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Anna Kendrick - Payback
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Anna Kendrick - Payback

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

This is a story written for FenderDiesel, who very kindly agreed to share it with you all, so I hope you enjoy!

* * * * *

Josh was enjoying a lovely evening out with his new girl, a pretty blonde called Megan. She was tall, lean and pretty sexy, lips to die for and legs that went all the way up; he was hoping to get a chance to slide between them soon, but it was only their second date and things would take time. He was happy with that however as she was gorgeous and really fun, into a lot of the same things as him like rock climbing and fitness. They sipped at their drinks and chatted, Megan playing with her hair as they did, making him feel it was going somewhere, or at least had the potential, a magical night out in Los Angeles.

That was until Anna Kendrick showed up; he was friends with Anna, he worked in production and had been involved in a few projects she'd worked on over recent years and they'd actually become good friends. She was out with a few friends, enjoying her Friday night as much as him but in a different way, taking in a couple of cocktails too many as she let go. She wasn't much of a drinker, and was of diminutive stature at just 5'2”, so when she started on the sauce it didn't take too much to go to her head. In a low cut grey silk dress that showed off her fantastic chest and hugged her curves, she was laughing and giggling with her girlfriends, avoiding attention that was being directed at her and just having fun. Spying him, she let out a small cry of surprise and pleasure to her friends and told them to watch her stuff as she stood her drink down on their table and got up, teetering on her high black heels and edging her way out from her seat. She clacked over to him on the tall shoes, fairly bursting in on his moment with Megan at the bar.

“Hey!” she exclaimed excitedly, interrupting them loudly and breaking their moment, both of them looking up a bit shocked.

“Whoa, hey,” he replied, surprised to see her and have her appear like this.

“How's it going? Who's this?” Anna asked, sounding almost demanding as she looked to Megan.

“This is Megan,” he said, holding his hand out to indicate her as if it was needed.

“Nice to meet you,” she said, turning back to him, her charisma and beauty just overwhelming the situation. She scowled at Josh past Anna, noticing how his eyes flicked down to her chest to take in her fantastic tits almost spilling over the top of her dress as she leaned forward towards him. She leaned forwards to hug him, lingering just a little longer than she might in a hug he returned, pulling back with a smile to stand close to his chair in the loud bar.

“Great to see you out, haven't seen you in a few weeks since we wrapped up,” she beamed.

“Yeah it's been a little while,” he said, sensing his dates mounting frustration at the pretty actress intruding on them.

“Well hopefully we'll work on something else together soon, you always do a good job on me,” she said teasingly, giving him a wink that didn't go unnoticed.

“Thanks, I'm sure something new will kick off soon,” he said, glancing to Megan again who wasn't looking too happy.

“I'll make sure you're there,” she smiled, pulling away and brushing her fingers along his thigh playfully.

“Nice to meet you,” she said, an offhand comment to Megan as she left, Josh unable to stop himself checking out her tight ass as she edged back through the throng of people towards her friends. Megan downed her drink, finishing the glass as he looked back to her and standing it down bluntly on the table.

“I think I should go,” she said, glaring at him. What had followed was a brief but intense conversation, or rather rant, about how he was very close with Anna, a little too close to be simply professional and she wasn't sure how this would work if he was with her on set all day. She didn't know the details of their working relationship, which really wasn't as close as Anna might have led her to believe, but the long and short of it was that Megan told him she wasn't sure now, stood up and left. He went after her but to no avail, the blonde hailing a cab and disappearing into the night even as he told her it wasn't like that and he was sorry if she got the wrong idea. He didn't know whether there was any chance of getting her back, he hoped this was just a blip, but he was angry and frustrated, feeling that Anna Kendrick of all people had just appeared and ruined his chances with her. He gave a embittered sigh and headed home, mind tumbling over everything. He wasn't going to go back in and make a scene with Anna and tell her off, he'd probably get thrown out anyway, resolving to speak to her later.

* * *

The next morning, Anna woke blearily to her phone ringing for what turned out to be the third time. After fumbling to get hold of it and sitting up to answer, feeling her head immediately twinging with her hangover, she picked up the call and mumbled a greeting. What she received was a wake up call, quite literally, as he unloaded on her; clearly angry, he chastised her over how she had come and cut into his night out with Megan, leaning over in her dress and being all flirty to the point where Megan thought something was going on between them and he couldn't be trusted around her. She now wasn't speaking to him and things might be permanently ruined, it was all Anna's fault and this was bullshit, that she'd ruined what he'd really thought was going somewhere in a few moments without even caring.

Anna stumbled over her words, trying to take in his blunt, and loud, accusations through her muffled ears, hearing still dulled from the music the night before and the hangover that prevented her getting a proper handle on things. Things came back to her and she remembered having seen him and the blonde girl out, knowing she'd just intended on a casual hello but also realising some of what he said was true. Feeling guilty, she let his tirade blow itself out, hearing him breathing hard on the other end of the phone, his anger and frustration in her evident. Speaking calmly, she apologised to him and then, holding back his “sorry isn't good enough” part, suggested they meet for a coffee in a bit, explaining that she was feeling it from the night before and he needed her coherent to talk this over. He seemed irritated, like she was diverting it, but agreed.

She collapsed back in her luxurious bed, breathing deeply and pushing her hands through her hair; she hated the thought she'd wronged him, never intending it and the thought she'd wrecked his potential relationship ate at her. Pulling herself heavily from the bed, Anna put on some fresh coffee to get herself going, taking time to drain a couple of mugs of it with plenty of sugar as she tried to function before getting in the shower. A long, steamy shower helped immensely, washing the night before off herself and just standing under the refreshing hot water relaxed her and made her feel so much better for the day ahead. Which seemed like it would be quite tense potentially as she had to somehow right this wrong she'd committed whilst drinking, not that that excused anything. She got out of the shower and got dressed into a simple top and jeans, drying her hair off and applying make-up to cover the shadows under her eyes and add some colour to her cheeks, making her look less hungover than she was.

She got to the coffee place she'd suggested, a quietish place where she knew they could talk and straighten things out. Well, as quiet as it got at coffee places around L.A. He was already waiting for her, clearly still frustrated but evidently more calm than when he'd spoken to her earlier on. They met pleasantly enough, a slight hug and then got coffee, sitting down outside at a table for two tucked away on the edge of terrace where it was quietest and they could have a proper conversation.

“Nice night out then?” he asked, an edge to his voice that said it was a loaded question.

“What I can remember of it,” she replied quietly, glad he couldn't look into her eyes through the dark sunglasses she'd put on to shield her hungover gaze.

“Yeah, you must've had a few drinks. Certainly enough to come and interrupt me and Megan,” he said, sipping his coffee.

“Look, I'm really sorry about that,” she said, looking at him as he stared at her with a steely gaze over his cup. He didn't reply, just letting her words wash over him.

“No I really am. You know I am, you know I wouldn't deliberately come and do that to you,” she said sincerely, imploring him to see the good in her. He grumbled and internally relented, knowing that no, Anna wouldn't come and do that to him, but it didn't change the fact that she had.

“Maybe not but you did, and now she's not feeling it,” he said angrily, evidently holding it back but clearly boiling with rage at how everything had shaken out even though he appreciated it hadn't been intentional.

“She said that?” Anna asked, a little surprised it had been such an incident when they seemed to be getting on so well.

“Yeah, in as many words. Said she's not feeling things now, not sure she can trust me around you if you're like that with me and such...and now I guess that's it,” he said, frustrated but then giving an exasperated sigh and looking at the ground.

“Wow,” she replied simply, rather shocked at how abrupt it all seemed to be.

“Yeah,” he said, not giving her anything else.

“Well...you know maybe it's not meant to be, if it's going to flare up over something like...” she started, but he cut her off.

“No, no. It was going great, we were really vibing and I thought that something could really come from things with her and then you just turn up and it's gone. I haven't seen you in months and you appear at that moment to just torpedo it for me and then go off to dance the night away, it's bullshit,” he said, glancing up at her, angry again but it faded quickly as he looked back at the floor, frustration in his lost squeeze evident.

“And it's over nothing! There's nothing going on between us but it's enough for her to throw in the towel already,” he said.

“I'm really sorry, Josh...” Anna tried, feeling herself deflating and rather helpless.

“And it's been so long since...” he started, just rambling now and stopping himself.

“What, since you last...” she probed, a little surprised since he was a decent looking guy and she knew other girls on set had shown interest in him.

“Yeah,” he muttered, giving another sigh.

“How long?” she asked, finding herself vicariously curious. She wasn't sleeping with anybody herself at that time, enjoying just being single and uncomplicated, but it intrigued her and she couldn't quite help herself.

“Months,” he replied, not really wanting to discuss this with her.

“How many? Come on,” she urged.

“Over six,” he replied, enough said.

“Damn alright,” she said, taking it in, quite surprised he hadn't been laid in that time. Perhaps he just wasn't into casual sex, plenty of people weren't.

“And now she's done with me and I just....back to square one,” he grumbled, frustration still evident in his tone.

“Is that all you wanted from her? To get your leg over?” Anna asked, not really expecting him to be so about the physical with how he'd seemed with her.

“No of course not, she seemed great and we really clicked, but I won't deny it was on my mind, you'd probably think about it too,” he said, looking to her again.

“You're probably right,” she conceded, knowing full well he was actually completely right. Sex was important. He just drained his coffee and sighed dejectedly; he didn't know where to go with this, and whilst complaining at her helped get it off his chest it didn't solve any of the fallout from last night. Anna could see his mix of emotions, just struggling with the turmoil and vexation of it all, not knowing where to turn. She really didn't want to lose a friend over this.

“You know, I'm single right now,” she said quietly, breaking the pause.

“Yeah...so?” he asked, not sure where she was going with it. Maybe it was sympathy.

“So...maybe you could have some fun with me?” she said, heart starting to pump hard. She'd never put herself forward like this, but she felt guilty about it and he seemed like he could really do with a fuck. He was pretty good looking and she wouldn't say no to a decent roll right now either.

“What?” he said, more in shock than anything else.

“Yeah, you know, let me help make it up to you for causing all this trouble. Help relieve some of your...frustration,” she offered. He just sat there staring at her in shocked silence for a moment; Anna had long been a friend, they'd collaborated on quite a few projects now and their friendship had grown strongly, but he'd be an idiot if he said he hadn't noticed her. The petite brunette had curves in the right places and a heart of gold, he couldn't deny he'd like to fuck her...and here she was offering herself to him on a plate.

“I'd love to,” he said, straightforward and to the point, not letting this opportunity pass him by at all. Her heart surged, knowing he was 99% likely to reply affirmatively but still feeling the rush as he took her up on her offer. She knew this was blurring lines between their friendship, making them far more than just friends, but she wanted to make things up to him properly and this was what he needed.

“Great,” she said, putting on a front that covered her nerves, “how do you wanna do this?”

“How long are you giving me?” he asked after a pause, wanting to know what time he would get to enjoy her body.

“How long do you want? Be realistic though,” she said with a smile, breaking the tension a little. He smiled back, heart pumping with exhilaration now at the thought of getting his hands on the cute actress.

“A week?” he offered, feeling perhaps he was pushing his luck a little but wanting to get all he could from the deal. Anna raised her eyebrows, immediately sceptical.

“A week? That seems a bit much,” she replied, thinking it over.

“You owe me,” he pressed carefully. It seemed to go over well though, for him at least.

“I do,” she conceded, thinking further, “I had more of a good night in mind.”

“A night isn't really enough for us to get to really know each other physically,” he said, Anna nodding thoughtfully at it. They'd need a little time to vibe together.

“Ok how about a weekend? This weekend,” she said, looking him in the eye.

“It's a good compromise,” he said, but she could see he was a still a little disappointed. Everything she was offering was a treat of course, but she decided to sweeten the deal; after all this wasn't all about him and if she liked it then she might want more.

“Ok how about this. We'll make it a weekend, but we can decide at the end of the weekend whether we want to continue. And I'll sleep with you tonight so we can get to know each other a bit before we get into this. How's that?” she said. It was her final offer and he could tell with her expression that this was gonna be it.

“Deal,” he said smiling. He was gonna get Anna Kendrick, and that certainly helped make up a bit for losing his opportunity with Megan. For now at least.

“Ok, so I'll come to yours tonight. I'll give you a call later and we'll sort out the finer points,” she said. Both their hearts were racing, anticipation and adrenaline, thoughts and fears of what might be to come later on.

“Sounds great,” he said. Their conversation somehow fell quiet and then into a fairly normal chat for a while, the topic at hand bubbling silently in both their minds as they spoke no more of it. They said their goodbyes after the coffee and headed home with a promise of a call later on.

