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“Good.” Rhona’s eyes looked to Blake next. “Blake, I assume you have something more appropriate to wear than THAT.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Blake said, holding up her garment bag.

“Excellent. Grace, do you have Blake’s microphone?”

“Right here,” Grace said, reaching across her desk to grab a small case, no bigger than a small MP3 player.

“Excellent. Blake, strip down so Grace can put it on.”

“W-what?” Blake stammered, surprised.

“Get undressed,” Rhona said, steel in her voice. “I want to watch as your hidden microphone is applied. NOW.”

“It’s pretty small,” Grace said with a hint of consolation in her voice. “It won’t take that long.”

“Can’t we just hook it into my shirt?” Blake asked, reluctantly lifting her sweatshirt up over her head and dropping it to the floor. Roselyn felt her nipples go hard at the sight of the very tiny, simple cotton bra holding Blake’s tits in place, the blonde’s own nipples threatening to stretch right through the fabric. From the way the room had gone silent, Roselyn suspected the other girls were feeling similar stirrings in their loins over seeing more of Blake’s bare skin.

Blake stood their, arms akimbo, letting everyone get a good look, while shooting daggers with her eyes towards the computer screen showing Rhona.

“Uh, pants, too,” Grace said, actually blushing a bit as she spoke. “The battery pack will have to be hidden in your panties.”

Blake shot Grace a concerned look. “I’m wearing a thong.”

“Then it’ll have to be hidden in the FRONT of your panties,” Grace said with an apologetic shrug. “I’m sorry, it’s the only place.”

“Can’t just throw it in my damn purse, could you?” Blake said, shucking her sweatpants and returning to her defiant pose. Roselyn didn’t have a great shot of Blake’s ass from where she was standing, but from the way Megan and Emma’s eyes went wide, it was clear they both approved of the view from behind Miss Lively.

Grace dropped down to her knees in front of Blake - Roselyn was surprised to feel a spike of jealousy shoot through her over that - and pulled the front panel of Blake’s panties down far enough to slip the small battery pack in - and to let Roselyn confirm that Blake had a small tuft of blonde hair over her crotch. Grace put the battery in and let the panties settle a little bit, readjusting them once or twice, her fingers actually dipping under the fabric more than once.

“Watch it!” Blake said at one point, clearly feeling Grace’s fingers in places Blake didn’t want them.

“Sorry - if you wore something else, something with a little back, I could attach the battery there,” Grace said. “I could lend you some cheekies, if you’re interested.”

“The thong will do, Grace,” Rhona’s stern voice interrupted. “Get on with it.”

“Right,” Grace said. The battery pack had a small, thin wire running out of it, which Grace now looped through the waistband of Blake’s panties several times, pushing Blake to turn around as she did so. Now Roselyn had a much better look at Blake’s ass, and the team leader suddenly wasn’t sure if she had more juices in her mouth or her pussy.

Grace seemed to be in a similar situation, swallowing visibly as she pulled out the string at the back of the thong and looped the wire around it one last time, her hand lingering for a long moment on one of Blake’s cheeks.

“The microphone, Grace,” Rhona reminded her, a smug smile crossing her digitized face. It seemed pretty clear to Roselyn that Rhona was enjoying the little show she was making Grace and Blake put on. Roselyn hated Rhona a bit more for that - and hated herself a little for enjoying the show just as much.

Grace ran the wire up the small of Blake’s back until she reached the back of Blake’s bra, stopping only one to apply a single piece of clear tape to hold it close to her skin.

“Front closure?” Grace asked as she reached the back of Blake’s bra.

“Yeah. That a problem?”

“I hope not,” Grace said, looping the wire around the back once. “I’ve gotta tuck this in under the bra, and run it around front,” the tech expert explained before pulling the bra out just enough to slip the wire underneath. “This would be easier with a large bra.”

“A large bra wouldn’t work with my outfit,” Blake said, glaring a bit at Grace as the Asian girl reached Blake’s side. Forcing the blonde to lift her arm, Grace continued to tuck the wire in under the small straps until she reached the right cup, where she paused for a moment.

“Is there enough wire?” Rhona asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Grace said, still hesitating a bit.

“Then get on with it. We don’t have all day.”

“Sorry,” Grace whispered to Blake as she pulled the cup away from Blake’s breast. Sure enough, Blake’s boob popped out, and every eye was on her succulent nipple until Grace replaced the cup.

“Damn Legs McBlondie,” Jaime said from where she stood watching. “You SURE you don’t like girls?”

Blake shot Jaime a nasty look, but Grace stepped between them before she could say anything, and began attaching the microphone to the clasp of the bra. Grace fiddled with it for a solid minute, earning more than a few nasty glares from Blake as she bumped, groped, and pulled on Blake’s breasts as she tried to affix the microphone in place.

“This would be easier if the clasp wasn’t in the front-” Grace started to say when suddenly the clasp gave way and Blake’s bra swung open, exposing both breasts to the room.

Jaime whistled. Grace just look flustered. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“Sure you are,” Blake snarled, making it clear she didn’t for one minute think Grace had done that accidentally. She quickly reattached her bra. “Attach it right NEXT to the damn clasp and let’s get moving!”

It took all of three seconds for Grace to get the tiny microphone in place this time - though not without was Roselyn was certain was one last deliberate groping of Blake’s left breast. “There, attached.”

“Good,” Blake said, moving to grab her clothes and get dressed again.
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Re: The Francisco Seven [multiple celebrities]
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“Not so fast, Blake,” Rhona said. “I want someone ELSE to inspect Grace’s work.”

“I’ll do it!” Roselyn, Jaime, and Megan all said at the same time.

“Emma,” Rhona said. “You’re good at spotting small details. Will Grace’s work pass inspection?”

