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Katy & Rihanna's First Resort
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Katy & Rihanna's First Resort

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards.

This story continues on from “Katy & Rihanna's Illicit Encounter”, so check that out if you haven't read it yet.

Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Reclining in her comfortable business class seat, Katy Perry gazed out the window at the sunshine over the soft clouds, streaming down from behind the aircraft as they flew to the East. With the gentle whine of the engines in the background, she rest her head back onto the cushion and closed her eyes, giving a slight stretch and pushing her feet out, settling into the seat with a light sigh. Just a few moments in however she suddenly felt a hand slide onto her thigh, over the dress she was wearing and onto the smooth skin before sweeping back up the inside underneath it to send a rushing tingle through her. Her eyes snapped open as simultaneously her hand lunged down to stop the one exploring its way up her skirt, sitting upright and looking to the person beside her; Rihanna.

Rihanna just gave a naughty smile and squeezed, ignoring Katy's intent to stop her. Katy was wearing a blue summer dress and the lightweight skirt had been far too inviting for Rihanna not to test her, finding easy access to slip her hand straight up towards the Californian's treats.

“Not here,” Katy whispered urgently, her wide, pretty eyes scanning the cabin for anyone looking at them, desperate to avoid attention. They were flying to an exclusive resort for a break together, another secret step in their indulgent relationship that had such a spark neither of them could keep away. Them being on a plane together would not be particularly odd, however them getting friendly with each other would and Katy wasn't ready to be found out.

“Nobody's watching,” Rihanna said quietly with a smile and went to push her hand deeper up Katy's skirt, the American still resisting her.

“But if somebody sees...” she murmured, even as she tingled at Rihanna's squeeze to her inner thigh, feeling her pussy give a slight clench. Rihanna shuffled a little closer, letting her bare foot dangle over to stroke onto Katy's silky smooth leg, stroking at it lightly with her toes as she leaned in closer to let the Californian feel her warm breath on her cheek.

“Tell me you don't want it, and I'll stop,” Rihanna challenged discretely. She felt Katy's grasp on her hand falter, weakening a little.

“Tell me that you don't want this, that you don't need a little something to keep you going because you've been thinking of all the things we're gonna do together,” she whispered, feeling Katy squeeze her thighs together and then completely release her grip on Rihanna's hand, allowing the Bajan to ease her teasing touch smoothly up between Katy's legs towards the apex of her thighs.

“How we're going to lick, how we're going to fuck,” she breathed heavily, moving close enough to just nuzzle slightly at Katy as her hand slipped the last little bit upwards so her fingertips made contact with the popstars soft, satin panties, feeling the delectable heat of her pussy beneath as she touched. Katy exhaled deeply with a barely concealed shudder as Rihanna's fingers pressed gently, making her pussy clench intently as they carefully split her puffy lips and rode up over her already tingling clit.

“You know you want this,” she teased, just letting her fingertips glide easily up and down the front of Katy's silky smooth underwear, teasing at her nerve-packed button beneath as she wriggled in the seat beside her.

“Don't stop,” Katy managed to mumble, finally admitting her surrender to her sultry lesbian lover. It was all Rihanna wanted to hear, the breaking of Katy's resistance to her public attentions.

“Oh I won't...later,” Rihanna said, pulling her hand back and drawing it down the inside of Katy's leg to her knee as the Californian gasped and opened her eyes in indignant shock.

“When we get there, I'm gonna devour that hot pussy. I'm gonna sink my tongue deep inside it and make you scream,” she smiled as Katy looked sideways at her, trying to quietly control her heavy, lustful breaths.

“But until then,” Rihanna whispered, leaning forward to drag her tongue up Katy's cheek, “you'll have to just keep thinking about it.”

“Are you fucking serious?” Katy hissed, looking over at her lover with thinly veiled anger and frustration as Rihanna casually took her hand away and sat back into her seat, leaving the singer wound up with her lightweight skirt rumpled up almost to her hips. Rihanna smiled sweetly and then pressed the call button overhead, bringing a stewardess to their seats as Katy quickly reacted by smoothing her skirt down.

“Could we have two glasses of champagne please?” Rihanna asked the pretty blonde stewardess, something Katy noticed a lot more now than she ever would have prior to her relationship with Rihanna. The blonde looked over at Katy, who quickly put a smile on for her, covering her frustration at Rihanna, the Bajan knowing just how to push her buttons. The stewardess returned with their drinks a few moments later, bidding their enjoyment before leaving them alone again, where Rihanna turned to Katy.

“To our naughty little getaway,” Rihanna said, raising her glass with a smile. Katy was stony faced, glaring at her.

“When we get there, I'm gonna make you devour my pussy,” Katy almost growled, holding her glass up in return. Rihanna's smile turned to a grin.

“I look forward to it,” she replied, tapping her glass to Katy's with a satisfying ring before taking a sip, while Katy turned to look back out the window as she took a larger drink of her own through frustrated distraction.

The remaining hours of the flight passed both slowly and quickly as Katy managed to doze off, undisturbed by Rihanna as she reclined comfortably in her expensive seat. She didn't sleep all the way though, spending a couple more hours thinking about her relationship with Rihanna, what she'd got herself into and the step she was taking with her own sexuality. They were relatively quiet, Rihanna listening to music and sleeping some of the time herself as they flew to their exclusive destination. After getting through the airport following a smooth landing, they collected their extensive luggage and walked out of the airport, being hit by the heat like a wall as they exited on the way to a waiting luxury car. The ride was cool and composed as they rested in comfort for a short drive to the exclusive, and discreet, resort where they would be staying. Katy had never visited it before, but Rihanna had and assured her they would be completely safe from any unwanted media attention.

They pulled up at the front of the opulent building, all polished metal and glass, where they were immediately met by very polite and efficient valets, who collected their extensive luggage from the boot of the car and escorted them inside to be met by the manager himself, who greeted them warmly by name to his exclusive establishment and assured them their every wish would be granted and all they had to do was ask. Rihanna had clearly met him before and engaged with it warmly;

“Rihanna, so nice of you to join us here again,” he enthused, opening his arms wide to her before they shared a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you, it's been a little while but you know I couldn't stay away,” she replied with a smile, a little flirtatiously. Katy was a little more reserved and self-conscious, unsure how open to be and a bit concerned that this was attention they didn't need. That was until Rihanna threw her straight into it by introducing her.

“And this is my...friend, Katy,” Rihanna said, smiling at her naughtily in a way he couldn't see with a little wink as she extended her arm to bring her into things. Katy stepped forward a little to him with a brief smile, somehow unable to put on her usual public face all of a sudden.

“Hi,” she managed.

“Welcome, welcome. My, you are even more beautiful than I expected,” he said with a charming smile, reaching out for her hand and raising it for a kiss. It instantly turned Katy from nervous to bashful, smiling widely and making her look away shyly.

“Thank you,” she replied quietly, realising he was quite the charmer and probably did this for all the girls that turned up.

“I hope you enjoy your stay. Your room is all ready for you,” he said, guiding them towards a valet waiting to direct them, the others having already taken all their luggage swiftly ahead. Rihanna gave him a playful wave as she and Katy followed the waiting valet, heading down the luxurious hallway towards their room. Katy knew he must full know well the score with them, that they had a single room booked, with just one king-size bed. But she felt more relaxed that things were as discreet as Rihanna had promised as he had made no mention of it and things were running smoothly. They were smoothly directed to their room and after a promise to bring them anything they desired should they ask, they were left in silent peace. Looking around, Katy took in the luxurious delight of the room, the wide windows out over the ocean, the gentle sea breeze blowing into the large, well-lit space.

“Mm fantastic,” Rihanna said, looking around, walking over to look out the windows. “We need to unpack and get outside,”. Katy looked at her, holding her gaze for a moment before she stepped over to the door and pushed the bolt across with a definitive clunk.

“You're not going anywhere,” Katy said, stepping close and then pressing her lips to the Bajan singer for a deep, intense kiss, their tongues dancing a moment as their hands grasped one another firmly.

“No?” Rihanna asked, breaking away from the kiss as Katy breathed deeply and pressed her forehead to her own.

“No,” Katy said, shoving Rihanna down to sit on the bed with a surprisingly strong, aggressive move that made Rihanna tingle in anticipation, “you're going to pay me back for teasing me on the plane.”

“Oh am I?” Rihanna said with a playful smile. Katy didn't reply immediately, simply staring her in the eye and then reaching up under her lightweight dress and peeling her silky satin panties down, over her smooth legs and off past her heels.

“Yeah you are, like you promised, and like you owe me,” Katy said determinedly, looking fierce.

“Really? Well that sounds pretty intense,” Rihanna said, just silently encouraging Katy to make a move.

“It will be,” Katy said, wasting no more time and lunging at Rihanna for another kiss, her hand twisting in her dark hair as she did, before breaking away  abruptly and using her grip to pull Rihanna towards the bed. The Caribbean star gave a gasp and, after a moments resistance, let herself be dominantly pulled down onto the bed, shuffling up a little as Katy straddled her, putting her knees powerfully over her, pinning her down as she pushed her fingers through her hair once more.

“You're gonna eat my pussy for me to make up for that teasing bullshit on the plane,” Katy said.

“Ok,” Rihanna said after a pause, looking up into Katy's eyes with a smile before letting her tongue flick out enticingly. Katy couldn't help but give a slight smile at her willing lover, before tightening her grip in her hair to pull Rihanna's head back down onto the bed. Katy moved forward, shifting a knee dominantly over her shoulder, before in one swift motion moving to other to straddle Rihanna's waiting mouth, concealing her beneath her floaty blue skirt and settling her hot, smoothly shaven pussy on the skilful tongue that awaited it. She immediately gave a sigh of pleasure as Rihanna wasted no time and buried her tongue deeply inside her, feeling the clench of her hot pussy as she probed towards Katy's G-spot to give her an idea what was to come.

“Oh fuck that's it,” Katy breathed, closing her eyes, letting herself sink down just a bit more as Rihanna's tongue thrust deeply and quickly inside her, feeling it lighting up her nerve endings as it slipped silkily in her pussy. She rocked her hips just right in rhythm with Rihanna's tongue, squeezing her muscles each time she pushed down to just slightly capture as it pulled up towards her G-spot. The tip of her talented tongue just expertly but powerfully curled back onto the front wall of her pussy, teasing at the intimate spot and looking to work her towards an orgasm with no hesitation.

“Fuck I need this,” Katy breathed, relishing the intense sensations of Rihanna's tongue as it worked over her G-spot intently for a few moments, buried full depth in her squeezing pussy, instigating a convulsion in pre-orgasmic pleasure that made Katy shudder, breathing raggedly and leaning forwards to press her hands into the opulent bedding.

“God you're good at this,” she gasped, unable to restrain herself from grinding into Rihanna's face, just lifting herself a little as the Bajan star slipped her tongue back out to work it around her clit, letting her tongue press just firmly but not intently into Katy's most sensitive button.

“Thank you, I practice plenty,” Rihanna said, pulling away from Katy momentarily underneath her skirt. Katy just sank back down to silence her, pressing her clit to her tongue and sighing in pleasure as Rihanna went back to licking intently at her, working quickly and intensely at her sensitive button, her tongue dancing around and across her delicate nub. Katy's fingers twisted in the sheets as Rihanna worked every which way, circling around her clit and then back and forth across it, making Katy buzz with pleasure, grunting and moaning over her. Rihanna's hands, so far restrained, slid up the back of Katy's legs with just a tease to her calves before sliding much more intently up the back of her thighs to squeeze firmly at her nice, rounded arse. Letting her fingers slide between, she worked a fingertip onto her asshole, feeling the strong muscle just tremble in response.

Katy didn't refuse her though, and gave a deep groan as Rihanna timed the teasing of her finger perfectly with the stimulating swipes of her tongue, giving Katy a sensation unlike anything else as she knelt over her lover. Rihanna pulled back again to work her tongue over the perfectly shaved lips, loving how well Katy had worked a razor for her as she lapped at them, feeling them puffy and exquisitely soft for her as she continued licking. She delved her tongue back inside Katy, making the Californian gasp as she went for it now, her hand grabbing hard onto her ass as she thrust a finger into her tight hole, making Katy cry out in pleasure as Rihanna pushed it deep inside her as she simultaneously worked her tongue up strongly onto her G-spot. Katy's slippery juices ran down over her chin as she thrust and wiggled her tongue deeply inside her, working her finger as her tongue danced, making Katy shudder and shake on the brink of climax.

“Oh fuck, Ri...” Katy breathed, bent over and jolting in tension, on the brink now. Rihanna made a final move, swiftly pulling her tongue out to assault her clit again as she slipped another finger into Katy's pussy, easily pressuring her G-spot as she rocked her hand to thrust it deeply inside her, stimulating every angle of her intently for just a few seconds as Katy quaked into an orgasm, doing her best to hold it back as long as she could before with a terrific shudder she broke into deep, soul-shaking orgasm. Katy let out a long, lung-emptying cry of intense pleasure as the orgasm washed over her, her pussy convulsing on the finger buried deep in as she ground down into Rihanna's mouth, giving stuttering repeats as her hips bucked with pleasure, riding her orgasm for all it was worth even as Rihanna continued to lick and suck at her clit to make it last as long as possible. Suddenly sensitive as it passed, Katy pushed herself up with shaky knees, fumbling down with a hand to Rihanna's head beneath her skirt to stop her, breathing intently as she took a moment to recover, the fingers just sliding out of her as she did, before she let herself tumble off to the side on the bed, sprawled in post-orgasmic bliss, fingers just playing gently in Rihanna's hair.

“Did that make up for it baby?” Rihanna purred, smiling at Katy's zoned-out gasping beside her.

“More than made up for it,” Katy breathed, just staring at the ceiling and letting her fingers twist slowly in Rihanna's dark locks.

“Good, glad you liked it,” Rihanna teased, looking over at Katy on the bed. She didn't look back, and only her heavy breaths broke the air for another minute or so. Stirring from the bed, Katy stretched and pulled herself up, leaning over Rihanna on one one arm as she pushed the hair back from her face with the other, gazing into her lovers eyes a moment before she gave her a deep, long kiss, their tongues gently twisting and turning together.

“I think I best pay you back a bit for that,” Katy murmured, kissing down her neck and making Rihanna tingle with excitement at the thought.

“I think you'd better,” she almost whispered, just wanting her all American girl to get on and touch her. Katy said nothing further, feeling no need as she kissed down onto her chest, just teasing her as her hands immediately went onto her jeans, wasting no time in popping them undone and drawing the zip down, sitting up to pull them slow down, the tight denim hugging Rihanna's curvy hips tightly as she lifted her ass to let Katy do as she pleased. Peeling the trousers down revealed a sexy black lace thong for her, which she immediately drew down to join the jeans round Rihanna's thighs, revealing her perfectly waxed pussy, smooth and inviting, just waiting for Katy to devour it. She wasted no further time now either, and as Rihanna spread her legs as far as she could given her denim constants, Katy sunk her face in between her legs, letting her tongue instantly find her stiff, waiting clit and illicit a shivering groan of pleasure from the Bajan star.

“Fuck you're getting good at this,” Rihanna breathed as Katy rapidly circled the delicate nub in just the right way, making her tingle and sigh as she then drew her tongue up her pussy, letting the tip of it just split her lips neatly and taste her juices. Katy said nothing, just continuing in dragging her talented tongue over Rihanna's blissfully smooth lips, her hands holding onto the top of the jeans as she worked over the soft, inviting flesh before her, letting her gentle licks over her labia turn to a more probing method. Hooking her tongue once more, she let the tip of it easily divide Rihanna's swollen pussy, tasty the sweet, all-consuming flavour of her as she did, loving how it spread over her tongue. The Caribbean beauty sighed in pleasure and pushed her hips up as Katy let her tongue just glide up the opening, before pressing it deeper inside, effortlessly splitting her lips and sinking her tongue into her, feeling her muscles just twitch and squeeze slightly at her invasion as she did. Rihanna's hand slid naturally into Katy's long, dark hair as she got to worked eating her pussy, working her tongue in and out of her at an ascending pace that made Rihanna tingle just right, tightening her shoulders as she lay on the bed.

