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Evangeline Lilly - Outside on the Beach
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Outside on the Beach

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *
This story is a sequel to “Outside the Arena” so read that first!

* * * * *

Standing in the bar, he listened to the music and drained the last of his pint. He’d been sitting in a corner chatting to some people he hadn’t seen in a while, who’d now left, so he needed to get another drink. As he walked back into the main area of the bar, he glanced towards the pool table. He slowed as he spied a sexy looking brunette, bent over the table to take a shot in nice tight jeans, accentuating her pert rear delightfully. Deciding it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up, he quickly stood his glass on the bar and headed towards the table, working his way through the people crossing his path. As he approached, she stood up, showing off her lovely slim figure and long hair as she reached down to take a drink. As he got closer she stood the glass down, and he was near enough to see it was a tequila slammer. His pace immediately slowed as his heart gave a little surge, his eyes taking in every part of the girl’s body as he wondered if it could actually be her.

”Hey,” he said, stepping up with a smile. She turned round, pool cue in hand, to face him, revealing it really was Evangeline Lilly herself. Her pleasant smile turned to a grin as his smile turned to a look of surprise and shock that it was actually her.

“Well hello there stranger!” she said in a sexy tone, giving a little flick of her eyebrows before she reached up to hug him, managing not to hit him with the cue.

”Evie, this is…just…” he said, unable to find the words.

”Well at least you got my name right this time huh?” she said with a giggle as she pulled back from him. They just looked into each other’s eyes for a moment. He felt as though her gaze captured his whole soul, just as he had when they’d first met. Evangeline leaned up and softly kissed him, her sensual lips feeling so perfect as her tongue lightly probed his mouth. He returned the kiss happily, meeting her tongue with his own as she kissed him a little harder, sliding her tongue deeper into his mouth before pulling back with a little sigh.

“Drink?” he murmured, looking down at her with a smile.

”Grab us a couple of slammers. Fancy a rematch?” she said, gesturing towards the nearly empty table.

”Sure thing,” he said as she stepped back from him.

”Funny, after I handed you your ass last time,” she said with a sexy sideways glance and little flick of her tongue.

”Living on past glory,” he said with a smile as he turned to go to the bar. Evie finished off her game, which had been with a stranger anyway, as he collected their drinks and headed back over, where she exchanged him a pool cue for her glass.

“So, ready to go?” she said, taking a sip as he saw she’d already set the table for them to play.

”Yep, time to hand you your ass,” he said with a smile.

”Ooh fighting talk. Though last time we met you didn’t even get close, though you did something to my ass,” she whispered to him as she leaned in close, giving him another light kiss on the cheek before he leaned down to break. He broke quite successfully, sinking one red straight away, giving him another shot. With the amount of balls he easily got another, before missing his third.

”Good start,” Evie murmured with a smile and suggestive glance before she leaned to take her shot. Sinking her yellow, she managed another before missing, leaving them equal on two, evidently not losing her knack. Taking a good drink of his tequila slammer, he lined up again, managing a lucky shot with a double bounce to sink one, before neatly sinking another two.

”Damn, you been practising?” She said, looking on genuinely impressed.

“More than just pool,” he said, giving her a wink. She gave a little laugh and leaned for her shot, a tricky one, which went wrong, almost sinking one of his in the process. She muttered to herself as she took another drink, immediately smiling when she saw his look at her. Their roles so reversed from their previous meeting, when she’d trashed him at this game. With what was either pure talent or blind dumb luck, he finished off his colours and had just the black to go. Blocked by her yellows, he could only have a go at brushing it so as not to foul. Evie managed to sink another before fumbling again, leaving him with an excellent line up on the black. With a gulp of the last of his drink, he lined up, feeling her eyes watching him intently. With a neat touch, the black was sunk and he’d won, thoroughly owning her.

”Owned,” he said mockingly, point at her with his pool cue, mimicking the way she’d done it last time. She gave a little and walked over to him.

”Well I was gonna give you a little victory present, but I’m not so sure now,” she cooed with an innocent look.

“You know you can’t resist giving it to me,” he said, smiling slyly at her as she eyed him from under her eyebrows. She leaned up and kissed him again, more passionately now, her tongue powerfully seeking his own as her hands slid round his back, her nails sticking in slightly to conjure up wonderful memories of her at her hotel. His hands automatically slid round her and down towards her tight arse, sliding his hands onto it and giving a firm squeeze, making her moan slightly and push her hips back a little.

“I’ll get us a couple more drinks,” she said a little breathlessly, sliding out of his reluctant grasp as his hands slid from her rear. She glanced back at him with a wiggle of her tongue, shaking her hips a little as she walked, since she knew full well he was staring at her arse. Sliding down into a comfy chair, he wondered just what the odds of finding her here at this bar were, and things exactly the same between them as they had been the last time they’d been together, which felt like it was all too long ago.
He watched her approach, loving how her low-slung jeans hung down round her hips, leaving her tummy exposed below her snug red tank top.

“Here you go babe,” she said with a grin, handing him his slammer before turning and sliding down on his lap, grinding her firm bum into his crotch, which was already at half-mast due to her teasing. She took a sip of her drink as she eyed him, settling herself on him as he slid an arm round her back to support her, lightly stroking her side.

”So how’s things been for you lately? Climbing that ladder?” she asked, looking down at him as she slid an arm over his shoulder.

”Yeah getting there, gradually climbing. Not far, but it takes time doesn’t it?” he said, taking another healthy slurp from his tequila slammer.

”Sure does, hang in there. If they know the you that I do, they’ll know you have the stamina to go…all the way,” she said quietly, licking her lips with a devilish smile. His free hand slid onto her leg at her knee, giving a slight squeeze before he slid it straight up her thigh, almost to the crotch of her jeans and her sweet pussy below. Stroking and squeezing lightly, he worked the inside of her thigh with his fingers, making her glance down to his hand before looking back into his eyes.

”Excellent, you’re just as horny as I remember you,” she said huskily. He smiled at her and then pushed his hand right between her legs onto the slight bulge in her denim, feeling the soft heat of her pussy through the jeans as he rubbed her firmly for a moment. She gave a light gasp, biting her lip and trying to hold her eyes open.

”You’re just as bad,” he whispered, seeing her nipples poking up slightly through her top.

”No, I’m worse” she said, looking at him with a smile he could feel. His hand slid up her side to sneakily cup her breast as his hand gave her crotch another rub, almost making her give a loud gasp. She barely contained it, then leaned down and passionately kissed him, their lips pressed hard together as their tongues danced, her hand finding his as she quickly slid off his lap, breaking their kiss as she almost stumbled to her feet. Pulling him up, she quickly led him towards the door, a couple of people giving admiring or jealous glances as the foxy Canadian brunette determinedly dragged him out.

“Where we going?” he said with a smile as she slid in close to him, her arm round his back. His arm automatically followed suit, sliding back round her slender body, his hand stroking down over the lovely curve of her back to the top of her hips, feeling the warmth of her body as she moved next to him.

