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My New Best Friend (Alexa Bliss, Natalya)
« on: November 30, 2018, 04:41:51 PM »
DISCLAIMER: This story is based on my imagination. No real events have occured.

Code: FFM, Fetish, Anal, Rough Sex, Trio

Not many fans are lucky enough to be backstage  where the WWE superstars are, but lucky me I happen to be good friends with Mike Mizanin better known as The Miz who granted me permission to be around the backstage area with the Smackdown Superstars. It was a dream come true. I felt like a little kid all happy looking for toys at Toys “R” us. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s a dream of any WWE fanatic right? I was kind of shy so I didn’t wonder as much as I wanted. I ran up to some of my favorite superstars like Kalisto, Dolph Ziggler, Rhyno and Becky Lynch but I didn’t open up any conversations with any of them.

I was standing right behind a curtain that lead to the stage when a familiar face approached me. It was Alexa Bliss. She seemed to be ready for a match since she had her gear on and wow, she looked amazing in it. She looks great on TV, but in person it’s a whole different thing.

“Hey, you’re Miz’s friend right?” Alexa asked me. I gave her a smile and reached my hand toward her. She shook my hand also with a smile.

“Um yes, I’m just walking around and meeting some of my favorite Superstars. I’m glad I ran into you. I’m a big fan of yours.” Out of nowhere, Alexa grabs me and gives me a hug.

“I’m sorry, I don’t usually hug my fans but I wanted to. Most of them just want an autograph or a picture and just walk off without saying anything else like hey, how was your day? Did you win a match today? Can I buy you a drink? None of that, and it just pisses me off…” I could tell she was getting upset; I had to cheer her up.

“Well, I’m glad we opened up a conversation. Are you having a match soon?” I asked.

¨Yes, actually… in 10 minutes.¨ Alexa answered. She was in her Harley Quinn personality and I just had to tell her how great she looked. ¨You as Harley Quinn is the greatest thing there is right now. Did you come out with the idea¨? I asked her.

Alexa stretched out her arms and turned around so I could get a great view of her outfit. Even though she was a short girl, her ass, hips and thighs looked amazing.

¨Yes, I did. I love Harley Quinn which is why I changed my attire and hair similar to hers. I will be using this personality for a long time.¨ We continued talking for about 5 minutes about how it was for her to be on the road every day, how she missed her parents and the rest of her family.

¨It was great talking to you… I´m not sure if you told me your name,¨ ¨Steve¨ I told her. I gave her another handshake wishing it wouldn´t be the last time I talked to her.


I decided to walk back to Mike’s locker room and watch the rest of the show from there. I couldn’t believe how great Alexa Bliss looked in person. I really wanted to ask more questions. Some risky ones but I wanted to take the chance. I couldn’t get the image of her in her outfit out of my head. She looked so sexy in her latex booty shorts that verily covered her great round ass. I quickly stood up from the couch I was sitting on and locked the door. I reached for my backpack and reached out a condom. I had to do what I had to do but I didn’t want to leave any evidence of a mess. I put on a condom and set for a while. I know Mike wasn’t going to show up any time soon so I had enough time to be by myself and play around.

I started stroking my cock very slowly just enjoying the sensations and the image of Alexa in her outfit, but I had no intention of cumming. Sure she was hot but she wasn’t my fantasy. I reached for my backpack once more and took out a folder of images I had. I had ten images of Natalya. She was my fantasy and I always carried pictures of her on road trips. I had the urge to cum but decided to edge myself. I wanted that challenge. I put the image back in the folder and placed my backpack in the couch. I took out the condom, wrapped it on a tissue and threw it away. I pulled my boxers and jeans back to place and enjoyed the rest of the show.


A few minutes after the show ended I heard a knock on the door. Making sure I had the image of Natalya in my backpack and the tissue I used to throw away the condom in the trash can, I opened the door. To my surprise, it was the same person who I had a brief conversation with right before her match, Alexa Bliss. She stepped inside wondering around. She told me it was the first time she ever stepped into Mike’s locker room. Maryse was probably the reason why, I thought. “Miz told me to pick you up and drive you to the hotel he’s staying at, he had to leave sooner.” Her words put a smile on my face. I picked up my stuff and we talked towards the parking lot. Me and Alexa Bliss together, yeah I really liked the idea…


Alexa drove to a hotel that was really close to the arena. I guessed she drove for about a mile considering it only took her less than 5 minutes to get there.

“Miz told me he will be picking you up in about an hour so we will be waiting in a room for a bit if you don’t mind.”

We both walked towards the hotel, she showed her pass to the person in charge of the hotel and they handed her the key to the room. I had mixed feelings at the moment, not knowing what to think, say or how to react. I followed along. Once we were in the room we started talking a little more about ourselves. I told her I was a musician, that I loved creating and listening to music, that I been a wrestling fan since I was twelve. I also said that The Attitude era was the greatest thing that ever happened in WWE history. I even told her that WWF sounded a lot better than WWE, and to my surprise, she agreed.

“Can I asked you something” I asked minutes later. “Sure, go ahead” Alexa said. I cleared my throat wishing for the best.

