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Three Ladies on a Plane
« on: July 26, 2020, 02:16:39 AM »
Prologue, featuring three celebrity rivals on a long haul flight from LAX to Thailand with nothing but stories of their love lives for entertainment. Thanks to Jerome K. Jerome's classic 'Three Men in a Boat' for inspiration and title.

So, here are Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, and Jennifer Aniston.


Jennifer Lopez should have been beaming like a Cheshire cat as she sat in one of the padded leather chairs in the Business Class departure lounge of Thai Airways at LAX.

Finally enjoying some much needed vacation time of her own, the wealthy and beautiful actress was about to fly long distance from Los Angeles to Bangkok, via Hong Kong, to indulge in two weeks of solitude and relaxation.

The curvaceous Latino looked positively royal in her most stunning mini dress.

The purple Givenchy sheath outfit hugged every breathtaking line of her desirable figure, and the tantalizing lace up front was daringly opened to display her ample bosom. On her feet she wore an expensive pair of Giuseppi Zanotti stiletto sandals in matching purple.

Instead, her initial excitement had been slightly marred by the sight of one of her long time and most hated rivals, Salma Hayek, entering the very same lounge.
She hoped and prayed the loathsome Mexican bitch wasn't sharing her flight today.


Salma peered over the top of her wide lens Bulgari sunglasses and hissed in disgust. Her exotic dark brown eyes flashed with hatred before she covered them again and straightened her edgy brown leather jacket.

"I'm the best there is," said Lopez once in an interview with the New York Daily Post. "If you have the goods, then there is nothing to be afraid of. If somebody doesn't, well, they're insecure. I don't have that problem, I'm not great but close. Salma Hayek? Please, I really don't know a thing she ever did."

The words were ringing in Salma's ears even now as she took a seat as far as possible from the simpering fat bitch.
She was returning to one of her favourite exotic destinations and was flying Thai Airways once more.

The Royal Orchid International departure lounge was delightfully lavish yet tranquil in comparison to most other business lounges.
On offer were a selection of food and desserts, including hot soup, shumai, eggs, sandwiches, and fresh fruit.

"Oh, waiter? Get me a Tequila Sunrise. In a tall glass."

If she was thinking the same thing that Lopez was thinking, then this may be a very long flight.


In fact it does take over 21 hours from LAX to Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport, with one stopover in Hong Kong.
Boarding had already begun at six when the tardy Jennifer Aniston hurried to the gate to board the Thai Airways Airbus A380.

Thankfully there was no one in line at the check out counter and the friendly Thai agents rushed the lithe actress to the appropriate door.

Jennifer looked rather fetching despite her haste in a pair of casual blue jeans and black leather biker jacket.
Her athletic figure defied her years, and she still turned heads her way wherever she went.

"So sorry, excuse me, I do beg your pardon."

Jen looked for her seat in Business Class and noted that the preflight drinks were already being collected by the in-flight staff.
The seating on this slightly older A380 was in a 2x2x2 configuration except for her row which had three seats side by side.

"Oh, is that me?"

Jen removed her shades and peered down at the middle unoccupied seat between two rather peeved looking females. None other than Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek.

"Shit," she uttered under her breath as she climbed in and fastened her lap strap.

She struggled to stow her treats, that is a pair of slippers, amenity kit, headphones, and pillows.
As the aircraft taxied to the runway the attendants handed out pajamas for the long fifteen hour non stop flight to Hong Kong.

"Could you please pass these along."

Salma, in the aisle seat visibly seethed as she arrogantly tossed the neat package across Jennifer Aniston and onto the lap of the outraged Lopez.

"Watch it!"


"What was that?"

"Girls, girls. Chill out. We have long way to go yet. Let's try to make this trip somewhat bearable, hmm?"

Jennifer Lopez felt the muscles in her neck tense into hard cords as anger coursed through her.
Trapped in her seat as the plane ascended over Los Angeles the roar of the engines and the change in air pressure soothed angry chests to a degree.


After a half hour it was plain to see that the entertainment software was acting up, and sure enough the Captain came on the coms to announce that there would be some delay in downloading the needed program to reboot the system.

"Oh, great! Stuck in this flying prison for fifteen fucking hours with just one copy of Hello magazine to read."

Hayek huffed and stole a half lidded glance at the window seat occupied by Lopez.

"Hello? Is that the one with me in it?"

Jennifer Aniston made an attempt to grab the half folded magazine only to be abruptly brushed aside.

"Keep your hands to yourself, man-stealer!"

Salma's lustrous hair bounced as she sat up straight in her seat and grasped Jennifer's wrist firmly.

"A what?"

"I really thought he was the one, you know? Until you came along."

Salma pouted and bounced back hard against the back of her seat.

"Are we talking about Gerald Butler?"

"Si! What he saw in a skinny milk bottle white bitch like you beggars belief."

"Trust me, sister. He saw a LOT in me. He knew something good when I landed in his lap."

Jennifer looked up and reflected on the time she had dated Gerald for a while. It had come soon after Brad and the sex had been hot and heavy.
There had been nothing romantic between them, it had been just a physical relationship with a handsome man on her part.

"Huh! SHE is one to talk about stealing men. She took Ben away from me!"

Jennifer Lopez bent forward and pointed a long index finger at her bitter rival, Salma, her rage too powerful to contain.
When Lopez had dated Ben Affleck their high profile romance had been one of the most talked about of the time.
The co-stars-turned-lovers were one of the first celebrity couples to have a mashed up name, that being 'Bennifer.'
Before they had married she suspected that Hayek had stolen the desirable actor from under her nose.

"Yeah, what was that all about?" Quipped Aniston with a coy smile at the Mexican born movie star. "Wasn't that around the time you both made Dogma?"

"That's right," agreed Lopez. "Then YOU stole him from HER when you made He's Just Not That Into You. Skinny whore!"

"Oh, that."

"I need to move seats."

Lopez pressed her button for attendance and a smiling Thai female staff member duly arrived.

"How may I help?"

"Is there any unoccupied seats? I wish to move."

"So sorry, madam. No seats are empty. Is there a problem? How about a drink?"

"Oh! I'll have a Bloody Mary." Said Aniston, happy for an alcoholic beverage.

"Make that two," added Salma.

"Make that four!" Hissed Lopez, struggling to digest the notion that all three were to remain seated thigh by thigh by thigh.

"Any news on the entertainment options?"

"I'm afraid it may take a while. Care for a copy of USA Today?"

The attendant left the women all staring ahead, lost in thoughts of the past.

"Look, look. There is no question as to who is hottest in bed, and that is me. Men find me irresistible."

Jennifer Lopez held her chin up proudly and sipped on her second drink.
Salma curled her hands into balled fists, unconsciously driving her nails into her palms.

"Balls! You've got some nerve! My sultry looks and sexual technique is second to no one! Especially YOU!"

Salma leaned across Aniston who juggled her glass in her lap.

"Guys, guys. Sorry to burst your little bubble but no one can please a man in bed better than yours truly. Why do you think Brad married me?"

Both smoldering hot women, sitting either side of the smug Aniston, scoffed and thumbed at her in a lewd manner.

"Oh, him! He soon dumped your skinny ass for Angelina. So sorry to burst your bubble."

Jennifer Aniston grunted and downed her drink in one slug, tipping her head back and sending her shimmering mane over her shoulder.






More silence followed by more Bloody Mary's. Two hours passed and all three squirmed in their seats uncomfortably. Thirteen more hours to Hong Kong!

"God, I need a smoke." Sighed Aniston as she chewed on her nails.

"I need a parachute." Moaned Lopez looking out at the fluffy clouds out of the window.

"Have you ever been to Bangkok before?" Asked a slightly tipsy Aniston.

"Yes, in fact that reminds me of one of the best fucks I ever had."

"Do tell. It might pass the time. You do have a captive audience."

She jerked her thumb at herself and a half asleep Salma.

"Alright. And when you hear this you will agree that I am the hottest lay out of the three of us."

to be continued...
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Re: Three Ladies on a Plane
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2020, 09:29:24 AM »
2 of my favorite ladies!!! Salma and J-Lo together, that's a great match. I can't wait to see where this goes.
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Re: Three Ladies on a Plane
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2020, 10:14:04 AM »
2 of my favorite ladies!!! Salma and J-Lo together, that's a great match. I can't wait to see where this goes.

Thought of you when choosing my celebs. In fact J Lo and Hayek do really hate each other, and all three have been linked with Butler and Affleck, so it all fell into place by itself. 

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Re: Three Ladies on a Plane
« Reply #3 on: July 30, 2020, 08:28:00 AM »
Chapter One. Featuring CSS celeb for July, 2020 Jennifer Lopez.


Jennifer Lopez tells her tale.

It was some while ago when I first came out here. The mere thought of flying to such an exotic location was certainly appealing after my long years filming and recording without pause.
Just like on this trip I booked into the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Oriental Avenue.

It was recommended to me by my manager for it's style, service and excellence. It's nearly 150 years old but since it was renovated there is a Spa, Health and Wellness Centre, pool, and superb restaurant.
I chose the deluxe premier suite with a view of the city and river. Apart from the super soft bed there is a walk in shower and bath, large sitting area with sofa and tables. And naturally lots and lots of silk.

