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Office Affairs with Scarlett Johansson
« on: March 23, 2020, 01:30:02 PM »
English is not my frist language, so if any mistakes went through - you know what to blame.

August 2008.

The day was finally coming to a close. The sun had already slipped below the Manhattan skyline, the dark orange glow the only reminder of it left. The sky turned darker and darker with every passing moment, the distant lights of start and planes slowly becoming more and more visible. Looking down, one could see groups of people slowly making their ways out of offices and buildings, heading home after a day’s work. In one such office, David stood right next to the big window pane, observing the entire spectacle with a glass of high quality Scotch in his hand, a faint smile on his lips. He soon went back to his decks, shooting a glance at his computer screen. His work as a talent agent meant news and new possibilities could arrive at any moment – however, today seemed not to be one of those days. Most of the meetings were already done by lunchtime, and past that it was filled mostly with long distance calls and another, long look at a stack of references, headshots and other assorted paperwork. He sank into his comfortable chair, leaning back as he checked the time – 6:55 PM. He knew what to do next – in 5 minutes he would send his secretary Nicole home, then mill around the office for a while before packing up and returning to his studio apartment in Queens – a cozy little place, although, according to his mother - “lacking a female touch”.

She did get that right. He thought, taking another sip. While he wasn’t a virgin for a long time now, his luck with women seemed to evaporate some time ago. It had been almost a year now since the last breakup, a messy affair that left him sulking and waking up from alcohol bender to alcohol bender for a month, leaving him weary and completely not in a mood for dating. Many people did often joke about how he was still a single guy while being surrounded and in contact with so many beautiful women, a joke that ran dry at least six months ago. While he certainly wouldn’t object to having a sexy actress in his bed, he knew how the business worked – if any of it came out, he would get a pat on the back, while she would have her career shatter in front of her eyes, vilified by paps, the gutter press and the industry. Because of this, he did manage to contain his urges pretty well at this point, although he did jerk himself off thinking about such an encounter far more than just once. But, he reasoned, as long as it was just a private fantasy, it didn’t hurt anyone. His mom, of course, also decried the fact he still wasn’t married at being 34 years of age, but, if he were to be honest, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world right now.

His thoughts then returned back to present day – snapping out of his daydream, he started to prepare for the next day. He quickly checked his schedule, giving a few quick calls to confirm all necessary reservations. He scribbled a few notes about a few calls and favors he had to get done, sticking them to the monitor to get them done and dusted as soon as he came to the office. As he sorted through some of the still-unread mail, the shrill tone of the intercom sounded, making him jump up a little in his comfy seat. He let out an exasperated sigh, pressing the button.

“Yes, Nicole?” He asked, trying his best to mask his surprise and annoyance.

“Mr. Swann, Ms Johansson is here to see you.” Nicole replied, her tone neutral, as his brows furrowed in confusion. He sure hadn’t had a meeting scheduled with her today and last time he talked to her she was wrapping up her role in a new romantic comedy he managed to get her cast in. She was one of his greatest successes, as he was the reason she was cast in her breakout movie – Lost in Translation – which launched her into A-List stardom.

“Mr. Swann?” Nicole spoke again, breaking him out of another trip down memory lane. He shook his head, pressing the button again.

“Let her in. And you can go home too, I’ll finish up. See you tomorrow.” He spoke, letting his other hand comb through his hair. He mentally congratulated himself on wearing one of his newest suits today, courtesy of a meeting with some high-ranking Paramount executives. He pressed the button to open the door, holding it until the door swung open.

“Hello, David,” Scarlett Johansson’s soft voice filled his ears as she walked in, a wide smile decorating her face. “Long time no see.”

“Very true.” He replied, standing up from the chair and walking up to meet her. Her heels clacked against the wooden floor, her figure covered by a brown coat. As he came closer he extended his hand, Scarlett responding with her own, the handshake quick but firm. He then turned, moving behind his desk.
“Have a seat.” He spoke, pointing to the chair opposite his. “Scotch, water, anything?”

“Scotch would be great, actually.” She spoke, sitting down, her golden, curly locks framing her beautiful face, a wide smile decorating her lips. David stood up, quickly retrieving the bottle and an additional glass before returning, first filling her glass before refilling his own.

“So, how are you doing?” David spoke, taking a small sip of Scotch as Scarlett crossed her legs. “Had fun with the last movie?”

