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Author Topic: Dance Again starring Selena Gomez  (Read 3027 times)

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Dance Again starring Selena Gomez
« on: March 29, 2020, 11:50:01 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

Dance Again starring Selena Gomez
(MF, Oral, Cons)
By MaxwellLord

Selena was nervous. No...that didn't quite track. She knew what nerves were and while this was close, it didn't feel right. To her the word nervous had a bit of a negative connotation and there was nothing negative about what she was planning on.

Anxious felt closer, though some would argue that word had just as many negative connotations associated with it. Selena however felt it fit it perfectly. This was going to be her first time.

Not ever mind you, just the first time she'd had sex in a long time. She'd told all her friend, no relationships for a good long time after this last time. The hurt was way too real and intense and she'd kept to that vow for a long while.

Then Selena met Phil, and all of a sudden that oath she'd kept for a few years. He was a graphic artist and had done some work for some friends of hers on merch. He'd been referred to her by Taylor, who did so with a wink of her blue eyes. Usually Selena would have picked up on it but for some reason it flew over her head until she actually met him at her record label's offices.

While they ended up not going with him for the album cover, they did keep Phil in mind for merch designs, so they got his business number...and he and Selena traded personal numbers. Something clicked between them and it was just something that felt right.

That right feeling had gotten nothing but a bit stronger over the course of a few months. From lunch dates to weekends spent at Disneyland to eventually feeling close enough to just have him over and cuddle over some junk food TV on Netflix, it had become something very real to them both which surprised Selena. It turned out she was much more ready for something that she had been ready to admit. However, the two had yet to consummate their relationship. Selena just hadn't been ready yet. Fortunately, Phil wasn't the type to pressure her.

Something had clicked in Selena's head however when she shot the video for her song Dance Again. Phil was on set for that and something extra sparked when her eyes met his while she dance in the song. It was time, she knew it, and it was going to have to be something special.

Two weeks had passed since it wrapped and Selena was waiting for Phil to come to her place. She had it planned, though he was in the dark. Phil had no idea was Selena had planned.

It wasn't too much. Selena knew the mood was going to be more important than any other bells and whistles. That would be the kerosene. The lights were dimmed, aided by just the right amount of candles. Her bedding had gone sensual with black satin sheets. As for her wardrobe, that also called back to that video. Selena couldn't but notice that there was something about how she looked that night that had put a bit of a spark behind Phil's eyes, so she had it matched right down to the styling of her hair.

On top of all that, the house was her's for the next two days, her roommates more than happy to grant her request of privacy. It was just going to be her and Phil. It was going to be perfect. She didn't realize how much she'd missed sex until it became a real option for her again.

The scents of the candle filled every nook and cranny of the home. Cinnamon, apple, vanilla and the slightest hint of strawberry. Selena had also ordered food. Quick and easy Chinese take-out. For most it wouldn't have been the most romantic of choices, but it was from the same restaurant that she and Phil had had their first date.

Now all there was to do was wait. It wouldn't be too long however. Phil was never late without texting her first. And no text meant he'd be there in just a few short minutes. With just enough time to spare, Selena used it in just the right way in searching for the best way to present herself on the couch. Welcoming, sexy, full of desire. The fantasy needed to come to lie for them both. And with Phil knowing where the back up key was hidden and to just let himself in, Selena had no reason to even answer the door. Phil was going to walk right into what they'd both been waiting for.

Both her legs were on her couch, curled up just a bit. One arm relaxed on her torso, the hand at her hip, flat palmed while she leaned on her elbow. She licked her lips, smiled and waited. The sweet sense of anxiousness was making her juices flow al ready. Then when her brown eyes caught the knob of the lock to her door turning, she felt her heart flutter just a bit more.

"Well, this is certainly a bit more than the usual Shark Tank and chill," said Phil. He had a barrage of Selena's favorite snack in hand. He was more prepared for the usual than the extraordinary that was going through Selena's head.

"Oh I think we can do a lot better than Shark Tank tonight babe," Selena said, the sweetness of her smile only increased by the slight bit of heat she was adding to her words and movements. She rose up from the couch and began to walk towards her man, a little bit of a sashay in her hip. She wrapped her arms loosely around his neck and he responded by setting down the bag of goodies her brought to pull her close. The pair kissed, the odd but uniquely pleasing scent of the candles mixing with the food adding a comforting layer.

"I'm guessing dinner is secondary tonight," he said with a smirk as the kiss broke.

"Well, what you rather have first, orange chicken or me?" Selena cheekily asked. "And I think you've waited long enough for me." She pressed her lips to his again before leading him to her bedroom. Selena let Phil in first and shut the door behind her.

Selena leaned against the wall and looked at him, the orange glow of the candles making her eyes sparkle and glow. She stepped towards him and he her. They met in the middle. Phil's hands went to Selena's shoulder, sliding the thin spaghetti strap off of it, then moved to the other. Selena did the rest, letting the white dress fall to the floor, leaving her magnificent body laid bare before Phil, save for the pair of black boots she wore.