”Somewhere quiet,” she murmured, her own hand now giving a slight squeeze and rub up his side as she looked up to him with a sexy glance and a spark in her eyes.

”Quiet huh?” he said, his hand sliding down to her waistband now, his thumb hooking in the belt of her jeans, just above her inviting rear. Evangeline gave a little curious glance backwards towards his hand before just rolling her eyes up to him, a naughty little smile breaking out on her face, her tongue just gliding other her upper lip.

“Yeah quiet, it needs some noise,” she said huskily, her smile increasing as she gave her hips a little wiggle under his hand. His thumb slid across the material of her underwear before he slid it right down to rest fully on her bum, firm and perfectly shaped under his hand as it moved with her walking. She held her gaze up at him with a smile, which he could do nothing but return as he gave a good squeeze to the Canadian beauty’s pert rear. She gave a contented little sigh as he felt her arse, wasting no time in enjoying his groping of her slim body.

”You’ll have plenty of time with it, don’t worry,” she giggled turning to look forward again as he continued to lightly rub her arse, resting his hand on the top of it.

”I know, but I want to use all the time I have,” he murmured, feeling her press a little tighter to him.

”Well I hope you do more than just squeeze,” she whispered, pressing her fingernails into him just a little.

“I will, once we get to…?” he trailed off, her cue to tell him where she was taking him.

”It’s a beach house I rented, fancied something different to a hotel this time,” she said softly.

”But we had so much fun at your hotel last time,” he said with a smile, looking down to her.

“Oh I know, but I didn’t know I was going to meet you again did I?” she said with a giggle.

”Well you could’ve left me your number, not just the socks,” he said with a smile, remembering how he’d found the still warm stockings she’d left him.

“Well when you were doing me right before my flight you didn’t seem too concerned about asking for my number! And I bet you forgot to bring those stockings?” she almost squealed, pulling herself close to him as she laughed.

“Yeah, not exactly the thing I carry around with me all the time,” he laughed, his hand sliding back onto her body and up her side.

“Aw, I’d so wear them for you,” she cooed, pouting a little. His heart skipped a beat as he remembered doing her wearing only them and her high heels.

“I can go home and get them if you want?” he said with a smile.

”No it’s alright,” she giggled, “I’m sure you’ll enjoy it,” as she gave a little wiggle of her body, her hand sliding down and across his back to take his hand.

”Here we go,” she purred, finding a key from her pocket and leading him down the path to a beach house standing on the inviting sands, lit only by the moon, the sound of the waves washing softly on the beach in the background. She opened the door and pulled him inside, shutting it behind her turning the lock as she shoved the key back in her pocket. She barely had the time to look up before he pinned her firmly against the door, kissing her hard, his tongue pushing into her mouth. She didn’t resist, her hands sliding round his back as she vigorously returned his kiss, their tongues twirling and dancing together as his hands firmly squeezed her perky breasts, making her give a throaty groan which he could feel. Her hands reached down and grabbed the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up as they broke with a loud gasp, her cheeks feeling a little flushed as she drew the shirt up over his head, peeling it off his body, which seemed a little more defined than she remembered it as she cast it aside.

“You been working out?” she murmured as his hands groped and slid over her, returning her move by going for the bottom of her red tank top.

“Nothing much really, why?” he asked, leaning down to kiss softly over her neck as he raised her top.

”I guess I just wanted to see you again more than I thought,” she mumbled, blushing a little as he pulled back to pull her top up and off, exposing her perky breasts in a purple lace bra that pushed her breasts up.

”Oh you wanted some of this did you?” he said, leaning down to kiss her again as she pushed away from the door a little, her hips pressing forwards against him, allowing her to easily feel the bulge of his stiffening cock press into her through his jeans.

”Don’t tell me you didn’t,” she gasped as she fumbled for his belt.

”Of course I did, wanted nothing more than to hit this ass,” he said with a smile as he reached down and gave her a little smack on her pert arse, making her breath catch in her throat.

”Oh it’s like that is it, just want to give me a good pounding?” she said with mock-offence and a pout, her hands still undoing his belt and working on his button as she leaned back to look at him.

”Do you even care?” he said with a smile as he reached down to undo her belt as well. She gave a thoughtful pause, enough time for him to undo her belt and attack the button.

”No, I really don’t right now,” she giggled, as he undid her button and pulled the zip down. She quickly took control, undoing his jeans fully and pushing them down his hips to reveal his tented shorts.

“Well at least you have the right tool for the job,” she said, looking back up to him with a saucy smile before giving him another kiss as she pushed his jeans down so they fell to his knees.

”I’ll always be ready to do you,” he mumbled as she kissed and lightly sucked at his neck, his hands quickly wiggling and tugging at her jeans to get the tight denim off her hips and lovely arse. His fingers brushed over more soft lace and he quickly pulled back from her, making her gasp as he looked down, his eyes widening.

”Do you always dress like this when you go out to bars?” he said, admiring her sexy lingerie. Under the jeans, Evie had small purple side tied knickers, a garter belt and lace topped stockings leading down into her trousers. She looked down, away from him, acting a little coy as he leaned forward to look over her shoulder, seeing that it was a thong she was wearing, something he was more than eager to see her cute rear in.

“Well, I always thought I might see you, since it’s your town,” she said, giving a little wiggle so her jeans slid down to her ankles in a heap.

“Wearing knickers this time then?” he said with a smile.

”Yes, I thought you might like removing them from me,” she smiled.

“Turn around,” he said, shuffling back a little to eye her lingerie clad body. She gave a smile and shifted back a fraction, then turned round slowly in front of him to show off her sexy back and nice arse, the cheeks firm and well toned, the thong cutting them so perfectly. Knowing what he wanted to see, she arched her back for him, pushing her bum out so it was totally tight and inviting. She gave a little wiggle of her hips for him, then bent fully over and touched her toes, allowing him to see the sweet bulge of her waiting pussy.

”They’re sexy,” he said, unable to think of anything else more poetic as he was totally struck by her body.

”It was worth it then,” she giggled as she stepped out of her jeans, kicking off her slip-on shoes at the same time as she stood up and faced him. He also shoved his jeans down, leaving him in just his shorts with the gorgeous Canadian star in her purple lingerie, all for him. She almost pounced at him, kissing him hard a she guided him back towards her bedroom door. Going through it, she gave him a good shove, making him topple down onto her bed, landing on the soft silky sheets. She was on him immediately, hungrily kissing him again as his hands firmly squeezed and fondled her prominent breasts, perfect for her slim figure. His hands slid down her smooth, warm sides to her hips, over the garter belt to find the bows of her knickers just below.

