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Jessie J - Happy Ending
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Jessie J – Happy Ending

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Jessie J finished up her dance routine, music closing out as she struck a pose for the non-existent audience. It was just rehearsals and she was practising for her new show, due to hit the road in a couple of months. Her voice was sounding absolutely fantastic, on point and hitting every note, from her characteristic low vocals to all the high notes. Or she had been, as it was now over and time to knock off for the day, not that she minded after hours of practice of both her songs and dance moves, body now tight and aching. It would only get worse with costumes and the heat of the lights on stage, but that was why she was practising after all. The set went silent and she held her position, the required few seconds before she could move, letting her body relax as she gave a sigh, heart pumping busily as she pulled in some deep lungfuls of air to recover; it was intense work doing all this at once and the day had taken it out of her.

“Ok Jessie, great, we'll leave it there today like we agreed,” her producer said, giving her a thumbs up and a smile.

“Great, I'm about done now,” she replied, giving a smile in return as she gave an awkward stretch, stepping down from the raised stage and rolling her neck.

“It's been a long day, but productive. We're ahead of where we need to be so let's just keep that going,” her producer replied, pleased with their progress and wanting to maintain that momentum with rehearsals.

“Will do, tomorrow,” Jessie said, heading for her dressing room,

“Tomorrow. Now go take a break, rest those vocal chords. You're sounding great, we don't wanna risk that for the real thing.”

“Agreed, see you tomorrow,” Jessie replied, giving a nod as she walked from the rehearsal area to her dressing room, getting in and closing the door with a sigh of relief, shutting out the day for a minute as she sat down in her chair, looking at herself in the mirror to start taking off her fairly minimal make-up. Things hadn't been the easiest lately, with splitting from her boyfriend Channing Tatum and the general pressures of getting ready to go back on tour, it was just a lot to handle at times. She didn't let it show, but at times like this when she got some time alone she couldn't help but let a bit of the pressure get to her. That was all interrupted by a knock at her door and the handle opening as her personal masseuse, Anna, entered the room to give her a post-performance massage to relieve her aching muscles.

“Hey Jessie,” she said cheerfully, coming into the room and closing the door behind her, smiling at the star as she went about her routine and started getting the massage table out.

“Hey Anna,” she replied, looking up to her in the mirror. Anna was her personal massage therapist and had been for months now, finding her very good at relaxing and rejuvenating her body, and she wasn't so bad to look at either. Tall, around 5'10, with shoulder length red hair, pale skin, a tight slender body and firm ass, she didn't exactly make the end of Jessie's days gloomy. Jessie was bisexual, having been with plenty of women, though not for a while now that she had been dating Channing. With that over though, she couldn't help but think of sleeping with other women again and satisfying that craving of hers and just get back on that horse.

“That was a great performance out there, you sound fantastic,” Anna said, looking up to her intermittently as she got the table out.

“Thanks, it's going well at the moment,” Jessie replied, smiling to her as she wiped away her make up.

“It looks it, your show is gonna be great,” Anna beamed, being a big fan of Jessie J and subsequently very happy to work with her.

“I hope so,” Jessie said, her voice faltering a little. In that moment it all just hit her, suddenly worried that her show would suddenly be a disappointment despite the strong progress they were making, lip trembling as she fought back tears though they slid down her nose as Anna finished setting up the massage table, locking the legs and looking up just in time for Jessie to give a definite sob and lower her head, still trying to refrain.

“Jessie, what's the matter?” Anna said, immediately going straight to the singer and holding her shoulders as she broke down sobbing for a moment., letting it all in for a few seconds.

“It's just been hard lately is all, what with breaking up with Channing and now all this tour prep...what if it's no good? What if I completely screw this one up?” she said, words tumbling out.

“Oh Jessie no, don't be like that. I watch you out there every day and you're killing it, it's gonna be great when you take this on the road,” Anna comforted.

“Yeah?” Jessie managed, blinking back tears and swallowing.

“Yeah it's gonna be great, just keep doing what you're doing,” she replied.

“Thanks. Sorry about this, it's just all so raw right now and everything just piles up sometimes,” she said, controlling herself and taking a deep breath, dabbing her eyes with a tissue.

