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Alison Brie - Right Place, Right Time
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Alison Brie – Right place, Right time

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Working out with Alison Brie was always enjoyable but very hard work and they both had to give their all every session, ending them exhausted and sweaty. Filming for GLOW was coming up fast and they were working on getting their moves worked out, practicing and perfecting them before the actual shoot. Alison had been working hard in the gym as she always did to get into her best physical shape for this so she had the strength and fitness to perform as required and now they were training to get the actual moves done right, delivering both technically and safely. After their initial introduction to the routines to outline the key points of safety and technique they needed, stepped up in intensity and intricacy from the previous series, Alison and her co-stars went to work practicing them, with the lovely brunette working with him primarily to relentlessly perfect her physical moves. Right now they were laid out on the mats after another session, both breathing hard, glistening with sweat, Alison pulling herself into a sitting position.

“Want to go again?” she asked, glancing back to the ropes. It was late on a Friday and everyone else had called it on their training for the night, leaving just Alison and her partner Rob to keep going, wanting to be perfect with everything.

“Sure,” he said, pulling himself up with a deep breath and a stretch as Alison went back to the ropes to climb the corner once more. They were working on a superplex off the top rope, a version of a fairly typical vertical suplex but with so much more energy and pace as they swung down from the corner. Alison was the one being suplexed, sitting on top of the corner with her feet on the second rope as he stepped up onto the ropes with her and locked her into the hold. It was a move she was going to get given on the next season by co-star Betty Gilpin, the star of the show as the face with Alison as the heel, Liberty Bell dominating her Soviet opponent Zoya as they grappled for the title on the show GLOW. With Alison in the hold they both checked and approved their position, that he wasn't going to break her neck as they swung or anything before they tightened their grip and went for it, Alison throwing her strong, slender body in to the move as he swung her over from the top rope, feet spinning up and over as he flipped her body through the arc and slammed her down onto the ring, landing loudly on the mats as the ring shook in another well delivered move.

“Fantastic,” she said, rolling over and kneeling up, really feeling like they had it.

“Yeah going great, you're nailing this. Want to do it again?” he said as he stood up, offering a hand to Alison.

“Sure, I want it perfect. You happy to work late? Time's going on a bit,” she said, glancing to the clock. He rarely wanted to work with her late on a Friday, nobody did, she rarely did but right now she had to get these moves down pat.

“No problem, not like I have anywhere to be,” he commented as they reset. Alison caught a little edge to his voice, like it wasn't just an off-hand comment.

“No? Got nothing planned or anything?” she said as she climbed the ropes and waited for him to get up with her.

“No nothing, just gonna be a chilled weekend I guess, it's been one of those weeks,” he said as he carefully bound her up again, interlocking with the gorgeous Californian before they made their checks again.

“Yeah? What's up?” she said, before taking a breath and concentrating for another superplex, swinging over again and down onto the mats with a characteristic thump.

“Just been lots of things this week you know? We're busy here doing this, which is great but it doesn't leave me a lot of time for anything else. I'm still single and this week it just seems like it's been one thing after another,” he said, taking a breath and wiping the sweat from his brow.

“It happens, what's come up?” she asked, wiping her own forehead with the bottom of her shirt to give him a glance of her toned tummy.

“Oh you know just...stuff. Had to spend a load of money on paperwork stuff for my apartment, nothing fun sadly, blew a tyre on my car so that was another expense and then I caught my favourite watch on something and cracked the screen. Nothing huge but just all gets to you, just all seems to come at once,” he said, standing up again.

“Bad things come in threes,” she commented with a slight smile.

“I guess so, just...feels like it's piling up you know? I'll probably walk out of here, trip over and land on my phone to give myself another huge bill,” he said, gesturing to nothing with a slight laugh Alison's chilled attitude getting to him, helping him relax a bit from it. It had been a tough week though and he just wanted a bit of time to relax and reset this weekend, a few beers and to just chill out for a while.

“Oh no, then you won't be able to get any more bad news for a while,” Alison smiled with a wink, turning to bounce off the rope and run a few lengths across the ring.

“I guess not,” he smiled, stepping into her line and pulling her swiftly up into a gorilla press slam, his hand pushing into her chest and cupping her pussy through her skintight leggings as he lifted her. Alison saw their well-practiced move a mile off  and threw herself into it, helping him lift and press the delectable five-foot-three, 110-pound Californian over his head at arms length, delaying her sweep for a moment as he stepped away from the mat and then swung her over, Alison curling perfectly to drop flat down on her back on the thick mat as he hurled her down dramatically for the non-existent audience.

“Well hey, you don't need to take it out on me,” she said with a smile and flick of her eyebrows, looking up from the mat as if nothing had happened.

“You got it,” he said with a laugh, loving how cute and fun Alison was, always able to bring a smile to his face as he helped her up. They kept on going, moving on from the superplex to a diving tornado DDT; it was all corner and rope work they were doing, the aerial moves being the most athletic and taking maximum training. Everything happened faster and with so much more energy that getting it right was absolutely key, especially with moves like the DDT. Alison had to dive from the top rope to take hold with a headlock and then spin round and drive into the mat with her opponent, in this case Rob but during filming it would be any one of the other girls. They were training as well and eventually they would be training together, but first off they had to learn how to safely perform the move with their experienced trainers.

“You ready for this?” Alison said, glancing back and catching him eyeing her toned ass through her skintight black leggings. She was wearing workout gear, her three-quarter length leggings over some smooth, seamless cotton panties with a snug black sports bra under a grey cut-out tank top, nothing fancy but it did give a look at her body which was in peak condition right now. With all the training she was in the shape of her life and loved the attention she got for it, even if this was a professional relationship.

“Sure, done it a thousand times,” he replied as she climbed up and turned to sit on the top of the turnbuckle, feet on the second rope.

“I'm still learning this, so anything could happen,” she smiled, steadying herself.

“I'm ready for anything, just give it your best shot,” he said, getting in a solid stance ready to catch the slender actress. They'd already practiced this move a bit and done the initial jump and headlock, practicing that endlessly to avoid any potential neck injuries to her opponent. With that in place, it was time for Alison to practice the body swing, moving with him to rapidly spin him around ready for the drive into the mat. She braced herself, calm and concentrated as she remembered in detail everything she had learned about the start of the move, every little thing to deliver it safely. He was ready for her as she launched off the top rope, not tentative or cautious, going straight for it with fervour and energy as she knew she had to. It took commitment to get it right and she was giving her all, throwing her slender body towards him where he caught her effortlessly, hands at her hips as her right arm went around his head and her left arm went under his to grab the back of his shoulder so she could spin him. It was a good start, but they didn't follow through into the spin, taking a few goes just to make sure the first part still worked.

“Good job,” he said as he lowered Alison down to the canvas, dropping the dainty Californian onto her feet. She immediately climbed back up the corner to reset, him getting in place once more for the first of several more runs of the initial grapple, making sure it was still perfect before they moved on. She was spot on every time, absolutely nailing it and remembering everything they'd practiced perfectly.

“Ok you ready to go for the next stage?” he said as she took a breath and climbed back up the ropes again, sitting on the top.

“Yeah I'm ready,” she said, stretching a little.

“Ok remember here don't yank my neck as you do this. I'm gonna work with you, use your other hand to help pull my body round. So just do what you've been doing with a bit of rotation, throw yourself into the spin almost and I'll take care of the rest. This is a combined effort here,” he said, noting how Alison listened intently. The gorgeous brunette took it in and nodded, getting ready to go for it, spurring him into readiness for her. They weren't going practice the actual DDT drive into the mat yet, just the spin and Alison launched herself from the corner onto him, landing the neck grip perfectly, her hand grabbing his body again as he supported her and throwing the motion into it now to spin him. Her hand slipped off him, having not go a proper grip on him as she reached under his arm, meaning she jerked away from him and awkwardly wrenched at his neck as he turned with her, the slight actress giving a yelp of surprise and momentary panic as they swung around. He immediately turned faster to stop her yanking heavily at her neck and took physical control of her, guiding her body down by her curvy hips to drop her carefully to the mat.

“Sorry, sorry,” she said as he let her go, raising her hands helplessly as he stood up and rolled his neck slowly, stretching out.

“It's ok, don't worry,” he said, and it was. Just another day of practicing wrestling. He had the muscle to support him so there was no problem, she was far more concerned than him.

“I'm sorry, this is new, I screwed that up,” she said.

“That's why we're here practicing. Get back up there,” he said, pointing her to the corner. She smiled and climbed back up the ropes, turning round and resetting her position.

“Ready?” he asked as she settled her feet and focussed.

“Ready,” she confirmed, looking him in the eyes.

“When you're ready,” he said, waiting to receive her delectable feminine weight. The brunette focused, wiggling her hips a moment before she leapt from the ropes once more, straight onto him for the headlock with practiced ease, hooking her arm much more powerfully under his and grabbing his shirt, committing successfully to the move as she threw her body to the right and pulled him round, not wrenching at his neck this time as he turned with her and then lowered her body.

“Excellent, that was spot on,” he said as she gave a beaming smile.

“Great, really got that grip this time,” she agreed.

“Yeah, that's the key. Now let's practice it four hundred more times,” he said with a smile as he pointed back to the corner. Alison gave a playfully defeated sag, scuffing her feet and delaying her move back to the ropes.