That evening, Anna stood in front of her mirror wearing a nice but simple black dress; it was snug and satin, hugging her lovely petite figure closely to highlight everything about her that mattered. Even though they'd been friends for years she still wanted to show off for him and she was sure this would do it. Underneath she had sexy underwear on as well, a pair of black hold up stockings and silky matching set of midnight blue bra and panties on to impress him. She had given him a call shortly before to arrange a time, heart pumping hard as she dialled and spoke with him about what was to come; she'd arranged to head for his for about eight, giving her plenty of time to get ready and prepare herself with a couple of shots to calm her nerves. He'd asked her to shave her pussy, liking if she was completely smooth for him; she normally rocked a tidy landing strip, grumbling a little internally at the request but deciding she would do it for him. She'd arranged a taxi, which seemed to arrive deceptively fast to pick her up, giving her a few last seconds to calm herself before heading out of her luxurious house to her rendezvous with him.

Arriving at his place, a far more modest but pleasant apartment further out in the city, she glanced around to make sure she was in the right place and then paid her driver, heading for his door. She didn't even have the chance to knock as he opened it for her, having seen her draw up, wasting no time in getting Anna into his place.

“Evening,” he said, unable to refrain from smiling widely as she stepped up to his place with her high heels, carefully crossing the threshold.

“Hey,” she replied, letting herself be shown in as he closed the door behind her. Walking into his place, she looked around the tidy apartment; it was definitely a guys apartment, understandably, but it was pleasant and clean, somewhere she'd be happy to spend time.

“Nice place, been here long?” she asked, looking back to him, taking him in a bit. He wasn't as dressed up as her but he'd made an effort with a shirt and styling to his hair.

“A couple of years now, yeah. Flown by,” he replied. There was a pause, a slight awkwardness to things as they were friends but this was changing the dynamic between them.

“You look great,” he said, eyeing her up and down again.

“Thanks, I did it for you,” she said, smiling to him before glancing down her dress again, liking the way it highlighted her figure.

“You didn't have to, you'd look great in anything,” he said, which was true – he'd have had her in anything she turned up in.

“Now you tell me, I made all this effort for nothing!” she playfully responded, rolling her eyes dramatically, her famous dry wit on show as he gave a laugh.

“Most definitely not for nothing,” he said, stepping to her and quite confidently sliding his hand onto her silky waist. He stood several inches taller than her despite her high heels, looking up to him as her heart pounded, same as his. He leaned down and tentatively kissed her, their lips meeting softly and just hesitating a moment before their tongues met, smoothly twisting together as their kiss deepened, his hand pulling her closer as she reached out to grasp his shirt. She sank back to her heels as they broke apart, the tension high in anticipation, waiting for a move to happen.

“How do you wanna do this?” he asked, not wanting to rush her.

“I dunno, I've never really done this before,” she replied, looking away, wanting to be cool and confident but just feeling a bit awkward.

“Do you want a drink or something?” he asked, sensing her nerves, feeling them himself.

“Good idea,” she said, taking a breath and letting him show her to the kitchen.

“What do you want? I have some stuff, hopefully something you like,” he said

“What have you got we can do shots with?” she asked.

“Shots? Pretty hardcore,” he replied, looking into his cupboards at the spirits.

“Pretty nervous,” she conceded, and he murmured in agreement. She was looking forward to this and he definitely was, but the nerves were always there when it was someone new.

“I've got some vodka here, and Jim Beam, Southern Comfort...” he said, looking through his half empty liquor bottles.

“Vodka will do nicely,” she said, spying where he kept the glasses and getting a couple of shot glasses out as he pulled the vodka and bourbon bottles out of the cupboard.

“You sure?” he asked, unscrewing the cap as she slid the glasses to him.

“You give me a couple of shots of that...and then we'll go to the bedroom and I'll show you what I've got on under my dress,” she said with a smile, the offer clear. She wanted to get on with it, not hesitating any further.

“Ok deal,” he said with a smile as he swiftly poured her a shot of vodka, pouring himself one of the bourbon.

“Bottoms up,” she said with a smile as she raised the glass, giving a showy wink as she played up to it, letting him clink the glasses before she threw her head back and downed it as he did the same, feeling the warming burn across his tongue. Anna coughed slightly and put her glass back down.

“More,” she mumbled simply as he stood his own down and quickly set about pouring them another one each. She didn't wait for him to pour his own this time, necking her shot quickly and almost slamming the glass down, stepping past him back into the hallway.

“Where's your bedroom?” she asked, glancing about at the doors.

“Just in there to the left,” he said, holding his shot to tell her before downing it as the petite actress sought it out. He left his glass and turned to follow, heading into his bedroom as casually as he could manage to find the lovely brunette facing him at the foot of his bed in readiness.

“Ready?” she asked, as if giving him one last chance to change his mind.

“Ready,” he replied coolly, breathing slowly to hide his excitement as it turned up to 11. Anna's fingers played down over her silky black dress, just smoothing it for a second as she composed herself before bunching it up in her hand, scrunching the sensual fabric and drawing it up to reveal her sexy black stocking underneath, the wide top hugging her thigh perfectly as she continued to look him straight in the eyes.

“I'm sorry for last night, and I'm gonna make it up to you,” she said softly, almost a whisper that cut through the quiet room like a knife.

“You'd better,” he said quietly yet firmly in response, finding some confidence of his own. Anna just smiled, feeling the spark between them that she'd never quite noticed, dormant until this moment as she let her dress down, slipping down to cover her nylon clad legs again as she reached behind her for the zip. Without another word he just watched as she slowly pulled the zip down, not rushing or struggling with it, drawing it to the bottom before she shrugged her arms forward and let the dress fall from her shoulders, carefully letting it tumble off her gorgeous body and towards the floor as it unveiled her. He just took her in, the gorgeous actress standing before him in her underwear, taking in the beautiful midnight blue bra and matching panties, the cups of the bra pushing her up and barely containing her nipples, the panties cut close with a slender string waistband around her hips. Kicking the dress aside a little awkwardly past her heels, Anna stood in front of him, contemplating his reaction before she carefully turned around to reveal her thong, beautifully separating her pert ass and pulling deliciously round the bulge of her pussy as she turned back to him.

“I hope you like it,” she said, knowing full well he would do.

“You're stunning,” he said, stepping forward to get his hands on her.

“Thanks, I hope I can make up for...scaring your date off,” she said, telling him what she knew he wanted to hear. He didn't reply, kissing her again, his hands sliding straight onto her hips, fingers around her back to her bum, twisting into the thin waistband of the panties as she kissed him back hungrily, their tongues battling each other now as they made out, Anna's hands grabbing his shirt and fairly ripping it open as she undid his buttons. Throwing his shirt out the way, his hands went back to her body, taking in the taper of her waist with one as the other squeezed her breast, groping her firm C-cups through the smooth blue bra. Her hands were at his trousers, expertly releasing the buttons and his belt to loosen them, her dainty hand delving inside to grip his rock hard cock, erection having been aching from the moment she'd propositioned him in the kitchen.

“Anna...” he practically growled as she squeezed him and started to stroke a little, knowing exactly what she was doing as she worked her hand slowly with quite a tight grip, letting the heel of her hand stimulate the back of his head, quite impressed with his rock hard cock as she started to explore him. They kissed more, Anna pushing onto her toes to reach him before she lowered herself to her knees in front of him, stepping things up now and wanting to move things on before she lost her nerve or something. She pulled his jeans down, letting his hard cock spring up before her, getting her first look at him in his throbbing glory, ready to absolutely fuck her brains out. Giving it another couple of slow strokes as she swallowed and licked her lips, preparing herself before she leaned forward and took him into her mouth, her hot mouth sucking him in slickly as he tongue pushed across the underside of his shaft as she pushed him into her cheek to rub her silky mouth over him, something she knew from experience that guys loved.

“Ohh fuck...” he groaned, pushing forward into her touch instinctively, unable to help himself with how long it had been since he'd got a blowjob. After her slow start the brunette immediately got going into a rhythm, holding the base of his cock firmly as she started to bob her head over his tip, taking about half his seven inch cock into her mouth, sucking firmly and letting her tongue roam over him, lapping round his head for maximum stimulation. Her rhythm was just right, not too fast or sucking too hard, just enough to provide him maximum stimulation that made him tingle, resting his hand on her head as the gorgeous actress sucked hungrily at him. Anna's other hand slipped up his thigh to his balls, cupping them carefully and squeezing softly at them, adding another dimension to her oral skills as she picked up the pace a little and worked harder at him. She could feel him pulsing on her mouth, rock hard and absolutely loving it as she worked at him, doing exactly what they'd agreed to.

It was hard to believe, that he had Anna Kendrick down on her knees and sucking cock before him, but he put it from his mind and just let himself go to it, focussing on the intense yet sensual sensations as her soft lips slid up and down him, her hot, powerful tongue pressing into his manhood, swirling around all over and around it as she worked her head up and down. She gave little murmurs as she did, vibrations travelling through his cock as she worked, more intense when she was deeper. Anna rubbed his cock into her cheeks again, knowing guys loved the super soft, silky sensations of her mouth on their cock, his groan when she'd started had already told her that one and she resolved to do it plentifully to give him the best possible blowjob. She sucked harder now, working her tongue more stiffly into him as he groaned with pleasure, cock flexing in her mouth as she did it; she hoped he didn't come in her mouth, she hated when guys did that and always wanted them to finish elsewhere, like her chest or stomach. She certainly didn't appreciate it over her face though.

“Fuck, Anna...” he grumbled, almost growling as he felt her ministrations really getting through for a moment. She just murmured around him and kept going, but his fingers twisted into her long brown hair and he pulled her away from him, making her look up in surprise that he wanted her to stop.

“You ok?” she asked even as he reached down for her.

“Yeah it's great, but I want more than a blowjob,” he said, pulling her to her feet, the dainty actress letting him stand her up. He kissed her again as his hands went behind her to release her bra, effortlessly unclipping the midnight blue bra, straps going loose on her body before he pulled away to draw it down her arms. Anna took a breath as he did, always a moment for her, letting him slide it away to reveal her gorgeous C-cups, nipples hard already. He discarded it and immediately groped her fantastic chest, squeezing her firmly as she gave a groan of pleasure, nipples tingling under his touch as her heart rate spiked again. Her hands fumbled down his front as they kissed again, fingers hooking into his jeans and yanking them down with his shorts, shoving them towards his knees as his hand slid down her body and effortlessly hooked into her G-string to pull it down the curve of her hip and pull it from her ass. They clung deliciously to the back of her pussy before peeling away to reveal her, not that he could see behind her of course, but he could see how she'd neatly shaved for him as he sat down onto the edge of the bed, pulling at her underwear to cast it towards the floor.

“Lovely,” he breathed as she kicked the thong out the way, Josh fumbling his jeans and everything else off to leave him as naked as her, rock hard cock sticking up ready for her.

“Just like you asked,” she murmured, reminding him almost that she was at his command to repay him. His hands slipped straight to her now naked body, gliding over her hips and immediately down over her silky smooth pussy, slipping effortlessly over the perfectly smooth lips of her sweet pussy, lips rolled in just beautifully to hide her treasures. She murmured with pleasure as his fingertip split her puffy lips and bumped over her clit, sending a bolt of sensations through her and making her tremble a little before she grabbed his shoulders and pushed him back onto the bed. He let her do it, easing back to the sheets and sliding backwards onto the bed as Anna crawled on with him, leaning over him so her gorgeous breasts hung down firmly beneath her, jiggling just right as she go over him before kissing him deeply again. His hands pulled round her shoulders, sliding down her shapely back to her ass for a good squeeze, pulling her cheeks apart to let his fingertips tease at her tantalising entrance.

“Not just yet,” she said, meaning she didn't want to fuck just yet, not quiet ready to just slip straight onto his cock.  With that said, she pushed him down onto the bed again and knelt up, quickly turning around on the bed and throwing her knee over him, making it quite clear what she had in mind. She loved 69ing, it was one of her favourite sexual pastimes, just finding it so intimate and enjoyable, a great way to warm up to taking his cock for sure. Pushing back over him and settling her knees by his head, she arched her back and dropped onto her elbows, his throbbing cock waiting for her, enticing her to slide her hand round the base of him again and lift him up for her mouth to slide effortlessly over, wasting no time and pushing down deeper on him this time, the position always offering an easier deep throat, well as much as she could. He groaned with pleasure as she started sucking again, pausing a moment to take it in before being reminded by her as she lowered her ass onto him to get her point across.

Hesitating no further, his hands slid up round her hips to take a tight hole and he lifted his mouth to her sweet pussy, dragging his tongue swiftly across it in a flat motion, covering as much of her smoothly shaven labia as possible to make her shudder and pause herself. He just kept going, getting into his own rhythm of licking thoroughly over her silky lips, letting his tongue just separate them a little at first, the tip of his tongue playing with her delicate petals before touching her clit, brushing over the very surface of it to make her murmur with pleasure, muscles clenching in response. His hands moved down more onto her ass, groping it as he ate her pussy, delving his tongue into her to seek out her nub, circling round the sensitive button with his skilful motions to make her groan loudly in pleasure, pausing her sucking of him and jerking him a couple of times as she tingled before putting him back into her mouth and sucking harder, faster, deeper. They spurred each other on as they strove to bring each other maximum pleasure before their main event.