Well, the first thing about Bangkok you need to know about is the stifling heat. I can deal with California hot, but this can be really uncomfortable. Can you imagine 117 degrees during the day? And the humidity, oof! So after I slept off the jetlag I opted for a soothing massage.

I had a heavenly breakfast of Khao Tom, sort of a rice soup with pieces of chicken and herbs, before I hit the massage parlor.

"Sawasdee kha, Miss Lopez."

There I met up with Nan and Ying who greeted me warmly with their cute bows and with their hands pressed together. They were both typical of Thai women, about eighteen years old and petite and short. But seriously sexy with gorgeous long black hair and eyes.
They dressed casually in loose white robes that came down to mid thigh.

The sweet smelling fragrance in the room was intoxicating as I dropped my own robe and was made to lie face down on a flat massage table in just my panties.

"We make you feel jolly fine, Miss Lopez."

Nan spoke English but with that adorable Oriental lilt about it. I closed my eyes as one of them began to rub my shoulders, and my muscles eased immediately. This is what it was all about, some well earned ME time.

The girl had an astounding touch, firm and then light, quick and then slow.
My tensions and fatigue melted away as Nan started on my legs from my feet up to my backside.
Being a natural dancer my ass wiggled all by itself and the sheer eroticism of the oils they used and the scent in the air made my pussy positively tingle like mad.

"Relax, Miss Lopez. Let your body go, and the mind quickly follow."

I was gently turned onto my back and Ying worked her magic on my front. Breasts, stomach and abdomen. I started all of a sudden when my panties were pulled down and soft hands forced my legs apart.

Nan and Ying looked at each other with animated faces and big smiles as they leered at my more curvy frame.
They chatted in Thai to each other as twenty fingers urgently traced their way to my inner thighs and exposed pussy mound.
My pulse beat in my temple as warm oil was poured onto my boobs and belly from a small china jug.
The acute smell of menthol hit my flared nostrils as I was covered all over.

"Special Thai massage. Make you feel yum, yum."

Nan opened her robe then and let it drop to the floor.
Her youthful body had not an ounce of fat and her skin had that auburn sort of glow to it. Her breasts were firm and medium and her bottom likewise. She had shaved her pubic area into a straight line and her labia were clear to see between her upper thighs.
Beaming with an almost innocent air she slid along my body with hers and her firm legs opened mine wide.

Her pointed nipples moved up and down my front with assured and languid motions and I lifted my ass up from the table in total surrender. Ying came from above, moved across my upturned face and joined her friend and mounted me, gliding her body across mine, steering towards Nan.


As Ying's B cup tits mashed to mine Nan managed to rub my muff with hers with deliberate circular caresses that made my cunt positive ache for release.
We all three writhed on each other, never losing that naturally acquired rhythm we had found.
We became slick yet tacky and the heat we radiated merely served to stimulate my pussy all the more.

"Oh, fuck!"

Now they both slithered off of my oiled up curves and they knelt down at the other end of the table by my bobbing feet.
My hair hung lank over the other edge of the table as one hand ran up and down my mound. Another palm pushed at my mons until a single digit probed my puffy lips.
My breathing had become laboured as terrific waves flooded my saturated body.

"You two!"

Ying held my hips down as Nan pressed her face into my snatch.
Her darting tongue was incredible as she used it to lick inside and out, teasing me before diving full inside me again and again.
My juices were all over her chin and her lustrous hair was now wet with perspiration in the confines of the massage room.


I screamed out as Ying's tongue slathered my dripping pussy and the pair of giggling girls attacked me simultaneously.
What a sensation! I bucked and squirmed under their two faces as they slobbered and painted my loins with copious amounts of saliva.

Every inch of my skin glowed with my sweat and my nipples could probably have cut glass as my arousal hit it's peak.
Their relentless and expert oral technique soon brought me to a sublime orgasm and my toes and foot drooped at the end of the table once my welcome climax subsided.

"Nice work, girls." I muttered as I was steered to the nearby shower where both naked masseuse stepped in beside me and soaped me all over.

I tipped them both generously and left them very happy.

Over the next two days I did some sightseeing and of course shopping before I took a cheap flight with AIRASIA to Phuket.
I loved Bangkok but was not too sorry to escape the heat and grime.

Cristiano Ronaldo, my Portuguese friend and top soccer player, had graciously loaned me the exclusive use of his yacht.
This was moored in the Ao Po Grand Marina in Phuket and the plan was for me to stay on board for a few days so I could indulge in fine food and get an all over tan.

Cristiano only employed Portuguese staff and crew and this suited me fine. Most Thai men are rather small and skinny, no offense as they are super friendly and kind.

"Welcome aboard, Senhorita Lopez."

I climbed on a rope ladder onto the deck of the amazing 15 million holiday yacht called 'Africa' welcomed by six strapping and well tanned sailors.
Cristiano had told me that it was 154 feet long with a beam of eight yards. It could accommodate twelve guests in six cabins, and within three air conditioned decks. I particularly fancied the sound of the spacious outside jacuzzi on the sundeck.

After my exotic massage a few days before I was up for lots of fun, and I was desperate for a good fuck.
We set out straight away into the beautiful Andaman Sea for the three day voyage and we quickly cruised towards the numerous scattered islands.

That evening I dined on the upper deck on a dish of fried catfish with a green mango salad under a full moon. Bliss.
I slept like a baby and woke up at eleven in the morning determined to sunbathe all day.


I padded out onto the sundeck and stretched out on the comfy lounge seat under the blue sky. I wore my new Stella McCartney one piece green bathing suit but immediately discarded it and laid out naked.
I suppose all actors are deep down exhibitionists and I am no different as I wallowed in the glorious sunshine as nature intended.
But even I was slightly taken back when Tomas came up without a stitch on!

"I have your suntan lotion, Senhorita Lopez."

"There's a novelty, you're naked."

"Express orders of Senhor Ronaldo. He wishes you to enjoy our crew and company to the full."

He emphasized the words 'to the full' with a look of mischievous intent and I dipped my sunglasses to drink in his beautifully proportioned shape. Although the look of him nude was unexpected I was filled with excitement.

He seemed fairly young, twenty? But despite his boyish looks he had a sculpted chest and biceps, and was clean shaven all over.
His cock was semi erect between his chunky thighs but nevertheless appeared long, quite thick, and with a lovely dark hue.
He grinned and crossed his arms proudly knowing how well hung he was and how I was obviously impressed.

"Please to turn over." He said whilst spinning his index finger.

I obliged and let Tomas apply the sun lotion and sensuously smear it into my shoulders, down my spine and across my lower back. After two minutes he had already reached my buttocks which he took great care to massage and knead.
I spun around and saw that he was now very much erect with a perfectly smooth eight inch boner.

"Nice one." I said in a casual manner, noting that he was uncircumcised as his bell end emerged from under his foreskin.

I looked into his dreamy green eyes, then to his cock, then back to his eyes, and back again to his mouth watering dick.
I felt the sun beat down on us and Tomas moved a multi colour shade to cover us.

I opened my legs wide and let the hunk gaze at my freshly trimmed muff.
I simply had to fuck him, right there and then, and my pussy throbbed like crazy.
I wanted to lick him all over, explore his fine body, and most of all suck on his hard cock.

Then I had yet another pleasant surprise.

"Oh, and Alfonse has your drinks."

The near on six feet tall Alfonse had appeared on the left of Tomas and was also completely naked and sporting a fully fine erect dick.
He was equally as handsome as Tomas with a solid build, wavy long black hair and a captivating grin.

I stood up and removed my shades and put both hands on my hips.

"Screw the drinks, and screw me. The pair of you."

The guys looked me all over, from my big tits to my moistening cunt that had dappled my inner thighs from the anticipation of what was to come.
Alfonse bent slightly and his lips connected with my erect nipples one by one. I pulled his head into my large bosom by his thick hair and welcomed his touch.


Without further ado Tomas kissed me full on the mouth and I parted my lips and found his wriggling tongue.
Our three naked frames locked together and I sighed breathlessly at the heavenly feel of two rugged young men hugging my heaving body.

I ground my hips to Alfonse and his hard cock pressed into that gap between my upper thighs where I was most sensitive.
Tomas grabbed my butt cheeks and squeezed them as we continued to French kiss.

"Fuck me now."

For a long time I had been without sex, long story, so the desire to have Tomas sliding inside me slowly made me weak at the knees.
The bastard teased me by swiping the swollen head of his super smooth cock up and down my weeping slit until I hissed at him and he entered me finally.
His sea green eyes locked into mine which were half closed in bliss as he flexed his hips and took me deeper.


I tilted my head up to kiss him as he worked in and out at the same time that I moved my lower body up and down.
My big boobs rose and fell, that is until he fell on top of me and crushed them under his hairless chest.
I closed my eyes to enjoy a mental picture of every contour of his superb dick shunting in and out of me.

"Harder,' I demanded and Tomas began to fuck me faster, his long shaft repeatedly thrusting back and forth into my slick cunt.