“Oh can't we just go home,” she pouted even as she climbed back up the corner.

“Hey this was your idea, to spend your Friday night with me,” he said with a smiling shrug.

“I know, I figured you could use the company,” she said teasingly with a flick of her eyebrow before she concentrated and performed the move again, getting it mostly right but rolling on his shoulder with the attempted turn again.

“It's tough to meet people when you move around so much, this job is pretty mobile,” he said, putting her down so she could immediately reset.

“You need to find another stunt performer, someone that could come with you and understand the lifestyle,” she said, pausing for a deep breath before climbing the ropes once more.

“I guess so, that'll take time though. For now I'll focus on you, let's get this right,” he said, Alison laughing slightly and then diving towards him again. They continued working out, repeating the move again and again to try and perfect it until they were both tired, Alison feeling the ache in her core muscles from twisting her body.

“Let's leave it there, I've had enough,” she said, giving a slow sigh and stretching tiredly.

“Sure, we've had a good session tonight, we'll continue it next week,” he said as they started stretching out to warm down. There was no masseuse to do it for them so they needed to take care to stretch out properly before calling it quits.

“So how you we go out for a drink tonight?” she said as he stretched beside her.

“A drink?” he said, a little taken aback.

“Sure, a drink...or four,” she said with a giggle.

“Yeah, that'd be great if you want to, if I'm not keeping you from anything,” he said, since he genuinely didn't want to inconvenience her.

“No I was just gonna kick back and relax anyway, it's been a tough week and I just want to unwind a bit before next week,” she replied.

“Well sounds good, I need to grab some better clothes though,” he said, since he'd only worn casual stuff.

“Sure, we both need to go grab something better, I'm not exactly going out like this!” she laughed, glancing down at her snug workout clothing. They finished their workout with idle chat and made plans to meet at a local bar in an hour or so, giving them both enough time to get home and freshen up. He got back to his apartment and took a shower, relieved to get fresh after a long warm day of working out with the girls of GLOW. The warmth in California didn't help when working out physically in a warehouse studio all day with just a few open windows and some fans to keep everyone cool. He got showered and shaved, drying himself off as he glanced at the time, realising he only had about half an hour to go and meet Alison. He gave himself a chance to cool down before wasting no more time in dressing in a casual black shirt and jeans, spraying on some aftershave and heading out to meet her, the bar in question a quick cab ride away, walking to the main road to flag one down and heading to meet her.

He didn't know if she'd stand him up or something, she didn't seem like the type and they had a great relationship but he couldn't be sure. His doubts were proven unfounded as when he arrived she was already waiting by the bar, drink in front of her, looking up with a beaming smile as he walked in to greet her. She was dressed casually in low kitten heels and a simple blue dress, skimming just above her knees to show off her silky legs, toned figure evident as it wrapped just snugly enough around her.

“Hey sorry I'm late, I had to get a cab and everything,” he said, glancing to his watch and realising he was the better part of ten minutes late.

“Not good form, being late to a date,” she teased as the bartender sidled up, sensing a sale.

“We can't all afford to live in the posh neighbourhoods,” he smiled as he turned to the bartender.

“Hey, can I just get a Budweiser please?” he asked, proffering a bill.

“Sure thing man,” the guy said, grabbing a cold one and popping the cap off, standing the perspiring bottle on the bar as he took the money. Rob took a good draw on it with a sigh of satisfaction.

“I dunno, pretty weak defence,” she smiled, sipping her cocktail, something orange and fruity.

“Huh?” he said, momentarily lost.

“The distance, you being late because you had to get a cab, pretty weak excuse to stand me up,” she said with a smile and flick of her eyebrows.

“Hey if this was date I'd definitely have been on time,” he said, nodding to the bartender as he took his change.

“Oh really?” she asked, raising her eyebrows as she glanced around for a table. It wasn't late yet and not busy, easily able to find a secluded booth for them to tuck away in.

“Absolutely, no way I'd mess that up,” he said, glancing down at her ass before she looked back at him.


“Nope, always on time for dates, it's good to be punctual,” he said as they say down, sliding across the leather opposite each other.

“Oh so I'm just a casual, on-the-side friend, show up when you like huh?” she said, playfully acting offended.

“Exactly,” he said with a smile, lifting his bottle to tip it to her before he took another drink. She laughed and drank her wine, looking around at the bar.

“What do you think all these people have been doing this week?” she said, gesturing past him at the moderately busy bar behind him, her big blue eyes scanning across the people chatting and socialising. He turned in his seat and checked out everyone out for their Friday night, knowing things were barely getting started. He was glad they were all full of energy and ready to go, after their week training he was looking forward to taking it easy.

“A mix of everything I guess. Probably an office job, personal trainer, assistant director...I dunno, pornstar,” he said with a smile, looking back to Alison.

“Pornstar?” she said with surprise, louder than she intended as she craned to look past him at the crowd as if some well known performer was going to be standing there.

“Gotcha,” he said.

“Not that I know who any porn stars are of course,” she said with a sly look as she sipped her wine.

“No, I'm sure you don't,” he replied with a smile, knowing she couldn't be as innocent as her fantastic, bubbly demeanour let on.

“She could definitely be one though,” she murmured, flicking her eyebrows towards the people behind him, making him carefully take a glance to who she indicated. It was a petite blonde girl with a lovely figure, some great tits and a low cut top on, hair bleached and wearing a very short skirt.

“She could, though a lot could. All it takes is a phone now after all,” he mused, draining his beer. It went down too easily on a warm night like this.

“I guess so, everyone's a star now, people get discovered in an instant now it seems,” she said.

“They do, they also fade in an instant,” he added.

“True,” she nodded through a mouthful of wine, draining her glass, “you want another?” she offered.

“Yeah please,” he said as Alison slid from the seat and swept his bottle away, standing it on the bar as she refreshed their drinks. He quickly checked his phone; nothing had come through apart from some random email so he made sure it was on silent and slid it back into his pocket as she returned to the table, standing his beer down before she slipped in opposite him.

“A warm day like this, nothing beats a nice cold drink,” she said as she sipped her white wine. He took a corresponding drink of his beer, agreeing that it was definitely what they needed on a night like this.

“I didn't think you drunk much now? I thought you were all about the workout and diet for this show, really get in peak shape,” he said, clenching his fists idly.

“I don't drink so much, it's hard to keep in top shape without just eating right and working hard, there's no shortcuts as you know. Well, not legal or healthy ones,” she said with a slight shrug. He nodded, knowing plenty of people that had gone down the route of steroids chasing a physique in his time.

“It's just dedication, and while we're filming I just commit to it really to get the best from myself, it's only a few months,” she said.

“So what about tonight?” he asked.

“It's a cheat night,” she said softly after a pause, giving a wink and sipping her wine again. His heart missed a beat, thinking it couldn't possibly be as it sounded in that moment before it gave a flurry of pumps.

“You need them now and then. So what else are you doing on this cheat night?” he asked with a wry smile, breathing slowly to calm his pulse as his mind rushed with thoughts and ideas.

“I hadn't really planned it out,” she replied.

“Well...what do you wanna do? We've got the whole evening to take advantage of,” he said.

“What I want right now is some food, something sinfully delicious,” she said, grabbing the menu from the table and taking a quick look.

“That sounds great right now, a long week deserves a treat,” he said as he picked up his beer for another swig. Her big eyes scanned over the food on offer, taking just moments to fixate on something.

“Wings, that's what I need, some nice spicy wings,” she said, pointing to them and looking up at him.

“That's your cheat food for tonight is it?” he said, glancing at the menu.

“Yeah, gonna be great. You're joining me too,” she said with a smile, putting the menu aside.

“Am I? Don't I get a choice?” he asked with a smile.

“Nope, I say wings. I also say you're paying,” she said with a grin, batting her eyelids at him.

“Fine,” he said with a playful roll of his eyes as he got up to go to the bar. It took a couple of minutes as there were other people waiting, the bar starting to fill up now as the evening progressed, eventually getting his order in for the wings and some fries to go with it, feeling decidedly hungry now after another long day working out with the girls. He sat back down to await their food, bringing two shots of vodka back with him to step up their evening a little. Alison had been playing on her phone, putting it away as he returned to the table and widening her eyes as she took in the shots, watching as he slid it over to her.

“Did I order that?” she said as she smiled up at him.

“Nope, you don't get a choice,” he replied as he pulled himself back into his seat.

“You chose the food, I choose the drinks,” he said, picking up his shot glass and cocking it towards her just a little with a flick of his eyebrows.

“Fair's fair I guess,” she said with a giggle, taking the shot glass and raising it to his for a clink before she tipped her head back and gulped it down, giving him a moment to watch her perky boobs bounce under her dress, the firm C-cups jiggling in her bra beneath the blue fabric as she necked the shot, not seeing his gaze as he downed his own shot as she lowered her head, loving the way she looked. Her black bra straps were visible past the slender supports of her dress, something he loved, hinting at what they supported beneath. They made chat about work, though both of them really wanted to escape it for the weekend before their wings arrived, Alison positively joyous as she thanked the waitress and immediately tucked in, seizing a wing and going to town, impressing him with her voracity, waiting for no-one as she pulled the tender chicken off the bone.