“Mm I’m yours to unwrap baby,” she whispered as he toyed with the bows, giving him the all clear to undo her underwear, not that he’d have held back. He pulled the strings through and felt them give. Evie also felt them give, her thong going a little looser, but the untied strings were still trapped under her garter belt to keep it on her. She gave kisses down his neck and onto his chest before she knelt up and turned, throwing her smooth, stocking covered leg back over him to face away from him. Shuffling backwards, the luscious Canadian moved back till her sweet pussy, covered only by a piece of thin purple lace was above his face, and her head equally in line with his rock hard cock, straining at his shorts. He saw her thighs tense as she knelt, grabbing his shorts and yanking them down, out from under him so his erection sprang free. She gave an approving mumble as she pulled his shorts down to his knees and left them, now focussed solely on his stiff 7” cock.

”Oh god Evie,” he moaned as she kissed him hotly on the tip of his cock, her tongue dabbing at him between her soft lips.

”Just enjoy, and return the favour of course,” she giggled as she wrapped her delicate hand round his rock hard cock, feeling him twitch. He immediately focussed on her sweet pussy, her scent strong and empowering as he raised his mouth to her. She gasped as his teeth ran over her soft mound through the lingerie, his teeth biting down on the lace before he pulled back, sliding the underwear off her sweet pussy. Her smooth lips came into view, his eyes locking on her pussy, taking in every millimetre of it. She’d shaved most of her hair off, just a “V” above the top of her slit, leaving the rest of it bare and perfect to eat. Lilly gave him a pretty big hint when she slid her mouth onto his cock, letting the bulbous head slide delicately over her lips and into her hot mouth, her tongue eagerly greeting him, sliding powerfully over the top of his head and down onto the top of his shaft as she took him into her talented mouth.

”Oh god that’s good,” he groaned, his eyes closing for a moment, holding her hips as she sucked him in, taking around half his cock at first, which she sucked hard at, making his breath catch before she eased off.

”I’ve wanted to do this more than you know, and I hope you have too,” she murmured after pulling off for a moment, giving a wiggle of her cute arse and hinting heavily. He immediately took it, grasping her hips and leaning up to her neat pussy, wasting no time in giving her a thrill by sliding his tongue up her slit and attacking her stiff clit with the tip of his tongue, feeling her body tighten over him. He circled it rapidly, tasting her sweet juices before sliding back and licking fully over her smooth lips, making her groan as the sensation of his hot, rough tongue on her bare pussy sent a shiver through her. She gave a ragged little gasp, breathing hot air all over him before she quickly took him back into her mouth to continue her ministrations, sucking firmly and sliding down so he touched the back of her throat, around 5” filling her. She started bobbing her head as she felt his tongue explore her, the tip working slowly up her entrance teasingly before he pushed inside, going all the way and thrusting his tongue powerfully into her as deep as he could. Evangeline gave a grunt and tensed as a little wave of pleasure spread through her, her muscles squeezing his invading tongue tightly, almost forcing it out.

She was glad she hadn’t as he started to circle and swirl it around inside her, feeling like he was going deeper than any other man ever had before he pulled back, changing to dipping his tongue rapidly in and out as his fingers sought out her clitoris again, lightly pressing on it and rubbing. She groaned deeply in satisfaction through his cock as her head went smoothly up and down, having no trouble sucking him off as his spare hand stroked her soft lacy garter belt. He gave an equal groan of pleasure through her smooth mound as she gave a firm suck to just his head, working vigorously with her tongue at him before picking up her pace a little to take him closer as he switched round. He pulled his tongue out of her pussy, leaving her feeling a little empty for a moment before he pushed two fingers straight into her juicy haven, attaching his lips to her hard clit and sucking lightly. She grunted loudly through his cock, feeling her tummy surge with excitement as he started to suck firmly at her hardened nub, alternating to tonguing her whilst massaging her with his lips as his fingers thrust in and out of her dripping pussy, making her entire body shake with pleasure for a moment before she resumed sucking.

“Mm Evie,” he mumbled through her groin, sending vibrations into her clit as she sped up, sucking him harder and moving fast, bumping the back of her throat each time as he tongue worked double time at his shaft, teasing the ridge at the back of his head. They were both working fast to get each other off, basically racing as she started to hum, unable to push herself into a deep throat in her current position, simply giving one hell of a blowjob to him, making his legs tense up underneath her. His efforts were increasing, his lips and tongue working harder and faster than she remembered, which wasn’t a bad thing since he was about to get her off big style. He drove his tongue right into her slippery hole again and rapidly rubbed at her clit, round and round in firm, fast circles.

That was all it took, her body tensing and then her lace-clad hips bucking. She yanked off his cock to give a loud groan of ecstasy, pushing herself down into his mouth as he worked hard at her still, holding her at the top of her trembling mountain for as long as possible before she gave a shudder and breathed heavily, pulling herself up away from him and leaning down on her elbows to catch her breath. He didn’t wait however, grasping her hips again and assaulting her pussy once more, licking up her wet slit before vigorously attacking her clitoris, making her legs squeeze tightly and quickly pull away from him, hopping over him so she was next to him.

”I’m too sensitive for that yet baby, now stand up,” she said, sliding onto her feet next to the bed and reaching back in a no-nonsense manner for the clasp of her bra. He watched with a smile as she pulled the purple lace off, throwing it aside and revealing her perky breasts, hanging just right with the nipples stiff and begging to be sucked. He slid to the floor as she smiled at him and reached for her garter belt, unsnapping the garters from her purple lace top stockings and then undoing it, casting it aside to the floor so she was just dressed in her thigh high nylons. With a smile she sank to her knees, grasping his hips and settling in front of him as she opened her mouth to capture his bobbing hardon again, immediately sucking and starting to bob her head. She didn’t waste any time teasing, just going for it as he gasped in surprise at her immediate tempo, feeling her skilful tongue flickering along the underside of his shaft as she moved up and down, pushing into her throat, fully intending to take him deep this time.

“Mm yeah,” he breathed, his hands stroking through her hair, trying to hold back the urge to grasp her head and help her out. She smiled round his cock at her affect on him, pulling right back to his head, giving a little nip before driving down, relaxing her throat. He gave a groan through clenched teeth as his cock slid into her throat, feeling it yield with the buzz of vibrations from her vocal chords as she gave a murmur. Pulling right back to his head again, she suckled for a minute before sliding right down again till his balls were against his chin. She pulled back again, rubbing her tongue firmly along her underside, curling it up the sides of his rock hard cock and tickling with the tip as she pulled back. He couldn’t take it any more and took hold of her head, pulling back and giving a thrust into her willing mouth. Lilly didn’t seem to mind at all, just sucking a little harder.

”Yeah, just like that,” he almost growled, hardly realising how he was treating her right then. She didn’t care though, really enjoying being ‘owned’ by him right then as he held her head and thrust his cock into her mouth. Evangeline worked her tongue and lips as best she could, which was more than good enough, relaxing as he pumped deep a few times into her throat. She could tell he was close as he pulled back and started thrusting short and fast, giving a grunt and tensing a little. Evie just let him do his thing as she lapped at him with her talented tongue for a moment, then pulled back as she felt him get to the brink. Fairly wrenching her head out of his hands, he looked a little bewildered before she grabbed his cock and started jerking him fast.

