clitoris.

"Eat me, eat me."

He blew a whiff of air on her moistened slot and inserted his index finger. Holding it still his tongue swiped the full length of her drooling pussy and made her shudder with sheer delight.


He swiped at her clit and only that, and the tiny nub hardened at his earnest lapping. Like a frantic puppy he burrowed in sliding around in the warm, wet embrace of her cunt.

Emma felt quite faint as she was mercilessly pleasured by the assured young fellow. Rupert's mouth was awash with her flowing love juices and his rock hard cock simply ached painfully.

He had to fuck her!

Emma felt a surge of heat as he kissed her quim with rapid fire smacks of his lips, and her entire body trembled from a shattering orgasm. She looked up and swept an errant wave of hair from her flushed face as her body thrummed with a grateful satiation,

"I'm guessing you didn't learn that in drama school either."

Rupert joined her on the bed as they snuggled together.

"Nice show." Said a voice out of nowhere, and the naked lovers looked up startled.

There, at the foot of the bed was a completely nude Daniel Radcliffe, his stiff erect cock jutting out a forty five degree angle, the glistening tip purple and angry looking.

"You started without me, no fair."

"Just how long have you been here?"

"Long enough to get one of these."

He put his hands on his hips and his rigid wood bobbed up and down. Emma got up and came to the waiting Daniel and hugged him tight. Their bodies crushed against each other as they embraced and his boner became trapped at her left thigh and his hairy chest scratched her tits.

"Get on the bed, Radcliffe."

She pointed to a vacant spot beside Grint and the pair of them laid back, their rampant erections begging for female attention. Emma sat on her knees by their feet, spat into the palms of her hands and gripped each big cock and stroked them up and down in unison. Radcliffe was a bit shorter than the other well endowed man but he made up for it with a thick girth.

"We should have done this years ago." Said Dan as he looked at his buddy.

Emma scrutinised his naked form. She had seen pictures of him in the buff before when he had acted on stage in Equus.

The blue eyed actor had a rugged, two day old stubble on his square jaw and sported a cropped short haircut that was ragged on top. His thick brows fanned inward as he squinted from the vigorous wanking he and Grint were receiving from the English rose.

Her pert tits jiggled lightly as she hopped on her haunches, her hands fluttering up their shafts and then squeezing them hard behind the crowns. Then she planted a big smacker on each of their cock heads and declared matter of fact.

"You two, heavens. Someone please fuck me."

It was Rupert who responded first and approached the horny girl from behind, cupping her cheeks and pushing his hardness in the stunning crack between them. Emma shifted her body over Daniel and rained kisses on his face as she rested on hands and knees, hovering above him, with his hands around her midriff.

"How about I fuck you from behind?"

From behind, on top, under her, she didn't care, just fuck her already.

"OHHHH!" She yelped at the sudden penetration of Rupert's big cock.

He twisted his hips as his monster sank up inside and then eased it back until only the crown was left in. Emma breathlessly kissed and licked Dan's chest and face as she was drilled again, the entire pole thrust home with force.

"What a cock!" She wailed.

Rupert did not wait on ceremony and pumped her furiously, slamming his thighs into her buttocks, driving his mammoth cock in and out quickly. His hips heaved to and fro sinuously and Emma responded with little jerks of her bum right back at him.

One time he thrust in balls deep and paused, bringing a tear to the girl's eye. The three of them ceased moving and Daniel's cock remained trapped under her stomach.

For that brief moment Emma felt seriously stuffed and she started to wiggle ever so slightly, delighting in the wonderful feel of being sandwiched between two virile men.

"I'm so lucky." She purred.

"Make that two of us." Grinned the red haired lover as his butt became a blur.

The rutting two became as one as they moved together glued at the hips. The fuck was intense and fear gripped him as a familar tingling surged up his shaft.

Rupert pulled his glistening rod out with an audible pop and Emma gasped at the air in the room on her gaping cunt. Her bottom was a peach, gorgeous cheeks above alluring curves of leg.

The red head leaned back and caught his breath and watched Emma lay full length on top of Dan, his erection stood up between her thighs and rested in the sublime groove of her bottom.

They rocked together as they kissed hard and her lightweight body undulated on his as he groped her butt, searching for the juicy treasure of her cunt.

Then he sighed as the tip of his member brushed her wet slit and the wanton minx rotated her hips, relishing the sensation of his boner rub at her inflamed clit.

"For fuck sake let me put it in."

"So romantic, not!" She quipped.

Her soft pussy accepted the mushroom sized head and her labia parted with ease as she was impaled by the hot tool. She squirmed on him as his throbbing pole lunged upwards, making the diminutive girl buck up above him. As he thrust up, so she sank down, and his pulsating cock was all in!


Emma moved up high and back down again and ground her enflamed clit on his groin. She heaved and shrieked with unbelievable sensations of pleasure that she began to perspire freely.

Dan was impressed at how the seemingly innocent girl was milking his boner, her pussy tight like a glove around his rigid cock. Up and down, up and down she rode his slippery prick with eyes closed in concentration.

He watched the dream of a girl as her lower body merged with his and then rose up so that he could see his shining cock emerge from her moistness.

"What a fine fuck you are."

Emma was getting creamier by the second as every lunge onto his fat dick rubbed her clit perfectly. Her small figure bopped up and down as she fucked Daniel with tireless grinding motions of her pelvis.

"My turn, I believe." Said a horny Rupert somewhat jealous of his rival.

"Easy darling, we're just getting started."

Emma moved off a pouting Daniel and inched her way up on Rupert's manly frame and she could feel his huge prick press against her cute ass cheeks.

Her body collapsed on his and he held her steady with muscular biceps and she lurched into an upright stance. The massive cock was embedded in her steamy pussy and she sat stock still on the sturdy weapon with eyes closed and hands on his chest. With a wriggle of her butt she began to hump him with her mouth wide open in a silent scream as his giant cock slid up in her.

"You like big cocks, Emma?" As Rupe spoke his hands went to her tits.

Emma rode on top of him, amazed his prick was all the way inside her. She loved it, never had such a cock filled her up so. His shaft rubbed every part of her inner walls and even the slightest movement sent exquisite tingles throughout her very being.

Now the petite girl made tiny whimpers as his cock speared her, his balls swinging up at her crack. Her velvety pussy juiced his shaft and she moaned in ecstasy as he impaled her on his thickness.

"Yes, I like big cocks." She answered in her sweet accent.

"Don't forget me." Said Dan beside them.

Emma gripped his erection and rubbed it up and down as she rode the other. She clung to Rupert, lost in rapture, as the think hunk of manhood dragged her cunt flesh outward every time he pulled back.

The man was a fucking stallion as he shook her tiny frame to and fro with his hammering cock Sweat poured off him as he bucked under her, her pussy rippling on his upright pole.

Then she relinquished her hold on Dan's pecker as she clawed Rupert's chest and convulsed. Tilting back she held still on his stiff cock as her orgasm ripped through her.

"Oh my!" She squealed as his cock was withdrawn with a squishy sound from her sodden pussy.

Emma had never felt so thoroughly fucked before. And they weren't done yet. Rupert considered his twitching organ and held it up.

"Suck my fucking cock." Emma snapped out of her basking glory and obliged.

Rupert's enormous appendage was considerably difficult to stuff into her mouth. She placed hot kisses on the engorged head and then her lips formed a seal around the knob.

Emma opened her mouth slowly and drew the immense tip in. Dan moved up and put the palms of his hands on her cute rump. Emma's welcome pussy was then filled once more and she shivered at the thrill of another cock plumbing her depths.

Daniel's body slapped loudly and firmly into hers as his prick lunged smoothly into her juiced cunt. The crop haired actor put in a savage burst of speed and each time he rammed in the slim girl was catapulted forward several inches.

"Yeah, baby, yeah!"

Rupert's cock throbbed in her mouth as she sucked hungrily on the fine organ, so smooth and rock hard. She forced her head back and forth, pulling and pushing his erection so that her mouth was filled. The bell end butted the back of her throat and warm saliva dribbled down to his balls and butt crack.

"Feel good?" She asked as she looked into the big green eyes of Rupert.

She resumed running her tongue around the purple head and traced out lines up the underside of his shaft, lingering on the massive blue vein. Dan had a trickle of sweat run down his left temple as his cock reamed Emma doggy style. She loved this position best of all and her snug cunt was truly stuffed with cock meat.

"I'm going to blow." Rupert said and Emma held the base of his cock as tight as a drum to fend off his imminent climax.

"Lie down Radcliffe." She ordered and the pair of quivering males laid side by side.

Emma was once again on her haunches with two stiff cocks in each sweaty hand. She fist fucked them both in unison, pumping the veiny shafts and caressing the little bumps and ridges with an intent concentration.

Rupert growled first and Emma rubbed his cock faster and was rewarded by a huge jet of white sperm that shot up and spattered her perky tits. Daniel followed suit moments later and creamed her hand until his seed overflowed her clenched fist.

She continued to work their pulsating shafts and directed the pair of them to her belly which was bathed in spurts of cum until only dribbles emerged from the tips of their knobs.

"Bingo!" She laughed as her hands became sticky with their hot goo.

She smeared their cream into her breasts and stomach and then laid out on her back contented, her once groomed hair now lank and matted.

"I'm back guys!" Yelled Dan Kennedy.

The photographer entered the bedroom set and was stunned at the sight of the threesome naked and spent in each others arms.

"What price a picture of that!" He exclaimed much to the amusement of the young lovers.

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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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Note- This is a work of fiction and anything resembling real events is a complete coincidence.


Chapter Six- Emma's Hot Vacation.

London, February 28th, 2018.

Emma Watson looked out of the window of her North West London apartment and gave a heavy sigh. In the background the television weatherman told of the 'Beast of the East' which was a blast of freezing Siberian air that had hit the capital.

The snow and chilly wind had brought chaos to the entire region and three inches of the white stuff had settled outside. A red weather alert had been issued, with the promise of more bone chilling weather to come with the ironically named 'Storm Emma.' So she decided there and then to chase the sun and fly to the Mediterranean.

Emma was still engrossed in her online research into female sexual pleasure and considered this lull in between filming a chance to verify some things. She had heard that Greek men were the perfect lovers and had all the right moves in the bedroom.

Her main objective was to learn more about the elusive and frustrating G-Spot. So she took the only available flight remaining that day to the small island of Mykonos, just off of Greece itself.


Flying British Airways via Athens the delicate and attractive young English woman arrived on the picturesque island. It had become one of the most renowned tourist destinations in recent years and boasted a vibrant nightlife, and Mykonos was also known for being very gay friendly. In the Spring the sun shone and reached a pleasant seventy degrees, a significant contrast to icy London thought Emma.

She had chosen the Santa Marina Hotel to stay at, a luxurious and stylish choice with the only private beach on the island. Just south of Mykonos Town, the simple stone and whitewashed walls combined with a hardwood flooring and bamboo furniture. Complete with its Buddha Bar and restaurant there were two infinity pools, sauna, steam room and fitness centre.

"Good day Miss Watson, welcome to the Santa Marina."

She smiled demurely at the manager as she went to check in and was shown to a suite with a king sized bed and black and beige marbled bathroom. The private terrace led out back through ceiling glass doors for a stunning view of the sea.

After unpacking her single suitcase Emma dined alone on a supper of wok fried beef and chicken dumplings, washed down by fresh lime juice. The Buddha Bar was decorated with stonework statues and Asian influenced art which she found amusing. She watched the sunset then turned in for a dreamless and untroubled sleep.


Bright and early the next morning Emma played with her Galaxy Tablet and began her diary for the trip. She intended to keep a log of her adventures for later entry into the research website she subscribed to. Strolling down to the private beach after breakfast, she covered her head with a big floppy hat and oversized square framed sunglasses.

The beach was deserted as she laid down a towel and her soft bag and undid her crochet lace tube dress with the split up the right leg. Left in her black bikini with the self tie sided bottoms she laid out in the heat of the sun.

"This is more like it," she sighed and smiled to herself as she bathed in the dry heat.

She was greatly impressed by the contrast of the white buildings with the blue doors and the blue sea lapping at the bleached white sand.

"Beautiful," she mused.

After a while Emma dared to remove her bikini top and laid on her back topless. She reached into her bag and retrieved her bottle of Hawaiian Tropic tanning lotion and smeared it liberally into her 32B breasts.

As the sun rose she turned onto her stomach and boldly undid the tie sides of her bottoms and left just a decent enough amount to cover her modesty. The centre of the fabric nestled between the cheeks of her pert bum and she placed her big hat over the back of her head.


Emma had not closed her eyes for long when the hot sun silhouetted the figure of a man looming over her.

"Oh, I thought this was a private beach."

She stammered and turned over and covered her bare upper body with her outstretched right arm. Luckily the bikini bottoms somehow managed to protect her modesty by hiding her Mons pubis. Her toes bunched in the soft sand underfoot as she tried to compose herself.

"Forgive me Miss, my name is Marios and I work here at the Santa Marina."