“I know it can, you've just got to give it time and not beat yourself up, try and relax. You're doing great,” Anna comforted, rubbing her shoulders.

“Thanks, doesn't help that I've not been fucked for a while,” Jessie blurted out, candidly admitting her sexual frustration that made Anna's eyes widen and mind turn over to other things.

“I find that hard to believe,” Anna said with a smile, stepping away to the table.

“Well believe it, nobody wants a sad celebrity to play with,” Jessie laughed, tension breaking as she looked up to Anna in the mirror.

“I bet you could easily get it if you wanted. Anyway, come here and have a massage, it'll make you feel better,” she said, patting the table enticingly. Jessie stood up and quickly stripped out of her clothes, down to just her simply black thong in front of Anna; they were comfortable with each other, having been working together for quite a while and it really was just part of the job. Jessie knew Anna was a lesbian, having found that out some time ago, but there had never been any friction or tension between them and they got on great. Stripping down, Jessie did notice Anna's eyes flick to her perky tits briefly as she stepped to the table and slid onto it on her front, assuming the normal position for Anna to work her magic.

“Fantastic, you'll feel a lot better after this,” Anna said, rubbing her hands over Jessie's smooth back.

“I'm sure,” Jessie murmured, settling herself into the table. Anna's soft, talented hands slid down over her body, taking in her feminine shape, from the pinch of waist and flare of her hips into the toned firmness of her ass and strong thighs. Anna felt a tingle of excitement, her hands sliding smoothly over the British singer, heart pumping faster as she composed herself and contemplated her move; she knew Jessie was bi, having been open about that and as a lesbian herself she couldn't deny there was a compatibility between them. She wasn't blind and was rather enamoured with Jessie J, she had been before she'd ever met her, and being close to her every day gave her ideas she longed to act upon. With the somewhat fragile star spread out before her and needing some comfort, she decided to give her what she was sure she needed and cheer her up.

Sliding her hands back up, she trailed over fingers over the cotton waistband of her black thong, just hesitating for a moment before she hooked them in and tugged them down from Jessie's hips, the singer instinctively lifting herself up to let her even as she mumbled her confusion.

“What are you doing?” Jessie murmured, not facing up from the table, continuing to look down at Anna's feet beside the table as her cotton panties were slipped down her legs and discarded to the side to leave her completely naked.

“I just want to do a really nice job on you tonight,” Anna said softly, just about keeping the waver from her voice as she stepped over and turned the lock on the dressing room door, the click cutting the air like thunder. Jessie J could feel there was something going on, an electricity between them as Anna stepped back to the table and uncapped a bottle, her breath a little hard, uncharacteristically so. Jessie gasped as Anna poured the bottle onto her, holding it above and trailing a string of it across her shoulders and down her back, something she always did to hit Jessie with the cold shock because she loved it, that sudden burst of sensation and contrast, but there was something a little different to it this time. It was wetter, more runny than the normal moisturising lotions she tended to use.

Anna had used oil, stepping it up and pouring the slick liquid all over Jessie's back, wanting to make this massage something special for her. She pushed her hands over her skin, smoothing the oil into her and rendering her slippery and shiny, light reflecting off her pale body beautifully as Anna spread the natural oil into her, working her hands expertly across her in firm, controlled motions. The oil spread easily over her back and shoulders, Anna's hands pressuring her just enough to work out tight muscles and wrought joints, easily relaxing and releasing them as Jessie murmured her pleasure and settled into the table, letting herself give in to the sensual touch.

“Very good, just relax,” Anna said softly, something she might normally say but with something extra to it, working her fingers into the back of Jessie's neck to carefully release the trapezius muscles where she was carrying tension. Smoothly stroking down her body her hands curled round the sides of her body, along her rib cage and teasing the sides of her breasts before tapering down into her waist. She pulled her hands inwards over her hips and onto her ass, unable to resist squeezing her toned body a little as she lost her focus for a moment, quickly regaining it and working on, Jessie murmuring with pleasure again as Anna squeezed her ass, working her hands in circles to spread the oil over her and work the muscles. They didn't feel particularly tight or stressed, but she took her time in massaging them thoroughly to make sure.

