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“You really don’t understand the concept of tonight so you,” she told him in a somewhat strict voice that reminded him of his elementary school librarian he had growing up.

“Fine…pull your perfect ass apart,” Dave demanded, finally buying into the sex slave rules Emma had established.

The gorgeous girl gave Dave a wicked smile as a sign that she liked he was playing along now then hopped to her master’s command. Emma took her hands from steadying herself on Dave’s chest and moved them to behind her. She had to lean back more and arch her back to a greater degree, which made her take more of his dick into her pussy while also making her ass feel even plumper. She placed both hands on her meaty cheeks and took a good grip before using her slightly tired arms to due as her horny date asked of her and separated her butt as much as she could.

“Wait,” Emma said when she felt Dave’s finger pressing a little firmer against her ass.

Dave thought that the English girl had finally sobered up from her sex-fueled high and was coming back to her senses and aborting the ass play. Instead Emma released on of her cheeks so she could grab Dave’s hand and bring it up to her face. Unsure of what was happening Dave watched on in shock as his date isolated the finger he had been using to tease her backdoor and stuck it deep into her mouth and began sucking on it. Her large eyes never left his gaze as she simulated a blowjob on his digit, being sure to spread loads of spit on him.

“Now that should be good,” she told him, having tasted traces of her own ass on his finger though it didn’t taste bad.

Emma had her hands back on her ass cheeks pulling them apart just like her commander had ordered. This severely restricted her riding potential so instead of gliding up and down his shaft she took him balls deep in her slit and was resigned to rocking her hips on his lap. Although not as intense as riding, this grinding was still feeling great for both parties and moving them steadily towards their orgasms.

True to his teasing nature, plus wanting to show her he was in complete control, Dave didn’t insert his finger into her asshole much like she was expecting. Instead he continued to glide the slick digit within her crack, only occasionally glancing over her backdoor. However, whenever he did touch her crinkled hole she threatened to reveal their location on their vacated waterfront as her screaming was incredibly loud.

“So close,” Emma huffed while grinding feverishly in his lap.

Dave was impressed with the British girl that she was approaching her third orgasm of the night yet didn’t show any signs of fatigue. He was also fortunate that she was getting near to her end since he was finally feeling the strain of their fuck session and knew there was no way of delaying any more.

Knowing he had maybe a minute before giving her his juices, Dave used his free hand to wedge between their grinding laps until his finger found the front of her slit. Wiggling it back and forth, the shaggy-haired boy stroked her extremely sensitive clit. She moaned louder yet then he decided it was time to make his play with her on the edge of her own orgasm.

Around back, he stopped his spit-covered finger on her muscular ring and began to put pressure against it’s resistance. He was worried he may not overcome the restricted orifice but when Emma leaned forward even more and shoved her ass back even further to help, he made progress. Feeling her asshole slowly yield, his finger went from only massaging to actually penetrating her anus. The texture difference was evident as the wrinkled depression was replaced with the smoothest walls he had ever felt.

“HOLY MOSES,” Emma tossed her head back and yelled with a stiff cock in her pussy and a finger probing her virgin asshole. “Yes…yesss…YESSSSS. I’m cumming baby!”

So absorbed in his own pleasure Dave was on the verge of finally busting his load into the fertile girl’s womb. Luckily for him, Emma was still aware enough after her third orgasm since arriving on the beach to slide off his lap and rest between his legs. Taking the base of his cock in her tiny hand she just had time to wrap her lips around his crown before she was splashed with the first of 8 thick strands of cum painting the roof of her mouth for a second time with the last few hours. Unlike their earlier encounter, this time Emma was treated to the taste of his salty-yet-pleasing goo mixed with her incredibly sweet cum, making draining him and swallowing his offering all the more enjoyable.

“Whoa! Just…whoa! You came too,” Dave asked insuring his date didn’t think he was a selfish lover.

“Thrice,” she replied with her patented wry smile after taking his dick from her mouth. “Now why don’t we make it three a piece,” she added, leaning her head back down towards his cock with the intention of sucking him off again.

*          *          *

“Ashley! Little help,” Kristen shouted.

Ashley realized that she must have blacked out after cumming, much like Kristen had done earlier. Putting her embarrassment aside, she noticed that her man wasn’t fucking her anymore and when she looked over she saw where he had gone. Kristen was still seated in the heavy-set Southern’s lap, riding his shaft but was pressed against his bloated chest with James setting up behind her. He had his cock in his hand and was rubbing his head along her crack, looking for her tight rosebud.

“Guys, she’s not into that,” Ashley screamed at them.

“We want to double fuck so it’s either you or her,” Clark told her.

“Fine, do me! Do me!” Ashley begged in order to protect her best friend.

Ashley was still new to double penetration, though she had quite the lesson orchestrated by her psychotic ex-teammate, and despite the fact it took awhile to get used to, she much rather put her own body on the line then her best friends. The brunette was also preparing for the business partners to get into the kinkier sex acts once they started putting their dicks up their back doors. Guys like that got bored before too long and apparently the excitement of oral, standard and anal sex had worn off and they wanted to cross more off their sexual to-do list.

The leggy coed was pleased when James stepped away from Kristen’s backside. Kristen hopped off Clark’s lap and no sooner had she done that when her brunette friend stepped up to take her spot. Knowing that Clark had been with Kristen for the last hour while she had been getting ass fucked by her man, Ashley spun around so that her curvy backside was facing the businessman. Backing up between his hairy legs, Ashley squatted over top of him until she felt his tip poke into her pink folds. Normally this would have been her preferred target but she repositioned herself slightly and this time when she sank deeper she felt the large-set man enter her anus.

“Oooh,” Ashley groaned. Despite having anal sex a mere 10 minutes before, there was always some initial pain with first penetration.

“Man you college chicks have such tight asses,” Clark proclaimed. “Don’t know about you Jimmy but I don’t think I can go back to regular whores after these two.”

James now came into view of Ashley and laughed at his friend’s comments. Placing one hand on Ashley’s chest bone, he gently pressed her down so that her back was pressed against the obese businessman. Reaching between her legs, Ashley took his cock into her hand and rubbed it through her bright pink folds to gather whatever remaining natural lubrication she had remaining. However, right before slamming his cock into her, James had another idea.

“Hey redhead. Come suck my dick before I use it to tag team your friend,” he ordered Kristen.

Kristen was just grateful not to be the one on the receiving end of the double penetration so she got onto her knees and crawled over to the younger of the two men. Taking him into her mouth, she tasted the faint traces of her best friend’s pussy but more overpowering was the taste of her asshole.

“Get it good and wet baby,” James instructed while Ashley worked up to a good pace of riding Clark’s dick in her ass.

“Yes, please do,” Ashley begged, worried that the relentless overuse of her pussy may have made her pink folds not was wet as usual.

Kristen made sure to help out her best friend as much as possible by slobbering loads of spit all over Jimmy’s shaft. She figured if she could get him as lubed up as possible then it would be easier for Ashley to take both of the men as the same time.

“Here it comes doll-face,” James warned Ashley as he eased his cock into her.

“Mother fucker,” Ashley groaned as the second cock penetrated her.

Ashley couldn’t believe how full of cock she felt at the current moment. The brunette sat perched atop a man who weighed close to triple her body weight who had paid for her and Kristen’s services with his dick firmly rooted in her tight asshole while another man was now poking into her pussy.

“Just breathe beautiful,” Kristen encouraged, appearing at her friend’s side.

Ashley gave her a wide-eyed look that conveyed how unbelievably foolish it was to think she could take close to 20 inches of dicks into her holes at one time. Kristen flashed her a knowing smile meant to comfort her then leaned in and planted a kiss on the brunette’s full lips. The move caught Ashley by surprise but she eventually kissed Kristen back.

As they slowly and romantically made out with one another, the pain in Ashley’s lower body seemed to dissipate. Now instead of feeling pain as the two horny men sawed into her pussy and asshole at the same time, she was absorbed in making out with her best friend, thinking on how good of a kisser the tiny redhead was.

Kristen was pleased that she was able to help out her volleyball friend any way she could. As she stuck her tongue into Ashley’s mouth and danced inside her cavity, the redhead couldn’t help but steal glances at the scene to her right. She was at the perfect vantage point to watch as Clark’s dick slowly yet forcefully rammed in and out of Ashley’s now gaping asshole. In contrast, James and his lengthy member was flying in and out of the brunette’s remarkably pink folds as he focused on speed rather than depth. The redhead felt so turned on by the scene that her pussy was gushing despite the fact she had cum twice already in the span of a few hours.

“Let me have a chance pumping her ass again,” the smaller man said to his buddy after awhile.

The pair had been double penetrating Ashley for near on 10 minutes at a pace that could have killed a regular girl. To her credit, the brunette lived up to her on-court mantra of being tough as nails and took the rough treatment without so much as a whimper once she’d gotten use to the simultaneous hammering.

“Yeah alright chief,” Clark relented.

James gave his friend a bow of the head in appreciation before pulling out of Ashley’s pink folds. He’d miss the sight of her perky boobs bouncing with every thrust he gave into her pussy but it was a sacrifice he was willing to make to get back in the brunette’s ass.

With James now free of her pussy, Ash felt a small sense of relief from not being double stuffed anymore. Kristen had stopped kissing her now so she suddenly became aware of how exhausted she was. Despite not doing any work as the men double penetrated her, the leggy athlete felt drained beyond relief. Clark sensed this too as after a few moment of not moving since James moved from her twat, the Southern businessman picked her up and off his dick in her arse and rolled her onto the empty seat beside him.

“Wait!” Kristen shouted. “How about we give Ash a break.”

“You want to take her place,” James asked.

“Kristen I’m fine. This isn’t my first tag team,” Ashley confessed with a slight drowsy slur.

“I actually want to be fucked like that though. It looks so sexy watching both of them hump your brains out so I wanna know how it feels,” Kristen admitted, giving her friend a kiss on the forehead.

“Alright, get over here,” James told her with excitement. “I haven’t gotten a chance to explore the depths of our ass yet.”

“Are you sure about this,” Ashley asked Kristen.

“Ash you need the break before they tear you in half. Plus…I wasn’t lying. Watching them both plow into you got me all horny and I really want to try this.,” Kristen answered her friend before addressing Clark, “And that cock is looking a little dry.”

Kristen walked over to the two men before lowering herself to her knees. While she stroked off Clark, she took the other into her mouth to get him lathered with her saliva. She made sure to cough up as much spit as she could knowing that James was going into her rectum in a minute. Once she felt like he was coated sufficiently, she turned her skilled tongue onto Clark. Kristen also took her time giving the large businessman head but for a different reason altogether; rather than prepping him for sodomizing her backdoor she was enjoying the taste of Ashley’s asshole on his cock.

“So I think you said it’s your turn to fuck some ass,” Kristen said to James.

“That’s right red. Come ride my cock,” he answered.

Kristen got to her foot before straddling Clark’s lap, much like she had been doing no more than half an hour ago. This time she was staring him in the eye as she knelt lower and took him deep into her pussy. She tossed her head back and gave out a gleeful moan before beginning to bounce on his shaft for a minute to get use to his girth being back in her hole. Once she felt her stretched out and wet enough between her legs she flexed forward at the hips in order to lean down so James could get positioned behind her.

“Go slow with her,” Ashley said.

James all but ignored the concerned girl and placed his cock against her tight asshole. It was resistant but eventually James’s efforts paid off when he leant into it and his tip disappeared past her sphincter. She let out a moan as her rectum was pushed into for the second time that night, but it was her first time taking it in the ass with another cock pounding her pink. However, to her joy it didn’t hurt or feel that uncomfortable, in fact it felt rather pleasing much like she was hoping it would.

“Ohhh,” Kristen whimpered as James inched his lubed-up member into her tightest of holes.

“Are you okay,” Ashley asked her best friend as she took up slumped over seat beside them.

“Okay? I’m amazing! I fell so good with all these cocks in me at the same time,” Kristen shouted with excitement between intense moaning.

“This chick is nasty. I think I’m in love,” James said while working up to a faster pace as he was now stroking his entire length into her ass.

As the men continued to work in sync to thrust into each of Kristen’s holes, the horny redhead was pushing back against them to allow them to fuck her deeper. Not wanting to simply be an observer, Ashley was now making out with her best friend, much to the men’s pleasure.

“I’ve never been more turned on in my life then watching two guys fuck you,” Ashley told her before passionately kissing her friend again.

“Fuck I won’t be able to last much longer,” Clark said from beneath Kristen.

“I know. These college girls were a lot tighter than I thought,” James admitted as he continued to rail into Kristen’s constricting asshole.

The foursome continued on like this for some time, though none of the group was paying attention to time whatsoever. They were all lost in the passion and pleasure that was being generated in the middle of the fancy hotel’s penthouse suite.

“Oh shit I need to cum right now,” Clark eventually shouted.

“Me…ahhhh…too,” James agreed.

Though it pained him, James knew it was time to pull out of the petite girl’s asshole. He still didn’t understand how a girl that thin could have a backside that bubbly but he made more pressing matters to attend to at the current moment. He backed up just far enough so that the fiery redhead was able to pop off of his fellow businessman’s lap and drop down to the ground in front of him.

Meanwhile as Clark was getting up to his feet from the couch, Ashley had slid into position on the floor so that she was now beside her best friend. The close girls gave each other one last kiss and exchanged a playful smile before pressing their cheeks together in preparation of what was to come.

Since Ashley was now the closest girl to him, Clark leaned over and placed the tip of his cock into her mouth. No sooner had her lips clamped around his tip had he begun to shot his load onto her tongue.

With Ashley taking care of Clark, she swiftly turned her full attention to James but she didn’t have time to take him into her mouth. Rather, James exploded all over her face with streams of cum now coating her pale skin. Once the last streak shot from the tip of his penis, the business man collapsed down onto the couch, absolutely exhausted.

“You still have all that cum in your mouth,” Kristen asked her friend.

Ashley could only nod in response as she had yet to swallow the extremely large load of cum that one of the men had shot into her.

Kristen crawled the short distance to the couch and pulled the sexy brunette in for an open mouth kiss. Ashley couldn’t help but open her mouth to receive Kristen’s tongue, pushing all the cum from her mouth into her mouth.

“GULP. Thanks babe. I love how cum tastes,” Kristen stated.

“You slut. I wanted to swallow that,” Ashley replied.

Noticing for the first time that Kristen was covered in jizz, Ashley lent in to her and started gathering all of the sticky goo from her face. Once she had licked all of it from her face, Ashley was left with a mouthful which she quickly engulfed before Kristen could steal it again.

“You two were worth every cent,” James said.

“No kidding,” Clark agreed.

“If you want, you can watch us shower together and make love then you might be ready to fuck our asses again,” Kristen offered.

“I’m seriously going to marry that one,” James said.

The two businessmen ravished the two girls well into the wee hours of the morning. The blue little pills that they kept popping were holding up their end of the bargain by granting them impossibly hard cocks and a near endless supply of orgasms, even though their volume of cum for the girls lowered every time. After watching the girls get down in dirty in the shower, James got some one-on-one time with Kristen in the Jacuzzi while Clark took up the redhead’s spot in under the hot water with Ashley. The men then introduced costumes into the proceedings, with the two leggy girls donning blindfolds, handcuffs, schoolgirl outfits and leather boots at one time or another. Just as the two men finally exhausted themselves, they ordered Kristen and Ashley to do bondage with the ravenous black haired hottie dominating her smaller red-haired friend. They acted out their client’s fantasy until they dosed off for the night, but still gave each other one last orgasm before they retreated to the second bedroom of the suite and curled up together for some much deserved sleep.

“You ladies are something special. We’ll be sure to give you a call whenever either of us are back in town,” James greeted them the next morning.

“Actually this was our last…”

“Last time doing anyone but you or your friend. Unless you recommend someone as well,” Kristen said while cutting off Ashley in the process.

“Oh word will spread about you two, I’ll make sure of it. Got loads of business contacts up here that have money burn and a taste for fine things. Now I gotta run to catch my flight, but we have your number. And use the restaurant downstairs, it’s on us,” he told them before grabbing his bags and leaving them alone in the penthouse.

“What the hell was that K-Stew? I promised you I was giving this up,” Ashley snapped at her smaller friend.

“We made 10 grand to do things we love and are good at. It’s the dream! I’m not saying we fuck just anyone for money but since we have these high-rolling contacts there’s no need to burn the bridge,” Kristen reasoned.

Ashley never told her but it was a fear she had the entire time she asked Kristen to join her for the one night. Just like the dark-haired beauty had learnt for herself, prostitution was seductive and addicting. She loved the knowledge that men wanted her so incredibly badly that they would pay for her services. It was an ultimate compliment and she couldn’t think of anything that quite rivaled it. But now it appeared that Kristen had gotten a taste and was latching on to the sensation, and Ashley knew it would be tough to fight for the both of them.

*          *          *

“Thanks for meeting in the parking lot,” Dianna said to Clay as they entered his room.

“The least I can do. You drove an hour to see me after all,” Clay told the beautiful high school girl.

“Still, it was really nice you of,” Dianna said.

“So what did you want to do? We could go to a party that’s on the floor above us or we could catch a movie or grab dinner,” Clay gave options. “Or we could just hang in here tonight. My roommate’s away and you must be exhausted after such a long drive.”

“Um sure, we can stay in here. I love your room! It’s such a man’s dorm room,” Dianna gawked.

“I know it’s probably totally cliché. I mean I got my TV on milk crates and a little beanie chair for guests and posters hung on every wall,” Clay said.

“It’s not cliché, its cool,” Dianna reassured him. “Let me guess that you have condoms in the top drawer of your dresser.”

“What do you have? X-ray vision? Or did you stake out my room already,” Clay joked. “And those are for safety so really they show I’m responsible.”

“And do you have to be safe a lot,” Dianna asked.

“Only sometimes, when it involves a special girl,” Clay replied as he made his move.

“And have you met any special girls lately,” Dianna inquired.

“Only one but the problem is she’s a bit younger than me and I wouldn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable by forcing into something she’s not ready for,” Clay answered as he closed the gap between he and the adorable blonde.

“But what if that girl wasn’t being forced. What if she wanted to happen,” Dianna asked him, realizing that they were only mere inches apart.

Clay brought his hand to the girl’s chin, pointed it upwards then bent down and pressed his lips against hers. Dianna had such nice big, plump lips that Clay felt like he was kissing a pillow. Opening his mouth to progress the kiss, he was pleased that the blonde readily accepted his tongue into her mouth.

Making sure to always keep pushing the pace so that the younger girl didn’t ever get too comfortable, Clay reached around her back and grabbed two handfuls of her firm ass. Dianna didn’t oppose so he kept on kissing her as his erection was now pressing through his pants and against her inner thigh.

Upset to remove his hands from her meaty rump, Clay begrudgingly took his hands placed them on her back. Sliding his mouth down to her neck, the college man grabbed a hold of the straps of her dress and pulled the cute summer dress from her body.

“You’re beautiful,” Clay told her as he looked at her wearing only a matching blue bra and thong. “You have such a nice flat stomach, perk boobs and your ass is unbelievable.”

Embarrassed from all of his kind words, Dianna simply just blushed and smiled. Clay was pleased that the high school girl was over-awed in hooking up with a college student, but did feel slightly guilty in how easy it was to nail her.

Leaning back in to kiss her, Clay wrapped his arms back around her and unclasped her bra to free her small but very perky boobs. As he threw the bra aside, he slid both arms between them so that he could cup each of her globes, making sure to pay particular attention in erotically twisting her nipples.

“Uh, mmhh,” Dianna moaned into his mouth as Clay’s touch got her extremely horny.

Making sure to not get stuck doing one thing for two long so she didn’t get comfortable, Clay laid the beautiful girl onto his bed on her back. Sliding his hands up her smooth legs, he hooked his fingers under the waistband of her thong and pulled it down until it joined the rest of her clothing on the floor.

“I love a hairless pussy,” Clay remarked as he stared at her bright pink folds that seemed to be freshly waxed.

“Tell me Dianna, has a guy ever made you cum just be eating your pussy,” Clay asked his date while getting into position between her milk-colored thighs.

“No. They either give it a light lick or skip it all together,” Dianna admitted.

“Then I think you’ll really enjoy this,” Clay said with a smile before taking his first swipe at her teen pussy.

He started with light flicks to Dianna’s pussy lips with his tongue. It must have remained her of the weak attempts that other boys had done when giving her oral.

Using one hand to help pull apart her pussy lips as the other hand ran up her torso to explore her naked body, Clay ran his tongue between her labia from top to bottom. He felt the younger girl squirm as she experienced new pleasures once he clamped his lips around her exposed clitoris and repeatedly flicked it.

“Unnggghhhh,” Dianna moaned in appreciation.

Clay returned to licking along her entire slit from bottom to top but this time deeper and faster. It was having the desired effect as now the blonde’s body was thrashing with the pleasure that he was giving her.

Instead of keeping with the same move, Clay felt it was time to move on and really turn on the pleasure for his date. Not swiping his tongue up her slit the next time he got to the bottom, the college man dipped his tongue into her hole.

Clay smiled as he felt Dianna thrust her hips up in an attempt to get him deeper into her hole. Abiding by her wishes, Clay dug further into her pussy before licking her inner walls. The best part of this for the male was that Dianna would be overly willing to make it up to him, plus the high schooler had a sweet tasting pussy.

“Uh! UH! Oh God yes! Don’t stop,” Dianna shouted as her orgasm quickly approached.

Clay kept thrusting his tongue into her hole but couldn’t help but watch her boobs heave up and down in response to her heavy breathing. Deciding now was the right time, he used his finger to stimulate her clit by rubbing the sensitive nub.

“YES! YES! YES! I’m cumming! Ugghhhhh,” Dianna screamed.

Her legs squeezed tight against Clay’s head and she arched her back as she had her first orgasm from oral sex. Her sweet cream gushed out of her and into Clay’s waiting mouth, which he was more then happy to take as it was so sweet.

“How was that,” Clay asked as he emerged from between her thighs.

“I love college,” Dianna replied with a satisfied smile.

“You love it already? But you haven’t even gotten laid yet,” Clay joked.

“You’re right! So let’s do something about that,” Dianna told him with lust in her eye.

As Clay took off his own shirt, Dianna had gotten onto all fours and had unbuckled, unzipped and pulled down his pants. The college man leaned back as she stroked his semi-erect cock until it was rock hard.

“Oh yeah. Just like that,” Clay encouraged as Dianna had her lips pressed firmly around his member while gliding up and down along his 9-inch shaft.

For being just in high school, the blonde knew what she was doing. She would constantly keep switching from sucking on his meat then the next minute she would only focus on the head. Currently she was leaving big sloppy kisses down his pole before reaching his sack.

“Do you want me to suck on your nuts,” Dianna asked him.

“Yes please,” Clay responded.

While using her one hand to stroke his well-coated cock, Dianna leant down further until she pulled one ball into her mouth and played with it gently with her tongue. She exchanged one for the next and did the same thing before treating him to both going into her skilled mouth.

“So good with that tongue,” Clay groaned as he held her long blonde hair above her head.

“Thought you might like that,” Dianna told before getting her lips wrapped back around his dick and taking 6 inches into her mouth before her throat stopped anymore from entering.

“I need get inside you right now,” Clay told her after receiving another few minutes of her fantastic blowjob.

Dianna was getting ready to roll over onto her back but Clay had moved so fast that he was already behind her while she was still on her hands and knees. Using one hand on her hips to stabilizer her, Clay used the other to grip his cock and place it at the entry to her pussy.

“Wait,” Dianna shouted. “Don’t we need a condom?”

“I only use those for dirty bitches. Are you clean,” Clay asked, wanting to avoid the latex prison as best he could.

“Yeah I don’t have any diseases or anything…” Dianna replied before being cut off.

“Then this is fine,” Clay reasoned. Not wanting the girl to come to her senses and make him wear a condom, he pushing forward with form pressure until her tight hole gave way and accepted his tip.

“Owww,” Dianna groaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Although she had sex before, she was still an 18-year-old girl so was just as tight as when she was a virgin.

“See. Doesn’t this feel so much better,” Clay asked while he kept moving more of him into her hole in small movements.

“Uhhh….yeah….ugghhh….you were right,” Dianna moaned in response.

By the time he had worked all of his pole into her hole, Dianna had completely forgotten about condoms and was thinking purely about how amazing it felt.

Now that he had gone slowly into her a few times, Clay felt she was stretched out enough to really start fucking her. Not holding back any further, the man grabbed her hips and pulled her back while he thrust forward.

“So tight,” Clay grunted as he watched his dick repeatedly disappear into her snatch.

Clay was glad Dianna was enjoying herself too as he felt her start pushing her hips back to help get him deeper into her. Her pussy was still clamped tightly to his rod as it glided into her hole before his pelvis crashed against her cheeks, making them ripple.

“AHHH,” Dianna screamed, ready to cum again soon.

“Go on your back,” Clay said, pulling his slick cock from her the velvety feel of her pussy. Her amazing blowjob coupled with their intense fucking so far had the experienced college man ready to cum as well.

“Just get back inside me,” Dianna argued while flipping over.

Clay picked up her tanned legs and threw them up onto his shoulders so she made a big V. Using his hand to help guide his tool back into her folds, Clay re-entered her and picked back up where he left off.

Already pushing his whole length into her warm folds, he couldn’t help but notice the thumping noise his balls were making as they smacked against her cute ass.

I’m gonna…I need…I’m cumming,” Dianna screamed as she was on the verge of climaxing.

With one last hard plunge, Clay buried his whole length into her teen pussy deeper then anything had ever been in her before. This was just the stimulation the horny blonde needed as she erupted into her second orgasm of the night.

While her body was still quivering from her intense orgasm, Clay had no time to admire his handwork as he knew he needed to cum shortly. He knew there was no turning back when her ultra-tight pussy gripped him even stronger as she came and he felt his balls start to release his seed.

“Going to cum,” Clay warned.

“Don’t come in me,” Dianna shouted as she was snapped out of her post-orgasm haze. “I’m not on the pill.”

Not wanting to anger the adorable teen, Clay pulled out of her pussy and moved up her body. Straddling her chest so his constricted balls were resting in the gap between her tits, Clay leaned forward until the head of his cock was less than an inch from her lips.

Realizing that he wanted to cum in her mouth, Dianna parted her lips and took him into her mouth. She was hoping that he didn’t judge her for her hesitation and think she was just some little naïve high school girl.

“Uh,” Clay grunted as he shot several think strands into Dianna’s mouth.

Usually not a fan of the taste of cum, Dianna couldn’t help but think his cum somehow tasted good. Although as salty as all the cum she’d swallowed, since it was mixed with her own super sweet cum, the mixture had a neutral taste.

“Yum,” Dianna said a loud without thinking.

“A girl that looks beautiful, is great in the sack and likes swallowing a load. That’s the complete package,” Clay said as he rolled over next to her.

“You were amazing too,” Dianna told him while blushing from his comment. “I’ve never cum as hard as either of those two times.”

“You’ll have to come back up and visit more often,” Clay told the girl.

“I think that’s something I can make happen,” Dianna replied.

“We still have time to catch that party. It might be a good break we need before trying to get another two orgasms out of you,” Clay said.

“Wow, what a stud,” Dianna thought to herself before addressing his comment. “Sure. Let me go freshen up in the washroom.”

“Of course. Down the hall, third room on the left,” Clay instructed as the petite girl got dressed.

After getting her clothes back on and walking down the hall, Dianna went into the washroom and started to wash up a little. She was slightly startled when another girl entered the room but got over it and went back about what she was doing.

“You’re new. I haven’t seen you around the floor before. Hi I’m Hayden,” the little blond introduced herself.

“Hi. I’m Dianna. I’m just visiting a friend,” she replied.

“Judging by the glow of your face and how out of breath you still are, I’m guessing you were visiting a male friend,” Hayden assumed.

“Read me like a book,” Dianna laughed.

“Are you coming to the party upstairs,” Hayden asked.

“Yeah I think so,” Dianna answered.

“Even though girls drink free, I’ll still save you drink…and maybe a dance,” Hayden said.

Even though she was in a happy relationship with a girl she loved, Hayden couldn’t help but flirt with the sexy new girl.

“Um…yeah for sure. I’m not a great dancer but maybe you can make me better,” Dianna replied, caught off guard by the flirtation.

Dianna wasn’t a lesbian by any stretch of the imagination but like most popular high school girls, she’d made out with girls before. Hayden was just the type of girl that Dianna would have gone for if she was into chicks though.

“Great. See you later,” Hayden said before leaving her alone.

Dianna finished washing up then returned to Clay’s room. She realized that no matter what, she needed to get into this school for next year.
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Title: Highland College Season 2: A New Year
Author: The Chemist
Celebs: Dianna Agron, Kristen Stewart, Anna Kendrick, Taylor Swift, Erica Durance, Cobie Smulders, Alison Brie, Caity Lotz, Elizabeth Gillies, Kate Upton, Emma Watson, AnnaSophia Robb, Nina Dobrev
Codes: MF, FF, MFF, MMMF, MMFF, Fsolo, Anal, DP, Oral, Orgy, Voy

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. Mature themes so must be older than 18

“And our Highlanders Women Volleyball team are absolutely destroying The Miners here tonight in our team’s final pre-season game. After storming out to claim the first set with a decisive 25-10 victory, we followed up by heaping further misery on the Northern Californian school with a 25-7 set. Now we are up 23-4 against the thoroughly demoralized opponent.”

“And what do you think the biggest difference in our team this year is to the team that lost in the quarter-finals last year, ultimately finishing 8th place,” the one color commentator asked the first.

“Well for me it’s gotta be the new recruits. Last years team was extremely beautiful but somehow they got even hotter this season and improved their talent. Amanda Seyfried makes way in the all important defensive and leadership position, and even though she had a rack that I’d sell my left kidney to motorboat for the night, she didn’t have the most talent.”

“And now of course we have the highly touted Emma Watson in that spot. What can you tell me about her?”

“Other than having the face of an angel, legs for days and an ass that is unrealistically plump for her skinny frame? Well in a volleyballing sense she was the top recruit in the United Kingdom before she left the island, hopped the pond and selected Highland College. She spent the last trimester and the summer embedding with the team and culture of Southern California and seems to have hit the floor running. Even tonight alone she’s set the team record for saves in a single game and she’s spent time on the bench to allow her understudy time to play.”

“Yes she definitely fits in with Athletic Coordinator Paul Keane’s goal of having the hottest volleyball team ever. Oh and new recruit Elizabeth Gillies is ready to serve. She takes her running start, throws the ball up, jumps and swings her arm and…ACE! The dark-haired beauty with another point directly from her serve and we’re one point away from claiming victory in our final pre-season tune-up.”

“And the woman known simply as Liz is another new player. She made the long track cross country to join us here from Jersey, the talented 19-year-old brings experience, power and the versatility to play either back court wing positions and also fill in as a hitter.”

“She also rocks a massive rack, yummy legs and a truly thick ass that I’d like to becomes friends with. There’s your visual for the folks at home!”

“Of course we’d be cheating the public if we didn’t mention the breathtaking newest recruit, Kate Upton. Where to start with Kate. Maybe with her supermodel-like height and facial beauty. Or maybe her mouthwatering tits, which after watching her for the last 2 weeks, I can say with certainty are at least double D! And I don’t mean one tit is a D and the other is a D to equal DD…I mean a legit double D bra size.”

“Now how did 8th place Highland College grab the top ranked high schooler in the nation?”

“For one, the best recruiter in the nation in the form of Scarlett Johannson. Secondly, new coach Erica Durance made a point to go up to Michigan several times to have 1-on-1 visited with the well-endowed 18-year old. And to top it off, Highland College hired the woman who most volleyball insiders believe is responsible for shaping Upton’s early career.”

“You mean the controversial hiring of ex-beach volleyball star Cobie Smulders. Until recently she was one-half of the nations best beach pairing and was on the verge of representing the country at the last Olympics. Until she got busted for a DUI and further drug charges laid against her. For the past 2 years she’s been coaching in the North and has really shaped Kate into the nations top young player.”

“Back to the action! Gillies serves it up and this time Met U can keep it inbounds but only manage to weakly hit it back to our Highlanders. Junior transfer Caity Lotz with a calm pass to fellow rookie AnnaSophia Robb. The 18-year-old sets up to pass to the under-utilized Taylor Swift but no! Instead she pulls off a difficult back set to Upton. She raises her 5’10 frame high into the air and drops the hammer! Game point to Highland College and that’s it.”

“It’s that type of play from the youngster Robb that will have her pushing the incumbent setter Hayden Panettiere nervous about her own playing time. Well that’s it for us tonight. Join us back here next Friday night for the Highlanders season opener!”

*          *          *

“Okay ladies, gather around,” Coach Erica Durance shouted out.

The girls were still being loud and excited from their crushing victory over their most recent rival but Erica needed to address them with some final take-away points. Despite the fact that the team was solid last season, in only a short amount of time the new coach felt like she was able to add several important pieces and now had a title contending team. However, she had to keep the success from going to their heads.

“Nice win tonight ladies but now the hard work really begins. No more of these easy victories over lesser schools. Next game we play a real time and start the regular season,” she began. “I’m also aware that tonight is the big team party where typically hazing occurs. As you all know, we are getting watched tightly since our school has a reputation of this type of thing.”

“By whatever do you mean coach,” Hayden asked in a mock innocent voice.

“Can the crap Panettiere. I’m not too far removed from your position so I know it’ll happen no matter what. But I don’t want to lose any of you by you girls getting caught and then being suspended for the season. So listen, do individual hazing spread over multiple locations tonight. I recommend recording the fucking, watching it all together tonight in a private place while you drink then delete the contents afterwards. Do this for me and I’ll give you Saturday, and Sunday off to recover from the party. That’s all I have to say. Shower up and for God’s sake don’t get caught!”

The veterans were quite impressed by the demeanor of their new coach. When Megan had been appointed commissioner of the hazing activities, she was slightly worried but it since the school had been forced to crack down on such events. It was due to several pledges rushing sororities who spilled the beans of what their initiation had so now the whole school was on lockdown. But hearing Erica helping them, rather than attempting to block the event made the team respect their new coach more.

The girls took another 10 minutes to hoot and howler about how well they did out in the game before they began to strip. Off went their red-and-gold uniforms and were replaced with large towels to wrap around their sweaty bodies. Taking Erica’s advice, the team migrated towards the showers to wash after another tiring game and get fresh for the night’s entertainment. When they were all back in the main changing room area, Megan stood up on one of the benches in the center of the room and addressed her teammates.

“Okay, listen up rookies. Welcome to your Hell weekend. For the next two days, you lose ALL your rights and freedoms and belong to us. You will each be given a big sister who is in charge of you. You will care out their wish no matter how humiliating. Failure and well…you don’t want to fail.”

“Man I can’t wait to be on the other end of hazing this year,” Taylor Swift said to her girlfriend Hayden.

“Yeah, whatever, I’m trying to listen,” the tiny blonde responded coldly.

“Liz, your mentor will be…Ashley,” Megan shouted after picking the fellow brunette’s name from the hat. “Ms. Greene I’m sure will have lots of fun with you.”

“You bet I will,” Ashley smiled widely. “The big sister for Kate Upton is…Taylor!”

“YES,” the tall blonde shrieked loudly. “And I already have my event planned out!”

“Yes, very nice,” Megan said dismissively to the excited girl. “Come pick the next name out of the hat.”

“Oh right. Okay here we go. AnnaSophia will be governed by…our legal alien, Nina.”

“Alien? Really? I’m from like 60km North of the border. Hell, Emma is across the damn ocean yet I’m still on the end of all these foreigner jokes,” Nina scoffed.

“Kilometers? Your in America sweetheart, you mean miles,” Megan corrected.

“Whatever. Screw you guys! By the way, Megan I pulled you out of the hat so you are with Caity.”

“Awesome! Me and your freckles will have some good times. And that means Hayden is paired with your ex-roommate Ms. Watson,” Megan instructed. “Big Sisters, for the next 48 hours you own your rookie teammate. Have fun!”

*          *          *

Elsewhere on campus, the rest of the student body were getting acclimatized to Highland College. For three-quarters of the coeds attending the Californian school it was just getting back into the swing of things and figuring out where their friends were living this year around. However, the new school year also brought about the latest crop of freshmen.

One such newbie to the school was former high school head cheerleader Dianna Agron. This wasn’t her first time on campus though, as last year she had come for a campus tour and ended up getting plowed by one of the many guys who lived in residence. The experience was very positive though as she’d made up her mind to attend the college that night, while also staying in a relationship with the boy.

Clay was fortunate that the blonde freshman was easily manipulated and had gotten the girl into her bed with minimal effort. She had the most beautiful face he’d ever seen, not too mention an ass that would get him hard by just thinking of it, so he decided to tow Dianna along over the summer. It worked out well for him as the 2 hour driving distance between their houses meant he could continue his normal summer life and sleep around town without his sort of girlfriend finding out then they’d meet up every few weeks for marathon fuck sessions.

Things were gonna change now that they both attended the same school and lived minutes apart on campus. Clay liked his freedom but he figured he’d pass up some random one night stands for a little while and try out the whole boyfriend-girlfriend thing. However, the second things became dull or Dianna became too clingy then he’d cut her loose at the drop of a hat despite how insanely gorgeous the young woman was.

Another of the reasons why the older boy wanted to continue staying with Dianna was because he could push her buttons. Over the summer he began to probe into what sexual limits the younger blonde had, but thus far he hadn’t found a challenge that she wasn’t game for. He always had the fantasy of having sex in a public place and Dianna was all but willing to make that happen for him. At first it was just in a dark alleyway outside of a nightclub but once Clay got a taste for it, he wanted more. He ended up plowing her all over town including in a movie theatre, on a beach at sunset but his favorite conquest was in the library. It was only a quickie but the rush of being caught at any moment made the encounter all the more hotter.

“Hey buddy! How’s it going bro,” Clay’s roommate for another year came barging inside.

“You know me, just chilling,” he replied.

“This year’s gonna be sick man. Have you seen all the latest tail around campus? Some primo babes out there. Want to go to the beach party tonight and crush some innocent tail?”

“For sure…well until the picking up part,” Clay confessed.

“Wait. Are you telling me that the anti-monogamy legend is in a relationship,” A.J. asked his long-term friend.


“Holy shit man! No kidding. Who is hell is she,” he asked with curiosity.

“You remember that girl from the end of last year? Super hot blonde that came to visit me?”

“The high school girl? Yeah she was really hot,” A.J. thought back. “So she have you pussy whipped by now. Going to tea parties with her and dinner with the family. Making you hold her purse as she shops then you go back to her place so you can paint her toenails,” A.J. commented while almost rolling on the floor laughing.

“Fuck you buddy! I’m the one holding the whip in this relationship,” Clay shot back, not liking his friend laughing at him.

“Oh yeah? Prove it big dog.”

Not enjoying being the butt of the joke, Clay was desperate to prove his side of the story. He retrieved his laptop from his desk and cable from the drawer and went over to the TV he had set up earlier. A.J. watched as his friend plugged a few things into the back of their 55 inch screen then seconds later the screen came one. Taking up 90% of the image was the girl that he remembered Clay bragging about from last year, while his friend’s image was up in the upper right hand corner of the TV.

“We did this a week ago and I’m happy I recorded it. It’s hot as hell. Now sit back and enjoy the show then you can tell me you were wrong about me being under her control,” Clay said to him as he turned up the audio on the TV.

“Hey baby,” Clay said into his computer screen.

“I love when you call me baby,” Dianna replied.

“So did you get the package I sent you,” Clay asked.

“Yeah I have it right here,” Dianna’s sexy voice said. “Can I open it?”

“I was hoping you would. I think you’re going to like it,” Clay answered with a devilish grin.

Dianna gave him a quizzical look before tearing into the box. After using scissors to free up the edges from tape, the adorable blonde smiled widely as she laid eyes on her gift.

“You thought right,” Dianna replied. “I’ve been wanting one of these for awhile now.”

“Do you have time to use it now,” Clay asked, hoping she did.

“I’m home alone so yeah I can use it but we just started chatting,” Dianna said as she pulled her gift from the box it came in.

“Why don’t you use it while I’m here and watching,” Clay told her. “It’d be super sexy.”

“You want to watch me masturbate with this big dildo,” Dianna asked him, holding up the thick black toy.

“I would love to do that,” Clay answered.

“But this thing is twice as big as my pussy! It’ll literally rip me from stomach to ass,” Dianna shouted with a look of shock.

“You really think I’d get you a gift you couldn’t use? Trust me you’ll love it when you’re done and scream how good it was from the tree-tops,” Clay convinced.

“But it’s the size of my forearm,” Dianna continued to gawk, holding up the plastic toy in comparison with her actual forearm.

“The girl’s not that far off,” A.J. commented from the couch as he watched the scene unfold on the screen.

“We’ll start slow. First, go lock your door and give me a little strip show,” Clay instructed.

As much as she was scared, Dianna was loving the attention she was getting from her college man. She didn’t know what would happen with their relationship over the summer but they had stayed an item and would meet up to spend the day together twice a month. But now the school year was less than a week away and she couldn’t wait to spend more time with Clay.

“The door is locked…” Dianna said before she came back into the camera’s view. “And my shirt is off.”

Clay loved watching as her shirt was pulled over her head to show off her hot body. With such a petite frame, he wouldn’t have expected her to have as big of tits as she did, but they were easily more than a handful each.

“You look hot in the skirt but I want to see more skin baby,” Clay encouraged.

“No patience in boys these days,” Dianna joked before pulling down her skirt and panties is on motion, leaving her only in her running shoes.

“Leave the shoes,” Clay told her. “You never know when traction will come in handy.”

After a quizzical look, Dianna adjusted the camera so that it was pointed at her roomy bed. Bringing the dildo as well, the young blonde laid on the bed and waited for guidance.

“So what did you have in mind,” Dianna asked.

“Let’s start by playing with your tits. Rub them together, rub and pull your nipples. Whatever makes you feel good,” Clay told.

Dianna had only been use to guys staring at her chest or pawing it roughly when they got their chance with her. It wasn’t until she fucked Clay that she even realized that her tits were able to give her pleasure.

“Ummm,” Dianna moaned as she rolled her perky nipples between her thumb and finger.

“Good. Very hot,” Clay encouraged. “Now use one hand between your legs.”

Dianna listened to him and took her left hand and ran it down her tight body until it was between her milky white thighs. She had never had to pleasure herself before as guys were always trying to get with her and she was more than willing. She hoped she didn’t seem like a complete fool in front of the guy she was crushing on.

“Uh,” the blonde groaned as her finger first came into contact with her pink folds.

Just doing what made her feel good, the curious girl massaged her mound with one finger. When she felt like it would be better if her had more help, she introduced a second finger to good results.