“You know, that attire you wear… well it’s made out of latex right?” Alexa reached for one of her bags, the one where she kept her gear and pulled out her black trunks.

“These, yes they’re made of latex. I personally asked the lady who designs our outfits to make it from latex material, it’s really soft, sexy and well I also like to use it for other things not just every time I wrestle.”

That was it. Now it was the time to ask even more questions. I was a happy man.

“Can I know”? I dared to asked.

“I have no clue why I’m telling you this but I am, what the hell. I’m into some very kinky things. I like to role play and I’m also a submissive. I know I can be a bitch and kick ass on TV but don’t let that fool you. I like to be dominated and be whopped “in the ass” if you know what I mean.” Alexa just stared at me not knowing why she was telling me all those things, but we managed to open some sort of a trust barrier between us. It just felt nomal.

“That is interesting, I must say. I think the idea of dominance and submission could be very fun and hot to perform.” I was brave enough to save.

“Believe me, it is” Alexa said. She stood up and walked towards the door. “I’ll be right back” were the words she said before stepping outside.


It took Alexa 10 minutes to get back and I was still in a trance state after our conversation. I never imagined that Alexa would be into those kinky things. Her character on TV never gave me a clue. I never been in that type of situation with anyone but I surely wanted to give it a try. I guessed I wasn’t lucky enough. “Miz is on his way, just watch tv while I shower real quick. It was great talking to you, you seem to be a very nice guy” She grabbed all her bags and took them to the bathroom with her.


I heard a knock on the door a little before an hour we got there, I assumed it was Miz.

“Hey, Alexa.. Mike is here I’ll will be leaving now. Thank you for taking your time. I very much appreciate it.” Alexa didn’t reply but that was ok, I walked towards the door and it was not Mike.

“You must be Steve.”

It was the greatest women wrestler there is, was, and ever will be: Natalya. I was in complete shock not knowing what to say. All I could do just stare at the beautiful figure. All covered in Leather, Natalya stepped inside. She was wearing an outfit that verily covered her big beautiful breasts.

“Mike will not be picking you up tonight, I’m afraid you might have to sleep here with us.” Afraid? Me? To sleep in the same bed with Alexa and Natalya? Damn, was this the luckiest day of my life or what?


“So Mike just took off without letting me know”? I asked. I still had mixed feelings about the situation Mike had just put me through, then again I had Alexa and Natalya together in a hotel room. What more could I asked for? I really wanted to get to know Alexa a little better and Natalya was my dream girl, my crush. This almost felt like a dream.

“I’m sure he had his reasons to leave.” Natalya said. Was Natalya up to something? Maybe Alexa? Or Both? I had no clue but I was fine with either one. A few minutes later Alexa steps out of the bathroom, but this time she came out wearing one of her attires. Where they going to wrestle in front of me?

“I really like how that one looks on you, Lexa. Natalya told her. “I’ll let Dixie know to do me booty shorts soon. I’m tired of wearing catsuits all the time, Dixie is the lady who does our outfits by the way, Steve.” I knotted my head. Alexa walked towards where Natalya was standing.

“Ok, I am sorry, Steve. Miz didn’t have to leave. I told him I was going to drive you to his hotel room tomorrow morning and I called Nattie to come over for the night and say that Miz sent her.”

There was nothing for me to forgive, Alexa just made my dream come true.

“No worries, I’m glad to be here tonight with both of you.” I  said.

“Steve, you want to show Nattie what you were doing in Miz’s locker room?”

How the hell did she know? I lost my mind at that point not know what to say.

“Don’t be shy now, you can do it in front of us.” Natalya reached for my backpack and took out the folder where her pictures where located. Damn, I was thinking for the worst.

“It’s ok, Steve I’m not freaked out, as a matter of fact I feel quite loved in some ways.”

I took the folder from Natalya’s hand and pulled out an image, kneeled at her feet and placed the image there. It feel great, normal, like if I been there many times. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my already hard cock. I wrapped my hand around it and stroked at her presence. I stroked for a couple of minutes enjoying the moment. Alexa was watching as well, enjoying herself. With my dick harden, precum everywhere on her boots, I took the chance of grabbing Natalya by her thighs, placing my face between her legs. I felt Natalya’s fingers stroking my hair. I could tell she was enjoying it. I could feel her arousal growing. All I wanted was to please her in every way possible.

“Unzip me” Natalya moaned.

She didn’t have to say it twice. I unzipped the lower part of her cat suit exposing the juices I caused. My mouth kissed and licked every inch of her pussy. Her moans became louder and louder. I got up from my knees, stood behind her and placed my hands on her waist and kissed all around her neck, front and back. My mouth kissed every inch part of her body; her legs, her back, her feet and her great ass as my hands wondered all over her curvy body. 

“I’ve never been kissed liked this before even through this fabric, I can feel your mouth on my skin…” she softly murmured with her eyes closed.

“You deserve this and so much more.” I said to her ear. Natalya felt my hard cock on her ass. It was so beautiful, everything about her was beautiful.

