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Kaley Cuoco's Erotic Adventures
« on: March 18, 2020, 10:30:12 PM »
Note- Another imagined tale of a young (nineteen) Kaley Cuoco after she had just had her breast enhancement. She was so hot at that time.


December, 2019.

It had been a wonderful Christmas at home in L.A. with her new husband and Kaley Cuoco and Karl had retired after a long day. As she lay on her side in bed she looked across the room at the brand new riding crop that she had received as one of her presents.

She smiled to herself as she recalled her first crop when she had started riding horses at age sixteen. Instantly smitten with horses, her love of riding had never waned and she now owned several horses of her own as well as private stables. Another memory came to her and she surprised herself at something she had forgotten for many years.


Los Angeles, 2005.

At the tender age of eighteen years Kaley had gotten breast implants and also began a year long search for a new talent agent. Her decision to get bigger boobs had greatly increased her self esteem and she was in high spirits.

Seeking another television sitcom role after the end of 'Charmed' she had been recommended by a friend to seek out a Miss Havoc who had a good reputation for landing her clients regular television work.

She needed someone fresh in the business to represent her and promote her interests, and Miss Havoc was apparently never off the phone as she badgered various studio's and producers. Driving in her 2003 Toyota Corolla she headed over to the Havoc Artists Agency on Sunset Blvd.

"This looks like it."

Kaley parked her car and strolled up to the twelve storey building and took the elevator to the eleventh floor. She saw the red and white sign on the door and knocked lightly.

With her buttery blonde wavy hair parted in the centre Kaley looked simply stunning in her grey top that fit close to the body and had the extra long sleeves. A short length that ended at the upper hip area she chose a mini length, stretchy high waist black skirt. On her feet were her brand new nude heeled sandals with the straps that wound around her lower calves and Achilles tendon.


She opened the door a crack and peeked around the apparently empty office. The reception area was small with a desk and sofa on the opposite side. A table separated the two and various outdated copies of People and Entertainment Weekly magazine were strewn around on it.

Kaley sat on the sofa and crossed her shapely pins and looked at her watch. Ten o'clock. She was a half hour early in her eagerness to meet the thirty year old Havoc.

"Where is everybody?" She wondered as she sat in the odd silence.

Impatient and slightly bored Kaley went to the office of Miss Havoc and pushed the half open door.

"Miss Havoc? Are you in here?"

The modest sized room was sparsely furnished and had one big desk and a tall lamp by the very large window. Pictures of various actors adorned the wall and Kaley studied each one in turn.

She admired the view from the window and looked down on Sunset and watched the traffic and looked at the billboards. It was at that moment that her eyes were drawn to a half open drawer in the desk.

"Oh, my!"

Something curious peeked out of the corner and she thought she recognised a riding crop similar to her own. Her eyes went to the open door and saw no one and so she pulled the top drawer out and reeled back in surprise.

There, Kaley found all types of erotic toys, vibrators, anal plugs, fur lined handcuffs and a black riding crop. Amid these outrageous devices there were also several pairs of silk underwear and a pheasant feather.

But it was the crop that caught her eye and she cautiously picked it up. It was an expensive, probably a hundred bucks, black fleck crop of woven nylon and was about sixteen inches in length. The handle had wrapped leather and sported a big braided cap with a dimpled button. The keeper was also leather and was two inches wide.

"Oh my gosh. Miss Havoc seems to have some fetish interests."

The amused Kaley picked up the cuffs and studied the soft faux fur lining in the leather restraints. Metal buckles wound around the two cuffs and a stainless steel length of chain joined them.

Then she opened the palm of her right hand and brought the crop down hard. It made a satisfying crack and she admired the workmanship in the iconic whip designed to tap a horse whilst running.

She thought for a moment, turning to the door to ensure nobody had showed up, and raised her stretchy skirt up to her upper thigh. With her left hand she traced a line up the outside of her bare leg with the thin tool until she got to just below the hem of her skirt and then gave a hard smack.

"Ooh! That kind of hurt." But in a nice way she thought.

She did it again and a warm tingle rushed through her. Now smiling and having fun Kaley raised her skirt higher so that it exposed both her meaty buttocks. She had on barely there panties that separated both buttocks into two gorgeous globes and ensured that plenty of flesh was on display.

As she clutched the handle at the very top she brought the keeper down on her left cheek and then ran a circle around the red spot she made. Her delectable rump rippled as she did it again and a warm flush came over her loins.

The tiny panties hardly covered her pussy but she was pretty certain that there was a dampness on her sweet spot. Another crack and Kaley shuddered as the crop echoed around the room like a pistol shot.

"Wow, that is hot! Feels like, feels like..."

Kaley rucked her skirt up to her waist line and settled back against the desk with her legs out wide. She rubbed the keeper up the insides of both thighs, across her bikini line and then swirled it around her mound with eyes shut tight.

The toes of her heels dug into the rug downwards as she rubbed on her slot through the fabric. The white panties worked well into the soft cleft of her Mons pubis as she wallowed in her self stimulation.

"Feels like..."

She had ridden horses quite frequently as of late, being between jobs, and had discovered the pleasure of grinding her pussy in the leather saddle. Also still single Kaley had masturbated a lot and had enjoyed her new boobs as she experimented with various sex fantasies.

"Like fun?"

Kaley gasped and came out of her reverie as she was interrupted by a classy woman with medium cut auburn hair. Dressed in a business like manner she had a short pencil fit skirt in battleship grey, and a classic white blouse with the top buttons open to just below the bust. Her navy bra was evidently visible in the deep V of the low cut look.

"Oh, shit! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!"

Kaley hastily wriggled her skirt back into position and closed her spread legs.

"It was...I saw the desk drawer open...I'm Kaley by the way. Are you Miss Havoc?"

Without a word the woman stared at Kaley as she walked around and around the desk. She casually picked up the handcuffs and toyed with them as she paced the room. Kaley ate humble pie as she demurred and hopped from one shoe to the other.

"I like to ride horses and...and I was just..."

"Curious? This is not a good start Miss Cuoco. Snooping through private property, perhaps you lack discipline? Did you go to school?"

Kaley was a child actress and was on film and television at a very tender age.

"Well I acted as a kid a lot, so I guess I may have missed out on stuff. But I know right from wrong."

"Indeed. Maybe you need to be punished. Taught a lesson in fact."

We're not at school now, thought Kaley who wondered where all this was all leading. She found her eyes glued to Havoc's curvaceous form in the pencil thin skirt and her long legs encased in black hold up stockings
Her red glossy lips pouted provocatively. 

"Discipline is an established practise I have adopted in my line of work. To be regulated, directed if you will, to my way of thinking I think we can accommodate you in the agency. It seems to be effective."

Kaley looked up at the portraits of the various artists on the wall.

"Even with Naomi Watts?" She pointed at one particular picture.

Miss Havoc looked down her nose at the nervous blonde with a sardonic grin.

"Especially Miss Watts."

As she lectured she paced the room, her black stiletto shoes clicking on the hardwood floor.

"Now, I used to be a principal at a private girl school in Southern California, and I did NOT spare the rod. There are three types of discipline. One, preventive. Two, supportive, and three is corrective. Which do you think I should pick with you?"

"Look, Miss Havoc. I just came here to get help landing a new role. I wasn't expecting this at all. Maybe I should leave."

As she spoke Kaley remained rooted to the spot, a new feeling overwhelmed her. In her young life she had not had any sexual relations with females, and she was definitely not gay.

Just curious. She wondered what the agent had planned and the hesitation was etched on her face. The door slammed shut then and she jumped at the intrusion to her thoughts.

"It appears that you like the crop, perhaps I should use it, or maybe something bigger. I can show you ways of pleasure through pain you have never dreamed of."

Havoc passed her and rested the leather tongue of the crop on Kaley's upper right thigh. Kaley shivered as it wiggled on her bare flesh a moment before it was removed. They were so close that their body heat was felt by the pair of them. Kaley began to wilt under the stern and direct eye contact made by the older woman.

"You can?"

Havoc raised Kaley's chin and smiled with a knowing look.

"Oh, yes. And I know you want to try, am I right? You want, I want."

"Show...show me."

"Are you certain? We can continue or I can stop, it's your choice. Yes? Then hold up your wrists."

Kaley put her hands together and Havoc put the cuffs around her wrists and snapped them shut with an acute click. She tested the metal bracelets by tugging on the chain that joined them. They held tight. Part of Kaley felt slightly scared but she could not deny the excitement between her thighs.

"All part of the service."

Miss Havoc made Kaley face the desk and held her in place with her left hand. As she bent across the desk her cuffed hands came together as if in prayer and Havoc used her right to pull the skimpy underwear down to her ankles.

In this pose Kaley revealed a half moon of bare white thigh and the business woman patted her behind with a certain affection as she studied the luscious curves of her bare bum. The skin was white and delicate and was a joyous sight and twin dimples were visible above the rounded cheeks.

"Look at these little panties, what a little slut you are. Stay perfectly still my dear."

Kaley felt the hand replaced with the head of the crop which was swept down the exposed crack between cheeks, past the perineum and down to the upturned base of her moist slit. She flattened the upper half of her body on the surface of the desk as her pussy was touched from behind.

"You appear to be somewhat aroused. That is a good sign."

Kaley bit her lip and tucked in her elbows as she wiggled her posterior on the probing crop and then let out a shriek when she received the initial crack on her left cheek.


There came four more staccato strokes delivered in rapid succession, two each on either globe. The crop swished through the air as it relayed its message and Kaley's beautifully shaped bottom displayed a rosy glow which widened and deepened. Despite the stinging Kaley made no attempt to move from her undignified position and kept her enticing backside raised upward.

"How was that? I know it hurts, but it's a nice hurt, all warm and tingly, and it was exciting yes?"

Kaley gulped. Too exciting! Havoc soothed her burning rump and Kaley admitted her smarting flesh had a sort of glow. Then she felt a warm palm strike her in a swift, flat arc and bounce back off her delectable derriere.


Kaley remained in position apart from throwing a few wriggles of her smarting rump which caused her panties to toss around her ankles. Miss Havoc scrutinised the five fingered imprint that spread across both buttocks and raised the crop once more. She angled Kaley's plump and burning bottom so that it was higher than her head and directly in line for a prime whacking.

'Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!'

"Oh, fuck!"

Kaley pressed her knees together and arched her back as the crop struck. So fast were the strokes that they seemed to overlap with earlier ones. She bore the brunt of the cracking smacks that rang out loudly and moved her hips in rhythm with the lesson.

A flood of wetness betrayed her and Havoc ceased her ministrations and put her hand on the sublime curve of Kaley's cheeks and then moved between her legs.

"So very wet, my dear Miss Cuoco."

Havoc dipped one finger inside the moist labia and pushed in once. Then she brought the same digit to her lips and tasted the sweet nectar.

"Remember what I said? Pleasure through pain. Discipline and correction. You're coming along splendidly."

She tapped Kaley on the shoulder and she stood up straight, her ass still reeling from the corporal punishment.

