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Kylie Minogue - Equilibrium Ch.02
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Kylie Minogue – Equilibrium Chapter 2

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

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Warning – This story is about Pegging. If you don't like that topic, I advise you to stop reading now. If you don't like it, please don't send me abuse about it.

* * * * *

Leaning back on the bed in nothing but a pair of black fishnet stockings, Kylie Minogue rested on her hands as she worked her dainty little feet up and down her boyfriends cock. She was concentrating on her task, vivid blue eyes locked on his thick cock as she rested on her ass and extended her gorgeous legs over him, heels bumping his thighs as she wrapped her skilful toes around his shaft and worked up and down. Footjobs weren't something she normally did but they were having fun and he'd asked her to do it for him, wanting to feel her dainty feet wrapped in fishnets working at his cock. He was groaning with pleasure, eyes stealing glances of her gorgeous toned body, taking in her defined six-pack abs and tight muscles, her perky breasts and beautifully smooth pussy bulging between her legs as they rocked up and down in a beautifully controlled motion.

“You like that?” Kylie asked softly with a smile, glancing up to him as she let her toes curl around him a little more for a firmer grasp.

“Yeah,” he smiled back, just loving that she was doing it for him. It wasn't a big kink for him or anything, he just wanted to see her do it for him and experiment with it.

“Good, you just enjoy,” she said, focusing on her task again and shifting a little on the bed, settling herself so she could get more torque on him. Holding her legs up was no problem, she was in phenomenal shape from her workouts with him and it was a breeze to do this. Her added muscle strength had made it easier to control herself and massage him just right too, finding it effortless to guide her feet to bring him pleasure. She curled her digits around him to find the perfect spot under his head, tickling into the nerve-laden patch intently with the tip as her other fishnet clad foot rocked over the back edge of his head. He pushed up to her ministrations as he groaned with pleasure, cock throbbing in the grip of her little size threes, relishing the silky yet strong sensation of the fishnet stockings and the sight of her enjoying herself as she expertly administered the footjob to him.

“Oh fuck,” he murmured as he felt his climax build up on him, her dainty toes doing the job to bring him to orgasm. She hadn't wanted a fuck this morning but she wanted to please him and when he suggested this it had been ideal and a bit different which she always liked, and now leaning back to get him off with her stocking-covered feet she was loving it. She worked her feet faster, feeling his cock surge in imminent climax, pumping them rapidly near his tip for maximum stimulation, so intense he could barely take it as he tensed and shook on her bed in the last few seconds. He went to reach for his cock, obviously to finish himself with his hand but Kylie authoritatively stopped him.

“No, let me finish,” she said firmly, a tingle going through her at the sudden command she exerted, loving how he leaned back and gripped the covers to let her finish as she wanted to. He leaned back, barely able to stand it as she tensed her muscles and worked intently, driving her feet into his manhood as firmly as possible for maximum effect without discomfort which didn't take long to make its mark as he tensed up hard and burst. He let out a series of hard, teeth-grit exhales as he erupted all over her, his hot load shooting into the air and landing all over her feet, Kylie giggling with pleasure as she followed his movements, hips pushing up hard as he ejaculated, cock bucking powerfully in her grip as as gave several shots that ejected and landing over her feet before the last of his load leaked out thickly over her fishnet grip.

“Goddamn,” he muttered, giving a final squeeze and shudder before dropping back into the bed. Kylie gave a few final strokes and grips to work every last drop from him before releasing his softening cock, pulling her feet back and looking down at them, rolling her ankles as she took in the thick load he'd left all over her fishnet encased feet. It wasn't something she normally did and it was all a little strange but she couldn't deny she found it hot, a shiver of arousal spreading through her as she felt his thick load seeping into her pale feet between the cords. She still wasn't in the mood to get fucked but she wanted something, her bald, bulging pussy engorged and juicy now. Peeling her stocking off and wiping her feet, Kylie slid up close to him on the bed, sharing a deep kiss with him as she encouraged him to give her what she wanted, pleased when his fingers found their way down under like she hoped for.

His fingers gently massaged their way to her clit, making the Australian star moan with pleasure and shudder at the sudden, direct stimulation to her most delicate place, his fingers easy moving around and over it, slick with her juices. She moaned with pleasure and then was taken by surprise as he suddenly flipped her over on her stomach, pinning her down on the bed and dragging his hands down her back to her hips, spanking her firmly on her fantastic ass to make her gasp before he slowly inserted his fingers into her from behind, Kylie groaning with a powerful shudder as he slipped inside her. She gripped the pillows and buried her face into the soft bedding as he gave her the hardest, most intense fingerbang she'd had in years, thrusting his fingers deeply into her, getting every inch of her and stimulating every possible nerve ending, grinding them down over her G-spot and tingling her clit just right with his other hand for several hard, overwhelming minutes before she came hard, jolting and clenching on him in her orgasm, screaming with pleasure into the mattress as she climaxed so hard she was sure she'd squirt for him.