Adding some more oil to her hands, Anna worked down her legs one at a time, starting up at her ass and massaging meticulously down the back of her thigh with slow motions, not wanting to tickle her as she worked her magic. Jessie just laid in complete relaxation and let Anna do her thing, loving the feel of her touch working into her tight and tired body, hands working miracles to loosen her knotted up muscles and get her legs feeling good again. Anna worked carefully down each leg to the ankle, over the knee and calf muscle whilst trying to keep her focus on what she was doing and refrain from looking up between Jessie's legs. With her naked on the table, her pussy was peeking between her thighs, bulging delightfully for the red haired masseuse.

Unable to resist any longer, Anna looked up in readiness to work her way back up, taking in the lovely sight of Jessie labia squeezed between her thighs, inner lips just poking out a bit and seemingly begging her to play. Her hands easily slid back over her oily legs to her ass, squeezing it again and spreading her open a bit, taking in the sight of her tight asshole and snug pussy below, just needing her touch. Taking a breath, she fought to keep her audible breathing controlled as her heart raced, working Jessie's ass for a few moments more before she pushed her fingers firmly down between her cheeks and over her tight asshole, making the singer gasp and then give a shuddering moan as Anna's fingers slipped down over her soft lips and directly to her clit. Jessie groaned in pleasure as she couldn't resist pushing her ass up, grinding herself down a little into Anna's expert fingers, the digits immediately starting to softly circle her button, feeling her wetness from her obvious arousal.

“What are you doing?” Jessie murmured even as she slowly rocked her hips in rhythm with Anna's touch.

“Giving you the massage you obviously need,” Anna replied, voice wavering just a little, heart pounding in her ears. She finally had her hands on Jessie J and she had to take the chance, even though she was petrified of screwing it up. The star moaned in pleasure as Anna worked her fingers faster, dancing around her sensitive button and pressing just a little harder to drive her enjoyment more intently as she pushed into her.

“Oh god that feels great, but we shouldn't,” Jessie murmured, a token protest completely betrayed by her body. She didn't really want Anna to stop as she hadn't been touched like this in a while, especially by another woman, but she felt guilty and that they shouldn't blur this line in their relationship.

“Shh just let it happen, you're single now and you're gonna love this, just enjoy it,” Anna reassured her, feeling Jessie give into her and just push up into her touch more intently, giving in and letting her masseuse give her the orgasm she wanted. Anna felt a rush of excitement that the star was letting her have control and went for it, controlling herself but stepping up the pace of her fingers, working them faster and firmer against her most intimate area. She let her fingers dance in different patterns, circling this way and that, pushing up and down over her button and side to side as she let her fingers spread to stimulate both sides of her nub at once as she singer groaned more deeply and soulfully in ecstasy. Her hips rocked with her pushing back into Anna's fingers, helping work her touch all over her clit to ratchet her towards orgasm.

“Ohh fuck,” Jessie struggled shakily through a shudder as Anna's fingers suddenly left her clit and delved inside her, stretching her snug but yielding walls, the velvet soft flesh gripping her fingers as Jessie clenched instinctively in response to the penetration. Anna twisted her fingers inside her, feeling the beautiful tightness of her body as she turned her fingers to press the tips to the front wall of her pussy, meticulously seeking out the little rough patch that indicated her G-spot and starting to rub with short, fast little motions that made the singer groan differently in ecstasy, the deep kind that made her spine tingle and orgasm build. Her hands were gripping the sides of the massage table now as she grunted throatily through her much more rapid breaths in pleasure at Anna's work, fingers fairly dancing on her most delicate, intimate spot inside her pussy, muscles still clenching and squeezing around her digits. Anna's hand rested on Jessie's back to stabilise her as she gave her an intense few seconds of workout, working her fingers intently into her G-spot to make her whine in overwhelmed pleasure and shake beneath her touch before she suddenly pulled her fingers out to make her gasp intently.