”All guys want to see girls do this don’t they?” she said huskily before tipping her head back and closing her eyes. She opened her mouth and masturbated him furiously, her hot breath spilling over him as she worked her hand in a blur, taking him almost instantly to the point of orgasm. He held on for a minute, then came hard with a grunt, a thick string of come shooting from his cock and over her face, landing hot and thick over her left eye, forehead and into her raven hair. She gave a little gasp and continued pumping his cock, his hot load spurting out hard over her cute face, catching her across the other eye, right side of her face, nose and into her mouth with the last bit landing over her chin as she milked the last of him into her waiting mouth. She leaned up and sucked his cock into her mouth, cleaning him off and swallowing before leaning back and taking a breath.

”Well, was that as good as you always hoped it’d be?” she said with a smile, her face still streaked with his load.

”Yeah,” he said with a smile, still breathing quite heavily as she reached up and wiped the line of semen away from her right eye with her finger. She tentatively opened it as she wiped away his shot from her cheek as well, looking up at him with a smile as she sucked her finger clean, clearly swallowing a little before she reached to her other eye, still closed from his first spurt.

”What is it about girls getting…facials that guys find so hot?” she giggled as she wiped her eye and nose clean.

“I dunno really, it just is,” he said with a laugh, thinking about it truthfully. She sucked her finger clean once more, deliberately making a show of swallowing and licking her upper lip.

”Just seems a bit messy to me, but if it makes you happy,” she said with a smile as she stood up.

”Everything about you makes me happy,” he said with a smile. She grinned at him as she raised a leg and slipped her stocking down, peeling it off her foot and throwing it with the rest of her underwear before she turned and stepped away from him, bending right over in front of him to peel down her left stocking. He just stared at her tight arse and bulging pussy peeking between her smooth thighs as she slid it down, pulling it off her foot and glancing back at him sexily over her shoulder.

”Fancy a shower?” she purred, giving a flick of her eyebrows before sauntering towards the door, swaying her hips sexily. He followed straight away, getting to her just as she stepped into the shower, sliding her smooth, slender leg into the large cubicle and turning the water on. After a moment it ran hot and steamed up, the steam spreading out from the shower as she reached out to pull him in. He stepped in as she turned and let the hot water run over her face and hair, washing the bit of his sperm that had missed her face from her hair. She gave a little giggle as he slid his hands round her and cupped her breasts, feeling her stiff nipples in his palms as she pushed backwards, pressing her firm arse against his semi-hard cock, which hadn’t softened that much. Feeling her firm cheeks round his cock instantly helped the blood flow, his organ hardening again more fully, almost totally ready to do her with.

”Ooh someone likes me from behind,” she cooed, looking back over her shoulder and clenching to grip his cock with her toned rear.

”Damn right I do,” he said, sliding his hands up her silky front to her breasts again, rolling the nipples in his fingers firmly as she gave a breathy moan, tilting her head back to rest it on his shoulder. He leaned forward and kissed down her smooth neck as she pressed back just a little, reaching back a little to lightly hold his sides as one of his hands slid south, over her soft tummy to her little patch of dark hair. She bit her lip with a playful smile, turning herself to kiss him in return as his fingers slipped over her smooth, puffy lips, his middle finger teasing her slit and pink inner lips, brushing her clit as she gave a little gasp. She was sucking lightly at his neck now, her hand having managed to move round his now wet back, stroking him slightly before she twisted properly to face him more, her other hand now reaching down for his erect cock.

“Another treat for me already?” she purred, running her tongue over her teeth as she slowly wrapped her fingers round him, her warm and subtle touch enough to make him tingle. She stepped forward a little more so her slick pussy rested against his thigh and started to gently move as he leaned down to softly suck and kiss at her neck, grazing her with his teeth as she continued to slowly stroke his hard cock, getting it harder than it’d been since he’d last seen her. His fingers increased their efforts on her perky breasts and stiff nipples, teasing round them before giving squeeze, brushing over them and twisting them lightly and giving proper pinches as she gasped and groaned. She turned round again, letting his hardon spring free, bouncing for a moment and them rubbing over her smooth back, wet from the hot shower, just above her soft rear. He ran his hands down her sides to her hips, taking a grip and sliding his cock down between her soft cheeks. Just as he was about to bend her over and penetrate her for the first time since their last meeting, she pulled away and turned round with a playful smirk.

”I think we should do something to need showering off,” she said, her smirk turning to a grin as she shut the water off and jumped out of the shower, nipping out of the bathroom with a glance to him. He quickly followed, managing not to fall over in his haste, his rock hard cock slapping his stomach as he gave chase. He ran out of the bathroom as she quickly glanced back, quickly unlocking the door to the beach behind the house and flinging the door open, the cool night air hitting her naked glory. She would’ve paused for a minute to enjoy it, the beach bathed by the full moon, but he was catching up quickly and she wanted to make him work for her. Giggling, she dashed onto the beach, running naked onto the sand, feeling it cool and gritty between her toes, kicking up behind her as she ran unabashedly out into full view of anyone that may be watching. Of course they were alone here, which was why she would run naked on a beach. Not that she didn’t want to, it felt great, but the exposure was too much hassle to deal with if she did. Glancing back, she saw him run out the door with a quick check of their privacy, his rock hard cock visible to her in the moonlight.

She continued to run, the tide a long way out, about 500 yards down the beach, the small waves breaking quietly over the wet sand. Her breathing filled her ears, quickly joined by the sound of his feet as he pounded over the beach after her, his hardon slapping his stomach as he reached out for her, still finding a moment to marvel at her cute naked ass as she ran. He evidently had been teased to the point of ignoring subtlety, practically rugby tackling her to the ground, both of them crashing into the soft sand, sending it flying everywhere as Lilly had what little air in her body knocked out of her, much the same happening to him. He lay for a moment to grab a deep breath, laying half on top of the Canadian beauty, before pulling himself up. Lilly just lay resting her face on the sand, her dark hair shaken everywhere, catching her breath from running and being summarily captured by him. She gave a murmur as he slid his hands firmly over her arse and took hold of her hips with his strong hands, raising her up. Evie automatically arched her back as he nudged her legs apart, pulling her up a little more and then leaning forward, taking a moment to position himself before he slid forwards into her juicy pussy for the first time that evening.

“Mmm yes,” she breathed as he filled her up, sliding forwards with his solid 7” cock, pushing his whole length into her in one stroke, pressing into her firm arse. He gave a groan as he did, relishing every second as he sunk into her, having forgotten just how hot and snug she was round his cock. He just held full depth for a second, feeling her squeeze and clasp at him, loving the feeling of him buried to the hilt in her as she pushed herself back and up slightly, so he wasn’t so much on top of her as behind her. With her knees settled in the soft sand, he pulled back, giving a groan as she squeezed him tightly, working her muscles round him till he pulled right back, her soft inner lips wrapped tightly round the base of his bulbous head as he almost slipped out, drawing to the limit before sliding back into her, feeling her body yield as he again pushed right in, able to get a little deeper now she was up on her knees, bumping against her cervix.

