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La Caza Tales Pt. 2 (Salma Hayek)
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La Caza Tales Pt. 2
Starring: Salma Hayek

Codes: MF, MMF, Romance, Affairs, Oral, Titty Fuck, Facial, Double Penetration

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

If you would like to read the first chapter before this one, here is La Caza Tales Pt. 1.

Los Angeles, California

July 2013

Hanging from a white painted ceiling was a fan with rotating blades rotating at a moderate speed in counter clockwise motion. The summer heat had come and made it's presence known quickly once the afternoon hours had come into full effect. By 2 PM, it was better to be inside instead of trying to fight the day in sunlight. Sitting beyond the closed garage door of the secluded mansion back in Hidden Hills was a sleek black 2009 year model Bentley Continental GT. It was parked opposite next to a black BMW that usually resided in the same spot after a day in town. The views shined with an aesthetic of prestige beyond tinted windows that created a level of privacy. Salma Hayek knew how to carry herself in class and style, passing on her trademark to Winston Moss as he was now learning from under her thumb.

Salma had already began growing more fond of Winston in the passing months, such feelings had resulted in her decision to take their relationship into a new direction. She had given him a taste of her adventurous side by introducing him to what she called 'La Caza', all beginning on that special afternoon when she had caught sight of Scarlett Johansson from afar and felt a lustful hunger brewing inside of her. The result was inviting the buxom blonde over to their hidden home for a day none of the three of them would ever forget. That event was now three months ago but it remained at the center of Winston's mind throughout many days he was alone without Salma's company, sitting at home and having wild fantasies about the woman he loved. It had amused him how Salma discarded Scarlett once she was of no use to them anymore that day, not even saying goodbye to the woman.

It was that cold, calculating and almost cutthroat demeanor that Winston admired so dearly from Salma. She was a woman who knew what she wanted and once satisfaction had been reached, whatever it was could easily be discarded. That was how she handled Scarlett once they were finished with her. When he had first met her and entered her inner-circle, he was afraid that she would do the same for him, but Winston knew better at this point. Salma had reassured him many times by now how useful she found him, as a man working for her and the ideal side affair. He wasn't about to complain, for the position he found himself in with this new life alongside her was worth every sacrifice he had made to start new again. Regret never crept it's way among his thoughts, especially not on a day like this when he had her beautiful face grinning back at him, flashing those perfect white teeth. Forty-seven years old, Salma's beauty proved to age finer than any wine.

Her big brown eyes gazed up at him as she sat down over the plush padded white table near the couch in the living room. It was the same white table they had made great use for various positions involving Scarlett a couple months ago. It was a Wednesday afternoon and Salma had called Winston in advance the previous day to give him notice she would be coming over to spend quality time with her side-man. Back in the kitchen, two wine glasses sat with only a few drops remaining at the bottom of one. A quick meal had been followed by a couple drinks and passionate kisses. Now Winston was standing shirtless in front of Salma, his hands shoved down into the pockets of his blue pair of gym trunks while she sat on that very table they found useful. Beyond her soft pink lips, her teeth were bared as she gave him a devious grin. Her long black hair split down the middle, flowing down her ears with a pair of large gold hoop ear rings that were lightly visible from beyond.

Down on the floor was a black blouse that had already been thrown to the side when she removed it from her voluptuous body. Winston didn't utter a word when Salma took off the lacy black bra that encased her world class, legendary breasts. That occurred merely a few minutes ago, along with slipping the black skirt off to disrobe the outfit she had arrived in. Only a black thong remained covering her luscious body and the pair of black high heel pumps that she didn't plan on removing. Her hands shoved down onto the edge of the padded white table, still grinning at him before she raised them up and squeezed her breasts between her arms. Down below, Salma could clearly see the poking bulge in the front of his shorts, proving that his hands weren't the only thing hidden from her eye within the last article of clothing on his body. Her eyes glared back up at him as she moved her arms away from her breasts.

Salma closed her eyes for a moment, roaming her hands down her bare tits and then playing with her nipples. Winston watched as she pinched both of them between her finger tips, then using that light grip to slightly pull them up before letting go. Her boobs bounced lightly as they escaped her grasp. Salma let out a soft moan, then gripping her tits once again to give them a light squeeze. All in all, he still refused to utter a single word and disturb this quiet display of absolute lust. Once she was done squeezing him with her tits shoved together, Salma let go and raised her arms, roaming her hands through her long black hair to move her locks beyond her shoulders and revealing her large golden hoop ear rings into his view. While doing this, she stood up and then gazed back into his eyes once more while biting down on her lower lip. Salma then proceeded to slowly lower herself down to her knees over the carpet below. Smirking at the bulge sticking up in his shorts, she proceeded to crawl slowly towards him.

Winston took a deep breath but still refused to say anything to break this silence among the room. Salma wasn't saying anything, as he only had the sound of her slight moan and deep breathing to give him any indication of what words may form from her soothing voice. When she came to a stop from crawling and began to rest on her knees, the Mexican goddess ran both of her hands up to the front of his pants to give his bulging cock a subtle squeeze. He breathed in heavily once more, looking down to see the grin over her face as she squeezed his dick from within the shorts once more. Salma glanced away from him and centered her focus on the front of his shorts, now roaming both of her hands over the front of them in a way to drive him wild, his cock still growing from her tease act. Gripping it with both hands again, Salma bit down on her lower lip and glanced up at Winston, giving him a goofy grin.

"Is there something you want down there, babe?"

Finally, he had spoken words to break the silence while feeling her squeezing his cock from within his pants. Salma quirked her eyebrows up before replying to him.

"Such a pointless question. You already know the answer, mi amor..."

She grinned at him one final time, with a 'matter of fact' answer in her low voice. Winston took a deep breath as Salma squeezed his cock for a final time. Moving both of her hands to the sides where the elastic band of his shorts was, he could see his bulging member poking up beneath her chin as she gazed up into his eyes while slowly sliding his shorts down. Strings of his ball hair became exposed but Winston could do nothing but stare down into those gorgeous brown eyes while Salma was pushing his shorts down with the palms of her hands. No underwear beneath to contain his cock as the semi-hard pole was released with a light bounce. Salma glanced away from Winston's face to look forward at his cock facing her. Raising up her right hand, she quickly wrapped her fingers around and leaned down to lick his thick shaft.

Taking in a deep breath, Winston stilled himself for what was about to come. He knew the games that Salma liked to play with him, using a slow tease act as a way to toy with him while his erection was growing hard. He could've predicted his next move as she shoved the head of his cock to her lips and gave it a kiss while glaring back up at him with those big brown eyes. What he didn't expect was to feel her left hand squeezing his balls, rolling them within the palm of her hand for a moment before she tilted his cock upward and then gazed down at the head. Salma bit down on her lower lip with a smug smile of satisfaction before moving both of her hands around each side of his hard dick. She tilted her head to the right, rubbing her fingers across each side of his member, massaging it and teasing with her finger tips while looking up into Winston's eyes once more. If only he could read the silent expression on her face of how impressed she was with cradling his shaft within her grasp.

Winston moaned as she brought the head of his cock back to her lips and then moved her hands away as the first act of sucking came after Salma twirled her tongue around the head. Taking in a deep breath as he anticipated this moment, Winston moved his right hand down to touch over her hand near his leg as Salma proceeded to slip his cock into her mouth. Slowly, she sucked on the first few inches of his shaft sensually, breaking eye contact as she let out a muffled moaning sound that sent vibrations into him. This was only the beginning, as he knew her lustful craving would soon be unleashed upon him. Moving her hands away from his skin entirely, Salma shoved more of his cock into her mouth and then opened her eyes, gazing up at him as she pulled back to the head and then placed her hands down onto the carpet floor below.

It was only when she came to a halt with her movements did Winston realize what she was hinting to. He slowly thrust forward, watching inches of his cock sink into her mouth as Salma moaned and slightly gagged muffled noises from her filled mouth. Her eyes never left his as he pulled back until only the head was still between her lips. Taking in another thrust, he listened to the muffled sounds her mouth generated, 'mmmmmmm', vibrations felt within him. Finally, he couldn't hold himself back from moaning while thrusting into her mouth once more. Salma leaned forward, taking him further into her mouth, sucking inch after inch as she slid her lips down to the base of his rod. He didn't anticipate deep-throat action from her so suddenly, now listening to the light gag and slobbering noises she made. Groaning at the pleasure she gave him, Winston stepped back, pulling his cock free from her loving mouth.

"Ohhhhh, fuck!"

He spoke aloud moaning while looking at small drool strings now dangling from Salma's open mouth. Winston's shorts were still pushed down to his ankles below and now he was stepping backwards slightly, kicking them behind him while Salma grinned at him. She knew that move all too well. When he finally disposed of his shorts or underwear, that was a small sign to her that his dominant side was ready to come out and play with her. The teasing act had paid off so far, but it wouldn't hurt to tempt him further with her seductive tone of voice.

"Are you running away from me?"

"Fuck no!"

Salma giggled at his response, watching him move his right hand down to grip his shaft.

"Then bring that big cock back over here to me..."

Stepping back towards her, Winston grinned as Salma sat back up. He moved the head of his cock down to her right cheek, teasing her in return before letting go of it. All she did was move her small lips and kiss the head while gazing up at his eyes and sinking his cock back between her lips. Still moving at a slow pace, she bobbed her head up and down while slobbering all over his shaft. 'mmmm, mmmmm', Salma let out muffled moans like before she pulling his cock from her lips with a loud popping noise. Winston watched as she moved her lips down below and then felt them on his nuts. Her mouth opened wide as she sucked one of his balls, squeezing it between her lips as her right hand gripped his cock hard.

"Ohhhh, baby..."

As he called out to her, Salma's eyes gazed up at him. Her fingers remained gripping his shaft tightly while her tongue rolled around over his nut, then popping it out of her mouth. Knowing that his entire attention was devoted on her now, Salma lapped her tongue over his hanging nuts below. She kissed his hairy sack before parting her lips again and sucking the other nut between them. He watched her right side jaw inflate lightly as she slobbered all over his nut sack lovingly. Those big brown eyes refused to break away, still gazing up at him as she began to slowly stroke his cock back and forth with her right hand while sucking on his balls. She closed her eyes momentarily, opening them to look back to his shaft in front of her. Once she was done showing his balls a bit of tenderness, Salma popped them out of her mouth and then ran her tongue upward from the underside of his cock, licking it until she reached the head.