His powerful physique caused me to surrender myself completely, responding to his hammer thrusts with deep moans that came from the back of my throat.
He reached back without looking and grabbed my calves and raised up against his grinding hips.
His groin rasped on my loins and my clit was effectively stimulated beyond my wildest dreams.


I couldn't have been happier with the young Portuguese stud vigorously driving in and out of me and so when he abruptly pulled out I bucked up desperately, fucking air as I searched for his thick organ.

But not to worry as Alfonse fell atop of me and mounted me instead.
His huge knob slammed into me at a furious rate and the sound of his firm thighs slapping against mine made my pussy drip down the crack of my ass. I was lost in a fog of pure sexual pleasure and I raised my head to kiss him hard on the mouth.


My raw sexuality had been unleashed and I felt as liberated as a caged animal set free. My body shivered in ecstasy as his thick cock pulsed deep inside me.

As I came to grips with the notion of being pleasured by two handsome youths I came to the realisation that my needs could never really be satisfied by just one man.
Alfonse relented to Tomas who took up where he had left off, thereby sending me into a state of utter sexual euphoria.

"That's it, that is it!"

He somehow pushed down on the meat of my thighs and flattened them on either side of his legs. He spread his corded thighs so that they were on the outside of mine and then thrust up to the hilt.

As he found his ideal rhythm he pulled in and trapped my legs together, and the resulting tightness made my cunt contract on his driving boner.
I find it utterly fantastic to have a man's balls slap against me and I lifted my feet up so that my heels bounced off his butt.


They switched once more and I looked up at darling Tomas as he hammered home.
I hugged him tightly and felt his superb muscles straining with his vigorous efforts.
His broad back was covered in well earned sweat from the sun beating down on him and I moaned in delight when he moved back and forth even faster.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!"

Between the two of them it was Tomas who gave me my first orgasm. He filled me completely and an ocean of tingles sent me over the edge as I came over his massive cock which remained buried in my sopping pussy.
I actually thought the lounger might collapse under our weight and I sat up as Tomas and Alfonse loomed over me.

"Come to mama, the pair of you."

I let my fingers run up the full length of their upstanding flagpole's and it amazed me that I had been able to take all they had in my tight pussy.
My cunt made an involuntary spasm at the memory of their dick's that had been stuffed up me only minutes ago.

I gave each cock head a warm kiss and then began to suck them off in turn.
My full lips pursed as I drew their fat helmet's into my drooling mouth, and Tomas groaned and grabbed a fistful of my lank hair as he fucked my face.


His prodigious length actually bumped the back of my throat and I had no option but to devour him.
Over and over he pushed in and I gasped for air as he gripped my head in a firm grip.

His taut ass clenched as he came in my mouth and I glugged loudly as I swallowed his creamy load.
Then Alfonse swelled up inside my mouth and he shot what seemed gallons of cum down my throat.
I admit that I felt like a wanton hussy as I decadently let their hot seed dribble down my chin.

"Wonderful. I need to clean up, boys."

I staggered to the jacuzzi and jumped into the swirling hot water and settled down on the bottom.
As I rinsed off my big tits floated on the surface and my nipples still protruded enticingly.

Then Tomas beckoned to another who was out of my line of vision, but in an instant my eyes took in yet another virile young man with an inviting erection.

"They must have a big supply of Viagra," I thought as he joined me in the tub.

"This is Miguel, Senhorita Lopez. He speaks no English but he says he likes you lots."

"Tell him the feeling is mutual." I told Tomas as I ogled Miguel's full mast as he sat in the tub beside me.

I stroked his hard knob under the hot water as his hands wandered over my big tits and hips.
He moved up so that his cock emerged like a periscope on a submarine and I didn't wait on ceremony to impale myself on him willingly.
His cock felt glorious as I sank down on him and I leaned back to raise my face up to the afternoon sun.

"Lovely, lovely." I intoned again and again as I bounced up and down on his divine organ.

I love this position the most and my ass cheeks rippled every time I slammed down on the hot Portuguese stud.
He grabbed onto my hips and guided me onto his throbbing cock as I clawed at his hairless chest with my nails.

"Fucking great!"

Miguel threw his arms around me and thrust upwards, ramming himself deep inside me.
Every thought in my head vanished as my sole concentration was in my climax that wracked my slick frame in wave after wave of pleasure.
My eyes burned into his as his cock vanished inside my stretched out cunt.

"Cum in me."

I pointed my toes down and gave him all I had, grinding and circling my hips in an attempt to savour his big log in my quivering cunt.
I pushed down as hard as I was able to and we yelled out together as we both came, and with his pulsating dick still fully embedded inside me he shot untold amounts of cum in my overstuffed quim.

"I like it."

I raised my body up and his semi erect cock slid out of me and we both caught our breath.
Tomas handed me a towel and I wrapped myself up in it as I made my way back to my cabin.

"Senhorita Lopez!"

I turned to see Tomas, still erect and hard flanked by two more six foot tall naked men with rods of iron poking up in front of them.

"After supper my amigos Rodrigo and Francisco wish very much to, how you say, make whoopee with you."

"Terrific. It's my favourite pastime."

I shook my head in amazement and decided to send Cristiano a thank you e-mail as soon as.


The Thai stewardess collected the finished up dinner trays from the three celebrities and they folded back their slide out tables.

"Over the next two days the guys on the yacht fucked my brains out, morning, noon, and night. In couples, threesomes, groups, and individually one by one. When I got back to the Mandarin in Bangkok I slept for twenty four hours straight."

Salma sneered and clicked her teeth and bent across Jennifer Aniston and shook her index finger at Lopez.

"What a crock of shit! Never did this happen in a hundred years. Puta!"

"It does sound a bit far fetched, Jen." Said Aniston with a wry smile. "I mean, a naked crew walking around all day with stiffies? Come on."

"I suppose you two have had better."

"Si. Absolutamente."

"Then please enlighten us."

to be continued...

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Re: Three Ladies on a Plane
« Reply #4 on: July 30, 2020, 01:43:35 PM »
I greatly enjoyed that. Many thanks for writing J-Lo!  :Y:  :))
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Re: Three Ladies on a Plane
« Reply #5 on: July 30, 2020, 02:00:19 PM »
I greatly enjoyed that. Many thanks for writing J-Lo!  :Y:  :))

Cheers. Salma to follow, I fancy with two well hung black fellows.

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Re: Three Ladies on a Plane
« Reply #6 on: August 03, 2020, 08:11:19 AM »
Chapter Two. With Salma Hayek.

Jennifer Lopez closed her window shade to dim the light from outside of the Airbus 3800. As did most of the other passengers in the Business Class section of the Thai Airways flight from LAX to Hong Kong.
Their entertainment screens were still blank due to a failure in the system and Jennifer Aniston, seated next to Salma Hayek, visibly shook when the Mexican actress yelled across to another passenger who was angrily stabbing his non working video screen.

"El hijo de perra!"

Salma's eyes glared and her hand made a chopping motion in the air and the shaken man ceased his futile but irritating actions.


Five hours had passed since the plane had left LA and there were still ten more boring hours to go.

"You seem a little edgy, Salma. Why don't you talk to us for a while? Relief some of that tension."

"Yeah, please tell us how much of a sex Queen you are."

Jennifer Lopez had ruffled Salma's feathers once too many, and her blood boiled at having to share seats with her on the long haul flight.

"Well? Tell us about your the best fuck you ever had."

"Where do I even begin? Sooo many men, so much sex. I will simply tell you about my last week. It was plenty hot. I have just finished filming on my latest movie 'The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard' and I had my eye on two of the guys with smaller roles. Teddy and Tony were two well hung black stunt men and over the course of the week they were on set I made it obvious to them that I found them both desirable. A look here, a sly comment on their physique now and again, it didn't take much for them to get their attention. On my last day I acted."


If you think of Latina women as being fiery and strong willed then you would be entirely accurate. Red hot blood runs through their veins and this is evident in their every day life, not to mention their raunchy love making.

Salma didn't consider herself to be a dominatrix per se, just sexually dominant. She knew exactly what turned her on and expected her lovers to comply with her wishes and desires, no matter what she demanded.
And that didn't mean having submissive men in her bed , oh no, the bigger the better was her motto and Salma had a particular taste for black bulls.


Salma flopped naked onto her super soft bed and spread out like a starfish on her back.
Her eyes drooped and her body glowed despite her exhaustion trying to take her off to sleep.
Her pussy demanded attention and she kneaded her heavy breasts as she writhed on her shapely behind like the insatiable sex kitten she was. Her restless hands moved south, scraping her abdomen and lower belly in a deliberately slow and teasing motion.
Her legs kicked out into the shape of a V and her hips bucked up to greet her right hand.

"Si, si!"

The tempestuous beauty caressed her inner thighs with her long scarlet nails and flicked at her extraordinary large clitoris that had emerged fat and swollen from it's hood.

As she lifted her head to look she dipped two fingers inside her plump muff and probed her pink inner folds.
Moaning softly her fingers glided in and out smoothly and her juices wetted the palm of her hand.

Salma fished for her favourite pink dildo with the detailed shaft and rubbed it against her wet pussy. Her perfectly trimmed triangle of dark pubic hair glistened from the numerous tiny drops of pussy sweat and her legs shook as she applied some lubrication to the ominous looking ten inch sex toy.