Emma lowered her shades and looked at the classic frame of an Adonis. Six feet tall with a shock of thick black hair and dark eyes he oozed sexual energy from every part of his bared muscular body. Toned but not brawny, he sported a finely sculpted torso and six pack on a hairless frame, his complexion a pleasant olive colour.

The petite English rose took in his chiselled jaw and strong cheekbones and felt her heart beat in her chest with a noticeable thump. As he stood closer her eye line was drawn to his tight fitting trunks which outlined a long tubular bulge at the front.

"Pleased to meet you, forgive me if I don't shake your hand." She kept her to her bosom.

The tall Greek male laughed and shook his hands in the air.

"I did not mean to intrude on your sun worshipping I just wanted to warn you of the dangers of burning, you seem so pale and beautiful."

"Why thank you, I'm Emma." She spoke in her clear soft voice.

He turned his back to her and she was presented with a view of his impossibly tight butt and broad shoulders.

"I let you get straight, is that the phrase?"

Emma quickly adjusted her bikini bottoms and threw her top back on. She stood up and her dainty feet sank into the white sand.

"Thank you, I am presentable once more."

Marios turned to face her and looked at the slender but very fit woman. Barely five feet five the graceful Emma had a porcelain complexion and light brown hair with warm honey highlights. Her eyes had a dreamy effect with the heavy lids and her perfectly groomed brows. She had a long elegant neck and a slim figure with small breasts which despite the size looked perfect for her lithe stature. They were the type that looked superb from any angle. Her legs were trim and toned and her cute posterior looked divine.

"You are the epitome of the English woman, no? Excuse my poor grasp of your wonderful language."

"Most kind, er, Marios?"

He nodded and gave her that smile again as he kept his eyes on her enchanting looks. Her pale skin contrasted with her black bikini delightfully, and the hunk of a man particularly liked how her bottoms rose up between her buttocks and pussy mound. They stood speechless face to face for an uneasy period of time in which Emma had to fight the urge to kiss him right then and there.

"Well, I suppose I should head back." She blushed bright red with the realisation that her nipples were erect and pointing straight out of her top.

"Hey, say hello to my cousin Kristos, he works behind the bar."

Emma hurried off to the hotel and took a short cut through the Buddha Bar, where she saw the bartender who was probably about six feet one and totally hot! With medium length dark brown hair and trim beard he cleaned a beer glass with a cloth as he caught her gaze.

smiled with perfect white teeth and his cheeks dimpled as he did so and Emma felt butterflies in her stomach. Smartly dressed in a white shirt and blue slacks he tapped the glass with a manicured finger to suggest she partake in a drink. Emma smiled back and shook her head, she needed to get back to her room as soon as possible. The bottoms of her swimwear had increasingly riding against the crack of her butt as she walked.


Once in her room Emma went to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of cool water and reflected on her morning. She sat at the table that looked out at the sea and began to enter a few notes on her tablet. In the distance she could just make out the dark figure of Marios on the beach and her body began to shiver with that unmistakable tingle of sexual desire.

"I simply must have him." She purred.

Slipping out of her bikini Emma padded naked to the king size bed and laid on her back with her legs bent at the knees. The air conditioning felt good as she closed her eyes and began to imagine nice things.

"Yes, Marios will be ideal."

Emma started by fondling her natural breasts and pinching the nipples that resembled fresh berries. She pictured Marios in her minds eye, the firmness of his body, the hard white teeth and of course his erect cock.

Her right hand moved slowly from her boob and along her flat stomach, then lower and lower to the tiny tuft of light hair that she had kept trim above her pussy. Her rump bucked back and forth along the top of the bed as her fingertips slid through the pubic hair and reached the meat of her muff.

"Mmmm." She moaned softly.

Her middle finger disappeared into her honey box and emerged moist with her wetness. Excited now and decidedly horny the little sex kitten felt a bead of her fluid run slowly out and down her ass crack in an erotic trickle. She imagined Marios placing his tongue on her pussy and swiping it up and down and replicated how that might feel with the palm of her hand.

"Lick me darling." She said sliding her hand on her mound, teasing herself by letting her tension build and avoiding her clitoris.

Her thighs closed together and trapped her hand, relishing the pressure on her cunt. She opened them with a breathy sigh and used two fingers to slip inside her aching quim and frig herself, pressing her palm down on her hooded clit.

Emma lifted her head and watched her own fingers move in and out with short, firm strokes, her thighs trembling with her heightened pleasure. She clenched her buttocks and bit her lower lip as her rate quickened and her fingers made cute wet slapping noises. Her nipples were achingly hard as her body writhed on the bed, and her feet tapped urgently as she made louder squeals of delight.

"Fuck me baby, fuck me." She intoned as her pussy dripped with her total abandon.

Now, as she closed in on her imminent release, Emma furiously pumped her hips up off the bed and met her thrusting fingers. Her pulsing cunt hungered for a man as she strummed her hot slot which tingled with her impending climax.

"Oh yes!"

She let out an almighty groan as her body was wracked by her orgasm and she grabbed one of the soft pillows and put it between her thighs and humped it. With a slow exhalation Emma finally relaxed and turned over for a welcome siesta.


Emma enjoyed a late lunch of lightly grilled chicken fillets with feta cheese and tomatoes, followed by a half bottle of Semeli, Greek white wine. She had chosen a light summer dress of silver with spaghetti straps and dipped V neck, and the short fishtail frill hem was intended to show off plenty of skin. She spoke to no one as she dined but maintained a flirty eye contact with Kristos as he served other guests.

As the sun dipped to the horizon Emma decided to take a wander on the private beach and slipped off her heels and held them in her hand. The cooler white sand felt delicious under her toes as she strolled along by herself. She swept her gorgeous hair from her face and her locks fell about her shoulders in loose waves.

The sky was clear with only a few clouds in the distance and the warm Mediterranean breeze blew the hem of her short dress up. Emma had foregone wearing panties and she felt quite daring in her choice as the air reached her shaven labia.

"Hello again Miss Emma."

She turned at the sound of Marios who came up behind her in a cotton shirt which was completely unbuttoned. He still wore the same trunks as he had in the daytime and was bare footed in the sand.

The only light came from the hotel and the setting sun and together with the night air and the sight of his bared torso Emma felt a welcome tickle between her thighs. An overwhelming urge came to her of pulling his trunks down and unveiling his stiff cock.

"Is it not wondrous?"

Yes you are, she thought.

"Yes it is," she actually said.

They stood side by side, the only sound was the sea gently lapping on the beach. Their bodies touched slightly and Emma did not resist when he snaked his strong right arm around her tiny waist.

As the sun finally set she was taken up in his arms and she went on tiptoe to kiss him on the mouth. He pulled her diminutive frame closer and her arms went up around his neck as they necked.

"You taste of English strawberries, how apt." He said as they broke.

Their eyes lingered on each other and then they embraced in a deep French kiss, their tongues searching and playing with each others. Emma could feel her pussy become wet and sticky as she rubbed her upper thighs together.

As they pressed against each other Marios needed to adjust his trunks as his erection grew stiffer. Likewise Emma's perky tits pushed at his solid chest through her thin dress as they continued their passionate clench.

"Take me, now." She whispered and gasped into his mouth as his fingers dug in her butt.

Then his hand moved up in search of her zipper and discovered it just below her shoulder blades. It came down effortlessly and the horny woman let it fall from her petite frame and down to the soft sand.

She took a step back and looked on as the Greek hunk tugged his trunks down his meaty thighs and released his rigid pole. Emma rolled her very hard nipples between finger and thumb and squirmed at the sight of his rampant erection.

"Truly you are perfection." He told her as they both melted into each others arms and laid on top of the sand.

You too, she thought as the lights from the hotel illuminated his thick cock that poked up from his dark pubes. Emma crossed her hands behind his back and drew his bulk onto her slim figure as they kissed with ever increasing urgency. His right hand came between their bodies and he gave her sensitive nipples firm tweaks.

"So soft." He muttered as he caressed her stomach and loins, his lower body dry humping her at the same time.

Emma thrashed and moaned with her back on the sandy beach as waves of delight coursed through her appealing body. She ran her fingers through his thick hair as he licked her left breast with fervent laps of his snake of a tongue. As his cock met her juicy pussy Emma arched her hips up off the sand and widened her legs.

"Do it." She said with a dry throat and wet cunt. "Fuck me."

Alone on the beach in the dark of night the Greek stud lowered his face to her pale neck and kissed her where her pulse throbbed. Emma sighed blissfully and screwed her eyes shut as his prick pushed inside her with a strong thrust up. She whimpered with the sudden entry and her nails raked his back as he began to rise and fall atop her.

"Yes, yes, yes." She intoned as her lover moved in and out with long and slow thrusts.

He must have been at least seven inches in length, and very thick as she felt her pussy stretch wide to accommodate his shaft. Deep groans came to her ear as he put his head on her left shoulder and fucked her with measured strokes, his hips pumping hard and true.

"Your pussy is like a silk purse." He sighed as he fucked her with a growing fierceness.

Pinned under his weight the movie star flattened her feet in the sand and grabbed fistfuls of the fine granules Her tiny body made a sizeable indentation as she was banged harder into the soft surface.

As his balls bounced against her Marios became more fevered and seized in mid thrust as he came inside her hot cunt. He collapsed on top of her and she wrapped her bare legs around his outstretched calves as they both fought to catch their breath.

"Marvellous." He said as his cock slipped out and left her twat wide open and dripping his white semen.

Emma had not reached her climax but the pair of them had sated their immediate hot bloodedness with the quickie fuck.

"Tomorrow is my day off, let me visit you in your room in the morning and I will love you all day."

"It's a date." Said Emma and they hugged tightly with the sound of the sea in their ears.


Emma Watson looked out of her large bay window at the tranquil sight of the white sandy beach and turquoise sea and awaited her new lover. Back home the entire island of Great Britain was still in the grip of bone chilling weather with the coldest temperatures in five years.

She had just made some entries in her diary at the desk by the window after a light breakfast of fresh fruit and juice. The hour was early and the luxury room was flooded with light as the sun rose. Her bed had been a dream to sleep in with an ideal mattress and crisp linen. The white pillows and sheets combined with the white walls and rising sun gave the room a halo effect that was pleasing to the eye.

She stood naked in the classic pose of Botticelli's Venus with her left leg bent and her lustrous hair loose down her back. The young woman was the epitome of female allure, pale skin, rose tipped breasts, long limbs and provocative curves. Her hands rested on the edge of the desk as she heard a rap on the door. Before they parted Emma has explained to Marios her quest for sexual enlightenment and advancement.

"Come." She said without taking her eyes from the sea view.

Emma heard a rustle and shuffling behind her then two strong arms came around her front and a warm mouth nuzzled the nape of her neck. The large and pushy stiff organ of Marios nestled in between her two buttocks and she closed her eyes and smiled.

He spun her around and she saw he had stripped off his clothing and was naked and ready for action. She laid her head on his chest as they hugged and luxuriated in the adorable sensation of flesh on flesh.

"Good morning my love, it is a most beautiful day and you are just as pretty."

Such a smoothie she thought but was flattered none the less by his attempted charm. This is all in the name of research she reminded herself but as usual her berry like nipples were hard and stood out from her medium sized tits. They always became erect at the slightest provocation, and the tall aroused man before her stirred the longing in her loins again with his scrumptious body.

"It is good you come here to my island, we Greek are the best lovers in the world."

Emma listened as she held him tight, then he took her by the hand and steered her to the big bed. He laid her down gently and basked in her naked beauty. Her eyes lingered on his well defined physique and thrilled to his stiff manhood that stood bolt upright and engorged.

"You are aware of the usual erogenous zones of course, the mouth and neck, breasts and clitoris. But I will show you something new today."

"Oh, you mean the G-Spot?"

"Hah! Doesn't exist, it's just an extension of the clit. No, I begin with your feet."

Emma smiled, she hadn't considered her feet before although she had received several compliments on how dainty they were. Marios lifted her right foot and traced out the small toes and curved instep. With tender caresses the Greek hunk separated each toe slowly keeping his brooding eyes on hers, and blew air on them.

"Beautiful. So small" He observed.

He repeated the same with her left foot as the relaxed young woman leaned back on the bed. Her legs were bent at the knee and raised up to his face and he proceeded to kiss her right foot from the toes up to the ankle. Then he turned to her left and massaged the entire foot with both hands. Emma murmured something and her left hand went to her heated pussy.

"No! Try not to touch there."

She nodded and sucked her thin lips in as she desperately tried to avoid the temptation. Marios paused in his ministrations and then he nibbled her left foot at the instep, moving into the heel and licking her soft flesh. Emma gasped as he took in each toe one by one and sucked them with lewd sounds, lapping his tongue on them with relish.

"I can't believe it! It's getting me so wet."

Indeed Emma felt her pussy bubble and send a thousand tingles through her lower body. He turned to her other foot to suck on her toes as he ran his hand up her slender calf, with occasional brushes on her inner thigh. Her left big toe vanished into his mouth and he sucked on it with pursed lips, then let it out with a loud pop.

Next came her other big toe which he sucked profusely until his saliva ran down the sole of her foot. Once he was satisfied with his work he moved his frame up along Emma and settled his weight on her. They kissed with a serious urgency and the horny babe wrapped her legs around his thighs and humped her hips up against him.