"Sometimes the seductress becomes the slave and the submissive the seductress as roles reverse."

As she spoke Miss Havoc opened her top to reveal the push up bra that was evidently for attention seeking rather than practical purposes. She unzipped her skirt and pushed it down so that Kaley could see her matching lacy blue panties. Just in underwear and stiletto heels the tall woman cut a striking figure.

"The results are the same, it's all part of the same fantasy, the same discipline. It's all about the control."

Miss Havoc leaned back on the desk and kicked out her incredibly long legs. Her bottom settled against the edge and then she crooked a finger for Kaley to approach. She complied and went to her knees where her head was level with the woman's thin panty line.

"Lick my pussy." She ordered.

Kaley lifted her cuffed hands and pushed the gusset aside and looked on a totally shaven quim, the outer lips puffy and the inner pink visible. Without hesitation the young blonde darted out with her tongue and swiped at the offered folds.

Havoc responded with a high pitch sigh as she quivered on her out planted heels. Kaley heard the woman moan as her tongue slowly started to slip in and out of the wet pussy in her face and Miss Havoc's hips wiggled from side to side.

"Better, now give me some more tongue."

Kaley inhaled her sex as she planted kisses on her inner thighs. Her nose bumped gently against the protruding clitoris as the inquisitive blonde actress flattened her tongue and brought it up from the bottom of the tantalising slit to just below the stiffening clit.

The juices that soaked the woman's quim wet Kaley's tongue in a rewarding way and she eagerly lapped up all that was on offer. Miss Havoc humped against the twenty year old's face as she was eaten and swept great handfuls of lustrous hair from Kaley's brow. Her gorgeous green eyes under narrow brows looked so innocent as she ate pussy.

"Yes, yes, like that."

Kaley stepped up a step and bobbed on her haunches as she licked up and down in broad strokes, sliding perfectly over the unhooded clit as she reached the pinnacle of the pouting pussy.

"I gotta stand up."

Kaley was feeling her legs ache and also rubbed her bod to soothe the blows from the crop.

"Very well."

Miss Havoc came behind Kaley and pressed her body at her back. Her hands came up and caressed Kaley's big boobs through her soft long sleeved top and then dragged it downwards hard and helped the blonde step out of it.

"Let me see those tits."

Kaley proudly thrust out her chest and showed off her new 32C tits. She was in great shape with a slim figure, flat abs, lean legs and sexy buns. The sensation of another female fondling her tits was a new one and Kaley felt her stomach tighten and her nipples stiffen.

"Fake, but they are quite magnificent."

The talent agent felt up their weight in both hands and Kaley closed her eyes to focus on the soft touch. A spiral pattern was painted with a fingertip on her left areola pulling away before contact with the nipple. The same was repeated on the right as Havoc came around to her front and hugged her tight so that both pairs of tits bumped together.

"Yes, these will be a huge asset when I pitch your talents to the producers."

Miss Havoc unclasped her own bra and let it fall to the floor. The generous swell of her natural breasts were unveiled and Kaley observed the hard nipples. Then she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down over her rump as she bent at the waist and thrust out her backside.

"I so love being naked in female company."

Kaley again had her new boobs massaged and kneaded and had the hard nipples tweaked between finger and thumb. They stumbled backwards until Miss Havoc pinned the naked Kaley to the edge of the desk and her sore rump was set on the cool wood.

Her hips thus raised her fair pubed pussy was displayed perfectly at the juncture of her upper thighs. The agent produced a padded blindfold and slipped it over Kaley's face.

"I don't want you to be able to see what I'm going to do next. It will heighten the senses. Just enjoy the show."

Kaley pursed her lips as a hand widened her thighs and she placed her hands, palms down on the top of the desk behind her. Seconds passed but it seemed simply ages before finally contact was made. Havoc brought the keeper down right on the sweet spot of her pussy with a backhand blow. Kaley screamed and a tiny squirt of fluids spat out of her stirred cunt.


"Mmm, that good? Hmm? Feel nice?"

Miss Havoc gave several small pats directly on her muff while she squirmed on her butt. Unable to see a thing Kaley's imagination ran wild and she turned her head from left to right as she awaited the next move.

"Mm hmm! Stick that cute little pussy out for me, there's a dear."

Kaley leaned back and raised her hips up as she felt the crop trace out a line from her navel to her pussy opening then she shrieked from the pistol crack smack directly on her clit.


Havoc made three more slaps on the exact same spot and Kaley came with a silent scream.

"Isn't that exciting. Let me lick you all up."

Havoc leaned in and reached between Kaley's open legs and pushed up inside her slit with her middle finger. Kaley felt her knees buckle slightly as she was quickly frigged by the long digit. Her breathing became urgent as she bumped back into the desk edge.

The finger was replaced by a tongue which ran around her puffy labia and then into her slit on up to her clit. Kaley shivered in response as her tiny rosebud was flicked to stiffness. She sighed with delight as a hot mouth smothered her left nipple and sucked it to stiffness. Then her right nipple received the same treatment and she licked her lips in gratitude.

"Holy shit!"

The tongue left her muff and suddenly Kaley reeled from two hefty taps on her hard nipples with the nylon braided cap.

'Swish, swish, swish.'

Each nipple changed to rosy peaks as Kaley was given quick raps over and over.

Her pussy wept juices and an intriguing trickle ran down her ass crack. Each stroke increased in intensity and Kaley gave high pitched squeals in reply.

"You're so wet, my dear."

"Uh, huh!" Mumbled Kaley turning her head as she was left momentarily.

She heard a noise to her left and then a finger brushed her pussy.

"Yes, no need for lubrication today."

Kaley felt a stiff object at her entrance and realised it must be a silicone dildo. She bit her lip and held onto the edge of the desk until her knuckles went white She sighed at the initial contact and inhaled deeply as it began to intrude inside her cunt.

Then she felt a push and incredibly the entire sex toy was inside her all the way. It remained inserted and neither moved a muscle as Miss Havoc played a waiting game.


Kaley blinked as the blindfold was lifted and she looked into the grinning eyes of the talent agent. She lowered her gaze and made gaping motions with her mouth as she saw the strap on toy sticking in her pussy. It was attached by straps to Miss Havoc's waist and hips. She watched the woman pull back out to within an inch before gasping as the eight inch dildo thrust all the way up inside her again.

"Fuck this little slut, let the slut take it all."

A hand reached out and held Kaley by the shoulder as Havoc moved back and forth, driving the silicone toy in and out. Kaley was giddy with pleasure as she began to move in unison with the dildo, each entry thrust being met with a satisfied whimper. Her tits were caressed as she was fucked and her head snapped back as the strokes became more animated.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" She cried as she fast approached her second orgasm.

Miss Havoc speeded up her gyrations with eyes half shut as she fucked the shit out a delirious young Kaley Cuoco. Their wet mounds met and Kaley's sodden pubic hair appeared somewhat darkened from their combined juices. Each slap of their loins brought them nearer and nearer to orgasm. Havoc's tits jiggled from her pounding as the dildo kept on driving in and out.

"Are you close? Are you?"

"Yep!" Croaked the blonde as her left leg wound around her lovers right calf.

Havoc brought her arms under Kaley's thighs and lifted her ass clear up from the desk. Kaley was surprised by the woman's strength as she was pulled back over and over onto the eight inch dildo.

The relentless slap, slap, slap of their perspiring bodies on each others reverberated around the office. Kaley began to rub her clit with the flat of her fingers as her hips were pulled up harder with each stroke of the false cock.

"Fuck you, gonna fuck you, fuck, fuck, fucking bitch with your big fucking tits, You want me to work for you? You fucking work for me, big tit blondie with your big green eyes. Well, take this!"

Kaley was tilted up even further so that the dildo was inside her cunt every inch of the way. Havoc's butt was a blur as her upper thighs smacked against the backs of Kaley's in one final big bang. Kaley put more pressure on her clit and then she was coming with a hearty yell.

"Oh, YES!"

"Oh yes? You came, cunt! Fucking cunt!"

Miss Havoc felt her own explosion in her pussy as she let the dildo slip out of Kaley's juicy quim and stuffed three fingers up her own cunt. She jammed them in and savoured the welcome contractions.

"Fuck, I needed that. Well, Miss Cuoco, if you would like to return at the same time tomorrow I'll see what I can do for you. I hear CBS have something lined up that I think might be right up your alley. And talking of alleys."

Miss Havoc walked naked around to the back of her desk, her peach of a butt rolling from left to right as her high heels clacked on the floor. She reached into her toy drawer and fished out a blue silicone anal plug which she waved in the air with a wink. Good gravy! Thought Kaley as she picked up her things and left in a hurry.


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Re: Kaley Cuoco's Erotic Adventures
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2020, 07:07:09 AM »
Kaley's Competition.

Note- this tall yarn never took place in real life, I made it all up.


Kaley Cuoco and Melissa Rauch had just dined in the wonderful steakhouse in the Circus Circus Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard. The elegant diner was old Vegas and had dark walls and booths, and the waiters were second to none. It was eerily quiet considering just outside there were many people and entertainers having loud fun.

On a quick weekend away from Hollywood they had caught a flight late Friday and had booked one large suite in the new West Tower. This was Kaley's absolute favourite Casino in Vegas, maybe not the cleanest or stylish but she liked the circus atmosphere and location, and the steakhouse was a hidden gem.

She had ordered the grilled shrimp and then the prime rib from the top grade Midwestern beef matured for 21 days. Melissa chose the lobster with a ceasar salad. As they left to play some blackjack Kaley noted her tiny friend linger behind and speak to the tall waiter named Jose, who had earlier caught their eye. He had a dark brooding quality and had thick black hair down to his shoulders. She watched as they both laughed and hugged each other goodbye.

After a fun hour of gambling they had ridden the elevator to the 35th storey and settled down after each had bathed, and relaxed in their bathrobes. They had just opened the second bottle of Merlot and sat close as they sipped the wine, and the conversation moved from business to personal stuff.

"I've got to confess I give the amazing blowjobs. No man ever leaves me, its always me who ends the relationship. My oral technique is like an addiction for them. I can turn most men into pussycats. Its my specialty."

Kaley tossed her head to one side and looked at Melissa with a superior grin. Her long blonde hair fell over her left shoulder and her robe fell apart so her naked breasts were partly visible. Melissa sighed, her friend always showed this side of herself when she had consumed alcohol.

"Really, hmm. The last boyfriend I ever dated before I married told me I gave him THE best blowjob of his life. He told me he even dreamt about it."

Take that bitch she thought, smiled and leaned back on the white three seat couch and kicked her bare feet back and forth.

"Right, you should tell me all about your technique, impress me." Kaley drained her glass and gave her fullest attention.

"Alright I will. Well, its important the way you twist your hand at the start, get it nice and hard, then stroke the shaft upwards to the tip. The main thing you must do is keep eye contact, hand and mouth coordination. Stare into his eyes as you twirl your tongue around the head. Slowly at first, then faster until you drop your mouth over it and gulp him down with a big slurp. Scrape the underside of his stalk with your flattened tongue as you move back and forth along the whole prick. Cup his balls and then take a deep breath and suck on him as fast as possible. He'll be putty in your hands. Now you tell me your oh so special technique?"