Glancing down at the head of his cock, Salma moved her right hand down to the base and then spit on the head. She gazed back up into Winston's eyes as she enveloped her lips back around his hard cock and slid it into her mouth once more. This time, she sucked him slightly faster than before, bobbing her head up and down as she took inch after inch of his cock into her mouth. Within seconds she went deeper, taking more of his cock between her lips and sucking it so sensually. This was love between them. No words needed to be spoken as she pleasured Winston with her mouth. He let out a loud moan as Salma pulled her lips back to the head of his cock and released it with a popping noise. She spit on it once more and repeated the same movement, pushing the head between her lips and pulling it back out again.

Pop. Pop. Pop. That was the sound that repeated from Salma's teasing move. She gritted her teeth, grinning at him down below, knowing that the little things like this always drove the man crazy. A small string of saliva dangled from the left corner of her mouth, breaking off down to her chin as Salma licked the head of his cock. It was time to pick up the speed once more as she was ready to go into another gear with slobbering all over his hard shaft. Salma moved her hands down below to her large breasts, holding them up as she pushed her lips back down over his rod. Her eyes closed, locked into an intimate concentration. Once again, she was bobbing her head up and down, but much faster this time as she moaned muffled noises into his shaft.

'Mmm, mmmm, mmmmmm', Salma's muffled voice was somewhat coherent from her moans, as the only sounds within the room beyond his moaning voice. Winston was forced to take a deep breath before grunting. Her large golden hoop ear rings moved lightly, swaying along with her dark hair but Winston was watching her boobs down below bounce slightly within her grasp. While Salma was savoring him, devouring every inch of his hard cock, Winston suddenly wanted her breasts. He reached down with his right hand, gripping the base of his cock to get her attention. Salma pulled her lips off with it, making another audible popping sound. As new strings of drool dangled from her lower lip, Winston reached down with his right hand, fondling her left tit as a subtle hint to what he wanted. Since Salma's hands were already down below shoving her tits up, all she had to do was part a passageway down the middle. Winston didn't utter a word as he shoved his cock right between her legendary breasts.

"Yes... like that."

Salma spoke up to him in her low voice as she felt his lengthy shaft shoving up between her tits. She moved her hands to the sides, pushing her breasts together to trap his cock between them. Winston wasn't the only one desiring this, as she wanted him to fuck her tits now. As he made the first thrust at a hard pace, she let out a moan. Flicking her tongue over her lips, Salma tried to spit down onto the head of his cock as it poked up but Winston moved too fast, as it was already back between her tits when her trail of saliva slathered over her skin.

"Ohhhh, fuck!"

This was one of the ultimate acts of pleasure for Winston. There was nothing better in his life than getting to fuck Salma Hayek's tits. Letting out a loud moan, he bucked his hips and thrust his cock hard between her breasts. Salma's body rocked lightly, as she let out another moan.

"Mmmmmmmm, yes. Fuck my titties! Ohhhhh yeah, jus' like dat!"

As if he needed any encouragement at all, Salma gave him a little in spoken word with her heavy accent slightly slurring her speech. Her eyes glanced down, watching the head of his cock poke up with each thrust and then Winston began to slow down, as he usually did. She smiled up at him seeing his face all curled up in pleasure.

"Oh my god, that's beautiful..."

Unable to hold back reminding her just how beautiful this image was to see his cock shoved between those amazing breasts. Salma let out a louder moan, glancing away from him to look back down at the head of his cock still poking up between her tits. When Winston resumed pumping his cock back and forth between then, she flicked her tongue over the head each time it shoved up. Winston moved slow, taking in a deep breath each time he felt his cock pushing up between those tits. Salma stopped licking at the head with each thrust, now able to properly spit on that cock as it pumped through her tits. She looked back up at his face again, smiling once more.

"Mmmmmm, feels so good..."

Curving her lips into a smile as he pumped that cock between her tits with another thrust, Salma spoke once more.

"Fuck my tits..."

Still in her low, seductive tone of voice. She knew how to speak to Winston affectionately and just when she needed to yell at him and turn on the heat. Leaning her head down, Salma parted her lips to allow the the head of his dick to slide up between them and suck on it with each thrust. Winston groaned, soon hearing the popping noises she made loudly with her mouth each time his cock slide back between her tits. Pop. Pop. Pop.

"Ohhhhh my god, fuckkk!!"

As Winston cried out to her, he came to a sudden stop pumping his cock between her tits. Salma seen the opportunity now to let go of her breasts and grab his cock with her right hand. Licking her lips, Salma spit on it before guiding his long shaft back into her mouth. She looked into his eyes while moving her hands to fix her hair beyond her shoulders. Winston stood there, taking in a deep breath as he felt Salma sucking inch after inch of his fat cock. It was time to finally take control with how far she was pushing him with her aggressive cock-sucking skills. Winston moved his right hand down to stroke his fingers through her long dark hair. When Salma felt his fingers tightening up a grip, her big brown eyes gazed up at him and she came to a halt. He took a step back, pulling his cock from her lips playfully creating a pop noise. That smug grin on his face told Salma that he was teasing her by pulling his rod from her lips.

"I'm not done sucking on this cock yet..."

He chuckled at her soft spoken words. Still gripping her hair, Winston thrust the head of his back to Salma's parted lips, watching her tongue dart out and flick over it. Bucking his hips forward, he let out a moan as his cock shoved back into her mouth. 'Mmmmmmmm', Salma moaned over it in satisfaction and then Winston raised up his left hand, moving it over her head to grip her hair. She knew what was about to come as he had prepared himself to truly fuck her mouth with his long shaft. Salma moved her hands down to her breasts, giving them a squeeze as she could feel the wetness down below over her mound. It would be some time before he entered her, as she could easily guess now that they were slowly moving into the act of face-fucking. Winston used his right hand to collect the hair towards her face, brushing it beyond her ears as he softly caressed through those long black locks, gazing down at her beautiful face.

She refused to glance away, still locking her sight directly up at him. Winston began to buck his hips and drive his cock into her mouth just as Salma had shoved her nipples between her fingers of both hands, giving her breasts a hard squeeze as she soon let out a muffled moan.

His hard cock pumped and thrust between her lips, shoving to the back of her throat and causing her to gag a bit, choking on his length. Going at a slow pace, he almost came to a complete halt when Salma choked, but Winston didn't stop. Streams of saliva began to leak from the corners of her mouth, running down her neck while she gave her tits one more squeeze. His hands curled up her hair, getting a solid grip as Winston continued to buck his hips and fuck her mouth.


Still gazing up into his eyes, Salma knew just when to play the act of a submissive kitten when Winston took control. She made various slobbering and sucking noises as his cock drove into her mouth repeatedly. It sounded to him almost as if she were trying to talk, if only her mouth was filled with several inches of his meat pole. Opening her mouth wide, she gagged on his cock loudly, creating another musical bridge of such sounds.


Salma soon closed her lips back around his cock and then closed her eyes. Her hands remained smashed up against her breasts down below, feeling her erect nipples poking up into her palms as Winston continued to pump inch after inch of his thick cock into her mouth. She could hear him breathe, soon whispering to her as he slowed down a bit.

"Just like that, baby... Yes, just like that."

Her eyes re-opened, gazing back up at him while still sucking each inch he shoved into her mouth. Winston was slowing down as he moved his hands to re-adjust a grip in her dark hair. He never moved too fast or pulled her hair with a rougher touch than she liked. For him, there were few greater pleasures in life than being able to look down and see his cock sliding in and out of the mouth of Salma Hayek. Only one thing he enjoyed better than this vision was the next bit of act that was to come. Winston watched Salma move her hands away from her breasts down below only to use her fingers and play with her nipples. Adjusting his hands beyond the back of her head, roaming through her hair, Winston took a step back to pull his cock from her lips with a popping sound. As Salma looked up at him, he didn't have to utter a single word. From seeing his eyes fixated down on her tits, she knew his next desire.

Saliva dripped from both sides of his veiny shaft as it was just beneath her busty chest. Salma moved her hands over each tit, pulling them apart while adjusting herself down on the floor to sit up perfectly. Like clock work, Winston stepped forward and shoved his cock directly down the middle passage she created for her tits to cradle his shiny, slobber soaked shaft. Salma could still feel his hands through her hair, moving any locks out of the way. She let out a moan, glancing down at his cock while squeezing her tits around it. Parting her lips, she spit a long string of saliva that dangled from her lower lip and broke off just as Winston began to buck his hips forward and slowly fuck her tits for the second time today. Taking in a deep breath, Winston moaned out to her.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck yeah babe..."

Grabbing the base of his cock with his right hand, Winston kept his left hand on her head, still holding a few locks of her hair as he was pulling his cock from between her tits. Salma watched as he shoved the head of his rod up against her left nipple and proceeded to beat it up against her skin. Smack. Smack. Smack. She bit down on her lower lip, glaring up at him before he alternated his cock to her right tit and repeated the same action. The thumping sound echoed while Salma let out a soft moan audible from Winston's heavy breathing. Once he was done teasing her, he pushed his cock right back between her tits. Salma had broke eye contact to watch the action between her tits, causing Winston to pull her hair with his left hand and divert her eyesight back up at him.

"Just like that, baby..."

He whispered at her, causing her to reply back in a submissive voice.

"Jus' like dat?"

Hearing her accent slur her speech lightly, Winston couldn't help but moan. He loved Salma's voice, especially when she talked to him like that. He moved his left out from her hair, then used both hands to softly caress her face and move every bit of hair that had gotten towards her face. Salma smiled at him, soon feeling his left hand find it's place to the back of her head like before and his right hand gently cupping her neck from behind. He had her locked in a position to gaze up at him as he began to buck his hips back and forth, driving his fat cock between her wonderful breasts. Taking a deep breath, he concentrated his view first at her beautiful eyes, then the action down below with his fat cock pumping between those tits. Salma moaned to him.

"Ohhh, ohhhhhhhh yes... Mas, mas... no pares..."

Winston wasn't sure what words she uttered to him in Spanish descent, but he continued to pump his cock between her tits while Salma bit down on her lower lip and moaned. Her teeth flashed to him with that same devious eye he knew from her. Breaking eye contact, she took a look down to witness his cock pulsing through her tits. Winston slowed down and then made a hard thrust, his cock pumping towards her and then Salma moaned again while raising her head back up and closing her eyes as she called out to him.

"Mmmmmm, yes... Yes! Don't stop, don't stop, por favor! Mas, mas!"

Hearing her speak more Spanish and an almost begging tone of voice in desperation, Winston began to pump his cock between her tits faster. His hands moved, now both palms cupping the cheeks of her face. Her large gold hoop ear rings dangled against his knuckles.

