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Author Topic: Scarlett Johansson turns the table  (Read 4960 times)

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Scarlett Johansson turns the table
« on: March 23, 2020, 12:18:02 PM »

Successful actress and model, Scarlett Johansson, made her announcement completely out of left field.
Engaged to comedian, actor and writer, Colin Jost for almost a year he thought he knew the seductive beauty pretty well.

"Let me get this straight. You want to spank ME rather than me spank You."

"Yes. Come on, it'll be heaps of fun. Trust me on this."

The sparkling couple had escaped to their home in the quiet Hamptons on Long Island amid the coronavirus outbreak and were slightly bored.

They had been in deep discussion after a steamy sex session and were lying in bed together.
Recently the vivacious blonde had taken greatly to the new joys of spanking as a means of deriving gratification and the pain mixed with her sexual relief in ways she had never dreamed of.

"Well, I can understand me spanking you, but a man should be the master surely. A woman must be obedient in the bedroom, it just make sense."

"Really? I just lie back and let you fuck me, is that it?"

"Just bear with me. Please? Now lie down on your front and let me give you a massage."

"Sounds good."

Colin laid down flat and put his head on the pillow. His body looked relaxed as
Scarlett began to rub the backs of his shoulders and knead his neck muscles. Her soft touch, together with her massive tits that brushed his back caused the virile man to groan in delight and push his stiff cock into the mattress.

"This is what I'm talking about. Hmm! Nice. I'm rock hard!"

Scarlett put her left hand in the small of his back and he hummed happily as he relaxed totally.

"Like that babe? Feel good?"

"Uh, huh."

She ran both hands on his twin moons and squeezed the hard flesh that dimpled on either side of his firm cheeks. Unseen by him the fair haired movie star reached to her right and picked up her favourite ivory hairbrush. Gripping it firmly she held it up and touched the stiff bristles and grinned. Then she flipped in her fist and presented the flat side down.

"Oh, babe?"


He lifted his head up at the precise moment her hand crashed down and hit the startled man square on his relaxed bottom.


"What the fuck!"

Colin jerked but Scarlett hopped onto the backs of his legs and kept him pinned under her weight.

"Take it easy and enjoy."

"You fucking cow!"

The woman giggled and proceeded to rain down several hard blows onto his buttocks, sometimes the left, then the right, then both simultaneously. He winced and yelped and his hands became two fists that he used to beat on the bed.

She felt a flush in her nether regions and she put her left hand between her upper thighs and held it there.

"Still hard sweetie?"

The bemused Colin contemplated and realised that he was indeed as stiff as a pole. She hit him soundly on his bum, the tops of his meaty thighs and at that tempting spot where she could just make out his pair of plums inside his upper thighs.

The smooth oval back of the brush made superb cracks on his flesh and her slender hand bounced of his buttocks with surprising spring.

"I...I'm as hard as iron!" He admitted as he dry humped the bed.

Scarlett rubbed her pussy and spun the brush around in her hand and gazed at the bristles. Then she walloped her lover with half strength spanks that left glorious tiny pin pricks all over his rump.

"I don't believe it!"

Colin found himself submitting willingly to his woman. A brisk cannonade of blows turned his ass into a deep fiery furnace and he began to tremble.

Tremble with pain and a decidedly delicious arousal like none he had ever known. Each clear and firm smack on his cheeks felt like a loving caress, an electric caress that made him buck his bottom up to receive the bristled kiss. He had to admit she knew what she was doing, good technique and expert timing.

"I am so wet darling, so horny." She purred.

She placed her right palm over his left buttock and shivered with glee at how it tingled. Her eye was drawn to the lower portion of his butt and her nostrils flared at the sight of his plums peeping back under him.

Scarlett moved off his legs and he rose up and tenderly rubbed his sore backside. His seven inch erection poked up from his fair pubic region and the angry purple head shone with a smear of pre cum.