“Nice. I knew you’d get into this. Now push those fingers into your pussy,” Clay instructed.

The high school girl slid down her folds until her fingers were on the verge of her hole then penetrated inside. Dianna had to bite down on her lip rather than scream so loud that neighbors would have heard since the feeling of something gliding into her sensitive pussy was pleasurable.

“You’re doing great now speed it up so you’re really driving in deep,” Clay advised from the computer monitor.

“Ummm….okay….ooohhhh,” Dianna agreed.

Clay loved watching as her hand quickened as it plowed into her folds and the rest of her reacted accordingly. He could tell she was thoroughly enjoying herself by the way her body was shaking from how good it was feeling. He also liked how her eyes would roll into the back of her head and she moaned louder when her fingertips brushed her G spot.

“Now add a third,” Clay ordered.

“Ungghhh,” Dianna screamed. “My pussy is so stretched and I love it!”

Dianna had no idea how amazing masturbating could feel. She figured it was a cheap substitute for sex that only girls who couldn’t get laid resorted to. But now she had a new respect for the solo act as she found out that she was better at getting herself off than most of the guys she let hump her.

“Great work. Now it’s time for the big black cock,” Clay informed.

“Okay. I think I’m ready,” Dianna said bravely while taking her fingers from her wet hole.

“You are, trust me. So take the dildo and put it on the ground,” Clay told her.

“Really?” Dianna asked, quite confused now.

“It might be hard to push it in when you’re thrashing around on the bed so I’m going to have you ride the cock on the floor. Just like when you rode me in the bushes on Tom Sawyer Island in Disneyland,” Clay told her, making the blonde blush with the last few words.

Even though apprehensive, the high school girl did as he wanted and set the rubber dick on the ground, adjusted the camera and set up over it. Taking a deep breath to steady her nerve, the sexy teenager got on her knees and sat down until she felt her pussy contact the tip.

“This is for you,” Dianna said into the camera as her man’s eyes were glued to the spectacle.

Clay couldn’t help but be both worried and turned on when her big hazel eyes opened widely as the head of the rubber cock penetrated her. To her credit, Dianna just took a moment to make herself relax and get adjusted to the size before continuing to slide down the massive toy.

“Amazing blondie. Told you it wouldn’t rip you in half,” Clay said.

“It hurts…but it kinda feels good,” Dianna had to admit as she rode the first few inches in her stretched pussy.

Dianna was determined to get the whole toy inside her since it didn’t tear her apart right away like she first thought. Biting down on her plump lower lip, the petite blonde sunk lower down until half of the fake cock was inside her.

“Wow,” Clay gasped as he saw her take more of the toy into her tight hole.

With a moaning face permanently etched on her face, Dianna rode the rubber dick as hard as her legs allowed her. Riding on the toy so her long wavy hair and perky tits bounced continuously, she kept taking more and more of her gift into her.


“I took it all,” Dianna screamed in joy as she felt her juicy ass thump against the floor.

“Step one accomplished. Now I want you to cum,” Clay told her.

“That won’t be a problem. I’m so close already,” the blonde relied.

Clay continued to watch in his empty dorm room as the teen bounced on the cock with great force. She’d been at it for some time already, illustrated by the layer of sweat that had formed on her sun-kissed skin, making it glisten even more in the lighting.

Noticing that she was on the verge of her orgasm for the last several minutes now but without ever seeming to tip the scale, Clay knew exactly what would get her over the edge.

“Use your hand to rub your clit,” Clay told the tiring girl.

Doing as he said, the horny blonde shot her hand down, found her clit and massaged it as instructed. The results were almost instantaneous as she felt her body tighten up before having her orgasm wash over her.

“OOOOOOOOOO,” Dianna screamed, not caring if anyone was home or if windows were open.

“That was so hot,” Clay gawked. “Told you you’d like it.”

“It was amazing! I won’t ever doubt you again,” Dianna panted with exhaustion after her energetic masturbation.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Clay said with a wicked grin.

“Oh no. What do you and that sadistic mind have in store for me now,” Dianna asked with an open mind.

“Let’s just say you won’t have to wait until college to experiment,” Clay replied before explain his plan to her. “But first, why don’t you…oh never mind. You probably wouldn’t do it.”

“No tell me! I’ll do anything,” Dianna pleaded.

“It’s more of a college thing so I doubt you’d want to do it,” Clay said as he felt her will being manipulated.

“I can do anything those skanky bitches can do,” Dianna replied. “Beside I’ll be one of them in less than week.”

“Okay then. Lick off the dildo,” Clay told her.

“But my pussy was just on there,” Dianna said.

“I knew you weren’t ready,” Clay replied.

“Wait!” Dianna shouted. Picking the dildo off the floor, Dianna closed her eyes and slid the tip into her mouth. She gave the fake cock a blowjob for a few minutes to be sure she got all of her sweet nectar off the first several inches. For the rest of the toy she used her tongue to slurp up her cum before looking at the screen to see Clay’s pleased face.

“And…” Clay asked.

“I taste great! I had no idea it was sooo sweet. Almost better than chocolate,” Dianna admitted before licking the toy further to make sure she left none behind. “Now what’s the other thing you had planned?”

“Alright I think you can handle it. I want you to hook up with another girl,” he told her.

“But I’m not into girls,” the blonde replied point blank.

“I know but I think it would be super sexy and…”

“Shit. Battery died,” the real Clay said to his friend, who was still staring at the blank screen.

“Get your fucking charger! I wanna watch your hot girl munch out one of her sexy friends,” A.J. screamed at him.

“Relax bud. I don’t have the video for it…yet. All that’s left on that is me convincing her to hook up with her best friend. She called me a few days ago and told me it would have to wait until later since her friend was out of town. But her text an hour ago said it’s on…tonight!”

“You are one lucky asshole, you know that,” A.J. said while his erection slowly went down.

“You know it buddy,” Clay said, reclined in his chair with hands behind his head and a broad smile on his face. “Time for some video games?”

*          *          *

“So remember back when you got this job I told you there would be conditions,” Erica asked her assistant coach.

“Yes…,” Cobie Smulders replied stopping what she was doing to look over at Erica.

“Well I just got a message from our highly professional Athletic Director,” the head coach shared. “He wants to see us. Post haste as well.”

“I’m assuming…” Cobie started before Erica finished it for her.

“That he’s gonna fuck you silly? That’s 100% right,” the large-chested woman answered her question. “Now help me finish picking these balls up off the floor so that you can get on with your duties.”

“Man this sucks,” the lithe Cobie sulked.

“Just imagine that the jaded old pervert you’re about to get fucked by is just one of your ex-pupils you would coach. Sure he won’t be a teenage girl, but at the end of the day you’d have slept with both of them,” Erica commented, bringing up another of the reasons why Cobie was often seen as too risk to hire; her past with having sex with her players.

“Cute,” the slim woman retorted, firing a ball in Erica’s direction that missed by an inch. “Just show me to the fucker’s office and let’s get it over with.”

*          *          *

“Ms. Durance and Ms. Smulders are here for you Mr. Keane…again,” the voice of his secretary announced through the intercom.

“Let them in,” he replied.

A couple of seconds passed before the door to his grand office opened and in stepped the pair of sexy Canadian beauties that were running his flagship sports team at the university. Despite having seen her fairly regularly since her appointment as head volleyball coach, Erica and her massive tits still made his cock stiffen every time, especially when dressing in a low cut blouse and pencil skirt, obviously having had time to change out of her practice attire.

However, this was the first time meeting the controversial assistant coach of the team, a woman with the aptly last name of Cobie Smulders. The woman was in her early thirties, much like Erica was, and was of equal height of around 5’8.

Upon entering into his office for the first time that fall, Erica remembered back to her first meeting with Paul Keane in which Cobie’s name was brought up.

*          *          *

Flashback: 3 Months Prior

“I’m here for the year-end review of the team and scholarships sir,” Erica announced, letting the old pervert know she was here for business purposes only.

“Yes I know. Have a seat,” Paul instructed. “Before we start, drink?”

“Um…sure, what the hell. Whiskey neat, three fingers,” Erica replied without skipping a beat.

“Excellent choice.” Paul went about walking from around his desk to the designated bar area in his office. He picked up the clear vase holding amber liquid and poured two glasses of it before walking back to his leather chair. He kept one for himself then extended his arm to give the other to the large-chested woman sitting on the other side of his large wooden desk.

“Hope you don’t mind but I added two drops of spring water to the single malt. I find it really helps to elicit more flavor.”

“How can I argue with a man who knows his way around a good scotch,” Erica replied with one of her trademark smirks.

“So down to business,” the Athletic Director said after a sip of the amber liquid. “Whose scholarships are coming off the books?”

“Amanda Seyfried is graduating so she’s gone. So is Taylor Momsen…”

“Momsen? Wasn’t she a freshman,” Mr. Keane asked while scanning the paperwork she gave him.

“As you can see she’s had a plethora of behavioral misconducts and streaky play. The scholarship will be void since she got written up for underage drinking in the dorms so it won’t be that big of a blow. Plus, she’s just a really big cunt,” Erica told.

“Hmmm. Fine. She looked promising but I guess she couldn’t make the step up. Anyone else?”

“Vanessa Hudgens. Another senior that’s graduating but I don’t see it as a huge loss. She was another with potential but largely underperformed, especially after her amazing first year campaign. Plus Olivia Wilde left halfway through the year.”

“Bloody hell that’s almost half the team and all were extremely beautiful,” Paul summarized. “Who are the replacements?”

“Emma Watson came over between semesters and wasn’t able to play but we’ll have her for the next three seasons. From seeing her in practice, she’ll take Seyfried’s spot and fill in seamlessly,” Erica started.

“Right, the English broad. Your predecessor Gellar was really high on her,” Keane voiced. “She thought she could go All-American.”

“I agree, she has all the tools and was a real coup,” Erica said, her replied sandwiched between sips on her whickey.

“Who else do you plan on adding?”

“Then from my beach volleyball days have come in handy. I’ve already secured the biggest talent in the country. Her name is Kate Upton and she’s going to be a serious star! I helped mentor her two years ago and she’s the most promising girl I’ve ever dealt with. She’ll be a starting hitter with Taylor Swift for next year,” she replied.

“Your report says 5’10, only a D average but we can pardon that. Nice high school stats and whoa! What a knockout!”

“Yeah I think she does some swimsuit modeling on the side,” Erica added.

“Okay get Scarlett to process the paperwork on her,” Keane replied. “Next?”

“To replace Vanessa in the lineup I’ve recommended to you AnnaSophia Robb. She’s a tiny blonde girl but I think she’ll fill in nicely for Hayden Panettiere if she ever gets injured or needs a break.”

“Adorably cute, gorgeous face and such a tight little body. I like her already,” he concluded. “I’m concerned she’s not that sexy though.”

“Look at the second photo sir,” Erica said confidently.

Paul wasn’t to keen on the short girl as he looked at the first photo provided by his scout team. Very pretty and adorable, but he was concerned that men, especially the perverts on the booster club couldn’t imagine her as a sexual creature. His mind instantly changed when he say the next picture. The tight blonde was in a skin-tight dress and viewed her from the side. From this angle her ass stuck a good 8 inches out from her back, giving her the plumped bubble butt he’d ever seen any girl possess, especially on of her sizes.

“So that takes us to a total of 8 girls. Keeping in mind we can usually find a serviceable player via walk-on tryouts, I’d like 2 more…”

“Then weave some magic because you only have 1 scholarship left. 3 girls have left the team, already 3 are in plus I’ve allocated one more full ride but no more,” Keane interrupted.

“Okay. Then I’ll go for Elizabeth Gillies. She’s showed extreme potential in high school but was injured senior year, however she’s criminally underrated with not the most jaw-dropping stats but she’s a big-game player that always plays better than that sheet of numbers would suggest,” she explained.

“Pretty face, pouty lips and a fairly flawless body. Plus she has a little sparkle in her eye that screams slutty, which I can appreciate. Anything else I should know about her,” Keane asked.

“Trust me those photos don’t her physique justice! Her ass is so meaty round that you’ll want to sink your teeth into it and her tits her perfectly sized and seem to defy gravity with how perky they are. Plus she has this whole bitchy, unapprochable vibe that will be fun seeing her turned into a cock-crazing slut,” she added.

“Sold! Good work Ms. Durance, you seem to really understand me. I think you and I will have a very fruitful relationship together. Now, is there anyone that you have your eye on for a team spot that would come for free?”

“Actually I took a look at the most promising high school seniors in the state but most have committed elsewhere so I dug a little deeper and looked at any transfer students coming next year to Highland College and I found a diamond in the rough. Caity Lotz. She’s an in-state transfer from San Diego. She has the factor all boys love, that sexy-cute look about her. She’s short but has a strong build, especially her legs and ass. Plus she has the most adorable freckles dotting across her nose,” Erica cooed.

Keane signed off on all the forms that he needed to and left them for Erica to gather up. She knew exactly what he was doing as the gathering of papers from the low desk made her bend over and present her generous amount of cleavage to his eye field. Then again, she wore the push-up bra and left several buttons of her blouse undone specifically for him to gaze at her D-cup tits so she couldn’t blame him. She turned away from him and left his office quickly, being sure to really sway her hips and let the pervy old man adore her plump behind one last time before the doors closed.

“Hmm…must be feeling my age more lately. After nailing the receptionist at lunch I wasn’t even able to get a half-boner while staring at Erica’s massive cleavage. Oh well, she’ll be around for a while now.”

“Now there is one final matter to discuss,” the heavy-chested woman spoke. “I’d also like to add a member to my coaching staff.”

“That’s a perfectly fine request,” he replied. “To be expected the incoming coach brings in some coaches with her. Who is it?”

Erica dug into her leather briefcase and withdrew a file. Sliding the document towards the Athletic Director, Mr. Keane opened it and stared at the front cover of the resume inside.

“Now hear me out,” Erica started before being interrupted.

“Cobie Smulders? Isn’t she in jail? Her arrest was crippling to the Olympic Beach program for a several seasons.”

“Her dad’s one of the best defence attorneys in the States. She’s been up in Canada coaching. She’s recovered, not drinking or doing drugs anymore,” Erica told him, hoping that was still the case.

“Bloody hell Durance! Why in the hell are you gonna put your reputation on the line for that coke head!”

“You’ve made it clear my job and salary bonuses are structured on performance. I need the best coaches to train these girls,” she answered honestly.

Paul thought for a long moment, rubbing his chin. If he allowed this transaction to go through, and that was a big if, then he would need good reason. Erica seemed to know this as well and she began speaking again.

“My suggestion is a non-guaranteed contract that could have her fired at any time. Every month she’s still part of the staff during the season she gets a bonus. If she makes it the full season than that unlocks the next year of her contract,” Erica said.

“That’s a no-brainer,” Paul replied. “I need something…more.”

Erica knew that he was a pervert and that a sound business idea wasn’t going to be enough to secure what she wanted. It was for this reason that she wore the blouse with ample amounts of cleavage showing plus a super-tight skirt that did well to show that curves of her extremely fit ass.

“Well that I believe we can work out,” she said in a husky voice.

*          *          *
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*          *          *

Present Day

“Erica! Always nice to see you and your wonderful twins,” Paul Keane said as his eyes drifted down to her cleavage.

Erica was snapped out of her memory and back into the present. Recovering quickly she flashed him her beautiful smile then spoke, “Likewise Mr. Keane.”

“And Ms. Smulders. You are looking more beautiful by the day,” he added to the slender woman.

“Guilty as charged,” she joked.

“Have a seat ladies,” he offered, gesturing to the two chairs in front of his desk. “I’ll be blunt. I obviously called you hear in regards to our deal, namely to fuck you whenever I want. Also to remind you the Board is keeping a close eye on hazing so don’t let your girls get too crazy this weekend.”

“Yes sir,” Erica replied without missing a beat.

“Now let’s get done to business. I have a short notice trip I have to leave for in an hour but that should leave us just enough time,” Paul added.

The two women were well versed in their arrangement at this point. Reaching across the wooden desk that separated them, Erica lightly clutched his wrist in her hand. Slowly bringing it towards her, she used her free hand to open up his fist and isolate his pointer finger. Opening her mouth wide, she placed the entire digit into her warm wet mouth before closing her lips in a tight but comfortable seal. She moved his finger backwards, massaging the underside of his flesh with her tongue all the while.

“And here I was thinking I was getting old,” he thought, his pants bulging underneath the table.

As Erica used one hand to steady his wrist so she could give his finger a mock blowjob, her other hand went down her body and found her buttons. One by one she undid each of the plastic circles until her white blouse was completely split open in the front, exposing her deep cleavage held within her black satin bra with white frill around the edges.

Meanwhile Cobie stood from her chair and walked over to the whiskey bottle with the tumblers beside it. Pouring the amber fluid into the fine crystal, the troubled adult filled it nearly to the brim. With another look over her shoulder at the 55-year old man she was being blackmailed into sleeping with, the brown-haired beauty slammed the glass back and finished the whiskey in two long sips.

“Yes…get that big cock in your mouth,” Paul encouraged.

Cobie had crossed the room after fueling herself with the fiery liquid courage and had joined the Athletic Director on his side of the large desk. Before dropping down to her knees in front of him, the much older man cupped her around the back of her head and brought her in for a tongue-filled kiss. It repulsed Cobie to no end and she was grateful when his grip weakened and she was able to slink her way down to kneel on the floor.

Erica sucked on his finger while Cobie had the older man’s pants undone and around his ankles in no time. The large breasted woman released his hand and took her lips away from him so that Paul could lean back and sit in his chair as her assistant coach worked his tool into her mouth. It drew a moan from the horny man and took his concentration away from her as he focused solely on Cobie.

The busty woman used her friend to preoccupy the old man while she pulled off her clothing one piece at a time. She folded her blouse and pencil skirt into a pile on her chair, which she soon added her large bra, exposing her D cup tits to the room. Erica ran her hands down her chest over her freed boobs, pressing them together and giving her hard nipples a pinch to elicit a moan from herself. She considered kicking off her black high heels but then remembered Paul’s fondness of a completely naked woman in heels only so she left them on and removed her matching black and white thong.

“A truly exquisite body Ms. Durance,” Mr. Keane admired while his dick was being milked by Cobie Smulders’ mouth.

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” she responded in a flirty tone.

With a smile still splashed across her pretty face, the busty woman sat her well-shaped ass on the cleared desk with her back now facing the man. Lifting her legs up, Erica swung her body around so she was now facing Paul with her lower legs dangling on either side of his body.

“I hope this is for me because I am famished,” Paul said to the busty woman.

Cobie had the older man’s dick in her mouth as she bobbed on most of his 8 inches with her lips. She didn’t have the rare technique of taking a cock all the way down her throat, but she more than made up for that with speed. She was a blur between his legs as she moved swiftly, not caring that a good deal of her own spit ended up on her face.

“Oh…yes…eat that pussy,” Erica cooed.

The sexy volleyball coach was now laying flat on her back with legs spread, the space filled up by the Athletic Director’s head. After kissing his way down her incredibly curvy body, being sure to linger for minutes at a time with her perfect breasts. Finally he reached her pink pussy with the only remaining hair being a thin strip of neatly brown fur directly above her hood.

Paul preferred to munch some rug while his dick was being sucked. He found that it helped distract him so that he could still drink in all the pleasure that she provided, but he wouldn’t be pushed too close to an orgasm, leaving him free to fuck them for longer. Currently, Cobie’s mouth was doing a hell of a job choking down his shaft and occasionally sucking on his shaven nuts, meaning that Erica benefited even greater from his extreme attention.

“Fuck your tasty,” Paul shared, taking his break in quite some time.

“Well now that you’ve got me all warmed up, why don’t you reap your reward,” Erica said with a raised eyebrow.

“Your cock is all good to go,” Cobie told him, spit strings still connecting her lips to his pole.

“Actually I had something else in mind,” he replied.

Erica had an idea what that was, and it was confirmed when she felt his tongue extend into her groove between her luscious ass cheeks and lick towards her pussy. He never arrived at her pink slit though, as once he felt her crinkled backdoor he lingered on the hole, repeatedly lapping at the puckered entrance.

The dirty blonde-haired woman understood that giving up her ass every now and then was part of the deal. It didn’t much bother her, after all she’d been taking it up the rear since she was 17 years old. It also helped that he always used lube, which he was currently fetching from his top left hand drawer. The real kicker was that he had a talent for sodomy, being both gentle yet firm which allowed the volleyball coach to cum more often than not.

“Take aim and…boom. We have contact,” Cobie narrated.

Having squirted a healthy dollop onto his finger to rub around Erica’s sphincter, Paul also placed some on his other palm to rub around his spit-soaked cock. With both of them now lubricated, the horny man placed the tip of his member against her crinkled asshole. Once he felt her relax and the tone in her ring muscle loosen he pushed in and instantly his head disappeared inside the busty woman.

“Ugh,” Erica groaned in slight discomfort.

“Just relax princess and it’ll get better,” Cobie somewhat comforted.

“Trust me, this isn’t her first rodeo with a cock in her backdoor,” Keane clarified.

The Athletic Director allowed Erica to have a few seconds to grow accustom to the addition into her bowels and adapt. By the time he pushed the next inch forward he noted a lot less resistance, which allowed him to push a third of his tool into her dry heat. Stopping, he reversed course until only his head remained gapping her hole before repeating the process. It only took a few more efforts like that until the majority of his cock was spearing into the younger woman’s rectum.

“Oh yes! Your fucking huge dick is in my ass baby,” Erica encouraged.

Her words were extremely true, as with his last thrust he stroked the entirety of his member into her wanting bum. He was still going slow, allowing the woman to still adapt to the anal disturbance, but the way Erica was cooing gave him the impression she was ready for more.

Paul wrapped fingers of one hand onto Erica’s hip to both hold her tightly and rock her back towards him the next time he pierced her ass. She screamed sharply but not due to pain, but rather because it felt great to have her asshole fucked by a real man. Meanwhile his other hand reached over to Cobie, clutching her slightly wavy brown hair and pulling her in for a hard kiss.

“You like watching as I anally take your friend,” he asked the leggy woman.

“Love it,” she replied. “Gets me so hot…and wet.”

“What’s your favorite part of it,” he asked.

Cobie was brought in for another passionate, albeit forceful kiss before she could answer. She let her eyes wonder down their two bodies, sweeping down Paul’s surprisingly muscular body as beads of sweat began appearing on his brow and chest from the exertion.

The brunette couldn’t help but notice that each thrust into her friend’s rectum caused her heavy tits to sway upwards, threatening to smack her in the face every time. However despite the hard ass fucking she was on the receiving end of, Erica seemed to really be thriving in the current situation.

Reaching her hand down between their toned bodies, Cobie rested the back of her hand against Erica’s unused slit. The busty dirty blonde moaned with extra volume under the contact, but that wasn’t why the brunette Canadian did so. Instead, it was only a means for her so that she could extend her slim fingers down around Erica’s current fuck hole, feeling the repeated penetration by Paul’s engorged member.

“Knowing that this classy looking broad can take a stiff cock in her backside with ease,” she finally replied. “Now I’m gonna sit on this bitch’s face and shut her up for a little while. As long as that’s okay with you?”

“I’ll allow it,” Paul smiled.

After another kiss, Cobie broke away from the older man and climbed atop of the large desk. She was still nimble from year of being an athlete so it took the slender brunette no time or effort at all to get in position.

Erica had heard the words of her friend and fellow volleyball coach so wasn’t surprised to feel milky smooth thighs placed on either side of her face. Despite the cock that was pistoning into her asshole, she found herself not focused on that, instead her concentration was drawn to the pussy dangling inches in front of her face.

“Hope you’re hungry,” she heard Paul say.

With that several things happened to the beautiful busty woman all at once. First was Paul Keane driving his dick deep into her backside in one strong and fast motion. His pelvis drilled against hers as he bottomed out in her anal canal, allowing him to be close enough to reach out with both hands and grope her perfect tits roughly.

However Erica barely recognized the tougher treatment delivered by the Athletic Director. At that moment, her lips and tongue were working on Cobie’s bright pink pussy that had just been placed right down on her mouth. It was wet already, but more importantly it was tasty, which made the busty woman eagerly lick deep within the cavern, losing herself in how delicious a treat it was.

Cobie tasted like a mixture of honey and strawberries with just the hint of something acidic, almost like a fine balsamic vinegar. Erica enjoyed it greatly and was eager for more, so she drove her tongue deep inside her snatch to lick up every last taste. Of course, as the volleyball coach with the beautiful albeit atypical face pleasured Cobie with her mouth, Paul Keane was deriving great pleasure from her asshole.

“Mhmm…awhh…gawwwhh,” Erica moaned, muffled by the vagina over her mouth.

Of course Erica wasn’t the only woman on the desk who was enjoying herself. Though Cobie wasn’t the easiest person to please, she had to give credit where credit was due, and that meant acknowledging that the larger breasted woman could really lick twat.

Being engulfed in the moment and forgetting that it was her good friend’s face that she was sitting on, Cobie ignored all that as she neared an orgasm. Normally the long-legged Canadian took much longer to cum, but Erica really knew her way around a pussy.

Cobie reached down and grabbed a handful each of Erica’s impressive rack. They were fake but that didn’t stop them from looking and feeling tremendous. Now with a solid support base, the dark-haired athlete began hinging her hips forward and back, effectively grinding her wet slit on her best friend’s face.

“Oh Lord that’s good,” Cobie groaned in glee.

Erica appreciated the compliment but at this point she was having little to do with making Cobie feel so good. In fact she was effectively being used as a fuck toy on both ends of her body as Paul plowed her tight arse while the brunette crushed her slit against the length of her face. In fact Erica could feel her friend’s opening frequently rub against her nose, feeling it dip inside her wetness before it presented back to her mouth, which allowed the busty woman to get her tongue back inside to taste her liquid sweetness.

“You’re close, aren’t you,” more a statement rather than a question by Paul.

“Mhmm…so close,” she cooed in response.

“Then cum. Cum all over your friend’s face,” he instructed pointedly.

Normally the defiant attitude very much present in the leggy Canadian meant she put up an argument when told explicitly to do something, but this time she’d make a rare exception. She pulled back one hand from groping Erica’s lovely tits and placed it between her legs, finding her exposed clit. As she began rubbing herself, Cobie narrowed her grinding so that she only rocked by an inch directly above the blonde’s mouth, allowing the talented licker to exhibit her skill once again.

Knowing that she was extremely close to cumming, Paul attempted to help the slender woman along. Since she was already pleasuring her sensitive nub and Erica’s mouth was doing a hell of a job on her pussy, the Athletic Director targeted the last of her available pleasure zones.

It would only be a matter of minutes before Cobie came, and by the build-up it was going to be a big one. However, that timetable was moved up considerably by presence of two smooth yet large hands encasing her small but perky breasts. Paul must have moved his grip from holding Erica’s hips as he drove into her bum and moved them to her body, currently using his fingers to tease and pull on her erect nipples.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” Cobie swore. “Fuckkkkkk mmmeeeee!”

“God you’re so sexy when you cum,” Paul told the woman who recently stopped grinding her pussy on her friend’s face. “Come over here.”

Having already been brought to orgasm by Erica’s talented mouth, Cobie swung her long leg back over the busty woman’s face. Now free of her touch she hopped down back off the desk and walked over to Mr. Keane, who immediately reached up and pulled her in for another kiss.

“You’re gonna make me cum so fucking hard,” Erica swore.

These words seemed to encourage the horny older man, making him stroke into her backside faster, causing her large tits to bounce even more, now threatening to smack her in the face with each thrust. Paul was definitely enjoying himself but in the back of his mind he was hoping that the younger woman would hurry up and orgasm because the way her asshole was hugging his cock was causing him to draw closer to his own.

“Bend down…lick her clit,” Paul ordered.

“Time to repay the favor I suppose,” Cobie thought.

Cobie didn’t hesitate, in fact she was wanting to do it for awhile now but was waiting for the go-ahead. Now possessing the approve, the Canadian stunner leaned over, bending in half at the waste and snaked her head between Erica’s supine body and Paul’s wildly thrusting hips. Sticking her tongue out as far as she could, Cobie rested her brown locks on Erica’s taut stomach as she lap out at her exposed clit.

“Holy shit…just like that,” Erica bellowed, her orgasm eminent. “Fuuccckkkk! I’m cumming!”

Paul heard her loud words then felt the truth in them, as Erica’s asshole clamped down like nothing he’d ever experienced before. He had to stop thrusting into her tight bum as the busty woman rode out her orgasm, however much to her pleasure Cobie didn’t stop lapping at her sensitive nub.

“God your asshole is amazing,” Paul said, his chest covered in sweat from the exertion. “And got even better when you came.”

“I do what I can,” the exhausted woman huffed, her large chest heaving with labored breathing.

“Do me a favor and clean this off,” Paul said, swinging 90 degrees to square up to the leggy brunette.

“Let’s talk leverage. I don’t feel like a good ol’ assfucking today while you want me to suck you dick after it was in my friend’s pumper,” Cobie explained.

“Yeah, yeah, deal. Just get those magic lips back around my junk,” he said.

The moment the brunette’s mouth was open Paul jerked his hips forward and buried his pole deep in her oral cavity. Despite her initial apprehension, Cobie showed none of that now as she eagerly engulfed half his cock into her gullet. Even though the Athletic Director thoroughly enjoyed sodomizing the busty coach, receiving a sloppy blowjob once again by Ms. Smulders rivaled it in terms of pleasure. Plus there was the added benefit of knowing it was warm from freshly leaving a backside made Paul clamp his eyes closed and think of unsexy thoughts as to not blow too soon.

“How’s my ass tasty baby,” Erica asked.

The busty dirty blonde still laid flat on her back on the desk, her asshole still gaped open just slightly, though every second caused the resilient muscular ring to tighten back up. The head coach was reveling in watching the degrading sexual act her assistant coach was forced to do, mainly because Cobie could be a real pain in the ass sometimes.

“Surprisingly good,” Cobie said.

As if to accentuate her point, the dark-haired beauty took his tip from her mouth after grinding it along her inner cheek until it came free of her lips with an audible pop. Holding it up high against his gut with her hand, Cobie stuck out her tongue and proceeded to run it up and down the underbelly of his tool, licking off any traces of Erica’s ass from him. She did the same with either side of his fleshy pole as well, followed next by the top side then took him back into her mouth and bobbed her head on him a few more times for good measure.

“Alright, fit that tight pussy on my dick now,” Paul instructed.

Once Cobie’s mouth and hand were free of his cock, the older man took a step back and found the plush seating of his large office chair. By the time he had sat back and got comfortable he felt the smooth, long legs of Cobie Smulders appear on either side of his larger, hairier thighs.

“Fuck,” she moaned as she engulfed half his length in her snatch.

The sexy Canadian wasted no time, having reached between her legs to find his cock and line it up with her sex. He was completely smothered in her spit from her messy blowjob, but she still dragged his tip through her slit a few times to gather up some of her own juices before sitting on his rod.

Given the furious ass fucking he had just given Erica Durance, Paul was pleased that the dark-haired beauty elected for a slower ride. Cobie had taken the approach of an almost teasing speed as she would descend downwards but only take an extra half-inch of his tool inside her before making her way back up. It took her a good few minutes before she had taken his entire spear into her wet heat, at which time the older man had recovered enough stamina to go out in a blaze of glory.

“Let’s have you switch into high gear now,” he told the riding woman.

Cobie felt the horny guy clutch her hips tightly to have more of a say now in her pace. The Canadian stunner was extremely fit, so she smiled down at him and did as he asked. Riding to the top of his stick, she let her knees drop and allowed her body weight and gravity to do the work for her. Immediately she speared herself completely on him, drawing moans from both of them.

“Is that better,” the bouncing brunette asked.

Paul didn’t bother replying, not when he could stare at her small but perky tits jiggling invitingly in his face. Wanting more than just to look at the perfectly shaped breasts, capped by an adorable pink nipple, the Athletic Director slumped his head forward and took her into his mouth.

Of course by trying to held her areola in his mouth was akin to attempting to hold on to a bucking bronco at full flight. Cobie had taken off the training wheels now and was plummeting down on Paul with reckless abandonment. More often than not Paul’s lip lock on her nipple proved wanting as the bouncing girl simply was working at too fast of a speed. When a woman was pounding herself like this, all he could do was hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

“Bring those big tits over here Ms. Durance,” he ordered. “I want them in my face right away.”

“Gotta like a man who knows what he wants,” the busty woman countered.

The tall dirty blonde rose up from the desk to a seated posture and gave her neck a stretch. Getting her heeled feet under her, Erica got off the desk with a hop and made the very short walk over to the sweaty pair. Though Cobie was a well trained former athlete who was still very fit, even she was working up a thin layer of sweat on her trimmed body from the extreme riding.

“Mhmm…yes. Just like that,” Erica moaned.

Paul immediately stopped trying to corral Cobie’s small tits with his mouth and instead focused on the much larger and stationary boobs belong to Erica Durance. Her breasts were excellent, large but perfectly suited to her tall body, they were fake, a modification she made once her pro career was finished but Keane didn’t mind whatsoever.

“Erica…mhmm…rub my clit,” Cobie ordered. “So close.”

Though Erica wasn’t a lesbian, or really even bi-sexual she complied with the other woman’s request. While Paul was splitting his attention being lost inside her valley of cleavage and thrusting his hips skywards into the brunette’s pussy, Erica helped out her fellow coach.

The taller woman licked her fingers to spread some spit onto them before she ran it down between the two sweaty bodies beside her. Though it was a tight fit given Paul’s beer-belly, it helped that Cobie didn’t possess an ounce of fat in her stomach. She found the top of the brunette’s slit with easy and immediately began strumming over the sensitive nub to much louder screams from the bouncing woman.

“You like that,” Erica asked.

The question was unneeded by the busty woman, as the increase in volume of Cobie’s scream clearly indicated she was thriving with the extra attention. Erica continued to match the brunette’s robust riding style with her own finger rubbing her clit, loving how she was helping to get her off. Getting absorbed in the moment, Erica didn’t know why she did it but she grabbed a handful of the other’s girl hair and yanked it back, forcing Cobie’s head to snap back. While Paul still sucked on her nipples, Erica leaned down and panted a passionate kiss onto the screaming girl’s mouth.

“Oh God oh God oh God! I’m cumming,” Cobie screamed.

And with those words the Canadian came hard all over Paul’s pistoning cock in her snatch. At the onset of their tryst, Cobie would have bet her wages that she wouldn’t have enjoyed it, but the older man proved a daft lover. Even as she experienced her intense and well deserved orgasm, the brunette continued to ride her boss’ cock, albeit with her pussy acting like a velvet clamp on his veiny member.

“Gonna cum,” Paul said, pulling out of the stunning brunette.

Cobie got the hint and pushed off his lap, backed up and dropped down to her knees. Paul took the chance to stand up, all while he stroked his cock with pace, aided by the copious amounts of Cobie’s juice coating his tool. As he beat himself off, the leggy brunette leaned in and took one of his large nuts into her mouth.

“Hope there’s one for me down there,” Erica said.

The head coach of the volleyball team joined Cobie, as she had kneeled beside her. Just like her words insinuated, Erica leaned in so that she too could collect his other nut into her mouth so that the Athletic Director had one in each of the beautiful women’s mouths. Paul was close to cumming already, but by looking down and seeing the two beautiful faces each servicing his sack proved too much for him to handle.

“Fuck! Here it comes,” he warned.

The older man took half a step back and took aim at the gorgeous pair in front of him. As he felt his balls bubble up and the cum starting to course through his lengthy shaft, he steadied his hand and allowed the first squirt to splash on Cobie’s stunningly beautiful face, streaking from her left cheekbone, over her nose and onto the corner of her mouth. The second and third pulses were directed at Erica, but at a lower angle so that it pasted across her wonderful tits. Before he drained his entire load he turned back to the Canadian’s face and emptied the rest of his stock onto her.

“My word you cum like a typhoon,” Erica noted, looking over at the coated face of her assistant coach.

“Clean each other up,” Paul instructed as he began to hunt down his clothes. “With your mouths naturally.”

“Obviously,” Cobie responded.

Paul had spent more time fucking the pair of women then he had allotted so he had to divide his attention between getting dressed and watching the show taking place behind his desk. Cobie took the initiative and leaned over to motorboat her head coach, lapping up his population pudding in the process. After she made sure to swallow it down in a deliberate manner for Paul, she rested back on her knees and allowed Erica’s skilled tongue to lick up the streaks of cum decorating her face.

“Sorry to bone and run ladies but I have a meeting I simply can’t miss. Show yourself out and good luck this season, I’ll be watching.”

*          *          *

Practice was hard, but Ashley Greene was getting use to the different style their new coach adopted. The pretty brunette was still hot under the collar from her friend’s sex story from earlier so she killed two birds with one stone by running a very cold shower. It was also nice because no one was hassling her to hurry up and give up the shower since it was so icy.

After calming down and washing off, Ashley headed to her stall in the change room and began to dry off. The girls on the team were a tight knit group so the pretty brunette had no problems whipping her towel off and standing in the buff for all to see. The girl could have been a fitness model given how perfectly trim her body was, having muscle but far from being considered too strong or ripped by any means.

“Hey, Ashley right,” the brunette heard someone say behind her.

“Yeah. How’s it going Elizabeth? What’s up,” she replied.

Ashley watched as the stunning black-haired girl’s eyes roamed her body. The junior in college had never felt more insecure about her body as she had at that moment for some reason. Elizabeth Gillies was only a freshman but she had a perfect body; huge bouncing tits, large but not too large ass and a very gorgeous face. Plus the new girl had an air of cockiness about her that bordered on unapproachable and frankly bitchy.

“Though I love idle chit-chat, I wanted to learn what my initiation was,” Elizabeth asked.

“Oh well it’s my brother’s birthday today so I want you to be his special present from me,” Ashley told her without any extra fluff in the conversation, before thinking to herself, “I hope he fucks you so hard that you don’t shit right for a week.”

“So where am I headed,” Elizabeth asked her big sister.

“His dorm room. He’s in Mandrake Hall, room 616. To get there you…,” the brunette started before being interrupted.

“I know how to get there,” the bitchy girl cut her off.

“Okay then. Be there before 7:30, that’s when he gets home after his last class.”

“So is he hot,” the freshman asked.

“Ew, gross. He’s my blood brother you sicko,” Ashley responded.

“Yikes,” the black-haired girl responded. “It was only a simple question. It’s not like I was asking if you two hook up in incestual relations.”

“Whatever. Just be there on time. Oh and where something hot and slutty. I’m sure you can manage that,” the brunette added.

*          *          *

“God that shower was needed after that intense practice,” Caity said as she stepped out of the steam-filled showers.

“That was more a track-and-field session than volleyball training,” veteran player Nina Dobrev added. “Seems like Erica likes her players fit, not that you seem to mind.”

The olive-skinned player’s comment was in regards to Caity Lotz’s physique, which for lack of a better word was ridiculous. The blonde was short but had some muscle bulk that made her appear strong but in a feminine, sexy way still. Her midriff was flat, but even the slightest contraction made her 8-pack abs come out while her history as a gymnast and dancer was responsible for her incredibly thick ass and thighs.

“Even being fit doesn’t stop the lungs from taking a beating,” the shorter girl replied.

“There you are,” Megan said.

The highly attractive black-haired girl was already dressed having been one of the first players to hit the shower. She was dressed in a pair of short jean shorts, black boots that came halfway up her lower leg and a simple black tee shirt that hung tightly to her slender but curvy body.

“Yeah I guess I loitered a bit in the hot water,” Caity responded, wrapped only in her white towel.

“Don’t worry about it. Listen, meet me in the library at 8pm tonight. Third floor in the Southwest corner is a designated area for the sports teams. We have a large study room on the right, first door,” Megan explained.

“Okay…What should I bring,” the blonde asked.

“Only your winning personality…and maybe something that shows off that beautiful body of yours. Nothing too fancy mind you,” she explained.

“I can do that,” Caity replied, already thinking of what to wear.

“Great. Eight o’clock. Don’t be late slut,” at which point Megan strolled away.

*          *          *
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*          *          *

“Hayden! Slow up short stuff,” Taylor shouted to her girlfriend.

The tall blonde wasn’t overly surprised to find that the much shorter girl didn’t listen to her and continued walking at her initial brisk pace. Taylor simply quickened her walk as well, her extremely long and toned legs now chewing up the ground beneath her as she caught up to the angered girl in only a few more seconds.

“What,” Hayden pissed as she turned around to face her girlfriend.

“Jesus Hay, relax. I just wanna talk,” the taller girl said.

Both girls still had wet hair after their post-practice showers. Neither of them bothered to dry it as Hayden was in a rush to avoid the taller girl while Taylor was hurrying out to chase her down. The soaking hair wasn’t much of a concern in the mid-autumn heat though it did soak both their shirts, turning their white clothes into see-through.

“Then talk,” Hayden replied curtly as she continued to walk. “I’ve got somewhere I need to be.”

“Okay,” Taylor said, taking a lengthy stride to catch back up to the shorter girl. “I want to clear the air with you babe. I know that there is some anger you’re harboring towards me still…”

“You wanna have this out in the fucking quad with hundreds of people around Swifty,” Hayden spat out, calling her by her common nickname.

“Not necessarily but we need to hash this out eventually and I’m sick and tired of having you mad at me,” Taylor answered. “You know why I had to do it.”

“No I really don’t,” the fiery girl said, stopping dead. “I told my parents months ago!”

“Yeah but your parents aren’t my parents Hay. Mine are God-fearing, Republican-supporting, ultra-right wing Southerns that wouldn’t accept us,” the leggy blonde retorted.

“How do you know that? You haven’t tried!”

“Come on Hayden, you know how they would have reacted,” Taylor tried to reasoned. “I only did what I did to keep us together.”

“You fucked someone else for us? Are you fucking kidding me Tay?! You did what you did for yourself, pure and simple,” Hayden hissed. “Maybe I’ll forgive you because I’m so God-damn in love with you, but it won’t be today. I need a little time Taylor so please respect that and let me go.”

This time as the short blonde walked away Taylor didn’t follow. She simply stayed rooted to the spot and watched on as Hayden walked with a purpose through the busy outdoor space until she eventually disappeared out of view. The leggy girl fought back tears as her latest attempt to sort things out between the two of them failed once again.

With nowhere to be at the moment, Taylor moved over to the fountain in the middle of the yard and perched herself on the edge. Peering off into the crystal blue waters, she thought back to the incident that had changed thing between herself and Hayden…

Flashback…Early August

The party meant for their parents to socialize with the other affluent adults was beginning to dwindle out at this point. This fact wasn’t lost on Taylor Swift when she saw the first set of adults left and knew it was the tipping point. Every few minutes it seemed another family left and she needed to seriously commit to a plan.