"Talk to me, baby!"

"Fuck my tits, Winston!"

That was all she was going to say to him as his cock was now pumping between her tits at a much faster pace. Salma glanced down with Winston moving his hands away from her face. The head of his cock poked her chin, causing her to part her lips and dip her tongue out. Each time the crown of his rod poked up, she licked it again and again. The sound of his grunting and heavy breathing could be heard loudly. Salma could feel the trickling sweat and fresh juices trailing down her thighs below, soaking her thong down. Gazing up in his eyes, she bit down on her lower lip and raised her head. Winston refused to slow down as he was still bucking his hips forward so that fat cock could continue thrusting between her perfect breasts. At the rate he was going, it wouldn't be long before he blew his load for her.

"Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh god!"

Salma's voice called out, moaning to him as she could no longer resist the urge from down below. With each passing second of Winston fucking her tits, the heat from her soaked labia was calling to her attention. Her grip had nearly slipped with her hands pressing over her boobs. Salma eventually let go of them, causing Winston's cock to flop freely towards her face and instantly alerting him. She wrapped her right hand fingers around it and began to climb up from her knees.

"I can't take it anymore! I need you to fuck me!"

Without replying to her in words, Winston reached down for her arms, helping pull Salma up from her knees. She shoved her busty chest up against his as he wrapped his arms around her to embrace for a passionate kiss. Closing his eyes, he moaned into her mouth as his hands caressed her skin from behind, roaming down her back and finding her firm ass cheeks. When Salma could feel him squeezing her buttocks, she broke the kiss only for Winston to plant his lips down the right side of her neck. His fingers moved to the sides, pulling at her thong as he tugged it down. Once it fell down to her ankles, she stepped her heels out of it and then pulled away from him. Looking at him with a smug grin on her face, she began to step backwards, knowing that his eyes were locked on her voluptuous figure before him.

Raising up her right hand, she motioned with her index finger for him to come hither. Salma quirked her eyebrows and delivered a devious grin back at her lover man. As Winston began to step towards her, she stepped back until the edge of the large white leather couch from behind was touching her tanned skin. Sitting down on the couch now, Salma leaned back until she was laying on her back and took a moment to spread her legs out and tease him with her juicy wet cunt exposed before him. Winston glanced down to see it, his eyes trailing down the small little bit of hair Salma usually kept above her vulva lips. In all of her glory, those pretty pink lips were begging for attention and she didn't hesitate to use her right hand to reach down and play with her clit. Stepping towards her, Salma called out.

"Fuck me, Winston. Don't make me beg you, mi amor. I need to feel you inside of me right now."

Her voice called out to him in desperation but also delivering an order. Winston gripped his cock with his right hand, easing it towards Salma as he watched her stomach move a bit from exhaling heavily. As he slid his cock inside of her, he moaned at the complete feeling of her tight warmth around him. Salma moved her legs, arching both of them up on his shoulders and nearly squeezing at his neck as Winston now moved one hand up her right leg and the other pushing down onto the couch. big brown eyes gazed up at him like so many times throughout the past hour and Salma called out to him.

"Come on, fuck me! Fuck me like you love me, Winston!!"

Words of encouragement had the effect, for when Salma yelled at him, that was cue for Winston to begin bucking his hips to drive his cock back and forth inside of her. He watched her lower lip drop as she began to moan out to him in lustful approval.

"Yes, yessssss! Ohhhhhhh, yesssss!!"

Salma had raised her right hand up, shoving her palm up against Winston's chest on the left side, feeling his heart beat racing through his body as he thrust every inch of his cock within her. His eyes glanced away from her face as she attempted to give him a smile. Just below, he watched her natural breasts shake and bounce wildly with rippling waves of movement from the intensity in which he pumped his cock into her back and forth. Her long black hair spread out over the white leather surface of the plush couch giving him the sight of a goddess before him. Salma moved her legs closer to his neck from beyond his shoulders, her heels dangling as she attempted to curl up her toes from within him. Winston had began fucking harder and faster with each passing second. As she looked into his eyes, once more she called out to him.

"Ohhhhhh, yes! Yessssss! Dat's it, OHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH!!"

Winston gritted his teeth, letting out a grunt as he couldn't glance away from her body in front of him. Salma had locked his head in place using her strong legs and now she had closed her eyes, adjusting her head upward a bit while laying over the couch. A smug, satisfied grin curved on her lips momentarily as he continued to pound his cock into her pussy with each passing second. Salma broke her facial expression only to cry out to him.


Her eyes re-opened and then she glared at Winston before moving her legs from his shoulders, spreading them out. Her slight movement caught him off guard long enough to slow down. Winston moved his left hand up to caress Salma's right arm, still feeling her touch over the left side of his chest. When he came to a stop, he raised up her right hand, pushing it up against his left hand. Their fingers crossed together as they held hands in a way that caused Salma to laugh. Winston was gazing down at the sight of his cock still lodged within her tight cunt.

"Sit down, I wanna get on top."

His eyes shifted to see the smirk on her face. Winston let go of Salma's hand and then leaned down to kiss her lips softly. He pulled his cock from her pussy and then moved to sit down, right next to her. Before he had fully sat down, Salma was already climbing over him and getting into this new position. Her hands reached down for his mighty shaft, holding it upward as she bent her knees to straddle him. Salma didn't waste any time impaling herself down on that thick cock, Winston groaned as he felt his rod inside of her once again.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck! Get on top babe, yes!"

She ignored his words, leaning over with those big tits hovering over his face. Salma began to roll her hips, driving that cock inside of her as Winston placed his hands on her hips and began to thrust forward. Salma gasped as she felt him pump inside of her and then his right hand moved down to grip her left cheek, squeezing it hard as Winston leaned back over the couch and began to pump his cock forward into her. His thrusts met with the speed from her hip movements and soon, Salma came to a stop and let him take over. Her lower lip dropped and she began to scream out to him once again while her giant tits shook and bounced near his face.


Voice elevating into full screams, Salma's cries echoed throughout the room, as Winston raised his right hand and brought it down hard spanking her ass. The smacking sound was audible over her loud voice as he pumped every inch of his fat cock upward into her tight pussy. His balls smacked down onto the undersides of her plump ass cheeks as he watched her breasts bounce before him. He wanted to reach out and grab them with his hands, but refused to let go of her ass cheek in one hand and the grip he had over one of her curvy hips in the other hand. Her long black hair sway wildly with her golden hoop ear rings moving through locks of hair. Salma soon gritted her teeth for a moment, closing her eyes before screaming out to him more.


He responded to her screams by raising his right hand again and smacking her phat ass from behind. Winston knew she had to be close with the intensity they were fucking at now. Salma shoved her palms down over his hair chest, raking her fingernails down onto his skin as she gritted her teeth. Winston couldn't hold back the urge to his right hand one more time and spank her ass. The smack echoed through the room as he came to a stop, pumping his cock into that tight pussy one last time. He knew she was close, all from experience during their lustful affairs over the course of time. Salma whimpered, exhaling heavily as she began to slowly ride his cock a little bit, bouncing herself up and down on it. At last, he moved his hands to grab at those breasts swinging in front of him, knowing the time of her orgasm was drawing to an end.


Salma slammed herself down on his cock hard as Winston began to grunt at the feeling of her orgasm. His hands squeezed over her breasts hard as body shook and she began to cry out.

"Ohhhhh, Salma, baby... FUCK!!"

Unable to coherently utter any meaningful words, Winston screamed upon feeling her warm juices from within flooding his dick. This was always the most difficult moment during their heated lust. For Winston to hold back his own orgasm from inside of Salma was never an easy task, but she tended to lessen the difficulty. Looking down at him, she could see the expression on his face with muscles curled up as he tried to hold back. Salma took a deep breath, catching herself as she pushed down on his stomach and then raised herself up. Using her right hand, she carefully pulled his wet cock from her cunt. An instant gush of her excess warm juices sprayed down over his stomach.

"Mmmmmmmm, let me clean that up for you."

With a smirk across her small lips, Salma stomped her heels down into the floor as she was now gripping his shaft with both hands. Winston knew she craved the taste of her own juices and now he was laying back on the couch feeling her tongue lap over his chest to clean up the bit of mess that had spilled onto his skin. Once she was done, Salma's attention redirected back at his mighty shaft cradled in her hands. She flicked her tongue over the head, licking more of her love nectar as Winston began to lean up from the couch. Salma figured he was about to move so she took a few steps back, not letting go of his cock. His feet touched the floor and Winston stood up precisely as she guessed. Letting go of his cock momentarily, she positioned herself down on her knees then reached back and grabbed it once more with her right hand.

"Jerk it, baby..."

Winston's words caused her to glare up at him as she began to pump her hand up and down his shaft. Salma grinned at him. Her juices over his cock made for lube causing her hand to glide up and down his cock with ease. He moaned out to her.

"Yessssss, ohhhhh man."

"Jou like dat?"

"Fucking yes!"

It was impossible for him to hold back his smile and a slight chuckle as Salma had answered him back with her accent slurring her words lightly. She continued to grin at him, still stroking his cock with her fingers gripping it tightly as if she owned it. In fact, she did own him. Winston was her man, standing tall and ready as she was about to finish him. Glancing down at the head of his cock, she brought it into her mouth and pulled it out making a loud pop noise. Salma then spit on his cock and looked back into his eyes while still wanking him up and down.

"I want jou to cum in my face, please."

Parting her lips, she licked the head of his cock and spoke again. The flare of her accent came out strong.

"Or in my mouth."

Once again Salma parted her lips but stuck her tongue out this time. She beat the head of his shaft up against her tongue, teasing him as it produced smacking noises. When she stopped, Salma used her free hand to raise her left breast and then smacked his cock up against her left nipple. Winston didn't utter a word as he listened to the similar noises produced. Smack. Smack. Smack. He let out a moan just before her eyes looked back at him and she let go of his cock. Winston watched Salma grab her breasts and shove his cock back between them. He groaned in excitement, nearly blowing his load right then and there at the sensational feeling of having his cock between those wonderful breasts once more. He didn't hesitate to begin bucking his hips forward, fucking her tits for the third and final time today.


To hear Salma demanding him to continue with her screaming voice, Winston could not hold himself back as he began to buck his hips as hard as he possibly could. She curved her eyebrows, giving him a devious look as she gazed up at him. Those big hoop ear rings shook back and forth with each hard thrust Winston took to drive his cock back and forth between those tits. The expression on his face told Salma all she needed to know, as he was lost in a fury of pleasure and trying his hardest to hold back his orgasm. She knew Winston all too well to figure out his habits. As he pumped and thrust his cock between her breasts, she called out to him.