"Please fuck me now, I'm simply dripping for your cock."

Deliberately ignoring her plea Marios bent his head and began to bite the soft skin where her neck met her shoulder. His tongue snaked out and he poked it all the way in her ear and wiggled it. Then he turned her head and licked her other ear. Emma moaned and raised her legs high in the air as he raked his teeth along her collarbone, his hot breath driving her mad with excitement.

"Now I make you cum, yes?"

You won't get any argument from me thought Emma as he hovered over her slim figure and took each of her tits and stroked the impossibly erect nipples. His tongue darted over one and then the other as he squeezed the boobs together. Below he pumped his pelvis and his rigid prick rubbed at her pubic bone with a titillating grind.

"Put it in you devil!" She begged.

"No," he answered curtly.

Marios left her tits and paid attention to her pussy at last. He grabbed a pillow and slid it under her pert ass and then licked all his fingers. She watched enthralled as he parted her thighs and inserted one finger into the slit of her cunt and teased her insides at the bottom. Her bald labia were rosy and swollen, sopping wet and throbbing. He moved his digit in and out and gradually rotated upward in the direction of her so called G-Spot.

"That's it!" Cried Emma who jerked on his finger.

Marios kept pressure on the smooth patch of skin just two inches inside and stroked it with a fingertip. Then he moved subtly with a grin.

"How about here?"

The female clitoris, or 'key' in Greek, is actually mostly hidden inside the vagina. Marios placed his nose at the point of her little nub under the hood and hummed as he fingered the upper part of her pussy close to the base of the clit. Emma drummed her feet on the bed and widened her legs even further as her Greek lover poked his tongue out and made big sweeps up from her perineum to the hard button.

"How do you know these things?" She whispered.

He circled her clit as it emerged from the hood stoking her fire as he added a second finger inside her pussy folds. Then his tongue pressed down directly on her nub and sent a spark of pleasure up the spine of the writhing woman. Her toes clenched and unclenched, clenched and unclenched as she made tiny sobs from her lips.


Marios licked her clit from side to side rapidly and placed his middle finger at the puckered entrance of her anus. He pushed in about half an inch and left it there inside as he swiped his tongue up the gash of her cunt.

"YES!" She screamed at the top of her lungs as she felt a rush of liquid spill out of her pussy and soak the sheet.

Marios moved back as an arc of fluid squirted from a shocked Emma who shuddered violently in a series of short spasms from her massive orgasm. The aroused male was also past the point of no return and wanked his aching cock faster and faster in his fist. His knob quivered and he spilled his seed over the white belly of Emma with a heavy grunt.

Emma laid on her back, her breasts heaving as she recovered.

"Did I just pee myself?" She asked.

"No my love, that was a squirt, a female ejaculation."

True enough there was no bad odour or discolour and she felt very fulfilled.

"I must bid you farewell Miss Emma, I have urgent business elsewhere, but I have one last surprise for you later."

Marios kissed her tenderly on the forehead and gathered his clothing as Emma leapt up and made note after note on her Galaxy Tablet.


Emma Watson came to the Buddha Bar in the evening and ordered a glass of white wine from Kristos. Elegantly attired in a black cocktail dress and heels she sat at the end of the bar on a high stool. His chocolate coloured eyes glinted as he handed her the drink, his fingers lingering extra seconds on hers as she took it from him.

"I have a note from Marios for you."

The bearded man gave her a small square of paper and she read it out of curiosity.

"Let Kristos into your bed tonight, you will not regret it." The note read.

She raised her head and Kristos bent forward so that their faces were only an inch apart.

"Finish your wine and return to your suite. There you shall undress and lie down on your bed nude until I arrive. I will come within the next ten minutes."

Intrigued Emma drained her glass of wine and tottered out on her four inch heels. Back in her room she opened the doors to the terrace and breathed in the evening air. Reaching behind her back she unzipped her dress and kicked her shoes off and went to the big bed and spread her hair across the pillow and awaited her visitor.

The door opened momentarily and the bearded Greek man entered and nodded with approval at the delectable naked form sprawled out on the king sized bed. He began to strip as he spoke in a surprisingly excellent English accent.

"Like my cousin I grew up on this island and enjoyed the hedonistic lifestyle and had many sexual conquests. The most beautiful women flock here in pursuit of self indulgent pleasure and I loved it. Then, when I was twenty one I visited your wonderful country and met Edward."

Kristos paused as he dropped his trousers and underwear and stood naked at the foot of the bed. Leaner than Marios he none the less looked handsome with his trim beard and manly wisp of hair between his nipples. His deep dark eyes gleamed at her as he let her eyes take in his physique. His cock was semi erect and leaned to the left, the bell end bulbous and flared. Emma's hand went between her thighs and she stared at it unashamedly.

"Edward and I enjoyed a long Summer together at his wealthy parents London abode while they vacationed in Africa, and he taught me many things. He understood what it took to give and take pleasure from another male."

Kristos sat on the edge of the bed as Emma sat up engrossed in his story.

"His hands, lips and tongue were amazing, his expertise belied his twenty years. He filled me with a sexual heat like no female ever had."

As he spoke his memories had stirred his cock to reach full erection and Emma was impressed by the upright pole that curved up on his belly. His two testicles hung low and full just under.

"Edward was always the giver and I was the partner who fucked him in the ass, he would never take me anally. He awoke certain dormant feelings in me I never knew existed, and I miss him dearly. Emma, my dear English sweetheart, would you like to experience anal sex?"

She looked at the rugged gem of a man up and down, then he gave her that endearing smile and his angled jaw with the full beard gave her a lump in the throat. In her albeit self assigned sex research Emma had never considered anal sex for a single minute, but who better than a bisexual male to be her first.

"Very well, Kristos. But bear in mind this will be my first time."

The tall Greek stood and his fully erect penis bobbed up and down as if in acknowledgement.

"Suck it."

Emma shuffled to him as he guided his rock hard cock to her. The slim fingers of her right hand encircled the thick tube of meat and felt its heat and girth. She gulped at the prospect of this fine organ up inside her anus and a shiver of exhilaration inspired her to put her lips to the big tip.

With little baby sucks the feverish young actress sucked on the smooth head only and wetted it with her spit. As she sucked on him her hand worked the stiff shaft furiously from the base up to halfway.

"Use your tongue more."

Emma moaned, her mouth busy on his knob, then he felt her moist lips open and her head drop down half of his seven inches. Her hand moved and cupped his balls as her tongue snaked around the half of his shaft embedded in her salivating mouth. With her legs open and feet dug into the carpet by the edge of the bed Emma was rewarded with a throbbing pussy that became puffy and wet.

"You're doing fine my dear, are you turned on yet?"

"Yes," she hissed and returned to sucking his twitching boner.

As she held her grasp on his rigid prick with her right fist her left found its way to her steamy cunt and used the middle finger to flick her quivering clit. Her head bobbed up and down on the first four inches of his cock meat with rapid strokes, her silky hair falling across his groin.

"I need a cock!" She cried as her finger rolled ever faster against her sensitive nub.

Kristos was clearly ready for intercourse and in a split second Emma found herself on her back and his strong arms fitted at her bent knees. His big bulk pushed forwards and his big stiff slipped into the wet and hot box of the grateful woman. She groaned and snapped her head back into a pillow as her gash was fully penetrated with his entire length.

"Give it to me!" She demanded in a throaty growl.

He certainly obliged and fucked the petite girl with fast and hard thrusts that saw his love rod ram in before pulling back nearly all the way. The large bed bounced against Emma's back and bottom as she was slammed into repeatedly with considerable force. Her wetness was easily speared by him as she creamed and bubbled around the fat shaft. His arms pinned her slim legs back up to her ears and her beautiful body arched as he drove up inside her faster and deeper.

"Won...der...full!" She breathed as his groin sawed back and forth on her inflamed clit.

His balls were now slapping her upturned bum as the pair of them glistened in a sheen of perspiration. Desiring him to fuck her even deeper the tiny vixen reached out her arms and grabbed onto his clenched buttocks with both hands. Emma felt an orgasm build in intensity as he rubbed on her pubic bone with his weight, and her face glowed with satisfaction.

Then, when Kristos began a subtle rotation of his hips and made his cock pound her cunt with a spiral twist Emma lost it. She moved with him, fucking her hips up at him as she drenched his cock with another of her squirting orgasms. Her pussy shot out and his cock and balls were soaked with her fluids.

"FUCK!" Cried Emma as her lover withdrew and rolled off her gleaming frame.

Faint sounds from outside filtered through the open glass ceiling doors as guests came and went in the warm evening. Kristos regained his composure and considered the panting figure beside him. He rose and collected a tube of lubricant and a three pack of condoms from his trousers.

"I need you on your belly, if you would be so kind."

Emma nervously rolled over and flattened herself face down. The assured man, still erect, slipped a pillow under midriff and thus raised her cute rump up. She closed her eyes tight shut as she felt her legs pulled apart and the coolness of the lube being applied to her nether regions.

"Please, be gentle." She asked with a thumping heart.

Kristos gazed down on her soft white mounds of flesh and studied her tiny rectal ring. She sucked in air when his sticky and lubricated middle finger touched her perineum and smeared it with the jelly. He noted her gorgeous buttocks tense and press together instinctively as he sank the fingertip inside her anus.

"Oh my gosh!"

Silently his digit went in up to the first knuckle, held it still and then continued up past the second. As he used his other hand to pry her cheeks apart Emma forced herself to relax her sphincter and accept his finger inside her anal passage. He probed and oiled her opening and then settled his body on top of hers as he pulled out his finger.

"Relax my dear." He told her as he sheathed his length with a rubber.

His deep voice sounded soothing in her ear as he breathed on the nape of her neck. His muscular thighs parted hers with ease as his stiff cock laid along her ass crack, the bulbous head at her puckered asshole. They both made loud gasping noises as he made a steady pelvic thrust and his crown entered her rectum, stretching it wide.

"Is that it?" She asked naively.

"Nearly." He answered as he pushed in further.

Emma winced and her nostrils flared as she inhaled at the obscene object inside her tiny anus. Kristos held her flanks and made sure the pillow propped her up and then attempted shallow strokes of his impaled cock.

She stiffened at first then began to purr as he lovingly kissed and nibbled her shoulder blades and ran his fingers through her fine hair.

"I had no idea, it's certainly different."

Quicker than she realised Emma began to enjoy the intense tightness of her anus around his tool. She pressed backwards into his groin as he shoved in and out. He managed to reach under her pussy mound and rub her engorged clit with the first two fingers of his right hand. Her head tossed from right to left as he pleasured both her holes, frigging her cunt and filling her ass.

"You are amazing! Fuck me!"

Kristos was enjoying himself just as much and looked down to admire Emma's sexy buttocks as he rode her ass with steady strokes. Emma tried to breathe regularly as he increased his fucking with full strokes of his hips. The sensation was a fifty-fifty split between pleasure and pain as he reamed her asshole and nestled her butt against his groin.

"It's too much, too much pleasure, I'm gonna explode!"

With his steadfast humping of her anal passage, and her teased clit making the young woman drool onto the pillow, Emma Watson erupted with a strangled yell. Her cunt was unable to stem the outpourings of her climax and wet and sticky fluids jetted out onto the bed and pooled under the rutting couple.

"Here I go." Announced Kristos as ripped off his condom.

As the rubber was removed his cock swelled in his fist and Emma raised her angelic face to his groin. She opened her mouth and crammed his hot length in, holding him steady at the base.

Kristos growled and his white load shot down the gulping throat of the willing babe. She licked and sucked determined not to waste a drop as he ejaculated in a ten second orgasm. When she finally relinquished his pulsating organ Emma had a big smile on her face.

'Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,' went the old saying, and Emma laughed aloud, her stomach heaving.


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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
« Reply #8 on: February 29, 2020, 12:11:15 AM »
Chapter Seven. Emma studies the fetish of spanking.

Note from author- While this is inspired by those in celebrity this tall tale is entirely fiction. No animals or persons were actually hurt during these proceedings.


It was while Emma Watson was in a lengthy visit with Gloria Steinem in a conversation event in London that the talented actress first discovered the intriguing website.

Named 'OMGYes' it was an expensive subscription based site that offered instruction on how to give women sexual satisfaction. Countless real women submitted video revealing numerous technique on achieving orgasm and enhanced sexual pleasure.

Emma had learned a great deal and her eyes had been opened on more than one occasion. She had developed an insatiable thirst for sex and sexual experimentation that belied her sweet demeanour and angelic charm.

"Erotic spanking, yes, this is well worth further study."

For a long weekend in her modest apartment in Canary Wharf the petite beauty boned up on the fetish of spanking and stimulation by means of discipline.

It ranged from spontaneous smacks on the bare bottom to the use of implements such as paddles, canes, crops and switches. Bondage was another activity that heightened the experience causing feelings of helplessness and submission.

"Professor Marcius McGonagall professional advisor, expert in all forms of behavioural discipline domestic scenes. Offers therapeutic spanking and corporal punishment in a safe environment. Free of relationships or romantic entanglement, private and discreet sessions are offered for a modest fee. Call me now."

