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Dannii Minogue - Vibe On
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Vibe On

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Dannii looked up to see her manager give her a thumbs up through the glass of the recording studio window as she finished off the vocals from her latest run through of a track for her latest album. The recording light went off and she walked back out to the mixing decks where her sound editors sat adjusting various things. She heard one of them mumbling angrily under his breath and then whacking his hand down on the console.

”This thing is fubar, I can’t work out what it’s doin’,” he said to her manager who was standing nearby. Dannii looked to her manager, who looked back at the editor.

”What’s the problem?” her manager said, checking her watch.

”This deck’s screwed up, we need one of their technicians down here to take a look,” he replied, casting his headphones down on the deck.

”Right well it’s 12.45 anyway, let’s take an early lunch and the tech can fix it up before we get back,” she said, giving a nod to the door. The sound editors got up and followed her.

”You coming?” she said to Dannii.

”I’m gonna stay here and give my vocals some practice, don’t think I’ve quite got that chorus right,” she said, giving a shrug.

”Ok then. We’ll see you in an hour or so. We’ll give the tech all the details about whats wrong with the console so you can just enjoy yourself,” she said, and they headed out. Dannii let them leave, then took a deep breath and started singing. She practiced the whole song as well as the chorus, trying different techniques to see if she could find the sound she was looking for. She hadn’t been paying attention to the clock and looked up as the technician walked in. He was a young guy, maybe 21, average build. He was munching on a burger with one hand, his toolbox in the other as he walked in, then stopped and jerked his head up in shock at practically walking into the sexy aussie singer. He coughed and struggled to swallow his mouthful of burger as he tried to work out what to say to the gorgeous brunette who was standing in front of him. He forced down the half chewed mouth of burger and looked at Dannii, who was smiling at him.

”Wh..wha…what are you doing here? I thought…you know… that you and your…uhh…team had all gone for lunch so I could do my..err…service,” he stuttered, silently cursing himself for how foolish he looked in front of her. He could hear his heart beating in his ears and tried to take a deep breath without making it too obvious.

“I’m just doing some personal practice while my team went for lunch. I hope you don’t mind?” she asked in a husky tone, smiling at him whilst looking out from the corners of her eyes at him, giving the slightest flick of her tongue to her lips.

“No no no of course not, you go right ahead whilst I sort you out, I mean sort the console out for you,” he hurriedly added, turning away so she wouldn’t see him blush. Dannii giggled, a smile spreading across her soft, full lips as she watched him quickly eat up the rest of his burger and start investigating the mixing decks. Dannii tried a few notes and glanced at him as he fumbled around underneath the console. She eyed him as he worked, messing around with panels and wiring, marveling at how cute she was finding him. She stepped forwards to him, clicking a heel so he knew she was there although she was sure he’d be watching for her.

“I’m gonna get some coffee, would you like some?” she said in a sultry tone. He leaned out to look up at Dannii, taking in her gorgeous figure before remembering he was supposed to be answering her.

”Uhh yeah that’d be great,” he said, smiling at her. Dannii turned and walked into the corridor towards the coffee machine, giving a humoured roll of her eyes as he’d completely missed the pun. Dannii realized she hadn’t asked him how he wanted it.

”How do you want it?” she said, smiling to herself.

”Ummm milk, sugar” he called back, followed by a bang as he dropped something. Dannii ordered the coffee and sauntered back into the studio offering him the polystyrene cup.

”There you go, and you don’t have to call me sugar you know,” Dannii said with a smile, looking at him seductively over the edge of the cup as she took a sip. He almost choked on his coffee and only just avoided spilling it as Dannii watched on, secretly loving how she was effecting him. Dannii slid her curvy figure into one of the revolving leather chairs that sat near the console, crossing her legs.

“So how long you been working here?” Dannii asked casually. He looked up from under the console, sliding out a little.

“Uhh….6 months I guess, still a nobody really,” he mumbled, taking a nervous sip of his coffee.

”You don’t look like a nobody to me,” she almost purred to him, eyeing him, the slightest twitch of her eyes implying more than words could.

”I’m a bit of a fan of yours,” he said hurriedly, breaking the tension.

”Oh really? Are you a fan of me or my music?” Dannii said teasingly, raising an eyebrow, sitting back in the chair and drinking her coffee.

“I…er…well I like both. I really liked that song Vibe On though,” he said, again cursing himself for stumbling through another sentence as he sat up from under the console to drink his coffee.

“Cool. So what do you think’s best about me then?” Dannii said, smiling down at him. He felt the coffee jam in his throat, but kept himself together and swallowed it, hoping he looked thoughtful rather than intimidated.

”What do you mean exactly?” he said, taking another sip of his coffee, holding her gaze for a moment and then looking away.

“Well you said you liked Vibe on, so that covers my music. What about me?” she said with a girly giggle.

“Uhh well,” he said, eyeing her for a moment, “you have a couple of nicely enhanced assets,” he blurted, a slight smile catching at the edges of his lips before he quickly laid down again to reach under the console, pulling a loom of wiring aside. Dannii gave a giggle and playfully nudged his foot with hers so he looked up.

”Thanks. You’re a typical guy,” she said with a smile. He smiled back, seeing how she’d taken it well. She leaned back in the soft leather seat and crossed her arms, pushing her large breasts up. The tech hoped she didn’t hear his quiet gasp as he took in her gorgeous form. Beautiful features, those large voluptuous breasts pushed up in a low cut bright blue top, the straps of her lilac bra hanging out. Her slender body flaring into curvy hips and sexy, slender legs clad in tight jeans which ended at her well manicured feet, clad in high heels, one swaying ever so sexily from where it hung from a crossed leg.
Dannii caught him glancing at her, drinking in her form.

“So why do you like Vibe on then?” Dannii asked

”Uhh well it’s just a sexy track and got a good beat to it you know?” he said, trying to sound nonchalant.

”I did lots of personal research for that,” Dannii purred with a suggestive look and slight, sexy smile. He held her glance for a moment, feeling his heart jump before moving to lean back under the console. He misjudged the position he was in and smacked his head solidly on the edge of the exposed panel. He inhaled sharply through gritted teeth, trying his best not to swear. Dannii stood from the seat and stepped towards him.

”Oh my god, are you all right?” she said, leaning down to him with a grimace. He cradled his head, waiting for the pain to pass.

”Bugger. Bugger, bugger, bugger…” he muttered, rubbing his head vigorously. Dannii couldn’t help but smile as he muttered and rubbed, before extending her slender hand to help him. He accepted it gratefully and stood up, giving her a smile back whilst still rubbing his head.

”Nothing broken, maybe it’ll make you smarter,” she said playfully, flicking her eyebrows and giving a wink before turning away from him. He smiled back and leaned back against the console for a moment. Dannii leaned sexily towards him and stepped forwards, giving a slight smile as his hands tightened their grip on the console. At the last moment she leaned past him and picked up her bottle of water from on top of the console. He blinked hard and tried to breathe quietly as he smelt her sweet perfume and felt the proximity of her body, feeling his cock twitch.

Dannii slid away from him and turned round, smiling secretly to herself. She sexily clicked her heels on the floor as she crossed the studio to her handbag on the floor. Dannii gave a tiny glance back to see if he was watching and then crouched down tightly to put the water away. Her tight jeans slid down over her curvy hips, pulling down tightly to reveal her matching tight lilac thong as it hugged her sexy figure. Dannii took her time tucking her water bottle away in her bag, giving her hips a little wiggle as she did. He stood there and gawped, just taking in the gorgeous sight before his eyes. As she started to stand he snapped out of his trance and moved a leg forward slightly to make sure the bulge of his semi hard cock was hard to spot in his trousers.

Dannii gave a smile as she stood up and returned to her seat, quickly eyeing him up. He saw her looking at him and figured he’d better say something, since he was technically done.