The teenager raised an eyebrow at her new instructions, but moved without saying anything to stand in front of Blake. They made quite the contrast, Emma’s small frame all geared up to rob a bank, Blake’s tall and lanky figure all but naked. Still, Emma walked around Blake twice, never putting so much as a finger on the blonde’s skin, but getting as close as she could with her face in both Blake’s cleavage and her crotch.

“Well?” Rhona asked when Emma stood up.

“The wire at her back is nearly impossible to hide well, but the microphone actually looks like it might be part of the clasp of her bra. The battery pack makes her crotch a tad square, but if she doesn’t wear skin-tight pants, that shouldn’t be an issue.” Emma paused next to Blake and turned to whisper in her ear.

“You look better now than you did that day we fucked,” she said, a little too loudly to be really trying to keep what she said secret.

Blake’s face went red, and she turned to slap Emma, but Megan caught her hand before she could and Roselyn stepped between them as Emma walked away, smiling.

“Good enough, then,” Rhona said. “Blake, Jaime and Roselyn, get dressed. Megan, you and Emma help Grace load her stuff in the van. You need to hit the bank just after 11am. Try to be out before 11:30.”

“What happens at 11:30?” Blake asked, still glaring at Emma.

“If we’re still in that bank a half hour after we start the robbery, the cops will be flooding outside, and even with hostages, we’ll be lucky to get away,” Roselyn said.

“I thought hostages were part of the plan,” Grace said. “Isn’t that how you’re getting Shay out?”

“It is, and they’ll also help us carry the cash out,” Roselyn said. “But they work better with fewer cops around. If the cops get the entire bank surrounded and the media shows up, we’re fucked.”

“This seems like less and less of a good idea every time we go over it,” Megan muttered.

“It’s too late to back out now, girls,” Rhona said. “I’ll see you all after the heist.” With that, the computer screen went black, leaving the six robbers to glance at each other.

“All right, girls,” Jaime said. “Let’s go rob a fucking bank!”

* * * * * * * * * *
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Re: The Francisco Seven [multiple celebrities]
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Lucy Hale pulled her car into the bank parking lot and rushed inside before even thinking that she hadn't locked her door. Lucy looked back before deciding to just leave it, but as she turned toward the long line staring back at her she suddenly wished she hadn't decided to leave it be.

Lucy took a spot in line and waited. Five minutes has passed and the line had barely moved, and for Lucy those five minutes seemed like an eternity. Lucy looked at the clock anxiously and bounced slightly on the balls of her feet. She had to get back to the school before her lunch break was over.

"What is taking so long?" Lucy seethed to herself as she looked toward the front of the line. She laid eyes on the teller who appeared to be openly flirting with the man at the window. The man had to be twice her age, he had on what Lucy could only describe as a "dad" outfit.

As the man left the teller's window with a big smile on his face Lucy again looked at the clock and only two more minutes had passed. The line finally sped up a bit more as another teller opened her window right next to the stunning brunette.

As Lucy finally made it to the teller's window she looked up at the beautiful redhead and smiled.

"Hey JoAnna, whose the new girl?" Lucy asked. JoAnna blushed slightly as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

"Um, that's Shay, college intern from L.A. What can I do for you Luce?" JoAnna asked as she typed up Lucy's info on her computer.

"Just making the withdrawal for my vacation." Lucy said handing JoAnna her info.

"Hey yeah, I can't believe you are doing that. Cancun for Spring Break?" JoAnna said.

"You only live once." Lucy said as she told JoAnna the amount of money she was looking to take out, she looked over at Shay. Lucy shook her head because she could have sworn she saw Shay winking at her.

* * * * * * * * * *

Frank Sheene hated having to do errands, and he especially hated having to do errands that involved standing in line. And it didn't help that the customer in front of him, and all the others who'd gone, were all functionally retarded... how long did it take to put money in for goodness' sake?!

Still, at least his mother wasn't around to tell him to stop fidgeting. Plus the teller he would eventually be dealing with was GORGEOUS - a sloe-eyed coffee-coloured honey. And looking around at some of the other customers, he could tell there were others in the same boat; sighing at numbnuts in the queue who didn't understand the concept of "identification required," rolling their eyes when people made hefty deposits with one-dollar bills, looking at the clock, wondering when the fuck he was going to be able to get the cash in and get out of here.

Frank's eyes skimmed past the door as he looked around the bank floor in boredom. And they would have just kept skimming had the door not opened, letting in sunlight and a pair of long, long legs, going up and up and covered from just above the knee by some lovely silky red material that did an excellent job of clinging to the thighs. Above that was a white top, which was slit open in the front and giving some inches of awesome cleavage an airing. The owner of the legs and the chest had a lovely, slightly anxious face with an inviting little mole on it, framed with stunning blonde hair.

Frank suddenly felt A LOT less bored. And so did all the males in the bank who weren't gay, the ones who weren't with their wives, the ones who *were* with their wives...

...and the guards.

Whatever else was said about Mike and John, they were always alert. Nothing got by them. Especially nothing of a hot female variety (Mike was a happily married man, John on the rebound, but both had enjoyed some one-handed sex with the new teller as an inspiration). So they both noted the new customer as they did with all the new arrivals.

"Nice," Mike said just loud enough for John to hear, as the blonde looked in her expensive-looking handbag and searched a little, a worried expression on her face.

"Might be a little high maintenance," John pointed out.

"You gotta make the effort - eyes on the prize..."

Both guards soon had their eyes on the prize all right, when the leggy blonde hesitantly approached them; it was almost as if she was apologizing. Their standard "No trouble at all" response wouldn't be a lie in this case.

"Welcome to the San Francisco Union Bank," Mike said, willing himself to not look at the young woman's breasts.

"Is there anything we can do for you, miss?" John asked, flitting back and forth between her eyes and her legs. "We're here to help."

"Well... yes," the blonde replied with pleading eyes. "I came to make a withdrawal for a friend of mine, but just when I got in I found I'd forgotten to bring his ID, and I need to call him and I can't do it from my cellphone because I need to charge it so it's at home, so..."