Taylor’s chances of getting her parents off her scent of being a lesbian were becoming slimmer by the second. Taking inventory around her, she saw that the options were limited to say the least. Across her pristine back lawn, playing in the tennis courts were 2 boys who looked around 13. There was no way she wanted something like taking their virginity with boys who still weren’t in high school, though the thought of making them men at the same time excited her greatly.

However, Taylor knew the score and realized there was only one real option. She was unwilling to sleep with barely teens while all the older men at the party were married. That didn’t mean they wouldn’t fuck her senselessly behind their wives back, but the leggy blonde didn’t want to be known as a home wrecker amongst her family’s friends. So that left Alexander Montgomery, who logically seemed ideal. He was well raised, dressed sharply and was decently looking, not to mention was only a few years her senior.

That’s where the kind summary of the rich 20-something ended though. Taylor had met him several times and each experience showcased him to be a spoiled asshole who treated others like shit. He was condescending and arrogant and felt like he was god’s gift to women. Now Taylor had to help fuel his ego by literally throwing herself on him.

“Hi Alexander, have a minute,” the Southern girl asked.

“Alexander excused himself from the older adults he was conversing with and was led by the eager blonde to a more private area of her parent’s estate. She knew that the arrogant boy was purposely walking a step behind her so that he could scope out her long toned legs and her slim yet still rounded ass.

“I have a…proposition for you Alexander,” Taylor said, discretely swallowing down bile.

“Call me Lex babe,” he replied with a smug smile that Taylor wish she could slap off of him.

“Like the name of the evil guy in the comics,” the tall girl replied.

“Evil? You mean the successful businessman who was trying to keep the alien from ending human aspirations? Does that sound like a bad guy to you,” he answered with a harsh tone.

“Are you…but…” Taylor stuttered, feeling her face get warm with anger before settling down to the manner at hand. “Anyway, listen…I’ve been noticing you across the yard and was wondering if you wanted to do for a little walk.”

“Hmm,” a smug look crossing his rich face now. “You know, when I first saw you at this party, in your little red dress, I thought to myself that you were one big slutty whore. I’m happy to see that my powers of observation re still top notch.”

Taylor wanted to stretch her arm backwards then bring her hand crashing across his face. She could picture her handprint turning red on his check as the rich boy clutched the side of his face in pain. But alas, that was only a fantasy. Here in reality she still needed the asshole to get what she wanted, chiefly using him to help convince her parents that she wasn’t a lesbian.

“What can I say,” Taylor said in a seductive voice as she stepped closer to Lex, her hand placed on his chest. “When I see something I want…I get it.”

“I bet you do. I normally prefer models but I suppose I’ll make an exception and get with a commoner just this once,” he told her in a passive tone.

Taylor not only wanted to slap his face but kick him in the balls now too. However she needed him so that was still out of the question. When he reached for her hand she had to steel her nerves and pull away from his sleazy grip despite wanting to so badly. Before he led her away, Taylor looked over her shoulder in the direction of her parents. As luck would have it, her parents were looking over at her and Lex, trading some whispered comments between them. She was glad her plan had worked, now she had to follow through with the consequences.

“It seems our children fancy each other Malinda,” Taylor’s mother said to Alexander’s.

“It appears you may be right,” the snobby woman replied. “It surprises me given that your daughter isn’t normally his type but I suppose she’ll suffice him for now.”

“In here,” Taylor said.

The leggy blonde was still leading the vile man through the trail but finally she found the spot she’d been looking for. She’d been through this part of the back forest hundreds of times with her dog so she knew exactly what she was looking for. Stepping over a downed tree trunk then bending to go under some thick branches Taylor pulled them far enough off that path that they were out of site of any onlookers but into enough of a clearing that they could move around.

When Taylor turned around to face the boy with trimmed brown hair he was already upon her. Lex wrapped a strong arm around her shoulder to control her upper half than crammed his lips against Taylor’s. It was an aggressive and sloppy kiss as the tall girl could feel his wet tongue smearing spit across her red-tinted lips and further onto her face.

While Taylor was attempting to coral his tongue back into her mouth to bring them into a more traditional make out, Lex had his own ideas. He felt the blonde capture his wayward tongue with her own as his concentration had gone to using his free hand to reach up under the blonde’s short red dress. She’d must have already removed her panties, if she’d even bothered putting them on in the first place as his two fingers easily found a home within her pussy.

“Ughhh,” Taylor grunted as his thick digits were stuffed in her barely wet mound.

“Yeah you like big Lex all up in your cunt you filthy whore,” the jerk talked in her ear.

Her body began to adapt to his touch likely more out of reflex than any sort of romantic or passionate feelings towards Lex. Her dampening pussy allowed his rough fingers to glide easier into her sex, which he gladly took advantage of. With the digits now pumping furiously into Taylor, she was spewing out a stream of moans as she got more aroused now.

“That feel good slut,” Lex taunted, his free hand roughly kneading her small yet perky chest.

Mmhmmm,” she responded, the dirty talk sadly exciting her more.

She didn’t know what it said about her that she was actually getting off on his degrading treatment of her. Taylor preferred to think that it was just being with a man again that had her so horny and not being with this asshole that was doing it for her, but she couldn’t confirm either way.

Lex had crammed a third finger easily into Taylor’s expanded squeeze box but his speed didn’t falter for a second. However he did drop his second hand from groping her tits so that he could undo his belt and pants. He accomplished his but in the process had walked Taylor backwards until her back was flush against the trunk of an old but strong oak tree.

“You gonna cum for me slut,” Lex hissed in her ear.

The rich boy had never been with a girl who was so into the rough experience before, but he was learning quickly that Taylor was no ordinary girl. The leggy blonde wasn’t necessarily strictly turned on by rough sex as she was just into mostly any different sexual encounter. Only 19 years old, the tall girl was picking up a reputation around Highland College as a girl down for anything.

“Mmhmm…yes,” Taylor responded after a few long moments, over which time Lex had pistoned his fingers into her pussy several more times.

Whether he was doing it on purpose or not, Taylor didn’t know but every time his digits slammed into her wet hole, his bulging thumb muscle on the palm of his hand rubbed her sensitive clitoris. Combining that great pleasure with the way the pads of his fingers were easily finding the special spot along her inner twat walls that were concentrated in feel-good nerves, Taylor was fixing to orgasm already.

The evil part of Lex wanted to deprive the blonde the pleasure of cumming but he figured the happier and relaxed Taylor was then the further things she’d be willing to do. Knowing she was close to passing the point of no return, Lex slammed his fingers back inside her mound but instead of withdrawing them, he left them inside. Wiggling the digits about, he repeated pressed on her G spot all while his palm massaged her pink bean.

“Cum for me,” he demanded.

“I’m cumming!”

Lex held his hand firm as the tall blonde’s body began to shutter. He was glad he had back her against the tree as it lent him the support to hold up her petite yet toned frame since his only points of contact with Taylor were the fingers buried in her pussy and the hand gripped on one of her supple teen tits.

Taylor had to really fight the urge to black out and fall asleep, as was the customary thing that happened after Hayden would make her cum in the warmth of their shared bed. However, Taylor knew that their was still a job that needed carrying out which required her to lose the orgasm-induced brain fog as quickly as she could.

Hearing the familiar sound of a belt swinging undone did the trick for the girl and she opened her eyes wide enough to glance downward in between messy kisses, which Lex had started back up.

Sure enough, Lex had his pants and boxers pulled down around his ankles with his decent sized cock standing proudly out front. It would have pleased her greatly if the cocky jerk had a stump of a wiener however Lex was hung pretty well. Her quick look wasn’t gonna give her a 100% accurate guess but she’d have thought he was 7 inches but quite thick.

“I don’t have a condom,” Lex told her while fingers deep in her extreme wet pussy.

“Shit. I’m not on the pill and am not going to chance it by just having you pull out,” Taylor shared, her bearing now fully restored.

Her plan appeared to be dead in the water at this point. She wasn’t prepared to have unprotected sex with some random guy, especially when not on any birth control. She figured it was a safe time to go off the pill considering it’s hard to get pregnant when the only time something goes up her pussy is either Hayden’s tongue or one of their many dildos in their vast collection. Plus without actually fucking her Taylor doubted that Lex would be content enough with just a blowjob to spread that news around.

“We can have sex by other means,” Taylor suggested.

Reaching down, the leggy blonde clutched his wrist in her grip and guided it out of her pussy. As sad as it was to admit, she missed having him inside her, stretching out her tiny snatch. In the fading sunlight it was easy to identify the three fingers that he was using to stuff her pink slit so Taylor isolated the digits before wrapping her lips around them. She swirled his fingers in her mouth and used her tongue to lick the juices off his skin, exaggerated the moaning for Lex’s benefit even though she did really enjoy her own taste.

“Actually I had a similar thought about still being able to have sex,” Lex said with a cocky smile.

He allowed Taylor to finish sucking his fingers dry before withdrawing them from her talented mouth. Reaching around behind the tall goddess, Lex followed the curve of her rounded ass towards the midline until he was nestled in the crack between the two cheeks. He didn’t have to descend very far until one of his fingers, rich in the saliva from Taylor’s mouth, began rubbing over her puckered asshole.

Taylor reflexively clinched, not only just her backdoor entrance but her toned cheeks as well. Part of it was due to basic human reflexes, but a powerful component was also due to the man who had touched her. Lex repulsed her on every level and even the thought of him anally taking her made her stomach churn with bile.

Then again, if they headed back to the party now then her parents would know they didn’t have sex and she’d be back to square one. She wasn’t ready to come out to her parents yet and she left for early volleyball training camp the following morning. She was out of better options, thus taking the dirt road with the vile human being in front of her was the only viable choice.

Not bothering to give him a verbal answer and waste the air on him, the leggy goddess swallowed her pride and dropped down to her knees. She’d have much rather getting the deed over with Lex as quickly as possible but it had been some time since she had last admitted anything up her bum so she needed his dick to be as wet for the passage as possible.

“Mmhm…you must really want it bad,” Lex commented, bundling up her long blonde hair in his hand. “That or you are just a huge anal slut. My bet’s the latter. You just have that look that screams you get off taking it in the ass.”

Taylor wanted him to shut up but the rich asshole was determined to continue spewing degrading comments down at her. Knowing that he wouldn’t stop, the leggy blonde decided to get wrapped up in her own thoughts so she could simply block him out entirely.

She opened her mouth wide and took the first several inches of his penis into her moist warmth. She closed her lips and slowly dragged his cock between them, spreading her saliva all of his shaft. When she got to the tip she jetted her tongue out to swipe at Lex’s pee slit, drawing a grown from the dominating man.

“You like that big boy,” Taylor asked with a cheeky grin.

Not bothering to here his response to her rhetorical question, Taylor descended her mouth back on his dick. This time she swallowed most of his cock until it tapped the back of her throat. She dragged him through her lips once again, repeating her tongue trick once again at the end.

Taylor wanted the encounter to last longer enough for her parents to know she was fucking a male, but she also wanted it over with as quick as possible. Not wasting time to give him a thorough and complete blowjob that he would remember for a long time, Taylor was only interesting in using her mouth to get him prepared to enter her ass with as little pain as possible.

This time she took him inside her oral cavity once again and had him butt up against the back of her mouth. This time, rather than withdraw, she relaxed her throat in an action which at one point was second nature to her. It took an extra moment but her muscles relented and she pushed forward so that now her chin was pressed against his full ball sac, her nose was buried in his thick bush of pubic hair and his cock was completely contained within her mouth and throat.

“Oh shit baby…you have skills,” Lex complimented.

The rude boy stood mouth a gap as his blonde neighbor deep throated his cock. He had no idea that the girl he grew up beside for all those years had such amazing sexual ability.

Taylor let him soak within her mouth for a few long moments to let him savor the feeling of his entire cock inside of her throat. She then pulled him out all of the way so she could get a long pull of air back into her lungs. When she had recovered from the oxygen debt she took him back down her throat all the way but this time bobbed her head.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Lex groaned.

Taylor hadn’t realized her position until now. She was on her knees, bare flesh on the leaf-covered ground. However, she was between Lex whose cock was currently gliding fully in and out of her mouth, and the mighty tree trunk. Lex continued to press forward with every bob until finally he had pushed the talented cocksucker all the way so the back of her blonde head was against the trunk.

The leggy girl had no room left to move her head and was utterly at Lex’s mercy. He held his cock in her mouth until he could see her face flush red then begin to turn a bluish color. At that point he withdrew all the way and watched as the Taylor coughed and spat large amounts of spit onto both his cock and onto the ground.

Just as Taylor opened her mouth to curse at the rich asshole, Lex pushed his hips forward until his cock slammed back down her throat. He watched as her eyes nearly bulged out of her face in shock, small tears forming and rolling over her model-esque cheekbones.

“Gllugghh…uugghhh…awwkkk,” Taylor muttered and gagged as Lex repeated pushed in and out of her throat.

Taylor didn’t know how long Lex had abused her throat mercilessly but eventually he stopped. She had long ago tasted some salty fluid on her tongue, likely the boy’s pre-cum after the intense oral session. He was probably getting close to cumming and that is why he pulled out of her ravaged throat and allowed her a chance to recover.

The pretty girl spat all over the ground once again, her spit forming a small puddle between her knees. She swore at the arrogant boy with her very hoarse voice after the assault her poor throat had received. He merely ignored her choice words for him and helped get her back up to her wobbly feet.

Lex pressed the girl’s back against the tree and stepped closer to her, his firm chest against her perky tits. Taylor knew what was coming but she was at least pleased that his cock would be 100% lubricated for it’s journey into past her backdoor. Sure enough his hands hoisted the lower portions of her dress onto her back so that her ass and twat were now exposed to the late summer air.

As Lex clutched his cock around the base to give it support, Taylor lifted her bent leg up so that it rested around his waist. The horny boy clutched the limb underneath her knee with his free hand as he moved closer and pressed his cock head against her puckered starfish.

Taylor did her best to relax her body and make the initial penetration as smooth as possible. With his dick in position, the arrogant boy moved his hand formerly around his member and placed it on her hip. Holding her firmly in position Lex thrust his hip skyward while tractioning down on her tiny waist until he felt the tip of his cock enveloped in her tight, warm hole.

“Holy fuck,” they both swore at the same time but for very different reasons.

Lex held steady inside her asshole so that he could adjust to how tight the blonde’s back door was. Tighter without question than any pussy he’d ever fucked, including virgins, Taylor’s butthole was like a clamp of never ending power. Realizing it wasn’t going to relent by just soaking his tip in the first inch of her bowels, Lex pushed forward until half of his girthy member had penetrated her.

Taylor’s face had now contorted into a look of persistent screaming. No strange to anal sex, she had even taken two cocks in her dumper at one time in her freshman year but all times were painful at the beginning. However, the pain began to go down when Lex began to slowly (luckily) make short thrusts into her ass. He was only fucking her with her first several inches of his flesh pole but it was now starting to relax.

As Lex began to build up to a rhythm, they were both reaping the benefits. The rich boy was greatly enjoying having his dick squeezed tight by Taylor’s insane asshole while the blonde girl had grown accustom to him being inside her. It also didn’t hurt matters having his shirt-covered chest rubbing against her clit with every thrust into her rectum, giving her more and more pleasure each time.

With Lex now feeling in control he took his hand from her skinny waist and reached back up to find her chest once again. He roughly pulled straps off her shoulders, not caring if he ripped the nice dress so that her boobs were now out in the dwindling sunlight. He teased at the small, bright pink nipples, taking them between thumb and finger to twist and pull at them. Taylor enjoyed the playing, especially since he was able to keep pace fucking her loosening asshole.

Supported on only one leg, Taylor was still helping him fuck her by constantly flexing and extending the limb. This helped not only drive him strong inside her but also deeper until he couldn’t push any further. Once again Lex stopped altogether when his cock was completely buried inside the younger’s girl ass but this time only for a moment.

Taylor watched as the boy got a wild look in his eye as if a switch had been flipped. Taking his hands from her tits and from her long leg, he placed them both onto either hip and dug his strong fingers into her supple flesh. Taylor knew that fright would cause her to tighten back up and cause her pain so she instead she focused on her loving girlfriend Hayden. Just the thought of her seemed to mellow her, which was helpful because at that very moment Lex reared his hips back then thrust them forward viciously. The crash of his pelvis against her caused her entire body to shake and she couldn’t help but let a whimper escape her lips.

“Keep that here,” he told her, moving one of her extremely long legs to around his waist.

With her legs back spread wide he had better access to where he needed to be. Over and over again he pummeled inside her asshole with care or thought for Taylor.

Taylor really began to wonder what was wrong with her at this point. Despite the added pain of having the well-hung boy completely destroying her asshole, she was somehow enjoying the experience more now. The girl at one point not long ago could feel an orgasm building inside herself, but now it was really coming upon her. She wished it hadn’t because it made her feel even more like that she was cheating on Hayden because she was actually taking enjoyment from being fucked by the barbarian.

“Holy mother that hurts a lot,” Taylor groan, manipulating the savage into fucking her even harder.

“Keep it down and just take it,” the horny man told her sternly.

“God I’m so close,” Taylor thought to herself.

For close to an hour Taylor’s asshole was rammed and prodded by Alexander. Taylor had lost track of everything, including time and the number of her own orgasms as she was trapped there the entire time, pressed firmly against the tree trunk and Lex’s strong chest as he brutally sodomized her. The initial wave of pain had passed quickly, her asshole having loosened up nicely given the repeated penetration and her own multiple orgasms.

“Need to cum,” the sweat-dripping man told the blonde finally.

Taylor had been waiting over an hour to hear the entitled man say those three little words. Her body went into reflex mode and she immediately dropped back down to her knees once his dick was pulled out of her rectum for the last time. It didn’t hit her until the second she opened her mouth about what she had just done.

“Nuggghhhghh,” Taylor went to say before his dick was crammed into her open mouth.

Never one against giving a rim job, especially to Hayden’s adorable little bumhole, Taylor was used to tasting ass. However, she wasn’t planning on giving Lex the honor for many reasons. For one it was a truly slutty move when a girl accepted a dick that had been up someone dumper into her mouth and she would have preferred this arrogant idiot to not know the depths of her sexual level. And for two it was extremely degrading and another act that Lex got to use against her.

“Here it comes slut,” he warned.

Pulling his dick from resting flatly against Taylor’s tongue he withdrew until only his head was left inside her mouth. Knowing once he pulled free of her she would clamp those lips shut for good he decided to deposit the first two squirts of semen directly in her mouth onto her tongue.

His eyes were shut as he came but he could feel as Taylor’s throat opened and gulped down the salty load that he gave her, out of reflex again no doubt. Before cumming any more he pulled out of her wet mouth and let fly the last large strands onto her pretty face.

The first jet of warm jizz smacked her on the forehead on an oblique line that descended over her right eye. Taylor had nowhere to move since her head was being held firmly as Lex’s hand was tangled in her long blonde hair. The next squirt landed across her nose and left cheekbone, dangling over the edge and threatening to fall into her mouth.

Finally the last few streaks were smaller and less repugnant smelling. They landed somewhere on her face, Taylor not knowing or caring really. Lex still stood inches from her beating his cock furiously until every last drop of cum had left his tool. He carefully wiped the last few drops against her pressed plump lips, being sure she didn’t spring up and try to bite him. The broken girl didn’t move though, simply just staying in the same spot without movement.

“Clean up so you can get back to your parent’s shitty party skank,” he spat as he fastened his belt once again. “Oh and thanks for cleaning your shit smell of my dick.”

He sneered and did a shrill evil laugh at the blonde, still covered in cum on her knees within the small clearing. At that Lex pushed the brush aside and stepped back out onto the main trail and started the short walk back to the main house. Taylor simply sat on the ground for another moment, fighting back tears as she thought about the love of her life and how she hoped this was for the better.

*          *          *

Hayden had collected herself after her fight with her girlfriend (still, she hoped) in the main quad. Making sure that there were no hint of tears or frustration showing on her pretty face, the petite girl headed back towards the locker room. She was sad and hurt, hell furious even about what Taylor had done over the summer but she didn’t want to be. She just wanted to be with the leggy goddess, which made the whole situation even more upsetting.

However, Hayden had a duty to the team that needed taking care of. It might even help cheer her up, at least it would distract her from her current issues. She doubled back to the gym and was pleased to have found Emma Watson still milling about. The pretty Brit was a lot of things, including slow moving after a sporting event. Hayden always joked with her that it was because she liked scoping out all the sexy girls in the shower, a claim that the heterosexual quickly denied.

“Okay here’s what’s going down. Bring him back to your place and I want cameras set up. If you don’t know how then get some techie nerd from the IV club to do it for you,” Hayden told her.

“Easy enough,” Emma replied before shifting to a more concerned tone. “You and Taylor okay? I saw her chase after you now long ago.”

“Don’t change the subject limey, it’ll do you no good. I also want you to get a Brazilian wax. Bald…I like to see a nice hairless pussy.”

“Right, because a landing strip is so grotesque,” she mused.

“And score a tiny Bluetooth from the IV club too. Kristen Stewart is the girl we normally go to for that shit. Make sure it’s in your ear the entire day and night,” Hayden informed.

“Any chance I can know my hazing,” Emma asked. “Keeping in mind I have a serious boyfriend in my life.”

“Easy Em. I’m cruel but not sadistic. I’m gonna tell you things to do all night. Provided you follow my instructions to the letter then I’ll only instruct you to do the dirty deeds with that hunk of meat you’re seeing,” the tiny blonde explained.

“Deal. I’ll get in touch with Kristen through Ashley I suppose and be ready by later today. Say 2 hours with the salon appointment included,” Emma responded.

“Great. Call when you’re ready. You have a date tonight with your boy I assume.”

“Yes. A dinner date just at the Italian place near campus,” the Brit answered.

With that Hayden grinned widely, a sight that made Emma nervous. She had been friends with the short blonde since she first landed in the New World and was her roommate for half of last year so she knew that the blonde had some dirty thoughts in mind when she smiled like that.

Hayden left and allowed Emma to finish lotioning her toned body in peace. The English girl didn’t know what to expect tonight but she had a great guess that a lot of sex would be on the cards.

*          *          *

Hayden had gone home to think of all types of devious things to do to her friend for her volleyball initiation. So wrapped up in her thoughts was she that Hayden didn’t realized that she’d been planning for well over an hour. The only thing that snapped her out of her thoughts was the vibration of her phone.

“All done getting the items you requested Master,” the accented voice in Hayden’s earpiece spoke.

“Master? I like it. Let’s keep that going,” Hayden laughed. “Great. When’s the boy getting you?”

“20 minutes. We’re walking to the restaurant. He thought that we should take advantage of the lovely evening weather,” Emma told.

“Okay then. What frequency channel is the earpiece on?”

“Channel 4.”

Grabbing the walkie-talkie device that she’d gotten from the IV club earlier that day, Hayden set the transmitter to the proper channel then sent out a message. Sure enough Emma responded appropriately and Hayden’s plan was still on tract.

“Make sure it’s set for two-way transmission so that I can hear everything being said,” the blonde dictated.

“It is, no worries,” Emma retorted.

“Then enjoy the date and stand by for my instructions limey,” Hayden replied, setting the talkie down for the mean time.

*          *          *


Even though the thin redhead hated the nicknamed she couldn’t help but smile when she heard called out to her across the Quad. There were only a handful of people that would actually utter the loathed name but Kristen Stewart had no trouble making out who had shouted it just now.

“Greener! What’s up babe,” Kristen replied as she warmly embraced her best friend.

Ashley Greene stood almost half a foot taller than the 5’3 Kristen, which suited the redhead just fine especially when they hugged, as she received the brunette’s C-cup tits in her face.

The two had been best friends throughout their college careers, meeting in a biology lab in the beginning of first year and almost being inseparable for the following three years. Their relationship was confusing as Kristen considered herself straight, but had been seduced on a number of times by her bisexual best friend. Neither girl was interested in having a monogamous relationship with each other, but when the time was right they often came together for a sexual encounter that left them both satisfied for months.

“How’s it been,” Kristen asked the taller girl. “Haven’t seen you in a few weeks.”

“Yeah the preseason volleyball tournament was a time killer making us move up training camp by two weeks then have the exhibition games right after it,” Ashley filled her in. “Wanna go grab a coffee and catch up?”

The pair knew the campus like the back of their hand at this point so they easily navigated around the congested areas and made it to the local bakery shop in no time at all. The shop was busier than usual with freshman and their parents filling the large building but they eventually got their order and luckily found a table in the back.

“So you have to tell me what happened between you and Bobby,” Ashley asked, referring to Kristen’s boyfriend from last year. “Last time we talked you said things were tense between you two and you were probably going to break it off.”

Kristen finished her sip of the spiced latte in her hand before she set the mug down on the table. “That is one…interesting story. And a long one at that.”

“I’ve got time,” Ash said flashing her a bright smile.

“Okay. Well things hadn’t been good between us in a while. He found out I went with you on that escort trip and he was pissed about that. And I was pissed at him since he wouldn’t stop treating me like some fragile doll in the bedroom,” Kristen began. “So we’d gone two weeks without talking then he called me out of the blue a few days ago…”


“Bobby? What does he want,” Kristen thought to herself as she read her caller’s display.

“What’s up Bobby,” Kristen greeted her maybe-boyfriend. “I thought we were on a break and that I’d call you when I was ready.”

“Come to the apartment. Sit in the chair in the bedroom and don’t do or say anything else,” Bobby said in an emotionless voice.

“What’s this about,” Kristen asked.

“Just do it. Come now,” Bobby instructed.

“Fine,” Kristen agreed.

“That’s pretty cryptic,” Ashley commented, interrupting Kristen’s story. “So what happened when you got there?”

“I was getting to that. It’s where the story really picks up.”

Kristen arrived back at the apartment she shared with Bobby up until their break-up a week or two ago. She’d been staying at Ashley’s place while she was off on her early training camp with the college volleyball team. She didn’t know how long she’d be staying but for the meantime she was house-sitting until she either sorted out her relationship for better or worse.

She didn’t need to use her key because the door was already unlocked since Bobby was expecting her eminent arrival. Throwing down her book bag on the sofa, the sexy redhead couldn’t help but feel a twinge of longing for her normal routine of when she’d arrive home from school, throw her bag down just like she did then go and hang out with her man. She let the feeling pass before steadying herself then made the familiar walk down the short hallway to the master bedroom where she spent every night of the past few years. She wasn’t surprised to find the door wide open, however when her eyes fell upon the scene which was unfolding inside the space then she was truly astonished.

Her ex-boyfriend Bobby was lying down in the middle of the queen-sized bed that they shared for countless nights, however the brown-haired boy wasn’t alone. On the mattress with him was a beautiful girl with long reddish-brown hair who looked familiar to Kristen.

“I think she was the teacher assistant that was in the psychology class that Bobby and I had last year,” Kristen thought to herself at the time. “Yeah that’s her. I remember her flirting and giving Bobby little glances and smiles. Her name’s Annie…no! It’s Anna, Anna Kendrick. Yeah that’s it.”

Kristen hated to admit it to herself but one of the main reasons she remembered this particular TA was because of how good locking she was. Anna was roughly the same height and weight as her, if not a shade shorter, but the girl was rocking quite the pair of tits. Every week for three hours, Kristen would catch herself staring at the slim TA at the front of the class in the hope that Anna would have to lean forward and show off her ample cleavage to the class.

Kristen snapped herself out of her thought of trying to remember the girl’s name who was currently sharing her old bed with her ex-boyfriend. The petite girl stood mouth a gap in the doorway as the beautiful girl with the long reddish-brown hair was on her knees between Bobby’s wide-spread legs with his dick in her mouth. Kristen was rendered utterly speechless and was unable to move out of shock. She was prepared for one last grand romantic gesture from the heartbroken guy, not for him to be getting sucked off by some insanely hot graduate student.

Bobby planned on ignoring his ex-flame, but after seeing her stunned and unable to move he finally had to acknowledged her presence. Without even giving her a glance he instructed her to come through the doorway and take up the seat he had mentioned on his earlier phone call by simply pointing to the chair.

Kristen did as he told her as if she was memorized and had no choice in the matter. Finally entering into the bedroom they once shared she walked to the foot of the bed and took a seat while her eyes never once left the scene on the bed. It was still new to her to watch as people engaged in sex and it was extremely captivating. She never really watched porn so the intimacy of watching two people hooking up was still fresh and exciting to her.

Now from her plush seat no more then 5 feet away from the action, Kristen had the best seat in the house to watch it all unfold. The girl she recognized as Anna hadn’t broken her concentration at all with the sudden introduction of another woman and continued to glide her lips up and down Bobby’s pole. The petite girl noted how much of a pro the TA on her knees was as she had her head tilted up so that she could maintain unbroken eye contact with her ex-boyfriend, who was doing the same to her. Kristen really couldn’t make herself think about how she felt watching the man she still had feelings for getting sucked off by another woman as all of her brain power was being spent watching the pair on the bed.

Then again, the most powerful emotion that she was currently feeling, which was overriding all other conscious functions was horniness. It was the whole situation that had her so turned on that she couldn’t even think or perform basic actions. Seeing Bobby’s naked body once again definitely stirred some carnal desires within her, but it was more than just that. Watching two other people perform in live sexual activity added to the intimate nature, but so too did the girl that was with her ex-boyfriend.

Kristen was by no means a lesbian nor would she even consider herself bisexual despite the fact she’d had sex with a woman on three separate times in her life. Regardless of her preference for men, the thin redhead would be lying if she didn’t admit that she was absolutely in lust with the sight of Anna Kendrick, who was still performing oral sex on her sort-of boyfriend.

Their former TA may have only stood 5’2 and weighed 110 pounds soaking wet but Anna had the most amazing rack that Kristen had seen. It may not have been saying very much coming from the petite redhead since she’d only seen her best friend Ashley Greene and former volleyball coach Sarah Michelle Gellar’s chests in person, but it didn’t take an expert to realize that Anna had extremely large, extremely perky tits. On first site most people assumed her breasts had to be fake given how slender of a body she had and how large her globes were, but seeing them up close Kristen had no doubt that they were real…and spectacular. They hung perfectly tight in front of her chest and had the right amount of bounce, created by her continuing to bob her head in Bobby’s lap.

Kristen changed her focus back from the reddish-brown haired girl’s body to what she was doing with her ex-love. Anna had changed her oral technique so that now she had her mouth open wide in a symmetrical O shape in order to take all of Bobby’s modest 8-inch cock into her gullet. Blessed with the ability to deep-throat a man due to years of chorus and experience giving head, Anna had no trouble taking his member all the way into her mouth. As Bobby felt her mouth enclose around the very base of his dick right where it joined with the rest of his body he was sure to hold her head down for a few extra seconds to savor the feeling of her tight throat all over his shaft.

She didn’t know how she should be feeling watching the man she was in love with for the past two years get sucked off by some beautiful girl. Kristen did know how she current felt and that was horny as hell, hence why she was squeezing her thighs together so that her wet pussy would rub against her panties.

After holding her down on his cock for a few seconds he allowed the attractive girl to surface for air. Kristen figured that she would have been desperate to raise up and refill her lungs with oxygen but Anna’s actions didn’t hint at even the slightest bit of panic. Slowly taking her lips from his base all the way up, Anna breathed through her nose now that her throat was able to take down air all while his dick never left the wet confines of her mouth. As soon as only the tip was left around her lips she darted her tongue around his pee slit then pulled back just enough so that she could place a soft kiss on his crown.

Anna was quite experienced from Kristen’s perspective as it seemed that she didn’t do one thing for too long. She ran her lips down the one side Bobby’s cock, massaging his veiny member with her tongue all the while until she got down to the base again. Continuing south, the busty grad student took of his rounded nuts into her mouth and began sucking on it, much to his pleasure. After half a minute she gently spit it out and replaced it with his left ball and applied the same suction she had to its twin. When she was done sucking on his sack she rose back up, running her lips along the other side of his shaft this time until reaching the pinnacle once again.

Bobby tapped the talented cocksucker on the head and she instantly pulled her mouth from his member as if it was a pre-arranged signal. Kristen watched on from her chair at the foot of the bed as the other woman turned around so that now she was facing Kristen. The redhead was shocked at the lack of interest in Anna’s eyes as it was like the large-chested girl was looking right through her as if she was a ghost.

Even though Anna was completely ignoring Kristen at the end of the bed, she wasn’t ignoring the pleasure she got when she took her lover’s cock into her freshly shaven pussy. The TA let out a loud, gratifying scream as Bobby split through her pink lips as she further descended on his lap.

The thigh squeezing wasn’t enough for Kristen now as watching her boyfriend have sex with another woman was throwing her desire into overdrive. Letting her inhibitions go, she pulled down the straps of her dress and bra and pulled them down to expose her medium-sized tits. Her chest wasn’t the largest in the world and certainly paled in comparison to that of Anna, but what she lacked in size she made up for in how supple they looked. Her small pink nipples were already erect before they even hit the cool air since she was so excited. Not knowing exactly what or why she was doing what her subconscious was telling her to do, the red-haired girl began playing with her boobs to the extent that little moans were escaping her mouth. With each thrust that Bobby did up into Anna’s wanting hole, Kristen would grope and squeeze her rounded globes or pull on her bright pink nipples, gently at first but then slowly get rougher and tug harder.

As Kristen sat at the edge of her chair just a few feet away from Bobby pushing his hips upwards to meet Anna as she rode down his shaft. The blonde couldn’t help but moan loudly every time he plowed deep into her pussy, her noises making Kristen even wetter while she pulled and played with her sensitive nipples.

“Whoa,” Anna exclaimed as Bobby surprised her by rolling them forward so now she was on her hands and knees directly in front of Kristen so that both she and Bobby right behind her could watch the cute redhead.

Suddenly playing with her nipples wasn’t enough for Kristen. Sitting back in the chair, the sexy co-ed spread her legs and slid her hand inside her panties. Initially rubbing her pussy, it didn’t take Kristen long before she was pushing two fingers into her soaking wet hole.

While Bobby plowed into Anna from behind, he couldn’t tell if it was her he was hearing moan or if it was Kristen. It didn’t matter which girl it was, even though he preferred if it was his ex just so that he knew she was enjoying the show.

“Keep going deep like that. I’m so close,” Anna told him as she used her arms to push back harder onto Bobby’s stiff cock.

Bobby doubled the grip he had on her hips and started thrusting into Anna with renewed force. Kristen had never seen this side of him before. He had always been soft and gentle when they had sex, but watching him manhandle Anna was a real turn-on for her.

“Oh shit. I’m gonna cum soon too,” Kristen said louder than she wanted.

Bobby smiled knowing his plan was working just as he hoped. Both Kristen and Anna were seconds away from an orgasm and he knew he wasn’t far behind.

“Uh, yes! Yes! I’m cumming,” Anna screamed as Bobby felt her pussy clamped down on his dick, making it extremely tough to push in and out of her.

Bobby felt satisfied that Anna had cum, but he still couldn’t let up with his continuous pumping into her. Motivated to get his ex-girlfriend to cum just by watching him have sex with another woman.

His efforts almost immediately paid off when Kristen’s body started thrashing about wildly and she stopped moaning.

“UHHHHHHHH,” Kristen belted out as her orgasm rocked her body.

Knowing his job was done, Bobby couldn’t help but be completely delighted with himself. He also became aware that he was on the verge of cumming as well. Wanting to test Kristen’s resolve, he called her over by using his finger. Like an obedient dog, Kristen slid out of the chair and crawled over to the side of the bed on her hands and knees.

For the next few minutes Bobby continued to slide his cock into Anna’s tight pussy, all while his slutty ex-girlfriend watched from her knees beside him. Under Kristen’s vocal encouragement, employing him to fuck the random girl harder and faster, Bobby felt his balls start to bubble and knew his orgasm was seconds away. Pulling out of her, Bobby turned to the side and stroked his pole inches away from the cute redhead who was donning a broad smile.

“Unnggghhhh,” Bobby grunted as several streams of his white goo pasted across Kristen’s face.

The foxy redhead loved the feel of the hot, thick cum coating her face. She had never had Bobby cum on her before but was now wondering why not since it was making her so horny.

Once he was doing shooting his load on her face, Bobby stood with his dick right in front of her face. Taking the hint, Kristen guided him into her mouth and sucked out the last remains of his cum before swallowing it down.

“I’m going to go shower. You two can get dressed and see yourself out,” Bobby said as he moved towards the washroom.

“But Bobby…” Kristen shouted, wanting to talk to him about what just happened.

“I’ll talk to you some other time. You know where the door is,” Bobby said before disappearing from view.

“And that was the last thing he said to me. He just turned and walked out the door, leaving me with his cum all over my face still and that random slutty bitch to see ourselves out,” Kristen said, ending her story. “I was so dumbfounded as to what the fuck had just happened. I thought he wanted me to come over and plea to take him back but nowhere in my wildest dreams would I have considered that to have happened.”

“Ho…ly…shit,” Ashley replied, stunned. “That is seriously the hottest story I’ve ever heard.”

“And that’s just the start of it. Next he…”

“K-Stew hold up,” Ashley cut her off. “I’m already going to go take a long cold shower. If you tell me another sex tale like that then I’m going to get kicked out of my favorite campus café and possibly arrested for public masturbation.”

“Whoa. I get it though. As soon as I left the apartment I couldn’t make it all the way back home before making myself cum. I finger banged in the front seat of my car right outside the apartment,” Kristen admitted.

“I gotta run to meet with my rookie in prep for tonight. Remember we’re on call for any of us who need tech help. Anyway I’ll see you at the team party tonight as we watch the tapes,” the brunette reminded her as she got up from the table. “Fuck I’m wet as hell.”

“Yeah tonight. What are you making your pledge do anyway?”

“Just hook up with my brother. Man that sounds super weird,” Ashley commented.

“Right. Already hacked his computer and enabled the webcam so we’re good to go with that too,” the redhead added.

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So far Hayden Panettiere hadn’t ordered Emma Watson to do anything yet. The small device in her ear, hidden nicely by her strawberry blonde locks did wonders to conceal it so that her boyfriend Dave couldn’t see it. They were already at the restaurant and were just finishing their meals when the blonde’s voice was heard in her ear.

“Okay showtime Emma. Reach down and unbuckle his pants. Don’t take no for an answer,” Hayden ordered.

“Emma?! What are you doing,” Dave asked in surprised as her hand squirmed into his pants.

“Jerking you off of course,” she answered.

Emma didn’t know if he would be up for some public, albeit hidden sexual favors, as the long red-and-white tablecloth extended down the table and brushed the floor. However, his hand never pulled her arm away and she instantly felt him harden around her fingers.

Dave had to concentrate as best he could while his girlfriend gave him a surprise handjob under the table at the popular restaurant. He didn’t want his contorted face to give away anything sexual going on, even as Emma slowly but firmly stroked him off.

“How’s that arm feel? Getting pretty tired I bet since you can only stroke a few inches in his tight pants. Bet you its burning and it’s only been like 5 minutes,” Hayden commented.

“Mmhmm,” the Brit replied.

The tiny blonde was 100% correct about her assessment of the situation. Since Emma couldn’t glide all the way down his shaft in long smooth motions, her handjob was jerky with short strides. This made it extremely taxing on her forearm muscles, though Dave didn’t seem to mind.

“Are you all done,” the pretty waitress asked as she startled the pair.

“Not yet,” Dave replied in a rushed tone.

The waitress smiled at the handsome tow truck driver then walked away, leaving the couple to resume their hidden activities.

“Haha that was awesome. So exhilarating. It actually gave me a better idea too,” Hayden said before explaining to Emma what was to be done.

Emma heard the directions spoken into her ear and couldn’t believe what she was being asked to do. Demanded to do actually, and she was going to do it but it would require timing. She slowed her masturbation of her boyfriend to slow wrist motions, keeping him hard and pushing towards his orgasm just slower. As she was doing this she was thoroughly yet slyly looking around the smaller dining hall until finally her moment came.

Without warning to Dave, Emma quickly slid off her chair and onto the floor below. As if in one motion she was under the safety of the long tablecloth and out of view to everyone around. She knew for sure none of the waitresses saw her duck underneath and she was hoping that if any of the patrons saw then they would keep quiet about it.

“Emma…what the fuck,” Dave almost silently asked, directing his words under the table.

“Just sit and relax,” Emma said, pushing the cloth over his lap.

Now with freedom to his crotch, the horny Brit moved his pants down to around his knees and slipped his meaty cock out through the hole in the boxers he wore. Being sure to keep her noises to a low, she opened her mouth and began to blow her boyfriend as he sat in the middle of the crowded restaurant.

“Oh my God,” Dave groaned, trying to be as quiet as he could.

“You big whore. Sucking your boyfriend off in public like that,” Hayden joked into Emma’s ear piece as she bobbed her beautiful face on his dick.

“Shut up Hayden,” Emma said, keeping her voice low.

“Oh shut up. You know this excites you to no end,” the blonde retorted. “Plus Dave will literally do anything for you after this little stunt.”

As Emma continued to push her lips up and down his thick shaft, she couldn’t help but think that Hayden was right. She had given her caring boyfriend hundreds of blowjobs in the brief couple of months they had been dating for, but this one was definitely special.

“Your girlfriend didn’t run out on you did she,” the waitress asked in a flirty tone.

“Ha no she didn’t. She just had some place to be,” Dave answered.

“Yeah, that place being on her knees sucking my big fat cock,” Hayden laughed into Emma’s ear.

“She’s taking an awful risk leaving so a handsome guy alone like this,” the woman said, stroking his shoulder.

Despite being out of view, Emma could still hear everything being said on the other side of the tablecloth. Hearing another woman flirt with her man made her enraged, and Dave was the one who was benefiting. It fueled Emma to put all her energy and focus into her blowjob, making her bob quicker down onto his tool with his tip routinely hitting the back of her throat.

“I’m not certain on that. In fact I think she’ll be around any moment now,” Dave said, straining to keep his face normal.

“I think that was a hint that he’s gonna cum soon. Be a peach and swallow it like a proper lady,” Hayden informed.

Emma ignored her friend’s constant commenting in her ear and focused back on the task at hand, chiefly doing her utmost to milk his cock. She was truly talented with her mouth, but when she combined her head bobbing with her hand, stroking the remainder of his tool not filling her mouth then she was damn near flawless. After another few moments of her relentless assault of his crotch, she could tell he was ready.

The Brit slowed right down with her bobbing and held her head and neck in place so that only the head of his cock was on her tongue. In case he still needed some extra encouragement to give her his seed she used her hand to now stroke the entirety of his tool, a lengthy endeavor at that.

Her skill paid off and she felt the first squirt of cum land on her tongue, soaking into her taste buds. For the next 30 seconds he filled her waiting mouth with his hot, large load of baby batter. Given Hayden’s earlier instructions, not to mention no place to spit it out, Emma swallowed down his spunk in one big gulp, an action she always did after draining her boyfriend into her mouth.