Emma closed her 900 Galaxy Note 9 tablet and tapped it lightly with her index finger.

"That's the chap. Let's pay him a visit."


Emma arrived at six on a sultry evening in July 2018 in the middle of England's hottest Summer since 1976. The successful actress had become quite the fashion muse as she turned a mature twenty eight and had appeared on many magazine covers.

This particular evening found her looking chic in a sheer navy mini dress, bare legged and wearing a pair of nude strappy sandals with a three inch rise that bumped up her five feet four frame. Her soft curls were smooth and sexy in loose waves and she had a side parting on the left.

"Good evening my dear, please come in."

As she knocked on the door of the two up, two down in West London a genial Sexagenarian with greying temples and an agreeable smile answered and ushered her in.

He wore a simple two button tweed jacket and brown corduroy trousers. They made their way to what appeared to be a library and they both sat at a walnut table.

"That's the idea, make yourself at home. Tea? I have Earl Grey or Darjeeling."

"Thank you, whatever you are having will be fine."

As the Professor left her alone Emma looked around the room and peered at a large bookcase at the rear wall. The majority of books appeared to be on the subject of spanking naturally. Titles such as 'The Elusive O,' 'Punished,' Training The Lady,' 'Old School Discipline,' 'Beauty In The Birch,' and 'Les Flagellants de Paris' caught her eye.

'It's the biggest selection in the country."

The man returned with a silver tray with teapot and cups. He poured out two cups and held out sugar and milk for her to indulge.

"Very impressive."

"Thank you."

As Emma crossed her slender legs he noted her smooth, flawless flesh and pretty turned ankles in the strappy heels, She had chosen to forego wearing a bra and her modest bosom was clearly visible for all to see.

"You are breath taking my dear, quite, quite beautiful."

Emma smiled demurely, her eye makeup blended in with her light blush and her dreamy lips shone in the red gloss.

"You have certainly come to the right place if you seek information on the art of spanking. Oh yes, it is an art in my eyes. So many amateurs around these days. Tonight, if I may, I would venture to take you on a journey. A journey into submission.

I will show you how to use your own sexual needs and desires as a motivation, a fantasy if you will, in being owned, tormented and frustrated too in order to bring you to the very edge of orgasmic splendour."

Emma was enthralled as she drank her tea and could feel a certain passion rise already and she crossed her legs the other way in an attempt to give her heated pussy some welcome air.

For an instant she regretted her decision not to wear any panties. Her inner thighs felt warm as they rubbed together and she imagined her host must surely smell her female scent from her loins as she grew steadily aroused.

"If you permit me I will bring you to the edge of your climax, stop as you feel yourself about to achieve satisfaction, then build you up again to the crowning glory of orgasm."

Emma placed her cup on the heavy table, her quim moist with the expectation of his promises.

"I may use coarse language and engage in horrid instructions. How do you feel about that?"

McGonagall sat back and arched his fingers as he drank in her beauty.

"I'm game, Professor, and most eager to start."

"Splendid! Please stand and undress, but keep the heels on."

Emma noted that his voice had taken on a deeper, assertive sound as she stood and pulled her dress up over her head.

There she was, delicate in an attractive way, her groomed brows gave her a seductive look combined as they were with her come to bed eyes under heavy lids. Her hair flowed down her elegant neck which she flicked away with her hand.

Her slim figure was enchanting with long arms and pins and a sloping V from hipbone to thigh that led the eye to her newly shorn Mound of Venus that showed off her labia nicely. Two apple sized perky breasts boasted a pair of erect nipples that resembled berries that seemed to cry out to be sucked.

"You are blessed with the looks of an angel."

Emma blushed as he came closer and stood at her side. Her flat stomach flexed and her tits rose and fell as her nostrils flared and she felt his hot breath on her cheek.

He reached out and cupped her pert bum in his callused hand and then traced out a line from around her backside to trail down her damp slit. He returned to her firm, rounded cheeks and the young actress sighed at the oh so teasing contact on her shaven snatch.

"Waiting and anticipating is the ideal introduction I think."

Emma moaned in agreement as she widened her stance and relished his touch. His fingers searched her lower regions, circling her rump, before fleetingly toying with her pussy and throbbing clitoris. Her mouth gaped and she panted as her bald muff tingled maddeningly.


He sat on an antique leather chair and motioned for the naked woman to lay over his knee. As the evening got darker, the various lamps gave the library a warm glow as Emma bit her lip as she looked at him in the dim lighting. Her right hand went to her now sodden pussy and she hesitated in front of him.

"Over...my...knee!" He said assertively.

Her doe like eyes stared at him as she bent forward and assumed the position. She let her winsome body rest on his knees, while her vulnerable pussy was exposed at his thighs. She hissed when he lightly ran his fingertips along her spine from her shoulder blades down in a straight line to her delicate ass that boasted a porcelain beauty.

"Truly wonderful. I will enjoy this exceedingly.

His right hand drifted across her delectable curves, gradually teasing as each second passed. Then it started. He raised his arm and he dealt her the first blow.


Emma jerked at the initial stinging in her rear as his palm connected with her soft skin. He smacked her a second time without warning and she squirmed on his lap.

"Stay perfectly still." He ordered as he rained four more blows on her quivering butt.

Her hips ground naturally into his thighs as her buttocks assumed a reddish hue and burned with the punishment. Her bottom rose up, much to the delight of the Professor who placed his finger into her exposed cunt and coated it with her oozing juices. He slipped inside her pink folds and stroked her fast as her draped thighs slipped to and fro along his bent legs.

"It's too wonderful," she murmured as he rubbed her hard clit.

As she neared a climax he suddenly stopped and commenced with a new assault of resounding slaps on both of her burning cheeks. The room was now filled with the twin sounds of his hand on her creamy flesh and her yelps of exquisite pain and pleasure. Her brown hair fell untidily across her face as she dipped her head and squirmed.

"Do NOT wiggle your backside unless I order it."

It was a tough call as Emma so desperately wanted to move her rump as the smacks alternated from her left buttock to the right and back. Her ass burned with an angry blaze of scarlet when the Professor finally relented and ceased his ministrations.

"Good start, you have done well."

He wiggled his fingers and then cracked his knuckles as he stood up.

"Now I would endeavour to introduce role play into the proceedings and give you an idea about fantasy and taboo subjects. It can be most titillating in the extreme and one of my personal favourites. Over there my dear you will find an outfit that I am quite sure will be in your size. Pray put it on."

Emma gingerly went over on wobbly legs, her heels tottering as she looked at what seemed like a school girl uniform. She donned the white silk panties and rolled the divine underwear up her legs and over her tender bum, wallowing in the sensation of blessed relief.

Then she buttoned up the crisp white blouse to her neck and pulled on the newly ironed pleated navy mini skirt. She sat down and rolled on the knee length white cotton socks and stepped into a pair of black patent leather flat heeled shoes. As she finished dressing she plonked the straw boater hat on her head and spread her hands.

School was now in session!

"Excellent, what a pretty picture you paint."

Indeed she was the epitome of an English school girl from a private college.

"Now, in this scenario I play a lecturer who has found his student, you, to have been remiss in your studies and should stay after class. After further bad behaviour he decides that nothing short of corporal punishment has to be administered. If you would be so kind as to bend over my table Miss Watson."

Emma stepped over, bent at the waist and stretched out her arms at the edge as her skirt was slowly lifted up over her backside to her lower back. The Professor nodded approvingly he scrutinised her enticing bottom with the twin dimples. McGonagall gave her a couple of tentative smacks as he berated her.

"Wicked girl!"


"What are you?"


"Very bad girl."

"Very naughty."


"Why, I even think you like this, am I right?"

"Yes Sir." SMACK!

"Yes Sir, what?"

"Yes, I like it." SMACK!

"What was that? You what?"

"I love it! Harder Sir!"

"Harder? Really? And pray explain why you are wearing silk underwear?"

"I...I like the feel of it against my skin, Sir."

"How wicked! How disgusting! Are you some type of cheap tart?"

Emma was enjoying the role play and congratulated herself on the improvised dialogue she was dreaming up. The man peeled the panties down her slender thighs to her ankles and smoothed his palms out over her ripe bottom.

Without any instruction she lifted her right leg and stepped out of the panties so that she was bare assed from the waist down. He looked at the pink handprint of his that radiated from both of her round cheeks.

"I do believe that your ass is warmer than your pussy. I will have to investigate."

He licked his middle finger on his left hand and inserted it into Emma's hot cave. She whimpered as he delved inside, feeling her warm wetness and coaxing ever more fluids from within.

Emma moaned and dug her shoes in the carpet under her feet as her muff was rubbed and stimulated. He squeezed her lips and Emma had to bite on her fist in order to stifle a scream.

"Top marks Miss Watson. As this is your first spanking I shall be lenient with you. To a degree mind."

Emma stayed in position, bent over the table and mewled as she felt baby oil being rubbed into her ass. He was gentle as he administered the soothing lotion and took his sweet time as his hands wandered here and there. Even down to her bald cunt where his oily fingers danced on her pussy mound.

"The oil has two purposes, one, to stop your flesh from splitting. And two, it will capture the heat from the paddle I am about to use."

Emma gulped as she heard the word paddle. There was a long pause as he moved away and the bare assed beauty did not dare look up and trembled in her leather shoes. Then she heard his footfall and the unnerving sense of a wooden object on her posterior. McGonagall lifted up the paddle to her face and she saw what it was.

"Let us begin." He said as a matter of fact.

Before she could take a breath Emma leapt onto tiptoe as she was hit with three big whacks on her left cheek. She let out a girly squeal as the next thing she knew was a further three swats on her right buttock.

"Gosh! Yelped Emma as she pressed her exposed belly into the table edge in order to brace herself for more punishment.

Her bottom thrust out and her back arched as the full impact of the paddle connected with her smarting buttocks. Emma welcomed a trickle of her juices that ran slowly down the inside of her left thigh and purred like a kitten from the exhilarating sensation.

"That will do. Yes, that is fine for this session. How do you fare my dear?"

Emma stood erect and rubbed her behind as she realised the night was over. In one sense she was relieved, in another she had been intrigued at the intense treatment she had been given.

"It is something that I have never experienced before. Most interesting and informative, not to mention a little painful."

Emma tottered over to where she had left her clothing and began to get dressed as McGonagall poured out a generous measure of brandy. As he offered it to the grateful Emma he rubbed his nose in thought.

"I would very much like to give you another session next weekend if you are agreeable. I have a notion that might appeal to you."

Emma swigged her drink as she considered his offer, then nodded.

"Same time Saturday?"


Emma found it extremely difficult to concentrate on reading the newly delivered script that had been dropped off by a courier on the following Monday.

All she could think of was the spanking session she had received and the mystery of what may occur next. Every night after a luxurious in her tub she laid on her bed and masturbated with her brand new Wave Vibrator from Lovehoney. It had three speeds and seven vibrating patterns which she had great fun experimenting with. The week dragged on interminably until the day arrived and she hurried to the home of Professor McGonagall once more.

"Greeting Miss Watson, so glad you could make it."

Emma looked stunning, yet her dress was a simple black strapless number with a high hemline. She wore her hair up leaving her pale, elegant neck bared.

"I trust you had a lovely week," the nondescript elderly man said as he led her briskly to a study where Emma was surprised to see another person present. This was unexpected she thought.

"Allow me to introduce to you Lady Sonia. She is well versed in spanking and all forms of female domination. I do hope you don't mind my inviting her to join us?"

Emma sized the middle aged woman up as she was stared at petulantly. The striking brunette was well developed with long legs, broad hips, narrow waist and ample bosom. She wore skin tight riding breeches in yellow nylon and a crisp white blouse that wrapped tightly about her hefty tits.

A pair of black leather boots came up to her upper thighs and she continually rubbed her leather gloves together. Her red lips pouted and her head tilted up slightly so that she appeared to look down on Emma.

"You will always refer to me as Lady Sonia, or My Lady. And I will refer to you as slave. is that clear?"

The stern woman spoke in a plummy Rodean accent which bore evidence to her heritage. Emma squirmed in her heels and nodded, her throat suddenly quite dry.

"If you would be so kind as to strip off Miss Watson, there's a dear."

Both the Professor and Sonia sat and watched with an unerring gaze as Emma wriggled the dress down to her waist and stepped out of it and then kicked her shoes off. She stood as naked as the day she was born in front of them. Sonia puffed on a small black cigar and studied every inch of the young woman as she waited pensively for instruction.

"Observe the straight backed chair my dear. Would you be so kind as to bend over it."

Emma looked at the rattan chair with the wide back and two curved arm rests. She went over to it and ran her fingers along the durable back. She turned to the other two who had gotten out of their seats and stood side by side.

"Go ahead, don't look so worried."

The Professor stroked a long length of a slender cane between the fingers of his right hand. Emma bent and tucked her elbows into the angle of the back so that her cute bottom rose up higher than her head, the plump cheeks in a perfect position for corporal punishment.