“I’m doing just fine, thanks” She replied, taking a sip herself. “and the movie was… good. Nothing spectacular or super memory-worthy, but fun.”

“Glad to hear that.” He replied, setting his glass on the table. “I got the same impression from the last time you called me.”

“What can I say, I can take care of things myself if I need to.” She replied, taking a long swig from the glass, a quiet cough leaving her lips as she set it on the sturdy desk. “That's some good stuff you have here.”

“Only the best.” He said, chuckling a little.”That said, why are you here? I mean, I’m not complaining, but to say you came out of the blue would be a huge understatement.”

Scarlett looked down, suddenly interested in checking out her fingernails. She then looked him right in the eye before drawing a breath.

“I was thinking a little recently,” She spoke, her tone sincere and yet wistful at the same time. “about how it all unfolded. How I came to where I am now. And I think I’ve been a bit unfair to you.”

David raised his brow.

“What do you mean?” He asked, not understanding what she actually meant.

“I mean…” she sighed “I took you for granted a lot. I mean, you did so much to help me, to show me how it all works in reality and not in some fantasy land. I… without you I would never be in the position I am now.”

“OK…” he replied, surprised. “… it’s my job after all, so I’m glad I’m doing it right at least.” He added, chuckling

“That you are.” She replied, polishing off her glass.

“Still, you’re really overestimating how much I’m able to do. I could be the best agent in the world but give me someone lazy and not willing to work and immerse themselves in the craft… well, dream as I may, I can’t make them into a star.” He spoke, noticing Scarlett’s eyes lighting up and her smile growing wilder. “And that’s the thing Scarlett – I only gave you a little boost – the rest is all on you – your talent, your hard work, your skill… I mean, you’re probably the best damn actress I ever had the pleasure of representing.”

“Wow...” She replied, David noticing a crimson blush creeping up her cheeks as he sipped on his Scotch. “I don’t know what to say...”

“You don’t need to. You’re doing a very good job out there.” He replied, smiling wide. “With you, the sky's the limit.”

“Thank you, David. Very kind of you…” She replied, suddenly sitting a bit more straight. “...although there is one more thing.”

“I’m all ears.” He replied, interested to hear what’s what. Instead of speaking, Scarlett then stood up, moving to the side of the desk as David turned in his seat, his gaze following her every step. She stood in front of him, letting out a sigh.

“I was thinking about how I never really thanked you for all you’ve done...” She spoke, David ready to interject her. She then raised her finger, effectively silencing him. “… and I’ve heard you’ve been very stressed, busy and lonely lately, so...”

She didn’t finish that thought. Instead, David watched as her fingers unbuttoned the coat. Before he could react, she pulled her arms back and shrugged, letting it fall to the floor.

To say that David’s jaw dropped to the floor would be an understatement of the century. He let out a gargled sound, somewhere between a groan and a moan, as he took in the view in front of him. Scarlett stood right there, just a few steps in front of him, clad only in a beautiful set of lingerie. A crimson red corset with lace trimmings hugged her magnificent figure, accentuating her sizable bosom the most. His gaze slid lower, down her intoxicating curves straight between her legs. He noticed a pair of matching, red lace panties, pulled over a red garter belt, garters clipped into a pair of nude-colored stockings with a lace, floral trim at the top. He could already feel his cock harden as he looked back into her eyes, noticing her wide smile.

“Like what you see, David?” She spoke, a little giggle leaving her lips as she suddenly did a little twirl, clearly enjoying herself.

“Scarlett...” he spoke, not believing what he was seeing. “… you look gorgeous.”

“Thank you, David.” She replied, sauntering over to him as she then full-on straddled him in his chair, her hands sliding up to his cheeks. “So…thanks for everything.”

“Pleasure is all mine.” He replied, voice strangled as he felt his cock stand at full mast already, pushing against his tight briefs and pants.

“Today, it will be all mine.” She then replied and before he could react, she closed the gap, her soft lips suddenly on his. He gasped into the kiss, his hands moving to gently grab her hips as she angled her head. A muffled moan left her lips as he then felt her tongue probe into his mouth, wrapping around his own. He reciprocated, their mouths fused in a passionate slow kiss as Scarlett’s hands pressed into his chest through the shirt, the intensity growing and growing with every passing second. They broke apart, panting before diving into another kiss, David’s hands sliding down to cup that magnificent ass of hers while Scarlett moaned into his mouth, grinding her pelvis right against the sizable bulge in his suit trousers. David then broke the kiss, sliding his lips against her neck as a low moan left her lips.