"You can use mine," both guards said together a little TOO eagerly.

"Oh, thank you!" she said, shaking each man by the hand in turn and accepting Mike's phone. "I don't know what I'd have done if I hadn't gotten the money out - he would've killed me..."

"I can't imagine any man staying mad at you for long, miss," Mike chuckled.

"This'll only take a moment," she smiled. "Thank you again." And she walked away, talking into the phone as both guards (and most of the men in the bank) studied the motion of her perfect ass.

After a few moments they returned to studying her front as she came back, handed Mike the phone - and kissed both him and John.

"You're welcome," the guards both said, an instant before both collapsed.

"... and Bingo was his name," Blake Lively said softly (but loudly enough for it to go from the earpiece linked to the box hooked onto her back under the dress to the van outside) through her drug-dosed lips.

It was showtime.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Good girl,” Grace Park said, watching as the alluring image of Blake Lively came into view on the security cameras - and immediately turned towards the guards, her face never quite getting on camera. “They’ll never ID her on just that little bit of chin and her cleavage.”

“I don’t know, her cleavage seems pretty memorable to me,” Jaime Pressly joked as she checked the load on her gun.

“Tell me about it,” Emma Roberts muttered quietly.

Grace didn’t really pay attention to the other girls, her fingers flying over her keyboard as she started to hack into the Bank’s camera systems. It wasn’t THAT hard, but the timing was important. She needed to get those cameras off before Blake was spotted and before anyone else entered. At the same time, however, she had to make sure the guards weren’t looking directly at their monitors, because there’d be a VERY visible distortion when Grace hacked in. Their eyes had to be elsewhere - like on Blake’s fantastic ass.

“She’s talking to guards,” Roselyn Sanchez said from the front passenger seat of the van. “That Chica is making even the gay boys think about bedding her.”

“Just let me know when she gets a phone,” Grace said. She was just about there - only two more commands to enter-

“She’s got one,” Roselyn reported. “Holding it up to her ear now.”

“Fuck, that was fast,” Grace said. She slammed in the last line of code needed, and her computer came alive, slicing in a static shot on all the cameras of whatever they were filming that second. If either of the guards looked at the cameras before Blake could take them out, the whole gig could be up before it even started. “Cameras fixed,” Grace reported.

“Move it, Foxy,” Jaime said, smacking Megan on the back of the head. “Get us in gear!”

“Not until we hear from Blake,” Roselyn snapped.

“It’s going to take 30 seconds to get the van up to the front door-!” Jaime started to argue, but Grace cut them off.

“Shut up!” she shouted, pulling her earbud closer to her ear, as if that would help.

"... and Bingo was his name," Blake’s voice came in loud and clear.

“MOVE!” Roselyn and Jaime cried at once - everyone had an earpiece. Megan squealed the tires of the van as she floored it, getting the lumber black beast across the parking lot well under 30 seconds. The breaks squealed in protest as she brought them to a stop in front of the bank, and Roselyn, Jaime, and Emma all jumped out, already pulling their masks down over their faces.

“... and Bingo was his name?” Grace asked as Megan pulled the van away from the bank just as quickly as she’d pulled it up. “Who the hell thought THAT was a good code phrase?”

“Blake wasn't hired for her mind, okay? Just run the computers, Nerd Girl,” Megan said, parking the van as innocently as possible across the street from the bank itself.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lucy, whose queue was closest to the guards, was about to be served by JoAnna when the guards collapsed; other than Blake, she was just about the closest. The small brunette looked at the redheaded teller in shock and raced over to the men, concerned and puzzled at the actions of the tall blonde who'd been talking to them...

"What is WRONG with -- " she started, and got no further. Blake had turned away from the men, and was sporting a big smile. And a smaller Beretta, aimed right at Lucy.

"Nothing wrong here, miss," she said politely to the wide-eyed young teacher. "Get back in the line."

Lucy stared at the stunner and the gun, her frozen stance broken an instant later by a gunshot from the entrance; she, the customers and the tellers whirled around. Behind her desk, JoAnna was shocked; behind hers, Shay just LOOKED shocked.

"Didja not hear Legs McBlondie there?" called the jumpsuit-clad blonde who'd just fired into the ceiling, flanked by a similarly-clad Latina woman and a teenage girl dressed likewise, carrying two large bags. "She said there's nothing wrong here!"

"We're just your robbers for the morning," Blake said, smiling at them as she relieved the sleeping guards of their guns and joined her comrades, handing one each to Roselyn and Jaime.

"Whoo! You know me so well!" the blonde cackled with a wink, and made to slap Blake's ass in delight - before Miss Lively shot her a Rhona-worthy "Don't even think it" look. Jaime settled for tucking the other gun in her waistband.

JoAnna eyed the other tellers nervously; they had all been trained not to try to be a hero in these kinds of situations, just to trigger a silent alarm they all had. But she was genuinely too afraid to even try and tap it. And the new girl was trembling... "Just keep calm, Shay," she told her. "Play ball and things'll be okay."

"All of you start eating tile like the guys over there!" Jaime shouted. Frank, who'd also noticed how scared Shay looked, and the other customers immediately lay down, most of them with their heads pressed against the floor and doing their best possum impression. But Frank was eyeing each robber - this was like something out of a movie... being in a bank robbed by a bunch of full-on gun-toting hotties (they were all wearing masks, but their bodies and the fact that the foxy blonde was one of them meant they all HAD to have something special under their hoods). There was something about a woman with a gun that really got to him... but there was something about Blake with a gun that was itching at him in particular. He wasn't sure what it was, but it was something.

Frank sneaked another look at the beautiful new teller; what a sweet girl she'd been to the customers before him. The redhead was nice, but that new girl...

Behind the counter, JoAnna squeezed Shay's hand reassuringly and nodded with a nervous half-smile. The teller nodded back, mentally screaming as she saw JoAnna's right foot edge away from her slightly, press down on a panel, and edge back.