“Mm keep doing that,” Rihanna murmurer, loving the feeling of Katy's skilful tongue delving into her most intimate treasures, how strong and willing the muscle was as it battled with her own that hugged it. Katy's ministrations were patient and controlled, holding back and frustrating Rihanna, who wished she would just dive right in and burrow her tongue as deep as she could. As she pushed her hips up to try and encourage it, Katy simply rode the motion, doing things as her pace, her hands still clinging to her jeans at mid-thigh. Her tongue continued to probe and test her muscles, loving the feeling of them trying to squeeze her, knowing Rihanna was trying to resist so as to tempt Katy in. Katy's hands slid up her smooth thighs to her hips, slowly but intently, taking a grasp of her curves and holding firmly, in readiness for her assault. She waited to see if Rihanna would bite at the temptation, let her impatience get the better of her, but she restrained it, managing to hold back and wait to see what Katy would do.

Rihanna let out a deep groan and a shudder as Katy clutched her hips and buried her tongue as deep as possible in her sweet pussy, immediately feeling Rihanna's strong muscles clamp down on her as she did, unable to push her out now however. The Bajan beauty pulled her knees up to spread her thighs a bit further and give Katy space to do her thing, gasping in delectable pleasure as the Californian thrust her whole tongue in and out of her rapidly, just hitting her nerves perfectly to make her muscles squeeze intently every time, something Katy was clearly enjoying as her lesbian lover clenched at her tongue. Rihanna curled up from the bed with pleasure as Katy suddenly pulled out and attacked her clit intently, her tongue waggling rapidly back and forth across the delicate button, stimulating the bundle of nerves with the dance of her talented muscle and overwhelming Rihanna as she locked her lips onto it, sucking and working her lips at it, the hand in her hair both pulling and pushing as she didn't know quite what to do. Katy took control however, her hand sliding smoothly from her hip to her chest, pressing her firmly but dominantly back down, Rihanna resisting for a moment before letting herself be pinned as Katy continued to briskly assault her clitoris.

She just closed her eyes and surrendered to Katy as she rolled and circled her tongue over her clit, working consistently beneath the soft hood, pushed easily out the way as she worked. Rihanna grunted as she rocked her hips underneath Katy, just rolling herself to increase stimulation to her aching clit, something the American allowed as she sucked and licked at her button, her hand groping over her perky breast at the same time.

“Mm, bring your pussy up here and we can sixty nine,” Rihanna breathed, making the invitation as Katy was doing such a good job on her.

“Maybe for a little bit,” Katy murmured in a quick break from lapping at her, immediately continuing with it a bit more intently to make Rihanna shudder at the stimulation. There was a few more seconds of Katy just taking her tongue to lick at her smooth pussy, relishing the delectably waxed lips under her touch as she made the RnB singer gasp with pleasure. Pulling her hands back off Rihanna a little reluctantly, she pushed up onto all fours and, after giving the sweet pussy before her a quick kiss, shuffled round on the bed to sink her pussy back onto her lovers face. She quickly turned herself around, then more carefully placed her knee over Rihanna and sunk slowly down to position her now juicy pussy, looking back slightly to just make sure she was perfectly placed before lowering her head and sliding her hands into Rihanna's silky thighs. As Rihanna's hands slipped up to her hips, pushing her light skirt up out the way over her back so she could easily access her sweet pussy, Katy slid her hands down her lovers thighs to push her sexy black panties and jeans further down her legs and allow her the freedom to really spread herself wide.

Katy let out a deep, shivering sigh as Rihanna raised her head and immediately attacked her clit again, fired up and eager to eat her pussy, letting her skilful tongue glide over and around her delicate nub in a gloriously aggressive fashion. Katy couldn't think straight for a moment, basking in the pleasure of Rihanna devouring her, her thick juices spreading all over Rihanna's lips and chin as she worked all over Katy's sweet lips. Focussing herself, she grasped her tan lovers thighs again, feeling them spread apart a bit further as she did and sank down onto her elbows, flicking her hair to one side and then lowering her head back down once more. Rihanna let out a renewed groan of pleasure as Katy's tongue delved into her pussy once more, turned 180 degrees now so she instigated new sensations as she licked down over her clit this time, letting the soft hood cover it as she more powerfully drove the tip of her tongue across it. Rihanna pulled her legs up to roll her hips back so that Katy could access more of her, the Californian's hands sliding over her warm skin and then hooking underneath her strong thighs to hold them back in place, followed swiftly by her tongue gliding down through her folds and into her snug opening again.

“Oh fuck, right there,” Rihanna groaned as Katy slipped her tongue deeply into her pussy again, hitting different angles now to what she had before and sending new sensations into her, loving Katy's strong muscle exploring her intimately. She responded more deliberately with squeezes now, clenching her vagina as Katy's tongue burrowed full depth inside her, building a rhythm with her to contract with every deep thrust from the Californian. In response Katy was now rolling and grinding her hips into her mouth, just helping Rihanna to lick at her clit and stimulate her, almost taking her mind off what she was doing. Rihanna's hands, so long holding at Katy's sides, taking in the feminine taper of her waist, pushed down her sides to her chest, feeling the fantastic double-D breasts that pressed firmly into her tummy as the pop star knelt over her. As she knelt to devour Rihanna, her amazing rack pressed down in her lesbian lover, hanging heavily underneath her despite her bra restraining them.

Rihanna's tactile hands slipped over the sides of them, feeling the bra beneath the thin material of the dress, tracing her fingers over the straps as she continued to work her tongue round Katy's stiff clit. Not wanting to be a tease, she gave a full squeeze to the fantastic tits in her hands, feeling her Californian lover shiver slightly at it as she groped her, just giving a slow, firm squeeze from the sides initially, before letting her hands slip neatly underneath them and give them a proper hard squeeze, making Katy mumble over her as she continued to eat her pussy. She continued to grope Katy's fantastic rack for a minute or so, loving the feel of her large breasts in her hands, unable to contain them all as she did before she let them go to slide her hands back up to her sides, taking in the pinch of her waist again with another squeeze. She craned up from her position, pinned beneath Perry, to get a better angle to delve her tongue deeply into Katy like she was receiving, feeling her squeeze her tongue as she thrust it deeply into her pussy while her hands slid back down over her hips to her ass, grasping firmly at it as she knelt over her.

Katy murmured slightly as Rihanna squeezed at her ass, grasping it firmly and then spreading it apart, pausing to just lean up a fraction more and let her tongue flick definitely over her tight asshole to make Katy just hesitate a moment in her licking, shuddering a fraction before burying her tongue into Rihanna as hard and deep as possible to make the Caribbean star groan in pleasure. Licking back at her clit again, Rihanna let her fingers slide in to press at Katy's asshole, feeling the strong sphincter immediately clench under her touch and release again, the American giving more murmuring sounds as she pressed and circled her finger slowly, just teasing at her tightest, most forbidden hole. As they both continued to lick, Katy struggling a little to keep her mind on things, Rihanna just pushed firmly with the tip of her finger to ease it into her ass, feeling the pop star pull away from her a little and then push back slightly, unsure quite what to do in that moment. Rihanna just kept pressing, increasing the pressure a little just before Katy trembled and then pushed back onto her finger, committing to it in an instant of lust that saw her rock her hips back and Rihanna's finger immediately sink in up to the second knuckle.

“Mmm fuck,” Katy gasped through her mouthful of perfectly waxed pussy, something she'd have never considered doing before indulging with Rihanna. She just smiled beneath her and continued to work her finger and tongue in unison. Katy thrust her tongue as deep and fast as possible into Rihanna, pulling her thighs back as she worked lustfully. She was rapidly losing control of the situation, and she didn't like that; she was meant to be paying Rihanna back and wanted to stay in charge.

“Right, right,” she said suddenly, lifting up on her arms and dropping Rihanna's thighs, rocking forwards to pull herself away from her lover, who was reluctant to release her.

“What's wrong?” Rihanna asked, wondering if Katy had somehow had a sudden attack of conscience, something that had taken a little time to overcome early in their relationship.

“Nothing, but I'm doing the fucking here,” Katy said curtly, pushing herself up onto her knees and then lifting herself off Rihanna, her finger slipping from her ass as she turned on the bed to end their very enjoyable 69.

“Oh are you now?” Rihanna said after a pause, pushing Katy a little bit to be dominant, like she secretly wanted and loved in the bedroom. Katy slid off the bed onto her feet and looked back at Rihanna, just waiting for her, silently urging her from the covers.

“Yeah, I am,” she said over her shoulder, then stepped over to her bag and crouched down for a moment to rummage in it, before standing back up and turning round with her soft blue strap-on in her hands.
“So take your fucking jeans off,” she finished, looking at Rihanna with a stare she could feel.

“Ok baby,” she replied with an unstoppable smile, sitting up and reached down to start pulling at her denim as Katy held the strap-on dildo between her knees and matter-of-factly peeled her thin blue summer dress up her body and over her head, making Rihanna pause to watch as the curvy Californian showed off her fantastic body, stretching up to draw the dress off and then cast it aside, leaving her in just her amply-filled black bra. Looking back up, she smiled at the RnB singer staring at her as she reached down for the toy again, pulling the straps out as she watched the tan beauty before her untangle herself from her jeans and token panties. Sliding the strap-on up her strong thighs, Katy never let her gaze falter as she regarded the beautiful Bajan pulled the snug denim away from her lusciously toned legs, followed by her little black panties to leave her smoothly waxed pussy just waiting for Katy's toy, the soft blue rubber protruding from her pelvis as she tightened the straps at her hips. She just gave a little shiver of pleasure as they pulled into her body, relishing the sensation as she became ready to fuck, all tightly strapped in and sporting the lovely rubber cock she would use to demolish her playmate.

Rihanna just rested on her elbows, legs wide open as Katy slid between them, closing her thighs to let her warm, soft skin rub gently at the Californian, just feeling her tremble a little with anticipation as she reached down to line the toy up with her snug pussy. Reaching down to guide the toy, Katy took a firm hold on it and then looked back up into Rihanna's eyes, her big, pretty eyes, biting her lip for a moment as she leaned over her before planting a deep, tongue enveloping kiss on her. Rihanna responded immediately, kissing hungrily with Katy for a second or two, before she broke away with a deep gasp as Katy surged forward to bury the soft blue toy inside her, pushing all the way to the hilt with it and sinking her hips against Rihanna as she shook and pulled her legs up more around her to welcome her in fully.

“Oh fuck yes,” Rihanna breathed as the Californian buried herself into her, wrapping her tan legs around her to keep it close and accentuate the depth of the sensation. Katy kissed hungrily down her neck as she wasted no time in getting moving, rocking her hips back to she could thump the toy intently into her lover once more, pushing a grunt of pleasure from her. Rihanna just slid her arms around Katy's neck as she lay back to let the pop star do her thing, which was clearly to pound the strap-on into her hard and deep as Katy wasn't hanging about at all, staying deep inside her and pumping her hips with power and intensity like Rihanna would've expected late on in a fuck. Katy braced herself strongly into the bed as she lay over the Bajan beauty, her friend and lover, hips rolled back and thighs clenched tightly around her own pelvis as she just lay back to take the pounding Katy was absolutely intent on giving her. She wasn't going to wait or take her time, she was going to really, properly fuck her, right from the word go, just in the way she had started. Katy sank her teeth into Rihanna's shoulder, making her cry out and tremble with trepidation as her curvy girlfriend had at her, feeling the building pleasure inside her as the toy slid rapidly into her silky pussy, Katy breathing aggressively beside her head at the intensity, working herself hard to drive the toy deep and fast inside her friend.

“Take it, fucking take it,” Katy growled through her gasping breaths, being completely in charge and wanting Rihanna to respond accordingly.

“Just fucking give it to me then,” Rihanna gasped in response, followed by an immediate yell as Katy drove every last millimetre into her, her full weight behind it, which she rocked and rolled against her for a moment.

“Oh I'll give it to you,” Katy whispered sternly into her ear, letting it hang in the air a moment, before she suddenly lunged forward and dragged her tongue up Rihanna's cheek, sending a flood of arousal through the RnB singer. She had unleashed Katy now, she was in charge, and that turned her on so much she could feel a tingle run through her, down to her pussy, which gave a clench and wettened further around the toy Katy her embedded inside her. She just gave a groan of pleasure and pulled her nails across the American's smooth back as she resumed pounding on her, making Katy growl but just spurring her on, pushing up onto her hands to dominantly position herself over Rihanna, making it absolutely clear she was running the show as she fucked hard, arching her back to work her toy intently  in short, hard strokes into her lover. Rihanna's hands, which had so far been twisting in the bed linen, reached up for Katy's phenomenal chest and cupped her gorgeous double-Ds, supported perfectly by her black bra, giving a squeeze to feel the lovely, firm flesh beneath her hands and their so simple covering. Katy allowed it for a moment, then leaned up a little on one hand and used the other to quite powerfully swat Rihanna's arms away, back down to the bed.

“Hands off, I'm in charge,” she hissed, slapping her hand back down on the bed and giving another deep, body weight plunge of the toy into her, making Rihanna's breath catch.

“Yes mistress,” Rihanna breathed before she even thought about it, making Katy immediately pause and look into her eyes, Rihanna holding it for just a moment before she looked away quickly, feeling the heat of a blush rush to her face. Katy started thrusting again, pushing out of the grip of her legs somewhat so she could use more of the strap-on, pumping over half of the blue rubber into Rihanna now, upping her game however so she was driving in and out just as fast, which really was the final straw to push the Barbadian beauty towards orgasm, building deep down in her body but coming on rapidly as Katy fairly hammered the thick blue dildo into her, leaving her unable to do anything but hang on and let herself be driven towards climax. Rihanna's gasps turned into more focused groans, little shudders belying her imminent orgasm, which Katy instantly noticed and kept thrusting, going a bit harder even, finding reserves somehow to absolutely pound on her, the bed shaking strenuously beneath them as Katy drove herself down into Rihanna as she grasped at the bedding desperately. Her head was back into the covers, gritting her teeth with her eyes squeezed shut in pleasure, her strong legs pulling Katy in close as she fucked, going with very hard, short strokes now as Rihanna's climax rushed up, building suddenly into an immense peak that took her before she barely knew what to do with it.

“Oh fuck, fuck, Katy!” she gasped wantonly, knowing Katy Perry hearing her name in her moment of ecstasy would only help to spur her on, her body bucking hard beneath her on the bed in the final seconds before her orgasm broke over her, giving a deep, rasping groan of pleasure, digging her nails into Katy hard, the Californian hissing as they dug deep into her back, continuing to jam the toy as hard and deep into Rihanna as possible to sustain her climax. The Bajan star bucked and shook beneath her, twisting and writhing against the bedding as she screwed up big handfuls of it in ecstatic pleasure, gasping and grunting as she could hardly withstand the immense waves of pleasure breaking over her soul in those few moments of utter, body-breaking climax, Katy continuing to thump deep inside her to accentuate and prolong it almost effortlessly. There were just a few more seconds of it, her hand shooting up to drive her fingers into Katy's long, black hair, before she reached her peak and suddenly became incredibly sensitive to all that the Californian was doing.

“Stop, stop!” she gasped, reaching down with her other hands to try and stop Katy's hips driving against her as she tried to pull her trembling legs around her ass to help cut her movement. Thankfully for her, Katy stopped, just driving herself full depth a final time and coming to rest right against Rihanna's hips as she gave a smile. Rihanna was laid with her head back gasping toward the ceiling as Katy leant over her, breathing equally hard, both their hearts racing in the aftermath of the fantastic fuck they'd just had. Katy dropped onto her elbow with a slight wince at having been straight armed for so long, her body pressing sweatily to Rihanna's, their toned forms fitting together so perfectly as Katy kissed at Rihanna's neck and jaw softly through her gasps. Rihanna woke herself from her post-orgasmic lull to draw her head back up and enter into a soft but intense kiss with Katy, their tongues gently working together as they kissed for several seconds before she let her head slip back to the bed, Katy pushing up stiffly on one knee to slowly slide the soft blue strap-on from her juicy pussy. Rihanna gave a slight gasp as it popped out, Katy pushing up and over to flop down on her back beside her on the bed, both still breathing deeply as their hands entwined, just laying together catching their breath in the aftermath of their hard fucking.