”Well uhh…I can’t find anything wrong with the deck. I’ll call another technician down to take a look at it. But can I just get an autograph from you? You know, prove I’ve met you and all,” he said quickly, glancing between her gaze and the floor. Dannii gave a little giggle and looked around for a suitable material.

”Hmm. Well I don’t have anything to write on, so tell you what. Swing by my hotel later and I’ll sort you one out, and maybe an eight by ten or something as well. How’s that?” she said, flashing a winning smile.

”Yeah sure that’d be great,” he said, trying not to sound too eager as he smiled ecstatically. Dannii smiled and stood up, stepping towards him as he picked up his tools and set to leave. She reached up and tousled his hair playfully with a smile.

”I’ll be seeing you later then” she said, handing him an address card for her hotel that she’d picked up from the lobby. He grinned back and headed out, walking a little stiffly to hide his now rock hard cock. Dannii turned back to her chair and grinned to herself, loving how she’d toyed with the lad who was over a decade her junior.

Later that day, after a more experienced technician had found the minor fault in the deck and sorted it out, Dannii was doing more recording. More demos, test tracks and all the usual stuff she had to do. She finished off a track and then glanced out the window to see the young tech glancing in as he passed. Dannii smiled and gave him a wink. He smiled back and then continued on his way as Dannii continued her work.

That evening Dannii breezed through the doors to her hotel, nodding gratefully to the doorman who had held it open for her. She walked to the lift and rode up to her suite on the 10th floor. She glanced at her watch as she headed in the door, nudging it shut behind her and turning the key. It was only 6.22 by her watch, giving her over an hour before he would arrive. A smile played across her lips and she dropped her bags down and headed to the bedroom. After having toyed with the young tech she’d been horny all afternoon, and now was the perfect time to get herself off.

She kicked off her heels and pulled her blue top over her head, casting it aside. Dannii undid her tight jeans and peeled them down her shapely legs, tugging them off her feet and dropping them down. She stood and glanced at herself in the mirror, analyzing her figure for a moment before reaching back and unclipping her lilac bra. She pulled the loose garment from her large breasts and watched them bounce free, her nipples hardening fully in the fresh air. Dannii threw the bra aside and reached down and slipped her lacey lilac thong down her smooth legs, letting it drop before kicking it away.

Dannii threw herself onto the bed and reached for her side drawer, feeling inside before pulling out a slender 6” vibrator. She slid her hand down and over her shaven pussy, feeling the wetness between the swollen lips and her hard clit. She turned the vibrator on full and pushed it down to her pussy, pressing it hard on her clit straight away. Dannii groaned loudly, involuntarily pushing her hips up against it as she started moving it in little circles on her rock hard clit. She settled back on the bed with another groan as she slid the toy up her puffy lips and then slipped it up inside herself, feeling it quivering within her hot velvet walls. Dannii groaned loudly, her body writhing as she thrust it in and out of her horny body.

She slipped it back out and up to her clit again, rubbing the hard rubber around it and over her lips. Dannii was moaning loudly, her eyes squeezed shut as she lay on the luxurious silk sheets toying her soaked pussy. She raised her legs up so change the sensations that burned between her thighs, pressing the vibrator harder onto her pussy before slipping it back in again.

The tech jogged up the last few steps and nervously approached the door to Dannii’s hotel room. He was about to tap on the door when he heard a loud moan from within. He stopped dead in his motion as he waited, then heard another. He stood and listened to her moaning and groaning for a couple of minutes, his cock stiffening somewhat in his trousers. He smoothed them out and adjusted them as best her could to hide his arousal, then tapped on the door.

Dannii’s head snapped up and she looked at her watch. She then turned to look at the clock on the stand and saw it reading an hour later. She realized she’d forgotten to adjust her watch for the time zone.

”Shit!” she practically shouted, dropping the vibrator on the bed and jumping up. The tech heard movement inside and then footsteps coming towards the door hurriedly. He took a step back just before Dannii opened the door. She was loosely wearing a robe and looked flushed and flustered, her hair was shaken up and there was sweat on her brow.

“Umm…hello,” he said nervously, shifting his weight on his feet in front of the saucy Australian singer, “maybe this isn’t a good time, I should come back later.” He mumbled. Dannii blushed deeper as she realized just what he’d heard, looking down shyly as he turned to leave. She looked up and reached out, grasping his arm and looking him in the eye.

”Would you like to come in?” she almost whispered. He just nodded somewhat dumbly and let her lead him inside the plush hotel suite, not noticing as she locked the door behind them. The tech sat down, trying to relax but still rather nervy.

”If it’s not a good time, I can come back later,” he said, managing to stop himself from stammering.

”It’s alright. Why wouldn’t this be a good time?” she said with a sexy smile and glint in her eye. He blushed and looked away from her, shifting agitatedly in his seat.

”Uhh…you just sounded a little busy is all,” he mumbled.

”Not anymore” Dannii said, staring him significantly in the eyes and then turning away from him, her hips giving a little wiggle.

”Do you fancy a drink?” she said, glancing back over her shoulder at him.

“Coffee,” he blurted out, then closed his eyes in despair as he realized what he’d just said, or rather implied. Dannii glanced back at him with a slight smile.

”I think I’ll join you,” she said simply, heading to sort it out.

“Would you like sugar?” she said as she prepared two mugs.

”Yes, two please,” he said in a calm voice that even surprised himself. Dannii dropped a spoon in a mug then looked up to the sugar on the shelf. She stretched up on her toes, arm outstretched to reach the packet. Due to her small figure, she was only just able to reach it at full stretch, and as she reached up her short robe retreated upwards. His eyes were fully open as her robe slipped up and revealed the bottom of her tight, shapely arse. He quickly felt his cock fully harden in his jeans and rapidly shifted his jeans to do his best to hide it.

Dannii saw him shifting in his seat and adjusting his jeans in the reflection on the glass cabinet door and smiled to herself. She turned round as if nothing had happened, her robe having fallen open a little and her hard nipples now clearly on display through the thin fabric. Dannii walked towards him, noting his focused eyes, which she realized were surely on her large breasts and now prominent nipples. She handed him his coffee and then took a sip of her own. She looked around thoughtfully for a moment.

”Is it a little chilly in here? I was really hot earlier,” she said, glancing to the open window. He started a little in his seat, then glanced to the window and back to her.

”Yeah it is a tad nippy,” he said, taking another sip of his coffee and trying to make sure his hands weren’t shaking at all.

”Glad you noticed,” she said with a smile and sexy fleeting sideways look as she turned to the window and pulled it closed. Dannii moved to reach up for the blind, then gave a glance back over her shoulder to him and reached up. She stretched her tiny body to full stretch, her robe again sliding up to give a peak of her toned bum. Dannii grasped the bottom of the blind and pulled it down, turning round to face him with a sexy bite of her bottom lip as she pulled it down the last bit. She walked back over towards him, holding his gaze before sitting down opposite him again and picking up her coffee. The atmosphere was tangible as they both sipped their coffee in silence. Dannii never took her gaze off him, her deep brown eyes awaiting his every glance at her.

“Coffee is very stimulating, helps to keep you up,” Dannii purred, her foot brushing every so softly. He felt his cock stiffen even more in his trousers as they finished their coffee off. He tried not to make it obvious he was looking down her robe as she leaned forwards and stood her coffee mug down. He leaned forwards and did the same, then looked up and locked eyes with Dannii. Time seemed to stand still in that moment, before Dannii reached forwards and kissed him.
The tech was so shocked that he didn’t know how to react. Dannii pulled away and looked at him questioningly for a moment, then kissed him again. This time he responded, kissing her back hard and passionately.