“Holy fuck, Scarlett.” He gasped, his hands letting go of her ass to now rest on her waist.

She giggled in response, her hands making quick work of his tie as she ground her hips against his again, making him lean back fully in his chair. He slid up his hands higher, enough to slide them against her tits, still covered by the corset.

“This is some very beautiful lingerie you have on.” He spoke, running his hands against the fabric, Scarlett’s lips turned up in a coy smile.

“I bought it thinking of you, David.” She replied, barely above a whisper, her tone seductive and dripping with lust. “But I think you’d rather see me naked, am I right?”

“Yes.” He replied, giving her tits a little squeeze through the material to underline his point. Scarlet grinned, her hands quickly moving to the row of clasps on the side, making short work of them. David watched, entranced as she then let the corset fall open and discarded it to the side. He groaned, seeing her big tits released from their confines – round, pale, with little to no sag and with rosy pink nipples just begging to be sucked on.

“Like what you see?” She asked, punctuating the sentence with another grind against his bulge, his cock hard as a rock and aching in his briefs. He then acted fast – his hands grabbed her hips hard, stilling her as she gasped. He then wrapped his arms around her waist, standing up from the chair as her legs wrapped around his waist. He quickly swiped a few things laying in his way to the side as he set her down, pulling her into a hungry, lustful kiss, feeling her hands grasping at his shirt. His hips bucked into hers, making her gasp into his mouth as he pushed her hands away, pure lust and need clouding his mind. He broke the kiss, his hands cupping and squeezing those amazing tits as he lowered his mouth, placing a wet, sloppy kiss to the soft, creamy skin. Scarlett gasped, and then moaned as his lips finally found her nipple, giving it a hard suck as tongue slid against the hard peak. He quickly switched to the other breast, giving it the same attention as Scarlett’s hand massaged his scalp.

“Fuck yes, David, suck on those tits baby.” She moaned, whimpering as his teeth grazed her nipple and his hands squeezed them even harder.

“Mmmph!” He muffled into her skin, coming up for air to place sloppy kisses all over the valley of her cleavage and lick up the beads of sweat from the underside of her breasts. His lips traveled lower, tongue darting out to lick at her bellybutton as he fell to his knees right in front of her pussy. He grunted, seeing the wetness covering the front of her panties, her legs spreading wide as he moved in closer, inhaling the powerful scent of her musk. Clouded by lust, he gripped the soft material, pulling hard as it tore in his hands, tossing the scraps of lace behind his back.

“David…. Oooooh!” She moaned as he lunged forward, tongue darting out to lick at her now exposed pussy. He groaned into it, tasting, the tangy, sweet musk on his lips, feeling his cock throb painfully in his way-too-tight briefs. She tasted and smelled divine, David’s hands moving to rub against her thighs, feeling her muscles through the nylon. His lips latched onto her clit for a moment, giving it a suck, a moan escaping her lips as he did so. He slid his tongue lower, through the soaked pussy lips to tease her entrance – probing, but not committing to it, fingers running against her stockings, enjoying the feeling. He grinned, feeling her hips buck against his mouth as her hand then grasped his hair tight.

“Oh, please, David, lick my fucking pussy.” She pleased, her voice on the verge of breaking. “Fuck…, baby, eat me out, yes!”

He obeyed, now letting his tongue thrust into her cunt, a flood of sweet juices rewarding his efforts as he began fucking her with her tongue, his hands sliding to cup her ass. He drank all of it greedily, the smell and taste overwhelming his senses, every gasp and moan leaving her lips making his cock twitch impatiently. Then, he moved up to suck on her clit again, the sounds of him slurping on her pussy absolutely filthy. He moved his hand, quickly shoving three fingers right into her sopping wet cunt, a sharp gasp and a quiver of her thighs confirming she was enjoying all of it very much. Her grip on his hair tightened as he started to move his hand, shoving his fingers into her tight channel, her inner muscles pulsing around them as he focused fully on making her scream.

