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Selena Gomez the Brokenhearted
« on: June 01, 2020, 01:52:06 PM »
Featuring: Selena Gomez

This is not real but a bit of fiction and for fun
 This is my first story sorry if it is not the best and I plan on making this a thing for long term use so any more celebs to bring in let me know.

it was a chilly night in November for Selena, and she was distraught over the latest lost to her being her boyfriend. Which only did not cause an issue to the scarlet she also has an acting gig to do the next week. But instead of crying alone, she has decided to dress to the top and look like a queen but deep inside she horny and misses dick and she knows it.
So she enters the car with some of her friends, it's a mixture of men and women but they are hugging and kiss each other which only adds to Selena grief and a little bit to her hornyness the wet lipstick kissing making a wet smacking noise and the sexual bangs and advances. This raised her interest into this a bit higher than it was before and it also raised her arousal to a new high tonight.
A little bit later Selena is still looking on her phone as the noise is still the same as it was 15 minutes ago wet kisses and "I'll fuck you tonight babe. Right on the bed" But they arrive at this club for the high end of LA where all the celebs are and where the rich fuck kids are. But this does not affect Selena mindset of fuck ex and party wild like a college kid which she missed due to Disney so she missed all the frat parties and nights of pure sex, but she did not mind it all she was sleeping on cash. Her friends and their partners walk out flashing pussies to all who sees from the "pre-drinks" party they had which Selena joined in so she was a little buzzed but too drunk that she could not think straight. But then it was Selena time to walk out and walk out she did she walked out like a queen with grace which she has always had and she walks into the club and starts to look around to see if there is anyone to talk dirty which were not her friends since she grew fed up with them now. Selena heads towards the bar and orders a glass of wine and then goes and sits down at the top of the bar and look at her phone.
After a bit, Selena has a few more wines and is getting more drunk and loose on the jokes and the sluttiness levels have went up within her. Just as a young celeb walks over to her and that young celeb is Lewis Capaldi and he sees her in her state so he walks over to greet her and Selena biting on her bottom lip at him invite him to come over to speak to her. So, he takes the advance and takes the seat next to her and he opens his lips to her.

"Hey there Selena how are you then? You look quite good tonight I must add" He chuckles at her and look at her in the eyes and all he can see is lust and this is confirmed by Selena putting herself and her hand upon her dress and hikes it up to show the outline of her black lace panties.

She looks at him still biting her lips as the drinks and the limo incident runs through her mind and she begins to lose herself to the lust but she speaks in a slight drunk horny tone "Oh em hey Lewis hehe how are you I hope you are not busy I would like to leave this dress a mess on the floor and I want to look like a mess too when I walk out of here today. So would you join me for this slutty idea I have in my mind?"

Lewis left eyebrow shoots up in interest "Well you are quite quick to say that but if that is what you want yeah sure why not let's have some fun?"

Selena moves from the barstool and plants a kiss on his cheek and leads Lewis to the disabled toilet so they will have more space to make out and fuck. They both get there and Selena drops her dress and it shows her perfect curves and black lace panties with a little puddle which shows her pussy off well which turns them both on a lot but she has forgotten her bra again which seems to be a thing for her more and more these days maybe she wants us to look like a slut nowadays, without any talk lewis puts his hand on them and begins to rub them softly, as he did that Selena lets out a soft moan and rolls her head back for Lewis to kiss which he does and softly which makes Selena blushes right away.

"You look better nude Selena, haha and you moan like a little slut that we both know you are. How about we take those panties off you are already wet as I can see haha I wonder what your pussy would be like on my fat cock haha?" Selena begins to take them off like a puppy to her master command "Yes but em keep your clothes on and just em take your thing out I don't want to see your fat stomach out while I'm fucking a one-hit-wonder"  Lewis hears this and gets his cock out and pushes Selena against the toilet and he slowly slides his fat 8-inch cock into her wet soaking begging pussy and Selena eyes shoot up in pleasure "Ohhh fuck for a one-hit-wonder you know how to slide it in haha" After this Lewis picks her legs up and hold her tighter as he begins to thrust into her at a greater pace wanting to fuck that pussy as fast and as hard as he can with her.

"Oh fuck Selena this is fucking golden, hen keep on begging for it since you know you want me to slow down here, but I don't want to slow down I want to love you like a fucking quick love song and I feel closer to the climax" Selena hears this and does not want him to stop it felt quite to her and now she wonders why women sell their bodies, not for money but for pleasure, so she begins to slow down against Lewis fat cock. "No, I don't want you to cum yet dear this is feeling quite good so let me climax the first trust me you want my juice it is quite pleasant to me and my tits. Wait I want you to suck my tits for me they need some love to you know haha" Lewis grabs her by the neck and chokes her a little to shut her up and then proceeds to kiss and suck on her plump tits savouring every second of it... "Now I see why you don't wear bras. Just to tease men to play with them now don't you little slut oh yes you do" Selena keeps on her moaning and whines but she knows she is close to the climax of them both as they both leak cum mixing... "Pull out cum on my face babe cum on my whore face I know you want to but I have something forrrrr youuuuu ahhhhh" As the final moans are whispered from Selena lips her pussy begins to explode with her cum lubing up Lewis cock even more to thrust and as much as he wants to stay in he wants to make her happy to maybe fuck again with her, Lewis pulls out with quite a haste, Selena takes the hint and sits on the seat of the cum soaked toilet seat and closes her eyes and put her face out for Lewis to cum on, which he does with quite a pace and velocity and quite a load was shed from his cock.

A few seconds passed of pure panting for air as Selena grabs her phone and takes a selfie of her new cum ridden face. "So, one fun night with the Someone You Loved guy huh? Would I see you again maybe Lewis I could Collab with you sometime? You earned it new blood" Lewis looks at her smirking and smiling at the chance of a second date may be just as sluttish as this one. He takes one more glance at her and kisses her lips and walks out to enjoy the night, as Selena looks at herself on her phone admiring her slutty looks and her new cum ridden face and she thinks...

I need to do this more!

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