"Cum for me! Cum for me, Winston!"

Still pumping his shaft between her tits, Winston grunted as he tried to stop himself. He could feel his seed surging through his veins with her brown eyes gazing up at him, just begging him to finally lose control. With one last thrust, he reached down with his right and grabbed his cock. When he pulled his rod free from her tits, Salma knew precisely what to do. She closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out for him, tilting her head up as she went 'ahhhhh', begging to be drenched in his sticky seed. His hand tightened around his shaft, stroking it fast as he looked down at her beautiful face.

"Ohhhhhh, FUCK!!"

Letting out a growl in his voice, Winston's hand slid down to the base of his shaft as it began to erupt. The first string of his cum flew with such powerful force it completely missed her face with only a few droplets splashing in her hair while most of the wad went behind her entirely and made a mess on the floor.

"Oh, shit!"

Slightly panicking, Winston tilted his cock downward a bit. The next spurt of cum almost missed her face, streaking into her hair with a few thick droplets covering her forehead and nose. Salma could feel the warm sticky substance coating her skin, as well as the wad dripping in her hair. Still stroking his cock, Winston slowed down and a good string of cum finally splattered over her face, slathering above her right eyebrow and across her forehead. A small string fell down to her upper lip and over the right side of her nose. Salma moaned, her mouth remaining parted to catch a thick droplet of cum as he continued to wank his cock and blow his load over her.

"Fuck, ohhhhhh man!"

Another string shot out of Winston's rod, drenching her forehead and down the right side of her nose. Salma leaned up a bit, making sure that he had a good aim at her face playing as a canvas for his sticky white seed. A wad of cum shot directly up her forehead, streaking into her hair and then she moaned out to him.

"Ohhhhh, god yes..."

Mouth still parted with her tongue hanging out, Salma soon felt another string of cum splashing over her right cheek and just below her eye. She could hear Winston panting almost in exhausting as he continued to wank his cock to empty the final remains of cum from within his balls that had been built up through all their fucking. When she didn't feel anymore cum splashing on her face, she reached down below and found his nut sack and began to massage it while slowly opening her eyes and looking up at him. For the time being, Winston had her big brown eyes locked on him with his cum dripping down her face and hair. He fed the head of his cock into her mouth and felt Salma's lips squeeze around it.

"God you look so beautiful, baby. You are a fucking goddess, even when you're sticky like that."

She ignored his words while milking the final drops of cum from his cock into her loving mouth. Salma only moved her hand away from his balls after she knew he was completely depleted of cum. Snatching his cock from her lips, she playfully formed an O with her lips for one final act of teasing. Winston realized what she was hinting to and thrust his cock back between her lips only to pull out and make a pop noise. She kept her lips in position, inviting him to do it one more time just so they could both hear that wonderful popping sound for a final time. Salma bit down on her lower lip, flashing her teeth at him as the cum trickled down her face. When Winston stepped back, he could see a bit of droplets down below on her left breast. A string of cum dripped from her hair while her face was decorated mess mostly from the right side.

"I'm a goddess?"

Her words had caused him to smile. Winston stood there curving his lips into a slow but smug grin, almost in the same way Salma liked to do. He watched her use her right hand middle finger to scoop up some of the cum from her face and then suck it dry. After a moment of admiring her beautiful display before him, he nodded his head and was ready to reply. With a moment like this, Winston was eager to profess his feelings of tenderness for her. If only it was that easy to admit such strong feelings.

"Yeah, my goddess."
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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 2 (Salma Hayek)
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The summer heat continued to pour on with the month of July winding down into it's final week. August was a month that Winston usually found himself looking forward to, knowing that his birthday would be coming up on the calendar soon. It would be the first of many to celebrate under his name of Winston Moss, but the fresh feeling of a new beginning had begun to wear off as the months progressed. Winston had long began to feel accustomed to his new life, working for a woman he loved, despite not being able to tell her to his face. Salma was the center of his universe already, regardless if he had to do work for her on the side. He had come so close to professing his feelings to her the last time they had a long day of lustful fun. The time wasn't right yet, but the opportunity would be there down the line.

In order to get him out of the house, Salma invited Winston to a golf club outside of Hidden Hills. It was funny to step into another social world under his new identity, welcomed into a layer of high society based on wealth and appearance alone. It was a hobby that required dropping a couple hundred dollars into swinging clubs and balls, not even counting the membership to join a club. Salma wasn't too interested in golf, only reassuring Winston that she was attempting to get him out of the house to mold himself into blending with the upper class that surrounded him. For the time being she would be busy in L.A. shooting scenes for a new film that Winston wasn't interested in. She had other agents involved to handle her business with contracts and disputes. Winston knew his place not to interfere there, for his time would come when she would have a new job for him.

On the golf course, Winston had made his first friendship since taking on his new identity and adapting lifestyle. It all came from only his third day on the course when a few men had taken notice to him hitting all by himself on the field and not even using his own golf cart to ride around the freshly mowed green field. At first this was met with chuckles in the distance as Winston felt it was just a few rich assholes laughing at him from his inexperience. Eventually three men confronted him to talk about his 'technique' as they were quick to realize he didn't know what the hell he was doing with swinging his club. Among them was an older man standing below Winston's height with a faded grey mustache and a black cap covering his head that matched his usual dark polo shirt and white pants. Vito D.B. was the name he went by, the later initials were to an Italian surname that Winston did not quite learn upon the first meeting.

It was Vito's companion who stood next to him at all times on the golf course whom Winston immediately warmed up to on the first day of meeting. Standing tall in a pair of white shorts and a black polo shirt with a face that appeared to be unshaven for a couple days, Johnny Walker introduced himself to Winston and offered a handshake. 'Johnny Boy' was what Vito called him, a nickname that stuck. Quick to make a demonstration to Winston on how to properly make a stance for a good swing over his ball, the two men had taken him in, playing tour guide on the course while making small introductions. Vito had only told Winston that he 'worked in the video business'. With only a vague explanation, Winston asked him to follow up but all he got was a grin from Johnny and a slight chuckle. "I'm not sure you really wanna know about that," was the spoken reply before the two men began to ask Winston what he was doing in life.

Staying true to his self, Winston fed them an epic tale of what only he and Salma liked to refer to as 'first class bullshit'. He was a personal manager and assistant to a Hollywood actress at the moment and before that, worked as a camera man back in England for a glamour modelling studio. He refused to give the name of what woman he was working for, countering the two men who didn't want to go into the details about their 'video business'. There was a little bit of truth injected within Winston's lies, but it ended up catching Johnny's attention more than he had assumed. After sharing their game of golf, Johnny invited Winston to go out to a local pub for a few drinks. It was something of a refreshment to be sitting at a bar and having shots of whiskey as opposed to the exquisite taste of expensive wines that Salma supplied back home.

Johnny was an easy man to warm up to. He had told Winston he didn't enjoy golf much, but only joined Vito on the course as a favor to his boss back at the company. This was one of many things Winston could easily relate to, almost seeing himself in the man that appeared to be around the same age as him. Johnny told Winston he had just turned thirty-three a month ago and had been working in 'the video business' as he still called it. He hailed from Arizona, traveling to L.A. many years ago in hopes of making his name to the world as a club DJ and music producer. The two men shared an interest in classic rock as their genre of music. Johnny had spoken of his lifelong hobbies involving playing bass, guitar and keyboards. Before he found his career, he tried to make it as a sessions musician and then later a club DJ.

The two men would meet again in the following days since Winston didn't have anything else to do from back home. Going out in town together, Johnny had offered to take Winston to a record store across L.A. where he made plans to drop a couple hundred dollars on his vinyl collection. From there he made a good haul finding several classic albums from the sixties decade before heading back home and making use of his vinyl player. Winston had invited Johnny into the home he shared with Salma, this being the first friend he had made under his new identity and bringing him into their home without her present. Winston felt confident in letting his friend finally know the name of the actress he worked for, revealing Salma to witness the expression of surprise on his face. All the man did was smile and let out a surprised laugh.

Since Winston had told Johnny of his secret, it was only fair for the man to let him know just what 'the video business' truly meant. Johnny explained that he worked as a camera man, director and porn star for a company owned by Vito D.B. This revelation had completely caught Winston off guard, as Johnny asked him questions regarding cameras. He assumed Winston would have intricate knowledge about them, but it turned to a dead end of a conversation. Johnny specialized in P.O.V. style films, short for 'point of view'. He had told Winston that despite his status in the industry as a director, it was rare that he ever came into view on screen since the camera was usually mounted on his shoulder if not carefully maintained in the grasp of his hands. Winston couldn't help but laugh at this revelation. never did he consider the possibility of crossing paths with someone from within the porn industry all from wasting time on a golf course.

The next time Johnny and Winston decided to spend a day hanging out, neither of them anticipated a black Bentley pulling into the driveway and coming to a halt next to red Ferrari car sitting in the drive way. Upon first look, Salma was intrigued as to what the car was doing here, then she figured Winston must have met a friend during her absence. Her black heels stomped over the driveway before she went to the front door. Both men had witnessed her arrival from within the living room as they had been sitting there listening to some vinyls. Winston turned off the record player and called for Johnny to get off the couch and come greet Salma. She stepped in wearing a casual outfit for the day with a T-shirt and blue jeans. Winston and Johnny were both in T-shirts and cargo shorts. When Salma entered the house, her heels could be heard stomping loudly as she made her entrance to the living room.

With a big smile over his face, Winston greeted her with a hug and then turned to his friend to make a proper introduction. "Salma, I've missed your company so much. I'd like you to meet my friend here, this is Johnny." Her big brown eyes gazed up at Johnny who's height made the man nearly tower over her. Salma gave him a smile as she offered her hand, looking over his face. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss." Flashing her teeth in a grin, she replied back to Johnny. "Likewise..." The single word response didn't surprise Winston whatsoever. Before they could have a proper conversation, Salma took Winston's arm and informed him they needed to speak in private for a moment. Johnny shifted back and watched, taking in the view of her impressive ass tucked into her denim jeans as her heels were muted from the carpet down below.

Winston figured Salma wanted to know why he had brought a stranger into the home they shared, but that was not the case. When asked if she needed him for any specific job, she only replied softly with a simple 'no'. She had missed spending time with him and wanted to have a few days together. To hear such words made Winston blush, if only she knew the feelings he had for her. Salma was curious about Johnny, wanting to know more about him before she cracked up in laughter that Winston had met his new friend from a day on the golf course. "See, I told you! You need to get out more, meet some nice people there. It's better than staying cooped up here all the time listening to old records." As they carried on through their reunion, Salma informed Winston she would be staying with him for a week until she had to resume filming. For the remainder of the day, she wanted Johnny to stay for dinner and get to know him better.