Melissa crossed her left leg over her right and her robe fell back to reveal her thighs.

"I couldn't possibly, mine is a secret. Mums the word. If I told you, you'd tell others and my unique blowjob details would be all over Hollywood."

Melissa frowned and then made a sound of derision in her throat. Sometimes the woman was unbearable, everything revolved around her.

"Oh Kaley, you have to be the best at everything. The prettiest on the show, the best paid, the most publicity and now you give the best head. Give me a break."

Melissa took up her cell phone and called the new number she acquired. She went out to the bedroom for a couple of minutes then returned with a big grin.

"Well Jose is on his way up. He just finished his shift and wants to say hi."

"Melissa, what are you up to?"

Moments later came a knock on the door and Jose was let in. She had gotten his number and had given him the idea he was welcome to visit her room any time. He was still in uniform as he sat on the opposite couch and sat in silence and looked at the two blondes in their bathrobes. They in turn checked out his long slender limbs and dark complexion. He looked to be about 25 and fit.

"Well Jose, how are you? Thanks again for the service, the meal was a sheer delight. Now Kaley and I were just debating over who gives the best blowjob. I want you to watch me blow this banana and you can decide who is best."

Melissa took a banana from the selection of fresh fruit in the red bowl on the table.

"Er ladies, I think maybe you have both had too much to drink," Said the nervous man.

Kaley threw her hand in the air.

"Oh come on, a banana! That's stupid! Besides its what you do inside your mouth with it. Let me blow Jose and you watch his face, don't look at my mouth or face though."

Melissa looked around surprised and slightly disappointed as Kaley shoved the young man back into the couch and immediately tugged his black slacks and underwear down to his shoes.

"Right Jose, just relax and breath in and out like normal. Feel my warm hand move up and down your hard cock."

She gave the palm of her left hand a quick lick and rubbed him as he grew hard in her fist. With her big green eyes on his face, her hand went from the base on up then gave a clockwise twist of the wrist when she reached the crown. She gave several strokes while she kept her right hand on his stomach then popped the head in between her soft lips and sucked gently.

After a few sucks her head moved down and his stiff rod hit the back of her throat. He groaned loudly as she reared back up and released him. More sucks on the tip then an almighty downward move of her head and he was totally swallowed up once more.

Again she backed up and swirled her tongue around and around, saliva dripped down to his dark pubes. Jose thought he was the luckiest man alive as he bucked up from his seat. Three hours ago he was serving tables and now he had his hard prick in the mouth of none other than Kaley Cuoco.

"I don't see anything very special about any of this. What are you doing I can't do?" Melissa leaned in closer.

Kaley pulled a curtain of her lustrous blonde hair across her face to hide what she was doing.

"I said watch his face and not me!"

Kaley continued to suck the mans crown only, while she moved both her hands up and down his rigid shaft. As she shoved forwards again her nostrils flared and her eyes sparkled.

"This is unbelievable." He muttered as he threw his head back.

"Oh fuck this, move over and let me show you how to suck cock."

The five foot nothing stacked blonde moved down to her knees and took hold of the mans throbbing tool and held it upright. She hollowed her cheeks and attacked the rock hard rod with fast bobs of her mouth back and forth, back and forth, over and over.

"Here we go, like that? Does it make you wanna cum in my mouth?"

He sat up and rested on his elbows to watch the amazing sight of the tiny blonde as she moved her head on him. Her right hand made quick twists around the shaft as she made very loud slobbering noises with his knob inside her mouth. As she lifted off him her drool left a long train from her lips to his cock head which trickled down in slow motion.

Her fist smeared his entire thick shaft with the spit and left him with a shiny, swollen cock. The long vein along the right side pulsed blue, and a smaller one went off at a right angle just at the top also rose up engorged with his blood.

"See how its done my dear? He likes it nice and wet. Now watch."

Melissa spat on the purple head and rubbed him fast as she took his right ball in her mouth and locked her lips around it. She released it and plonked her mouth on his left and sucked on it greedily.

"Maybe you should take notes Kaley, hee hee!"

"Listen this is all well and good, fact is though my body will turn him on more than yours."

Kaley stood up and stripped off her bathrobe and her stunning curvy body was revealed. The young mans eyes grew wide at her 34C tits with the large pink nipples, then dropped to her smooth waxed labia between parted shapely thighs.

Melissa took this as a challenge and stood up and also stripped off her robe and her mammoth natural boobs fell out large and heavy on her chest. The soft light downy hair looked enticing at the bottom of the V that ran from her hip bones to her mound. Her wide hips and rounded ass made her very desirable to Jose who loosened his shirt and kicked his trousers away.

"I bet he likes my pussy more than yours." Said Melissa as she looked into the mans eyes.

"Fine, everything is a competition with you. I'm sure he will find its not as nice as mine, nor as tight."

"Let him decide." Kaley began move her hands along her thighs and lick her lips seductively.

"Look lets see who he wants to fuck first." Kaley winked at him as the two girls sat on the opposite couch side by side and lifted their legs up and wide.

"Mines definitely pinker and nicer." Melissa cooed.

"Well mines wetter and that's what counts the most." Said Kaley as she bent her left leg at the knee and rubbed her bald labia. Melissa also rubbed her cunt , the golden pubes grew ever darker as she became moist.

"See him staring at my pussy? He can't wait to fuck me."

Indeed Jose wanked his aching cock furiously and remained seated as he ogled the wet slit between the open legs of Kaley Cuoco.

"Come on already, just pick one."

"Yeah, whose pussy is better, whose pussy is wetter?"

"Both look really good, I want them both." Jose said diplomatically. Was he really going to fuck the two gorgeous actresses?

Kaley moved quickly and straddled his body, she held his prick in her hand around her back and guided his prick inside her with a little moan. With both hands on the back of the couch behind his head she began to ride him fast, her butt rose and fell at a frantic rate.

"Ooh, yes, he likes that don't you babe?"

Jose nodded and gripped her peachy buttocks and squeezed tight as his cock was devoured by her hungry cunt. Up and down she rode, her ass slapping on him with every stroke.


With a strong shove Melissa knocked Kaley to one side and got aboard the mans cock as he slipped from the tall blonde and started to bounce up and down, her massive tits in his face.

"See how he loves my big titties hee hee."

"No no no, get off him, I was fucking him."

Kaley shoved the other with equal strength and Mel popped off the mans twitching cock and Kaley climbed on him reverse cowgirl.

"This is my cock bitch step aside and watch a real woman fuck a man."

With her hands on her upper thighs she leant forward, her feet dug in the carpet and she rode him like he was a stallion. Her head dipped so that her long hair fell onto his legs and he gazed in awe at her butt from behind as his cock vanished up into her.

"Ooooo yes, now that feels good, right babe?"

Her hips ground on him as she moved her pelvis along his pubic bone and he could only grunt in answer, the words stuck in his throat.

"No, I'm pretty sure he liked me better." Mel tipped Kaley onto one side and got on him also in a reverse cowgirl stance.

Kaley stood at their feet with her hands on her hips disgusted as she watched them fuck like two teenagers with loud groans and hurried motions.

"Well how about I shove my pussy in your face, how would you like that?"

"Do it."

Melissa reached back with her body as Kaley swung her right leg over her and dropped her cunt down on the upturned face of the rutting blonde.

"Oh fuck yeah, how do you like that pussy huh?"

Kaley ground her pelvis on her face and felt the long tongue flick at her damp slit. Jose was gobsmacked as he joined in and licked Kaley with vigour. Both of them lapped away, their faces glazed with the juices that dripped from the puffy cunt of the actress.

"Wow, awesome, a double whammy. Two tongues tongue tied on twat, ha! Now that's what I call teamwork."

Kaley moaned and writhed, the feeling on her sensitive sex was out of this world. Her whole body tingled and she felt an orgasm rapidly approach. Melissa slipped off the shiny cock of the waiter at that moment and stood in front of them.

"Look, we could be going back and forth all night, this is a competition. Lets say whoever makes him cum is the winner."

Kaley lowered her body and assumed a doggy stance and faced the back of the couch. She raised her ass in the air and looked over her shoulder and nodded.

"Can you just stick it in and lets do this."

Jose came behind her and poked the head of his cock inside her hot quim.

"Ahh, oh yeah, mmmm." She sighed as he pistoned into her with both hands on her hips.

Melissa lined up beside them and wiggled her generous rump as she watched her friend get hammered. Kaley pushed back as good as she got and the couple became a steamy blur.

"Oh he is good Mel, really good, I'm gonna cum."

She gripped the back of the seat and held on for dear life as Jose fucked her ever faster. She tensed her muscles and perspired freely as her climax hit her and she shuddered in relief.

"See, oh my, I, fuck...I can cum faster than you, oh boy!"

"Big deal. Come here boy and fuck ME now."

Jose shifted over and penetrated Melissa with ease, his cock was slick and glistened from the fluids of the quivering Kaley. She looked hard at him, her eyes on his with extreme concentration. He soon picked up a frantic pace and his hips rocked into her cute frame powerfully. Compared to Kaley she had wider hips and fleshier buttocks, two dimples showed next to her anus every time he pierced her cunt. The juicy pussy was looser than the taller Kaley who had fit snugly around his cock.

"Keep doing that and I'm gonna cum pretty soon."

Melissa swept her long golden curls over her left shoulder as she was slammed up into the back of the couch. With his fingers he scratched her spine lightly which made her shiver with delight.

"Fuck me, fuck me, oh fuck, fuck, oh fuck."

Jose grabbed her long wavy curls and pulled her head back, then leaned in to nuzzle her pale neck.

"He, he, he made me cum, oh wow!"

Melissa yelled out and shook with the satisfaction of her orgasm and dropped her head as her breath became laboured. As she relaxed the young stud withdrew and looked over at Kaley who laid on her back with long legs up in the air.

"Come here you naughty boy and fuck my brains out."

Without any hesitation he settled between her open thighs and held her by the left leg. His stiff prick slid in to the hilt and as he began to fuck her his muscles flexed as he drove in and out. Her breath became loud and ragged in her throat as her body was mashed into the seat.

"You gonna cum for me boy? You there yet? Cum in me, give me that cream."

Her dirty talk inspired him and he grabbed onto her upper thighs to ensure his cock went inside her as much as possible. He pulled back as far as he could without leaving the warm confines of her cunt and rammed back home hard. Three more of these deep lunges was all he could manage and he let out a roar as his cock erupted and sent his hot white seed inside her.

He pulled out after the first pump of cum and sprayed her bald cunt so that his sperm literally ran down her upturned ass crack like a river. Jose held his pulsating cock in his fist and swiped it all around her mushy cunt as the sweat dropped onto her belly from his furrowed brow.

The three of them caught their breath and it was Kaley who spoke first.

