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Love and Marriage with Lyndsy Fonseca
« on: March 18, 2020, 12:53:21 PM »
Enjoy! English is not my first language, so any mistakes happened because of that fact.

“Thanks for coming, have a good night.”

“You too Noah. All the best to you and Lyndsy.”

“Thanks.” Noah replied as he closed the door, a wide but tired smile decorating his face. He yawned quietly as he locked the door, turning around to move back to the spacious living room. The chairs and tables set up in a horseshoe were the only remains of the big party – the rest had already been cleaned up and shuffled away by the friends and family. Noah smiled, the memories of the day swirling through his mind, feeling like a fitting end of a long journey – from meeting Lyndsy for the first time, their first night together, her accepting his ring and now being declared husband and wife in front of friends and family – happy and in love, like in a real Hollywood ending.

Noah blinked a few times, simply looking into the room before moving again towards the patio. As he stepped outside, he noticed Lyndsy sprawled out on the couch, the bottle of champagne in the ice bucket as she took a sip from her glass. Her eyes then found his as a warm smile decorated her lips.

“So, husband,” she spoke, accentuating the h-word loudly and clearly. “are we alone now?”

“Sure seems so.” Noah replied, sitting down on the couch as she made room, curling up her legs. “Stacy and Mike were the last ones, and I’ve just led them to the door.”

“Like a true gentleman.” She replied, a little giggle leaving her lips, her eyes lighting up. She shifted, now sitting up right next to him as her hand grabbed at his chin, turning his head to face her. She then closed the distance, letting her lips fuse with his as she pulled him into a sweet, but quick kiss. Noah smiled into it, letting his hand move to rest on her slim waist.

“What was that for?” He asked, smiling. “Not complaining at all, but...”

Lyndsy didn’t reply – instead opting to fill up a second glass with champagne as she then pressed it into Noah’s hand.

“I propose a little toast for both of us, husband. What do you think?” She asked, her eyes twinkling in the lantern light, a wide grin decorating her beautiful face.

“With pleasure, my wife.” He replied, smiling wide too. “So, a toast to you, Lyndsy Fonseca-Bean, my beautiful, smart and lovely wife, friend and lover, forever.”

“And a toast to you, Noah Bean, my handsome husband.” She replied, giggling as the glasses clinked against one another. They both took large sips, almost draining them in one go before setting them back on the wooden table.

“So… where were we...” She then spoke as she then guided him into another kiss. His hand moved back to her waist, gripping it lightly through the lacy wedding gown as their lips danced against one another. He groaned into the kiss, feeling her tongue slide into his mouth, the kiss deepening and picking up in intensity with every passing second. He continued on, their mouths fused in this romantic dance as he then felt her hand slide up his inner thigh, right up to his groin.

“Lyndsy...” he gasped out, feeling her hand then glide over his cock, even through the layers of clothing he still had on. “… fuck, baby.”

“That’s the idea, my love.” She replied, a mischievous grin now decorating her lips. “You know how hard I had to stop myself from pouncing you with all those people around?”

“Could say the same about you.” He replied, sinking into the couch and spreading his legs to allow her easier access. “You’re so fucking sexy...oooh Lyndsy…” He groaned as Lyndsy then squeezed his cock, feeling it harden.

“Mmm, you’re not too bad either, husband” She whispered huskily into his ear, rubbing his hardening cock for a moment, before suddenly standing up to move right in front of him, extending her hand. He took it, moving himself off the couch to wrap his hands around her waist again, pulling her into another heated kiss. His hands slid down to her ass, cupping it as he felt her gasp into his mouth. He broke the kiss, their foreheads touching as he smiled.

“I think it’s time to go to the bedroom, my wife.” He spoke, not being able to contain his excitement.

“Good idea. Lead the way, Noah.” Lyndsy replied as he then grabbed her hand and started running. They reached the bedroom in record time, laughing and shouting along the way as Noah then swooped Lyndsy into his arms, planting a light kiss right onto her nose.

“Such a romantic.” Lyndsy spoke, laughing as he then pushed the door open, moving into the spacious, tastefully lit bedroom.

“Only for you, my love.” He replied as he then let her down, the actress spinning to face him again, their lips fusing in a slow, lovely kiss as her hands moved to unbutton his suit jacket. It hit the floor soon, quickly followed by his tie and shirt, Lyndsy’s nails raking his well-toned chest.

“Lyndsy...” he moaned out as she licked her lips, his hands sliding up and down her shapely, fit figure. “...you’re so beautiful… fuck, I love you so much...”