The thought of Salma learning that his friend was in the porn business sent a deep fear within Winston. It wasn't that he frowned on such work, but Winston didn't want Salma to think negatively towards him for befriending someone from within the adult entertainment industry. With his feelings growing for her, he couldn't ruin this moment of intimacy between them. Winston informed Johnny about her wishes and he agreed to stay for dinner. Salma had taken a shower and returned wearing a blue and yellow floral dress with her hair all fixed up as she took Winston's hand and guided him to prepare dinner with her. A Mexican styled dinner was underway with Johnny already informing both of them he wouldn't be saying no to such food. Salma couldn't help but laugh at him over that.

Once the three of them had sat down for dinner, Winston could only cross his fingers as he hoped deep down that Johnny wouldn't start going off in conversation about his work in porn. The party of three has raised their glasses of wine in cheers before they began. It wasn't long for Salma to begin asking Johnny what kind of work he was into. "You must be living it large if you can afford a Ferrari." He gave her a nod while shoving food into his mouth, giving a few seconds to chew and swallow before responding. "Yeah, been working in the video business for some years now." Salma offered a smile, showing apparent interest and pushing Johnny to go on. For a moment, Winston felt nervous before listening to his friend. "I do video editing and camera work, point-of-view type stuff with the camera following someone."

Stopping himself for a moment, Johnny smiled back at Salma before continuing. "It's too bad I've never had you on camera, you would be the most famous person I've ever worked with." She laughed at his response and then Winston felt the urge to butt-in, hopeful to steer the conversation away from revealing the true nature of the video business. "You might be able to, if you keep on shooting commercials." Winston gave a wink to Johnny who laughed, getting the message as he then carried on. "That's right, I've shot a few commercials but never with any established famous names. Not even a famous athlete yet." Still intrigued, Salma sipped on her glass and asked for more details which led to Johnny giving her a story that he worked for a company that shopped out contracts with various studios. Salma nodded, but her next reply was something of a bombshell. "That's nice, but it don't seem possible you would be able to afford a Ferrari if you're not with a big studio."

Johnny just gave her a smirk, raising his glass up to his lips before responding. "That's true, but I know how to save money." He proceeded to drink the remainder of his glass while Winston and Salma resumed eating. After dinner was complete, Salma thanked Johnny for the company and it was time for him to finally leave. Winston was happy to have Salma to himself again, as she wanted to spend the remainder of the evening relaxing. Unable to hold himself back from his own curiosity, Winston asked her how she felt about Johnny. "He's a funny guy. Seems to be confident of himself, I like that." Her words were reassuring and would not be easily discarded from Winston's mind. The next day however, Salma made it a point to tell Winston that she found Johnny to be 'potentially useful' as she described him.

To be seen as 'useful' to Salma was a big deal. The time had come for her to remind him of that little game they had played a few months ago. Another adventure in cruising or 'La Caza' as she preferred to call this game with her lover man. Salma waited in the afternoon when she and Winston were relaxing in the living room. He sat on the couch watching TV when she brought up Johnny's name and then mentioned her desire to invite him over and play another round of La Caza. "You wanna fuck my friend?" Winston's response forced Salma to raise her index finger, subtly correcting him. "No! I want you and him both to fuck me. How about that?" The grin that formed over her face told Winston that she meant every word of her statement. He nodded at her before laughing. "I guess I could arrange that."

"What's the matter, querido? You're too jealous to share me with someone you call a friend, is that it?" Laughing again, Winston quickly shook his head to Salma. "No, I'm not jealous. I would rather have some alone time with you, that's all." Salma shook her head, grinning as she crossed her arms over her busty chest. "We can have alone time after we're done with Johnny. I want to explore some new things with you, Winston. Think about what you can accomplish with the help of a friend." Giving him a wink, she walked off to leave him alone and allow him to think about her desires for himself. Salma knew what she was doing, for she wanted all the attention to be on her with this round of La Caza. Winston had his fun the first time around with two women, now it was to be her chance to have all the focus directed at her. Unknowing to her, what made Winston laugh was the fact of Johnny's job and that Salma had decided to cruise a porn actor.

Before picking up the phone, he began to think about Salma's words. There was more to having a threesome than enjoying two women at once. With the help of another man, Winston's mind was already flashing with the possibilities that he and Johnny could be doing with Salma. Perhaps it wouldn't be so hard to convince Johnny to come over with the intentions of a threesome, but Winston still had to call him on the phone and let his friend know. He was eager to hear his reaction. The first thing Winston asked Johnny if he was busy for a Friday afternoon, his response was no and that he would be busy directing a video on Sunday. "That's good, so uh... Listen, Salma wants to know if you wanna come over and have a threesome with us. This isn't a joke, we're looking for a partner right now." A moment of silence flushed over the phone before muffled breathing was heard. Johnny waited a moment to reply. "Wow, really? You aren't pulling some kinda fucked up joke?"

"Not joking around with you, man. She likes to have threesomes. We both do, obviously. You should consider yourself lucky that she's chose you. So you wanna come over or not?" Johnny bust up laughing at Winston's response. "I guess I am lucky. Getting to fuck Salma Hayek and not have to film it? Yeah, that's a pretty good day. Give me an hour and I'll be right over." The phone clicked hanging up before Winston had the chance to answer his friend back. For Johnny, he couldn't help but laugh to himself. He had not enjoyed a proper day of fucking in the past week, hoping to save his stamina and energy for his shoot on Sunday that required a sticky facial for a money shot. Salma Hayek was the type of woman worthy of sacrificing such work and enjoying a deal that was only once in a lifetime. It didn't matter how many women in the porn industry Johnny had filmed and shared scenes with, none of them came close to Salma's beauty.

When Winston returned to Salma to give her word that Johnny agreed, she was pleased and greeted him with a tender kiss on the lips. No words were spoken between them after Winston told her that Johnny would be arriving within an hour. She wanted to get right down to business, no stalling this day of getting caught in between two men looking to fuck her in the act of lustful bliss. She fixed herself up for this special day, knowing her clothes were going to be coming off, it was no use to wear anything extravagant. Winston on the other hand stripped down and put on a pair of black gym trunks. Wrapping a silky black robe over his body, he went downstairs to await the arrival of his friend.
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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 2 (Salma Hayek)
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Stepping into the kitchen, he grabbed a water bottle to have a quick sip and fight off any nervous tensions that may have been building up within him. While he sipped on the water, a knock was heard at the front door. Winston set the bottle down and went to open the door to greet his friend.

"Hey man, you could've just walked in. You didn't have to knock."

"That would be home invasion in a neighborhood like this."

Johnny smiled back after his reply, flashing his teeth with the expression of a winner that made it apparent how he felt about this whole ordeal. His face was the opposite of Winston's, only because he had not shaved a clear five o'clock shadow that appeared to be two days old. Wearing a red muscle shirt and a pair of white cargo shorts, his slim build was on display. Winston invited him in, shutting the door behind them as Johnny began to take off his black sandals that covered his feet.

"I knew there had to be a catch with you and this woman. If there's one thing I've learned from knowing people in Hollywood, it's that they are fucking weird."

Winston ignored Johnny's words, thankful that Salma wasn't downstairs to hear him, though there was much truth in his statement. He wasn't going to complain, not when he had come to enjoy this new life that Salma had brought to him, but it was indeed far from normal. They entered the living room and then Winston threw off his robe, tossing it to the carpet floor down below. This action prompted Johnny's attention.

"Should I go ahead and take my clothes off or wait on her?"

"Yeah, she'll be coming down the stairs any minute now."

"Damn, I guess she isn't one to beat around the bush. At least I'll get to enjoy this without the hassle of filming it, let me tell you that."

Speaking with a slightly muffled voice while taking his shirt off, Johnny got it off and slung it to the floor. He had a skinny build, his entire chest shaved without any hair whatsoever. As he began to unbutton his pants, a thunderous boom could be heard in the distance. The steps became louder with each passing second while Winston could heard the zipper of his mate's shorts sliding down and then the rustling of his clothes. The noise was created from a set of high heels with Salma coming down the staircase and making her grand entrance before the men. Only the carpet down below in the living room muted her heels. Winston and Johnny both set their eyes forward to witness a goddess entering their eye sight. Salma had a slight smirk across her small red lips, giving off a perception of confidence. Beyond her long black hair, large gold hoop ear rings gave off a glimmer as she approached the two men.

Salma appeared to be pleased, as they had skipped introductions of any meaningless words. Her voluptuous form was on full display, apart from a black thong covering her womanhood and a matching bra that held her famous, world class breasts together. The small straps were loose around her shoulders offering for easy access to discard her bra soon enough. Her eyes looked over Winston on her right side before glancing towards the left to view Johnny who was already naked and prepared. Not a single bit of hair was around his body. None whatsoever around his balls, almost sparking her curiosity that he was a man who liked to shave his body and look clean. Johnny's body was quite the stark contrast in comparison to Winston, whom she knew had a hairy chest and a bush of hair where his cock was nestled. He was still standing there in his gym shorts, no underwear within while his friend was naked and now cradling his semi-hard rod in the grasp of his right hand. Salma glanced at both of them, turning her attention to Johnny first as she grinned.

"Nice to meet you again, Johnny. I like a man that don't waste my time."

Smirking back at her, he nodded.

"Oh yeah? Well... let's just say it's an honor, Salma. I don't know what else to say, still stunned I'm here for this."

He glanced down at her heavy cleavage, breaking eye contact for a moment before glancing back up at her brown eyes gazing through his soul. Johnny was prepared for Salma in what he seen as a battle of lust. She studied his gaze, now turning her attention to Winston and placing her hands on her hips.

"Why are you still wearing those shorts, mi amor?"

Winston smiled and raised his hand, cupping the left cheek of her beautiful face.

"I want you to take them off, baby."

She didn't respond as he moved his hand away from her face. Salma raised both of her arms and then softly moved her palms over the men, caressing their chests as she began to lower herself down to her knees. Taking a glance back at Johnny for a quiet tease, she brought her focus back to Winston while biting down on her lower lip. With both hands placed at his hips, Salma slowly shoved his gym trunks down, watching as his cock lightly flopped freely out of it's clothed prison. She wrapped her right hand around it and began stroking while looking up into Winston's eyes and giggling.

