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Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel
« on: June 12, 2020, 06:03:15 AM »
Chapter One.


Former porn star of the nineties Sarah Young in a reimagined tale of her middle years after retirement as a time traveller.
I've updated the classic 60's tv show The Time Tunnel to the 90's in order to feature one of England's most successful adult movie entertainer.


It had been two years since Sarah Young had retired from the XXX movie business and although proud of her excellent career, and enjoying some incredible sex, she had decided to go back to school.

Born in 1971 she had risen to be one of the hottest babes in the porn industry, featuring in over 70 titles until retiring in 1996. 
She had been an instant hit in Europe and had married her director and producer from Hannover, Hans. 

Her teenage dream was always to be involved in Biochemistry and after two years hard study at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre in Dallas she had succeeded in achieving her doctorate.
She remembered a lecture from Doctor Ann McGregor on the theme of time being a static continuum and that travel back and forth through the past was entirely feasible.

Intrigued, Sarah had kept up a correspondence with Ann who had been impressed by the English woman's enthusiasm.

Being severely short of bright young scientists, she had invited Sarah to Arizona where she was one of the senior specialists in Project Tic Toc, an expensive project that had been funded by the US Government for the last sixteen years and had cost billions of dollars.

Sarah had initially been awestruck by the cylindrical hallway that was the tunnel, and the array of computers, consoles and electrical cables that abounded in the main control room.

Soon after her arrival though boredom set in. The project was super secret and the location of the base was hidden 800 floors underground in the Arizona desert.

As Sarah and Ann sipped hot tea they both moaned of the isolation.
Sarah thought Ann to be quite attractive and was intrigued by the fact she had dedicated herself to the project.

"It's mainly because my boyfriend Doug is also on the project. He's away on a  special assignment right now and things do tend to get quiet."

"I hadn't realised that it would be like this down here. And all the men are military. Boring."

Sarah rolled her eyes. Why had she agreed to join this project? A bit of male attention is all she wanted. Just now and again. She envied Ann who at least had a regular companion, albeit that he was not around at this particular time, but still.

The pair of them threw themselves into the job at hand and kept their spirits up as best they could.

A week later Sarah stood by in silence as the director of the project and military advisor, General Kirk, was in conversation with Ann.

It seemed important as Ann raised her voice in anger as she listened to the news from Kirk. It sounded to Sarah that the plug may be pulled on the project and years of hard work and money would have been wasted.

"If only we could prove that the tunnel actually works we might be able to convince the Government to continue to fund us."

Ann brushed a loose strand of chestnut coloured hair back over her head as she spoke.

"But it's untested Ann, and dangerous, how could we test it?"

"I'll go." Said Sarah.

Kirk didn't even turn his head to the newcomer as he barked.

"Out of the question, we dare not use a person."

He took Ann by the elbow and steered her out of earshot of the attractive young brunette who turned back to monitoring data.

Sarah pouted and looked at the pair as they continued their animated conversation.
She had been pleased to have joined the team of scientists and was sorry to see everything go down the tubes after they were so close to a first full test of the tunnel.

This was time for action.

Once the main area was emptied hours later, Sarah crept silently up to the main consoles and began to initiate the launch sequence for the time vortex to be opened.

The low hum of machinery grew progressively louder and various digital displays kicked in.

She had dressed in a one piece trouser suit that had roomy leg and arm space, but was tight around the bosom and butt.

Her 42DD breasts jutted out from the front and raised the outfit up which lifted the material up between her ass crack.

With a deep breath and crossed fingers Sarah Young walked into the tunnel as it began to swirl around in a clockwise turn and promptly vanished.

A myriad of wild colours assaulted her senses as she fell and tumbled in the space/time vortex into an endless void.

She felt a sensation of falling with no resistance, but at the same time lifted up.

It seemed like a slow motion trip as she travelled the infinite corridors of time until she was unceremoniously dumped onto a firm surface.

Back at HQ General Kirk and Doctor Ann McGregor had been alerted to the situation and all staff frantically attempted to monitor the initialisation of the time tunnel.

A white coated official related to Kirk that it had been Sarah Young who was the culprit after CCTV footage had been studied.

"The young fool, who is she anyway? Can we track her down in the vortex?"

Ann looked wide eyed at the worried face of the General. Was it even possible?


Sarah reappeared with a slight dizziness and she shook her head to clear it.
Sat on a golden throne with a high back she blinked and then looked around the large marbled room.

There were several sculptures, mainly of animals, and lots of hanging baskets of flowers. Tall pillars abounded here and there and the walls were painted with pictures and words she could not understand.

A smell of spice filled her nostrils and she noted there was no smell of motor oil in the air. As she stood to take a look at herself she realised her costume had changed.

Now she had a floor length sleeveless gown of white linen with a gash up the left leg to the thigh and which tapered at the middle so it accentuated her small waist.

The low cut top showed off the swell of her massive tits which jutted out seductively. On her feet were two inch heeled sandals with thin straps that wound around her shapely calves.

Sarah put a hand to her head and her mane of dark brown curls were up in a pile on her head, held by a beaded band just above the forehead.
A gold armband wrapped around her upper left arm in the form of a snake curling up. Gold bangles wound around both her wrists.

This was completely unexpected, travel through the time tunnel somehow aligned the person to the age they currently existed in.


In the candle lit room Sarah could make out two other figures.
A young servile girl who busied herself with the preparation of a table of fresh fruit, and a more foreboding and tall man who stood rigidly to attention.

Being of over six feet tall with wide shoulders and thick biceps, he stood bare chested save for leather pads from his wrists to his elbows.

A loin cloth was all that covered his decency and the intrigued brunette leered at his eight pack and V of muscle above the groin. His eyes were clear and blue and he had curls of short blonde hair, under a soft draped head piece.

Her gaze was torn from the hunk as three servant girls in short yellow gowns came and bowed before Sarah.

"Oh Queen Cleopatra, Pharaoh of the Nile, Goddess incarnate, pray let us bathe you."

Sarah gasped with a thrill as the tallest of the girls spoke.

She HAD time travelled, apparently to Ancient Egypt, and these girls thought she was Cleopatra!

She paced around, so many questions, so many emotions.
Would she ever be able to return to 1997?

With a backward glance at the guard Sarah was led to another room where an enormous sunken bath awaited. One girl poured from a jug into the mix and the wonderful aroma of milk and honey filled the air.

As she stood two of the girls slowly slid the long gown from her body and removed it to a chair.
Sarah felt a hand untie her sandals and she stood in bare feet to her tiny five foot three frame.

Her figure was simply stunning, enormous DD breasts sat heavy on her chest and her shapely pins drew the eye to her shaven labia with the triangle of dark hair atop.

Her perfectly rounded ass cheeks jutted up behind her and her hips wiggled sensually as she was led by the elbows to the bath, the floor beneath her feet strewn with flowery petals.

She entered the warm and detected almond oil as her curvaceous body was massaged and scrubbed. Several hands gently caressed her with circular motions as her boobs were fondled and her stomach patted.

From behind a hand gestured for her to sit and Sarah submerged up to her neck. The smell was intoxicating and she inhaled the heady mix deeply. Her head went from one girl to the other as she was treated like the Queen they seemed to think she was.

After a while Sarah was lifted up and given a fine towel to dry herself with, then, still naked she was led to a bed chamber with a very large bed in the middle.
Obviously this was nap time for Cleopatra, wherever the real woman was.

She tried to recall everything she knew about the Queen of the Nile from her childhood.
The famed Queen had ruled Egypt for three decades and had romances both with Caesar and Mark Anthony.
She was supposedly an exotic beauty with powers of seduction like no other before her.   
How intriguing.

Sarah spread out on the fine feathered mattress as a man entered and stood at the entrance to the chamber, presumably to offer protection for Her Majesty while she rested. She felt her heart beat as she recognised the man from earlier. Sarah sat upright, her great bosom thrust out and up.
Since she had been starved of any physical attention these last few months she thought she might have a little fun. 

"Approach." She said in what she hoped was an authoritative voice. "What is your name? Are you a Roman?"

"I am called Garth, and I am a Briton, Majesty."

Another Englishman, presumably captured by the Romans and now used as a slave or a recruit in the ever growing army of Caesar.
His presence gave her an odd security, she still in awe and bewilderment at her predicament and unusual surroundings.

As she contemplated the unmoving sentry Sarah licked her lips to make them wet and the curious thought popped into he head that she felt no hunger. 

Sarah was a woman with a very large sexual appetite though, as witnessed in her years as one of Europe's finest sex kittens and felt an immediate lust for the Adonis before her.

Her bath and nakedness fired up her emotions and she ran a slender finger over the mans rock hard abs. As she licked her scarlet lips her soft hands drifted to the mans unflinching quads.
His bared legs were like tree trunks and Sarah felt the unmistakable tingle between her thighs.

She tried to remember the last time she had been with a man like this, he reminded her of a blonde version of Peter North, one of her favourite actors and stunt cocks who had always made her cum.
The Briton felt his forehead perspire in the oppressive heat of the desert but remained motionless the whole time.

The ravishing beauty next to him stirred his loins and he gulped with embarrassment as his cloth shifted as his cock became stiff.
Sarah lifted the loin cloth from his nest of blonde pubes and gasped at the sight of the thick cock that pointed out and up. Garth panicked and went to his kness to bow before the woman.

"Please forgive me my Queen, I could not contain myself!"

Sarah shushed him with a finger at her lips and held his rigid pole in her fist as she sat on the edge of the bed. It stood near on nine inches and felt hot in the palm of her hand. One big blue vein ran all along the shaft and throbbed.

"Do you like this?"

She rubbed it gently before she bent at the waist and put the tip to her mouth and kissed it.

"You must do whatever you wish, my Queen." He answered between muted sighs of pleasure. 

"Have you been here long?"

He stood and her thick mess of curls fell across his groin as he watched her close her big doe eyes and give the underside of his lengthy stalk an unbroken lick from base to head.

"Two...two years...mmph!"

The exquisite brunette loved the taste of a man and happily popped his cock in her warm mouth and sucked on the first three inches of his prodigious meat.

Just like so many times in her movie career. Garth knew this was no novice by the way she swirled her tongue around the fat head.
Sarah opened her mouth wider and took the stiff knob inside.
He sighed as he was enveloped and felt the woman suck air in as she slid her lips up and down.
He bucked his hips as she pursed her lips over him and gagged and released him.

"Apologies Pharaoh, I was lost in pleasure from your superb ministrations."

"Fear not slave, I crave this cock greatly, and I command you to fuck me. Come here and please me."

Sarah laid on her back and looked into his gorgeous blue eyes, her hand felt her left globe as her other ran down her flat stomach and down to her moist pussy. She parted her thighs and inserted one finger in the softness. The mans cock twitched as he removed his loin cloth and his boner poked up to the ceiling proudly.

He laid his body at her feet and lifted her pert white butt in his strong hands, then he held her moist pussy to his mouth and delved his tongue into the pink lips.

She trembled at the touch as she was licked and probed with surprising skill.
Sarah shrieked as his tongue danced around her bald labia and she brought her feet up onto his broad shoulders and held on tight.

His hard cock brushed her upturned ass as he knelt before her, his hands firmly gripped her hips as he rolled over her exposed clitoris.
Sarah screamed out as the tip of his tongue drove her over the edge to her climax and her body thrashed wildly, her heels held tightly around his bull neck.

The man was hard all over, his skin seemed stretched to the limit over his rippling muscles.
Garth rose up and the wanton woman looked at the chiselled hunk as he spread her legs and placed his rigid cock to her wet cunt.
He looked at her and she nodded with wide eyes as the man plunged into her welcoming pussy.

His hands went to either side of her face as he dank in deep and their eyes locked on each others. Her breath was taken away by his impressive girth and she gave a great sigh as he settled inside her.

"Fuck my brains out slave." She said simply as her legs came up and around his waist.

His hips shifted as he gave her his entire length and Sarah thrust her head backwards into the feathered pillow. The strong Briton began to hammer into her, his muscles taut and his butt tight.

His powerful moves pinned the small but stacked woman into the cushions with steady lunges. Sarah held onto his hard body, the solid wall of his chest mashed against her boobs, his grinding hips hard on her pelvis.

As his hips rolled and his member forced her wide open her cunt became softer, more accommodating. 

"Yes, good, keep it up."

Sweat poured from him and Sarah ripped away his head dress and flung it by the bed, then she ran her hands through his fine hair as she was plundered.
He was very big and he throbbed inside her pussy as she welcomed her first good fuck in quite a while.

His right hand cupped her ample tit as he pumped in and out.
Sarah smiled, she loved sex!

The feel of a hard cock up her and a strong man in her arms.
She leaned up and brought his head down and kissed him hard on the mouth.
Her toes curled as his unwashed scent assailed her flared nostrils. 

"Let me ride you, sit my slave, sit." She whispered in his ear.

Garth leaned back and pulled his shiny prick from her sopping cunt and felt his body pushed back onto the soft bed.
Sarah lifted her frame and planted her feet beside his thighs and hovered over him. She held her twat against his swollen top and he bucked up and entered her hungry hole.

With both hands he held her under her ass cheeks as she started to rise up and down on the very hard pole.
Her lush locks tumbled down right to the bottom of her spine as her body rode the lucky man fast.

The walls of her hot tunnel gripped his meat and her juices flowed down his shaft and wetted his thighs.
As she managed to take ever more of his long cock inside, her buttocks slapped loudly on his balls.
The erotic sound echoed in the chamber as the pair of them focused on their own selfish pleasure. 

The former porn star was deliriously happy to have this fine prick inside her and she would have fucked him all day. She made little squeaks in her throat as her lover sucked on her gigantic mammaries.

Her calves began to ache and she placed her knees beside his tree like thighs and clamped around his shaft as she shunted herself back and forth.
He used his arms on her to move her up and down, impaling her with deep strokes that made her cry out with piercing shrieks.
As her pubic bone rubbed hard on his body Sarah came for the second time and sje moaned loudly and shook her head side to side in ecstasy.
Garth held her still and relished her spasms as his dick remained buried in her creamy depths.


General Kirk looked at McGregor intently as she frantically studied monitors and readouts.
The time tunnel HQ was a scene of chaos as everybody tried to understand the situation.

"Anything Ann, anything at all?"

"Yes, yes I have Sarah's vital signs. I can monitor her now. Blood pressure normal. Heart rate is up. Respiration is high."

"Sounds like she may be in distress. Any luck with visual contact?"

Ann felt her own heart pound as she tried to work miracles with the untested equipment. It was all trial and error.

"Wait! Look on the screen."

In the cylindrical hallway a shimmer of mist and shapes merged and a picture appeared.
It was the rear of a naked man bent at the waist and who seemed to jerk his lower body to and fro.

As the visual panned out it was clear that this was a tall strong person who was fucking a big titted brunette.
The technicians and scientists watched open mouthed, it was Sarah Young, with her posterior raised up in the air with a six foot athletic framed fair haired man behind her.

His hands were gripped around her waist as he rammed in his generous hard cock in and out of her at speed.

"Is, is that Sarah being raped?" Asked the military man.

He looked concerned, where was the young woman, and why was she having coitus?

"Let me try for audio. We're looking at the living past, can you imagine?"

Suddenly the sound kicked in and Sarah Young could be heard clearly over the loudspeakers.

"Fuck me you stud! Give me that big fucking snake of yours!"

Ann raised an eyebrow and pouted.

"I guess we can eliminate rape." The ex adult movie star was obviously having a ball!

She had recently acquired some dvd's of Sarah and she certainly deserved the title of best porn star in Europe.
Not shy, Sarah had done a wide range of performances including sex with both men and women, oral, anal, interracial, and group sex.

Sarah Young had been flipped over and her face was pushed into the cushions. Garth pushed at her from behind with forceful thrusts.

"Pull my hair, Briton."

He obeyed and grabbed a handful of the lush mane and her back was forced to arch up. The powerful man wrapped an enormous arm around her slender neck and held her to his chest, slick with sweat.

She loved his manly aroma just as he enjoyed the smell of honey and almonds from her curvy frame. Then he bit down on her neck and the hot brunette grit her teeth and growled.
They were both in the grip of an almost primal rut, and Garth had become overwhelmed by his own sexual energy that roused the animal in him. 

For too long he had been starved of female company and now his ravenous passions had been unlocked by this fiery temptress.