Pleased with himself, he'd just spanked her ass hard and headed for the shower, leaving her exhausted on the bed. By the time he was done he returned to find her wrapped in a silk gown, satisfied smile on her face and making him a bit of breakfast to enjoy before he headed out for another day training people. It was alright, the physique got him Kylie and kept her interested, and it was enjoyable and pretty rewarding work he felt, helping people achieve their fitness goals. After breakfast he kissed Kylie goodbye and headed out for his work day, leaving the petite star to go about her business. She started with a nice hot shower to freshen herself up before getting ready and going out to attend to things with her record company, discussing the direction for her next album and potential recording partners they could tie up with. It was exciting build up for her latest record and she couldn't wait for the fun of actually getting into the studio and starting to put it all together.

At the end of all that she had time for some shopping and went to pick out something he would enjoy. Although she wasn't into being dominant and bitchy during pegging, he had expressed an interest in the outfits to her. Only the outfits, he didn't want her to do anything more or turn their thing into a ball-busting dominatrix affair, but he liked the clothing and had asked Kylie whether she'd dress up more like that for him sometimes. She'd had no problem with that, she liked getting dressed up and if he found it sexy then it was what she wanted to do, and it was only the outfits after all. She already owned a multitude of corsets, including a trashy black PVC number that she knew he'd love and hundreds of panties to choose from, along with the black fishnets that he absolutely loved on her even if he had made a mess of the pair she had on that morning. To accentuate the look for him she stopped into a high quality but discreet fetish shop she knew and picked up some fishnet arm stockings, figuring he'd like the look along with a pair of ankle breaking stiletto boots, knee high with laces all the way up them and a thick strap at the top, a six inch heel and slight platform under the toes to lift her up. At best it made her five foot six due to her tiny stature, but it was about the look rather than anything else; he would still tower over her.

She got home and dropped her bags down, taking time to get a cup of tea before running a nice hot bubble bath to relax and unwind in. She had plenty of time before he got home and sank into her tub with a sigh of pleasure, hair tied up in a messy bun, loving the hot water enveloping her as she thought of what she'd do for the evening with him. Whilst she was going to dress up as he wanted, letting him see her as his little dominatrix if only visually, she wanted their fuck to be sensual, close and intimate. Although she was wearing the outfit she wanted to be the antipathy of it, dressed to kill but intending to fuck in the softest, most intently pleasurable way so they would both enjoy. She laid back in the bath as she thought of what toy to wear, deciding that a conventional strap-on wasn't the weapon of choice for the evening, instead wanting something much more feminine and approachable like one of her strapless Feeldoe's. She had several of different sizes, shapes and colours and pondered them, knowing she'd decide for sure when she clapped her eyes on them after the bath.

She wondered what it was about the kinky femdom style that some guys went for; was it that they just wanted to be dominated and needed it to be more accentuated and stylised, more defined? Like they just wanted their woman to have control sometimes but felt emasculated in admitting that? She'd heard ideas that it was about equality and feminism from some more pushy girls she'd known in the past but she wasn't sure she really understood that. Maybe they just liked the kinky outfits and the only way they could get their ladies into such things was to give them something more to encourage them. Either way, she didn't mind dressing up in it, she rather enjoyed getting into her kinky corsets and boots, it was fun but she still wanted the pegging to be mutually enjoyable, not her being bossy and bitchy with a strap-on. She'd done some femdom and mistress stuff in her days, she'd explored it throughout her discovery of pegging as a whole, deciding what she did and didn't like about it all, but that was all in her past. It made her think of one particular relationship however, over a decade before, when she'd been pushed to be a kinky mistress.

It'd been with a guy she'd casually met and hooked up for a brief fling with after meeting him at a party, some record industry event or something, she couldn't quite recall now. He'd been pretty open minded overall, decently hung and when she'd broached pegging she'd been happy to find him quite open to the idea, having done it prior and willing to let her strap-on and go at it. That was the appearance at least, as once they got into it she found him difficult to pin down on pegging; he was always cagey about it, a little reluctant and putting it off. She didn't stand for that for long however and insisted that she let him, after all he was getting free reign over her body and enjoying everything she had to offer, especially anal sex which he particularly liked. Once she did it she found he took it pretty easily, much as she'd expected with his previous experience and he enjoyed it without a doubt, Kylie driving him to a prostate orgasm on their first session together after an extensive ride.