"Let's see how bad you want me."

Salma began to stroke his cock and then looked over to her left to see Johnny was already wanking his rod. Reaching out with her left hand, she went to grab it and then saw him remove his hand quickly, almost as if Johnny was anticipating for Salma to grab a hold. Both of her hands glided down each shaft, stroking them simultaneously with a strong grip. Her eyes glanced upward as Salma gazed into Johnny's rugged face and then smirked back at Winston and then spoke.

"Mmmmmmm, I get to suck two big cocks today."

Still wanking each shaft back and forth, Salma licked her lips while Winston's voice let out a soft moan. Johnny smirked down at her, impressed so far with her seductress act on complete display. She didn't remove her bra, so he was able to get a view of her legendary cleavage in such a position due to Salma sitting on her knees. It was driving Johnny nuts that her breasts were still imprisoned within that bra. He waited until her eyes moved back over to him and then he spoke to her.

"I think you're gonna be doing more than just sucking on 'em, right?"

Salma began to pump her hands up and down at a faster pace. She ignored Johnny's question to lean down and flick her tongue over the head of his long shaft. His cock had a decent length but wasn't as fat as Winston's meat pole she was used to. It wasn't any question to her which cock she preferred, but two was better than one. With a smirk on her face, Salma nodded from down below and gazed back up at Johnny to answer him.

"I'm busy down here, as you can see. When I get up, do your job."

Her eyes turned to Winston as Salma leaned over to her right. She broke eye contact only to flick her tongue across the head of his shaft and then she spoke to him as well.

"And you do yours too."

After speaking her words, Salma parted her lips and shoved the head of Winston's pole between them. She was done speaking in her own way of saying 'fuck me' through subtle teasing, letting the men know they had a job to do for her. It was a surprise to Johnny that she would choose his friend over the new cock that her left hand fingers remained tightly wrapped around. As Salma began to slowly suck on Winston's cock, she jerked her left hand up and down to wank Johnny simultaneously. Winston brought his hand down, roaming it through her black locks of hair as Salma began to bob her lips up and down on his cock. Johnny let out a soft moan before speaking aloud.

"Such a glamorous cocksucker. God, she is so fucking hot..."

Salma pulled her lips away from Winston's shaft with a loud popping sound. She then moved over to Johnny as Winston stepped a bit closer to his friend, nearly touching one another to make it easier for her. Winston let out a moan as he felt Salma's hand beginning to pump his wet rod up and down. She spit on the head of Johnny's dick and then replied to him.

"That's the first time I've been called that."

He wasn't sure if she was impressed or annoyed by the spoken word, but Johnny wasn't about to complain as Salma parted her lips and slid his cock between them. She brought her left hand down to the base of his cock while her right hand was wanking Winston's dick back and forth. 'Mmmmmm', Salma's voice let out a muffled moan as she began to bob her head up and down Johnny's length, devouring inch after inch of his cock.

"Ohhhhhhh, yes..."

Johnny's voice was low, nearly whispering as he moaned. Winston took a deep breath, watching Salma suck his friend while her hand continued to wank his cock back and forth. After a minute, she pulled her lips away from Johnny's cock and then returned her attention back to Winston. Salma spit on his cock and then licked the head before shoving it back between her lips. She began to suck on Winston faster than she did the first time around.

"Oh yes baby, just like that! Fuck!!"

His voice yelled in excitement as Salma sucked inch after inch of his strong cock. Her left hand was stroking Johnny's cock like before, up and down at a faster pace. He kept his eyes locked on her amazing cleavage down below, feeling the urge to lower one hand and poke his finger at her right breast. Salma responded by pulling her lips off Winston's rod with another popping sound and a small string of drool dangling from her lower lip and chin.

"Take that bra off, I've gotta see your tits."

She grinned up at Johnny.

"What's stopping either of you from taking it off?"

Prompting a reaction with her question, Salma didn't hesitate to push her lips back down Johnny's cock to give him another turn of her oral pleasure. As she began to bob her lips up and down sucking him, both men took a hand to reach down and pull at the straps of her bra. Winston pulled hard while the sound of Salma slobbering all over Johnny's cock was heard louder than their moans. With a heavy tug from both side, the straps of the bra came undone and it fell to Salma's lap while her natural large breasts were now free with a light shake. Johnny's eyes became enlarged, witnessing her erect nipples. He lowered his hand and cusp one of her tits, squeezing it hard and feeling her nipple up against his palm. Salma let out a muffled moan as she shoved her lips down to the base of his cock, devouring every last inch and forcing the head to reach the back of her throat. Winston playfully pinched the nipple of her other breast.

"That's it, take it all."

Johnny spoke in his low voice, still squeezing Salma's breast with his hand. The feeling of his hand and Winston's fingers pinching her other nipple had sent sensations coursing through her body. She pulled her lips off his cock with a loud popping sound and saliva dripping from his now shiny rod. Feeling that he was the focus of her attention, Johnny spoke at her as if Salma were the star of his own pornographic film production.

"Wrap those big titties around my cock."

Salma smirked as she brought her hands to her boobs, holding them up for him.

"Jou wanna fuck my tits?"

"Oh, yeah!"

Her accent coming out in force had caused Johnny to gasp and then suddenly speak loudly in excitement. All Winston could do was stand there as he watched the woman he loved raise her breasts and then pull them apart to create a passage down the middle. Johnny gripped his shaft and guided it between Salma's tits while then placing his hand down on her shoulder as he immediately began to thrust his cock between her big tits once she squeezed them together tightly. Salma glanced down to see the head of his dick poking up and then she spit down on it just as Johnny continued to thrust.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah... fuck my tits!"

Salma called out to him as she gazed up into Johnny's eyes, feeling every inch of his lengthy shaft thrusting between her boobs. It didn't matter how many women Johnny had been through in his time within the porn industry, few women had a rack that could compete with Salma's. Not wanting to feel left off to the side, Winston stepped around to Salma's right side and gripped his cock. He shook it up and down towards her face as a way to try and get her attention. She turned her head his way and then moaned.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh! Let me suck on it, mi amor!"

Winston reached for the back of her head, gently pulling at her hair as he guided his cock between her lips, all while Johnny was still bucking his hips and driving his shaft between her tits. Salma let out a muffled moan as soon felt both of Winston's hands pushing down over her head. Holding her in place, he began to thrust his hips forward, fucking her mouth with his hard cock. Johnny's eyes were locked on her breasts, watching his cock disappear between the folds before the head poked back up with each thrust. Salma's muffled voice was soon heard gagging and slobbering over Winston's meat pole. When Johnny looked at her face, he smiled but didn't say anything. Winston took a deep breath and moaned as Salma now had herself caught in between both of them.

Each passing second, she could feel Johnny's cock pumping back and forth between her tits. Closing her eyes, Salma embraced the moment as she sucked on Winston's cock each time it thrust between her lips. 'Mmm, mmmm, mmmmmm', the muffled sound of her moaning voice was heard through a chorus of both men breathing heavily and letting out their own soothing moans. For the time being, she was caught in between them from the position on her knees and Salma was enjoying every moment of it. Down below, her thighs would've been soaked if not for the thong as the final article of clothing still on her luscious body. Winston soon pulled his cock from her lips forcing her to gas her breath while opening her eyes to look back at him. Salma didn't know why Winston would pull his rod away from her, but Johnny soon came to a stop from pumping his cock between her tits. Perhaps they wanted to switch positions? She pondered that question while letting go of her breasts.

"You like my big boobs, huh?"

Her words came to Johnny with a smirk painted across her face. He didn't reply to her, simply nodding his head. Salma took the time to reach out and grab each cock to wrap her slender fingers around. Winston's rod was covered in her own drool, her hand glided easily across it as she began to stroke both of them. Johnny took a step forward and then Salma moved each cock down to her tits, rubbing the head of Winston's shaft over her right nipple.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck yeah!"

Johnny moved Salma's hand away from his cock, taking control of his own rod as he began to spank it up against her left nipple. Salma bit down on her lower lip and then repeated the same motion with Winston's cock. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Still biting down on her lower lip with each cock smacking up against her erect nipples, Salma glared up into Winston's eyes and then looked back at Johnny. She didn't have to utter any words for how hungry and devious she was for both of them. Salma's eyes did all the talking. When she let go of Winston's cock, Johnny finally stopped playing with his cock up against her tits. He moved one hand up to her shoulder, offering to help her up from the floor. She looked over at Winston and threw her hand up for him to grab.

Somewhat disappointed that they were switching positions already, Winston was hoping he could fuck her tits right after watching Johnny's cock smashed between them. He didn't complain as he grabbed hold of Salma's hand and aided her in rising to stand up. Turning to face Winston, she shoved her breasts up against his chest, soon feeling his arms wrap around her. She looked into his eyes before kissing him while Johnny stood behind them with his eyes scanning over the back side of her buxom form, studying her curves. Impressed with her booty on full display apart from the thong tucked down the crack, Johnny smirked and brought one hand down to squeeze her ass. Salma responded to his touch by moaning into Winston's mouth, soon breaking the kiss and glancing beyond her shoulder. Just as she moved, Johnny spanked her ass with his bare palm.

"Ohhhhh, you like my big ass too, huh?"


Biting down on her lower lip, Salma spread her legs out for Johnny from behind and then used her right hand to spank her own ass from behind. It was a subtle act of teasing with Salma not speaking any words of encouragement. Johnny grabbed at her thong and tugged it down as Winston took a step back from her. He was going to reach down and play with her thong but now it was pushed down her perfect strong legs and resting down at her ankles. Salma stepped out of the thong and then glanced beyond her shoulder at Johnny once more but his eyes were looking towards Winston.

"Come on man, help me pick her up."

Salma gasped when she heard his words, soon feeling Johnny's hands over her hips and then Winston promptly moving his arms  under her legs to lift her up.

"Ohhhhhh my!"

Her heart began racing as she realized that one of these men had obviously done this before and knew exactly what to do. Salma's heels were lifted off the ground and Johnny now brought his palms down below, resting on her ass cheeks to lift her up. He leaned back, offering Winston to be able to slide his cock inside of Salma's juicy cunt that was on full display. He didn't waste a second's time, grabbing his rod with his right hand and guided it inside of her. Salma gasped and then soon felt Winston's hands at her hips. Both men were holding her up as Johnny needed to use a hand to grip his cock and slide it up the crack of her wonderful ass. Taking in a deep breath, she began to call out to the men.

"Both of you... both of you inside of me, now. I want both of you... Both..."

Salma was heard gasping once more as she felt the head of Johnny's cock pushing into the tight hole of her ass.