"Nothing to worry about," the redhead whispered.

"Now I don't think any of you really wants to be killed for money," Roselyn said as Emma went up to the first teller, opened the lighter bag, held it up to the man with one hand and pointed her gun with the other. "So give generously."

"Please?" Emma added with a smile, which became even more real when the banknotes started flowing in. The girl continued to make her withdrawals along each till, studiously avoiding glancing over to Shay. "And we take coins as well; toll charges are such a pisser these days."

Roselyn had an eye on Jaime as much as on the customers; the guards were no problem because Blake's kiss had been known to keep men out of action for hours (it had not been the first time she'd used that kind of "lipstick"), but Jaime... a very different kettle of fish. She looked like the people in the bank were one big shooting gallery, and even Rhona's threats could only keep a loose cannon like her in control for so long. Roselyn wished that she shared Blake's Drew Barrymore-type dislike of guns; even though the tall blonde was keeping her area covered under her barrel, it was wavering slightly more than the other two. At least her real weapon was in full force; Roselyn noted with amusement that more than a few of the men in the crowd were fixed on various parts of Blake's lively anatomy.

"Thank you and good morning," Emma cooed, taking JoAnna's cash before turning her attention to Shay. "Fill 'er up. You've all been so good so far, don't ruin it."

Shay, hoping her eyes didn't betray how she felt on seeing Emma smiling up at her, rapidly emptied her till. Emma nodded, zipped up the bag and kept the gun on the teller.


"But you got what you wanted!" JoAnna protested, and shut up as Jaime directly targeted her.

"We got *some* of what we wanted." Roselyn pointed out. "The bonanza's down in the vault."

"And YOU get to show me," Emma added, aiming her gun directly between Shay's eyes. "C'mon, we haven't got all day."

"She only just started here... I'll go," JoAnna pleaded, to the surprise of Shay and all the other members. The idea of someone else stepping in to save the "innocent" had never occurred to any of them.

"She made her choice, bitch, and if you don't want us to go from robbery to murder SHUT YOUR ASS UP!" Jaime shouted, saying what Emma wasn't entirely sure she could've.

Shay gave the shaken and now silent JoAnna a grateful look and walked out from behind the desk, Emma's gun on her all the way. "Look after this for me," the latter said, putting the full bag on the floor and shoving it over to Blake, who picked it up with her free hand, not taking her eyes off the cowering customers for a second. "And as for you, tall, dark and foxy - give me the guided tour. Try anything down there and..."

"OK," Shay replied, swallowing. The teller and the armed robber walked towards the back, making their way down the stairs.

"Keep the rest of them occupied," Roselyn told her comrades. "I'm just going to make sure we don't have anyone hidden somewhere thinking about doing a John McClane."

"Believe me, anyone who wants to be a hero is gonna die hard all right," Jaime cackled. "Make that die EASY..."

* * * * * * * * * *

Hayden was sweating over the build up for the evening news; the staff had joked that all the presenters had to do was be able to read the prompters and get the makeup right. That wasn't true; it was about 80%.

Still, as she munched on her M&Ms in the ladies' room Hayden wished Troian was here; if she had been manning the cameras on the set, it would've helped her be as calm inside as she looked outside. It was also too bad she didn't smoke; the building was a no smoking zone, but anything would have helped. She hadn't been so nervous since that time she'd appeared on the cover of "San Francisco" as "The Golden State's Sexiest Reporter."

Hayden was back at her desk, glad that she was about to break for an early lunch, when her phone went off; relieved that it was her cellphone and not an inside line, she answered without glancing at the screen. "Hi there!"

"Hayden?" asked a nervous voice.

"Hey there! What can I do for you?"

"Something's going on around the Union Bank..."

"Really? What kind of something?"

"The kind of something where people keep going in and no one comes out."

Hayden put two and two together and came up with Breaking News. And Ashley couldn't do it because she was out for another story as part of her "Million Dollar Memories" series about San Franciscans' best days of their lives ("People eat that shit up," Ashley had told her)... of course, it might be a hoax, but if it was at least it would get her out of the building.

"How long now?"

"Close to fifteen minutes... think it's something?"

"It might be... can you give me your number?"

One written-down number and a warning to those in the know to watch out for a call from her down at the Bank later, Hayden had gotten a mobile unit and was on the way. This was another reason she missed Troian; Hayden had had experience doing her own camera work, but not much. Still, once she'd gotten to frame it and stood in the right place, and remembered to turn on the mike, she should be okay...

* * * * * * * * * *

"Something's going on around the Union Bank..."

Sitting in her car, Ashley Benson dropped the act and laughed to herself in her own voice.

* * * * * * * * * *

Roselyn saw Emma and Shay head down to the vaults, dropping the hostage act as soon as they were out of sight of the others. Roselyn followed them around the corner, but she stopped at the single locked door that was the manager’s office.

“Grace, you’re sure the cameras are off?” she asked, eyeing the camera rather blatantly pointed at the office door.

“Absolutely,” Grace’s voice came back in Roselyn’s earpiece. “If you’re standing in front of it right now, all that’s being recorded is the same static image of the door that’s been playing half the morning already. You’re clear.”

“This better be worth it,” Roselyn muttered, trying the door handle. Locked, for sure, but that had never stopped Roselyn before. She could’ve just used her gun to shoot the lock, but the longer things went without gunshots, the better, so she pulled an automatic lock pick out of her pocket and crammed the thing into the doorknob. Auto lock picks basically destroyed locks in the process of vibrating the tumblers open, and there’d be no hiding the fact that SOMEONE had broken into the room when Roselyn was done. Rhona didn’t seem to care about that fact, so Roselyn didn’t either - besides, it was use the auto pick, or waste precious time trying to pick it the old-fashioned way.