With that barrier broken she expected things to be much easier and more regular with him, after all they were having sex daily and she wanted to strap-on at least a couple of times a week but he was still being difficult with her. He'd always grumble when they did it despite his evident enjoyment and complained to her no matter what position, technique or toy she employed even though she always made him come with either her hand or pressure on his prostate. It frustrated her as she tried to work out what it was, deciding it couldn't be her efforts and it was just him; through a few subtle tests she realised he hated giving her control, he hated letting the diminutive pop star be in charge and fuck him, running the show behind her harness even though it was for their mutual pleasure. She tried a few things to make it more mutual, even though they were both enjoying it, a few different toys, outfits and approaches to make it less threatening or bossy, not that she was being bossy, but it didn't work. He loved the physical of it but hated giving up control to her no matter how she fucked him.

Things continued like that for a couple of months but Kylie took it, ignoring it mostly as she knew he liked it and she got hers out of it, along with the pleasure of the rest of their sex life and his fairly impressive cock pounding energetically into her holes every night, but it eventually came to boiling point. They were having a pegging session one night, Kylie wearing stockings and her favourite toy whilst she had him tied up on the bed; he was on his back, hands tied to the head rail with the petite Australian pushing his legs back to fuck him in the missionary position. He was complaining, as he usually did, but that night seemed more vocal about it, protesting any time Kylie tried to move into place and start fucking him. She carried on regardless and got past it, into the critical pose to line herself up with him and start easing her toy into him, only for him to complain further that he wasn't comfortable or sure just yet, he wasn't ready and pushing her out when she pushed into him, pushing her to breaking point.

“Oh just shut up! Shut up and stop complaining would you? I know what you like and what you need. I'm in charge here, so just be quiet and let me fuck you, got it?” she'd snapped loudly, angrily, staring at him fiercely as he lay tied on the bed in front of her. It was a change of pace for the petite Aussie to lose her cool and get decidedly bossy with him, losing her rag and taking control now, clear instructions for him to follow.

“Yes...Mistress,” he'd replied after a moment of hesitation and in that moment Kylie had realised the key – he wanted to be dominated by her, but he'd never admitted it. Maybe he didn't have the guts to or something, she'd never found out, but either way he hadn't been willing to tell her what he really wanted her to do. It wasn't really her bag, she'd already decided by then that wasn't the direction that turned her on with pegging, but in that moment she'd embraced it and decided to run with it. He wanted it and she wanted to get on with things properly so it was the way to go. In that vein she'd climbed off the bed, confusing him a little as she hopped off though he didn't dare question her, silicone purple cock bouncing in front of her curvy hips as she got to her feet and went to her cupboards for some additional toys. She took a moment to gather a pair of ankle cuffs that went with the wrist cuffs he was already restrained with and a blindfold and ballgag. She stood up and turned back, throwing them onto the bed where he could see them.

“Now, let's get things straight,” she said as she took the blindfold and leaned over him to tie it around his head. Picking up the ballgag, she straightened it out in her hands over his mouth, not that he could see it.

“I'm in charge, what I say goes, and this is how it's gonna be from now on,” she said, her heart pounding as she took charge, hoping she exuded the dominance and authority that she was aiming for as she shoved the gag into his mouth. Normally she was the one wearing it so it was a little odd but exhilarating to be doing it to him, pushing the rubber ball between his teeth and reaching under him to secure the strap as she took charge.

“And you are gonna like it,” she said simply, sliding onto the bed once more on her knees with the ankle cuffs in her grasp. All he did was give an affirmative murmur and nod slightly, totally under her thumb now as she let her dominant ambitions take over. Kneeling between his legs, she'd pulled his ankles up in turn and strapped the black leather cuffs around them before pushing them up and latching them to his wrist cuffs, already secured to the headboard, leaving him completely at her mercy. It was no problem though, his cock was as hard as she'd ever seen it and she knew he loved what she was doing to him, his diminutive little mistress taking charge and dominating him how he secretly had always wanted. It had crossed her mind even then as to why he'd kept it from her, given he would only enjoy her pegging him more, but she dismissed it as one of those things as she pulled herself close to him on her knees, thick purple strap-on pushing over his tight balls in readiness.

“I want no more complaints from you,” she'd said as she gave his cock a quick stroke before she squeezed more lube into her fingers and rubbed it over the head of her purple toy. He nodded silently, not daring to make a sound should he incur her wrath as her fingers slid over his asshole to spread the lube onto him again, heart racing in anticipation. Kylie wasted no time in getting on with it, wanting to get her peg on as she gripped her rubber toy and directed it to him, pressing the bulging head against him and matter-of-factly pushing it home to pop the head inside him with a firm drive of her hips. He groaned and shuddered in pleasure, she knew he always loved the stretch so with his arousal at her dominance it was a key moment for him, shaking and shivering as his cock gave a tremendous strain to stand up stiffly from his body despite his position. Kylie smiled but kept it to herself, not taunting him about it as she held onto his legs and carefully shuffled herself forward, slowly driving the whole purple toy inside him, his body easily taking it and not fighting her at all as the tiny Australian pushed her favourite strap-on into him until her harness was against him.