Craning up more, he sank his tongue deeply into her pussy, driving it right into her petite body and feeling her muscles clench up around him as she felt a different sensation, opening her up ready to take him. She gave a few further deep sucks at him and then pulled back to focus on his head, confident he wasn't going to come yet and deciding to go for it a bit to drive him wild. She squeezed firmly to stiffen him to the utmost and bobbed her head fast on the tip of his cock, sealing her full pout round him snugly and working her tongue into the underside of his head intently, making him immediately buzz with sensation he could hardly stand. His strained groans told Anna she was doing everything right, loving when she made men her playthings like this, in control of things even as she fought to control herself in wake of his refocusing on her clit to make her tingle simultaneously. She was in charge, right up until the moment he couldn't stand it any more and surged up from underneath her with dominating strength.

“God damn,” he breathed as she tumbled off, feeling a rush of excitement course through her as she rolled onto the bed, loving when men took control, especially if she'd been a bit of a tease. Her pussy gave a flutter, wet and ready as he swiftly spun around on the bed to be over her, yanking her into place by her ankle, intent on only one thing. Anna gave a giggle and reached behind her to grab the bedding as he shoved her legs up, opening her perfectly as he grabbed his rock hard cock, aching now in anticipation to finally sink it inside the brunette. Anna fleetingly thought to ask him to put a rubber on, sensibility momentarily stealing control of her mind, but then she decided not to ruin the moment. A quick tease up her soaked entrance was all it took and he pushed himself down into her, guiding himself as he let his hips sink down to drive his cock inside her sweet, tight pussy, finding her blissfully snug as they both groaned with pleasure.

“Oh fuck,” she breathed at being stretched out, loving the feeling of that first push in; it'd been a little while since she'd got fucked too and it felt great to stretch out around his ample cock. Not as long as for him though and she felt divine, her velvet walls wrapped perfectly around him, clinging tightly to every ridge and shape of him as he drove himself inside her. He pushed to around half way before she clenched up around him, stopping his progress and inspiring a brief withdrawal before he ground his hips forward again to sink every last millimetre of his manhood inside her with a groan. He released her legs and leaned down over her, Anna pulling her knees up and shuffling her ass to improve the angle of her hips so he could fuck her. With his hands either side of her, Anna just looked up, breathing hard as he drew back and slowly got into a steady pace with her, not wasting anything as he made her take all of his cock with every push inside her.

“Ohh fuck me, come on,” she growled, gripping the bed harder as he picked up the pace, starting to thumb his hips into her as he pumped all seven inches of himself down into her sweet pussy, the petite actress rocking on the bed as he dominantly fucked her, Anna just laying back and taking what he threw at her. Pulling her knees up around his hips, she squeezed them in at his hips, gripping his cock and tightening her pussy for him, feeling him flex a little inside her as he noticed the change, thrusting into her with shorter strokes now as he sped up. He dropped down onto his arms over her to kiss her again, their tongues immediately twisting together as they made out hungrily, aggressively letting themselves go in their passion. Her hands slid up around him to pull round his back, feeling his strength as he fucked her, grinding into her pelvis with every thrust against her, ratcheting her towards orgasm now as she started to feel the tingle.

He slowed for a moment, steeling himself before hammering her hard and fast with pounding strokes that made her shudder at the intensity, giving a whining groan as she was almost overwhelmed for a moment, body shaking, thighs unable to keep the grip on him as she trembled, orgasm taking another step towards the edge as he smashed her. Pulling up off her, he suddenly pulled out of her pussy, making her gasp at the abrupt stop and change of sensations, looking up to see his slick cock spring up from her body just before he sharply rolled her knees over, the momentum carrying her body over onto her front, lovely round ass pointed towards him. His hands went to her hips, pulling her back and up for him into a perfect doggy style position, nudging her legs apart with his knee to leave her accessible for him. Getting in close to her, all it took was a quick aim and he was inside her again, Anna grunting quite loudly as he buried his thick cock all the way into her again, hitting different spots now she was on all fours for him.

His hands wrenched back into her hips, squeezing her waist tightly as he held onto her and started to fuck her again, driving himself into her with renewed vigour and shove his hips against her ass, jolting her forward as she braced herself on the bed. Anna's orgasm started to immediately build again, faster and more clearly as he shoved himself deeply into her, the bulging head of his cock driving over her G-spot as he thumped into her, hips slapping gratuitously against her booty as he breathed hard, exerting himself hard to put it to her. The brunette could only curl her fingers and groan loudly with pleasure as he fucked her, totally owning her now and putting her through her paces as he drove both of them to climax, Anna sinking her back and pushing her ass out into him more intently so he could fuck her better, cock plunging effortlessly into her hot, tight pussy.

“Oh fuck, don't stop,” she whined as she felt her orgasm building hard to completion, muscles tightening, vagina clamping on his cock as she trembled in readiness.

“I won't,” he breathed with utter sincerity, having no intentions of quitting, just hoping he could hold out long enough to make her come before he did, the sight of the actress loving his work such a turn on. He just steeled himself and kept fucking her, able to keep the tingle of ecstasy at bay long enough to get her there, giving just another minute or so of hard thrusts into her before she started gasping, screwing her eyes shut and moaning harder and faster as she tensed and then shuddered hard as her orgasm hit, letting out a stuttering cry of pleasure as her body bounced from his fucking, still pumping into her chasing his own pleasure as her pussy squeezed and grabbed at him in her moment of ecstasy. Her hands screwed up the bedding as she shoved back into him, wanting him to stay deep as she made it last as long as possible, just eking out a crucial few seconds more before she was done, breathing deeply and going almost limp in front of him, sagging to relieve the burn in her muscles from straining.

He wasn't done though, holding her hard, yanking her back into him as he jammed his cock as hard and fast into her as possible, little care for her uncomfortable mumblings as she was sensitive in the wake of her own climax, not wanting to disappoint but also desperate to get a break, hoping he'd come quickly now so she could relax. She was thankfully rewarded after only a few seconds as, with his job done to please her, he let himself give in to the sweet, succulent sensations of her snug pussy and his peak rushed up on him, going rock hard inside her for a few seconds as he pounded her in a blur, straining himself completely in the final moments as he nailed her with his thick cock before he gave a sudden, animated shudder and came hard, burying himself fully inside her, his thick load ejecting deeply into her womb as he hauled back on her hips to keep himself as deep as possible inside her twitching pussy as he gave a long, satisfied groaning growl of pleasure and release.

With a few final twitches and squeezes to empty every last drop inside her, he relaxed as she had, sinking down behind her, heart racing and breathing hard in the aftermath, suddenly quiet as they both glistened with sweat from their pretty intense fuck session. Taking a few deep breaths to recover himself, he leaned on her pelvis and slowly pulled back to slip from her slick pussy, his cock just resisting a moment as his still firm head caught in her muscles, Anna's body not wanting to let him go before he slipped out with a mumble from her. He turned and carefully sat back onto the bed before letting himself go, flopping down on his back as Anna just sagged forward into the pillows face down, lost under her tangle of dark hair. There was nothing but silence for a couple of minutes, broken onto by their breaths, listening to their hearts beat in their ears as they pounded themselves to rest after their thorough work out.
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Re: Anna Kendrick - Payback
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“Well, that was fun,” Anna murmured, turning her head on the pillows and blowing her hair back from her face, blinking at the light of the room.

“Yeah, I really needed that,” he breathed, looking over to her and reaching out to trail his hand over her ass, giving a squeeze.

“I noticed,” she said with a smile, having been able to see and feel his energy, just giving himself all to her. Not that she minded, she hadn't been fucked in a while and he'd certainly done a good job on her and it helped confirm her decision to give herself to him as payment to make up for scaring off his date.

“So, our deal still on? For the weekend?” he asked, a lot clearer and less nervous than he had been when they discussed it earlier. It wasn't surprising when he'd just fucked her brains out, but still gave a silent prayer she hadn't changed her mind.

“Yeah we've got a deal,” she said, glancing back to him slightly, “you've got the weekend to get even with me.”

“I want to be in charge, like...properly in charge,” Josh said, referring to something they'd discussed on the phone earlier when they'd thrashed out their potential deal. He'd made quite clear that he wanted to be in charge of things and dominate her; it was still about pleasure, he was going to make sure she had fun as much as he did, but he wanted control and to introduce her to a few new things. She wasn't as innocent as people might expect her to be, being somewhat “one of the quiet ones” that people warned their sons to stay away from, but there were still some things she'd never tried and she'd figured it was a good opportunity to possibly give them a go. She'd been a little surprised he wanted to get kinky with her, but then she figured he was a quiet kind of guy as well and just kept it hidden.

“I know,” she said, thinking about it momentarily in case she should put some limits or control on it,  but her conscience ate at her that little bit again and she decided not to, letting him have at her. She was definitely going to let him get even.

“You good for that? I don't want to pressure you or anything,” he offered, not wanting her to say no but giving her the freedom to choose.

“Hey, we made a deal,” she said, committing to the proposition. His heart gripped tightly before it pumped hard again, excitement rushing through him as the stunning, petite actress surrendered herself. His hand gripped her ass for a hard squeeze, his desire evident, Anna's nerves rushing a little as she contemplated what she'd got herself into. They both just lay resting for a few more minutes, Anna turning over as he shuffled up to the pillows to cuddle into him, where he directed her dainty hand down to his semi-hard cock. She giggled slightly as he did, immediately taking control and directing her actions, closing her slender fingers around him and starting to softly stroke him, squeezing and massaging him gently to help tease him back to erection. His hand smoothly ran over her hip and ass, grasping it firmly, just feeling the tone of her body, pulling her cheek up to let his fingers tease down over the tight ring of her asshole and at the back of her slick labia.

Anna just relaxed into him, liking the feel of his manly body beside her, holding her close as she carefully worked at his cock with her slender hands, looking down to watch as he swelled in her digits with the neat, meticulous ministrations of her grip. Stroking him to erection, she gripped him tighter and started jerking him properly, feeling his flesh resisting her attempts to compress it with her hand as she wrapped it around him, stroking firmly all the way along his length.

“I want you to suck it,” he murmured, pushing up a little into her hand.

“Is that a request or an order?” she asked with a smile, playing into him having control of her.

“An order,” he said, more firmly, looking down to the pretty actress as she slowly, teasingly stroked at him.

“My first order, interesting,” she murmured, looking into his eyes with a smile, which faded as his expression hardened, staring into her big blue eyes in a steely moment where everything turned on her.

“Anna, suck my cock,” he said firmly, almost coldly, dominantly. Her heart squeezed, skipping a beat and then releasing into a flutter of rapid thumps, pounding against her rib cage as he stared into her eyes. Spurred into action, Anna shuffled down on the bed as she gave a squeeze to his cock and flicked her hair aside, getting herself ready for it; even though she'd given a lot of blowjobs, it being something she actually quite enjoyed doing, she was nervous, feeling like it was her first time or that she was under scrutiny. Eyeing his thick cock, she stroked it a few times as she wet her mouth and took a deep breath before she dipped down and engulfed his manhood in liquid heat. He groaned with pleasure as the petite actress held him up and sucked at his cock, easily sliding him into her mouth, pushing the bulging head over her hot tongue towards the back of her mouth.

“Oh yeah that's it,” he breathed, almost enjoying it more than the first time she'd done it. He just let her work, able to sense her obvious experience with it, the brunette bobbing up and down easily, feeling her working her tongue around his head and pushing him into her cheeks for the change in sensations. She worked deeper than she had before, stressing his bulging head against her throat, letting him feel her muscles starting to expand to take him before she pulled back to suck up and down his length again, lips pouting perfectly around his shaft as she slid them along him. His hand pushed into her long, dark hair, fingers twisting through the soft strands as they wrapped around her skull to guide her head, a controlling hand on her even as he let her do her thing. Anna's heart pumped a little harder, feeling his grip on her, finding it somewhat irritating yet sexy, loving the strong, manly hold he took on her as she sucked his cock. He let her continue her ministrations for a minute or so more, just relishing the velvet heat of her mouth as she slipped up and down him before he shifted on the bed beneath her, turning more towards her and sliding his other hand up to her head.

Anna's heart rate spiked as he took hold of her, knowing it was a change up and he was taking charge; it barely had time to do more than a few beats before he pushed his hips up whilst hauling her down onto him, forcing his cock into her throat a couple more inches before she was able to resist, feeling the fantastic contractions of her around him as she gagged and forced him back out, lurching and coughing over him in response. He tingled with excitement as he ignored her reaction, his cock straining with arousal as she composed herself, gasping a couple of breaths before her urged her to resume her rhythm on him, bobbing up and down again to suck obediently at his cock. He was controlling her head now though, making her blow him faster, mouth gliding up and down him as her heart pounded, breathing more intently through her nose as she focused on giving the blowjob she'd surrendered herself to. His hands gripped her tightly again and he drove her down, forcing himself into her waiting throat once more just after getting her settled into the rhythm again, as relaxed and unsuspecting as she would get right in time for him to jam her down deep, forcing his cock just a bit further this time, another inch into the pretty actress before she retched and fought back, pushing herself back up and gasping wetly for breath.