It took less than a minute for Roselyn to get into the office, a surprisingly simplistic affair, with no personal touches. Roselyn guessed that with the bank manager only being in on specific days, decorating each office wasn’t a priority. Still, there was a desk with a computer, and that’s all that mattered. Roselyn unzipped the front of her jumpsuit and pulled out the thumb drive as she sat at the desk. It took but a movement of the mouse to get the screen to come alive with a password box. Roselyn quickly found a USB port on the side of the hard drive, plugged in the thumb drive, and sat back.

She hoped like hell this thing would work.

* * * * * * * * * *

Once they were out of sight and heading down the passage to the vault, Shay dropped the hostage act.

"Just thought of another reason I'm glad you're along," Emma laughed, increasing her pace but being careful not to shake up the bag too much. "You can get the goodies high up in the vault."

It was true; Shay towered over the teenage safecracker (she was taller than Rhona as well, and in fact Blake - curse her soft, silky hide - was the only member of the gang who literally looked down on her). They were at the door of the vault; a standard thick door, with the two handles on the left side, about three feet apart. But Emma had everything she needed - and in the case of the autodial, something she hoped she wouldn't need - with her listening device to get the combo, the autodialling device, and some other little gizmos (like some more bags, the better to put the actual money in).

As Emma studied the door, she felt something was wrong. She had the thrill of the job inside her, but there was something missing... something that she couldn't go ahead without. It definitely wasn't the tools, it wasn't the company, and she had the time to break in thanks to the other gang members... what was it?

Suddenly Emma knew. "Hold on to this for a sec, would you?" she said casually, handing her bag to Shay. Before Shay could ask what was up, Emma quickly pulled her mask off and flung it aside, kicked off her shoes and unzipped her jumpsuit, stepping out of it the second it fell to the floor and kicking it away to join the other things she'd had on.

Standing before Shay stark naked, she grinned and beckoned for her bag. "Now we're ready."

"You... you're..." the teller/mole stammered, gingerly handing Emma the bag.

"What's the matter? You've seen this before. C'mon, we've got a vault to crack..."

Emma studied the lock on the right side, placed exactly in between the two handles; the digital panel said it was about twenty past twelve. "On a timer, you say... Shay, can you take your eyes off my legs please? Thank you."

Wondering how the girl knew where she was looking, Shay put her eyes back on the door.

"The money goes in here at the end of the working day, right?"

"Well, half an hour after it. We have to let out the staff who aren't going to be down here."

"So the door would be on this timer until about 5:30..." Emma put her hand inside her bag.

"You try and get that thing off you'll get the cops on us," Shay pointed out.

"Oh, ye of little faith," the girl smiled, bringing out a heavily-wrapped package, removing the sheets and revealing a small metal disc. "Getting this thing off is the last thing I want to do. Hope you're using an old-fashioned watch..."

Emma placed the magnetised disc directly next to the lock so that they were touching, and both watched as the screen flickered, the numbers scrambling. "Guaranteed to fuck up any circuitry going - a bitch if you're watching 'Pretty Little Liars' or something..."

"I'm a '90210' girl myself," Shay admitted.

"...but just what the doctor ordered for making locks think it's later than it is." Emma plucked the disc away, with the screen now flashing 00:00. "Now, we just punch in the 'right' time with a little extra for leeway..."

She tapped in 17:36 and pressed "set." Then crouching by the large tumbler in the centre of the door, Emma put on her earpiece and started to slowly turn the dials, listening for the clicks. Shay understood - Emma had screwed up the timer inside the vault, but she still needed the combo to open the door. Otherwise, it would have to be autodial. And *that* would set off bells.

Instinctively she took a hold of the upper handle; Emma would be going for the lower one once she'd gotten the six figures in the combo and then they'd both pull the handles downwards, as Emma had specified. On reaching 34 left the girl broke off briefly to give her colleague a thumbs-up with her free hand before starting to turn the tumbler in the opposite direction. One down, five to go...

49 right.

28 left.

36 right.

44 left.

And 22 right... Emma felt an overwhelming calm as the fingers revealed the last key inside. Not a moment to lose - glancing up at Shay, she grabbed her handle as the teller clutched hers, and both yanked their handles down and pulled.

The door didn't budge.

It was a big door, but both had been pulling with all their might - and if it had been unlocked it would have moved slightly and slowly, and they'd have to put elbow grease in, but it would have moved. They'd been out of sync with the handles; probably just a millisecond, but it was enough to keep them on the wrong side - the one without the money.

Shay gulped nervously, thinking over what Rhona would do if this went wrong; and Emma gritted her teeth, trying not to think what Rhona would do.

"Okay, this is just a little roadblock," the girl said calmly. "Shay, I'm going to need those steady hands of yours..."

"Steady? I screwed up! If I'd done it the exact same time as you-"

"You missed the window, these things happen, forget about it and move on."

"But Rhona trusted me..."

"Your main job was to go in undercover here and give us the layout, and you did that. This here is *my* turf; I don't get in the vault I take the fall, not you." Emma took Shay's lovely face in her hands and looked in her eyes. "You said we'd be a good team here, remember? You still trust me?"

"Yeah," Shay replied, trying not to be nervous. "I trust you."

"I should have given you this before you left for luck..." Emma gave Shay a kiss, and was thrilled to sense the teller relaxing a little, a smile coming to her face. "And if Rhona *does* give you shit, I promise she's not going to get away with it."

Looking into Emma's eyes, Shay saw she meant it. Nodding, she faced the door again. "So... how long's each fuse?"

"Not as long as I'd like," Emma admitted, taking out the eight solid pipes of doom and the adhesive for each one, and handing four of them to Shay - two had slightly longer fuses than the other two - and a lighter. "Light the longer ones first; they're exactly a second longer - they should all go up at the same time. You take care of the far side of the door, I got the handles. This should weaken the fucker; any more would blow the door apart but..."

Shay knew. Any more could blow the VAULT apart. It wasn't that big. "I swear I won't mess this one up..."

Each lady pressed a mass of malleable adhesive glob on their respective targets, carefully placed two nitro-filled tubes on them, and wrapped some more adhesive to keep it in place. They flicked the lighters to life, applied the flame to the tubes - and ran like the devil.