“Oh fuck, David, please, oh my God, I’m gonna...” She moaned, her voice high pitched, pleading and begging as her hips continued bucking against his face, chasing the oncoming orgasm. “Please baby, make me cum, oh please, David, yeeesss!”

Her words were the only encouragement he needed – in one move he plunged just two of his fingers inside her as he then scissored her cunt as he latched onto her clit, sucking it with vigor.

“DAVID!” She screamed as he started to feel her pussy pulse and squeeze around his fingers, a rush of warm juices coating his hand. He pulled them out immediately, thrusting his tongue into her, lapping up all the sweet pussy juice Scarlett was giving him. She moaned above him, her hips completely still as her thighs quivered around his head, her orgasm overtaking her completely as he soon felt her go slack and relax, his lips and tongue smarting from all the work he gave. He stood up, watching as she stretched herself languidly, a wide grin decorating her face.

“Mmm, David, that was amazing, baby.” She spoke, slowly raising herself to pull him into a slow, sensual kiss, moaning as she tasted herself on his lips. He kissed her back, slowly, moving his hands to unbuckle his belt. She noticed, breaking the kiss to make quick work of the button and zipper. Then, he pulled his trousers down with his briefs, his hard, 7-inch cock springing out, bobbing in the small space between them as Scarlett wrapped her hand around it, giving it a lazy stroke as precum coated the cock-head and her palm

“Oh Scarlett.” He moaned, the feeling of a woman’s hand stroking him after nearly six months of a dry spell making him throb. She giggled in response as he recovered, grabbing her hand and pushing it away. In one move he then moved closer, grasping herself as he dragged the head of his cock against her pussy, making her gasp. Then, before she could react further, he slid lower, lined himself up and pushed in.

“Scarlett, fuuuck!” He moaned as he entered her, his head immediately smothered by her soft, warm muscles, a moan leaving her own lips as well. He pushed further, slowly, feeling her tight channel envelop his raging erection like a smooth, velvet vise, feeling heavenly. Her lips found his, their kiss sloppy as he finally slid in fully, her pussy pulsing around his cock as he fondled her breast.

“Oh, fuck, you feel so good.” He moaned as she wrapped her legs around his waist, the nylon rubbing against his skin. “Scarlett...”

“Oh, David, yes, so big and good...” She replied, her lips just inches from his, her eyes wide and her lip wobbling. He slowly withdrew almost completely, testing the waters before he pushed back in, a quiet gasp leaving her lips. It spurred him on as he started to repeat the motions, slow but steady, his cock plunging deep into her tight, soaked pussy. She gasped into his ear as he groaned, watching her big tits jiggle every time he slammed himself into her, his balls slapping loudly against her skin. She didn’t seem to mind, pulling her even closer to her as she laid back down onto the desk, pulling him with her. His hands gripped her hips as he picked up the pace, her soft gasps sounding like music to his ears…


“Fucking shit, motherfucker!” He spoke through gritted teeth as he slammed himself up to the hilt, angry, as the intercom sprang to life. He quickly looked Scarlett into the eye, placing a finger onto his lips. She nodded, a little laugh escaping her mouth as he quickly inhaled and exhaled before pressing the button.

“Yes, Nicole?” He spoke, surprised how normal and calm he sounded in the circumstances.

“Sorry, Mr. Swann, there’s something I need to ask you.”

“Can it wait for tomorrow?” He asked, on the verge of exploding in anger. His hips bucked forward, making Scarlett bite her lip.

“I’m afraid not. Can I come in? Sorry for intruding.”

Yeah, you better fucking be. He thought, weighing his options. Sending her home and trying to argue would only waste time and make her suspicious. Simply not speaking and carrying on would probably end up in her calling 911, afraid he got a heart attack or something. There was only one way to defuse this. He quickly withdrew his cock from Scarlett’s pussy, making her whimper at the loss. He then pulled Scarlett off the desk, pushing her down on her knees.

“Get under there, quick.” He spoke, breathless as he pulled his chair, Scarlett quickly crawling under the desk, bonking her head against the underside as she settled in. He blessed himself on the foresight of getting a big one, which now allowed his lover to fit in quite comfortably. He quickly took care of her coat, stuffing it under the desk as he rearranged the discarded decorations. He took a deep breath, giving himself a quick once-over in the computer monitor as he then pressed the button.