“Oh god,” she mumbled through her mouthful, trying to be discreet but practically shivering with pleasure. He grabbed one himself and had to admit they were delicious, the sauce sticky and sweet, just enough heat to be spicy but with a good flavour, soft and succulent. He murmured his pleasure, Alison beaming at him as she picked her bone clean and dropped it aside on the plate, grabbing another, sauce all over her fingers and round the sides of her mouth.

“I've missed these,” she mumbled, grabbing another wing to indulge.

“Yeah they're great, this is the kinda stuff you can't have when you want to look your peak,” he said , joining her with another one.

“Damn right,” she replied before biting another juicy bit of chicken off. They fell silent in the noisy bar as they delved into the feast and enjoyed several more wings each and some of the fries, their hunger unleashed as they gave in and devoured it.

“Good cheat night huh?” he said as he tossed another chicken bone onto the plate. Alison paused, looking him in the eyes as she slowly picked up another wing.

“Who said this was the cheat part?” she murmured softly, sensually with a clear inflection as she smiled devilishly and lifted the wing up for another bite. His heart skipped a beat and a tingle spread through him as they stared into one another's eyes. She left it temptingly unanswered as they finished off the last couple of wings and fumbled with the cheap napkins to wipe the sauce from their fingers and mouths.

“Always so messy,” Alison complained as she screwed up the paper and dropped it aside on the table.

“Worth it though, they were good,” he said, doing the same and grabbing another few fries.

“My choice was spot on,” she said with a flick of her eyebrows, taking fries for herself.

“It was. Man that was good, forget how good these things are when you're avoiding them,” he said.

“All for the greater good though, always love a good piece of meat,” she teased with a wink.

“I bet,” he murmured in response, giving a smile she could feel, a little glow of excitement spreading through her. The waitress cleared their plates away and Alison got them another drink, along with a few more shots, the evening taking a turn towards far more of a let-loose kind of night. They threw back the shots, Alison rasping at the burn as she downed two together before washing them down with her wine, Rob laughing slightly as he managed to control himself. The alcohol had them buzzed, laughing together much more loudly and freely now as they told stories and joked about work and everything else under the sun without ever touching on any real issues in their lives, getting a bit tipsy as the shots soaked into them, Alison feeling it more with her slender frame. With the night drawing in, the clock working its way into the small hours now they'd had enough, neither wanting another drink, Alison playing with the water on the table and making shapes with her fingertips.

“It's getting late, time to get going I think,” she said, giving a stretch.

“Yeah, best go get some rest so we can enjoy tomorrow,” he said, pulling himself up from the seat as the actress collected her bag and slid out to join him, following him out through the crowds of people. It had thinned out a bit but not loads, a busy Friday night in L.A. They stepped out into the cool night, clear skies greeting them and a welcome quiet, away from the reverberating noise of the bar, feeling how open and unrestrained the space was.

“Man that's better,” he said, not realising how loud it had got inside.

“Yeah, so do you wanna come back to my place for coffee?” she said, looking up at him as he turned back to her, not quite sure he heard her right.

“Sorry, coffee?” he asked, brain not quite clicking, tiredness and alcohol causing the delay.

“Yeah,” she said with a naughty smile crossing her lips, a look in her eyes “coffee. It'll perk you right up I promise.”
His brain picked it up this time, thoughts going all over the place for an instant as he looked at the gorgeous Californian smiling up at him expectantly, tension surging in his chest as he took a deep breath to calm himself, knowing she saw.

“Coffee sounds great,” he said as coolly as he could muster, Alison's smile immediately spreading as she didn't say a word and turned away, reaching for his hand as she headed for the cabs. She pulled him quite willingly over towards the waiting cars; luckily there was no wait as plenty of taxis were lined up to take tipsy revellers home after the night and they stepped straight into one, sliding onto the back seat. The driver asked for directions and Alison gave her address, the car moving swiftly out into traffic to speed them towards their destination, lights of the city cascading shadows across them as they passed, trailing beautifully up the slender body of Alison Brie. His eyes took her in from her slender ankles to her smooth shoulders and every curve in between, greeted by the stare of her gorgeous big blue eyes and a suggestive smile on her lips. She slowly turned back to look out the window but her hand reached out for his, pulling it across onto her leg and placing it onto the warm, smooth skin of her thigh, squeezing it to encourage him should he still have any hesitation.

He had no such concerns as he glanced to the driver in case he was watching them, finding him getting on with his job of taking them home in the hellacious traffic of downtown Los Angeles, leaving him free to squeeze at Alison's toned leg and let his fingers slide over her more to feel down the inside of her thigh. She shifted slightly in the seat, body shivering as she fluttered with excitement at it all, keeping herself demure and composed despite the little shudder of her body and squeeze of her legs. The car ride seemed to take ages, grinding along in the traffic as his hand explored the smooth, strong leg of the actress with light and firm squeezes, letting his fingertips trail over her and up her skirt, testing his luck as he dared to reach further each time.

Alison murmured slightly but, aside from a quick glance to him with her foxy eyes, gazed out the window and invited his caress, letting his hand push her skirt back up her beautifully smooth thighs as his hand explored, heart pumping hard despite the relaxing effect of the alcohol they'd consumed. She didn't stop him even as he got close to the apex of her thighs, simply leaning back in the seat in anticipation and giving a barely restrained shudder as, after a moments more hesitation, his fingertips brushed lightly up the front of her smooth cotton panties. His cock strained in his jeans as he touched her, able to feel the delectable heat of her through the thin material as his fingers slid slowly up the firm bulge of her pussy, the softness of the cotton an intoxicating mix with the feminine heat he encountered as Alison gave a controlled sigh. He couldn't see it but her nipples were straining against her bra, screwed up tightly in her arousal as he touched her, the teasing build up of the evening culminating in this tantalising foreplay as he carefully, covertly touched her.

“Don't be shy,” she whispered with her eyes closed, barely a whisper even, just breathing the words to him lest they be overheard as she encouraged him to give her more. He didn't reply, not daring to risk her changing her mind as he let his fingers stray sideways across her, feeling her smooth mound beneath the thin cotton, the material so soft and yielding under his touch, just begging to be pulled aside. He let his fingertips explore down between her legs and felt them easily slip in between her lips, parting the beautifully soft flesh as she suppressed a little gasp, feeling him press the soft panties over her clit as he explored. His fingers just started rocking lightly back and forth, working just firmly enough to pressure her most sensitive nub through her underwear and make her toned ass shift in the seat, rocking her hips in unison with him to try and maximise the stimulation even though she knew she shouldn't. They barely noticed the city moving past, the time seeming irrelevant as they lost themselves to one another, his hand the centre of things as he carefully worked at her, just stimulating her clit enough to make her practically beg for orgasm, frustratingly slow and teasing. His fingers rucked up the cotton, pulling it tighter up into her but never exploring beyond it, behaving and resisting simple wrenching it aside to stroke directly at her silky pussy.

“Ok that'll be 42.58,” the driver said, shaking both of them from their moment as the cab pulled to a halt, him flicking the light on and glancing back to them as his hand swiftly whipped out from under Alison's skirt. The actress smoothed her skirt down in perfect calm as he looked back for payment, glancing to her but no more than he might normally, as if their little moment had gone completely unnoticed. It hadn't, but they were hardly the first people to be kicking things off in the back of his cab.

“You get this, I'll see you inside,” she said with a sexy sideways look, her voice loaded with promise as she opened the door and slid out, shoving the door shut and walking up her driveway, taking her time and swaying her hips for him as he fumbled hastily with his wallet. The driver waited patiently as he opened the leather bifold and searched in the back of it, quickly thumbing through the notes and pulling out a brace of twenties and a ten, passing it to the driver.

“All yours,” Rob said, opening the door to follow the actress, his waiting prize.

“Have a good night,” the driver said, knowing he was going to after what they'd been doing. The cab pulled away as Rob hastily followed Alison up to her place, the door left ajar waiting for him...beckoning him. He took a few deep breaths, slowing his pace to control his racing heart and regain some composure as he reached the door and went inside, closing it behind him. Alison was waiting behind the door, startling him for a moment, making her giggle and grin as she hopped forwards and threw her arms around him, drawing him in as she craned up to kiss him intently, her tongue delving into his mouth, entwining with his as she pulled him close and aggressively made her move. His hands immediately went around her, one hand drawing against the small of her back as the other reached down to grip her ass, taking a good squeeze through her dress. It was firm and toned, tight from all their gym work in preparation for filming and in this moment it certainly seemed completely worth it.

“Come with me,” she murmured, grabbing his hand and pulling him through the luxuriously furnished home to her bedroom, another large fairly opulent space with large windows opening onto her secluded gardens. She immediately turned and threw herself back into him, kissing him energetically again as he pulled her close and lifted her up, the petite stars feet dangling above the floor as their tongues met again, sliding and battling with each other, her dress sliding up her slender figure to just reveal her black cotton panties not that he could look down. Lowering her down again, his hands pulled her dress up, letting her slip out of it as she raised her arms so he could remove it, exposing her beautifully toned body in a smooth, slow reveal as the loose fabric slid off her, pulling it over her silky hair to leave her in just a black cotton thong and a simple lacy bra to match. She smiled as she saw him taking her in, eyes drinking in her curves, the fullness of her breasts and tight pinch of her waist, panties pulled casually onto her hips in a way that just looked so apathetically sexy.