”That’s better,” mumbled Dannii through a smile as she slipped across to straddle his lap. They kissed again, their tongues meeting as his hand slid bravely onto her large breast. Dannii broke the kiss and leaned back, grabbing both his hands and guiding them under her loosely tied robe and onto her large breasts. He immediately started squeezing and fondling them as she leaned back down for another kiss, her powerful thighs squeezing his legs where she straddled him. She slid forwards on his lap, feeling the large, hard bulge of his cock pressing against her bare pussy through his jeans. She let out a light moan as she felt it, feeling a slight spasm in her pussy.
She slid her fingers through his hair and pulled his head back.

“I’m horny as hell, and I was doing exactly what you thought when you showed up. If you sort me out, I’ll sort you out,” she said in a husky tone, her face close to his. He could only nod in response, and she smiled and pulled him to his feet. His jeans had a slight wet mark where Dannii had rubbed herself against him. Dannii lead him to her bedroom, checking the lock on the door as they passed. A buzzing sound filled the room as they entered, and his heart skipped a beat as he realized what it must be. He glanced around and noticed the small lilac thong she’d flashed to him earlier on.
Dannii picked up the buzzing vibrator and faced him, holding it up in her hand.

“I hope you can do a better job than this,” she said, and snapped it off before casting it aside.

”I..umm…I’ll do my best,” he said with a nervous smile. Dannii smiled sexily and kissed him again, slipping her tongue into his mouth before drawing away and shrugging the robe off to reveal her in her naked glory. She smiled as he stared then slowly turned and walked to the bed and lay down. He snapped back to reality, pulling his shirt off hastily and kicked his shoes off. He slid onto the bed at her feet, gazing at her gorgeous naked form as she smiled up at him.

He got straight down to business, sliding between her legs and gripping her soft thighs with his hands. He spread them wide open and dived straight in, licking over her swollen, shaven pussy. Dannii moaned loudly as he licked all over her bulging lips, sliding his tongue between them, tasting her sweet juices and sucking on her rock hard clit. She bucked her hips slightly as his lips met her clit, her hands gripping the bed as he sucked on it, his teeth nibbling ever so gently at her hard love button. His hands stroked gently up the insides of her thighs as he slid down and pushed his tongue deep into her pussy. Dannii moaned loudly and he felt her pussy squeeze at his probing tongue. His lips pouted and pressed against her puffy lips as he ate her pussy, his tongue wiggling within her as his fingers slid to massage her clit. Dannii writhed under him as he slid his tongue out and circled her rock hard clit with it, his fingers rubbing her pussy before he slipped two into her dripping cunt.

“Mmmm yes,” Dannii mumbled, her eyes flickering and her hips pushing up against him. He slid a third finger into her and started massaging and nibbling at her clit with his lips, touching the tip with his tongue. He thrust his fingers in and out of her slick pussy as he lapped at her clit, mixing wiggling and circling of his tongue with kissing and sucking on the hard nub. Dannii’s slender, smooth hands massaged rapidly at her large breasts, squeezing and fondling herself with her hands as she squeezed her nipples between her fingers, mumbling in pleasure as they both played with her. He continued to nibble gently up the edges of her pussy lips, his tongue running up her inner lips as he slid his fingers from her velvet snatch.

Dannii groaned as he continued eating her pussy and slid a finger down between her tight arse cheeks. Her eyes widened in anticipation as he slid a finger, slick with her juices, to her tight arsehole. She gave a low moan as he started teasing it round her rim, gently rubbing round her tight back hole as she wiggled her hips up against his still licking mouth. Dannii waited for him to give the firm little push required to get his finger into her rear, but then felt him pulling away.

”No, go on,” she whispered. She felt him pause a moment in his ministrations on her hot pussy, then felt his hand slip back down between her quivering thighs and to her arse again. His finger rimmed round her again, then gave the push she’d been waiting for. She gave a squeal and pinched her nipples lightly as he did, maximizing the sensations. Dannii’s eyes rolled and she spasmed, her legs clenching on him tightly as she shuddered through her first mind blowing orgasm. Her hips bucked against him as she groaned loudly, coating his chin with her juices as she rubbed against him. Dannii calmed down and gave a wiggle of her hips as her orgasm subsided, and he continued to work on her. He pushed his finger in all the way to the knuckle and started to gently wiggle it around, slipping it in and out in full finger strokes. Dannii moaned in pleasure as her fingered her ass and continued to suck at her clit, his tongue flicking expertly between her dripping, swollen pussy lips and over her hard nub, making her whimper as if at his mercy.

Dannii felt him suddenly withdraw his finger from her ass. She leaned up to look just as she felt him plunge back in, but with a difference. Dannii gave a shudder and dropped her head back onto the pillow as she felt him push four fingers into her, squealing loudly. His ring and little finger sank into her tight arse, and his index and middle fingers thrust up inside her soaked pussy, before diving back onto her pussy again. He kissed all over her swollen pussy and ran his tongue around her clit, making her give a scream of pleasure. Dannii couldn’t take it and felt another orgasm spread through her body, washing over her petit form in waves of ecstasy. She felt as he didn’t miss a beat and started thrusting his fingers in and out of both her holes. His tongue ran up and down her slit around his fingers, teasing at her slightly protruding inner lips and running round her clit. She moaned as he nibbled down her swollen pussy lips, his teeth, lips and tongue doing a wonderful number on her.

”Oh god!” Dannii gasped as he started thrusting his fingers harder and started furiously licking and sucking at her rock hard clit, kissing and nibbling with his lips and then vigorously lapping with his tongue, giving the occasional graze of his teeth on her super sensitive clit. Dannii spasmed again and orgasmed hard, letting out a scream of ecstasy as her gorgeous thighs clamped on his head. He thrust his fingers deep and lapped her clit to give her all he could as she shuddered and grasped at the sheets, muttering various swear words of pleasure between gasps. He felt her tight pussy and arse clamping down and grabbing at his fingers, gripping them in a hot, tight vice grip. Dannii’s orgasm faded and she flopped exhausted back on the bed. He stopped his attentions on her, giving her clit one last kiss before pulling away, sliding his fingers from her sexy body and kneeling up.

“That was amazing,” Dannii gasped, her whole body covered in a sheen of sweat, her face and neck flushed from orgasm. He watched her large breasts as her chest heaved with her rapid breathing.

“You were very noisy,” he said with a smile, climbing up the bed beside her.

”We’ll have to do something about that later,” she said with a sexy, girly giggle and a wink before giving him a kiss. Dannii rested for a moment, getting her breath back after getting the best pussy licking she’d had in a long time.

“Right, I promised I’d take care of you,” Dannii purred, smiling sexily up at him with a subtle lick of her lips as she slipped back down the silk sheets on all fours and slid onto the floor on her knees next to the bed. He quickly stood up and undid his jeans, then yanked them and his shorts down. His rock hard 7.5” cock sprung up as it was released from his underwear before he kicked his clothes away. A small bead of precum was already leaking from his cock because he was so turned on by her, now desperate for her after eating her sweet pussy. Dannii smiled approvingly at his solid erection as it bobbed in front of her, eyeing it lustfully, then slid her slender, soft hand up, wrapping it around his cock. His hips twitched as she took hold of him, making her giggle a little as she started to gently jerk him off.

“Mmm I will definitely take care of you,” Dannii growled, never taking her eyes off his cock as she started to jack it more vigorously. She slipped down and slowly, teasingly extended her tongue, then ran it over his balls. He groaned and gave a shudder as she used her talented tongue to lift one of his balls and draw it into her mouth, her full, red lips pouting around it as she sucked gently, still jacking his rock hard cock. He gasped in pleasure as she gave a sudden hard suck, and then let him slip from her mouth as she moved up his cock. Dannii started kissing up the underside of his cock, moving from the base and kissing all the way up the underside of his shaft, moving her hand to allow her lips past. Her kisses were wet, her tongue pressing and twitching at his cock between her lips as she worked her way up.