It was the first time in Dave’s life that he had cum and had to keep quiet, and it was proving to be a real challenge. As his balls started to drain into the waiting mouth of Emma, he bit the inside of his lip to steel his expression. However he couldn’t stop himself from slightly lifting up off his chair to push his cock a little deeper into the Brit’s mouth as she took his gooey treat.

“Anyway, are you all done with your plates,” the waitress asked.

“Completely spent,” he said with a dreamy expression.

The lady smiled oddly at him before she reached down and gathered up the place settings of both he and Emma’s. Once she had walked away, Dave looked around the restaurant and waited until the bartender’s gaze was taken up by checking the sport’s scores behind him.

“Okay all clear,” he said to beneath the table.

With the agility of a mongoose, Emma was off the floor and back onto her seat like nothing had happened. She took a sip of her pop to get the last lingering aftertaste of Dave’s salty spunk from her tongue before finally looking over at him with a wide grin.

“You are something else,” he smiled in return.

“Let’s go back to my place big boy,” she said with a wink.

Dave called for the check then paid cash and left a tip before he and Emma left the restaurant holding hands. It was only a short walk back to campus where Emma had set up her dorm room to Hayden’s specifics. However, right as they were walking into the residence building, Emma heard Hayden’s voice in her ear again.

“Now repeat after me,” Hayden’s voice said in the Brit’s ear once again.

Emma heard what her very blonde teammate said to her and her facial expression changed drastically. Dave could also tell that his girlfriend of 6 months must be having a disturbed thought as her forehead creased noticeably around her eyebrows.

“I wan…”

“Everything okay,” the caring man asked his date, not meaning to cut her off. “Sorry, go ahead.”

Emma took another moment to calm her tone before she mustered the courage to tell him what Hayden had instructed her. She hesitated still, her mouth opening and closing as she choked over the words until she finally gained enough composure.

“I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a big cock,” she said, flashing him a cheeky smile.

“Mine I’m presuming,” he inserted a joke.

“Of course. And I really, really want it…in my ass,” she blurted out.

“In your ass,” Dave repeated, not believing his ears.

“That’s right. I really want to get fucked by your huge prick,” Emma repeated.

“Are you kidding,” he asked, more than a hint of excitement in his voice.

“No I’m 100% serious,” the gorgeous Brit said while staring him right in the eyes.

Emma would be lying if she claimed not to be nervous about trying out anal sex for the first time in her life. She had many reservations, too many to list but one of her biggest concerns was the fact that she was so petite and Dave’s cock was so big. Even though she was very slim she still had quite a plump thick ass, but she was frightened to death that he’d still be too large that he wouldn’t fit then would literally tear her apart.

What buoyed Emma spirits, if only slightly, was the fact that Dave was an extremely nice guy and very considerate, especially when it came to matters between the sheets. He was a great lover but never pushed her too far, always staying within her comfort zone, even if he did push the limits the odd time.

Another positive that made the situation a little less scary was the fact that they had fooled around with ass play, albeit only to a small degree. Sometimes when they were having sex, Dave would let a finger drift around back and rub her crinkled starfish, even slipping the digit inside to the first knuckle. This never hurt her, in fact it often facilitated a more intense orgasm when she eventually came.

They had just entered the building where she lived and Dave stopped in his stride. Emma looked back at him, wondering what his answer would be. She had it moments later when he pulled her towards him, wrapping her petite frame in his large wingspan and kissed her passionately.

“Let’s go to you room,” he demanded.

The pair kissed there way to the elevator, through the doors and for the entire ride up to the 6th floor. The only break in their frenzied kissing was to allow Emma to get her keys from her purse, unlock the door and enter her room.

The instant they were threw the door, Emma pounced on her slightly older boyfriend, immediately pinning him to the wall. Emma had to reach up with one of her arms in order to pull his head down towards her so that she could press her full lips against his and embrace him with a warm and passionate kiss again.

“Perfect, I have you on camera,” Hayden told her watching the action on her computer.

As Emma’s tongue slipped back into his familiar warm mouth she could have cared less what her teammate was saying. Her eyes had misted over for her desire to be with her loving man and she wore an expression of lust across her face. She was ready and very willing to do anything with Dave, including sodomy which Hayden had demanded.

“God you turn me so much,” she huffed, kissing his neck now.

“Would explain why you’re so wet,” Dave told her as he snaked a hand under her dress and touched her naked and very wet folds. “Nice touch with the lack of panties.”

“Well thank you,” she grinned.

“I’ll assume the thank you was directed at me,” Hayden jested. “Make your way to the bed slut.”

“Turn around,” the tow-truck driver instructed.

Emma had to make a decision; listen to her sexual master or what her boyfriend wanted. The choice was made for her however, when she hesitated the attractive man clutched her arms and gently spun her around so that her back was against his sturdy chest. Now behind the sexy girl with the bubble butt, Dave bent forward just enough so that he could lightly kiss the side of Emma’s neck while he dipped a finger into her drenched twat.

“Mmmm,” the coed moaned as shivers shot down her spine.

While still kissing her neck and fingering her sex with one hand, he slid his other large hand down over her chest. Her breasts weren’t large by any stretch, but they were perfect for her slender frame and her tiny rosy nipples which he could already feel being rock hard were so cute.

He gave each of her firm boobs a hearty squeeze before his fingers traced behind her and found the zipper up under her flowing hair. first of her buttons on the front of her blazer. He made short work of undoing the zipper, taking it all the way down its track, which allowed for her light yellow dress to fall off her shoulders and down her arms.

“Alright it was sexy seeing him undress you but seriously go to the bed or I’ll make you pay,” Hayden condemned. “Like maybe you’ll beg him to spank you…hard. Or maybe you’ll feel inspired to take a fist inside you.”

“The bed,” she blurted out, almost panicked. “Let’s go to my bed stud.”

Dave was right about to grope Emma’s naked breasts when the completely nude girl led him over to her bed in the corner of the room. He really liked feeling her perky globes even though he normally wouldn’t consider himself a boob guy, but there was something about the feel of her’s that he couldn’t get enough of.

“Tell him to sit on the chair beside the bed.”

Emma continued to kiss her boyfriend, being cognitive of the fact that she needed to keep her long honey-colored hair over her ear to conceal the tiny device. They made their way to the bed but the athletic Brit stopped short of getting on the plush surface and instead turned to her right. Directing their bodies, Emma backed Dave up until he was close enough to the chair in the corner of her bedroom.

Emma did as was instructed even when Dave gave her a quizzical look. It was clear that the blowjob under the table at the restaurant was the warm-up and he didn’t want to wait any longer to get to the main course. Emma didn’t leave him alone though, as she took a seat on his lap and kissed him while her busy hands undid his belt and pants for the second time in less than an hour.

“Masturbate for me…and him of course,” Hayden demanded.

Dave was going to ask what was up but Emma brought her finger to his mouth to silence any inquiries. The English girl backed up slowly while maintaining eye contact with him until she sat on the bed and dragged herself backwards until she was in the center.

Dave didn’t know what was going on but he wore a smile on his face the whole time. As Emma got into position and settled herself, she spread her legs wide and gave her long-term boyfriend and Hayden via the cameras an unobstructed view of her bald pussy and bright pink lips.

“Like what you see,” she asked him in a husky English tone.

“Mhmm,” she heard in reply from both Dave in front of her and the blonde in her ear.

“Good,” she said before she brought two fingers into her mouth, sucking the digits then removing them to continue to talk. “Just sit and enjoy the show.”

With the fingers now covered in her own spit, Emma lowered her arm until her hand was directly in front of her beautiful snatch. Extending out her two fingers, the sexy English girl dragged the digits through her pink folds from the bottom all the way to her sensitive clit, eliciting a loud moan from herself.

Emma continued to rub herself and occasionally dug her two fingers deep within her twat. This move made the room fill with her moans but neither Dave nor Hayden minded the extra noise. Finally she withdrew from her pussy and brought her fingers back into her mouth, simultaneously sucking her juices from the digits while adding more lubrication.

“Fuck you’re really good at that,” Dave finally commented after another few minutes of watching his girlfriend play with herself.

“Practice makes perfect,” Emma moaned, eyes closed. “You have no idea how fun this is to play with.”

“No but I know how hard it makes me to watch,” he replied, eyes pointing to the large bulge in his undone pants.

“Rub your clit now,” Hayden gasped, her own fingers pumping inside her own twat.

Really putting on a show for both of them, Emma listened to Hayden and used her free hand to reach down and rummage through her pink folds. She let out another loud groan as her fingers found her sensitive nub at the top of her slit, the feeling of electricity in the best way running through her whole body.

Dave had no idea what had come over his girlfriend tonight, but he was thankful for the little show. She was currently pistoning two fingers into her clearly soaking wet twat, though the speed had decreased slightly once she found her clit and began frictioning over it.

“Let’s up the ante again,” Hayden breathed into her ear, giving Emma the impression she was masturbating on her end of the radio as well.

Emma paused briefly from her relentless assault of her clit to bring her other hand into the fray. Extending her middle and fourth finger and pressing them snuggly together, the Brit wasted no time by inserting them as deep into her pussy as she could. Two fingers firmly in place, Emma returned to Hayden’s initial instructions by rubbing her sensitive nub once again.

“Gonna cum soon,” Emma shouted between moans. “Do you want me to cum?”

“Yes,” both observed shouted back at her.

Emma was grateful that Hayden had given her the go ahead because she was seconds away from cumming anyway. Now knowing that there wasn’t going to be any consequences she could fully embrace her orgasm as it hit her like an ocean wave, washing over her entire body with a steady stream of endorphins flooding her brain.

The room was silent for the preceding moments after Emma’s extremely arousing solo show. Finally the Brit began to stir from her supine position and propped herself up on her arms behind her as she faced her very turned-on boyfriend once again. Before she could speak though, Dave beat her to it.

“So you still thinking about me filling up that tiny asshole of yours,” he asked.

“The first show went so well let’s have you play with your other hole baby,” Hayden told her pretty teammate.

Emma smiled at Dave and gave him a nod to answer his question. She moved before he could get up from his spot, giving him the impression she wasn’t done performing for him. Lowering herself back onto the bed so she was firmly on her back, Emma flexed her legs and widened them so that her knees were far apart and up towards her head.

“Great view,” the tiny blonde told her.

“Wanna see me fingered my ass,” Emma asked.

“Very much so,” Dave said, feeling his dick harden even more.

Emma scooped both hands under her ass after sucking on several of her digits once again. She extended out her fingers as far as possible then gripped her round ass to pull her cheeks apart, widening the gap while also slightly opening her extremely clenched backdoor.

“Do it,” Hayden encouraged.

Emma took a deep breath then brought her pointer finger to her arse. It was the first time she had ever touched her butthole like this and the sensation was weird. Even though the center was gaped somewhat the hole felt so crinkled like fingertips soaking in water.

Dave watched on in anticipation as his girlfriend spread her cheeks and popped her finger into her own ass. She moaned in a tone that was almost surprise, which was accurate. Emma was expecting the action to hurt but instead there was no pain and the sensation was interesting. She actually liked how her finger was getting so tightly squeezed by the smooth but powerful muscle of her sphincter.

Dave saw her withdraw her finger fairly quickly after she had inserted it and figured she was done finger blasting her own tush and so to was his chance of fucking the beautiful girl. However, she surprised him by rolling over to rummage into her drawer, withdraw a bottle of baby lotion and slather up her hands. This time she flipped onto all fours, spread her legs wide and her finger found it’s way back into her lovely booty without hesitation.

“Holy shit Emma, finger that ass,” Hayden cheered.

“Awww…mhmmm….oohhh,” Emma moaned as her finger was worked in and out of her virgin hole.

“God that’s sexy,” Dave said, practically drooling with a raging hard-on now.

Dave continued to watch his girlfriend stick a finger in her amazing ass as he slowly started to undress. Emma had helped him out already by undoing his pants so they slid off his legs and onto the ground fairly easily. He unbuttoned the top few buttons of his shirt then as quick as he could he lifted it over his head in order to miss as little of the show as possible.

“Oh my…it’s so tight,” Emma cooed as a second finger was added.

Finally Dave couldn’t wait any longer and needed to get in on the action. Already naked, he pounced up off of his seat and was behind her on the bed in the next instance. Her two fingers were already as deep into her caboose as they could physically go, but he withdrew slowly to leave her hole empty.

“So sexy,” he groaned before leaning in.

Dave bent at the waist and buried his beard-clad face into her perfectly rounded, thick ass cheeks. The whiskers no doubt scratched and tickled her sensitive skin but neither of them care, the only thing Dave was focused on was sticking his tongue as far into her arse as he could.

“Well shit…go get some Davey boy,” the little blonde commented, watching him expertly toss Emma’s salad. “Tell him this…”

“Oh shit baby…eat my ass,” Emma repeated.

Emma didn’t think the words sounded right coming from her normally proper mouth, but they seemed to encourage her man. She felt his grip on her thighs increase and it felt like his tongue was working even more force, driving into her taboo hole even deeper.

The English girl never would have thought that getting your bum licked would be even remotely sexually fulfilling, but she was proven wrong. When Dave’s tongue pressed against the center of her hole and passed into her wettening passage with ease, she let out the loudest cry of pleasure that she had all night. Without even thinking, Emma pushed away from the bed backwards to hump back against Dave’s invading tongue

Hayden was very much enjoying the show of Dave with his hairy face buried between Emma’s perfectly smooth cheeks but she wanted to get to the main event. It was especially pleasing to see the asshole virgin actually pushing her ass back against him to get more tongue into her booty.

“Okay Emma, I want you to repeat after me,” Hayden started.

“Get that big fat cock in my tight virgin arsehole,” the Brit demanded.

Emma was disappointed when his tongue left her ass. To her surprise, she actually enjoyed someone’s tongue being buried in her rectum and licking her inner walls. Hearing the bed creak snapped her out of her thought and made her realize why he had stopped eating out for butthole.

“You ready,” he asked, standing behind her, his tip already brushing her rosebud.

Dave nodded then took a breath to steady himself. Never in his wildest dream did he ever think his date tonight would end with taking Emma Watson’s anal virginity. Of course, ever since they first started dating, anything seemed possible, including going balls deep in the English girl’s ass.

“Holy crap it’s in,” Emma grunted as his head popped into her, realizing it wasn’t so bad…yet.

“It feels so small,” he groaned from above her.

“It’s so fucking tight,” she swore, as she was consumed in the pain that came with stretching her asshole around his giant cock as he got his entire tip inside.

“It’ll get better, just relax,” Dave consoled.

“Ugghhh…awww,” Emma moaned as his tip slowly was worked into her virgin hole.

“See. I told you it wasn’t that bad,” Dave said to her after a few minutes of pushing only his head into her rear and getting very positive groans as a result.

“Mmm…yeah I like it,” she admitted honestly with lust in her eyes as she looked back at him over her shoulder.

“How much do you like it,” he asked, rubbing her folds slowly to help distract her.

“A lot…ahhh,” she groaned. “Enough to let you go deeper in my arse.”

“That’s my girl you giant butt slut,” Hayden laughed.

“Just go nice and slow,” she told him. “And be sure to use loads of lube.”

Listening to her instructions, the horny man took the bottle of oil from the night stand, opened it and poured a large dollop onto his shaft. As more of his cock was worked into her superior tush, the lube would be spread around the muscular ring and make it glide easier into her. Before tossing the bottle aside, he also dripped a good amount of the liquid into Emma’s ass crack and watched it drip over her asshole so that it too was greased.

Of course, he responded before gripping her lovely hips and pushing the next inch of his tool into her backside. It hurt a little bit but nearly as much as Emma had built it up in her head. It also helped greatly that Dave seemed to be good at sodomy, a revelation that the Brit would be sure to probe him about later.

“Doing great Em,” Dave told her, frequently squirting more lube onto his cock and her ass, making it glisten.

Dave kept a steady rhythm, never jabbing too much or going too fast. It was this constant pace that allowed him to keep pushing more of his shaft into her virgin booty with her complaining or yelping in pain. Within 5 minutes after the initial penetration into her bowels he was working over half his tool into her.

“Keep going…ugghhh…I want…ahhh….it all,” Emma begged.

“Your wish…”

“Oh my God,” she shouted as she felt his hard abs against her bubbly butt, meaning she had taking his entire cock into her rectum. “I didn’t think I could take the whole thing into my ass!”

“I had faith in you,” Dave told her.

“You actually like having a cock worked into your asshole,” Hayden deduced. “You are such a little ho!”

Delighted to hear that she was so into the anal sex, Dave used his same tactic as before and pumped the length he already had in her for a while until she was really relaxed. Finally deciding now was the right time, he gave Emmahis entire tool by plowing forward until his hips slammed against her curvy ass cheeks.

“Oh shit,” she groaned in a combination of pain and pleasure as he stayed balls deep in her tiny hole.

“You okay,” he asked, concerned.

“Mhmm…I can take it,” she answered with a sexy look back over her shoulder.

Dave would have stopped if she wanted him to, but he was over the moon that she didn’t ask that of him. Unhurriedly, the brown-haired man pulled most of his shaft from her bowel before slowly working it back in. His hips touched her ass cheeks at a much lower speed then the last time he fully entered her ass, much to her liking.

“You like having a cock worked into your asshole,” he asked, engaging her in dirty talk.

“Yeah I do. I’d like it more if you took the training wheels off and really gave me a ride,” she replied, catching him by surprise.

Pulling out almost completely, Dave crashed his hips against her ass, causing it to ripple. It drew a sharp scream from her again, but when she looked back at him, her glance told him not to stop fucking her. Listening to her silent instructions, he did the same thing and smiled with glee as his dick disappeared within her asshole.

“Such a dirty slut. Only sluts take it in the bum,” Hayden told her, demeaning her further.

“Then I guess I’m a filthy anal whore,” she replied. “Now really fuck this big slut in her tight ass!”

Dave was surprised by that commented as Emma had gotten confused with who was talking to her, but he let it slide. The dirty talk promptly ended after that and the only noises filling the small dorm room were moans and groans from the couple. Having cum earlier that night, Dave was able to stroke hard and deep into his girlfriend’s virginal without worry about cumming anytime soon, despite the overwhelming tightness.

“Help him out and fuck your own ass with his cock,” Hayden said, the first time she spoke in her ear for a good 15 minutes.

Just like earlier when he was tossing her salad, Emma dug her hands into the bedding on her mattress and straightened her arms. Gradually she pushed back against him in sync with his thrusting so that every time he pushed into her booty she was backing against him, taking him even deeper.

“Oh God that’s so good,” Dave grunted.

“Sounds like someone is gonna cum again soon,” Emma noted the tone in his last comment.

“Your fault,” he groaned. “Such a tight ass.”

And that’s when Emma realized something about herself; she too was growing closer to an orgasm. She had been so focused on Dave, and Hayden that she was overlooking the feelings building up in her body. But now she was aware of her fueling orgasm, which surprised her. She was expecting the sodomy to hurt, or at best be neutral feeling, but never in a million years did she think she’d cum from it.

“Holy shit I think I’m cumming,” Emma shared via a screamed.

“You are such a massive anal slut, because only they can cum with a dick up their ass,” Hayden chimed in.

“Cum for me baby. I’m not far behind either,” Dave expressed.

The pair continued to do what they were doing but with much greater urgency now that they knew the other was on the verge. Emma dug her hands harder into the mattress as she continuously rocked back against Dave’s massive cock. To his credit, Dave’s thrusting became harder but still not too forceful, allowing Emma to enjoy his drilling of her booty. which was aided by his fingers rubbing her clit, which had definitely sped up as well.

“Ughhhhh. I’m cummingggggg,” she howled, as her slender body was rocked by an intense orgasm.

Dave was happy she came when she did because he was in desperate need of release as well. He used every trick he had to delay his orgasm so that Emma could ride her’s out for as long as she could, milking every last ounce of pleasure from her first time taking it in the ass.

Fuck Emma, I’m so close,” Dave groaned after fucking her booty for 30 straight minutes.

“Okay now I want you to say,” Hayden’s voice said into her ear, followed by a phrase that made Emma blush. Hearing the pause Hayden spoke, “Say it Emma. Night’s almost over and you’ll never have to do anything like this again.”

Emma snapped out of her post-cumming haze and  resigned herself to the forgone conclusion and repeated Hayden’s words. It was embarrassing and degrading and she only hoped that her boyfriend wouldn’t look at her differently after the night was finally over.

“I want you to blow in my mouth,” she said, repeating the first part. “I’m young, dumb and so thirsty for your cum!”

Hayden nearly laughed so hard she fell off her chair. She had thought of that line awhile back but never had a chance to use it at all. However, Emma’s initiation proved to be the perfect instant for that beauty of a line to be spoken.

Dave didn’t wait too long from exiting her booty after hearing the sluttiest line he could ever recall. He paused slightly to watch as her gaping hole slowly sealed back tight before walking around to get his dick towards her mouth. Emma knew protesting wouldn’t do her any good and her initiation was almost over so she parted her lips and accepted his cock which moments before had been in her asshole.

He couldn’t believe that she was sucking the taste of her own asshole from his pole, but the act of degradation was really getting him aroused. Even more than that, she was surprised to find that she was actually missing the feeling of his dick filling up her rectum. But the surprises kept coming, as she found that she enjoyed the taste of her own ass, which made her ponder how fucked up she was.

“That’s right, suck your own ass Emma,” Hayden cheered. “You’re such a good ass slut.”

“Emma’s own thoughts and Hayden’s running commentary were suddenly stopped as cum started to fill up Emma’s mouth. She no longer thought about how tasty her own ass was, instead she did her best to collect all his seed without spilling any. This load was smaller than earlier at the restaurant, but it was still a good mouthful that she was grateful to swallow down the hatch.

“Yum, yum yum,” she said, licking her lips seductively.

“Oh my God,” Dave cursed, slumping back into the computer chair.

“Glad you enjoyed yourself big boy,” she told him before sucking on his sensitive tip.

After a few minutes of them catching their breath, Dave finally spoke. “So what did you think?”

“Let’s see, I came like a freight train so I think I’m game to try it again,” Emma answered.

“Really,” he said, trying to stroke his cock to life.

“Easy cowboy. I won’t be able to walk right or sit down for a few days as it is, but in the near future we can revisit me being your butt-fucked girl,” Emma said with a grin.

*          *          *

“Can I ask you something Nina,” the naïve girl AnnaSophia Robb asked her older teammate.

“Yeah sure…unless it’s for clues involving your initiation,” Nina Dobrev replied with a smile.

“No it’s not that…unless you wanted to of course,” AnnaSophia laughed. “It’s about…fitting in with the team. I’m picking up on the ‘you need to prove yourself’ vibe from most girls. I’m totally cool with that too, a couple good pre-season games doesn’t give the rest of the squad trust in me yet.”

“So what else you worried about,” the dark-haired girl asked.

“It’s Hayden. Everyone said how cool she is and approachable but I’ve only gotten a horrible feeling from her. I get that I’m fitting for her job and all but she seems like a real ice queen. So I was wondering if there was a way to get on her good side,” the little blonde asked.

“Yeah I know what you mean. I think she and her girlfriend Taylor have been having some issues of late. She’s been cold to the team lately but she’s been a huge bitch to her,” Nina answered.

“Oh okay so that’s probably it then,” AnnaSophia replied.

“Well that and you really are a new and possibly improved version of her. I mean, she’s slept through a lot of guys…and girls on campus. It makes her old news, spoiled goods. Now you come along, a fresh faced near doppelganger of her. You’re just as blonde, just as pretty and to top it all off you’re ass is even bigger and better than hers,” Nina told the freshman.

“Really? You think so,” the blonde asked, craning her neck over her own shoulder to take a gander of her ass.

“Trust me, I’m all for modesty but you’ve surely noticed that your ass is massive…and I mean that in the nicest possible way,” the sexy Canadian said.

“Okay but seriously, can you tell me about what’s happening tonight?”

“Just be at my place at 9pm in something sexy to go out in. It must show off that great hindquarters of yours,” Nina replied, lightly swatting her ass and watching it ripple.

“Haha okay,” AnnaSophia giggled. “Just text me your address and I’ll be there.”

*          *          *
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*          *          *

Nina Dobrev finished her volleyball practice and hustled to class. Though it was the first week and classes would have been easy to brush off, the olive-skinned beauty wasn’t in the mood to develop bad habits. She had witnessed girls get kicked off the team for poor grades and she didn’t want to be the next one.

After sitting through a few lectures, flirting with some guys to help pass some of the time, Nina headed back to the gym. This time she entered into the public section and found some mat space in the large space. She was proud of her body and wanted to always maintain and her favorite way was with yoga. She was devote in her practice so her version of the exercise was intense, with lots of movement and hard poses to help keep her sculpted body just that.

After an hour she had worked up and sweat and felt some ache start to creep into her slender muscles. She glanced at her watch and realized that it was already 7pm. She made her way to the shower and washed up before hitting up the cafeteria and eating a healthy dinner, well as healthy as it could get. She made it back to her dorm room and was changed into a tight-fitting outfit of black tights, matching black knee-high boots, white t-shirt and black leather jacket.


“Right on time,” Nina said to AnnaSophia Robb.

The little blonde stepped into her teammate’s solitary dorm room. Being a third-year student still living on campus offered you some nicer living arrangements then freshmen, who were packed like sardines into barracks. Nina’s room wasn’t massive by any stretch but it was the size of a dorm room meant for two people but only was used for one.

“Nice place,” AnnaSophia commented as she went to have a seat on the sofa.

“Don’t bother sitting, we’re heading out,” Nina informed her.

“Oh ok cool, where are we going exactly,” the short blonde asked.

“This little diner by the old folks home,” Nina answered.

“Eww. Please don’t make me do anything with old gross people,” AnnaSophia pleaded as they got into Nina’s car.

“No old people, I promise,” the Canadian assured her.

The drive wasn’t too long, taking the two girls only 10 minutes to go from campus to the part of town that housed a community for seniors. It was a fairly large area housing several thousand old people, as AnnaSophia had so elegantly put it, and right on the outskirts of the community was a plaza that contained a diner.

Most places open for dinner were opened until 11 at least but not this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant as it’s main patrons were all in bed by 10. The diner closed early at 7pm so when the two ladies rolled up into the parking spot, there were only two cars left in the place.

“Hmm…that’s definitely Larry’s car and I think the truck belongs to Rick,” Nina thought out loud.

“Okay…still gonna ask, what are we doing here,” AnnaSophia asked for the thousandth time.

“Alright you can know now. I was dating this really shitty guy who ended up cheating on me…a lot. So as payback I’m sleeping with all of his friends and family.”

“Wow. Dark,” the blonde summed up. “And one works here?”

“Yeah. Larry is his best friend but this could work out since Rick is also his buddy, they play golf together all the time. Wasn’t exactly the plan but we can make it work,” Nina said with confidence.

Annasophia followed her older teammates lead and exited the car when she did and walked beside her up to the main door. Nina tried pulling it open but as expected it was locked so she gently rapped her knuckles on the glass. It took a minute plus another knocking but finally a man came out into view.

“Sorry we’re closed,” he said without really looking.

“Larry, it’s me Nina. Open up,” the Canadian replied.

“Nina! No shit. Hold on,” he said in a chipper tone as he unlocked the door and opened it for them. “Who’s your friend?”

“Hi I’m AnnaSophia Robb,” the blonde said perkily.

“Holy mother of God! What. An. Ass,” a man said as he checked out the shorter girl.

The comment was rash but extremely true. For such a short and slender girl, AnnaSophia’s ass stuck out like a shining light on the darkest of nights. Not that it needed the extra attention, but the super tight dress that the little blonde was wearing made just how far it stuck out behind her even more noticeable.

“Jesus man, have some manners,” Larry scolded his friend. “Nina you two already know each other but this is Rick. Rick this is AnnaSophia.”

“Very, very, very nice to meet you,” the brown-haired man greeted.

“Not that I mind but what are you doing here,” Nina asked.

“Was bored and Larry said we can drink here before heading back to the campus bar,” Rick answered before taking the blonde’s hand and giving it a little kiss, drawing a giggle from her.

“And not like I mind either,” Larry started, using her same phrasing, “But what brings you to the geriatric sector of town?”

Nina had planned on getting AnnaSophia alone to come in and seduce the tall coed but things had changed now. She wasn’t the best with coming up with plans on the spot so she decided to go with the truth.

“We came to kinda…sorta…have sex with you,” Nina said. “As you know about me and Zane, I’m pretty upset with him so want to get him where it hurts and that’s with sleeping with his best friends.”

“Oh,” both men said, not expecting that.

“So there it is. What do you think,” Nina asked.

“Fuck him,” Rick blurted out. “I can get a new golf buddy anytime but hooking up with this little slice of heaven doesn’t come around every day.”

“Stop it, you’ll make me blush,” AnnaSophia giggled as his arm slipped around her.

“And you,” the leggy brunette asked the other man.

“I’ve lusted after you for as long as we’ve been in school together. And Zane is a big asshole anyway,” Larry smiled at her.

For AnnaSophia it was as though Larry’s confirmation to screw over his friend was what her date Rick needed to spring to action. With his arm already around the much shorter girl, the broad-chested man steered her to a booth just out of view of the window. He spun the sexy coed around as they approached the bench then lightly lowered her onto her back.

“Whoa,” the blonde squealed in excitement as she found herself reclined.

Rick smiled at her girly scream but then immediately kept pouring on his pursuit of the bubbly teen. He leaned into the booth to kiss the lovely coed, mixing his tongue into her mouth which she gladly accepted and mingled with his. He didn’t stay kissing the beautiful girl for long as he moved away from her lips and onto her neck, kissing her supple skin.

“I get why vampires go for the neck,” he commented, kissing down her flawless flesh. “So sexy.”

“Mmhmm,” she moaned, biting her lip with eyes closed.

As he kissed her neck he groped at AnnaSophia’s amazing body, starting with her small but very perky tits. He wasn’t a boob man per se, so the size didn’t matter to him, but they were shaped like perfect globes and felt heavy in his hands, which were definitely pluses. He could also make out her pokey small nipples that topped each breasts through the thin material of her clinging dress.

On the other side of the room, Nina and Larry watched as their friend Rick led off the freshman to a more secluded area of the restaurant, out of view of people who may walk by and glance in. Larry had a different idea for he and the beautiful Canadian, as he walked into the back of the restaurant. Nina was curious if she should follow but just as she started to stir, the lights in the entire space went out, plunging them into darkness.

“That should give us some privacy,” he said, appearing right in front of her.

Nina was startled by the suddenness of his reappearance but giggled with the surprise. She felt his strong hands, shaped from years of manual labor, wrap around the back of her head and pull her in for a kiss. She gladly accepted his tongue into her mouth, closing her lips around it and sucking on the slippery muscles, much to his amusement.

His kissing started off soft and gentle but soon transformed into something more hungry and demanding. Nina found her back arching back as he pushed her backwards but always keeping contact with her mouth. She was caught off-guard by his new forceful style but she liked it, responding by matching his driving.

Larry’s free large hand roamed up her body, starting at the cool skin of her thigh. Her denim short shorts left a lot of her amazing legs exposed, a fact he was grateful for. His hand scooped around to her backside to knead her fairly plump ass given how skinny the Canadian girl was.

As the horny man squeezed her plump ass, Nina continued to kiss him with passion but also got busy with her own hands. Though there wasn’t much space between their crotches, she was still able to get her dainty hands in between them and fiddle with his belt. It took some effort but finally she had it undone, followed next by his pants.

“Sit,” Nina demanded of the normally reserved man.

Larry, who had moved his hand down from her head and up from her ass so that both palms were rubbing against her B-cup tits as the fingers pawed at the rounded globes beneath. He used his foot to scour the space behind him for a chair and finally found one, pulling it over to do what the sexy olive-skinned girl asked of him.

When Larry squatted on his way to sitting, Nina used that time to pull his snug slacks down his powerful thighs so that when he reached the seat his bare ass was touching the wooden surface. Before she could drop down to her knees she felt his hands move to the center of her tight-fitting white blouse. BEfore she could stop him, the horny man pulled his arms apart, and in the process ripped the buttons from her top, splitting it down the middle.

“Much better,” he noted.

With it already ruined, Nina wasn’t going to cry over spilt milk so she helped him pull it off her lanky body and throw it to the ground below. As she pulled it off herself, Larry was busy unhooking her bra, and discarding of it. He had his mouth around one of her medium-sized boobs before she knew it, causing her to toss her head back and let loose a satisfied moan.

Meanwhile, Rick had completed his journey down AnnaSophia’s tight body and had ended up on his knees between her milky white thighs. Along his trail he pulled the straps off her shoulder and tugged the dress off her upper body, over her massive ass and off her legs altogether. It left her completely nude, laying on the leather bench of the restaurant booth, feeling cool on her tanned skin.

“Oh God that feels amazing,” AnnaSophia moaned.

Rick had reached his destination of having his tongue buried deep in her pussy. Her juices tasted delicious, the 19-year-old tasting like a mix of honey and lavender, two flavors he couldn’t get enough of. He repeated drove his tongue deep into her hole then would withdraw it so he could perform several long licks through her pink folds.

“You taste so fucking good,” he grunted as he rubbed his hard-on through his pants.

Whatever she was going to say was drowned out by her own moan the second his tongue took a swipe at her clit. Seeing how successful it was the first time around, Rick did the same thing except this time he dragged a finger through her folds, gathering juices. When lined up with her middle of her sex, he eased his thick digit into her twat and slowly began to fuck her with it.

“Oh…yes,” AnnaSophia moaned, spreading her legs wider for him.

Rick was the type of guy who knew that the way to more sex was through mastering going down on a woman. It showed that he was a selfless lover, but also he knew that women tended to share that detail during gossip. His style was based on reactions, so now that he knew what AnnaSophia liked he kept it coming.

He went from using his skilled tongue to clamping his lips around her ultra-sensitive clit and sucking on it. Of course he didn’t stop using his tongue as he used it to tap her bean while he applied the suction, giving her a louder scream then before.

Knowing that she was lost in bliss of having her most sensitive body part repeated stimulated, he added a second finger into her loosening but still tight twat. It slide into her wet heat without issue, and after a few moments he had built up to a good pace of driving his index and middle finger in and out of AnnaSopia’s pussy. It’s not like she was too loose, it was just that with her wetness he had no problems spreading her pie for his sensual purposes.

“Mhmm…so good,” AnnaSophia groaned.

The tiny blonde was certainly enjoying her experience, thrashing around in the darkened restaurant. She didn’t know that she’d be hooking up when she got in the car with Nina at the beginning of the night, but things had worked out pretty well. Rick seemed like a fun guy, handsome with a muscular body, but more importantly he knew his way around a twat.

Rick had now undone his trousers and had them hooked around his knees without ever breaking stride on pleasuring the tiny blonde with the great ass. He always took pride in his ability to munch rug, but feeling her thick thighs press against the side of his head and her steady stream of moans was always a nice confirmation. He stroked his 7 inch cock as his other hand still pistoned into her wet mound, keeping himself ride so that the seconds after she came he could penetrate her tasty snatch.

“Fuck me,” AnnaSophia moaned, feeling fingers moving in and out of her while stretching her twat.

He was slightly surprised to feel his bushy hair tugged on by the delicious shorter girl. Her dainty hand had been rubbing the top of his head and her fingers would get tangled in his brown hair on occasion but she hadn’t pulled his hair until then. He figured to was in response to and extra firm lick at her clit while he simultaneously rubbed her G spot, but pay back would be on the cards now, and that came when he pressed another finger to the pair already plunging into her pussy.

Having her pussy stretched so much while his fingertips massaged her G spot and his tongue constantly stimulated her clit was more than AnnaSophia could handle. With a scream that filled the near-empty restaurant she clamped down hard on the back of his head and the leather booth with her other hand as she came…hard.

Rick wanted to stretch out her orgasm as long as he could to make her really remember their time together in the hopes of a repeat performance some time in the future. It was hard to focus with her thighs clamping down hard around his head, and he found it adorable that she lifted her massive ass off the bench to get more of his digits into her twat.

He steady his hand in her mound and only used his tongue to dart out and flick her clit. It seemed that each and every lick made the blonde buck her hips up towards her, making his tongue press harder and also impaling herself deeper on his three fingers filling her wetness. Finally, she was completely spent from the exertion and she collapsed back onto the booth, practically limp in pure satisfaction.

Back in the darkness of the bar area, Larry was on the end of one of Nina’s well practiced blowjobs. She was a real pro with her mouth, easily one of the better oral sex performers that the rugged man had ever been lucky enough to experience. Being friends with Nina’s ex had told him that the sexy girl was really good with her mouth as Zane loved to kiss and tell, but being on the end of one was so much better.

“So big and thick,” Nina complimented.

She had been done on her knees for 5 minutes already, but would have been happy to be down there all night. Currently her hand was lightly grasping and stroking his erect 8 and a half-inch cock, savoring the feeling of his throbbing meat. Her hand was able to glide quickly over his entire length aided by her saliva coating his shaft. She gave him a couple more strokes before parting her lips and taking his head into her mouth again.

“Fuck you’re really good with your mouth,” Larry said excitedly.

Nina was clearly done talking for now as she went back to doing what she was really good at. With her lips already wrapped around the head of his cock she went back to sucking him off. With a hand at the base of his thick cock, she bobbed her head down and in doing so took over half his length into her mouth. The next time she plunged her head towards his body his tip hit the back of her throat, and to her credit she didn’t cough or gag at all.

Out of some type of evolutionary reflex, Larry grabbed the back of her head and lightly lifted his hips off the wooden chair. He couldn’t explain how good it felt for his tip to be pressing against the back of her mouth, bouncing against the soft yet firm end-range. Though they weren’t able to feed all of his length into her mouth, she did an admirable job getting the majority of his flesh into her oral cavity.

“Does that feel good,” Nina asked with a smile.

“You have no damn idea,” he swore with an equally large grin.

Nina gave another smile then stuck out her tongue and licked from his base up to his tip on the left side, then again on the right side. In the process she licked up her own thick goblets of spit she had left from her sloppy blowjob earlier, but that didn’t seem to faze her.

The leggy girl smiled brightly hearing her date moan and thrash around in the chair above her with her next move. While using all her spit as ample lubrication she stroked his entire length, letting her fist ride all the way up and over the sensitive ridge between his bulbous head and shaft. The true highlight was that it left her mouth free to aim lower and use her tongue to lick at his heavy balls, full of cum that she was sure would be spilled over her in due time.

“Oh God…just like that,” Rick grunted in satisfaction.

After AnnaSophia had creamed all over his fingers he allowed her a few moments of rest before he pounced upon her laying in the booth. His unsheathed cock slid easily into her sex, sopping wet from her orgasm, and he quickly worked up to a steady pace of sawing into her.

However the tiny blonde recovered quicker then he thought she would. He only pounded into her for a few minutes before she had demanded she goes on top to give him a rest and also to show off what she could do.

Rick elicited a little squeal from the volleyball star as he hooked his strong arms under her knees and lifted her straight up into the air. He bounced her a few times on his cock from the standing position before spinning around and settling down onto the bench that she was previously laying on.

AnnaSophia wasted no time in getting started, planting her feet on either side of his waist and lifting herself off his lap. Over and over she crashed down onto his shaft, and Rick would always remember the feel of her large booty slamming down against his muscular thighs.

Since that time a steady stream of grunts and screams of pleasure were hurled out by both Rick and the talented AnnaSophia. She was like no other girl Rick had scored with, as her superior athleticism allowed her to pound herself with such force and speed, burying his cock in the heat of her pussy.

“Shit you’re so ripped,” AnnaSophia moaned, her fingers running along the grooves his ab muscles made.

Rick was in constant war with his only brain, trying to figure out what to grope. For what to look at it was easy, his eyes were wide open staring at the bouncing blonde’s face, it was so angelic and had the sexiest look on it. Currently his right hand was reaching up to alternate squeezing her right and left boob, they were a good handful and he enjoyed tugging on her sensitive nipples, making them grow hard under his thumb and forefinger.

“Such a tight pussy,” he grunted, using his left hand to lightly swat her impressive ass.

It took all his willpower not to have both hands kneading her thick ass as she rode him, but he prided himself on his ability to multi-task. It was only their first time hooking up so he didn’t try to slip a finger into her crinkled starfish, a move he commonly performed with his regular hook-ups. For tonight he would satisfy himself with simple squeezing her booty, which was so round, so fleshy and oh so grabbable.

“You fell…ughh…so good…in me,” she squalled.

They had been fucking for the past 15 minutes and the strain was really starting to add up for Rick. He had been in a slight dry spell of late with the ladies so his endurance wasn’t as high as normal. He knew he wouldn’t be able to go all night, but if he couldn’t go for long then he wanted to make sure she came again, he would just have to work quickly.

“Not gonna last a whole lot longer,” he grunted through gritted teeth.

“I’m getting there too. Just hold out for me,” she begged.

Rick was impressed with himself that the little blonde felt another orgasm on the horizon. Normally he was proud of bringing a girl to orgasm once during their maiden session together since it usually took some time to get in sync with a new partner. But with AnnaSophia it was different, the way her body moved was powerful but he was able to predict the movements, allowing him to jab his hips up or grind into her at just the right moment to maximize both their pleasure.

His balls were beginning to tingle, wanting their just release so Rick had to grit his teeth and put that out of his mind. He pulled the hand groping her supple breasts and hooked it around her blonde head, pulling her down to kiss him. As they made out, he drove his hips upwards, making a new angle of penetration that killed two birds with one stone. The new stimulation felt great for her while changed the rub on his cock to buy him so more precious time.

“So close,” AnnaSophia murmured through their kiss.

He was determined to hold out until she completed her second orgasm of the night but he couldn’t last much longer. Remembering to what worked while eating her out, he attempted to push his hand down her taut stomach to rub her clit but their was no gap. Out of desperation he had to be clever so he followed the curve of her ass cheek down to by her rosebud, spread his pointer finger out and avoided touching her asshole as he reached for her exposed clit, finding it just within his grasp.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” she spewed out in a series of moans.

She came for the second time at his hands and not a moment too soon. Once certain that she was done cumming, Rick pushed her up and off his throbbing cock and let her settle straddling his waist. She was young and seemed naive so he wasn’t sure if she was on the pill and wasn’t going to risk knocking her up, despite how hot she was.

He wasn’t able to grab his cock but he was already in the process of cumming. His tool naturally settled in the crack of her ass, surrounded by her firm meaty booty as it twitched. While she was still trembling from her orgasm, her great ass slid along his shaft enough to maintain his own completion.

“Huh…yes,” he groaned.

With another loud grunt and fingers now digging into the soft flesh of her greatest, and largest asset, he cum. They could both feel his cock pulsing as jet after jet of cum erupted out of his tip and splashed against her big booty, with the odd streak extending all the way up to land on her back between her shoulder blades.