Totally overwhelmed Sarah felt herself topple onto her front and his resolve faltered as Sarah trembled in another orgasm that rocked her to the very core.     
Garth plunged into her a few more times before he erupted, his balls spewing his seed deep inside her.

Both breathed deeply with ragged breaths, then the huge man rolled off the panting woman when he remembered just who he had fucked.
Sarah turned over, her cunt oozing fluids onto the bed.
Her left hand brushed some stray curls from her face as she looked at the guard.

"Should you be somewhere?" She asked casually.

"A thousand apologies Majesty." Said the man as he leapt from the bed, his drooping hose glistening and shiny.

Sarah laid back and closed her thighs shut, a very satisfactory start to her first day as a time traveller.

She drifted off into a well earned sleep, then alone in her chamber the vortex took her away and the sexy brunette began to feel a sensation of a never ending tumble as she disappeared, destined to travel in the infinite corridors of time.

END OF PART ONE. Next time, Sarah rides on the Orient Express in 1931. 

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Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2020, 05:18:02 AM »
Chapter Two

Second chapter of former porn star Sarah as a time traveler. All aboard the Orient Express.


Sarah Young tumbled over and over in a slow motion free fall in some sort of half dream state. Although she was aware of a stream of lurid colours and streaks of light that flashed in her eyes.

She had entered the time tunnel at great personal risk in an attempt to prove to the authorities that Project Tic Toc was a valid and important contribution to science and still needed to be funded.

General Kirk and Doctor Ann McGregor were now aware Sarah was in the time vortex and tried their best to monitor her vital signs and attempt to return her to 1999.

Having tracked her to ancient Egypt they had lost her in the infinite corridors of time.

"Its a simple question of waiting untill she emerges from the vortex and reappears."

Kirk looked at Ann with a concerned frown. Success meant everything, failure meant their jobs. He put a hand on the shoulder of her white coat .

"Where will she turn up next, I wonder?"


The attractive brunette finally emerged from the vortex and was dropped onto a plush leather armchair seat with a hard landing. First thing she did was exhale loudly and count to five, then she slowly opened her dark brown eyes.

She seemed to be in a narrow room with rows of similar chairs, and windows either side that were had little curtains half drawn. A loud kind of clacking sound could be heard.

Then it dawned on her that she was aboard a railway train that rocked noisily along steel tracks. Low light electric lamps with shades threw some light on the surroundings and Sarah was aware of gentlemen in dark suits and tuxedos walking the aisles. A short haired blonde in a beret and cocktail dress looked at her as she passed then continued to the rear of the coach.

Sarah felt the heat of the train, the air seemed stuffy and she waved her hand in front of her face. Her arms were bare and she looked down at herself to discover she was in a slinky evening dress with a jagged hem near her feet which were in three inch heeled strap shoes in metallic silver. The dress was tight at the waist and together with the cascading centre neckline, her mammoth 42DD breasts were thrust out.

Sarah Young stood up, slightly dizzy from her experience in the tunnel, and smoothed out the dress. She clung to the high backed chair and felt a strong hand hold her up.

"Careful Miss, it takes a while to get used to being aboard the Orient Express, we're going at nearly 60 miles an hour!"

The scarlet uniformed aide smiled and walked away happily. He carried a silver tray with three wine glasses in his white gloved hand.

Sarah peered after him as he headed to the next coach where she could hear loud chatter and laughter. She got to her feet and walked along the narrow aisle, the train rolled and rocked and she used the chair backs as hand rails to steady herself.

Again she was surprised and fascinated to discover her attire had changed to align her with whatever time she had arrived at.

With a nervous gulp she opened the car door to see what was obviously a sumptuous wood panelled restaurant coach filled with dozens of men and women.

The people all seemed European, the men were dark haired mostly and the women were in long cocktail dresses and hats.

On the tables Sarah saw plates of oysters, soup, beef, turkey and steamed vegetables. All the drinks seemed to be either wine or sherry. These passengers are pretty wealthy she thought and this train was a luxury ride.

As she was lost in the wonder of it all a tall square jawed man brushed her bare arm and made her jump. She locked eyes with his brooding dark brown eyes as he ran a hand through thick black hair.

He said nothing and Sarah felt her heart leap in her chest as she watched the mystery man turn and walk away. He filled out his white tuxedo with broad shoulders and strong biceps.

"Raise your glasses everyone! Merry Christmas!"

Everyone cheered and drank and laughed. A jolly obese man kissed her cheek and reeled away, a woman with a full glass of champagne spilled it out by her shoes and Sarah retreated to an empty table and watched the scene. She looked up at another man with a grey beard and eyeglasses who loomed over her.

"Best party ever! Better than Christmas 1930!" I love the Orient Express!!"

Was it true? Was it 1931? She again studied her dress, could well be 30's style. She touched her long mane of curls. They were piled up on her head, with a tail down the back of her neck. Out the window she saw snow covered hills as the train clattered on.

Sarah Young wandered out of the coach, and walked down a narrow corridor past passenger berths, occasionally she stopped as the train turned a corner to maintain her bbalance.

She came into what appeared the last coach before the baggage car. It was empty and she sat on one of the comfortable armchair seats and closed her eyes.

When she opened them again a shadow darkened her figure and the tall dark stranger she had bumped earlier stood over her.

The brunette licked her red lips and her beautiful doe like brown eyes stared into his as she raised her head.

Mystery man put his left hand to her pale cheek and caressed her gently, Sarah melted and put her slim hand on his and felt the rough skin. She shut her eyes as he wandered over her bare neck with his finger tips and softly trailed down to her collarbone.
She sighed and shifted her legs, her right hand went to her thigh and touched a garter that held up white stockings.

Who was this, and what on earth was she playing at as she allowed him to fondle her heated body. 

No words passed between the two as the man held her mammoth right breast through her dress and squeezed the big globe. She turned to him and he leaned in to kiss her full on the lips. She returned the open mouthed embrace and ran her left hand through his thick hair.

Sarah loved to kiss and this man was good. He nibbled her lower lip tenderly then kissed her open mouth as he brushed her bangs from her pretty face. She felt his tongue lick her cheek then return to her parted lips and poked his tongue inside her sweet mouth. They engaged in a lingering French kiss that lasted several minutes during which he slipped beside her and pulled her body to his.

Sarah surrendered herself to him willingly consumed with lust for the handsome hunk and spread her legs to let him stroke her stockinged legs. The stranger lifted her lace and purple dress up to her waist followed by the silk salmon teddy underneath.

He bent to her exposed mound and ran his fingers up and down her soft inner thighs he kissed her stomach. She moaned with delight at his attention and pressed his head closer to her shaven pussy eager for him to lick her there.

The brooding stranger felt her tuft of pubic hair under his fingers then found her hooded clitoris and flicked at it with quick stabs of his hot tongue.

The aroused English girl writhed and squirmed on her cute ass as he sent shivers of pleasure through her body. With her right hand she lowered the thin strap of her dress from her right shoulder released her large rounded boob and thumbed the erect nipple.

The silent man shed his tuxedo from his arms and loosened the bow tie from his bull neck and wrapped his arms around the aroused girl and shifted her body around in front of him.

Sarah helped and lifted her long dress up over her perfect ass and raised up on her knees on the seat as he unbuttoned his fly and reached inside his trousers for his erect cock.

Her head bent down and she bit her lower lip as she felt his thick tip swipe at her wet pussy lips. The man's left hand fished out her left boob and cupped the immense flesh and fed his thick organ into Sarah's hungry cunt.

She let out a loud cry as he thrust up with powerful hips and stuffed her hot hole with his entire length. He muffled her moans with his right hand as he continued to paw her tit.

Her own wetness allowed his cock head to open her out and he pushed and pushed until he was buried inside her to the hilt.

Sarah had not caught sight of his prick and had no idea how big he was, but she felt completely filled as the quiet stranger fucked her from behind.
Wild thoughts raced through her head as she was squeezed and groped, and she could barely hold onto the seat as his dick slid in and out at a fair rate.   

With little whimpers she humped back at him with sheer lust for his meat. It was a delicious feeling too have her pussy walls stretched by this hunk and her left hand found its way to her stiff clit and rubbed furiously.

The motion of the train meant now and again Sarah had to grab hold of the arms of the chair, and twice she felt the hot cock slip out of her and she wiggled her butt till he inserted his big prick inside her once more.

Mystery man speeded up his thrusts and he rammed into her with short shallow stabs of his tool. His left hand let her big boob go and he pulled on her pony tail and brought her head back. His face came to her soft neck and he nibbled on her skin and ear.

The whole of her body tingled like mad as the man expertly pleasured her. They were both upright on their knees and pressed together tightly, coupled at the groin.

Then he pushed up her with one single hard lunge and the grateful brunette sighed as she felt him gush his seed up inside her pussy. He gripped her in his strong arms as he slipped out spent. Sarah's cunt dripped freely down her left thigh and stained her stocking.

She adjusted her silk teddy and dress and turned around to discover he was gone. On her feet she adjusted her mess of hair and stood slightly wobbly and fingered her wet pussy. Quite a lot of cum, and she didn't even see his cock once.

She heard a loud horn as the train entered a tunnel, and the coach went dark. When the light came back there was another tall man in the frame of the door. He looked similar to the other and this time spoke.

"Hello, do you speak English?" Asked Sarah as she gazed into his piercing eyes.

The man ignored her and came to her and without warning lifted her up in his powerful arms and carried her down the corridor to the first sleeping coach. Sarah put her head on his shoulders and her arms around his neck as he carried her over the threshold and placed her on the single bed.

He shed his white tuxedo and ruffled shirt to reveal a well developed torso with dark hair on his upper chest. As he unbuttoned his black slacks she eyed his six pack and prominent abs admiringly.

Without words Sarah lowered the thin straps of her dress and let it fall away to her shoes. Then she grabbed the hem of the teddy and dragged it over her head so her magnificent breasts were bared.

Naked in her stockings and garters Sarah Young laid back on the single bed and parted her thighs. Semen still stained her skin from the quickie she just had and she licked her fingers and wetted her skin.

Now her new mystery man stood before her totally nude and idly stroked an impressive pole in his right hand. His quads and calves were muscled and taut as he settled between Sarah's thighs and fed his cock to her waiting hot cunt.
He held her under the ass and with one thrust he was completely inside. 


With a shift of his hips he was all in and wasted no time and pounded her hard and fast . She reached up her arms to pull his face to hers and their mouths met, both their tongues searched for the other.

The silent stranger placed his forearms under her thighs and raised her legs up alongside her shoulders. His big balls slapped at her upturned ass as he slammed in deep, the shallow angle meant his thick meat scraped the walls of her tunnel in an exquisite and intense sensation.

Sarah shrieked and shook her head side to side on the solitary pillow as her pussy was plowed into. The dark haired man fucked with steady and even strokes, his feet dug into the mattress.

Sarah bounced awkwardly as she was shunted back and forth and his firm hands squeezed her bottom harder.
A noise came from outside the door of the cabin and Sarah and her lover froze until the footsteps passed.

He continued with a renewed passion and pumped harder and faster, fucking the little sex pot as deep as was possible.
Sarah bit into his shoulder and let out a loud moan as his hands moved to her bountiful breasts and kneaded the ample flesh.

The horn of the train sounded loudly again which muffled Sarah's scream as she came with a violent shudder. She bit the man's shoulder even harder and left a red welt on his flesh. Her shoes were beside her face now as she was smashed into the bed with power thrusts that buried his rigid cock deep up her slick pussy. Sweat poured from them both, and her juices flowed down the divine crack of her ass.



Ann cheered and sat up in her chair excited and looked around for General Kirk. He turned from his consultation with two of the project specialists and came over to the entrance to the time tunnel.

"Can you see Sarah? Where, WHEN is she?"

The Tic Toc HQ had been a hive of activity since Sarah Young had entered the cylindrical hallway and activated the time machine. This had been the first time ever the time and space continuum had been used by a human and nobody had any idea what to expect.

The base was in a secluded area in Arizona, deep underground and had been funded by the US government until recent concerns had been expressed about the premise of time travel.

"The picture seems a bit fuzzy, let me increase the fluctuation of the spectral reach."

Kirk watched her as she worked wonders with her computer and gazed up at the tunnel screen as a shimmer of light cleared to real images of the living past.

"There, looks like a steam engine from the mid thirties."

Ann squinted at the hazy pictures. Then she realised what they were.

"It looks like the Orient Express, the Paris to Constantinople journey. Many wealthy diplomats and royalty rode that train."

Ann read Sarah Young's vital signs. Heart rate was up, temperature up too.

The General yelled out as he saw a small room appear clearly.

"There! I See her."

They both looked up to see Sarah on her knees in a small sleeping compartment, naked and engaged in intent concentration as she sucked on a thick erection. The naked man she pleasured held her by the hair as he bucked his hips in time with her.

She had a firm grip on the base of his rigid prick as her head moved back and forth along the long stalk. Saliva drooled over her pursed red lips and had her eyes raised up in rapt attention at the handsome hunk.

"Great, she seems adjusted to the present situation!" He said sarcastically.

General Kirk shook his head at the sight on the screen. Most of the engineers and crew all leered at Sarah on the giant visual aide as she wanked her hand on the stiff cock.

Sarah loved sucking on a hard man and lovingly moved her pursed lips over the smooth glans before letting his dick glide into her wet mouth.
Then she guided his length into her hefty cleavage and used her mountainous boobs to stroke his rigid pole in a superb tit fuck.

His bent over form let him literally fuck her tits as his hips moved in unison with her jiggling bosom that smothered his pulsating spike with relative ease.   
He withdrew partially and grunted and aimed at her large mammaries.
The stranger erupted and soaked her tits with his cum which gushed out of his throbbing shaft with three healthy spurts.

With both hands she smeared the white cream into her silky skin and threw her head back contented.

Next thing she knew she was bundled up and her things handed to her, then she was shown the door to the compartment and shoved into the corridor still naked and sticky.

"Hey now!"

An elegant lady in an expensive evening dress passed her and looked at Sarah with a disgusted sneer.

"Common whore!" She exclaimed.

Sarah quickly hid her curves with her garments and fluffed her mass of curls that had lost the pony tail and spilled out over her creamy shoulders and big tits.

"You DO know that Prince Leopold of Belgium and his brother Albert are aboard this train young lady, don't you?"

The angry lady stormed off to her berth. So, was that the brother's who had fucked her?

They had seemed aloof and confident, and dressed in style. Were they really famous?

"Bring her back Ann, we need her back NOW!"

Doctor Ann McGregor did her best and then with a flash Sarah Young disappeared from the Orient Express and tumbled again into an endless abyss.


Next chapter, Sarah meets Robin Hood.


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Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel
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Chapter Three, where Sarah meets Robin Hood.


Sarah Young rolled over on the soft green grass and ended up on her butt with her legs spread out.

She had just reappeared from the time vortex and had been unceremoniously dumped back on solid earth once more.

It looked like she was in a forest of oak trees with a tiny meadow of lush grass by a slow moving stream. In her ears was the sound of bird call and the rustling of the trees.

The sun was high in the sky and the light broke through the leaves and made a pattern of shadows that constantly changed.

Sarah studied herself as she rose from the ground and shook her mane of dark brown curls. She had successfully traveled in time twice since stepping into the time tunnel and each time her attire had changed to align her appearance to the current period she arrived at. This was something Project Tic Toc could never had known would occur if she hadn't taken it on herself to be a test model and trigger the tunnel.

With both hands she smoothed out the short sleeved white and cream dress she found herself in. The loose neckline barely managed to contain her mammoth 42DD breasts high up on her chest.

Apart from the scent of the forest Sarah could not detect any motor oil in the air which suggested to her this was not the modern era. Together with the mediaeval appearance of her outfit she guessed this may be hundreds of years in the past.

She saw something move in the corner of her eye and to her left a grey coloured hare studied the brunette with big eyes, twitched his nose then ran off.

Her thoughts turned to her recent adventures, everything seemed a dream now in this serene setting and she closed her eyes and raised her face to the sun.

The dress felt heavy and hot so Sarah decided to cleanse her body in the enticing stream.

She carefully walked to the water's edge, splashes of colour sparkled off the surface.

There was a carpet of leaves in front of an enormous tree trunk near the bank and she sat and removed the sandals she wore and rubbed her feet.

She ruffled her mass of dark brown hair then pulled the long dress up over her head followed by the under garment and stood up naked.

After having been fucked by a gorgeous hunk in ancient Egypt and twice more on the Orient Express in 1931 Sarah Young caressed her curvy body from top to bottom. Her soft skin showed no marks and she felt perfectly well.