“I can't do this,” she gasped raggedly through deep inhales, eyes watering, make-up running as she swallowed and tried to catch her breath.

“You can,” he said simply, reaffirming his grasp on her head, using his fingers to pull her hair up away from her face.

“I can't!” she said more vehemently, mouth still over his throbbing cock, bouncing slightly with every pulse.

“You will!” he almost snapped in response, sudden and emotional, his heart now racing at his own strong dominance of her, taking charge of the situation properly. Anna felt a rush go through her; she'd never been controlled like this before, she hated it but also loved it, it was new and exciting. With that, she took another breath and leaned down to take his cock back into her mouth, letting her tongue glide over every contour of his thick head before going deeper and resuming her rhythm on him, his hands following to control her pace once more. She surrendered to his wants, knowing she was at his whim now, her resolve breaking as she started sucking his cock again, protesting no more and knowing he was going to stretch her throat out. He bounced her up and down more intently, feeling her tension, knowing he needed her to relax really but he was going to have to simply drive her through it instead. With another hard yank on her hair he pulled her down, shoving deeply again and feeling her attempting to accommodate it, fighting her own body as he made her gag and push off him again, getting no further.

This time however she didn't complain, simply coughing and pulling back to breathe, taking a moment then swallowing his cock again, wrapping her tongue around him and pushing him back to her throat. He let her bob a couple of times again and then forced her down, finding her much more ready this time, giving way under his pressure and letting his thick head slide down her throat till she was nearly all the way down before she convulsed and pushed back off him, trying to control her gag. Holding her head, he gave her a moment and then slowly pushed her down once more, to the back of her throat and then onwards, straight into the deepthroat. Anna stayed calm, letting it happen, feeling herself stretch and holding everything else back, the gag rising in her; she managed to hold it back, only a half lurch of her body as he hesitated just a moment and then forced her down, taking advantage of her muscles relaxing again and following them through to drive his whole cock down her throat until he pressed her nose into his balls with a huge tingle of excitement, pushing himself up against her as he held her face down into him.

“Ohh fuck,” he groaned gutturally as he shook, tightly constraining the brunette as she took his whole cock down her throat, holding for a moment before her body lurched again, gagging and shoving her hands hard into the bed to shove herself back up, relieved that he let her escape his grip as she broke free and gasped desperately, a thick string of saliva dripping from her mouth onto the bed.

“That's it, good girl,” he encouraged, cock throbbing with arousal now, feeling so exhilarated at getting her to fully deepthroat. It was the first time she ever had, never having taken a cock so deep or been treated this way, breathing raggedly with his hands still twisted in her hair. She felt stupidly proud though, like she'd achieved something and not wanting to disappoint him now as she shoved her mouth back onto his cock, breathing through her nose as she gave up control again and let him thrust into her mouth. With the seal broken, he let his excitement take over and started thrusting hard into her throat, holding her down and going for it, Anna struggling to take him still as she coughed and choked, not pulling up now though, not that he was letting her as he pumped into her mouth, wanting to finish her properly. Her eyes streamed, dark make-up running down her cheeks, dribbling copiously as he pumped wetly into her mouth, her pout wrapped around his shaft, throbbing and straining against her tongue as he fucked her face, getting most of the way down each time as she tried to contain her gags.

He went hard and fast now, not caring for her at all as she braced herself on the bed over him, just letting him pound his cock into her, mouth hot and wet around him as he felt her throat strain and tighten every time he thrust in. She was taking it well and he gave another full depth thrust, shoving her down completely again to bury himself in her throat, Anna caught unaware and taking it easily, sinking full depth to hold her down again as she coughed hard around him. It was all it took and he felt his balls tighten, the irresistible sensation coursing through him, hardening his cock even more as he thrust into her with a flurry of motion, taking every last moment of sensation he could. Anna felt his cock stiffen even though her tumble of thoughts and emotions, barely able to focus on anything besides sucking his cock; she knew he was going to come and wanted him to pull out, but he had no such intention. With a final few thrusts he jammed her down hard, harder than he had at any point previously, his entire cock buried in her throat once more as he came hard with a long growl of pleasure.

It was only heightened as she gagged hard, caught out by the sudden deepthroat again but also not wanting him to come, body overwhelmed as she tried to resist, throat convulsing around him as her eyes streamed and she coughed through her nose, his cock immovable in her throat as he held her down with strength she couldn't fight, trying to push up helplessly against him as his balls squeezed to explode another thick, abundant load straight into her throat. She mumbled her discomfort hopelessly as he gasped with every thrust, pushing into her face as he drained every last bit of himself into her; Anna hated when guys came in her mouth, she always had and had only done it a couple of times before swearing never again, but she had no choice now. She couldn't taste it with him blowing so deep in her throat but she knew it was there, wishing she could spit. That choice was taken away as he suddenly pinched her nose, making it clear what he wanted, and after a moment of sheer panic without oxygen she swallowed messily, gagging noisily around him as she gulped it down, eliciting another shudder and groan from him as she stimulated his sensitive cock.

“Oh fuck Anna, great job,” he groaned, flopping back into the bed as he released her, done with the pretty brunette now as she wrenched off him, coughing uncontrollably and gagging a couple of times, head down as she leaned on the bed over him, drooling as she struggled to haul in much needed breaths, glad it was over as she tried to recover.

“Fucking asshole,” she muttered, emotions overcoming her; she didn't really mean it, it was just in the moment as she was totally overwhelmed. Guys never treated her like that and she hated that he had in a way, but she'd agreed to it and there was one other thing - her pussy was absolutely dripping wet.

“You love it,” he said, sliding his hand up the back of her thigh to her pussy, juices coating his fingers as he merely touched her, having noticed it from his position as she knelt on all fours, being spurred on to treat her as he wanted and put her to the test as he could see she was enjoying it. Anna let out a loud gasp and jumped as he touched her clit, feeling like a lightning bolt as her whole body surged at his touch. She groaned in pleasure and pushed back into his fingers as he wasted no time in getting going on her, massaging her clit briskly and working solely to push her to orgasm. She rocked her hips with him to maximise his stimulation, groaning deeply as he moved his hand to delve two fingers deeply into her drenched, waiting pussy, the gorgeous little brunette pushing back into him to make sure they got to full depth inside her.

Rocking his hand to work them inside her tight, clenching tunnel, he pushed his thumb against her asshole, testingly pushing and exploring it with the rocks of his hand as he worked it back and forth, bringing his ring finger back into contact with her stiff clit. She just groaned with absolute surrender as he played her perfectly, not minding the stimulation to her asshole, feeling her sphincter being teasingly stretched by his digit as the others smoothly rocked in her vagina, his ring finger surprisingly skilful as he worked the tip of it back and forth over her button. With her arousal and need, it didn't take more than a couple of minutes until she bubbled over in another orgasm, working her pelvis rapidly to get everything she could from his touch before shuddering in a deep, soulful climax on the bed, still on all fours beside him until she pulled forward and slipped face down on the sheets. He gave her a couple of minutes to recover, loving how her make-up had streamed down her face during the blowjob and feeling generally very happy with how things were going; it was all he could ask for.

“Come on, up,” he instructed, pulling him self up and smacking Anna on the ass, her firm booty jiggling as he did. She rolled to her side and looked up at him, pushing her hair back as he got off the bed to stand.

“Why? I'm comfy here,” she smiled, stretching.

“We're not done yet,” he said, opening a cupboard and finding what he was looking for easily, knowing exactly what he was after. Anna pushed herself up to sit, perky breasts hanging firmly on her chest as she watched him pull out several straps, noting the cuffs with widened eyes as he threw them onto the bed.

“What are they?” she asked, brain not quite clicking.

“Discipline,” he replied with a smile, picking one up to fasten it to the corner of the bed as she picked one up herself to inspect it.

“Have you ever been tied up before?” he asked as he easily and swiftly fixed the straps to the corners of the bed, taking the one from her hands.

“Not much. Played around with it a bit but never that much,” she replied, watching as he affixed the final strap.

“This'll be fun, I promise,” he said, sliding onto the bed with her again, taking her arm to pull her wrist to the waiting cuff.

“I hope so,” she replied, nerves tingling at her, taking a breath as he took control of her body again. She slid down onto the bed to lie back as he restrained her, putting her wrist into the soft cuff and wrapping it around her wrist, securing the Velcro to tightly but comfortably restrain her. He repeated it with her other hand, leaving her laid with her arms out behind her head tied to the headboard, already helpless and at his mercy. Despite this he moved down, pulling her legs out towards the corners and adjusting the straps to firmly secure her ankles, leaving her splayed on her back before him, absolutely unable to resist anything he wanted to do with her, just as he had planned. She looked up at him with her big blue eyes, waiting for the next stage as he slid back onto the bed over her, rock hard cock throbbing once more for her as he positioned himself between her silky legs, leaning down to kiss her quite softly, a break in the rhythm almost as they took a moment to make out before he gripped his cock and quite firmly drove it into her as they both groaned again.

Her pussy was wet and relaxed, letting him glide easily into her once more and bottom out against her; it was a slightly different feeling now with the angle he had on her, Anna laid out flat on the bed, unable to lift her knees and rolls her hips back for him, feeling him touching different places inside her for a change in sensations. Leaning over her on his elbows, he looked down into her eyes as he slowly and powerfully fucked her, working his hips very deliberately to thrust every inch of his throbbing manhood into her tight body, loving the exquisite sensations of her silky walls clenching around his cock. Anna pulled at her restraints as she tried to engage more, wanting to be more a part of the fuck, finding it rather intimate as he kissed at her neck and shoulder, his cock just rocking in and out of her, frustrating her that she couldn't do anything to make him go faster. Every time she tried to push her hips down into him or squeeze her pussy excessively to encourage him he simply paused, holding back with just his head inside her, smiling as he made her wait, taunting her with little motions that drove her crazy and made her grumble frustratedly, spurring her to try and make him fuck her, only making him wait longer before he would suddenly bury himself fully in her again to drive a huge moan of pleasure and tingle throughout her body.

Fucking her for several minutes, they enjoyed a quiet moment together, one that almost signified what she'd got herself into. At his mercy, under his total control, being fucked exactly as he wanted it. And that's what it was; they weren't having sex or making love, he was fucking her, no matter how much she enjoyed it right at that moment, she was his fuck doll. With that in mind, he gave her one final drive, making her take every last bit of him before he pulled out and climbed off her, leaving her wondering what he was doing as he found something else from the cupboard, eyes widening as he turned back with a leather flogger and a blindfold in his hands.

“I don't know about that,” she said, craning her head up a bit.

“It's not your decision,” he said simply, confidently. Anna's heart surged, nerves shaking her up again.

“No, it's not,” she replied quietly, almost meekly, seeming to have surrendered to his control so easily.

“I won't hurt you...much,” he said, “I just want to see where your limits are.”

“Ok,” she breathed after a moment even as he was pulling the blindfold onto her, “let's do this.”

Laying back and relaxing a bit, Anna breathed deep to slow her heart rate, aiming to be calm and collected for this to happen. She'd barely been tied up before, so to be restrained so completely was totally new for her, and now that he was going to introduce her to physical discipline only made her heart race, so she resolved to calm down and let it happen. With her blindfold in place he slid back to stand beside the bed, eyeing the gorgeous brunette actress spread out before him as he picked up the flogger and settled his grip. He reached out and trailed the leather tails of the flogger across her body, just tickling it from her neck all the way down her legs, watching her shiver and tense under it. Her breathing was deep but controlled, waiting for the moment; he pulled the flogger back and laid a light flick out onto her pale body, striking her toned tummy.

Anna gasped in shock as much as anything, still totally unready for it despite her mental preparation, flinching as the ends of the leather strips smacking off her skin. She didn't protest or cry out though, simply taking it, ready for him to continue. He laid another few gentle smacks of it over her body, across her tummy, down her legs and over her chest, tingling her perky breasts before dragging it threateningly across her face as she breathed excitedly. He stepped up the power quite significantly to thwack her hard with the flogger across the chest, making her gorgeous tits jiggle and Anna give a cry as the leather caught her nipple, making the hard point throb as goose pimples spread all over her petite body. She arched off the bed as he laid a series of stinging smacks of the flogger all over her, working down her body, a few down her thighs before he planted one straight on her pussy to make her cry out at the stinging hit on her most sensitive area.