Of course AnnaSophia and Rick weren’t the only couple fucking in the closed restaurant. In the completely blacked out main dining room, Nina was sitting on a stool, leaning her long upper body against the bar top as her date Larry drove into her sex from behind.

After Nina had done a hell of a job orally servicing her ex-boyfriend’s friend, the tall man had stopped her blowjob and helped her to her feet. Though he wished he could have kept her mouth around his dick all night she was rather talented and would have been draining his cum into her throat in no time flat.

Nina savored the feeling of his mouth around her good sized tits as his lips formed a comfortable clamp around her sensitive nipples. Her breasts were slightly bigger than her teammates, making them a hearty handful even for Larry’s rather large hand.

The brunette allowed her man to lap at her tits while she used her hand to undo her tight fitting jean shorts. Larry clued in to what she was doing and bent down to help slid the clothing down her gorgeous, long legs and off her body completely.

“Come here,” she told him.

The strapping young man had no issue listening to the gorgeous girl as she pulled him in for a tongue-filled kiss. As she walked backwards towards the rear of the restaurant, his hand had found itself between her soft thighs, rubbing at her already wet pussy.

Nina broke the kiss so that she could get her bearings. Before Larry had turned the lights off she had scanned the room for good sights to fuck on. AnnaSophia and Rick had chosen the booth so she settled for the stool. She spread her legs wide to straddle the cushioned seat before sitting down with her ass pushed back, giving access to her gushing pink folds.

Though it was dark Larry found her snatch with his cock with little issue. He had initially butted his tip against her asshole by accident but before he could push inside the alert coed lifted her hips off the stool and lined him up with her pussy instead. For the past 15 minutes the pair groaned and grunted, much like their opposing couple in the other section of the diner.

“Fuck…you’re so damn sexy,” the hulking figure complimented.

Nina was currently arching her back in as seductive a pose as you could imagine, which allowed her to turn her head and kiss her date for the night. Though this was a revenge fuck, it didn’t mean that the olive-skinned beauty couldn’t enjoy every last moment of desire from the encounter.

“So good,” she moaned into his mouth.

The pair had found their stride with each other fairly quickly and were now reaping the benefits. Larry had wasted no time in settling into a blistering pace for the past little while, which ebbed constantly away at his impressive endurance. However he was able to push that thought from his mind, focusing instead on the sound and feeling of his pelvis smacking against the cheeks of her underrated ass as it reverberated throughout the room.

Of course Nina wasn’t just sitting and taking his pounding without helping out. The sexy Canadian couldn’t do as big of motions as her man, but she was pushing back against his long body as best she could with such little leverage. Aside from that she was clamping down on his pumping cock with the little muscles of her pussy, increasing the pressure around his shaft.

Nina could tell that the man was thoroughly enjoying himself as his hands were unable to stay still. Sometimes he would use them on both her rounded tits, tweaking her nipples much to her delight. Minutes later they would roam down her tight body to grab her hips, using them to pull back and slam into her even deeper into her depths.

“God your pussy is tight,” Larry complimented, feeling her twat gripping his cock with an intensity that was hard to believe.

Nina ran a hand through her long brown hair and noted the traces of dampness, sweat from their energetic fucking so far. She found herself suddenly flinching more out of surprise then pain when he brought his hand down onto her perky ass, followed by a very hard squeeze of her firm ass.

The unexpected move triggered something in her beautiful head and now she wanted more of the treatment. She begged him to do it again and he complied, slapping her booty a little harder this time. While he did that, Nina grabbed his free hand and placed it on her left tit, which he immediately kneaded with similar intensity.

“Yes…play with my tits,” she groaned.

As if to encourage his new rougher behavior, Nina squeezed her legs together, tightening her pussy around his thrusting cock. The added resistance ramped up the pleasure he was deriving from her wet furnace and he knew that his orgasm would be coming sooner rather than later.

“Harder,” Nina screamed.

Larry didn’t know what she wanted rougher so he increased his treatment on all three of her zones. He squeezed her nipples between his finger and thumb harder as he drilled his cock into her pussy with all the power he could garner. As if that didn’t take coordination he lifted his hand and crashed it down sharply on her plump ass, making the skin-on-skin whacking noise ring out throughout the building.

“Yes…that’s it,” Nina squalled as mingled pain and pleasure washed over her lean body.

“Hard enough for you,” Larry asked while slamming into her pussy.

“Excellent,” she replied as she hurtled towards her orgasm.

“Gonna come soon,” he asked in a slightly cocky and very hopeful tone.

“Uh huh,” Nina moaned, feeling her climax approaching.

“Thank God…me too,” Larry grunted. “Where?”

“Cum on my back,” she instructed.

Nina hoped that him learning the destination of his cum wouldn’t mean he’d pull out right away and forget that she was so close to her own orgasm. Knowing he was that close made Nina drop a hand between her legs and furiously rub her clit. That normally did the trick when she was so close and tonight was no different.

Larry heard her primitive grunting then felt her body start to spasm. Seconds later he felt her pussy clamp down on his cock harder then anything or anyone else as she did her best to milk him directly into her cunt. He gritted his teeth and rode out the tightness around his shaft and hoped that he had waited long enough before pulling out.

“Here it comes,” the tall cook announced, eyes rolling back into his head.

He only had to stroke his cock once or twice before Nina felt the first squirt of warm goo land on the right side of her low back and onto her curvy ass. She let out another soft moan as more cum flew onto her olive skin, streaking across her booty, low back and even up onto her ribs.

“My God you are amazing,” Larry grunted, finished cumming.

“AnnaSophia, I need your help,” Nina called out.

Nina heard Larry go walking away and seconds later the lights were turned back on. They had lasted longer than the blonde and her partner, so AnnaSophia and Rick were already fully dressed. Now able to see, the tiny blonde with the thick ass came walking over to her big sister for the evening.

“Jesus you have one hot body,” Rick complimented the naked girl.

“Well aren’t you sweet,” Nina grinned at him before addressing AnnaSophia. “As the last of your initiation challenges, I want you to clean my back off…with your mouth.”

“No problem. Rick came on my ass so I didn’t get a chance to swallow any cum yet,” the frisky blonde responded.

Though she looked like an innocent little angel, Nina was swiftly learning that AnnaSophia was no such thing. The brunette understood that it was the shorter girl’s job to be obedient for the evening, but AnnaSophia didn’t hesitiate with any of her challenges and this last one was no exception.

Knowing her night was almost over, AnnaSophia took up position behind her big sister. The tiny blonde was jealous of her teammate’s gorgeous olive skin, and the sight of the thick white goo coating her skin made the blonde lick her lips.

Nina let out a small moan as her teammate’s wet tongue began to work over her smooth body, licking up the wad of cum on her booty before moving it up. She shivered as the wet muscle licked up her spin, collecting more sperm before moving to the sides to complete her job.

“All done,” AnnaSophia said after swallowing the collected semen.

Nina and Larry took the opportunity to put back on their clothes before the two men escorted the volleyball players to the locked door. The taller man undid the bolt and opened the door for the sexy women, at which point both AnnaSophia and Nina turned around, kissed them on the cheek then left.

*          *          *

Elizabeth Gillies found Mandrake Hall with ease, mainly because it was the residence just up the hill from her own. It was early enough in the night that she had no problem gaining admission into the building so made her way up the elevator to the 6th floor. She was use to getting head turning glances since she was clearly uber-sexy, but she felt a few of the extra gazes were from wearing a overcoat in 80 degree heat outside.

She found the room number easily enough as well, though she asked a guy for help simply to start a conversation with him and flirt a little bit. Her approach from high school was to be flirty with boys and let a good amount into her pants. She learnt from others that being too much of a prude, despite your good looks turned boys away as they liked a chase but not when they had to work too hard. But fucking everyone that was handsome or offered wasn’t good either as boys didn’t like a big whore.

The door to the room was unlocked just like Ashley Greene claimed it would be. His roommate was also M.I.A. as well, Elizabeth didn’t know how her big sister got rid of him but she was only glad that it was done, meaning less work for her. Her job was to fuck Ashley’s brother, pure and simple.

The room was small, much like a shared dorm room was suppose to be but it wasn’t too cluttered which was surprising considering it was shared by two boys away from home for the first time in their life. Elizabeth discarded the overcoat she wore and hung it up on the door hook then checked herself out in the full length mirror.

“I’d fuck me if I saw someone in this,” Liz said aloud to herself.

Actually with her exquisite beauty combined with her lace black lingerie, no man or woman would be able to resist her. Her measurements were out of this world, giving her the classical hourglass figure by rocking natural D-sized breasts, a fairly slim waist then hips that ballooned out and an ass that bubbled behind her perfectly. She was the complete package whether it was for a guy that was into boobs or ass, plus her eyes were remarkable, seemingly able to pierce into your soul like a sharpened medieval sword.

With one final adjustment of her bouncy tits using the mirror, Elizabeth turned around and deduced which of the beds was Ashley’s brother’s. She looked on the desk and found a picture of a family, a fairly attractive mother and father, a good-looking albeit slightly awkward looking teenage boy and Ashley.

“Little Greener I suppose,” the dark-haired girl assumed.

Elizabeth had just climbed onto the made bed and gotten comfortable when she heard the door knob begin to jingle. A key was sounded to be sliding into the lock then the deadbolt was twisted into an open position and the door swung open.

“Yeah I couldn’t how hot the TA wa…”

The boy stopped speaking mid-sentence when he saw the presence of the most beautiful woman he’d seen on campus yet. She was gorgeous, with thick flowing black hair and massive cleavage, yet Jack Greene couldn’t help but stare into her manipulative baby blue eyes.

“Well hello there,” Elizabeth greeted the three men. “Now which one of you is Jack?”

“That would be me,” the handsome boy at the head of the group answered.

“Then happy birthday. Why don’t you send your little friends home to their mommies and come unwrap your gift,” she said in a condescending yet sexy tone.

“Actually we planned on getting drunk,” one of the boys said, displaying a 26-ounce bottle of rum, no doubt cheap.

“So how about we all party together,” the third boy added.

“I’m game if you are birthday boy,” Elizabeth said after a short deliberation.

Elizabeth, or Lizzy as some friends called her, found herself allowing a potential gangbang to happen. She didn’t know exactly why she agreed so readily. It wasn’t out of peer-pressure knowing her teammates were recording her encounter per-se, but then again she didn’t want to appear weak in front of the group.

“Let’s party,” the birthday boy said.

His two new friends let out barely audible cheers, knowing that they were going to get a chance to fuck the beautiful girl laying on the bed. The three boys stepped further into the room and rapidly closed the door behind themselves, locking it securely.

“So who are your two friends,” Lizzy asked.

The black-haired beauty had gotten up from her reclined position on the bed and into a more seated posture. She patted the mattress right next to her while looking her piercing eyes in Jack’s direction, motioning him to join her. She could tell he was caught off guard and was nervous, but he listened to her beaconing and sat next to the busty woman.

“The one with the shaggy hair is Matt and the other guy is Aaron,” he answered.

The two boys gave a little wave and head nod to her as the man of the hour introduced them to the still mystery woman. While Matt was busy tracking down 4 glasses, Aaron was freeing the bottle from the bag and opening it up. Once poured, the boy with the shaggy hair handed a cup to Elizabeth and Jack before joining them on the bed while Aaron grabbed a seat on the desk chair near the head of the bunk.

“Not to be rude or stare a gift horse in the mouth, but who are you,” Jack asked after sipping his rum.

“Does it really matter,” she replied, still speaking in a seductive tone. The placed her hand on his chest and looked him in the eye. “All that matters is that I’m yours for the night birthday boy. So drink your liquid courage boys and let’s have a good time.”

“Okay then,” he commented.

“Bottoms up fuckers,” one of his friends said.

The four people in the room did as the boy suggested and finished their glasses in one big gulp. The burning in their throats was harsh due to the cheap liquor but warmed them up. Aaron grabbed the bottle and filled his cup again, before wheeling the chair to do likewise to the three sitting on the mattress.

They drank again, and then a third time. By this time they were all feeling buzzed, and ready to participate in an orgy. It would be a first for all the coeds, though Elizabeth had sleep with two different guys back-to-back, but not at the same time.

“So how do we do this,” Jack eventually asked.

“Pretty simple. We get naked. You boys take turns fucking me. And most importantly, you’re in charge big boy,” Elizabeth explained.

“Here, I’ll start,” the boy on the computer chair stated.

Aaron stood up from the rolling stair and stumbled slightly. He was embarrassed by his moment of being tipsy from the alcohol and hope he didn’t lessen himself in the mind of the beautiful girl. Acting quickly, he peeled off his shirt to reveal a slim but ripped body, sculpted from years of training for marathons. Next went his shoes and pants, leaving him standing in front of the group in only tight fitting boxer briefs.

“Well come on. It’s weird if I’m the only one in my underwear,” the handsome boy complained.

He was happy to see both his friends shrug from their seated position then the next second pounce off the bouncy surface and stand next to him. The long-haired Matt and the birthday boy lifted off their shirts and pulled down their pants as well, leaving all three boys in the undergarments in front of the still relaxed Elizabeth.

“Off with them,” she demanded, taking another slow pull from her glass.

They looked at one another as though initiating some type of telepathetic countdown. When the clock struck 0 they all hooked fingers into boxers and pulled them straight down their legs and off their bodies.

“Lizzy likes,” the dark-haired woman said just loud enough for them to hear.

Though the cocks in her line of view were only semi-hard at best, they still showed amazing promise. Ashley’s sister Jack looked like his was the thickest, though he would probably only end up growing to 7 inches, which was still more than enough. His cute friend Aaron didn’t have the appearance of being overly thick, but his dick was already 6 inches and still had growing yet to do. Meanwhile the shaggy haired boy, the name of whom escaped her, appeared to have a dick somewhere in the middle, which was good length and solid girth.

Liz didn’t want to keep the excited boys waiting any longer. With a final lick of her lips she slowly and seductively slinked off the comfortable confines of the dorm bunk and landed on the ground. She didn’t have far to go to reach them but the sexy girl crawled her way towards them until she arrived, rocking back on her knees in order to be right in front of them kneeling.

She centered herself so that she was head on with the boy in the middle, who happened to be the birthday boy himself. Not wasting any time, Elizabeth opened her mouth wide, leaned forward and engulfed the tip of his cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head a few times, working just about half his good-sized tool into her oral cavity then pulled off him altogether.

“Fuck that’s good,” Jack groaned.

“Just the tip of the iceberg pal,” the dark-haired beauty told him.

Liz pivoted slightly so that she was now facing the marathon runner Aaron and repeated the same trick on him. After sucking on his lengthy tool for a minute she pulled away from him and turned nearly 180 degrees to face Matt. Again she opened her mouth and pushed her lips around her third cock in as many minutes, getting half his length wet with her spit.

“You’ve certainly got talent,” the freshman boy commended.

“Please,” Elizabeth said. “You haven’t seen anything yet boys.”

With the boys paying attention to her every sexy movie, the girl in the busty lingerie did a long lick over her thumb and forefinger on each hand. With their cocks now lubricated as well as her hands, Liz gripped the two dicks on the outside and began stroking them at a solid pace. This left her face to focus on the meat right in front of her, belong to Ashley’s brother, which she gladly gobbled up with her mouth.

The boys to their credit showed brains, that or were well rehearsed when it came to being sexually self-serving. Every minute or two Elizabeth would pull her plump lips from one dick, only to pivot to her left and swallow the next one. The boys were now shifting along with her so that she was continuously stimulating the trio.

“Alright I need a dick in me right away,” the busty girl announced.

Without caring who the lucky bastard was that got first go at her pussy, the dark-haired beauty grabbed the boy to her left and right in front of her and got them to sit on the edge of the bed. Elizabeth spun on her knees to face the complete other direction so she was facing the reclined boys on the mattress. The bed was low which was perfect as it allowed her to rest out on her hands as she alternated between bobbing on each cock.

This left Aaron as the only man standing and he knew exactly what came with that. He got down right behind Elizabeth and flipped the bottom of her extremely short lace nightie up onto her back to expose her velvety folds and ass.

“Well aren’t you just the complete package,” Aaron stated. “Skinny chick with huge tits and a fat ass.”

To accentuate his point, the thin boy brought his hand to about shoulder height then let it come whipping down until his hand smacked her bare milk-colored cheek. The slap resonated loudly around the room, even drawing a murmur of surprise from the unexpected girl, whose mouth was currently one of his friends.

For the sake of being even, Aaron did the same thing with his left hand to her other cheek, giving her a match set of red handprints on her fantastically plump ass. Satisfied with his handiwork, no pun intended, the runner clutched his cock around the base with one hand while his other one dragged two fingers through her pink holes.

“God that feels good,” Elizabeth cooed before wrapping her lips around one of the boys cock’s again.

Aaron was pleased to find that the girl was soaking wet so that he didn’t have to waste time with going down on her. He didn’t mind if he had to, but he desperately wanted to get his cock wet inside the beautiful girl and licking her twat would only delay that.

“Holy shit you feel good,” Aaron groaned from behind the girl.

Without further delay Aaron had placed his tip against her wet hole and pushed his hips forward. He wasn’t the thickest of men, and though she was tight his meat slid into her with a fair amount of ease. After getting halfway inside, Aaron pulled out most of the way then repeated. After a few pumps, his entire 10 inch cock was gliding in and out of her slick folds.

“Mhmm…yes. Fuck me big boy,” she encouraged.

Aaron didn’t need to be told to do exactly that. With his hands clutching tightly onto her womanly hips, the marathon runner continuously reared his hips back before shoving them forward. The resultant forced Elizabeth to take the dick in her mouth even deeper inside, the tip smashing against the back of her throat.

With three guys in the room and only one girl, Aaron knew that his time behind Elizabeth would be limited. They needed to share, especially since it wasn’t his birthday that she was here for. Knowing he had to get the most bang for his buck then he’d have a period of rest, Aaron held nothing back. Over and over he pumped the slutty girl with his tool, looking down and watching as her cheeks quaked under the contact with his pelvis.

Of course, a few minutes after Aaron came to the realization that it was better to go all out when one of his friends asked to switch with him. This time it was Matt, the shaggy haired boy, not that it mattered at all. Aaron gave a few last deep thrusts into Elizabeth’s pinkness then pulled his juice-covered cock from her.

“My turn sweet thing,” Matt told the pretty girl.

No sooner were the words out of his mouth when Elizabeth was filled by her second cock in as many minutes. Matt and Aaron effective had traded positions, and after the dark-haired beauty finished gagging on the birthday boy’s cock for awhile she turned her attention to the man that had just stopped fucking her from behind.

“God you boys know how to fuck,” she cursed, looking back over her shoulder for a moment at the focused Matt.

Right away Elizabeth could tell the differences between the two men, even though Matt had only just started to plow into her. Aaron was similar to his running style, long strides with a medium pace that he could sustain for hours while Matt was more savage and wild, a frantic pace with loose technique. The gorgeous girl didn’t mind his style though, she was easily able to adapt to his hard thrusts and loved how his wide cock stretched her pussy further than before.

While Matt ravaged her twat from behind, she set about going down on Aaron’s cock after servicing the birthday boy for the past few minutes. The dim lighting in the dorm room made the runner’s cock glimmer due to its coating of her juices. Without hesitation she engulfed his tool, allowing her tongue to absorb as much of her own juices as she could.

“Yum,” she purred to herself, all while getting pumped in her mound and sucking a long dick.

“My God you’re hot,” Matt groaned, thrusting inside her deep while his hands reached down to paw her thick cheeks.

“Why don’t you let big Jackie have a go now,” Elizabeth said after another couple of minutes.

“The girl speaks sense,” Jack agreed, practically jumping off the bed.

Before he could get very far, Elizabeth trapped him with an arm to hold him within her reach. She clutched his good sized member and stroked it a few times from tip to balls, almost assessing the friction. Deciding he didn’t have enough slide, she latched her lips onto his cock and proceeded to give him the loudest, sloppiest blowjob he’d ever received. Matt took advantage be somehow escalating his crazed pace to soak up every last moment of pleasure with her twat that he could.

After some time Elizabeth broke away from Jack’s cock and reassessed. This time she didn’t need to stroke his length to know that he was as slick as they came, as her massive amounts of spit could easily be seen on his tool. That wasn’t the only place her spit had coated, as her chin and her cleavage had been drooled over by herself in the process.

Released from her grip, Jack made his way behind her to be the third guy to fill her tight pussy in the past 15 minutes. Once he had made his way beside Matt, the shaggy haired boy reluctantly pulled out of the gorgeous girl and allowed his friend to take the position. However, Elizabeth had another idea in mind for Ashley’s brother.

“Listen Jack, it’s your birthday so why don’t you use my freshest of holes,” she said while looking back over her shoulder in a seductive way.

“Do you mean…” he started then trailed off so that he could rub his tip over her crinkled starfish.

“That’s right baby. Fuck me in the ass,” Elizabeth all but begged.

“Yeah buddy,” Matt cheered seconds before a pair of lips wrapped around his juice-coated tool. “Tear that booty up!”

“Give her what she wants bro,” Aaron added as her hand stroked his member.

With that said, nothing else had to be, so Jack pulled out of her reddened pussy which he had literally just sank into with half his 7-inch length. He looked down and watched as Elizabeth shifted on her knees so that she could push her butt back more, showing off her exquisite bubble butt.

As Elizabeth felt his bulbous tip touch her asshole and maintain contact, she did her best to relax her orifice. She momentarily stopped stroking the two cocks in front of her face and hoped that the ample amount of spit she coated Jack’s tool with would be enough lubrication for her. She wasn’t a virgin when it came to anal penetration but she hadn’t taken a stiff cock up her rectum since graduating from high school 3 months ago.

Jack to had experience with anal sex, albeit much less. He and his high school girlfriend had experimented with the taboo act, ironically on his birthday last year as her gift to him, since he was always trying to talk her into it. It turned out to be a painful experience for the girlfriend, but it felt like a whole new realm of pleasure for Jack, one that he was hoping to try again.

The inexperienced boy hoped that the outcome would be more pleasurable this time around for the girl as it would be for him. With his tip against her backdoor, Jack sustain the pressure gently yet firmly until just the head popped into the gorgeous co-ed.

“Ugh,” she groaned, the feeling similar to a bee sting. “Give me a minute.”

Jack had a big tool, not the biggest that she’d been with or even the biggest in the room, but it was girthy enough to sting during sodomy. Jack could sense her pain from the initial penetration, but it was nowhere near as severe as the reaction he got from his girlfriend when they had tried.

Elizabeth succeed in relaxing herself then used her arms to push her body backwards. Slowly she enveloped another few inches of his manhood into her rectum before stopping and reversing course. She fucked herself with his tool in her ass a few times before the horny boy took the hint that it was fine for him to start really fucking her.

Jack was lost in the feeling of the tightest hole he’d ever felt rubbing his cock from all sides, but eventually snapped out of it. Realizing that Elizabeth was waiting for him to take control now after pushing back onto his spear several times, he took the lead now. Gripping tightly onto her hips, the birthday boy slowly moved the length of dick in and out of her asshole, being certain to not be too jerky or stab too wildly.

“You can take the training wheel off now Jackie Boy and really fuck me,” Elizabeth told him before going back to sucking cock.

Ashley’s brother smiled brighter than he think he ever had in his past 18 years. Now as he drove his cock forward, he pulled the busty girl backwards, the force causing her to yelp in surprise. Seeing that she took the sudden hard thrust in stride, Jack stopped holding anything back. He stroked his tool in and out of her bowels, completely remove himself from her to see the gap in her hole every time before diving back in. He gradually increased his speed until he was really sawing into her ass, making her drop her hand onto her clit and rub furiously.

“Jesus,” Aaron swore, watching the intense ass fucking. “She can take a hard pounding.”

The freshman boy spoke truth. Elizabeth was trying to distract herself by sucking hard on whichever cock was in her mouth. It did some good, but when she started to flick her clit with her fingers it really started to make a bigger difference. Though she was experienced at taking a hard cock up the ass, she was never fucked this hard in her past sessions.

“You bet I can,” Elizabeth said.

Jack Greene wished he could have extended these minutes to feel her constricted ring of muscle around his cock forever, but he knew he had a few minutes max left in him before ropes of cum shot from him. Deciding it was better to concede by pulling out and have another go at the beautiful black haired girl later, he shoved hard into Lizzy one last time before pulling out completely.

“Hughhh,” the birthday boy huffed in exhaustion. “Who’s next?”

“Hold up a minute,” Elizabeth told as Matt was making his way around her back. “You, shove back.”

The pale goddess was referring to Aaron when she spoke. The good looking kid took the suggestion and pushed back further away from the edge of the bed then reclined so that he was leaning back against the wall on a 45 degree angle. Apparently this position suited the volleyball star as Elizabeth, who had recently gotten to her feet, climbed onto the bed with him.

With Matt and Jack both standing, there was lots of room on the single bed for the beautiful girl with milky white skin and Aaron. Elizabeth straddled the runner’s lap, but not before first turning around to face the two other boys, giving them another look of her incredible breasts still held in her black lingerie.

“Holy hell those are some fine tits,” Matt commented as he reached in and squeezed one.

Elizabeth smiled at the rugged looking man then got back to the task at hand. Reaching back between her creamy smooth thighs, the newest member of the volleyball team clutched Aaron’s cock by the base and held it still as she slowly squatted her hovering pussy down and around his lengthy tool.

Feel so fucking good,” Aaron groaned from beneath the riding girl.

Jack seized the chance to climb onto the bed with his cock right in front of the bouncing Elizabeth. To her credit, the girl could multi-task, though as she took the birthday boy into her mouth and sucked his tool her intense riding slowed down. She was still working his entire member into her velvety folds, but at a reduced pace, not that Aaron seemed to mind.

“Shit man, didn’t that just come from her asshole,” Matt observed while continuing to knead her chest from the side.

Elizabeth heard the boys cheering and making comments about how big of a slut she was, and truthfully they were right. She couldn’t recall ever taking a cock straight from her bum into her mouth, but sadly this experience wasn’t going to sore her from doing it in the future. Though her asshole tasted less pleasant than her pussy, she was surprised it still had a nice, albeit more metallic flavor to it.

“I need a break right now or I’m gonna be filling you up,” Aaron warned after a few more minutes of her grinding on his lap.

Elizabeth would have liked to have gone all night with the trio of hot boys, but she knew that the team wanted to convene tonight and observe all the initiate’s videos. Knowing she had to finish them or else her reputation would take a dip, Lizzy sped up her riding, giving less attention to whose ever cock was currently stuffed in her mouth.

“Cum in me big fella,” she encouraged.

“Ughhh….Shitttt,” Aaron groaned.

Elizabeth slowed down after hearing the boy scream out as his orgasm hit him like a ton of bricks. The cocky girl liked to think it was the best time of his life and that her magic pussy milked him to his greatest cumming ever. She settled down on his lap completely so his tip was the only thing left inside and remained there for a little while, making sure he was done painting her womb with his seed.

Satisfied that he was done jizzing into her twat, Lizzy lifted herself off his tool and looked back at his sunken form and smiled. Turning back to face forward, she noticed that Jack was no longer there, but rather had moved into the same position as Aaron was in. She missed the feeling of being stuff full of cock, but she knew it wouldn’t last too much longer.

“I see it’s your turn again,” she smiled at him, getting him into position.

“Yeah but I can’t use that hole anymore,” he said as Elizabeth rubbed his head through her slit.

“Good point,” she replied. “Back to the dirt path for you then.”

It was only a small postural change for the sexy girl as she tilted her hips more forward in order to line his tool up with her asshole. As she sank down and accepted him back inside her bowels it didn’t hurt anywhere near the same as his initial penetration almost 30 minutes ago, though her backside was feeling a little raw.

Of course no one would be able to tell if they were watching, as the busty volleyball girl rode his dick expertly in her ass. Over and over Elizabeth lifted her perfectly shaped ass off his lap until only ther last inch of his well formed cock remained held by her sphincter, at which point she would reverse course and slide down his pole.

All while Lizzy rode his tool like a pro, her tits were getting furiously kneaded by the horny Matt. He had taken it upon himself to lift the silk garment up over her head and expose her nude body for the first time. It was perfect, her large tits had just enough sag in them to bounce wildly as she worked on his friend’s cock, with each globe capped by a healthy sized nipple.

“Feel like sharing bro,” Matt asked, already setting up between her thighs.

Jack had just pulled out of Elizabeth’s asshole when Matt jabbed his forward, his tool disappearing deep inside the gaping hole. The black-haired girl let out a yelp of surprise from the sudden intrusion, but was moaning in seconds as he drilled her tight arse.

Elizabeth could note the differences in the two men right away. She could have been blindfolded and could still identify Matt’s savage pummeling into her asshole versus Jack’s more considerate fucking. She didn’t prefer either style, though she knew she’d have trouble walking for the next few days due to the shaggy haired boy.

Jack waited patiently as the beautiful rested on his chest while being ruthlessly boned by his friend for the past few days only. After a few minutes of just laying there, Ashley’s brother told his friend to take a break and let him back in the warm confines of the mystery girl’s tush. Matt wasn’t happy but he relented and let his friend take back control of the moaning girl.

“My turn again,” Matt suggested after only a few more minutes.

“Dude no fucking chance! I just got her back,” Jack argued.

“Boys, boys, don’t fight,” Lizzy told them, though it turned her even more having them fight over who got to tap her ass. “I can accommodate both of you again.”

What she had in mind and what they did were two very different things. Elizabeth meant that Matt could climb back up her body and she would suck him off once again even though he was in her booty minutes before. What they heard was that they should stick both their cocks in her at the same time. Apparently Matt no longer minded having his dick in her twat that his other friend came in awhile ago if it meant he could double penetrate the sexy freshman.

The move caught Elizabeth by complete surprise. She had been having sexy regularly since she was a freshman in high school as she had developed both physically and sexual early in the life. However when Matt gently yet firmly shoved his dick into her pussy without warning, she was shocked for the first time in the bedroom since a long time.

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“Jesus Christ! Fuck fuck fuck,” Elizabeth exclaimed at the top of her lungs.

Everyone on the floor of the dormitory heard Elizabeth’s scream as she had two dicks inserted into her pussy and asshole simultaneously. She didn’t know it was even possible for this to happen, but the two boys took time sawing into her holes, one pushing forward as the other retreated. Within moments they had settled into a matched rhythm and all Lizzy could do was lay back and enjoy the show.

Elizabeth relaxed and let them pummel her body with their hard tools, only managing to squirm into a position that gave them better access to what they were doing. She lost track of time as she basked in the glory of two men taking turns going balls deep in her anus and twat, bringing her rapidly towards a strong orgasm.

“OH SHIT,” she swore as one of her most powerful orgasms of her life rocked her curvy body.

Elizabeth cumming started a chain reaction for the two other men. Matt and Jack had been fucking the tired girl for the past hour along with their spent friend beside them, and it was finally catching up with them. As Lizzy came, her asshole reflexively clamped down even harder around Jack’s cock, trying desperately to milk him of his jizz. He gave in and groaned in delight as his jizz rocketed from the tip of his penis deep into her rectum.

Matt needed to cum urgency as well but for some reason he drew the line at filling up the same mound as another man in the same tryst. The shaggy-haired boy withdrew from Elizabeth’s well-used pussy and got to his feet. Before he started to cum he placed the head of his juice-covered cock between Lizzy’s plump lips. Torrents of cum erupted from his, plastering the back of her throat and surface of her tongue. Even in her tired state, the black-haired beauty swallowed down his offering of salty seed, even giving him some post-coital head on top of it.

“Fuck that was amazing,” Jack finally broke the silence.

None of the four fuckers had moved since they all finished. Elizabeth had been on the verge of passing out but his words roused him from her stupor. The completely nude athlete got to her high heel-clad feet and tracked down her lingerie and overcoat that had previously been discarded. She left the room without a second thought and was greeted by the entire floor of the dorm waiting outside the room. She merely smiled brightly and walked towards the elevator.

*          *          *

Caity Lotz didn’t know why Megan wanted to meet her on one of the upper floors of the library on campus, but all she could do was get there by the assigned time. Megan was picked as her “big sister” which more so meant that she was the one who decided what initiation event took place.

The blonde didn’t require a great deal of time to get ready, as she was more interested in a natural look consisting of little make-up. However, she was still running late so she threw on her Converse shoes, didn’t bother to put up her hair and grabbed her skateboard on the way out the door.

Caity never would have made it to the location on foot, but since the library was downhill from the residences it meant she could coast on her board all the way there. She rolled right up to the main doors before hopping off and picking up her board as she walked up the stairs to the third floor. She navigated the stacks of books until she found a familiar face waiting for her.

“Happy you could make it, and a whole thirty seconds early,” Megan said, looking down at her watch.

“Yeah sorry. I’m a surfer girl at heart so time tends to elude us,” the short girl replied.

And true to her surfer girl roots was how she dressed. Caity wore no socks under her red Converse sneakers, cut short so they didn’t go above her ankles. The combination of her low-cut shoes and extremely short shorts put her flawless legs on full display. Though not overly long, her legs were gorgeous with slender calves, strong thighs and a great big booty behind her. The shorts were a very fade blue on the verge of being white with strew strings of denim exposed from their rough cut. She wore a simple white shirt with a faded black graphic on the front, but it hung loose on her body, so much so that one shoulder was hanging out the head hole.

“Well you look delicious,” the dark-haired girl said after taking in a good, long look at her new teammate.

“So what are we doing here,” Caity asked in wonderment.

“Your initiation challenge silly,” the older student replied. “In order for me to deem you successful tonight, you need hook up with the woman that’s in that room.”

“What? Seriously,” the shorter girl gasped.

“Don’t be surprised Caity, we warned that most if not all challenges are sexual in nature. Plus the way you were checking out all the girls in the shower wasn’t by accident. I can guarantee you’re gay or at least bi-sexual,” the brunette explained.

The blonde delayed until she agreed. “Bi. I was into guys threw high school then my last year of school I had my first lesbian throw down.”

“And you haven’t look back since?”

“No I have. I’m just more selective in when I go for cock whereas I could be considered a whore when it comes to my preference with pussy,” Caity explained.

“Good to know,” the foxy woman replied, mentally noting that for later. “So the situation is that the sports teams personal tutor is in that room ready for a tutoring session with you. She’s a bit like you, swings both ways but has more restraint than you do apparently.”


“Alison Brie. She’s gorgeous so it’s not like I’m punishing you. In fact you’ll be offering to lick my pussy by the end of tonight by me giving you Alison,” Megan told her.

“I’d probably try to get in your super tight pants by the end of the challenge no matter what,” she replied with a wink. “Anything else I need to know?”

“Some chick who helps out with the team has hooked up the room with a webcam so we can record and play back for the rest of the team,” the dark-haired beauty explained. “So put on a good show, will ya.”

Caity took a moment to get her thoughts in order about how she was going to play this. Time was an issue so she had to be a bit aggressive, but she was thinking that a laid back approach was best, especially giving herself time to feel out the other girl. She handed her skateboard to Megan, while the girl handed her a bookbag to complete the facade of coming to meet Alison under the pretense of studying.

“Hi. Alison right,” Caity said as she opened the doors of the room.

“Yes. Alison Brie, nice to meet you,” the perky sounding woman answered, standing to shake hands.

“Damn she is as gorgeous as I was informed,” Caity thought.

Alison Brie was roughly her height, standing around 5’2” at best. But despite her short stature there was nothing else about the woman that came up short. Her brown hair was pressed straight and had a natural shine about, no doubt matching her evident personality. Her smile was hypnotizing, as were her incredible tits which she was able to look at due to the low cut of her dark blue sweater.

“Be cool Caity, don’t stare,” the blonde reprimanded herself.

Puberty may not have given her a big growth spurt height-wise, however it did wonders to endow Alison with heavy assets in the front of her chest that left her well renowned. The brunette’s body type was a mix between slim and curvy; no one confused her for being a stick figure as she had some healthy meat on her bones yet she still very much had a petite feel about her.

In addition to Alison’s head-turning C-cups and her altogether amazing body, Caity noted that the curvy girl had a truly gorgeous face. Her big blue eyes could hold her attention after she was done scoping out her cleavage while her sweet smile also had a hint that there may be something naughty under her innocent beauty. She may not have initially screamed that she was a highly sexual creature given her cute appearance, but Caity was willing to bet that there was very much more lurking beyond her surface.

“And I assume you’re Caity Lotz,” the brunette said after a long, awkward pause.

“Yeah sorry. Zoned out there,” the blonde replied with a crooked smile.

“You don’t smell like you’ve been smoking up so maybe you had a pot brownie,” Alison joked as she re-took her seat.

“Ha I wish but I’ve been told they take drug tests serious here,” the blonde replied.

Rather than sitting on the opposite side of the large wooden table, Caity pull out the chair directly beside the beautiful woman. If it phased Alison then it didn’t show on her face, as the brunette reached behind her to pull free her notepad and some pencils.

“So should we get started? I took the liberty of accessing your timetable and cross-referenced it with your marks in final year of high school and your only year of college. Seems like a lot of dance classes, as well as some philosophy and psychology.”

“This may be tough,” Caity couldn’t help but think. “That’s right.”

“Well I’m fairly well versed in those topics, actually I’ve taken your two social sciences so why not focus there,” Alison said, pulling out the textbook.

The next thirty minutes were by far the dullest of Caity’s life. She found it truly remarkable that an insanely hot girl like Alison Brie couldn’t turn a boring subject into bearable, which really made her cring thinking about sitting through classes next week when they started up.

However the time wasn’t a complete waste. She did manage to work in some light flirting which was well received. She didn’t want to push the woman too much so Caity kept it to some gentle touching, lots of eye contact and frequent compliments. It helped soften the brunette up slightly, as they would take some breaks to talk about things that didn’t involve Hippocrates or Aristotle.

“Mind if we take a little break for a snack,” Caity asked, pulling out a banana from the bag Megan had given her.

“Sure, go ahead,” Alison smiled.

Caity began eating her banana, doing so in a sexy manner without being too overt. She knew that this tactic was better for seducing a man, but she felt the sentiment wouldn’t be lost on the tutor. After she peeled it, the blonde opened her mouth as wide as possible and took almost half the curved fruit into her mouth without gagging. She pulled it out half of that amount then bit in, eating a quarter of the soft yellow flesh. Caity reproduced the same action over the next few minutes until she had given the banana a thoroguh mock blowjob and had eaten it all up.

“Can I ask you something Alison?”

“Sure, go ahead,” Alison replied after having ate some trail mix.

“Not that I’m judging whatsoever but why are you only a tutor? You’ve graduated from university so I figured you would be a teacher,” Caity asked her prey.

“Well that was a really nice way of say ‘you’re too old to be a shitty paid tutor’,” Alison laughed. “In all honesty I finished my Ph.D. in Education last year but the only position available here only comes up for grabs next semester…”

“So you’re paying your dues in order to be an internal hire, preventing the job to be advertised to other senior professors at other schools,” the blonde finished.

“I see the average IQ on the volleyball team is coming up,” the brunette complimented.

“I’m not too sure about that, hence me being here with you during the first week of school,” Caity replied.

“Okay so be honest. What is this about? I know it’s not because you want to get an early start on your studies,” Alison asked.

“Okay I’ll level with you Ali. My initiation for being a rookie on the team is to hook up with the most beautiful girl on campus. When I saw you walking around campus I asked around and had Megan Fox help set me up with you,” Caity said, taking some liberties with her answer.

Caity toyed with the idea of telling the absolute truth but that left too much up for interpretation. Would Alison feel like she was chosen out of convenience? Or that she was picked as a mean joke, just as a way for some of the senior players to get one over on her? No, a simple lie would suffice.

“Oh,” Alison said, surprised. “I’m flattered. Truly. But I…”

The beautiful brunette didn’t have time to rebuke the advances of the California native because at that time she closed the small gap between them and put her lips on hers. The blonde girl with German heritage didn’t want to push things to hard, but she also didn’t want to move too slowly and risk losing her chance.

Caity puckered her lips contacted with Alison’s while the tutor was mid-sentence. The kiss stunned the brunette for the moment and that was all the volleyball player needed. Establishing control, Caity opened her own mouth and lightly licked along Ali’s pink lips in a move that made her shiver.

She didn’t ease up just yet, instead Caity pushed on. Well, rather she pushed her tongue past Alison’s lips and slipped it into her mouth. The brunette was still somewhat stunned by the aggressive nature so she offered no resistance, allowing the shorter blonde to trail a path along her tongue with her own wet muscle. Caity continued to French kiss the woman until Ali snapped into the moment and slowly began wrestling her nimble tongue with her own. It was at this point that the volleyball player broke the kiss and sat back in her chair.

“Wow,” the brunette finally exhaled.

“Sorry. I hope that wasn’t too forward of m…”

This time it was Caity who was interrupted halfway through her sentence. Alison had apparently been tempted by the initial kiss and wanted more. The little blonde was surprised her kissing had that much power, though she had been told by multiple lovers that she was good with her mouth.

“Now I’m sorry. I should have asked first,” Alison said as she broke the kiss.

There was a brief silence then almost at the same time the two women moved together until their lips were pressing together. For Alison, their kiss stirred up the same exciting and yet frightening feelings she had when she first kissed another person of the same sex back when she was a sophomore in college.

As Alison and Caity’s mouths opened and they found each other with their tongues, the tiny brunette brushed aside any worrying nerves about what it meant about her sexuality that she enjoyed it so much and focused simply on how kissing this highly attractive student athlete made her feel so damn wet.

For her part, Caity didn’t exactly think that her plan of seducing the slightly older woman would happen so…easily. She didn’t know if it was because she was a closet lesbian, or even a fully out lesbian for that matter, or whether she was just emotionally vulnerable but the blonde wasn’t going to complain. She had a challenge that she needed to complete and though she felt bad for Alison Brie being caught in the crossfire, she was going to make damn sure she enjoyed herself tonight at least.

“What does this mean,” Ali suddenly asked, breaking the kiss but keeping her mouth close to Caity’s and her eyes remained closed. “I know you need to do this for your initiation but…”

Caity cut her off once again by kissing her, finding it was an effective way to stop her from dwelling and analyzing the situation.

“I didn’t need to pick you. I think you’re gorgeous and the initiation just made me make my move earlier than I would have. Make no mistake I would have hit on you at some point this year.”

Those words seemed to be exactly what Alison needed to hear in order to break the last of her will. Now that the cute and sexy brunette knew she was collateral damage in the game that the athletic team was playing, she was much more inclined to hook up with the slightly younger woman.

Ultimately Caity’s answer was what she needed to hear so Alison leaned back in and resumed making out with the girl she was hired to tutor. Being with a girl after so long sent made it feel extra enticing for the brunette and she felt a shiver run threw her when the small blonde’s hands began roaming her perfect body.