“Fuck, that was great,” Rihanna murmured after a couple of minutes just laying together on the bed, looking over to Katy beside her. The Californian was lying with her eyes closed but smiled, turning her head and slowly opening them to gaze into Rihanna's.

“Yeah,” she said softly, and leaned forward to succulently kiss her lesbian lover before she gave her hand a squeeze and then peeled herself up from the bed. Standing from the bed, Katy gave a stretch and pushed her hands back through her long black hair, the strap-on bouncing slightly in front of her as she stepped away from the bed and walked to the bathroom, Rihanna just watching her go from her position on the bed, taking in her curvy ass and the straps pulled tightly into her firm flesh. She heard the sound of water running and the splashing of Katy running her hands under the taps to check the temperature as it poured into the bath rapidly, the high pressure filling the tub swiftly as Katy walked back into the room and casually started to undo her harness. Rihanna just continued to watch as she undid the straps and slid it down her legs, throwing it aside towards her bags and standing up, giving a look at Rihanna with a smile and quick flick of her eyebrows as she turned back to the bathroom and slowly walked to it.

Rihanna was spurred into action, pulling herself up from the bed with a pleasant ache to her pussy, giving a slight stretch and sitting up as she pulled her top off over her head, quickly reaching back to unsnap her bra along with it and leave herself naked. Standing up from the luxurious bed, she padded across the floor and headed for the bathroom, walking in to set her eyes on the equally naked Katy Perry, taking in her gorgeous body again as she leant over to test the temperature of the bath as it filled up. Sliding her hands around Katy, she drew her up into a kiss, their tongues melting sensually together as they made out, her hands slipping slowly over the Californian's curvy figures as she in return slid her hands over her, finding their way to her perky breasts and giving a firm pinch of her pierced nipple. Breaking apart, Rihanna slid past Katy to the bath and stepped in, feeling the hot water envelop her legs as she got in and then crouched down into the steaming water, dropping back into a sitting position and looking up at Katy, inviting the pop star in with her.

Katy happily accepted the invitation and stepped into the tub in front of her, giving Rihanna a very good look at her smoothly shaven pussy before she turned and lowered herself into the hot water, sliding down between Rihanna's silky legs and leaning back into her soft grasp, the Bajan's arms wrapping gently around her as she relaxed into her. They let the water run for a minute or so more to fill the tub and then Katy reached out to shut the taps off, before settling herself back into her friend again, wiggling in comfortably this time as she ran her hands over Rihanna's perfectly smooth legs, resting her hands on her knees. Rihanna in turn slipped her hands under Katy's arms to access her fantastic chest, running them over the gorgeous double-Ds, spreading the hot water across her pale skin and loving the weight of them in her hands. The teased her fingertips around the nipples to feel them stiffen up, then tested their fantastic mass in her grasp again before giving a hard squeeze that made Katy exhale, but not tell her to stop. After another of those, Rihanna let her arms slide down across her tummy and they just relaxed back properly, Katy tipping her head over as Rihanna kissed softly down her cheek to her neck, stopping at her shoulder and leaning back to relax.

They relaxed comfortably in the bath for half an hour, just quietly resting, enjoying the little touches and strokes of one another in the steaming water and almost dozing off before Katy lazily reached forward to pull the plug out and end things. Rihanna gave a stretch as Katy stood up in front of her, tempting her to reach up and put a firm spank on her ass, which turned into a squeeze as the pop star stepped out of the tub. She just glanced back with a smile at the tan beauty groping her, just slowly getting out and letting Rihanna's grasp turn to a slight drag of her nails before she reached for a towel, drying herself off quite matter-of-factly as Rihanna pulled herself up to her feet, giving Katy a chance to take in her nipple piercing and tattoos. She noticed the American looking, more than a casual glance, smiling as she watched her curvy lover eyeing her up.

“You know, you could get your nipples pierced as well,” she commented, stepping out of the bath and grabbing a towel herself.

“Ha yeah right, I don't think so,” Katy said, continuing to dry herself after her pause and then wrapping her towel around herself as Rihanna unashamedly rubbed herself down with the towel.

“Why not? It feels great,” Rihanna said, reaching up to twist her piercing a bit with a smile.

“There's enough attention on my chest without anyone seeing that,” Katy replied.

“So don't show anyone, can be your little secret. Well, our little secret,” Rihanna said with a smile, fully intending on being party to it. Katy just gave a smile and roll of her eyes as she walked out back into the main bedroom, finishing rubbing herself dry and then throwing the towel over the radiator, standing naked for a moment with a stretch. It was already late, and after their initial romp and then the bath she was feeling quite tired, stifling a yawn as she moved to the rumpled bed, flipping the covers back to reveal the pristine sheets. Sliding in onto the cool cotton, she shivered slightly and stretched out, murmuring with pleasure as Rihanna walked back into the room, drying herself off as Katy settled down into the comfy bed.

“Alright for some,” she said, giving a smile as she reached down to dry a leg.

“There's room for you as soon as you're dry,” Katy replied with a smile, just folding the covers back again enticingly. Rihanna smiled and finished drying herself, chucking her towel onto the floor by the radiator rather than bothering to hang it up anywhere and nipping over to the bed.

“Ooh bad girl,” Katy said with a smile as Rihanna pulled the sheets up to slip in beside Katy, the pop star shifting over in the bed to make room for her.

“And you love it,” she whispered as she pulled the covers over them and slid her arm over Katy, loving the feel of the warm body beneath her touch.

“Damn right,” Katy replied and drew Rihanna into a kiss, the pair of them snuggling together in the centre of the bed and making out softly, their tongues just twisting together sensually for a few moments before Katy broke away with a sigh and rested on the pillow, looking to settle down. Rihanna, thinking some more fun more be on the cards, started to kiss at her chin and down her neck but Katy murmured to stop her.

“Not tonight,” she mumbled, at which Rihanna paused and then leaned up to just put a soft kiss on her cheek and then settle on the pillow, leaving Katy smiling as she then reached for the light switch. With a snap they were enclosed in darkness, the rustles of them in bed seeming much louder now as they settled back down, getting comfortable and snuggling up to one another a little closer, Katy already dozing off. Rihanna noticed her breathing slowing and getting deeper a couple of minutes later as she fell asleep, the RnB star taking a moment to take in her beauty in the darkness of the room, eyeing the contours of her face as best she could before she smiled to herself and closed her eyes again to let sleep welcome her.

* * *

Waking in the morning, Katy murmured and rolled slightly, trying to move before she felt a tug on her arm. Lazily opening her eyes, she looked over to see Rihanna beside her, rolled over almost into the bedding face down and lying on her arm, but also holding her hand protectively. Her arm was also dead, sensationless, a symptom of Rihanna pinning it down with her slight but toned form. She gave a stretch to herself, carefully so as not to disturb her lover, and pushed her hair back from her face as she blinked at the brightness of the room. The sun was streaming in the windows of the opulent hotel suite, bathing their bed in sunlight, warming them through the soft sheets. She settled down again, sighing softly in satisfaction and just waiting quietly, letting Rihanna sleep, though she did try to slowly extract her arm, needing to get some life back into it. As she drew it slowly back, Rihanna's hand squeezed powerfully but carefully down on it, complemented by a stretch from her with an arch of her back.

“Mm no that's mine,” she teased in a slumberful murmur.

“You want a dead hand?” Katy said with a smile, pulling back on it as Rihanna resisted it.

“Mm no, give me a live one,” Rihanna mumbled, rolling back toward Katy somewhat.

“Hmm ok then, deal,” Katy said in a mock-grudging tone, rolling closer to Rihanna and sliding her other arm over her, which Rihanna immediately grabbed and pulled into her body, at the same time releasing the other one for the pop star to pull back and stretch out, feeling the cool sensation of blood flowing back into it. She gave a sigh of relief at it as the feeling spread back to her digits in a wave of tingles, hot followed by the cold of blood, moving her aching hand as it recovered. They lay together for a few minutes, just enjoying each other's closeness, Rihanna still holding onto Katy's arm as they snuggled. Feeling the energy for something more, anything, Katy gave a slight stretch and just pressed her teeth lightly to Rihanna's tan shoulder, biting softly and dragging her teeth over her perfect skin as she pushed her hand firmly to her breast, giving a squeeze that made Rihanna tingle slightly.

“Mm hello,” she murmured, arching somewhat and rolling more towards Katy, turning her head to her with a look that screamed playtime.

“Hello,” Katy said with a smile, giving another grope to her perky chest and then pushing her hand down her toned body, something Rihanna made no effort to stop, just letting her hand slip over Katy's arm as her hand glided easily down to her smooth pussy. Her fingers pushed softly over the silky smooth lips, feeling them yield to her touch as she dipped in between to feel Rihanna starting to wetten already to her. She leaned over to kiss at her cheek and jaw as her fingers carefully worked back and forth along her lovers sweet pussy, just working the slippery juices between her fingers before she moved to her clit, just delicately touching at the sensitive button through its thin hood.

“Mm good morning,” Rihanna murmured with a smile, pulling her knees up a bit to open her legs a little more for Katy to finger her, relaxing into the sensation of Katy's ever more skilful fingers started to work over her clitoris. Her hand ran gently up Katy's arm, just feeling the tightness of the muscle as she worked before she pushed her hand back over her hip and straight down between the pop stars legs, immediately seeking her centre as her fingers pushed swiftly over the shaven lips and separated them to press her fingertip straight to Katy's clit.

“Mm good morning indeed,” Katy said through a shuddering gasp at the intense stimulation applied to her. She just about managed to focus on working her fingers, continuing to move them as Rihanna directly assaulted her clit, having easily pushed the hood up out the way with a fingertip and set about busily circling her nerve-packed button, making her thighs squeeze intently as she tried to keep focus. Rihanna moaned softly in pleasure as Katy pressed her digits to her, working the tips of her fingers firmly down through her hood, not pushing it aside yet as she circled round the sensitive nub beneath, taking a bit of time and not being so direct, even if she did press a bit harder in the wake of Rihanna's stimulating attack on her. They continued like this for a couple of minutes, with Katy finally pushing her lovers soft hood out the way and running her fingers directly around and over the hard clit beneath. Katy shuddered as she got close, Rihanna's very direct stimulation having results, at which she suddenly moved to run her fingers down Katy's lips, feeling and spreading the slick juices, delving a finger inside and feeling her yield easily to the velvet heat beneath, at which she added a second and then fully hooked them back to insert them into Katy, who gasped and grunted in pleasure, pushing her hips forward and down onto them to help Rihanna press them deep into her hot pussy.

“Mm you love it in the morning,” Rihanna murmured, knowing from experience that Katy almost always wanted some attention in the morning. Katy didn't reply apart from her groans of pleasure, starting to rock her hips in a solid rhythm with her playmates fingers dancing on her G-spot, her own fingers now grinding far harder in Rihanna's delicate centre, circling around and pressing intently on her sensitive button. It made the Bajan far more interested, grunting more now and pushing down into it a bit more, loving Katy getting rougher with her, more driven. Rihanna used her spare hand to squeeze at her breast, groping determinedly as Katy continued to softly kiss and tease her lips at her cheek and neck in between gasps and groans of pleasure. Even in the sleepy atmosphere of the morning they got rapidly close to climax, driving one another on towards it as their hands worked, Rihanna rubbing determinedly at Katy's G-spot while her thumb hit her clit to deliver maximum stimulation as Katy, starting to tremble, had thrown all intentions of soft and romantic out the window and was concentrating on grinding the tip of two fingers around and into Rihanna's hard clit, making her shudder and grind into her.

“Fuck, fuck,” Katy growled, annoyed that Rihanna had got her off first as she felt the unstoppable wave rush over her, squeezing her thighs as her pussy clamped down on the invading fingers, which didn't stop despite her strong muscles as she came, her own fingers faltering in their ministrations as she let out a long, low, moaning gasp of pleasure, eyes squeezing tightly shut as she pressed her teeth into Rihanna's shoulder, sinking them into the beautiful skin of her lover. Rihanna just smiled at the orgasm she'd induced, waiting in the fumbling pause as Katy couldn't think straight enough to direct her hand to keep on working her up, just enjoying the stimulation she could get as the fingers clumsily fumbled around her centre. Katy's body bucked against hers through her moments of ecstasy, and with a final arch and grunting breath into her shoulder she trembled to completion, Rihanna immediately slowing her fingers to merely a soft massage, knowing Katy would be far too sensitive in the aftermath, just cooling her down and letting her think.

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Katy swiftly steeled herself, taking a deep breath and immediately ramping up her speed and accuracy, her paired digits finding the speed they had prior to her orgasm, pressing and probing expertly around Rihanna's clitoris, putting just enough direct pressure on that Rihanna was almost uncomfortable but being just shy of it so she ramped up towards orgasm quickly. Without her own efforts to focus on she was free to enjoy everything that came her way, which it did rapidly. Katy had picked up things fast and RiRi had to admit she was fantastic with her fingers, intently dancing around and over her button, driving her powerfully towards climax, which rushed up on her quickly, making her grab hard at her breast, twisting the nipple for more sensation as her knees pressed together and hips rocked, Katy masterfully riding the movement to keep going as Rihanna abruptly exploded into climax, letting out a long, loud yell of pleasure as she pressed herself back into the bed, pushing her hips up to magnify the sensations and not caring at all who knew about it. Katy continued to rub like crazy as she screamed her pleasure, pressing her hips up to make it the hardest and most concentrated it had been for her peak, digging the nails of her other hand into Katy as she let out short, sharp yells with every breath at the sheer pleasure of it, her body throbbing. It ended as suddenly as it had begun, her climax immediately fading and leaving her hyper sensitive and unable to tolerate anything, especially not what Katy was doing to her.

“Stop, stop!” she squealed, hips twisting away from Katy even as the Californian withdrew her hand, not knowing what to do with herself for a moment, even the air around them feeling like it was moving over her too quickly as she wilted on the bed, gasping for deep lungfuls of air. Lying slowly back down onto the sheets, Katy's thigh slid over her hip as she did the same, the pair of them unwinding and melting back into a pleasurable, utterly relaxed position in the wake of their tryst. Katy's arm slid under Rihanna's head, pushing it towards her in a fumbling manner so they could lock lips somewhat clumsily, their gasping breaths taking a short break as they kissed passionately, deeply, their tongues twisting expertly together as they made out with complete abandon, just hungrily expressing their lust for each other, locking lips as long as their lungs could take before they broke noisily apart, Katy's head dropping down at Rihanna's shoulder, breathing hotly over it as they breathed hard in the wake of their pleasure. Without a word, Katy brought her hand up and stuffed her slippery fingers straight into Rihanna's mouth, catching her a little off guard, but she immediately sucked without protest, tasting her thick juices from Katy's aching digits, letting the Californian be in charge. Pulling them slowly from her mouth, she protectively put them on her shoulder and relaxed, both of them just soaking up the moment in the sun strewn room, the morning breaking so perfectly over their expensive suite.

“Come on, time to get up,” Rihanna said several minutes later, pulling herself from Katy's sleepy grasp and rolling over to sit on the bed, pushing the sheets back and giving a stretch. Katy just mumbled and complained incoherently, rolling lazily onto her front and burying herself into the bed a little more, not even opening her eyes.

“Come on, there's lot to do out there,” Rihanna said, standing up and turning back, unashamedly naked, to look at her girlfriend under the sheets.

“Hhmmm,” Katy mumbled, giving a slight movement and stretch, then settling down again, not attempting to get up.

“I'll drag you out of there if I have to,” Rihanna said, stepping round to the foot of the bed and putting her hands on her hips. Katy didn't move, staying planted in the bed.

“Ok then,” Rihanna said pointedly and reached down for the covers, flipping them swiftly back to expose Katy's gorgeous nudity. The Californian mumbled in protest at being revealed, digging her nails into the bed playfully as Rihanna grabbed her ankle and pulled her down the bed, wasting no time in yanking her towards her at the foot of the bed. Katy smiled and rolled herself onto her back as Rihanna drew her in, letting her go as the pop star got to her and pushed up onto her elbows. Rihanna went to step away, her victory achieved, when Katy's strong legs hooked around hers, squeezing her in close as she hauled her in, Katy just smiling and rocking her legs a little, then reaching up for her lesbian lover to tempt her back down to the bed. Rihanna let her lead and leaned down with a smile, placing her hands powerfully either side of Katy, who reached up to slide her hands round Rihanna's slender back.