“Goddamn,” he murmured, taking her in, trying to capture as much detail of her body as he could in those few seconds. She gave a giggle and reached up for his shirt, fairly ripping it open as she deftly flipping the buttons and released it, wasting no time in freeing him from it. He shrugged it down his arms as Alison took in his toned torso, strong muscles clearly defined as her hands went for his jeans, immediately wrestling them down along with his shorts to let his swelling erection spring free as they fell to the floor to leave him almost naked before her.

“Very nice, good to go,” she smiled as she stepped back from him and reached behind her to unhook her bra, taking a moment to slow it down as she looked at him with a naughty smile, pushing her chest out to accentuate it as she released the supportive black bra, going loose and letting her lovely breasts bounce free as he fumbled down to remove his shoes along with the rest of his clothing, standing up ready as Alison pulled it away and dropped it to the floor to reveal her fantastic, perky C-cups. She didn't give him much chance to look or get hold of her as she kicked his clothes out the way and dropped to her knees before him, the petite brunette sinking down enthusiastically to come face-to-face with his manhood, now fully erect in front of her, standing up rock hard and bobbing with his heartbeat. Her slender hand reached up and wrapped around it, making him gasp as she slowly stroked him, only serving to make him even harder for her.

“I don't usually do this you know,” she teased, looking up at him from under her eyebrows with a teasing smile as her other hand went to his hip, knowing she had him at her mercy. He didn't question what she meant, whether it was the whole evening or just what she was doing now.

“I don't normally suck cock, it's not my thing,” she continued.

“Ok...” he breathed, sensing she was waiting for an answer of some kind as she lazily stroked his cock, fingers working softly under his head to encourage him to stay at full erection.

“But since you've had a bit of a shitty time this week, I will, just to treat you,” she purred, smile wide as she beamed at him, seeing his smile in return, very satisfied that Alison was going to suck his cock.

“I don't know if this will fit though, it might be too big,” she pouted playfully, looking back down to his cock with a final few strokes.

“Only one way to find out,” he coaxed, eager for her to get started.

“Guess so,” she replied and with no further hesitation pushed his cock into her mouth, enveloping him in blissful, succulent heat as her tongue pressed up against his shaft, groaning deeply with pleasure as her hand moved to his other hip to set herself up. Alison sucked firmly, bobbing her head slowly a couple of times, testing him out and preparing herself before she suddenly tightened her grip and plunged down on him, giving the slightest gag sound as her mouth glided effortlessly down his cock to press her nose against him for the most instant, incredible deepthroat he'd ever experienced.

“Oh fuck, Christ,” he shuddered, hips bucking and pushing into her mouth as the shiver of intense pleasure and sensation rushed through him, never expecting her to start like this. He managed to resist grabbing her head, pressing his hands over hers at his hips as he shook while Alison slowly pulled her mouth back along his cock till just his bulging head remained in her mouth, tongue flicking teasingly under the tip as she smiled around him. She didn't look up, simply delivering, driving herself down easily again to swallow his manhood whole, pressing her nose into him as he shuddered again, blown away by her cocksucking skills as she held him tightly, picking it up immediately and pulling back into a rhythm, pulling practically off his cock before diving down again with gusto, the slower pull backs contrasting starkly with her swift plunges down. She drove her tongue across him as she swallowed his cock and let the soft, skilful textures of it glide over him, tingling his most sensitive spot and making his knees weak, feeling his hands struggling to maintain their control on hers.

“Fuck, Alison,” he grunted, overwhelmed by her approach and barely able to take it, feeling in total ecstasy but on the brink already, like he'd blow it immediately in the face of her technique. She just murmured affirmatively, loving her power over him as she sucked his cock, keeping up her rhythm of swallowing him fast and withdrawing him slowly, loving how he jumped in her mouth each time, knowing she was driving him wild.

“Slow down, slow down,” he gasped, barely believing he'd say it to her, having Alison Brie sucking his cock was a dream come true and to tell her to stop would have never crossed his mind before she blew it with her incredible technique. Alison's grip relaxed and she pushed down fully again, holding it this time and swallowing to let her throat constrict around him to make him groan in further pleasure before she slowly withdrew and let his stiff cock slip out of her mouth, rolling her lips.

“Problem?” she asked pointedly, looking up with her big eyes.

“No it's fantastic just a bit much right off the bat is all,” he mumbled, realising his heart was pounding as he drew in a deep breath.

“Look this is how I suck cock, if you want a blowjob then you're gonna let me do this,” she said, looking up at him with a flick of her eyebrows that said it was her way or the highway. His cock throbbed before her for a second, tantalisingly close to her mouth and full lips that were ready to suck.

“Deal,” he said simply.

“Knew you'd see sense,” she said, a smile breaking across her face as she showily leaned forwards with her tongue out to make contact with him again, perfectly anticipating the pulse before she lurched forwards down him and swallowed him whole again, playing no games with him as she deepthroated him intensely once again to make him grab her hands and push into her face. The brunette attacked him with more vigour than before, holding on as she rocked back and forth, accelerating as she pumped him in and out of her throat, making wet sounds as she worked her tongue and kept her lips tightly around his throbbing shaft as she sucked, feeling him pulsing and jumping in her mouth as she sucked. She loved doing this, loved how men loved it and how it totally caught them off guard; she'd learnt to deepthroat very effectively in her 20s and had put it to use ever since.

He groaned and shivered as he withstood her onslaught with barely restrained enjoyment, starting to recover from the initial shock of it to enjoy the fantastic pleasure, loving how he slid all the way down her throat, how she had no problem at all delivering it, feeling her throat yield and contract around his thick head to stimulate the deepest pleasure. The constrictions of her vocal chords around the tip of him was just fantastic, feeling them squeeze up tightly as she flexed, wanting him to feel them as she hollowed her cheeks on him to let the silky sides of her mouth rub at his shaft. His hard breaths mixed perfectly with the fast, wet sound of Alison sucking, almost inhaling his cock now as she held onto him tightly and pumped her head into him, driving him into her throat as hard and fast as she could and making her nose pushing into his body every time.

“Fuck you're incredible,” he groaned as she flicked her tongue along his underside, making him tremble as his cock surged in her mouth. The stunning actress gave a hard push down to get deeper than she had, those extra millimetres making all the difference as she swallowed and let him feel the tight constriction of her voice box again, feeling him go rock hard with a shiver. It wasn't another pulse, it was more than that, behaviour she knew well that indicated his imminent climax as his cock swelled in her mouth, that little bit thicker and stiffer than before. She pulled back but only around half his length before jamming herself down to swallow him again as she grunted, holding on tight still as she stepped up her efforts, energy as intense as before but now she was only going half way on his cock and twice as fast. His hand twisted in her hair as she gave her all, no longer working her tongue as she sucked harder, mouth like a vacuum on him as she gave him the most amazing deepthroat blowjob of his life. He jumped and bucked in her mouth, holding himself back to let her do her utmost before he exploded.
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Re: Alison Brie - Right Place, Right Time
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“Don't stop,” he managed with a strained voice as he felt the point of no return, cock the hardest it'd ever been as the actress overwhelmed him, holding on to withstand her ministrations for a few final, deliciously deep seconds as Alison made it her mission to finish him, diving down again and again with ferocious pace that made his eyes squeeze shut and fingers dig into her hands as he strained, tension building before he abruptly burst into her mouth with a loud gasp, thrusting his pelvis forward into her and knocking her back on her heels. Her timing was impeccable as she second she felt him swell she pulled back, just his head in her mouth as his first jet exploded from it, shooting hard against the roof of her mouth and dropping over her tongue. As Alison applied her tongue to him again he shook at the intensity, unable to handle it but unwilling to withdraw from her as she flicked and massaged just underneath his tip rapidly, almost doubling up as his hands grabbed her head, fingers twisting into her hair as he gave a series of hard, sharp gasps, ejecting himself into her mouth and releasing jets of his hot, thick load all over her tongue.

He gave a final strain and relaxed with a shudder, climax finishing with a wave of satisfaction, head spinning. Alison wasn't done however, grabbing his still firm shaft and squeezing him purposefully to milk every last drop into her mouth, working his cock with one hand as she reached between his legs with the other to pressure behind his balls, finding the sweet spot and pressing firmly to make him grunt, cock swelling hard again for a moment in a final pulse as she tempted another small spurt out of him onto her tongue with the rest of his load. With a final squeeze she slid her lips back over his head slowly to release him, looking up devilishly as she pushed herself to herself to her feet and carefully opened her mouth to slide her tongue forward and show how she was holding his load on it, cupping it expertly. Without breaking eye contact with him, the barely clothed actress carefully rolled her tongue back into her mouth and closed it, pausing for a heartbeat as she maintained her smile before she gave a deep, defined swallow and opened her mouth again, tongue clean, showing off to him how she'd swallowed it.

“Goddamn,” he breathed, taking in deep, steady breaths to recover as Alison giggled.

“Guys love it when I do that,” she said.

“I loved everything you just did,” he said with a smile, eyes scanning down her gorgeous body, wearing only her black thong to let him take in her lovely shape, fantastic tits and toned abs.