"Both....of you... fucking me!"

Palms pressed against her ass once more, Johnny was the first to take the initial thrust inside of one of Salma's tight holes. His cock pumped into her ass causing her lower lip to drop as she gazed back into Winston's face and began to scream. For a moment he was caught in the ecstasy of this moment, she looked so beautiful as she began to scream loudly at this blissful feeling of both cocks shoved inside of her.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, god!!"

As Salma screamed out, Johnny looked across her at his friend.

"Fuck her! Don't just stand there!"

Johnny's words snapped Winston out of the few seconds of daydreaming he had of looking at Salma's face as the woman of his heart was caught within the art of double penetration. He gripped her hips and began to pump his cock into her, working in sync as Johnny's cock was ramming in and out of Salma's ass. They both moved slow at first with Johnny knowing to keep it at a moderate speed to match Winston's full thrusts that were coming after his own. Salma threw her arms onto Winston's shoulders and soon wrapped them around his neck as she began to pant and moan loudly.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhhh yeah! Fuck me, please... Don't stop..."

Beginning her words with a scream, Salma lowered her pitch in voice to the point she was begging with how she spoke to Winston and Johnny. Slipping his arms upward a bit her curvy frame, Winston gritted his teeth as he began to thrust into her a little bit faster. Salma's body rocked and her breasts began to shake and bounce wildly as Johnny was now ramming his cock into her ass. Closing her eyes, Salma raked her fingernails into Winston's skin as she raised her head and belted out a piercing cry of pleasure.


Her accent slurred her speech as Salma screamed at them. Johnny couldn't hold himself back as he gripped her ass cheeks, digging his fingertips into the immense firmness of her perfect buttocks. Over and over he rammed every inch of his long cock into her ass while Winston was thrusting his shaft into her pussy at a fast pace. Salma opened her eyes, looking at Winston's face as she panted and tried to catch her breath. With one hand, she cupped the back of his head and then used her left hand to reach down at her shaking tits and pinch one of her nipples. The men began to slow down as a harmony of all three of their voices echoed in soft moans and heavy breathing. Salma gazed back into Winston's eyes, seizing this moment for a window of taking control.

"Set me down, I wanna get on the couch now."

Hearing her request, both men obliged as Winston stepped back first and then Johnny moved his hands to her hips so they could both carefully stand her back up in her heels. Their cocks slowly slid out of her holes. Salma turned to Johnny and grinned at him.

"You've done this before. You can't look me in the eye and deny it."

Smirking at her, he nodded.

"Yeah, I know how to take a woman when I've got some help. I think you've done this before too."

"Done what?"

Salma grinned, teasing him as she took a step back. Winston grabbed her hand ready to lead her over to the couch as Johnny replied back.

"This! Getting fucked by two guys at the same time. You Hollywood people get up to some freaky stuff, I know that much."

If it weren't for the heat of a moment like this, Salma would've laughed or possibly mocked him but instead she gritted her teeth and looked back at Johnny while reaching down to grab his cock. The expression on her face, look in the eye and display of her teeth had given Johnny the realization that Salma's complete lust was unlocked. He wasn't anticipating this reaction from her as she stomped her heels back a few steps, forcing Johnny to walk along with her as she led him by the cock. Winston let go of her hand and took a glance over at the padded white table to the side near the couch. Memories had already been made there between them, such a reminder that he was almost disappointed Salma didn't want to use the table. Once she had moved Johnny over to the couch, she let go of his cock as he sat down and then Salma fell down to her knees.

Johnny gripped his cock as a way to tease Salma, holding it down against his stomach. It impressed him to know she decided for herself that she was about to go from 'ass to mouth' as it was called within the porn industry. With his shaved balls in her sight below, Salma used both hands to reach for them, squeezing them and then lapping her tongue across his nut sack. Johnny let out a slight moan, meanwhile Winston was standing in the background as if he had been forgotten about entirely within the passing seconds. Salma's big brown eyes gazed upward at Johnny's face as she lapped her tongue over his nuts for one final time. When she began to raise her head upward, he knew just when grin at her and shove his cock upward. Johnny slid his hand down to the base of his rod as Salma parted her lips and kissed the head. Eyes still locked on him, Salma shoved her lips down, taking in more of his cock.

"That's it, suck it all the way down."

When Johnny spoke, it was always in a low voice almost in a whispering tone. He spoke to tease and see if Salma truly would indulge in some deep-throat action. Without giving him any warning whatsoever, she obliged and slowly shoved her lips further down his cock, sucking inch after inch until her lips met at his fingertips down at the base. He gasped upon nearly feeling his cock moving down her throat. Salma closed her eyes, slowly reopening them as she gagged and then pulled her lips off his rod with a popping sound.

"Ohhhhh, yes..."

'Ahhhh!' Salma gasped for breath while saliva strings dangled from both corners of her mouth. Johnny's fingers remained down at the base of his cock, forcing it to stand upward. Salma spit on his cock and then immediately enveloped her lips back around it. By this time, Winston was desperate to get back into action with them instead of standing around and watching his woman suck off his friend. He stepped around Salma as she shoved her lips all the way down Johnny's cock, deep-throating it once more. Johnny brought his left hand down to grip her hair and then Salma believed he was about to fuck her mouth. A glimmer of gold had caught his eye from her hoop ear rings that dangled beyond her hair. Looking up into the man's eyes as she pushed her lips all the way down his cock, meeting at his fingers wrapped around the base once more, she let out a muffled moan upon feeling the palm of Winston's hand caressing her ass from behind.

Salma continued to gaze up at Johnny's face and look him in the eyes as she anticipated at any moment he would proceed to fuck her mouth. She had moved her hands away from his palms, now pressing her palms down into the carpet below. He refused to break eye contact, enjoying this moment as had the complete attention of this Mexican goddess of Hollywood and his cock pushing down the back of her throat. Johnny kept his hand over her head, gripping her hair as he wanted to see just how long she could maintain herself with his cock lodged down her throat. Several seconds passed while Winston was behind her, squeezing her ass and then raising his hand to spank her again. The feeling that surged through her caused Salma to make a muffled noise with her mouth full of cock and then finally, after several seconds she choked on Johnny's rod. He smiled down at Salma and moved his hand away from her head to allow her to come up and release his cock from her lips. Saliva strings dangled from her open mouth back to his cock as she smirked back to him.

"Come on, baby. It's my turn to fuck this beautiful phat ass."

Winston's voice alerted her before he smacked her ass once more with his right hand. Salma moaned and glanced beyond her right shoulder.

"Jou want my big ass, Winston!? Then dat is what jou are about to get!"

The sound of Salma's heavy accent slurring her speech had rejuvenated the excitement for Johnny. He watched her turn back around to face him and then she began to climb up. His hands moved to her hips as he knew the exact position Salma was going for to get atop of him. She spread her legs, straddling Johnny as he moved one hand down to grip his cock and hold it upward to her lower herself down on. Bending her knees, Salma carefully lowered herself down, taking in a deep breath as she felt his cock sliding into her cunt.

"Mmmmmm, I hope you can hold yourself from cumming inside of me."

"You have nothing to worry about. I never planned on pumping a load inside of you."

An interesting response, Salma thought to herself. She figured a man like Johnny would've been eager at the possibility of filling her up, but from this answer, she could easily guess he would prefer his cum splattered across her face. Letting out a moan, she slammed herself down onto Johnny's cock and listened to him grunt.


Salma leaned upward, pushing her hands down onto Johnny's hairless chest. Winston stood directly behind her, cock gripped with his hand as he was ready to have his turn to slide it up the crack of her wonderful ass and give Salma the pounding that only he could deliver. Johnny looked up to see her breasts up in his face and proceeded to bury his head between them and squeezing them hard with his hands. Salma soon felt Winston's thick cock snaking up the crack of her ass, his hands pressed against both ass cheeks to almost squeeze his cock between them until the head reached her dark little hole. In an instance, Winston pulled ass cheeks apart only for him to witness the wonderful moment of watching his fat cock slowly sink inside of Salma's booty.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yes.... Mmmmmmm, yeah!"

Eyes closed, she moaned in ecstasy as the sound of Johnny's mouth slobbering and sucking over her breasts was heard loudly. He squeezed both tits with authority while he was in act of motor-boating. Salma screeched a loud cry as Winston suddenly thrust his entire pole up her tight dark hole.

"God, so fucking tight!"

Letting out a grunt in his voice, Winston raised his right hand and then spanked it down on Salma's ass. Johnny began to shake his head between her breasts, moving his hands away from them as he was now bucking his hips to thrust his cock into her tight cunt. Winston grabbed a hold of one of Salma's hips and began to pump his cock deep within her as she gasped and then cried out in ecstasy.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhh, OHHHHHHH!! FUCK!!! YES, YES!!"

Her screaming echoed throughout the large house as both men moved into a solid fast paced rhythm. Winston pounded her ass again and again, pumping every inch of his hard cock into her dark little hole. Salma's firm ass cheeks bounced and shook lightly each time their bodies hit, all while Johnny had moved his hands to her hips, holding her upward a bit to watch her breasts bounce and shake all around. He bucked his hips hard, thrusting upward as fast as he could. Salma's entire body shook, her gold hoop ear rings dangling and waving wildly with her dark hair. Overwhelmed at the height of pleasure, Salma screamed words out to them.


Gasping for a moment as both cocks slammed into her with each passing second, Salma raked her fingernails across Johnny's chest. Winston loved any time her accent came out strong enough to slur her speech but he couldn't focus on appreciating Salma's voice for the moment while he was concentrated entirely on fucking her mighty ass. He began to raise his right hand up and strike it down over her ass. He spanked her again and again, bringing down the palm of his hand over her right ass cheek. Salma gazed down at Johnny's face as she soon felt his hands squeezing at her breasts once more.


Salma's eyes widened for a bit as she gritted her teeth only momentarily. So close to reaching her climax with each passing second, feeling each cock thrust into her holes, one after the other. Johnny knew all too well that she was close to the breaking point, all from his experience of pushing women into orgasms. Winston knew it too, any time Salma raised her voice like that and then suddenly became quiet, she had merely seconds to go. He rammed his cock into her ass one final time and then spanked her, just as she began to pant and cry out.