Phil took a few moments to soak her in. From the way his eyes moved across her, just the look on his face told Selena all she needed to know more than words ever could. But still, the moment he told her "You're so damn beautiful," it gave her just the right kind of jolt.

Selena stepped out of her dress and walked around Phillip towards her bed, laying back on the bed on her arms, looking at him with a sensual hunger. Philip took this silent invitation and made his way to her. He gently lifted one of her legs up, sliding the boot she wore off and kissing the smooth bare flesh of her calf, then did the same to the other leg.

"Looks like you're a little over dressed now hun," Selena said. "Maybe you should take care of that.

"Sure thing Sel," he said with a chuckle, untucking and removing his shirt. Right when the clothing was coming over his head Selena changed positions on the bed. She was on all fours in front of him when he looked down, that beautiful gaze matching with a sizzling smile looking up at him while she undid his pants.

With the pants down and his hard rod free to the air, Selena continued to guide the action as she took Phil into her mouth. He moaned her name as she bean to suck him. It was slow and soft at first, her pink tongue slithering and snaking on his cock as she slowly worked her mouth up and down.

Phil brushed the chocolate curls from Selena's face, gazing at her while she sucked his pole. Up and down, a shimmering gleam of saliva on his flesh before it was once more overtaken by her hot, wet mouth.

Up and down Selena's mouth went, a slow, sensual pace before gliding off at the tip. The lustful lovely extended her tongue licked his throbbing staff from base to tip and back again, planting the occasional kiss on the journey.

"Fuck baby..." groaned Philip. Selena had taken his cock back in her mouth, going a bit faster now, stopping every so often just at the head, sucking and rolling her tongue around the crown. Selena then upped the ante and took him into her throat.

Phil growled, balling his hands into fists from the erotic shock of Selena's move. If she kept doing this the whole night might be over before ti truly got to begin. Fortunately, Selena was very in tune, her skin tingling and her pussy getting even wetter with how turned on Phil was.

She her mouth off his cock for the final time, a string of saliva connecting her lips tot the tip of his cock. Phil unballed his fists and gently pulled Selena up to plant his lips against hers.

"Lay down," he said, his tone soft.

Selena nodded, laying back,, her legs open on instinct and inviting Phil in to get a much closer first look. Phil was more than willing to accept the invitation He got up on the bed and crawled between her legs. His hands and lips caressed the tone stems leading up to her glistening opening.

Selena gulped in a deep breath of air as Philips fingers softly began to trace on her pussy lips, a delicate dance of pleasure from his fingers tips. As for Philip's mouth, he was softly licking and kissing on the flesh of her thighs, Selena responding with soft moans with every bit of contact.

Kiss after kiss led Phil to the promised land between Selena's legs. She let out a low moan from smiling lips as he began to lick that sweet glistening slit.

"Oooh baby....," she moaned. Selena licked her lips as he did the same to her down below. While Phil's mouth licked and kissed Selena down below his hands reached up to hold her hips. He felt how she moved as he began to work he clit. Goose pimples popped up all over her skin when he gently began to suck on it, his tongue softly caressing it. Then he switched it up, almost attacked the button with his tongue and bringing her to the brink of a climax before pulling back.

While his mouth continued bringing Selena from a simmer to a boil and back again Phil moved one of his hands down to join his mouth. When those fingers joined the party Selena began to feel herself dancing on the edge of a cliff.

That's when Phil stopped his mouth's movements once more. He moved up Selena's body, kissing a trail up to her lips. He kissed her sexy stomach, licking her navel in just the slightest as he moved up to her breasts,, taking special note of how she moaned and squirmed when his tongue played with her nipples. Finally he got to her face, the most gorgeous face he'd ever seen. He planted a kiss on them, his tongue meeting with Selena's before sucking on her tongue. He locked eyes on her again as he brought his turgid cock to her slick opening.

"Oh yesss," she hissed as he entered her. They both savored the moment. Phil couldn't believe how amazing she felt. Tight, hot...perfection. Selena shared the in that summation, loving being filled up once again and loving who it was inside of.

With Selena's legs wrapping around an holding him tight, Phil took the signal and began to pump his cock inside of Selena's velvet canal.

He began slowly, deep and grinding to get every sweet spot inside that he could. Selena cooed and moaned in response. Their bodies had a gleam of sweat on them that made them glow in the candlelight. Phil pulled Selena up, Phil sitting, looking the beauty in the face. His mouth went to her tits, sucking on the delectable flesh. When he concentrated on her nipples and started to lightly nibble them Selena felt a few extra jolts run up her spine. Phil had homed in on one of her sweet spots and she let him know with a loud, "Oh FUCK yes baby just like that!"