She wasn't quite sure who had ravished her aboard the famed steam engine, nor even why she had let them, but she licked her lips and recalled the erotic sex with the two broody strangers.

Likewise the tall muscled Briton named Garth had given her great pleasure in the chamber of Cleopatra and had brought her to a glorious orgasm.

As Sarah dipped a toe in the water to test the temperature she was unaware of a figure hidden by the banks opposite the small stream. The tall fair haired man with a tuft of hair on his chin had eyes out on stalks as he watched the big breasted beauty wade into the water up to her delectable thighs.

He noted her absolutely stunning boobs which were the biggest he had ever seen on a wench. The nipples were stiff in the fresh air and Sarah cupped the large mounds of flesh and bathed them with the delicious water.

The aroused man believed her to be the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, plump breasts stacked on a slim body, masses of hair which settled on her creamy shoulders and down her narrow back. He smoothed out his beard as he looked at her shaven labia with the little patch of dark brown at the top.

A smooth cunt! Gadzooks, how marvellous!

Sarah emerged from the cool cleansing stream and fine droplets of water covered her sensuous body. As she stood on the bank she threw her head back and shook from side to side which made her thick tresses fly around in the warm air.

On the bank opposite the man rubbed his erection through his suede trousers at the sight and squinted his blue eyes in an attempt to focus even more. He gasped as Sarah's hand went to her parted legs and look down at her puffy mound.

After accommodating several large cocks she spread her pussy with one hand and examined herself. Her finger gently dipped into her hole and moved it in and out.

She shivered at the touch, she still felt sensitive and a tingle coursed through her lower region.

Remembering how she had been licked and sucked down there Sarah shut her eyes and bent her left leg at the knee. With the tip of a finger she made slow circular motions on her clitoris which brought a moan to her pursed lips.

She gulped as she quickened her strokes and held her left big boob in her hand and squeezed.

The man in the deep green tunic had lowered his trousers down to his knees and wanked his rigid pole fast. The large foreskin was pulled back and the fat crown was swollen, the shaft felt warm in his clenched fist.

Close to her climax the naked lovely made little sobs as her breath quickened and the prominent boobs bounced lightly above her ribcage.

A warm and welcome rush between her thighs made her cry out and she felt a sublime orgasm and her pussy squirted her fluids over her hand.

Across the stream the man pumped and pumped then let out a groan as he came and let his seed splash on the grass.

He drew in his breath and wished it had been the face of the astounding maiden and not the ground he had come on.


The general consensus is that time is a non spatial continuum in which events occur in irreversible succession from past to future.

The principal of Project Tic Toc was that if a large cylindrical tunnel spun fast enough on its long axis it would allow a person in it travel back through time and actually live the past. This elaborate machine had been built and was now being monitored by the specialists and engineers back at the base in Arizona.

"We lost her again when she disappeared from the Orient Express."

Doctor Ann McGregor looked at General Kirk and shrugged.

"Any opinion Doctor Swain?" Kirk turned to a bald short man in a white coat.

"Its a question of power General, the more boost we can generate in the time tunnel, the more chance we have of pulling Sarah back to 1993. Time is a static continuum and if we can just keep a short lock for only about five minutes on Sarah we can bring her in."

"Ann, get on it right away, I want that woman back here as soon as possible."

The General walked away as the two specialists got to work.


Sarah Young had dressed herself and set out to see where she was. She felt refreshed and clean after her dip in the stream and had found some berries to eat. She saw no homes or people around and could not figure out her location or time period.

"Stand quite still maiden!"

A loud command from behind her made her turn and find three uniformed men on horseback.

"Hither woman, prey tell me your name?"

The tallest of the men dismounted and drew his sword and crooked a finger at her.

Sarah had never seen a real blade before and felt a cold shiver up her spine. She approached the men in silence and looked at all three in turn.

"I said, by what name are you called wench?"

"S...S...Sarah" she whispered and trembled.

She saw they all had swords, wore chain mail head wear and had long robes over their tunics. Dirty boots rode up to their trousers.

The lead man gripped her roughly by the chin and squeezed her face together and ran the flat of the blade over her cheek.

Sarah gasped as he lowered it to her cleavage and ripped the material down to her belly. Her outstanding breasts now exposed caused the shorter yeoman to whistle at the sight of the boobs. Her nipples were erect with the arousal and fear of what may come next.

Behind her another man held her arms to her side and she heaved up which made her chest thrust out. Her dress dropped lower down so her upper body was bared.

Tall man laughed and held both her remarkable orbs in his hands and felt the ample flesh.

"Look at these titties lads, ever seen bigger?"

He pulled the comely girl to him and grabbed her ass hard through the dress and kissed her on the mouth. She tasted his rancid breath and gagged but could not get free.

"What say we have some fun boys, its not every day we find some cunt in the Sherwood forest."

Now Sarah's dress was rent from her and fell to her feet in a heap which left her fabulous body naked in the afternoon sun. She squirmed in the arms of shorty as his mate moved his hand over her mound and felt her pussy liquid which drooled out.

He stroked her, his fingers brushed her brown haired muff then found the shaven lips and cried out.

"The wench has no cunt hair!"

Sarah sobbed and wriggled her ass as fingers were inserted inside her soft labia and up her crack between her thighs.

Now tall man dropped his lower uniform half and pulled out his erection which he jerked in his fist.

"Turn her around."

The helpless brunette was spun and bent at the waist so her naked rump was raised up.

The man sighed at the sight of the toned buttocks that faced him and he gave her a slap. She yelped and looked over her shoulder with big eyes.

"Please, spare me this dishonour, I have done nothing wrong."

"Hold still girl and shut up."

With eyes shut tight Sarah waited for the inevitable when she heard a rush of air and a sharp cry. When she felt her arms freed she opened her eyes and saw the three yeomen prostrate on the ground, all of them with a arrow in their hearts.

With a gasp she gathered her tattered dress and stood back, then a vision of deep green came to her side.

He was over six feet tall, fair and lean in a hooded tunic and knee high leather boots. Suede trousers and suede gauntlets and a wide belt with an arrow holder down his right thigh. A drawn bow was in his fists as he looked down at the fallen men.

"Are you well maiden?" His voice was clear and his blue eyes locked with hers and Sarah felt her heart thump.

"I think," the ravishing beauty stopped short and collapsed in the man's strong arms and her vision faded as she fainted away.


When Sarah Young opened her eyes she was laid out on her back in a shaded section of the forest with various tools and animal hides strewn around. The sun had set and the light was dim.

By her feet at the edge of a crude cot was her saviour and a black haired woman in a long sleeved crimson velvet dress that had a high neckline.

As her eyes focused Sarah saw her torn dress had been replaced by a similar outfit to her hero.

A forest green top with a plunging neck and a suede corset that held her boobs up and finished at her waist which was laced at the back. Long leather boots that laced up the front covered her shapely legs up to her knees.

"Our beauty awakes, ha! Let me introduce you to my true love maid Marian. She helped you with new attire. I am Robin of Lockersley, some call me Hood."

Sarah shook her head to try to clear it. Robin Hood! Sherwood forest! Amazing!

"Who, who were those men?"

"Why my lovely those were the yeomen of the Sheriff, bastard he is. Who are you and where do you hence?"

Sarah got up on her elbows, the tight fitting outfit enhanced her every curve. It did not escape her notice the scowl on Marian's face as she stared at her.

"My name is Sarah, I'm not sure, that is..."

Robin held his hand up.

"No matter you are safe with us here at Major Oak, we're close by to the village of Edwinstowe, in the morrow we will escort you there. Have you some wild boar to eat, then rest."

The two left her and retreated some distance to where some candles were lit and she was alone. She racked her mind to remember her history lessons at school. Was Robin Hood a real person or legend? She couldn't remember, but here was a man who called himself such.

She laid on her side and tried to relax from her ordeal before and had drifted off quickly until she was disturbed by moans and urgent voices.

On her feet Sarah crept to where Robin and Marian had retired to and saw in the low light the two lovers naked and embraced in their love making.

Marian laid on her back with her legs wide while Robin had his face in her snatch, his body stretched out flat on his belly.

"You bad boy, you want to rub your nose in my hole and smell my cunt don't you? You like that? You want to lick my hot hole? Do it, do I make you feel good? I bet you want to see what is right here inside, hmm?"

Maid Marian liked the dirty talk! How exciting. Sarah watched in silence as the fair man lapped at her big bush of a pussy eagerly.

"Here we go, look at me all spread out, just for you my love, is my dirty cunt all wet and juicy?"

Robin moaned and continued to use his tongue on the woman, her legs up and over his broad shoulders. Sarah was excited and massaged her big boobs as she watched intently.

"I like your tongue, I wish it were your cock, your big fat cock up me though, and my ass, you want that too don't you, I know. How about these nipples of mine, you want to suck those?"

Robin moved up encouraged by his dirty talking whore of a lover and pawed and sucked her perky tits. Not as big as Sarah but natural and firm.

"Bite those boobies, BITE! There you go, are you hard now my dearest, is your cock big?"

Indeed Robin Hood was proud and erect, he rose up to his knees and held it to Marian's face. Sarah was surprised and impressed as his stiff organ looked to be near nine inches long and with a thick girth. The mushroom head flared out large and a big blue vein throbbed down the whole shaft.

"Oh that looks grand, I want to taste you, I want your big cock all over my lips. I want to drool all over you while you pound the back of my throat. I'm your hungry whore Robin."

Marian gulped his long tool down past her lips and smothered his hot meat with her mouth and made loud gurgles as she pleasured him. He threw back his head and groaned in delight as he buried his prick down her throat.

Sarah marvelled at how flexible she must be to accommodate his enormous pole.

She reached behind her back and hurriedly unlaced the corset and then removed the top and let her breath taking tits free.

With a feeling of relief Sarah caressed herself and bit her lip as she saw Robin Hood line up his remarkable cock with Marian's wet slit.

"You want your cock inside of me don't you, inside my little hole? Go on, do it!"

Robin shoved forward into the crazed sex crazed woman and entered her in a single thrust that filled her totally.

"Oh you bastard, sard that cunt, oh my that's one huge cock. Oh, you're stretching me out, its too big, its too big for my filthy little hole."

Robin was in full pelt now as he pounded the woman hard and fast, his thighs and calves taut with the effort of his power thrusts. Marian brought her legs around his back and drew him in further.


Sarah had laid on her back and had pulled down the bottom half of her outfit and furiously rubbed her wet pussy with her right hand. Her left massaged her boobs as she listened to the two lovers rut.

A low moan escaped her lips which made Robin turn his head and he saw her in the gloom as she frigged herself.

He carried on regardless, his lover writhed under him but his eyes were on Sarah and her phenomenal body.

"You make me feel so good Robin, do I please you? I saw you look at that whore before, does she make you hard like I do? Don't you just love my sloppy cunt?"

Robin ignored her words now and leered at Sarah who rubbed her clit hard, her sobs of delight muffled by her pursed lips. How he wished he was between her thighs instead, her shapely legs around his waist, his cock deep in her juicy hole.

Sarah felt the same and wanted desperately to have his big nine inch prick up her balls deep. She rose up and boldly approached the two sweaty lovers. Robin Hood leaned back as she loomed over him, her spectacular body in the low light was simply astonishing.

Marian shook her head side to side in ecstasy.

"Don't stop, don't stop, I'm so close."

Sarah touched his shoulder and gazed into his eyes and he was overcome with lust for this strange woman. He pulled out of the furious Marian who saw her rival and took Sarah in his arms and kissed her on the mouth.

His rigid cock felt big and pushy against her thigh. She put her arms around his neck and pressed her hot body to his. She wanted this man more than anything.

"You witch! Let him go!"

The two were oblivious to the angry maid and kept on kissing.


"I have it! I'm locked on Sarah, I think I can bring her back!"

Doctor Swain grinned at Ann.

"Told you, more power, yes, more power." He clapped his hands as Ann busied herself with the controls of the computer.

"Do it." He said and she pushed a vital button and next thing they knew the time tunnel began to spark and flash.

"Quick, hit reverse!"

"Too late," said Ann and bent her head down. An explosion was quickly extinguished the aides.

The chance to return Sarah was lost.


Back in the year 1200 Robin Hood clutched air as the mystery woman had vanished. He looked at maid Marian who lay naked on her back, legs wide and they both were speechless. Some wizard trick mayhap, who knew.

In the time vortex Sarah Young felt all her senses assaulted by a maze of colour and light as she tumbled through the infinite corridors of time.


Next time, Sarah joins Casanova's Saturday night orgy.

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Re: Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel
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Chapter Four. Casanova's Orgy.


Again Sarah Young tumbled over and over and feeling no resistance in the endless abyss of the time vortex. All her senses were assaulted by the flash of coloured light until after an untold period in time she reappeared and found herself in a low lit room sat on an ornate armchair.

She blinked several times then saw that she was completely naked on the seat. This was different to the previous times when she had visited other periods and had been assimilated and dressed accordingly.

Her mane of dark brown curls cascaded over her shoulders and down her back and she swept a loose lock from her pretty face as she tried to understand her surroundings.

It was then that Sarah noticed three very young women with large urns of warm oils into which they dipped their hands.

They smiled and then approached the bemused Sarah and smeared the oils into her skin. One massaged her calves and feet, another her neck and big breasts. The third spent a long time rubbing her stomach and groin, her eyes on hers the whole time.

Sarah enjoyed the treatment and closed her eyes. The lotion smelled of rose water and almond oil felt nice. Every muscle in her body relaxed under the expert massage.

She had no idea where or when she had arrived but it was no hardship as she welcomed the unusual pampering.

"Evening Madam, heartily glad to meet you, tell me your name. Come, what are you called?"

A tall man in a dress coat of wine red with white lace short cuffs and satin trousers stood over her. Sarah suddenly became unusually shy of her nakedness and covered her mound of Venus. She gazed at him and guessed he might be European, Italian maybe. He looked quite handsome and dashing and she guessed he must be about thirty.

"Why, my name is Sarah, from England."

The elegant man adjusted his cravat and held a monocle to his right eye and looked at her.

"Your servant my Lady, I am Giacomo Casanova, and you my dear are astonishingly attractive."

The man bowed and hustled the maids away with a shake of his hand. His dark eyes took in every inch of her curvaceous body from top to bottom.

"Splendid of you to partake in this evenings orgy, you will be the most sought after woman tonight I'll wager."

With that he turned and left, Sarah looked confused.

An orgy? Was this THE Casanova?

Before she could think more the maids returned, stood her up and draped a heavy velvet robe over her shoulders. Then she was steered through one room to a much bigger and high ceilinged room. There was one large chandelier in the centre of the ceiling and many candelabra all around on antique tables.

Sarah gasped aloud as she saw dozens of people in groups and pairs in animated discussion. The men all dressed similar to Casanova and wore white wigs on their heads.

Whereas the dozen women were all totally nude and sipped drinks from long stemmed glasses.

"Evening one and all, I am humbled so many of you could attend my weekend frolics. Tonight we Barons, Counts and other Nobles are all equal in this Casino here in Paris. Here for one thing, SEX!"

Cheers filled the room as all the men stripped their clothing and flung various items to the carpeted floor. Sarah's eyes bulged at all the different sized cocks which the men stroked and held up.

Some thick, others long and one had a banana like curve which caught her eye. Also one African who sported a length of meat that must have been nine inches long.

"Tonight we are blessed to have with us Lady Sarah from England, Madam take a bow."

Behind her she felt arms drag the heavy robe away and her spectacular curves were revealed to everyone. Gasps and approvals were heard as her sleek oiled body was leered at by all. Her mammoth breasts hung large on a small midriff which made the big globes seem even larger. Her toned bare legs were slightly parted and the smooth shaven labia were visible under her triangle of dark pubic hair.

Casanova gave her adorable rump a smack and propelled her into the throng of naked people and laughed.

"Let the orgy commence!"


Back, or was that forward? In 1996 Doctor Swain and his assistant Ann McGregor frantically scanned various monitors and equipment. Desperate to locate Sarah Young in the time continuum they had tried everything they could think of but all to no avail.

"How about reversing the tunnel spiral? Is that even possible?"

Ann took her eyeglasses off her face and chewed on the end. Swain shook his head.

"We could never generate enough power to even consider that. Maybe slow the axis, yes that might be an option. I'll let General Kirk know."