“Are you sure we need to get up,” Katy purred seductively, smiling enticingly.

“Yes, we do. We need to go enjoy this gorgeous day,” Rihanna said, casting a glance towards the windows, then back down directly into Katy's big eyes.

“You know, we don't have to go out,” Katy replied, pulling herself up to kiss Rihanna softly, their lips locking gently as Katy teased with her tongue. She broke away, lying back on the bed with a devilish smile. Rihanna just paused, cocking any eyebrow at Katy as she continued to restrain her.

“I'll let you do whatever you want to me,” she added softly, arching up a little to just wiggle her phenomenal chest temptingly. Rihanna paused, then leaned down to kiss her again, another deep, tongue-twisting kiss before pulling away again, standing up this time and straining back against Katy's powerful grip.

“I know, and you will do later as well,” Rihanna said. Katy pouted, her fingers still playing at her lovers hips.

“I'll buy you some sexy panties while we're out,” Rihanna offered with a smile. Katy paused, then relented.

“Fine,” she said, rolling her eyes slightly and looking away, releasing her legs to let the RnB singer slide away from her.

“Good, now put some clothes on,” she said, giving a last, lustful glance over Katy's gorgeous curves, taking in her fantastic chest and smoothly shaven pussy before she turned and sashayed away, casually naked as she went to her bag to find some clothes. Katy just sat up to watch on for a minute, taking in her beautiful friend as she slipped into some black panties. Sliding off the bed, Katy stood up and gave a stretch, walking casually past Rihanna on her way to the bathroom to get ready.

Around half an hour later they were ready to go out, having fixed their make-up and got into some clothes, prepared to head out into the stylish, expensive shops of the exclusive resort. Rihanna had again opted for tight jeans and a top, while Katy had gone for another dress, a snugger, more simple black dress over the top of some sexy black underwear, which Rihanna had appreciated when she'd put it on. They headed out into the glorious sunshine, an absolutely brilliant day outside which they gladly soaked up, taking a quick taxi ride to the boulevards and then setting about having a day of shopping.

Hours passed as they shopped, in their element as they drifted between shops and expensive boutiques, pausing for a coffee and to have a light lunch. Rihanna's skilful foot abandoned its shoe to slip and stroke ever so skilfully over Katy's bare leg under the table, turning Katy on but also hinting that there was something more to the, more comfortable and committed. After an extended stop for lunch, accompanied by a couple of glasses of expensive wine, they continued shopping, and after several more clothes shops found themselves in a high quality lingerie store, surrounded by all the delicate, lace-covered things that showed off everything and gave men lustful looks. They looked around at all the skimpy and revealing underwear, playfully teasing each other with it, feeling and letting their imaginations run away a little as they privately thought of the other peeling it off with their teeth.

Whilst tempted by lots, they settled for a couple of things each. Rihanna got a couple of bras, keeping them sexy but simple, whilst Katy went more full on with a couple of sets, one was more conservative with a mix of deep blue and black with a set of panties, but the other was far more luscious, a mixture of black lace and sheer panels, the bra shaped to cup her breasts perfectly whilst the cups themselves were completely see-through with an equally sheer thong that pulled tightly in just the right manner. It was deliciously enticing, and Rihanna had no qualms about challenging Katy on exactly why she'd got it.

“You gonna wear that one for me later?” she questioned, looking down at it in Katy's hands and then back up into her big, pretty eyes.

“You buy it for me like you said, and you can do whatever you want to me in it,” Katy said with a naughty smile, giving just a little flick of her tongue as she offered the underwear to Rihanna. With a smile of her own, she took it and then reached in her bag for her credit card.

“I'm gonna hold you to that,” she said, turning away with just a slightly accentuated swerve of her hips, since she knew Katy was looking. Rihanna stifled a gasp as Katy's hands suddenly grasped her waist firmly, her head leaning over her shoulder, lips tantalisingly close to her ear.

“You just have to come and get me,” Katy whispered, a cold, determined edge on her voice, before she gave a slight giggle and then leaned out to quickly drag her tongue up Rihanna's well-shaped ear. In an instant she released her and was gone, turning and flitting away into the shop, leaving Rihanna unnaturally catching her breath and looking round to see where Perry had gone, blasting through her in that moment like a feminine tornado that left her a little off balance. Rihanna took a breath, letting it out slowly as a little smile spread to her lips, just biting one softly at the opportunity she saw opening up in front of her with Katy. Focusing herself, she turned back to the counter and walked to it, paying another equally discrete assistant for the expensive, silk-enriched underwear and taking an elegant paper bag with it before heading back out of the shop to meet Katy, waiting outside in the sun. They walked back hand-in-hand, Katy no longer shy about displaying their relationship or perhaps not caring, getting into the mood of the place, with it being discrete and secret for them to enjoy each other.

Getting back to their opulent hotel, Katy flopped down onto the bed, their bed, stretching herself out and arching her back to push her impressive chest out, though Rihanna paid it no attention as she went to the kitchen to fix herself some water. Katy pouted to herself and sank back to the bed, looking after her lover momentarily before she closed her eyes, stretching out on the luxurious bedding.

“You wanna go swimming?” Rihanna asked from the other room.

“Sure, the pool here looks amazing,” Katy replied, recalling how it had looked at a glance, the sheer size and quality of it, the sun streaming through the glass roof into the water.

“Excellent. I got something for you,” Rihanna said, walking back into the room and to her case, opening it to find what she'd hidden ready for their trip. Katy didn't reply, just watching with an eyebrow of intrigue. Rihanna stood up from her bag and turned round, holding up what appeared to Katy to be a very small piece of white fabric. Her eyes widened as Rihanna spread it out, showing it to be a swimsuit. A very small, very revealing, very risqué white swimsuit. Katy pushed herself up on the bed on her elbows, staring with wide eyes as Rihanna offered it to her, which after a pause she reached out and took, sitting up on she examined it.

“Are you serious?” Katy said, turning the worryingly thin garment over in her hands, taking in the thong back and strings that held it together.

“Yeah, I thought you'd like it,” Rihanna said with a smile, avoiding Katy's obviously unfolding horror at the tiny suit.

“I...to wear for you in private maybe but...” Katy tailed off, looking at the suit for another couple of seconds and then up at Rihanna.

“I know it's revealing, but you'll look so hot in it, I'd love to see you show that off,” she said, looking down at Katy on the bed. She didn't reply, just biting her lip unsurely.

“Look, I have a revealing suit as well,” Rihanna said, hoping to break down the wall forming between them, quickly picking it out from her case and holding it up. It had a fairly covering half tank top but a thong bikini bottom with it to show off her fantastic ass, made of black fabric with hot pink edging.

“What? That's nothing compared to this!” Katy responded, holding up the white fabric.

“That wasn't cheap you know. That's a genuine Wicked Weasel thing, just for you,” Rihanna said, keeping her smile, not letting Katy's objections drag things down.

“Wicked Weasel? That company that makes tiny bikinis and stuff?” Katy asked, looking down at it again, idly checking the label.

“Yeah that's them. I know it's pushing it, but I know you'll look stunning in it,” Rihanna said persuasively, edging toward the bed.

“Pft pushing it? That's one way to put it,” Katy muttered, pulling it between her hands. There was silence for a few moments, maybe a minute, before Rihanna decided to push things, telling that Katy was on the fence over it but probably willing to do it for her.

“Go put it on. If you really hate it, you can take it off. But if you wear it...you can do whatever you want to me,” Rihanna purred, offering herself to seal the deal.

“Whatever I want?” Katy said after another pause, looking up with a more serious expression now, one Rihanna knew well. She knew the popstar was tempted, wanting the opportunity to take control.

“Anything,” Rihanna growled, giving a smile that made Katy tingle.

“Ok,” she replied after a moments thought, leaning forward and kissing her Bajan lover before turning and heading to the bathroom. Rihanna's smile broadened as she celebrated her victory quietly to herself, peeling her top off to immediately get changed into her bikini as Katy struggled with the tiny suit in private. Rihanna cast her top on the bed, quickly followed by her jeans, peeling her bra off and panties down as she pressed on, wanting to make sure she was changed before Katy, though she didn't imagine the Californian would be rushing out wearing the suit. She slipped into the thong, settling it on her hips and then pulled the top on, taking a moment to make sure her boobs looked good, setting them in the snug top and then shaking her hair out. She then waited, several minutes passing as she awaited the appearance of her other half in the micro swimsuit. Just when she was about the go and knock at the bathroom door it opened, and she felt her heart surge in anticipation.

Katy stepped out, arms at her sides, keeping her legs together as she nervously let Rihanna see her, embarrassed by how exposed she was in the tiny white costume. Rihanna took her in, letting her eyes roam hungrily over her gorgeous body, taking in the slender shock of white against her pale skin, loving how it barely contained her, even more revealing than she'd imagined when she'd bought it with this in mind. It had a halter style neck string and then a triangle style top, barely holding Katy's phenomenal double-D chest in place, her hard nipples already poking clearly through the thin white fabric before it merged into a central strip that ran down over her tummy and into the crotch, a neat triangle that wrapped perfectly around her smoothly shaven pussy. Strings led off over her hips, leading Rihanna to want to see the back.

“Turn around,” she said simply, and to her slight surprise Katy complied, feeling very on show right now, her will temporarily broken. Turning round, Rihanna took in the beauty of her shapely legs and gorgeously toned ass, broken only by the slender, perfectly-shaped thong back of the costume, before the curve of her slim back and the string tied across it to support the chest.

“Gorgeous,” Rihanna said, stepping forward and taking hold of the string, undoing it.

“I thought you wanted to go swimming,” Katy said in a small voice, making Rihanna pause, then release the strings and push her hands round under the suit, cupping her large, firm breasts.

“I do, I'm just tightening this for you,” Rihanna purred, leaning over her shoulder and then kissing the side of her neck as she pulled back to tie the suit, pulling it much tighter to support but also expose Katy's chest, the fabric skintight over her large breasts as Rihanna tied the string firmly behind her.

“I don't know about this,” Katy said unsurely, turning back round to face Rihanna, squeezing her thighs together again.

“You're gonna be fine, and you look fucking great,” Rihanna said, making sure Katy got a chance to take in her hungry bite of her lip, before she turned around to the bed to grab towels she'd put out for them, giving Katy a chance to check out her thong bikini and round ass.

“That's easy for you to say, there's so much more of your suit,” Katy replied, tugging nervously at her tiny suit, her gorgeous breasts spilling out of the tight fabric, pulling at the crotch of it that she was sure didn't properly cover her shaven pussy. The suit was so dangerously thin, hugging her  curves like a second skin.

“You're gonna be fine,” Rihanna said, reassuring her again and turning back round to pass Katy a towel, starting to usher her towards the door.

“Wait, when this gets wet it's going to go completely see-through,” Katy said, somehow only just realising the reality of the suit besides its tiny size. She looked back up at Rihanna with wide eyes, to see her smiling naughtily.

“I know,” she said simply, grinning as Katy's eyes widened further and her mouth fell open slightly, realising Rihanna's intention to show her off. She was speechless and the Bajan beauty took the opportunity to push her out the door, tottering tentatively into the hallway and immediately feeling exposed as Rihanna shut the door behind them, her towel casually thrown over her shoulder. Looking around worriedly, Katy swiftly threw the towel around herself, covering her gorgeous, barely-covered body. Rihanna just smiled, loving Katy's nerves and taking her hand to lead her along the corridor towards the pool, the Californian holding her towel tightly with her other hand.

“I can't do this, I can't do this,” Katy warbled, taking rapid breaths as she pulled back on Rihanna's hand.

“Yeah you can, you're gonna love it really. And my offer stands,” she said, reminding Katy what she'd promised as she pulled her along.

“Oh fuck,” Katy muttered, half to herself as she gave up protesting, steeling herself for the revealing moment to come as she let Rihanna pull her towards the pool. They headed through the lovely hallways and down to the pool area, stepping in through the glass doors to be hit by the humidity of it, wrapping around them like a blanket. The weather was hot anyway, but outside it was a more dry heat, in here it was close and cloying, almost steamy as they walked down through some tables to the leisure pool itself. There was space at the side of the pool with tables and some loungers, then it sloped down into the water, gliding down to become deeper and and stretch out into a huge expanse of water. There was no expense spared at this resort, and the pool included rapids at the side, hot tubs, fountains and immersive showers. Finding a place on the artificial beach area as it were, Rihanna dropped her towel down, pausing to tie her hair up out the way as she casually got ready, not the least bit worried by the sexy suit she was wearing as Katy stood awkwardly beside her, towel still wrapped tightly around her.

“Come on, time to go swimming,” Rihanna said with a smile, turning to her patiently.

“I...there's a lot of people about,” Katy said, glancing around at the other guests relaxing by the pool and in the water.

“Yeah there are, and they're all gonna get to see how fucking sexy you look in that costume,” Rihanna said defiantly, now intending to push Katy to the finish with it.

“I...ok,” Katy said with a slight sigh, pausing for a deep breath and then peeling the towel off herself, dropping it aside with Rihanna's as she blushed, revealing her gorgeous curves in the tiny swimsuit, essentially showing herself off completely in the process. She felt very self-conscious, glancing around as Rihanna just grinned in pleasure as her stripping down to the risqué suit. People started to notice however, and within a few seconds Katy was glancing about and seemed to see people everywhere looking at her, taking in every curve and contour of her in the revealing outfit and, she was sure, judging her.

“Everyone's looking at me!” she hissed at Rihanna, looking down at the floor, trying to hide under her long, black hair. Rihanna looked around, taking in the people looking their way with a smile, knowing what she was looking at.

“Yeah, they are, but not how you think,” she said, pulling close to Katy to whisper into her ear.

“What? They're staring aren't they?” Katy said, irritated now, everything going much as she had feared it would.

“They are, but it's not what you think. Take a look,” she said, urging Katy's head up with her fingers. Katy allowed her head to be raised and then looked around, taking in those that were checking her out; men were taking her in, then quickly looked away as she caught their gaze, whilst some women were staring at her, but not out of lust, with daggers in their eyes. One of them elbowed her other half when he was checking her out.

“They think you look stunning, look. The guys can't keep their eyes off you, and those women absolutely hate you right now, coming down here looking like this,” Rihanna whispered with a smile. Katy didn't reply, taking another look around in more detail this time, noting how the guys that had looked away previously were looking at her again, and some of the same women were still staring but with a colder look than before as they stared. Others however were staring, but lustfully, and Katy couldn't help but feel a little revved up by the fact they clearly wanted her, checking out her curves. 

“And they're right. Now come on, own it, and let's go swimming,” Rihanna finished, her hands giving a little squeeze to Katy's hips as she put a quick kiss on her cheek and then turned to the pool, sliding her hand into her lovers to lead her to the pool. Her frozen legs got moving, shocked into action as she followed Rihanna obediently, still feeling self-conscious as she walked, giving everyone a chance to take her in fully in the tiny costume. She could feel the top barely restraining her beautiful double-Ds, spilling over the edges of it, the thong back pulled tightly into the curves of her hips, showing off her ass totally and pulling snugly round her pussy. But what Rihanna had said about owning it made her think, and she took a deep breath and held her head up, deciding to be confident about it as she strutted to the water with her lover, her heart pumping strongly as she absorbed the looks of everyone, both for and against her little suit.

The water washed over their toes with a satisfying splash, Rihanna leading the Californian into the warm pool, the water gradually climbing up their smooth, toned legs as they submerged themselves into it. Rihanna let the water up to her thighs before she struck out into it, swimming away ahead of Katy, giving her a great view of her round ass before she turned over, floating away on her back with a smile, tempting her lover deeper into the water with her. Katy just smiled as Rihanna drifted away from her, checking her out and taking her in, the way the little scrap of fabric clung to her curves, barely containing her phenomenal body. What she loved most was the fact that she'd got Katy into the suit, here in public, down to the pool where she knew it would really show off that body to everyone around. Pushing powerfully through the water with her strides, it washed up over her thighs, splashing through the very thin front of the suit and over her perfectly shaven pussy, making her inhale slightly as it bathed her smooth skin.