Dannii held the base of his cock as she reached the top, kissing just under the head and pressing her tongue firmly into the sensitive area. He groaned and his cock jumped in her hand, but she held him firm and teased the crucial point for a few agonizing moments with the tip of her tongue before suddenly swooping upwards and engulfing the head of his cock in the liquid heaven of her mouth. He grunted as her hot mouth surrounded the bulbous head of his cock, her tongue pressing and kneading the tip and just underneath again, demonstrating that she knew exactly how to please a man with her mouth. Her talented hand jerked and squeezed at the base of his cock as she sucked hard at him, her cheeks pulling inwards slightly and her plump, red lips pouting round his shaft.

Dannii slid her hand off his cock and slipped her mouth down his shaft, rubbing it into the hollow of her cheek as she did. She sucked firmly and started bobbing slowly up and down his hardon, rubbing her tongue up the underside of his cock, using the tip to maximum effect. Dannii was taking most of him in and out as she slid up and down, pulling right out till she sucked just the tip of his cock then pushing back down. She pushed down onto his cock firmly, aiming to deepthroat him as she lapped at him with her tongue, sucking steadily. Dannii pushed and felt it start sliding into her throat before she felt it resisting. She pulled back, not wanting to gag and slipped her mouth back up his shaft, pouting her lips. He groaned as she sucked him and gave a few more slow bobs of her head before pushing down for another go. She slid his smooth cock into her throat again, but again felt her body resisting it. Dannii tried to force it but had to pull back. She controlled the urge to retch as she glided his cock back out through her hot mouth, silently cursing herself for being a little out of practice.

“Oh Dannii!” he gasped, his hips thrusting involuntarily as she worked at him. She started sucking firmly again, giving slightly more rapid bobs of her head up and down, taking most of his shaft in and out of her full lips as she moved. Her tongue swept from side to side on the underside of his cock as she moved up and down, wrapping slightly up the sides of his shaft as she did. Dannii looked up at him and opened wide, withdrawing from his cock whilst she rapidly flicked and twitched her tongue along the underside of his manhood in a slutty fashion.

“Mmm you like that don’t you?” Dannii cooed as she started jerking him rapidly, planting a quick kiss on the head of his cock.

”You like me down here sucking on you. You love me wrapping my lips around you as I suck and tongue at your thick, hard cock.” she breathed heavily at him, looking up saucily from beneath her eyebrows as she ran her tongue over her top lip. Her hand continued stroking at his shaft as she licked her lips fully and pursed them together. She pushed them against the tip of his cock and then slid them slowly over his head and down onto his shaft, causing him to give elicit a throaty moan, a shiver running down his spine. Dannii then pushed down his cock rapidly, sucking hard and bobbing her head up and down fast, her tongue slurping greedily at his shaft. Her tongue slipped up the sides and along the underside as her head swiftly moved up and down his cock. All that could be heard was the suckling sounds Dannii made as she sucked him off fast, moving up and down fast enough that her hair shook around.

”Uhh…Dannii,” he managed to mumble as she gave a particularly hard suck. She suddenly slowed down, sucking softly and moving slowly up and down his shaft. Dannii pulled back up to his head and then slid it out and kissed over it, before slipping her full lips over it again, sealing them just behind his head before she renewed her assault. She started sucking on his head, swirling her tongue around and massaging with it. Dannii hummed loudly as she blew him, pushing down a little further to let his whole cock feel the vibrations of her humming as she continued to work around his head with her tongue, loving how his stiff prick felt between her lips.

“Oh you’re loving this aren’t you? How I’m down her like a cheap slut sucking you off.” Dannii jibed, looking up at him before sliding his cock back into her hot mouth. She started to suck firmly at him again, sliding up and down his cock slowly, her tongue teasing the head each time she reached the top. Dannii reached to start gently caressing his balls with her right hand as she slid her left hand down over her smooth, toned stomach to her waiting pussy. She slid her fingers eagerly over the bulging, clean-shaven lips, running her fingers up the slit and dipping slightly into her immense wetness. Dannii rubbed a little more, then pushed two fingers up into herself with a muffled groan, which in turn caused him to groan. She slid her thumb onto her rock hard clit and started to rub it in small circles as she continued to suck as his cock, sucking in the hollows of her cheeks so the rubbed the sides of his shaft as she bobbed, her hand still lightly toying with his balls.

”Mmm, having your hot, hard cock in my mouth just makes me feel so…dirrty,” Dannii growled, giving a slight smile before she extended her tongue to tease the tip of his cock as she moved her hands from his balls up to jerk his shaft, firmly gripping him. She leaned down and gave a sharp but gentle nip to the head of his cock, making his hips thrust at her. Dannii gave a sexy little giggle and gave another little nip just onto the start of his shaft as she jerked him off, her hand slipping sensually over his rock hard cock as she stroked her horny pussy. She stroked at his cock as she teasingly lowered her head down to his balls again, extending her tongue and dragging the tip ever so slowly up over them. He grunted in pleasure, his hips thrusting a little into her jerking action as she leaned in to kiss over his balls, planting firm presses of her full, moist lips onto them. She slid her tongue over them, feeling them move and roll around as she dragged her hot, sopping tongue over his tender balls.

“Mmm I’ve just been desperate to give a cock a good, hard sucking,” Dannii mumbled, kissing his balls some more as she jacked his stiff cock. She slipped up and kissed his bulging head, pouting her lips as she gave it all her attention. With a quick motion she slipped it inside her mouth, making him groan and his cock twitch in her hand and mouth. Dannii sucked firmly, stroking her tongue vigorously round the engorged head as he gasped at her talent. She started humming, making sure to put as much of the vibration through her lips as she could. Dannii then pushed down again, bobbing her head at a good pace, sucking firmly and licking the underside of his shaft. She slid down his shaft, taking him fairly deeply, and knew she was ready. She pulled up to just his head, sucked hard as she relaxed her throat and then dived down his cock, pushing down strongly, feeling the last couple of inches slip into her throat and then slide down until her nose pressed into his pubic hair.

“Oh god Dannii!” he panted as she took in all 7.5” of his rock hard cock. Dannii moved her mouth on his shaft and flexed her throat, giving a little groan of her own as she rubbed her dripping pussy with her left hand. She sucked him hard, the slipped off his cock, grabbing his cock and starting to jerk it again as she looked up at him.

”Oh so you like deepthroating, is that it?” Dannii purred, squeezing just behind the head of his cock with her fingers, making his legs slightly weak.

“And you think I’m gonna do that for you?” Dannii growled, before suddenly engulfing his hardon in her hot, willing mouth again, sucking fiercely and pushing down swiftly, sucking his cock all the way into her throat, pressing his balls against her chin. She gave a quick nip of her teeth on the base of his shaft and then pulled it out just as swiftly, returning to her stroking of his cock again, her left hand now stroking her pussy more rapidly.

“Only sluts do that kinda thing,” she breathed, looking up at him with a sexy smile before giving him a wink. She pushed back onto his cock, slurping up and down his shaft as she sucked firmly.

”I guess that makes you a slut then,” he said with a smirk as Dannii once again pushed right down on his cock to deepthroat him. She pulled off him and looked up with a look of mock offence on her face.

”How rude!” she exclaimed with a giggle before she slipped back onto his cock. Dannii bobbed her head steadily, sucking quite hard at him as she moved and massaged her lips around his shaft. Her hand worked at her pussy, slipping two fingers up into herself as her thumb frigged her clit. She felt his hips buck as she pushed his buttons, and then felt him start thrusting into her mouth. Dannii pulled back a little and then felt him thrust harder, his cock hitting the back of her throat. She pulled off him and leaned back.

”Steady there, don’t get pushy with me,” Dannii purred sexily, looking up at him seductively and slowing waving a finger. She knelt before him for a few moments, openly masturbating with her left hand before reaching up to idly tug at a nipple with her right, smiling at him.