“Good, that was the aim,” she murmured, flicking her tongue a little as she turned and stepped to the bed, showing him her beautifully toned ass in the simple cotton thong, begging him to take her. He could just take the petite beauty right at that moment, push her down and do as he wanted to her, contemplating what to do with the delectable brunette. Alison spun round on her toes as she reached the bed, smiling to him as she stood topless before him, just waiting for him, inviting him to come and play. She giggled as he smiled and stepped forward towards her, moving with purpose as he pushed her shoulders firmly and threw her back onto her bed, Alison bouncing on the mattress as her fantastic C-cups jiggled, legs hanging off the end.

“Don't disappoint me,” she murmured with a teasing smile, egging him on.

“I won't,” he replied, dropping to his knees between her legs, hands gliding up her smooth limbs to her hips, holding her curves as his fingers slid into the soft waistband of her panties. She murmured and dropped her head back onto the bed, letting him do his thing as he toyed with the elastic of her underwear, pulling it away from her pale body and letting it tighten the cotton into the sweet bulge of her pussy, defining the lips in a tempting cameltoe. Unable to hold back any more, he pulled the panties down slowly, drawing them away from her pelvis, the soft fabric clinging to her sweet lips before it peeled away to reveal her gorgeously smooth pussy. She was absolutely hairless and silky smooth, her lips full and beautifully tight, just mesmerising him for a moment as he pulled her simple underwear off and threw it aside, leaving her completely naked for him. He just took it in for a moment, loving the sight of her bare before him on the bed, legs wide just waiting for him to take her. Not wanting to make her wait any longer he slid his arms round her thighs and dove down to lick fully up her pussy, her soft labia yielding under his touch as her lips split and let him taste her juices, her flavour assaulting his tongue as he licked up and over her clit to make her shiver at his touch.

“Ohhh yeah, right there,” she murmured, craning from the bed a little as her skin prickled and abs tensed, lifting her feet. His tongue glided easily over her, effortlessly sliding across her smooth skin, flicking the underside of it down over her clit again as he reset, making her mumble with pleasure as he dragged his tongue up her again.

“Goddamn you're smooth,” he breathed between working his tongue, staying focused on his task as he held her firmly and drew up her full length again, pressing his tongue in more firmly to separate her puffy lips and let him dip into her vagina, feeling her heat and strength as he teased her muscles.

“Laser,” she murmured in reply, not really concentrating now as he began really eating her pussy, pinning her just a little firmer to the bed and pulled his tongue up under her clit hood, exposing the delicate button to his direct touch as she gasped, fingers curling into the covers as he stayed put and started to circle his tongue quickly around her nub. Alison tingled with pleasure as the exquisite sensations spread through her from her hips as he went to town on her smooth body, tongue switching from circling to flicking softly up and down over her button, careful not to press too hard as he directly swept over her clit which just made Alison rock her hips with him, working just enough to accentuate his illicit touch as he licked her, making her groan in ecstasy as it slowly, soulfully penetrated her body.

He alternated his efforts to include side-to-side motions too, following the same technique of not overdoing his pressure on her as he stimulated her most intimate spot, the mix of motions making her give a deeper, more primal groan, the throaty sound accompanied by a squeeze of her thighs around him, abs tensing to show off her defined tummy as her chest heaved with her breath, beautiful breasts mesmerising to look at as he glanced up the landscape of her body from his position between her legs. His hands pulled into the crease of her hips a little more, holding her down to attack, returning to circling his tongue again and pressing a bit harder as he did, pushing his lips in to suck and massage at her as her grunts turned to gasps again, a different sensation spreading through her.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” she breathed, head sinking back to the bedding as she relished the sensations, loving every move and probe of his tongue as he worked around her most delicate button. He continued for a minute, giving her exactly what she wanted, before he dipped down and pulled his tongue all the way back up her slippery entrance, juice abundant as she shuddered with the change in sensation, his strong muscle gliding easily along the whole length of her lips and back over her clit. He dove down to do it again, just letting his tongue probe a little further and lick over her asshole, making her legs clench and she shivered at the unique sensation, feeling so naughty as he swept from there all the way up her again and onto her perfectly smooth mound. His tongue attacked her clit again and the actress shuddered intently at the brisk mixture of circling and swiping over her, effortlessly despatching her soft hood to access her most sensitive, nerve-laden spot.

“Oh fuck,” she groaned, stuttering as she tensed up from the bed, eyes squeezed shut as her fingers gripped the bedding, nails digging in as she tried to keep her legs from clenching closed. He seemed to be doing to her what she'd done to him, keeping her on the edge of orgasm with a high intensity approach like her deepthroat had been, so close to orgasm but not giving it and making her wait. She guessed it was only fair and was loving it, enjoying the sheer pleasure even as he seemed to hold her back, working her towards a big climax. He switched down lower again and thrust his tongue into her slick pussy, delving his tongue as deep as possible inside her body, feeling her heat and tightness as her own muscles responded, instinctively clenching up around him with a powerful grip that he was sure would feel fantastic on his cock when he buried it inside her. He probed and explored her vagina with a series of fast and slow thrusts inside her, testing her out for a moment before he pulled back up onto her clit and sucked it hard, making give a ragged inhale as her head dropped back to the bed hard, pushing her chest out.

“Fuck, fuck, don't stop now,” she begged, thrusting her pelvis into her mouth and working herself harder, grateful as she felt him pick up the pace and attack her harder, his lips massaging her as his tongue danced on her clit, not holding anything back now as he drove her towards the orgasm she so desperately wanted and had definitely earned by sucking his cock so incredibly. His lips kept a seal so he could suck as his tongue snaked and swiped at her nub, dancing this way and that in a series of rapid motions around and over her clit, pressing hard as he circled her and flicking rapidly over her as he pressed her directly. Alison's heart pounded in her chest, her head felt dizzy as sweat prickled her brow, hands dug into the bedding as her pussy was devoured in the most intense way, holding on for just a few seconds longer before he finally pushed her into orgasm, the tension rushing up through her body as she passed the point of no return.

Unable to speak, she gave a few hard gasping groans before she shook with ecstasy and let out a wail of pleasure as she popped, body trembling and spasming to shove herself into his attacking mouth as her back arched and pushed herself from the bed, shoulders buried into the covers. Eyes squeezed shut and mouth wide to cry her jolts of climax to the room, the actress couldn't stop her thighs clenching in on him, closing around his face as he devoured her, twitching and bucking intently in her peak as her nipples screwed themselves up tighter against the air. Suddenly she was done, too sensitive to touch as she twisted away from him and squeezed her legs, desperate to break his hold on her as she clumsily reached down for his head.

“Oh fuck, no more!” she half gasped, half giggled as she stopped him, body in relief and complete relaxation from the orgasm he'd given her, the sheer comfort of it spreading through her like some wonderful drug. Only her heavy breathing broke the air of the bedroom as she closed her eyes to recover, body tingling, curling her toes and giving a slow stretch as he wiped his chin and pushed up onto his feet between her legs. Alison let her legs pull in to brush at his, her silky smooth skin rubbing across him as he slid between them, standing over her with his hard cock ready and waiting. His hands reached down to caress her body, fingertips drawing over her pale body from her fantastic, soft tits down to her hips as she shivered. Pulling his left arm under her leg, he hauled her knee up beside him, rolling her hips back and spreading her soaked pussy open for him as he aimed his cock with the other, leaning down to make contact with her hot, silky lips before letting himself sink down to bury himself inside the Californian.

Alison groaned with pleasure as she stretched out around the bulging head of his cock, the thickest part of him opening her muscles perfectly as he slipped easily into her, feeling him shudder a little at the gorgeous sensation of her pussy enclosing his erection as he sank around half himself into her before she contracted around him, stopping his progress as he flexed inside. He pulled back slowly and then delved into her once more with another thrust, deeper but not all the way, following up quickly with another pull back and thrust inside her, pushing apart all final resistance of her body as he pressing his hips to hers to bury every inch of himself in her incredible form with another shudder of pleasure that Alison noticed with a smile. Far more with it now, happy to engage rather than just get fucked, she smiled up as his eyes squeezed shut in the pleasure from her body, her delectable tunnel encased the full length of his manhood as she tightened her muscles up to show just how snug she was for him.

“Fuck Alison,” he growled, grabbing her leg tighter and pulling back faster, his other hand pinning her hip down as he geared up to really fuck her, almost his whole length before he powerfully buried it back inside her, all the way to the hilt as she gave a harsh grunt, not quite ready to get fucked so deep despite her pussy swallowing him up. She didn't protest though, simply digging her nails into the bedding and dropping her head back as she braced herself to get fucked, knowing he wanted it, needed it, imagining how he'd probably fantasised about fucking her for so long, how he'd longed to take her carnally every day as they'd worked together, able to get his hands on her so intimately as they trained in close quarters. Such thoughts only boosted her arousal and her pussy quivered, wettening more as she stoked herself up, body rocking on the bed with every energetic thrust of him into her, hips shoving against her ass as he buried himself inside her again and again.

“Ohh fuck like that, don't stop,” she breathed, getting into it as he built up to fairly pound on her, his thick cock achingly hard as he jammed it inside the American star. She was right with what she'd imagined; he'd dreamed of fucking her for months...years in fact. He'd liked Alison before he'd even worked with her and now he got to work with her every day his lust for her had only grown, not just because she was so toned and deliciously fit but also because she was just dynamite to be around, her enthusiastic personality infectious. And now here he was, between her legs and pumping himself into her sweet pussy, tighter and hotter than he could have hoped, her toned body before him a treat as he pinned her down and thrust against her, Alison happily taking his full length with perfectly timed squeezes to grip his whole size or grab at his bulbous head as he pulled back on her.