Emma and Shay only just had time to crouch and cover their heads in the far corner before the explosions. Emma never liked to use that stuff - it always worked, but it was loud. And in an enclosed place like this deafening. Worst of all, there was always a risk you could damage the goods...

The report's echos and the smoke still lingering, the two got to their feet, Shay instinctively looking at Emma's body. Even in this situation she couldn't help thinkng about how beautiful it was - and thankfully how unmarked it was; there hadn't been any metal pieces landing near them. As Shay reflected, she heard a wolf-whistle.

"Reading my mind," she sighed.

"We're IN!" Emma laughed, having just whistled at the vault door; it was still in the frame, but the door had been damaged. Enough for it to have the hinges wrecked, and enough to bust the handles. Patting Shay, she eagerly ran to the door and started to pull; Shay rapidly joined her, the two tugging and pulling on the door with their teeth grinding on each other. Knowing they were working against the clock helped them pull harder...

"The more we get, the more cash I can fuck you on when this is over," Emma chuckled as the door finally swung open.

Shay Mitchell suddenly found herself feeling very, very damp.

* * * * * * * * * *

JoAnna Garcia had been through six bank robberies in her career, and this was, by far, the most ambitious. Most bank robberies were done by one person who walked into the bank, handed a note to a teller claiming they had a gun, got whatever money the teller had in the cash drawer - and usually a dye pack or some other form of anti-thievery technology - and then fled before causing too much of a stir. All the other bank robberies JoAnna had ever seen were exactly like that.

This? This was something new. It was like something out of a heist movie or a bad TV show or something. An all-girl robbery crew storming a bank and breaking into the vault? Unheard of. Even having taken out the guards and with most of them wearing masks, they had to know there was no way in hell they could get away with this.

“What’s taking them so fucking long?” the abrasive robber with the mask on asked, looking twitchy.

“How should I know?” the super-sexy blonde who’d started this whole thing by knocking out the guards, replied. “I’ve never tried to crack a bank safe before.”

“Well, they damn well better hurry,” the angry one snorted. “Jailbait and the-”

“And the TELLER she took HOSTAGE?” the blonde cut in, looking over at the other tellers, including JoAnna, who ducked her head back down.

“Whatever,” the angry one said, stepping over towards the customers. She stopped over Lucy Hale, one of the regulars JoAnna knew by name, and glared down at the tiny brunette. “You think they’ll be gone long enough for us to have a little fun?”


The masked girl lifted one foot and placed it directly atop Lucy’s ass, making the tiny girl whimper.

“What are you-” the gorgeous one started to ask.

“Nothing, ‘cept admiring a cute little behind. Relax. Not like I’m going to rape her right here in the bank or something.” The was a very pregnant pause that made JoAnna‘s skin crawl. “Unless, you know, this takes THAT much longer.”

* * * * * * * * * *

“Upload complete.”

Roselyn nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard Rhona’s silky, all-too-knowing voice come out of the computer. After plugging in the thumb drive, she’d sat there for a minute or two, watching as a green loading bar had appeared over the log-in screen, and quickly gone about filling up.

Still, hearing Rhona’s voice made Roselyn think a few choice words about her employer before yanking out the thumb drive and getting up out of the chair. Whatever it was Rhona wanted with this computer, it was done now. And, with the heist well underway, Roselyn was suddenly only an escape away from being done with Rhona Mitra and her evil ways.

Images of Alicia and Joshua floated past Roselyn’s eyes as she popped out of the office and headed back into the main lobby of the bank. Somehow, she wasn’t at all surprised to see Jaime Pressly standing there, one foot on the ass of a cute little brunette, waving her gun at all the others, complaining about how long things were taking.

"Take your foot off her butt," Roselyn said in a level voice, reflecting that it would have sounded a strange thing to say to anybody other than Jaime.

"A girl's gotta have a little fun while th-- SHE'S down there loading up," the loose cannon grumbled, holding up under the daggers Roselyn and Blake shot at her as she lifted up the foot. On the floor, Lucy exhaled and shivered; she hadn't counted out this freak actually fucking her right there. Or worse.

"The teller's playing ball," Roselyn announced, taking her place alongside the other members, her gun out. "She'll be back safe and sound, and nobody has to get hurt."

"You always gotta ruin my fun, don't you?" Jaime muttered, never taking her eyes off her section of the crowd for a moment. "And it's San Francisco, they wouldn't mind... would you, kid?"

Lucy stayed quiet, focusing on the floor.

"I asked you a question, girlie!"

"I... I'm with somebody..."

"Does he put it up there? I sure as hell would..."

"We don't all have sex on the brain," Blake snapped.

"Wait, are you and the boss lady twins now? And I wasn't talkin' to you, I was asking the little lady there a question. So how about it, sweetass?" she continued to the frightened young teacher.

"I've never... had it there," Lucy managed to say, wishing that this would just END.

"Too bad. Show me," said Jaime, patting the teacher with her heel. "Up with the dress and down with the panties."

Lucy's fear got added to, by indignation and disgust. "In HERE?"

"No, on Fisherman's Wharf. Show me."

"Leave Lucy alone!" JoAnna shouted. "What's she done to you?"

"I said SHUT UP, RED!" Jaime aimed one of her guns at the teller, and trained the other one on Lucy. "And as for you, you're gonna put on a show for me while we're waiting for them to finish down there..."

"Them?" the teller asked, puzzled. "What are you talking about..."

"You are SO FUCKING DEAD, GIRLIE!" The furious and frustrated Jaime was about to cock her pistol when another was cocked. And aimed at Jaime.

"Put it down, Pressly," Roselyn Sanchez said icily.


"PUT THE GUN DOWN OR I'LL SHOOT YOU MYSELF! We're robbing the bank, we're not murderers!"

"Most of us aren't," Blake said softly.