Screaming loudly she soon became quiet as Johnny could be heard breathing heavily in an attempt to hold back his own orgasm. Winston was already in the process of slowly pulling his cock out from her buttocks. Johnny used his right hand to snap his fingers and alert his friend. He knew it was time to aid Salma and help her up. Winston wrapped his arms around her as she was catching her breath. Leaning in, he kissed her cheek, alerting her as Johnny was leaning up from the couch. They both helped Salma rise up with Johnny watched his hard cock slither out of her vulva, soaked in her warm juices. She raised her knees up, climbing off of Johnny as she turned around to look at Winston for a moment. He cupped her face within his hands and kissed her tenderly, a move Salma did not expect. After watching her reach a climax from another man, Winston was desperate to embrace her once more. Breaking the kiss, she gripped his cock and began to lower herself back down to her knees.

No words were needed to be uttered as Salma gripped Winston's hard shaft tightly and then flicked her tongue over the head. Johnny didn't get up from the couch at first until he noticed Salma pushing her lips down Winston's cock and beginning to bob her head up and down. It amazed him to witness her going from ass to mouth once more without any hesitation. She moved her hand away from Winston's cock, now devouring it inch after inch as she placed the palms of her hands down carpet floor. He stood there and let out a soft moan, watching as the woman he loved was sucking his cock so lovingly. Johnny stood up and stepped towards them, making his way to Salma's right side as she was concentrated entirely on bobbing her head up and down Winston's shaft. She had closed her eyes while sucking but soon opened then when she felt him thrust his cock between her lips. Salma gazed up into Winston's eyes as she felt the head of his rod reaching the back of her throat.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck... You're the best, baby."

It was apparent to Salma that Winston wanted some deep-throat action after watching Johnny receive such pleasure from her. Stepping back, Winston pulled his entire shaft from Salma's lips, listening to her gasp for breath. A few saliva strings dangled from his spit-coated shaft back to her mouth with one breaking off and falling down to her left breast down below. Salma kept her eyes locked up at Winston, hands still pushing down over the floor in an almost submissive position. Johnny snapped his fingers at her, gaining her attention as she looked over to her right to see his cock dripping from her sweet pussy juices.

"Mind cleaning me up?"

She didn't respond in words, only by biting down on her lower lip as Johnny wrapped his fingers around the base of his cock like before. Salma used her left hand to grab Winston's cock and begin wanking it as her lips slid over Johnny's shaft. Loudly, she slurped up her own juices causing the man to let out a chuckle and moan in his low voice. Within seconds, Salma was bobbing her head up and down Johnny's cock, sucking it down while her left hand wanked Winston's cock simultaneously. She came to a stop, pulling her lips off Johnny's cock with a popping noise and then turning her attention back to Winston's waiting dick. As Salma slid the head back into her mouth, Winston brought his left hand down to roam through her hair and take a light grip of the back of her head. Slowly, he thrust his cock between her lips as Salma's big brown eyes gazed up at him. She let out a muffled moan, gagging on his fat cock as the head slid down her throat. Salma refused to break eye contact, holding herself for several seconds before Winston pulled her hair and released his cock with a loud pop sound.

"Lift your tits up for me, baby."

Salma gasped for her breath with an audible 'ahhhh', but she heard Winston loud and clear. Johnny stood aside stroking his rod as he watched her lift up her famous tits and then his friend shoving his cock between them. Squeezing her tits around his cock, Salma looked up into Winston's eyes and smirked at him.

"I knew you weren't going to forget to fuck my tits."

"Do I ever forget? You've got the best tits in the world. Of course I wanna fuck 'em, babe."

She giggled at his response upon feeling his hard cock thrusting between her tits. Winston went slow to try and hold off his orgasm that was coming close. For the time being, Johnny left them alone, stepping away and walking behind Winston over to the left side. Salma broke eye contact to look down and watch Winston's meat pole slide back and forth between her tits. She took a deep breath before parting her lips and lapping her tongue over the head as it thrust up. Winston breathed in, enjoying this moment as he had his cock trapped between her breasts, pumping it up and down. Salma glanced back up at his face and spoke low.

"Are you gonna cum for me?"

"Ohhhh, yeah! I'm almost ready, babe. I'm pretty fucking close right now."

Looking over at her left side, she grinned at Johnny.

"And you?"

He didn't reply back to her in words, simply nodding his head quickly while wanking his cock back and forth with his hand. Salma moaned as she felt Winston's cock still pumping between her tits. Looking back up into his face, she could see from the expression he had that it was becoming difficult for him to hold back this coming orgasm. When he stopped thrusting between her tits, she knew it was time and let go of her breasts. Winston reached for his cock, gripping it as Salma smiled with her teeth on display before his eyes.

"I'm ready, mi amor. Cum on my face."

Dropping her lower lip, Salma teased Winston even further as he began to wank his cock.

"Ahhhhhh! Cum for me!"

Placing the palms of her hands down onto the carpet floor below, Salma knew that within a few seconds her face was going to be plastered in cum from both men. She didn't bother looking towards Johnny, as she could him quietly panting and gasping for breath. All she did was part her lips and try to smile at Winston the only time she glanced up into his eyes. Salma watched the head of his cock, almost silently begging for his cum at this point. Winston didn't utter any words as he began to grunt, still stroking his cock. Salma closed her eyes and then suddenly felt the burst of his cum flying onto her face.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah!"

She called out as the first wad of his cum went flying onto the right side of forehead, streaking into her hair with excess droplets falling down to her breasts. Salma leaned upward, making sure that neither man could miss as both cocks were exploding before her. She opened her eyes for a moment, looking up into Winston's face with her mouth parted wide. The second wad of his cum splattered over her right cheek, drenching the corner of her mouth. Salma quickly re-shut her eyes and then another spurt of cum from Winston's rod went into her right eye lid. She gasped her breath, soon hearing Johnny grunt. The first wad of his cum missed her face entirely, slathering her tits and neck down below. As Salma leaned upward, Johnny's cock shot out another string of cum, this one splattering across her nose and streaking into her left eyebrow and hair.

"Holy fuck!"

Winston's jaw dropped at witnessing the beauty before him from the floor. Within a second, both he and Johnny shot strings of cum simultaneously, crisscrossing in an X pattern across Salma's face as her forehead, nose, hair and cheeks were now plastered in cum. Down below, there was much excess droplets and strings of cum that were dripping down. Johnny tried to mutter something in his low voice but all that could be heard was Salma moaning with her mouth still open wind, now in a face of absolute shock as her eyes remained closed. The two men continued to stroke their cocks with most of Winston's cum now splattering across her boobs down below. Johnny aimed his cock upward and watched as string after string of cum continued to fly. Another string glazed across her forehead and into her hair while the other went into her closed left eyelid.

Moaning out to them, Salma turned to her left and slowly blinked her eyes to Johnny. This action was met with a few droplets of cum flying onto her face as his orgasm was dying down. All that could be heard was both men breathing heavily and Salma's own moans. Her eyes were open and her lips began to curve into a wide smile. Winston could not believe the sight before him, glancing down at her as if her she were a canvas that they had just painted in their seed. Never did he envision Salma like this in his most dirty fantasies. She raised her left hand, bringing it down to her breasts as she felt the sticky cum over her skin and then bit down on her lower lip. For the moment being, she embraced the sticky mess she had become. Raising her left hand into her mouth, she sucked the cum from her finger tips while glancing up at both men. Johnny had a smug grin on his face while Winston was in complete shock.


Salma began to giggle as she looked up at Johnny. As he put it, she was indeed destroyed. This had been the result of him spending the entire week saving his stamina, energy and cum for a film shoot he had tomorrow. It was safe for Johnny to say in the back of his mind, he wouldn't be firing off a large load like this tomorrow. This day with Salma was worthy of having to delay his work project, even better that he could enjoy a day of fucking without having to film the event. Winston waited until she looked back his way and then he gripped his cock, moving it towards her lips for her to suck out the final remaining drops. She kissed the head of his pole and brought it into her mouth, sucking it lovingly as she milked what little bit of cum he had left within him. When she was done, Salma pulled her lips from Winston's cock with a popping noise and he stepped back. He couldn't stop himself from looking down upon her, speaking out as he watched the cum from drip from her face.

"Oh my god, just look at you."

"I'm a mess, I know."

A smile formed across her lips after responding to Winston's words. Salma flashed her teeth as the cum continued to drip from her face. She didn't bother looking over at Johnny, as he had already served his purpose for the day and would soon be dismissed for the day. Once Salma was done with a companion between her and Winston, they were no longer relevant to her. They had made themselves useful for another round of her game until it was all over. The bond Winston shared with Salma continued to grow, as he felt from deep in his heart. Memories had been created today with such a sight that Winston would never forget from sharing the woman he loved with another man. It may have been a moment to share with his friend Johnny, but it was more so as an act from the adventure he and Salma had together from this game she was playing. Such journeys together were helping Winston become a new man.

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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 2 (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2020, 11:47:26 PM »
Loved it. Can't wait for part 3
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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 2 (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #4 on: July 06, 2020, 04:30:16 AM »
Superb!  That finish, wow, Salma was drenched :D
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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 2 (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #5 on: July 09, 2020, 07:11:21 AM »
This was a fantastic story, surpassing your own standards.

I like the first part of the story focusing entirely on Winston and Salma having fun with a flare of passion. They have good chemistry for this series to be all about them with the third member being like a guest star.

The middle part was different from what I expected. I can see where you were trying to pass the time but also managed a good build up for the threesome. I loved that despite Johnny being a porn star, he don't try to manhandle Salma. She's in control and even when Johnny and Winston both have the chance to take control and become dominant, they don't do it out of respect. I really liked that. She gets destroyed for the ending but in a happier way.

Can't wait to see who comes next in Part 3, I assume it will be a woman of choice next.

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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 2 (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #6 on: July 09, 2020, 12:22:31 PM »
Many thanks for the compliments everyone.

The next chapter will indeed go back to MFF and will feature Jessica Alba as the next companion. 
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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 2 (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #7 on: July 30, 2020, 01:13:54 AM »
You adding gifs get me every time because they fit so perfect in your stories.  :D

And every time I read Salma speaking, I read it in her voice. She is a freaky vixen with huge boobs  =P~

You're on a roll with these stories, man and can't wait for that pt 3 with Jessica Alba.
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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 2 (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #8 on: July 30, 2020, 01:46:41 PM »
You adding gifs get me every time because they fit so perfect in your stories.  :D

And every time I read Salma speaking, I read it in her voice. She is a freaky vixen with huge boobs  =P~

You're on a roll with these stories, man and can't wait for that pt 3 with Jessica Alba.

Many thanks for the kind words. Her accent is so sexy, I try to nail it every chance I get. The gifs fit in the story, I swear Anissa Kate looks just like her!

Will be starting part 3 soon once August rolls around.


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