"Fuck me babe. Take this pussy."

"Just try stopping me."


Colin looked up from his chair. A chair that had been his home for the last two hours. He had been been stripped naked and tied with rope.
Scarlett Johansson, his bride to be, made a grand entrance that saw the fellow gawp in surprise.

"Good day, my love."

She had deigned to dress up for the first session of spanking her lover the ravishing blonde looked a formidable figure of woman hood as she smiled happily. His puzzled look amused her as she let him drink in her outfit.

Her upper body had been squeezed into a tightly hooked bustier in black with a sheer, almost transparent front. At her back she had been severely laced in so that her hefty boobs were thrust out large.

The taut bodice cinched in her already slim waist and the feeling of imprisonment in the agonisingly tight lingerie only made her sexual juices stir nicely.

Colin gazed at her midnight black stockings, so sheer that the healthy hue of her lengthy pins shone through. Her exposed sex sat framed in her black garter straps, a picture of tight curls of luscious pubic hair.

She had pair of black knee high boots with the highest heels Colin had ever laid eyes on.

Scarlett walked around the chair, her hips undulating and her breasts jiggling on her ribcage. The bodacious female with her loose fair hair could see that his bared manhood moved slightly in his lap.

Now she had discovered her latent delight for bondage and spanking since her own little session of being spanked and beaten on the rear end she fancied turning the table.     

"How do I look?"

Colin reached full erection and Scarlett took that as her answer.
They were ensconced in a back bedroom of their shared home and Scarlett had made metiiculous preparations for their free afternoon.

"I'm going to move you now, lover. And I don't want you to cause a fuss. Just play along with my little charade, cool?"       


Later Colin looked up from his position which was now face down on the cold floor with a series of ropes tied around his person. The tightest length was around his neck and this was connected by a thick section that went down his upper back where it then wound around his chest.

His arms were pinned to his sides at the biceps and wrists and then this length was tight around him just below the buttocks and his scrotum at the front. His knees were together as were his ankles and in effect he was completely helpless.
He was aware of Scarlett hovering behind him as he felt a bead of sweat trickle down his temple.

"When you answer me you may refer to me as Mistress Scarlett. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress Scarlett ."

'So. Now little worm, which is what you are. What do worms do? Why they squirm of course."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Squirm for me, little worm."


"Do you wish for me to use my persuader?"

Scarlett wielded a riding crop in her right hand and began to run the leather loop over the clenched butt of Colin. She paused with the crop rested on his tight buns and then in a split second she raised her arm and in a sharp motion brought it down in him with a loud crack.

He jumped in his binds and arched his back. The ropes bit into his flesh and it swelled at the hard knots. Scarlett cracked his ass twice more as she stood over his prone body and spoke in a firm voice.

"Why are you here?"

"To...to please you, Mistress."

"Very good, little worm."

He heard her heels click-clack in the stone floor as she stepped around to his front. She bent at the knees and hovered on her haunches as she gently ran the crop over his shoulders and down his spine.

He felt her hot breath against him as she made tap, tap, tapping on his bared flesh and then she stood up. Returning to his backside her face changed into a scowl and cracked the tip again and again on his buttocks, turning the white flesh a dark pink.

"Now squirm!"

Her words were punctuated by hard and fast thumps and the heat and sweat made the fellow whimper in acute discomfort. He managed to twitch his aching frame in an obscene parody of a wriggling worm.

Staccato strikes filled his ears like pistol shots as they rained down on his cheeks in rapid succession. So fast were they that the blows seemed to overlap with earlier ones. He bravely bore the brunt of the punishing assault and closed his eyes tight shut. When it finally stopped his body went limp. Still tightly bound in the stiff ropes he was helpless as Scarlett rolled him onto his back with her right heel.

"Are you getting aroused?"

Colin was astonished to discover that his manhood had indeed become semi hard and Scarlett trailed the leather crop along his inner left thigh, just circling his pronounced groin.