Caity couldn’t believe the curves that the sport tutor possessed. Her breasts were large without being too big for her small frame, while her ass was a healthy size as well. The blonde was excited to feel her flesh so she placed her hand under the hem of Alison’s blouse and took up residence on the skin of the small of her back.

“Mhmm,” Alison moaned into the other girl’s mouth.

Kissing the bisexual was exciting enough for the tutor but having her touch her in a place that was new was very exhilarating. With a new pep in her step, Alison felt her kissing change and become more desperate.

All while their tongues danced with one another in the space created between their pressed together lips, Caity moved her tiny hand up along the other woman’s spine. She didn’t need the Alison to tell her how she felt about it as her tongue began darting around in Caity’s mouth with even greater hunger. By the time the blonde’s palm was lying flat between Alison’s shoulder blades and she gently pressing her closer towards her, the stunning brunette was moaning into her mouth and the volleyball player would bet her meal plan that her prey was gushing like a fountain between her legs.

“Gotta keep pushing the pace,” Caity thought to herself as she kissed the other woman.

However, before the diminutive blonde could make her next move Alison beat her to it. The brunette sought out the bottom of the white tee shirt she wore to the rendez vous with one hand, beginning to lift it while her other hand greedily rubbed the skin of the girl’s toned stomach as more and more flesh became exposed.

The pair had to break their kiss so that Alison could pull off the shirt the blonde was wearing. She still had on a black bra, but suddenly Alison’s vision became dark. Caity had used the pause in their liplock to do likewise to the brunette’s short, pulling the hem of her sweater skyward until it popped off over her head.

“My God those are perfect,” Caity gawked at the other’s bra-clad tits.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” the tutor said with a confident smile.

The brunette allowed her new lover to squeeze her covered breasts as she twisted her own arms behind her back. As her hands undid the clasp on the back of her strap, Caity leaned in and began kissing her neck, making her coo aloud. Swinging her arms back around, the horny woman leaned back and watched as the blonde unwittingly pulled her bra free from her chest.

“You were right,” Caity said, holding back drool. “Much better!”

It was as though Alison’s tits had their own tractor beam and Caity’s mouth was the target. Mind you, the diminutive blonde barely put up any resistance as she eagerly bent down towards the naked globes and greedly took her small pink nipple between her lips.

“Mhmm,” she groaned.

The moan uttered by Alison came from a combination of the tongue dancing around her areola, as well as the fingertips that she could feel trailing a path along her smooth stomach, just above the waistband of her skirt. The brunette tutor was surprised though as the minutes ticked by and no further progress was being made. Caity had gone back and forth between her left and right breast, but her hands never migrated from her lower stomach.

Finally Caity spoke, saying, “Tell me what you want.”

The blonde’s initial approach was to overpower her prey’s mind, making so she was caught up in a tempest of desire. However, Caity had called an audible and changed to a new tactic, in which she would push Alison close to the edge and hold her there until she begged for it.

After a pause Alison finally answered, “Awhh…fuck me. Please. Fuck me.”

Once hearing that command, Caity pounced like a starved panther on wounded prey. Her hands were no longer calm and calculated, but rather hasty, almost in frenzy. The blonde targeted the other woman’s button in the front of her skirt, easily undoing it along with the zipper.

Alison knew what was to come next so she hoisted her curvy bottom off the plush seating. Right on cue, her blonde partner hooked her fingers in the waistband and yanked not only her green skirt off her rump and down her legs, but also her panties. This left the brunette completely nude in the study room, a first for the busty woman in all her years at school.

“What did you want me to do again,” Caity asked.

The blonde was just toying with the object of her affection now. After dragging her clothing down her short, albeit sexy legs, Caity traced her hands back up. Currently she was loitering on the woman’s smooth calf muscle, and judging by the sheen coming from Alison’s pussy she knew the light touching was having the desired effect.

“Please Caity,” Alison pleaded. “Just do it.”

“Good enough for me,” she thought to herself.

As Caity slid her dainty hands further up her thighs, Alison responded by spreading her bare legs further apart. By the time the shorter girl had reached her groin, the tutor was spread wide with her glistening pink slit opening up to greet her new lover.

“I think I’ll have a taste,” Caity said aloud.

The blonde had moved her thick ass off her own chair and was situated on the ground, kneeling in front of her prize. She leaned her head between Alison’s legs and took a good long lick of the brunette’s length. Just like she was hoping, the sport’s tutor tasted as good as her perfect twat looked.

“Ohhh,” Alison moaned in response.

Caity surprised her partner when Alison felt small little kisses placed all over her sex. The blonde’s lips started up at her clit, making her gyrate in her seat before traveling slowly downward until her mouth was directly over her opening. Caity puckered again and kissed right above the opening, but this time she lingered and extended her tongue out until it had dipped inside Alison’s snatch and lapped inside.

“Oh yes Caity! Lick my pussy!”

Caity took a quick second to smile before pressing her lips back against Alison’s pussy and sticking her tongue deep within her hole. The athletic girl took pride in how rapid she found her stride in pleasing another girl since she hadn’t done it in a few months, which was like an eternity for the slutty bisexual.

“Damn you taste good,” the shorter girl commented.

No sooner had the words left her mouth had Caity dived right back in, drilling her tongue as deep as possible into Alison’s sweet honey pot. The blonde was keeping her lover off guard by the constant change in her strategy. Now Caity had switched from the slow and methodical approach to one of speed and power.

“Fuck,” Alison swore.

When the tutor showed up at the library tonight she had no idea that it would end like this. However Alison had no complaints, in fact at the present moment she had her head tossed back over the back of the chair as her mound went from being teased to being crammed full of Caity’s tongue.

Caity had no intention of letting her off the hook and recover from the sudden intrusion of a powerful tongue plunging the depth of her hole. The blonde used both hands to get in tight and hooked a finger from each into her opening.

Alison howled in pleasure again as her pussy was now filled with two digits rather than the tongue, but they were only used to hook right at the entrance and pull her apart as far as she could go. The tutor may have been approaching her thirties but Alison was still tight, but the fingers allowed Caity to drive her tongue even deeper into her sex.

“Oh my God…oh my God,” Alison screamed.

The brunette was on cloud nine as the girl between her legs clearly knew her way around a pussy. Over and over she made the tutor cry out in utter delight as Caity repeatedly found new ways of pleasuring her.

After a few minutes Alison opened her eyes for the first time since they started and looked down at the blonde in her thighs. The brunette gazed at a face that looked like she was enjoying herself as much as Alison was. The volleyball star seemed to thrive working on her knees and licking out her twat, and Ali was more than happy to reap the benefit.

Caity was indeed thoroughly enjoying herself. Not only was she completing her assignment for her initiation, but she was getting to bed one of the hottest woman she had ever met. Plus, as if that wasn’t enough Alison was tasty as all hell, plus the added incentive that made Caity wet was that the brunette wasn’t really lesbian, just another straight woman that the student athlete was able to seduce.

The blonde continued to dive her tongue deep into Alison and scoop out more of her essence all while her wet muscle found all the right spots inside Alison. The tutor was now a constant series of moans and screams, but they fell on deaf ears as no one else was in the library on opening weekend of school, on Saturday night no less.

“My God you are really good,” Alison screamed.

Caity could feel her partner’s hands running through her hair as she aimed slightly higher and darted her skilled tongue against her clit. This released another torrent of inaudible appreciation from Alison, who had now thrown her head back over the edge of the chair.

Alison had also gripped her lover’s head tightly, squeezing it passionately with her dainty fingers. It applied massive amounts of pressure against Caity’s skull, more power than the blonde thought that the academic could muster. It didn’t hurt her to have her pretty face crammed against the lovely folds of the tutor, in fact knowing that Alison was enjoying herself this much was an even bigger turn-on for the athlete.

“You like that,” Caity asked, coming out mumbled.

Caity knew that the brunette didn’t need to reply as she continued to work from between her creamy white thighs. Alison was close and she knew it, but the blonde wanted to impart as much pleasure into the lesbian tryst as she could before allowing her the orgasm she was on a one-way path towards.

The new star of the volleyball team focused her attention to the task at hand like never before. Her tongue licked up and down the Alison’s pretty pink pussy before she ultimately settled her lips on the clit. Screams followed but a whole louder and more urgent stream was released when she combined sucking and licking the sensitive nub with working her two fingers in and out of her tight twat.

“Fuck yes,” Alison screamed into her book bag.

Caity always beamed with pride hearing her lover’s intense cries of pleasure. While still with Alison’s clit locked between her lips with suction, she inserted a third finger into her extremely wet love canal without losing any of the speed or depth. The brunette’s curvy body squirmed in response as the digits pumped into her super-sensitive pussy.

“Cum for me baby. Right on my little tongue so I can lick you all up,” Caity encouraged.

The volleyball player knew her tutor wasn’t going to last much longer. Not wanting to miss a drop of her delicious flavor, Caity switched up her mouth and hand so that her tongue was now buried deep in her opening while her fingers diddled her engorged clitoris.

“I’m cumming,” she shrieked. “Oh God YESSSSS!”

Caity waited for her just rewards after hearing the scream and feeling the hands on her head tighten. Sure enough a tide of gooey honey came like a typhoon, coating the blonde’s tongue. Caity was right on hand to lap it up and devour the cum before going right back inside Alison for more of the treat.

“Well shit you’re tasty,” Caity said, rocking back onto her heels.

“Wow…just…wow,” Alison puffed from her reclined position on her chair. “My turn now.”

“You don’t have to reciprocate,” Caity told her.

“I know but I want to,” she replied with lust in her eye.

“Good enough for me,” the horny blonde said quietly.

Caity would be lying to say that she expected the brunette to go back down on her, but she supposed that Alison had enjoyed herself so much she wanted to return the favor. Though she doubted that Alison had much skill when it came to eating out another woman, she was definitely willing to give her a try out.

Alison took another moment to collect herself after her orgasm before she lifted herself off the chair. She took the other girl’s hand as she pushed off from the floor, and led her to the blue, slightly outdated couch in the corner of the room by the television screen.

The blonde was placed down on the couch before swiftly joined by the college tutor, who allowed no space to be between them. With hands clutching her shoulder, her lover pulled in the shirtless blonde for a passionate kiss. Their tongues once again met in the space formed between their lips, all while Caity felt fingers migrate down her back to her black bra hooks.

“I am tasty, aren’t I,” Alison asked with wide eyes.

“The yummiest,” Caity replied to the still naked woman.

As Caity was speaking she felt a familiar weight appear in the front of her body as her bra was undone and her tits became free. Though not nearly as large or miraculous as Alison’s, the volleyball player’s breasts were nothing short of impressive. A full B-cup that were perky, perfectly round and capped with a small nipple that was much like a cherry on top of a delicious sundae.

“Not bad Lotz,” Alison commented, feeling up the other woman with both hands.

This time when Alison came back in to kiss her after she took a few moments to gawk at her boobs, Caity slowly reclined herself. It enabled the blonde to be laying on her back while on the sofa with the horny yet inexperienced tutor on top of her. If the move caught Alison by surprise then she didn’t let it show, instead she just kept on kissing her new lesbian lover.

Rather, Alison trailed a line of kisses along Caity’s jaw, down her neck, which made her coo loudly then finally arrived at the globes she sought. The brunette went to the right and got her lips around one of Caity’s small nipples before she clasped on tightly and sucked while her free hand reached up and groped the other tit beside her face.

“Fuck that feels good,” Caity groaned.

“Yup…you are definitely super sexy,” Alison said while switching her mouth to the other breast.

“Mmhmm…duly noted…aawwhh,” she moaned, presenting more of her tits to the boob-loving woman by arching her back even more.

Alison greedily continued to suck on the other woman’s boobs as her fingers migrated further south. Finding the button on the front of her faded white jean shorts, Alison popped it free and proceeded to undo the zipper as well. She had to break contact with the blonde’s sensitive areola so that she could pull the tight fitting shorts off her thick thighs and off her legs altogether.

“I’m gonna make you cum so hard,” Alison said while eyes remained fixed on Caity’s glistening pink mound.

“Well let’s see if you can back up that talk,” she encouraged.

Alison ignored the comment and begin to back up her words. She ran her hands symmetrically over Caity’s strong thighs, finding the creamy white skin of her inner thigh so soft and cool. With each inch she moved, Caity would let loose another moan, each one louder than the last until fingertips touched her silky panties.

Alison really had to resist the urge to immediately dive in and stick two fingers into her barely legal pussy, which she was sure was dripping wet at this point. Instead, the aspiring professor kept going towards her head until her fingers could hook under the waistband of her underwear. She slowly pulled began to pull them down her body, a feat that was aided significantly when the collegiate girl helped by lifting her tight ass off the couch just enough. Alison noted the design of the panties, however the part that really caught her eye was the extremely large damp patch consuming most of the front and bottom portions.

The sight that greeted Alison was one of beauty. Caity was now completely nude like herself, except for her Converse high-tops that remained. Starting at her gorgeous face with her freckled skin, Alison gazed down over her handful-sized tits, muscular yet flat stomach until staring at her vag. It was shaven smooth minus a thin strip of hair trimmed very short, resting atop the prettiest twat she’d ever seen.

“Yup…totally gonna make you squirt,” Alison reinforced.

Caity smiled warmly at her lesbian crush before making herself more comfortable on the sofa. She reached her outside arm back behind her head so that she could grip tightly onto the headrest, while her inner arm reached down her athletic body. When she arrived between her legs, she rubbed her fingers threw her very damp crotch before sinking two fingers deep inside her gushing mound.

“Come and get some,” Caity encouraged, bringing her hand back up and started sucking on the fingers that had just been inside herself. “It’s totally worth it.”

Alison allowed herself one last good long glance of Caity’s incredible body before moving on to the task at hand. It helped that she was so small, as it allowed her to fit fairly easily on the same couch as Caity. Now that she was settled with her stomach and large tits pressed against the sofa surface and her body twisted on an angle, she set her sights purely on the blonde’s pink lips.

“Let’s see what you…OH MY GOD,” screamed the volleyball player as Alison reached her tongue out and flicked her clitoris.

The brunette was pleased with the huge reaction she got but she wanted to get a really good taste of the sexy co-ed now. This time she craned her head further down in order to begin near her opening and licked all along her pink slit, finishing by flicking out at her clit again. She was greeted by another scream, much like when she did it again, however when she repeated the act to get another sample, much like she would do while tasting a wine to get an appreciation for the younger girl.

“Hmm…very light but sweet with a hint of citrus. Especially nice since not even a note of a sour hint. I wonder if all woman taste this good,” she thought to herself.

Caity was still conscious that this was a library and that the librarian or some other student could be roaming the floor. To mute herself, since it appeared that brunette would make her continuously moan in pleasure, Caity seized the pillow her head was resting on and placed it in front of her face to muffle the screams.

Alison now had her taste and so she could really start going to work on her mouth-watering mound. She started by moving slightly outward from her tight pink hole so that she could lightly flick Caity’s pussy lips with his tongue. The tutor heard the blonde’s muffled screams die down as this move didn’t illicit a great deal of pleasure, but she was only just getting warmed up.

Using one of her hands, Alison pulled apart her pussy lips as the other hand ran up her torso to explore her naked body. Just as her small hand found Caity’s rounded tit and gave it a firm but sensual squeeze, Ali ran her tongue back along her inner slit. She felt the younger girl squirm and heard the familiar muffled moans as she experienced new pleasures once she clamped her lips around her exposed clitoris and repeatedly flicked it.

“Unnggghhhh,” she screamed out against the pillow.

Alison returned to licking along her entire slit from bottom to top but this time deeper and faster. It was having the desired effect as now the blonde’s body was thrashing with the pleasure that she was giving her. This move was really hitting its note but the tutor didn’t want to become predictable and boring to the younger co-ed.

Rather than staying with the status quo, the would-be professor changed her tactic to something she was sure would drive her date even more wilder. Alison stopped swiping her tongue up Caity’s slit and instead sank down to the bottom of her wet track dipped her tongue into her hole.

Though she wasn’t an experience pussy-licker, Alison could tell that she delivered great pleasure to the other girl as she felt Caity thrust her hips up in an attempt to get him deeper into her pussy. As she continued to probe her wet pink cave with her tongue, Alison hoped that she was as good as some of Caity’s other lovers, but given the screams she was sure she was on the right track.

“Holy crap you are really good at this,” Caity commented before smothering her face with the pillow once again.

Listening to her body language and her words, Alison abided by her wishes by digging further into her pussy before licking her inner walls. Her juices continued to follow onto the tutor’s tongue and bathe her taste buds in Caity’s sweet honey, even overflowing out onto the flawless skin around her mouth. Ali began to emit wet slurping noises as the brainy woman lost herself in eating the coed’s pussy, edging the blonde closer to her orgasm in record time.

Alison remembered back earlier when Caity was going down on her and how good it instantly felt having mouth and fingers working in unison. Wanting to give that same feeling to her blonde lover, the tutor focused her tongue on licking the portion of her sex above the opening while bringing one of her fingers to her hole and gently sliding it in.

“Yeah keep going…just like that,” Caity told her through loud, urgent screams.

Caity was surprised by the confidence that Alison was showing for someone so new to eating pussy. Yet here the brunette woman was, changing techniques and advancing her progress all without prompting or need of suggestions. It was making the blonde seem like a sexual lightweight by the swift speed the inexperienced woman was bringing her towards an orgasm.

Alison was pretty sure that she was on the verge of giving an orgasm to a woman for the first time in her life. Thinking back to when men had gone down on her, she remembered the clustered patch of nerves that they always seem to find just inside her sex, her G-spot. Seeking that out in Caity, she added a second finger into her snatch, curled them upwards and began probing the inner walls of her smooth pussy.

“Oh God…so close,” Caity waled, clearly audible despite the covering pillow.

Knowing she was now so close, Alison ramped up her efforts for the finishing stretch. Alison took another chance and eased a third finger into her lover, which glided in without much trouble since she was so wet or else she doubted the three digits fingers would have fit together at the same time within her twat, such was how tight the 20-year-old was. But now that they were inside, Ali pumped her arm to withdraw so only the tips were left inside the beautiful blonde before slamming them back into her swiftly.

With her face not currently buried in her sweet tasting snatch, Alison was able to have a great view of watching her perky tits bounce as the tutor blasted Caity’s hole with her fingers. Over and over she slammed inside her with her medium-sized breasts bouncing upwards towards her pretty face with every time Alison’s hand smacked against her groin.

“OH GOD YES,” Caity screamed loudly.

Sensing she was right on the verge of her orgasm, Alison upped the ante one final time. The brunette lowered her head so that her mouth was aligned with the coed’s clit once again. Since Caity’s stomach didn’t have an ounce of fat on it, her flatness allowed Ali’s eyes to roam up her petite body and maintain eye contact with her bouncing twins.

Alison leaned forward until her lips found the top of the freckled blonde’s slit. She formed a tight seal around her then darted her tongue, ever so gently, down to flick on her clitoris once again. The bundle of nerves on the other side of the thin membrane sent waves of pleasure back up to Caity’s brain, causing a reflexive scream to be emitted into the pillow. Ali gave her bud another long slow lick and felt her body tremble as a spasm rocked through her.

“OHHH SSHHHHIIITTTT,” Caity swore as she came hard.

As if the screaming wasn’t a big enough sign that she had peaked, there was easily enough body signs to tell Alison. Immediately she felt Caity’s pussy clamp down on her three pumping fingers, thereby restricting finger blasting her further. While being held in the vice grip by her snatch, the brunette felt a wave of fluid smack against her tips while the beautiful blonde’s trembled throughout.

Alison allowed the blonde a moment of peace before withdrawing her dripping wet fingers. She was still surprised she was able to fit three digits into the petite girl, but it provided more surface area to collect the girl’s cum. Bringing it up to her mouth, the new lesbian soaked her digits clean of Caity’s juices, moaning her appreciation of how tasty it was.

“Fuck,” Caity swore once again before finally starting to move.

The blonde student would have been content to cuddle up with the adorable slightly older woman before catching her second wind, but the initiation challenge was done and she had to report back to her big sister. She remembered Megan telling her that there was cameras in the room, so as Caity got dressed she looked around and noticed the well hidden devices.

“Listen I normally don’t do that with students,” Alison explained, re-dressed just like Caity.

“No problem, I’ll keep it quiet,” Caity sort-of lied. Though she wouldn’t spread it around her teammates would definitely know of the hook-up.

“I appreciate that,” she replied, looking relieved.

“No problem. I had a lot of fun tonight, and I have your number. Maybe I call you some time?”

“Yeah…I would like that,” Alison said with an adorable smile.

The pair briefly kissed good-bye then Caity grabbed her book bag and exited the study room. Megan Fox was waiting for her just on the other side, apparently listening in to the encounter while also keeping guard.

“From the sounds in there, I can’t wait to watch that video,” she beamed at her newest teammate.

*          *          *
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*          *          *

Taylor was originally going to go easier on her initiate . In fact it was almost going to be funnier than sexual, getting her to go streaking through the non-secular dorms. However, the spat with Hayden had left a foul taste in the leggy blonde’s mouth. That, plus the fact she drew Kate, a girl who was like her in every way except better. She had better looks, a better ass, a prettier face and much larger breasts.

Thus, the hour before Kate and she were to meet up, Taylor made new plans. They weren’t as extreme as some of the other challenges had been in the past, but that was because Taylor was a genuine nice person. She couldn’t make the busty younger girl do anything too extreme, but she would still make sure it was slightly degrading and very arousing.

The first thing Taylor needed to decide on after picking the event was the location. It would get messy so she needed a place that could handle it. That’s when she thought of the showers. Her first thought was in the locker room, but how could she gain access.

Being slightly devious, Taylor doubled back to the gym before it closed. Pulling open her familiar changing room door, she slid a piece of duct tape over the strike plate. Now, when the janitor went to lock the door, the lock wouldn’t cinch into place, leaving it wide open for her use tonight.

Next was securing the necessary bodies required for her stunt. She would need ones that could keep their mouths shut about tonight to their friends, after all she didn’t want Kate to be slut shamed on her first weekend at college. She hated to use them based on their general asshole ability, but the men’s volleyball team could be trusted to keep their mouths shut, but it usually came at a cost. Taylor would worry about that later and instead focus on getting the needed men.

With the who, what, where, why and when set, Taylor just needed the how. It took her a few moments to get it set up in her mind but it appeared the plan was solid. She would need to either run to the store to get the rest of the stuff needed or to just borrow them from the other girls on the squad. Most of them were giant whores so they would like have what she required.

It took some negotiating with the captain of the men’s team, but in the end he allowed her access to several members of his squad. Once the teammates were described the scenario, all of them volunteered though Taylor only needed some of them. She was able to borrow some equipment from Hayden, though she didn’t ask since the diminutive blonde was still avoiding her. Now she needed to get ahold of Kate.

“Kate, its Taylor,” the tall girl said into her phone.

“Oh hi Taylor! What’s up? Wanna grab an ice cream?”

“No I don’t want to get an ice cream. I want to get your initiation done with,” Taylor told her.

“Okay cool. That works for me,” the busty girl replied.

Taylor kept the call short because talking with the dirty blonde made her head hurt. For being in college, Taylor didn’t know how a girl could be so dumb. Maybe she had book smarts instead of street smarts, though the tall blonde believed it was more the fact her breasts and good looks would get Kate everything she ever needed in life.

“Okay so meet you at the change rooms in the gym at 10 tonight. Got it,” Kate summarized.

“Good,” Taylor replied. “See you then.”

*          *          *

“Good timing,” Taylor said to the girl approaching the gym.

It was dark out now and there was only sparse lighting around the back entrance to the arena but Taylor knew it was her initiate. The way her silhouette cut it’s distinctive cut along the pavement and even the saunter of the confident albeit aloof girl meant that it could only be Kate.

“Hey teammate. How’s your night,” she asked with genuine wonder.

“My God she’s too innocent and stupid to be mean to. It’s impossible,” Taylor thought before replying to the stunning coed. “Actually not so great but let’s focus on the task at hand, shall we?”

“We shall,” the bubbly girl replied.

Taylor gave her a reassuring smile and opened the door she had manipulated earlier. She offered Kate to go through which she did before Taylor took the lead again and walked her along the familiar path towards their changing room. All seemed normal inside except for a small table set up in front of Kate’s locker.

“Is that for me,” the busty blonde asked, pointing to the table-top.

“Do you know what my initiation was last year?”

“No idea,” Kate said sincerely.

“I had to pick a room to go in then had to fuck all the people inside. I drew 4 guys, the biggest men on the football team who literally pummelled me all night. Sure, it’s not like they took my anal virginity or anything, but I’d never been double penetrated prior to that night,” Taylor shared.

“Whoa. A DP huh? I always cum so hard with a dick in each hole,” Kate replied honestly.

“That I’m not surprised by,” Taylor remarked. “And for the record, I did cum like a freight train. But rather than give you my same challenge, I’m electing to give you one similar to what my old teammate got. Mainly because it got me so wet watching her do it afterwards.”

“Cool. So what is it?”

“First, throw this on,” the leggy blonde ordered, tossing her a blindfold.

“Yes! I love being blindfolded. Am I gonna be handcuffed too,” she asked eagerly.

“God, you really are just a massive slut,” Taylor opined.

“More or less,” Kate answered.

“Just strip and put the blindfold on,” the leggy blonde demanded.

Kate demonstrated no hesitancy and was standing nude in the locker room within seconds. Her jacket and clothes had been discarded of haphazardly onto the floor with no care of getting dirty. True to her declaration, the busty girl tied the blindfold around her eyes with no trouble, as though it was a common thing she did.

When she was left in nothing more than her birthday suit, Taylor turned to face her to lead her to the showers where the real party began. However, Taylor was stunned while she looked at her teammate. Kate wasn’t your typical stick-thin girl, she had a very curvy body but in the best way. While most men focused on her massive tits, and rightfully so, she had more to offer than that.

“Are you staring at my boobs,” the blindfolded girl asked.

“A little bit yeah,” the blonde responded honestly.

“Thought so…but I assume being naked in a change room while you watch me isn’t my challenge,” Kate surmised.

Hearing Kate Upton make a somewhat smart observation seemed to be what Taylor needed to snap her out of her obsessive stare. She stepped closer to Kate and fought every urge to reach down with her mouth and suck on her erect nipples, but she stayed focused and only clutched her hand. Hand-in-hand the tall women walked to the back of the room until their feet were strolling across the tiled floor.

“The showers,” Kate asked.

“Holy fuck,” one of the men commented.

“Look at those tits,” another said. “Double D’s for sure.”

“If not bigger,” a third added.

“And natural,” a fourth.

“Thank you,” Kate said, blushing mildly. “Just out of curiousity, how many guys are here right now.”

“Well it’s the entire men’s volleyball team so that would make it 12 souls. Well 12 bodies, I know for a fact some don’t have souls any more,” Taylor spat the last part with bile.

“Wow. 12 guys. That’ll definitely be a new record. Not by a lot but still breaks the old one,” Kate said aloud. “Wish I carb load today, I’ll need my energy for this.”

“Jesus you are one sexually liberate girl,” Taylor swore. “Anyway they aren’t fucking you, you’re just gonna blow them until they cum all over your face.”

“Oh a blowbang. How exciting,” Kate beamed.

“Now Kate, drop to your knees and open that mouth,” Kevin, the captain of the team ordered. “And Taylor why don’t you back away…unless you want to join.”

“Yeah I’d love to paste that pretty face of yours with my pudding,” Ian, the vice-captain added.

“Tempting but I’ll pass. Someone has to record this,” she said.

Taylor took the suggestion of Kevin and backed up a bit, allowing the 12 naked men to form a circle around the kneeling girl. Reaching into her purse she pulled out the flip camcorder and booted it up before settling her bag on the ground. She took aim and steadied her arm and prepared to catch all the action on the camera.

Taylor barely caught the start of the action as the pack of horny animals didn’t exactly wait for her to be ready to start filming. The men were assholes, at least the ones Taylor knew were, so she knew that Kate was going to be in for a rough ride. The leggy blonde would ensure it didn’t get out of hand, which was she stipulated in the first place that it was mouth only, no one was to fuck her.

It was only 5 minutes in and Kate seemed on the verge of being overrun with cock. However, as Taylor watched her gulping down dick after dick, she was able to keep up. It took a lot of effort but the busty girl was accomplishing the task. No one had cum yet, it was too soon for that after all, but she wasn’t overwhelmed yet, something that was truly remarkable.

“So much cock,” Kate huffed before swallowing down the next one presented to her. “I love it.”

“That’s because you’re a giant slut,” one of the men said, Taylor remembering his name being Kelvin.

“You’re damn right about that,” Kate smiled before moving onto the next cock she could find.

There were 12 cocks to go around and amazingly Kate was able to give each one attention. Taylor wondered if the large-breasted coed had done something like this before because she hardly seemed fazed. While her mouth was always bobbing on a penis, each of her hands were also on cocks, pumping their length. After a good amount of time sucking one dick she would quickly move on so that everyone had a turn.

Taylor held the camera as she fluttered in and around the action to catch as much of Kate’s performance as she could. For the next 30 minutes, the fully clothed blonde couldn’t help but be thoroughly impressed by the girl who would threaten her position on the volleyball team. Kate was a dynamo as she cycled through the men’s team with ease and a look on her face that showed that she was enjoying herself.

It was at this point that Taylor caught one of the men edging his way to the front of the tight circle enclosing her teammate. Given his urgency, his contorted face and the rapid stroking of his good-sized cock, Taylor assumed he was going to be the one to christen Kate’s face with his spunk.

“Oh yeah, open your pretty mouth,” Ian grunted.

His grunts were primal and coming in quick succession as he pumped his cock furiously with his fist. Finally the moment of release was opun him and he aimed his tip directly at the wide “O” Kate’s lips had made. From only an inch away it was impossible for the athlete to miss, though some strands of cumstill made it’s wat onto the busty girl’s forehead and cheekbone.

“So good,” Kate said.

The slut girl did an exaggerated motion of swallowing down the salty offering he presented her with. After having the cum slide down her throat and deposit it in her stomach Kate opened her mouth again and stuck out her tongue, showing the men none remained in her mouth. Ian took advantage of the pose by gripping his cock around the base and smacking it down hard on her tongue, the contact making a wet slapping noise.

Kate smiled up at the thumping coed then sucked his tip to be sure all the cum was extracted. Though Taylor was sure that Ian would have preferred to hog all of the busty girl’s attention, Kate knew there was many more cocks that needed tending to.

“Who’s next,” she said, already spinning in the direction of the nearest tool.

Kate bounced between a smaller pack of four men, always servicing three of them while the other got to watch and stroke off. The other men not in the circle were okay with the lack of time with Kate as they knew it would be there turn soon enough.

“Fuck I’m close,” a big hitter named Drew groaned.

“Cum for me,” Kate pleaded with her biggest eyes she could make.

“You finish me,” he told her.

Kate didn’t think twice about it. She pulled her right hand off of the cock she was beating to her side and gripped it around Drew’s tool. She began pumping her tight but not too tight fist up and down his shaft as he continued to moan fairly audibly. Her forearm was now aching by this point but she put it to the back of her mind and just focused solely on making the next guy cum.

“Oh shit…here it comes,” the tall man announced.

The words flew out of his mouth at the same time his cock erupted and cum began rocketing out of his slit. Her tired arm was no longer beating his pole in a straight line so the cum flew everywhere, decorating her face with streaks of white to her nose, cheeks and even some landing in her silky blonde hair.

“God you’re already covered,” Taylor observed. “And there is still so much more cum coming.”

“You want my cum bitch,” Jackson asked rhetorically.

“You know I want that spunk,” the busty coed replied.

“How about mine too,” another man named Steve added.

Taylor held the camera firm as Kate shifted so she was in the middle of the two teammates. By this point in the initiation challenge, Kate had drained a number of the men so there was enough room for each athlete to stand on either side of the large breasted woman.

As the two men beat their own poles, Kate alternated between giving quick sucks to each of their tips. She did this while she fondled each of their nuts expertly with her hands, rolling each testicle with her skilled fingers. The combination of the balls, shaft and tip being stimulated was easily enough to drive both men to blowing their loads.

“Fuck,” the newcomer Steve grunted.

Kate didn’t react in time as she guessed the other man would grant her his spunk first. Steve’s cum came pouring out of his cock and splashed across Kate’s right cheek and upper lip. She turned to face him head on and took the second blast on her nose and eyelashes before he directed the rest onto her forehead.

“Oh yes,” the other guy Jackson groaned.

It was a similiar situation where the words were immediately preceeded by the cum shot. Kate didn’t have time to turn towards him either in time as the first few squirts landed on her opposite cheeks, ear and forehead. She turned to him in time for the last few smaller blasts, which were aimed in her mouth which she gladly swallowed again.

“Hey keep it to her face,” Taylor ordered. “Makes for better film.”

“I won’t have a problem with that,” a big burly man named Craig said.

“You have something for me,” Kate asked hopefully.

The big man had finally gotten to the front of the line so to speak and had his cock in Kate’s mouth, who even though she had been sucking dick for the past 45 minutes, still seemed to have energy. Knowing that he was close, Kate stayed with him while her two hands reached out and clutched the two closest meat poles to her and stroked them.

After a good couple minutes of one-on-one time with her mouth, Kate still hadn’t received her gooey reward. Knowing that there was more dick to please than just one guy, she moved on to the next one, taking his grateful cock between her lips. It didn’t seem to phase the big man very much, as he stayed close by to Kate but stroking himself off.

“Ughhhh…fuck,” Craig screamed.

The big man was a bit strange in Taylor’s opinion. As she watched him prepare to cum onto the gorgeous girl, the leggy blonde couldn’t help but think how rare it was to hear a man yell that loudly and theathrically when he was having an orgasm. What also struck her as different was the way he moved in closer to Kate so that his beating cock was aimed almost straight up in the air, directly above her face.

“Oh I get it now,” Taylor murmurred.

Craig’s actions became clear to Taylor when he started to cum. Unlike most of his other teammates, the big man’s jizz didn’t come firing out horizontal from his cock with a force behind it. Instead his was the opposite; his white goo came spewing out of his tip but simply dribbled off his head and dripped down in a large volume onto Kate’s face. The extra distance the goo had to travel made it splurt against her skin with loud slapping noise, causing the cum to spread out to cover her entire face.

“Holy moly that was a lot of cum,” Kate celebrated with a smile.

“What do you say Taylor, how about you take my cum,” Kevin the captain asked her.

Taylor Swift had been so focused on catching all the action involving her teammate Kate so she could watch it later with the rest of the team that she didn’t notice the tall, extremely handsome man approach her. He had a well scupted body from years in the gym and his cock was beautiful as he lightly stroked it, keeping it hard.

“I…well…I’m kinda with someone,” she stammered.

“Yeah I know you and Hayden,” he replied, his hand now cupping her ass through her tight jeans. “But getting with a guy while dating a girl doesn’t count. Every lesbian knows that. Plus it would be between us, everyone else is busy with Kate.”

Taylor hated how her body was betraying her. Ever since the summer when she swallowed down that asshole Lex’s cum she wanted more. However her relationship with Hayden had been on rocky ground ever since she told the smaller blonde about her actions in the woods. But now was a chance for her to satisfy her passion for cum and not have it get back to her girlfriend.

“Yeah okay just hold on a sec,” she said, giving in without much convincing.

Swift was prepared for many circumstances so the thought of packing a tripod had already occurred to her. As she bent over to quickly grab the apparatus from her bag and set it up, Kevin was busy palming her ass still while his other hand reached around and squeezed her small but perky chest through her sweater.

“Get on your knees and blow me,” he commanded.

Taylor didn’t exactly need instructions as she was already fully accepting of blowing the muscular man. She was kneeling on the tiled floor of the bathroom in no time, being sure to stay out of view of the camera. She wasted no time in getting started, opening her mouth wide and taking him inside.

“Have you heard the rumors,” she asked him after a few minutes of sucking off his dick.

“I’ve heard many things about you sexually,” he said, groaning as she sucked his nuts as he spoke.

“What about my blowjobs,” she said, taking his other nut between her lips.

“Your deep-throating stories are well recited in the dressing room,” Kevin replied.

“Rightfully so,” she smiled.

Taylor gave his cock a long lick from his base all the way to the tip then planted a soft kiss to the pee slit. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she moved her head forward. Though Kevin could feel his cock entering her warm mouth he still looked down to take in the action.

He watched and felt as his bulbous head touched the back of her throat. It was usually at this point most girls coughed a little bit then rapidly withdrew his dick from their mouth, but not Taylor. The blonde kept moving forward until his tip slipped into the tight confines of her throat. She continued to drive more meat into her mouth until her cute nose was buried in his trimmed pubic hair and her lips were wrapped around the very end of his pole.

“Sweet Mother of God,” was all Kevin could groan.

Meanwhile on the other end of the shower area Kate had another 2 men cum on her face while Taylor was helping herself and was on the verge of finishing another of her conquests. This time when he informed the beautiful busty girl that he was close, she pushed his hands away from his tool rather then just sit and wait.

“You gonna cum for me,” Kate asked, looking her cum-drenched eyes into his.

“So badly,” he moaned.

Not delaying any further, the part-time swimsuit model enclosed both her hands over the man’s lengthy tool. Using both fists at the same time, she repeated flexed her elbows to pull him towards his orgasm. Eric, the skinny boy on the receiving end of the double handjob, looked down as the move made her massive, heavy tits bounce continuously.

“I want that cum baby,” she begged again.

“Shiiittt,” the gangly man swore.

The 7th load of cum now crossed the short distance between his tip and her beautiful face. Kate closed her eyes just in time as the jizz smacked against her skin, bathering her in the baby batter. She could feel the force of the liquid coating the bridge of her nose and the back of her eyelids, which would make it difficult to open her eyes in the future.

The other side of the tiled room was full of gurgling noises as Taylor was giving one hell of a blowjob to the captain of the volleyball team. The talented blonde had gone from slowly and methodically taking his entire cock into her throat to ramping up the speed greatly.

“Fuck yes, take that cock,” Kevin swore as he pushed his hips forward.

The oral sex had shifted from Taylor having full control to being a 50-50 split to now being fully in Kevin’s court. His monsterous fist was gripped tightly around her long blonde hair, holding her firmly in his control. He was dictating how fast and how much of his pole she was taking into her throat, which was all of it at a crazy fast pace.

Taylor knew she had to meet the rest of the volleyball team later, including her girlfriend Hayden so she couldn’t afford to be messy. The hair would be a quick fix but she couldn’t have drool all over her nice green sweater. She was still able to give the man a sloppy wet blowjob, but she had to spend a considerable amount of focus to continuously slurp back her own spit.

“Fuck I’m close. Tell me…tell me what you want,” Kevin groaned through strained eyes.

“Your cum…give me your cum,” Taylor begged.

“Then take it,” he spat.

Kevin drove his cock deep into her mouth one last time, savoring the feeling of her lips around the base of his cock while her throat tightly squeezed his organ. He allowed himself to cum the first squirt in this position, looking down to watch her body reflexively recoil in surprise.

“Gglllck,” Taylor chocked but held the cum down.

After that Keven withdrew from her throat and rested the tip of his member right on her tongue. His cum came dribbling out into her mouth, smothering her taste buds in his salty goo. After what felt like forever but in reality was 10 seconds, his balls were drained completely and a large load of cum rested on her tongue.

“Now take it down the hatch,” he instructed.

“Yum,” she replied, swallowing the entire load in one big gulp.

“Damn sweetheart…the reality definitely matches the myth,” Kevin said, slumped forward on his feet.

“Fuck that hit the spot,” Taylor thought to herself as she got to her feet.

She looked sideways and saw that Kevin was practically out on his feet as he stayed rooted to the place he had shot cum into her mouth over a minute ago. Taylor got to the camera and picked it off of the tripod she had set up so she could drain the captain of the men’s team and went closer to the action.

Kate was thoroughly drenched in cum on her face at this point. Currently, 8 men had already cum, 7 onto the freshman’s face and one down Taylor’s throat. The majority of the white sticky goo was emptied onto Kate’s pretty face, though a good amount was clumped in her hair, dribbling down her neck and some had even made it onto her large tits.

Taylor wasn’t exactly a cinematographer but she had an idea to change the view of the camera. Currently Kate was sucking off one of the smaller men on the team, the first line sitter for the team named Andy. As things were, he stood only 5’7, which allowed the 5’10 Taylor so go behind him and hold the camcorder over his shoulder and look down on the action.

Kate was still obviously on her knees sucking Andy’s cock this time, but with a new and different technique. Her arms had grown very tired but she still liked to use them to get men off. Therefore she held her two hands together forming one large fist around his meaty pole and had her lips pressed fairly tightly right behind them.

“Oh yeah…let me fuck your face girl,” Andy groaned.

Though it wasn’t exactly like the facefucking that Taylor had experienced at the hands of Kevin as the hand around his cock stopped Andy from pushing too deep into her throat. As things were, Andy was heaving his narrow hips towards her to drive his tool between her lips as she made loud slurping noises.

“You’re close, aren’t you,” Kate stated, feeling his cock start to tremor.

Kate quickly returned him to her mouth and allowed him to push himself over the edge using her hands and mouth in combination. His hips continued to fuck into her and Kate only moved her lips from his cock when she felt the first blast of cum smack the back of her throat. She moved her head back so that she could take the rest of his population pudding to her face.

“Beautiful,” the fully clothed Taylor commented, noting her handiwork of the birds-eye view shot.

“Get this on camera blondie,” another of the men said.

The demand for Taylor’s attention came from a muscular man of above average height to the immediate right of the kneeling form of Kate Upton. The busty girl had been giving his hog a lot of attention throughout the blowbang, likely due to Kate having a physical attraction towards the handsome and ripped coed.

“You got your cum ready for me,” Kate asked.

Though she wasn’t the brightest bulb in the pack, the large breasted girl was smart enough to deduce that her crush Ben was close. Facing him head on she bobbed her head towards his cock, which he was stroking furiously. Though his eyes were mostly closed, he saw her approach so narrowed his jacking off to just the half of his tool closest to his body. This allowed the cum-covered girl to get her well-used lips wrapped around his bulbous head and apply suction, literally trying to suck the jizz from his nuts.

“Shit…yeah…just like that,” the man cried, getting closer.

The multi-tasking Kate didn’t have her attention solely on Ben though. Another of his teammates, a much taller but leaner sophomore had moved closer. Taylor had only remembered seeing him occasionally throughout the shower room orgy, his personality being an introvert explaining that though. But now that the crowd had thinned out he had moved to Kate’s immediate left, ready for more action.

Taylor was about to speak up and tell Kate about the man that had moved closer to her but the busty coed was already on it. Her left arm shot out in a slow manner, her hand first cupping his balls and allowing her fingers to gently roll the full sack.