“OK, come in.” He spoke as he pressed the buzzer, unlocking the door. In just a few seconds, Nicole walked in, standing in the doorway.

“You should be on your way home right now. What happened?” He spoke, managing quite a good surprised but stern tone. It seemed to work as Nicole looked down at her shoes.

“I know, but there’s one more thing… could I get a day off on Sunday? And where is Ms. Johansson? I haven’t seen her leave.” She spoke, now looking around his office. David inhaled slowly, feeling Scarlett’s hand sliding up his inner thigh.

“Ms Johansson is in the bathroom.” He replied, again blessing himself for his foresight – this time for having a bathroom built directly next to his office. “As for your other question...” He bit the inside of his cheek hard as he felt Scarlett’s hand now wrap around his still hard cock. “… what is it you’re doing on a Sunday?”

“Oh… It’s a favor… I need to pick my aunt from the airport. Originally it was supposed to be my sister but she just phoned me saying her car broke down...”

David listened, still biting down hard as Scarlett’s hand jerked him off. He could imagine her satisfied smirk as his heart slammed hard against his chest, the whole situation making him sweat bullets and squeeze his palms into fists at the same time.

“..so, could I, Mr. Swann?” She ended, her voice soft and pleasing. David opened his mouth, and just as he was about to answer he suddenly felt something wet and warm envelop his cock. He almost moaned, somehow managing to disguise it with quite a convincing cough. It gave him an opportunity to look down and it only confirmed what he felt – Scarlett’s lips were now wrapped around his bulging cock-head, her tongue swirling around it as her hand slid along his rock hard cock. Their eyes met, Scarlett’s twinkling in amusement while he was sure his glare could kill.

“Oh, sorry, something got stuck in my throat.” He spoke, trying to sound as calm as he could, even though there was an A-List actress giving him a blowjob under the desk. “When would you have to go then?”

“Oh, around 4 PM.” Nicole replied, smiling wide.

“No problem then, we should be done with most stuff until lunchtime anyway.” He spoke, a quiet groan leaving his lips at the end as he felt Scarlett’s lips sliding down his shaft, her tongue teasing the thick vein on the underside of his cock.

“Oh, thank you so much Mr. Swann. My sister will be so relieved.” She exclaimed, practically jumping up. “I’ll be really going now, so sorry for interrupting you.”

“No problem at all. Go home safe.” He spoke inhaling through his teeth as he felt Scarlett’s head bob up and down, pushing more and more of his cock into her warm mouth, his cockhead sliding against her cheek. He watched as Nicole turned around and left his office, the door closing. He exhaled, loudly, as he then heard a loud pop from beneath the desk. He rolled back, giving Scarlett space to get out from her temporary hideout.

“Finally, I thought, she’d be here forever.” She spoke, David remaining silent as he stripped off his shoes, socks, trousers and briefs, before standing up and closing the distance. “Now.. wh...”

He didn’t let her finish, pulling her into a hard, searing kiss, pushing her back against the desk. His hands flew up to her breasts, squeezing them roughly, making her moan into her mouth as he let his fingers pinch her nipples. He then broke the kiss, turning her around in his arms as his dick slapped against her ass. His left hand flattened against the back of her neck, pushing her down against the surface of the desk, her ass now level with his pelvis. He grasped his cock with his right hand, giving it a rough tug as he slid it against her pussy from behind, coating the head in the warm juice. Then, in one movement he lined up and then impaled her with his cock, letting it slide inside her fully in one swift stroke. The entire almost-got-caught-fucking-Scarlett-Johansson-in-your-office situation, the desperation of nearly 6 months of no sex and just the view of her plump ass unleashed something deep within him. Almost as quickly as he pushed in he pulled almost all the way back out and slammed back in, the force of his hips slamming into her ass making ripples appear on her skin for a second. He quickly set a punishing, quick pace, not bothering with being gentle at all, his rock hard cock slamming fast and deep into her tight, hot pussy. Scarlett first yelped, then started moaning and gasping with every exhale, pushing her hips and ass back against David as he pounded her pussy.

“Oh, fuuuck… David, fuck me… fuck me hard… baby, yes...” She moaned, the words only spurring him further, his own vocabulary reduced to groans and primal, caveman-like grunts as his cock pistoned fast into her warm cunt, her inner muscles pulsing around the throbbing length. His hands slid to her ass, fingers digging into the soft flesh as he then raised his right hand, delivering a good slap right against the pale cheek. She yelped in surprise, David feeling her pussy squeeze even tighter around his raging erection as he let his hand caress the cheek, awaiting her reaction.