Jaime glared at JoAnna, who was suddenly very glad that the expression "If looks could kill" was just a saying. "This ain't over," she rasped, and lowered the gun.

"You're still not off the hook. Let's see the rump," she continued to Lucy.

Lucy, moaning to herself in disbelief and shame, started to lift her dress up. Blake, Roselyn and JoAnna had disbelief of their own at Jaime's expression; she looked like dinner was about to be served. And when Lucy's legs were uncovered, with her little behind covered by a pair of dark panties, the dangerous blonde was just about licking her lips.

"Bring out the moon, missy miss."

With her trembling hands, Lucy took hold of the top of her panties and started to pull them down; Frank, who was nearby, really wanted to crane over to take a look for himself. He really did. But with that crazy dyke robber still holding a gun on the girl, she might have shot him just for taking a...


The echo of an explosion went through the bank - it had come from the vault. Lucy let out a shocked shout, and so did other customers; in fact, everybody's attention went there for a second, including Jaime's. And Blake's; the tall, sexy blonde had been particularly startled by the explosion. She hadn't jumped, but she had been so startled that she had accidentally fired her Beretta; luckily it hadn't been aimed at any of the hostages or tellers, and the bullet had gone into the floor near the guards (mercifully not into the guards themselves).

"I told you, I don't like guns..." and that was all she had time to shout; as Blake looked horrified at the area she'd fired into, she was suddenly knocked off balance by a young man flying into her, a hand grabbing the wrist holding the gun as her other hand dropped the bag of loot. The two tumbled to the floor, Blake trying to get a man off her for possibly the first time in her life, Frank grunting as he slammed her gun hand into the tiles, trying to get her to let it go.

Frank saw Blake's hand open and the gun be released, and he darted down to grab it; the rules of the game were about to change. The last thought he had in this life was that he was about to become a hero...

A gunshot rang out and there was another scream, this time from JoAnna as Frank's stilled body fell away from Blake. The horrified blonde looked away from him towards Jaime, her gun smoking - and from the look in her eyes, it was as if she'd just swatted a fly.

Blake Lively had been right. Most of them weren't murderers.

* * * * * * * * * *

Emma Roberts and Shay Mitchell had no idea when they'd get the word to clear out, but until then they were busy concentrating on shoving the contents of the shelves into their respective bags as fast as they could. Well, Emma was; Shay, on the other side of the vault, couldn't help glancing over to her colleague, drinking in her beauty. Especially when she dropped a choice bundle or two and bent down to get the loot.

But Shay never stopped getting her side of the vault inside her bag; the greenbacks kept rolling in there, and they were getting pretty heavy. Neither of them had a precise idea of how much they'd gotten, but a haul of about $4-5 million minimum wasn't out of the question. If they managed enough they could even have upwards of a million each; as she kept scooping, her mind was full of visions of Emma gently kissing her on loads of $20 bills.

An instant later, it was filled with Roselyn shouting "IT'S RUSH HOUR!"

Shay and Emma glanced at each other, grabbed their bags, hurriedly zipped them shut and started out as fast as they could. Emma didn't stop to grab her jumpsuit, and Shay didn't remind her.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hayden had considered calling the number the woman had given her, but that might be risky if she was inside the bank; better to wait for when the crisis had passed before tracking down the lady who'd tipped her off. But there was someone she certainly COULD call.

"Hi, Roger... okay, Mr. Zucker, you got me... I'm cooling my heels near the Union Bank. It's usually pretty busy running up to lunchtime, but no one's been coming out for a while. The woman who tipped me off... I didn't get her name because she said she couldn't hang around for long, so I think she could be a hostage. I'm going to get a little closer and report back then... Live from the scene? You bet!"

Hayden hung up and started up the idling mobile unit, looking for a good place to set up... JACKPOT! The primo real estate, right across the road from the Bank, and just one van near.

The blonde pixie beamed as she turned the engine off and got out. With enough room for them to move and plenty of time before high noon plus a chance to help the media, persuading the occupants to wait a little further along wouldn't be a problem...

* * * * * * * * * *

"Houston, we have a problem," Grace Park muttered, furrowing her brow at what she was hearing through the headphones.

"Tell me about it," Megan Fox replied, glancing out the window.

"Wait, are we talking about the same thing? Because *I'm* talking about the police dispatchers."

Megan's stomach did a little somersault. Ever since the others had gone into the bank everything had been fine - okay, they'd heard Jaime's gunshot, but nothing else since then except for a slight tremor; Megan figured that was just a warning. But...

"Someone in there tripped a silent alarm, and the dispatcher just sent word for the nearest squad car to come over and have a look-see. We got one thing on our side - they've been delayed by some kind of fight in the street..."

"Rhona?" Megan asked with a sardonic smirk.

"She's got long tentacles but she's not God. I think we just got lucky, but once that's settled they'll be here like THAT," Grace said with a snap of the fingers. "But what's on your mind, Foxy?"

"We got company," the tattooed car expert said tersely, jerking a thumb out the window.

Peering around Megan, Grace saw a small blonde heading towards the van, looking as perky as could be. And that was just her breasts. Grace was relieved - at least it wasn't a meter maid or some other cop. She started thinking furiously for a cover story in case the girl - who looked a lot like that hot girl on Channel 7 - wasn't just wanting change or something.

"Hi!" the tiny blonde said as soon as she got to the window.

"Hi yourself, stranger," Megan replied, managing to put on a smile.

"Waiting for anyone?"

"Actually, yeah," Grace answered casually, still wondering where she'd seen the gorgeous thing before. "We're picking up some casual workers in a few minutes to ferry them to Monterey home base."

"Work in Monterey? Nice gig. They running late?"

"Should be here in ten minutes..."

"That should be enough time."

"Huh?" asked Megan and Grace.

"See, there's something going on around here - I heard about it a few minutes ago - and when it breaks loose I could be the first one to get it on air, so..."