“I love you too, Noah.” She whispered into his ear, her tone husky and seductive. His hands slid upwards, fingers sliding over her back as he searched for the zipper of her wedding gown. He gave it a little tug as he pulled it down, the dress going slack as Lyndsy took a step back, letting it fall to the floor. Noah moaned as she stepped out of it, seeing she had decided not to wear a bra, the only strip of any lingerie visible being white, lace panties. He closed the distance, his kiss searing hot as he cupped her perky breast, fingers sliding against her hardening nipple as she gasped into his mouth.

“Noah...” She moaned into his mouth, their hands slowly roaming their bodies, their lips fused in a slow, sensual kiss. Lyndsy then broke the lip lock, starting to slowly slide down to her knees, placing light kisses to Noah’s chest before she kneeled right in front of him. Her hand moved up, cupping his hard cock through the trousers.

“Mmm, that’s what I like.” She spoke, her fingers making short work of the belt, button and zipper. Noah could only watch as she then pulled down, his half-hard cock springing out. Lyndsy let out a quiet gasp of pleasure as her hand then closed around the shaft, giving it a slow pump. Noah groaned, feeling his cock harden more and more.

“Ahhh Lyndsy… that’s it baby…”

Her smile only seemed to widen, as she moved her head forward, her lips closing over the swollen head, giving it a thorough suckle as she swallowed the first drops of his precum. Noah moaned, the feeling of her warm mouth wrapping around his cock making his hips buck a little. She didn’t seem to mind as she started to press open-mouthed kisses to his shaft, her tongue sliding over the whole length of his hard cock. Noah could only gasp, his hand threading through his wife’s hair as she pleasured him.

“Fuck, Lyndsy… suck it, honey, it’s all yours.”

“I know.” She replied, her eyes twinkling as she wrapped her lips around the head again, slowly sliding down the length of his hard prick as her hand jerked what her lips couldn’t reach. Noah’s grip on her hair tightened a little as she started to bob her head, her tongue swirling around his shaft as her lips gripped him hard, her fingers sliding down to fondle his balls. Noah let out another groan, now letting his hips move slowly, thrusting his cock into Lyndsy’s mouth. It seemed to have an effect as she picked up the speed a little, letting his head slide against her cheek, head bobbing faster as she sucked and licked his hard shaft with even more energy. Noah could feel her moan, his own gasps now turning into grunts as Lyndsy then released his cock from her mouth, her hand now jerking him off at a briskly pace.

“Mmmm, Noah...” she purred as she then pushed the shaft against his belly letting her tongue lick at the bulging vein. Noah groaned, feeling his cock throb even harder as she then moved to lick his balls, her hand continuing to jerk his hard shaft.

“Fuck… Lyndsy, oh shit… ooooh...” Noah groaned, feeling the first signs of an approaching orgasm. She then took him back into her mouth, her lips sliding right down to the hilt as she gave his shaft a hard suck, the head hitting the back of her throat. She kept sucking for a good few seconds before pulling back, letting out a loud gasp as Noah’s saliva coated cock bobbed in the air.

“Not yet, honey. Not yet.” She spoke as she stood up, leaving Noah a little light headed as she moved towards the massive bed. He watched as she laid herself down on her back, resting her head in the mountain of soft pillows. She then turned her head, crooking her finger at him.

“Come here, husband.” She spoke, smirking as Noah quickly pulled off the mess of shoes, socks, trousers and underwear and all but sprinted to the bed. Lyndsy managed to let out a breathy laugh before he moved over her, fusing their lips again in a slow, unhurried kiss. He groaned, his cock poking at her belly, her hard nipples rubbing against his chest. Noah broke the lip lock after a short while, sliding down her fit figure as he left light kisses over her neck and collarbones. His hands shot up to cup and fondle her tits, a soft gasp leaving Lyndsy’s lips.

“Oh, Noah…”

It only spurred him on as he lowered his mouth, suckling on the soft flesh as his fingers dug into her breasts, her nipples poking up, begging to be sucked and licked. Almost lazily, he moved his lips from the skin to wrap around the left nipple, giving it a long, through suckle as Lyndsy’s fingers threaded through his hair.

“That’s it, baby, don’t stop!” She moaned, Noah switching to the other nipple as he squeezed her perky and soft tits a little bit harder. His tongue flattened against the hard peak of her nipple as he moved his hand down, past the waistband of her panties, gasping as he felt his fingers touch her soaked pussy.

“Noah…” Lyndsy practically mewled at the contact, making Noah’s cock twitch against the sheets. He released the nipple from his mouth as he slid down right between her legs, fingers hooking over the waistband of her thoroughly soaked panties. He pulled them down Lyndy’s shapely legs slowly, before tossing them behind his back. He groaned, seeing her completely shaved pussy, the sight making his rock hard cock twitch and throb even harder than before. He moved back right between her thighs, letting his hands slide under her ass as he blew some air against her clit. He felt Lyndsy shudder, a quiet, shaky moan leaving her lips.