“Fuck,” she breathed, looking down to see her pussy clearly outlined through the soaking fabric, it pulling tightly around every contour of her femininity, pausing as she took it in, Rihanna doing the same.

“I know,” Rihanna smiled, floating back towards her and then standing up, looking into Katy's eyes as she raised her head again. Rihanna suddenly leant down and then splashed Katy abundantly, immediately soaking the costume completely, making the Californian gasp as the water soaked her, her nipples screwing up tightly in an instant, only helping to show them and her whole breasts through the suit as Rihanna giggled. Not that it made much difference, as Katy's voluptuous body was spilling out of the skinny suit, barely able to be contained by it, but now the last essence of her modesty was gone. She immediately plunged herself into the water, feeling it wrap around her body as if she were naked, feeling the tiny costume just pulling into certain places as she struck out into deeper water, Rihanna sinking back into the water and coming with her, the pair of beauties swimming into the more concealing depths. Standing up in the water, now at concealing shoulder-depth, Katy felt the suit, running her hands over it and feeling the edges of it, where it pulled in tight to her, where it felt like she was naked despite it, letting her fingers take it all in. She knew it was completely sheer now, hiding nothing of her, and through her embarrassment there was also a little tingle of pleasure, arousal at being so daring in public.

Rihanna just swam past her, giving a quick squeeze of her exposed ass as she struck out away into the water, swimming more intently now as Katy realised she may as well do the same, hidden by the pool now. Nobody was watching her from the sides, staring to see what they might get a glimpse of, so she shrugged off her nerves and followed Rihanna, feeling the strength in the suit. It might be thin in covering her, but she could tell the inherent quality of it, and knew it wouldn't break in holding her fantastic double-Ds or barely covering her with the thong. Swimming, she felt free, nothing restraining her as she paddled in the gorgeous water, the sun streaming through the glass roofing across the pool, able to feel its warmth on her skin as she swum through patches of it with her girlfriend. And Rihanna was that, she realised, she wasn't just an experimental lesbian lover as she'd started out, she was more than that without doubt. She wouldn't say it though, even though she thought it.

The two of them swam together, Katy taking in Rihanna's lovely ass as she did so, watching her toned figure in the thong bikini she wore. It was nothing compared to Katy's but it was more than enough to keep her attention. They played around some, splashing water at each other and pulling each other back as they swam around, forgetting about the people potentially watching. There were a few other people in the water but they paid little attention to them, perhaps wilfully ignoring them. After a while swimming, Katy rested on her back, looking up at the glass overhead as she paddled just gently enough to stay afloat, not worried that her chest was completely on show through the essentially pointless suit to anyone that cared to look. The person that was looking was Rihanna, floating up to her and sliding an arm under her shoulders, her other hand pulling significantly onto her hip as Katy looked down at Rihanna, knowing the smile on her face meant something was in store. She knew exactly what that was as Rihanna's hand pulled back across from her hip to slide slowly onto the skimpy front of her suit, across her pubic bone and then push slowly down to take in her smooth, almost-exposed labia.

“Mm hello...” Katy murmured as Rihanna pressed her lips to her cheek softly, nuzzling up to her and just letting her fingers glide smoothly over the token swimsuit, her skilful digits taking in every delicate feminine contour of her lover.

“What are you doing?” Katy asked, her heart giving a squeeze with adrenaline as Rihanna's fingers toyed with the edge of her suit and then worked carefully underneath, over her perfectly shaven skin to seek out her most sensitive area.

“You know what I'm doing,” Rihanna replied, giving another light kiss to her as her fingers slipped into the top of her pussy, easily splitting the puffy lips and finding her clit with well-practised knowledge.

“Not here!” Katy hissed, feeling a rush of nerves even as she felt the buzz of pleasure at Rihanna's fingertips sliding carefully round her button, expertly dispensing with her soft hood to bring her immediate sensation.

“Sssh, just relax. I'm gonna do it, you know you're not gonna stop me, and it won't take long if you relax and enjoy yourself,” Rihanna whispered to her, not remotely stopping her ministrations even as Katy sank in the water and squeezed her thighs a bit.

“I...alright, just don't tease me,” Katy whispered, suddenly feeling aware of how tight and tiny the suit was again, feeling like she was on display as she sank in the water and Rihanna's fingers danced magically on her pussy, looking around as the sensations spread through her curvy body. She sank down in the warm, sun-bathed water and pulled her thighs up more, rolling her hips back and giving her lover more access to her, making it easier for her to stroke and stimulate, hand buried snugly between her legs now as she worked. Rihanna was working one finger across her clit, another holding her hood back expertly so she could provide stimulation, moving carefully to provide just enough pressure without it being uncomfortable as she rapidly flicked back and forth. Katy's arm had slid round her for support, hand grabbing at her hip and ass as she tensed in pleasure, legs twitching and trying to clench even as she fought it to leave space for Rihanna to work.

“Fuck,” Katy breathed, trying to be quiet but quite deep at the same time, her lovers intent work getting to her, chest heaving with her deepening breaths as Rihanna worked at her.

“You'll like this,” Rihanna mumbled, switching to using two fingers, pressing them to her button in an instant and starting to circle it, more firmly and faster now, turning the wick up some to make Katy shiver in her grasp, eyes closing as she gave in to it. She didn't care who was watching now, and she was sure people would be. She just needed to come, feeling the orgasm building inside her, Rihanna wasting no time as she'd asked for and intent on getting her to her imminent orgasm. The sensations were electric, squeezing her muscles up, making her abs hard and her thighs squeeze, unable to stop herself from clenching on Rihanna's working hand. It didn't matter though, as the Bajan continued to work at her desperately sensitive nub with ease, her fingers racing around it now, pressing just hard enough to create the ultimate sensation as Katy's hips bucked with pleasure.

“Oh fuck, fuck,” Katy mumbled through clenched teeth, coming to climax for the first time in a public setting, doing her utmost to stay quiet. Her thighs clamped hard on Rihanna's hand and she shuddered intensely, her hand grabbing hard at Rihanna's lovely ass in pleasure as the Caribbean star pressed her lips firmly to her cheek with a smile at her success. Katy just trembled and gasped as quietly as possible as her orgasm washed through her, somehow accentuated by the warm, enclosing sensation of the water all around her, able to feel every current and lap of it against her body as she shook to the finish. It was a short but intense peak, passing as immediately as it had begun, leaving her gasping as she opened her eyes, a little blinded by the brightness as she did, pulling herself away from Rihanna somewhat as she felt heat bubble up inside her, sweating despite the water around them.

“Happy?” Rihanna said with a smile, sliding her hand out of the tight, see-through suit, leaving it out of place and exposing Katy's silky pussy to the water.

“Yeah,” Katy mumbled, glancing around embarrassed now, looking to see who might have watched them at it. There was nobody obviously looking their way, but she was sure somebody must have seen as Rihanna swam gently away from her, smiling to herself at having brought Katy such pleasure like she had, pushing her limits. Katy reached down to pull her tight suit back into place, settling the scrap of fabric over her smooth and now engorged pussy, realising that frankly it didn't make a great deal of difference given how sheer it was. She could feel her nipples sticking out, knowing they were potentially drawing even more attention through the token suit as they peaked the fabric and kept herself low in the water as she got moving again, pushing out to swim slowly as she felt the satisfaction of the release start to wash through her, having enjoyed the orgasm Rihanna had given her as she swum after her. She did however feel keenly aware of her ass being completely on display as she swum, the tiny little thong making zero effort to cover it, making sure she didn't raise herself too high in the water. Rihanna didn't care at all though, confidently stroking through the warm water, her gorgeous ass flexing as she moved powerfully.

Katy just let herself cool down as they swum again, quickly getting back to what they had been doing, playing around with each other and just generally messing about in the water, forgetting the suit again temporarily and just enjoying herself. Rihanna loved to see Katy having fun, especially after she'd pushed her to wear the suit, just enjoying herself. And now it was time to push her just a little bit more as she started swimming back towards the shore of the pool.

“Time to get out,” Rihanna said, swimming slowly back towards the sloping tile beach of the pool. Katy hesitated, immediately unsure and taking a look around as she sank into the water. She knew this would be even more revealing than when she'd got in, the suit completely see-through now. Rihanna swam back to her, pulling her close for a moment.

“Just remember, own it. And you get to do whatever you want to me when we're back in the room,” Rihanna whispered with a smile.

“I'm gonna make you pay for this,” Katy replied, just giving a slight smile.

“I hope so,” Rihanna smiled, giving her a quick kiss on the lips and then swimming back into the shallows, Katy following behind as she stood up in her sexy green bikini, the water rushing off her lovely tan curves, splashing into the water and giving Katy a perfect view of her smooth, round ass in the sexy thong back bikini, strutting sexily out of the pool without a care, slicking the water from her skin as she gave a glance back to Katy and walked over their towels to start drying herself. Taking a breath and steeling her nerves, Katy swum as far as she could into the shallows, then swallowed her trepidation and stood up, the sound of the water cascading from her curves rushing in her ears as she was revealed, her nipples stiffening immediately at the cooler air hitting the wet suit, poking through it hard and clear to see. She felt a rush of embarrassment, but then realised it was a minor issue, since the rest of her body was on show, and like Rihanna had said, she just had to own it.

With that in mind, she strutted out of the water confidently, following much like her lover had, flicking her hair to one side and wringing it out with her hands as she acted nonchalant to her near nudity, ignoring the fact the suit was completely sheer now, the darkness of her nipples was showing through, as was the smooth, clearly defined cametoe of her pussy. She let her eyes roam around as she squeezed her hair out, noticing people watching her again as the water splashed down around her, eyes locked onto her curvy body as she emerged from the pool, taking a look at her ass in its tiny thong as she passed to meet with Rihanna, who threw her towel to her as she approached. Katy was glowing now, loving the attention rather than being nervous by it, though her heart still pounded, and so casually took the towel and then took her time to dry herself, not throwing it swiftly around her as Rihanna had expected. Finishing, she pulled the towel around herself as Rihanna threw hers over her shoulder, heading out of the pool area and back towards their room, the corridors almost empty as they headed back and went into the room, closing the door behind them to leave them in the in the enveloping quiet of their private quarters.

“See, you loved that suit really,” Rihanna said with a smile, chucking her towel aside as Katy let her own slip from her body into her hand, raising it to dry the ends of her hair a little more.

“And everyone saw everything,” Katy replied, throwing the towel aside with Rihanna's and then reaching behind for the string of it.

“But you let them,” Rihanna offered.

“I did, and now you're going to pay for it,” she replied, pulling the string to release the suit, peeling herself out of it to let her fantastic tits spill free of their token confines. Rihanna just watched as she pulled the damp suit down off her hips, revealing her smoothly shaven body once more, throwing it aside to leave her naked before her.

“Well don't just stand there, get that suit off,” Katy pointed, taking charge and spurring Rihanna into motion, the Bajan just feeling herself surge with excitement as Katy became more dominant, quickly reaching down to pull the top part of the suit off over her head as the Californian found her strap on, stepping confidently into the harness behind the soft blue toy and pulling it into position. It was a far more practised motion now, and she easily did it up tightly in just the right place for her to exert maximum pressure as Rihanna pulled down her black bikini bottoms to reveal her smoothly waxed pussy, standing up naked before Katy, who took a moment to drink her in, casting her eyes over her perky breasts and pierced nipple before she continued.

“Turn around,” she ordered, using all the frustration of wearing the little suit now as she dominated Rihanna. The RnB star smiled as she did, loving Katy taking the aggressive edge with her. She loved rough, hard sex, and Katy wasn't letting her down, taking charge intently and going for what she wanted, standing before her with her strap on ready and waiting. Turning around, she bent down to press her hands to the bed, arching her back to push her pussy out invitingly, but Katy mixed things up.

“I didn't tell you to bend over, stand up,” Katy ordered sternly, making Rihanna shiver at the dominating tone as she stood back up obediently. Katy stepped up close behind her, letting her strap on press against her ass as she let her soft, skilful hands slide onto her waist, giving a firm squeeze that told Rihanna that she meant business.

“I'm gonna make you pay for today,” Katy whispered, letting her hands slide up Rihanna's ribs and tentatively push round at her firm breasts. She abruptly kicked Rihanna's feet apart, making her jerk and wobble unsteadily at the sudden loss of balance, still attempting to stand because Katy had ordered her to.

“Bend over,” Katy snapped, shoving Rihanna's shoulders hard to knock her to the bed with intimidating strength, making the singer tumble forward onto the bed, bracing herself with her arms, stiffening them as she took up her position.

“Arch your back,” she was commanded, and she needed no second order, bending her back as tight as she could to make herself available to Katy, the Californian standing over her in full control now, behind her with everything ready and waiting. She pulled her fingertips softly down Rihanna's back, taking in her smooth, tan skin and gorgeous feminine form to let her hands slide onto her firm, round ass, squeezing the cheeks and pulling them apart to expose her tight asshole and juicy, waiting pussy. Leaning over a little, she paused and then carefully spat onto her tight back hole, giving Rihanna a chance to feel it hit her asshole and realise what Katy had in mind, especially as she pressed the tip of the blue toy to her to spread it around a little in readiness.

“Katy, wait...” Rihanna tried, but she was immediately and fiercely cut off by Katy.

“Shut up. I'm in charge now,” she said with the slightest hiss, making it clear she was the boss. Rihanna just shivered in nervous exhilaration at it, feeling her pussy wetten more at being so controlled. She didn't say another word, just steeling herself for the stretch of Katy's toy. Katy's hand pressed down on the back of her hips to exert her control over her, while her other one guided the toy she was wearing, pressing the firm blue rubber forward against Rihanna's tight but waiting asshole, just pressing with her hips as she worked the tip a little to ease her open, loving watching her open up. Rihanna just bit her lip as Katy pushed her weight much more intently behind the toy now, having purchase and taking advantage to squeeze the toy inside, giving a smile and sigh as Rihanna stretched open for her, the Bajan grunting deeply in pain and pleasure as she was  plundered. Katy didn't stop though, and Rihanna felt an intent twinge of pain as the Californian drove the toy into her ass, crying out and twisting beneath her as Katy drove her hips down and forced every inch of the strap on into her rounded, unlubed ass until her hips pressed hard against it.

“Oh yeah, that's what I wanted,” Katy growled through a smile as she reached down to pin Rihanna to the bed, jamming her intently down in place on the bed as she exerted her power.

“Me in pain?” Rihanna breathed through her teeth, feeling the throb in her asshole from the toy buried in it.

“Yeah, this is punishment, for making me wear that suit,” Katy said, reinforcing her motivation as she pushed against Rihanna for a moment and then pulled out around half the toy and buried it again, making the Bajan star wince again as she struggled to get used to it.

“So punish me hard, make me pay,” Rihanna heard herself whispering, almost surprised at herself for giving Katy such a clear come-on, a free ticket to take out her aggression and displeasure on her. Katy faltered for a moment, not expecting such capitulation from her usually strong friend, well girlfriend now, taking a moment to straighten her thoughts completely and seize upon the opportunity.

“I will,” Katy whispered, finding her icy tone to put an edge on it again as her hand pushed into Rihanna's dark hair, twisting through it to take a strong hold on her while her other hand slid down her toned body to her hip, pulling in just above it to allow her to lever back against Rihanna's sexy, womanly curves. Using her dominating grasp, she pulled back to slide the toy out slowly, around half way again before driving it slowly but powerfully back inside her, watching Rihanna's asshole take it so smoothly inside as she gave a shudder at the sensation, mumbling in pain again. The lack of lube made her body resist it more but Katy paid little attention, strongly pushing her hips behind the toy, getting her angle just right to drive the toy in effectively, all the way to the hilt in her lovely round ass. Katy's excellent technique, which Rihanna noted had significantly improved in recent weeks, was having an effect for her too, the harness pressing in just right to stimulate her clit, which combined with the mental stimulation she got from dominating Rihanna was more than enough to push her pleasure up.

“Fuck,” Rihanna breathed as Katy worked intently on her, still pressing her down hard into the bed.

“Oh you want me to fuck do you?” Katy snapped almost instantly, making Rihanna's heart surge in her chest as she felt Katy's grip on her tighten, pulling her hair painfully and digging her nails into her skin as she pulled back most of the strap on and buried it inside her in an instant, making her cry out, muffled through the bedding she buried in.