Pushing her fingers back to her clit, she immediately started to work hard again, circling and hooking them at her button as her thumb pressed into her asshole, straining against the muscular ring. Jessie was just gasping desperately underneath her, loving every touch and ministration, rocking her hips and pushing herself into Anna's hand. With a little more strain, Anna pushed her thumb into her tight back hole, making Jessie give a cry through her gasping, arousal stepping up even more as Anna took her fully. She did anal sometimes and her thumb only helped to excite her more, grunting and rocking her hips fast as Anna's fingers danced over her clit, feeling herself tumble past the point of no return as the unstoppable sensations of climax rushed up on her, tingling through her pelvis as her pussy gave a few fast, hard clenches in unison with her ass, tight muscles gripping Anna's thumb in the final few seconds before she burst.

With a strain she held it back, arching up from the table for an almost painful couple of seconds while Anna worked furiously at her before she suddenly shook hard and let out a loud cry of pleasure. Her vocal skills only helped to magnify her cries of pleasure as her powerful lungs gave out a long, loud exclamation of ecstasy, hips bucking in the heat of the moment, overwhelmed as Anna's fingers danced on her body, on her very soul, staying in just the right place to maximise her climax as she continued to finger her as she hit her peak. Jessie gripped the shaking table as she shook and jolted through her climax, hips bucking as Anna kept going at her, the final few moments absolutely wonderful before she was suddenly over it, desperately sensitive and overcome by it all, feeling heat prickle all over her body as she dropped her hips and reached back to push Anna away.

“Stop, stop,” she breathed, heart pounding as she let herself collapse into the table, exhausted in the aftermath of it all. Anna stopped, pulling her hands away and letting her thumb pop out of Jessie's ass as the singer recovered, body oily and enticing.

“Better?” Anna asked with a smile, feeling a little smug about bringing the British star to such a satisfying climax.

“Much,” she breathed, giving a slight laugh in agreement that it really had been what she needed, “thank you.”

“We're not done yet,” Anna smiled, running her hands over Jessie's back to her shoulders and encouraging her over onto her back.

“No?” Jessie questioned as she rolled over willingly, letting her masseuse guide her onto her back, revealing her full, slim body in its naked glory without any shyness or nerves.

“Nope, I've got to finish your massage,” Anna said with a smile, eyes roaming down her body to take in her perky breasts, toned mid section and super smooth pussy, waxed completely hairless.

“You've given me more than a good massage already,” Jessie smiled as Anna got he bottle of oil again.

“It'll get better,” Anna teased, lifting the bottle and pouring it over her, the singer gasping and shivering again as the cool oil trailed all over her body, catching her nipple and clenching her tummy as Anna trailed it down her. She stood it aside and applied her hands once more, Jessie leaning her head back and closing her eyes to just take it in as Anna started to massage her again, softer and more gently now on the front of her body. She laid with her legs slightly apart, no shame now as she let Anna just take her in and work her body since she very clearly knew what to do. She'd missed this and was now going to thoroughly enjoy it, taking in the smooth yet firm sensations of Anna's hands working over her body, working into her shoulders and the front of her neck, down over her chest to take plenty of time over her perky breasts, massaging and fondling them, pinching lightly at the nipples before moving down.

There was little semblance or pretence of this being a massage now, Anna was simply groping and exploring her, working down her waist and over her hips, deliberately avoiding her silky pussy as she worked down each leg again as she had before, massaging and working at the muscles of her thighs on the way down to her ankles. She teasingly tickled her feet, making Jessie laugh and kick out playfully to stop her before she moved back up her body to her prize again. The few minutes of massage had given the singer time to recover, body calming down as she was rubbed thoroughly with oil again, silky and slippery all over now as Anna massaged it into her pale skin. Anna's hand trailed up her thigh and effortlessly onto her sweet pussy, making Jessie sigh softly at the illicit touch as her masseuse rubbed the natural oil over her soft lips.

“This is so smooth,” Anna breathed as her fingers glided perfectly over Jessie's silky body, labia perfect as she massaged the oil in, letting herself split the lips and touch at her clit through the delicate hood to make her murmur with pleasure. She worked for a couple of minutes with careful touches, letting her fingertips tease up either side of her button and dip inside her again to feel her heat. Pulling them out, she focused on her clit again and made Jessie lift from the table in tension as she abruptly gave her a fast, powerful rub, circling her rapidly for a moment.