“God you’re hot,” he groaned as she pushed back against him, squeezing him and rolling her hips. He wasted no more time being slow, moving to hold her slim waist as he pulled back, shorter this time before pushing back in firmly, making her grunt. She pulled herself up onto all fours as he started to pump in and out, feeding her about half his 7” length as she pushed back against him, her perky breasts jiggling as they fucked. The moonlight bounced off her smooth back, her hair hanging down over her shoulders and neck as her fingers dug into the sandy beach, the noise of the water lapping at the beach a calming rhythm to accompany the hard, fast rhythm of him pumping deeply into her pussy. Her tummy felt tense and nervy, her foot unconsciously starting to bang up and down behind them as he screwed her. All of a sudden she knelt up and pulled herself forwards as he pulled back, making him slip out of her, leaving her feeling empty as she turned and gave him a playful push so he lost his balance and fell onto the sand, his glistening hardon sticking up, the moonlight making things clear to see.
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Re: Evangeline Lilly - Outside on the Beach
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”You gotta come get me,” she said with a smile as she stood up, her legs feeling a little shaky as she jogged away again towards the water, her firm breasts bouncing. He quickly scrambled to his feet and gave chase again, her gorgeous figure silhouetted against the dark horizon. She wasn’t making too much attempt to streak away from him, but there was no point as they were almost at the water now. He gave chase, running up behind her again, but this time she didn’t wait for him to tackle her. Quickly whirling on the wet sand now underfoot, she caught him as he reached her, grasping his face and almost throwing herself up to kiss him hard. Due to his momentum, he managed to realise that he’d plow her straight off her feet as she turned round. As she turned her took hold of her slender body, just under her arms, and lifted her up. She quickly threw her arms round his neck as he scooped her up, attacking his lips with her own as their tongues attacked one another.

Carrying her forwards a few more feet as he slowed, he ran into the water, the cold liquid splashing up around them, over their naked bodies. His rock hard cock pressed into his stomach as they kissed passionately, the water lapping coldly round his lower legs her feet dangling just above the small, lapping waves as he held her slim body up. She broke the kiss, pulling back for a breath as she raised her legs and wrapped them round his waist, her warm, smooth thighs gripping him powerfully as she tenderly brushed a hair back from his face, smiling with pure happiness.

”Quite romantic huh?” she said with a smile.

”Yeah, I think so, perfect place for some moonlit loving?” he said with a return smile.

”I’m more than fine with that,” she purred, leaning down to give him another kiss as he sunk down, carefully dropping to his knees in the shallow water, the small waves lapping at him as sat on his heels, Lilly’s tight arse and legs just touching the water, making her give a cute squeal at the cold sensation. His rock hard erection was waiting for her, pressed between their bodies against her soft tummy, able to feel her small patch of hair against his balls. He lifted her up as she relaxed her grip on him briefly, then she used her legs to pull herself right against him before he let her sink down, the swollen tip of his cock touching the engorged lips of her pussy, making them both give a little shiver, a mix of all the conflicting sensations. Letting her go more fully, Evangeline gave a breathy sigh as she slipped down, his cock stretching her out once more, filling her up and fitting just perfectly in her juicy haven as she sank right down to sit on his thighs.

”Ready?” she cooed, just wondering if he wanted to enjoy this position a minute longer, her straddling his legs and impaled fully on his cock.

”Yeah,” he said with a smile, kissing her softly. She knew he would be. Her arms still round his neck, she lifted herself up on him just a couple of inches before sinking down again, both of them breathing out quite heavily at the lovely tight feeling. His wet hands cupped her breasts, the nipples already straining from her arousal and the cool breeze blowing over them, and just firmly squeezed and fondled. He used his thumbs to lightly flick her stiff points, making her bite her lip at the interesting sensations it sent through her as she started to move steadily on him, moving up and down about 3” of his shaft, slipping easily on his shaft as she was so juicy. She flicked her head back to get her hair out the way as he started to lightly kiss and suck at her neck, teasing her with his tongue as the water lapped round them, the waves a little bigger now, breaking round them so they splashed her lower back.

”Comfy there?” he murmured, leaning up to give her a kiss.

“Very,” she replied, squeezing herself on him as tight as she could, hearing him grunt. His hands slid back to her sides, helping her to bounce up and down on his cock, her body slipping up and down him, her hot velvet walls rippling round him. Leaning down to give him another kiss, she picked up the pace a little more, taking a bit more of his cock in the process, her arse bumping up and down delightfully on his thighs as she moved. She rolled her hips to lean them back a little, pressuring her G-spot a little, hanging back away from him a little more, looking up towards the stars as he thrust up as best he could into her, bumping the entrance to her womb. Their speed just started to accelerate without either of them doing it consciously. Both could feel their peak coming, and also wanted the other to share it, so worked as best they could to achieve it.

”God I’ve missed this,” Evie moaned, suddenly lifting her head and looking a little shy that she’d just admitted it to him, a one night stand essentially.

”Me too,” was all he could reply, letting her off any hook she thought she was on. She leaned down to kiss him hard, her tongue diving into his mouth as they sped up, both of them lifting her body and pushing it down hard as he thrust up, using virtually the whole length of his cock, almost making him slip out a couple of times as she felt her clit buzzing, stomach tightening in impending orgasm. With Lilly’s sweet, quivering pussy wrapped tightly round his cock it wasn’t going to take much to get him off, and he was pretty close to that now, just hoping she’d get off with him. Unfortunately with one well placed squeeze of her skilful pussy she shattered any hope of holding back, immediately making him feel the point of no return.

”Oh god,” he groaned, his hands gripping her tightly as he held her and thrust up rapidly into her, pounding on her for a few seconds. His cock was in fact rubbing her G-spot an absolute treat, taking her right to the brink, her teeth clenched as she growled her pleasure. With an almost primal grunt he buried himself as deep as he could inside her, almost pushing through her cervix as he came, his hot load shooting strongly into her tight body. The feeling of his thick, warm come ejaculating inside her was enough to send Lilly over the edge, giving a spasm on his lap, her fingernails digging into his shoulders hard as she tipped her head back and let out a scream of ecstasy. Her pussy gave a hard clench before milking at him, squeezing him as he shot his load deep into her, his hands squeezing her body tightly as they enjoyed a simultaneous orgasm, hers lasting a little longer as she ground herself down into him.

Her pussy strongly squeezed out every drop from him as he relaxed again, just loving how she felt and looked as her orgasm finished, his hands stroking her sides and onto her back slightly. She gave a ragged sigh and sank down onto him, the last fires of her climax spreading through her before she came to rest, feeling dreamy. They both breathed heavily as she leaned forwards and just lightly kissed him, then rested her head on his shoulder, looking out over the dark ocean and pinpricks of light in the sky that were the stars. He became aware again of the lapping waters, the sound having been totally blocked out by the pleasure of his wet romp with Evangeline Lilly. Looking back onto the beach, he glanced over the wide, soft sand, lit hauntingly by the pure white light of the full moon, their footprints visible as a trail from the house to where they knelt right now, basking in their post orgasmic glow in the shallow water. Past the beach house he could see the dark outline of the city, glowing in the night from all the lights on here and there.