"So, whose pussy was the best. Obviously you came in mine so I think we know who the winner is. Me, as usual."

Melissa pouted, always the same, Kaley Cuoco is the best in anything she chooses.

Jose ran his left hand through his thick hair and pondered.

"I think I need to fuck you both once more, I can't quite decide. Can we make it the best of three?"

The two girls laughed and Melissa rolled her eyes up when Kaley announced she would suck him first. No fucking surprise she thought, here we go again.


p.s. I highly recommend the Circus Circus steakhouse, best steak I ever had. 123z.
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Re: Kaley Cuoco's Erotic Adventures
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2020, 07:01:39 PM »
Melissa Rauch doesn't get enough fucking stories!  8#=D

Underrated as far as being a big boob queen  @@
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Re: Kaley Cuoco's Erotic Adventures
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I have more Melissa to add soon.
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Re: Kaley Cuoco's Erotic Adventures
« Reply #4 on: March 27, 2020, 10:20:47 AM »
Note- Totally fictional tale I dreamed up and not based on actual real events. To my knowledge.

Kaley Cuoco arrived home with just about the biggest grin on her face. Despite being two thousand bucks out of pocket she dumped her shopping on the kitchen counter and hopped about like a kid and clapped her hands with glee. Her long silky blonde hair was in a ponytail which bounced on her back as she discarded her coat and smoothed out her Soundgarden tee over her big tits.

"Just wait til the girls get a load of this."

Kaley picked up her cell phone and spoke excitedly as she paced around.
Despite being married for two years now, her second attempt at matrimony, she and husband Karl had an open relationship.

True enough they were together emotionally, but physically separate.
Neither were jealous of the other, nor territorial. Both were adult about it and respected each others choices.   
They did not consider straying from the nest as cheating but more of a necessity. Sexual speaking as they both enjoyed a healthy appetite for a bit of the other.


Two hours later Kaley and her special guests, Melissa Rauch and Amy Davidson, were gathered at her beautiful home in the airy large bedroom with the bay window. All three were totally nude and sat around the center table that had a wide array of coloured sex toys displayed.

"So I heard about the annual sale at Larry Flynt's Hustler Hollywood store on Sunset and rushed straight over there. I thought it would be fun to test and score the toys. What say you?"

Kaley looked at the two in turn, her firm rounded breasts jiggled as she spoke. Melissa sat up straight so her mammoth natural tits flopped out in front of her. The five foot blonde with the amazing 32 DD boobs smiled back, her tiny frame made her impressive breasts seem even bigger than they really were.

"Sounds like a lot of fun, can't wait. I know you like a competition Kaley."

Kaley nodded, she liked to win too.

"Amy? How about you?"

Amy Davidson, once the tv sister of Kaley on the show 'Eight Simple Rules' looked glum as she played with her long wavy red hair. Her legs were spread out as she sat and her smooth bald pussy lips were visible to all.

"Sounds dumb to me, I'd rather be with a man myself."

Kaley rolled her big green eyes, typical Amy she thought. Regardless she explained their task.

"Right, pay attention. I've set out all the toys as you can see."

She waved a hand in a sweeping motion at the separate displays of upright dildos and vibrators.

"First I thought we would start with oral inspection, because we need to know that they can all be sucked. Next the tit fucking peckers."

Kaley moved her hand to the next selection.

"Third, over here, the insertion dildos which we'll be testing for length and girth, then finally the electric vibrators. None of those last bunch will pass the test unless they make us cum in three minutes. Are you excited? I am!"

Melissa looked to her left at Amy who shrugged her shoulders in boredom.

"How about anal?" Said the petite flame haired woman.

"I haven't forgotten you like it up the ass Amy. I've got something special for you if you can just be a little patient. Agreed?"

Amy closed her eyes and nodded.

"Right. Now, lets get warmed up."

Amy and the strawberry blonde were already very close and Melissa put her hand around the tiny redhead. Kaley got down on all fours and crawled over to them. She stuck out an index finger and Mel sucked it like it was a small cock.

Amy had begun to play with herself and found she was getting nicely wet. Kaley and Mel kissed and enjoyed each others soft lips and they stuck their pink tongues out and danced with each other.

Amy pulled her fingers from her sweet little pussy and held then out in offer. Kaley gladly locked them dry and kissed her blonde friend once more so they could share the taste.

The flame haired woman came behind Kaley and put her tongue into her cunt really deeply and proceeded to lick her out. They got very noisy as they all became aroused except Melissa who made sounds like a puppy as she delved into her own wet pussy. Amy replaced her mouth with three slim fingers which jabbed in and out of Kaley who played with the hard clit of Melissa in front of her.

"Hey, lets do a daisy chain!" Cried Amy.

Melissa got on the thick carpet on her side and Kaley laid down with her head between her friends legs. Then Amy laid down and they formed a triangle with Melissa's tongue in Amy's pussy, Amy's in Kaley while Kaley licked out Mel.

Hot licking and sucking sounds abounded and only a few moments later they were all writhing and moaning loudly, six pairs of pale legs twitching.

It was Kaley who broke the chain and mopped her brow with the back of her hand.

"Well we can safely say we're warmed up!"

All three sat up and panted hard.

"So, back to work, now lets test the oral ones first. We need to decide which ones are good for suckability and flexibility."

Kaley slapped each and every dildo planted on the table on their attached bases. She lowered her mouth and licked around the first in line, then drove her head down to devour half of the sex toy.

"That's a nice one, its the white Doc Johnson eight inch with the prominent head. Its quite flexible which is good."

She continued to suck on the dildo with vigour, sucking it hard as if it was a popsicle.

"Mmm, I like it, its not too big but has a nice girth. Melissa? you try."

Melissa came to the table and swept her blonde mane from her face and gripped it by the base and gave little bobs of her head up and down on it. She paused and contemplated a moment.

"Yeah, quite flexible and firm at the same time. I like the fake veins down the shaft too."

"Amy? Your turn babe."

Amy moved slowly to join them and moved to the next, bigger fake cock.

"This is the black Doc Johnson eight inch Sil-A-Gel classic in pvc. Has a flared head." Read Kaley aloud from the box description.

Amy licked round and round the large crown. It was quite big and the redhead gagged the first time she took the head past her lips.

"That's a good score, extra points for making Amy gag, looks real flexible too." Kaley wrote on her yellow legal pad.

Amy carried on licking the veiny shaft then attempted to lunge down on the huge length. A thin line of saliva trickled down her chin as she moved along the toy with an effort.

"Looks like a winner to me." Said Melissa.

"Yeah, come on Amy finish, otherwise you'll be there all day."

Onto the final dildo which was the King of dongs, the pink Vac-U-Lock, eight inches long and made of crystal jellie.

Kaley gave it a slap and saw it was very wobbly and flexible, firmly in place with the suction cup. With her left hand on the fixed base she proceeded to lick up and down and then cram the whole thing down her throat. Loud slurping noises came from her as she eagerly sucked on the fake cock.

"Oh I love the taste of this one, and its got an impressive big head. Mel?"

She handed the shaft to the blonde who became lost in concentration as she wiggled her tongue from side to side then lowered her tightened lips down over the sex toy.

"Yeah I like this one best." She said as she smacked her lips.

"Agreed. Now, this next lot are the tit wanking section."

All three of them knelt at the low table and Kaley took hold of the first, the Doc Johnson seven inch and clear Ballsy Jellie Supercock. It had bulging veins, with a prominent head and a firm base.

"Right, here we go."

The blonde stunner closed her firm boobs around the silicone cock and started to move up and down with the toy firmly in her cleavage.

"How is it?" asked Melissa.

"I quite like it, it doesn't chafe, but its a bit little. Let me have some lube babe."

Amy passed a four ounce tube of 'Jo H20 lubricant' which Kaley smeared over her rounded tits and then moved to the next one, a Doc Johnson eight inch red classic dong.

"Ah, that's much better, nice and fat yet real firm."

"Here let me," said Amy getting excited now.

She slapped her perky tits with the pvc toy a few times against her erect nipples then closed her boobs around the shaft and rubbed up and down.

"Yeah I love this one too, give it an extra point."

Melissa let her attention waver as her eyes drew on the third in the tit test, a massive 12 inch plastic Nexus dildo with a big girth.

"Come to mama!" She cried as she smeared lube liberally on her gigantic tits.

She squeezed the shaft with her fat squashy boobs and rubbed it hard. As the tip appeared up through the large valley in her boobs and let her tongue flick at it. Amy and Kaley both thought it incredibly erotic as their well endowed friend pumped the fake cock with gusto. Then she rolled the flat of her tongue against the head before she came up for air.

"Fuck Melissa, that was quite the show."

"Thanks, I declare the Nexus the best dildo for tits."

The other two nodded in agreement.

"So far, so good, everybody having fun? Good, now for the insertion section. I'm so excited!"

The three naked babes padded over to the array of dildos quickly and Kaley lifted her left leg and planted her foot on the table and her cute butt on the edge.

"I'll go first." She said.

"Of course Kaley." Said the other two in sync.

The blonde took the tube of lube and squirted a dollop on her left palm and warmed the gel in her hands, then applied it to her already moist pussy. She inserted the clear Doc Johnson seven inch Ballsy Jellie Supercock made of silicone inside her and moved in and out several times with a grunt. Melissa and Amy watched her and could tell by the look on her face it wasn't a winner.

"This is just awful, too soft and no satisfaction. And its a bit smelly. Its a piece of crap."

With that she tossed it to the floor in disgust. Amy handed her the pink Vac-U-Lock eight incher, the so called King and Kaley tested its weight in her hand.

"I think this is much firmer."

She wasted no time and shoved into her hungry cunt.

"Oh, that's much better already. Ooo yeah, mmmmm."

Kaley speeded up as she rode the dildo and her moans filled the room. Her pussy dripped down her thigh as she pumped in and out, twisting it as she pulled it out before stuffing it in once more. Sweat began to appear on her brow as she fucked herself faster, in, out, in, out, in, out.

"I love this one, this one is the best. Its really making me wet."

Kaley started to bounce a little and steadied herself with her left hand. As she clenched her inner walls she felt her whole body warm and her nipples grew hard.

Amy was really turned on by watching Kaley and volunteered to be the next tester. She closed her eyes as she hopped onto the table and placed the white eight inch classic Doc Johnson into her bald cunt. Immediately she began to moan aloud as the toy with the prominent head glided comfortably inside her hot tunnel.

"How is it red?" Asked the strawberry blonde with the big tits.

"Its got a nice silky smooth feel firm and yet pliable at the same time. Nice girth too."

Her legs began to quiver as she felt her pussy stretch, this toy fit nicely in her tightness. She rocked back and forth as she adjusted to the big girth and raised a hand to push back her curtain of flame red hair that fell across her face.

"Fuck yeah, oh fuck, oh fuck."

Mel got jealous at the two women pleasuring themselves and applied some 'Jo' lubricant to her snatch and grabbed the black Doc Johnson Sil-A-Gel pvc dildo and put half of it up inside as she steadied herself with feet planted out wide and her left hand on the table.