“Noah, please, honey,” She gasped out, practically begging him. He didn’t respond, closing the distance as he pressed a kiss to her clit, her hips jumping up. “Oh yes, ooh!”

Almost immediately after he let his tongue flatten against the nub, letting it move in a slow circle as he listened to her labored breath. The taste and feel of her sweet and tangy nectar on his lips and tongue made him dizzy with love, his hips grinding against the mattress as he continued his exploration. His tongue moved lower and lower, lips as he then probed at her hole, Lyndsy’s hand gripping his hair tight as he suckled on her clit again, his tongue lapping up the leaking juices.

“Fuck, Noah, don’t stop! Yeees!” Lyndsy moaned out, her hips now grinding against his face as he soldiered on. His tongue probed and pushed into her soaking wet hole. His nose bumped her clit and his hands rubbed her thighs as he lost himself in her fully. His nose filled with her scent, his lips and tongue soaked in her sweet juices, his ears filled with her moans and gasps.

“Noah, Noah, oh my God, yes, ooooh!”

Then, he made a move – latching his lips onto her clit as he then pushed two fingers right into her cunt, gasping at the feeling of her tight, wet pussy squeezing them. Without pause, he pressed another, suckling kiss to her swollen nub as he curled the fingers inside her.

“FUCK, NOAH!” He heard her scream as he felt it – the rhythmic pulsing of her inner muscles and the flood of juices gushing out of her cunt. He acted quickly, pulling out of her as he replaced his fingers with his tongue, lapping up the sweet nectar as fast as he could as she spasmed and twitched all around him, her mouth open wide in a silent scream of pleasure. After what seemed like forever he felt her relax, her body going slack as she sunk into the soft bed. He crawled up to her, leaving light kisses all over her skin until he finally captured her lips again, their kiss unhurried, sensual and saying far more than any words ever could. They broke apart after a moment, bodies pressed against each other as wide smiles tugged at their lips.

“Hey there.” Lyndsy whispered, her voice husky and hoarse.

“Hi. You OK?” Noah replied, a small groan leaving his lips as he felt Lyndsy’s hand wrap against his cock, his hips undulating slowly as she stroked him.

“Couldn’t feel better if I tried, honey.” She replied, biting her lip as she then dragged the head of Noah’s cock right against her pussy, a quiet moan rewarding her efforts. “Fuck, I want you so much.”

“Lyndsy… wait… you still on the pill?” Noah asked, suddenly remembering. He gulped, feeling her hand movements stop as she then looked him straight in the eye, sighing quietly.

“I’m not. And I don’t want to, Noah.” She spoke, suddenly placing a finger on his lips. “I thought about this ever since I said yes to you in that restaurant. And I… I want us to have a family, Noah. I...”

Anything else she had to say died on her lips as Noah kissed her, hard. His hips ground into hers, desperate and needy, as he felt his heart swell even more. As he broke the kiss he gasped for air, smiling wide.

“Really?” He asked, still not quite believing what he just heard.

“Really.” She replied, her hands sneaking back down to grasp his cock again.

“Ah, Lyndsy...” he gasped, feeling her stroking him again. “… fuck, I love you so much.”

“Show me, then.” She whispered huskily into his ear, making him groan. “Make love to me, Noah.” She added as she adjusted, her hand now gripping his rock hard shaft as she teased her entrance with the swollen head of his cock. He took the hint, moving his hips forward as he pushed into her tight heat, moaning as he felt her tight pussy squeezing him.

“Oh fuck.” He groaned, overwhelmed, as she moaned. He pushed on further, slowly, feeling her stretch around him until he slid up to the hilt. He held himself there, the pulsing of her soft muscles feeling divine and otherworldly, like from a dream.

“Oh, Noah, oh God.” She whispered into his ear, her legs spreading wide “So big, you feel so good, fuuuck...”

“Oh yeah, you feel... good too.” He replied, letting himself thrust slowly and carefully, looking deep into her eyes. He moaned, feeling her pussy pulse around him, the sound of their bodies moving together erotic and dirty all at the same time. “Fuck.. Lyndsy...”

“More, Noah… fuck me, honey… oh yeah...” She moaned, her nails digging into his back as he picked up the pace. He wasn’t stopping himself now, speeding up with every thrust, fucking her harder and faster with every slap of his hips. His gasps turned into primal grunts, his cock slamming in and out of his wife’s pussy, her moans growing louder and more intense.

“That’s it, Noah… fuck me… fuck me hard.. don’t fucking stop, yes, baby… yes!” She moaned into his ear, pushing her hips into his as he kept on thrusting, pure lust clouding his mind.