Where as before her body and butt were on a level now her head was dipped and she gripped the arms of the chair and held her breath. More baby oil was tenderly smeared into her flesh and she closed her eyes as the warm sensation soothed her bosom.


Emma cried out as she felt rather than heard the swish of cane strike her directly across both cheeks. She could not see the vivid red stripe that emerged from the whiteness of her skin. Another swish and she jumped, despite knowing what to expect.


Emma braced on the chair back with a firm grip and pressed her knees together. She had no way of knowing which of them was administering the caning as one, two and a third whack connected with her reddening buttocks. Perhaps it was his age as the rapid blows were not hard enough to cause bloodshed, just enough force to make her wince from the sharp contact.

"UH OH!"

Emma heard Lady Sonia and her bum tensed in anticipation of further action.

"Move your legs apart, slave."

"Y...yes My Lady," answered Emma, remembering her lines.

The woman seemed unhurried as nothing occurred for long seconds and Emma naturally relaxed her undignified posture. Then she felt a soothing palm in a glove caress her cheeks in a wide circle.

"There, you see?" Said McGonagall.

"Quite." Replied Sonia.

Then the cane came crashing down again, swishing through the air before striking Emma on her delicious bare ass. She gasped as a second rod joined in and a non stop beating commenced as each blow overlapped earlier ones.

A veritable cavalcade from both her tormentors started and Emma lost count of the criss cross whips that struck her backside. Emma's breasts heaved as she gamely accepted the assault and a feeling of excitement surged through her.

"Reach behind and hold your cheeks apart slave."

"Yes, Lady Sonia."

Emma reached back, her head still down and errant strands of her soft hair fell in her eyes as a finger encased in leather worked inside her snatch. The young actress was unsure if she ought to push back on the welcoming invasion of her cunt, which is what she dearly wanted. The feeling was fantastic as the dominatrix wiggled in and out as Emma moaned and parted her legs wider to accommodate all the easier.

"How wet is she?"

"Exceedingly so." Replied Sonia.

The middle aged woman ground her face into the mound of Emma and began to fuck her with her extended tongue. The Professor massaged Emma's red striped buttocks as Sonia burrowed inside her cunt, with the odd brush against her anus.

"I'm going to...oh! Going to cum!" Emma sighed as she teetered in the abyss of her orgasm.

"Do not dare!" Cried Sonia. "I forbid it!"

Emma shrieked as she was spanked steadily by Sonia's glove for a solid half minute. With her heart in her mouth Emma then felt the slender cane slide along her sodden slit, a slow saw to and fro that made her juices rush out. As a thrill ran down her spine Emma rotated her hips as the rod moved over her soft labia with an erotic tease she could barely stand.

"Please, oh please," she whimpered as the cane withdrew.

"Please what?"

"Please My Lady, I need relief"

Once more the leather glove reached between her trembling thighs and two digits plunged up inside her honey pot. Emma lifted her ass up as high as possible as she was driven wild. She had become an animal, consumed by a primal lust and a hunger for her climax.

"You may cum." Said a calm voice from behind her.

Sonia pressed hard on the clitoris of Emma that ached so badly and she lost all control of her body. She gasped deeply as the intense orgasm ravaged her petite frame and an embarrassing line of saliva drooled from her gaping mouth.

"Alas, all good things come to an end." Said the Professor who gently cradled Emma as she recovered from the aftermath.

An hour later Emma arrived home and tapped furiously on her tablet as she made page after page of informative notes. She refused to leave the Professor's house until he had promised her one final session.


One week later Emma was at the same house at the same time, eager to participate in another lesson. The evening was humid but Emma looked cool in a white cotton shirt and loose blue jeans, her hair tied back in a ponytail.

This evening the Professor had promised a male slant on proceedings and Emma had hardly slept all week. For a change Emma was directed upstairs and steered to a bedroom that contained a large bed at the rear wall. There appeared to be no windows and the ceiling lamp was the only source of light.

"This time I would like you to lie on the bed and use this device. Once you strip off that is."

Emma lost no time in getting naked and jumped onto the bed. McGonagall sat in an armchair opposite and watched intently as Emma picked up a six inch vibrator and spread her legs wide.

The professor licked his lips as Emma moved her left hand seductively down her body to her stomach, gliding around her flat tummy enticingly before settling on her pink lipped bald muff.

"Like this, Professor?"

Emma stared into his watery eyes as she rested her back on a pillow and turned on the red sex toy. It buzzed delightfully in her right hand as she moved it to her pussy and rubbed it up and down the pouting lips from top to bottom.

Her shaven lips parted easily as the vibrator stopped in the furrow of her slot and Emma closed her eyes and curled her pretty toes. She pressed in with both hands firmly on the toy and her mouth opened into an O shape.

"Oooh, mmm!"

Her stomach undulated as she started to ease the tip of slim line vibrator inside the opening of her pussy. Already wet from the anticipation of an eventful night Emma let the toy sink into her juicy cunt and took a deep breath. Her inner muscles tightened around the red toy and she quickened the pace of her hand motions.

"I love it, I need a cock now"

Emma raised her hips up off of the bed and increased the speed of the vibrator to maximum. She kicked out her legs to almost horizontal and shoved it all the way in so that only the control at the base stuck out of her filled pussy. On her back the petite woman writhed in a panting mess, her hair damp on the pillow and a pool of sweat under her ass.


McGonagall held his hand up and Emma reluctantly withdrew the buzzer from her muff. She lifted her head and witnessed a young man of about twenty standing in the room with them.

Stark naked he cut a trim and handsome figure with a lean frame and long shanks and his flaccid circumcised cock hung between his corded thighs. Dark hair was brushed back from his brow and his piercing blue eyes bored into her head.

"This is Phillip, he is here to assist us tonight. Pleasure can be derived from the submissive, the ability to become aroused and needful despite being restrained is a popular one. As you are about to discover."

As he spoke the elderly man moved to a table to fetch several lengths of cord which he handed to Phillip. Together they moved Emma into a spread eagle position on her back, securing her wrists to the corners of the headboard and her ankles to the foot board. Satisfied that she was firmly bound McGonagall himself undressed and revealed his scrawny body.

"Go ahead, boy."

Emma turned to the younger man and let out a soft gasp when she saw he was fully erect and sporting a very large boner. He sat on the edge as Emma looked into his baby blue eyes. He crawled up onto the bed and hovered above the helpless woman without actually touching her.

When he reached the level of her pert tits he blew warm air on the nipples which stuck out like ripe berries. Emma arched her back six inches up off the mattress in an effort to make contact with the man. He stuck out his tongue and flicked at each tip of her boobs before moving out of range.

"Shit! Lick me!"

"I believe it is we who shall dictate things my dear, you are in no state to demand anything." Said the increasingly aroused elderly gentleman.

Emma gulped and squirmed on her cute butt from left to right and back again as the silent Phillip picked up a sixteen inch leather tawse and used it lightly on Emma's trembling body. He circled her tits and tapped gently on the achingly hard nipples before trailing down to her navel. Emma slammed her head back into the pillow and grit her teeth, praying for him to reach her soaking pussy.

"Oh, please, please, please, please."

Then it happened and Emma received rapid slaps on both tits, not hard but effective to give the lust filled babe a devastating shock. As she twisted and bucked in pure delight her cunt was finally reached and little swats rained down on her bald labia.

"FUCK!" She screamed as she tugged in vain at the cords about her hands and feet.

"Tease and torment, these two, combined, can be excruciating to bear as one is unable to react, being restrained. We can drive you mad with frustration until you quite literally beg to cum."

Phillip brushed his long fingers over her legs from knees on up, moving inwardly as Emma felt the heat rise from her loins. Then he bent over her to kiss the sensitive insides of her thighs and Emma groaned as she tugged on her hands that were spread out above her head. Her musky scent filled his nostrils as he pursed his lips and held them on her clit. The contact released a thousand tingles through the very core of her body.

"Oh...my...gosh!" She sobbed, biting her lower lip, helpless to interact.

The naked man then caressed her splayed thighs with the tawse and moved inwards and stopped at the top of her pussy. She mumbled nonsense as he flicked at her swollen clit and she swore that she would cum if he continued for just a few more seconds.

"Stop," ordered the Professor as he leaned over the feverish woman.


Phillip nodded and brought the weapon down firmly right across her clitoris, ripping the air from her lungs. She arched up and then fell back and sucked in oxygen.


McGonagall watched unblinking as Emma was hit again directly on the hard nub between her splayed legs, then again and thrice more.


Her orgasm crashed over her and her muscles tensed, tears of relief streaming from her eyes. She hardly noticed when her tormentor laid atop of her. Phillip pushed the bulbous head of his bloated prick into her entrance and let her lips stretch out as she accepted him.

His weight settled on her as his stiff tool slid in further, not stopping until he was buried up to the hilt. Emma yearned to close her thighs around his hot body but was unable to due to her binds.

"Fuck me."

The young man turned to the Professor, who by now was jerking his erection frantically.

"Fuck her."

Insane with the carnal desire to be penetrated she tossed her head to and fro as he gripped her by the hips and slammed in and out, so hard that his balls smacked on her upturned ass.

Her body rose up as much as possible in her restraints as his chest crushed her medium sized tits. His hands pawed at her slim frame, caressing her here, pinching her there as he relentlessly rammed into her.

"Come on, come on," she mumbled as he thrust up her.

His force was by now hammering her diminutive frame hard into the bed, his sweating body slipping and sliding on her soft skin. Emma bounced back up as he pulled back only for him to pump vigorously back into her sweet cunt. She looked into his eyes as their faces were almost nose to nose and smiled at the boyish glint as his pelvis went into overdrive.

"Kiss me, you devil." She ordered.

With a wry grin he gave her left cheek a big lick, like a puppy as his powerful thighs rubbed against her nether regions. As his pelvic bone gyrated on her, Emma let out a squeal as she shook from another intense orgasm, her pussy coating his throbbing manhood.

Phillip snapped his head back and with a manly grunt he shoved in hard and ceased fucking as his cum gushed out in furious spurts that pumped inside Emma.

The white cream dribbled out either side of his cock that remained lodged in her overflowing pussy and pooled on the bed under them. He lifted up and as his deflating organ withdrew it left her with a gaping quim which refused to close.

"Come along Miss Watson." Said the Professor as he untied her and raised her up, cum and sweat rolling off her pale flesh most unladylike.

It took a full ten minutes for Emma to regain her composure. When she was dressed and rested she bade farewell to the Professor and Phillip and hurried back home again to submit a lengthy report on the website. She had much to post.

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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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Thank you for posting these!!!

Love them in this format and thank you for adding the pics!!!

It's much appreciated!
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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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Note- This is pure fiction. What? You didn't think it was true did you?


Chapter Eight. Emma studies role play in sex.


In recent months the celebrated English actress Emma Watson had dedicated her free time to researching advanced female sexual satisfaction and the pursuit of the orgasm.

Inspired by conversations with Gloria Steinem the twenty eight year old had become seriously interested in the cause and had experimented with some exceptional results. She had been seduced and fucked by a complete stranger, in public no less.

She had been the seducer and adopted a dominant role over men. Intrigued by spanking and corporal punishment Emma had given herself up to the cane and birch and light bondage.

"Time for some role play I think."

Emma had busied herself watching various cosplay and role play on the sex hubs on the internet and fancied a scenario where she would act out a role and be seduced, and fucked naturally, by a man she did not know.

It was on a free Monday that she booked an office on the top floor of the building in London owned by her movie company, Disney Productions. She had hired a male escort from one of the more reliable sources and informed him where to meet her.

Unaware of his name or what he looked like it would be a totally spontaneous and unscripted meeting which she hoped would culminate in some hot sex. Emma went online and did some shopping for an outfit suitable for the role.


At six in the evening when most of the office workers had left Emma opened the door to a spacious office with a desk and chairs and a large window with a panoramic view of the city as evening drew in.

Alone for now she fussed over her secretarial costume and fidgeted with excitement. Her five feet five frame had been given extra height in her black pumps with the four inch rise. The shiny shoes had an almond toe and cute laces at the back of the ankle. Her light brown hair was up and she had a pair of retro plain eyeglasses that sat on the bridge of her cute nose.

"Oh, come in, it's unlocked."

Emma reacted to a knock on the door and smoothed out her scrunched mini skirt over her sheer stockings. She pulled on her white blouse with the low cowl neck and halter back and stood with pen and clipboard in her hand. This outfit she hoped gave off a provocative look designed to create a nice distraction for fellow male workers from the humdrum working day.

"Miss Watson, I presume?"

"Yes, Mister?"

"Doe, John Doe."

Emma was highly impressed by the strapping six footer with the five o'clock shadow and slicked back dark hair. His two button grey suit was immaculate and his black shoes were like mirrors. He spoke in an American accent which came as a pleasant surprise as he had been hired from an English agency.

"I understand you wish to draft a letter to the CEO about the latest proposals."

Emma got into her improvised role and waited for a likewise response. She was not disappointed. John moved his neck out and loosened his striped necktie as he approached the desk. He scrutinised the slender woman in front of him and sneered.

"Oh? You're telling ME my job? Let's establish some ground rules."