“Come on baby, fuck me,” she groaned, egging him on as he pulled her hard into him, burying himself deep with every thrust, her finding it hot how he held her down and just took her, not asking, never questioning, just fucking her hard. He needed no encouragement from her but she liked to give it, just giving him the come-on and enjoying the results as her body writhed with pleasure, relishing his hard cock stretching her tight pussy, bulbous head driving deeply towards her cervix, filling her completely and rubbing over every nerve that counted. She felt a distinctive tingle and knew she wanted more, more stimulation, more control and resolved to change the tune. She felt so powered up knowing she had such control over him, even if he was exerting it over her right now, wanting to test it out on him; not too much, she didn't want to take advantage, just she got so horny being in charge and right now, after a few drinks, she wanted it and was sure he wouldn't mind.

“That's enough,” she said, a commanding tone touching her voice as she reached down to press her hand to him and stop his penetration, holding him off as she pushed her legs out straight and broke his grip, slipping his thick cock out of her to leave her frustratingly empty. He looked a little perplexed, since they were both enjoying his hard plundering of her snug body.

“Come here,” she purred, smiling naughtily as she patted the bed beside her and pulled herself up to sit, drawing her lovely legs away from him onto the bed. He seemed a little put out, having been thoroughly enjoying himself where he was, but he was tempted enough and slid onto the bed beside her, being drawn straight into a kiss with the stunning brunette, their tongues meeting hungrily as he leaned over her, sparing a hand to squeeze her breast firmly as her hands pulled around his strong, muscular shoulders, so much bigger and more powerful than her lithe, toned frame despite her own strength. She enjoyed the kiss, tongues battling once more, before pushing at his shoulder to roll him away from her, back onto the bed and ready for her to ride, his thick cock sticking up hard and just begging for her to slide on.

Wasting no time she threw her knee over him and climbed on top, smiling down at him as his hands slid up her thighs to hold her hips in readiness, prepared to work with her as she bounced on his cock. Alison settled down to sit on his manhood, wiggling her hips and rubbing her juicy lips at him, soft labia splitting over him as she straddled his body. With her hands on his shoulders, pinning him down to the bed, she lifted herself and rocked her pelvis, working her slick pussy back and forth along him, making sure to push over the tip each time to feel him jump under her, achingly hard and desperate for her to resume their carnal encounter.

“Bet you want me to get straight to it huh?” she teased, loving being in charge now as she slowed her hip to give slow, smooth drives of herself over his erection, slippery with her juices now as she teased.

“Yeah, you want to, you know it,” he smiled, not giving in to her being in charge so easily.

“Hmm, you have a point,” she murmured, sliding over his head and then off so he sprung up behind her pussy, perfectly aimed to penetrate the Californian brunette. Alison playfully gave a little gasp, smiling through it as she pushed back to him, rocking herself back and forward carefully to ease his bulbous purple head into the right position, feeling him slip into her entrance and start to push inside as she rocked back ever so gently. She just made him wait a second more, smiling and sticking her tongue out as she so temptingly moved her hips, driving him wild with frustration before she slowly sat down and pushed his whole length back inside her, gliding balls deep to sit on him with a shiver and groan as he did the same, fingers tightening into her pale skin.

“Ohh fuck that's good,” he growled as Alison slid slowly back off him till just his head was inside her, squeezing her strong pelvic muscles before letting herself slip back down to engulf him in her body, soft walls of her vagina contracting around him again as she squeezed as she sat down again, loving how it made him flex and strain inside her. She'd aimed for tonight to be about cheering him up but she realised how badly she needed this, a physical release and respite from her training to just enjoy sex and his cock was the perfect tool for the job right now. She maintained her rhythm of slow, tight thrusts, making sure to work the whole length of his cock with every one as she gripped and worked him with her muscles, keeping him rock hard and eager for her, feeling him push up against her every time she pushed back down onto him and gave a little internal shiver of pleasure as he pushed deep.

Her hands pinned him down to the bed, keeping control even though he'd never fight her for it now, just letting her do her thing to their mutual pleasure as she worked her silky pussy up and down his shaft. She was still turned on by the idea of being in charge, letting her mind wander as she played with the idea that he was at her mercy, pinned down by her slight, toned frame and at her command as she dug her fingernails into his shoulders, pushing down harder to make him grunt but keeping the same slow, meticulous pace as she fucked him. The bed bounced beneath them as she shoved her ass down against him, gorgeous ass jamming into his thighs as she buried him inside herself, thick cock probing deeply inside her so the bulbous head thumped against her cervix as she shuddered.

“Fuck, that's it,” she grunted, eyes closing as she let out a deeper, harder breath, riding harder still to make the bed shake under them, loving how she made it move and how he stretched her out. His hands gripped tightly at her hips to haul her down into him, his own breaths hard and fast now as the stunning actress gave them both what they needed. She reached down and pulled his hands from her hips, directing them up onto her fantastic tits without even looking down at him, feeling him immediately squeeze and caress her once more, loving her chest and relishing the chance to get his hands on it more even though she'd never stopped him. With her hips free she started riding harder, picking up the pace a little and shoving down as hard as possible on him, feeling her climax bubbling up as she took what she needed and ground into him, rolling her hips back so he could stimulate her G-spot a little more as she rode intently. His hands squeezed and groped her breasts, feeling the firm flesh and hard nipples poking into his hands, letting his fingers pull back to tease at them as she moaned in pleasure to urge him on.

Alison's expression got more serious as she carefully leaned back on him and rested her hands on his legs, making him crane up a little to keep his hands on her chest as she started working her hips hard and fast, not able to get him as deep but slamming her ass against his thighs as she thrust him against her G-spot, pulling up dangerously high on him before shoving down every time, eyes squeezed tightly shut as she chased her orgasm, his own climax imminent but he held it back as he wanted to make her come. Alison rode hard, up and down with rolls of her hips, pussy still squeezing firmly at him as she stimulated herself intensely and gave him a fantastic view of her lithe, toned body leaned back, spread before him to show her awesome tits, muscular abs and perfectly smooth pussy as it wrapped around his cock. Bouncing hard, Alison lifted a little too high and he popped out of her, the actress gliding down his underside as he sprung back.

“Fuck,” she breathed frustratedly, not in the mood for it right then as she instantly grabbed his cock and pushed him back to her pussy as she lifted up, letting her ass sink again to bury him inside her to continue riding. She rode harder and faster now, quicker, thrusts not as hard but so much more hungry as she chased her pleasure for a few final seconds but she gave a tense and telltale shudder, body tightening up in the midst of her pre-orgasmic state. Her knees trembled and closed on him before she gave a few last, rapid bounces and came hard, hands grabbing his legs hard as she shook, body shaking intently as she gave a shuddering gasp, abs tightening as her body tried to curl up on the massive pleasure wracking it, emanating from her pussy as she clenched hard on his cock, Alison giving long, slow pulls up him after each hard shove down, her pace slowing drastically as she tried to absorb all the pleasure she could.

With her climax and his job completed, having aimed to make sure she had an orgasm, his own body waved the white flag and let his own climax wash over him, cock stiffening rock hard inside her to make her murmur as she chased the last few thrusts of pleasure. His hands dropped from her tits and grabbed her hips tightly, holding her in place and pumping up rapidly into her, the brunette whining in overwhelmed pleasure as his manhood ground into her sensitive body for a few seconds of fast, short pumping before he yanked her down as deep as he could and exploded inside her. Alison groaned with satisfaction as she felt him come, cock jerking and pulsing inside her, a final stretch as she flung herself forwards over him and kissed him deeply, their tongues meeting, his hand pulling up around her smooth back as he pulsed repeatedly to empty his balls inside her, deeply into her womb.

Silence was only broken by their heavy breaths, hearts pounding in the wake of a very satisfying fuck session as they lay together on the bed, Alison's head over his shoulder as they recovered, still interlocked. It was a minute or so before they moved, just taking time to enjoy the moments after climax before she pushed herself up and carefully rolled of him, his softening cock sliding from her slick pussy.

“Well that was fun,” she said with a smile, glancing back to him as she stood up and walked for the bathroom.

“Yeah, really hit the spot that did,” he replied.

“Damn right you did,” she commented, winking to him as she disappeared out the door. He stretched out on her bed, waiting for the brunette to come back to him as he felt tiredness wash over him, making him shiver and relax more intently, sinking into her soft bed. Alison returned shortly and smiled, sliding on with him and pulling the sheets over them as she snuggled up against him as if they were something more.

“Tired huh?” she teased.

“You've worn me out,” he smiled back sleepily.

“Good, sweet dreams,” she murmured, kissing him before they settled down, sinking into sleep easily.

* * *

Stirring in the morning, he blinked his eyes open at the unfamiliar surroundings of her home, taking in the décor and bright sunlight streaming into the room as he stretched a little stiffly and leaned up on his elbow. He'd slept deeply, restfully without interruption, just what he'd needed and felt so rested, looking over at the gorgeous Californian slumbering beside him. Obviously getting a night with Alison Brie was all it took to give him a proper sleep. He slid back down under the sheets beside her on his back, sinking into the pillows as he sighed with satisfaction at his position, wanting to absorb everything as he remembered the night before and the sweet sensations of her body. Goddamn she was a good fuck, so energetic and attentive, she'd really made it worth mixing business with pleasure.