“Again.” She gritted out, the desk rattling from the force of his thrusts. “Spank me again, I’ve been a bad girl, David...”

He listened, delivering another slap, this time to her left cheek. A loud yell left her lips as she arched her back off the desk, David being able to see her tits jiggle even from behind. He seized the moment, left hand shooting forward to squeeze her tit from behind while his right shot down her stomach to her pussy, fingers rubbing against her clit as he slowed down, his thrusts still powerful.

“That’s it, baby. Cum for me. Cum on my fucking cock, Scarlett.” He whispered into her ear, flicking her clit as he slammed himself as deep as he could, pressing a suckling kiss into her neck.

“David… I’m… oh God… David!” She yelled, her body seizing up as he felt her squeeze tight around his cock, her body trembling as long, loud moans fell from her lips. David kept himself still, nuzzling her neck as he played with her breasts, bucking her hips into her but with no real force or conviction. He felt her warm nectar coat his cock and trickled down to his balls as he slowly felt her relax, her body going slack as her pussy stopped pulsing and squeezing. He withdrew, pulling out slowly, the blonde bombshell whimpering as he pulled out, hands roaming her amazing body.

“Scarlett… baby, you’re amazing.” He spoke, breathing hard as she chuckled. “Let’s get on the couch. I want you to ride my cock.”

“If you so wish…” She spoke, tone bubbly as he moved, sitting down on the couch, hand slowly jerking his rock hard cock as he watched her move. She sauntered over, her hips swaying tantalizingly as she straddled him, her pussy rubbing against his shaft as they kissed, slowly and tenderly, his hands rubbing her stocking-covered thighs. She then rose up, breaking the kiss and grasping his shaft, giving it a slow, gentle stroke. Then, she impaled herself upon it, moaning softly as she sunk down, a gasp leaving David’s lips as she settled in his lap, her hips grinding against his pelvis.

“Is that what you want, David?” She asked, gasping as he moved his hands to her hips. “Me, on top of you, riding you like there’s no tomorrow?”

“Yes.” She replied, groaning as she then rose up, only to fall back down, the sight of his cock disappearing into her pussy making him throb. He hands covered his, pulling them up to her breasts as she leaned forward, supporting herself on his shoulders. He groaned as she started to move in the earnest, squeezing her tits as her hips slapped against his, starting to ride him like she meant it. He relaxed into the couch, content to just watch as she picked up the pace, her fingers digging into his chest as she bounced on his hard cock. His gaze drifted from her face, contorted in pleasure as her hair flowed around her shoulders, her big tits bouncing wildly with every rise and fall and back down to the sight of his cock devoured by her tight pussy. He groaned, letting his hands caress her thighs again, fingers toying with the garters and the tops of her stockings.

“Fuck… David… mmm, so good….oh God…” She moaned, her hands then grasping his head, pushing it right between her tits. He took the hint, pressing sloppy kisses to her cleavage and tits, hands sneaking down to cup her ass as he started to thrust up into her, in sync with her movements.

“Mmm…. Scarlett… fuck… so sexy...” He moaned into her skin, licking up the beads of sweat from her tits as she moaned for the umpteenth time, her pussy pulsing around his cock as she kept sliding up and down, chasing her orgasm.

“David.. oh fuck, you feel so good inside me…oh fuuuck, make me cum, oh please make me cum…” She exclaimed, her voice breaking, David feeling her cunt getting wetter and wetter, his cock throbbing as his own orgasm slowly built up in his gut. He grasped her hips, stopping her movements as he kept pumping up into her, her fingers moving to rub at her clit.

“That’s it baby… cum for me… good girl…” He groaned, feeling his orgasm approaching, fighting as hard as possible to stave it off as she yelped, moaned and then yelled as David slammed her down, pulling her into a filthy kiss. Her pussy pulsed against his cock as her body shuddered, his mouth swallowing her moans and gasps as he felt her juices spray his cock and pelvis, her hips grinding into his as she rode out her orgasm. Then, she collapsed onto him fully, breaking the kiss she let out a shuddering breath.