He made sure to tower over the petite and slim woman in order to intimidate. This was going well she thought as a thrill went through her.

"What rules?" Emma answered in an educated accent.

He lifted her chin and leaned in close. He smelled divine as her nostrils flared and her cheeks reddened. His stubble appeared a light brown than his full head of hair.

"Like who is the boss, and who is the employee."

His deep brown eyes burned into hers as he grabbed her clipboard and tossed it aside. Straight backed he circled her like some predator as he continued.

"I am a highly paid director of a reputable American company who just happens to be stuck in London with lousy English football, lousy English food, and lousy incompetent English secretaries. Do you know what I do to brand new secretaries? I give them a good spanking."

"Oh really, well I don't..."

Emma was taken by surprise as she was unceremoniously spun around to face the hardwood desk and bent forwards at the waist. She placed her hands face down as the tall hunk smothered them with his left hand and trapped them.

"Hey now!" Protested the startled Emma.

"Who is your boss?" He said in a demanding tone directly into her ear.

"You are." She answered, trapped between the desk and his quite solid frame.

"Again." He hissed.

His right hand took hold of the hem of her short skirt and lifted it up slowly over her pert bottom. Emma yelped as he struck her twice on each cheek with the flat of his right hand.

"OW! You are the boss."

"Grab the far side of the desk." He ordered.

As she did so he rained smacks down on her bared ass with two hard strikes dead centre on her bum. Her flesh burned but he had not been overly harsh and for that she was grateful.

"Can I rely on you, Miss Watson? Hmm?"

"Yeah...yes, Mister Doe."

Emma closed her knees and rubbed her thighs together as she began to get aroused. Doe smoothed his palm over her soft butt and moved inwards to the desirable gap between her upper thighs.

He pulled up on her crisp new white panties so that her Mons pubis made an enticing bulge through the material. A visible moisture dappled the fabric as she inhaled deeply.

"You appear to be somewhat wet down here, Miss Watson. Very naughty of you I must say. We only just met. However let me just have a quick taste."

Emma remained still and bit her lower lip as her panties were moved to one side and his hot breath made contact with her trim pussy. Her glasses slipped down her nose and a few loose strands of hair fell across her groomed brows as he kissed her muff. Her heart raced as he made little trails in a circle around her mound before leaving her dangling with anticipation.

"Stand up."

Emma did so and watched in silence as the stranger shed his jacket and removed his tie.

"Hold out your hands."

Excited and intrigued she put her hands together as if in prayer and looked at John as he wound the tie around her wrists. Then he frogmarched her to the window and made her look out, raising her arms up so that they rested on the glass above her head.

"Who is the boss?"

"You are, Mister Doe."

Still looking ahead she did not see, only felt him draw her panties down to mid thigh and raise her skirt up to the small of her back. He considered her reddened buttocks and tapped them lightly with his trouser belt, giving her the impression that he was going to thrash her. A faint reflection in the glass seemed to show the man in the flesh.

"Turn to me."

Emma lowered her arms, her skirt still rucked up to reveal her pussy between her thighs.

"Oh my." She whispered.

Doe was butt naked and in possession of an eight inch erection that stuck up and out from a hairless groin. His broad shoulders looked to be a result of intense work outs and the rest of his ripped body sent urgent tingles to Emma's loins.

Biceps flexed and abs twitched as he toyed with his belt. He drew nearer to the wide eyed young woman and placed his hands at the low cut neck of her blouse.

Emma jumped quite literally when he rent her top into two separate halves, leaving the tatters to hang loose on her forearms. Then he reached behind her and unzipped her skirt which puddled around her heels.

"Suck me off, Miss Watson."

"Yes, Mister Doe."

Emma thrilled to the notion of what was about to occur. Illicit sex with a complete unknown in a strange environment. Now left in bra and stockings she went to her haunches and gripped his stiff cock at the halfway spot.

Through her clear lenses his noble member was white and circumcised with a huge glans. As her hands were still bound at the wrists she gave him a two handed stroking, relishing the feel of his hot flesh in her palms. Her earlier estimate of him having eight inches seemed inadequate now she was up close and personal.

John bent over her and unhooked her pink bra and her medium sized tits were freed up. He studied the hard tips that stood out prominent and erect on her firm breasts. His cock loomed in her face and she finally pursed her red lips and embraced his bell end.

"Excellent, Miss Watson. You have a delightful mouth."

"Uh, hmm."

Emma closed her eyes as she took in more of his prick and moved her head back and forth, the nature of his girth and length causing her to moan quite loudly.

She dug her nails in the flesh of his taut thighs as she sucked on him with a wanton abandon. Her lips tightened to make a shallow channel as she shunted to and fro along his pulsing shaft. Her own arousal saw her love juices begin to run out of her exposed cunt and wet her inner thighs and ass crack.

"Keep sucking."

"Mmm, hmm."

Emma could feel his cock expand in her opened mouth and his over sized tip was now bumping the back of her throat. Lewd gurgles emanated from the demure beauty as she began to gag.

Seemingly satisfied he lifted her up by the elbows and kissed her full on the mouth. The naked woman returned his kiss as they hugged each other and the tops of her stockings became damp as her pussy ached for attention.

"Please." She murmured and looked at him with pleading eyes as she shrugged off the remains of her ruined top.

The demure young woman had no thoughts other than desiring the fit young escort to ravish her and fuck her immediately.

"Please what?"

The man ran hands through his mane and stood like an Adonis with his rampant erection. Her pointy little nipples jabbed into his solid chest and her breath felt hot and sweet in his ear.

"Please Mister Doe. I need that cock."

Doe turned her to face the desk once more and put his nose into her back side. Emma clasped her tied hands together as her new lover swiped his tongue from her clitoris up to her puckered asshole. Her response was to wiggle her bottom in his face and lift her heels up onto tiptoe.

"Goodness! That feels so nice."

Doe held her cheeks apart with both hands and delved further inside the pink petals of her pussy and lapped energetically at her glistening slit. Emma flattened to the surface of the desk and her parted legs assumed an inverted V as she made more room for him to lick her hot box. He must surely please thousands of lucky women she thought as he expertly flicked her with the tip of his tongue.

"Oh, Mister Doe. You certainly are showing me who the boss is."

He held his tongue inside her entrance and then to her annoyance he was gone. That was the moment however when the tell tale bump of his knob made contact with her pussy and the actress sent him a mental signal for him to ram home that impressive boner. Put it in, put it in, put it in.

"Do you know what I do to brand new secretaries Miss Watson?"

As he spoke close into her ear he loosened her hair and let it fall over her face. His huge rod made a tunnel between her firm ass cheeks as he rubbed it up and down the heavenly skin, smearing her juices on the glans. I think I have a pretty good idea, she thought to herself as her pulse raced.

"Why don't you tell me?" She enquired.

"I fuck the shit out of them!"

His breath hissed in her left ear, followed by his hard teeth biting her lobe, sending a shiver down her spine. He shifted behind her and his left hand pressed on her lower back which made her raise her bottom. Then her folds parted as he fed her his length and he sank inside her with a gentle, but unstoppable push.

"Oh my word. That...feels...wonder...ful." At last, penetration!

Once halfway in John paused as her cunt widened to accommodate his generous girth. He then retreated until only his cock head was embedded inside her tight pussy.

"Take a message, Miss Watson, and repeat back to me."

Emma gulped and wished he would fuck her as she remained bent at the waist over the desk, half impaled on his man meat, her pussy weeping.

"Yeah...yes, mm...Mister Doe."

"I want you to fuck my brains out. Repeat."

"I...I want you...to." Emma paused and whimpered as he pushed in, with agonising slowness.

"I want you, say it."

His cock did not stop until he was all the way in her aching pussy and she felt his groin bump her bum. Her head dipped and her knuckles turned white as she made two fists in the necktie.

"Holy fuck! I...I want you to fuck my brains out! Ho!"

John held her by the hips and sawed in and out with a few deep thrusts that pressed the petite woman to the edge of the desk. Her boobs mashed to the top as she welcomed the sublime sensation of a big cock in her at last and dug her heels in the carpet under her feet. His sheer strength reverberated through her body as he thrust in and out with some ease.

"Too dry. Suck me some more."

John pulled all the way out which left a sizeable gape in Emma's cunt. Eager for more fucking she spun around and began to paint his shaft with her saliva, making sure not to leave a single millimeter untouched.

He looked on with approval as his erection bobbed enticingly in her bound fists. She looked almost comical as her glasses had become askew on her face and her hair looked untidy about her attractive features.

"Enough, you naughty woman. Get up."

Emma reeled as she was held in his iron grip and made to face the desk once more. John lifted her left leg and her knee rested on the edge which made her pussy perfectly positioned for a doggy fuck.

He gave her a smack on the rump for luck and shoved his slick organ right up. Now he went into overdrive and rammed in and out with a certain confidence that came from screwing for a living.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Was all Emma could manage as she was royally fucked.

The desk scraped on the floor as he relentlessly hammered her from behind on tiptoe. Emma's pussy became swollen from the continuous friction of his rigid pole that penetrated deep inside her muff. His strong thighs bumped into her and she welcomed the masculine contact on her softness.

"Uh, oh, yeah. Aah!"

Then he ceased and he bent over her so that his torso moulded against her perspiring body. He cupped her pert tits and let her hard nipples poke out between his fingers which he squeezed together.

He then reached over and undid the necktie around her wrists and reared backwards, his cock withdrawing from her mushy cunt. As he drew back out Emma gasped at the sweet friction of her release.

"I think that will suffice." He said with a wry smile.

Emma got up on wobbly pins, her stockings halfway down her slender thighs, and pouted. She looked at his shiny cock, still rock hard and sporting an angry looking crown and held her chin up defiantly. The role play had been thoroughly exciting and in keeping with the improvisation Emma turned the tables.

"We're not done yet my good man. Get up on that desk, MISTER Doe, so that I can ride on that fucking big thing."

As she spoke she massaged her soft labia and felt her wetness there.

"If you insist, Miss Watson."

As he got up and laid horizontally on the desk Emma discarded her glasses and bent over him.

"Oh, I insist." She said in an authoritative tone as she sucked on his erection some more with urgent bobs of her head.

Then she hopped up and hovered over his prone body and placed each high heel either side of his outstretched thighs. She put her hands on his stomach and started to rub his cock along her puffy labia in a teasing preliminary warm up.

She herself was dying to sink down on him but continued to move to and fro on his rigid length to show him who was in charge. Her pussy lips made a furrow as his prick was lovingly caressed by the horny actress.

"Let me sit on this fucking cock."

Emma looked down under her and held his cock upright and placed the bulbous head to her wet pussy. She inserted the head and closed her eyes at the incredible feeling. Her butt lowered and her weight made her sink down and engulf his shaft inside her steamy cunt.

"Too good, too good." She cooed.

With a supreme effort the English rose used the muscles in her thighs and butt to rise and fall on his cock, her pussy driving down further as his tool became ever more sleek.

Both moaned from the welcome friction that they each enjoyed as Emma quickened the rate of her strokes and let her buns tap lightly on his balls. Truly this well endowed man was a sex machine, made for fucking fortunate females.

"Who's the boss? Hmm?" She said in a low voice in between throaty moans.

She leaned over his chest as she let her thighs settle on the desk on either side of his. Her face came close to his as she embedded herself on his entire length and ground her hips on his groin.

"Why, you are, Miss Watson."

John tensed his toes as she rode him with an assured authority. He jerked when she cracked her palm on his left cheek and glared at him.

"Say it again." She said between deep breaths, her body rolling to and fro.

"You are the boss." He told her as he rubbed his jaw.

Satisfied she kissed him on the mouth, her tongue finding his before even their lips met. She raked her slim fingers across his well muscled and hairless chest and he in turn clutched her ass as her lower body began to hammer into his.

His big cock felt amazing as she scraped up and down as if her life depended on it. She leaned back and John tightened his grip on her butt and delighted in watching her pert tits bounce on her chest.

"I'm the boss, I own this cock. Oh my!"

Doe grinned as he bent at the waist and brought his long reach around her back and sat up with her stuck on his prick.

"Oh!" She uttered as she was hoisted up, flipped onto her back and tilted up so that her legs were on his forearms.

His weight meant that as he loomed over her, his cock shoved inside her all the way to the hilt.

"Now, where were we?"

Emma was helpless as Doe threw his legs behind him and began to steam hammer into Emma's foaming pussy. He sank all the way in and pulled back nearly all the way out as he fucked her brains out.

He flexed his biceps and moved so that her legs were bent at the knee and doubled back to her head. With her weight on the back of her neck and shoulders he was able to push his cock right in to the hilt.

"Who's the boss? Who...is...the...boss?"

He spoke a word and thrust in alternatively for dramatic effect which brought Emma's heart in her mouth. His inward thrusts were a dream come true as he fucked her silly and she leaked juices around his stiff cock that ran down the crack of her dreamy ass.

"You, you, you, you." She repeated as she took his cock with gratitude.

Doe gazed down at the woman and was happy and relieved that she was an attractive type. How many plain or elderly women had he fucked this year. Emma had a tight pussy that felt fantastic as he rotated his hips and brought sighs of joy from the hot babe.