She wiggled her hips side to side as she worked the dildo in. Her big blue eyes rolled back in her head her pink shaven lips opened around the prominent head as the fake cock filled her.


As Melissa got wetter her cunt made obscene squishing sounds as she lifted her hips to accommodate the black toy. Through her clenched teeth she whimpered and she screwed her eyes shut. Her face flushed as she finally removed the phallis and gave her erect clit a few rewarding rubs.

"I like that one a lot." She sighed.

"Duly noted." Said Kaley who wrote notes on the yellow paper. "Finally my favourite part of the test, the electric vibrators."

In truth all three had been impatient for this part and hurried to the table where the assorted coloured toys were laid out.

"Me first, boy I'm soooo horny right now." Exclaimed Kaley. "First up is the pink Hustler Slim Rabbit in silicone. I like the look, real pretty."

She placed the sex toy to her wet entrance and fiddled with the on switch. Nothing happened and she looked at the base and pouted.

"No batteries! That's an instant fail!" Frustrated she tossed the useless thing to the floor.

She picked up the next vibrator, a Doc Johnson seven inch bullet with seven functions and a luxurious velvet finish.

"This looks promising, pink again, I DO so like the colour."

She turned it on and smiled as it kicked in. She began to slide it in and move it back and forth just inside her hot pussy.

"Fuck yeah, this feels really nice. A bit buzzy in the hand but it slips in fine."

Kaley speeded it up with a twist of the switch and bit her lower lip as she pleasured herself, and cooed with delight. She tilted her head back and became oblivious to the other two who watched her in awe. She pushed the toy home just a bit further as she grew accustomed and her body shook when she hit the sweet spot.

Her heart pounded as she held the vibrating tool just below her clit and untold tremors shot through her as she began to orgasm. Her hips lifted off the table as she clamped her cunt on the toy, the intense buzzing made her dizzy. She removed the pink bullet and relaxed.

"I came girls, how long did it take?"

"I think about four minutes." Said Amy who studied another Hustler Slim Rabbit with extra G spot stimulator.

She sat against the table with her pert buttocks on the edge and parted her pussy lips with her left hand. She placed the tip of the eight and a half inch vibrator at the entrance of her wet cunt and pushed in. With her right hand she turned it on and was rewarded with a rather loud buzzing sound.

Excited, Amy gently pushed it right inside inch by inch until it was embedded half way. The stimulator rotated and brushed her clit and the shaft pulsed inside her at the same time. Her pelvis gently bobbed up and down as she achieved a mini orgasm right away.

"I came guys, in two minutes!"

Waves of pleasure built up in her stomach and she groaned loudly without even knowing it. The toy was covered in slimy juices as it throbbed inside her delectable pussy. Tension built and built then a huge orgasm ripped through her and she cried out in utter joy. As she switched it off and removed it she breathed in and out hard. Kaley grinned happily.

"That one gets a high score. Melissa wanna try out the Hitachi Magic Wand?"

"Do I! Just try and stop me!"

The blonde skipped to the table, aching to achieve relief after seeing the other two cum in front of her. She looked at the white plastic toy of twelve inches with the cable at the end. The big smooth sphere at the top was about four inches in diameter.

"Here, let me lube you up."

Kaley Cuoco smeared gel into her friend and stood back. The sex toy had two frequencies and Melissa switched on. She put a finger to the head and got excited. She plonked her ass on the table and brought the end to her throbbing cunt and began to grind the wand up and down. Her juices flowed out down her asshole as she growled from the back of her throat.

"Fuck, but that feels good!"

She began to writhe and bucked at the big wand as perspiration prickled her brow. Her massive tits bounced wildly on her chest as she shook all over. She paused for a moment to catch her breath and looked Kaley in the eyes. Now she turned up to the high speed mode and winked at her friend.

"Wish me luck!"

As she pushed the deep vibrating machine onto her clitoris the reaction was instant and the big boobed blonde enjoyed a most intense orgasm in ten seconds.

Kaley looked her directly in the eyes as watched with a tinge of jealousy and desperately wanted to test the Hitachi herself. She picked up the wand and turned it on timidly as she put her left foot up on the table. Her hand pressed the smooth head against her shaven labia and gasped.

Fuck! It was intense. Her back arched as the vibrations grew stronger and she could feel wetness trickle out of her sensitive cunt.

"Fuck!" She screamed out as she stiffened and she ground the wand into herself even harder.

Then when she rubbed the head across her swollen clit she let go and her body gave an almighty spasm as her climax came.

"And that's on the low setting sweetie." Mel giggled at the flushed face of Kaley.

"Well this is the winner of the electric section, no contest. Wanna try Amy?"

Amy Davidson was grinning inanely as her eyes settled on the Nexus medium vibrating anal plug. The five inch silky soft silicone toy with ridges and a pointy head was right up her alley. Literally!

"Here we go babe, bend over for me."

Kaley poured a good dollop of lube on her fingers and poked them up the puckered anus of the redhead who stood bent along the table.

"Lets see," Kaley read from the box." Six settings and a pointed head for better insertion. Hmm, ready honey?"

"Do it." Whispered the petite woman.

The blonde babe pressed the tip against the tight hole in front of her and tried to push the toy inside.

"Are you doing it?" Said Amy in frustration.

"Hang on."

Kaley worked the thing in like a dildo and penetrated the sphincter. Amy was unimpressed and huffed and squirmed. Then Kaley turned the knob at the base all the way up.

"Who oooooh!"

The sensation Amy felt was incredible and she felt tingles all over her freckled frame. Melissa joined them and with both hands parted the two pert cheeks to observe the plug plunder her anus. Amy gasped for air and her big eyes watered, this is what she loved best. The thing began to ease in and out with ease as it descended to the depths of her rectum.

The two women watched as her tiny pink hole quivered as the plug buzzed inside her. Then Kaley began to rotate her wrist as she pushed in and Amy screamed at the top of her lungs and clenched her ass around the invading toy. She enjoyed one of the most powerful orgasms of her life as Kaley pulled the plug out of her butt with a pop.

"Amy, you got one hot ass, you know that?"


Later as they all relaxed and sipped Long Beach Iced Tea. Kaley studied her yellow legal pad.

"So, the winners, in no particular order are The Hitachi Magic Wand no question."

The other two nodded and agreed.

"Simply, if you need to cum fast this is the boy for you. Next the oral test saw the pink Vac-U-Lock win but only just. The Nexus twelve incher for a tit job, and finally the Sil-A-Gel dildo for insertion. Good job ladies."

"May I keep the Nexus anal plug please?" Asked Amy Davidson.

"Of course sweetie. Two sawbucks as its you."

"Thank you Kaley." Bitch! She thought to herself.

Melissa turned to Kaley.

"Got any ideas for another competition?"

The hot blonde sat up and drew closer to her two satisfied friends.

"Oh boy, I do actually. Listen to this!"

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Re: Kaley Cuoco's Erotic Adventures
« Reply #5 on: April 01, 2020, 08:12:48 AM »
Note- This fictional story is only based on actual persons and events related here never took place. I have never been to the club myself, so some details may be different to the real thing.


Kaley Cuoco had gushed for over a week about Club Joi on East Jefferson in Los Angeles and had eagerly filled out the simple membership online and had gotten a welcome return email. Single ladies were allowed free entrance at the swingers club for liberal couples and the like.

There was a dance floor and multiple playrooms and huge bathrooms with vanity mirrors. She had chosen Red Hot Friday to pitch her next competition idea to her friends Melissa Rauch and Amy Davidson.

In the wake of her hit tv show finally biting the dust Kaley had gotten bored quickly and sought new ways to amuse herself, and to get laid of course. Her liberal minded husband, Karl had given due consent for her to enjoy her latest brainstorm which was to attend the swingers club.
And the winner of her competition would be the one who made the most men cum!

"There are no rules, just make them cum anyway possible." Said Kaley as she drove the three of them from her home to the nearby club that evening.

"Even anal sex?" Amy asked as she sat in the back seat bored.

"Yes Amy, even anal."

Kaley and Melissa looked at each other with a look that said their flame haired pal had a one track mind.

On red Friday everybody was expected to wear something red. Kaley looked terrific in a little tight red dress that only just met her red stocking tops.

Her full round breasts were almost bursting out over the top and she was braless underneath. The long blonde hair fell around her creamy bare shoulders and she knew, almost arrogantly, that she looked breath taking.

Melissa, the more busty of the three, had chosen a short red skirt that rode up each time she moved and revealed her red stockings and a glimpse of red panties.

With red high heels and a deep crimson halter top that showed off lots of cleavage she let her wavy golden locks tumble over her ample bosom. Her baby blue sparkled and she had the biggest smile on her lips.

The smallest of them, Amy had chosen a crop top and hugging high waisted red skirt and red heels. Apprehension gripped her as always, yet she was determined to beat Kaley in a competition, just for a change in order to shut her up.

They arrived at the club and entered at about ten, hoping to arrive after the action had commenced to avoid any awkwardness. All three were nervous yet excited, not to mention horny. Alcohol was not allowed inside so they had all had a Tom Collins each for courage at the home of Kaley beforehand.

"Well, here goes, and may the best girl win."

Kaley took their hands and they were ushered inside by a male employee of the club.


The music was loud and the lighting was dark and the dance floor was busy as they ventured inside. The UV light made the girls glow as they stood and watched the dancing for a while, and before they were even settled they saw a young woman start to undress and gyrate naked in front of a middle aged man. She ran her hands over her slim figure and cupped her big natural breasts. Kaley turned to the others and nodded, them watched the man and woman get up and go to a room in the distant corner.

Melissa was already turned on and grabbed Kaley by the hand and onto the dance floor. They held each other close and the bubbly and petite blonde ran her hands over the shapely buttocks of Kaley.

The 'Big Bang' star loved the feel of hands on her peach of a butt and did not flinch as the dress was dragged up high to the narrow of her back.

Melissa came around behind her friend and as they danced she caressed the gorgeous tits of Kaley. She squeezed them through the thin material and swung her hips to and fro to the music.

Kaley reached behind and stuck her left hand between the legs of Mel. She could feel the wetness through the thin crotch of the panties already and Melissa moved her right hand from the boob in front of her to her sex and slipped two fingers inside her very slick pussy.
The music stopped and the two hot and horny girls rejoined Amy.

"Wow, that was great! Lets go to the main play area." Kaley was feeling pretty warmed up.

They trooped off as Rocket Queen by Guns N Roses blasted out loud and entered another dark enormous room. They felt a classy and sexy vibe instantly and looked around with wide eyes at the busy guests.

One woman was naked on her back with legs splayed out as another knelt on her belly between them and licked her pussy. A man leaned over them in a red Metallica tee and nothing else, and wanked his cock as he gazed at the women making out.

To their left two naked women were in the classic 69 position with a naked man on their right. He watched intently as he stroked a modest erection.

At the center was a large bed where a young woman in red thigh high stiletto heeled boots was being fucked doggy style by a well endowed black man.