”Uhh…it’s because you’re doing such a great job,” he mumbled apologetically. Dannii smirked at him then slowly moved back in and onto his cock. She popped it into her mouth and started blowing him single-mindedly. Dannii pushed right down on him and then pulled back up again, pulling back till just the head remained in her inviting mouth. She started bobbing her head fast, taking his full length from deepthroat back to just the head every stroke, humming and mumbling as she did. Dannii held his hips with her free hand, sucking hard and wrapping her tongue around every piece of cock she could get it on. He moaned and grunted, barely able to take it and she felt his hands slide down onto the side of her head. Dannii didn’t really mind since he wasn’t trying to hump her face, and she continued what she was doing, giving his head specific attention as her left hand played with her soaked pussy.

Dannii pushed herself down to deepthroat him, then started giving rapid strokes at the bottom of his cock, pushing the first few inches of him in and out of her throat rapidly, making him give a guttural groan. He couldn’t take anymore and started to thrust into her mouth, matching her pace. She didn’t stop him as he wasn’t trying to ram himself through the back of her throat, and was really just helping her out a little. It allowed her to take a bit more of his cock in and out at the same pace, which she dutifully did. Dannii pulled back to just the head of his cock and sucked as hard as she possibly could, humming and massaging the spot just under his head with the tip of her tongue. She felt his grip tighten on her head and him spasm, thrusting deeper into her mouth before cumming hard with a loud groan.
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Re: Dannii Minogue - Vibe On
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Dannii felt his hot, thick cum spurt into the back of her throat and sucked hard. She swallowed, gulping down his load as quick as she could. The welcome, familiar taste spread over her tongue and she felt the tremblings of her own orgasm begin. She finished him off and dragged herself off his cock sharply. Her hand rapidly rubbed at her clit, taking her over the edge as she gasped for breath. He stumbled back onto the edge of the bed, totally spent by Dannii’s efforts as he watched her orgasm. Dannii’s whole body trembled before she spasmed and shook with a loud squeal of ecstasy, her hips pressing forwards into her hand. Her squeal tapered into loud, throaty groan as she continued to rub herself to the very end of her climax. She sagged down onto her knees in front of him, then slid down onto her back and took deep breaths to recover.

They both lay getting their breath back for a few minutes, the sound all that filled the room. Dannii rolled over and pulled herself up, sitting down and then laying back on the bed next to him.

”So, did I pay you back fairly?” Dannii asked with a smile, looking over at him.

“Oh god, you more than did, that was just…” he tapered off.

”Incredible?” Dannii finished.

”Yeah, totally,” he said, smiling at her tiredly.

“Good,” Dannii said with a smile, giving him a quick kiss before getting up. She walked completely nude over to a table when she’d thrown her bag down. Dannii fished into it for a moment and then slid out an 8x10 of herself in white lingerie. She reached into her bag again and got a felt pen out and wrote “Thanks for fixing me up nicely but I think I need some fine tuning”. She wrote her mobile phone number underneath with her autograph. Dannii sauntered back over to the bed, swinging her hips sexily as she went back to where he was sat up waiting.

”There’s no point forgetting what you came for is there?” Dannii said with a smile, handing him the 8x10, before giving him a kiss. He slid reluctantly off the bed to his feet and got dressed as Dannii lay in teasing positions in front of him for a moment before she got up and found her robe again. She led him to the door and unlocked it with a click that seemed unusually loud to him. He stepped into the hallway and turned back.

”Well…uhh…thanks for that,” he mumbled, unsure what to say. Dannii gave a sexy giggle and leaned to kiss him. His hands slid up to her chest without him even thinking about it. She gave a light moan and pulled herself into him tighter, pushing her tongue into his mouth as his hands and fingers firmly squeezed her breasts. Dannii pulled back from him, breaking their embrace and stepping back into her room slightly.

”Night,” he murmured, turning to walk towards the lift. Dannii leaned out and smacked him playfully on the arse with a giggle as he did. He turned round with a laugh as he walked away, a huge grin staying on his face. Dannii smirked at her seduction of the young tech and the wonderful evening they had got due to it. She locked the door and headed to bed, opening the window a fraction to let some fresh air in before she settled down. Riding the lift down to the lobby, he tried to comprehend what had just happened with the gorgeous, sexy Australian singer. He strolled out through the lobby, not caring that he was grinning like an idiot, because things were just too damn sweet right then.

The next evening, he was resting on his sofa watching catching the news quickly after just getting in from work. He hadn’t seen Dannii that day at the studio so figured she wasn’t recording that day or whatever. His mind wandered to the signed, numbered, saucy 8x10 that lay just a few inches away on the table. Just as he picked it up, eyeing Dannii’s gorgeous form clad in lingerie, his mobile phone rang. He looked up, a fraction startled as he’d been engrossed in the picture, as his phone bleated and skipped across the table on vibrate. He picked up his phone, looking at the display. It was a number unknown to his phone, but it seemed so familiar. It suddenly clicked and he looked at the 8x10, and there was the exact same number. He realised it was Dannii phoning him and he couldn’t answer it fast enough, practically snapping his in half he pulled it open so fast. He pressed the answer button and pressed it to his head.

”Hello?” he said, trying to sound as calm as possible, hoping that unlike him, she couldn’t hear the blood pounding in his ears and his heart beating thirteen to the dozen in his chest.

“Ah my favourite technician,” Dannii cooed sexily on the other end of the line, making his heart skip one of its many beats.

“Uh…hi…umm..Dannii, how’s it going?” he managed to stutter into the phone, hoping he wasn’t breathing too heavily.

“Well I know it’s late, but I need fixing up again. I know you’re up to the job, so how about you come round and sort me out and maybe I can find some way to show my…appreciation,” she purred, giving a sexily little giggle.

”Of course,” he quickly replied, practically crushing the phone he was gripping it so hard.

“Excellent,” Dannii said before telling him where to meet her and ringing off.

He sorted himself out in record time and raced to the meeting place, his heart pounding in anticipation of the gorgeous Aussie again. He quickly paused to get his breath and make sure he was as ready as could be. Taking a deep breath, he walked into the entrance hall of the recording studio and stopped dead. He gawped at the beautiful vision in front of him. Dannii was perched on the edge of a table, wearing a short white denim skirt, a low cut black top and high heels. Her legs looked long and gorgeous, crossed neatly over each other. Her feet were off the floor as she swayed her top leg slightly in the cool air which seemed to suddenly be getting hotter around him. Dannii was staring at him sexily, a fingertip innocently in her mouth. She slid her finger out of her mouth with a tiny slurp that made his heart skip a beat, then smiled at him devilishly.

She eyed him slowly up and down, her eyes pausing at the growing bulge in his jeans causing her to give a wicked half smile. Dannii looked him in the eyes and bit her lip, giving a slightly innocent look. Her hands gripped the edge of the table and her top half rocked ever so gently as she eyed him up.

“Not what you were expecting?” Dannii purred. He snapped out of his trance in an instant and looked square at her.

”Uh…well..ahh…I mean….well I wasn’t expecting you to be so…uhh…you know…umm…”

”Forward?” Dannii offered with a sexy tone, letting her tongue just suggestively lick at her lips a little. Dannii eyed him a moment more then slid herself slowly down onto the floor, her heels clicking a little as they touched. Her short white skirt caught on the table as she did and pulled up her thighs, revealing the front of her sexy black knickers. Dannii paused for a moment, then very deliberately looked down and tugged her little denim skirt back down before looking up with a smile. She smiled and slowly approached him, her heels clicking on the wood floor. Without saying a word, she took his hand in her own soft, slender, feminine one and led him into the studio. He stepped past her and she shut the door, locking it with a definitive click before turning to face him with a lusty expression. With a swift motion, her arm shot out and she hit a button. He looked up as the “Session in Progress” sign lit up above the door behind her, then back to her as she smiled devilishly at him, looking out sexily from under her well-shaped eyebrows.

Dannii walked slowly towards him, clicking her heels and wiggling her hips as she approached. She placed her hands on his chest and pushed him back towards the console. Dannii leaned in next to his ear as she guided him back.