Ann was worried about the former porn star whom had come to her for a chance to work on Project Tic Toc and felt some responsibility for the girls predicament. She would not rest until she was back safe and sound.


Back in 1750 Sarah looked around at the amazing scenes that unfolded before her.

There were heaving, naked bodies everywhere, loud moans filled the vast room as the people clustered together. Threesomes, couples and groups of just girls were busy. There was not a single person not fucking, sucking or both.
One king sized bed sat majestically in the centre and there were many armchairs and sofa chairs in addition.

Casanova indeed. Sarah searched her brain for information about the famous lover. Born in Venice in 1725? His name had become synonymous with the modern term 'womanizer' and he had befriended European royalty, cardinals, and even the Pope himself.

Sarah sat on a chair and felt a distinct ache in her pussy. She had not been fucked for quite a while now.
The last time period she had visited had been in the time of Robin Hood, and he had turned out to be very well endowed but she had been taken from that moment when he was just about to give her his big prick.

As she day dreamed a hand felt her left boob and thumbed the nipple. Another teased her moist pussy and she found two ravishing brunettes next to her.

Sarah spread her thighs, intrigued by the interruption and allowed the probing finger inside her. The woman then pulled out and lifted a glistening finger that had been coated with her sweet juices.

From behind the back of the sofa two more female hands caressed her gigantic tits while the woman at her feet put both her hands between her thighs and parted her ass cheeks.

Sarah squirmed in delight from the attention and closed her eyes. Her soft skin glowed from the almond and rose water and the women adored her tender flesh.

Someone turned her body around and she thrust her cute butt up in the air and a hand found her clitoris from the rear and rubbed the sensitive nub briskly.

Tiny sobs came from her throat as she was fondled and stroked, she had filmed orgy scenes in her career in the adult movie business and had always enjoyed them, so this was nothing new.

A woman kissed her lips and a thread of spit dripped from the both of them. Then another pair of lips joined in and made it a three way kiss.

Enthralled in the moment Sarah felt a larger hand separate her buttocks and a stiff cock was shoved into her wet cunt. She moaned in the mouth of the woman kissing her then braced her body as she was fucked from behind.

Every push from the unknown man shoved her into the woman hard, the stiff prick felt hot and big. Then Sarah saw a plump man move the woman aside and bring his erection to her open mouth, hold the back of her head, and ram it in.

The mans tool pushed past her red lips and she sucked on it greedily.

She felt her cunt gape as the man behind her withdrew from her, then in an instant he was replaced by another rigid penis and she was fucked hard once more.

With a firm grip on plump mans cock she was able to stroke the shaft and lick around the spongy glans.

Then another big cock came out of the shadows and she now had two men in her face.

Sarah alternated between the two erections and swiped at one then the other with her snake like flicks of her tongue.

The room became heated and the orgy reached its peak. On the large bed were two couples engaged in intercourse as one naked man wanked his cock at the scene.

On the carpet by Sarah's sofa two blonde women were locked in an erotic 69 position and moaned loudly.

The man stuffed inside Sarah's wet pussy pulled out, she never saw the men who fucked her doggy but they were enjoyable. Now a girl passed by and dropped behind her exposed butt and began to eat her sodden cunt.

Sarah loved it and groaned on the two cocks in her mouth as a warm and wriggling tongue probed her tight cavern. Her legs tensed from the delicious sensation and she came with a muffled scream.

Sarah Young's senses reeled and before she could catch her breath she was laid on her back, her long legs lifted up and a tip of a prick hovered at her slit. The carpet felt soft on her back as she pushed her pelvis up to the mystery man and he slid in.

Her hips were right up off the floor and the man penetrated her with deep strokes. She looked at him as she bucked at him, he was good looking and had a nice body. His baby blue eyes gazed into hers and he gripped her waist to hold her steady.

Another cock materialised out of nowhere near her face and Sarah grabbed it and sucked it. Her head was held up, while someone cupped her left tit and squeezed.

Blowjob man moved aside as a nubile woman took his place and crouched over Sarah's face and lowered her cunt to her lips.

Sarah tongued the hairy pussy while she clenched her thighs and tasted the damp pubes. Blue eyes left and was instantly replaced by a older lady with large pendulous boobs and a very long tongue who flicked at the brunettes clit. The woman was incredible and sent Sarah wild with fast stabs.

An hour had passed with no respite for the lust driven people. The woman at Sarah's pussy moved her body up onto hers and straddled her. They kissed passionately and Sarah tasted wine on the other, then both gasped as Sarah was penetrated by a hard cock. It felt huge and it stretched her lips out wide. With the lady on top of her she couldn't see who was fucking her but he was good and the fat meat scraped her cunt walls delightfully.

Then she felt him leave her and the lady above yelped as he entered her and began to fuck her doggy. The woman thrashed and shook her long hair which fell in Sarah's face.

Sarah could feel her pussy drip down her upturned ass crack and every fibre in her body felt alive.

Mystery man came back to her and shoved himself in her deep so that his balls slapped at her with every thrust home. Sweat prickled her brow and her mane of curls felt clammy on her head. After she and older lady had been fucked alternately twice, she was up on her feet.

Sarah saw that it was the African man who had just had her and it came as no surprise, he was well hung.
She eagerly gripped his upstanding pole and popped the swollen head inside her drooling mouth.
She expertly smothered the plum like tip and let her saliva run out of her mouth down to her fist which held his ebony shaft upright.
Her tongue made exquisite swirls over and over until the horny African could stand it no more.   

She shrieked as the tall ebony skinned man picked her up and bent her over the sofa, lifted her leg in mid air and pierced her slick cunt. Totally helpless Sarah was fucked as if she was a doll, her curvy body just a fuck toy for the powerful man who pulled her to him.
Thrust after powerful thrust slammed Sarah to the back of the seat and her ass cheeks rippled from the unrelenting lunges from the snorting black fellow.

Her second climax hit her and a warm flush surged through her. Then a hand swept her hair from her blushing face and eager lips kissed her neck.

Ebony man pulled from her, his long pole dripped from her fluids and he sat back on the seat . Sarah panted and held onto the short blonde who had just necked her then planted her feet on the carpet either side of his thighs and lowered her puffy cunt onto his waiting erection.

With the leverage of her feet and her right hand on the blonde she managed to bounce up and down on his rigid cock. Her soaked pussy eased his quick strokes and Sarah was lost in pure lust as she rode him. Blondie surprised her by smearing some oil into her butt and ass crack. As she turned her head she felt a cock at her anus which then pushed through hard and fill her up.

Sarah screamed out as she now had two men inside her in a astounding double penetration. She relaxed her muscles to accommodate them both and a sublime feeling came over her.

The three of them got into a steady rhythm, Sarah rolled with the two sticks inside her and stared into the Africans eyes with her doe like eyes. He held her gigantic boobs in his black fists and thumbed the hard nipples. Little sobs of pleasure escaped her lips and she breathed fast.
This was the best fuck she had experienced in a while and her pussy tingled with a thousand electric shocks of delight.


The time tunnel sparked and spat rays of intermittent light as it seemed to Ann the thing was actually alive. Then the hallway screen came on and they had visual of Sarah once more.


Both came running as the mists cleared and a big room gradually came into focus.

"Can you see Sarah?" Asked Swain.

"All I can make out is a circle of men, they're, they're all naked!"


Sarah Young rested on her knees on the carpet surrounded by a dozen erect men, all of them aimed their cocks at her.

Casanova wandered over and stood in silence as his three maids slowly stripped him of his finery till he was naked. His monster prick poked up to the ceiling proud and fat, long veins throbbed along the rigid shaft.

"A most gratifying evening my friends, and you my dear are truly a sexual creature to be sure. Now listen to me whatever occurs next do not use your hands, understood?"

Sarah nodded and bit her lip as the men advanced nearer and pumped their pricks fast.

The first man to cum sprayed her face so it dripped off her cheeks. Then another pumped out all over her face and eyes which made her squint hard. She moved to wipe away the sticky cream but remembered what Casanova had told her.

The third man pointed his tool right at her and groaned loudly as he rained cum on her in spurt after spurt. Sperm landed on her lips and she stuck out her tongue to catch more.

Two more men including chubby blasted her so it dribbled down her chin to her pale neck. Another came on her massive tits and Sarah smeared the stuff into her skin with delight. Blue eyes came to her close and spurted out over her face dead centre and grinned broadly.

Sarah fingered her aching pussy and whimpered softly. Her eyes widened as Africa held her jaw open and spurted right down her throat before he wiped his cock clean on her boobs.

The men, spent and exhausted, stood aside for Casanova who rubbed his purple headed weapon faster and faster till he roared like an animal and shot jet after jet of his white cream over Sarah. He came and came and came, no end seemed in sight as he sprayed the brunette like he had a hose. Her face, hair and body were all hit.

Finally he dropped his head and let go his dripping cock from his tight fist. Sarah collapsed in a heap utterly exhausted, her limbs had no strength left and her body was a soggy, sticky mess.



Kirk screamed at the sight on the screen and implored his aides to act. She looked up at the worried General, then at Doctor Swain and hit reverse spiral with the palm of her hand. Her other hand went to her mouth and her eyes welled up. Had it worked?

Next Chapter Sarah Young in the Wild West.

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Re: Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel
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Based on the iconic 60's tv show. Intended for fun only.

Chapter Five. The Wild Wild West.


Sarah Young was a British born natural beauty who became the toast of European fuck films in the early nineties. A shy girl from Kent young Sarah had trained in science, biochemistry in particular, when she had been urged to send a nude picture of herself to The Sun newspaper.

Within a year she had graced the pages of every single porn magazine in England and the Continent, and her newborn, and insatiable sexual curiosity had led her to shoot hard-core sex scenes.

With a pair of newly enhanced gravity defying 42DD tits, Sarah shot couples scenes, threesomes, group sex, lesbian, and solo stuff.
She married German pornographer Hans, and together they soon established a very profitable sleaze business that made Sarah a super star in Europe.

By 1996 she had divorced Hans and had burned herself out making scores of movies and directing the same.
Now she had ended up in America where she had been involved in perfecting the amazing new and secretive project known as the Time Tunnel.


Sarah Young was once again unceremoniously dumped from the time continuum and emerged dizzy and faint from the transfer.

She blinked and faced a blank wall in a low lit room and turned about to see a long bar around nine feet long. A man in a white shirt and waistcoat eyed her as she walked over and stood opposite him.

"You alright Marshall, you seem funny."

Sarah put her hand to her brow and realised she had a wide brimmed hat on her head.

She looked around from right to left then back to the bar tender.

He called her Marshall, curious.

Slowly she walked back to where she had appeared and sat at a basic wooden table with an oil lamp in the centre. Sarah took a seat in a high backed wooden chair and studied herself.

A long grey dust coat covered her black corset top from which her ample cleavage ballooned out the low neckline. Black jeans were tight around her legs and a heavy gunbelt rested on her wide hips.

Two Colt 45 single action revolvers hung from the holsters. On her feet she wore a two inch heel cowboy boot that looked dirty from the dusty floor.

Every time she had visited the different time periods on her amazing journey Sarah had somehow assimilated in order to blend in.

She wondered if the scientists back at HQ were aware of this phenomenon, or even if they were able to track her travels through the time vortex at all. A shiver went through her, would she ever get back to 1996?

"Drink Marshall?"

Sarah raised her head up and looked at the little man again. She shook her head and walked back to the bar. The guns rode her thighs as she moved.

"What do you mean?"

"Mean? You're the US Marshall come to arrest HIM ain't ya?"

He jerked his thumb over his shoulder at a creased poster that hung from the wall of a mans face side on. Sarah read the words out loud,

"Wanted Dead or Alive, Sundance Kid, reward of $ 5,000, from the State of Wyoming, dated 1890."

She looked back at bar keep. This was the United States of America, a few years after the Civil War. Astonishing!

"Yeah, and he's right upstairs waiting for you to take him in."

A quick glance in the corner and she saw a wooden staircase up to the next level. She remembered the tales of Butch Cassidey and the Sundance Kid from her childhood.

Was he really upstairs?

She hesitated then slowly made her way up and found the first door ajar. The smell of coffee filled her nostrils. She opened the door with a nervous push and peered into the oil lamp lit room and saw a tall man stretched out on the single bed.

His white stetson hat was over his face as he snoozed, he had black jeans, was bare chested as well as his feet. In the corner was a chair and table with saddlebags laid over it. In the other corner was a wooden dresser.

Sarah raised her black stetson back high on her head, her mass of dark brown hair billowed out over her back and shoulders.

"Hello Marshall."

The tall man lifted his hat from his face slowly and her big brown eyes widened at his handsome features. A strong jaw with two days of stubble on the chin turned to her and his baby blue eyes burned into hers. He ran a hand through dirty blonde hair and rested on his left elbow.

Sarah gulped and felt her heart beat fast in her bosom. The kid watched her breasts rise and fall in time with her breathing and she was acutely aware of his attention to her titanic boobs.

"They sent a woman for me? That's a little demeaning, does the Governor know how nasty I can get?"

The man got to rise and without even thinking about it Sarah drew the Colt from her right holster and pointed it at him. She never used a gun in her life!

Amused he fingered his chin and stood up and looked at the nervous brunette.

"You still got the safety on darlin'."

Sarah looked at the steel in her hand confused and jumped as the shootist grabbed her wrist and wrenched it to the left.

"OWW, you're hurting me, let go." She stared into his blue eyes and melted under his captivating gaze.

"Let the Peacemaker go and we'll get along."

She relinquished her hold on the Colt and the Kid flung it onto the floor.

"Now, the other one."

Slowly she drew the gun from her left holster and he snatched it from her fist and wrapped his left arm around her tiny waist and pulled her body to his.

"Hey! Get off of me." She squirmed in his grip but he held her tight and reached in and kissed her hard on the mouth.

With both hands the big boobed babe tried to fend him off, but as he clamped his lips against her cherry red mouth she wilted and returned the kiss, her tongue came out of her parted lips and searched for his.

Her hips pressed at his groin as she reached up to drape her arms around his neck.

He in turn held her fabulous ass and kneaded the flesh under her tight fitting jeans.

The rigid bar down his right thigh poked at her through his denim as he became aroused by her curvy figure. The familiar tingle between her thighs betrayed her own thrill as they continued their necking.

"Well, that wasn't there before was it?" Murmured Sarah between nibbling his lips and nuzzling his neck.

"How about that?" The Kid grinned and sat back on the single bed and held his erection through the jeans. "Open my pants, darlin'."

Sarah knelt at his feet and began to unbutton his fly. Once the jeans were undone she dragged the legs down his strong thighs and got her first look at his stiff cock.

It was very much bigger than the average man and had a strange curve halfway along the shaft and it turned to the left slightly and ended with a flared crown.

Intrigued she rubbed up and down the entire length with her left hand stopping at the head. All the time they locked eyes and both became very excited.

"I bet you're a big hit with the girls huh?"

Without waiting for him to answer she crammed her mouth over the large tip and sucked greedily as she wanked the stalk fast. The Kid laid back and shifted his hips up and wallowed in the fantastic blowjob.

His dick compIetely filled her mouth, pushing against the inside, nearly making her gag.

Sarah moved a tad so as to angle herself better and suck him all the way in.
She was incredible, loud sucks, lots of tongue flicks and a spiral twist of her hand and his thick pole became hard as steel.
He moaned loudly when she cheekily traced a line along the crack of his ass.
She released the organ and spit on the head and shoved it into her mouth again.

"Babe, you're fucking amazing. Keep it up and I'm gonna cum down your throat!"

Sarah popped of his twitching prick and held it tight at the base and looked at him.

"Can't have that yet, I want this bad boy in my dripping, soft, mushy, hungry cunt."

The gunslinger laughed as she shrugged her dust coat off her pale arms and stood. He got her roughly by the upper arms and tossed her onto the bed.

Sarah yelped and before she could catch her breath he had yanked her jeans off her legs and over her boots.

He dove onto her and lifted her left leg onto his right shoulder and attacked her pussy. She raised both arms up above her head and grabbed onto the wooden headboard as he fast fingered her damp twat.

Soft moans came from her, muffled by her pursed lips. When he started to use his tongue to stab at her inner lips Sarah kicked out with her cowboy boots and tore big holes in the cheap sheet.

The Kid stuck his tongue in and moved it around at the same time he teased her asshole, just as had to him.   

Sarah Young was fascinated and confused at the same time by time travel. How long had it been since her involvement in Casanova's orgy.