“Yeah, that's what it's like when I fuck,” Katy grinned, smiling in utter pleasure she held her friend down and started to really pound on her, using pretty much the complete length of the toy. She pulled it back expertly until Rihanna's asshole just bulged a little at the head of it and then ploughed it deeply into her again, ignoring the lack of lube and having fun now, Rihanna's grunts and groans, a mix of pleasure and pain, spurring her on. She worked hard, thumping her hips against her lesbian lover, her pelvis and the harness slapping delightfully into Rihanna's booty as she plundered it hard. The RnB star had been reduced now to a grunting wreck beneath Katy, loving every second of the toy being pounded into her now, a mix of highs and lows that she was revelling in. When she pushed a hand down underneath her to reach for her smoothly waxed pussy, letting her fingers glide perfectly over her silky lips, Katy didn't stop her, letting her have her pleasure now. Rihanna easily found her hard button between the puffy folds of her labia, immediately rubbing intently at it through her soft hood, circling round and over it as Katy continued to jam the toy deeply inside her.

“Fuck, I hope you...learn your lesson,” Katy grunted, the stimulation getting to her too as she fucked  Rihanna, loving being in charge and the physical effort of it, totally in control.

“I will, but...it might...take a few lessons...to be sure,” Rihanna gasped through deep, fast breaths as Katy fucked her. She wanted much more of this if this is how it was gonna be, and didn't feel any shame at telling Katy. The Californian felt much the same, loving it and more than happy to take her time teaching Rihanna everything she wanted to know about Katy being in charge.

“I'll teach as many lessons as it takes,” Katy mumbled as Rihanna grunted beneath her in pleasure, rubbing at her clit intently now. Releasing her hair, Katy put both her hands at RiRi's hips and pulling back hard as she stood up more, the muscles in her arms tightening hard as she cranked back on her lover, bracing her legs to fuck hard. Rihanna felt that straight away, Katy repositioning herself and then abruptly speeding things up, using only around half the toy now, still sinking it deep but pulling out less and jamming harder and faster into her. Rihanna let out a squeal of pleasure and started rubbing her clit harder as Katy exerted herself, breathing hard and focussed completely on her task, holding Rihanna hard, fingers digging into her yielding flesh as she absolutely hammered the blue strap on as hard and fast she could into her. It only took a few seconds of this intense, unrelenting power from Katy, fucking as hard and fast she could manage, to bring Rihanna to the brink, the toy thumping into her ass combining with her fingers at her clit to complete a mind-bending concoction of sensations for her, overwhelming and breaking her will and resistance.

With a powerful shudder she climaxed, arching on the bed as she shuddered with utter pleasure, her ass squeezing tightly on the strap on in the process, slowly Katy and sending a sharp bolt of pain through her. It only helped to heighten the sensations however as she erupted into her orgasm, shaking and letting out a long wail of pleasure as Katy continued to thump into her ass, her fingers just about managing to keep going as she shook and clenched with the pleasure under the Californian. Her spare hand grabbed at the covers as she quaked through the last few seconds she could withstand, pushing back into Katy's fucking to take it all, before she gave a strong shudder and felt immediately tender, too delicate to be touched, let along fucked like Katy was and quickly pushed her hand back to Katy's body, urging her to stop as she gasped as much in her suddenly sensitive state. Katy buried her toy as deep and hard as she could for a finish, making Rihanna grunt hard, then gasp deeply in relief at Katy's halt, washed out and breathing deeply into the soft bedding, hands dropping limp beside and beneath her on the end of the bed as she felt totally overwhelmed. Katy sank forward to press herself into her, letting her elbows slide down beside Rihanna as she leant over her, breathing hard in the wake of things.

“Enjoy that baby?” she murmured, her hair tickling Rihanna's sweat-pricked skin as she bent down to kiss softly over her shoulder blades and upper back, making her tingle a little, a cold shiver spreading through her momentarily, a stark contrast to her high body heat as the sweat on her did its job.

“Fucking loved it,” Rihanna managed to breath exhaustedly, making no bones about having enjoyed it so much.

“Good,” Katy breathed, hauling deep breaths in herself, full lungfuls of air that made her fantastic chest heave up and down, leaning her head down on Rihanna's slender, tan back as they just stayed deeply entwined together for a couple of minutes. All that broke the silence was their breathing, both of them breathing gradually slower in the aftermath of their hard, exerting fuck, catching their breath once more. Katy's legs felt shaky as she stood back up, and with a push of her hair from her face she held Rihanna's hips and slowly slid back to extract the firm blue strap on from her lover, loving how the Bajan beauty gave a little jolt and shiver as she popped out of her ass, making Katy just give a light spank down on it, making it clear it was hers. Quickly releasing the strap on harness, something she'd practiced, she dropped it to the floor and then stepped forward and fell onto then bed with a spin on her toes, landing on her back beside Rihanna. With no words, she fucked out RnB star pulled herself up the bed, pressing her lips to Katy's for a deep, soulful kiss, their tongues softly twisting together for a few moments, before she slid down and snuggled up beside her, arm across Katy's fantastic chest.

They lay together for quite a while, at least an hour as they just dozed lightly together, enjoying the touch and feel of each other. Rihanna stirred first, giving a stretch and leaning up a little, kissing up Katy's chest and onto the side of her face, making the Californian murmur.

“Come on, we need to get up,” Rihanna said, pulling herself away from Katy and sitting up, giving a further stretch and then shuffling herself off the bed.

“Mm why?” Katy mumbled, stretching herself and lazily eyeing her girlfriend.

“Because we're going out to dinner,” Rihanna said, standing up and grabbing a towel.

“Says who?” asked Katy, pushing up to lean on her elbows, breasts just hanging down perfectly, making Rihanna take a quick pause to enjoy them.

“Says me, so get ready,” Rihanna said, cocking an eyebrow and then turning to head into the bathroom for a quick shower. Katy just gave a stretch and mumbled to herself as the shower started, Rihanna cascaded herself in the warm water, washing away the evidence of their exertions. Katy contemplated joining her, but just as she was planning to the shower shut off, leaving the Californian a bit put out as she'd been approaching the bathroom door with her towel in hand. Emerging gorgeously naked, rubbing her towel at her shoulders and the back of her hair, Rihanna just smiled.

“Not this time, you'll have to go it alone,” she teased, stepping past Katy back towards the room and reaching out to swat her firmly on the ass as she did. Katy just smiled over her shoulder as she headed into the bathroom herself for a quick, refreshing shower. She left the door open in case Rihanna changed her mind and wanted to join her, but she didn't, leaving Katy to have a quick, refreshing shower after their exertions. Coming out, rubbing at her curves with a towel, she saw Rihanna already slipping into a sexy black, sparkly cocktail dress, the dark tone complementing her skin so excellently. Her hair was already done, and she just had some finishing touches to do with her make-up.

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Re: Katy & Rihanna's First Resort
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“Come on, you need to get ready,” Rihanna teased, watching as Katy rubbed the towel over herself, taking her time so RiRi could watch.

“There's no rush, we have time,” Katy said with a smile, drying herself off and leaving Rihanna get on finishing her make-up, selecting the sexy black and sheer underwear set she'd bought earlier, the bra pushing her up just right while showing her off, and the enticing thong showed off her toned ass and left an enticing trail of embroidered black design over the front of her pussy against the sheer surroundings. She selected a similarly short dress from her luggage, a simple dusky purple number that skimmed her thighs and hugged her just right around her curves, laying it out beside her as she sat down to do her make-up, leaving Rihanna watch on. It took a few minutes, but once she was ready she stood up and then stepped into the little purple number sliding it up and wiggling it into place.

“Can you get that for me?” she said coyly, turning round and sweeping her hair forward over her shoulder for Rihanna to do up the zip, the sexy curve of her smooth back crossed only by the bra strap waiting. Stepping up, the Bajan let her hands slip to Katy's hips a moment, then onto the zip to draw it slowly up, finishing by pulling it into place and leaning over to kiss at Katy's exposed neck where she'd pulled her hair aside. The Californian shivered, making Rihanna kiss more and let her teeth graze at the soft skin beneath her touch, but before she could get too into it Katy broke away.

“Dinner awaits, right?” she said, turning round with a challenging smile to Rihanna.

“Right,” Rihanna said with a smile of her own, loving how Katy played and teased, building up the tension for when they got back to the room later, probably fuelled by a few cocktails. The American slipped quickly into a pair of black strappy high-heels, pausing to quickly buckle them up with a bend down that threatened to let her dress slip up over her ass.

“About ready,” Katy said with a smile as she stood up.

“Good, then let's go,” Rihanna said, reaching out for her hand and pulling her towards the door. The Californian let herself be pulled along and out the door, far more willing than she had been earlier in the tiny swimsuit. They walked casually hand-in-hand down through the opulent hotel to the equally luxurious dining area, where they were immediately served and shown to a table for two, away at the side but with a fabulous view out the window over the land around the resort. After being swiftly served an initial glass of very expensive, perfectly chilled white wine, they perused the menu, taking their time deciding what to have. As Katy looked through, pondering a few options, she felt Rihanna's sensual foot slide onto the inside of her knee, then up her thigh and almost under her short dress. She looked down for a moment, then back up to Rihanna, who was casually reading her menu as if nothing was going on.

“You know, we have all night,” Katy mused, looking back to her own menu.

“We do, and it'd be great if you were horny for all of it, because you'll be really ready to go later on,” Rihanna replied simply, as she continued to study the menu. Katy paused a moment, her heart surging as she looked at Rihanna, who didn't even so much as look up to her.

“As long as you lick it later,” Katy said, looking back to her menu.

“I will, I'll devour it,” Rihanna replied, not once breaking her gaze on the fancy, leather-bound menu.

“Good girl,” Katy replied, at which Rihanna just let a small smile cross her lips, her foot pushing higher and sliding determinedly under Katy's skirt, which she didn't even flinch at, spreading her legs a little so that Rihanna could explore all the way to her sexy new lingerie. She didn't waste time, immediately sliding her dainty foot up the inside of her toned thigh and onto the sexy thong, feeling the lace embroidery under her toes as she explored, Katy just letting her, feeling the familiar rush spreading through her as her pussy wettened, lips engorging.
A waiter came to their table shortly afterwards and took their order, Rihanna opting for a fish dish with rice, while Katy opted for a chicken pasta dish. After replenishing their wine glasses, he left with the order.

“So, how you enjoying this holiday then? I know you were...apprehensive about it,” Rihanna said, taking a sip of her wine with a smile.

“It's been pretty fantastic actually, certainly an experience,” Katy replied after a moments thought.

“I told you it'd be liberating, and they're cool here,” Rihanna said, knowing it was Katy's first time being in any way public with another girl, even if this place was secretive.

“Yeah it's been that, and lots of other things. I'm glad we did it though, it's helped open up a new side of me I guess,” Katy replied pensively, looking away and drifting into her thoughts.

“You've certainly done that,” Rihanna said with a naughty smile, turning to a grin as she sipped at her wine. Katy paused, taking a good mouthful of her own wine before speaking.

“I'll open my legs for you later, just so I can feel that tongue of yours in action,” she said.

“You'll feel it, don't worry. Maybe you can be more open with this in general when we get home,” Rihanna probed, wanting to gauge Katy's willingness to be more public with their relationship. She loved how hot it was, being secretive and hidden, but she couldn't deny she'd like something a little more formal with Katy now. She didn't know if Katy felt the same though.

“We'll see about that,” Katy replied, making Rihanna's heart sink just a little, but she let it go, knowing Katy wasn't so forward with that side of herself.
They made small talk for a few minutes before their food was delivered, being brought to their table with some flair and exquisite style, such was the nature of the expensive place they were staying. After being placed down for them and the waiters had removed themselves, the girls ate quietly, not disturbing each other as they enjoyed a fantastic meal, the food cooked to perfection. One could argue for what it cost it should be, but such concerns were not theirs. They just enjoyed the gorgeous food, and then shared a bowl of chocolate ice cream dessert afterwards, both dipping into it and enjoying the sweet, indulgent treat as they finished their wine.

With their food finished, they hit the bar, moving through the huge open space from the dining area towards the bar area again. It was a long surface in the centre of the luxurious space, offering everyone ample space to be served, and with no wait at all thanks to plenty of staff ready to help them, meaning Rihanna didn't need to lean over and squeeze her arms together to enhance her cleavage, but she still did anyway. She smiled as the barman greeted them with a warm smile, then let his eyes momentarily flick down to look down her top, loving that he couldn't resist as he took their order. They both went for an extravagant cocktail, something they wouldn't normally have, which took a couple of minutes mixing before being presented with extra straws and little cocktail umbrellas. Seating themselves on a couple of stools at the end of the bar they settled down to sip their way through the fruit, yet strong, cocktails, relishing the almost overpoweringly sweet taste as they looked around, taking in the people enjoying their evening and the fading summers day outside through the magnificent glass roof of the building.

“This is quite a place,” Katy sighed, taking sip of her drink.

“Yeah, really incredible, I love it here,” Rihanna replied, looking around at the place as the light faded outside.

“We'll have to come back, have another holiday,” Katy said, making Rihanna pleased at the sound of their relationship lasting, not perhaps fizzling out as she might have expected.

“Sure we can come back, I'd love that,” Rihanna said, sipping her own drink.

“Not many places people like us can go to...be alone,” Katy said with a raise of her eyebrows. Rihanna knew she didn't mean girls that were bisexual, she meant much-photographed celebrities, their lives the staple of peoples newspapers and websites every day.

“No, we need to be careful to keep out of the spotlight, but places like this offer an excellent escape for us to...come and play,” Rihanna said with a naughty smile.

“That they do,” Katy replied with a smile on her own, taking a sip of her cocktail again, letting her leg move forward to rub her smoothly shaven limb over Rihanna's, sending a tingle through her Bajan lover. They spent the next hour or so making flirtatious small talk and sipping through another drink, gradually sliding a little closer together, Rihanna's hand straying onto Katy's silky thigh, helping her purple dress to slip up just a bit further than it was already. They were quite engrossed in one another before they were politely interrupted by a pair of gentlemen, well dressed and evidently wealthy, causing them to sit up and take note.

“Good evening ladies, I hope we are not interrupting,” said one, holding his hands out apologetically in case they were. Of course they were interrupting, however the girls were happy to see what they had to say. Katy eyed them up, taking them in. They were both dressed in expensive suits, tailor made, and were well put together, both just over six feet tall she guessed and in good shape, clearly well exercised. Decent looking, with neat dark hair, one of them sporting a neatly styled beard.

“Not if you get us a couple more drinks,” Katy said with a raised eyebrow, pointing to their empty glasses.

“Of course,” he replied, without skipping a beat and went on to enquire what it is they would like to drink. There was a pause, then Rihanna turned to interjected herself into the conversation more, since he had been looking at Katy.

“A bottle of champagne,” Rihanna said with a smile.

“Very well,” he replied, immediately turning and signalling the barman. In just a few moments there was the loud pop of an expensive cork, then two glasses were placed down for them, with the bottle of expensive champagne in an ice bucket behind them on the bar.

“Good, so what is it you want to talk to us about?” Rihanna said, directing the conversation as she picked up her glass of champagne. Katy sipped hers too, looking over it at the two men that had approached them.

“Well you are both gorgeous, and I have a business proposition for you,” he said, smiling warmly at them. Katy, a little bit tipsy, couldn't help but smile back.

“Yeah?” Rihanna asked, leading them to make said proposition to them. There was no hesitation, he was bold and confident in his manner with them, clearly not intimidated by their celebrity in any way.

“How much to spend the night in bed with a beautiful creature like you?” he said pointedly, looking at Katy. Her eyes widened and her heart caught in her chest, before accelerating into a flurry of beats, pounding hard behind her fantastic breasts. She had never had such a proposition made to her, and definitely not like this. Being a little buzzed though, she decided to play with it, toy with them a bit.

“Oh I dunno, it'll be expensive,” Katy said, taking a sip of her drink as Rihanna looked at her, almost trying to catch her gaze, “say, five million dollars, at least,” she finished, making Rihanna's eyes widen immediately.