She never once asked him to stop though, laying back on the bed and taking it, arching and writhing in her bondage, pulling hard against the cuffs as she tried to twist and turn away from the blows, not desperate to escape but her body responding instinctively to try and shield herself from the reigning blows of the leather onto her soft skin. He gave her a few final hits, eliciting cries from her as the sting started to get through and she reached her limit, yanking at the bondage as she resisted begging him to stop, not wanting to appear weak. He lived up to what he'd said however, wanting to test her limits and able to read her discomfort, knowing he'd found her maximum right now and not pushing her further, dropping the flogger onto her chest and just sliding it off over her breast as she sighed in relief, knowing it was over. He dropped the flogger aside and went to the foot of the bed to release her ankles, wanting more mobility with her now and setting her free, Anna immediately bending and stretching her legs to relieve the tension in them. Sliding himself back onto the bed at her feet, he gathered her legs up and pulled them over his shoulders, hard cock ready and waiting as he reached down to push it against her pussy.

“Oh god fuck me,” she breathed, a moment of clear honesty from her, pussy dripping wet in the wake of her discipline. She'd never known she'd like being treated this way and her body was making it clear, horny as hell and just needing him to bury his cock inside her. He did just that, leaning into her legs and sinking himself full depth inside her as she cried out, his deep plunge just hurting a little bit, but he didn't pay any attention to her and simply pushed over her, bending her legs back and leaving her helpless to him as he started pumping hard and deep into her sweet, hot pussy. Anna groaned in pleasure as she shuddered, loving the feel of him jamming down into her, his thick cock stretching her beautifully as he drove his hips into her, legs back and completely vulnerable to his wants. She pulled at the straps on her wrists, wishing she could engage more in the fuck, pull her arms around his back and make him stay there till he was done, but she was helplessly bound, restrained, dominated by him.

“You like that, Anna?” he said, smiling down to her as she lay blindfolded below him, body rocking with his powerful hammering.

“Uh huh....” she managed, groaning incoherently as he pounded her pussy. Leaning up, he held her under her knees as he smashed himself into her as hard as possible a few more times, watching her lovely, smoothly shaven pussy wrapped around his shaft before he gave a final hard push and yanked out, making her gasp loudly and jolt, leaning up to look instinctively despite the blindfold. He threw her legs to the side, rolling her over on the bed and twisting her arms beneath her as the straps offered no give to her wrists. She mumbled in surprise as she rolled over, her legs carrying her over before he grabbed her hips and pulled her powerfully up, manhandling the petite brunette to pull her onto her knees doggy style, arms crossed in front of her to each bed post as she leaned down onto her intersecting elbows, letting her back sink down and legs spread in obedient readiness for him to fuck her. She waited mere moments as Josh grabbed her waist again and inserted his cock into her, easily sinking right back inside her slick pussy and resuming his rhythm as she moaned in pleasure again.

She loved being fucked doggy style, getting hit from behind meant his cock was in just the right place to stroke over her G-spot and drive her climax. His grip pulled back intently into her hips, squeezing the pinch of her body to hold her strongly, in just the right position for him to smash into her, which he set about doing with a hard, fast pace, hips slapping into her firm ass as his cock pounded into her hot, silky hole. He was breathing hard now, almost growling with exertion as he slammed into her, her pussy feeling exquisite around his rock hard cock, the stiffest he'd been in years he thought as he pumped into the delectable Anna Kendrick. He'd wanted to do this to her for years, what men that knew he didn't frankly, and now he had the chance he was making the most of it, pounding her intently doggy style His muscles burned with the tension and energy, unable to keep it going but not ready to come just yet. Slowing down, he gave a few full length strokes of himself into her, seeing her relax as she let her muscles unwind a little from bracing herself against him, before he slid it fully back into her and leaned over, wrapping his arms around her.

She was a little perplexed for a second until he rolled to the side, taking her with him to pull her down onto her side, hands pulling at the straps as she fumbled herself into position. His hands slid back down her body to her waist again, holding above her hips as he leaned back, Anna pulling her legs up so he could start fucking her again, his lovely cock sliding in and out of her again as they both felt the relief of rest and enjoyment of sex. Anna had more freedom now and settled comfortably, arching her back to push her bum towards him and give him maximum access as he thrust into her, pushing in yet another new angle to make them both tingle. It was more than enough to finish her off, her orgasm having been bubbling almost covertly as he smashed her hard, ratcheting up but held at bay by her focus on simply enduring his primal energy as he took it out on her slender body.

Now she was more relaxed it overtook her quickly, rushing up on her with his renewed angle on her G-spot, pushing perfectly over it as she frustratedly tried to reach down for her clit to finish it off, grumbling even as she groaned, having to wait for him to just finish it himself using his cock. Luckily for her it didn't take long, another minute or so of thrusting getting the job done to make her tense and quiver in another climax, body shaking and shuddering as she gave an almost overloaded groan of ecstasy. She was almost done now, fucked out for the night, but it was up to him to dictate when they were done. Her tight pussy squeezing and gripping at him didn't help delay that however and he knew he was close, wanting to finish it differently however as he gave a few more thrusts and pulled out.

“Get up, on your knees,” he said, rolling away from her onto his back.

“What, my knees?” she mumbled confusedly, mind still reeling as she breathed heavily to recover from light headedness.

“Yes kneel up,” he commanded. Anna was sluggish, stretching a little as she started to move.

“Come on, quickly,” he ordered, reaching out to lay a hard spank on her ass, not in a playful manner but one of discipline. She jumped and immediately got moving, mind focussed as she pulled herself over and onto her knees, shuffling forward on the bed to get up, wrists cross in front of her as he immediately pulled in close to her and grabbed her leg. She immediately grasped what he wanted, lifting her leg and balancing to let him clamber underneath her, getting into place so she straddled him, reaching down to hold his stiff cock up for her to take a seat on as he guided her hips back. It was a new sensation for Anna as she let herself be directed to ride him, going cowgirl without control as she felt his cock contact her slick lips and then sit straight down on him to bury his cock inside her again.

He groaned deeply in pleasure as he reached up to squeeze her lovely tits, Anna starting to ride a little awkwardly since she couldn't lean down, holding her restrained wrists out in front of her as she  bounced up and down. His hands roamed over her body as he worked his hips in unison with her, getting his whole cock inside her sweet hole and immediately feeling the tingle, happy he'd put her through her paces and wanting to finish now.

“Faster,” he commanded, smacking at the side of her ass, Anna immediately responding to the command and riding harder, working her pussy every way she knew how with squeezes and grips at him as she rode fast, keeping him deeper inside her and stimulating every inch of his manhood. He couldn't hold back any longer, giving a few hard thrusts up into her as his cock swelled inside her, a few pumps of finality before he erupted again, hauling the actress down deep onto him to empty his balls as deep as possible inside her. Anna groaned with pleasure as he came, squeezing her muscles to encourage every little bit out of him as he jumped inside her, always loving the feeling of men climaxing in her pussy. He gave a final clench of his muscles before relaxing, hands loose at her hips, both of them breathing intensely to catch up in the wake of another vigorous fuck session.

“Fuck that was good,” she breathed, having enjoyed every moment of it, something new and exciting for her.

“Yeah it was,” he smiled, unable to deny her simple statement. Another moment or two of recovery ensued before he pushed her off him, rolling Anna back onto the bed beside him, her hands untwisting at last as she flopped back onto the bed. Pulling himself up, he wanted to finish with one last thing and quickly swung onto his knees beside her, hopping close and grabbing her hair as he pulled his still hard cock to her mouth, slick with a mixture of their juices.

“Hey what the...” she mumbled, trying to protest but he was in her mouth, driving his cock deeply towards her throat before she could stop him. He managed to get almost all the way in, fingers twisting in her brunette locks as she gagged, unable to pull away as he held himself in her mouth.

“Suck,” he commanded clearly. Anna fought back a wave of displeasure and anger, hating this; she never sucked guys after they'd been fucking her, well definitely not after they'd finished, and it took all her control not to fight him. He had her though, and she had no choice, gagging still even as she started sucking, applying her tongue to taste their combined flavour as she snorted hard through her nose as her body tried to expel him. He held her for a few seconds, making her suck him completely before he released her and pulled out, leaving her choking and coughing in his wake as he flopped back onto the bed beside her.

“I fucking hate that,” she pouted, rolling onto her back beside him.

“I don't care,” he said calmly after a moment. With their session done, he turned and released her hand from the cuff, doing the same with the other one so she could lower her arms with a relieved groan, reaching up to pull the blindfold off and chucking it aside as she looked at him with her bloodshot eyes, make-up smeared all over her cheeks in the wake of her tears.

“I'm gonna go clean up,” she muttered quietly, pulling herself exhaustedly from the bed and heading for the bathroom. She spent a few minutes getting herself sorted out, wiping away the ruined make-up from her pretty face and composing herself before heading back to bed with him. He took a few minutes to get ready himself and joined her back in bed, sliding in beside her and drawing her close to cuddle up to him. She hadn't expected it, but it was a nice surprise and it helped her trust even more than he was clearly separating their personal relationship from what she was letting him do to her sexually. It took just a few moments until they both drifted off for much needed sleep.

* * *

The next day continued much as the previous evening had; after a long, surprisingly satisfying sleep they woke up and shared a shower together to freshen up, which involved a lot of stroking over one another as they washed each other down, his hands exploring her wet, silky body as if he'd never seen her before. As the water cascaded over them, he pushed her down to her knees, the diminutive actress sinking carefully down before him and obediently stroking at his cock. She knew exactly what he wanted, his rock hard cock straining in her dainty hand as she worked him a second before opening her mouth to swallow him. He let her get started, bobbing her head nicely and letting him slide right to the back of her mouth again, just teasingly ready for what he wanted from her. He let her enjoy herself, getting into the blowjob and rocking her head to push him into her soft cheeks, lapping her tongue around his shaft before he took control.

His hands slid into her wet hair to take hold of her, stabilising his target before he pushed down deeply to stretch her throat and make her immediately choke. Anna still wasn't remotely used to being treated like this, she was still fighting herself as he took charge and aimed to get his whole cock down her throat, but she was trying. Keeping her hands down on her legs, she tensed her hands as he did everything he had the night before but with more intensity, thrusting it hard into her throat, working with her gag reflex to catch her throat when it was open and slide his whole cock into her. Anna choked and coughed, gagging emptily around his cock as he used her, not fighting him despite her urge to as he blissfully face fucked her. The feel of her constricting and clenching around him, the wet sounds of her chokes and coughs combined with her evident complicity in events only helped to turn him on more. He didn't finish with her, deciding that a few full depth drives into her throat, holding her nose to him as she struggled and gave muffled complaints was enough, making her swallow him completely before he pulled out and released her. Anna coughed and choked again, having done better than the previous night but still struggling as she spat a thick string of saliva onto the floor of the shower, washing away easily as he stepped out past her, giving her a moment to wash her face off before shutting it off and following him.

Drying off with a crisp towel left her barefaced with damp hair, drying it enough to get back into the action with him, letting him lead her back to the bed where his rock hard cock awaited her.

“What's next?” she asked, sliding onto the bed as he grabbed something from his drawer.

“Anal,” he said simply as he turned back to her with a bottle of lube in his hands, Anna's eyes widening.

“Anal sex?” she repeated, as if she hadn't heard him, heart rate suddenly increasing as she contemplated it.

“Yes,” he replied, leaving no room for debate.

“I've never done anal before,” she replied meekly, eyes fixing onto the bottle again.

“Well, time for that to change,” he said, sliding onto the bed beside her.

“I...it's gonna hurt though, I don't know what I'm doing,” she said, not really wanting to go through with it.

“Well I'm gonna show you as I fuck you in the ass, now roll over,” he said, the conversation over, Anna realising what she'd got herself into by promising to let him do anything with her for the weekend. She hesitated, biting her lip cutely before the relented and turned over onto her knees, assuming a good doggy style position for him. He got in place behind her, rock hard cock standing up and straining in readiness, his own excitement the inverse of her trepidation as he prepared to fuck Anna Kendrick in the ass for her first ever anal experience. Pushing his cock down under her pussy, he let his bulging head slip teasingly over her silky smooth pussy, shaft rubbing her clit as he uncapped the bottle of lube and squeezed it thickly onto his fingers. Spreading her ass with his other hand, he pushed his slick fingers down over her tight back door, making her flinch at the cool lubricant as he spread it around her asshole. He testingly pushed a finger into her, easily popping through before the actress immediately flinched, clenching and pulling forward so he slipped out again, not at all ready.

“Calm down Anna,” he said coolly, knowing she needed to get used to that if he was going to ease his cock inside her. He added some more lube to her ass before pushing his finger in again, only for her to flinch again and immediately pull away from him with a murmur.

“Anna, you need to relax and take this, otherwise it's gonna seriously hurt when I push my cock in there,” he said, sighing. He was gonna fuck her ass, no doubt about that, but he didn't want her to hate the experience if possible.