“There, much better,” Kylie commented, looking down at herself impaling him, buried to the hilt and ready to fuck. With every intention of making the most of this situation she leaned down over him, kissing at his neck and chest as she braced herself, dominant and in control as he laid under her restrained. Leaning back up, she put her hands under the underside of his thighs near his knees and took a firm grip, looking down as she carefully pulled her feet up under her so she was crouching on the bed, toy still full depth, making sure to keep it there as she steadied herself against him and got ready. The petite singer pushed herself up with her legs till her toy threatened to pop out of him before thrusting back down to drive the whole length inside him again, making him groan deeply in pleasure and struggle, taking it but not quite ready for her immediate aggression. She didn't care though, it was how she was fucking and that was that, he just had to deal with it.

Holding onto his legs, Kylie started to bounce up and down quickly, using the full length of the strap-on dildo as she thrust down into him, deep and hard with her bodyweight as she bounced on her feet, the bed moving with them, creaking at the motion she chose as her nylon-clad legs rubbed sensually at his. He grunted and groaned at the effect of it, unable to do much else through the gag as she took charge and fucked exactly how she wanted, going at it hard now and aiming for this to be the most intent pegging fuck he'd ever had as she broke him in. If this was how things were gonna be she was going to do it properly and get on top; it wasn't her bag really and she'd never intended on it, but if he insisted this was how she do it then she wasn't messing around. Leaning forward she flexed the strap-on down against him to press it more firmly into his prostate, hitting the perfect spot as he shook with pleasure and groaned in a way that told her it was exactly where she needed to be.

“Fucking take it,” she murmured as she bounced on him, focused intently on what she was doing, taking in the little jerks and jolts of his body as she ravaged him, giving him the pegging he'd secretly always wanted from her. She breathed hard with the exertion, having not been in anywhere near as good a shape back then, thighs aching as she slammed up and down to plunge the toy into him, over his most sensitive and powerful spot. He was powerless to interfere, though all he tried to do was push his hips up to meet her as she drove down into him and take the strap-on deeper and harder, loving what she was doing. It only took a few minutes of that for him to reach his peak, body tensing in imminent ecstasy as he grunted gutturally with pleasure at the tiny singer thrusting down into him, cock straining as hard as she'd ever seen it in the final seconds before he exploded, tensing like a coiled spring before he burst in a huge climax, legs kicking against the restraints so hard he almost unseated her, making her catch herself and jam down deeply into him to hold him tight as his cock jumped and jerked to eject several hot, thick bursts of come over his chest and stomach, orgasm seeming never ending as he emptied his clenching balls.

She resumed fucking as he calmed down, his peak passing with the last of his load leaking from his aching cock onto his stomach as he gave a final strain against his body, softening in the wake of everything as he breathed hard around the gag and through his nose. Kylie was so turned on seeing the result of it all; sure she'd given him a prostate orgasm before, making him come without her hands was one of her trademark moves, but to see him so overtaken by it all, body completely at her mercy as he quivered with ecstasy at her fucking him was something different and so hot, her pussy absolutely dripping wet now in her harness, clit hard as she was close to her own climax. He whined as she picked her pace back up to where she was before, feeling so completely helpless and overwhelmed as her toy drove over his prostate in the wake of his orgasm, unable to stop her.

“Shut up, I'm almost done,” Kylie had chastised, seeing him struggling and not in the mood for it, chasing only her own pleasure now as she reached up to push her blonde hair back from her sweaty face, exerting herself hard, breathing deeply as she pounded herself into him, grinding against the harness to maximise her pleasure, more tilted back from him now so she could push her pelvis forward through the thrusts and stimulate herself more effectively. With how hot she was from seeing him come so hard, loving her work and knowing she'd unlocked a whole new part of their relationship, one where she would get far more of what she wanted, she didn't take more than another minute or so off intense, deep thrusting into him to drive herself to her own orgasm. Holding it back as long as she could, she managed a few final thrusts before shoving herself down hard into him, her entire slight bodyweight behind the strap-on as she slammed it into him and came hard, wailing her pleasure to the bedroom as her fingernails dug into his legs, arching her back for several grinds against the harness to maximise her orgasm, wanting the peak to go on as long as possible before it was done, shuddering hard and breathing to match, sweat prickling hotly all over her tiny body, feeling the exhaustion and ache in her legs.

