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Author Topic: A Night with a Sweet Heart (Ariana Grande)  (Read 2768 times)

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A Night with a Sweet Heart (Ariana Grande)
« on: June 25, 2020, 06:27:38 AM »
An night with an sweet heart

Featuring Ariana Grande

it was a quite boring day on the 5th of march nothing happened during the day but the nightlife was the main focus for me today I had a date with soon to be my true love. If I believed in that rubbish which I kind of do somewhat. But anyway i need to get ready for it, so i strip and head into a shower to get ready for my date which i need to pick up from her house. So after a few minutes, i hop out of the shower and i get ready to head out for my date with her. I get into my small car and shoot over to her house.

I get to her house. It's a small mansion in the hills with brilliant views of the lake and city life. But the only view i want to see is her in that dress. Ready for our date. i get to her white plain front door and i knock on it. A few seconds later a sweet warm voice answers. "A few seconds babe I'm just doing the final touches to my outfit. Trust me it's a stunner haha. But you can come in and chill on my sofa if that is what you want but don't go to my room"

I hear her command and I come in and close the door behind me and I sit down on the sofa and turn some tv on. It's the music channel and it's Ariana Grande and I smile as I love her music and I think she is good at her craft... But she also very hot and I begin to wonder will we ever meet. But I can hear the stomping clicks of hight heels the whiff of sweet fruity perfume comes before she does. A hot classy Ariana is right there standing there waiting for me to come and take her out for the night of our lives.
She looks at me like she was waiting all day for me and wanted to set an impression that she is going to be my main focus tonight, she opens her mouth and speaks like an angel from heaven.

"Hey, babe ready for a date you better be I spent ages looking good haha. So how do I look then?" she twirls around and I get a good look at her dress but she also flashes her panties to me which makes my dick get a bit harder and I begin to wonder how they would look in her mouth as I fuck her. But I forget what she says and I begin to mumble some kind of answer back to but I get something out.

"Oh em yeah you look, good babe. You look really good haha. You look like an em you know an .... goddess that's the word! A goddess haha"

She rolls her eyes knowing I'm trying to recover my fuck up and I do try well that she just sighs. "Fine, then lover boy keep your dick in your pants. So where are we going tonight I was thinking that restaurant on the mains street it has good reviews and is well new.  So do you wanna go to it then?"

"Yeah sure I'll drive you there and we can have some food there for our 3rd date?" She walks over to me and picks me up with her surprising strength and looks me in the eyes and grabs my crotch. "This better be as good as last time babe. That was heaven and I want to go back there"

my dick gets even harder and I just want to skip the date and head straight to the sex in her studio as I always wanted to do... "Babe wanna just skip the date I can see you are a bit horny and well you know I am too so just want to skip the date and do it later or something?" She looks at me pissed "SO I GOT READY FOR YOU TO FUCK ME?!? WE ARE DOING THE FUCKING DATE!" she screams right down my left ear and I can feel myself go deaf for a second and I know I fucked it up there and I might be fucked later on in the night "Ok ok sorry babe I'll just shut up" she nods her head and walks to words the door wanting to just go and eat some food and try some small talk again.

We get into my car and we buckle in and we find this place on the sat nav and we are ready to head out. "Hey, babe you can put some music on I don't mind" She smiles and puts her music on and sings to me with them with her angelic notes and tone even without the autotune she is good no wait she is godly without the auto-tune. "Babe you sound soo good right now I think you need to sing more with fewer tweaks you really do sound good" She blushes at what I said and look down and then back at me giving me a half-smile "Thank you babe but there is more to like in me than just the sex you know. I have skills in stuff haha" I laugh back knowing the joke was aimed at how I just want to fuck her. But who would not it's fucking Ariana Grande every man's wet dream to fuck her. But I keep on driving till we get there and we park in the parking space, we head in and get a seat at the back and we sit down and we begin to flirt and talk for a little bit and we play around and both our arousal levels are rising inside us just waiting to erupt like a volcano with the innocent leg taps the fixing of her bra and dress. Then she breaks it to me "Baby can we just quit the game? I need to go to the bathroom maybe we can play this game out of the public eye?" I hear this and my dick rises like a skyscraper and I begin to mumble as all these ideas rush to my head but without even thinking I come with her to the toilet.