He got his first proper look at the sixteen inch black flek crop made of woven nylon. The handle looked to be wrapped in black leather and the big braided cap had a dimpled button. The keeper also looked to be of leather and was about two inches wide.

"Look at this."

Scarlett rubbed her bush that peeped out from between her garter straps and showed him her moist fingers.

"I SO love this."

The aggressive thrashing resumed and Colin received stinging slaps to his upper thighs. In a bittersweet twist he found the attention to be thrilling and he stifled a moan of pleasure.

He was unable, alas, to keep mum for much longer when the half naked dominatrix struck his inner thigh in tiny strikes that caused him to reach full erection. The caress of the leather sent a jolt through his loins as the keeper was circled in a lazy spiral motion around his balls and perineum.

"Does that feel good, little worm?"


He tried his very best to ignore the question as he writhed on his back in the dust and tried to focus on the ceiling. The crop struck the meat of his stiff cock and he let out a hearty cry despite his best efforts to remain silent.

She had reduced the number of smacks but had increased the strength of the blows. The next crack met his glans which had not emerged from his foreskin and his toes curled. Blood engorged his organ as the crop rebounded on it with agonisingly measured swats and his entire body tensed as if he had been electrocuted.

"Oh, oh, ho, ho, ho!"

Colin yelled as Scarlett dug the spike of her high heeled shoe into his midriff and whipped at his rigid cock three more times. He clenched his teeth and drew his lips over his them and cursed. He gained control of his breathing after a little difficulty and felt a terrible ache in his testicles.

"Fucking whore!"

The crop had left tiny indentations in his bright red shaft as he felt tears run down his cheeks.

"Careful you don't swallow that tongue of yours, you might poison yourself."

Colin's mind raced as he saw her arm go back up high behind her head and bring the crop down to strike each of his nipples. Searing pain brought forth a sheen of sweat all over his naked body and his nipples felt as if they had been stung by wasps.

Four more bites met his left followed by four on the right. His muscles tensed but the ropes held him painfully in position. This was when his lover decided to sit on his face.

"Now, stick out that tongue little worm and wiggle it inside my dripping cunt. Do it!"

Scarlett went onto all fours with the upper section of her sheer stockings wrapped about his face. Her belly laid flat on his chest and the bone panels in front of her tight corset rubbed on his tender and sore nipples.

She supported herself with outstretched hands on either side of his thighs. But it was only her Mons that Colin focused on as the sadistic vixen lowered herself onto his mouth.

"This is good for you? You should thank me for allowing you anywhere near my cunt, you scum!"

Steady my love thought he as Scarlett began to ride on his mouth as she placed her hands on his knees. His face was trapped in her sex as her hips thrust down harder, grinding and gyrating with glee.

"Good. Twirl that tongue around you lucky man."

As he licked her drips of her juices coated his chin and he felt his cock stiffen and rest on his belly. Then she shuffled forwards and he lost contact with her muff. He had a birds eye view of her moist slit as she squatted just above his head.

"You have had your fill of my dripping sex. Now, lick my anus."

Her weight settled on him once more as she rearranged her position so as to grind her ass on his mouth. Colin duly stuck his tongue out and began to lap away.

Now Scarlett did not hide her pleasure and moaned as she welcomed his tongue inside her puckered anus. She squeezed with her anal muscles as she was rimmed and licked and she stroked his boner with a tight fist.


He obliged and he found that his nose rubbed on her wet pussy. Aware of his proud cock being slowly wanked he prayed not to cum for fear of losing precious will power.


He cried out despite himself as she passed his crown into her mouth. In a desperate situation Colin resisted all natural temptation to thrust up with his hips and focused on probing further into the wanton woman's asshole.

"Ahh! Oh!"

Again she sat up and left her nether regions just out of reach of Colin's face. His cock twitched as he lost physical contact with her wet lips and he stiffened in trepidation. He was forced to accept the fact that the obscene woman was an expert in fellatio.