Resting on him for a minute or so, both of them calming down, Kylie had pushed up with her legs to slowly draw the toy out of him, head popping free with a little extra resistance and a grunt from him before she'd turned and hopped daintily off the bed, landing on her stocking-covered toes as she lightly touched down, glancing back to him restrained on the bed and deciding to leave him there as she walked to the kitchen, her purple toy bobbing in front of her. She'd padded softly into her kitchen with a feeling of satisfaction she'd not had in a long time, her orgasm really relaxing her and she just felt like she'd really hit the spot, things had changed and she was gonna ride that wave all the way. She made a cup of tea and casually drank it, taking a few minutes to herself as she sat down at the kitchen table and checked her phone, nude except for her stockings and strap-on, feeling it bump the table as it tried to stand up from her hips, smiling to herself as she enjoyed a biscuit with her mug of tea, recovering and getting her breath, cooling down as she contemplated things for ten minutes or so.

Stirring, she stretched her lean body completely and stood up, padding back to the bedroom where he was still tied up for her, prone and waiting, just ready to be taken. And that's exactly what she decided to do, figuring this was what he wanted, his cock still semi-hard and not begging for freedom. She felt the tingle of her own arousal and slid onto the bed again, seeing him move and tingle a little, clearly expecting her as his cock pulsed and started to stiffen again to only reinforce that he wanted her to take him again. He couldn't tell her of course, so she just grabbed the lube and went to it, squeezing it over her strap-on again and rubbing a bit on him as he mumbled through the ballgag, sliding her knees under his hips, her stockings easily moving against the sheets as she pulled herself into place and stroked his cock with her spare hand, easily getting him to full erection as she lined herself up again. She was effortlessly inside him with a push, another grunt from him as she drove into his body and grasped his legs, staying with a more conventional kneeling position this time and starting to fuck him, not as hard as the first time but just as deep.

She held his legs again to stabilise herself as she fucked him, his groans of pleasure spurring her on as she rocked her hips back and forth to thrust the toy in and out, the purple silicone easily gliding into him as she worked her body. She smiled as she saw his cock staying rock hard, begging her to play with him though she teased initially, just letting little dainty touches of her fingertips exacerbate his arousal and frustrations. Slowing, she sat down onto her ass and unfolded her legs from beneath her, straightening them out and drawing them up next to him, pulling her knees around him so he could feel the silky sensation of her stockings as she started to work her hips again, leaning back on one arm as she worked her hips again, pumping her toy into him deep and hard at a renewed angle for different sensations yet again as her other hand gripped him properly to start stroking his cock. She worked her hand up and down with long, twisting jerks of his cock as she kept thrusting herself into him, burying the strap-on again and again as she ratcheted him up again.

With his climax on the brink she doubled her efforts and thrust hard and fast, pounding herself against him while her hand jerked fast, working round his head for maximum effect for a final intense few seconds before her shuddered again and came, moaning loudly despite the gag to muffle him as he exploded, manhood jerking and jumping in Kylie's hand as he swelled rock hard and thrust upwards to expel several hot, thick spurts that landed across his already messy body before the last of it squeezed out over her hand. She stopped again, full depth as she wiped her hand off on his hip and then gave a few more slow, sensual strokes of the toy into him. Horny again, she wasn't in the mood for the orgasm the strap-on harness gave her this time and wanted to exert her dominance on him, to show him with finality that she was in charge now. She gave a final deep thrust of her toy again to make him strain, softening cock giving another quick jolt as she did before she slowly pulled back out of him, twisting away from him carefully to the side of the bed where she unfastened her harness, loosening the strap-on and letting it slide down her legs as she stood up to let it fall to the floor. She climbed back over the bed, grabbing the leather strap of his gag to release it.

“This is how things are gonna be now, got it?” she said, rhetorically stating the obvious to him now as it was clear the status quo had changed as she pulled the gag away from his mouth.

“Yes Mistress,” he said quietly through his aching muscles as she cast it away and then pushed up on her feet, manoeuvring her dainty feet around him to stand either side of his head before lowering herself down, pushing her wet, swollen pussy into his mouth as she knelt over his shoulders, clear what she expected him to do. Without hesitation he started licking at her, making her immediately shudder herself and exhale deeply. He knew how to lick pussy, there was no doubt about that even before all this but now he was really working it, evidently wanting to make sure she was completely satisfied with him lest she punish him for it, though she figured he might like that. For right now though he was pleasing his mistress and she loved it, holding onto his knees as she groaned in unabashed pleasure, eyes fluttering shut as her thighs clenched, deep tingling and soul-wracking stimulation spreading through her body from the tiny, nerve-filled button at the apex of her legs.