”Come on,” he said with a smile, leaning over to give her a kiss on her soft, warm cheek before putting in an effort and standing up. He lifted her up as he had been before, except her slender legs were no longer gripping him so they slid down again as he slipped out of her, her toes just scraping the surface of the water before he quickly slid his arm underneath hers, reaching round her smooth back and then down under her legs to lift her up. She gave a giggle as he picked her up, her hair hanging down loose, toes dripping onto the water as he walked back onto the beach with her, sand sticking all over his wet feet as he headed back across the almost ghostly beach towards the house.

”So, that something to shower off?” he said with a smile, looking into her deep, pretty eyes in the pure light.

”I don’t think I can shower that off,” she whispered sexily, giving a smile as he carried her light figure back across the beach, neither of them worried by their nudity. She rested her head on his arm as he carried her back to the beach house, carefully manoeuvring her through the door and towards the bathroom.

”Still wanna shower I take it?” he said, glancing down to her as she enjoyed not having to walk.

“Yeah, sand gets everywhere, in the cracks,” she said with a smirk as she looked up, catching his gaze. He walked into the bathroom with her and lowered her onto her feet in the tub, stepping in behind her as she reached up and turned the shower back on, his semi-hard cock swinging between his legs. Stepping under the water, she drew him in for a kiss as the warm water flowed over her, washing through her hair and down over her slender body, sending the sand and salt sliding down over her, down her legs and onto the shower floor. She reached up to ruffle her hair, rinsing it through before she took hold of him and turned him under the jets, rinsing him off since he’d been in the water more than her. He felt himself tingle as the warmth spread into him, since it’d got a bit chilly in the ocean, his hands reaching up to tease Evie’s perky breasts and stiff nipples. She gave a giggle as he tickled her a little with his thumbs, sliding back under the water as she just enjoyed it cascading over her once more, not attempting to stop his groping.

”Want more from me already?” she said with a devilish smile, glancing down at his almost hard cock, due to being in the shower with her of course.

“Any reason why I wouldn’t be with you here?” he said with a smile, sliding his hands round and down over her bum, giving it a good hard squeeze, making her give a heavy sigh.

”You’re insatiable, how will I ever keep up with this?” she cooed, turning away from him inside his arms so they were in front of her, pressing her tight arse back against his cock, as she had in their first shower, except this time she guided his hand to her slippery pussy. His fingers immediately went to work, stroking at her clit with his middle finger firmly, making her murmur in pleasure, evidently not too sensitive this time, or able to cope with it. He slid down, his hand rubbing through her wet V of hair as he did so, hooking his fingers back and pulling two of them up into her dripping wet pussy, water from the shower running down over them as he pushed them up deeply into her.

“Is that what you want?” she murmured, pressing herself back into his crotch, wiggling her firm arse invitingly against him, his rock hard cock nestled between the cheeks.

“Why, are there options?” he said with a smile, using his spare hand to flick her dark wet hair away from her shoulder before leaning down to suck at her neck.

”You can have anything you want, if that’s an option?” she breathed, leaning her head to he had better access to her neck.

”It sounds a lovely option,” he mumbled, sucking her neck a little more before giving her soft kisses as she ground her arse back into him, squeezing his fingers with her pussy. She reached up and turned the shower off before turning and deeply kissing him, their tongues entwining for a moment before she stepped out ahead of her, her slim, wet body glistening and looking a treat as she reached out for a large towel. He stepped out, hardon bobbing ahead of him, which caused her to give a little laugh as she briskly rubbed herself down, wringing out her hair, rubbing over her perky body and quickly down her legs, giving a noticeably firmer rub to her pussy before she held it out to dry him off a bit. He just gave her a smile to match her own cute grin as she gave him a quick drying off, and like herself gave a good drying to his cock, jerking him for a few seconds with her towelled hand before quickly rubbing his legs and casting it aside. She looked dark and foxy, her damp hair hanging down round her face in strands as she took his hand, leading him out of the bathroom towards her bed again.

“Tired?” he said with a smile as she leaned up to entice a kiss, which he delivered softly.

”A little,” she murmured as he pushed her back onto the bed, sliding onto the soft sheets and pulling her down in front of him, so he lay behind her as he damp hair spread out over the bed near his face, almost spooning her though her legs weren’t pulled up very much. His erection was once again pressed into her arse, and she distinctively shuffled backwards so her warm cheeks enclosed him fully. He couldn’t resist rocking a little, thrusting slowly back and forth so his cock rubbed between the firm cheeks, his hand sliding down to rest on her arse. She didn’t make any attempt to stop him as they lay in silence, just listening to each others breathing, though he noticed hers was speeding up a little. It culminated in a sharp gasp as he delivered a little swat to her arse, making her look back at him with a mock shocked look.

”You know, this is how it all started last time…” she said quietly, though that didn’t stop her pushing back against him and reaching up to brush her screwed up nipples lightly.

“You didn’t seem to mind in the end though,” he said softly, his hand now stroking her hip and down over her thigh.

“You definitely didn’t,” she purred back, giving a breathy moan as his hand slid over and up her smooth inner thigh, stopping just short of her bulging lips.

“Of course not, your ass is hot, tight, spankable,” he said with a smile, his hand sliding up onto her vulva now, lightly stroking the smooth lips. After a pause, evidently thinking over the proposition for a moment, she spoke.

”Ok, just don’t be too rough,” she said with a devilish smile back over her shoulder. He gave a grin and quickly rubbed her soft pussy, feeling her tense a little as her clit was pressured.

“I didn’t hurt you last time did I?” he said with a little kiss to her shoulder.

”Well I didn’t walk perfectly next day that’s for sure!” she giggled, giving a moan as he rubbed her a little more, his fingers sliding down to dip into her wet entrance.

”I think you like it that way though, else why did you agree, and have lube ready with you huh?” he said with a smile. She gave a slightly shy smile and twisted back over to give him a kiss.

”You’ve got me there. And you’ll have me right here in a moment, just let me do something first,” she whispered sexily before she pulling from his grasp, sliding onto the floor. He didn’t ask what she was up to, just waiting to see what she had in store for him. Stepping away from the bed, she reached down for her garter belt, turning to him with a cute smile as she wrapped it round herself, stretching it and fastening the clasp, the delicate purple lace looking perfect, garters swinging down onto the top of her thighs and the sides of her arse as she turned to pick up a stocking. Raising her foot, she unrolled it up her smoothly waxed leg, sliding it onto her sexy thighs and clipping the garters onto it front and rear. She did the same with her other leg, rolling it smoothly up to encase herself in the smooth purple lace topped stockings.