“Don’t forget me now, you two.” We heard Alexa say. Alexa walked towards me and pulled me away from Natalya and told me to sit on the bed. I thought she was going to suck me off but she had a different idea. She started dancing, mostly twerking and grinding on my cock. I placed my hands on her hips as Natalya got behind me and started licking and sucking the side of my neck. The feeling was incredible, unbelievable. Alxea grinding her latex on me and feeling natalya’s mouth and tounge on my neck was indescribable.

“You’re going to cum”? I heard Natalya say. I moaned yes. With that, Alexa stopped what she was doing, set on the edge of the bed and my orgasm briefly went away. I took Natalya and pinned her face to the bed, her ass in the air. I wanted Natalya. I wanted to fuck her hard.

I finished unzipping the lower part of her outfit and entered her.

“Fuck yes, fuck me,” Natalya moaned. I took her by the waist and started pounding her like a mad man.

“Fuck!” she screamed. I was lost in the heat of passion. I was fucking the woman of my dreams. Her moans drove me crazy. The bed banging the wall, Alexa playing with herself watching us, her moans were loud as Natalya’s. She was enjoying it as much as us.

 “Fuck, yes, take it!” I screamed. I took a hand full of Natalya’s hair and pulled her towards me while thrusting harder in and out of her.

“Ah, yes!” She groaned. Natalya was shaking, her orgasm near. Alexa was close to cumming too. Natalya groaning in pleasure taking my cock from behind came intensely. I rested in bed for a while while my eyes met Alexa’s. Natalya was still in an orgasmic state.

“You fucked her brains out, Steve...” She reached out her hand with a smile, I reached out mine. It was there that I found out that Alexa would be a very great friend.
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Re: My New Best Friend (Alexa Bliss, Natalya)
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That was hot. I really like Alexa though I don't follow much wrestling. Thank you for posting.  :D

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Re: My New Best Friend (Alexa Bliss, Natalya)
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"So what ppv would you like to see"? I asked Alexa browsing through the WWE Network on a 60' inch tv while she was pouring wine into a glass for herself. I let her know I wanted soda since I didn't like drinking alcohol.

''Ah, I'll let you pick whatever you like." she replied. This was our first time together. I wouldn't call this a date though. Just a week ago I was fucking Natalya' s brains out while Alexa watched. What does that make her then? Strangely, I wasn't sure but I really enjoyed her company and she enjoyed mine and quite frankly, that was the only thing that mattered.

"Did you let Nattie know you we coming"? Alexa asked as she handed me a soda can. She sat next to me and wrapped her arm around me.

"Hm, no but I"ll call her if you like." She knotted shaking her head while taking a zip from her drink.

"Tonight, I want you all for myself." I stared deep into her eyes while taking a zip from my drink fighting with feelings and emotions. I loved Nattie, I'd do anything for her, but Alexa was somebody I shared something very special with and I wasn't quite sure what that was. I was having a great time with my new best friend Alexa and somehow deep inside me, I felt that Alexa shared that same thought.


We ended up watching the 2001 Royal Rumble. I told her that 2001 was one of my favorite WWE years because of the invasion angle that took place that year and the dramatic change of the company from 1999 to 2001.

"You know what Steve, Lita was far better than Trish ever was. Yeah, Trish was sexy and had lots of horny guys jerking off to her, but Lita was all wrestling, baby." She giggled for a bit and I laughed along. Yeah, she was right. I couldn't think of all the times I jerked off to her before Nattie. Damn. "Hell, Trish Stratus was in just for that. The ratings caused that." Those were strong words from Alexa that I bothered not to reply to. If she didn't like Trish then I respected that. Close to an hour into the show, Alexa stood up to get more wine. She asked if I wanted another can of soda but I refused.

As she walked back to her seat, she placed her drink on a glassed table in front of us. Her legs fit and strong were covered by daisy duke shorts that made her ass look ever so good. She bent over so that I could see a nice view of her round behind. I wanted to reach out and grab it.

"I see what you're doing Alexa..." I said softly. She turned around and starred for a bit, then she lowered herself down to my lap.

"Is that so, Steve..." She began grinding her hips and ass on my cock. I dry humpped other girls but Alexa was something different. I moaned softly. Alexa smiled in a very erotic way. "Do you like this"? She whispered in my ear. I placed my hands on her waist, down to her hips and took a squeeze of her firm ass. She continued grinding me in a much faster pace.

"Yes, this feels amazing." I let her know. We continued kissing and grinding for a couple of minutes before she stopped.

"I want to try something out with you," she said as she got off from my lap. "Stay here, I'll be right back." She ran into a room as I sat there watching the TV in front of me.


When she got back, the only layers of "clothing" she was wearing were latex stockings and leather boots. She was also holding a ball gag on her hand. "How do I look"? She insisted. She spread her arms apart and turned around slowly. Her exposed breasts were nice and purky. Just beautiful. Her blonde hair trully made her look like a real life barbie. I let her know how wonderful latex made her look.

"Why the ball gag though?" I finally asked. "You won't be able to speak a single word."