The more of his cock she devoured the more pleasure she gave him. He felt that special tingling that begins in the scrotum and travels up the shaft and he grunted as he ejaculated into her mouth.

"I did not give permission for you to climax! Imbecile! I'll come back later."

"Can I get up?"


Scarlett walked around in a circle with a stern look on her face.



Colin came back to reality with a bump. His eyes felt heavy and his mouth was dry. He was now tied naked and hoisted in the air to a square steel apparatus. The thirty seven year old had been secured by leather straps around his ankles and wrists and his body was facing the ceiling.

The steel bondage sling was six feet high, five feet long and three feet deep and constructed into a four point stand. He hung suspended three feet up from the cold stone floor with his arms above his head and his legs bent at the knee and splayed out.

"Awake again?"

Scarlett tottered around the struggling man in just her knee high boots, the heels of which clattered on the floor as she spoke. He lifted his head painfully onto his chest and looked into her stern face with the mascara covered eyelids and severe ponytail.

"Nothing makes me feel more powerful than to see a virile man with his legs spread out to show me his little puckered hole."

As he listened to the click clack of the blonde seductress he wondered what to expect next. The sound of her high heels seemed to heighten the sense of his repression. The previous session had seen him beaten with a crop, now he craned his neck to see her attaching an eight inch rubber dildo to an attachment in front of her hip belt.

"Anything to say on the subject of sodomy?"

"Are you fucking serious?"

The dominatrix continued to finger his anus and oiled her middle digit in the process. It was an ingenious device to hold someone captive and yet let the captor have access to so many points of vulnerability.

"Hmm, tight. This may be quite enjoyable."

"Surely you don't intend to...OH!"

Scarlett put the tapered end of the dildo to his asshole and pushed it in. She blew air in frustration aa she pushed and shoved.

"If I cannot get all of this in then I'll be bloody annoyed."

Colin grimaced in acute embarrassment as she followed through and the black sex toy gradually, but assuredly, vanished into his sphincter.

"Relax, lover. Open up, ah, that's much better. There we go."

Scarlett hung onto his leg straps as she gyrated her pelvis so that the dildo entered him in a corkscrew fashion.

She began with a series of slow, short strokes and each inward thrust jolted his helpless body.

"Ah, you're getting hard."

True enough Colin had to admit that the harder he was ass fucked, the harder his erection became. He experienced no pain only humiliation as she pushed deeper inside. The buxom blonde paused with the dildo virtually fully inserted all the way and leaned forward to smack his hard on with the back of her hand.

He groaned at the physical contact on his organ and it pulsed when she placed his shaft in the palm of her hand. With her other she drew up a metal chair and placed her right heel on it and used the acute angle to pound his ass.

"Will you look at this? You're all stretched out. Who is the cock, and who is the cunt?"

As the smiling Scarlett continued the gross parody of intercourse the sweat poured from every pore in his suspended body. The dominant woman was manipulating and controlling his entire body and he was enjoying it!

Her left leg slapped the back of his upturned butt and her right heel rocked on the chair. She continued to push in until the false cock was buried inside of him and her lower body fit snugly to his backside. Scarlett felt her own excitement and her building arousal caused her to increase the rate of her thrusts.

"You like that, my little decadent bitch? Feel like a woman fucking your 'man' cunt?"

Colin looked up to see her bared tits swaying as she tugged his cock. The tone in her voice was mocking as she wanked him hard and pulled the dildo from his gaping asshole, giving his prostate a welcome respite.

"I'm going to make you cry until you beg me to bring you off. I'll have you scream for me to suck your cock. Will you? Say you want me to. Say it!"

His erection was then spanked several times so that it bobbed back and forth like a upturned pendulum. Colin turned his face to hers and looked into the heavy lids made up with mascara with a growing anticipation. She fitted a five inch dildo to a harness in the middle of a novelty mask on her face where it roughly aligned with her mouth.