“I love you…. Fuck, Lyndsy… I love you...” He growled, feeling his cock throb and pulse inside her, the telltale signs of an upcoming orgasm. He focused his attention purely on her, his movements growing more and more erratic as he pushed in as deep as he could, the pace frenetic. He groaned, feeling her pussy squeeze even tighter, hearing her shriek from pleasure as his cock slid up right against her g-spot. Then, he quickly wrapped his arms around her as he pulled her up, kneeling on the bed as he captured her nipple with his lips, his hand resting on her ass as he started to hoist her up and down his cock, her hips grinding against his pelvis.

“Noah!” She yelled, the sudden switch seeming to arouse her even more, her pussy tightening like a hot, velvet vise around his rock hard cock. He saw as her hand flew down to her clit, rubbing frantically. It took maybe two seconds as she suddenly screamed his name again and shuddered, Noah groaning as he felt her pussy start to pulse.

“That’s it, baby, oh Lyndsy, I love you so much, that’s it, so beautiful.” He babbled into her ear as she gasped with every pulse of her pussy, her thighs gripping his hips tight as he held her in his arms, gasping as he felt his own orgasm building up. Soon, he felt her go slack as she let out a final, long gasp before pulling him into a slow, lazy kiss. As their mouths danced again he started to thrust again, slowly and without the previous power and ferocity, Lyndsy’s hips rolling in rhythm with his.

“Are you close, my love?” Lyndsy whispered, making him moan as he thrust a little bit more sharply, hitting her deeper.

“Yeah… fuck, honey...” He spoke, feeling his cock starting to twitch, the tidal wave of his peak roaring closer and closer.

“Cum for me, my love. Fill me up, oh please Noah, I want it so bad.” She whispered, her tone desperate and needy.

It was enough. Noah pulled out almost fully and then slammed her down hard, her name a prayer on his lips as he erupted inside her. He moaned with every pulse of his cock, rope after rope of warm, sticky cum spilling deep inside her quivering pussy, her quiet voice like warm honey to his ears.

“Oh Noah, oh yes, I love you, oh God, give it to me, so warm...”

He didn’t know how long it lasted, but soon his cock twitched for the last time, his balls empty. He fell forward, Lyndsy’s back hitting the mattress as she kissed him again, sloppy and tired. He stayed like this for a while, content in feeling her body against his as he felt himself soften. Almost lazily, he pulled out of her as he then fell to her side, gathering her in his arms as he kissed her forehead.

“I love you, Lyndsy.” He spoke, voice hoarse and rough, and yet so happy at the same time.

“I love you too, Noah.” She replied, smiling wide. His hand grasped her cheek lightly as they looked at each other, not able to find words to describe what they felt. Then, Noah felt his eyes flutter as Lyndsy chuckled.

“Tired?” She asked, pulling the covers of the bed to cover them both.

“Sadly, I think so...” He spoke, feeling a bit embarrassed before Lyndsy yawned.

“Oh, I guess I am too. No wonder, though, with such a day behind us.”

“Well, that is true.” He replied. “At the very least we still have two days to our honeymoon. Can’t imagine having to wake up early tomorrow for the flight.”

“Good planning is the foundation of all success, as someone once said, probably.” She replied, her tone slightly sarcastic. “Although, what shall we do in those two days, husband?” She added, a mischievous grin forming on her lips.

“Well...” Noah replied, a grin forming on his lips as his hands moved to her hips. “… I do have a few ideas...” He added before lunging to kiss her, both of them laughing as they tumbled under the covers.

Noah sighed, laying himself down on the spread-out towel. He was still shivering a bit, the cold water of the ocean a stark contrast with the warm weather.

“Had fun?” Lyndsy spoke, still reading her book, her face covered by a sun hat and sunglasses.

“Yeah.” He replied, already standing up to dry himself off. “Perfect end to the day, if I say so.”

“There is always dinner,” Lyndsy replied, slowly starting to pack their beach bag. “and we both know how comfy and strong the bed in the apartment is...” she added, a smirk decorating her lips.
Noah chuckled as he put on his shirt, shorts and sandals, helping her pack up.

“Well..” he spoke, now moving closer to her, letting his hand rest on her waist. “… you do make a convincing argument.”

“Good to know you’re at least inclined to agree.” She replied, pecking him on the cheek, picking up the bag from the sand, wrapping her other arm around his waist. They then set off, exchanging a warm smile.

The honeymoon was turning out to be great. Noah wasn’t really surprised with the idea of going to Portugal, but any doubts he had about it evaporated almost instantly. The apartment they rented was spacious, tastefully furnished and laid just a few odd minutes of walking time from the beach and a cluster of restaurants and shops where they spent most of their evenings. The rest of their days were usually filled with long walks, swimming in the ocean or simply relaxing.