“Right, let me finish your massage,” Anna breathed, pulling her hand away and then carefully climbing up to get on the table with her, settling in between her outstretched legs and flicking her long shock of flame red hair away from her face. Lowering her head, she tentatively extended her tongue to Jessie's silky lips, the singer sighing in pleasure at the feel of Anna's hot tongue making contact with her with a slow initial lick up her pussy. Anna got into her groove, settling on her knees and getting to work, her hands sliding up beside Jessie's hips and taking a firm hold on her as she started lapping at her pussy, tongue flowing easily over her smooth vulva as she started eating her pussy, just letting her tongue hook in to split her lips and run over her clit to make the singer groan in pleasure.

“This is the best massage I've ever had,” she smiled, pushing her head back into the leather of the tabletop, body tingling in pleasure as Anna went down on her, making no protests or complaints now as she let the slender redhead do her thing. Her masseuse just gave a smile through her licking, loving that Jessie was enjoying it so much as she let her tongue focus on her clit now, dragging it up her soft lips, easily yielding to let her strong, skilful muscle inside to slide along the soft petals of her labia and dispense with her delicate hood, soft flesh easily pushed aside as her tongue pulled up over the stiff button and drove a swirl of sensations through the singer.

“Fuck I've missed being with another woman,” Jessie breathed, holding her hands down as she fought the urge to grab Anna's head and drive things herself, letting herself be taken instead. It only served to spur the redhead on to hear Jessie's admission, knowing it was due to her doing a good job and making her increase her efforts. She switched from long licks that slowly teased her sensitive nub to focusing on it directly with light, fast flicks of her tongue that made the singer give a long, strained whine of pleasure. She pushed her hips up and gasped in barely contained pleasure as Anna licked hungrily at her, tongue swishing from side to side over her and then up and down, driving her hard before suddenly settling down into soft circles of her again, the singer prickling with excitement as her lesbian massage therapist showed off her skills. It almost made her feel foolish to think that she'd been here all along and all it would have taken was an approach to unlock this pleasurable experience.

She groaned again as Anna dived down and sank her tongue deep inside her, stretching her muscles a little again as she drove it inside her to taste her delicious femininity. She pushed Jessie's hips backwards more as she thrust her tongue as far as she could inside her, wiggling it around her velvet walls before quickly pumping it in and out of her sweet hole. Anna loved the feel of the singer wriggling in her hands, pussy squeezing and grasping at her, trying to hold onto her wet tongue every time she pulled it back from her. She delved it in again and hooked it back to try and reach her G-spot; she had a long tongue, quite the useful attribute given her sexuality, and was able to just about reach enough to give some stimulation, Jessie grunting more intently as she did, frustratedly pushing down against Anna's face as she tried to drive it that little bit further inside her vagina. Suddenly pulling out, the redhead attacked her clit again and attached her lips to it so she could suck hard at it, making Jessie's entire body surge with a rush that pre-empted her orgasm.

“Oh fuck, don't stop!” the singer begged, hips shifting in Anna's grasp as she did as she was asked and continued attacking her, sucking hard and applying her tongue aggressively to flick hard at her delicate, aching centre. Jessie couldn't hold back and grabbed Anna's head, hands twisting into her long red locks as she pulled her face into her pussy, not wanting her alabaster lover to pull away and deny her now. She was relieved in the back of her mind when Anna didn't fight her and just kept going intensely, not fighting Jessie's grip and simply focusing herself on sucking and tonguing at her clit, giving her all she wanted and a lot more as she worked solely to bring her to a second orgasm. Anna's pussy was dripping wet inside her jeans, having soaked her panties completely in arousal at getting the singer she wanted, desperate to be touched herself but keeping her goal totally on bringing Jessie to another orgasm and giving her the best massage of her life.