“I can't,” she said, head dropped towards the bed.

“You can, just push gently as I push in, you'll take it fine and let my finger in there,” he reassured her. She tried to take in what he was saying, willing herself to stay calm as he rubbed her again before trying to push his finger; Anna managed to stay relaxed for a few moments, his finger probing her tightest hole before she tensed again and squeezed him back out.

“Come on Anna, let me get my finger in there,” he said, a little exasperated as she seemed to be taking it fine only to suddenly fight him again.

“I don't want your finger in there, I just want your cock!” she snapped, letting on her true feelings about it. She was resigned almost to doing it, but she just wanted to get on with it now and have him fuck her ass.

“Fine then!” he expressed firmly, leaning up and grabbing the lube, squeezing more of it onto his fingers and reaching down to spread it over his throbbing erection as Anna's nerves went through the roof, realising she'd pushed him to the point where he would do just what she'd asked. With the lube spread over his hard cock he grabbed the base of it and her waist, pulling back into her hip to stop her escaping as he pushed himself up against her asshole, his slick head bumping against her tight ring. He didn't say a word as he lined himself up with her, braced himself and then pushed forward powerfully with his hips; she wasn't the first girl he'd introduced to anal sex and he knew how to start it, pushing firmly but not too fast, getting the tip of himself into her tight hole to make it give way under the power of his hips. There was a moment where nothing happened, Anna being pulled back into his driving cock, her asshole all that prevented her progress for a second when it suddenly stretched, expanding around his thick head, the lube denying any resistance and letting it slide inside her...with a sharp bolt of pain.

“No, no,” she mumbled through a strained grunt of pain as her sphincter was stretched open aggressively by him, pain stabbing through her tightest hole as his cock drove it open, pulling forward to get away from him. He didn't pay any attention however and kept on driving, knowing he needed to get it inside her, sinking himself halfway into her as he shuddered in pleasure at the beautifully constrained tightness of her around him. He tried to stay with her but Anna pulled forwards with instinctive strength, a fight-or-flight response as she yanked herself out of his grip to get his cock out of her ass.

“I fucking told you, Anna,” he said brusquely, laying a hard smack on her ass to make her clench and howl, a properly hard spank to discipline her. Yanking her back with her hip, he reset her prone position in front of him.

“Now, do as you're told,” he said, digging his hand into her waist and block her hip, holding her harder this time, knowing she would fight him again it seemed as he pushed his slick cock back to her asshole. Gripping himself tightly, he positioned himself against her sphincter and then surprised her painfully with a sudden, sharp thrust forward, giving her muscles no chance to obstruct him as he buried himself into her reluctant booty and drove as deep as he could get before she tightened up around him in an agonising spasm. Anna squealed in pain as she was aggressively penetrated, the loss of her anal virginity proving agonising in that moment as she again tried to yank forward and free herself, only to find herself held by him, his hand digging into her waist as his other one grabbed into her long, dark hair to haul her back into him and give her no way to escape.

“Fuck!” she shouted to the bedroom, her ass held open, sphincter twitching sharply as she struggled to cope, unable to fight the pain; trying to relax didn't help but squeezing at all to try and reset herself somewhat just made it worse, having to just endure.

“Shut up Anna, it's not that bad,” he said dismissively, even though he knew it was hurting her badly. He hadn't wanted it to be that way but she'd given him no choice but to force his manhood into her and break her ass.

“Easy for you to say,” she grimaced, digging her fingers into the bed as he pushed again to bury more of himself inside her, not wanting to pull back just yet as he knew her overwhelmed body would push him back out again if he got near her tight muscular ring.

“If you'd worked with me it'd be easier,” Josh said, pointing out that she hadn't listened to him. She had to concede maybe she should have, even though she wouldn't admit it as the pain subsided somewhat, tension releasing to let him push into her a bit more. Trusting her a little, he pulled himself back, feeling her squeezing and twitching at him as she fought her desire to clench down, super sensitive as he pulled his thick cock back out of her, not risking going too far before he sank his pelvis forward again to bury it inside her again. She impressed him by managing to control herself again so quickly, managing to stop her body reacting against her will as he slid his slick cock all the way inside her, burying himself balls deep in her ass so his pelvis pressed into her.

“Ohh fuck that's it, good girl,” he groaned, erection flexing hard inside her as a tingle of ecstasy spread through him, shivering at having got balls deep inside Anna. As she tried to relax her body tightened again and she clenched on him, far too hard, sending another bolt of pain through her. Her sphincter was strained now, having been pulled as he'd driven into her which would hurt for a couple of days and as she clenched up it only made it worse. She gave another grunt of pain, whimpering a little as it endured, tears pricking her eyes. His grip on her softened, taking it easier on her hips though still dominant, Anna knowing full well he was in charge as he pulled his cock back again and slid into her, her body twitching as she tried to get used to it, the first anal sex of her life. It still hurt though, feeling the stretch even as his lubed cock slid quite easily in and out of her, starting to build up a slow, deep rhythm, tears that pricked her eyes rolling down her cheeks as she dug her fingers into the bed and dropped her head.

“Fuck that's tight,” he breathed as he started to fuck her, her immediate resistance broken to allow him to fuck her, pumping his hard cock in and out of her, pulling back till the head was just inside her before burying it again, making sure to push his hips into her toned booty every time. He was in paradise, loving that he'd cracked Anna's ass and now he had the blissful sensation of her squeezed tightly around him, totally at his mercy and he had to admit the struggle had only made it hotter. He didn't want to hurt her, but he wanted to fuck her in the ass more. Pumping briskly, he picked up the pace, starting to thump against her bum, hips moving smoothly back and forth as he fed her his cock, getting a bit more brave on the pull back, feeling her working with him so he could let his head pull back into the tight stretch of her asshole just enough before driving home again. It felt fantastic and he was thoroughly enjoying himself, Anna seeming to get used to it and be taking it fine until he pulled back just a fraction too far and her muscles pushed him out, thrusting at fresh air.

“God damn it,” he muttered even as he reached down to grab himself, aiming it into her stretched asshole and driving in once more with absolute resolve, making Anna cry and flinch again, pulling forward and threatening to pop him out again, hot tears pricking her eyes and rolling down her face again, body giving a little shudder. His cock flexed inside her and she knew he was loving it, enjoying her pain even if he didn't quite mean to, making her seethe but also tremble in arousal. She loved that he was taking such pleasure from her body, even if she wasn't. She was however incredibly wet, pussy giving away her arousal as he fucked her ass, not that he was paying any attention to her wants or needs just now. Staying deeper now he fucked hard, making her brace herself under him as she felt him pick up the pace, knowing he was going for climax, which didn't bother her at all as her ass hurt and she really just wanted a break.
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Re: Anna Kendrick - Payback
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“Fucking come already,” she growled, daring to try and squeeze her sphincter at him, immediately regretting it as a hard twinge of pain shot through her again. Her ass definitely needed a break after this little escapade. She gasped as he leaned back enough to put a hard spank on her, another one to leave a further red print on her body as he continued to fuck her hard.

“I'll come when I want to, bitch,” he replied, shocking her a little as he'd not called her anything like that so far. She didn't bite back, just bracing herself for his fucking, rocking on her elbows as he ploughed her. He lasted another couple of minutes, enjoying every tight sensation he could from her exhausted body before his cock strained, tingles of climax spreading through him as he held her tightly and hammered her in the run up to the finish, Anna's whines ascending as she struggled to handle his energy. It culminated with a roar of pleasure from him, driving himself hard against her, so much so that she collapsed forward onto the bed and he fell on top of her, cock buried fully inside her as his balls contracted, emptying a thick, hot load into her ass. Despite the pain and tears anal sex had been interesting and she couldn't deny kind of pleasurable at points, certainly a unique and different kind of sensation. She didn't enjoy what came next however, as with his balls squeezed empty inside her, he pushed up swiftly from her and pulled his cock from her tight hole, leaving it gaping as he jumped over the bed and grabbed her hair.

“No,” she protested in a strained, garbled cry as he yanked her up by her hair, trying to both refuse and fight him, in the process just giving him enough space to force his cock into her mouth and drive it home intently. She mumbled a desperate protest as she gagged hard around his cock, fighting him pushing it in but losing as her gag recoiled, letting him follow it to drive him whole shaft straight into her mouth, fresh from her ass. The pretty actress gagged intently again as she tried to fight back out of his grip, managing to break free as she hauled in a deep lungful of air, gagging at the taste of it all, body heaving in her disgust.

“You're a fucking asshole!” she snapped, reiterating what she'd said when he'd come in her mouth but this was much worse for her. Gagging again, she struggled to control herself.

“That's the deal,” he replied, since it was as she jumped off the bed and hastened the bathroom for some mouthwash, leaving him watching her strained walk as she felt the pain from her abused ass. She didn't say anything however, disgusted and irritated, but also immensely horny. In the bathroom, whilst composing herself, she had to give herself relief and sat on the edge of his bath to run her fingers through her slick lips, almost doubling up at the sensations she was so in need. Not wanting him to hear her lest he get an ego about it, she grabbed a clean towel from the rack and bit down on it, muffling herself as she went to town on her clit, rubbing hard directly and in circles around it, taking only a minute or so with her experienced fingers to bring herself to a hard, shuddering orgasm, silent and intense before she calmed herself and walked back out to the bedroom with him.

After a brief rest with him, snuggling up against him despite her hating her first ass to mouth experience, they got up and went their separate ways. She had a few things to take care of, as did he, and she headed back to her place to take care of them before they came back together for the evening. As she went about her day, her mind kept wandering back to his rough, intense fucking of her, how abruptly he'd handled her and done basically whatever he'd wanted to her, giving her a taste of bondage and making her choke on his cock as he face fucked her, and on top of that squeezing himself into her ass and introducing her to anal sex in a painful, overwhelming manner. And what fucked her off the most was that she'd loved it; she'd hated it at the time but she couldn't deny how wet it made her, how absolutely horny it got her...and how much she wanted him to do it again. Her day was unproductive and muddled, the twinge in her ass a constant reminder of her place until she soaked in a hot bath and then got ready to go to his for the night again.

That night was much more of the same; knowing he'd broken her and that she could take what he wanted to throw at her, he doubled down to fuck her harder than before, really stepping it up to enjoy her body in every way he could. She'd dressed in sexier underwear and thigh high hold-ups for him, loving his reaction as he unwrapped her to discover it, and he'd then treated her to some pleasure of her own. Stripping her naked bar her stockings in a sensual tease, he'd secured her hands in the straps again and proceeded to lick her pussy and asshole at length, bringing her two orgasms and warming her up thoroughly. She'd writhed under his touch, loving every lick and suck of his mouth, every stimulating finger he inserted into her, probing at her petite body to build her up ready for the night.

With her bubbling over, he'd slid himself inside her for a quick fuck, taking in the delectable feel of her vagina in a couple of positions, on her back and then doggy style, thumping his thick manhood into her much to her enjoyment before he'd made her suck his cock again. She wasn't very impressed with sucking his cock straight from her pussy but she was more onboard with it this time, rolling her eyes and swallowing his cock, doing a much better job this time of controlling her gag reflex. With Anna seemingly getting into things he'd been able to enjoy the throat fuck of her more, driving full depth much better and getting periods of a proper rhythm, pounding back and forth in her wet, sloppy throat as she tongued at him, gagging and coughing around him but controlling herself much better until he came, making sure to get far more of it over her tongue this time so she tasted it. She'd been unimpressed with that, gagging initially and then swallowing it, knowing he wanted her to and would only punish her if she didn't, gulping it down before gagging again much to his pleasure.

The anal sex had been tough; she was far more ready for it than she had been the night before when he'd so painfully claimed her anal virginity, but she was still struggling with it. With her sphincter muscle already strained and her body still naturally fighting it she had difficulty taking him in, unable to relax much better than the first time, making him stretch her ass open with his cock as she almost shrieked in pain, shuddering and sobbing, tears again streaming hotly down her face as he took her ass. He had more compassion the second time around, giving her a chance to recover and ease into it before he plundered her booty, building it up to go harder on her than he had the night before once her asshole stopped fighting him so much, slamming into her and deliberately pulling out to make her gape wide, Anna gasping through the embarrassment and pain as he pushed back into her, burying her face into the pillows as he fucked her ass hard.

She got wet as hell again however, pussy giving her away, which didn't go unnoticed by him and he reached underneath to rub her soaking lips and stimulate her clit to a hard, different kind of orgasm, a mix of pain and pleasure as her strained asshole clamped down on his achingly hard cock. He'd gone on to ejaculate deep in her ass and then force her to suck him after, making her gag again though she fought it less this time, knowing it was her place, she'd agreed to it and it was what he wanted to do with her. She still choked and gagged however as he shoved it into her throat, hating that she was kind of enjoying it. Their night had finished with another rough fuck, Anna face down in the bed as he pounded into her from behind, dumping another load into her pussy before they both passed out for the night, the actress absolutely exhausted.