Sliding out of bed, he figured he'd get some coffee going for the two of them and headed out of her bedroom to explore her home a little and find his way to the kitchen. Managing to find his way around and work out her expensive coffee maker, he closed the door to keep the noise down as the machine ground fresh beans and brewed them a fresh pot, pouring two cups. He added some sugar to both and milk to hers, preferring his black before he carried both mugs back to the bedroom and the waiting actress. She stirred as he entered, stretching and twisting before she opened her eyes to see him, smiling as he stood the coffee down on her side table.

“Good morning,” she murmured through a stifled yawn.

“Morning, thought I'd get something to wake us up,” he said, sipping his own as he stepped back around the bed to join her.

“Mm I don't usually drink coffee,” she said, pulling herself up to sit as she reached out for the mug.

“Oh, I didn't realise,” he said, having never really noticed.

“I like to be naughty once in a while,” she smiled, glancing to him sideways as she reached out for the mug. He loved how playful she was as she drank her coffee which he had to admit was delicious, strong and smooth. She slid her leg over his, drawing him closer to her as they sipped their coffee, waking up to the sunny weekend.

“Sleep well?” she asked, pushing her hair back from her face.

“Very well, your bed is so comfortable. It certainly makes a change from mine,” he said, since his digs were much more utilitarian than hers.

“I bet, and I'm sure getting laid beforehand helped,” she smiled.

“That it did. How did you sleep?” he asked.

“Much the same. Like you I needed exactly that last night,” she replied, slowly blinking as she practically inhaled her coffee. For someone that didn't drink it she was definitely enjoying it. It was good though and he finished his as they sat quietly, stealing glances at one another, noticing how pretty she was in the morning light.

“And this morning,” she said quietly but firmly, looking to him pointedly, determinedly, that same naughty little smile sliding across her lips.

“I can definitely help you with that,” he said, playing it cool as he drained the last of his mug and let his hand play over her body beneath the sheets. She murmured with pleasure and slid down in the bed, stretching out to let him stroke her, loving the tease though she didn't want to wait and take their time like they had the night before. She wanted a good, hard wake-up call and was pretty sure he'd be happy to give it to her. Alison was pleased when he wasted no time in rolling over to her, burying his face in her neck to kiss and bite gently up her pale skin as his hand groped over her ample chest, squeezing at her firm C-cups and teasing the nipples. She murmured with pleasure as her hand reached down to find him erect and ready, swelling in her grasp as she squeezed him and softly stroked him back and forth.

“Mm ready to go I see,” she purred, smiling as she shivered at the tickle of his fingers sliding down her side. His hand slid straight over her body and down over her silky smooth labia, splitting her hot lips with his fingertip to find her equally wet and waiting.

“So are you,” he mumbled with an unseen smile.

“So go for it, you know it'll fit,” she teased, flicking her eyebrows at him as he lifted his head, meeting for a brief kiss before he climbed over her leg and slid between her thighs, his achingly hard prick sliding over her smooth body as mumbled in anticipation, ready to get nailed. He did know that he'd fit but he wanted to push her more today, wanted to take more charge of her after her energetic ride to satisfaction the previous night. Pulling his arm under her knee, he hauled her leg up and tipped her pelvis back to access her better, Alison's legs wide open as he reached down and lined the bulging head of his cock up with her sweet, smooth pussy, just nudging forward so the lips split around his tip.

“Come on baby, don't tease me,” she goaded, smiling up at him and urging him to take her. He paused a moment and then did so, not quite as she'd expected and far too fast for her, lining himself up perfectly and then slamming in hard in one motion, jamming his hips down hard to bury his whole cock inside the slender brunette as she grimaced and gave a hard gasping grunt of sensation and pain as he stretched her out suddenly.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed, a rush racing through her in excitement even as pain throbbed through her body, vagina clenching hard on his invading manhood as he slammed it into her, getting as deep as he possibly could while her thighs squeezed in on him, not that she could stop him. He ignored her complaints, taking her hard like she'd secretly wanted and pushing his other arm up under her free leg to push it back before withdrawing and swiftly driving back in, her resistance broken even as she tried to slow him for a minute, wanting her body to get a break as he immediately started to pound into her. She whined in sensations, mixtures of pleasure and pain coursing through her as he worked her hard with the full length of his cock, making sure to go balls deep against her perfect smoothness with every thrust of his tingling morning erection.

“No teasing,” he said with a smile between breaths broken by the hard, vigorous motions of his body against hers.

“None,” she grunted, pain subsiding leaving just the pleasure of him briskly fucking her and her dripping wet pussy in the arousal of being taken so intently. She squeezed at him to intensify the sensations, making herself tighter around him as he pounded her, making him groan and thrust harder, cock flexing inside her as he swelled in excitement. Their lips met as he leaned over her, pushing her legs back with her supreme flexibility as he reached her, thumping his hips down against hers to pump his aching cock inside her. She felt as wonderfully tight and silky as she had the night before, body just swallowing his cock with ease yet she was so snug, it was heaven for his cock and he intended to enjoy every moment of it.

“Come on, harder,” she breathed, eyes closed as she leaned back into the bed, hand straying down between them to rub at her prominent clit between her shaved lips as her other hand dug into the bed, fingernails sinking into the mattress. She grunted again, breaths harder and more intense as he picked up the pace, shorter thrusts to jam himself into her harder and faster, making sure to sink himself as deep as he possibly could with every thrust as she loved it. Even as he held her legs back she pulled her feet in around him, holding him as best she could as she worked her clit with her fingers, loving the hard, aggressive pounding he was giving her, cock plunging inside her as her fingertips danced.

“Ohh...” she groaned, stammering a little as her body twisted up, arousal of it all suddenly rushing up on her in a quick, effective orgasm. She contorted under him even as he pounded into her, clenching of her pussy not enough to slow him down as he chased his own pleasure even as he joyfully watched Alison coming beneath him, chest flushing as he felt her squeeze and grab at him, feet digging into him as she arched from the bed and groaned with ecstasy at her climax, fingers working in a blur as she stimulated herself to the end under his energetic, powerful thrusts. His cock strained in its erection, so hard and hungry inside her as he thrust, picking his pace up to its maximum as he took the opportunity to really fuck Alison, slamming her into the mattress as she whined beneath him in overwhelmed enjoyment as his hips slapped noisily down against her shaking body.

“Oh fuck, fuck, come on,” she groaned as she reached up to hold onto him and just absorb his energy, taking his intense fucking for a crucial few seconds longer that seemed to stretch on before she felt him go rock hard inside her. Alison squeezed her pussy tightly the instant she felt it to encourage his orgasm and give him maximum pleasure as he held on for a few final seconds before he came with a near roar of release and satisfaction, shaking as he buried his cock as deep as possible and exploded into her womb, falling onto her legs and grinding his pelvis into her as he released spurt after spurt of his load deeply into her body, making her take every possible drop of it even though she was very willing to. She loved when guys came inside her, it was so primal and real, she loved how they pushed into her to make her take it all and when they dominated her like this she was in heaven. With a few final strains he relaxed, drained and breathing hard as he leant on her; she didn't mind, her legs were strong and she could easily hold him as he took a moment to compose himself, feeling him still pulsing inside her with his rapid heartbeat until he composed himself and pulled out, flopping onto the bed beside her as as she let her legs extend onto the bed.

“Fuck that was good,” he breathed as they both recovered, Alison's hand entwining with his.

“Yeah, just what we needed,” she murmured, eyes closed as they rested in the aftermath of their short, spirited sex session. They just took time to enjoy the moment together, heart rates slowing as perspiration pricked over their bodies.

“Come on, time to get up,” she said, pulling herself up and turning to stand from the bed. He grumbled, wanting to take a few more minutes.

“Can't we just stay in bed?” he said, looking up at the sexy brunette standing from the bed, taking in her toned ass and gorgeous full frontal as she turned around to face him.

“You can if you want, I'm going to grab a shower. You're welcome to join me if you like,” she replied, a wry smile crossing her lips as she flicked her eyebrows and turned to leave the room, sashaying out the door as she knew he was watching, shaking her hips a bit for his enjoyment. The thought of a shower with her immediately gave him more energy, the thought of her beautiful body wet and soapy under a cascade of water definitely something to help him get out of bed on a Saturday morning. Jumping up to follow, Alison half glanced back to him with a smile as he trailed her to the bathroom, taking in her gorgeous ass as he did. The brunette minx led him through her luxurious house to the bathroom, paying him no attention as she stepped into the wet room and turned on the shower while he looked around at the space and sheer quality of the room, musing how the other half lived.

“Wow, this is something,” he murmured, looking back to her standing naked in front of him as the water warmed up, nonchalantly full frontal with a smile.