A few minutes of that was blissful for her, managing to compose herself enough to hold it back and enjoy the work of his tongue, feeling him working harder and faster, aching tongue and lips trying to bring her off in the best possible way as she resisted him before finally giving in and letting the pleasure overwhelm her for another shuddering climax and wail of pleasure, Kylie grinding down against him with her soft, puffy labia as she came before sagging onto him, satisfied with his efforts before extracting herself and releasing his legs from his wrists so he could rest comfortably in the aftermath. And that was the start of their more one-sided relationship, one where she was in charge and assumed the role of mistress, taking control and dominating their sex life. It wasn't all her, their  sex continued as it had and became more frequent and energetic in the wake of the shift in power, him fucking her hard in all her holes more regularly and really giving it to her to match the big step up in frequency of their pegging.

She was free to enjoy herself and began indulging herself with her strap-on much more often, as much as daily for a couple of weeks at first, letting herself be satisfied as he worked to please her. Embracing her new position as mistress, not her initially desired role she would admit, she just went for it and delivered the best she could. After all, it satisfied them both physically. She went on a shopping spree to go with it, buying an abundance of sexy outfits of latex and PVC for him, getting corsets, bustiers and stockings. She particularly loved the latex rubber stockings, relishing their skintight fit as she combined them with fetish footwear of stiletto heels and dominating boots. She bought more bondage devices, more straps and cuffs, a spreader bar, collars for him to wear when submitting to her, ropes and cock rings to tie his balls with when she was dominating and even a pretty hardcore chastity cage for him. Along with those she bought some floggers, whips and canes for punishment, figuring he might need it and it was evidently what he wanted so she had better be prepared, though she never ended up using them much. Usually the threat of them was enough and she teased with them rather than put them to any serious use, the simple suggestion of a riding crop enough to put him in his place.

Of course to support all that she bought more toys, more plugs of various types and several more strap-ons of increasing size in both thickness and length to work him with and a couple more strapless designs for when she felt like being softer with him. He responded well to the polished metal cock rings, his cock always so hard when she put them on him and teased him to full erection, she loved that she could keep him so erect as she pegged him and it was useful for her to ride, helping him last longer for her to ride to a couple of satisfying orgasms when she wanted to. She got good practice in with all her new toys, the strap-ons almost obscenely big on her tiny body as she worked them powerfully, her petite size not mattering at all as she took charge and only made it even hotter for him that such a tiny woman could own him so completely. It was where she found her love for the strapless toy designs, loving how intimate and complete it felt, far more involved as she rocked her pelvis to bring them both to climax.

That was their relationship for around six more months, Kylie taking complete control and bossing things from behind her harness mostly, their sex life almost exhaustingly busy as they explored everything possible and he submitted to her fully. Eventually they broke up because they just wanted other things, it had never been really serious and it wasn't going anywhere so they went their separate ways. They continued to hook up for a few weeks afterwards, mostly so he could get his fill of being pegged by her, Kylie enjoying the opportunity to keep using her toys and getting her peg on as much as still enjoying his impressive cock while they both moved on. She hadn't spoken to him much after that, their brief affair over with, though last she'd heard he was going out with a girl that was a hardcore dominatrix, someone really intently into the scene and she figured she'd helped him realise his true desires on that front, taking some satisfaction in that.

That was all years ago though, over a decade now, and a lot had happened since then. She glanced down as she came back to reality, her dream back through her memories having completely overtaken her as she laid in her hot bubble bath, realising her fingers were at her beautifully soft, laser-smooth pussy, having been circling two digits lazily at her clit, driving herself towards a strong orgasm. She was very horny now, wound up by her reminiscing as she masturbated beneath the foam and she had to finish. Her fingertips slid easily along her silky smooth lips, sensitive and a joy to touch, Kylie still relishing how smooth she was now that she'd opted for laser work. She let her mind tumble with thoughts of her dominant days, being a mistress and taking charge, taking all she wanted as her fingers settled into her clit and worked intently, making her gasp and grunt in pleasure to the steamy bathroom. All it took was a couple of minutes of that and she came hard, shaking vigorously in the hot water, knees breaking the surface of the bubbles as her legs kicked and jerked in pleasure, sinking down just a bit more and giving a final clench before she relaxed.

Leaning back into her bath pillow, she pulled herself back up a bit and settled down properly, giving a sigh of relief and closing her eyes. All that femdom dominatrix stuff was behind her, it had never been her bag and whilst that had been a very hot, intense relationship she had left it after that apart from odd moments with other men, choosing to focus on the softer, pleasurable side of it. She didn't want to be a mistress, she wanted utter mutual pleasure with her man and as a result all the really kinky things she'd locked away in a chest at the bottom of her wardrobe. She hadn't been in it for years now, the items in her past now, all her riding crops, hardcore cock rings and PVC outfits hidden away. She kept the strap-ons out in her collection though she never used them much and the leg spreader bar was reserved solely for her to wear and be owned with now. Stretching out in the bath, a luxury offered by her tiny size, Kylie unwound herself and relaxed, letting herself nearly nap as she zoned out, thinking of what she might do with him.