And fucking. Noah’s brain helpfully supplied, his grip on her waist tightening a little. Their wedding night had turned out to be just a beginning – he had already lost count of the amount of times they had sex since they arrived and he could already feel a faint twitch in his crotch, the memories of the previous night flooding back. He kept his cool, however, discarding the thought to the side – for now at least.

The walk was short and soon enough they were both back in their suite. Lyndsy threw the bag down next to the door, taking off her shoes.

“I’ll go shower.” Noah spoke, taking off his shoes as well. “Salt itches like crazy.”

“OK. I’ll go hang our towels to dry on the balcony.” She replied. “Want some coffee?”

“Not now. Maybe later.” He spoke, opening the door to the bathroom. He stopped for a second, letting his gaze linger on his wife’s ass, covered by a pair of jeans booty shorts, accentuating her slender, shapely legs. He moved into the bathroom, quickly shedding his clothes as he stepped into the shower. He groaned, feeling the spray hit him, washing off the sea salt, sand and dirt from a full day in the sun. His thoughts, however, quickly drifted back to the view he just saw. It was enough for his cock to start hardening as he gave it a few tugs, letting out a quiet groan. He stopped it for a moment, washing himself up fully as he then shut off the water, quickly grabbing a towel to dry himself off. He then wrapped himself with it as he stepped back out into the room. He quickly spotted what he was looking for – Lyndsy standing with her back to him, looking over the balcony. He kept on walking, feeling his hard cock pressing against the towel as he stepped out. He moved in letting his arms wrap around her as he pressed a kiss to her neck.

“Hey there.” He whispered into her ear, causing her to let out a yelp.

“Noah..” she spoke, letting out a giggle as he kissed her neck again, licking at her skin. “… that tickles.”

“Does it?” He chuckled, letting his hands slide against her tanned belly. “Never knew that.”

“You learn something new every day.” She replied, suddenly grinding her ass against his erection.

“Hmm… is that something in your pocket, my husband, or are you just happy to see me?” She spoke, her tone a mix of amusement and arousal as he let his hand drift up to cup her breast through her bikini, his lips tracing a path up to her ear.

“Why don’t we just go back in and see?” Noah spoke, pushing back against her ass.

“Good idea.” She replied, her voice husky as she turned around. Noah took a step back, closing the distance right as she closed the balcony door. Their lips crashed against one another, the kiss searing hot as her back hit the glass. His hands roamed her figure as hers moved to the towel, making quick work of it. She gasped into his mouth, her hand grasping his cock and giving it a quick stroke.

“Noah...” She moaned as he broke the kiss, her eyes wide.

“Turn around, honey.” He spoke, his tone husky and deep. She complied, Noah quickly untying her bikini top as she faced the glass and tossing it to the side. His hands moved to cup her breasts, his fingers rolling her nipples as she moaned. As he massaged her tits he noticed her hands making short work of her shorts as she pulled them down alongside the rest of her bikini. He kept his left hand on her breast as he moved the right one to her pussy, sliding his fingers over her wet lips before giving her clit a quick rub.

“Fuck, Noah!” She moaned, a shudder whacking her body. He wasted no time grasping his cock, lining up and then pushing inside her, groaning at the already familiar feeling of her pussy stretching as he slid in.

“Mmmm, so fucking good Lyndsy. God, I love you.” He groaned into her ear, his hands moving to grasp her waist.

“Fuck me, Noah.” She spoke, her tone leaving no room for discussion. “Fuck me hard.”

“With pleasure, my wife.” He replied, punctuating his statement with a sharp, powerful thrust, making her gasp. He immediately set a swift, punishing pace, his hips slapping against her plump ass as he pounded her in the earnest.

“Oh fuck yes, Noah, fuck me” She moaned, her hands sliding against the glass as she pushed back against him. “Don’t you fucking dare stop, yes, yes, YES!”

“Oh, baby.” He moaned himself, feeling his cock plunge deep inside her pussy. He leaned back a little, allowing himself to fuck her even harder, the sounds of their bodies colliding positively filthy. A sudden wave of possessiveness washed over him as he slammed himself up to the hilt and pulled her flush to him, his hands resting on her breast and belly.

“Mine.” He spoke, almost growling. slowing down the pace but keeping his thrusts sharp and powerful. “Say you’re mine, baby.”

“I’m yours, Noah.” She gasped out, her body shuddering. “Yours and only yours.”