"In for a penny, in for a pound!" Exclaimed Kaley who unzipped her tight dress and wriggled out of it.

Melissa hurriedly lost her top and skirt and watched Amy strip off and they all laid their clothing on top of each others and placed them on a table with a number nine written in gold on the side. They all walked naked to the next room where several moans and screams filled the air. Now things were hotting up nicely.

Kaley, nude but for red stockings and heels sat on an enormous velvet covered bed and immediately a muscled man with shoulder length brown hair moved her legs apart and dove in. She yelped as the hunky man lifted her head and kissed her softly, then he whispered to her.

"You got a great ass babe."

"Why thank you." Uttered Kaley modestly as he pushed her back onto the bed with her legs wide open and pushed his head to her waiting pussy.

His face tickled her inner thigh and her eyes stayed riveted on him. The man took his time, savouring the smell and the sight. He kissed, caressed and rubbed the soft folds of her pussy. First on the outer, then the inner lips he gave her broad flat strokes with his tongue.

Then she closed her eyes as she was licked and kissed, then she shivered as he slipped a finger into her pussy and flicked his tongue at her clitoris. He held her left leg up high at the ankle as he devoured her cunt and teased her juices from her with ease.

Melissa had joined them on the bed facing Kaley, now only in her stockings and high heeled shoes and felt someone behind her move his hands slowly along her legs and up over her hips. Then the anonymous man slipped two fingers into her juicy cunt and then guided his cock inside her and she was thrust forwards from a series of hard and deep strokes.

"Having fun Melissa?" Kaley said as she watched her friend get fucked from behind.

"Fuck yeah, the best!"

She was fucked with a steady and rhythmic push and pull motion and she emitted a shriek with every inward stroke.

Just then the busty blonde had a stiff prick placed at her mouth and she did not hesitate to take it all the way down. A young fair haired head man held her head in his left hand as Melissa smoothly slipped her lips around the generous sized head.

Kaley leaned back as her man pleasured her and saw a large mirror on the ceiling. As she looked at her reflection, at her naked splendour, she saw a nude couple go to the side of the large bed.

The man reached over and massaged the firm boobs of Kaley, teasing and sucking the hard nipples, while the small titted woman went down to her groin and helped her young lover feed his fat knob into her hot bald pussy. Kaley moaned as he slid all the way in and gazed at the reflection of six writhing naked bodies on the bed.

Amy had watched all this and rubbed her dampening twat with amusement. Then the tiny redhead felt her arms pinned to her sides and moved with a firm grip to the foot of the big bed. Her body was bent at the waist and a man entered her from behind.

She spread her legs and dug her heels into the thick carpet as the unknown man thrust up into her cunt. A hand came around her front and went between her legs and worked her exposed clit. She shrieked loudly as she was fingered and fucked simultaneously and planted her hands on the mattress to steady herself.

Melissa moaned breathlessly as she took the two cocks. As the man behind her drove his organ into her more urgently so her mouth was wedged onto the one in her mouth. As the man behind grabbed her plump rear she bucked backwards in an attempt to make the man cum.

This was a competition after all.

Then Melissa reached her peak and felt her pussy spasm around the pulsing pecker inside her and the two of them climaxed together. The other man jerked and leaned back so he could spray his seed over the two big pillows of her bosom, and the two men were suddenly gone.

Mel joined Kaley and together with the woman who caressed her tits engaged in a three way kiss, their tongues darting in and out of each other. The man between the thighs of Kaley continued to slam into her faster and faster, then he stiffened and came inside the foaming pussy of the blonde actress.

As they all rested Melissa didn't waste any time in teasing her co star.

"So far the score is two to one in my favour, hee, hee."

"The night is young my dear." Answered a slightly peeved Kaley who used a kleenex to dry her wet cunt.

They both looked at Amy Davidson who was getting royally fucked doggy style by a fat balding man in his fifties. She swept her mane of flame coloured hair from her face and her pointy tits jiggled up and down. The man behind her leaned over her and planted butterfly kisses on her back and a shiver went down her spine.

The couple who had joined Kaley took her by the hands and dragged her back to where they had just been making out. The two lovers groped, sucked and squeezed Kaley's boobs together and she in turn stroked the mans rigid prick.

Her pussy began to seep out as she became ever more aroused, then hands pushed her to her knees and the man fed his cock into her mouth and down her throat.

Kaley tilted her head back and the woman took a fistful of her fine hair and helped her devour the slick rod. As he slid in she released a generous amount of saliva as she took as much as possible of his erection.

Below her she felt someone poke a stiff tongue in and out of her cunt like it was a mini cock. She was toyed with by the unknown person who licked around her clit, first over the top, and then around the bottom.

Kaley concentrated on sucking the big prick in her mouth, but found it harder and harder as she got closer to a climax. Her legs tightened as she bucked her hips and her orgasm hit like a bomb going off. When she looked up the person had gone.

Melissa eyed a thin middle aged man who stroked a pencil thin prick and pushed him onto the bed. She dragged her mammaries across his chest then lowered her mouth and took him past her red lips.

The man grunted as her warm sucking action made him grip her hair in both hands. Then she popped off and pumped him vigorously with her right fist and drew him ever closer to an ejaculation which soon arrived in a slow dribble.

"Th...th...thank you my dearest, very pleasant." And with that he left the room.

"Three to one now Kaley!" She cried.

Amy at this time had been left hanging by her lover who moved on to the red thigh high booted beauty and she was drawn to the sex swing in the corner of the room. She passed a pair of lovers who were in a standing doggy fuck and stood by the swing. The long haired man with bulging biceps disengaged from his woman and lifted the little redhead and suspended her in the swing.

"Ever tried one of these?" He asked and she shook her head.

He secured her thighs with the red straps as another supported her back.

"Ease back and hang on."

Amy grasped the two vertical straps as she reclined and the hunk stood between her legs and effortlessly pulled her back and forth on his very large love pole. She felt her ankles gripped by rough hands and her muff penetrated fully.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," was all she could utter as he pounded her and she swung above the floor.

The man was as stiff as a flagpole and he used every inch to stretch her out. His balls slapped against her ass and this excited Amy very much, she had not been fucked this intensely for quite a while.

So wet was she that her fluids literally ran down her ass crack. The man let out a groan as he came inside the diminutive woman and as he withdrew his dribbling cock Amy teased his sperm from within her bubbling pussy.

Without a moment to think a tall six foot plus black man assumed the same position between her suspended body and lined his enormous ebony snake to her sodden cunt.

"No, wait! Fuck my ass!" She cried.

As the fluids and cum lubed her ass the man swiped his big crown along her anus. No stranger to anal Amy relaxed as the man pushed in slowly. She felt so tight and warm, the feeling indescribable as he held her cheeks open in his mitts and pulled and pushed her along his rod. Amy was in heaven, her tiny asshole stretched out and pure lust in her eyes.

"Does it hurt babe?" He wondered.

"It hurts, but its a good hurt. Give me more!" She looked into his big brown eyes.

He pushed in deeper and his pelvis rocked the swing wildly and Amy hung on tightly as her asshole took a pounding. It was her favourite sensation, she was an anal addict.

"Its too tight, I can't hold back."

He gave a couple more thrusts then he blew his load right up into her anal channel until it seeped out onto the floor by his feet. With a big lift he helped the tiny woman from the harness and she hugged his huge torso as she felt someone behind her press a hot cock into her cum covered asshole.

Amy wiggled her hips as she was plundered and dug her heels in. The man fucking her fingered her mushy cunt at the same time as she was kissed hard by her black lover.

Her slippery cheeks were pulled apart as she was ass fucked harder, then she recognised the swell of the cock inside her and felt hot jism flood her anus and as the pulsating cock was withdrawn the cum dripped out in a white stream from her gaping asshole.

Amy went limp and her two men helped her to a vacant table where she rested her exhausted bones.

Kaley Cuoco was sat on the edge of bed with her heels in the carpet and her shapely thighs open wide. The man who until a moment ago had been stuffed down her throat squatted by her and slipped his boner into her wet pussy.

His hardness nudged her lips open easily and as he started to fuck her she bucked her hips up from the velvet to meet his thrusts. Her big tits heaved as he rocked into her and Kaley purred like a kitten. She put her flattened palms on his back and her thighs opened and closed in rhythm with his thrusts.

His girl sat beside her and massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples. The two kissed and moaned into each others mouths as the man fucking her used his weight to drive his organ deep inside.

Kaley arched her back and then snapped back again. Then Kaley went wide eyed as the man pulled from her and plunged into his girl who assumed the same position alongside the worried blonde.

Melissa smiled as she sat on the other side of Kaley and wriggled her rump on the soft velvet bed covering. Her full breasts fell slightly to the sides of her chest and she whispered softly.

"Three to one, oh my, I'm ahead."

The man reached an arm across to finger Melissa who whimpered in delight.

"Can I get a piece of that gorgeous cock of yours?" She asked demurely.

She flashed her big blue eyes and he scooted right past Kaley and lifted Melissa up a tad and plonked her damp cunt onto his upright pole. He worked his way inside her for a few minutes as the other two girls looked on jealously.

Over and over he plowed into the tiny blonde and she brought her arms around his neck. Then he tensed and held the thighs of Mel and dumped a big load of cum into her. She moved off his pulsing knob and the white cream ran down her left thigh.

"That's a lot of cum, look Kaley!"

Melissa dipped her middle finger into her overfilled quim and raised a sticky digit in her face.

"That's four to one in my favour." She could sense victory as she grinned inanely.


The three of them gathered at the table where Amy had crashed out.

"How long we been here?" Asked the redhead.

"Can't tell, there are no clocks, maybe two hours?"

"Are we done?" Melissa wondered.

"Oh no, not yet. I just want to check out that room one room with the sheer curtains."

She pointed a finger to the corner where a male employee stood in a red jock strap. They gathered their clothing from table nine and went over.

"Before you go in there ladies, be warned. Its hot and heavy."

Kaley tossed her head and led her pals right on in past the man. It seemed even darker than the previous room. They saw six tall men, naked and wearing coloured masks waiting in line. Amy guessed they were either male strippers or members of the Chippendales.

The faint boom of drums from the dance room emanated through the red walls as they all eyed up the men. Each had an Adonis physique, with the big shoulder width and tiny waist. Powerful and statuesque they lined up, each one oiled and shiny.

And each one well hung.

As they looked past the men there was a large velvet covered bed, empty and alluring.

"Step aside ladies, here is where I clean up." Kaley said boldly.

She stepped to the bed and sat on the edge and with slow deliberation she removed the red stockings from her graceful legs. As she did so the sandy haired man in the red mask handed her a bottle of baby oil and she took it and poured some over her large firm tits.

"Right, you, you, you, and you." She pointed to the men who all stroked their erections as they stared at the enthralling naked blonde.

"I want all of your cocks rammed up inside me, now!"

Soon she felt hands and oil all over her body and the sensual feel made her moan with pleasure. She became super slippery as a dozen hands caressed her entire body. Her pussy dripped with wild anticipation as she looked at one man and then the next.