“Thanks,” she said, stepping slowly back under the cascade of water, splashing everywhere as it bounced off her gorgeous body and soaked through her hair, Alison tipping her head back under the jets to let it soak her face and rush down the front of her body. He just stood and stared at the sexy Californian as she was enveloped by the rushing water, tumbling down over every feminine curve of her it drenched her head to toe, running down her legs and over her tight abs and silky smooth pussy. She caught his attention as she reached out and beckoned to him, naughty smile again as she curled her finger to draw him into the shower with her, noticing the distinct recovery of his cock even now as he watched the show. Stepping forward, he entered the water as she stood aside to let him in, their lips meeting as they kissed under the thundering shower, gallons of liquid thumping down on them as his hand pulled around her body to draw her close.

They didn't need to speak as their hands immediately moved over one another, completely in tune at that moment as his hands pulled round her smooth back and reached down for a hard squeeze of her toned ass, making her murmur as she pushed her palms over his defined chest and then slid them down his body to feel his cock, semi-hard in the wake of their fuck minutes before, recovering but not quite ready for her yet even as her dainty hands slid over him and stroked teasingly. His hands slid around her as she turned in his arms, reaching down her front to easily slide over her laser smooth labia as she murmured in pleasure, his finger splitting her lips and brushed across her clit as she held herself back against him, the water rushing down over them an almost after thought as they entwined. Alison reached forward and grabbed the shower gel she kept on the wall, squeezing it into her hands and then offering him the bottle as she pulled away, turning to face him again.

“Got to be nice and fresh,” she said, reaching out to spread it over him and start lathering up as he poured it out. Her hands slid across his body, fast and slippery, washing him effectively as he did the same to her, applying his now soapy hands to her slender figure and slathering her body with it, sliding down her back and over her ass, stroking between the cheeks and over her tight asshole to make her gasp as he did. Alison stepped back from him and put her arms up to let him at her, looking fantastic as her amazing tits stood firm on her chest as he massaged over her, taking his time with her rack as he cleaned the front of her as he had the back, sliding effortlessly down over her pussy and crouching to get her toned legs. Alison urged him to turn around so she could do his back, running her skilful hands over him to get everywhere as they playfully washed down under the relaxing warmth.

“Got to make sure you're nice and clean,” she teased as she grasped his stiffening cock once more as he turned back around to her, pulling in close and leaning up to kiss him as she massaged and squeezed perfectly to encourage him to full erection. He reached around her arms to squeeze her fantastic tits again, feeling the firm C-cups, nipples pushing against his palms in her arousal as they fooled around again, slowly jerking him off with little, tight squeezes underneath his head with every pull to make him jump and swell in her hand. Her other hand moved to his balls to lightly massage along with it and add another dimension as they kissed again, tongues twisting and fighting for supremacy as they did. His hand slid down and teased up the side of her groin, just making her shiver even though he couldn't quite reach her past her own ministrations on him.

Unable to resist her teasing any further, he suddenly grabbed her shoulders and turned her into the wall as she gasped, caught by surprise but loving being dominated, always enjoying it when guys got physical with her, pushing her into the tiles and making her brace herself in readiness. With his cock fully hard now, standing up ready for her, he wasted no time in grabbing himself and dipping down to push it between her thighs, Alison arching her back to make it easier for him to access her sweet pussy and easily pop inside her as they both gasped in pleasure. He grabbed her hips and drove himself home, having no problem getting balls deep as this was their second time around that morning and she was ready for him, pussy squeezing deliciously as he bottomed out against her. They both murmured with pleasure as he pushed into her ass and then pulled back, slowly to let them both feel it, her lips bulging as he head almost popped back out of her before he drove it back inside.

The brunette reached up to gently cup his face as he leaned on her shoulder, the fuck more intimate than she'd expected as he took her against the shower wall, dominating her and making her take every inch as he thrust deeply and powerfully inside her, hot pussy squeezing down appreciatively on him. She started grunting harder as he picked up the pace and delved himself into her with hard, sharp thrusts, jamming his prick against her cervix as he fit every bit of it inside her, the angle from behind offering him the opportunity to get deeper than ever before with her. His thrusts got faster and more intent, loving how she was pinned under him on the wall while he pumped into her from behind, Alison relishing the tingle from her G-spot as he ground over the front wall of her vagina. The water pummelled them from above for a couple of minutes as he took her until he slipped out of her, a slightly ambitious pull back making him slip out.

“Enough, come on,” Alison said, suddenly breaking the mood as she shut the shower off and turned around, pausing their fuck as she pushed silkily past him to escape the wet room, grabbing a towel and tossing one to him. He was slightly confused as he pulled it over him and soaked up the bulk of the water, Alison smiling as she rapidly did the same, her lithe body jiggling beautifully as he watched her rub herself down with the towel and throw it aside.

“Come on, follow,” she said, nipping swiftly from the bathroom as he followed, still hard cock bouncing before him as he followed the actress back to her bedroom. He stepped in as she glanced back to give him the come-on before behind straight over the end of the bed, sliding her feet apart as he slid in behind her. She grunted as he buried his rock hard cock in her again, balls deep to make her wince slightly as it caught her off guard and sent a jolt of pain through her for a second before her body was flooded with pleasure as he grabbed her hair and pulled back to fuck her hard. His hand was at her hip, cranking her back onto him as he started fucking her hard and fast, staying deep but with much shorter strokes this time as he pumped her intently, wasting no time in fucking her this time, wanting his release. She braced her strong arms on the bed to absorb his energy, body rocking forwards every time he slammed against her ass, tits bouncing softly under her as she shook from the force. Her feet started slipping on the floor even as her knees supported her against the bed, his energy and speed too much for her slender form to withstand as he banged her, sliding forwards as she fought to stay upright for him.

Giving up the fight, she tumbled forwards onto the bed for him to pin her down, barely breaking his stride as he pumped down into her, arms either side of her shoulders as he used his strength and agility to hold himself over her and work his hips down against her. With their new position he got a new angle on her and she tingled with pleasure, feeling him really hitting her spot as he slammed down harder and faster on her, completely lost to the rhythm as he wasted no time with talk or technique now to simply fuck her hard. It was exactly what she'd wanted, and evidently what he wanted, both of them loving the primal way he took her, grunting in pleasure as his hard breaths cut the air. Alison couldn't hold back and shook in a short, fast orgasm beneath him, rushing up on her quickly to shake her body and clench her pussy, unable to move or control the pace as it passed and left her sensitive, feeling how hard he was in the wake of it and knowing he was on the brink.

“Not inside me,” she managed, not wanting another creampie to deal with before the day ahead.

“What, why?” he managed through his hard breaths, since she'd been happy with it up to now.

“Just don't,” she replied. He internally shrugged and went with it, it was her call and he didn't care now as he pinned her down and slammed into her, wet hair at his face as he breathed into her neck and bit down on her soft skin, making her gasp as he hammered his final, aching thrusts into her, reaching boiling point and just holding it long enough before he suddenly yanked away and up off her, yanking out quickly so she gave a shocked, moaning gasp at the sudden emptiness as he jerked himself over her, exploding hotly over the pale skin of her back and top of her ass as she trembled on the bed under him. He leant down on the bedding as he gave a few final squeezes, milking the last drops over her before he gave a final strain and sat back, heat hitting him as he breathed deep, heart racing as he leaned carefully over and collapsed down beside her.

“That was some shower,” she murmured, looking lazily over at him with a smile, closing her eyes and resting into the sheets, taking deliberately long, slow breaths to try and saturate herself with oxygen as he did the same, feeling his pulse slow and body cool with blood flow.

“Yeah it was, I could wake up like that every day,” he smiled, staring at the ceiling in the sun brightened room. They just rested together quietly for a couple of minutes before she stirred.

“Grab me a towel,” she said, gesturing towards a cupboard for him, which he dutifully found for her. She took it gratefully and reached back to wipe her back, getting it thoroughly before she rolled over and stretched, rolling her neck.

“Looks a lovely day,” she said, glancing out the window.

“Yeah fantastic, and it's started so well too,” he replied.

“It has, let's hope it lasts. I've got things to do. What are you doing?” she said, sitting casually on the bed.

“I dunno, some boring stuff I can't fit in during the week, a bit more training. Maybe hit the beach if it's gonna stay like this,” he said.

“Sounds great, shame I can't join you but I've got stuff to deal with...and people would ask questions if they saw us,” she said.

“I guess so,” he agreed, since she had a ring on her finger.

“But hey, this was great...and I think we definitely need to do it again sometime soon,” she said, giving him a beaming smile and playful wink.

“Sounds a great idea, definitely the right kind of training,” he said, unable to keep the grin from his face.

“But now, let's grab some breakfast, this definitely builds up an appetite,” she said, standing and sweeping past him for the door, grabbing a robe as she headed for the kitchen as she let him to follow.

The End...

Big thanks to Ghost for helping create, plan, check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.
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Re: Alison Brie - Right Place, Right Time
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A job well done! I really enjoyed this! From what I've seen of Alison, she has a bit of a quirky personality and can be a goofy girl, you nailed that. Love how detailed your stories are, it's always inspiring for me.
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Re: Alison Brie - Right Place, Right Time
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Your stories about Alison are always amazing, thanks for this one!
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Re: Alison Brie - Right Place, Right Time
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I have a real soft spot for Alison, and you have nailed her character. A really great story, Noj.
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Re: Alison Brie - Right Place, Right Time
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Not you absolutely blew this out of the park!

Really liked the flow of the story and the subtle flirting throughout by Alison.

The sex was really good with descriptions and variety included. Thank you for writing it.
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