The hard top desk was beginning to take its toll though and Doe saw her discomfort and let her legs down. With amazing strength he lifted her up and stood up with her still impaled on his fat cock.

"Wow!" She yelped as she was raised up into the air.

Doe held her under her butt and bounced her up and down while she hung on with her arms around his bull neck. Her legs dangled in mid air as she was raised up then dropped so that she slid on his upright tool, much to her delight.

Her cunt slid right down his rod and she thought she might swoon from the sensation of complete insertion. He lifted her right off then and she folded into his arms, temporarily fatigued.

"Kneel." He stated simply and rotated his index finger at her.

Emma sighed and got onto all fours on the desk top and lowered her head and raised her butt. Doe got behind her and used his thick thighs to widen her slender legs.

He held his cock to her pussy and let a long drool of spit drip onto his glans. Emma felt his prick slide inside her once more and begin to saw in and out.

"Fuck me, oh, oh, oooh!"

The powerful frame of the male escort banged into the lightweight Emma who would surely have toppled off the desk were it not for his grip on her trim waist. The slapping of flesh on flesh emanated from their coupling as the city lights illuminated the office.

"You like this cock Miss Watson?"

Doe gave her one hefty thrust that saw his cock slam in her tight cunt.

"On my word, yes!" She muttered under her breath.

"I said."


"Do you LIKE this cock!"





Emma reeled from the hard lunges that buried his hard on deep in her quim.


Thrust, thrust, thrust.

"I love it, I love it!"

"You got one gorgeous ass honey. Goddamn gorgeous."

John Doe looked down on Emma's sweet buttocks, split in two by his thick cock with the pulsing blue vein. His pelvis was a blur as he bucked back and forth, drilling into the groaning actress with increasing speed. Doe was close to climax and ever the professional remembered his job and slowed to a stop. Emma felt herself dragged up and sat on her butt on the edge of the desk.

"Let me lick your clit."

Emma swept her hair out if her eyes and realised her entire naked body was covered in a glowing sheen of perspiration. Her sheer black stockings were down to her ankles as Doe pulled her legs apart and laid them on his broad shoulders.

"Okay." She said simply as he placed his head between her out flung pins.

She smiled as she looked down at his mop of hair that covered his head and stroked it as he poked his tongue in her sodden cunt. Her breasts heaved as he nibbled her hard nub and delved into her pink folds and her butt slid to and fro on the desk edge.

"Shit! That feels good."

His big hands gripped the underside of her upper thighs as he gave her rapid oral flicks that sent a thousand electric shocks through her loins. He was giving her the best head she had ever known and she wished he would never stop.

"Mmmm! I love it!"

Doe, on his haunches, rose up slightly and Emma felt her bottom leave the wood and her lower body move backward and up. He clamped his mouth to her pussy and made an exaggerated sucking that caused a near vacuum on her quim. His spittle splattered her mound and butt crack as he inhaled and sucked on her swollen labia.

"Holy shit!"

Emma came with an intense rush that made every fibre in her being quake. Doe kept his mouth firmly on her pussy as she experienced her orgasm and lapped her sweet juices at the same time. He let her legs down as she put her hand between her legs and felt the considerable moisture there.

"That was incredible!"

Before she could elaborate she realised there was one more detail to be finalised. She went onto her knees and grabbed a hold of his still erect cock and rammed her mouth down on the glistening tool and sucked on it greedily. Her hair whipped around as she tongued and licked and sucked on the hot organ. She fixed her gaze on his come to bed eyes and tightened her lips.

"Yeah, that's done it."

Doe felt his big balls contract and he gushed into the mouth of Emma who held his knob inside so that his seed washed her throat. She gulped twice but remained still and swallowed his entire load. When he finally relaxed she relinquished his pulsating hose and let it dribble onto the carpet underfoot.

"Alright girl? How was that? Nice one!"

Emma wiped her lips and sucked on her fingers.

"Oh, you're from London?"

"Yeah. Did I do the American accent alright? Been practising for a week, innit? I'm from Fulham actually."

They both stood and came back to reality. Emma burst out laughing at the absurdity of it all and ran her hands over her sticky form.

"Come on princess. There's an executive bathroom just through there."

Hand in hand they walked to the recess giggling.

"So, what's your real name?"

"Dudley." He replied.

"Oh." Said Emma slightly deflated.


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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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Thank you!!! Loving your Emma adventures, love her "Giving it back"!
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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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Thank you!!! Loving your Emma adventures, love her "Giving it back"!
Have you checked out my Harry Potter stories lately?
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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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Note- Not to be confused with real life, this is a tall tale of fiction with no basis in truth whatsoever.


Chapter Nine, Emma celebrates Halloween, October 31st, 2019. London.

Emma Watson wanted sex, badly, and right now. In contrast to her demure manner and pleasant demeanour the young woman was quite voracious for all things of a sexual nature.

She had decided on whom the next lucky man was going to be, and it helped matters that he had been rumoured to be hung like a porn star. Terribly shallow of her but hey, a girl has to eat.


The famed young actress had decided on a whim to host this years Halloween party at her apartment overlooking the River Thames. After her latest movie had been finally released, another remake of 'Little Women,' the charming English rose had been studying the advancement of sexual satisfaction for females.

This had led to several practical experiments that had been for the most part exceedingly rewarding. The most recent being a study of role play in situations that inevitably led to sex. The fantasy element combined on occasion by costumes or dress up allowed for a most stimulating sexual scenario.

"Not too bad if I say so myself."

Emma studied her reflection in the full length mirror and nodded in approval. The theme for the costume party was a Harry Potter one and she had chosen to wear a sassy school outfit that displayed her slender figure.

Her white shirt she had unbuttoned and the tails tied in a bow just under her breasts with a skinny necktie hanging down between her cleavage. With her midriff bared her twill skirt in Gryffindor colours had a low waist and high hem that left acres of bare leg.

On her dainty feet Emma wore a pair of plain black shoes and a pair of white knee high socks. Her hair was down but then she decided to put it back in a ponytail.

"This should turn a few heads."

Now almost thirty she had happy memories of filming the series of movies based on the books by J.K. Rowling and had invited most of the cast that she could. She was especially pleased that Daniel Radcliffe had accepted as she had plans for him this very night. Emma was going to fuck his brains out!


The whole day had been spent decorating her main room with fake skeletons, ghosts and cobwebs. Emma had hired professional help, ignoring the cost, determined as she was to give a memorable party.

There were lots of chocolate treats, fudge, brownies and salted caramel apples. A sound man played familiar monster songs as the invited guests began to arrive. All sorts of inventive costumes entered and Emma rejoiced in familiar memories from the Harry Potter stage sets.

"Hi! Great to see you! Hey, how ARE you, long time no see. TOM FELTON! So glad you could make it!"

Emma proceeded to make the rounds as David Bowie's 'Scary monsters, super creeps' track came on the sound system. Then she finally saw him.


Daniel stood slightly embarrassed in his Harry costume complete with clear lens eyeglasses and prop wand. He had a hooded black fleece robe over a black suit and a long scarf in the red and gold of the House of Gryffindor.

"Well, don't we look the perfect wizard." Said Emma as she handed Dan a glass of punch.

She flashed him a mischievous smile and locked her eyes on his. It had been too long since she had gazed into those blue eyes of his and looked upon his thick brows that fanned inward. Still with dark beard on his lantern jaw he looked older than his twenty nine years. Tonight he would be hers.

"Thanks. And where is your Hogwarts costume?"

Emma did a twirl and her twill skirt rose up and out to reveal a glimpse of her snug navy panties over her impeccable ass. He had always had a thing for her firm buns. She pouted as she stood with her hands on her hips.

"Oh? Don't you like this one?"

Daniel gulped as he had to admit that he VERY much liked her party look. His undivided attention being focused on her desirable flat stomach. Impossible to avoid his prick throbbed and he was thankful for the fleece robe.

He looked at her slender, toned form and was quite taken aback. The woman had blossomed into a ravishing creature with flawless and soft skin, tiny waist and creamy thighs. He gulped down his drink and Emma took him by the elbow and steered him to the far wall.

"So, what have you been up to. I want to hear all the gory details."

The fifteen feet long table with the treats had a large punchbowl full of red dyed rum, orange juice and lime bitters with small bits of dry ice to resemble smoke rising. Radcliffe had been single for some time actually and had not been laid for months.

They chatted as various other guests said hello and enjoyed the party. The two actors who had known each other for years now came to the conclusion that they wanted each other.

"I couldn't help myself, Your Honour. The skirt was so short it simply begged to be lifted."

As the pair of them stood close to the drinks table Daniel caught the bottom of Emma's skirt and raised up over the tops of her thighs and rested his right hand on her pert ass. Emma did not flinch but remained reservedly cool and collected as she bumped back at his hand and felt the frisson of a devilish thrill.

"Is it hot in here or is it just me?" He said as his ardour rose.

Emma spun around and took his scarf still around his neck and dragged it towards her thereby pulling him in close to her so that she could kiss him on the mouth. Her right thigh moved between them and rubbed on his stiffening cock.

"There IS definitely something stoking down below."

She whispered as she nibbled his lower lip and draped her arms around him. Daniel felt his jaw tense as he kissed her back on those oh so kissable lips of hers.

Her hand came to his rugged beard and tickled the tiny hairs on his left cheek. Fleetwood Mac's "Black magic woman' began as Emma breathed on his ear and it was then, as he shivered in response, that she knew he was hers.

"Let's go to my bedroom." She whispered in his ear and kissed his lobe whilst gripping his hand.

They left the lively party to the tune of 'Jack the ripper' by Screaming Lord Sutch, oblivious to the other guests. Emma felt her heart race as she turned the door handle and pulled Daniel inside her room.

She hit the light and revealed a room as large as some people's apartments. There were two sofa's, table and closets, a panoramic window overlooking the river and of course a king size bed. They hugged and kissed again, not romantically, but full on pornographic, tongue searching, lips parted lust.

"I've waited a long time to get you alone, Mister Radcliffe. I'm going to fuck you there, there and there."

She pointed all around the room as they embraced and he inhaled the intoxicating scent of her perfume as she reached between them and unbuttoned his shirt.

She tore it down his developed biceps, kissing him the whole time as she ran her hands across his hairy chest. Her moans vibrated on his lips as his hands clutched her peachy buttocks.

"Cheeky!" She admonished him and pushed his chest.

Emma stepped back and kicked her shoes off with a flourish, followed by untying her top to let her firm little tits free. Her hands went behind her back to unzip her skirt and there she was, naked save for panties and knee socks.

Daniel did not remain idle and threw his shirt off and tugged his trousers down his legs, his eyes never leaving the erotic spectacle of the hot young woman who licked her lips.

"Well, hello." Emma looked at him with just a hint of trepidation underscoring her breezy tone.

She was taken aback by how handsome and virile he had become. Dan had a sturdy chest and biceps, not overly muscled but a nice handful to grab on to. Also he possessed an utterly scrummy butt, tight and dimpled. But Emma's eyes were glued to his huge erection that throbbed against his stomach.

"ENGORGIO!" She exclaimed with a laugh.

"Ha, Ha, very funny."

Daniel Radcliffe was fucking huge! Circumcised and nigh on nine inches, with a gentle upward curvature and large head. Several veins stood out and the largest bulged up the whole length of his shaft. Porn star sized indeed.

"Come here you dirty man and make love to me."

Dan was pushed onto his back on the bed and Emma crawled onto his lap, moaning into his mouth, stabbing his lips with her darting tongue. His hands cupped her firm ass through the skimpy material of her panties and then pulled them back down her thighs. When they were all the way to her ankles she kicked back and sent them flying.

"Oh!" She yelped as she was turned over onto her back and Daniel let his weight settle on her petite frame.

He gasped as he felt her warmth emanate from between her spread out legs. Her face became buried in his shoulder as he kissed her left breast and sucked in the hard nipple that rose up like a ripe berry. Emma moved her hand and wrapped her fingers around his cock and stroked it with laboured and languid pumps.

"Oh, Emma. You fucking tease!"

"Oh, yeah! How about this."

With a wicked grin her hips shuffled under him and slid on his lower body. He moved to her right tit and covered the modestly sized boob with his mouth, leaving a smear of spit on her skin.

Peppering her delightful midriff Radcliffe moved down to within inches of Emma's puffy mound, bereft of a single pubic hair her pussy peeked out from between her willowy legs.

"How many times have you thought of seeing this, Radcliffe?"

Emma bumped his mouth with a slight hump up of her hips.

"About a thousand fucking times." He answered in that husky tone of his.

"And what have you wanted to do with it?"

"Lick it, suck it, fuck it, the usual stuff."

"Then go ahead for heavens sake. Oh, fuck!"

The dark haired man planted his lips on her juicy labia and kissed them with teasing, playful smooches that made her sigh. He lifted his chin up and poked his pointed tongue inside her inner folds while his nose rubbed lightly on her clitoris. His whiskers rasped on her sensitive flesh and turned the milky white to a reddish blush.

"Oh my gosh."