“Interesting,” he replied after a moments thought, “and would you consider anal sex?” he said, being just as straight forward still. Katy thought for a minute, controlling her breathing in her excitement, adrenaline flowing as she took another sip of her drink.

“I would, but it would be an additional five,” she replied, giving a smile.

“Excellent. And how about you, Rihanna? We would be equally pleased to get our hands on you,” he said, turning to the tan RnB singer sitting beside her.

“I'm sure you would, but I'm priceless, not for sale,” she replied, giving a tip of her glass and then taking a drink of it, making Katy pause a moment, starting to think.

“That's a shame,” he said, able to tell Rihanna's conviction on the matter.

“For you, I'm sure. Besides, I already belong to her,” she said, nodding to Katy with a smile.

“Very well,” he said, with a slight nod, and turned back to Katy. “So Miss Perry, to conclude,” he said, focusing on her once more. She took a sip of her champagne, hand trembling just a little.

“How much for my friend here as well?” he asked, offering his companion with a wave of his hand.

“Good evening, Miss Perry,” he said politely. Behind the politeness though she could immediately tell he would be very energetic with her, seeming to have the quiet, respectful demeanour that hid it, until you knew to look for it like she had learnt. She was speechless for a moment, glancing between them.

“One after another, or both at the same time?” she asked hurriedly, her voice just raising in pitch a little.

“At the same time, one wild night,” the first one replied coolly, with a slight smile, seeming to know he had her flustered. Katy couldn't reply, lost in it all, starting to realise the proposition was real, heart pounding against her ribcage, lungs feeling like they'd burst, tight as she took rapid breaths. Draining her glass of expensive champagne, she steeled herself.

“Twenty-five million,” she blurted out, Rihanna staring at her with her eyes like saucers. He gave a smile, giving his friend a nod.

“Deal,” he said simply, and with that the cold shot of realisation spread through Katy, the sudden remorse at what she'd offered.

“Wait...I...” she stammered, unable to form words, stopping as he held a hand up.

“Don't worry, I'll take care of everything. We'll need to make arrangements of course. I'll arrange the payment, since I assume you want a bank transfer, and a binding non-disclosure contract so we all keep this...confidential,” he finished, giving just the slightest hint of a smile, taking pleasure in his victory through negotiation. With it all sounding so proper and organised, Katy didn't really know what to say.

“I...ok then,” she managed weakly, looking round at the bottle of champagne in the ice bucket, not exactly needing to celebrate.

“Excellent, a pleasure doing business with you,” he said, and stepped forward to take Katy's hand, raising it to plant a soft kiss on it, even as Rihanna filled up her glass right to the top in readiness for her. Katy couldn't help but smile at it, loving the romantic move, even after an experience that had been anything but.

“My card, if you wish to contact me,” he said, producing a card from his top pocket and handing it to her. Katy took it from him, taking a glance at the neatly pressed and printed card as he turned and kissed Rihanna's hand as well, bidding her goodbye.

“Good evening, we won't intrude any further,” he said with a slight nod, his friend doing the same, and with that they turned and left, walking away across the open floor and then into the crowd. Katy let out a deep, struggling breath, sucking in oxygen.

“Holy fuck, I just...oh fuck,” Katy gasped, it all getting to her suddenly as Rihanna swiftly picked up the glass and offered her the drink.

“Calm down baby, just calm down a moment,” she said, getting the champagne flute into Katy's hand, where the Californian immediately took a good drink of it, draining half the glass. She did stop breathing so hard though. There was just a quiet moment between them as Katy calmed down, Rihanna just resting a hand on her thigh, draining her own glass of champagne as they took a minute to just take a breath and consider things. Katy was quiet, looking at the floor past Rihanna, lost in her own mind for a moment.

“They can pay, and they will,” Rihanna said softly. She had waited till now, since Katy had not paid any heed to her silent attempts at attention earlier.

“What?” Katy asked, looking up and then taking another sip.

“I'm aware of those guys, not that they've ever propositioned me personally before, but I know full well they aren't joking with the offer they just made you,” Rihanna said, looking into her eyes.

“Twenty five millions dollars? For a night with me?” Katy asked incredulously, eyes widening again.

“Yes, they'll pay without batting an eyelid to get you into the sack for a night,” Rihanna said with a naughtier smile.

“But I...selling myself, just for the money?” Katy said, biting her lip unsurely.

“Don't be so silly. We both know you're interested, but it's not for the money. It'd hardly like you need it,” Rihanna scoffed, seeming to know exactly what the deal was.

“Well, being interested in the idea is one thing...” Katy attempted, being cut off by Rihanna.

“You're not just interested in the idea. You wanna do it, I know you do. Hell I bet if I had a go I could slide four fingers into you right now with ease, I bet your pussy's that wet,” she said, refilling her glass from the ice cold champagne bottle, the crunch of ice breaking the air intently.

“Rihanna!” Katy hissed, looking around to see if anybody had seen, though they were quite alone, isolated from the rest of the guests.

“Tell me it's not true, and maybe I'll drop it,” Rihanna smiled, taking a drink from her refreshed glass.

“Ok so maybe it is true, maybe I am horny as fuck, doesn't mean I'll go through with it,” Katy said quickly and quietly, a little drunken slur on the edge of her words as she leant forwards, giving Rihanna a lovely look down her dress before she sat up to drain her glass once more. Rihanna just smiled, loving that she got Katy to admit it, before a silence followed.

“Just think about it, they really will pay every penny. And you're worth it,” Rihanna said quite seriously, pouring the last of the bottle for Katy, around half a glass. She looked at her Bajan lover, sipping at the last of her champagne as she picked up her glass again.

“Alright,” she whispered, conceding her interest to it, making Rihanna smile broadly. Draining her glass, she put it down firmly and took charge again, giving a stretch and turning to her lover once more.

“So, you gonna take me back to our room and squeeze those four fingers into me?” Katy said clearly. Rihanna was about to take a sip, pausing;

“I'm gonna lick it first, like I promised,” she said, then slowly tipped her head back to drain her glass of the expensive champagne. It would show up on their bill, but that was hardly a concern for them.

“Good, then let's go,” Katy said with a smile, holding out her hand for Rihanna to take, which she dutifully did. The two left hand-in-hand, ignoring anyone but each other now as they headed out of the bar area, realising how loud it had gotten once in the quiet of the tasteful hallways beyond, heading back to their room for what Rihanna planned to be an intense session, having been waiting to get her hands on Katy properly for hours. Reaching the stairs, she pushed Katy ahead of her, making the Californian giggle as she started to ascend, Rihanna deliberately hanging several steps back from her to get a look up her skirt, the short purple dress powerless to prevent Rihanna's gaze taking in the sexy lingerie and sweet bulge of her pussy as she slowly climbed the stairs. She knew Rihanna was looking so took her time, slowly reaching the top with definite wiggles of her hips, teasing her lover before she caught up to her, her hand sliding onto and giving a firm squeeze of her ass as they headed for the door to their room. Turning and leaning back against the door, Katy drew Rihanna close to her, smiling as she pulled a knee up beside her, the Bajan beauty standing between her legs. Katy pulled an arm round her waist, drawing her in tightly.

“Are you ready to come and get me?” Katy said with a smile, pulling Rihanna into a deep, tongue-twisting kiss.

“Just open the door,” Rihanna growled, breaking away from their kiss. Katy gave a smile, fumbling back with the swipe card for the door, looking back slightly as she found it and slid it through the electronic lock, the door tumbling open behind her. They staggered through it, giggling as they untangled themselves and got inside, shutting the door behind them firmly and flicking the lights on, the luxurious apartment type space spread out before them. Katy stepped towards the bed, before she was alerted all too late by fast footsteps behind her on the carpet, being knocked face down on the bed by Rihanna, bouncing on the springy mattress with a laugh.

“You don't need to be so rough!” she giggled as Rihanna grabbed her ankle, rolling her over on the bed and throwing her legs open.

“I don't need to be, I want to be,” she replied with a smile, leaning over Katy to plant another kiss on her as she craned up from the bed, before she slid down and pushed her hands up Katy's skirt, making her tingle with excitement as she flicked the skirt a little to take a look at the sexy thong she'd bought just that afternoon, taking in the lovely lacy detailing over the sheer underwear, showing off her smooth pussy beautifully as she twisted her fingers in the waistband and pulled it swiftly down Katy's equally smooth legs. Kicking her own heels off, she left Katy's on as she knelt down, shoving her legs a bit further apart as she got into place, planting soft kisses on the inside of her thighs that made the American inhale through rapid breaths. Wasting no time, she nuzzled underneath the light purple skirt and straight to the beautifully shaved pussy before her, grazing her nose and lips over it, teasing Katy as she dragged over her clit hood, feeling juices on her lips with how horny and eager her Californian lover was. Katy let out a stuttering sigh of pleasure as Rihanna's skilful tongue dragged up over her clit for the first time, her legs tensing and then dropping over the end of the bed as she relaxed into it, letting the full sensation of Rihanna eating her pussy spread through her as the Bajan started to lap at her clit, hands taking a hold of her curvy hips.

She licked firmly up over Katy's clit, just being slow and patient, letting her tongue curl to hook underneath her hood, sending jolts of intense pleasure through the pop star. Her hands twisted into the covers as Rihanna picked up speed, her intense arousal making everything feel electric, writhing and arching on the bed as her lesbian lover worked her skilful tongue at her, loving how expertly she put it to work. In a momentary pause, Rihanna pulled off to lick her lips and slide her fingers across Katy's beautifully smooth body to spread her soft labia, exposing her completely for Rihanna's attacking tongue, which immediately went back to work, more intently this time, driving the hood out the way to get directly at Katy's delicate button, circling and swiping at it rapidly to drive a shuddering, body-curling breath from the American as she was overwhelmed. Her gasps became harder, sharper, her toes curling as she felt the familiar sensations, surprised that it happened so quickly but rapidly failing to care about it.

“Oh fuck, don't stop,” Katy gasped, tangling herself in her long, dark hair as she wriggled on the bed. Rihanna dutifully continued working her well-practised tongue hard, the muscle writhing and dancing on Katy's nub to push her over the edge, which took only a few exquisite seconds, making the singer bubble over with several sharp, smart attacks of her tongue, making her gasps turn into deep, guttural grunts of pleasure. With a few spasms and kicks of her legs, Katy came hard and fast, digging her nails into the bed as she groaned in ecstasy, giving throaty growls as it culminated, Rihanna continuing to lick hard as she climaxed until with equal swiftness it was over, leaving her far too delicate to be touched so intimately, quickly grabbing Rihanna's hair to stop her as she gasped hard for breath, sweat prickling all over her in a wave of heat, the thin dress suddenly too much. As she caught her breath, Rihanna sat back on her heels with a smile, licking Katy's sweet juices from her lips and pulling her hands down her strong thighs before standing up and leaning over her girlfriend, a hand either side of her as she lowered herself down slowly to her. Katy, eyes closed but sensing the shadow over her, opened her eyes and smiled as Rihanna leant down for a soft kiss, turning into several, their tongues just touching gently before Katy turned her head and let her Bajan lover kiss down her cheek and onto her neck just as softly, sending a shiver of excitement through her despite just climaxing.

Pulling away, Rihanna stood up with a stretch and then reached down for her dress, wasting no time in peeling it off over her head. She matter-of-factly stripped off her bra and panties as Katy watched from the bed with a smile, pushing up to lean on her elbows and watch as Rihanna stripped naked, before the tan star turned to rummage in Katy's bag for their soft blue strap on. Turning back, she held it up with a little wiggle before leaning down to step into it, her perky breasts hanging perfectly from her chest. Sliding it up her legs to fasten the harness, she looked to Katy, who pulled herself obediently from the bed and reached up to quickly unzip her dress, letting the purple fabric collapse around her feet, leaving her gorgeous body exposed in just her bra and high-heels. The former quickly joined everything else on the floor, and just when she bent down to start undoing her shoes, Rihanna stopped her.

“No, leave them on,” she smiled, encouraging Katy towards her. The tall Californian stepped forward with a smile, knowing Rihanna was going to take advantage and play her way now, immediately initiated by a hand squeezing hard at her breast, the other sliding over her hip to take a good grip of her ass as they came together in a kiss, pushing the toy to her stomach.

“I'm gonna get what I want this time,” Rihanna growled, giving Katy a forceful kiss, pressing their toned bodies together. Katy just let her girlfriend take control, her hands lightly resting onto Rihanna's waist as she was intensely kissed, the tongue delving deep into her mouth, hand gripping her large breast even harder for a moment before Rihanna suddenly pushed her away and grabbed her shoulders, shoving her round and down onto the end of the bed. Bent over and exposed for Rihanna, Katy felt a momentary rush of nervous excitement, immediately arching her back and wiggling her hips a little as she stood on her high-heels, waiting for the inevitable move. She let out a soft gasp as Rihanna's hand laid a firm spank on her ass, grasping her intently and pulling her ass apart slightly to see her tight asshole and snug, waiting pussy. With her spare hand she raised the toy, pressing the tip of against her soft labia, teasing it up and down Katy's soft lips.

“Don't tease me,” Katy whispered, trying to push back slightly, but not too much as she knew Rihanna wanted to be in charge. Rihanna just paused a moment, in position, enough to tempt Katy to just push back slightly, splitting her pussy and inching the head of the blue rubber dildo inside her.

“Ok, I won't,” Rihanna abruptly said, grabbing the toy and pulling back out of the entrance to Katy's pussy, and without a moments hesitation driving it straight into her ass, sinking immediately over half the toy inside her before her muscles clenched with her reaction, Katy giving a loud shout at the sudden, intense pain, not ready for such a move, her muscles gripping with a crushing spasm that stopped her sinking any deeper. Rihanna smiled as Katy twisted and gasped beneath her, giving pained sounds through her breaths as her hands slipped to take a good hold of her curvy hips, not letting her pull of it at all.

“How's that for not teasing?” Rihanna goaded, rocking her hips a little as she waited for Katy to relax enough for her to continue.

“Good. To the point,” Katy said, breathing hard, head sagging towards the bed as she rested on her elbows. She paused just a second further then, without pulling back at all, drove forwards to squeeze every last inch of the toy into Katy's ass, driving the strap-on deeply inside her as Katy gave a shudder and deep, throaty grunt at it, but never said no. Resting her hips against Katy's curvy ass, Rihanna gave a sigh of pleasure and satisfaction.

“Who's the boss?” she asked, looking down at the dominated Californian under her. Katy didn't hesitate.

“You're the boss,” she replied with utter conviction. Rihanna felt no reason to say anything more, having Katy's complete submission, and took a firmer hold to draw the toy back, feeling Katy's muscles twitching as she struggled to relax into it all. She pulled back to just the head for maximum effect and then drove back in, smoothly powering the entire toy inside her until she pressed to her ass again, driving another strained grunt from Katy, but it was more of general sensation than pain, which was enough for Rihanna. Katy knew all about it as well as Rihanna grabbed a handful of her long, dark hair, something Rihanna did when she was really up for a fuck and in charge, letting out a cry as her head was pulled back by a sharp yank, putting her in position as Rihanna's other hand slid into the pinch of her waist, tensioning her body perfectly. She immediately set about fucking her, wasting no time in sliding out and then jamming the toy back inside her deeply, taking no time to build up and setting a fast rhythm straight away as Katy grunted hard at it.

Rihanna gave a throaty grunt as she ground the harness against Katy, and herself. Katy felt her pause and tremble at it, indicating that she was very horny and this wouldn't take long. She grit her teeth and growled deeply as Rihanna cranked her body tightly and thumped the toy into her intently once more, pounding with deep, hard thrusts of her, driving it into her clit and taking her towards orgasm as she pumped Katy. Despite the tough, hard stretching Rihanna was giving her, Katy's pussy was wet and her clit aching to be touched, but she couldn't, bracing herself beneath the onslaught of the Bajan star. She knew it wouldn't be long though, feeling Rihanna trembling and grinding hard against her, breathing hard and fast as her climax built up surprisingly quickly as she took Katy hard.

“Fuck, I'm gonna come,” Rihanna grunted, Katy looking up in surprise at how fast it'd soared up on her. She didn't care though, feeling a tingle spread through her as she pushed back to help with it.