”Work me up just right, and I’ll find myself sore in more than one place tomorrow,” Dannii whispered sexily before gently teasing her tongue around his ear lobe. Once he felt his legs bump back against the console, Dannii slid gracefully back from him and looked at him with a cute smile before kissing him passionately. They embraced for a moment before breaking apart, their tongues parting before Dannii gave a sexy curl of hers.

“So you want to be sore…do you?” he said, trying to hide the nerves as their faces were very close together, somewhat fumbling the questioning part. Dannii smiled suggestively and gave a little flick of her eyebrows.

”I chose a studio for a reason,” she said simply in a deep, husky tone. Dannii stretched up and gently bit his bottom lip, nibbling and tugging at it for a few moments before she kissed him hard, shoving her tongue into his mouth. She somewhat broke the kiss and breathed in briefly.

“You know, I’ve had my hands on your chest a long time. The least you could do is return the favour,” she mumbled in between pecks on his lips before giving a naughty smile. He mumbled his apology as their lips locked again, then thrust his hands up onto her chest, squeezing her large breasts quite roughly. Dannii moaned in pleasure loudly, pressing her chest into his grasp as she attacked him with her full lips. She let go of him and reached down, grabbing the bottom of her low cut black top and pulled it up. Dannii yanked it off over her head and heard him stifle a moan as he watched her large breasts bounce down firmly in their black padded bra. She threw her head back to get the hair out of her face which made her look all rough ‘n ready, like some kind of sexual predator.

The resumed kissing vigorously, his hands squeezing and fondling her before he slid her bra straps down her arms. He decided to take the lead a little and turned Dannii round so she was pressed against the console. His hands slid round her waist and he lifted her slender body up so she was sitting on the edge of the console. Dannii kissed down his neck as he lifted her up, then kissed him passionately again, their tongues entwining as his hands fondled her large breasts, feeling their firm, ripe weight in his hands. He grasped the front of her padded bra and pulled it down. With the shoulder straps down her arms, there was nothing to stop her impressive tits spilling out. Dannii gave a gasp and looked at him with a sly, sexy smile.

“Mm I think you know what to do,” Dannii breathed with a slight lick of her lips. He leaned down and cupped her breasts, squeezing and massaging them as he dived in to attack her rock hard nipples. Her started sucking at them, alternating between them, flicking them with his tongue and massaging them with his lips.

”Bite them,” Dannii gasped, her thighs squeezing together. He did as she asked, nipping at her nipples with his teeth as he sucked and massaged her breasts. He only bit her gently, not wanting to go too far.

“Harder!” She almost snapped, banging her foot back against the console. He was a little shocked by her demand but didn’t argue. He ran his tongue round her nipple then bit down on it firmly with his front teeth. She moaned as he continued to move between them, giving them some massage with his tongue and a few bites with his teeth, enough to make her shiver and moan.

”More,” she breathed. He took a deep breath and bit hard on her right nipple. Dannii cried out loudly, her hands grabbing his head.

”Mmm just like that!” Dannii growled as he swapped between her nipples, biting them hard between motions of his lips. He bit down particularly hard on her left nipple and she pushed his head away, stretching her nipple away from her heaving breast.

”Fuck,” she moaned deeply, her body shuddering. He slid his hands from her large boobs down to her smooth, slender legs. Her short white denim skirt barely covered her knickers and he slid his hands over her thighs then onto the underside. He slid them up under her arse, feeling the bare cheeks he realised she was wearing a thong and squeezed her tight arse firmly.

”It’s yours if you can take it,” Dannii growled sexily, giving come-to-bed eyes. In response he bit down on her nipple hard, making her yelp loudly. She pulled him off and looked down at him, a little shocked at his force. Dannii looked at him for a moment, then her face changed to a devilish smile as she slipped off the console and sank slowly to her knees before him. She undid his zip, then with a sudden burst of speed yanked the button open and pulled his trousers and shorts down. His cock sprang up and Dannii dived onto it, forcing it in deep. She started to gag a little, but grabbed his hips and forced herself down to take him all the way into her throat. Dannii held him for a moment, using her tongue as best she could before she pulled up, taking a deep breath of air. A thin trail of saliva connected her lower lip to his hard cock.

“Mmm,” Dannii moaned simply, looking up at him with a sexy, possessive look before sucking his cock back into her willing mouth. She slid up and down on his length steadily, taking every inch of it, pouting her lips and lapping at him, using one of her slender hands to gently tease his balls.

“You know,” Dannii said, kissing the head of his leaking prick, “I’ve been thinking about getting my tongue pierced.” Dannii smiled up at him and held his cock firmly, jerking the shaft slightly as she extended her tongue and flicked and worked just under his bulbous head, pressing and teasing him before engulfing his cock for a few more sucks.

”Imagine how this would feel if I did,” she said with a sly smile, lapping around his head and sliding back down his length as he gasped and fought the urge to grab her head. Dannii pulled back and grated his cock with her teeth slightly, sending a shiver up his spine. Before he could blink she suddenly yanked his legs out, pulling him down onto the floor. He was slightly winded and surprised, and before he could comprehend the situation Dannii was on him. She swiftly turned and threw her leg over him, her knees knocking his shoulders as she arched her back so her pussy was hovering just inches above his face.

”I know this is what you wanted to see, so take a good look,” Dannii purred with a husky tone, wiggling her hips ever so slightly. He could do nothing but gape at the tantalising bulge under the thin black cotton of her thong, a slight wet patch visible on the front where he knew her delicious entrance lay. He just took in the sight of her beautiful thighs and tight arse separated by the tiny thong under her short white denim skirt as her head sank back down and she wrapped her lips around his cock once more. Dannii slipped her hot mouth up and down his length, humming as she sucked firmly on him. She started wiggling her hips anxiously, pushing down so she was almost grinding herself over his face. He got the hint and his hands deftly slid up the back of her smooth thighs, making her groan round his cock in anticipation of what was to come. He ran his hands over her bum before sliding them down between her legs, rubbing his slightly trembling fingers over her swollen lips through the thong.

“Mmm yes,” Dannii mumbled round kissing the head of his solid cock before sliding back onto it. He took hold of the edge of her thong and pulled it to the side, groaning as her wet, shaven pussy came into view. She gave a little giggle as she felt him do it followed by his groan, secretly loving her effect on him. He held her knickers aside and dove straight in with lust, burying his mouth into her sweet lips. Dannii grunted and moaned loudly as his tongue pushed into her tight pussy, his lips pouting and sucking at hers. His tongue swirled inside her before he slipped it out and moved it to her rock hard clit. Dannii kneeled up and squealed in pleasure, grinding her pussy into his face as he ate her pussy, loving the taste of her sweet nectar.

“Oh god that’s it, right there…” Dannii gasped as she ground her hips down into him. His tongue dipped in and out of her pussy as she gave a shudder, feeling every contour of his tongue as it slipped between her puffy lips.

”Oh yeah just like that, eat my pussy,” Dannii mumbled as she slid back down to suck his cock again, barely able to keep her eyes open through the pleasure as he nibbled at her clit. She fumbled for a moment then grasped his shaft, jerking at the bottom as she slipped her full lips over the head. Dannii sealed her lips just under the head and attacked the bulbous tip, tonguing the slit with the tip and teasing all over the rest. Dannii slid her mouth off his hardon with a slurp, dragging her tongue up the underside as she withdrew. She shuffled forwards out of his grasp, pulling herself away from his face and his expert skills.

She quickly got up onto her feet, her heels clicking sexily on the hard floor as she did. Dannii crouched over him and reached down under her skirt. She leaned forwards and pulled her sexy black thong aside and took hold of his stiff prick with the other hand. Dannii jerked him for a moment then crouched a little further and guided his cock to her pussy. With a little push she got his head inside her, making him groan and push up to try and fully penetrate her.