"I'm a dirty cock loving whore, I need cock."

Green mask held his member up and Kaley dropped to her knees and began to suck on the thick eight inches. She bobbed on him with quick moves of her head, her long golden tresses gently waved down over her boobs. He held her head as he looked down and banged the back of her throat.

Then blue mask showed her his modest seven incher with the mushroom shaped crown and she deep throated him next. Every inch of his slick organ vanished inside her mouth as Kaley gagged on the invading cock. Red and Yellow came nearer and she took them in each hand and gave them hand jobs.

"I need to get fucked soon, I'm very wet down there." She lifted her head and blinked.

The tall black man in the white mask acted first and picked Kaley up and laid her on her back. She quivered at the sight of his strong biceps and triceps, not to mention the erect ebony pole as he moved between her legs and used his long shanks to spread them out.

He placed his throbbing cock at the entrance to her smoothly shaven pussy and rubbed the purple tip up and down her slit, making sure he touched her sensitive clitoris.

Amy turned to Melissa as they sat and watched.

"Oh well, here she goes."

"Ram that fucking thing in me now!" They heard her yell.

Kaley writhed under the oiled up black man who looked up to his friends. Then she felt hands hold her arms and legs down as she was rammed by the monster prick. She screamed with relief as the huge cock thrust in and out of her at a fast rate and waves of delight washed her body. The sense of being restrained only heightened her emotions and her eyes rolled back in her head.

Seeing their friend so turned on made Amy and Melissa very horny and they rubbed each other below the table.

Kaley submitted her entire body to the man, the sweet agony of his massive tool buried deep in her filled her with unadulterated lust. Kaley was fucked at super speed and her big hooters bounced around.

His rhythms were brutal and quick, then he toyed with her as he slowed up and gave her measured strokes. Then he speeded up once more and fucked her into a state of ecstasy.

The brown haired man who wore the yellow mask put his ass on the bed and Kaley was let up as white mask pulled out his shiny cock and she was flipped over.

She was poised over the man who held his erection up to the ceiling and wrapped her slender fingers around the rigid shaft then slid all the way down until he was balls deep inside her. Two of the men held her under her upper arms and moved her up and down in a firm grip as she slid on the huge meat.

"I fucking love this cock, fuck, its massive."

Kaley could feel her pussy lips stretched wide as she rode on the big man. She was in a state of animal lust, insatiable and cock hungry. The two men beside her let go her arms and she grabbed their big cocks and jerked them both.

"I want you two guys to cum all over me."

Her slick, oily hands rubbed the slippery shafts and she looked from one to the other.

Black mask man jerked and aimed his cock at the face of the ravishing blonde and exploded into her open mouth. Jet after jet sprayed out and she took the first two spurts inside her mouth and then let the cum dribble down her chin.

Red mask pointed the throbbing cock in his fist at her mammoth tits, looked into her eyes and then came with a loud groan. Her boobs were smothered with his cream as he erupted in long arcs and she eagerly rubbed the sperm into her flesh.

"Way to go guys!" She cried as she dripped cum onto the man under her.

Green masked man with the big eight inch boner manhandled Kaley into a kneeling position and then slid behind her and fed his thick girth into her pussy.

Yellow mask leapt up and moved in front of her and held her soaked face steady. The adorable woman ran a hand down his developed abs and wrapped her wet lips around the head of his helmet.

Kaley bobbed slowly back and forth as he buried his length down her throat. Then she pulled back with a gasp with a string of spit following her. Blue mask joined them and with a toss of her head she shifted over and licked his stiff prick from base to crown, his head was enormous.

Behind her the man who had his hard on stuffed up her fucked her with powerful thrusts. Each time he pummeled into her she was slammed forwards. She moaned around the cock in her mouth and her sucking matched the rhythm of the man who thrust into her from the rear.

"SWITCH!" Yelled blue and green left her with a gaping cunt and he was replaced by the other.

Amy and Melissa looked on as they fingered each other. Their naked bodies were pressed tightly against each other as the busty blonde reached over with her left hand and shoved two fingers into the red snapper. Amy reached over with her right and dove inside her friend.

"Kaley's pussy don't look so tight no more," said Amy and Melissa agreed as they eyed the stretched out cunt of the blonde on all fours.

Kaley's hair had become wet and matted and matted heavily on her back as she was impaled on the blue masked man. She could feel an orgasm well up deep inside her and as the man increased his pace she screamed out and squirted over the invading cock.

Her cries spurred on the two who wanked their pricks in her face. Yellow and green looked at each other and nodded and both came together and their spray hit her straight in the face. Kaley squealed with delight as their cum smothered her and the stream dripped down onto her cleavage.

Now Kaley lowered her head to the bed and rested on her folded arms. She felt blue slip from her and without turning recognised the monster black boner that the man in the white mask shoved inside her. She gave a hearty cry as his strong grip pulled her back to him by the hips.

One hand reached under her and he rubbed her clit as he fucked her, feeding her his entire length. His heavy balls slapped against her ass and her breath quickened as another climax approached. His furious strokes repeatedly knocked the wind out of her and her head swam as she was given no respite. Then her orgasm came and she very nearly blacked out.

"That was fucking intense!" Mumbled Kaley, who was then flipped again onto her back.

Sweat and cum and baby oil made her soft skin one sticky mess as the man in the blue mask got on top of her. He spread her tired legs out and proceeded to fuck her fast.

Kaley was pinned to the bed, impaled on the fat cock, a thick monster of a bone and she screamed and clawed the mans back. She tried to will her legs to wrap around his body but she was slammed into with force and her body bounced under him.

Only a few minutes later she knew he was close and as he pushed deep within her she gave a little yelp. With a final almighty thrust the man with the dimpled tight butt twitched inside her cunt and his warm cum flooded her. He left himself inside and she leaked fluids out over his embedded shaft onto the velvet.

Melissa whispered in awe.

"That was fucking awesome."

Then the big black man assumed the same position and slipped into her wetness with ease and buried his manhood deep inside. Loud moans escaped her lips as she was unceremoniously thrust into, in and out, quick and rapid. The man smashed down and forced a howl from the blonde and he felt her gush around his pulsing knob.

He hammered into her hard again and again and her hair flew around wildly. Kaley trembled with excitement and leaned up on her elbows so she could watch the imminent orgasm of her dark lover. The sixth man in thirty minutes.

The man grunted and pulled out his enormous snake and his first big spurt leapt out up to her neck in a long arc that splattered cum in a trail down to her navel. The next jet went right up to her mouth and she poked her tongue out to capture the milky fluid.

Now all spent, the masked men retreated and Melissa and Amy joined Kaley on the bed. Her jaw ached, her back was sore and all her muscles screamed as they stiffened. All three hugged close as they reflected on the night.

With a croaky voice Kaley broke the silence.

"Yay, I win!"

"Yes babe, you win again, now lets go shower."

The three friends limped out of the dark room and hit the bathrooms.


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Re: Kaley Cuoco's Erotic Adventures
« Reply #6 on: Today at 12:12:13 AM »
Note- Not a true story but an invention of my own, any resemblance to real persons purely coincidental.


The Sybian of course was designed as a masturbation device for the stimulation and pleasure of women. The inventor realised that the woman in a superior seated upright position was the best for her orgasm.

The barrel shaped saddle seat contains an electric motor and gearbox and is controlled by a hand held box with two speed controls. The left for rotation of the removable attachment, and the right for vibration.

Placed on the floor mat the twenty two pound device stands ten inches high and thirteen inches wide. The attachment usually comes with the flat top, or medium and large vaginal insert with clitoral stimulating nubs on the front portion.

Kaley Cuoco had welcomed her visitor, actress Renee Zellweger to her home in Los Angeles and had enjoyed a relaxing time together. Kaley had developed quite a competitive streak along with her healthy sexual appetite and liked to come up with novel ideas to combine the two.

Renee had listened wide eyed as the tv star related her time at the Club Joi downtown, where she and two of her friends had been royally fucked by several hunky studs. They had all gotten home exhausted and ruined but had enjoyed a great time.

"So you're interested right?"

Renee brushed her platinum blonde hair from her face and grinned, her tiny blue eyes looked straight into Kaley's.

"You are one crazy lady you know that? Have you ever been on a Sybian before?"

"No, nor has Melissa, so it will be an even contest. Can I count you in or not."

Renee threw her head back into the three seat sofa and looked up to the high ceiling and considered. She took a sip of fresh orange juice and spoke in her soft Texan burr.

"First thing, it must private, no real names mentioned, or filming and no publicity. If this ever gets out I'll kill you."

"Great! I'll call Melissa and the club. I'm so excited!"

Kaley stood up and then leapt up and down like a little kid around the room.


The following weekend Kaley, Renee and Melissa Rauch arrived quietly at the swingers club on East Jefferson at midnight and were ushered into a private room at the back. Kaley had entertained the women during the day and then they had gotten a massage at her fitness club to get their muscles nicely warmed up.

The three went into the bathroom, stripped off and put on the provided fluffy white cotton bathrobes over their naked bodies. They padded out to the modest sized room where they were joined by Brian, one of the clubs hosts. With him were two other anonymous men who were to help with the contest.

Side by side were three Sybian machines in different colours.

The first in passion purple alongside one in blushing red and the other a playful pink. Kaley had insisted there be no boring black when she had spoken to the club owner over the phone. She had agreed on a price of $5,000 for the rental of the machines and room, plus refreshments.

"Welcome ladies, its time for the Sybian riding contest. This is strictly between you three and myself and these two guys. No one knows who you are, or what you have planned for tonight, so you can all relax and enjoy the fun. You will all sit on the machines and we will work the controls. The woman who stays seated is the winner, anyone who gets up and off is disqualified. You can have as many orgasms as possible, but you must stay seated. We will start at the lowest speed for three minutes, then crank it up for three more minutes and then finally the top speed. Once we hit top speed it stays set until you drop out. Everyone understand?"

Brian looked at the three nervous but excited ladies who all nodded. He did not care or wonder what the three well known celebrities were up to but he went along with their crazy competition.

"Alright, strip."

Renee let slip her soft robe and her long straight hair draped her creamy shoulders. She smiled and blushed as she cupped her 34 D tits and shivered as she stood naked before the others, her slim thighs and calves shut tight.

To her left, the shorter of the three blondes at five foot nothing, Melissa shed her bathrobe and her mammoth boobs flopped out on her chest. Seemingly way too big for her petite frame they hung heavily over her ribs. She put her right leg at an angle and her smooth pussy appeared between her upper thighs enticingly. Her wide hips and rounded ass made her look adorable.

Kaley ripped open the front of her white robe dramatically and exposed her full, ripe enhanced 34C breasts proudly. She fluffed up her wavy blonde locks and dropped the robe by her bare feet, her stunning curvy body looked toned and supple. Between her parted shapely pins, at the bottom of a V that ran from her hip bones, her shaven labia glistened in the low lit room.