It's a small room with marble floors and ceiling. We lock the door behind us so only us can be in here and as I turn around and look at her up and down admiring her beauty from head to toe. But it stops abruptly as she walks over to me and blushes like a little girl but she kissed me on the lips, her eyes shoot up with lust and her body just oozes fuck me and I want to do that too but not here or will I?

"Mmm babe how are you this horny tonight? You just want to be fucked don't you?" She looks at me and smiles "Yeah daddy I want to go on a wild ride tonight you have  gone from zero to hero so show me how much you want me as your wife"

 I hear this and I light up with glee and I kiss her and push back towards the urial and I lift her leg up and I put it over my shoulder and I slide her panties to the side and I go to fuck her straight but she stops me with a swift leg drop. "Oww what was that for?" She gets on to her knees and she takes my dick out and begins to stroke it while she looks at me in the eyes and gives and crude smile before opening it "I Want to lube it first you a dumb ass before you fuck me so it does not harm me as much as it does without it ok?"

I take the hint and nod my head knowing this is what she wants and what I can live with but soon enough without lube and her natural pussy juice will do enough for the job of me fucking her pussy. But this will do as she begins to go further up my dick with her hand and then she begins to stick her tongue out and she begins to lick the tip of her cock and I roll my head back enjoying this, every second of this blowjob as she keeps bobbing up and down and licking my shaft at every moment and enjoying it. So I take the hint and put my hands on the back of her hair pushing her deeper down my cock which she loves and begins to suck harder on my dick which was and is to my delight of her motion around my cock which is wet and sloppy but I could not give a shit it was soo good.

After a few minutes of edging and sloppy blowjobs, i pull her up by the hair and face her. "Get up against that wall I am fucking you there tonight and then in the studio when we got home got it, babe?"

She nods her head and then heads to the wall right next to the toilet and I walk up to her and kiss her blowjob slivia coated lips and put her panties to the side as I begin to slide into her pussy and I am greeted with a moan of her.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH babeeeee beeee carefulll there I'm a virgin there well I am a virgin in my ass and pussy too" I hear this and I smile at her as I know what I am fucking later in her studio but I also want to see how good those feet of hers is.

I keep on fucking her slowly kissing her lips cleaning them of any spit and makeup of her so the kiss feels sloppy than before. "Babe I love you you better let me do this more haha you're like heaven up there and soo tight" She slaps me hard and motion for me to shut up and fuck her with I do with pleasure.

After a little bit I begin to slide up her pussy faster and faster over time till I can feel her body shutting down and she begins to slide down and I hold her up but I make sure she is ok the full time... "Babe I'm going to cum" She looks at me and kisses me harder and thrusts into me as I feel her close to cumming herself so I thrust deeper into her pussy and we meet.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH BABEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'M CUMINGGGGGGG" She begins to cum into me "Babe I'm going to cum tooooooo" We meet and we moan into our kisses for a few minutes as both of our cum met and mix making a mess on me and Ariana.

 A few minutes later I pull out and I look at her up and down. "That was good so let's clean up then babe you head out first I need to make sure I look like a goddess and I don't want to look like a slut"  I look at her and kiss her one more time "Yeah sure babe you might want to plug that cum up or something?" She looks at me confused and then shoots a look at me of just go she will deal with it and I take it and I walk back to our booth and I wait for her to come over.

A bit later she walks out with cum on her legs but the tights she now has on is hiding it a bit from view but closer you can see it clearly but she tried her best to hide it which I appreciate it a bit. So she comes down and sits next to me "Babe just get the bill and get the food to go. I just want to head to the studio and chill you have exhausted me but I would not mind a massage when we get back" I ask for the bill and food to go and I take her hand and head out to the car and I drive her in.