“Sweet Jesus,” the shy Jonathan groaned.

“Honey you haven’t felt anything yet,” Kate grinned.

The cum-soaked girl felt that Ben had enjoyed enough of her time, plus he seemed happy to rub his own orgasm out, so she removed her talented mouth away from his tool. Her jaw wasn’t shut for very long though, as she pivoted 90 degrees on her knees so she was directly in front of her next conquest, parted her lips and took Jonathan into her wet warmth.

“So good,” the shy boy grunted in approval.

“Oh yeah…play with my nuts,” the muscular Ben applauded.

Kate hadn’t forgotten about her crush who was less than a foot away, standing beating his cock with his tip aimed at her face. The part-time swimsuit model didn’t want Ben to have all the glory in having his orgasm so she used her right hand to fondle his balls, a maneuver that apparently was well received.

“Who will come first,” Taylor thought aloud.

To make sure she didn’t miss any of the action the leggy blonde had zoomed the camera out to get both men and the kneeling Kate in the same frame. Taylor had her answer within minutes as finally Ben reared his head back and his hand went still for the first time in a long while.

“Oh yes…here it is,” he said with a scrunched up face.

Kate didn’t have time to look at him, instead she went on her business of blowing Jonathan. She felt the first of his streaks splash across her right cheekbone causing the gooey juice to splatter in the vicinity. The second and third jets of cum were directed higher, smacking her around her right eye socket and her forehead, which was a common destination for what was her 10th load of jizz in the hour she’d been working over the men’s volleyball team.

“Impressive load,” Taylor commented slack-jawed.

“Thanks,” the exhausted boy replied.

To her extreme credit, the cumshot that had covered the top half of the right side of her face and eye didn’t seem to faze Kate. All while she was being splattered in the muscular man’s baby batter, Kate continued to blow the introverted coed in front of her, albeit slowing down to allow Ben to hit his target.

“Your amazing,” Jonathan complimented as Kate stroked his slim but long cock with her lips.

“If he thinks she’s good his poor little mind would be blown getting with me,” the confident Taylor thought.

“You’re so sweet, but less compliments and more cum,” the busty coed ordered.

The combination of her good oral skills, one-on-one attention and the sluttiness of her words seemed to push the boy over the edge. Though he was in the thralls of possibly his best ever orgasm, he still had the wherewithal to remember that tonight was about coating the girl’s pretty face in as much cum as possible.

“Ughhh…yessss,” the boy exclaimed.

He backed up just enough to pull his entire tool away from Kate’s mouth and took rough aim at her face. His eyes were clamped shut but most of his load found the target apart from a stray blast that jetted onto the kneeling girl’s neck and dribbled down onto one of her enormous tits.

“Wow. That was a lot of cum,” Kate commented, noting the fresh load decorating her lips, jaw and chin.

“It really was. Good job stud,” Taylor celebrated.

“Is that everyone,” Kate asked in a mixture of eagerness and disappointment.

“12 pop shots and still begging for more,” a semi-flaccid Kevin commented while his hands softly kneaded Taylor’s jeans-covered ass.

“Good job Kate and welcome to the team,” Taylor congratulated as she zoomed in on Kate’s face, every inch of which was glazed in cum.

Though her eyes were effectively pasted shut, Kate still attempted to open them as she gave the camera a last smile. Though her slits were barely cracked open, the busty coed could see the shining red light go out to indicated that her leggy teammate was no longer recording the proceedings.

“So should I shower now or what,” Kate asked.

“If I may, I think it would be a good act of comradery if Taylor helped you get cleaned now that you two are equals,” Kevin suggested.

“I don’t understand, I can wash my own face,” the busty girl replied.

“I more so meant that since she was responsible for soiling your face, the least she could do was clean it up…with a personal touch,” he added, sticking his tongue out to help give the hint.

“I told you Kev I have a girlfriend…”

“Firstly, that didn’t stop you half an hour ago from blowing me. Secondly, this would hardly be cheating, you aren’t fucking anyone, guy or girl. And lastly, the camera is off and you’ve already bought our silence,” the captain explained.

“Come on Taylor. Help a girl out,” Kate said excitedly.

Knowing that it was an argument that she was unlikely to win since it was 13 against one, Taylor stopped fighting. She scampered over to her bag in the corner of the room and stashed the camcorder away into it’s safe confines. On her walk back over to Kate, the 12 men in the shower cheered and cat called, a gesture that made the leggy blonde smile in appreciation.

Even while kneeling Kate was still tall so Taylor stood in front of her and bent over at the waist, pushing her smile but taut ass out behind her. There was cum everywhere on Kate but the clothed girl found areas to the side of her head that were clean and placed her hands there to hold her steady.

“Eat some spunky baby,” one of the men cheered, spanking her ass in the process.

Though she protested initially, Taylor would be lying if she said that she didn’t want to taste more cum. She had a taste for it now after going almost a year without any and 11 loads on Kate’s face would go along way in satisfying that need. Holding her still, Taylor craned her head further towards the naked woman and extended her tongue.

Licking all the cum from Kate Upton’s face took Taylor Swift a good deal longer then she expected. Her first lick went along the girl’s jawline towards her ear, at which point she had to stop and swallow the full load in her mouth. It took her a good 30 licks of her teammate’s face to get most of the cum into her mouth, most of which she swallowed into her belly, but some she spat into Kate’s eager mouth.

“That was so fucking hot,” Kevin said.

“Good. Now get the fuck out, you served your purpose,” Taylor ordered.

“No problem, just remember our deal. And trust me, we always collect.”

“Man my jaw is sore,” Kate groaned as she was left alone in the showers to clean up.

*          *          *

Monday Afternoon

“So before we start practice I just want to congratulate you ladies. Initiation night came and went with no cops being called or complaints leveled against the school,” Erica said from the front of the gym.

“Thanks coach,” Megan Fox smiled.

“I hope the party was good. Just remember, submit all videos to me after practice so assistant coach Cobie and I can go through them,” Erica smirked.
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Title: Highland College Alternative Reality: Initiation Night
Celebs: Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene, Dianna Agron
Codes: Anal, DP, Oral, Spank, MF, MMF, FFF
Author: The Chemist
Disclaimer: Must be 18 years old to read. Fictional story, didn’t actually happen. I make no money from this. Don’t know any of the celebrities in the story (Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene, Dianna Agron)

Summary: More of a companion story or alternate reality to the volleyball main storyline.

Walking across the coed of Highland College in sunny California, Emma Watson basked in the beautiful weather. The English international student was so lost in her own thoughts that she nearly ran straight into another gorgeous coed who so happened to be her friend Dianna Agron. The pair had met in their Frosh week, an orientation week of games and tours to help all freshmen students get to know the school and other first years.

“Hey Emma, how’s it going,” the raspy-voiced blonde asked.

“Just enjoying this sun! We never got this back in London,” Emma replied in her sexy accent.

“Jolly good it is,” Dianna joked. “Where you headed? Wanna grab a drink or something?”

“I can’t actually. I have a tutoring appointment with an older student for help in stupid Chemistry,” the Brit replied.

“Yuck! Sounds horrible. So you’re off to the nerd dorm then,” the bubbly blonde asked.

“Actually to the Omega House. The TA in the class told me this bloke Daniel was really good. He gets the football players to pass the course so hopefully I’ll get a grip of it,” Emma answered.

“I bet you will, and probably get a grip of him too with the reputation of those Frat guys,” Dianna laughed. “I’ll right then I’ll see you a lot later then.”

The two girls gave each other a quick hug before they continued in their opposite directions. Emma checked her watch and realized she was cutting it close for time so picked up her pace. The last thing she wanted to do was show the tutor she wasn’t serious about passing the course and have him not work as hard for her. Meanwhile, Dianna sauntered about the quad, soaking in more sunrays into her already sun kissed skin. She had another hour to kill before her initiation into the biggest and best Sorority of the college, Pi House, was to take place. She figured to hit the local café then go back to the dorm for a quick shower before her meeting.

*          *          *

“…and that’s what chiral molecules are,” Daniel finished explained to Emma.

Emma had heard of a really good organic chemistry tutor from her TA, who just so happened to be in the same Fraternity as the apparent chemistry whiz. After working out a time that fit both of their schedules, the British babe packed her bag and headed over to the Frat house located just off of school campus. Daniel answered the door and whisked her up to his room, which was a decent size with a queen-sized bed against the far wall, a desk adjacent to the door and a couch and coffee table on the near side of the room. Since the desk wouldn’t fit them both they took up residence on the sofa, where the two had been stationed side-by-side for the past hour.

“Oh I see now,” she said in her thick English accent. “That was causing me so much frustration earlier.”

“Don’t worry about. Bright minds than us took longer to understand to there’s nothing to feel bad about,” he reassured her.

“You know you’re really good at this,” Emma complimented him.

Emma had taken a good long look at the Frat guy when she first arrived and liked what she saw. He was fairly tall, roughly 6’0 if she had guess with a decent build, not quite bulky but more athletic. He had longer hair into a mop-top which she couldn’t help think of as a modern day Beatles haircut for some reason. And now that she was so close to him she could appreciate his piercing blue eyes and strong jaw, not to mention smell his fantastic cologne. However, her thoughts were interrupted when Daniel’s housemate came barging through the door.

“Hey! I got beer,” the large Neanderthal-looking guy said holding two beers in his huge hand.

“Alright,” Daniel celebrated, immediately taken one of the bottles, popping the cap and taking a long gulp.

“You want some,” the obviously drunk man offered to Emma.

“No thank you,” she instantly dismissed. “I have to study and I doubt it’s a very good idea to drink so much while trying to do so.”

“You’ll have to excuse Cal, or Crusher as we call him. He’s only at school to play football so has a lot of time to drink. Plus, I find that having some drinks relaxes me for studying, especially when it comes to this boring ass shit,” Daniel explained. “So come on and have a drink, it’ll help. And it’s actually good beer.”

Although Emma still had reservations, she was making fairly good progress and far be it for her to tell the chemistry expert what does or doesn’t help learn this crap. Extending her hand she took the chilled bottle from the good-looking tutor before taking a good sized sip of the cooled beverage.

“It’s not as gross as I thought it would be,” the somewhat naïve Brit commented.

“Yeah it’s good stuff. It’ll relax you a little bit,” he told her while watching her gulp down another sip.

Emma didn’t even realize that the football player had left and come back with more drinks, nor did she realized that she had already thrown back the rest of the first beer. With an arm full of new drinks, the Frat guy handed Emma and Daniel a new one and the three of them proceeded to pound them back and finish them off in no time at all.

“But I still don’t understand this stuff about the secondary reactions,” Emma said with an obvious slur. “What is this C2F and why is it here,” she asked pointing to the chemical equation in the textbook.

“Well the F stands for fuck and the 2 C’s means cocks. So what it’s saying is you need to get two hard cocks and fuck them in order to understand this stuff,” Daniel told her.

“You’re full of shit,” Emma giggled while almost choking on the first sip of her next beer.

“Hey I wouldn’t lie about this stuff,” Daniel said.

“Well I got a hard cock,” the linebacker standing in front of her said. As Emma diverted her eyes to him, her gaze never made it past his waist as the drunken guy had his cock whipped out over the elastic band of his track bands.

Emma while gazed wide-eyed at the erect cock a foot in front of her face, Daniel took her by the wrist and lifted it up so her hand was level was the fleshy member. It was at that point that instincts took over and the Brit opened her hand up and clenched it lightly around the football player’s stiff dick.

“Well this is a lot different than the way we study in England,” a drunk Emma commented. “But what the hell, I’m game. Now give me that cock.”

Daniel sensed what his drunken frat brother was planning on doing so adopted some evasive maneuvering to roll off the couch right before Crusher kneeled onto the comfortable piece of furniture. Emma finished pumping his cock a few more times before she leaned in closer to the large man and opened her mouth wide.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Crusher grunted upon feeling her warm, wet mouth seal around the first third of his erect member.

Crusher was already completely hard before her mouth even touched his tool and Emma was pleased to see it was rather thick and stood an impressive 8 inches in length, which instantly made her get wet. Shifting her attention back to the task at hand, the Brit sucked on his sensitive tip while using her skilled tongue to swirl over the bulbous surface, paying particular attention to his piss slit, which was already starting to leak pre-cum.

Wanting to show she wasn’t a one-trick pony, the beautiful sandy blonde girl removed her mouth from his cock in order to run her tongue over the length of his shift all the way down to his ball sack. The millions of wispy hairs tickled the inside of her mouth as she took both nuts in her oral orifice and licked them gently with her tongue before lightly spitting them back out and continuing to glide up the other side of his cock and back to his tip.

“Don’t forget about me too. I got a hard cock as well,” Daniel told her.

Emma bobbed her head a few more times up and down Crusher’s dick before looking over at Daniel who was completely buck naked in the middle of the room. Wedged on the couch between the table and the football player, Emma’s only way to get to her tutor was sliding off the couch and crawling over to him, which she did without complaint. When she was finally in front to the shaggy haired guy she rose up onto her knees and captured his fleshy member in her fist before leaning in and enveloping half of his bulbous tool into her skilled mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he groaned in response.

Emma was no stranger to blowjobs and had years of perfecting her craft. Using her fist to pump half of Daniel’s cock, her mouth glided up and down the other half of his cock in order to cause him maximum pleasure. The boy continued to grunt in response to her expert treatment of his dick and was surprised when Crusher came stumbling over to the middle of the room to stand on the other side of Emma, right across from his Frat buddy.

“I like the way you study,” Crusher told the attractive British girl.

Emma looked up from her knees and saw that the drunken football player had rejoined the action. Reaching over to him with her free left hand, she gripped his dick and started to lightly yet firmly stroke his already wet cock. As she continued to slobber on Daniel’s cock she found it interesting to feel the differences in her two lover’s manhoods. Although Crusher was considerably thicker, Daniel’s was longer, possibly measuring closer to 10 inches in length.

Her trance was broken when she felt Crusher’s massive paw of a hand clutch the back of her head and coil some of her shoulder-length hair into his fingers. Forcibly, but not painfully, he encouraged Emma to turn her talented mouth back towards him and his eager erection. Knowing that resisting wouldn’t be good for anyone, the horny Brit shifted 180O in order to face the linebacker. With her mouth still held in a perfect O from her exploits on Daniel’s member, Crusher pulled her face quickly towards him and slammed his entire length into her unexpected mouth.

“GGLLLAAHHH,” Emma choked as she felt her eyes well up in tears.

Although Emma did have the ability to deep-throat, the suddenness of the action caught her by surprise. Luckily she was able to react and stop herself from throwing up and only just gagged as the brute held his fat cock in her throat while also stopping any of the tears from spilling out of her shut eyes.

“Oh fuck that feels great,” Crusher groaned while continuing to press her so tight that her nose was buried deep in his thick bush of greasy pubes.

“Man let me have a turn with that,” Daniel chimed in.

“One minute,” he replied.

Relaxing the pressure on the back of her head, Emma was able to pull free of his cock and take in a deep breath of fresh air. However, before she could regroup, Crusher quickly pulled her towards him again, slamming his 8 inches of thick meat back down her throat in one swoop. Emma was better prepared for it this time so having her throat forced open hurt a lot less the second time around. Knowing he didn’t have much longer with the gorgeous girl’s mouth, Crusher held her for only a second before taking her off his cock. He fucked her face a couple more time in quick succession before releasing her hair from his fingers and letting his friend take over.

Daniel noticed that Emma’s face was now quite red but that didn’t stop him from wanting to fuck her throat. Stepping ever closer to the drunk girl, Daniel lined up the tip of his cock with her mouth and gripped her on either side of her face. Emma knew exactly what was coming so she swallowed down a couple last breathes, opened her mouth wide and tried to relax her throat as best she could. This time he held her face steady and pumped his hips forwards to bury his cock completely into her mouth and down her gullet, once again until the pretty girl’s nose was enveloped in thick pubes.

“Oh man I wanna fuck you so bad right now,” Daniel said, releasing her face.

Emma was once again allowed to have the sweet taste of fresh air as Crusher removed the rest of his clothes and Daniel dropped down to his knees behind her. Working as a team, the large linebacker in front of her grabbed either side of her white blouse and pulled it open violently, buttons flying every which direction. Wanting to save the bra, Emma reached behind her to unclasp then pulled it off to reveal her perky B cup tits. As Crusher reached down and began mauling her firm chest roughly, Daniel had reached under her school shirt and pulled her white panties down to her knees.

Unable to fuck her in their current position, the chemistry tutor applied pressure between her shoulder blades until she leaned towards Crusher, who allowed her bend far enough down so she was resting on her hands and knees. Pushing her legs a little wider apart, Daniel was now at the perfect angle to fuck the gorgeous Brit from behind. Taken his rock hard cock into his hand, he lined it up with her extremely wet pussy and pushed into her. The girl was very tight but the naturally lubrication helped his passage and he was soon pumping half his length into her in hardly any time.

“Mmmm,” Emma moaned as jolts of pleasure shot through her thin body.

Crusher allowed his friend to get a good rhythm established before joining back in on the threesome. Now kneeling on the ground still directly in front of Emma, he grabbed the back of her head once again with the other hand clutching his member. The horny girl needed no further instruction and gladly opened her mouth to take him inside her, now getting used for pleasure at both ends of her fantastic body. It was hard for her to focus on giving the linebacker head while she was getting so thoroughly fucked from behind like a dog, but she still was able to wrap her lips around his head and suck on him like a lollipop.

“My God you have an amazing ass under this skirt,” Daniel complimented as his hands kneaded her thick, curvy butt.

“How’s that pussy? I want some pussy now.”

Even though Daniel would have preferred to not stop fucking her tight pussy until he came inside of her, he also know that Crusher was only being nice by asking and could easily pull her away at any moment and kick him out of his own room. Playing ball and being a team player, Daniel pulled out of the pretty freshman, noting how much his cock glistening in the lighting due to him being thoroughly coated in her juices.

Crusher was already laying flat on his back, ready for the near-naked English piece of ass. Rather than hop right on him, Emma quickly climbed to her feet and finished removing her panties and also her skirt while she was at it. Now wearing nothing but her white knee high socks and sneakers, Emma ass was now clear for all to see. Although she had a beautiful face and a good set of tits, her caboose was far and away her best attribute. Extremely plump, the curvy cheeks stuck considerably away from her back and legs, making both men drool and grow even harder while staring at it.

“How about I give you a view while a go for a ride,” Emma winked as she turned her back to Crusher before lowering herself towards him.

“Damn that’s one wet pussy,” the linebacker commented as his tool disappeared completely inside Emma.

Back on her knees, Emma used her leg strength from years of football over in England to rise and fall on Crusher’s cock, all while he stared at her magnificent ass. Her seemingly near less energy made her ideal for the reverse cowgirl position and the linebacker was more than willing to sit back and let her do all the work. Emma was now better able to please both her partners this time around and despite bouncing on Crusher’s fat cock, she was still able to suck on Daniel’s member, thriving especially on cleaning her own pussy juices from him. However, after 10 minutes of her riding Crusher’s cock Emma’s energy levels started to peak. Sensing this, the football player maintained the high tempo by beginning to slam his hips upwards into her wet pussy.

“Ohh yea…fuck my pussy,” she said in her English accent.

“What do you think Crush, should we introducer her to our Frat’s tradition,” Daniel asked his buddy.

“I think we have to do it,” he agreed. “But you do the honors, I’m nearly about to blow but I’m not ready to be finished with this dumb slut yet.”

Grabbing her at the waist, Crusher waited for her to ride up on his dick before pushing her upwards even more, causing his dick to leave her pussy. Daniel was ready and caught the slim British girl in his arms and carried her to the bed where he positioned her on her side with her back facing him. Emma had no idea what was going on but under his instruction she spread her legs far apart with her left one going high into the air and eventually being supported by the horny man behind her.

“So it’s the tradition for all girls who have sex here to get fucked in the ass,” Daniel informed her, stationing his tip against her tightly constricted anus.

“Well I’m English and know all about tradition so far be it for me to be one who breaks it,” she replied with a cool smile back over her shoulder at her tutor.

“Man English chicks talk funny,” Crusher said, still lying on the floor. “But their hot and sluts so who gives a shit.”

Emma wasn’t an anal virgin by any stretch of the imagination. Americans weren’t the only ones who enjoyed dominating women and fucking them in the ass as the English quite fancied sodomy, especially to girls who had great dumpers. Knowing the routine, Emma calmed herself and instantly felt her asshole loosen then slid a hand down and rested it on her mound. When Daniel began pushing into her bowels and felt his head pop into her anal passage she then started to rub her clit aggressively.

“Mmmm…yeah,” Emma said. Although it always hurt when a cock first lodged into her ass, rubbing herself made it go away practically immediately.

“Yeah how’s that ass feel babe,” the drunk linebacker asked.

“Oh yeah come on! Fuck my tight ass,” Emma replied while moaning the entire time.

Daniel loved fucking a girl in the ass and Emma’s was no exception. Her ring was very tight but still had enough give to it that allowed his condom-less dick to pass into it without much trouble. Her pussy juice and saliva from earlier was proving to be all the lubrication he needed as he now how almost his entire 10 inches pumping into her rump while he kept increasing the speed as much as he could.

“There’s still one more tradition we have to show her, that is unless you don’t think she’s able to do it,” Crusher said, now using her to suck his dick while his friend continued sodomizing her from behind.

“I don’t know. She might not be good enough,” Daniel replied, clearly trying to provoke her.

“No I can do whatever you want,” Emma replied in her drunk English slur.

The two Frat guys smiled to each other then got their plan into motion. Daniel relucently pulled out of her asshole and moved up to the head of the head to rest on the pillows. With a finger he beckoned the slutty girl to join him over at his new location. Guiding her as he wanted, the chemistry tutor positioned her with each of her long, flawless legs on either side of his body. Emma knew what he wanted and instantly sat on his cock and began bouncing with force on his cock, which seconds previous had come straight out of her ass. They both could feel the give in the mattress as the large body of Crusher joined them on the bed behind the English girl.

Crusher allowed his friend to get ridden for another minute, knowing how good she was at riding dick, before he joined in on the fun. Gently pushing her down, Emma’s perky tits were now pressed against Daniel’s sweaty chest as his cock remained buried fully in her pussy. It was at this point that she realized what was happening and that was that she was about to experience her first double penetration. Her best friend back home had been famous for them with the guys in high school and Emma was always keen to try but the situation never popped up back in London.

“You ready slut,” Crusher asked, giving her one last chance to back out.

“Get both your cocks in me right now,” she proudly demanded.

The guys had pulled this ‘get the dumb freshman drunk and have a threesome’ trick a number of times but most girls had enough dignity to stop before it got to this point. Emma wasn’t such a case and they were happy that they got the chance to double fuck one of the hottest girls on campus. With her asshole already loosened from Daniel fucking it for the past 15 minutes, Crusher found his thicker cock slid in far easier than ever before. They thought she might need a minute to adapt but Emma immediately pushed back into both their meat poles and started fucking them.

“Ohhh….mmmm….oohhhhh,” she moaned loudly.

With Daniel on his back fucking up into her pussy and Crusher kneeling above her slamming his entire length into her tight ass, Emma was in pure bliss. She felt so unbelievably tight that words couldn’t express it. The whole encounter of being wanted so badly by two men really turned her on, and the friction their two cocks were causing on the thin membrane between her pussy and anal walls was almost driving her mad with pleasure.

“Oh God it’s so good,” she screamed again. “Come on fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh yeah.”

For nearly 20 more minutes the men listened to her horny screams and followed them out exactly. They didn’t know that such a slim girl could handle being fucked by almost 2 feet of thick cock for that long and that hard without splitting in half but Emma Watson was doing so and begging for more and harder. She didn’t know how many times she came over that period of time, losing tract after the third powerful one and even blacked out right afterwards for a small bit.

“Fuck it. Need to cum now,” Crusher finally announced.

“Me too,” Daniel added.

Crusher gave one or two last thrusts deep into her anus before pulling out of her completely and standing on the floor. Out of reflex, Emma rolled off of her tutor and got on her knees right in front of the powerful football player. After one or two pumps with his fist Crusher took aim and shot his load towards her waiting mouth. With lips already parted and ready for his gooey reward Emma caught every last drop of his salt load and swallowed it down gleefully.

Unbeknown to her, Daniel had also rolled off the bed and was standing on her other side. He watched as Emma swallowed down Crusher’s spunk then went to give him some post-sex head, even though his cock was straight out of her own asshole. Ready to explode, the chemistry tutor couldn’t hold out any longer and released his thick strands of cum onto her unsuspecting face. Emma was caught off guard as the first salty streak of semen pasted her check and nose before she turned to face him. Unable to direct it into her mouth, the second and third strands landed on her forehead and began running down her face with the rest of his load draining into her mouth and small dribbles onto her chin.

“Smile,” Crusher said.

Turning back towards the linebacker, Emma was partly blinded by the flash of a camera. Closing her eyes then forcing herself to blink, she regained her sight and saw that the boys had taken her photo on a Polaroid camera as they know were holding the picture of her on her knees, bare tits and bald pussy showing and her face completely covered in cum. She looked like such an utter and complete slut that she could barely comprehend.

“The last of our Frat’s traditions. An after-sex picture that’s hung on the wall, along with your panties in our main room downstairs. We call it our wall of shame. You’ll make a great addition,” Daniel explained.

“Glad to contribute I suppose,” Emma slurred again, not knowing what else to say.

“So remember we have our next study session on Thursday. I guarantee if you liked this time you’ll love our next one,” Daniel explained.

“Sounds great to me!”

*          *          *

Much earlier that day

Kristen stood outside the door of her Geography professor and took a moment to collect herself. She had gotten pulled aside after the morning’s class by Professor Reynolds, who told the slim red-haired girl that he wanted to see her in his office at 4:30 today. She wasn’t stupid, despite what some people thought, in fact she was the smartest girl in her sorority, which admittedly didn’t take much. Even though she was smart and had grades that hovered dear the Dean’s list, she knew herself that she was struggling in this cursed class. Using the reflection in the glass window, Kristen made sure her long flowing red hair fell perfectly down her face and made sure nothing was in her teeth before knocking on the door.

“Come in,” a booming voice rang out.

Kristen clutched the doorknob and turned it before stepping into the office. The room wasn’t anything too grand but it was a lot bigger than the pretty emo girl first thought. To her right was the desk, which Professor Reynolds sat behind while the rest of the room had a reclining chair and smaller coffee table that was occupied by assorted scientific papers. Turning her attention back to the man behind the desk, Kristen looked at her professor and noted he looked as nerdy as ever. Wearing a navy blazer a size too big with a hideous tee underneath, the 50-year old man was a walking clique of a science geek with pens held in his shirt pocket, slightly messy hair and glasses that even had a piece of white tape holding the nose piece together.

“Professor Reynolds, you wanted to see me,” Kristen said in her nicest tone as she ran her hand through her long hair.

“Yes of course Miss Stewart, please come in and have a seat,” he invited.

Kristen closed the door behind her and sauntered her way across the carpeted room to the chair on the other side of the desk opposite the Geography professor. Although she didn’t pay him much attention, she knew that his eyes were on her the entire time, studying her body. She thought it was gross but at the same time she did wear an undersized school uniform on purpose to get his focus. The white blouse was undone pretty low to show off her modest cleavage, but the real eye catcher was her way-too-short school skirt that was so high that it actually showed off the bottom of her ass cheeks. She knew she didn’t have the biggest rack of the tradition long golden locks most sexy girls had, but Kristen was rocking an exceptionally thick ass, especially for a girl as skinny as she was, as well as a set of legs that seemingly went on forever.

“So what is it exactly that you wanted to see me about today,” Kristen asked while forcing a smile onto her normally emotionally void face.

“I’ll cut right to the chase Miss Stewart…”

“Call me Kristen,” she interrupted.

“Okay then, so Kristen your midterm grade was an underwhelming 22%. You then followed that up with a pathetic 18% on the quiz last week. That leaves you with a best-case scenario of getting a 48% in the course if you ace the final. Now unless your math skills are as weak as your geographical ones then you understand you are destined to fail my course,” he finished explaining to a shock Kristen.

“No there must be some mistake. My GPA is a 3.0 so maybe your dumbass TA couldn’t add or got my test mixed up with some other students or…”

“I double checked the numbers myself and there was no accident I’m afraid,” this time the professor being the one cutting off the other.

Kristen slammed back in her chair and began to pout as the situation washed over her. Although she was hot and sexy in her own way, she was quite an atypical member of the Pi Sorority, in fact the main reason she was there was because it boosted the House’s overall grade point average above the threshold the college required. With her fail in this course she’d surely be kicked out of the Sorority to make room for some other brainiac with good looks.

“Why am I here? So you could save me the time I would otherwise have wasted sitting in your class for the rest of the semester? Or do you get off on crushing students’ hopes, you know, seeing the despair in their eyes as you deliver the bad news,” she questioned.

“Despite what you believe Miss Stewart that wasn’t my intention at all. In fact quite the opposite my dear. I want you to succeed in my class and I’m prepared to help you out in order to achieve that,” he told her, which immediately perked her interest.

“I don’t understand,” Kristen said as she straightened back up in her chair.

“How can I put this. Well in all geographical regions of the world, all things co-exist together. One such interaction is called symbiosis. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the concept so I’ll keep it simple and say that it is when two species live together and they both benefit. This is what I’m offering to you,” he explained. “I can’t give you a 100% in the course but I can fix your last two marks so you have a fighting chance on the final. I think that is more than far, don’t you?”

“And in exchange?”

“Come now Miss Stewart surely you’re not incompetent. We both know what I want and that was clearly what you thought you might have to resort to, is it not why you wore that tiny sexy outfit here?”

“So I fuck you and you make me pass,” she recapped the offer.

“Essentially. I’ll change your mark to a 40% so all you have to do is get 60% on the final to pass. That’s the most I can do without drawing attention to our deal. And yes, my end of the arrangement is getting that sweet little body of yours for the next hour. Do we have a understanding,” he asked, extending his hand over the desk.

Kristen didn’t need any time to think about the proposal at all and replied right away. “Deal. But if I fail the final I get to salvage my mark by us undertaking in another symbiotic interaction.”

Reaching towards his hand, the younger girl and the older man shook on their new founded deal. Rather than releasing her, the professor held onto her hand and used it to guide her to where he wanted. Taking the hint, the leggy redhead stood from the leather covered chair and walked around the fancy wooden desk in order to be standing right in front of Mr. Reynolds. While still holding her hand, the man in glasses used his free arm to undo the buttons of her undersized white blouse until it spilled open, revealing a black bra incasing her perky set of tits.

“B cup,” he asked while running the back of his hand over the newly exposed flesh of her taut stomach.

“Good guess Professor Reynolds,” she replied softly.

“We’re about to have sex in my office so I think calling me Bob would be appropriate,” he told her.

Releasing her hand, Kristen let it fall down to her side to match her other one while Bob’s pair went to work on her. His left arm wrapped around her hips to tenderly squeeze her ass, which were eye level to him given that he was still sitting, while his right hand went straight for the clasp of her bra. Noticing his error, Kristen lifted her hands to the front of her bra and undid the hook since it was located in the front, then peeled the undergarment from her body and threw it aside.

“So firm…and perky. Hell they don’t even need a bra to stay in place like that,” the older man gawked at her small but amazing tits. “And those bright pink nipples are just inviting me in…”

Bob’s words trailed off as he leaned his head towards her and pressed his lips around her dollar-sized nipple. Kristen couldn’t help but let a moan of pleasure escape her plump lips as the moist heat of her professor’s mouth gently sucked and teased her sensitive breast. Letting go of his suction, he left the now erect nipple and kissed down the side of her chest and over the breastplate in order to do the same action to her other tit.

“Jump up on the desk,” he told her while patting the surface right in front of him

Shuffling her feet so she was no longer beside the 50-year old man but rather right in front of him, Kristen hoisted herself up onto the wooden desk. His hand placed on her chest and applied pressure, letting her know to lay back but before doing so she finished removing the shirt from around her shoulders and threw it in the direction she earlier tossed her bra. Now while completely topless she extended backwards until the pasty white flesh of her back was pressed against the warm wood.

Pulling his chair closer towards his blackmailed beauty, the professor made sure each of her long legs were on either side of his body to give him clear excess to her groin. Much like he did to her chest, Bob gently rubbed his hands on both sides of her inner thigh, which was making Kristen wet in anticipation. The tryst may have been against her will to a degree but she knew it was a possibility when she came into the office in the first place, and why the hell shouldn’t she try to get something out of the deal.

Replacing his hands with his mouth, Mr. Reynolds kissed from her knee down the soft flesh of her thigh until reaching her matching black thong. Continuing to tease, the Geography teacher kissed right above her pussy, which had now soaked through the satin panties, causing a large wet stain. After spending a little extra time pressing against her pussy lips he started trailing a line of kisses up the inside of her other thigh until reaching her knee.

“You’re not married right,” Kristen asked.

“Would it matter if I was,” he retorted.

The redhead thought about it for a moment then shook her head no before resting back down on the desk. Ending his teasing, Bob reached for the waistband of her underwear and pulled them down her long legs and finally off her complete, leaving him with a great view of her nearly bare pussy except for a tiny strip of well maintained hair right above her mound.

“So the carpet does match the drapes,” he commented, making the girl blush.

Hoisting her legs onto his shoulders, the professor leaned down closer and went straight for his target. Using his fingers to help pull apart her lips, the horny man took a long, slow swipe from the bottom most region of her pussy all the way to the top. He couldn’t have imagined how sweet her juices tasted so he immediately licked her again, his time gathering more of her sweetness. Over and over he trailed his tongue through her pink twat devouring her juices and making her moan louder and louder as a result.

“Oh God you taste so good,” he grunted from between her legs.

Moving on from simply swiping along her pink slit, the perverted educator slid down to her opening and inserted his tongue inside. Kristen’s moans became screams of pleasure now as Mr. Reynolds lapped the inner walls of her pussy, obviously hitting the right spots. Not content to simply by munching on the much younger girl’s twat, the professor wanted to explore every part of her insides, which was being greatly received by Kristen.

“Oh my fucking Christ that feels so God damn good,” the redhead cursed loudly. “Shit you’re getting my so fucking close to cumming!”

Pleased with himself that he could make the attractive coed scream out in ecstasy like he was doing, Bob was also cognitive to the fact that he had neighboring offices near to him that may overhear their sexual exploits. Without removing his tongue from licking up her sweet nectar, the geography teacher searched on the floor nearby until his fingers happened upon her underwear he had just removed. Picking them off the floor and bunching them into a ball, he brought the undergarments that were still palpably wet and shoved them into Kristen gaping mouth. Although the degrading act would have been met with scorn by some women, the feisty redhead was more than willing to be partially gagged by her own panties and seemed to even enjoy it.

Kristen could have cared less about him shoving a wadded up pair of panties in her mouth as long as he kept eating her out like he was. She never would have guessed that he had such amazing oral sex skills before today but the man was a skilled pussy licker without doubt. Usually a man going down on her was just to get her wet enough to fuck her, but Professor Reynolds admiration of her beauty was making him want to please her to no end, and he was succeeding in record time. What finally pushed the skinny girl over the edge and delivered her orgasm was when he swapped his tongue in her hole with two pumping fingers used his mouth to flick and lick her sensitive clit.

“MMUMMPPH,” she screamed as she came.

“Can’t wait any longer to get my dick wet inside you,” he told her.

Getting up to his feet, the college professor took off his oversized blazer and threw it onto the chair he was once sitting on. Loosening his ugly tie, he slipped it over his head and soon did the same to his white dress shirt before kicking off his shoes and shedding his pants and underwear so he was as naked as the day he was born. Just the knowledge that he’d be fucking one of the hottest girls in school then licking her twat had given him the hardest erection of his life so he took his organ in his hand and stepped closer to the spread-eagled coed. Running his tip along the length of her pink slit, he gathered up her copious amount of juices and smeared it along the length of his cock to make his initial passage into her tight pussy all the easier.

“Condom,” Kristen said, having removed the thong in her mouth for a moment before replacing it.

“It would be a shame to ruin having sex with a vagina this sweet with a latex prison,” he retorted. “And don’t worry, you can’t get pregnant if I pull out.”

Shrugging her shoulders, Kristen gave up the cause and just relaxed back on the desk. Pleased that she was as big a slut as he overheard students saying, Bob was relieved that he’d get to fully experience the beautiful emo girl. With his dick lathered in her juices still, he butted his head up to her opening and with a small thrust was able to force himself inside.

“Oh my word that’s tight,” the professor commented as Kristen’s latest moan was once again muffled by her panties.

Pushing more of his cock into her, Bob stopped when half of his 8-inch organ was buried in her moist heat before rearing back his hip until only his bulbous head was left inside. This time when he pushed in her pussy had loosened a little more and most of his member glided inside the slutty coed. After one more thrust he was now working his entire length into her depth and making her moan loudly once again. Over and over he pulled in and out of her youthful cunt, starting slowly due to her vice-like grip but gradually increasing his speed.

“Fucking a teenager is better than I could have ever dreamed of,” said the 50-year-old male.

For the next 20 minutes the professor felt like a young man again as he plowed into the college girl with boundless energy. Luckily he had banged his wife that morning to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary or else he surely would have came by now, much like Kirsten had done twice more since her first time during him eating her out. Even though he would have preferred to fuck her teen pussy until his heart gave out, his legs were beginning to tire on him. Looking down to check out her amazing body once again, he noticed how his own chest and abdomen were covered in a layer of sweat due to his relentless pounding of the red haired beauty.

Needing to change it up before his legs cramped up on him, the professor quickly surveyed his options while still thrusting into the naked coed. Settling on the larger reading chair in the middle of the room, Bob drove his cock deep into Kristen one last time then stayed buried in her wetness. Hooking his arms under her knees, he bent down to allow her to hug around his neck. With his grip firm he taxed his legs one final time and hoisted the skinny girl off the desk and began walking towards his goal, all while the horny teen bounced and grinded on his shaft. Finally before his quads gave out on the 50-year-old man he stepped in front of the comfortable-looking leather chair and sat down on it being as smooth as he could while being so exhausted.

“About time you let me show what I can do for you,” Kristen said with a rare smile.

Readjusting her position so that her feet were flat on the floor, the tiny redhead pressed her hands against his sweat covered chest and began rising off of his pole. Just like when he was the one in control, the diminutive redhead left only his tip still in her wetness and hovered in that position teasingly for what felt like an eternity to the older man. Finally she gave her professor what they both wanted and descended down his pole to penetrate her fully with his lengthy rod.

“Oh yeah baby, ride that cock,” Bob encouraged.

Having adjusted to his size after their short break, Kristen had gotten all 8 inches into her tight hole and was now riding his cock with much energy. She knew her college career depended on giving the horny man a great shag so that’s what she was going to give him. Over and over again she bounced her nimble frame up and down, causing her perky tits and thick ass to jiggle each time. She was pleased that Mr. Reynolds had an expressive face as it was easy to read how much he was enjoying her performance. Soon she felt his surprisingly strong hands massaging her perfect ass and even giving it light taps, much to her pleasure while his mouth latched onto her nipples as they bounced in front of his sweat-covered face.

“I love your big dick deep in my tiny hole,” she moaned as she bounced on his lap.

Her blackmailing professor kept sucking on her erect nipples as they jiggled right in his face, much to her pleasure as the added stimulation made her aware of how close her orgasm was approaching. She was surprised she was ready to cum again already but they had been fucking for awhile at a relentless pace.

“Oh professor! I’m cumming again,” the tiny redhead screamed as she came all over his cock while still riding his cock without missing a beat.

The girl’s lust-filled screams was the stimulation the horny man needed to clear his mind. Another minute or two of the energetic girl’s gyration on his lap would have surely driven him to his own orgasm so he knew now was the time to act on his latest plan. While Kristen was still mid-orgasm, Bob moved his hands from gripping her sweet ass to more midline. He didn’t need to see what he was doing as his finger found where his cock was being repeatedly impaired by the redhead then traveled posterior until her found her crinkled butthole. He made slow circles over top of the responsive rosebud as if he was mapping the area out very precisely before he applied pressure and dipped just the fingertip inside.

“Whoa,” the surprised girl yelped after finishing cumming.

“Okay baby, time for us to go for a ride down the dirt road, if you know what I mean,” the professor told her.

“If it know what you mean? I retarded ape could figure out that painfully unoriginal pun,” the grouchy redhead thought to herself.

Kristen wasn’t against anal sex at all, in fact she engaged in the act with some regularity but she didn’t want to give the honor of pounding her amazing butt to the perverted professor. However, given the workings of their deal she was going to have to serve up her ass to him unless she could get him to change his mind or blow his load in the next couple of moments. The way he kept slapping and rubbing her ass made the former a long shot so it was up to her to get him to cum and quickly.

“Can’t wait bury my meat between your sweet buns,” the corny older man said.

Resting all of her weight back down onto her feet, the volatile beauty stood up off of Reynolds’ lap and stood beside him. Her only option to avoid the nerdy professor sodomizing her tasty rear was for her mouth to finish him off and in a hurry. Positioning herself beside him in his chair but facing towards his legs, Kristen bent over at the waist while keeping her legs straight so her head was now in his lap while her scrumptious rear end sat inches in front of his face.

“Feel free to admire that as I get your big cock ready for it’s maiden voyage into my…dirt road, as you so elegantly put it,” she told him while wiggling her butt in his face.

Knowing she was working against the clock Kristen wasted no time getting started. Opening her mouth wide, she licked her lips to get them wet then used them to overlap her teeth before descending onto Bob’s erect member. As she took in the first half into her mouth her tongue dragged seductively on the underside, letting her taste her own pussy juices on his shaft. Being a proud bisexual, the redhead loved the taste of twat even if it was her own and that seemed to get her more energized to give the professor head. Now bouncing on his cock with more purpose, Kristen combined suction and her head swivel to maximal effect while continuing to take him deeper inside her oral cavity.

Just as Kristen had found her rhythm and was humming along for a good couple of minutes, it was suddenly broken. Bob, who was simply kneading the skinny girl’s thick ass until that moment, suddenly slipped a finger into the crack between her cheeks and migrated it down until his chubby digit was over her crinkled hole and was rubbing it. With her momentum stopped and the majority of his dick still buried in her mouth, the older man bucked his hips skyward and rammed the last part of himself into her mouth, savoring the feeling of his cockhead being massaged by her pulsating throat. The sudden intrusion of his penis into her gullet caught her by surprise by Pi girls are sexual pros so she regain her concentration and used the deep-throating to her advantage,

“Time to get a good idea of how tight you are back here,” Professor Reynolds told her.