With herself thoroughly soaked 45 minutes later, Kylie pulled the plug and stood up, letting soak glide off her silky body before stepping out for a crisp towel. She cleared up and checked the time, figuring she had around an hour before he got home in which to get ready. Going through her things and laying them out on the bed, she unpacked the new stiletto PVC boots she'd got and fishnet arm stockings and then went to her cupboard to unlock the chest with all her kinky gear in it. Walking around completely naked, the slender singer crouched in front of her wardrobe and pulled the chest out from the bottom, jiggling it free and then opening it to reveal the contents thrown together inside. She couldn't help but take a couple of minutes to look through it all and think back again, finding a few different things she'd forgotten about in amongst everything else, taking just a brief moment to remember the good times before continuing on.

She found her black PVC corset that she knew he'd like, figuring it'd feel nice to get back into it as it had a particularly pronounced pinch to the waist when it tightened that she was sure would feel different now she had a hardbody figure. She also saw her latex rubber stockings; she had been intending to wear more fishnets for him but seeing them again made her hanker to feel the tight grip of them around her thighs, the absolute skintight fit to her toned body and on top of that she was sure he would enjoy them. He had asked her to dress more as a dominatrix after all. With her outfit decided she moved onto her toys, looking through her cupboards and contemplating what strap-on to use, since she wanted to strike the right note. She didn't want something that would in any way match the hardcore dominatrix style of her clothing and wanted to make sure it was still all about enjoyment. With a moments contemplation she decided she wasn't going to need any panties on with this as she was going to wear a strapless Feeldoe, picking up her contoured seven-inch blue version with built in vibrator and shutting the cupboard. It was going to be an intimate but intense experience for them tonight, the vibrator would add a different dimension to her slow, smooth efforts.

She spent some time doing her make-up to give her eyes a dark, devilish flair and dark red lipstick to match, tying her hair back into a tight ponytail with just a few strands loose over her face before she picked up her collar, the strip of wide leather sporting “Bitch” in jewels. She'd had it for her mistress lifestyle and decided that, apart from the outfit, this would be the one thing she would embrace again at least for today. She'd hesitated with it and debated whether it was too much, then decided she wanted it for herself, reassuring herself as she slid it around her neck and clasped it. With that done, she got into her shiny PVC corset, shifting around to get herself comfortable before she tightened it, feeling a rush go through her as it squeezed her tiny body and bit into her a little, giving a very pronounced shape to her hips. She sat on her bed to roll the black latex stockings on, realising she should have done it before constricting herself with the corset as she struggled to bend and pull them on, finally rolling them smoothly up to her thighs. She wiggled a little, pushing her knees together so the smooth rubber worked against itself, murmuring with pleasure – she'd missed this sensation.

She got into the new boots, stepping into them and lifting them in turn onto a chair to fasten them, able to bend with her fantastic flexibility to reach down and lace them up fully, securing the strap under her knee to lock them on tightly, standing six inches higher now on the lethal looking heels. Quickly pulling on her fishnet arm stockings was the work of moments as she swiftly smoothed them out, flexing her fingers and looking to her toy. She picked up the blue Feeldoe, feeling the reassuring weight that conveyed the quality of it and checking the vibrator worked with a satisfactory buzz. Glancing to the clock she realised he'd been home shortly and she wanted to present herself to him, ready to go as he wanted when he arrived, so she quickly grabbed her lube from her side drawer and pumped a little into her hand, rubbing it round the bulbous bulb of the Feeldoe so she could slide it inside herself. She lowered it into place against her lips, rubbing it back and forth a little to spread the lubricant and ready herself before relaxing and pulling it firmly up into herself, the toy flexing and hesitating in her grip for a moment until it eased inside her, body giving way for it to stretch her a little and glide into her body, Kylie gasping lightly as it opened her muscles for a moment before they gripped in tightly again behind it with a shiver.

She looked down at the toy protruding from her pelvis, just bouncing it a little and tweaking the position a little before she wiped her hands and checked herself out in the mirror. She turned a little, taking herself in, having not dressed up like this in quite a while, loving the tight corset and how hot she looked, ready to fuck without a doubt. Walking carefully back to the front room on her heels, the towering boots stiff and new to make it tricky, she checked everything was ready and sat down to wait for him. She didn't have to wait long as he was only a few minutes later than when he'd told her and came in to find her ready for him, standing in the hallway dressed to kill and sporting a toy that told him exactly what was what. He'd been expecting her to get ready for him however so he wasn't too surprised to find her this way, greeting her with a smile as she returned it, swaying her hips a little.

“Hey,” she said behind her trademark smile.

“Hey, good day?” he asked, dropping his bag down in the hall.

“Yeah, gonna get better now though,” she said.

“I bet. Bitch huh?” he said, pointing to her collar.