Did time pass as she fell through the time/space vortex? Was her time spent in 1750 yesterday, last week? Had she aged?

Her body seemed to have no bad marks or bruises, her pussy didn't seem raw or swollen, and she had been fucked by many men. Many different size cocks, but here and now she craved this mans love muscle, desperately.

The time traveller wanted his dick inside her now. Wanted him to rub his big bell end all over her juicy labia before sticking it to her hard and fast.     

He got her up and turned her to the wall and placed her left leg up on the table. She looked over her left shoulder at his lean naked body and watched him swipe his fat prick up and down her wet slit.

The Kid looked into her wide pleading eyes and obliged her by pushing his pole right into her in a single lunge.

Sarah opened her mouth in a silent scream, her breath stuck in her throat as the big erection filled her quim. The thick pole scraped her channel and she felt a definite emphasis to the left wall as his curious curve entered her at an angle.

"Now that's some serious poontang."

With his left hand on her ass cheek he moved back and forth steadily, his eyes mesmerised by her smooth labia. He could make out tiny spots of sweat on her shaven lips and he became possessed and fucked her with hard thrusts that made Sarah whimper with joy.

"What a tight little cunt you have Marshall, its like a glove around me."

Sarah was past caring what he said and revelled in his relentless pounding of her pussy. She squealed like a girl and her big tits bounced around under her. His strong frame gradually pinned her flat on the table top and her big tits were squashed under her.

Was this really happening? She felt her hips shift as he held her steady and pulled her roughly towards his body. His stomach slapped against her ass and she became very wet from the powerful prods. Yes, this was happening.

Sundance tired in this standing position, the floor was gritty on his bare feet, so he moved backwards and dragged Sarah with him. They retreated to the bed and he laid back and let her take over.

With the heels of her boots on the shredded sheet she crouched over his upright pole and sank down slowly till he was all the way in her slick cunt.

"Oh babe, your titties are fucking huge!"

With his right hand he peeled back her corset top and her outstanding breasts came free for him to paw at.

Sarah moved up on his thick cock and made a circle around the swollen head then dropped down so she sat on his balls. She sighed as she adjusted to the fullness of him then began to rise up and down, her eyes on his.

She moved in slow and long strokes, drawing his generous log all the way in until he was buried inside her dripping box.

Both her hands rested on his groin as his stiff prick pounded up inside her wetness and he studied her. She felt amazing impaled on his erection and she looked sensational, truly a study of perfection. He had never seen a more attractive woman in all his days.

Sarah moved herself onto her knees, leaned into him and ground her butt back and forth along his rod faster and faster. The Kid grabbed onto her cheeks and bucked up into her with strong pelvic thrusts.

She closed her eyes in ecstasy as her pussy flooded and tightened her thighs against his body. Her right arm held onto his fair head and he buried his face in her cleavage and let her body shudder from her orgasm.

He got up from under her and settled his body on her belly and placed his boner between her tits. Sarah clamped the big globes together and trapped his length and he fucked the channel she made.

The fat head emerged from her cleavage red and angry with each push up almost to her chin.
Sarah used her lips and tongue to stab at his glans as his hot pole slid back and forth deep between her heaving bosom.
By now the Kid was grunting and groaning so loudly that she knew he was close to his climax.   

"Gonna cum Marshall, gonna cum on your titties!"

"Uh huh." Sarah licked her lips and waited.

The Sundance Kid grunted and a tiny spurt came from the curvy prick. It dribbled over her skin and she looked at the white spot, then his cock erupted and a long jet hit her on the nose and she yelped in surprise.

With her tits still tight around his pulsating pole he sprayed her face with three more jets of cum which left a track from her chin to her chest.

Sarah brought her legs up and rested her boots on the heels. The Kid rolled off her and laid on his back with his cock on his right thigh.

She laid beside him and watched his chest rise as he breathed.

That had been a nice fuck she thought and idly ran her fingers on the sticky mess on he chest. Then her mind turned to her predicament. What was next?


Doctor Ann McGregor was alone in her office on a break from monitoring the time tunnel and she sat on her two seat sofa by the wall. She took her white lab coat off and lifted her mid length skirt up to her stomach.

The last few days of watching Sarah Young having hot sex in the various time periods had turned her thoughts to her own desires and now she dreamed of Doctor Doug Phillips.

The handsome Project Director was in Washington with Senator Clark in another attempt to save the necessary funding to keep dream of time travel alive.

She and he had dated a while and she missed him badly.

Her hand dipped down the top of her panties and as her thighs spread out she gently caressed the soft outer lips of her pussy.

That English girl Sarah was insatiable and clearly revelled in having big cocks stuffed up her. She recalled one of her movies she had viewed in which she had been seduced by Peter North in her office and had been fucked silly till he drenched her face with his cum. And she had loved it.

Ann used her middle finger to slide into her soft tunnel and with quick flicks of her wrist delved into her entrance. With her eyes tight shut she imagined Doug and his face pressed to her snatch, his hot tongue flat on her cunt.

Soon her juice flowed over her digit and the wetness made her poke up ever deeper. Laid out horizontally her left leg went up over the back of the sofa and Ann jerked her hips and rode her finger as if it was Doug between her thighs with his superb cock thrust up her.

Now with urgent stabs she felt a warm feeling in her lower body. Her left hand untucked the blouse out of the waist of her skirt and fondled her breast. Her right found her clitoris and flicked the hard nub side to side, her favourite way of stimulating herself.

Ann put her head on the seat and clamped her thighs together as her orgasm came with a rush of sheer joy.

As she recovered her eyes went to a four by six picture of Doug on her desk.

We need you here my love, we don't know where to turn next.


Up next, Sarah Young and a Jolly Roger.
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Re: Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel
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Chapter Six. All aboard for a jolly rogering!


Doctor Ann McGregor and Doctor Doug Phillips laid in each others arms and she hugged him close, his skin on her felt divine.

They had just enjoyed a lusty urgent fuck as they spent their first time together in a month.

He was a considerate lover and usually brought her to an orgasm but he needed his release and they had engaged in a quickie for his relief.

"We are out of options my darling, even the reverse spiral didn't work. Poor Sarah is hopelessly lost." Whispered Ann in his ear as she nibbled his lobe.

The dark haired man frowned.

He had not expected the time tunnel to have been activated yet, and had been surprised at the news the English woman Sarah Young had gone and jumped into the vortex.

The last they had heard she had been found in 1890 in the old US wild west.

Wherever she turned up next was anybody's guess.


Sarah Young found herself rolling around on a dirty wooden surface, the sound of waves could be heard in her ears as she raised her head.

A tall man loomed over her as she tried to get to her knees.

"Who are you woman, and how come you aboard my ship?"

She looked up into the sun and saw a silhouette of a six foot man in a cotton shirt with loose fit sleeves and pants down to the knee. His jacket had metal buttons and a satin lining which came down to his thigh length black boots.

As she shaded her eyes she was dragged to her feet by a strong pair of arms from behind and was shoved into the face of the stern man.

"My name is Sarah, from England." She squirmed and flung her head up.

He crossed his arms and looked into her dark brown eyes which were wide open.

"Are you friend of Ann Bonney?"

What did he mean? As her arms were pinned to her sides she took a look down at herself.

She had on a white long sleeved blouse with a plunging neckline and her fabulous 42DD tits threatened to burst free from the light cotton top.

Around her waist was a big cincher belt in black pulled in tight atop back pants that hugged her hips and cute butt.

Wide calf boots with thin high heels came up to the where the pants finished.

Her mane of dark brown curls hung freely about her shoulders and two large hoop rings hung from her ears.

She could feel the warmth of a tropical climate and turned to see she was aboard a long 80 foot sailing ship with big white sails, and, and, and a black flag with skull and crossbones!

This was a pirate ship!

"Take her below deck First Mate." The man turned his back and studied a chart in his hands.

"Aye aye Captain." Said the fair haired man who tugged her by the elbow to a wooden door which led to a crude staircase.

The crewman led her to a small cabin and tossed her in where Sarah fell onto a hard mattress. She looked at the man who grinned at her and stroked his trim beard.

"Don't know how you got aboard the Ranger but Calico Jack is none too pleased."

He leered at her and ran his eye over her buxom breasts and pretty face.

Her eyes had a innocent look about them and she bit her lip anxiously.

"Please Sir, don't hurt me will you? I'm just a bit lost is all."

He laughed heartily.

"I'll say you are, we're about to drop anchor in the Bahamas with stacks of Spanish silver, and you look like some fresh faced posh wench dressed like a man!"

"Well I'm not a man."

He laughed again and came closer as she moved up the bed to the rounded wall.

"Not with titties like that, I agree."

The mate held her face by the chin and looked deep into her doe like eyes.

"You have nice ruby lips, almost like a cunt. May I fuck your cunt lips?"

Sarah tried to turn away but he gripped her face hard and turned her back to him.

"Get off of me!"

"Sorry whore, when I said MAY I fuck your lips, I didn't mean you had an option."

Fair man dropped his pants and whipped out his cock, already hard and stiff and shoved it at her.

The shaft was fairly long with a huge flared crown and he was surprisingly gentle when he pressed it to her mouth.

Nervously Sarah kissed and tasted its saltiness.

"If I please you will you spare me any discomfort?"

He nodded and held his erection up and waggled it.

She wrapped both her hands around the erection at the base and slowly rubbed it up and down to where the head started and it stuck up out of her fists.

"Good girl, now suck it."

He put his hands on his hips as the stunning brunette leaned toward him and took the tip in past her lips. It throbbed in her mouth as she willingly let the cock shove its way in.

Sarah bobbed her head as she took more of the meat in and salivated freely as she went down further.

The rigid prick slid across her tongue and pushed to the back of her mouth.

Impatiently fair hair grabbed her by the hair and started to pump in and out fast, his hips sawing back and forth.

He moved in her mouth vigorously like he fucked a vagina, just as he had promised and with a surge of his butt he let his cock pop from her face and shot his wad over her mouth and chin.

"Lovely, your mouth is the best I ever fucked."

He tugged his pants up and let Sarah wipe his sticky cum from her face.

From a corner he produced a bowl with some sort of oats and tossed it her way.

"Dinner is served."

And with that he left and closed the cabin door shut with a loud clank of a key in the hole.


Sarah Young felt the ship rock as it sailed and a noisy creak of timber could be heard now and again.

Shouts of men and heavy boots above her head made her jump, then it seemed like the ship had stopped and cheers of happy men filled the air.

The former porn star wondered what period this was, 1720 seemed a good guess when piracy was at its peak.

What an amazing machine was the time tunnel!

She seemed to have no ill effects from the transportations and her person didn't appear to have changed.
Her hair, nails and pubes hadn't grown since he had left 1996.

Was she somehow suspended in time? Did she age? Why was she never really hungry?

One thing she desired was sex, and had enjoyed some wild times in the different time periods.

The cabin door opened and the First Mate appeared again.

Sarah moved back instinctively and drew her boots up to her chest.

The fair haired man held out a hand to her.

"With me wench."

She hesitated wondering what was outside.

"The Captain wishes to speak to you, come on."

Slowly she got to her feet and followed the sailor upstairs.

Back to the stern of the ship they walked past other sailors who leered at the attractive woman.

She guessed they had weighed anchor and she saw land in the near distance.

They reached a bigger cabin and the man knocked and a voice yelled out to enter.

Fair man opened the door and gave Sarah a shove in.

Calico Jack sat at a basic wooden table with charts and logs.

"Welcome aboard the Ranger my dearest Sarah of England."

He got up and came around to the nervous beauty.

"You are stunningly handsome my dear, did Ann dress you thus?"

"I, I don't know anyone called Ann, that is not here, well not this time, er."

Jack stood beside her and she looked into his blue eyes as he caressed her left cheek.

His hand moved to her shoulders and she breathed a bit harder.

She felt his hands touch her big boobs and then he kissed her on the mouth.

His hand snaked between their bodies and he undid the strings of her broad belt.

Without breaking the long kiss he pulled her belt off and yanked her blouse off over her head.

As her outstanding breasts tumbled free he held the enormous globes of flesh in his hands.

"Your boobies are truly remarkable, never have I seen better, and I have sailed the seven seas."

He studied them closely and massaged them at his leisure.

Sarah willingly gave herself to him, his face and shoulder length blonde hair had a certain appeal to her.

His hands were warm as they wandered all over.

"Have you eaten?" He said as he went and sat on the narrow bed that ran along the wall of the Captains cabin.

"A little, it was disgusting."

Calico Jack pointed to the smaller table where she saw a bowl of fruit.

"Help yourself."

Sarah, still topless walked over in her boots and took a banana and unpeeled it.

He watched her as she put the top in her mouth and took a bite with her white teeth and chewed the morsel.

Jack felt his cock move as he continued to stare at Sarah as she parted her red lips and closed them around the white banana and held it in her mouth.

Her dark seductive eyes gazed into his as she slowly bit into the fruit and swallowed with her mouth open.

He sat up and waited for her to approach.

He heard her boots on the creaky timber floor as she came to him and he buried his face in her deep cleavage.

Sarah knelt at his boots and undid the buttons on his pants and his fat erect cock came out and she held it in her left hand .

Impressive she thought, nice and smooth with a long blue vein up the side of the shaft.

"You have a nice cock Captain."

Sarah looked deep into his eyes as she gave it a clockwise twist.

He groaned as he watched her mouth move onto his big head and rapidly suck on him.

His hips rolled in rhythm with her nodding head and he planted his boots on the floor as he held her to his groin.

Jack held her head still and enjoyed the feel of her hot breath on his stiff organ.

She was amazing, he could feel her tongue as it flicked at his crown inside her.

Then he released her and with urgent nods Sarah licked up the whole length of the sweet tasting prick.

Calico Jack removed his shirt and lowered his britches over his legs, Sarah continued to suck on him oblivious to his actions.

"You are a gifted young wench, to be sure."

He stood up and helped Sarah remove her pants which left her captivating body naked except for her calf high boots.

His eye took in her massive breasts on a tiny waist and slender toned thighs.

Her pussy was smooth with a triangle of dark hair that sat above her labia.

A thin film of sweat dappled her silky skin.

"Astonishing! You are a vision of beauty. I shall enjoy this enormously."

Sarah was quite aroused herself and felt the familiar sense of a damp pussy and crouched over his lap. She took his cock in her right hand and aimed it between her legs.

Filled with excitement the blonde haired pirate watched the brunette goddess shift her hips and slide down his stiffness like it was a flagpole.

She rested on his lap impaled on the thick organ and with her boots settled on the floor firmly began to ride along him.

Her hands went to the top of his shoulders and began to lift herself up and down and forced her hot cunt to devour his fully erect eight inches.

Jack cupped her ass cheeks and started to grind her along his hard prick.

She began to fuck him furiously, filled with the need to stuff her wet cunt with his pole.

Her juices oiled him up and he slid in easily.

Sarah rose nearly all the way up then crashed back onto him, her pussy tightened around his stalk and she sped up even faster.

His lean body and hairless skin appealed to her and she raked her nails across his belly.

With his rod firmly inside Sarah ground her hips and rubbed her pelvis to and fro which gave her clitoris superb stimulation.

Great sobs escaped her red lips and she tossed her head forwards which sent her lush hair onto his body.

"You fuck like a demon possessed," Said Calico Jack with gladness.

Sarah continued to slam her perfect rump onto his thighs, lost in sheer passion for the rut.

The pirate captain gripped her by the waist and with a powerful lunge stood up and spun the surprised dazzler onto her back on the cot and began to fuck her missionary.

His stiff pole never left her pussy and they carried on without a pause.

With strong biceps he brought her delectable legs up onto his shoulders as he leaned over her and this position buried his prick inside her deep. The boots dangled over his back.

He felt incredible with his cock stuffed up the wonderful girl.

She shook her head on the fine down pillow and occasionally looked up into his blue eyes, then she moaned as he shoved hard and her eyes shut tight.

Little intakes of breath made her throat squeak quietly as he plowed in.

Her magnificent tits jiggled from his violent thrusts.

"Its like fucking a glove, I do believe I may spill my seed."

The sweat covered man slowed to deep hard plunges that filled Sarah, his balls slapped against her every time he entered.

Each big lunge pressed her back into the mattress and her cries of ecstacy grew louder.

The two were so engrossed in their love making they didn't hear the cabin door open until a voice spoke.

"Morning Calico Jack, we disturbing you?"

Sarah and Jack shot up and looked at two figures in the threshold of the cabin.