"I wont need to speak," Alexa said. "For the next couple of minutes, I"ll your slave, your love... your slut. I'll be whatever you like."

Alexa was serious, I could see it in her eyes. She wanted to play the role of master and slave. "Are you sure"? I asked her. With that, she handed me the ball gag. I placed the ball in her mouth, walked behind her, caressed her hair a couple of times and tighten the knot behind her head. From that moment, she wasn't my friend, my lover, not even Alexa Bliss. She was simply my slut. My whore...


I ordered her to be on all fours as I searched Trish Stratus videos on YouTube. Yeah, I wanted he to suffer a bit. "You will be watching Trish Strats videos and you will like it you hear me. Now, wait here until I come back understood"? The only thing my slut was able to do was moan into that ball gag deep in he month.

I walked to the room my slut went to wondering how this new role I was in trully worked. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go on. Part of me just wanted to go back and laugh at what just took place but I wanted the challenge.

When I entered the room, I noticed some of the ring gear my slave used when she wrestled all piled up in a couch she had laying around. She also had a large photo of herself as a poster on a wall.

I sarched her room for a couple of minutes then stepped into the the only closet in the room. There were chains, leather collars, wristbands, boots, gloves and lots of gas masks. Damn, this slave lived for this. I was amazed. I also found all sorts of dildos, lube and butt plugs. I left the dildos there and grabbed an anal plug and lube. A bright smile covered my face.

I went back to the living room where my slut waited while videos of Trish were still playing. "Do you like Trish now, slut"? I asked. She answered with moans. "Good" I got behind her and placed ny right hand on her naked ass.

I spanked her once, twice up to 20 times I wasn't even sure but that wasn't enough, she wanted more and I knew exactly what she needed. I lubed up my fingers and inserted my index finger into her swollen aroused pussy. Her muffled moans really sounded so sexy. I continued the stroking then went a little faster and deeper. Her muffled moans became louder and luder. I loved it. I Ioved being in control.

I told her to turn around to face me, she obeyed. I lowered myself towards her and whispered in her ear; "I'm going to fuck that mouth of yours and you will like it. If I feel like watching Trish, Nattie or whoever on TV I will be face fucking them in the mouth, not you understood? She moaned again.

I reached into the back of her hair to free her mouth from the ball gag as siliva drolled down her mouth. I loved the sight of that. I grabbed the anal plug, lubed it up and shoved it deep in her ass.

I pulled down my pants and boxers as she starred hungrily at my cock. She wanted it so bad. Without any order she opened her mouth wide enough for me to enter her hungry mouth.

I inserted my cock nice and slow in to her mouth at first, then deep as I could. I speed up the pace as my cock grew in her mouth. A segment of Trish suddenly appeared on TV. What caught my attention and arousal was the leather skirt she was wearing. I always loved seeing her in leather. Besides, she triggered this leather fetish I had in the first place.

I took a tight grip of hair with both hands and it was there that I completely lost myself. "Take my cock Trish, take it!" My slaved moaned as the anal plug fucked her ass with vibrating sensations. Her moans got louder as I pounded her hungry mouth with great intensity. "I cant hold much longer"! I screamed.

I came so hard into her mouth as cum drolled down her mouth. She licked and swallowed as much as she could. Her mouth making sweet noices of pleasure letting me know how much she was enjoying it.

When I finally pulled away, I noticed the amount of cum on the floor. I pulled out the anal plug and told her to pick up the mess she caused. I left her there in a pile of cum as I left the room.


What the hell just happened? Seriously. What the hell did I just do? My friendship with Alexa will never be the same. My mind was now playing mind games on me. A master slave thing is not for me right? But I did enjoyed it... Right? I needed long minutes to rethink about what just took place. I promised myself I would never fuck another women other than Nattie. Yes, I am physically attracted to Alexa but its just that. I loved Natalya. Natalya pushed a my buttons unlike Alexa. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and let my thoughts slowly fade away.


Alexa, completely dresses came into the room a few minutes later. "What's up, why are you still here"? She asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"The stuff you're into" I said. "I feel horrible. I was playing this role that totally undefines me. Someone I'm not."

Alexa, the good friend that she was reached out and hugged me like the first time. "I figured that, but you're best. You trully showed me what a great friend you really are. This was a fantasy of mine and I wanted to pay someone to do exactly what you just did. Don't feel bad. I know Nattie is your love which is why l got her permiasion first. I have certain limits you know. You can't fuck me and I can't fuck you, Its our agreement when we share you."

Natalya got me again. She knew I will be here. What a hell of a friendship this was.

We walked back to the living room and continued watching the remains of the Royal Rumble. Alexa was a fan girl of wrestling. An awesome wrestler. A great friend. She was awesome, sweet and honest.

I got close to her and planted a friendly kiss on her cheek and wrapped my arm around her wais, my left hand caressing her thigh..
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Re: My New Best Friend (Alexa Bliss, Natalya)
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A week after of playing the role of Alexa's Master I came to the conclusion that Alexa needed a master alright, but it wasn't going to be me. It just felt strange. I did enjoy face fucking her though. I did let her know that when the time was right, well for me, that I would like to try again.