For the second time he pushed his finger against her anal sphincter and just like last time, the muscular ring gave way with not much force needed. He smiled to himself about how much a slut the younger girl must be to have this loose of an asshole, but then again she was fucking her professor for a passing grade so it shouldn’t have surprised him to find how easy she was. His thought was interrupted when he felt Kristen’s mouth be completely removed from his big dick and moved to sucking on his extremely sensitive ballsack while she stroked his saliva-covered member with her fist at a blinding speed.

“This is my last chance to avoid giving up my ass to him…make it count slut,” Kristen thought to herself.

After sucking his nuts for another minute while stroking him off, Kristen got her lips back around his organ and began bobbing on him again but this time with even more pace. Coordinating both hands to cause him maximum pleasure, the sexually talented coed played with his nuts in one hand while the other worked in perfect rhythm with her mouth to glide on the portion of his cock not being occupied by her oral cavity. Over and over her red hair bobbed into his lap while the older gentleman fingered her asshole with two digits now.

“AAWWHHH FFUUCCCKKK,” the older man screamed as he came deep down the throat of his flunking student.

Kristen was prepared to receive his salty load when she heard his loud cry of pleasure to immediately preceded. Holding her lips at the top of his tip she waited for his cum to start shooting out and was happy to finally be done this part of their deal. Finally his floodgates opened up and the first spurt erupted from his cock and hit the roof of her mouth she quickly swallowed it just as the next burst followed. She maintained his routine until she swallowed down her last gulpful of semen and nothing came out of his slit to fill her mouth back up. Giving him one last suck Kristen made sure all the cum was taken from him before standing back up.

“Cuddling wasn’t part of the deal right,” she asked while searching for her clothes.

“No, of course not,” the exhausted professor replied. The tiny redhead sought out her clothes that were hastily removed at the beginning of their tryst and redressed to cover her exposed flesh. She looked over her shoulder and saw that professor Reynolds had passed out in the position she last left him in. Not wanting to wake him she went to leave but first pulled out her cell phone and took a photo of the man which she would use as back-up in case Bob changed his mind and reneged on their original plan.

“Time to go home and grab a hot shower and forget about this shit,” she thought, closing the office door behind her, leaving her satisfied professor to his sex-induced sleep.

*          *          *
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*          *          *

“Hey what’s up K-Stew,” Ashley Greene said to her Sorority sister as she descended the stairs while her red-haired friend was just coming inside.

“Ugh…I’ll tell you later. For now I need a long hot shower,” Kristen replied in a dejected tone. “Where the hell are you going looking so sexy?”

“Meeting up with Cal over at the Omega House,” the bubbly brunette replied. “And what has you in such a grouchy mode sweetie?”

“Just this asshole professor and stupid subject! I won’t bore you with the details since you have a dick that’s waiting to get wet in you,” Kristen crudely came back with. “I just need something to take my mind off it is all.”

“I think I know just the thing. Meet me in my room at 7 o’clock okay,” the leggy girl told her friend.

“Yeah maybe some lesbian sex is just what I need with you,” the redhead commented.

“Not quite but kinda. You’ll see, just don’t be late. Now I need to go so see you later tonight,” Ashley said before slipping out the door and starting off to meet up with her boy toy.

“Get the booty call from that ape you’re dating,” Kristen asked. “Why you’re with that two-timer I’ll never know.”

“First, yes I am going to fuck his brains out right now. Second, Cal may be an ape but he’s a sure top round pick for the NFL and that means he’ll be rich soon and I’ll be right with him spending that money. Third, you’re exclusive now so he won’t be sleeping around now. He gave his word,” Ashley answered while putting her shoes on. “Now I seriously need to head out. Don’t want to keep my boy toy waiting.”

*          *          *

“This place looks a lot different in the daylight,” Ashley said to her boyfriend Cal.

Ashley Greene was a very leggy brunette who had been dating Cal of the Omega House Fraternity for a short period of time. Cal was a big deal on campus and it was quite a capture by Ashley to claim him as a boyfriend. Apart from being a member of the biggest Frat on campus, Cal was also the football star who had fucked his way through half the girls at the school. Ashley was able to tame him due to her being the total package with a ridiculously hot body capped off with a great set of tits and the sexual desire of ten women.

“Yeah it’s pretty awesome,” he replied.

“Here’s the Wall of Shame you guys are so proud of,” the brunette commented. “And here’s my pic. I still look really good in it even after our epic sex session.”

“Totally,” Cal answered as they took a seat on the couch.

“What are those,” Ashley asked, pointing to the wall in the corner.

“Those? They are the paddles we use for initiation into the Fraternity. How about I show you a demonstration,” he suggested with a wicked grin.

Ashley knew she was about to have a new sexual experience and couldn’t wait to start it. Looking her boyfriend in the eye, she did a big smile and nodded her head yes. He stood from the couch and walked around to the wall before selecting one of the bigger wooden paddles from the selection hanging. It had to be nearly 2 feet long and almost a foot across and it looked rather heavy. Cal tested out the tool of pain by slapping it firmly against his own hand, making the pretty girl jump due to how loud it was.

“Now let’s spank this sweet ass,” Cal told his girlfriend.

Ashley was helped by the football star from the sofa and onto her feet. She didn’t stay completely vertical for very long however as he clutched her around her curvy hips and spun her so she was facing the sofa then bent her at the waist so her fine ass was sticking up in the air. The brunette was wearing the school skirt but Cal yanked that off her waist and left her in only her black thong, which revealed a lot of her fleshy rump.

“Like your target,” Ash asked, giving a little wiggle.

“You really have a great ass,” he replied before thinking to himself that it was only a top 5 ass on school trailing the hot British girl Emma and the sexy blonde chick Dianna, but he wasn’t gonna tell Ashley that. “Fuck I love rubbing this thing.”

Ashley loved the feeling of his large hand rubbing and massaging her fine backside and was a bit disappointed when he stopped. She soon found out why he did when she felt the wooden paddle come smacking down on her left check. The only thing more alarming then the sharp pain was the way the wood smacking her tender flesh echoed about in the large room.

“Holy shit,” Ashley swore out of shock.

“And that was only a super light one,” he explained. “Think you can handle more?”

Ashley wanted to say no but the reason why Cal liked her so much was how sexually adventurous she was. Having no choice she nodded her head once again and bit her bottom lip in preparation for the pain. This time the smack came onto her right side but hurt all the same as the first time. She had no time to regroup or collect her thoughts as Cal reared back his arm and thumped her again. Over and over he spanked her with the heavy paddle onto her ass for what seemed like an hour until she thought she was going to collapse due to the searing pain in her ass.

“And that’s 25 whacks to each cheek. Newcomers to the Frat take double that,” Cal explained. “Main your ass is so red right now! Makes me so fucking horny.”

On her way back to standing straight up Ashley was able to steal a glance in the mirror and see how her ass really looked. Not only was it bright red, deeper than any color she’d seen before in fact, but the skin was so raw that it glistened due to the hundreds of broken blood vessels on the surface. The leggy brunette was relieved to see that at least the pain radiating from her backside did indeed match its appearance as bruises were already starting to appear.

Cal didn’t intended to have the sexy coed girl on her feet for very long after the paddling humiliation he just doled out. Clutching her on her rounded hips, the large man simply overpowered Ashley and moved her exactly where he wanted, which was kneeling on the plush couch with her upper body resting on the back of it, making her plump ass stick out back towards him. Ashley knew it was a mistake to wear any panties today and her decision was immediately punished when the barbaric man grabbed the satin thong and tore it from her body, tearing them beyond recognition.

“Fuck your pussy is so pink,” he commented.

The football star was standing directly behind his girlfriend with his hands back to groping her ass. He didn’t notice Ashley wince every time his palms rub over her raw skin, inflicted by his brutal paddling moments before. The brunette was happy when his hands stopped moving over her brutalized ass and came to rest between her legs. Cal teased the leggy coed by pulling apart her pussy and looking inside, the Neanderthal practically drooling, then dipped a finger inside and probed the snatch.

“Umm…now you’re talking,” Ashley cooed as her pussy began to be fingered.

One finger in her twat was soon joined by a second as Cal continued to deeply slam them into her with extreme force. Compared to the paddling, Ashley would gladly take the rough fingering from the brute then have her ass abused again. Every once in awhile Cal would comment about how big of a slut she was by how wet she was, or tell her how tight her pussy was, all while keeping up with his deep penetration, much to her pleasure.

“OOhhh…fffuuuucckk…yeeessss,” Ashley screamed as her boyfriend hit all the right places, making her cum in the process.

Cal flexed his fingers a few last times to hit her sensitive G-spot and allow the brunette to finish her orgasm before moving on. When he was sure she was done cumming, Cal withdrew his hand but didn’t go very far. Moving his fingers back in her crack by an inch, the large man extended one finger and rubbed some of her own juices around her constricted asshole. If the brunette minded then she hid it well as she didn’t flinch at all, even when he applied pressure and popped his index finger past her tight muscular ring and into her rectum.

Ashley looked back over her shoulder to see her boyfriend focusing fully on her thick ass and the finger he was inserting deep inside her anus. Cal realized she was watching him and he became even more turned on seeing her staring into her eyes as he fingered her asshole and see that she was actually grinning ear-to-ear and was moaning as well. Once he couldn’t push inside her anus any further, Cal withdrew most of the way then slammed back in her bowels with more power.

“Mmmhm yes Cal…finger my tight bumhole,” Ashley cooed.

Cal was more than happy to oblige her request and kept up his speedy penetration of her ass. Once he felt like she could handle it, the football player pulled out completely in order to cram a second finger past her sphincter in order to finger-fuck her backdoor with more width. As his hand began moving in blur in front of him, he realized that her pussy was empty and that he had a free hand. Pressing three fingers together, Cal brought his left hand over to her pink slit and thoroughly surprised the horny sorority girl by fucking her pussy at the same time as he was penetrating her ass.

“Yeah you like that double penetration you big whore,” Cal trash talked the girl.

“Oh yes baby! Fuck my pussy and my ass,” the leggy girl replied while her holes were being pistoned into.

“I can’t tell which one I’m more excited to fuck, your sweet wet pussy or your tight little asshole,” Cal pondered with fingers still buried in each of her holes.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get the chance for both,” the slutty coed replied.

“Here babe, have a taste,” Cal told his girlfriend as he pulled his fingers that he was using to pump into her pussy and brought them to her mouth. Ashley smiled brightly then opened up to accept them and promptly began sucking her sweet juices from his digits.

“Mmhmm mm mmm…I’m delicious,” she stated seductively and proudly.

“Now this one,” he demanded.

While still roughly prodding his fingers into her mouth and savoring the feeling of having them massaged with Ashley’s tongue, he slammed his hand one last time deep into her rectum. Slowly pulling them out, Cal dragged his tips along her anal walls to collect as much of her insides as possible before removing them completely from her ass. Pulling his right hand away from her face, he swapped it out with his other. Ashley kept her sexy smile and maintained seductive eye contact as she closed her lips around his fingers, freshly removed from her own asshole, and began to suck on them like she had just done with his other hand. Bobbing her head and using her tongue to lick every surface and crevice of his two fingers, the leggy brunette put on a real show for her superstar football boyfriend, sucking the ass taste off her fingers like she’s discovered a new flavor of ice cream.

“Just as good,” Ashley replied once he left her mouth and allowed to her speak after some time.

“Man that’s hot,” he said, feeling like his erection couldn’t get any harder.

“Now why don’t you let me suck something a lot bigger,” she suggested, her bog brown eyes flashing down towards his groin.

Cal consented so with lust in her eyes, Ashley kept her gaze straight at her boyfriend while she slowly sunk to her knees in front of the eager boy. Cal was already rock hard so when the brunette undid his jeans and felt freeing to be released from the tight demin jail. As Ashley hooked her fingers into the waistband of both his pants and boxers to pull them down, as they cleared his groin his fat cock spilled out and slapped against her pretty face with a thud.

“I like what I found,” Ashley commented as she grabbed his stiff 8-inch member before adopting a fake innocent voice. “Now what do you want me to do with it?”

“Suck it babe and be really good about it,” Cal instructed the gorgeous dirty girl.

With a wicked grin on her face, Ashley glided his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. Cal couldn’t help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. The horny boy was already close to popping his load in her mouth once she started inhaling his whole cock into her mouth with each stroke.

Placing a big paw on the back of her head, Cal stood in place and allowed the leggy girl to do what she did so well. Gliding her lips up and down his cock, Ashley was easily taking most of his cock into her mouth until it touched the back of her throat then pushed her plush lips back up his shaft until only his tip remained in her moist heat. The coed needed no encouragement as to what to do or how much of his pole to suck on, unlike most of the girls on campus, which was probably why he chose to claim the brunette as his exclusive girlfriend.

“Don’t forget about his two friends,” Cal said.

Ashley’s eyes flicked up to him as she didn’t understand his comment. Seeing her confusion, Cal pulled her head away so his saliva-covered cock fell out of her mouth. Maintaining a hold of her head with one hand, the football player grabbed his slippery dick in the other and angled it upwards so that his full nutsack came into view. Flexing his arm, he guided the brunette’s face back towards him until her nose pressed against the underbelly of his shaft and she took his balls into her mouth.

“Ummm….much better,” he grunted.

Now knowing that her boyfriend wanted variety, Ashley was more than happy to give it to him. She kept taking turns in popping one nut into her mouth and sucking on the oval bit then would swap it out with the other one. She did this for awhile, all while stroking his erect cock with her free hands then got his member back into her mouth. Just when she had worked up to a fast speed and he was groaning loudly she would lick down his shaft and begin sucking his balls again.

“Help me get this shirt off or else it’s getting the same treatment as your panties,” Cal told her as he was pulling up at the hem of her shirt.

Ashley was focused on blowing his dick but didn’t want to have another article of clothing permanently destroyed so she lifted her arms up and pulled away from him just long enough for Cal to lift her shirt off her body then immediately went back down on him. The football player unbuckled her bra and pulled it off her to reveal her firm breasts with small pink nipples and wasted no time in bending down and pawing at her perky pair.

“What a body,” Cal admired. “But I really need to get my dick wet inside you right now.”

“Thought you’d never ask,” Ashley mused as she climbed to her feet then took her old position on the sofa.

With her knees on the cushions and her back towards her strong man, the leggy brunette had her plump ass facing back towards him. Cal was smiling widely as he approached his girlfriend from behind, taking in the scene with glee. There was one of the hottest girls on campus with a bright red ass due to her nearly begging to be spanked and also was greeted by the sight of her cleanly waxed pussy without a hair in sight.

Ashley felt the couch buckled under Cal’s weight as he knelt down right behind her and got into the best position to ram into her. Reaching back between her legs Ashley grabbed his cock, lining it up with her slick hole. “Fuck me big daddy!”

The pair had been dating a couple of weeks and had been fucking every day since then so Cal didn’t take much care in thrusting into her. Just like always, Ashley’s cunt gripped every inch of his meaty cock that he fed into her and they both began moaning and groaning like carnal beasts. The leggy coed arched her back more to allow her stud to drive into her even deeper which he gladly obliged while holding her hip with one hand for power and using the other to palm her amply sized tits and playfully pull on her erect nipples.

“Fuck me,” Ashley screamed in between her steady stream of moans.

With his hand still mauling her breasts, Cal continued to drive into her with even more force. His entire length was passing into her velvety folds with each time he fully inserted his pelvis crashed against her ass, making her shapely cheeks jiggle with each collision. Knowing how much she was able to handle, the football player reached even deeper into his reserve of energy to plow even harder into the horny girl. Of course this was coming at a cost as the increased pace and power of fucking Ashley was causing his orgasm to be not as far way as he had hoped.

Still wanting to get to a few other positions before he finished up, he couldn’t keep plowing into her like this for much longer. Without warning or even slowing down very much, Cal pulled out of her wet snatch. Naturally Ashley groaned in protest at having his sizable cock no longer bringing her intense pleasure but knew he must have had something else in mind. Before she had time to complain verbally or even think of why he stopped plowing her pussy he aimed his cock a bit higher and started rubbing the tip of his member on her puckered butthole.

“Ready for the good stuff,” Cal said.

He didn’t wait for her reply since he already knew what it was going to be since anal sex was a staple of their relationship. With her natural lubrication smear over the crinkled surface, Cal lined it up against her hole and applied enough force until his head disappeared inside her muscular ring. He gave her a few moments to adapt to the thick intrusion up her ass before he pushed more of himself into her tight hole.

“Oh God,” Ashley moaned as the initial pain began subsiding and was replaced with the slightly uncomfortable yet pleasing sensation.

Feeling her body loosen up Cal knew that the leggy girl was ready to handle more. Having both hands on her hips now for the added stability, the football player began making small thrusts into her bowels. The strategy was sound as he was now able to work most of his member inside her at a good speed while she was able to enjoy the sodomy as well.

Hands still on hips he would pull out of her so only his tip remained in her dry opening then he would pull her back to him while simultaneously slamming his pelvis forward. The result was Cal being able to drill his girlfriend’s ass as deeply as he could, causing her to gasp and grunt at the sheer force.

“So damn good,” Ashley moaned with one of her hands now rubbing her clit as the other now tweaked with her sensitive nipples. “Make me cum again baby!”

“Deal. A got practice later and don’t want to be too tired so you ride my cock afterwards as payback,” he proposed.

Ashley simply nodded her head to agree to his proposition even though Cal would have been happy to make his anal-loving girlfriend cum with any deal in place. Ashley was getting close with all of the forceful fucking her man was doing, not to mention her own pleasuring activity. She felt his hands leave her hips and take up residence on her large tits to knead and pull on them, which made her be pulled into a more upright position with her back now pressed against his sweaty chest. The change in angle his dick slammed into her ass, plus the simultaneous stimulation of her clit and tits seemed to do the trick as Cal felt the leggy brunette’s body start to quiver.

“HOLYYYY FUCKKKK,” Ashley screamed loudly into the semi-occupied Frat House.

Cal felt her ass clench down on his cock, which made thrusting a real challenge, not to mention threatened to push him towards his own orgasm. Needing to remove himself from the vice-like grip of her anus on his swollen member, Cal let her flop down onto the back of the couch as he pulled out of her now gaping hole. Now free of her grasp, the football player didn’t remain on his feet for long as he took a step to the side then flopped down onto his back beside Ashley.

“Oh shit,” she proclaimed as she ran a hand through her dampened hair.

Remember her deal during their dirty talk session, Ashley didn’t dally to long to recover from her orgasm. Pushing off the back of the sofa, the brunette got to her feet and straddled her man’s lap while staring him straight in the eye. Instead of descending on his cock, she had an idea. Standing back up she turned around in order to allow Cal to have the view of her meaty ass to stare at. With a look over her shoulder, Ashley flashed her brilliantly white smile as she sat on his cock, however she noticeably winced when his cock struggled to penetrate her asshole again.

“A bit dry,” Cal commented, pulling his tip out of her ass. Bending down over her backside he parted her cheeks and spat right onto her rosebud then used his finger to rub it around and inside. “That should do it.”

This time when Ashley bent her knees his slippery cock passed into her gaped hole with ease. Sinking down until her meaty backside was resting against his long pubes, the brunette took him completely up her ass before standing back up and leaving only the last quarter in her hole. This process was repeated over and over again as the young coed worked up a sweat, which made her skin glisten in the dimly lit common room of the house.

“How’s the ride back there,” Ashley asked with a big smile while skewering her ass with his pecker for the umpteenth time.

“Gonna cum now,” Cal hissed.

“Don’t want to make a mess,” Ashley said as she stood off his cock and immediately dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around his dick.

With her mouth working on the top half of his cock, which tasted exactly like her ass, while jerking off the other portion with her hand. She had grown accustom to the taste of her bowels and it no longer put her off so her tongue was now used to lick the underbelly and take in even more of her flavor while tilting her head enough to look her man in the eye while she sucked him off.

Ashley’s expert mouth combined with the lengthy ass fucking they had done had worn away all of Cal’s resistance. Gritting his teeth, the Frat boy felt every muscle in his body tense up as he felt his semen rising up from his balls threw the shaft then erupted out the end. With a loud grunt Cal bucked his hips forward as his load was shot into the roof of the leggy coed’s mouth. Spurt after spurt came out of his tip and Ashley was more than up for the challenge of collecting all of his thick goo on her tongue and savoring his flavor. When he had finally stop she removed her lips from his member and swallowed his cum down her gullet with an audible gulp.

“Fuck you’re really good at that,” Cal huffed as he laid exhausted on the sofa.

“You’re pretty damn great yourself,” Ashley replied from between his legs. Checking her watch, the brunette realized that their sexual tryst had lasted a lot longer than she had thought. “Shit I gotta run. Have Pi Sorority stuff to do tonight.”

Ashley was like a Tasmanian devil unleashed in the living room as she grabbed up her clothing and got dressed. Her hair was a bit of a mess and everyone would be able to tell that she had just had sex but she could have cared less. She already had a pretty big reputation around campus of being a slut, plus she was a member of the biggest and horniest Sorority so most people already had a good idea the type of girl she was.

“Remember we’re throwing a big party tomorrow night. Make sure you’re there…plus no need to where panties under that skirt anymore. Easier access,” Cal said before seeing her nod and leave the house. “Fuck I need a beer.”

*          *          *

Dianna Agron had left her house that afternoon all prepared for the initiation into the best Sorority at Highland College. It didn’t require a lot of preparation, in fact the member of the Pi House was rather vague in what was needed for her tonight. Dianna had already done a few minor challenges but they were fairly tame and a little lame if she was being honest. The Pi sister that was in charge of her event tonight, Ashley Greene, had told her to where her school girl outfit that every girl student at the College was issued and be a the location at the right time.

She only had a few classes that morning so she was able to go back to her dorm to grab a nap before what she was certain would be a long night. She woke up and headed for the showers to freshen up then got dressed and headed out. She’d bumped into her foreign friend Emma earlier then went to her favorite café on campus to kill the rest of the time. She met a nice sophomore in line and flirted with him, getting a free iced latte and company for the hour. She was disappointed that she was running short on time and didn’t have more time to chat but she did give him her number and made it very clear that a night full of passion was in store if he called her.

“The Pi Pi House,” Dianna thought to herself as she stood in front of the large building. “Best sorority on campus and all I have to do is survive tonight.”

The perky blonde walked up the stone walkway and knocked on the door. There was a small pause before she heard footsteps from inside the house then saw the door open up to reveal a tall brunette she hadn’t seen before.

“Hi I’m…”

“Dianna, yeah I know,” the unknown girl cut in. “Ashley is waiting upstairs for you. Last room at the end of the hall. I’m Jennifer by the way. Jennifer Lawrence.”

“Okay thanks. Nice to meet…”

“I’d hurry, I doubt Greener will appreciate tardiness,” Jennifer informed.

“Right,” Dianna replied as she edged her way past the beautiful girl and headed up the stairs.

“Whose the blonde,” a tall, busty girl asked as she approached Jennifer.

“Dianna Agron, a freshman pledge that has her last initiation tonight,” she replied.

“She’s hot. Really pretty face and her ass and legs are a 10 out of 10,” the new girl commented. “Hope she can handle the last part of her pledge.”

“It’s Ash whose doing it Kate so she’ll pass her just to get the chance to fuck her all year long in the house,” Jennifer said. “Now let’s head up and watch.”

Dianna had no trouble finding the room that the leggy girl who let her in told her about. Just to confirm that it was the right place, there was a note attached to the door that told her to go inside and wait for Ashley in the middle of the room, on her knees. She opened the door into the large 14 by 14 foot room which was completely empty inside except for a mirror on the far side. She was definitely torn with emotion as the empty space made her a bit more nervous but she was still very excited for the chance at joining such a prominent sorority.

No sooner had she taken her place in the middle of the room on her knees did the door open behind her. She fought the urge to turn around and instead stayed looking down at the wooden floor. Heels clicked on the floor until Dianna knew that the girl she assumed to be Ashley Greene was directly behind her.

“So do you think you have what it takes to be a Pi Pi girl,” Ashley’s smooth voice questioned.

Dianna’s answer was paused when she felt the girl’s hand reach down and give each of her firm ass cheeks a hearty squeeze. “Yes I do.”

“You may have been the hottest piece of ass in your high school and even some cute little freshman on campus but it takes more than a cute smile and a tight body to be one of us. You have to be able to take a lot of cock,” another girl’s voice said, this one more hardened with a rasp.

“Kristen will be helping in your initiation. Now we want to know how many guys have you slept with?”

“I’ve had 6 different partners,” Dianna answered honestly.

“6? That’s considered a slow week for a Pi girl,” Kristen laughed.

“It’s true little blonde. We have a top reputation for being able to party better than anyone else on campus. And that means putting out…a lot. So we have to judge your skill to make sure we don’t admit a prude into our ranks,” Ashley lectured.

Dianna heard a third set of feet enter the room but this time was different than the others. Unlike the clicking and clacking of fancy high heels on the wooden floor, these footsteps were louder and made more of a thud or slapping noise. She assumed it was a man and her thought was confirmed when a good-looking college man stepped in front of her.

“So to showcase your ability you’ll blow Noah here. He’s the boyfriend of one of the sluts at the Chi Omega Kappa house, our rival sorority on campus. Do a good job on him and you advance closer to full sister status at the best sorority on the Pacific Rim.”

“What are you waiting for? Get his dick out and give him the best blowjob of his life,” Kristen rudely shouted.

Dianna had a good idea that sex was on the itinerary tonight from what she was able to learn through leaks in the Pi house. This didn’t really put the confident blonde off as she was already a fairly sexually being and really wanted to be part of this sisterhood since it was a family tradition.

Reaching up from her knees, Dianna made easy work of Noah’s pants and belt and had the khaki shorts sliding down his hairy legs in no time at all. As she took his flaccid cock into her tiny warm hand and began stroking it gently, she could hear the man moan above her. As she leaned in and began applying suction to the tip of his penis to help get him hard while still stroking his member, Dianna couldn’t help but note how attractive he was. He may be here getting his dick sucked by her instead of home with his long-term girlfriend, but the blonde coed was fortunate that it was him she was blowing rather than some ugly troll.

Shifting her attention back fully to the task at hand, Dianna realized that he was no longer soft and rubber and now stood 8 inches long, very hard and stiff as she continued to stroke it lightly. Knowing that this wouldn’t do any longer the talented girl opened her mouth wider and allowed more than just his bulbous head to enter. She heard him grunt in a satisfied matter as her warm wet tongue encircled his purple head before her lips wrapped around the shaft. Descending down along his length, Dianna felt Noah’s hand be placed on her head then grab a handful of her hair tightly as she pumped half of his member in and out of her mouth while her tongue massaged the underbelly.

“If that blowjob feels as good as it looks and sounds then this girl has some serious skill,” Ashley whispered to Kristen, her words almost drowned out by the loud slurping noises being emitted by the girl on her knees.

“Let’s not go overboard yet Ash,” the redhead replied.

Even though Noah agreed full-heartedly with Ashley and Kristen’s accessment of the young blonde, he wasn’t content to let Dianna stick with the status quo. Using the hand on the back of her head, the two-timing boyfriend applied more pressure. The sexy coed got the hint and took more of his gross tasting penis between her lips. Noah continued to pull her head towards him until he felt the freshman’s nose buried deep in his neatly trimmed pubic hair and the tip of his penis held snuggly in her throat.

After a few second of using his penis to block off her airway, he allowed her to free her throat of him. Slightly red in the face from a lack of air, there were still several long strand of spit connecting Dianna’s mouth with Noah’s cock, which was now heavily covered in saliva. Once she was able to get a few breaths in, the cheating boyfriend steered her back to his shaft and repeated the same action of having her deep-throat his manhood.

Dianna held her eyes closed and focused on relaxing her muscles in order to let him pass into her throat easier. She was happy that the star quarterback back in high school had a big fetish for face-fucking her or else she may have struggled with the hardcore maneuver in front of the two sorority sister grading her oral skills. However, that was not the case as she didn’t even cough or spit up at all as Noah was now battering her face against his pelvis with more speed than before.

“Almost there,” he warned through gritted teeth.

“Fill my mouth up,” Dianna sexily encouraged, allowing her mouth a temporary break. “I want your cum on my tongue right now.”

Noah was incredibly turned on by the seemingly innocent girl’s dirty talk. Needing to cum harder than he thought possible, he pushed into her throat a few last times with force, easily having her lips glide the entire length of his cock and enter into her throat. He didn’t last very long though until he felt his legs start to wobble and a warm bubbling feeling moving through his shaft.

“Here it comes! Uggghhhhh,” Noah grunted as her slutty words pushed him over the breaking point.

The blonde girl felt the first blast of his sticky load smack the back of her mouth shortly after his load groan. It didn’t take him long to fill her mouth with his excessive amount of semen but Dianna was determine not to let a single drop escape her. She collected every ounce he offered her until he finally ran dry. In one big gulp the horny coed swallowed down his warm salty load, loving the feeling of the thick liquid as it slid down her throat. She opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue in order to show her two hopeful sorority sister how good a job she did.

“Impressive job Agron. A few girls in our house sucked him off earlier and they took longer than you did so bravo,” Ashley smiled brightly while praising the teen.

“Her technique was a bit sloppy though,” Kristen grunted, her unhappy nature rearing it’s ugly head once again.

“Now we move on,” the leggy brunette said, ignoring her grouchy sister’s comments. “And this one should be more of a challenge.”

“I’ll be equal to it,” Dianna proudly stated.

Ashley turned her head to look over her shoulder at the large mirror at the end of the room which looked very out of place. Dianna didn’t really know why the brunette called out that she’s ready for the next phase but when she heard the door behind her open 10 seconds later she figured out the mirror wasn’t a mirror but rather that one-way glass they have in cop shows.

“Thanks so much Emma,” Ashley said as she reached out and accepted a large glass cup.

Upon hearing the name Emma, the freshman blonde couldn’t help but steal a glance at the new girl. Dianna wondered if it was her English friend that had joined her but instead of seeing Emma Watson she was staring at an equally beautiful but completely different girl. This girl was about the same height but had shiny red hair, beautiful lips and a body that was curvy without being truly eye-catching. Dianna would have thought that in an evening gown that this other Emma would have all the appeals of an old-fashion Hollywood bombshell.

“Not a problem,” Emma replied in her gravelly voice while giving the new recruit a once over. Apparently she liked what she saw as she gave the blonde girl a wink with one of her big blue eyes before exiting the room and closing the door behind her.

Emma hurry back to the room adjacent to where the initiation was taking place in order not to miss even a moment more than she had to. Walking inside she was reunited with her housemates, including Jennifer and Kate who were mesmerized by the new blonde girl on her knees in the other room.

“My God what a body,” Emma commented while shouldering her way back to the front of the viewing area. “Like seriously I could rest my beer mug on that ass.”

“Oh I know. And her face is just flawless…an absolute beauty,” Jennifer Lawrence chimed in.

“She’s gonna get a lotta dick in this place with those curves,” Kate added. “Oh they’re starting back up again.”

“Do you know what this is princess,” Kristen asked, getting right in the pretty girl’s face. She didn’t give her a chance to answer before continuing to talk. “It’s semen. A big pint of cum courtesy of the Omega House just for you! And do know what you’re going to do with this glass of man goo? That’s right…swallow the whole damn thing or else you don’t get to continue the Agron family tradition of being a Pi Pi girl!”

“Calm down a bit K-Stew, we want this one so make sure you don’t scare her off,” Ashley whispered softly to her friend before addressing Dianna. “She’s right babe. Take the cup and drink it, simple as that then you’re almost a sister here.”

“You’ll be meeting all these exhausted men who filled up this lovely cup for you later tonight at the party. In exchange for helping us out we promised that the next thing they fill with their cum is our newest inductee into the Pi House,” Kristen informed.

Handing the full glass to Dianna, some of the thick fluid spilt over the edge and slid down onto the blonde’s hands. Seeing the scything look she received, Dianna made sticking her tongue up and licking the sperm from her sunkissed skin. A quick glance at the pair and she determined that they appreciated her quick thinking and recovery.

“Bottoms up,” Dianna said.

Pressing the pint glass to her lips, Dianna closed her eyes, opened her mouth and tilted her head back. Since it was so full the cum immediately poured over her tongue and began to fill up her mouth. When she was completely full she stole a quick glance at the cup and realized she’d barely put a dent in the level. Knowing that this would be quite the undertaking Dianna gulped down the first mouthful and filled up again. Her only experience with two mouthfuls of cum came during her only threesome in high school with the star quarterback and receiver. This time was much different though as it took 4 huge gulps to get done only a quarter of the pint.

“Looks like she has a lot of experience with this,” Emma joked behind the glass.

The redhead’s words were in fact true about the blonde recruit. Dianna had done her fair share of time on her knees for various partners during her high school reign. The truth was she more than lived up to the title of ‘head’ cheerleader as most of their state-winning football team could attest to.

“Half way done and she hasn’t taken a break,” Kate commented.

“What a star! I nearly gagged at this point two years ago,” Jennifer added.

Dianna continued to amaze her future sorority sister both behind the mirror and in the room with her as she kept up her impressive job. Although some of the sips were extra salty, even bordering on repugnant, the blonde really did enjoy the taste of cum. Where some girls would prefer to have their partners warn them during their blowjobs so they could finish somewhere else, Dianna always invited her men to cum in her mouth so she could swallow.

“Mmmhhmmm. All done,” Dianna said, giving the rim of the cum-stained glass a final lick.

“That was…remarkable,” Ashley said in complete awe. “You…without…it was just awesome!”

“Stay cool Greener, it’s not like she’s the first huge ho-bag that’s completed the challenge like that.

“So am I a Pi Pi sister now,” the former cheerleader asked excitedly.

“Not so fast. You still have one more challenge sweet cheeks,” Kristen informed before walking out of her sight.

Ashley also walked behind the kneeling girl, which confused Dianna. She could swear she heard the women stripping their clothes off, which made her think that her last challenge would probably be to give them oral sex or whatever lesbian loving that they had in mind. It made her a little nervous since the most experience with another woman she had was making out with girlfriends at parties to get all the boys turned on.

“To be a Pi Pi girl is to be great at many things, the most important being sex. We’ve passed the blowjob and cum guzzling tests with flying colors but now we need to see how you fuck,” Ashley told her. “And what better way than first hand knowledge.”

Dianna was confused about the last line until Ashley and Kristen re-emerged into her field of vision. Just like she assumed, the pair of beautiful women were naked, except for one detail; the large dildos they had strapped on their hips. The leggy brunette had a clear plastic cock standing in front of her held by a harness, probably a healthy 9-inches in length. The pissed off redhead was completely different as she was wielding a monster black dildo at least a foot long and pretty thick as well.

“Sweet mother of God,” Dianna sounded unconsciously.

“Well what are you waiting for, a fucking personal invitation,” Kristen blurted out. “Get these cocks wet or they’re going in you dry.”

“You right,” the blonde responded.

Not wasting any more time, Dianna reached out to both sides and took each of the plastic dicks into her hands. She began stroking the dildos lightly much like she did with the man she had just finished sucking off than remembered that giving a handjob to an inanimate object was pointless. Instead she brought her mouth to the toy attached to Ashley’s waist and slobbered on it for a minute before switching with Kristen’s. After a another couple of minutes of blowing each of the dildos she became satisfied that they were both well coated in her own juices to move on to whatever twisted desires the sorority girls had planned.

For the next hour Ashley and Kristen teed off on the sexy freshman girl. Ashley got things started by fucking Dianna in regular missionary position until the blonde reached her first orgasm of the night. When the leggy girl decided to take a break to recover some energy, Kristen was more than happy to step in and have her time to pound the pledge. The angry redhead propped Dianna up on her hands and knees and took her from behind to slam into her pussy. Dianna didn’t know how long Kristen fucked her for but she did know she came twice more and when she finally did stop they were both glistening in sweat.

“You’re doing great pledge but we need to know how well you ride dick,” the brunette informed.

Dianna felt tired from the marathon fuck session already but was determined to become a sister in the Pi house. Ignoring the lactic acid building in her toned muscles, the ex-cheerleader climbed onto the hot brunette and took the fake penis into her sore pussy. She sank down fully to lubricate the plastic cock with her internal juices before energetically riding on Ashley’s lap. Dianna had just finished cumming for a fourth time that night when the brunette tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear and spoke to her.

“You just have one more thing to be a Pi baby,” Ashley told her from below Dianna.

“That’s right, just gotta take a cock in the ass,” Kristen said with a diabolical smile from behind her.

Dianna was caught off-guard by this last challenge but didn’t want her evaluators to know about it. She kept bouncing on the fake cock attached to Ashley’s waist as the news bounced around her brain. She really wanted in the sorority and almost more than that didn’t want to appear weak in front of Kristen, who was being a huge bitch to her.

“Well a Pi Pi girl has to be a master of sex and that is definitely something men are into,” the blonde replied with fake confidence.

Kristen didn’t totally believe the sexy ex-cheerleader but she was excited to make the whore scream out in pain. Remembering Ashley’s warning about being nicer to the pledge, the redhead allowed Dianna to keep bouncing on the leggy girl’s dildo to help distract her from what she was going to do. Sticking her finger in her mouth to smear spit onto it, Kristen brought the digit towards Dianna backside, slide it down the crack until her fingerpad was resting over the middle of the blonde’s asshole.

“Maybe the princess has taken it up the ass before…and likes it,” Kristen thought when her rubbing didn’t cause Dianna to flinch even slightly.

Knowing that she was fine with some mere touching, Kristen upped the stakes. With her finger quite wet, she pushed it against the puckered opening and found that it was admitted access without much force needed. It took all of Dianna’s yoga training to calm herself and relax the tightest of sphincters but it was worth it as the digital penetration didn’t hurt her at all.

“Such a tight little ass,” Kristen commented as her finger continued to rub and probe her tightest of holes.

“Yeah keep taking that cock baby,” Ashley encouraged, noticing the blonde’s attention drifting away from riding her dildo.

“Okay you little pledge slut, you ready to have your real initiation? You gotta take it up the ass like we all did,” Kristen told her after working in a second finger.

Dianna grinded down on Ashley’s dildo one last time before lifting off it altogether and sat on the brunette’s hip with the plastic toy touching her stomach. The ex-cheerleader arched her back so her ass stuck out even further towards the twisted Stewart girl to give her an easier target. With a fairly wide black dildo in her small hands Kristen lined it up with the blonde’s backdoor as Ashley reached around from below and parted Dianna’s cheeks. Her asshole was super tight but Kristen was relentless and didn’t stop until the head poked into her anal canal.

“Yeah take it you little slut,” Kristen demeaned while still muscling more of it’s length into her ass.

“She have a tight ass back there K-Stew,” Ash knowing although knowing the answer just by the look of grimace on Dianna’s face.

“Come on baby, you wanna be a Pi you need to beg me to fuck you in the ass,” the redhead told her with a couple inches of the phallic device in the blonde’s rectum.

“I wanna be a Pi! Give it to me in the ass,” she screamed.

“Oh yeah scream for me bitch,” Kristen shrieked while slapping her thick ass hard enough to leave a handprint on her white skin.

Ashley knew that her friend was getting wrapped up in the moment and wasn’t giving Dianna an easy time at all. To her credit, the blonde pledge was taking the sodomy like a champion and didn’t ask Kristen to slow down or stop, instead choosing to clamp her eye closed and bite her plump bottom lip. Wanting to show her compassion and support, Ashley took a hand away from holding her thick ass cheeks apart and used it to gently stroke the side of Dianna’s pain-struck face. She was surprised by the gesture of kindness and the effect was immediate as she now seemed more active with the situation.

Kristen didn’t quite know what had happened in the last few seconds as she was surprised to find the freshman actually pushing back on her giant dildo to engulf more of it in her bowels. Looking down, the fiery redhead had managed to work half of the foot-long sex toy into her backdoor and was actually hearing Dianna’s whimpering stopping and almost what sounded like moans of pleasure being emitted from the girl with the beautiful booty.

“Oh yeah take it up the ass. You’re doing great like a real natural with that cock in your butt,” Ashley encouraged.

“Such an anal slut,” the red-haired girl commented.

With Ashley’s support and her will to becoming a sister in the sorority regained, Dianna had a much better mindset now than when the ass-fucking first started. With her positive viewpoint now, the sexy blonde was bearing down on her arms in order to push back against her one-time tormenter and take more of the large dildo up her rectum. Kristen was helping matters by thrusting her hips forward slowly until finally her pelvis touched the smooth soft surface of the pledge’s ass.

“Holy shit Greener she took all 12 inches,” Kristen exclaimed, almost in shock. “In fucking no time at all!”

“Told you this one showed promise! She’ll make a great Pi woman,” Ashley shrieked with excitement.

“Now I’m a real Pi for taking it up the ass,” Dianna yelled with glee. “Now can we can the celebration until we’re done with the dildo in my bum.”

“I think she likes it in her butt Ash,” Kristen said. “I think she’s a big ol’ anal slut at this point.”

“It’s definitely more enjoyable than the times with high school boys who just fuck without care,” the blonde replied. “Compared to that, this feels like nirvana.”

“In that case you’re getting fucked until you come babygirl,” the redhead told her.

It only took another 10 minutes for Dianna to scream out in pleasure for the fourth time that night. With Kristen establishing a slow yet rhythmic cycle of fucking her from behind, and Ashley’s finger between her legs rubbing her clit, Dianna came hard. Finally exhausted from the marathon sex session she let her body go limp on Ashley and welcomed the warmth of the brunette’s body heat sooth her tired body.

“Good job. Now at the party tonight your final initiation challenge is letting any guy who wants to fuck to do whatever he wants with you. Anal, gangbang, have a lesbian affair with his 400 pound girlfriend, doesn’t matter. They ask and you do it, without hesitation,” Kristen explained. “Do you understand you dumb slut?”

“Yes master.”

“Good now go change and by at the house by 10,” the redhead dismissed. Kristen and Ashley watched as the exhausted and sore blonde gathered her clothes, got dressed and left the room.

“You know that last bit wasn’t part of the initiation,” Ashley told her naked best friend.

“Oh I know. There’s just something about that girl that I like seeing her become a total and complete slut,” Kristen replied with a grin.
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I love these stories so much. They are some of the best written multi-celeb stories in a series ever, and I feel honored having them on my site.

The bukkake/blowbang with Kate Upton was the main inspiration for me with two of my own stories - Pretty Whores (Britney Spears and Taylor Momsen in an 11 man bukkake) and She Wants To Be In The Business (Lucy Pinder with 12 cocks to suck, titfuck and get plastered).

Thank you again for posting these.
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Thanks for adding these. I really enjoyed the Highland stories and have read them multiple times.
Current Top 5
1. Hailee Steinfeld
2. Victoria Justice
3. Olivia Holt
4. Emma Watson
5. Bailee Madison
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Thanks for sharing this, I remember reading this quite some time ago, lovely to revisit it

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