“You OK?” David asked, moving his hand to caress her cheek, a warm, satisfied smile creeping onto her lips.

“Never better.” She whispered as she kissed him again, slowly, sensually and tenderly, his cock still throbbing inside her, his orgasm waiting just around the proverbial corner.

“Get on your knees, honey.” He spoke, punctuating his words with a pump of his hips. “I’m gonna give you a present.”

“And what would that be?” She whispered, smiling wide.

“A pearl necklace, for you and only you.” He spoke, smirking as she let out a little giggle before rising up, letting his cock flop out of her still quivering pussy as she then knelt right in front of him, gathering her tits in her hands. He stood up afterwards, hand flying to his cock as he started to jerk himself off, Scarlett’s eyes wide as she watched him, groans falling from his lips with every exhale.

“Come on, David. Cum on my tits, baby, give me your present. Oh please, David, I want it so, so much.” She spoke, her tone needy and sultry, David grunting as he felt the wave approach and then crash down.

“Hrrrrrrgh, Scarlett!” He groaned as it hit him, his cock pulsing as the first rope of seed shot out of the slit, the power of it causing it to splash right across her face, making her gasp. He adjusted quickly, the following, powerful spurts hitting her lips, breasts and chin, covering her skin in a sticky layer of warm cum as he jerked, grunting like a caveman with every pulse of his cock, Scarlett egging him on with low moans. Soon, he ran dry, letting out a loud exhale as he looked, Scarlett’s hands releasing her tits to start rubbing his cum into her skin.

“Damn, you sure came prepared.” She spoke, her tone surprised and aroused at the same time, her tongue moving across her lips as she licked up the cum that landed there. “That’s a wonderful present, David.”

“Thanks.” He spoke, breathing hard, the image in front of him making even his softening cock twitch one last time. She then gathered some of the cum on her finger, raising it up to her lips and licking it clean, winking at him.

“Sorry baby, I really can’t stay much longer.” She spoke, standing up and pecking him on the lips, the kiss chaste and quick. “Bathroom? Your present is very nice indeed, but I need to clean up…”

“Right behind you.” He replied, giving her ass a playful slap as she turned around, making her giggle. As she walked into it he collapsed back onto the couch, mind on cloud nine as he exhaled, sated and happy. He watched, a dumb grin on his face as she stepped out and gatherer her things, dressing back up. As she walked next to him she stopped, suddenly throwing her destroyed panties at him, the scrap of material hitting him in the chest.

“You can keep those.” She spoke, smirking and winking at him. “Have a wonderful evening, David.”

“You too, Scarlett.” He replied, watching her step out of his office. As the door closed he grabbed the ruined panties, still smelling her musk on them.

Damn. He thought to himself as he leaned back, closing his eyes, the silence blanketing him as he breathed slowly, the day coming to a close in the best way possible.
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Re: Office Affairs with Scarlett Johansson
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That was incredible, you're one of the best writers on the site.
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Re: Office Affairs with Scarlett Johansson
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That was hot!! Being a talent agent has it peaks and the under the desk blowjob, classic!

And If I was David, I would think about hiring a new secretary. One that doesn't interrupt when trying to fuck one of the hottest female celebrities  ;D
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Re: Office Affairs with Scarlett Johansson
« Reply #3 on: March 23, 2020, 09:42:31 PM »
Excellent scenario.  Excellent setup.  Excellent story.  The blowjob under the desk put it over the top for me!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Office Affairs with Scarlett Johansson
« Reply #4 on: March 23, 2020, 11:17:56 PM »
Nice work! I loved that pearl necklace to finish her off. You write dialogue so well in these stories, it's like I am watching it all unfold visually. Thanks for posting this, appreciate it.
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Re: Office Affairs with Scarlett Johansson
« Reply #5 on: March 24, 2020, 09:35:02 AM »
Oh my god, I loved this. Dirty Scarlett is my favorite and set in 2008 with that red dress? Bombshell!  :*
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Re: Office Affairs with Scarlett Johansson
« Reply #6 on: March 30, 2020, 06:42:58 PM »
Scarlett certainly is a spectacular way for a guy to end a dry spell. Good job.
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Re: Office Affairs with Scarlett Johansson
« Reply #7 on: April 09, 2020, 09:13:07 AM »
I really loved this, it's my new favorite from you.
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