“Come baby,” Katy growled simply, jamming herself backward as she gripped the bedding to accentuate things. Rihanna just pulled hard at her Californian lover and drove herself into her, with with it her body against the harness, taking just a few more intense drives into it with her hips to instigate her climax. She came hard with shuddering breaths, giving juddering, strained movements as she gave a couple more thrusts into Katy before driving herself against her firm ass and grinding her clit into the harness to accentuate the awesome sensation, giving deep, guttural grunts and strained groans of pleasure as she pushed herself against the tight harness, hips bucking and shaking with the intensity, legs tight but trembling as she forced Katy into the bed face first.

“Fuck yeah, like that,” Katy growled throatily, feeling Rihanna's energy dissipating through her as the gorgeous RnB singer shook to the culmination of her climax, fingers digging into Katy's body and then softening at the peak before sensitivity suddenly washed over her and she stilled, gasping for breath, the heavy breaths breaking the air in the quiet that followed, Katy's breaths masked by the bedding beneath her as she exhaled into it. There was just a few second as Rihanna stood still, feeling too sensitive to move, before she slowly pulled back and slid the blue strap-on back out of Katy's ass.

“Fuck that was good,” Rihanna breathed, taking care to set her shaky legs under her as she stepped away, Katy pushing up from the covers and rolling over onto her back, her fantastic double-Ds bouncing on her chest as she did.

“Yeah it was,” Katy smiled, watching as Rihanna took a few deep breaths and unfastened the harness, letting the toy slip down to the floor.

“And now, you're gonna get those four fingers you wanted,” Rihanna said with a smile, stepping back to the bed and sinking down onto her knees before Katy. The popstar's heart rate immediately spiked; her pussy could take it, but she rarely let people, and despite her somewhat tipsy invitation to her lover earlier on she felt a rush of nerves as she imagined her pussy stretching round Rihanna's skilful fingers. She didn't protest though as Rihanna settled in, reaching up to pull Katy down the bed a little, the Californian loving her surprising strength as she powerfully pulled her into position, legs dangling off the end to leave her hot, silky pussy exposed. After being fucked in the ass, following the tongue-twisting attention she'd been given when they first got back in, her pussy was wet, warmed up and ready. She tingled as Rihanna rubbed her fingers over her puffy lips, just giving a very general circling of her hand to apply just a hint of stimulation to her clit as she brushed over it through her soft hood.

Letting her hand slide down, she teased her fingertips up Katy's silky entrance, easily splitting her puffy lips to dip in between them juicily, feeling the thick juices spread between her fingertips. She pressed on eagerly, knowing Katy was ready for her, immediately sinking two fingers inside her, hearing her exhale with a hint of a moan, rocking them back and forth a few times before adding a third, easily stretching her Californian lover to accommodate them as she worked them busily back and forward, twisting her wrist to just apply a bit of pressure up onto her G-spot as she did. Katy shifted her hips, trying to be discrete lest Rihanna tease her by stopping, but she didn't, allowing her girlfriend to help increase the pressure at her powerful G-spot, working her hand to continue stimulating her as she felt her pussy give a firm squeeze and then relax more, opening up to her. She took the opportunity to add her fourth and finger finger, unfolding her pinky and easily sliding it inside Katy with the rest of her fingers, feeling her pussy flex to delightfully accept them.

“Yeah that's it, all four like you wanted,” Rihanna smiled as she pushed them deeply inside, just stretching Katy fully before she started working them back and forth, Katy just giving a deep groan of pleasurable acceptance as she lay back on the bed to enjoy the ministrations and all the sensations that washed over her. Rihanna's numerous fingers rubbed over every delicate nerve ending in her silky pussy and pressured her G-spot, putting in a lovely full sensation that she hadn't felt in quite a while. She gave a groan at the adjustment to Rihanna's hand, folding her fingers and then pressing more firmly with her pumps, feeling a few thrusts before she gave a gasp at a momentary stab of pain as Rihanna's knuckles disappeared inside her pussy, filling her up completely, stretching both her snug entrance and her tunnel beyond. Rihanna worked her hand more intently now, thrusting her hand vigorously inside Katy to bury her hand in her most intimate place, just her thumb exposed, which she was also hooking over to press at her clit with every motion of her digits inside her.

“I'm gonna push you to a new level tonight,” Rihanna said, loving the feel of Katy stretching comfortably around her as she worked at her. Katy, shaken from her enjoyment, looked up from the bed, over her fantastic chest and down at Rihanna.

“What, what do you mean?” she questioned, unable to think straight in that moment.

“I'm gonna fist you,” Rihanna said quite simply, but in a focussed manner.

“Wait, what? I can't take that,” Katy said, managing to pull herself to clarity.

“Yeah you can, just relax, your pussy can do it, and you'll love it,” Rihanna said coolly, continuing to work her hand, feeling Katy squeeze at her.

“I can't, I can't,” she breathed, looking down and shaking her head. Rihanna paused momentarily.

“You can, I can feel it here, you'll be fine if you just relax and you're gonna love it when it's in,” she said softly. Katy looked at her for a second, seeing her resolve, then bit her lip and dropped her head back heavily to the bed. Rihanna continued moving her hand, feeling Katy's tension as her pelvic muscles squeezed at her, her nerves obvious as she kept grasping at Rihanna's hand, slowing the movement.

“Just relax,” Rihanna advised, knowing she just had to get the Californian to calm down again and she'd slip her hand in before she knew about it. Katy took a deep breath and her pussy gave a very tight clench on Rihanna's hand, then she exhaled and relaxed, her pussy opening up again as it had been before, committing herself to accepting the attempted insertion. She didn't panic though, even as she felt a rush of excitement that Katy had essentially committed to going for it, taking her time to work at her lover and not rush things and catch her immediately, working her digits to relax Katy more and get her back into things. It was a good couple of minutes, during which Perry started grunting and rocking her hips, hands twisting in the bedding again as she got into things, almost seeming to forget about things, which is what Rihanna wanted, figuring it was best to catch her off guard for this first time.

Rihanna pulled her thumb back in readiness, just giving a couple more pushes of her hand, then folded her thumb into her palm and pushed it firmly into Katy. Her muscles gave a moment of resistance initially then let her in to the widest part of her hand where they restricted her once more, but she was on a mission now and Katy was dangerously wet, ripe for the taking. In a moment where time seemed to stretch, Rihanna narrowed her hand slightly and pressed harder, ramping up the pressure before Katy could react to it, before there was a stretching and her whole hand glided rapidly inside the American singer as she gave a deep, intense grunt and Rihanna's wrist was suddenly snugly engulfed by her hot vagina. Katy's muscles immediately clamped down harder than they had all night, gripping hard at her wrist, but it was too late by then as she already had her hand buried deep in the Californian.

“Fuck,” Katy growled throatily as she arched up from the bed, just letting her pussy clench down intently at Rihanna's invading hand as she tried to take in the sensations of everything, never having been filled up so fully. Rihanna just waited until Katy's body relaxed, her muscles giving a few more squeezes at her wrist as she relaxed again, her pussy loosening up once more. It was again a soft, silky playground for Rihanna, and she wasted no time in steadily but inexorably getting her hand moving, setting her fingers and starting to properly fist Katy, her arm stiff and purposeful as she worked her hand deep inside of Katy, pushing her thumb out to rub at her G-spot somewhat as she did. Katy only gave a couple of shifts and squeezes before giving an unmistakeable groan of pleasure, liking what Rihanna was bringing to her.

“Oh yeah that's it, just relax,” Rihanna purred, getting off on Katy enjoying it, loving introducing her girlfriend to something new. She just set to work then, moving her hand more briskly inside Katy, relishing the feel of her smooth, hot pussy around her, enveloping and squeezing at her, letting her thumb push back on the slightly rough area of her G-spot as Katy grunted and gasped beneath her, unable to contain herself at the immense stimulation she was receiving now even if she wanted to temper Rihanna's belief in its effect. Her hands twisted in the bed covers and her toes curled, resisting pulling her legs up as she was overwhelmed with sensation at her first ever fisting, Rihanna pumping her hand inside her quite hard now, simulating things in ways she'd never felt before and doing it in such a way that it wasn't too much, just enough to almost overwhelm her though and that drove her wild. Her orgasm was already building, she could feel it, and despite her clit not being touched she knew it was on its way.

“Fuck, Rihanna,” Katy breathed, writhing on the bed and pushing her hips into her impaling hand, digging her fingers into the bed now as she built up towards her climax. She'd never felt like this before, but knew that she would let Rihanna do this again without question. If it went too long, she'd have to ask her, such was the pleasure of this new sensation to her body, though she was sure Rihanna would know once this was all said and done. Rihanna sped up now, knowing Katy was close to orgasm, seeing her not only writhing on the bed before her but feeling the squeezes and wetness of her pussy. She knew she was close to climax so pressed on, her fist now almost pumping wetly inside her, rubbing at every sensitive area she could as much as possible to bring on the now inevitable orgasm. Katy gave a shudder and quickening breaths, becoming short and raspy before her pussy started clenching quickly in the last few seconds, telling Rihanna clearly what was coming. Well, that it was Katy.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck...” Katy growled, almost not wanting to climax, both because she was somewhat embarrassed at an orgasm from the fisting she'd initially refused and because she wanted Rihanna to keep going. It was too late though, she was past the point of no return and felt the peak rushing up on her, her pussy clenching hard at Rihanna's wrist in the last few seconds before she exploded, silently impressed that the Bajan could actually keep going as she did. With a tight arch up and knees pulled back up she let out a wail of climax as she abruptly exploded, her pussy clenching so hard she was sure she'd break Rihanna's arm, stopping her moving finally as she orgasmed hard, really hard. She twisted and writhed on the bed, her head pushing back into the covers beneath her head as she drowned in her hair, tangling with her tongue as she rasped a sound of utter release and ecstasy with volume that would surely shake the walls.

With her pussy giving its initial, lasting clench, Rihanna had to pause a moment before Katy's muscles gave a flutter and then changed into rapid pulses, gripping her still but more softly, allowing her to move and briskly fist her again for a final few seconds, her hand and fingers stimulating every nerve ending and taking her all the way. After that few, tense seconds, Katy gave a shudder and heavy, desperate grunt, combined with squeezing her thighs together on Rihanna's invading arm.

“Stop, stop, stop, stop,” she gasped, reaching down to fumble at her arm at the same time, desperately overwhelmed in that moment. Rihanna stopped, not wanting to push things any further, knowing she had Katy now and would be able to fist her again in the future since this had been so successful. There was a couple of minutes where Katy, covered in a sheen of sweat and feeling the heat radiating from her, overwhelming her, gasped and gradually regained her breath while Rihanna just held still, relaxing her hand within her and realising how much it needed a rest, feeling tight and cramped at the effort she'd put in. With Katy recovering, Rihanna knelt up a little and started drawing her hand back, making the singer push up from the bed to look down, resting on her elbows as she watched her girlfriend extract her hand. She kept cool and relaxed, her pussy forgiving as Rihanna pulled back, and after a second of resistance again from Katy's muscles, she smoothly withdrew her hand as Katy gave a sigh of sensation at it, and concealed relief that she'd easily removed it.

“And that's fisting,” Rihanna said with a smile, looking up at Katy triumphantly.

“I love it,” Katy said with a defeated smile, before flopping back onto the bed as Rihanna dried her hand off.

“Good, it won't be the last time,” Rihanna said with a smile, standing up with stiff legs, pausing to stretch a moment and get movement back. Katy didn't reply, but silently hoped it wouldn't be after such a positive introduction to it. Wasting no time, Rihanna climbed onto the bed over Katy, energetically bouncing past her as she swiftly turned around to kneel over her.

“What are you doing,” Katy asked, reaching up to let her hands rub smoothly over Rihanna's toned legs as she positioned herself.

“Getting mine, it's pay back time,” Rihanna murmured, lowering her sweet ass and slick pussy expertly down towards Katy's mouth as she straddled her. Katy mumbled as she made contact, physically muffling her, before she lifted up a little again and was immediately greeted by Katy's tongue, the now-skilful muscle flicking out and instantly landing on her clit to make her sigh softly in pleasure.

“That's it,” she murmured, closing her eyes and rocking her hips slightly as the Californian started briskly tonguing at her button, working her just right.

“Mm yeah eat that pussy,” she said, just enjoying the sensations as the pop star got to work on her, flicking her tongue back and forth before she moved down to take longer strokes up the whole of her smoothly waxed pussy. Her tongue split the lips slightly as she drew up it, teasing her inner labia and taking in her thick, sweet juices as she worked back up to her clit each time, delving underneath the soft hood to put a slight circle of her tongue onto the delicate nub. Rihanna, already very horny, was now gasping, finding herself approaching orgasm quite rapidly.

“Damn you've got good at this,” Rihanna breathed, acknowledging the excellent work of Katy beneath her. Katy didn't pause to respond, simply continuing and then grasping Rihanna's thighs firmer as she pressed her face in hard and thrust her tongue as deep as possible inside her Bajan lover, making her inhale at the sensation of the strong, twisting tongue inside her as Katy thrust and worked it inside her several times, diving in and out, feeling Rihanna's muscles squeeze and grasp at her every time before she withdrew and lapped up her lips again, feeling the RnB singer's muscles tensing as she held her legs. After a few more hesitating licks, she delved in again and this time dragged her tongue firmly over Rihanna's tight asshole, making her squeeze in response as she did with a shuddering sigh of pleasure as she did, tempting Katy to do it more, loving how the tight ring clenched as she probed at it.

“Don't tease me bitch,” Rihanna said with a smile, loving what Katy was doing but not in the mood to play about right now. Katy smiled to herself and pulled down harder on Rihanna's thighs as she gave a final probe of her tongue and then refocused herself on the sweet pussy above her, immediately sinking her tongue deeply again and then working the lips with her own. Rihanna signed again in pleasure and rested her hand on Katy's pelvis, an intimate touch that belayed her trust as she worked at her. Going all out now, the American aggressively tongued at her clit, working intently through her soft hood, occasionally flicking underneath it as she attacked and applied herself to bring Rihanna to climax with complete confidence. She mused momentarily that it was such a change, her eating pussy so happily, but pushed it from her mind as she paid attention to what she was doing, ignoring the ache building in her tongue as she pushed it to the maximum to bring Rihanna pleasure.

“Fuck don't stop,” Rihanna breathed hurriedly as she felt a tremble of pre-orgasmic pleasure ripple through her, her climax approaching fast as Katy held on tight and worked her tongue over every soft fold she could. With her orgasm coming up quickly, Katy turned it up to eleven as she suddenly switched to just working on her clit, kissing and sucking at it, working her tongue up and down, side to side, around it and in a general flurry to offer every possible stimulation, which she knew Rihanna loved. As Rihanna gasped and dug her nails into Katy, she switched to hard, fast circling motions of her tongue around her clit, delivering maximum stimulation and bringing on the climax, Rihanna shuddering and twitching for a few seconds, grabbing short breaths, before she suddenly let out a wail of pleasure and ground down into Katy's mouth hard, marvelling at how great she had got at this as she came hard. Katy didn't stop, licking and kissing at her most intimate area as she shook and twisted over her, pinning her down to the bed through the groans and breaths of climax.

After a few seconds of utter pleasure, the orgasm faded and she was sensitive to Katy's excellent efforts, lifting herself up on shaky knees, balancing on a hand to get out the way, though Katy immediately stopped, reading the situation perfectly. Taking a couple of breaths, Rihanna carefully lifted her knee over Katy to get off and then collapsed on the bed beside her, feeling sexually satisfied and pretty exhausted now after everything.

“Fuck, that hit the spot,” Rihanna murmured, flopped on the bed the opposite way up to Katy. The Californian didn't reply but took her hand, squeezing it hard and then just holding it as they basked in their post-pleasure moment.
After a few minutes of lying together they stirred, moving to crawl tiredly back up the bed and slide properly into it, pushing their smooth legs beneath the light covers as they slipped in beside each other. Pulling close together, their arms drawing around one another, they shared a soft but intense kiss, their tongues gently playing before they settled into the pillows.

“We should come on holiday more often,” Rihanna said softly with a smile, gazing over Katy's beauty.

“Mmhm,” Katy murmured in reply, already dozing off.


To be continued...?

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