I just been knowing Alexa no more than a month and I already considered her my best friend. After all, She was the one responsible for that passionate night between Nattie and I. Oh, how I wish I could relive those moments with Natalya soon. My mouth craved her love juices and my hands, her entire body. My mind wandered to the night I fucked Natalya like no one else. She had a Boyfriend, Tyson who happened to be a complete jerk and left Natalya when she needed him most. I would always be here for her, whatever her need.

While still daydreaming, I heard my phone ringing then answered. I woke up from that woozy state when I heard her voice. Nattie's.

"Listen, Steve I would like to speak to you... But in person. Do you think we can meet up later today and have a chat?" My heart raced with emotions.

"Hm, sure would you like to come over and have dinner with me?" I wasn't a chef, but for Nattie I'd be the best.

"That sounds great. Can I bring 2Paws along?" She asked.

"Of course." I answered. "What time would you like to come over?" I continued.

"Will 8 be ok?" Nattie asked.

"Perfect time. I will do my best to serve you a great dinner tonight, I promise."

With that, we said good bye while our emotions got the best of me. I had no time to lose and I needed to act fast. 5 hours til my date with Nattie and I still had no clue what to make for our date tonight. I decided to give Alexa a call. She was my only hope now. I picked up my phone, dialed her number, seconds later she answered.

"Lexy, are you free? I really need your help right now... Can you come over and cook something? Anything... That's good?"

My heart finally slowed down. Alexa would save dinner...

When Alexa finally arrived, she found out about the story behind the date, this time through me. I told her that Nattie wanted to talk to me and that I wanted to treat Nattie like a queen tonight. To my surprise, she had idea of Nattie wanting to talk to me considering how close they were. This time she had no clue. She told me that she knew exactly what to prepare for dinner tonight and not to worry about anything.

"Go on, buy pretty flowers and chocolates" she said giggling with a smile on her face. With that, I headed out the door, got into my car and drove off..

I drove to a nearby floristry and as soon as entered the place, a very humbled Hispanic man came up to me. He was the owner. "I'm looking for the best roses you have. Having them decorated will be great. I want to place them on a table for a special dinner tonight." The owner took my info and informed me that the flowers would be ready within an hour. Now, I just needed a box of chocolates.

After leaving the floristry, I received a call from Alexa.

"How are you doing?" She asked.

"I'm doing great, already ordered the flowers and I'll be be picking them up in less than an hour." I said.

"Great. Well, I'm calling you cause I'm about to go to the grocery store to get a few things. Is there anything else you'd like?" She asked.

"A delicious red wine will also be good... You're awesome you know. Thank you for helping me with this one." I said with much gratitude.

"Hey, its no problem, its my turn, you know." Alexa ended the call seconds later.

What did Nattie wanted to talk about? Would it affect our friendship, our relationship, Hell I don't even know what to call it. It just happened too fast. Did she found it as a mistake and wanted us to move forward in life, our own individual ways? So many questions ran through my mind but I all I wanted was for tonight to be an incredible night with Nattie, sex or no sex.

The roses were already set in a wooden basket when I returned to the floristry. They looked beautiful and formal, just perfect for tonight's dinner with Nattie. I handed the owner the total amount of money the roses cost and briefly walked out the door.

"She will love this, trust me." Alexa said a few minutes after stepping back into my apartment.

I placed the basket of roses in the middle of a table I had bought at a garage sale a few years ago. It was still in good condition. Alexa walked toward the table and helped out.

"These are real nice. Nattie will love them. I'm preparing a delicious lasagna, what do you think?" Alexa asked.

I walked toward the stove and smelled the scent of the food. I had to give credit where credit was due, Lexy was a great cook.

"You have to give me cooking lessons, it smells great." I said.

Alexa smiled and giggled for a bit. "We'll start whenever you want... Well, the food should be ready by the time Nattie arrives so I think my work here is done. I gotta go, but call me if you need anything, ok?"

Alexa walked out the door and I continued decorating the table.

I had an hour to make any changes that I found needed to be made, but I was happy with the lasagna Lexy prepared with such joy. I owed her big time. I wasn't even sure if what I was wearing was appropriate for the occasion, but what the hell, I gave it a try. A pink tie, with black pants and black shoes. Yea, picture that, but I just hoped it amused Nattie in some way.

As I waited desperately for Nattie's arrival, my mind wandered back to my passionate night with her. The sensations, the feelings, her words, her commands, her moans, everything that happened that night. How I wish I could live those moments again, but this time just the two of us, but if a trio was what both Nattie and Alexa wanted I had to follow along, I really had to. A few minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. I glazed at my watch; 7:55 It had to be Nattie.

Nattie was standing in front of me as I opened her the door to my apartment. Natalie looked beautiful as always. Her blonde hair straight to her shoulders, her beautiful smile and a black dress that showcased her well toned body.

I led her to a leather sofa inside my living room. I wanted to grab the roses from the table, but decided to wait for a later time.

"You look amazing." I said almost choking. I felt nervous. Nattie smiled.