“Good girl. Turn around” He whispered into her ear as he then pulled out of her, making her whimper. As she followed his command he pulled her into a kiss – slow and passionate, both of them gasping into each others’ mouths. He then felt her legs slide up his hips as he hoisted her up, grabbing her hips as she adjusted, his cock resting flush against her pussy. He hand moved between them as she guided him inside her again, a quiet moan leaving her lips as he adjusted to the new position.

“God, I love you Lyndsy.” He whispered into her ear, his tone emotional. “Fuck, I love you so much.”

“I love you too, honey. Oh shit, so good.” She replied, trying to grind down on him. He took the hint, his thrusts now slow but steady, picking up speed with every plunge of his hard cock into her wet cunt. Her hand drifted down, rubbing her clit as sharp gasps and quiet moans fell from her lips. Noah groaned, mesmerized by the feeling and view – her tits jiggling with every slap of his hips, her shapely legs wrapped around his hips, her firm, plump ass in his hands. He let his head rest in the crook of her neck as he moved, feeling her pussy squeezing him tighter and tighter.

“That’s it, Noah. Oh fuck, so good, don’t stop, fuck me, yes!” Lyndsy babbled, getting closer and closer to her peak. Noah could already feel his own approaching too, picking up speed as he chased it.

“Fuck, Lyndsy… gonna fucking cum… fuuck!” He groaned into her ear, his gasps turning into primal grunts as his thrusts grew more desperate.

“Yes.. cum with me, baby. Please, please...” She managed to moan out before she screamed, her body tensing up as her orgasm washed over her, her pussy clamping tight on Noah’s cock, trapping him inside her. He pushed through the resistance giving her a few more, erratic thrusts as he reached his own peak just moments later. He moaned her name, his cock throbbing as his seed filled her, Lyndsy pulling him into a sloppy kiss as he held her tight, both of them slowly coming down from their highs. They broke the kiss shortly after, slowly untangling themselves as they stood on shaky legs, breathing hard.

“Whoa… so that was fun.” Lyndsy spoke, a mixture of fading arousal and hoarseness tainting her voice as Noah pulled her into a hug.

“It sure was.” Noah spoke, still a little light-headed as their foreheads touched. “Oh, Lyndsy...”

“Shush.” She spoke, silencing him with a quick kiss. “You’re a great lover, Noah.”

“I do try.” He replied, a smile decorating his lips. “Everything to make my wife feel loved.”

“I can safely say you’re doing great, my love.” She replied, pulling herself out of his grasp. “But now, let’s get ready for dinner. I’m starving here.”

“Good idea.” Noah replied, moving back to the bedroom to pick up some clothes, his stomach growling quietly as he chuckled to himself quietly.

To say Noah was starting to get a little bit nervous was an understatement.

For the last few days Lyndsy was clearly coming down with some sort of a stomach bug. At first, it wasn’t a cause for concern – Noah wasn’t feeling to great either, and with the most likely culprit being identified as some most likely not as fresh as advertised spaghetti, the whole thing was supposed to blow over soon enough. However, nearly a week had passed, Noah was back on his feet but Lydsy’s days would usually start out with her retching into the toilet. Her sudden dislike of fishy smells she didn’t seem to mind earlier was also something Noah noticed – but didn’t pay much attention to. However, his attitude to the whole affair changed as he saw her after another morning dash to the bathroom, tears streaking from her eyes as he hugged her.

“I think you should see a doctor.” He spoke, hugging her tight as he caressed her scalp. “This sure isn’t normal.”

“It isn’t, I know. I feel terrible.” She replied, her voice barely above a whisper. “I have an appointment already for today. I’ll call you when it’s done, okay?”

“I’ll be waiting.”

It had nearly been 2 hours since the appointment and he still hadn’t had any news from her. At first, he wasn’t too worried – he chalked the lack of response up to lines at the doctor’s, traffic jams, her battery running out or the signal reception being weaker than usual. However, as minutes ticked on by and turned into hours, he was starting to slowly get more and more concerned. He tried to phone her two times already, both times getting no response. Then, just as he was about to call her for the third time he heard the door open. He sat down in the corner of the couch, waiting as he heard the steps get closer and closer.

“Hi.” He heard her say, quietly as she sat down in the other corner of the couch, taking off her shoes as she slid her legs up, sitting on her feet.

“You didn’t call.” Noah spoke, calm at first but his voice getting shakier. “I was starting to...”

“I’m fine, Noah. Perfectly healthy, actually.” She replied, her vice wobbling a little as she closed the distance, letting herself snuggle against him.

“So.. why..” He spoke, stopping as she grabbed his chin, turning his head to face her. He noted a small smile creeping up her lips.

“There’s a reason why I didn’t call. I felt it would be best if you got to know it face to face.” She spoke, taking a deep breath, clearly bracing herself. Noah inhaled, feeling his heart beat faster and faster.