She circled her pussy entrance with the business end and received a welcome spasm.
Totally absorbed in her own pleasuring she used two hands to push the false cock into her cunt, making her gasp aloud and cry out.

"Me enchanta!"

As she began to fuck herself she lifted her left leg up at the knee and twisted the big dildo clockwise with every thrust home.
after three straight minutes Salma had the thing buried deep inside and the impressive size and penetration had her cunt puddling under her stunning backside.

Faster now she slammed the dildo in and out, still double handed, pulling it out almost all the way before filing her up again.
Her toes curled down into the sheet and her head swam as her orgasm built with that insatiable urge to erupt, like an electrical charge rushing to her loins.

"Almost there."

On and on she pumped her pussy and she reveled in the divine bumps and ridges along the thick shaft rubbing on her inner walls.
As she became slicker and slicker the dildo was deliciously stuffed inside her and she kept fucking herself as she exploded in an intense climax.

She slowly removed the dildo, squeezing it with her pussy muscles as she reluctantly let it slip out, and then she closed her thighs to savour the final waves of her orgasm.
Opening her eyes to the sound of a strangled cry Salma focused on the naked form of a young twenty year old male sitting across from her in an easy chair.

"Pardon, mi amigo. Please cum now."

Chris choked back a cry of gratitude and jerked his throbbing erection at high speed until he sprayed his seed in his sweaty fist.
The huge Salma Hayek fan from Idaho had won a competition to spend the day with the famed movie star and she had graciously let him watch her masturbate as an extra treat. On the proviso that he not touch her, nor his own stiff cock.

"Thank you, thank you!" He stuttered as he ogled her dappled body with the heaving bosom and sensuous squirming.


Earlier the same day the excited Chris Schram had flown to LA from Boise and was then driven by chauffeur straight to the film set where Salma had just wrapped on her latest action movie.
The young awe struck fan had been unsure about who should speak until finally his all time favourite actress spoke.

"You got me on a free day but I still have one or two matters to finalise. You are quite welcome to join me, just don't speak until I permit it. Clear?"

"As daylight."

Chris knew his place with the strong willed Mexican Senorita and was perfectly happy to tag along for the special day.
She looked stunning in a delightful cashmere dress in royal blue with black stockings and calf length boots.
The gentle flow of her black hair fell across the deep cleavage of her firm and full breasts, and at the rear her buttocks thrust out and up superbly.

"Is...is that a gun?"

The nervous fellow had noticed the glint of a weapon tucked inside Salma's small clutch and looked back at her as she shrugged.


She fished out an imposing looking revolver and held it up in the bright sunlight.

"On this movie 'Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard' I've been fascinated by all the guns being used. So phallic.
This is my new Smith and Wesson Model 610 10MM. It's stainless steel and fits so snugly in my palm."

"Is, is it loaded?"

"No. I just fancy a little fun with some of the guys. Come on."

They were standing outside of a large building and a cool breeze helped cool the air from the bright sun.
He hadn't pressed his hostess as to why they had come here but it was all part of the fun for the shy Idahoan.

"Wow, you're making a sequel to Hitman's Bodyguard? That's my favourite movie with you in it."

"Gracias. This way, amigo." She told him as he gazed into those sensuous flashing eyes.

Salma approached a door on the north side and he followed her inside, his eyes focused on her broad hips swiveling in front of him. They walked down a small corridor to another door which opened out onto a long dark room with several tables which had a dozen wooden chairs stacked on top.
As his eyes adjusted to the interior of the windowless room he could make out two large shapes sitting at one of the tables.

"Buenas Dias! Que tal?"

Chris remained behind Salma's slinky silhouette bemused and silent.
She moved to the table and sat on the edge.
The two stunt men, Teddy and Tony, looked enthralled at Salma's jutting bust and luscious crossed legs that just displayed the black bands at the tops of her dark nylons.

"You wanted to see us, Miss Salma?"

"Of course, boys. I couldn't leave without saying a proper goodbye."

Both black men were dressed in dark suits and dark shirts and were positively hypnotized by her piercing eyes, burning crimson lip gloss with the curled, almost cruel smile.
As she leaned in further her pendulous boobs under her low cut dress were mere inches from the faces of the burly stunt men.

"I see you both staring at my breasts. Do you like them? Look, I don't have all day. We have a situation here. The whole time I was on set I kept checking you guys out. Every night I found myself wet just thinking of you two."


"You heard me. VERY wet. I don't have sex on a regular basis. I want you both to fuck me. Right here, right now. And I won't take no for an answer."

Salma produced the menacing Smith and Wesson and pointed it straight at the alarmed black men.
She lifted her left boot onto the table edge and her tiny thong yawned between her stocking sheathed thighs.
Both men stood and even from his point of view Chris could make out their gigantic hard on's that seemed about to burst from their pants.

"Miss Salma! Is that loaded? Asked Teddy in a panic.

"Maybe. Is that?"

Salma grinned as she pointed the barrel at Tony's groin.

"Just do as I say and we'll get along. Clear?"

They looked at each other in mute silence and Chris wondered why Salma Hayek felt the need to force the men to make love to her. With her looks and temperament surely there was a long long of willing men at her bedroom door. Maybe it was just her dominant side coming to the fore.

"Damn, brother. You gonna say no to screwing Salma fucking Hayek?" Whispered Teddy from the corner of his mouth.

"Guess not, I ain't stupid." Came Tony's reply.

"What about him?" Asked Teddy as he pointed at Chris.

"You don't need to fuck him, just me." Said Salma with a sly grin as she replaced the revolver in her clutch.

"Alright then."

The men sandwiched the minx and Teddy embraced her from the front and kissed her hard with his full lips.
Behind her Tony lifted the hem of her dress and palmed her cheeks as he began to pepper them with butterfly kisses.
Salma moaned into Teddy's mouth and wantonly ground her hips to smother Tony's face in her rear.
The beefy guy grunted as he was made to shove his tongue into Salma's moist slit.

"Si, si."

His nose nestled in the separated twin globes of her bottom as he burrowed further inside her torrid cunt.
She had succeeded in freeing up Teddy's stiff cock and was busy wrapping her slim fingers around his heated shaft.
In turn he had managed to get her tits out of the front of her dress and was happily pawing the twin jugs of flesh in his sweaty hands.

"Come to mama."

Chris was wide eyed at the sight of Salma Hayek, bent at the waist with her dress forming a band around her midriff, with Teddy's big black boner buried in her drooling mouth.
His own cock began to pulsate in his jeans as her cheek puffed out lewdly as his swollen glans threatened to poke a hole in the left side of her face.

"Yes, mmm, that's it."

Tony unleashed an equally monstrous erection and Salma went down onto her haunches to service each one with the same enthusiasm.
As they quickly began to strip off their clothing Salma squeezed each iron hard cocks and wanked them in sync, sucking in each fat knob in turn.

"Fucking hell!"

Chris cupped his aching groin as he watched intently at Salma's active fingers winding around each ebony flagpole and jerking their thick meat fiercely.
They were both enormous, nine inches if not bigger, and as thick as shit.

"How does she do that?"

Salma swirled her pink snake of a tongue around and around the mushroom of a cock head and Teddy snapped his head back when she opened her mouth and sucked him in.
Tony grabbed a lock of her hair and she let Teddy pop out so she could cram Tony down her throat.
She made loud and lewd slobbering noises as she bobbed her head back and forth on his foaming dick.


Her short dress had hiked up to show that tantalising strip of upper thigh between her panty line and the tops of her stockings.
She stood up then and admired each of the well hung men in turn.

Both were absurdly bulky and she used her nails to trace a line up their barrel chests as she hummed in approval at their muscled torso's and bulging biceps.

Teddy had the darkest frame with a ravishing deep chocolate skin over a hairless body. Tony had the lightest skin tone but was the most built.

"Please to unzip me, amigo."

Chris visibly gulped in the shadows and looked at his shaking hands as she shot him a withering look.
Nodding, he tugged on the zipper which slid down noiselessly and together they pushed the soft dress off of her tanned shoulders.
It made a seductive whisper as it pooled around her kid leather boots and she stepped out of it one foot at a time.

"Fucking A!" Muttered Chris as he leered at Salma's bared flesh, becoming instantly aroused by the striking view of the semi nude actress.

Under her dress Salma had on the most sheer, see through bra he had ever seen and a similar thong that fit snug over her mons. The bra let her bullet nipples push out and was barely adequate to support her heavy bosom.
Her thighs were clad in black stockings which were held up by a simple garter belt that was fastened around her hips.

The smoking hot vixen lifted her chin proudly. The natural beauty always had a special thrill when virile men looked upon her alluring form, something about possessing a body that made men worship her was no doubt the reason.
She immediately felt that magnificent tingling all over that came when she was about to have sex.

"Gracias. Go and keep an eye on the door and do not let anyone in. Under no circumstances may I be interrupted. Understand?"

"Si. I mean yes, no, of course not. Of course, that is."

As Chris spoke gibberish Salma stepped out of her thong and lowered her bra to expose her sizeable tits.

"Vamos a hacerlo."

"Me first bro'."