"Well, thank you. I picked this dress just for you. For this special occasion. It's brand new actually."

I almost forgot about her cat until she brought 2Paws out of her bag. 2Paws was a big cat about the size of a watermelon, to be honest. I told her if I could pet him and as I got him, he started scratching and biting. I guessed he didn't like me. Nattie continued petting him. How I wish it was me she was petting.

"Listen, I wanted to come and speak to you because I got something I want to get off my chest." Nattie look a deep breath.

Bring it out Nattie, bring it out. I said in my head.

"That night, together. I can't get it out of my head. I think about it every night when I go to bed. I have the urge of feeling your delicate, tender and loving hands all over me. I waited so long to tell you this, but I couldn't hold it much longer." Our hands finally met.

"Natalie, I feel the same way. I never been the same since that night. Both you and Alexa have spined my life completely. I never imagined that two of my favorite women wrestles would have an interest in me. I got nothing to offer." I said to her.

"You do baby, believe me. That wonderful, honest heart of yours. Your friendship to Alexa and your loyalty to me. And of course, that wonderful cock that you own. I want it. I want you. I want you just for me and no one else."

Before Natalie could finish her sentence, our lips were already touching each other's. I wanted to grab her and kiss her but I had so many questions I needed to know. I had a few things I needed off by chest too. I had to act now.

"I want to know a few things." I finally said. "Why did you let what happened between Lexy and I happen?" Natalie just smiled.

"You see, baby... Alexa and I are not just co workers in a wrestling company. We are not just wrestles. We are more than that. She is my friend, but she is also, what we call slave and dominatrix relationship. She is my slave and I am her dominatrix."

I somehow knew or had the feeling that Nattie was also a kinkster. Her outfits and character on tv made it quite obvious. I continued.

"Which is why she had your permission first." Natalie answered without any words. "How often do you play the role with her?" I asked.

"Not as much but we have fun every once in awhile. We don't do that hardcore stuff though. I don't call her a bitch, slut, whore you know, those hard words. No not us. We just enjoy our fetish and time together. You should see us next time. We'll let you know."

I loved the sound of that.

"So you wear that leather and latex gear right?" I asked her.

"Yep, all the time." She answered. Natalie eyed my apartment like if she was looking for something. She then noticed a piano with a bench I had laying around in a corner.

"Oh, I love piano." She said, leaving her seat walking towards it. I loved where this was heading.

"Do you play?" She asked.

"I been playing piano for a long time." I replied. I set in front of the musical instrument. "It's not the only instrument I know how to play."

"Oh, that sounds sexy." Natttie teased. "Can you play me a song?" She asked.

"Of course, I bet you never heard your theme song like this before." I managed to learn how to play Natalie's theme song with a piano melody. It was quite a challenge, but it sounded wonderful.

Half way through the melody, I felt Natalie's breath through my left ear. I tried to compose myself as a professional musician that I was, but I was struggling. She then started kissing my neck with gentle kisses as her hands played with my tie. It was as if the melodies triggered her to react that way.

Her kisses soon became more and more passionate that I completely lost track of the song.

"Baby turn around and kiss me." Nattie ordered with my tie now in her hand.

I turned around, grabbed Natalie and placed her in my lap. Facing each other, we lost ourselves in the heat of passion.

Our tongues wondered each other's mouths. We both wanted this. I waited far too long to have Natalie like this, in my arms, my tongue deep in her mouth. I felt her arousal down in my pants. I could feel her moist pussy dripping with love juice down there. This was the reason for her visit. She wanted me. She wanted my cock.

"Just enjoy this, baby." She kneeled in front of my seat. She unbuckled my belt, pulled down my pants and seconds later, freed my throbbing cock from my boxers.

Her eagerly mouth swallowed me completely. Her head bobbing up and down my cock. She tasted my pre cum with great pleasure. I knew I couldn't hold much longer, she was deep throating with such speed. She placed her hands on my thighs, her mouth and hair bobbing me to orgasm.

"Ah, I'm almost cumming" I said. She groaned with my cock deep in her mouth . That turned me on even more. I felt my body shaking as my orgasm reached its peak. My screams, her groans filled the room.


Natalie continued sucking and licking to the last drop of cum making sure not a single drop fell to the floor. All while moaning and groaning with such hunger. The sensation was incredible. Seeing Nattie on her knees sucking and licking me off was a very lovely sight to my eyes.

I Carried Natalie to my room and laid her in bed. We both removed our clothing very slowly. I helped her with her dress. I placed my left hand on her waist as my right one unzipped her dress down exposing her naked body to me. She was beautiful. It was the first time seeing her completely naked.

We continued kissing, but this time the sensation was like anything I had ever felt.

"Hm, this feels amazing." I said. I caressed her body with my hands. I felt hers breasts, her ass, every curve of her naked body. She moaned.


"Moan for me Natalie." I reached for her pussy.

"Ah... " she moaned.

"Louder" I pleaded. My strokes a bit faster

"Ah! " she groaned.

"Louder!" I shouted. This time, my fingers finally fucking Natalie's pussy to ecstasy.