“You didn’t wear suspenders last time,” he said with a smile as she clipped the remaining garters on, looking up at his comment with a little playful wiggle of her tongue.

”That’s because they were basically long socks. Theses are stockings dear, they need garters else they’ll fall down. Do you want that?” she teased.

”No, I don’t wanna be worrying about them when I’ve got you pinned down,” he said with a cheeky smile.

”Exactly, and I think this garter belt looks rather nice, don’t you?” she said with a glance downwards, not needing an answer as she knew he loved it.

“Get over here,” he said with a cheeky smile as he ordered her.

”Ooh yes sir,” she said with a little giggle, nipping back to the bed. She slid onto the bed with him, kissing him as he rolled her onto her front, sliding his hand down the smooth curve of her back. His fingers lightly played along her garter belt for a moment, following the stitching of the lace before sliding down over her pert rear, stroking the firm cheeks. His fingers just teased between them, making her squirm a little before he moved down between her legs. Lilly automatically spread her nylon-clad legs, allowing him more access to her, which he happily used as he pushed two fingers into her dripping pussy, slipping them in and out briefly before pulling them out and sliding them up between her firm arse.

”Ready?” he said, pressing his middle finger to her tight backdoor.

“Yeah,” she breathed, her hands holding onto the sheets as he gave quite a firm push, making her give a grunt and a little clench, since she hadn’t done anal that much. Once past that though, he firmly slid his finger in, feeling her yield and then squeeze at him as she settled herself. Her gave a few slow thrusts of his finger, feeling her tense a little in pleasure before he pulled back to just the tip and added his index finger, pushing back in again, getting them half way in before she gave a groan and clenched on him. He waited for her to relax and then gave a little thrust and pushed them right into her tight arse, feeling her body quiver a little around him.

”That ok?” he said, just slowing pushing his fingers in and out of her anus, feeling her sphincter squeezing at him rhythmically, mostly under her influence.

”Yeah, but a bit ti…oh god,” she suddenly mumbled, pushing herself up on her elbows on the bed as he continued to finger her ass.

”What, what’s the matter?” he said, looking into her beautiful eyes.

”I haven’t got any lube,” she said, blushing and looking away. He paused for a moment in his work on her arse, then started again, spreading his fingers a little.

”It’s ok honey, I can do you without it,” he said softly, his spare hand stroking her bum above his other hand. She gave a tight squeeze and half-rolled away from him, leaning up on her arm and looking back at him with quite a concerned expression, eyes wide.

“Without lube? I can’t take that!” she said quite hurriedly, pushing her hair back from her face.

”Why not? I got these fingers in easy enough,” he said with a little wiggle of the digits still penetrating her rear.

“Yeah, but, it’s not gonna be easy…”she trailed off, wanting to do it but a little apprehensive about what might happen.

”Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle with you, just like last time,” he said, twisting his hand to rub the back of her puffy pussy with his thumb, making her squirm a little in response. She gave another pause, toying up the idea for a moment.

”Just don’t be too rough, Ok?” she said, biting her lip cutely and turning away, laying back down on her arms as he started to thrust his fingers a little harder, making her moan softly at the little wave of pleasure she felt. Evangeline managed to withhold a little whine of disappointment as he withdrew his fingers and took hold of her hips to lift her up. Raising her, he set her on her knees as she took position on her hands so she was on all fours for him, ready and waiting for her first dry fuck. She should have expected his next move, but had a rather unexpected gasp forced from her as he grasped her hips and pushed into her dripping pussy all the way to the hilt, doing it so he had a little lubrication to use. He enjoyed how she rippled around him before sliding back out, just slipping out of her tight, engorged pink inner lips, a sight he loved, and then raised and presented his cock to her tight arsehole.

She gave a little whimper as he pressed forwards, holding her hips firmly and pushing to try and get into her tight back door. Lilly arched her back as he pushed in, relaxing herself and making sure not to fight him. They pushed against each other till his swollen head popped into her with a throaty grunt from both of them, Evie feeling a sharp twinge of pain as she was forced open, him a sensation of pleasure from her hot, tight ring. He held still for a minute, moving his hands to her slim waist, before pulling back against the top of her hips and pressing himself forwards, sliding his cock into her exquisite anal haven. She gave a yelp in pain as he pushed in a little bit, only giving her about an inch of his cock. Her yelp turned to a growl of pain as he keep on, pushing another inch into her as she dug her fingers into the bed. Evie gave a loud sigh of relief as he stopped, stroking her lower back softly as they waited a minute.

“You ok?” he said, wanting to make sure she really was.

”Yeah, I’m fine, just keep going,” she said through gritted teeth, breathing heavily. He took her at her word, gripping her waist again and pushing forwards, harder this time as her body resisted against her will. She was grunting with each breath, then gave a loud yell as he pushed in a couple more inches as she gave in to him, her arse clenching tightly round him, stopping his movement. He gave her a moment to relax, and then pushed forwards again, squeezing another inch into her as she gasped for breath, giving little cries that caught in her throat. Pausing again, he was close now, almost into her fully, though she was clearly in more pain than she wanted to let on. Rather than bother with that now though, since she had told him to keep going and not spoken since, he took a tight grip and then gave a sharp thrust, burying the remaining couple of inches into her as she gave a loud scream of pain, turning to a series of whimpers as his balls pressing into her soft pussy, the sensations subsiding as they held still. She felt pained but satisfyingly full with his full 7” cock buried in her arse, squeezing him as she got used to the strange feeling again, making him groan slightly as her strong anal muscles worked his cock.

“You ok?” he asked, reaching up to stroke her breasts softly, teasing the rock hard nipples with his fingers.

”Yeah,” she breathed, wiggling a little on her knees, giving a little gasp from the movement.

”Evie, how much do you do this?” he asked, his hands stroking down her slender sides.

“I haven’t had anal sex since our last meeting,” she said after a brief pause.

“Oh, so this is quite the treat then?” he said with a smile, reaching down to lay a little swat to the top of her arse.

”Um…yeah, for both of us right?” she said, looking back with a sly smile and a flick of her eyebrow.

”Damn right Evie,” he said, pressing himself forwards a little to just make her feel his penetration, not that she couldn’t anyway.

“You know, last time I was a bit to…strict. You should have a bit more…fun this time,” she said, glancing back to him a little shyly, as if embarrassed to tell him she wanted him to really fuck her arse.

“Can you handle that though?” he said, leaning forwards, concerned about hurting her.

”I’ll get used to it, just have a bit of fun,” she said with a pleasant smile before turning away again. He didn’t argue, taking hold of her hips again and immediately pulling back. Not too fast, just fast enough to make her uncomfortable though since she’d only just got used to his girth. He pulled back as she breathed shallowly, pushing her away from him a bit to see her tight hole bulge as his head threatened to slip out of her resisting arsehole, before he pushed forwards again. Lilly’s toes curled and her fingers dug tightly into the bed as she gave a long, loud squeal, feeling a mixture of discomfort and pain as he pushed into her, forcing his full 7” cock into her in one smooth stroke, pushing all the way to the hilt in her hot ass as is clenched and twitched around his shaft.