Tony grabbed Salma by the waist and unceremoniously plonked her backside on the edge of the table, spilling a jug of water on the way. He yanked her skimpy thong clear off and raised her left leg up by her ankle.
The large built black man gripped her right leg, widened it and shunted up so that his huge cock head pressed against the moistened opening of Salma's pussy.

"Do it," demanded the sex hungry temptress before inhaling long and deep as he complied and pushed forward.

Salma tilted her head to her right and fed the tip of Teddy's cock to her crimson lips as Tony's lengthy dick spread her cunt out.
He groaned as her tight pussy clenched around his pulsing shaft and superbly enveloped him.

"Damn, that be tight."

Salma closed her eyes and sucked on the juicy bell end of Teddy as Tony endeavored to slide in and out of the grateful actress.
With her legs out wide Salma felt totally slutty as she was fucked silly like the bitch in heat she was.
Tony rocked on the balls of his feet as he sped up and the table shook under the constant banging of all three sex crazed lovers.

"Mmm, oh! Mmm. Si!"

Tony's big black cock plunged in deep and he expertly twisted his pelvis which made for different directions inside Salma's steamy cunt.
His eyes grew big at the sight of her tits jiggling wildly as he pumped her as hard as he was able. And for a minute he thought he might just fuck her clear off the desk!

"You like this pussy? Tell me how much you like it."

Tony shook his head to clear the sweat from his brow and grunted an affirmative.
Then she moaned in sorrow as he slipped back all the way and left her gaping cunt hole with a sloppy pop.


Just as soon as she vented her frustration Salma was turned to face the table, had her left knee lifted up and balanced it on the edge.
Teddy put his hand on her left cheek and entered her with one hard thrust.

"You want this black dick, baby?"

"RUFF!" She barked in reply. "Fuck me, puppy."

As she welcomed the thick dick her moans of pleasure were muffled by Tony who presented his throbbing cock head to her trembling lips.
Her body was pushed to Tony as his colleague fucked her with gusto, slamming in and out at a rate of knots.
His balls smacked loudly on her cunt and bottom as he planted his feet wide and went for it.

"Que padre!" She moaned between dribbling down Teddy's ebony rod.

The lucky man looked down on Salma's adorable derriere and she felt his hot breath on her back as he fucked her.
The gorgeous actress squirmed as he pushed into her to the hilt with a seemingly tireless energy.
Her orgasm caused her to shiver in utter delight and she shrieked on Tony's turgid cock as she came.

He felt that wonderful sensation of her moistness seeping out of her quivering cunt and he renewed his assault with a series of rapid strokes that made her pussy tighten even more.
They all paused for breath and their perspiring bodies disentangled.

"Fun! No!" Said Salma as her eyes lingered on their rigid poles, now shiny with her love juices.

There was something about black men that turned her on big time. The way their cocks smelled different somehow, decadent, sordid, sexual. Salma inhaled their manly scent with flared nostrils and her dark eyes glazed over.

"I need more cock."

Tony stood stock still in the middle of the room and held both arms out. He was presented with a panting Salma who was held effortlessly aloft by his friend.

With his nine incher pointing straight up like a pole, Tony helped the ravenous female onto his quivering dart and as her arms draped about his bull neck she slid down with a yelp.


Still highly impressed by his thickness her legs kicked up and around his waist as the hot organ plunged up inside her all the way.
Tony held her up with her legs in the crook of his forearms and together they bounced her up and down on his black boner.
Her stockings were now ragged and her tits had cleared from her bra so that they were crushed against the man's broad chest.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!"

As he pulled her down so he pushed up with his hips and Salma was fully impaled on his iron bar of a member. Her juices ran out down his shaft and gave some well needed lubrication.

Her body was ablaze with lust and her erect nipples pressed into Tony as she buried her head in his left shoulder.
With her ankles locked around his back he was able to walk about with his prize firmly stuck on his log.
As her lower body ground against his she felt her over sized clitoris rub on his pelvic bone, driving her insane with pleasure.


Then her legs gave out and Tony let her down so that her head met the floor and he held her legs up by his ears.
His fat dick hammered onto her in this odd position and the self declared dominant Mexican goddess felt utterly helpless and exhausted. She felt dizzy as the blood rushed to her head and was somewhat relieved when she was brought upright once more.

"Let me fuck those tits."

Teddy leaned back against the table and Salma wiped her face and threw her sweaty and lank hair back.
She squeezed her boobs together and trapped his upstanding cock dead center.
Despite her generous bosom the fat purple top of his dick emerged to meet her pursed lips and again she was impressed by the enormity of his manhood.

He shoved up with his thin hips and put his hands down on the table for support as Salma slid her tits back and forth with chuckles of joy.
She only had to lower her head a tad to let his cock head enter her mouth each time he pushed up.

"Holy shit!"

Teddy felt the flesh funnel glide along his rigid pole and he cried out in amazement as the fiery female drooled down her cleavage to make a slick path for his chocolate log.

"I'm gonna cum, baby."

"Not yet!"

On her haunches now Salma was flanked by two sweat covered black men who resembled huge but desirable giants.
The panting actress took each heated cock in her fists and began to milk both with rapid jerks.
Her soft hands fluttered up and down the incredibly stiff shafts and their increasing moans of ecstasy inspired Salma to give both appreciative squeezes.


Teddy was unable to hold back another second and came first, erupting in big spurts that splattered on Salma's tits.
Tony quickly followed suit and sent high arcs of cum that hit the giggling sex goddess on the tits and upper chest.

"Lovely, lovely, lovely."

Streams of white goo slithered slowly down her proud breasts and she dry humped the air, smiling broadly as her pussy squirted from sheer excitement.
Salma held onto their dribbling hoses until their fine erections finally gave up the ghost.
She stood up and applauded before picking up her dress and slipping out to the adjoining bathroom.


"That's it? We're supposed to be impressed by this?"

Jennifer Lopez pulled her complimentary blanket over her huddled frame and scoffed loudly.
Sandwiched between the two bitter rivals, Jennifer Aniston did herself wonder what the big deal was.

"Honestly, you two. You have no imagination between the pair of you. Listen, if you want to hear about hot sex let me tell you about the experience I had ten years ago. It'll blow your mind."

"Yeah, right." Mumbled Salma.

"Hush now and settle back. Once upon a time in LA Jennifer Aniston attended a thirty person orgy..."

More to cum....
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Re: Three Ladies on a Plane
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Chapter Three, in which Jennifer Aniston attends an orgy and has lesbian sex with Kate Beckinsale.


Jennifer Lopez and her hated rival Salma Hayek sat up straight in their Business Class seats and stared at the smug looking Jennifer Aniston who was sandwiched between them.

All three were more than half way to Hong Kong, the first stop over on their Thai Airways flight from LAX to Bangkok.
The long haul trip normally took 21 hours but seemed even longer due to the total failure of the onboard entertainment software.

"When I get back to L.A. I'm going to sue the ass off of this shitty airline."

Lopez tapped her foot in the air in abject frustration and chewed on a nail.
In an attempt to alleviate the sheer boredom the famous celebrities had regaled each other with tales of their hot sex lives.
And now it was the turn of the likeable and perceptive Aniston, who had stunned the other two by declaring she loved taking part in sex orgies!


It might well have surprised people back in the 90's to discover that Jennifer Aniston had transformed into an age defying beauty who had balanced a successful movie career with television. And in the process had managed to earn up to a cool $300 million.

She had always been a person who fizzed with energy and as a result of a strict diet and fitness regime she had gained an enviable athletic figure that many twenty year old's would covet.
When she had hit forty however Jen had noticed that many of her friends were either getting married, engaged, or having children.
In the blink of an eye she had divorced Brad, lost most of her party pals, and seen her sex drive slump to an all time low.

"Come to London, I'll show you a good time."

It came as a surprise to Jennifer when she met up with England's very own Kate Beckinsale on the set of The Late Show with David Letterman back in 2015 to receive that invite.
Things had come to a head in a sense for Jennifer and on a whim flew in to Heathrow to hook up Kate.


Jen and Kate had used the opportunity of the visit to London to celebrate the launch of yoga instructor Mandy Inger's new book. Both celebs had been helped by Mandy's 28 day plan of workouts and diet to achieve their healthier bodies.
They attended the official book signing and Mandy's meet and greet before beating a hasty retreat.

Later in the evening the pair had gone to London's Chiltern Firehouse for a meal.
This elegant lodging and restaurant is actually inside an 1880 former fire station at number one Chiltern Street in Marylebone.
Kate loved the great location and plush decor, let alone the fine dining.
They both sat at the bar and ordered cocktails and watched the other diners as they drank.
Both women were looking their best as they were shown to a discreet sitting at the rear of the dining room.
Jennifer cut an hourglass silhouette in a classic little black dress by Monique Lhuilier with a daring plunging neckline that left nothing to the imagination.
The equally gorgeous Kate revealed her sculpted physique in a fitted sleek all black number with one shoulder and a pair of sky high patent leather pumps in white.

"Oh, you're so right. I can do back bends now all day long. And I move through yoga postures at 30 reps."

"Yeah. I tend to mix things up a bit with lots of stretching sessions and my favourite Savasana. It's transformed my sex life no end."