”Oh no you don’t!” Dannii said sexily, lifting herself up away from him so he slipped fully out before giving him a squeeze. She looked back over her shoulder with a sexy sideways glance, giving a slight flash of her tongue. He lay back and shut his eyes, letting the full sensations wash over him. With her skirt down he couldn’t see what she was doing, and had to just go on the feeling. The sensations washed over him as Dannii teased the tip of his cock up her swollen, dripping pussy lips, slipping the head of his cock in and out of her. She looked at him again and gave a devilish smile as she pushed the head of his cock into her hot, tight haven again. Dannii slid her soft hand off his cock and then in a swift motion, rammed herself down on his cock, all the way to the hilt. They both groaned loudly as Dannii’s firm arse pressed down against his groin.

“Oh god Dannii!” he grunted loudly, clenching his fists. Dannii wasted no time and started riding him. She clenched her pussy as she slid up and down on his cock, grinding back and forth to give them both maximum pleasure. Dannii took his whole length, sliding up and down all 7.5” of his cock, squeezing him all the way up and down making him twitch as he pushed up to meet her thrusts down. She started going faster, her near naked arse slapping down against him as they got a rhythm going. His hands slid onto the sides of her legs and up to her hips, holding her as they moved together, Dannii slapping down against him firmly.

”Mmm yes…” Dannii breathed as she rode him, using all the pelvic muscles she had to massage him. His hands slid up from her hips and over her slim waist, then up her back to her long brown hair. His fingers twisted in the plush strands before he gave a sharp yank back making her cry out. She growled in a deep husky tone so he pulled a little harder. Dannii pulled forwards away from him, making him pull harder at her to get her back, pulling her head back at an angle. She gave another growl and looked round at him with a kinky smile, giving a little wink before turning away and pulling at him again as she slid up and down his cock. He let go of her hair, causing her lurch forwards slightly on him since she’d be pulling against his grip, and slid his hands round to her chest. Dannii gave a sigh as her cupped her tits, squeezing them firmly and tweaking her nipples with his fingers.

“Oh god Dannii!” he mumbled, giving a hard thrust up to her after she gave a particularly tight squeeze at the top of his cock. She smirked to herself as she thrust down against him, driving up and down his cock in short fast bounces. Their moans and grunts filled the room as they fucked hard, only caring about each others pleasure. He pinched and pulled at her rock hard nipples, twisting them slighty. Dannii gave a spasm and pulled away, leaning forwards. She kept thrusting her hips up and down hard on him as her nails raked the floor for grip. Dannii clawed at the hard floor before she suddenly sat up on him and reached back, grabbing him hard and digging her nails into him. He inhaled sharply in pain before giving a grunt of pleasure as Dannii leaned back at humped him hard.

They fucked rampantly, Dannii clenching and grabbing at him with her pussy as he groped her. Abruptly Dannii yanked herself out of his grasp and got off him, his hard, glistening cock bouncing back against his stomach.

”What the…?” he mumbled confusedly, starting to get up. Dannii wheeled round and pushed him firmly back onto the floor with her toes, the sharp heel just teasingly and threateningly scraping his chest. He gave a slow nod and relaxed onto the floor, Dannii giving an approving smile. She slowly knelt down over him and took hold of his cock. Her hand slid up and down his length as she positioned herself over him. Dannii slid her hand up her skirt and pulled her thong aside again then guided him to her entrance. She slipped down and pushed just the head of him inside her and settled herself steadily on her knees.

She started clenching her muscles on his head, squeezing down then releasing as tightly as she could. He gave a groan as she took his hands and placed them on her heaving breasts. Dannii squeezed tightly and held herself, then pushed herself down his cock. They both groaned at the tightness of the sensation before Dannii started fucking him hard again, bouncing vigorously up and down his length as he squeezed and felt her tits. Dannii suddenly slapped him across the face and gave him a mean stare.

”You’re not doing it hard enough!” she growled, pumping herself up and down on him. He stared back at her for a moment then pulled her nipples hard, pinching them slightly at the same time.

“Ohh that’s it…” Dannii moaned, her eyes squeezing shut. She thrust down against him in short, fast strokes, taking about half his length. A sheen of sweat covered them both from the exertion, him thrusting up hard to meet her as she thrust down. They shagged energetically, his fingers pinching and pulling hard at her solid nipples. Dannii leaned forwards and he stretched up to suck and bite at her breasts, nipping round the soft orbs before attaching himself to one of her nipples. Dannii pulled back, stretching her nipple hard, making her given a shiver and loud grunt as she rode him.

“Almost there, almost there…” Dannii hissed through gritted teeth as he bit one of her nipples. She felt his fingers just brush over her hard, wet clit and that did it. Her small body spasmed, her back arching tightly as her pussy clamped down tightly on him. He grabbed her waist with a grunt as her climax took him over the edge, his balls tightening. Dannii squealed loudly in ecstasy as her orgasm washed over her, her squeal turning into a deep groan as she felt him shooting inside her, his hot, thick load spurting up deep into her tight body. He grunted loudly as he came in her, gripping her curvy hips tightly. Dannii groaned between breaths as they slowed, finally coming to a stop breathing heavily and covered in sweat.

“Good job,” Dannii mumbled as she lay on him, her head on his chest. She looked up at him with a horny look then laid her head down on him again. The rested for a moment then Dannii sat up, lifting her hips and letting his softened cock slip of out her slippery pussy. She stood up and stretched, giving her nipples a quick tweak and a rub where they still had teeth marks in them and the surrounding breast. He lay catching his breath still, an amazed, euphoric kind of look on his face. Dannii stood for a moment to finish regaining her breath, then clacked sexily over to him on her high heels.

”You gonna lay there all night? Have I worn you out already?” Dannii quipped cheekily.

“Of course not!” he said hurriedly, scrambling to his feet. Dannii smirked as she saw him standing to attention for her. She clicked sexily forwards on her heels to him and slid her warm fingers round his shaft.

”Good, because you’ve not given me a good fucking just yet. I thought I was gonna be sore,” Dannii said with a slight mocking tone, squeezing his hardon and turning away from him with a sexy swerve of her curvy hips and bum.

”So you won’t be sore at all?” he said in a slightly hurt voice.

”Nope, not at all. I can do a better job myself!” she retorted with a roll of her eyes. He grabbed her arm and pulled her round.

”Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” Dannii said in a bossy tone with a stern face. He pushed her back hard against a wall with a thump, pulling her hands behind her back as he did. Dannii gave a grunt and wriggled as he held her tightly, her full chest now pushed out prominently. Her rock hard nipples stood out from her large, juicy breasts just begging to be played with.

”I’m gonna make you sore bitch!” he snapped and dove to her lushcious tits, biting at the soft flesh and her rock hard nipple. Dannii screamed in a pain pleasure response as he pulled it away from her breast and bit a little harder. He let her nipple go and they kissed fiercely, Dannii yanking her hands from his grip and shoving him back against a nearby console.

“It’s about time, you better goddamn gimme something to be sore about!” Dannii mumbled before kissing him fiercely. He shoved her back and spun her round so she was against the console. She teetered slightly on her high heels and braced herself with her hands on the edge of the polished black decks, which made her lean back slightly. He started fumbling with her skirt, trying to undo the buttons on the front of the tight white denim.

”God you can’t wanna fuck me that bad, you can’t even get my fucking skirt off!” Dannii mocked, giving a quick push of her hips towards his hand. He looked Dannii in the face angrily and was only met with a determined icy stare from the Australian singer. He grabbed the flaps of her skirt and gave a hard yank, causing Dannii to grunt slightly as she wasn’t prepared for the sudden pull. He gave several tugs at the folds of her skirt, each accompanied by a loud tearing sound and the click of a button hitting the floor. Dannii gave a flick of her eyebrows and a smile as her now button-less white skirt dropped to the floor in a pool at her feet. He grabbed her arm and started to twist it up her back, pulling at her small form before she yanked herself away from him.