At first glance it appeared to be men, but on closer examination it was a couple of women in mens clothing.

The captain lowered Sarah's legs and she rested on her right elbow as she looked to the door.

"ANN! MARY! WELCOME! And many thanks for this." He stood and pointed at the bewildered English woman.

The first figure came forward with a flaming mass of red hair and a knee length velvet frock coat and ankle wide boots with tight pants tucked in.

A white corset kept her tits up on her chest.

The other with long straight black hair and grey eyes gave Sarah a scowl.

Her plunging neck white blouse was brought in tight around her narrow waist with a cincher black belt above black pants and thigh high black boots.

"And who the fuck might this cunt be?"

Ann Bonney, the redhead, looked at Jack who held his throbbing cock in his right fist and jerked a thumb to the naked brunette.

"Isn't she a gift from you my love?"

"Certainly not, isn't Mary and me enough for you? Where did she come from?"

Jack scratched his head, good question he thought.

Mary Read came closer to the nervous Sarah and held her face tightly by the chin.

"Your tits are like fucking cannon balls!"

She stroked the massive boobs and looked down at her gaping cunt that had been stretched out by the Captains big prick.

"Ann come take a look at this!"

Ann came closer as Mary prized open Sarah's legs and they both stared at her shaven labia.

"The cunt has a bald cunt!"

Both women sat beside the bemused girl and they probed and fingered the wet pussy.

"Please ladies, just be nice."

Sarah looked from one to the other with wide eyes and her lips parted to show a row of white teeth.

Mary stood and unlaced her broad belt then lifted her flimsy blouse off over her head.

Two perky breasts were revealed with nipples hard as bullets as she tossed the shirt aside.

Then she bent at the waist and clamped her face to Sarah's immense tits.

Ann looked at Jack and kissed him hard on the mouth and gripped his stiff cock in her right hand.

"Sit back and watch this, this is your gift."

The fiery haired woman turned to the others and Sarah watched her drop the heavy frock coat to the floor then unlaced her corset and her pendulous 34DD boobs flopped out large.

Bent double she peeled her tight pants down and stepped out of them so she only had her ankle boots on.

Her hand went between her upper thighs and she rubbed her mound, covered by a thick bush of ginger pubes.

She joined Mary and pawed at the titanic tits of Sarah who leaned back with legs spread open.

Mary dived down and used thumb and finger to open her outer lips and poke her tongue in the juicy honey pot.

As she lapped away like a puppy drinking water Mary made soft moans.

"Mmm, I can taste Jack's cock in the wench's cunt Ann."

She looked up and parted the soft thighs wider and Ann came and licked the wet pussy herself.

"Sweet and sour." She said as she poked her long tongue up the exposed hole and tickled the inner thigh at the same time.

The sensation was intense and Sarah writhed in delight and squealed.

Her legs went up and her pussy was even more exposed for Ann to use her very long tongue and probe her wetness.

Mary unlaced her pants and removed them with her big boots still on she was naked. She held Sarah by her face and kissed her ruby lips, her tongue made its way in Sarah's mouth and searched for hers.

The two female pirates smothered the English girl and together they caressed and licked and kissed and squirmed in a mass of legs and tits.

Calico Jack enjoyed the show and frantically wanked his twitching cock as he looked on from the corner.

Three fingers found their way up inside Sarah and jabbed in and out, then one of the women massaged her clit rapidly and she went into the throes of an orgasm.

"Look at this cunt leak Mary!"

It was true Sarah seeped her fluid down her thighs and shivered with the delicious feeling.

With eyes closed Sarah was placed on her back while Ann laid with her head between her legs and licked the sweet taste.

Then Mary laid down too and the hot women made a triangle with Sarah's tongue in Mary's pussy and Mary deep inside Ann .

Loud sucking sounds filled the modest cabin as they all wriggled together close.

Ann's ginger pussy darkened with her juices as Mary Read brought forth her climax.

She lifted her head to see Sarah busy with her own bushy cunt and screamed aloud when the English woman took her clit between hard teeth and bit lightly on the nub.


As they all stared up at the time tunnel Doctor Swain explained what he intended, a rapid reverse spiral with half power followed by a clockwise twist with full power.

Ann and Doug sat side by side at the desk nearest the cylindrical hallway and listened.

General Kirk watched concerned a short distance away completely utterly confused.

He had full faith in his team to rescue Sarah Young from the past but didn't understand a thing about time travel.

"I got visual again!" A woman in a white lab coat yelled excitedly and the big screen kicked in.

The dim lit ships cabin began to brighten and the team of Project Tic Toc looked at what seemed to be a group of naked people.

Sarah was at the heart of what looked to be three women and a fair haired man who loomed over them with a raging hard on.

"See! Sarah is a serious fuck bunny!" She whispered to Doug who was mesmerised by the gigantic tits she had.

The women all looked seriously hot in their buccaneer boots as they knelt at the feet of the erect man.

They kissed and caressed each other as they waited for the man to ejaculate.

Ann licked her lips and put her hand in the lap of her lover Doug and gripped his bar under his trousers.

He reacted and pushed his hips up and let Ann rub his crotch hard.

"Are you listening Doug? I said do you agree?"

"What? Oh, umm, excuse me for one moment. Ann could you join me please?"

He got to his feet awkwardly and Ann walked in front of him to hide his tented trousers.

They managed to make it to the men's washroom where the two kissed and hugged in a frenzied manner.

Doug ripped Ann's white coat from her body then flipped around to face the tiled wall.

His right hand moved down to the front of her thighs and felt the wetness from her panties.

Shockwaves went through her body as she pulled them down at the same time he unzipped his erect prick and slipped her the swollen head under her raised skirt.

Ann moaned and closed her eyes as her man moved forward and didn't stop until his entire cock was inside her.

He pulled back and left only the big tip in.

She sighed from the incredible invasion of her cunt.

That was only the first thrust!

Doug held her hip and began to pump in and out fast as she pushed at the wall with her palms.

Her warm channel increased the lube he needed and he fucked her at great speed.

"Doug, you're so big!"

Ann parted her legs apart as far as she could and teetered on her high heels as her body was shifted back and forth.

"That Sarah, she is one little minx! Such a cute ass!"

"I taa, oooo, I told you babe, ooooo fuck, I'm coming!"

Doug felt Ann contract and he yelled and gushed into her with big lunges of his hips and they shared a mutual orgasm.

He laid his head on her back as they panted from the quickie fuck.

She adjusted her coat and brushed her ponytail back over her shoulder.

"We better head on back."

He nodded and twisted his necktie up to the top of his shirt.


Back in 1720 Calico Jack came and sent his white cream out in a 45 degree arc that hit Sarah who sat in the middle of Ann and Mary.

The big droplet hit her nose and dripped down to her open lips.

Then he turned slightly and rained cum on Ann who welcomed the warm seed.

Still his cock spurted and he gave one more big jet onto Mary's tits.


"Go ahead Doctor Swain."

Doug looked the elderly specialist in the eyes as he operated the controls to initiate the sequence of a reverse spiral.

Ann looked at Doug and met his gaze, they both looked worried.


"Well Jack welcome back to the Bahamas, we missed you right Mary?"

"Its been boring that's for sure. Right lets get cleaned up. Where did cannon ball tits go?"

All three looked around but Sarah Young had vanished.


\Next time Sarah travels into the future and meets Barbarella!
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Re: Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel
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Chapter Seven, where Sara meets Barbarella in the 41st Century. Note- Jane Fonda IS Barbarella.



Sarah Young looked up from her position on the ground at a face framed by a golden mane of hair.

The sparkling blue eyes were wide as the slim woman loomed over Sarah who rose to her feet unsteadily.

She seemed different this time and her body tingled oddly.

It felt like she was in a state of limbo, although she had reappeared from the time vortex, her disorientation made her feel uneasy.

"Here, take my hand and lets go, quickly!"

Sarah looked around.

The two of them were in a large field of some kind of wheat and it was night.

As she gazed up into the sky she saw something that made her catch her breath.


"Where are we? Who are you?"

"Not now sweetie, we got to get away from the Zeferlimians."

With her left hand in the others right they ran quickly through the wheat, the long stems brushed them as they made their way to the edge of the field.

She realised she wore knee high boots as they ran.

As they did so Sarah glanced behind her at their pursuers.

She saw the crop part but could not see any figures.

"Who are the Zeferlimians? I can't see anybody!"

"That's because they are invisible!" Said the blonde.

"My ship is just ahead."

Sarah could make out a shape in the double moonlight and a fairly small red vehicle caught her eye.

The woman pressed a device on her right upper arm and a door opened down the side of the spaceship.

They leapt inside and the door closed behind them and they fell onto the orange shag carpet in the main cabin.

Sat at a control console Sarah watched the blonde as a visualizer screen came on and they could see the exterior of the ship.

No person was visible but there were sounds of thumps on the hull and cries and howls of angry creatures.

"That was close, you alright? I'm Barbarella."

The stunning blonde with the voluminous bouffant hair smiled and rose out of the seat.

She stood about five feet eight, was fit and trim with a slim waist.

Dressed all in white, her spandex one piece outfit resembled a bathing suit with a high collar and open neckline that showed her cleavage from her 34B breasts.

Thigh high white boots with stiletto heels hugged her long lithe legs.

Sarah put her hand to her brow, she felt her thick hair and it seemed more tousled than usual. It appeared to her she had been backcombed and two cans of hairspray had been applied.

He arms were in silver gloves that flared at the elbows.

She looked down at her metallic silver mini dress with purple trim which zipped up the front and was pulled in at her waist by a purple belt.

The neck was high and a front keyhole cut out showed her deep cleavage.

Knee high silver boots with a three inch heel left a tantalising view of bare thigh from the top of the boots to the hem of the dress.

"Pleased to meet you, and thanks for saving me. I'm Sarah from, er, well..."

"From Earth, me too!"

"Welcome aboard the Alpha Seven, Sarah of Earth."

A computerised voice came out of nowhere.

"Who was that?" Said Sarah still dazed at her whereabouts.

"That is Alfie, the ship computer. Lets go Alfie, prepare for take off."

Barbarella took Sarah by the hand and showed her a chair by the orange fur lined console and they both strapped themselves in.

The craft rose up then there was a whoosh in their ears and the women were pinned back in their seats from the acceleration.

"We'll be in orbit soon, relax. Tell me how you came to be on Lythiun?"

Sarah had a thousand thoughts and a thousand questions.

If time was a series of events that occurred from past to present how was it possible to travel into the future when it had not happened yet?

Was she in another Dimension?

And wasn't Barbarella fictional? She recalled the movie with Jane Fonda and the French comic strip.

Was there a line between dream and reality?

More important, could she ever return to 1993, the time she had entered the time tunnel.

"Lythiun? Is that a city?" She asked.

"No silly, Lythiun is the 16th Planet of Tau Ceti, about 12 light years from Earth."

Barbarella checked various readings and screens and looked at Sarah.

"Did you crash? Was your ship destroyed? Were you alone?"

Sarah felt faint and her head buzzed with the notion she was not on Earth anymore.

As the spaceship stabalized The two women got to their feet.

"You look like you could do with a lie down. Come this way."

Barbarella flicked a switch and reserve power kicked in and the lights dimmed.

Next to the main cabin was a room with a big bed and Sarah welcomed the soft mattress and drifted off to sleep.

When she woke she found that she had been stripped of her outfit and was completely naked.

Beside her, also in the nude was the stunning blonde, her eyes moved up and down the astonishing body of the brunette.

Her gigantic 42DD tits sat on a tiny waist and her slim legs were stretched out alongside Barbarella.

Her right hand idly wandered over her stomach and a finger twirled in her dark pubes.

Sarah sighed from the gentle touch and parted her thighs slightly and closed her eyes.

"You have pubic hair, how quaint!"

Sarah looked down at the attractive blonde and saw she had a smooth hairless mound.

"Women haven't grown pussy hair in thousands of years."

Barbarella raised herself up on her elbow.

"Would you like to perform sex? That would make you feel better."

Sex always worked for Sarah and leaned in to kiss the woman's full lips.

"Hey steady, we need our exaltation pills first."

"What pill?"

Sarah looked confused as she eyed the cute ass of Barbarella as she got up and sashayed over to a console and returned.

"Here swallow this."

In her palm was a tiny tablet which she handed to the curious brunette.

"In order to achieve sexual gratification we take the exaltation transference pill each so we can be in perfect confluence.

Then we hold our palm against each other like this."

They knelt naked on the bed and faced each other and placed a palm together and gazed into each others eyes.

"Now take the pill. When our psychocardiograms are in harmony our pleasure centre in our minds will achieve rapture.

Takes about a minute."

One minute thought Sarah? Hardly seemed worth it.

She studied Barabarella, nice body, she wouldn't mind spending an hour in bed with her.

Gradually they felt something.

An aura began to glow around them and Sarah began to feel her body twitch.

Their palms also glowed and Sarah noticed the other woman's hair start to flutter around her head.

Her own mane of dark curls also seemed to volumise too and a strange sensation was felt in every fibre of her being.

Sixty seconds had barely passed when their palms glowed a bright pink and they separated.

Both women exhaled and their naked bodies appeared flushed.

"Wow, that was a good one, thank you Sarah."

Sarah ran her hands over her big boobs and stomach.

She felt relaxed and radiant but missed the physical contact that went along with love making.

"So don't people fuck each other anymore?" She asked.

"No silly, this way we avoid all the personal problems of the past.

We no longer have penetrative sex, and we haven't had a war in 10,000 years either.

Why, didn't you like it?"

Sarah moved closer to the gorgeous blonde and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

"Wasn't that nice too. Have you ever had sex the old fashioned way?"

"Why never, have you?"

Sarah recalled her successful career in the adult movie business and gave a wry smile.

"Once or twice, wanna try? I'll teach you."

With her head in her hands Sarah put her mouth to the other and kissed her full lips.

She tickled her pale neck as they smooched and with a firm poke slipped her tongue inside Barabarella's open mouth.

She was gentle and was rewarded by the blonde who used her tongue as well.

The two fell into each others arms and their breasts crushed against one another.

Sarah brushed the long blonde tresses from the right ear of the space pilot and pierced the drum with her tongue.

She pushed in far as she could, then did the same too the left ear.

"Goodness me, super!"

Turned onto her stomach Sarah gently massaged her soft skin and she heard moans.

Palms down on her lower back the hot brunette gave little butterfly kisses along the spine from just below the neck to the tail bone.

When Sarah reached her thighs Barbarella parted them and let out several sighs as her muscles were rubbed.

"Wow, its very nice."

Now very relaxed Sarah turned her over and began on her front.

Sarah gazed at her perky tits and caressed around each of the beautiful breasts before she moved inward and cupped the firm natural boobs in both hands.

The space pilot purred like a kitten and squirmed around on the bed.

"Gosh, I never knew it would be like this. I feel strange down in my vagina."

Sarah raked her nails along the luscious flesh and Barbarella arched her back and shuddered.

When her puffy mound was reached Barbarella lifted her head in a curious way.

"What next?"

Sarah smiled and licked the upper thighs one by one and moved down the bed so that her head was placed at the damp pussy.

With bared teeth she nibbled the outer lips then swirled her hot tongue around the labia.

Thumb and forefinger parted the folds under the fair downy pubes and she poked her tongue into the wet hole.

"Amazing, its just amazing!" Groaned the blonde as she felt waves of pleasure warm her lower body.

Sarah now curled two fingers upwards inside the entrance as she teased the hard clit with her teeth.

Barbarella widened her legs and bucked up from the bed.

Her pussy throbbed and moisture formed on her golden pubic hair.

Sarah enjoyed her taste, sweet and thick.

Spread out flat on her stomach with her legs bent at the knee Sarah could feel her own juices liberally run out of her aroused cunt.

With a sweep of her hands Sarah pulled Barbarella's legs as far apart as possible and looked at the pulsing cunt in her face.

She sank two fingers back inside and pushed back towards herself and found the G Spot.

The blonde inhaled deeply and closed her eyes shut tight as she was stimulated beyond her wildest dreams.

She heard a squishing noise from her own pussy and felt sensations she never thought possible.

"Sarah, I, I, feel strange, I feel like want to urinate."

Sarah looked up from her position between the parted thighs and continued to rub her love button.


Barbarella came, her pussy tightened, her juices flowed and Sarah lapped up every last drop that dripped out.

"Golly gosh, what just happened!"

"You experienced an orgasm, isn't it the best!"