The conversation naturally revolved around their individual workout routines as they awaited their order.
Kate smoothed back her elegant side bun of hair and Jen looked up admiringly at her glittering earrings.
Grace, beauty, a natural charm, ambition, and of course sex appeal. These were the qualities that Jennifer thought of as she admired the quintessential English rose.
The waiter returned with the restaurants special of the day.

"I love this dish." Gushed Kate. "I could eat it every day."

"it is very good."

Kate had suggested the pan fried wild halibut with new jersey potatoes and fresh duck eggs.
Another waiter came to the table and uncorked a bottle of sauvignon blanc and left it to the ladies to fill their glasses.
As the evening wore on so the wine flowed easily, as did the conversation as the alcohol took effect.

"So, do you have a man in your life at the moment?"

"Too busy. You know what it's like, being the center of attention can attract the wrong kind of man."

"But we still have needs, right? Sometimes it feels good to have anonymous sex with a man. Or indeed MEN."

"You mean in a group?"

"Sure. Have you ever taken part in a sex orgy?"

"Hell, no!"

"Alright. Have you ever made love to another woman?"

"Well, I've fooled around, you know. Never gone all the way."

"Interesting. Truth is having sex with another woman is perfectly acceptable if you just can't find a man. I love fucking women although I have never considered myself a lesbian. It's all about opportunity and necessity."

Jennifer drained another glass of wine and a warm feeling crept up her as Kate continued.


"So, if I were to make out with another woman, it wouldn't make me a lesbian?"

"Not at all. Unless you prefer women to men exclusively it's just a way of having fulfilling sex and getting off. We'll skip dessert. I have another idea. Let's go."

The pair of smoking hot ladies left payment for the meal and made for the exit.
Kate made firm contact with Jennifer as they hooked arms and Jen experienced a definite increase of heat in her loins.
She pressed her thighs together and her pussy throbbed in her sparsely mound under her short dress.


It was late when they arrived by taxi at Kate's West London flat.
The apartment felt cool inside and Jennifer shivered involuntarily, from the slight chill and the unfamiliar pleasure to come.
Kate had already slipped out of her evening dress and stood in the corner of the room adjusting the thermostat.

"You go take a bath while I make the bedroom nice and cozy. You'll find all you need in there. Then we'll go to bed."


Jennifer was highly impressed with Kate's exquisite bathroom. The walls had charming glass mosaics and the floor was covered in marble. The single large window gave the room a bright and airy look which had one tub that was raised up on a platform in the corner.

Feeling incredibly clean and fresh, Jennifer emerged from the bathroom looking positively radiant after her indulgent bubble bath.
Wrapped up in a fluffy white cotton bath robe she approached the twin bed where Kate was already lying under the soft sheet.
Jennifer blushed as her robe opened and her left breast was bared with it's peaked nipple pointing straight out.
Kate withdrew the sheet back invitingly and showed that she was in the buff beneath it.
Jen let her robe fall from her naked body and slid under the sheet to join the desirable brunette.

"Nice bath?"

"Terrific, actually. You have some nice bath salts."

"I know. My favourite is Night Night Sweetheart. It's so decadent. Japanese plums, sweetened pear and pomegranate."

Jen faced away from Kate who sidled up and inhaled her hair that had fanned out over the pillow.

"I love your hair."

'Thank you. Oh!"

Jennifer felt Kate's left hand cup her pussy as the actress pressed her soft body against her.
They hugged close and Kate's warm breath blew on Jennifer's neck and their legs entwined as Kate moved her hand in between them.
Jennifer felt her heart race as deft fingers stroked her muff as if it were a natural thing to do.
All the while Kate bumped Jennifer from behind with rotating hips and both sex kittens began to feel that welcome tingling that proceeded a wet pussy.
Kate gently bit Jennifer's neck who released soft moans in response.

"So gentle."

Jennifer turned over to face Kate and they each looked deeply into the others eyes before leaning in to kiss passionately.
Kate massaged Jennifer's inner thighs and found her pussy to be neatly trimmed and decidedly moist.
She pushed her middle digit inside Jen who gasped and then bit her lower lip.

"Oh, that's nice."

Kate slid in and out, going faster and deeper with each probing action.
Jennifer's juices coated her finger and Kate took a moment to put her finger in her mouth to taste how sweet the American was.
Now totally up for it Jennifer rubbed her hands together and squeezed Kate's tits, then bent to suck on each of the splendid and very erect nipples.
As Kate's bosom heaved into Jennifer's face the Californian celebrity was unable to contain her ignited lust and splayed her legs invitingly.

"Oh, yes!"

Kate replaced her finger with her darting tongue, pressing in hard to Jennifer's steamy cunt.
Jen rolled her head back and her slender legs trembled as Kate alternated with searching licks of Jennifer's pussy folds and enthusiastic kisses that were lavished on every inch of those sensitive inner thighs.


Jennifer was dumbstruck as she leaked fluids from her over heated quim as Kate seemed to possess not one but TWO tongues! So fast was her slathering and pussy delving of the grateful American.
Not since darling Brad been able to stimulate that spot so well and her clit throbbed accordingly.
Her toes curled and her hands formed tight fists as she melodically thumped the bed in a ex crazed tattoo and her head tossed from side to side, tangling her long hair beneath it.

"Oh my fucking god!"

Jennifer raised her head to gaze down her tanned body to see a determined Kate start to spank her pussy!
Smack after smack of Kate's open palm met her protruding clit with a certain firmness that made her squirt from the persistent blows.
Without a pause Kate crept up and landed on top of Jennifer, tit to tit, cunt to cunt.

"Let's dance!"

The American laid flat out and spread her legs as the obviously experienced Kate moved her mound on Jennifer's.
With athletic circles of her pelvis Kate made exquisite moves with her pussy on Jennifer and their trimmed pubes tickled the other.
Jen brought her lithe legs up and pulled Kate in harder so that their moistened slits made further contact.

"My goodness!"

Kate moved her pussy up and down and then somehow, from left to right, fusing their cunts together.

"Goodness has nothing to do with it, to quote a certain famous lady."

Kate rested her full weight on Jennifer now and pumped her hips in the semblance of a man fucking a woman and Jen squirmed in response.
She grabbed onto Kate's pert bottom in an attempt to push an imagined cock into her throbbing cunt, a cock that didn't exist.
The angle was now perfect as both of their erect love buds met under grinding thighs and quivering cunts.

"Oh, god...keep it up...keep..."

Desperate for their release beads of sweat dappled the pair of them as they smothered each other with a reckless abandon.
They kissed and rubbed breasts as the pace of their writhing increased and both moaning women came in an explosion of ecstasy.

"Fucking brilliant!" Breathed Kate as she collapsed over Jennifer who still shook from the aftershock of her intense climax.

Panting and spent they drifted off into a dream less sleep.


"Come on, you deserve some good sex. Sex with no ties, and with as many like minded partners as you can handle.

It took a week of contemplation and soul searching, not to mention lots of hot lesbian sex with Kate, for Jennifer to agree to attend the upcoming swingers orgy.

"There are some rules obviously. No names for sure. No exchanging details or arranging hook ups outside of the house. You can decide who to fuck, and who to decline, although if you say no all night there is no point to the exercise and I won't be invited back again. Positively no voyeurs."

Kate went on to explain that these events, or fever parties as she referred to them, only happened every few months.

"Only couples and single women under the age of fifty are allowed, strictly no single men. It's ever so posh, wealthy socialites, artists, politicians, even Lords and Ladies."

Kate had met the organizer a few years before and she herself had refused several times before summoning up the courage to attend.

"I got an e-mail the day before letting me know the secret location of the party and was told they were expecting no less than forty swingers to attend. The men had to wear suits and the women dark cocktail dresses.
I found the relatively small townhouse just outside London and arrived at 10.30. By the early morning I had been fucked silly by at least a dozen men."

"What about protection and stuff?" Wondered Jennifer as she fidgeted beside the composed Kate in the back seat of the cab.

"Nothing is left to chance. Every participant has an Aids and blood check near to the date. Condoms must be worn during intercourse, and there are plenty strewn about. As well as bottles of lube. That we'll need."

The hired cab swung around the quiet lamp lit back street lined with Georgian houses and stopped at the end outside door number ten.
Jennifer saw the clock on the dashboard read 11 pm. The street was deserted and as they stepped out the only thing to be seen was a curious cat whose eyes reflected the street lights.

"This is it, the same place as my first time. We have some night to look forward to if my last visit is anything to go by."

Kate paid off the driver and she and a very nervous Jennifer Aniston used the ornate looking knocker on the heavy wooden door to indicate their arrival. They wore the same dresses as the other evening with the addition of Gucci thigh high hold ups in shimmering black.
Kate had added a black choker around her pale neck which Jen thought was a nice touch.

"Good evening, ladies. You're expected. Pray, enter."

The door was opened by a tall, rather thin fellow in a black tuxedo and face mask.

The greying sexagenarian waved a white glove and the women stepped into a well lit hallway framed by hand carved wood paneling, and were greeted by their hostess for the evening.

"Kate! So good to see you return!"