* * *

They started the next day with another shower together, Anna obediently dropping to her knees and sucking his cock again as she knew he would want. Wasting no time, she sucked him deeply, tonguing and slurping at his cock energetically, pushing him into her throat and holding her gag reflex back quite excellently in the process. His hands played through her hair, barely needing to force her as the petite actress worked to please him, knowing how she liked his cock sucked now and giving him that without complaint or protest. He did still need to force her down to bottom her out on his cock, making her gag and choke, but she still didn't complain, simply drooling thickly under the shower as she resumed sucking. He didn't finish however and they got out, with him treating Anna to a quick rub of her pussy and a short, satisfying orgasm before they got dressed.

He had a plan for the day, their last day together, and that involved going back to her place for some more clothes since she hadn't brought much with her to his. In her bedroom, the dainty actress sat back on the bed and let him look through her clothes, something guys never normally had any interest in but then again he was hardly picking out a dress for her to attend a red carpet. He was going through her outfits to see what she had that he could show her off in, intending to find every sexy little thing she had. He wasn't disappointed, as despite her generally demure and cool, good-girl appearance he found quite a stash of sexy underwear, along with sex toys. He left the toys, not needing those, and picked out an outfit to dress her in; from her lingerie he picked a tiny, sheer black G-string, barely more than a few scraps of elastic, and a sheer but bountiful balconette bra offering her fantastic lift despite the sheer cups, nipples clearly displayed.

He added some trashy ripped fishnet stockings that she owned against her better judgement and a modest suspender belt to hold them up. He watched as Anna stripped naked for him, not the least bit worried to do so now after all they'd done together, matter-of-factly getting undressed to let him check her out before pulling her delicate body into the underwear, token thong first before supporting her fantastic tits with the matching bra. She gave a sigh of concern as she fastened the garter belt around her waist and then rolled on the trashy stockings. She'd only got them to wear in the bedroom, dressing up as a trashy goth girl during sex on a couple of occasions and never intending to wear them out. With her dressed before him in the sexy underwear, he took her in then handed her a short, floaty summer dress, creamy colour with a red pattern to it, the skirt loose and lightweight.

“I can't wear that, not over this,” she replied, breaking character almost as her thoughts bubbled forth, looking down at the black lingerie her body was defined in.

“Why not?” he asked, waiting for her to explain herself.

“I...all this will show right through that, and that skirt is gonna blow up,” she said, pointing at the dress, knowing full well the slightest breeze would flick it up from her body and show off the trashy lingerie she was wearing.

“Funny, anyone would think that was the point,” he said with a rattlesnake smile, holding it out to her. She stared at him, eyes narrowing as she reached out and practically snatched it from him, flicking it out to pull it on; he watched with a smile as she diminutive actress pulled the thin dress over her head, the thin fabric sliding down over her pale body and black underwear, Anna smoothing it into position and flicking her hair out as he took in the outline it her bra beneath it. As she moved it clung to her body, outlining the shape and colour of the suspender belt at her waist and slender waistband of the G-string. Her stockings were clear for everyone to see anyway, the torn black fishnet a stark contrast to everything else about her and barely hidden by the hem of the dress.

“Happy?” she asked him, looking down at herself to see the outline of everything on show.

“Very now, can you walk in these alright?” he asked, picking up a set of black ankle boots, worn leather and clearly well used.

“Yeah perfectly,” she said, as they were one of her favourite pairs of heels, not too high and well shaped.

“Great, they'll do then,” he said, passing them to her. Anna put them on, giving him a great view up her skirt, loving how the lacy tops of the stockings contrasted against her and framed her clearly visible pussy through the sheer panties.

“Where are we going?” she asked, looking up and not caring that he was staring straight up her dress.

“Out, we'll find something to do,” Josh smiled. She didn't enquire further, just letting him lead; it was her job to follow, her job to obey. They left her house and headed out into the bright, sunny Sunday. Their day was pleasant, almost as if they were dating, walking along with idle chatter about everything and nothing, helping to distract her from some of the glances of passers by who noticed her trashy fishnets. The breeze was reasonable and almost immediately Anna had to work to keep her skirt down, knowing the risk of it flipping up and being caught by the wind, knowing it would draw straight up her body and unveil everything she was wearing. It kept her on edge, but also excited her, knowing she had a secret that a lot of people would love to see but that she would do everything to keep from them. It was an illicit thrill, something to make her smoothly shaven pussy squeeze and wetten just a little bit as she strutted along.

He lead her down to the beach, the breeze only picking up to battle with Anna and the hand on her skirt, the sun assaulting her pale skin as they looked out over the rolling waves and crowds of people soaking it all up. She felt over dressed, the summer dress on point but the black ankle boots, trashy fishnets and fuck-me underwear definitely not, reminded of it as she felt the cool breeze blow round her bare ass, tantalisingly close to being exposed by the short dress, barely enough to cover the tops of her stockings. Walking along past the crowds of people, they grabbed an ice cream, unable to resist the sweet treat before continuing on and getting away from the busy areas to find a more secluded area in the dunes behind the beach. It wasn't exactly hidden, there were plenty of people nearby and walking in the vicinity, but their little patch in the centre was just quiet enough. Enough for what he had planned at least.

“Take your dress off,” he said simply, a command plain and simple. Anna's eyes widened and she glanced around the secluded sandy den, knowing people weren't so far away.

“Are you crazy? I can't do that,” she said, unable to give in to him.

“You can and will. I say, you do,” he said.

“I...what do you want me to do?” she asked, heart pounding.

“You're gonna suck my cock, nice and deep,” he said, wanting her to give him a proper deepthroat blowjob all the way to the finish.

“What if someone catches us?” she asked, knowing it was a scandal she could do without.

“Then you'd better be quick then,” he smiled, turning to find a good spot to settle on the sand, Anna gaping a moment as she contemplated her options. After a moment, she knew she would obey; she was a good girl and wanted to do as she was told. Secretly, she was actually loving being treated this way, his absolute control awakening something delightfully submissive in her.

“I'll try,” she said, taking a deep breath and reaching down for the bottom of her dress, grabbing the hem and pulling it up over her head to expose her beautifully pale body and sexy black underwear, sheer G-string showing her smoothly shaven labia. Keenly aware of how exposed she was, the petite star immediately dropped to her knees on the sand and crawled to him as he pulled his cock out, watching her with that same smile, loving seeing her doing as she was told. He didn't need to order her any further, the brunette pulling into her place and immediately grasping him, jerking him firmly to encourage him to full erection, switching to holding with just her fingertips to tease him to erection in a different way, focused solely on getting him hard so she could suck him. She wanted to do this fast, hot and dirty, get him off as quickly as she could to minimise any chance of being caught. She knew he'd probably finish in her mouth, but funnily enough she didn't mind that thought, it just seemed like her place now as his fuck toy.

With his cock swelling to the full, thick erection she now knew and loved, she wasted no time in getting to work and slid him straight into her mouth, holding the base of him as she took him quite deep and applied her tongue. Focused only on her task, she put her decent blowjob skills to work, bobbing quite quickly from the off to stimulate him, letting her hot tongue swirl and wrap around his shaft, teasing under the edges of his bulbous purple head to make him groan. His hand slid over her smooth back and up over her bra strap, just flicking it slightly but not attempting to undo it, loving her slutty lingerie as his hand continued up towards the back of her neck. Anna pushed his cock into the soft pockets of her cheeks, letting the silky flesh stroke at his sensitive tip whilst her tongue continued to assault his shaft, working to tease and work him up, able to feel how excited he was by the rock hard throb of his manhood and the way he was pushing his hips up into her ministrations.

“Oh Anna, don't stop,” he breathed, tingling as his hand slid through her long hair, stroking it between his fingers as she pressed deep and bumped him into her throat, not struggling or nervous now, happy to work deeper. She proved that to him as she forced herself down, gripping his shaft to hold him up powerfully so she could drive her throat down onto him, relaxing herself and swallowing to help encourage him into her throat as he shuddered beneath her touch. His groans only spurred her on and after a brief withdrawal to reset herself and grab a breath, she pushed down again and determinedly swallowed him pulling her hand aside to let herself drive all the way down to his balls, his hand guiding her head down as it pressed her down in tandem with his thrust up, growling with immense satisfaction as she delectable Anna Kendrick swallowed his cock like a pro.

There was no gagging or choking, her eyes still streamed as she pulled back with a wet breath, pausing before doing it again, tears streaming down her face but holding her gag reflex in check, on top of it now as she forced his thick cock all the way into her mouth, driving down so her nose pressed into him, shivering herself in exhilaration at being able to deepthroat properly, knowing how much she was pleasing him. His hand slid from her hair, trusting her to continue and trailing down her smooth body, touching at her sexy suspender belt and then moving to her ass, grabbing a handful of it before letting his fingers trail over the back of her sweet pussy, being greeted by the heat and wetness of her arousal. Her tiny black G-string did nothing to help conceal her, quite a view from behind he was sure, and he easily dispensed with it to drag his fingers up the back of her slick lips, eliciting a groan from her as she sucked him, her hum sending lovely vibrations through his cock as he was buried in her voice box.

He glanced around to make sure they were still alone, able to hear people but nobody in the vicinity, privacy theirs to enjoy as she sucked him, getting into it properly now and bracing herself over him as she found her rhythm and worked with a brisk pace that encapsulated full length swallows of his cock from balls to base, pulling right back on him as she sucked firmly to let her lips pout below his head as her tongue attacked him all over. It was a wonderfully intense sensation as she pulled back to do that before gliding right back down on him to swallow him whole, the petite brunette devouring his cock all the way in a velvet heat. He thrust up into her mouth in unison with her as his fingers attacked her clit, wasting no time in teasing her and flicking at her engorged button, alternating into circular motions around it as she groaned in ascending pleasure. Her juices ran over his fingers with her arousal, pussy absolutely drenched as the excitement of being in public mixed with her enjoyment of sucking him off, turned on by swallowing him completely, proud of herself that she was doing that perfectly for him. She tried not to focus on it lest she lose her concentration and instead just buzzed at his touch, rolling her hips into him for maximum stimulation, body tingling as the contractions of orgasm started to build.

She didn't break her stride, continuing to do as she was ordered even as she climax rushed up on her, taking just a couple of minutes of touch to make her come all over his fingers, which she did with a hard shudder, legs squeezing as her vagina contracted, juices leaking out of her as she squealed her pleasure into his cock, trying not to be distracted. Her rhythm did suffer however, a shuddering pause as her eyes squeezed shut, making her gag and pull off him to drool all over his cock as she gasped a couple of intense breaths before obediently diving down to take him in her mouth again before he chose to disciple her. Sucking harder, she pushed herself down again with surprising ease and started thrusting her head onto him with shorter, more intent motions now, his head stretching her throat as she hummed and lapped at him.

“Ohh fuck, Anna that's it you little slut,” he groaned, surprising her a bit though she didn't show it. If she was anyone's slut, she was his. Unable to control himself as he knew he was close, his hands grabbed her head, twisting his fingers into her dark hair as he took hold and started to thrust up hard into her mouth, holding her down as deep as she'd been sucking, using her solely for his pleasure now as she obediently took it. Working to suck and lick as best she could, she just breathed through her nose and let him fuck her face, loving his urgency, his groans and grunts, how hard he was in her mouth, knowing he was on the brink of exploding. She wasn't wrong as his breathing got heavy, intense, cock straining in her mouth as she felt him swell that little bit, always loving how guys did that though never in her mouth...until now at least. Holding on for the last crucial seconds as he pumped her mouth, he suddenly burst with a jolt of his pelvis, a jet of come spurting into the back of her throat before he yanked her up by her hair, short and sharp so his head was just in her mouth as his second spurt came, emptying it all over her tongue.

Anna wasn't quite ready and suppressed a cough, but she didn't fight him or let go, holding his head in her mouth and still sucking firmly, tongue working at him to encourage the maximum she could out of him as his cock jumped in her mouth, emptying ropes of his thick, salty load all over her tongue and inside of her cheek as he shallowly held himself in her, Anna tasting him and refraining from gagging, still not used to this bit but far more prepared. Holding her still, he gave a few final squeezes of himself to get every bit of his load onto her tongue, Anna licking hungrily to ensure it before he let her go and flopped back, breathing hard as she gave a pouting pull off him to capture it all, careful not to dribble. She'd never done this before, never been so brazen about swallowing so it was a rush for her to do something new as she pushed back up onto her knees and looked to him before swallowing deeply, opening her mouth and putting her tongue out like it was a porno to show him she'd done as he wanted.