Now with her own needs in mind Sarah sat up and pulled Barabarella toward her and lifted her left leg and over her right hip.

Then the same with the other leg until both their pussies were mashed against each other.

"Now push at me."

"Like this?"

With a gyration of their hips their soft mounds rubbed firmly up and down, sometimes side to side.

As their pubic bones bumped at each other their cunts flowed with their sweet nectar.

Sarah felt the tickle of hair on her smooth lips and enjoyed the feeling.

Barbarella reached over with her right hand but was stopped.

"No hands, just grind on me with your hips."

Their movements grew more urgent and both made loud whimpers as they locked eyes.

"I think I may orgasm again! Does it happen twice!"

"Sure, sometimes many times."

Barbarella threw her head back and jerked hard.

Her body twisted as a shock wave of ecstasy overcame her.

At the same time Sarah had her shattering climax and squirted out a little over the other.

They went limp as their pleasure subsided and sleep took them.

"Saints alive, I think I love sex!"


In 1996 four worried faces were in line side by side by side.

Kirk, Swain, McGregor and Phillips.

Doctor Swain spoke first.

"No vital signs. No heart rate, respiration, temperature, nothing. Sarah Young is dead."

"I don't believe it! The equipment is faulty!"

Doctor Ann McGregor wiped a tear from her right eye and looked to her partner Doug.

One of the chief executives on Project Tic Toc, responsible for the amazing time tunnel returned her worried look.

"She's not here, and we can't trace her in the past, we have to assume the worst."

"But, what if," Ann sat up straight. "What if she had been transported into the future!"

"Absurd, the future is still to come! You can't go somewhere that hasn't been yet!"

General Kirk spoke with authority but not with much idea of how time travel was even possible.

"Maybe she was switched to another dimension, I don't know."

Ann got up and hurried out of the main control room. She blamed herself for getting Sarah involved in the project to start with. If it hadn't been for her, well it didn't bear thinking about.


Sarah Young awoke from her snooze to the sound of Alfie the ship computer as it announced they were to land soon.

She could hear Barbarella blissfully humming in the main cabin.

She looked around and got to her feet from the bed and padded over to a closet where she found dozens of outfits to wear.

Sarah had no idea where they were headed or what it would be like when they arrived, but she chose a white body stocking from neck to feet and a silver chain mail bra that she managed to stuff her titanic tits into.

She wrapped a silver chain mail belt around her waist above a red thong over the white tights.

Red knee high boots with a silver cuff at the top and a short black cape finished the outfit.

Barbarella whistled with approval when she entered the control cabin.

"Good choice Sarah, you need a bigger size bra for those big boobs of yours though."

The blonde stunner had chosen her action outfit with a black one piece sleeveless body tunic with a see through window over her right breast and stomach.

With black tights and knee high black boots to match.

Her voluminous golden bouffant was even bigger around her head.

Sarah wished for a mirror in order to check out her own mane. She imagined it like how she had it in the 1980's when big hair was 'in'.

"Strap in babe, we're nearly there."

The ships lights came back to full power and the visualizer screen came up.

"Where is there exactly?" Said the brunette as she fastened her lap strap.

As she spoke a large metallic space vehicle loomed up on the screen and the tiny vessel was swallowed and Barbarella steered the Alpha 7 into the landing bay of the space station.

"Its Proxima Delta 35, one of our fixed stations round the sixth planet of Tau Ceti.

I got a call from the United Earth Government to investigate the recent lack of communication with the staff.

I get all these kind of tasks since there are no more armies or police.

I guess I'm a Astrometrix, first class of course."

"What, what year is this?"

"Why its 40,000 silly."

Sarah could not believe where she had turned up.

This was 40,000!

Were the specialists back in 1996 aware she could visit the future.

Worse, was everybody dead? Now that she was 38,000 years ahead of everybody she ever knew.

"Check all readings Alfie."

"Radiation is normal, oxygen is normal, temperature 30 degrees Celsius."

Satisfied of the outside conditions the two heard the hatch open and they both clattered out into the brightly lit metal corridor.

They could not hear any noise apart from the hum of the electric power.

Sarah gasped as she thought something had moved in the corner of her eye.

Then they both heard a scuttle type of sound grow loud then stop.

"This place is spooky, I feel like someone is watching us."

"Here, hold my hand."

Barbarella held her right hand out and took hold of Sarah and they stayed close.

Then a light began to flash yellow ahead of them.

"What do you suppose that is?"

"I have a feeling the security systems have detected our presence." Barbarella looked all around.

In a flash two bulky machines approached them and spindly metal arms with a hinge like an elbow reached out.

Strong grips appeared at the ends and the girls arms were pinned to their sides firmly.

"Hey what gives! ROBOTS!" Said Sarah amazed.

"Robots? Hey, this is against all the laws of Robotics. I demand you release us!"

Barbarella looked serious but the silent metal creatures forced them along the corridor to a big room with many large machines that thrummed and flashed.

The mechanical contraptions that looked like upturned crates on wheels brought them to the middle of the room and the floor parted and two long metal tables rose up.

"What do they want with us?"

"Don't know Sarah, these are just regular domestic bots programmed to probe and inspect any alien life.

Maybe, maybe they think WE are alien!"

The two were forced to lie down on two flat bed benches side by side.

A computer voice boomed out over loudspeakers.

"Prepare the two specimens for examination on the gyno tables."

Sarah looked to her left at the cool blonde who smiled back.

"Be brave, show no weakness."

From above a needle thin laser beam began to pass over them from head to toe and as it did so their clothing was instantly vaporised!

They laid on their backs totally naked!

Then, automatic broad straps rose out of the tables and they were clamped tightly by their upper arms, upper thighs and calves.

Now the two brave girls looked worried as slowly their limbs were parted so they were both in a shape of a starfish.

"Begin bio and neural scan." Said a monotone voice.

Another light washed over their entire bodies in an eerie blue colour from head to toe and back again.

"Activate stage two."

Trapped and unable to move, Sarah tried to squirm on her cute butt in vain.

"Sarah, look!"

A very large mechanical arm with joints came up from the floor followed by an enormous lens that studied Barbarella's nakedness first then Sarah.

Their legs were prodded then their defence less vaginas were teased open.

"Initial report.

Two female specimens.

One dark haired, one fair.

Dark hair has shaven labia with some pubic hair.

Fair hair has golden pubes."

"Report noted.

Begin internal probe to investigate sexual reproductive organs."

"We're human you stupid robots, you cannot harm us!" Barabarella yelled with her blue eyes wide.

A long latex covered rubber robotic false cock reared up attached to an extended hinged arm and carefully lined up in front of the nervous blonde.

She felt a blast of cool gelatine aimed at her downy haired pussy.

"Oh, that's kind of nice." She cooed.

Then her outer lips were parted like petals and her cunt was pierced with ease.

"Start level one penetration."

"Wait! Its too big! I've never had penetrative sex before!"

Sarah shifted her head to see the ten inch dildo vanish into Barbarella's parted thighs.

"Its alright Barbarella, relax your vaginal muscles and breathe deeply."

The cock moved in and out very slowly and as it emerged a film of the blondes juices had smeared the shaft.

"Goodness me, I think I like it. I can feel my thighs tingling."

Now it was the turn of Sarah.

The big titted brunette braced herself as a shot of lube was smeared on her smooth lips before she was entered by the robotic cock.

Her moist cunt welcomed the intrusion having been aroused by the sight of Barbarella being fucked by the robot.

Her muscles clenched around the dildo and she licked her lips gladly.

"Commence with level two penetration."

Now the two girls were fucked faster and they both were plundered steadily and deeply.

They moaned and writhed on the tables unable to defend themselves with their open leg securely tied.
Report Story
A low thump, thump, thump combined with a kind of squelching sound as their cunts nicely moistened.

Barbarella came first and her orgasm hit her hard and sent her into a blissful shake of her body.

"Heavens I achieved rapture!" She smiled and squirted out over the rigid false cock.

Then her body was racked by another climax followed immediately by another!

"Really! This machine is simply delightful!"

Then Sarah tensed and her toes curled as she came.

Her pussy twitched around the dildo and she jerked against the binds.

Still the machines continued with their relentless onslaught on the girls exposed cunts.

Muscles tensed, mouths opened and pussies dripped.

"Status report." Boomed the computer.

"Fair hair has natural breasts but is sterile.

Dark hair has silicon injected mammaries but is fertile.

Prepare the impregnation initiation."

"What do they mean Barbarella. Are they going to artificially make me pregnant?"

The two women relaxed as the false robotic pricks were withdrawn and their sodden cunts leaked out over their butt cracks.

Sarah was still tied in position and looked around in panic.

"You robots are crazy! Where are the station workers?"

Barbarella felt her limbs released from her shackles and she stood up, a little bit wobbly, on her bare feet.

She ran around frantically in an attempt to shut down the mad robots.

Sarah Young, still tied securely was raised up to a 45 degree angle and a silver probing instrument began to lower down to her wide open cunt.


She screamed in despair.

"Barbarella do something!"

The naked space babe hit consoles and punched machinery.

Her eye was drawn to a frosted window and she pressed her nose to it and peered in.

Now she discovered the fate of the space station staff.

Five women were in a line side by side transfixed and eyes closed.

All with pregnant bellies!

She turned back to see Sarah penetrated by the probe and her hand went to her mouth.



Sarah Young opened her eyes and lifted her head up.

Beside her was Barbarella with head bowed and eyes closed.

They were both still naked and still in the same room as before but everything had been frozen in time.

The gyno table where they both had been tied to were silent and the very air seemed to shimmer and shift.

"I am here to help you, do not be afraid."

Sarah, unable to move her limbs looked at a humanoid figure about six feet six in height and with a face that had piercing red eyes.

His coal black form towered over her tiny five foot three frame.

He seemed to radiate heat and a low primal noise came from his throat.

"I am a guardian between the real and the false.

This Dimension and yours.

Its my task to get those who are displaced back to their own rightful place."

"What, what are you?" Sarah stared with her dark eyes wide open.

"Once I was like you then time passed and I evolved to a higher state of existence.

But enough of me.

In order to return you safely I need to fuck you."

"Did I hear you right? You have to fuck me?"

Sarah wanted to move but her body didn't respond.

"Your sexual energy is your one trait that you thrive upon.

I need to build the energy so that when you reach climax you will be returned to your own reality."

Sarah pondered on this. Either fuck this humanoid or get impregnated by mad robots.

"Lets do it."

The guardian immediately sported an erection that appeared to grow to at least ten inches with a thick girth from his abdomen.

She began to feel her arms and legs free up, then she was gripped by the hips and spun around.

A strong hand bent her body at the waist and the head of the large throbbing cock rubbed at her pussy lips then prodded against her opening.

With a mighty push he slid in and Sarah yelled out at the massive intrusion.

The huge prick began to pound her cunt, each thrust pushed her forward hard but two hands held her steady and she was literally used like a fuck toy.

"Fuck, its huge, I'm stretched wide open."

Sarah held her mammoth tits in her hands as they bounced around.

This cock made her seriously wet from the deep fuck.

A few seconds later she exploded in bliss and shuddered from her rattling orgasm.

"Excellent, now the energy is increased."

The guardian kept up his onslaught of her wet pussy and she twitched around his fat organ and she came once more.

She cried out as her juices leaked out of her overfilled hole.

This was amazing.

Every time he pumped her she inhaled sharply, little gasps escaped from her lips.

"Its so deep, fuck me, fuck me, I'm so wet."

Sarah was rocked back and forth then he discharged his load inside her cunt.

The sticky white fluid squirted out like a fountain and sprayed her cute ass and thighs.

This ignited another fantastic orgasm in her and her body was wracked with sheer pleasure.

The humanoid lifted her up as though she was as light as a feather and impaled her on his big upright pole.

His enormous cock was tightly stuffed in her and Sarah could feel another climax already building.

"Fuck! I'm coming!"

"We are almost there. Concentrate."

Sarah felt weak yet exhilarated at the same time.

Her body was held by her waist and brought down hard as he pushed up into her.

Her arousal was in overdrive and her heart thumped with the thrill of the extreme penetration.

Her nipples were like two bullets on her big globes as he plunged in

Her mind became cloudy, her eyes felt as if a mist had dropped suddenly.

"Can you feel it? Do you feel your own Dimension reach out?"

The very room began to crackle with energy as both Dimensions became one instead of two.

Then he came inside Sarah once again and masses of semen flooded her pussy.

As he erupted he roared loudly and her ears were filled with noise.

One last time she looked over at Barbarella who vanished with a lick of electric lightning then Sarah herself disappeared into the time vortex and began a free fall into an endless abyss.

Next time- Sarah in Casino Royale meets the REAL James Bond.


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Re: Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel
« Reply #7 on: August 01, 2020, 11:44:51 AM »
Note from author, this fictional tale features Ian Flemings iconic character in a non profit story intended for fun only.

Chapter Eight, enter OO7.


Sarah Young had been transported backwards in time having travelled just ahead into the future much to her amazement.

Unable to remember details she dimly recalled a stunning blonde with big hair and a spandex outfit.

And sex with, with what? Machines? Impossible!

If time was a static non spatial continuum in which events occurred in irreversible succession how did that explain how she had existed in a time yet to come?

Now she realised that anything was possible with the time tunnel and therefore it must continue to be funded for further study and research.

She had appeared from the time vortex after a free fall and was dropped off in a ladies bathroom with ornate gold edged mirrors and white china hand basins.

A slow moving ceiling fan made a slight noise as it turned and made the air fresher.

Sarah gazed at herself in the mirror and checked herself out.

She wore a red silk sleeveless dress that flowed down to the floor.

The neckline plunged low and her magnificent 42DD breasts were quite visible to the world.

The dress was backless and her mane of dark brown hair was piled high on top of her head, around her pale neck a necklace of pearls.

Her five foot three figure gained an extra three inches in the gold stiletto heels with the sling backs.

Her long legs were bare as were her arms and she carried a slim purse in her right hand.

Behind her the door opened and a tall brunette in a black evening dress entered and smiled at her.

"Bonsoir Madamoiselle."

"Oh, er, oui. Bonsoir Madam."

The lady looked into a mirror to apply a smear of red lipstick while she looked at Sarah's reflection.

So, thought Sarah, France? When? No clue in the bathroom so she left to find out just where, and when she had arrived.

She passed other elegantly dressed men and women as she tottered on her heels down a winding staircase to a crowded main room.

It was loud, smoky and the air smelled of tobacco and booze.

Sarah realised she was in a Casino, there were small Baccarat tables around the central table which was for roulette.

A cheer went up as some lucky soul won on the spin of the wheel.

A long bar ran down one wall and her eye was drawn to a solitary figure who faced away from the action and sipped a drink on a stool.

She joined him and sat by his left side.

He looked up and their eyes locked.

Sarah's heart skipped a beat as her dark brown eyes met his of steely grey.

Even sat beside each other he towered over her and his broad shoulders filled his black tuxedo.

The man brushed a comma of loose black hair that fell across his right brow.

As he did so Sarah noticed a scar on his cheek.

"Drink?" His voice brought her out of her daydream.

"Thank you, whatever you are having."

The man gestured to a barman and spoke.

"Deux Martini, si'l vous plait."

He looked back at Sarah and lit a cigarette.


"No thanks I don't."

Tall man lowered his vision and took a long look at Sarah's awesome large mammaries.

His eyes raised up to hers with no guilt and she melted under his hypnotic stare.

"You smell scrumptious, Chanel?"

She nodded and her hand went to her brow.

"Its very hot in here, isn't it?"

"Northern France is always like it this time of the year, that's why I chose the Royal Les Eaux Casino. It was built fifty years ago in 1900."

Sarah sipped her drink and made a face.

The man laughed at her grimace.

"Its my own invention, a martini, three measures of gin and one of vodka."

"Mmmm, lovely." Sarah's mind wandered, this must be 1950.

She wobbled slightly on her stool unsure if it was the heat or her travel in the space/time continuum.

"I feel a little faint, can you help me Sir?"

Quickly up on his feet he took her elbow and she gladly wilted in his strong arms.

He steered her to the stairs and together they climbed up slowly till they reached the first floor and room number 007.

The sounds and scents of the Casino faded along with the heat as the man opened the door and they both felt a cool and airy room.

He reached for the light switch but Sarah stopped him.

"Leave the light, my eyes..."

He remained silent and stood directly behind her. His lips grazed her slender neck and she sighed and closed her eyes.