A top heavy redhead in a tight black bustier slashed open to the ribs to display a pair of enormous breasts threw her arms open to hug Kate.

"Jen. This is Lady Courtney. She organizes everything. This is my American friend I told you about. Jennifer."

"Charmed, I'm sure. Any friend of Kate, as the saying goes."

The woman looked to be in her sixties but she behaved as is she were a sprightly forty year old as she seemed to dance along the passage as she proudly showed off her home.
Apart from her corset she wore a black thong and fishnet stockings.

"This is the vanilla room."

A chandelier hung directly over a huge bed that must have been four king sized pushed together. It was covered in sheets of black satin with a half dozen pillows tossed to the middle. Several black bins were strategically spaced out, presumably for used condoms. Soft rock music played over the hidden sound system as Her Ladyship then steered the movie stars to a downstairs room she ironically called the Playroom.

"This room is a bit more stylized as you can see."

Indeed, thought Jennifer, as she noted the black spanking tables, whipping frame, and sex swing. Sophisticated yet decadent.
Heavy metal pounded out of the loudspeakers and Jennifer recognised some Avenged Sevenfold music.
Another staircase led to a red lit room known as the PVC domain. So named as all who entered were required to wear outfits of latex, rubber, shiny leather, as well as PVC.

"Basically, if it crackles, you're in. Aha, ha, ha!"

Lady Courtney's laugh could have stripped wallpaper as Jennifer and Kate smiled politely.
Goth rock dominated the room and Kate and Jennifer thought it quite appropriate.

"We'll have drinkies, and then have oodles and oodles of sex."

Kate and Jennifer were directed to the bar where several couples were drinking and checking each other out.
The pair of irresistible actresses were immediately sized up as they were served champagne.
A young man and his partner sidled up to Kate and he whispered in her ear, telling her how much he wanted her.
As Jennifer leaned in to ask Kate what the man had said she received a sharp pinch on the left, lower, cheek.


"Evening, darling. Shall I see you later? We're really up for this one."

Jen turned to see a rather good looking male with model looks and a brilliant white smile. On his arm was a stunning blonde who looked as if she were too a well paid model.

"You can bet on it," answered the confident Kate.

Lady Courtney then clapped her hands above her head to draw attention and at the same time the lights went down low.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. It's now midnight. So clothes off and let's party!"

A general hubbub rose as everybody stripped off and made their way to the various play rooms.

"See you in the Playroom?" She turned to the newcomers as she kicked her thong off with a flourish, revealing her dark bush between her upper thighs. "Ha, ha, aha, haha!"


Jennifer and Kate stripped down to their stockings and heels and ventured to the vanilla room in their birthday suits. Both had shaven their pubic hair so that they had squeaky clean mounds.
The pair of them side by side was truly astonishing.
Each had figures to die for. Slim pins, shapely breasts, and lustrous hair swept back over the perfect contours of their frames.
As they perceived the crowded bed it heaved under the weight of couples and threesomes getting down to it.


One heavily tattooed man waved his impressive erection in the faces of two very interested women. Another man with developed muscles was flanked by two long haired females who both caressed his manly torso as they kissed and fondled.
Two long limbed ladies were already in a 69 position and their muffled moans emanated from their buried mouths.
Jennifer estimated that there were six couples writhing on the midnight black bed with another two pairs watching enthralled by the mass of tangled bared bodies.

"Getting in the mood yet?" Asked Kate as her hand cupped her own breasts.

"I'm not sure. You?"

"Definitely. I'm going in."

Kate gave Jen a peck on the cheek for luck and tottered over to the big bed. She sat on the edge directly next to a muscular black guy who was fucking a blonde missionary style.
Without a doubt everyone appeared to be attractive, fit, and aged between thirty and fifty.

"Say, have you seen a big and busty blonde in the last few minutes?"

Jennifer, acutely aware of her naked state looked up at a tall fellow with baby blue eyes and cute dimples to match. He had a semi hard on and looked utterly adorable.

"Might that be her under the black guy?"

She and blue eyes looked over at the taut bottom of said black stud whose backside and lower body were shiny with well earned sweat as he hammered into the screaming blonde beneath him.

"Oh yes, that's Kim. She loves it black once in a while. Catch you later?" He gazed at Jennifer's tits in approval and she waved him off.

'Take it to the Limit' the song by the Eagles that Jennifer had a particular liking for stirred her into action.

"Here goes nothing."

She ventured to the edge of the oversized black covered bed that was heaving with furious fucking, and the smell of sex and sweat assailed her nostrils. It was hard to focus on any particular coupling as everything seemed to be a blur of arms, legs, and bottoms, with a backing track of moans and groans. As she swayed her body to the music she wiggled her firm ass with an shameless twist and grind, and a thrilling warmth flooded her lower body.


She liked all the men as she looked at each one in turn, which was something of a relief. But her eyes were only on one man in particular. Model Man. A vague resemblance to Brad, with a similar build and hair colour. BBC was obviously interesting with his lean and athletic physique, but his cock looked a little to massive to contemplate having inside her.


'It Started with a Kiss' by Hot Chocolate seemed appropriate as Jennifer was spun around to face a smooth chested man who lifted her chin to kiss her hard on the mouth.
Surprised initially she melted into his arms and her tits crushed into his solid wall of a chest.
Her kiss changed into a moan of further surprise as eager fingers slipped inside the ridge of her pussy from behind.
Sandwiched between two virile men Jen swayed her hips as her pussy pulsed and leaked fluids.


The two men had huge erections which throbbed enticingly against Jennifer.
One in front of her pressed his knob, thick and hot, into her bald snatch, while the other nestled perfectly In the gap of her superb lifted and separated ass cheeks.
Two hands pulled her back and his hardness rubbed delightfully in her loins.
Jennifer draped her arms around the one in her face as two fingers we buried in her slick channel.
All three moved in a sensuous rotation and Jen cried out with a throaty sound of approval.

"In me." She said boldly to the unknown person behind her as she spread her buttocks to offer her up her wet slit. This was it.

She bent slightly at the waist into the one in front as the thick expanse of the other's dick thrust up into her.
With firm hands gripping her hip bones she was slammed into with such force that it pushed her into the other's body.
Up on the toes of her heels firm hips bucked her back and forth on the stiff cock and Jennifer loved it!
The first cock of the orgy stretched her out and sent significant tremors through her.

"Suck me off, would you?"

Jennifer bent down even further, running her hand all over the proffered erect cock.
She felt the thick shaft twitch in her fist and then she licked her lips and drew his bell end into her mouth.
The feel of a man's dick in one's mouth filled her with a wanton excitement and she dug her nails in the man's thighs as she gave him a hands free blow job.
His hands became tangled in her hair and his dick bulged obscenely out of her right cheek as he humped her face.

"Nice mouth." Said blow job guy.

"Nice pussy too." Added doggy fuck guy.

And then they were gone leaving Jennifer somewhat bemused.
Her ears pricked up and the incessant thrum of 'Thunderstruck' by AC/DC coursed through Jennifer's body, spurring her on.
Tattoo Man approached her and Jen instinctively put her arms around his neck and ground herself firmly onto his stiff rod.

"Hi, how you doing?" She asked demurely as she studied his ink.

His left arm was smothered with countless pictures and words, and his hairless chest displayed what she guessed might be the tree of life.
At his navel was the head of a King Cobra snake. whose tail slithered down to merge with his own sizeable snake of an erection.


They found a space on the black bed and Jennifer laid back and let him slide all the way into her quivering cunt.
His balls banged against her upturned bottom as he pushed in and out with audible snorts and grunts.
As she was fucked hard and fast the ravishing actress was slammed into the bed.
Her legs were hooked up and her heels came up next to her ears and his stiffness slid in and out at an extreme angle.


Jennifer's tits bounced up towards her shoulders as her ass left the bed and she was bent double.
Then her head spun as she was roughly raised up and Tattoo Man pulled out of her.
Somebody else manhandled her and placed their hands on her hips and lifted her up onto her hands and knees.
A hard cock pressed on her wet quim and with a quick thrust it entered her with ease.


Jen moaned but her cries of delight were quickly snuffed out by a big cock in her mouth.
She looked up into the eyes of Muscle Man whose body rippled as he proudly flexed his biceps.
His unsheathed dick was quite veiny and the ridges and bumps played on her tongue as it slid in past her dribbling lips.
The hands about her waist tightened as the man behind her fucked her and her slender frame was moved forward by the constant thrusting.


A hand placed in top of her head signaled the offer of another cock and as Muscle's pulled out, Blue Eyes took it's place.
Jen alternated between the pair of them as she was fucked hard from behind.
A resounding smack on her rump shook her as the cock slipped out and was replaced in an Instant.
Jennifer had never had three men fuck her all at once and her adventurous side was rekindled in that moment.
On top of that notion she realised that she had no idea who she was actually being intimate with!


Jennifer found herself choking from the rapid switch from one cock in her mouth to the other, but in a curious way she found it totally hot.
Her ass was further pulled up and she jolted as Doggy Fuck unleashed astonishing power thrusts into her dripping cunt.

"My favourite song," proclaimed the man behind Jennifer as he fucked the shit out if her in time with Whitesnake's 'Slide It In.'