The two male assistants handed each woman a small tube of h20 natural lubricant and they quickly got to work and smeared their pussies with the cool gel. Brian went along the three machines and coated the medium sized attachments that slanted at a forward angle in the saddles. Indented with small ribs the four and a quarter inch dildos seemed quite innocuous compared to a well endowed man.

"We will have a one minute session so you can get used to the size and feel of the Sybian, and when you think you are ready we can begin."

"I want the purple one." Said Kaley.

"I like the pink." Cooed Melissa.

"That leaves me with the red." Renee took a closer look at the scary machine and put her right hand on the imposing barrel.

"Ha!" Cried Kaley. "Red, like your rosy cheeks!"

They all kneeled down and then looked around at each other.

"Well, here goes nothing." Kaley said with a grin.

The blonde beauty clamped the sides of the barrel with her thighs, her calves and feet pointed behind her. Slowly she inserted the dildo into her slick pussy and lowered all the way down.

"Its really not that big." She stated rather surprised.

Melissa flung her right leg over the sloping barrel and then her left and eased the attachment into her cunt. She gave her labia a quick rub and swallowed up the false cock.

Renee sat up high above the device and put both her hands at the front end and gradually dropped down with her weight firmly on her toes. Her clitoris immediately made contact with the nubby area on the base and she gave a sigh as the dildo slipped into her lubed up hole.

Kaley was clearly having fun as she rotated her hips with her dildo firmly inserted inside her. This is gonna be a piece of cake she thought confidently. Renee bobbed up and down pretty unimpressed.

"Can't see what all the fuss is about." She turned her head to the other two.

Brian chuckled loudly.

"Wait until we turn them on, trust me before the hour is out you'll all be screaming the house down. Now, we all ready?"

All three agreed they were good to go and settled their naked bodies onto their respective dildos.

"And remember, if you remove your vagina from the attachment you are out."

He nodded to the men who picked up the little boxes and he took hold of the one next to Kaley Cuoco.

"And go, three minutes on the clock." He uttered.

The machines were turned on and the hosts turned the controls for the rotation setting to low. The noise surprised them all, louder than expected as the three of the devices made a pap, pap, pap sound.

Renee automatically thrust her hips slowly as the false cock rotated inside her pussy. She began to ride the Sybian, gyrating back and forth, her whole body started to shake.

"Don't move on it Renee, just let it turn inside you." Said Kaley who clamped her thighs tightly around the barrel.

Kaley was relaxed, determined as usual to win the competition. She felt herself warm up, her cunt nice and wet thanks to the lube. The buzzing was good and she really enjoyed the dildo as it slanted and pressed on her sensitive spot.

"Mine tickles!" Squeaked Melissa with a big grin.

Her generous boobs bounced lightly as her body quivered on the pink device. Even on the lowest setting she could feel the vibrations throughout her midsection. She tilted her pelvis forward and leaned on the front of the Sybian with both hands and pressed her smooth pussy lips against the nubs.

Two minutes in and Brian called out for the vibration control to be added into the mix. Melissa threw her head back and whimpered with pleasure at the new sensation, her long golden hair brushed her bare back. She pressed her hips down harder to absorb the energy.

Renee gasped as her attachment turned and vibrated inside her twat. Her left leg trembled uncontrollably as she dug her toes into the floor. She shuffled her hips to and fro slightly and dragged her clit over the stimulating nubs.

"Now that's really intense."

Kaley loved the vibrations inside her and her pussy began to leak fluids. The humming sound of the machine seemed to intensify the vibrating tool. Her left hand came up to her breast and she rubbed the hard nipple in her finger and thumb.

"That's been three minutes ladies, you should all be used to the way the Sybian works I'm sure. Now we move up a notch."

All three hosts turned the speed controls on their respective boxes and increased both rotation and vibration levels.

Melissa was still tilted forward in order to get the full contact on her clitoris while her g-spot was massaged by the turning and throbbing attachment.

"Oh my goodness, how quaint this thing is."

Renee now realised what all the fuss was about as the machine stimulated her lower body and vibrations rippled through her. She gave a loud moan as she felt the rush of excitement and clutched her head as she became momentarily dizzy.

Kaley fought to stop herself riding up and down on the attachment like she was fucking a man and kept her butt firmly on the barrel seat. Not only did it vibrate inside her warm cunt but it turned as well.

The buzzing drummed into her head and she closed her eyes tight as she began to perspire. The dildo touched her in all the right places and she put her hands on the front to steady herself as she was pleasured.

Melissa sighed with the thrill of her dildo, hot and buzzing as it shifted inside her. It felt deliciously wicked as she was aroused and her passion rose and rose. She raised up a tad and looked down at her pussy as the puffy lips literally wobbled.

The platinum blonde beside her on the blushing red Sybian wriggled on the dildo, desperately trying not to ride it like a real cock as the toy shifted around and around up her cunt. Her skin prickled as the low hum shook her insides.

"Very well done ladies, that's three minutes up."

Brian looked at the naked and aroused woman on their machines and gazed at their splendid bodies. Kaley with her curvy lines and lithe legs. Melissa with the big pillows on her chest and rounded rump. And the Texan next to her with the pale flesh and slender thighs and calves. The room was filled with the scent of their bodies, and the seductive smell of their sex.

"Now the final test, full speed on rotation and vibration. And may the best girl win."

Kaley yelled out as the purple machine grew loud and aggressive.

Fuck! It was good!

The stimulation was unique and one the hot blonde would unlikely forget in a very long time. Her upper body leaned back as she held her thighs still and enjoyed the delights of the wonderful device as it made flutter noises. The vibrating toy found her g-spot easily and her legs became like jelly.

Melissa leaked like crazy as her Sybian hummed steadily and loudly. Already she was on the cusp of an orgasm and she shook her head side to side in order to keep her mind focused. Her large bosom heaved as she took regular deep breaths and her thighs clutched the saddle tightly and her muscles began to burn.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" She screamed out and sweat matted her locks to her shoulders and back.

Renee was a squealer and as her vibrations intensified she squeezed her huge tits. Her eyes couldn't focus so she closed them and concentrated on her body. With a concerted effort the Texan forced herself down hard on the rotating knob and lurched.

"Fuck! Oh fuck! Oh yes!"

Her climax ravaged her body and she fought to stay seated when her natural urge was to rise up. The Sybian continued without pause at a brisk pace and her thighs quivered as they brushed the barrel.

She squirmed as she felt her cunt glow warm as it rippled on the toy cock, all her previous inhibitions gone. She had never experienced anything quite like it. Both hands clutched her tits, fondled, stroked, pushed and squeezed.

Kaley was fighting the best she could to ward of an orgasm just in case it forced her off the Sybian. A huge rush of sexual energy surged through her lower body as the intense vibrations caused her to hold her stomach which was filled with butterflies. Her mouth hung open and drool began to run down her chin but she didn't care.

"Holy fuck! I can barely think straight!"

Kaley was on fire, convulsions rolled through her as she was consumed by immense sensations of ecstasy. Then she gripped the front as her orgasm hit hard and she screamed out, the overwhelming eruption radiated through her. Still the rotating dildo continued to make her writhe about and her pussy made an obscene squelching sound.

"Oh, oh, oh, fuck!"

Melissa moved up and down in a vain attempt to relieve herself from the constant buzzing within her cunt. Her tiny figure twisted and rolled, backwards and forwards, her arms stretched up in the air. Her mouth was open in a silent scream as she came again and flooded her attachment.

Renee had fallen to her hands and knees with her pussy just about embedded on the false cock.

"Not, sure how long, fuck! I can hold out." She whispered.

"Give it up anytime you like sweetie." Kaley called out as she bit her lower lip and dug her fingers into her upper thighs.

Renee cried out as the vibrations shot up through her, the walls of her pussy hot and sensitive. Her clit swelled and her nipples could have cut glass as every part of her slim body was seized by her climax. She climbed off the machine which was drenched in her own juices and collapsed on the floor face down.

"We have our first quitter ladies!" Said Brian as he handed the trembling blonde her robe.

"That thing is so strong! Wow!" Renee looked up beaten, but happy.

Kaley shook wildly, she breathed heavily and moaned with a sheer animal lust as the machine turned in her quim. She could have never have imagined her body could accept this kind of intense treatment.

Despite her own advice she found herself moving up and down and fucked herself on the ribbed dildo. Then she felt the muscles of her pussy tighten again and she squirted over the saddle seat as she came with a spate of delicious sensations from her toes on up.

Melissa placed her hands behind her and pulled her ass cheeks apart as her toy churned around inside her. She moaned loudly and lustfully as her body tensed, her hips raised to release the pressure and then brought them down again.

"Here it comes, here it...aagh!"

Her cunt provided more fluids and oozed out of her, her clit was mightily swollen now and super sensitive. She decided to fling her legs out and very nearly lost her balance on the barrel. Her head spun and she shook uncontrollably and her left leg made circles.

It had been only thirty minutes since the competition had begun and Kaley had cum twice and Melissa thrice. Their skin glowed with perspiration and their cunts were swollen and sodden.

Kaley turned to Melissa who returned her gaze. Both blondes had lank and mussed hair that matted to their backs. The pair of them had tired legs which throbbed and ached so bad.

"Wanna, wanna, q...quit, Mmm, Melissa?" Sighed Kaley.

"Not yet." Whispered the other who suddenly stiffened from an incredible g-spot orgasm.

Her eyes rolled back in her head as her pussy made wet sounds as her juices flowed from her. She screamed and sobbed with the force of her convulsions, her fourth climax. There was no relief from the painful delight.

Then Kaley jerked and she put her hands behind her head and yelped as the buzz of the dildo inside her caused her helpless body to spasm once again. She realised she was gone, unable to concentrate on anything. Only her cunt mattered.

Now she rose up and down fast, her breath became ragged, her inner walls clenched and then stretched on the twisting, vibrating toy. She groaned and sweated as she bounced and bucked. The hard nipples stood out and she took the right between her forefinger and thumb. As she squeezed harder she massaged her left boob with her other hand.

"Yes, fuck me my Sybian, please me, fuck me, make me cum, close, so close, wanna cum, cum, cum, wanna cum bad."

Kaley Cuoco was rewarded with her g-spot orgasm and she shrieked and threw her head back as wave after wave of blissful release flooded her being. Her heart pounded in her chest and she rolled off and collapsed on the floor, her hands buried between her clenched thighs, fingers held inside her cunt.

Brian stepped over and pulled the exhausted woman up and draped a bathrobe over her shoulders. Melissa sighed as her controller switched off the machine and she climbed off the barrel with legs of jelly.

"We have a winner people, cheers to Melissa!"

"Yay!" She croaked as she huddled under her white bathrobe, her pussy trickled down her left thigh.

Still on the floor with her legs crossed under her robe Kaley slowly lifted up a finger and waggled it side to side.

"Wait." She croaked. "I forgot to tell you, its the best of three."

Brian, Melissa and Renee all shouted at the same time.

"Fuck you, Kaley!"


P.S. Can you just picture Kaley Cuoco on a sybian? Wow!


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