“I… I’m pregnant.” She then said, sniffling quietly, her smile still widening a little. Noah could only look, processing what he just said, his brain seeming to run a mile a minute. She must have noticed, as a look of concern washed over her features.

“Noah?” She asked, the sound of his name breaking his train of thought. Happiness surged from deep within him as he grabbed her cheeks, pulling her into a fiery, deep kiss. She moaned into his mouth, reciprocating eagerly, a laugh escaping her lips as they parted.

“Really?” He spoke, not quite believing what just happened.

“Yeah. Second month, actually.” She replied, a deep blush covering her cheeks, her hand sliding against her belly.

“Wow. That’s… that’s great.” He spoke, hugging her even tighter, barely able to contain his excitement. “How do you feel?”

“Happy… excited… and a little scared, if I’m honest.” Lyndsy replied, resting her head on his shoulder. “I don’t know what to expect...”

“We’ll manage.” Noah replied, pressing a kiss to her hair. “You’ll be a great mom.”

“And you’ll be a great dad.” She replied, a little giggle leaving her mouth. “I love you, Noah.”

“And I love you too, Lyndsy.” He spoke, relaxing into the couch, exhaling slowly as a wide smile tugged at his lips.

Noah yawned, stretching his arms before sinking back into the soft pillows. The sun already shined through the blinds, lighting the bedroom in its soft glow. Looking to the side, he saw his pregnant wife’s side of the bed empty. He closed his eyes, a satisfied sigh leaving his lips. Listening in, he could already hear the sound of her feet padding against the floor. Opening his eyes again, he saw her in the doorway – standing completely naked, in full 8-months-pregnant glory, as she smiled at him.

“Did I wake you up? Sorry...” She spoke, her tone apologetic as she slowly walked in closer to their bed.

“You didn’t, don’t worry.” He replied, shifting to lie on his side, his gaze following her every step. “The little one giving you trouble?”

“She’s one very tireless munchkin, I can assure you.” She replied, laying herself back on the bed, allowing Noah to spoon her from behind. “Mmm, that’s it.” she added in a husky whisper, enough to make Noah’s cock twitch a little.

“Is that so?” He asked, playfully, as he wrapped his arms around her, setting himself flush against her as his hands drifted to her swollen belly, caressing it gently.

“Mhm, although now she’s gone a little quiet. Finally.” Lyndsy replied with a sigh, clearly enjoying the attention Noah was giving her now. He pressed a chaste kiss to her neck, inhaling the faint scent of her cocoa body lotion as he felt her grind against his hips, his cock twitching against her ass. “Noah...”

“Lyndsy...” Noah gasped, letting his hands slide up to cup her soft breasts. A low moan rewarded his actions as he squeezed them lightly, mindful of the fact they were far more sensitive now, having swollen almost a full size larger during the pregnancy. “… so beautiful… my beautiful, wonderful wife.”

“I’m a whale, Noah… have you seen me?” She murmured in response, a sharp gasp leaving her lips as his fingers brushed against her erect nipples, the sound causing him to thrust against her ass.

“I did. And you look absolutely gorgeous.” He spoke, his tone sincere as he moved his hand to grasp her chin, turning her head to face him over her shoulder, pulling her into an unhurried, loving kiss, letting his other hand drift down her belly right to her pussy, fingers sliding against her wet lips.

“You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever met.” He spoke, looking her right in the eye as he started to slowly rub her clit, a quiet gasp leaving her mouth. He then felt her hand slide down, fingers wrapping around his rock hard cock as she pulled it through the slit in his boxers and started to stroke him, slowly and gently.

“Aren’t you a little sweet talker, mister.” She replied at an end of a moan, Noah groaning at the feeling of her hand wrapped around his throbbing erection. He countered, sliding his hand back to cup her breast as he started to tease her soaked hole with his fingers.

“Noah, you’re teasing.” She spoke, almost deadpan as she withdrew her hand, grasping the sheet in front of her.

“What’s wrong with that?” He countered, a smirk forming on his face as he flicked her nipple, a sharp gasp leaving her lips.

“Turns out, I’m not in a mood for teasing.” She replied, turning her head back over his shoulder. “I order you, my lovely husband, to put that big cock of yours inside me and fuck me. Understood?”

“That can be arranged, my beautiful wife.” He replied, grinning as he grasped his cock, dragging the head up and down her pussy as she threw her leg over his. They both moaned as he then entered her, his hard cock immediately surrounded by the soft wetness of her cunt. His arm wrapped around her belly as he thrust, hard, causing her to moan loudly. He grunted as he started moving in the earnest, sinking deep into her with every thrust, moans falling from her mouth with every exhale.