"Ah, yes! Push your fingers deeper and faster!" I pushed my fingers as far as I could.


"Let me know when you're about to cum." I continued the strokes feeling Natalie's pussy licking my fingers. I felt her arousal at its peak. I was ready.

"Oh, I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming so hard."

I wanted to give back to Natalie. I lowered myself and kneeled in front of her altar. I licked and sucked her to orgasm.

"YES! YES! YES! EAT THAT PUSSY LIKE ONLY YOU CAN!" Natalie moaned and groaned to orgasm.

Orgasm after orgasm, I felt her love juices like a flood in my mouth. It was the greatest taste that my mouth had the honor of tasting. Her hands in my hair, She pressed her fingers with each orgasm she had...

Natalie didn't need any time to recover from multiple body shaking orgasms, hell she was playing with herself laying flat on the bed.I wanted more of her and I was going to take more from her. I loved this women. Since the first day I saw her and now I had her masturbating in my own bed. She was in heat and so was I.

I grabbed her and placed her on all fours. She thought I was going to fuck her pussy from behind, like the other night, she thought wrong. I got behind her, ran my fingers through her pussy and and up to her ass hole. Tonight, I was going to fuck that ass of hers.

As my finger massaged her ass canal, she arched herself back, which gave me the sign that she was enjoying it. Her pussy was wet which gave me enough lubricant, I fingered her ass a bit more. I shoved my cock in her ass hole slowly at first. Thrusting in and out of her ass gently. She lowered her head to mattress, moaning with sounds of lightly pain. Natalie was an anal virgin.

"Does it hurt?" I asked.

"Just a little." She moaned softly.

"Just relax, the pain will be pleasure, you will see." I thrusted a bit faster and deeper. Natalya got a handful of sheets and squeezed them.

"Ah.." She moaned.

I knew she was in pain, but the pain was about to leave her body soon, and I had her right where I wanted her. I always dreamed about fucking Nattie in the ass. I grabbed Nattie by her thick wide hips and got my way with her. I jammed my pipe deep in her ass, her ass cheeks slapping on my cock.

That caught her by surprise, she had no choice but to take the pounding her ass hole was getting. At first, she was moaning painfully but as my cock penetrated her, the pain briefly went away.

"Yes, that feels good, baby." I heard Nattie say.

"You like getting your ass fucked, baby?" I said while giving a spank to her ass.

"Yes, baby" She said.

"I can't hear you!" I shouted as I continued pounding her ass hole.

"Yes, I love getting fucked in the ass!" She shouted.

Just as Nattie wanted me all for herself, I wanted her all for myself. Everything that was Nattie, I wanted to own and I was going to make sure that happened.

I thrusted faster and took Nattie by the hair and pulled her towards me. Her hands barred in the sheets and her mouth wide opened groaning and moaning in pleasure. I had her like this once, but while fucking her pussy.

"FUCK MY ASS BABY! MY ASS IS YOURS!!" Natalie screamed while trying to get as much of my cock as she could. Her ass grinding desperately on my cock.

"TAKE!... IT!... NATALIE!!"

I reached for her hands and tied them shut with my own. Her legs now wide apart, her face pinned to the mattress, her entire body was at my mercy now. Unable to move, she moaned and groaned. She couldn't do anything else, but to take my cock in her ass.

I came so hard, deep inside her completely exhausted. She was a glamazon. A women who would take so much energy from you. Her ass was a wonder that now I owned and that made Nattie much special.

I didn't know if she reached orgasm or not, but I wanted that ass and I made that ass hole of hers mine tonight. I did try to go easy on her this first time, but next time I won't be that gentle.

"Food is probably cold by now." I said as Nattie laid on top of me. My hands massaging her ass cheeks.

"What? There's food? You seriously made food?" Nattie asked.

"And you brought a cat... Remember?" I said back.

"2Paws. Oh my God, that cat is trouble if he's left alone like for 5 minutes." Nattie climbed out the bed, just like nothing, got dressed and headed back to the kitchen. I put on my boxers and followed.

When we got to the kitchen, 2Paws was halfway done with the lasagna. Nattie's expression said it all. She knew that it would be the last time that animals were allowed in my apartment.

I took Nattie in my arms and said. "I want to be forever yours. You want to be forever mine?"

I reached for a rose and gave it to her.

"Of course." Natalie said, then we kissed again.

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Re: My New Best Friend (Alexa Bliss, Natalya)
« Reply #4 on: September 13, 2019, 12:15:34 PM »

"Dude, where the hell have you been"? Was the first thing I said to Mike after receiving a call from him. It's been close to a month since he left me in the locker room on Smackdown that day with no sign of where he went or was.

"I been busy, you know with Maryse." Mike said. "We wanted to leave without a trace for a few weeks that was all. My bad bro."

I didn't know if I wanted to thank him or ask more questions as to why he decided to leave me behind but I figured that it really didn't matter now.

"Well, at least it's great to know you're ok. You say you been busy eh? Well, I really can't ask how busy you been, then." I noted.