“Ok there?” he checked, still wanting to make sure she was all right. She gave a little nod to confirm, breathing deeply now as he held her firmly and drew back, plunging into her harder again. He started to build a steady rhythm, using the full length of his cock as he pushed in and out of her pert arse, feeling her wriggle and shift under him as she groaned and grunted through it. Evie was biting her lip, holding back anything loud, which failed as she gave a squeal of pain as he drove into her hard, his first proper thrust into her, feeling her contract and squeeze at him. He gave her a moment to adjust and then pulled back again, shorter this time, as he still wanted to go full depth in her hot rear each time. He pushed back in, pushing the breath from her body in a sigh as she took his cock, more relaxed now, the pain subsiding a little. It increased again as he squeezed her waist and started to pump into her quite fast, using a little over half his cock now. He was breathing heavily, accompanying her grunts and gasps of pleasure and pain, which was subsiding again now she was getting more into it. Evie couldn’t help but give a shove back hard onto him as he thrust in to give herself a little twinge of the pain again, which made her shiver in pleasure.

”Oh yeah loving this aren’t you?” he said with a smile, leaning back and laying a hard spank on her ass, making her groan. She didn’t need to reply to him, feeling him pick up the pace a bit more, starting to really hump her, his strong hands gripping her slender waist, pulling back against her hips as his own bumped against her ass. She felt a little bit of pain at the increased tempo but then the enjoyable full feeling of it as he pumped her. Lilly leaned down on her arms and slid one hand back down the bed, quickly locating her dripping pussy and going straight for her clit, giving a firm rub to begin with, making her groan loudly. Of course it was still tight, far more so than when he’d done her before with lube, but she had agreed to it this way and of course it had its benefits, like hearing the noises she made to every little movement.

“Harder,” she gasped, unable to stop herself, immediately feeling the results as he did just that, pumping into her arse hard, slapping against her cheeks, his balls pressing against her pussy, just behind her busy hand, her fingers now hooked up inside her as her thumb worked at her stiff clit, round and round it as he pumped briskly into her forbidden hole. She gave a yell as a jolt of pain surged through her body from a particularly powerful thrust, rocking forwards on her knees from the force, feeling an immediate pleasure rippling through her following the pain, taking her closer to her orgasm as her thumb worked at her stiff nub. Evie could tell he was getting close now from the heavy breathing and his short, hard thrusts into her tight body, his hands holding round her purple garter belt. He slowed a little but only to give her every inch of his throbbing cock, plunging long and powerful into her squeezing arse.

”Bet you’re glad I….didn’t have any lube,” she gasped, looking back up at him with a smile and sideways glance as he pumped her, her fingers thrusting in and out of her dripping haven as she pressed hard on her clit.

“Yeah, hot and tight,” he growled as he pushed into her, feeling her deliberately squeeze at him as her sexy stockings rubbed against his legs. He started to go for it again, and something told her he wasn’t going to stop now, gripping her hips tightly and fairly pounding on her, using less than half his cock as he smacked against her pert arse hard, faster than she could believe as she groaned whorishly, too buzzed with arousal to care now as he hammered on her. Her fingers were a blur now, simply using her three middle ones to rub desperately at her clit, feeling herself tensing as her orgasm approached. He pumped into her hard, stiffening and slowing down, till he almost stopped, before burying his entire cock into her as hard as he could and blowing his load. Her body was jerked forwards, almost off her knees as he came with a loud primal cry of ecstasy, holding for a moment before pumping her hard a couple more times as her fingers, combined with his hot come shooting into her arse, took her over the edge.

With a squeal of her own, Evangeline’s fingers dug into the bed, her nails pressing deep into the mattress as her own orgasm hit full force, her sphincter clamping down tightly as her body shook, pussy squeezing rhythmically as it tried to milk the cock that should’ve been buried in her. Her eyes were screwed tightly shut as she gasped and grunted through her powerful climax, her sweaty body jerking and grinding back against him as he held himself deep, still twitching and giving a couple of final pushes into her as his climax faded away completely, leaving him gasping to catch his breath. He relaxed his grip on her glistening, lingerie clad form, but still firmly supported the quivering Canadian beauty as she trembled through the end of her orgasm, before giving one final squeeze to his cock and slumping forwards, sliding off his softening cock, which gave him a good excuse to flop down beside her.

“Was I as good as last time you pounded my ass?” she breathed after a minute, glancing over at him.

”Yeah you were, dirtier too,” he said with a smile and a wink to her.

”Well there’s more to me than meets the eye,” she said with a naughty little giggle.

”Damn right there is,” he said, stretching as she pulled herself up and stood.

”I’m not sleeping in my stockings this time,” she said with a laugh, undoing the garter belt and tossing it aside before she peeled the deep purple stockings down her slender legs, throwing them aside with the rest of her lacy lingerie. He pulled back the sheets and slid under, holding them up for Evie as she sauntered over naked to the bed and slipped under them next to him. Cuddling up to him, he slid his arm round her back as he reached up to flick the light off, leaving just the brightness of the moon to illuminate the room in a pale glow, not that either of them could keep their eyes open long.

”Mm goodnight stud,” she purred with a smile, resting her head on his shoulder and relaxing, almost asleep.

”Goodnight,” he said with a smile, not wanting to think about how unlikely the entire situation was, simply enjoying the warmth of her body against his in the moonlit beach house as they both faded into a satisfied, peaceful sleep.

Feeling the warmth of sun on the side of his face, he awoke, raising his head and blinking rapidly at the bright light streaming into the beach house, over the bed and across the beautiful brunette lying in the bed with him. They’d moved so he was spooning her, her long hair spread out over the light coloured sheets, the sun beautifully illuminating her beauty, her warm, smooth body resting against his. He just watched her steady breathing for a moment before leaning down to softly kiss her cheek, feeling her stir as he did, stretching a little and giving a light groan. He slid back down into the warm bed and slipped his arms round her slim waist, feeling her sleepily reach down to take hold of his hands with her own, just slowly massaging them.

”Morning you,” she murmured, not making any attempt to get up.

”Good morning,” he said, “not trying to do a runner on me this time,”

“Nope, don’t want to,” she mumbled, moving now and rolling over to face him in his arms.

”No flight to catch then?” he almost whispered, not wanting to break the atmosphere.

“I didn’t realise how much I missed this, you…” she trailed off, leaning forwards to kiss him, not too hard, just softly using her tongue on his.

”I think we’d better have some coffee,” he said with a sly smile, his hand sliding down and over to her pert rear to give a little pinch as he gave her another kiss before sliding out of the bed. She gave a little giggle and flopped down on the pillow, closing her eyes again to await his return….

The End.

Big thanks to Ghost for helping check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.
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Re: Evangeline Lilly - Outside on the Beach
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2020, 04:51:15 AM »
Another great story. I liked the romance angle, Evie is definitely a babe worthy of some passionate moments.


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