“Fuck, Lyndsy, so good, so wet, fuck, baby...” He babbled into her ear, keeping his pace swift but not too overwhelming, savoring the feeling of her insides pulsing around him and her divine body pressing right against his.

“Oh yes… don’t stop… please don’t stop...” She managed to spill out between her moans, her hands fisting the sheets tight as he continued, releasing her tit to start rubbing her clit. It all felt far too intense and dreamlike - the smell of her body, the feeling of her swollen belly against his hand, the sound of his hips slapping against her ass. He could feel himself throb, her insides pulsing rhythmically around him, a clear sign of an oncoming climax.

“That’s it, baby… cum for me… please darling...” He whispered into her ear, rubbing her clit with more vigor as he closed his eyes, focusing only on his thrusts and touch, the sound of her moans and the slapping of skin filling their spacious bedroom

“Yes, Noah, honey, I’m.. I’m… I’m cumminggggg, yeeesss!!!!!!” She cried out, Noah groaning as he felt her tight channel squeeze tight around his aching cock. The sound and feeling made him lose any restraint left as he started to pound into her in the earnest, his groans turning into primal grunts, feeling Lyndsy’s body shake and shudder as she screamed from the intense pleasure she was feeling. Noah gave her a few more sharp and quick thrusts as he then slammed himself up to the hilt and roared, his own orgasm hitting him hard. He threw his head back, his sperm spilling inside her, his hips jerking uncontrollably as she gasped quietly with every pulse of his cock. As his climax faded away he snuggled up against her, their lips meeting in a sweet, unhurried kiss, their hands meeting at her belly, warm smiles tugging at their lips.

“Satisfied?” He asked, a quiet laugh leaving her mouth at that.

“Very.” She replied as he shifted, letting his cock fall out before snuggling up to her again, pressing a light kiss against the back of her head.

“What do you say we stay in bed all day today?” She then continued, breathing slowly. “I don’t feel like going anywhere.”

“Me too, actually.” He replied, suddenly feeling something thumping against her belly from the inside.

“Ooof” She exclaimed, wincing a bit. “Look what you’ve done, you woke her up.” She added, a little giggle leaving her lips at the end.

“Hey, I did as you told me.” He spoke, laughing himself. “Didn’t hear you complaining.”

“Yeah, I guess you win this time.” She replied. “Although… you could make breakfast. I’m ina massive mood for some bacon.”

He chuckled, remembering a time where she woke him up at 3 am once practically ordering him to bring her some chocolate-covered strawberries. It took him nearly an hour of driving, but the expression on her face when he finally came back with them in tow was all worth it.

“Just bacon, milady?” He asked, playfully, earning a light elbow to his ribs in response. “Ow.”

“I’ll leave the rest up to you. But there must be bacon. Must. Be.” She replied, accentuating her need very clearly. “And some peppermint tea.”

“You got it, love.” He replied, slowly moving off the bed, tucking his cock back into the underwear.

“Love you.” She purred as she pulled the cover over herself, a satisfied smile decorating her lips.

“Love you too.” He replied, moving to the kitchen, excited at the prospect of spending the entire day in bed with his wife.

After some nice breakfast, of course.
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Re: Love and Marriage with Lyndsy Fonseca
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2020, 03:47:14 PM »
A fantastic story.
I don't know much about Lyndsy Fonesca, but you did an amazing job writing her.
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Re: Love and Marriage with Lyndsy Fonseca
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2020, 12:23:23 AM »
That was an awesome story, really like the pregnancy angle. Don't see that often.

I know English isn't your first language, but you're a real master at using it for crafting stories. Great job again
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Re: Love and Marriage with Lyndsy Fonseca
« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2020, 01:36:33 PM »
Wow, I loved this. The romance angle and pregnancy was not expected and you handled it superbly. Amazing work, thanks for posting it.  :Y:
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Re: Love and Marriage with Lyndsy Fonseca
« Reply #4 on: March 19, 2020, 05:12:05 PM »
Pregnant women isn't really my thing, but even with that, I really enjoyed this.  You made it romantic without making the sex boring, and the tenderness can be easily felt throughout.  Another excellent job, well done!

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Re: Love and Marriage with Lyndsy Fonseca
« Reply #5 on: March 19, 2020, 08:06:59 PM »
Love the intimacy. Adds so much to the story. The spice that takes good into great territory.
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Re: Love and Marriage with Lyndsy Fonseca
« Reply #6 on: March 24, 2020, 09:28:11 AM »
I love this story, wow. It might be the best one I've read so far into 2020.

You've managed to make use of a theme that is rarely ever explored by authors with a real marriage and a pregnancy following soon after. It was real sweet, a loving experience.
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