“Oh fuck, fuck!” Jessie growled, holding Anna against her as the pale beauty gave her the final few necessary seconds of oral stimulation to bring on another climax, tensing up, her legs lifting off the table beside her masseuse before she bucked in another hard orgasm, body shaking as she held Anna in place and rode her mouth to another peak. She shook the table with them, creaking worrying as they moved together as her eyes squeezed shut intently with the power of her second orgasm, shorter but just as intense this time as she realised how good it was to have another girl with the oral skills of Anna eating her pussy. The gorgeous redhead lapped up her juices and held her down to continue her tongue assault for as long as she could before Jessie again was done, too sensitive to even be breathed on, hauling Anna away by her beautiful red hair as she gasped desperately.

“Good massage?” Anna smiled as she licked her lips, looking up over Jessie's perky body as the singer gasped for breath with her head back on the table, overwhelmed and needing a couple of minutes respite.

“Best I've ever had,” she breathed through her desire for oxygen, holding deep breaths in as she released Anna to let her climb from the table and stand beside her, hand comforting on her tummy. Opening her eyes, Jessie raised her head as she took a final deep breath, calmer and more controlled now, very much relaxed in the wake of Anna's work on her.

“That was amazing,” she said with a smile, looking up to Anna as she pulled her down for a kiss, a long, sensual, tongue-twisting moment between them, her hand sliding round her slender body to feel her shiver.

“No problem,” Anna murmured as they broke apart.

“Now I'm gonna pay you back,” Jessie said, pulling herself up from the table and hopping nakedly to the floor, Anna just watching her as the naked singer went straight to her bag and hauled it onto her dressing table, searching inside it for something. Finding what she was looking for, she turned back to Anna and held up a seven inch purple dildo, ridged and contoured, making her masseuses eyes widen as she took it in.

“I keep this for personal frustrations, I think you'll like it,” Jessie said with a naughty smile, taking charge now as she stepped back to Anna.

“I bet I will,” Anna said with a smile of her own, drawing Jessie back into another long, passionate kiss. Their tongues battled for supremacy for another moment until Jessie pulled her hand into Anna's hair, making the slender redhead gasp as she was pulled to the massage table and guided onto it, her turn now to be serviced. Jessie shoved the dildo down beside her and kissed her hungrily again as her hands roamed over her slim, defined body, squeezing her own perky breasts through her clothes and pushing down her tummy to pull the bottom of her shirt up. She pulled the thin cotton up over her chest, not bothering to try and remove it as she exposed her sexy Victoria's Secret bra, pale turquoise lace and bright yellow edging, barely restraining her firm tits and stiff nipples beneath.

“Very nice,” Jessie said with a smile as she pulled the cups down to reveal her perky breasts, letting them pop out of the sexy lace underwear for the attentions of her mouth. She leaned down and sucked on one of Anna's stiff nipple firmly, making the very aroused redhead gasp wantonly as the singers practised tongue slid around and over it. She spread her legs as Jessie ran her hand down  her tummy and over the front of her jeans, making her groan in pleasure as she pushed up in hope of stimulation, desperately horny now after her work on the singer to get her own satisfaction.

“Don't tease me,” Anna gasped as Jessie's fingers trailed along the waistband of her jeans.

“I won't,” Jessie said firmly, commandingly in between kisses across Anna's firm B-cups, circling her other nipple with her tongue as she deftly multi-tasked to undo the snug denim and tug the jeans open, Anna lifting her ass from the table enough to let Jessie pull them down sufficiently. Sliding her hand into the jeans, she was met with the heat of her arousal, matching panties already damp with her need, Anna groaning with pleasure at the mere touch of her through her underwear.

“Ready to go right here,” Jessie said with a smile, slowly rubbing Anna through her sexy VS panties.

“Damn right,” Anna murmured, hand playing through Jessie's dark hair as she leaned over her. The star pulled her hand up and flicked her nails under the yellow waistband of the G-string, pushing her hand down through a neat landing strip of pubic hair and straight onto Anna's dripping pussy, easily gliding through the labia and over her clit as she gave a loud gasp and shuddered beneath her touch.

“Very ready,” Jessie smiled with a grin, standing up as she focused on seeking out Anna's clit properly, easily finding the stiff nub and starting to circle it quickly with her fingertips, loving how the pale redhead arched up from the table, already close it seemed.