I guessed it wasn't right for me to ask personal questions when his wife, Maryse was involved. He noticed my silence because it.
"So, how's your friendship with Alexa coming along? I'm hearing you two are best of friends." Mike asked a few seconds later.

He was right. Alexa was a friend but I felt confused at the same time. I still can't get that night with Nattie and her together out of my head. Of course, Mike had no idea of what actually occurred during that night. Nor did I wanted him to.

"I'm becoming more than just a fan of hers as each day passes, really. It's been great. Natalya has also been a real close friend of mine as well."

Mike didn't know about my feelings towards Nattie, I never really expressed my feelings and thoughts about her to him.
I figured he somewhat predicted that it was Alexa who I was after... Was I correct about that? Sadly, I didn't have an answer.
"Well, most superstars are really cool people once you get to know them. It's what makes this job so special. You have many friends to talk to. Hey don't hesitate on asking me to take you again to a tv show if you like, ok"? Mike said.
I will probably take his offer again since I had a real fun time the last time I was on Smackdown. There were a few others who I really wanted to meet.


Mike and I talked on the phone for about an hour. He was telling how Maryse wanted to take some time off and have him all for herself. I guess she was right since they spent very little time with one another, but all who were married in WWE had to go through the same thing.

We didn't set any dates for a future Smackdown locker room visit, but I knew it was just a matter of time...


Natalya had Smackdown Women's Champion Becky Lynch locked in the Sharpshooter, a painful submission hold made famous by her uncle, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, the following week on Smackdown.

She respected her uncle, but that was then, and this was happening now. She considered herself The best today, The best there was, and The best there ever will be and sure as hell was going to prove it by breaking Becky Lynch. For the past weeks, Becky was on a winning streak defeating the likes of Tamina, Carmella, Naomi and Charlotte proving what a great Champion she was but never had a chance to go against Natalya, not until now. Becky was screaming in pain as Natalya's painful submission got the best of her.

"I'm going to break you, Becky. Tap out!" Natalya screamed.

With that, Becky had no choice but to submit and surrender to the more powerful women, Natalya.

"Here is your winner, Natalya!" The ring announcer proclaimed.

Natalya's music played in victory seconds later and she made her usual victory pose on the turnbuckles while Becky was still on the ground defeated. The Champion had no chance against her and she knew then, that her days as champion were now numbered. Natalya stared at Becky as she stared back. Natalya called for a mic.

"Look at you, Becky. You look pathetic! You call yourself a champion? You're a weak Champion, all the girls on the smackdown roster are but not me! I should be the one with that Championship. I am the one who deserves to be called Champion!"
Deep inside, Becky knew Nattie was right. Nattie deserved that Championship more than most girls on the roster. She stood up from the canvas and also called for a mic as well.

"You know what, Nattie? You are right. You do deserve to be Champion. You're a great wrestler and yes, tonight I lost to the better women. You. You kicked my arse and if you want a title shot, I will give it to you."

Becky stepped out of the ring and walked away in defeat with her head down...


Next week on Smackdown, Natalya was shown backstage getting ready to be interviewed.

"Nattie, last week you defeated the smackdown women's champion, Becky Lynch and she offered you a title opportunity. What are the thoughts going through your mind as we speak?" Asked the interviewer.

"What are my thoughts? Hell, about time! I haven't been champion for many years and I am ready to take that Championship from Becky Lynch. I talked with Shane about an idea I had and he loved it. You and everybody else will find out about it later tonight." Natalya said as she walked away.


Minutes later into the show, Becky Lynch was shown to be interviewed next.

"Earlier today we heard Natalya mention a stipulation for your upcoming match against her at Backlash for the Smackdown Women's Championship, do you happen to know anything about it?" Asked the interviewer.

"First of, I will prove Nattie that I am a deserving Champion at Backlash this Sunday by kicking that curvy arse of hers and no, I don't know about her stupid idea but that doesn't matter. Nattie can throw anything at me and I will conquer it." Becky walked way.

Becky had a match later in the show against Naomi, a fast paced and quick Victory for her and as Becky celebrated her victory, Natalya's music hit as Natalya walked toward the stage holding a mic.

"Congratulations Becky! But say good bye to your last days as Smackdown Women's Champion. You see, I talked to Shane earlier today and we agreed to a match never before seen. A match to brutal and yet so humiliating, you will never have the courage to step into that ring again. We're going to have the first ever dildo on a pole match, in which I will defeat you by shoving your mouth deep into a rubber rough cock and I'm going to make you gag and choke in defeat!"

Natalya's music played as the show went off the air...

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Re: My New Best Friend (Alexa Bliss, Natalya)
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A NOTE FROM THIS CHAPTER: This is a crossover from a previous story I've written named Dildo on a Pole Match. There are two parts. I worked on this story as well as the short little pieces of Becky Lynch and Natalya so I decided to add these to the story. I won't be adding them here next but you can go on and read the part where Natalya and Becky fight on a dildo on a pole. Its a hot lesbian scene with sexy fetishsm involved whith you can read here>>>https://celebritystorysite.com/index.php?topic=290.0


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