The man's entire cock slid inside her to the hilt and each slap of his balls on her ass and the thump of the bass guitar made her push back furiously until her orgasm crested through her sodden cunt.
Muscle Man took this as a cue and he pumped his cum into her mouth.
She gulped it down as the cock inside her backed out.

As she dribbled cum Jennifer was unceremoniously tipped upside down and her feet were suddenly where her head just was.

"Suck on this, darlin'."

Finding herself on her back with her head dangling over the edge of the bed she saw Blur Eyes feed his dick to her mouth and began to skull fuck the famed actress. So rapidly that his hanging balls smacked on her upside down brow.
The forced angle of the lie back blow job meant that his cock was rammed down her throat with some depth and Jennifer felt the unusual sensation of a deep throat fuck without the gagging.


Meanwhile her feet were exquisitely sucked and her thighs were splayed to let an eager tongue lapped happily on her wet pussy.
The moaning fellow unloaded in her mouth and Jen tilted her head to let the cum seep out of the corner of her mouth.
He may have good looks but his semen tasted awful.
She looked up and was pleasantly surprised to see Model Woman and Kim, the busty blonde eating her out.
As she came for the second time Jennifer threw up her hands.

"Time out, ladies."


Two staff members stripped the bed of the satin sheets and were replaced by a fresh set.
After what must have been an hour the party was back in full swing, pardon the pun, as men moved from woman to woman, switching partners at the drop of a hat.
Jennifer took a welcome rest and looked on from a welcome chair as she drank from a bottle of spring water and fanned her hot face.
One female was being face fucked as another was on top of her and giving it to her good and proper.
He pulled away and tore his rubber off and Jen saw his cum run down the crack of her ass onto the sheet.
Barely had the woman any time to rest before another ram rod hard stud mounted her and immediately got into it.

Beside them a guy was fucking a long haired girl from behind as another fed his cock to her hungry mouth.
The woman Jennifer recognised as Kim was sitting on the edge of the bed and was having her cunt eaten out by a man with a broad back.
Her presumed partner with the blue eyes was next to her with a short haired girl impaled on his rigid pole in a reverse cowgirl position.

"So there she is."

Jennifer caught sight of Kate from the back as she wiggled her ass as she slowly lowered her slim frame onto the upright dick of a man who was flat on his back.
Two others were on either side of her and Kate gladly sucked on one big cock while she stroked the other.
Jennifer's hand flew up to cover her gaping mouth as she watched a fourth guy apply some lube to Kate's back passage before pushing his condom sheathed dick into her poop chute.

"Oh my fucking god!"

Kate Beckinsale was now happily servicing FOUR men with a reckless abandon.

"No watching, just fucking."

Three very aroused men stood before Jennifer who held up a hand in mock protest.

"Easy guys, easy."

Two of them drew back condoms onto their stiffs and liberally smeared lube down their shafts as the third laid her flat on her back on the black sheets.
Momentarily confused Jennifer saw Bareback Man moved up her front and slapped her on the left cheek with his dick!
As her mouth opened to protest it was filled as he shoved himself past her lips.


As she was face fucked Condom One held her legs apart and his thick girth vanished inside her cunt.
In a lust filled ten minutes Jennifer was used simply as a man toy and she adored every second.
Her mouth was stuffed, her pussy was fucked at full tilt, and her tits were groped and smacked.
In a dizzy state Jen felt her senses driven wild.
She would surely have screamed the house down had the big cock in her mouth not silenced her.


Jen was swiveled forty five degrees and Condom Two guided his cock to her with a hard thrust.
With them all squirming against each other their bodies became glued together in a sordid tangle.
Bareback moved out of her mouth and the wanton vixen drew in much needed breath which was promptly expelled from her lungs as she was dragged up to straddle the man in her muff. She tossed her hair back as she moved her hips in circles and rode her man with swinging tits and undulating belly.

"Oh, shit!"

Jen gasped as a long cock rubbed on her tight star of an asshole, lubricating her before he pushed fully past her anus.
She blushed like a schoolgirl as they fucked and groaned in a three way rut.
Her stomach heaved, her skin tingled, and her thighs trembled as she savoured that unique throb of having both of her holes stuffed.
Each thrust up into her pussy pushed her back onto the cock in her back passage so forcing it deeper inside her.
Four hands groped her and pinched her tits and Jen came not once, nor twice, but three times in as many minutes!

"Cum on me, you devils!"

Condoms were ripped off and three pulsating knobs shot out hot milk over her face, neck, tits and stomach and Jennifer experienced shivers of excitement up her spine.


The sound of the Alice in Chains song 'Man in a Box' grew louder as Jennifer tentatively approached the so called Playroom.
After cleaning up and gargling with the offered mouth wash the curious American peered inside the rectangular shaped room and her jaw dropped at the sight of Mister BBC tied naked by his wrists and ankles in the form of an X to a metal frame.
His brawny body was without a single hair and showed not a ounce of fat.
The defined muscles and sinew were further enhanced by a mix of sweat and what looked like baby oil.
Jen noted his set jaw with the full lips drawn back over a red ball gag tied about his head and she almost salivated at his boldly displayed midnight black body.
But her eyes were inevitably drawn to his magnificent erection that thrust out of his sweat dappled groin like a veritable flagpole.

"My goodness!"

"Jennifer! You found us. Do join the fun."

Lady Courtney stood naked in thigh high leather boots, her pubic bush moist and plump, and beside her was Kate in just her nylons and perilous five inch heels.
Jennifer noted her clean shaven snatch with the prominent clitoris that emerged erect from the tiny hood, and her heaving breasts with the pointed tips.
BBC was flanked by two blonde beauty's who were both entirely naked and were in the process of licking his torso and well developed thighs in order to preserve his quivering boner.

"Go ahead, my dear."

Her Ladyship motioned to Kate who nodded and opened her mouth to devour the top of the ebony club of a cock.
The helpless yet totally aroused stud thrust his pelvis up and strained
against his bonds as he attempted to reciprocate Kate's bobbing movements.
Her tongue licked out the purple hued tip of his rock hard organ and Jennifer looked on awestruck at the cute English brunette salivating on a black mamba.
The blonde's continue to massage his broad chest as Kate vigorously sucked on half of his length.

"Help her out, my dear."

Lady Courtney nodded to Kate and Jennifer flipped her loose hair back and dropped to her knees by the busy brunette.
His thick veined pole twitched in Jennifer's face she ran a hand over the captive man's smooth groin.
Kate manhandled his leathery scrotum as Jen drew the bulbous head past her lips.

"Splendid!" Cried Her Ladyship as she egged them all on.

Kate and Jennifer made a fantastic team as they kissed and licked different sides of the chocolate log.
Occasionally their lips overlapped and they giggled as they moved in time with each other.
up, down, fast, slow, side to side, and lingering lovingly on the swollen top.
Through his ball gag BBC yelled as he came, sending spurt after spurt over Jennifer and Kate's faces, splattering eyes, cheeks and lips in a seemingly never ending torrent of sperm.
Both celebrities stood up on wobbly pins and embraced, sharing sticky semen between them.

"Thank you, Kate."

"You're welcome, dear Jennifer."


"You are so full of shit, Jennifer fucking Aniston. No way did you fuck Kate Beckinsale and attend an orgy."

The three ladies fastened their seat belts as they began the final hour of the long and tedious flight to Hong Kong, and Salma Hayek waved Aniston aside with a toss of a hand.

"It's all true. What else can I say." Answered Jen with her hands spread.

"Any other dreams you had lately? Maybe fucking the entire Oakland Raiders football team."

"Really, what a stupid idea, the Oakland Raiders!" Scoffed Jen. "They're the Las Vegas Raiders now."


"Oh, yeah. Since that time I've been to no less than four orgies. London, LA, Miami, and Portland."

"Portland? In Oregon?"

"No, Maine. Anyway, the point is It is I who have the hottest sex life. So stick that in your pipe."

A silence fell over the three of them as the cabin pressure began to change.
The Captain came over the coms and announced the descent into Hong Kong.

"...so thanks for flying Thai Airways and we look forward to having you all again very soon."

Unfortunately the Captain failed to switch off his microphone and continued to broadcast his conversation from the cockpit.

"Yes, when we finally land the first thing I need to do is hit the toilet, and then I'm going to fuck the brains out of that cute stewardess called Ding."

The afore mentioned stewardess sprang down the Business Class aisle double quick to warn the Captain.

"No rush, honey," said Lopez as the embarrassed female hurried past
their seats. "He said he needs a shit first."


On the shorter connecting flight to Bangkok all three managed to sit apart from each other and enjoyed some relative peace and quiet.
On arrival, drained and jet lagged the three celebs collected their luggage at the carousel. Then they saw Jennifer Lopez waving to them excitedly.

"Hey! You two! Cristiano Ronaldo says I can use his yacht for the next few days. Want in?"

Aniston and Hayek looked at each other and the image of several young Portuguese crew members, all with permanent erections, persuaded them to accept.

"Count me in." Answered Jennifer without a pause.

Salma rolled her eyes as she too nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, yeah. Me too. What the hell, a girl has to eat, right?"




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