“God damn,” he smiled as she leaned onto her hand and breathed hard, heart racing as his was, taking a few moments to catch up as tears dripped from her nose. Around twenty seconds was all she allowed herself, sitting on the sand and reaching out for her dress that she'd cast away so apathetically minutes before, grabbing the soft fabric and standing to shake it out as he put himself away, glancing around carefully to make sure nobody was watching as she shook the sand from it. Pausing, she quickly brushed her toned ass off and reached down to dust away as much sand as she could from her fishnet-clad legs, the gritty silica caught amongst them around the knees where she'd done her job. Anna figured the rest would come out easy enough from the trashy stockings, pulled her thong back over her pussy and quickly threw her arms up to shrug the dress on, cream and red cotton slipping down to conceal the racy underwear and her beautiful body as he stood up to join her. His hand took in a quick squeeze of her ass as she smoothed the dress out, pulling out the slight ruck where it had caught over her ample breasts, making sure it descended completely to hide her treats before she reached up for another wipe of her eyes, glad she hadn't overdone the dark eye make-up.

“What now?” she mumbled, reaching down to brush more sand from her knees and then her shoes, the dusty grit stuck all over her cute ankle boots.

“Let's keep walking,” he said, taking her hand and leading the way, out of the small sanding den and back to the main path, meeting people just moments away from passing close to them, so close they'd have definitely heard what they were up to. Anna glanced back at them as they walked past, pulling in close to whisper to him.

“Another minute and they would've caught us,” she said.

“Good thing you got it done quickly then,” he smiled, squeezing her hand.

“I do as I'm told,” she said, looking down a little as she blushed, feeling a buzz of pride go through her. She was what he wanted her to be, and stupid as it was that made her happy, something she would never have imagined when all this started on the Friday night before. They continued walking for a while, a couple of hours as they worked their way back from the beach, taking time to rest and relax in the pleasant day, getting some shade to relieve her alabaster skin. They made their way up into the hills a little, a great view out over the coast on the bright, clear day as they walked through the pleasant scenery, nice to be away from the urban areas. He let her get ahead of him at times, taking glances up her skirt when she was sufficiently far ahead of him to see her near nudity, the black lingerie contrasting so completely with her pale skin, the G-string tiny and almost pointless to conceal her.

Pulling her away from the main pathway, he led her into the bushes, a concealed area away on the side of the hill that overlooked the houses and beach below. There was a railing along the edge of the patch of grass, clearly intended to be used though rarely it was from the looks of it, just about visible from the trail if someone looked the right way. She looked around and then he drew her in for a kiss, a deep, tongue-twisting lip lock, entwining and battling each other before he suddenly broke away and grabbed her shoulders, turning her round to face the railing. Anna gasped slightly as he shoved her against it, wasting no time in pushing her over it and reaching down to pull her skirt up; he wasn't going to undress her this time, simply take what he wanted as her tiny underwear was hardly in his way. Exposing her bare ass, he ran his hand over it and planted a smack on her, Anna just murmuring and waiting for him to take her, knowing she was his to do as he pleased with. He reached between her legs, fingers running over her token panties and feeling her wetness through them, the rough initiation immediately wettening her pussy.

“Ready to go,” he murmured with a smile, reaching down to free himself from his jeans.

“For you I am,” she replied, knowing he wanted to hear it. There was plenty of truth in it as well mind. With his stiffening cock in his hand, he stroked it to full hardness again, pushing Anna a little further over the railing and reaching down to pull her thong aside, the little string easily out the way of her asshole and bulging vulva. Pressing his thick head against her juicy lips, it took only the slightest push to part them and delve inside, both of them groaning as he slipped inside her silky hole, effortlessly pushing to almost full depth inside her. Anna didn't protest at being fucked, at being taken in public like this, she simply arched her back and pushed against him, working to get him fully inside her, loving the sensations as the ridges of his cock played over her nerve endings, tingling her as he started fucking her briskly, wasting no time in pumping her hard and fast. He knew she could take it, could feel how ready and relaxed she was, making it his intention to fuck her as hard and fast as possible.

His hips slapped her ass as he fucked her, hands on her waist through the rucked up dress, pulling back into her willing hips as he gave her his all and jammed the railing into her pelvis. After a couple of minutes of that though he wanted more and he was going to give it to her, slipping his hard cock out of her, glistening in the sunlight as he spat on his fingers and reached down to rub it over his thick head before hooking her thong aside and easing his cock in to her asshole. The actress flinched momentarily then relaxed, breathing deeply as she controlled herself, knowing he was going to take her ass and she needed to relax. But with no lube, only her juices and his rudimentary spit lube it was going to be intense and she couldn't deny her trepidation at it.

“Are you sure?” she couldn't help asking, glancing back a bit.

“You'll be fine,” Josh said dismissively even as he started to press forwards, her ass stretching for him straight away. Anna just put her nerves aside and tried to focus, knowing there was a job to do here, pushing back and out for him to relax herself so he could squeeze into her. He drove his hips forward with power and precision, straight into her tightest hole, feeling the divine stretch of it as she gave way around him, initially stretching and then tightening up to slow his progress. Time seemed to pause for a moment before he felt the fantastic tingle of her suddenly stretching for him again, muscles giving up the fight and letting him slide quite rapidly inside her with a groan of deep pleasure at how tight she was around him. It wasn't the same for Anna who despite trying to let him in could do no more, his cock just not lubed enough for easy entry and struggling, before her body suddenly gave up and let him in, a sharp pain shooting through her asshole, more than just the stretch, knowing something had given way as she cried out in pain.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed, shoulders tensing as she dropping her head, tears immediately welling up in her eyes and running down her nose as he growled in pleasure behind her. His hands pulled into her waist as she was accustomed to, cranking against her hips as he pulling himself into her; Anna loved how he ignored her pain, not even acknowledging it, simply taking her and getting what he wanted which was his cock deep in her ass, stretching her tight hole to bury it completely inside her with a few short thrusts. It was intense and painful, the pain still throbbing through her asshole as it hugged his cock...and her pussy was the wettest it had ever been, juices flowing so much that she was sure they'd drip on the ground.

“Fuck that's tight he breathed,” with a shudder as he felt her sphincter spasm and jump around him, clenching and releasing in her overwhelmed moment. Anna could only mumble an acknowledgement, fighting the sensations of pain and pleasure, loving how he took her like this, like no man had ever done before. It hurt, but she hurt for him, and that she was happy to do. He gave a few slow, steady, full-length strokes of himself inside her, careful to anticipate her muscles and not let her push him back out, not that he wouldn't just jam it back into her but he wanted to keep this smooth. She was so tight around him that he felt the tingle of climax already, threatening to bubble up if he let it, focusing on fucking her right now to abate it, working himself full depth to press his hips into her firm ass and make her squeak.

Pumping harder and faster, she loosened up and got into it more, her pain subsiding and nerves unwinding, remembering how to do this from their previous sessions and pushing back into him, just letting her body give in and be taken by him. Taking hold of the railings let Anna shove back with more authority, deciding if they were doing this they were doing it hard, he was gonna fuck her like she knew he wanted to and she would take it. Glancing over the hill, she saw nobody on the path and decided to go for it, to get it done in case anyone did come and disturb them, though she wasn't sure she'd be able to stop him. He responded to her energy in kind and fucked her harder, grabbing her hair and pulling her back with a throaty growl from her, a guttural sound that gave away her enjoyment, feeling the tingling and pulsing spreading through her now of arousal as she was fucked in the ass. It felt good, primal, naughty and she loved to please him, hearing his own intense grunts and breathing behind her as he fucked her, jamming his cock into her.

He didn't try and hold back, not aiming to make the fuck last longer, wanting it to be intense and rapid, a hard, overwhelming fuck for the both of them. With Anna enjoying it so much he couldn't hold back the climax, feeling it tingle at him again and knowing that he was going to give into it this time, but not before he got everything he could from the petite brunette. This was their last day together and he might not get another chance to rail her, wanting every last bit. With a few final slams into her, shoving really hard to get himself full depth in her petite ass as she cried out, feeling the pain again at how rough he was with her, he suddenly pulled himself out to make her stagger as she pushed back in expectation of him. She looked up in time for him to grab her hair and pull her away from the railing, stumbling on her heels as he yanked her painfully round and down to the floor on her knees, the grass getting into her stockings as she felt the twinge of her ass at her sudden movement.

“Suck,” he commanded, though he might as well not bothered as he shoved his hard cock straight into her open mouth anyway.  Anna choked as he abruptly drove it into her throat, coughing around him as her eyes watered with him trying to get straight down. She managed to push him off enough to swallow before she shoved down and gave him what he wanted, not caring that his cock was straight out of her ass or that he was disrespecting her, just wanting to please him and his iron hard cock. She sucked without complaint or hesitation, coughing and gagging a bit as he roughly jammed himself down her throat, staying deep and holding her head tightly to fuck her face, not letting it interrupt her flow as she worked on his shaft, ignoring the pain in her asshole as she focused solely on pleasing him for those few seconds he could stand slamming it down her throat.

“Oh fuck!” he growled with a strained expression as he suddenly yanked it out, tripping her gag reflex and making her cough messily, dribbling a thick string of saliva onto the ground right before he yanked her head up before his thick cock, jerking it a couple of times as he aimed it at her face for the first of many hard, abundant bursts over her face. Anna squeezed her eyes shut just in time as the initial jet landed straight across her nose, the second harder and over her forehead into her hair before a few more that he aimed across her eyes, cheeks and lips, some of his load getting into her mouth where she instinctively swallowed it, no longer caring about the salty taste. His hips jerked and he growled with finality at the last weaker shot onto her pretty face, squeezing the last from his cock as he pressed his fat head in between her pouting lips and empty himself onto her tongue. Anna licked it from his cock and let him slide in a little, sucking hard to make him gasp at the intensity, almost doubling over as he let her drain him before he pulled back.

Gasping he stepped back from Anna as she rolled her lips and swallowed again, obediently taking what he gave her, taking a moment to take her in, the sweet, petite brunette absolutely covered in his come. She thought that with things being as they were he might be a bit tired and have less for her, but she was wrong, her face was evidence of that. She was breathing hard, feeling everything again now and returning to reality; her pussy was wet, she'd loved what he'd done, but her ass hurt and there was no doubt he'd strained it a bit more than was going to be comfortable. Fumbling for her bag, she found some tissues and started to wipe her face off.

“God damn that was good,” he said, putting himself away as he watched her clean his come off her face.

“Yeah, that was fucking hot,” she said, and she meant it. It had been a weekend of firsts for her without a doubt and now she was exhausted, physically broken and needing a rest, but she certainly didn't want this to be the last time she did something like this. Finishing cleaning up, she sorted her dress out and stood up, brushing her shoes off a bit in vain and composing herself, hoping she looked presentable enough as she struggled to check in her phone screen on the bright day. They made their way back down the hill, far more slowly and carefully as her ass hurt, knowing she was going to feel it as it twinged at her, but it had been worth it. Not wanting to face the whole walk home, they got a cab to drop them back at her place and he walked her to her door.

“So, weekend's over,” she said, smiling at him.

“Yeah, gone so quick,” he said, thinking over all they'd done that weekend, his own physical tiredness testament to that.

“As long as you've enjoyed yourself,” she replied.

“Have you?” he questioned in return, wanting to know even though he was pretty sure.

“I...it's been intense, but yeah I have,” she smiled, turning to a winning, movie star smile.

“It has, but it's been amazing,” he said, grinning in return. The weekend had brought all he'd ever hoped for.

“We square now? I'm sorry about the other night,” she said, holding her hand up as if she had to apologise any further.

“Forget it, we're more than square,” he said, stepping forward to draw her into a long, final kiss. Their tongues massaged each other as she pushed onto her toes to him, his hand giving a last grope of her ass.

“Goodbye Anna,” he said, stepping back from her porch to leave. She watched him and in that split second knew she didn't want this to be it, she loved how he treated her, how she'd made her his bitch, his fuck doll, just...his. And she couldn't let it go, not yet, though she needed a break first.

“Hey,” she called, making him look back, “you know...I'm single right now so if you wanna do this again I'd be down for that. I was thinking pretty soon,” she said, flicking her eyebrow a little to just tell him exactly what was up.

“I'd love to,” he smiled, unable to keep it from his face.

“Good, I'll give you a call,” she smiled, as excited as he was.

“It's a date,” Josh replied, turning to walk away with a permanent grin on his face, heading back for his place as Anna went indoors. She felt the twinge of pain in her ass, the roughness of her knees and mess of her tangled G-string. All she knew right then was that she needed a hot relaxing bath...and to let her fingers wander as she thought over everything he'd done to her this weekend, and everything he was likely to do to her next time...

The End.

Big thanks to Ghost for helping check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.

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Re: Anna Kendrick - Payback
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That was great! I liked the back and forth dialogue, you do a fantastic job with that.

Thanks for sharing this with us and thanks to Fenderdiesel too, he sure loves Anna  ;D
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Re: Anna Kendrick - Payback
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Love Anna and love the whole set up of one drunk night leads to a lot of dirty fun. Everything fits perfectly. Hot sex as well.


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