“Oh fuck,” Anna gasped, grabbing the table as Jessie massaged her most intimate area, moving this way and that, her skills not having diminished in the slightest despite a couple of years away from girls. She smiled as Anna writhed below her, working her fingers hard into her, making her twist and cry out in pleasure as she near overwhelmed the alabaster beauty. When it was almost too much, when she could tell that Anna was about to explode with orgasm she suddenly stopped, pulling her hand back out of her panties as she looked up questioningly, frustrated and confused why Jessie stopped.

“Turn over,” the singer ordered, looking dominantly into Anna's eyes. She immediately hurried to comply, pulling her legs under herself and rolling over on the table, about to lie down on her front before Jessie's hands grabbed her hips and rocked her back into a classic doggystyle position.

“That's where I want you,” she said, voice strong and in control, melting Anna's resolve. She grabbed her loosened jeans and yanked them down along with her panties to her knees, exposing her gorgeous toned ass and sweet, waiting pussy for her, just begging Jessie to delve her tongue in. She refrained however and ran her hand over Anna's ass, stroking at her before she pulled back and laid a firm spank on her, the slap a resounding noise that made the redhead gasp in shock and barely concealed pleasure.

“This is for taking advantage of me in my weakened state,” Jessie said playfully, punishing Anna for  getting them into this situation. She smacked her again, bit harder this time, making her gasp out and shiver in excitement, loving that the singer was spanking her, arousal only getting worse. She was afraid she might come right there and then without even being touched

“I didn't,” she protested, finding her quivering voice.

“Yes you did,” Jessie replied, smacking her again, harder now, making her gasp at the sting of it even as her pussy throbbed.

“And I fucking loved it,” Jessie whispered with a smile, smacking Anna firmly several times in quick succession to make her whine with pleasure, pussy practically dripping onto the table as she shuddered in pre-orgasmic pleasure. With a final hard slap to her ass that made Anna yell out in pain, the sting spreading through her skin in her shivering aftermath, Jessie grabbed hold of the purple dildo and raised it confidently to her sweet pussy, trailing the cool rubber up the entrance to her slender body. She didn't another word, simply pushing the toy forwards and letting it easily, effortlessly split Anna's lips and slide inside her dripping pussy, the redhead shuddering and giving a strained gasp of pleasure, her fingers curling to dig into the table.

Jessie's spare hand slid onto her back, sinking into the dip of her spine as she arched on the table with her head down, hidden by her hair and just losing herself to the sensations as the singer squeezed the whole dildo inside her with a single push. Her pussy was tight, three fingers at the most, but she was so hot and horny now, her pussy absolutely dripping wet in anticipation of this, that the toy was able to glide all the way inside her without resistance. Anna's muscle squeezed up in response, the entirety of her velvet tunnel tingling in bliss at the penetration, giving a squeak of pleasure as Jessie bottomed out the dildo inside her and pressed her fingers to the back of her pussy. Jessie just smiled and held Anna in place as she pulled the toy back and slowly pushed it in once more, easily sliding inside her juicy pussy to full depth once more as Anna whined her pleasure, pushing her ass back into the toy to get every last millimetre inside her.

“Hold on tight,” Jessie said as she pulled the toy back to the tip, head bulging Anna's silky lips before she drove it back in harder, picking up into a quick rhythm immediately as her redhead masseuse gave a long, sustained moan of pleasure, body trembling and tingling as she was fucked with the long purple dildo. She spread her legs a little more to help it hit the perfect spot, loving when it went deep inside her and wanting Jessie to keep that up, shoving herself back to make sure she did. Her fingers were white as she gripped the table so hard, starting to grunt deeply at the deep, all-consuming pleasure of the British star slamming the toy into the depths of her sweet pussy. The thickness of it stretched her just right, raised ribbing of the rubber stimulating the nerve-lined walls of her pussy as Jessie let her hand bump forward against her clit with every thrust inside her.

“Fucking love this don't you?” Jessie teased, smiling as she hammered the dildo into her, loving getting it on with another woman again and remember quite how much fun it could be.