“Ok ok, you only have to ask you know,” Dannii said in an innocent tone, turning round to face the console.

“I’m guessing this is what you wanted to see,” Dannii purred, bending over the console and spreading her legs, clicking her heels on the floor. He stepped forwards and laid a hard slap on her tight arse, a resounding slap sounding round the studio with a throaty moan from Dannii. He grabbed the sides of her small black thong, pulling at it teasingly for a moment before he pulled it upwards into her tightly. Dannii grunted loudly as the knickers cut into her, pulling sharply up her arse and giving her a serious cameltoe. She looked over her shoulder with a hot sideways glance and a smirk, her tongue just lapping at her top lip slightly.

He glared back at her and yanked the thong harder upwards into her, making her cry out as it almost cut her in half. He held her for a second then jerked the waistband sharply outwards. There was a tearing sound and the thong tore from Dannii’s curvy hips, springing from between her smooth thighs as the tension was released. He held up the damp piece of cloth for a moment, wondering what to do with it. Dannii looked round at him holding the remains of her knickers up.

”So you’ve got me naked and now you don’t know what to do with me?” Dannii quipped mockingly, looking at him over her shoulder. He glared back at her and raised his hand towards her face, still clutching her damp thong. Dannii saw what he was doing and gave him a cheeky smile. She pouted and licked her full lips before opening her mouth wide, her eyes taking in his every move. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back a bit, then rammed her damp underwear into her mouth. Using his fingers he pushed it fully into her mouth, causing her to gag slightly as the damp thong was shoved into her mouth. She tasted her familiar juices slightly as the knickers blocked her mouth.

Dannii mumbled something through her gag but he paid no attention. He grabbed her wrists and yanked her arms out from under her, causing her to fall forwards onto the console. Dannii squealed as she fell onto the console, her large, soft breasts dropping against the console, buttons and switches pressing into her tender body. He pulled her arms behind her back and used them to lever her small body down, pressing her hard against the console. With one hand he held her slim wrists whilst he positioned the tip of his rock hard cock at her arsehole. A trickle of semen leaked from his slit as he pressed against her back door, pushing tentatively against the tight ring for a moment.

“I’ll teach you to mock me you little bitch!” he hissed. He paused for a moment as he heard Dannii growling at him. He let go of his cock and held her hip, then rammed forwards hard, driving his stiflingly hard cock into her tight arse. Dannii screamed through the thong, her eyes widening to the very maxium as her arms pulled in his grip. He let go of her hip and took hold of one her hands in each of his, pulling her tightly, her back arching. Dannii was held prone on the console as he pulled back and drove into her again, driving in deeper this time, making her quiver in a mix of pain and pleasure.

”You love this don’t you you little bitch!” he said, hardly believing this was happening to him with Dannii Minogue. She just groaned and grunted a response as he started to thrust into her arse, driving himself in and out of her with long, powerful strokes. Dannii’s eyes fluttered at the sensations washing over her, the pleasure of him pushing deeply in and out of her combined with the pain of her sphincter being pushed in and out of overwhelming her. He pulled tightly on her, holding her firmly over the console by her arms as he started to pump in and out of her gorgeous rear.

Dannii mumbled in unadulterated pleasure as her sphincter got used to being used and she pushed back against him as best she could, her heels clicking hotly on the floor as she struggled for grip with him ramming stiffly into her arse. He pressed her down firmly with her arms, levering her so her huge tits mashed into the console. Her nipples caught on switches on the mixing deck as her thighs were rammed against it with every thrust he gave into her hot, tight arse. She wrenched her hands from his grasp and grabbed the edge of the console, shoving herself back against him, their sweaty bodies slapping together. Dannii dropped her head and breathed heavily through her makeshift gag, her hair falling down around her, strands clinging to her sweaty face. He slapped her arse as best he could given their position before sliding his hands round and squeezing her large breasts roughly, feeling her rock hard nipples pressing into his hands.

Dannii squeezed and clamped at him with her anal muscles, feeling his balls hitting her pussy as he thrust into her every time. She grunted as he gave a particularly hard thrust into her, feeling every contour of him as he slid through her sensitive sphincter. He groaned as he pumped at her as hard as he could, his hands gripping her curvy hips tightly as she held onto the console. Dannii’s heeled clacked as she got a steady position, then she pulled one of her legs up. They were on a knife-edge for a moment, barely staying up before Dannii shoved hard away from the console, pushing them backwards over onto the floor. They landed with a thud, Dannii on top of him with his hard shaft still buried in her arse. She kneeled up and took command, pulling the thong out of her mouth and leaning back. He looked up just getting his breath back from the fall when Dannii laid a slap across his face, then looked up again and mumbled as she stuffed the underwear into his mouth.

“How does it feel now?” Dannii spat as she held his thighs and started riding him hard, slamming down against him, driving his cock deeply in and out of her tight arse. She grunted and whimpered in pleasure as she rode him, hard up and down as she worked towards her orgasm. He held her hips and thrust up into her as best he could as they fucked, feeling the pressure building in his balls as he drove into her tight arse.

“Oh god!” Dannii squealed as she started bouncing him in short, fast, deep strokes, taking herself towards the edge, her large tits bouncing. She leaned back on him, placing a hand on his chest to steady herself as her other hand went to her soft bald pussy. Dannii rubbed her clit vigorously for a moment then tensed up, clamping tightly on him. She drove herself down and let out a scream of ecstasy, her sphincter squeezing him tightly at the base of his cock as she came. Seeing her in the throes of orgasm and having her tensing and massaging his cock was all too much and he felt the sensation of his climax rushing through his balls and up his shaft. With a loud grunt he came, spurting his hot cum into her tight forbidden paradise.

Dannii moaned loudly as she felt his hot cum shooting into her arse as her orgasm subsided. She slid herself up and down on his cock a couple more times before she stopped completely, them both gasping for breath. Dannii wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand and gave her nipples a quick pinch to finish off. She stood from him, his semi-hard cock pulling from her tight arse with a pop, a little trickle of cum leaking out as it did.

He laid back completely awestruck by what had just happened with the Australian pop singer, pulling her torn thong from his mouth before gasping to catch his breath. Dannii looked down at him and smiled as she stretched and looked around for her clothes. She reached down and picked up her padded black bra, sliding her arms in and then hooking it up, giving her large breasts a quick shake to settle them. After a quick scout, she found her top and pulled it on, sliding the low black top down. Dannii stood unashamedly bottomless as she pondered what to wear, since her skirt and thong were both torn.

“You ok down there?” Dannii said nonchalantly as she bent down in front of him to pick up her skirt. His eyes went wide as she bent in front of him, barely able to believe her brazen nudity. She stood up with her white denim skirt and looked at it, before turning to him.

”Any ideas?” she said holding it up towards him with a giggle. She held it down and stepped into it, sliding it up her smooth sexy legs. Dannii held it up and smiled at him as he got up holding her ripped knickers.

”What about these?” he said, holding them out.

”Don’t worry, you can keep those,” Dannii said with a laugh, pouting a kiss at him. She leaned over and hit the button, extinguishing the “Session in Progress” sign with a girly giggle. He smiled as he got dressed, barely able to comprehend his good fortune with Dannii as he hauled on his jeans. She ushered him out of the studio as she held her skirt up, following him into the cool evening air, which would’ve made her nipples stand up if they hadn’t still been hard.

”That was a nice service there, everything seems to be working,” Dannii purred with a flick of her tongue. He smiled back at her, stuffing her thong in his pocket which he realised he was still holding.
“Maybe you can fix me up some other time,” Dannii said with a flutter of her eyes as she turned away and walked to her car…

The End.

Big thanks to Ghost for helping check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.
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Re: Dannii Minogue - Vibe On
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That was an awesome story, can't wait to read your other ones. Great blowjob stuff, you are a master at writing oral sex.  :Y:


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