"Here's fun."

The sadistic witch came to where his head drooped back in the sling and smacked his face hard. As his jaw hung open she inserted the face toy inside his mouth and began to grind her hips in a grotesque sort of face fuck.

As he gagged and drooled his cock was gripped in both of her hands and he was masturbated whilst face fucked. They moved together as Scarlett rammed the dildo down his throat and jerked his rigid pole. He felt the smoothness of her thighs against his head as she mashed the dildo into his mouth.

He had no idea of time and how long he had endured the humiliation but he felt close to orgasm the more he was stroked by the  woman's busy fists. Scarlett could feel his throbbing organ pulse and recognised his approaching climax. She pulled out from his mouth and he coughed and spluttered in his binds.

"Oh, were you ready?"

He was left on the cusp of am orgasm as she again denied him blessed relief. His balls rose and fell as he whined softly and felt his spit on his chin. How much longer could he hold out?

As she spoke she discarded the face mask and worked his erection, pumping the thick shaft from the base to where the glans flared out. Each and every welcome stroke of her slender fingers made him gasp with a guilty pleasure. As she picked up the pace Colin felt that sublime tingle in his shaft as the sperm began to rise. His fists clenched and his toes curled as he willed himself to cum. Then she opened the palm of her hand and denied him once more.


"Sorry, did you speak?"

The tortured man held his erection although the cum in his member receded back down. DAMN! This woman knew her stuff.

"Look at me."

Scarlett stood beside him she rubbed her moist slit with the fingers of her right hand.

"I am simply dripping wet. I need a big cock inside me so badly. Pity it won't be yours."

Colin looked on, unable to turn his head despite the cruel consequences. Her heels were planted wide and her provocative hips undulated as she frigged herself at speed. Two fingers were shoved in her cunt as deep as they could go and her penetrating eyes locked on his as he stared right back at her.

"Can you see how hard my nipples are?"

He had a clear view of her masturbating and saw her middle finger bend up as she searched for her g-spot.

"I think I'm going to cum. All this teasing isn't good for a girl."

She bent at the knees and supported herself on Colin's sling with her free hand as she strummed her damp cunt with lewd slurping sounds.



"Please...I want to cum."

"You do?"

He nodded feebly in abject surrender as Scarlett put her hand on his hot knob. She soon picked up the pace and the relieved actor and writer found himself at the edge of a blessed orgasm again.

"Good. Now cum! Cum for me!" Said she and he yelped in his hung state and exploded in her fist.

His entire body shook and leaked perspiration as he was pumped hard. Spurt after spurt after spurt erupted into the air and on her hand as the pent up tension was released and he dribbled semen down his front. Scarlett wiped herself on his left thigh as she straightened up.

"This has been good. I really enjoyed that."

Scarlett helped Colin out of his torment and handed her beau a towel.

"That," he said in sheer exasperation. "Was the best orgasm I have EVER had!"

"Now do you get it? Let's go fuck."

The fair haired female pursed her crimson lips and her big bosom heaved on her oiled chest. Under the light her naked body glistened and the feminine curves if her hips and meaty thighs were highlighted. Colin, although thoroughly exhausted and sporting a sore anus, summoned up all the strength he had and held his half erection in his hand.

"Count me in." He uttered to the grinning blonde.

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Re: Scarlett Johansson turns the table
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2020, 11:16:57 PM »
Nice work and a good follow up to your last Scarett story!

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Re: Scarlett Johansson turns the table
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2020, 04:43:55 PM »
"Well, I can understand me spanking you, but a man should be the master surely. A woman must be obedient in the bedroom, it just make sense."

It seems like Colin learned his lesson after voicing such an misogynistic and outdated notion.  I very much enjoyed up through the first orgasm, but after that it went too far for my personal tastes.  Still, it was a well written and well paced story.  :Y:

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