“I'm a Bitch to you, and for you,” she replied, flicking her eyebrows.

“ I'm gonna go grab a shower,” he said with a smile, having had another busy day training people at the gym.

“Good, I'll meet you in the bedroom,” she replied, turning and walking away towards it as he headed for the shower. After a few minutes waiting he finished up and came in to join her, finding her sprawled out on the bed waiting for him.

“There's worse views,” he commented as it dried his hair with a towel and threw it aside, ready to go with her.

“What you wanted?” she said, pulling herself to the edge of the bed and standing up so he could see her in her full outfit, PVC and latex waiting for him.

“Absolutely,” he said, stepping past her to slide onto the bed. He assumed the position she liked, onto the bed on all fours in front of her as she idly stroked at her Feeldoe, rocking it inside her and letting her fingers take in the contours of the silicone. He was already hard, his thick cock swelling to erection for her underneath him, sending tingles through her as she slid onto the bed behind him, thoroughly intending to get that inside her after this little session, whichever hole he wanted. Any acts of outright dominance made her instinctively submissive in return and she was happy to let him fuck her in any way he pleased. She had a mirror at the head of the bed and could see him watching her, taking her in, her kinky outfit and demeanour, Kylie letting herself get in the swing of things a bit as she slid onto the bed with him, latex rubber knees easily gliding over the covers as she got behind him, toy bumping at him as her hands sought out his big cock, squeezing the shaft and slowly stroking as he groaned.

She wasted no time and grabbed the lube she had ready, squeezing plenty out and working it over him before spreading it liberally onto her strapless toy, wanting things to go hard and fast this time. With a wipe of her hands she reached under herself to turn on the vibrator, the toy immediately buzzing strongly inside her that made her shudder and groan in pleasure. She'd forgotten how powerful it actually was, cutting straight through her, the bulb of the toy buried inside her tight pussy to press the vibrations straight into her G-spot. She moved quickly and pushed the toy against him, rocking it and settling herself as she pulled her leg up beside him to angle her hips better and overcome their height difference. She firmly gripped her toy, squeezed her pussy to hold it tight and pushed forward, him easily taking her, experienced and ready now, them in unison as she thrust her hips into him and buried the toy inside, hearing him grunt at her pace while she shivered with pleasure, pre-orgasmic build up and she knew it.

Their fuck was hard, fast, unabashed fun as she worked the Feeldoe inside him with a few firm thrusts and got straight to work, holding on tight and fucking fast, spurred on by the deep vibrations coursing through her. They were getting to him as well, his groans faster and more intense than normal, body shuddering when Kylie pushed down over his prostate gland. She pulled herself up onto her feet and pounded down into him, the vibrations driving her on as she fucked him, holding on tight and fucking him deeply as he reached back to feel her black PVC boots, taking in the shiny plastic and buckles of them as she fucked him. She was gasping for breath, working energetically to slam herself against him as he clearly loved it, pushing back into her. Their fucking went on for a couple of minutes like that until Kylie knew she couldn't take much more, wanting to finish things more intimately. Pulling out, she used her kinky boot to push him onto his side, dropping to her knees as she finished pulling him over onto his back to get in position.

She easily pushed inside him, both of them groaning deeply again at the vibrating pleasure as she slid full depth inside him, pausing a moment before she continued. Kylie dropped down over him for a strained kiss, craning to reach him as she fucked, chasing the pleasure. She might be dressed kinkily but wanted this to be intimate and romantic, their connection evident as she fucked him, his hands reaching up to stroke at her PVC corset and pull at her collar. All it took was a couple more minutes of that and her stroking hand to make him explode, his load jetting over his stomach as she grinned with pleasure, finally able to let her own climax come, holding back no longer as she ground herself down against the toy, rubbing her clit into the buzzing shaft as she groaned before exploding just as hard, quaking and trembling on her knees beneath him as she came hard. Fumbling behind her she managed to turn the toy off, slumping down against his leg as they both gasped for deep, heavy lungfuls of air.

“What you wanted?” she breathed, glancing up to him.

“Definitely, you look amazing,” he replied.

“Thanks. You can do whatever you want to me,” she admitted, giving him the green light to make him her fuck toy now.

“I know,” he smiled, resting his head back into the pillows as she slowly withdrew and collapsed back onto the bed. They rested for a while and then she pegged him again, slower and more intensely before he put her down on her knees and fucked her very, very hard in doggy style, his stamina exhausting the tiny pop princess before he made her suck his cock for a deepthroat finish.

The End.

Big thanks to Ghost for helping check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.
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Re: Kylie Minogue - Equilibrium Ch.02
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I loved this, getting a second part to a great story is a real treat. Love how Kylie is quite dominant with her and the roles are reversed from what you usually see. Fantastic work as always, you're one of the best.
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