We get home and we both head into the studio but she heads to her bedroom first to do something. So I sit down on her studio with my feet up on her desk with some cream for that massage and oils too. But I have plans for her here which I am sure will please her.

A bit later she comes in looking sexy as ever. "Right babe I just want to lay down listening to my music and you rub my back and feet?" I hear this and I get ready to do just that as she lays down on the bed she has in here for her staff and team, she lays down with her feet up and head in her hands with her phone in front of her watching tv. So I begin to rub her feet softly and she replies with little giggles and moans, I begin to go up her body rubbing the inside of her legs and she begins to moan a little and she smiles but I look up at her ass and I begin to take her little green shorts and panties down off her. She looks around at me. "You horny again? Right, you can have my ass if you rub my feet well and I don't want it ripped since it's em one of my main selling points to my horny fans you know baby?"

She looks at me nervously not wanting to be hurt during this at all. So I oblige to these rules she has set before me and I begin to rub her ass spanking it a little which is met with a ripple of her ass cheeks and a slight giggle from her. I know she must like this. But I begin to rub down her body till I get to her little feet where I stop, I begin to admire them they might seem the worse bit of minus her attitude sometimes which can be foul but her feet are nice even though they spent 90% in boots and heels but when you see them on there own they are quite nice.

So I grab some more oil and I begin to rub her feet more which she likes with giggles, I rub her feet for a few minutes before I grow fed up and I take my dick out and I begin to use her feet to jerk me off without her knowing as she keeps on watching a movie.

"Hey babe what you watching then look interesting?" She turns around at me "50 shades I got told to watch it by one of my friends so I took the idea and em you know watched it?" I smirk at her and go to grab some ropes and a gag. I pick her up and carry her to the studio bed she has and I tie her up and gag her.

"If there is an issue kick me ok?" She nods her head and gets ready to be fucked in the ass. So I walk over to her and spank her ass a few times, I then get closer to her and shove a finger in her ass kind of deep but not too much so she can get used to it and she yelps in pleasure which only makes me want to go deeper which I do I push my full finger in and it feels like it's about to snap from how tight her ass is which I am sure it's not been used before or very little so it shows that is one of her best selling points of her body.

I push in deeper into her ass then pushing in and out acting like my finger was a miniature dick going in and out of her ass going deeper and faster with every thrust which she gives into and moans so I keep on finger fucking her for a little bit while jerking my cock staying hard ready to just pop it into her ass ready to fuck her and fill that ass. After a few minutes, I begin to fuck her ass softly while digging into her back for some support as I ass fuck her for the next few minutes. The room is mixed with moans of her and a few grunts off me fucking her ass.

We keep on fucking for a little bit. Her moaning not knowing where I am while I fuck her little tight ass trying not to break it since it's one of her so-called assets. But I know when we are alone and married that ass is all mine but for now, I can deal with it.
I keep fucking her ass edging at every chance to make this last longer and for some more fun. But I can't hold back for long it's just that tight.

"Babe I can't hold it back anymore I'm going to cum in that slutty little ass of yours I hope you like it you little slut" I begin to cum in her ass and I mean with a massive moan off her and a groan of me as I begin to fill her ass with cum. After a few seconds, I pull out with my balls emptied for every drop of cum which is now nicely placed in her ass. I then pull out and flip her around so she faces me and I take the gag out and she looks at me and smile. "Right happy now then babe untie me so I can go for a shower and chill haha then you can stay in my bed if you want to you have earned it or you can go home and do whatever haha it's up to you"

I take the hint and I lean in and kiss her as I untie her before I let go I give her tits a cheeky kiss and I suck on the left nipple a little and then let her go and I help her to the shower before I clean myself up a little, kiss her and leave to come around again and fuck her, as I walk out I look back at her and she chucks me her panties for a little treat. "You have earned then so go haha" I smirk and plan of using them to jerk off and cum into but that's for me when I am alone.

SO I keep on walking home thinking of this Night with a slutty Sweetheart.
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Re: A Night with a Sweet Heart (Ariana Grande)
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Thanks for posting, I fixed the title for you.  :Y:

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