“Uh huh...” Anna managed through strained groans, body alight with excitement. Her pussy tingled with every motion of the toy inside her, pleasure jumping with every deep thrust of the toy into her body as it bumped against her cervix. Her nipples were rock hard, sticking out where Jessie her left them pulled out of her bra under her rucked up shirt, matching her jeans pulled down hastily around her knees. Jessie's arm was strong and practised, working the toy into her hard and fast, rocking it around to stimulate different areas around the walls of her silky smooth vagina, her velvet haven that was being rocked by the star. Jessie plunged it full depth in her once more, holding it there for a moment before starting to thrust it again only in much shorter, faster thrusts. Anna whined with pleasure and unabashed want as the thick purple silicone delved inside her, stretching and stimulating every nerve ending and area inside her as it did.

Jessie could tell she was on the brink, so close as she slammed the toy intensely into her dripping went vagina, swallowing the toy and leaking her thick juices over her fingers. She maintained the same rhythm and pace with the toy but pushed her hand up, plunging the dildo down more intently into her pussy over the front wall and her aching G-spot, aiming to finish her assistant off with the most intense climax possible. Anna groaned desperately in pleasure at the increased stimulation, different but just as nice, more intense, feeling the waves of it immediately getting through to her very soul and ratcheting her towards orgasm. It was so hot, to be getting it on with Jessie J after she'd thought about it so many times but now to be here, totally under her control with her trousers around her knees as she fucked her hard with her own personal toy well...Christ she was in heaven. All it took was a few more moments of Jessie slamming the purple silicone inside her to tip her over the edge.

“Oh fuck, fuck,” she managed through ragged breaths as her body gave a shudder, feeling the unmistakeable point of no return as her orgasm rushed up on her, hips bucking hard and fast as she was caught between the desire to shove back into it and pull away, almost too much as she rode it out, shoving herself into the plunging toy as much as she could as she felt the intense, overwhelming grip of her climax spread from her G-spot, holding out for just a moment before she suddenly and intensely came.

“Ahh fuck!” she gasped as her body convulsed, hips bucking forward away from the penetration of the dildo but Jessie just followed, her body in unison with her orgasmic masseuse as she stayed with her to keep driving the dildo into her, hammering her sensitive G-spot with her as her fingers bumping rapidly against her juicy clit. Anna just shuddered and shook violently, hips bucking and fighting with Jessie as she was overtaken with ecstasy, grinding back into the purple dildo as her nails dug into the table, groaning desperately as she was completely bowled over by the hard, short peak. All of a sudden it was done though, her body suddenly going super sensitive, unable to stand even the slightest touch as she gave a near-choke in her haste to stop her lesbian lover.

“Stop!” she said sharply, reaching back to stop Jessie, who immediately did and held still, toy still buried to the hilt in the gorgeous redhead. Only Anna's ragged breathing broke the air for a few moments, Jessie just rubbing her back as she gathered herself a little, sweat dripping down her face as she hauled in lungfuls of air in the aftermath of the hardest, hottest orgasm she'd had in ages. Jessie slowly drew the toy back and popped it out of her pussy, Anna shuddering as the bulging head of the purple cock stretched her just a little bit on the way out and give her a final bolt of sensations. Sinking down on her knees she sagged to the table, breathing deeply and turning her head to look at Jessie with an exhausted smile, the singer brushing her red hair back from her face.

“Now that was a good massage,” she smiled, making Anna laugh tiredly.

“Yeah, very good,” she agreed, recovering herself as the oxygen saturated her body.

“When you're ready, I think you best pack up and we'll both go home,” Jessie smiled, turning to stand the toy down on her dressing table and grab a tissue to wipe her face.

“Yeah good idea,” Anna said, giving a stretch and feeling the wonderful satisfaction in her body.

“Best go home and get some rest. After all, I might need another good massage tomorrow,” Jessie said with a devilish smile and a wink, stood naked in front of Anna who just took in her gorgeous nudity, heart racing as she thought about what she'd got herself into...


The End.

Big thanks to Ghost for helping check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.
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Re: Jessie J - Happy Ending
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2020, 02:06:17 AM »
Fantastic story! I would've never heard of this lovely woman if it weren't for you.

You've done an excellent job here and thank you for posting it, truly appreciate all your contributions and your friendship.  :Y:

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