Their pace began to increase, Selena taking the wheel. She placed her hands on his shoulders, gripping firm as she began to ride his cock. She was fast, hungry for everything they could both bring out of each other. She smiled as she watched him grit his teeth when she ground her hip with his cock firmly inside of her, moaned as his hands gripped her perky ass tight as her pussy milked his cock. She was driving him wild and that was driving her just as crazy.

"SO good," whined Selena. "So fucking good....oh fuck Phil...oh yesss..." Selena's head hung back, once more letting Phil steer the ship. His face once  more buried itself in her tits, savoring every single sense they set off him him. Feel, taste, sight were all on red alert. But as the heat between them grew into a supernova, everything got a bit more animalistic. They'd both waited so long.

Phil's hands moved from Selena's ass, up her spine to her shoulders. He braced her tight as he gave a her few fast pumps, changing the tempo up just a little much to the pleasure of them both. It was for Phil to watch Selena bouncing on his cock, watching her face take the pleasure and gravity did wonders for her bouncing tits. Yet there was even more that they both craved from each other.

Phil pulled out of Selena and turned her around. The lovely Latina grasped the brass bars of her head board and looked over shoulder at him, her inviting smile and hungry eyes all the confirmation Phil needed to continue.

Phil massaged the firm cheeks of Selena's ass, giving each one a little spank before he kissed his way up to her spine and to her shoulders. His breath was hot against the nape of her neck before he brought his lips to hers, where they met again as he re-entered her, Selena moaning into his mouth. The moaning continued as Selena felt Phil's hands roam her body, cupping her tits and gliding over the sweat-slicked skin of her stomach. He explored her body and was making a mental map of all the best spots to hit.

"Yes!" she cried. "Oh baby...oh Phil...just like that...right there....oh baby right there..." Selena's moaned, rolling her head back on his shoulder while Phil pulled her tight. With one hand gripping her breast, the other slid down her stomach to her pussy and began to play with it.

"Oh!" Selena cried out. She moved a hand from the head board to Phil's hand, guiding it like a spirit with a Ouija planchette. The new stimulation was perfection on top of perfection. Phil's cock driving into her, deep and sweet and hitting all those places Selena craved to feel get attention.

"You're so fucking beautiful," Phil growled in Selena's ear. "Oh baby you feel so fucking good..." He kissed her should to the nape of her neck, his grunts and growls as he drove into Selena getting more desperate. Her grip on the headboard was getting white knuckled as she started to push back against him, meeting her lover thrust for glorious thrust. She didn't realize she missed carnal pleasure this much, and having it be like this with Phil just made it all the more special.

"Oh baby...I...I love your cock in me...so good...so fucking good...oh baby...." Selena's tone matched his. They were both close, racing chaotically towards the finish line. But with a few especially passionately deep thrusts, Selena was sent careening past the point of no return.

"Oh my GOD YESSSSS!" Selena howled. "Cumming cumming CUMMING!" Selena's orgasm crashed against her. her eyes shut tight, a kaleidoscope of pleasureful psychedelic fireworks going off in her head. It was all made even more intense when Phil's hands went from her pussy and her breast to her hips, gripping tight as he drove into her hard and fast, the beautiful Latina's cries of satisfaction cracked and jumbled as he tits swayed and jiggled with the speed of Phil's thrusts. He was close to, and now it was Selena's turn to throw some kerosene on his fire.

"Mmmm Phil," she said, he voice loose and merry, still on that orgasmic high. "CUm in me...let me feel it...all of it....feel my pussy...gripping you so tight baby? You did that...now show me how I've made you feel...give it to me baby..."

"SELENA" Phil yelled, those final words of encouragement just being to much to add alongside the velvet vice that was her pussy. Phill pulled Selena close as he thrust into her on last time. The forward motion ended as ropes of hot white cum shot out from the mushroom tip of his cock and basted the inner walls of Selena's delicious pussy.

"Yes baby yesss," she hissed, a big smile on her dick drunk face as she felt the warm liquid of his passion spill inside of her.

They were still for a few moments before Phil pulled out of Selena and laid back on the silken sheets of the bed. Selena turned around and soon joined him. She crawled up his body, stopping to suck on his softening but still sensitive cock on the way up. As he shivered from the stimulation she savored the flavor of the two of them together.

From there she crawled up the rest of the way, laying beside him, her arm draped across his chest.

"That was amazing," Selena said. Her sense were slowly coming back to her enough to form a complete sentence. "So amazing."

"I can't disagree Sel." Phil replied. "You got any other surprises for me?"

"Well, we do have the place to ourselves until; about two in the afternoon tomorrow," she said. "So, factor that in alongside the Chinese take-out."

"Decisions decisions," Phil said, getting a cute giggle from Selena. It was there first time together, but it most definitely wasn't going to be the last.

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Re: Dance Again starring Selena Gomez
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2020, 04:15:25 PM »
Simple, but oh so sweet.  Loved the hint of romantic overtones with this one.  She looked hot as hell in those gifs!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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