The large open window let in the light from the large full Moon and the artificial lights from the Casino at the entrance.

Her left hand went up behind her to his head as he leaned in to nibble her ear lobe.

Big hands ran down the sides of her red dress then around to her flat stomach, then he moved to her massive breasts.

He massaged the two mounds of flesh through the silk and Sarah moaned to his touch.

The man pressed his body against hers and his stiffening erection pushed at her backside.

When he found the zip of her dress and pulled it down Sarah did not resist as it went slack and let it fall silently to the carpet at her shoes.

Now only left in skimpy panties, the tall hunk grabbed both her generous boobs and smoothed his palms around the sensational tits.

The statuesque brunette moaned softly under his tender touch and turned around to face him as he removed his tuxedo and bow tie.

He crushed her curvaceous body to his and they engaged in a long passionate kiss.

She could feel his bulge in his tailored trousers against her naked thigh and she pressed on it hard.

He smelled her luxuriant hair as they kissed deeply, their tongues seeking out each others.

With a twist of her left hand, her hair fell free and cascaded down her narrow back.

Her back arched and the man deftly drew her panties down her thighs.

When they reached her knees Sarah lifted her right leg and stepped out of them.

Naked before him she wrapped her arms around his neck and their hungry lips found each other again, her big boobs dragged against his chest.

His rigid cock trapped in his tailored trousers could be felt by Sarah on her left thigh and she rubbed herself firmly against it.

Their hungry mouths met in another lingering kiss as he gripped her ass cheeks in both hands and pulled them apart.

Then he jammed a finger inside her and teased her as he gently probed her damp pussy.

Sarah Young buried her head in his shoulder and bit her lower lip.

"Oh, that feels so nice." She muttered.

The tall man frigged her fast and she rose on tiptoe and reveled in the fat digit between her thighs.

Just when she felt close to satisfaction he stopped and pushed her back slightly and shed his shirt to reveal muscled hairy torso.

They stood and admired each other.

She with the enormous melons on a small waist and shapely legs with the shaven pussy mound that glistened in the low lit room. A small triangle of dark hair atop.

And he with well developed biceps and pectorals and a washboard stomach.

"You shave your labia?"

"Its a modern thing I guess."

"Girls in 1950 shave? I never met one yet."

Ignoring his voice Sarah kissed his cheek and chin as she used both hands to unbuckle his trouser belt then she undid the fly buttons and the dark slacks fell to his shoes.

As she freed his aching erection from his underwear she gripped the long stalk and rubbed it from the base on up measuring the size. When she reached the fat crown she gasped.

With a glance down she saw a swollen red tip on at least eight inches of thick prick.

"Do I please you Miss?"

The curvaceous brunette licked her red lips and gazed into his hard eyes that seemed to pierce right through her.

"Very much so, and its Sarah. And you?"

"Bond, James Bond."

Sarah stood transfixed as he told her his name.

She shook her head and sank to her haunches and held his impressive hard on in her slim right hand.

Her tongue darted out and teased the top with little flicks before she opened her mouth and clamped down on the hot shaft and swallowed it as far as she could.

Bond made a small noise at the back of his throat as he watched his cock vanish past her lips.

He took a fistful of her dark curls as her head bobbed back and forth and made loud sucking sounds.

She looked up and popped off him, a drool of spit dripped down the underside of his organ.

"Do I please you darling James?"

He smiled and nodded as he looked at his own veiny prick that jutted out of his dark haired groin. He let go her hair and ran a hand through his own.

Sarah rubbed her own cunt as she returned to the slick cock.

Her wetness pleased her as she ran her lips along the smooth shaft then moved up to the head and grazed her teeth on it.

She felt the tremble of his thighs as her mouth lingered on the top and kept still while he twitched inside.

Sarah pushed down and he felt the back of her throat which let an overflow of saliva spilled over her chin.

She moved fast now and the slurping sounds became louder.

Then she leaned back and his cock sprang out and pointed up to the ceiling and quivered.

"That was amazing."

They hugged and moved to the large bed with the iron bedposts and laid in each others arms and wallowed in the glorious sensation of skin on skin.

The shadows of the outside lights danced on the walls as Bond crept up to Sarah's phenomenal breasts and attacked the erect nipples with his lips and teeth.

She arched her back as she laid under his heavy weight and presented him with her great globes gladly.

His palms wandered over her soft flesh as she writhed in sheer delight, her head back in the fine down pillow.

His right hand found her wet pussy and he fingered the pubic hair as he bit her left nipple.

Sarah bit her lip in anticipation and was not disappointed as he opened her outer lips and poked inside.

She bucked against him and spread her legs out wide as he flicked her clitoris side to side.

"Such a delicate touch my darling." She moaned as her cunt tingled like mad.

Was this THE James Bond? Was he not a fictional character? Or did he really exist and his escapades written as novels. Was he in fact a secret agent?

Next thing she squirmed agreeably as he used his tongue to lick her wet love tunnel with quick stabs.

With both hands she took hold of the cotton sheet and made little sobs in her throat.

Then without a word he flipped her onto her stomach and laid flat on her back.

His thick cock nestled in her ass crack and he held her hands in his and threw them out wide as he kissed the nape of her neck.

Sarah cooed with delight as he raised her long hair up over her face.

Her pussy ached and she longed very much for him to shove inside her.

She felt exhilaration as his hands roamed along her back and spine and she got wetter with each moment in anticipation.

A broad smile broke on her lips as she felt him push her legs apart and steadily push in.

The movement of the shadows from the window across their bodies made his grinds appear to be in slow motion.

But his powerful butt and upper thighs pounded her with long solid thrusts and her body was pressed down into the mattress.

Then he pulled out and drew her up onto her knees and inserted his stiff knob inside once more.

Sarah now rested on her elbows, her palms down and ass up as her bald pussy was hammered from behind.

Her moans seem to be caught in her throat and she made little strangled sounds as he picked up the pace.

Bond dug his fingers into her hips and each push in made his balls smack against Sarah's buttocks.

Her heavy tits swayed in time with the relentless fuck and their bodies glowed with perspiration.

"James, you're so good, I love your cock."

"And you are amazing my love."

Sarah's arms trembled and she could not keep herself up and fell flat against the bed.

Bond did not hesitate and grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her hips.

"James you devil!" She grinned at his cheeky trick then yelped as his pulled her back to him for a deeper penetration.

Now he fucked her very quickly with short shallow strokes as he rubbed her clit at the same time.

His fingers became covered in her fluid, and the sensation of having her cunt filled and being stimulated by hand was too much and she came with a long, loud groan as her body shook with relief.


"Bravo Monsieur, excellente!"

Bond reacted quickly and rolled out and away from the startled English girl.

He dove for his tuxedo to fetch his gun but in the darkened room failed to spot it.

He cursed his lapse of concentration and sat on the edge of the bed, still erect and still horny.

In a chair opposite the bed under the open window a brunette flicked a match and lit a cigarette that dangled from her red lips.

Sarah leaned up, her hand against her sodden pussy and recognised the woman from the bathroom earlier.

She sat with legs crossed in her black gown and blew a smoke ring.

In her right hand she held an Italian Beretta semi automatic pistol, and it was aimed right at James Bond's prick!

"Well well, Le Chiffre, good evening to you."

"Bonsour Mr. Bond, did I interrupt you?"

"Not in the least, I was just about..." He made a move and was stopped by the French woman.

"Keep still and get over there by the whore."

Sarah Young looked at them both, they seemed to know each other, and the woman clearly had a problem with James Bond.

He slid alongside her and took her hand in his.

"Its alright Sarah, her problem is with me not you. Let the girl go, she doesn't concern you."

Bond was bold and confident despite being naked and under threat of a gun.

"Sarah is it? Come here English."

Sarah looked at Bond then back at the tall brunette who impatiently waved the gun at her.

Up on her heels she stood as Le Chiffre looked her up and down.

"Your boobs are spectacular, and you suck cock like you were born to do so."

Sarah didn't know whether to thank the woman or not and stood silent.

The woman fished around in her purse and found a pair of handcuffs.

"Here, secure his hands to the bedpost."

Sarah took the metal cuffs and went to the bed.

James Bond gave her a smile and held his hands out.

"Above his head, like this."

The brunette held her arms up and Bond slid his body down the bed on his back and Sarah cuffed his right wrist and raised it up to the headboard and he held his left up so she could attach it to the other through the vertical bars of the bed.

The spy was now tied by his hands and unable to move from the head down to his chest.

Le Chiffre relaxed and shrugged her right shoulder and let the thin strap of her gown fall over her arm.

She did the same with the left and the black material dropped to her five inch stiletto heels.

Apart from black silk stockings that had garters around the top the six foot tall woman stood totally naked and let Bond and Sarah leer at her outstanding figure.

Her perky 36C breasts had large areolas and the nipples pointed out proudly.

Long slender legs that never seemed to quit had taut muscles in the thighs and calves.

Her pelvis had a V from her hips to her mound where she had a trimmed bush of dark hair.

Wavy brown hair parted in the middle flowed over her creamy shoulders all the way down to her waist and her pert butt stuck out of her rear.

"You are both exceptional lovers, I watched you since you returned to the room.

Simply fascinating, now I want that cock!"

Bond shifted his butt on the bed, his prick stirred once more and sprang up to rest on his belly.

"You, whore move over there."

Sarah walked to the corner of the room and sat on a stool nervously.

Le Chiffre loomed over Bond and pointed the Beretta gun at his face.

"You, behave."

Her long hair fell on his chest as she took hold of his thick cock and caressed the long stalk.

As she put the head in her mouth she gave it little baby nips which brought a groan to his lips.

He strained at the cuffs and his biceps rippled, his legs moved up and down the sheet.

Her intoxicating scent filled his nostrils and he sucked air in sharply.

The female spy rammed her mouth down over the entire length, paused two seconds then released him with a loud pop.

"Fuck!" He gasped.

With her tongue she explored his generous meat slowly as she gazed into his eyes.

Then she pursed her lips and sucked on the bulbous head.

"Your cock tastes of cunt Mr. Bond."

She looked over at Sarah who watched mesmerised.

Next thing Bond knew was a tongue everywhere on his rock hard cock, great strings of spit coated his knob.

Then she gripped the dripping shaft and wanked it fast from just under the crown and down to the base.

Bond tensed and tried to will her to stroke the tip of his aching tool.

"Not yet my dearest."

The remarkable woman got up on her high heels and started to lick the steel gun barrel of her Beretta.

Her wet tongue curled around it seductively before she placed it at her moist pussy and caressed the fine hair lovingly.

Bond wished it was his stiff cock there instead of the gun and squirmed on the bed.

Even Sarah thought it erotic and her hands went between her closed thighs and clamped on her own pussy.

Now the brunette turned her back on him and gave him a view of her wondrous ass as she wiggled from side to side.

She moved back and spread her supple legs and placed his rigid stick in her crack.

Very slowly she pushed at it with her perfect round cheeks and he closed his eyes and wallowed in the intense sensation of her flesh against him.

Then she moved out of reach and he yearned to penetrate her as she spun round and laughed at his vain attempt to raise his hips.

"That was rather naughty was it not? I'm such a bad girl."

She giggled and placed her body just above his, her legs alongside his thighs.

The delicious feel of silk on his flesh made his hardness twitch madly.

She reached under her and gripped his pole and lined up her slit to his swollen tip and rubbed gently at it.

Finally with a deep breath she sat down on him and he was plunged into her hot softness and he growled like a wild animal.

"There, isn't that nice?" She kept impaled on him and looked deep into his face.

He felt fat inside her and she savoured the feeling of his thick prick inside her.

"Mmmmmm, you ARE a big boy aren't you?"

She leapt off and his cock slapped back onto his stomach with a smack.

"You fucking bitch!"

"Hey, who has the gun?"

Once more the delectable brunette straddled his prone body and aligned her hot slot with his aching organ and let herself drop onto him slowly.

Her cunt devoured his every inch and she gave her red lips a long lick from left to right.

Then she lifted up and gently rode on him, rising up high then back down fully so that his groin met her soft flesh.

She ran her left hand across his chest hair and twirled a long nailed finger and tugged him with a cruel smile on her lips.

Bond grimaced but the pain was slight compared to the exquisite feel of her tight cunt on his cock.

As she leaned forward her breasts nearly poked him in the face, and her lengthy hair draped over him.

"You like Mr. Bond, James Bond?"

"Sarah was better." He said dryly.

The French spy slapped his face and lifted up off his slick pole.

"LIAR, I am the better fuck. Bastard! You, English. Salope! Here!"

Sarah slowly got up and joined the two of them.

"Suck his cock, and do a good job of it too." The Beretta was waved at her and the nervous Sarah looked into Bonds eyes.

Then she raised the throbbing member to her mouth and rammed her mouth down over the entire length in one big gulp.

Bond began to sweat profusely as he lifted his head to watch his prick vanish past the woman's red lips and hit the back of her throat.
She released him and made a rotation around his swollen red crown with her tongue.

"No, no, like this."

Le Chiffre bent over and as Sarah held his cock at the base in her fist the other crammed her mouth over the first four inches of meat and bobbed her head up and down.

Loud gurgles came from her as she moved very fast until she needed to breath and she stopped and gasped.

"Fuck him."

Sarah obeyed and swung her right leg over his left thigh and climbed up onto his lap.

He pierced her soft cunt with ease and she whimpered as she started to move back and forth along the meaty prick.

He gave a thrust up and he lifted her body up.

Every time she sank down her butt slapped on his groin and she relished the feel of his big cock inside.

Her mane of hair tumbled down her back as she tilted her head and her hefty tits bounced around.

"Yes, yes, yes." She cried out over and over.

"Darling Sarah, you're the best fuck ever had."

"Fuck you English! Get off him!"

Sarah was pushed aside and tipped off the bed by the jealous spy.

Again she leapt onto James and plonked her wet pussy down onto him.

Once he was all the way in she began to grind her pelvis to and fro with his cock entirely inside her.

Her long legs clamped against his powerful thighs as she ground herself on him, her hips and butt in overdrive.

She could feel her clitoris rub on his groin.

He was completely unable to move and he felt slightly claustrophobic.

After two full minutes of this the woman started to rise and fall, and he watched her push down on his pole hard as she could.


With a steady pace that quickened every minute he was ridden hard so much that the bed moved against the wall violently with the frantic rut.

"I will make you cum now Mr. Bond, James Bond."

"Doubt it, your cunt is quite loose, I can barely feel you." He smiled and looked into her with his cold grey eyes.


With rough slaps Le Chiffre gave quick short slams that swallowed him up.

He knew after two hours he was indeed close to climax.

Then the French woman screamed as her own orgasm hit and her body spasmed with the thrill of her relief but still she continued without a break.

It felt like her pussy had melted as he shoved up her mushy cunt.

"I will make you cum bastard!"

So concentrated was she that Sarah Young noticed she had put her gun aside.

She grabbed it and pointed it at the woman with both hands around the handle.

She had no idea how to shoot a gun but tried to look confident.

"Get off of him now!"

Le Chiffre froze and let Bonds raw cock slip out of her dripping pussy.

"Sarah, I need relief, help me."

Sarah moved to the bitch and grabbed a handful of her hair and held her face to his lap.

"Finish him off, s'il vous plait."

Le Chiffre took Bonds cock with a scowl on her face and jerked him hard.

He bucked and gasped and Sarah knew he was done and she held the others face right in line with his upright pole as he sent great spurts all over her mouth and chin.

One big jet hit her in the left eye and she cursed in French under her breath.

At that moment the door to room 007 burst open and a man and woman hurried in.

The man in a blue suit looked all around at the three naked people in the room.

"Miss Smythe secure the lady with semen over her face please."

"Yes Mr. Fleming."

The man called Fleming tossed a discarded dress at Sarah.

"Make yourself decent my dear, oh, and I'll take the gun."

Sarah Young covered her nakedness and watched James Bond as he was uncuffed.

"Sarah, let me introduce Ian Fleming and Miss Penelope Smythe.

They are British Intelligence."

He rubbed his hands and the young blonde in the crisp starched skirt gave him a glass of water, which he gulped down greedily.

"Right on the money, Penny. Thank you."

"Sorry we took a while old chap, hope you didn't receive too much discomfort.

Now with this bitch out of commission the Russians will have a severe hole in their wallet."

"Yes, she cheated at this Casino for the last time.

I have to thank Sarah for the well needed help."

They all looked around, but the stunning beauty had simply vanished.



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