Emma felt her pussy lips dampen from his machinations and began to moan louder as she rocked her ass to and fro on the bed sheet, making it ruck up her butt crack.

The slow gyrations she made meant that his lips made contact with her little asshole by accident and the little minx purred in response. The exquisite feel of his nimble and wet tongue caused Emma to grab bunches of sheet in both of her fists.

"Yeah, oh yeah, this is going to be the best Halloween ever!"

Daniel murmured in reply as he wet his middle finger and slipped it into her cunt all the way up to the second knuckle. He carried on probing her inner folds with enthusiasm as his tongue lapped her hard button with an animalistic frenzy.

Emma gasped as the sensation of tongue and finger combined on her quim made her struggle for breath. She aggressively ground her pelvis at him until her pussy clenched and she squealed in orgasmic delight.

"Having fun?" He enquired as he sat up and rubbed his cock in his right fist.

"Mm, hmm." She moaned as she rolled over onto her side and touched her pussy to find her sweet nectar down her thighs.

"How many times have you thought of seeing this, Watson?"

"About a thousand fucking times, you devil."

Emma undid her ponytail and fanned her hair out past her ears and shifted over. She toyed with his hairy scrotum with forceful flicks of her tongue and he moaned with eyes closed as her wriggling snake of a tongue sent him into elated bliss.

Her gorgeous eyes stayed focused on his rock solid cock as she held it upright to examine its full glory. Indeed, he WAS blessed with a generous length as she licked up the underside with one continuous swipe on his aching pole.

"Holy shit!" He sighed as her lips closed over the head and held his bell end inside her hot mouth.

His reaction elicited a girly giggle from her vibrating mouth which sent dribbles of wet saliva down to his balls. He looked on her luscious body as she pumped his rod in her nimble fingers while she sucked hard on his crown.

Emma had to open wide to get it inside her mouth further, he was so big, and the more she tried to suck his length the harder he got. With her pussy literally dripping she finally had him down her throat half way as she spluttered and gagged dramatically.

"Fuck, can't do it," said she as she relinquished her oral assault.

"Lie down." He ordered and Emma clapped her hands as she did so.

"Mmm, fuck. I'm just going to pull these legs back so you can give me that big cock, you NAUGHTY boy. I know you've wanted this for a long time. Now I'm all yours. Hee, hee!"

Daniel held himself up by using his arms on either side of the giggling actress and thrust up inside her slick tunnel. She reached up and put her hands behind his head in encouragement as he moved in and out, his legs flat on the bed behind him.

"Oh, I love a big cock inside me, yeah! That's what I'm talking about. Give me that big fucking prick! Oooh. Fuck me yeah!"

His face contorted as he laid on top of the ravishing woman and began to fuck her fast, their bodies slapping together as they both worked up a sweat. Emma moved her hands to his taut butt and pulled on it hard to draw him in as her legs flailed in the air, socks dropping to her ankles.

"Harder, fuck me harder."

Daniel loved how her pussy clutched his cock and he gave her his best thrusting as he fucked the shit out of the quintessential English rose. His face was only an inch from hers and he saw a fire in her eyes as he pushed in deeper and deeper. He felt her cunt pulsate as he pummelled her sweet pussy, his body colliding with hers with a lust filled and unfettered desire.


This is what Emma wanted, rough sex from a well hung man. As they rolled in each others arms they moved to the side of the bed so that Emma was dangling off the edge with her head upside down and her hair dangling to the floor. He moved off of her and she did an over head roll and ended up on the carpet.

"Hey! Where are you going?"

Slightly irritated Daniel followed the naked beauty as she settled on the lush carpet by the foot of the bed and ripped her socks off. He sat opposite her with his glistening cock bobbing on his stomach when he gave a surprised laugh as she placed her bare feet on his lap.

He had always admired her sexy feet but this was something new when Emma wrapped both feet around his sticky pecker and trapped it between her compressed arches.


Daniel looked on in awe as Emma slid her feet up and down on his stiff organ. Together as well as alternate strokes with right and left she used her perfect feet on his cock, the feel of her two soles was amazing.

He put his hand to his brow when he watched the usually sugar sweet woman use her big toes to slide back and forth before she put his cock head between her big toe and second and jerked him.

"Where the hell did you learn this stuff?!"

"Never you mind, just enjoy."

She chuckled as she used her free foot to prod him on the nose. He cried out loudly when the ball of her right foot pressed into his balls as her left big toe made expert circular motions on his glans. He panicked as he felt his balls contract and he clamped her soles tightly to his shaft and squeezed her feet.

"Not yet, Watson. I need to fuck you."

"I know, I know."

Emma moved up and rested her hands on his belly and fingered his thick body hair as she guided her tight pussy onto his rigid cock. A long hiss of air escaped his lips as she wiggled her hips and sank down almost to the base of his cock. Her hips swayed back and forth as her cunt became adjusted to such a meaty prick and her nails clawed into his flesh.

"Steady, Watson."

Their eyes fixed on each others as Emma used her lower body to grind to and fro on his huge shaft with a happy abandon.

"Let me squeeze that cock, oooh, yeah. Can you feel my pussy muscles around you?"

"Yeah, you have a fucking tight cunt, girl."

Daniel felt his face go red as he planted his feet in the carpet so he could thrust up, lifting her diminutive frame onto the air. They should have done this years ago, what a little minx she was!

"This is so fucking good."

Her gorgeous body undulated and her pretty face screwed up in a committed fashion as she speared herself enthusiastically on his delicious cock. Her crammed pussy had accepted eight of his nine huge inches and she was stretched like never before.

"Oh, it's so massive! It's filling me so!"

Her hair was fast becoming mussed as a constant stream of obscenities came from the usually sweet natured girl. Then Emma surprised him by suddenly rearing up and spinning around in a circle with her tits bouncing as she laughed.

"You're nuts!" Cried Daniel as he was left fucking air.

"Chase me, chase me!"

Emma faced the window and looked down at the river several stories below as Daniel came behind her and fingered her wet pussy. His bulbous cock head prodded at her opening before his hips pressed at her and the huge tip spread her open. He rested a moment with just his head inside her as he teased her clit with deft flicks that made her bite her lower lip.

"Please, oh please Daniel."

He grunted behind her as his cock pushed inside her clutching cunt to his base. The palms of her hands were flat on the glass and she was up on tiptoe as his prick sawed in and out with deep, plunging thrusts.

"Nice, oh yes. You like this pussy?"

"Can't you tell?" He retorted as he gave her several piston thrusts that made her nearly lose balance.

He slowed down and then stopped fucking her and Daniel kissed her as they now faced each other and his hard boner rubbed on the inside of her left thigh. Emma felt her legs shake and vibrate with delight as she was suddenly hoisted up and her legs placed on his muscular shoulders.

He pushed her backwards to the window until her back rested on the cool pane of glass. Elevated as she was in mid air her pussy was perfectly aligned to his erection which he shoved up inside her.

"Oh...my...goodness." She moaned in between taking deep breaths.

Her hands went up behind her head as the strong male aggressively pounded her pussy, his prick slamming her back at the window with intense thrusts. Emma was literally bounced on his cock as he smoothly slid in and out, his hands firmly on her buns.

"Keep...going. Keep...going!" Said the weary girl as her head swam with pleasure.

Dan let her right leg down and she was made to hop up and down on the spot with her left foot tapping on his shoulder. His thighs slapped against hers and her tits jiggled insanely as his prick pushed upwards into her sopping, bald muff.

Impaled on him and helpless Emma went along for the ride as her pussy rode up and down the slippery pole. He then pulled out and descended to his knees and lapped at her with her thighs gripped in his fingers.

"So wet, Watson. So wet."

Emma rocked her lower body as her pussy was bathed by soft and warm strokes of his snake of a tongue. Her cunt and asshole glistened wet as her arousal was taken to an unimaginable level. Her breathing came in rapid gasps as she pressed her bald pussy mound at him.

Her toes bunched up as she flushed from the exciting tingling that went through her entire being. Daniel breathed through his nose and continued happily until his cock demanded more pussy.

"Let's fuck some more."

They both lowered to the carpet and Dan melded his body to her back as they moved into a spoon position. Emma leaned back and turned her face to his and kissed him hard on the mouth as she lifted her right leg up at the knee.

He held it up in his right hand as she used her hand to guide his stiff cock to her pussy. With his weight on his left side he proceeded to fuck Emma as she fingered her clit with rapid rubbing.

"This is the biggest cock!"

He rammed into her well fucked hole with a savage force and a lewd suction sound came from her foaming pussy. Their bodies slid along the carpet and caused a static charge that tickled the pair of them.

"Fuck, Radcliffe! I...I don't think I can take much more."

Emma was on the cusp of a climax as she strummed her clitoris frantically.

"Get up on your knees, Watson."

Daniel grabbed her roughly by her right elbow in frustration and dragged her down so that her back was against the sofa and she was crouched down with her feet under her bottom. He swept her now dishevelled hair from her face and put his cock to her mouth.

"Suck it!" He said in an authoritative manner as he slapped her left cheek with his hard length.

"Oh, yeah?" Said Emma as she yelped at the constant slaps of his cock on her face.

"I'm not asking, I'm telling."

The bearded young man hunched over the girl and put both his hands on the seat behind her head and bucked his hips to and fro. Emma relented and held his prick steady and sucked on him with audible slobbering.

Unable to contain himself, driven by an insane notion to face fuck the girl, Dan shuffled his pelvis and drove his cock in and out of her drooling mouth hard and fast.

"Glug! Gagh! Mmmuum!"

"That's it you fucking love it, don't you?"

Daniel's butt became a blur as he face fucked Emma until his cock was saturated by her free running saliva. She could distinctly taste her own juices as he forced his hose as far in as she could stand it.

"Get up," he said bluntly and they stood up, Emma on slightly wobbly legs as Dan stood behind her and reached around with his right hand and strummed her clit vigorously.

Totally trapped in this submissive pose, his left hand now across her tits, Emma surrendered herself to the sublime pleasure of his finger action as she brought both her arms back and up around his neck.

"Aaah! Aaah! Aaah!"

His paw of a hand smothered her pussy mound and massaged the soft flesh as Emma made tiny whimpering noises as she sucked in both her lips.

"Baby, oh baby. My pusssssseeeee!"

He slowed to a stop and Emma bent over the arm of the settee and teasingly pushed her ass up in the air. She brought her right leg up and planted her foot on the seat and put her arms under her tits as support.

Daniel stood behind her and placed his hands on her smooth cheeks and looked down at the inviting sight of her pussy in between her upper thighs and inserted his knob into her cunt. With a welcome whimper the petite woman pushed back at the same time and filled herself with nine inches of magic wand.

"Fuck me, but you have the sexiest little bum."

"Oh, you like?" She hissed as her petite body quaked with each inward stroke as his taut frame rippled against her heaving ass.


Daniel gave her his best and fastest thrusts as he fucked the shit out of a rapturous Emma who was made to jiggle to and fro on her feet. Pumping her solidly Daniel smacked her hard on the right buttock and grinned at the loud shriek he elicited from her.

She let out another high pitched scream when he gave her three more resounding spanks on the ass and Emma as she was hurtled into the throes of an intense orgasm.

"That was something else!" Muttered Emma in her satiated state as without a word Dan pulled out of the pouting actress and left her feeling empty.

Two can play at this game he thought. He padded over to the bed and sat on the edge with his toes dug into the lush carpet. He raised his flag pole up in the air and Emma came over and sat on him reverse cowgirl.

"Finish me off, Watson."

"Oh fuck! It's so deep in me!" She purred as she sank all the way down his slippery pole.

"That how you like it, isn't it slut?"

"Yeah, oh yes! Give it to me cowboy!"

Emma snapped her head back and planted her hands on his chest as he in turn held her where her hips met her thighs and they both smacked onto each other fast. Firmly in control she sank all the way down until he was totally embedded inside her, and his hairy plums scratched on her smoothly shaven labia.

Her hips began an anti clockwise gyration that ground on his cock with incredible sensations. His entire organ, rock hard and throbbing like hell, felt ready to explode.

"Emma! You...fucking...witch!"

"The best in Hogwarts honey."

"I'm gonna cum!"

Emma felt Dan tap her on the ass cheek and she quickly rose off him and he grabbed his shiny tool in his right fist and wanked it like crazy.

"Do it on my tits." Said she and pushed her breasts together to make one big boob, the nipples as hard as bullets.

"Almost there..."

Dan let out a shrill sound as he spilled three drops of thick cum over her tits, then one large spurt that swerved up and hit Emma on the bridge of her nose. She cried out at the unexpected glob on her face which left a creamy line and bent her face down as another enormous spray emerged from his cock head and hit her directly in the right eye, gluing it shut.

Still he came as he carried on pumping his hose and Emma was soon bathed in cum from cheek to chin, a thick stream of cum running slowly across her face and down to her tits.

"Happy Halloween! We must do this again next year."

And with that Daniel Radcliffe was off. Bastard! What a report in her next journal on her subscription based website for women this would prove to be.

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Re: Emma Watson's Erotic Adventures
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What a report in her next journal on her subscription based website for women this would prove to be.
Loving your Emma stories!!!
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