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!" Grace suddenly yelled, making Megan jump. "I KNOW YOU! I thought you looked familiar - you're that Hayden Pantene from Channel 7! You've got clips all over the net - man, I *love* watching you when I'm in SanFran..."

"It's Panettiere, but thank you," Hayden smiled. "Anyway, this place is the best point for me to set up, so if you'd just move down a few feet..."

"Believe me, we wish we could," Megan said, "but our boss is really picky. She said we have to stay right here, so we gotta stay. Sorry."

Hayden laid on the puppy-dog eyes. "Please...? It'll only be for a few minutes, I swear. I did check around before settling on this one and it's PERFECT."

"Welllll... if you gave me a kiss..." Grace said teasingly, and was secretly delighted to see Hayden's eyes fail to fall.

"Maybe later. Not while I'm on duty," the reporter replied coyly. "But it would be my pleasure to mention your business on air... what is it again?"

Oh crap. "Er... it's Kono and Kamekona Inc.," Grace flustered. "Finest casual agency in Montecito."

"You said Monterey," Hayden pointed out.

"Yeah, that's right - I get them confused sometimes..."

"Good thing I'm driving then," Megan chuckled. "C'mon, Hayden, cut us some slack - you can cover the bank just as well from there..."

Megan and Hayden watched the blood drain from each other's faces as they realised what she'd just said. Out of the several business places on the other side of the street, like a mall and a supermarket, Megan had mentioned the bank... which Hayden hadn't. And they both knew it.
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"How'd you know--" Hayden started.

Suddenly Megan's eyes and mouth dropped open, and she grabbed the wheel; at the same time, a similarly startled Grace opened the door and grabbed Hayden's arm. Before the blonde - the only one who hadn't heard the gunshot, the sound of Frank thudding, and Roselyn shouting the codephrase - could ask what the fuck she was doing she was pulled inside at speed, helped along by Megan starting the van *fast*.

As the driver turned and drove furiously towards the bank, Grace shoved the startled reporter into the rear and climbed back after her. If the van had had a rear window, Hayden could have seen the Channel 7 unit parked and now abandoned in the street.

"What the FUCK are you doing?!?" Hayden shouted, as Grace pinned her down and regretted the others taking all the guns - some kind of persuasive tactics would have been useful.

"Be quiet and play nice, Panties. I'll have that kiss now..."

"You can kiss my ass! And my name's PANETTIERE, dammit!"

"I might just hold you to that," Grace panted as Hayden struggled. Holding down a sexy little blonde was fun, but she had other things to worry about; the cops were almost on site, and there was no way the gang was going to be able to leave before they got there.

"You were right, Foxy," she called back to Megan as the least welcome sound in the world - police sirens - drew nearer. "We got company."

* * * * * * * * * *

If there'd been a contest to see who was the most horrified of all the people in the San Francisco Union Bank, Lucy Hale would have walked it; the teacher screamed to the heavens when Frank's dead body landed beside her. The spell broken, Lucy scrambled to her feet and started to run for the door.


Blake Lively was nervous, and she was disgusted at Jaime Pressly, but she was still part of the gang. Having quickly retrieved her gun, she had it aimed at Lucy again; the small woman's dark, frightened eyes widened as she looked into the barrel of the Beretta.

"Please, I just wanna get OUT of here!" she pleaded.

"You will..." Blake said, trying not to let the gun shake as she took Lucy by an arm. "You're just coming with us... with the cash there. Pick it up."

"Why can't you..." Lucy started, before she realised Blake's hands were occupied. She lifted the heavy bag up.

Emma Roberts and Shay Mitchell emerged from the passageway on the double, Shay holding the bags filled with cash and being "hustled" along by Emma. "One of you give me a hand keeping an eye on baby girl!" Emma shouted, holding out her free hand, soon filled with Jaime's spare gun which the blonde handed her en route to the teller's desk, and while the safecracker turned on Shay.

"But I got you your money - what do you want with me?!" Shay pleaded.

"The cops are out there. You just became our travel insurance... Yeah, I'm naked. You got a problem with that?!?" Emma snapped, glaring at some of the more wide-eyed customers. (Since Emma refused to wear ANYTHING while in action, even the mask she had worn into the vault and left there with the jumpsuit, this left Roselyn Sanchez and Jaime as the only members [who the innocents knew of] still sporting disguises.)

JoAnna Garcia was every bit as nervous as the other tellers when Jaime approached the desk; even more so, because she had seen the look in the blonde's eyes when she'd killed that poor boy. And that look was nowhere near gone when she got right up to JoAnna and brought the gun up. The teller mentally started praying that it would be quick...

"You heard Lady Godiva there," the blonde said. "You just became our travel insurance."

Inside, JoAnna became a mixture of relief (they weren't about to kill her) and fear (travel insurance?).

"Move it, Red! I ain't asking you again!"

JoAnna moved it, glancing at her colleagues as she got out from being the counter. With Jaime's gun on the redhead all the way, she joined the rapidly retreating gang members and the hostages, weapons aimed at the customers as they made for the doors. She was practically next to the flustered, worried Shay; both looked almost grateful to be together, and Lucy was just glad that it was Blake holding her at gunpoint. As crooked as she might be, at least Lucy wouldn't be held by someone who wanted to freaking rape her.

"They can't hurt us, Shay..." JoAnna said to the teller. "They just need us to get out of here."

Shay nodded, hoping that the slips Jaime had made had been forgotten.

Glancing back, Roselyn could see the van through the thick glass, right in position. And a little farther away, she could also make out several blue-and-white vehicles.

"HEY, COPS!" Jaime shouted through the door. "We got us some hostages and we're taking them for a ride! You wanna start shooting be my guest, but you might just hit one of them..."

* * * * * * * * * *

The San Francisco Police Department had contingency plans for everything. Terrorist attacks, natural disasters, race and sexual preference-related riots, toxic chemical spills, over-zealous sports fans, and even alien invasion - though that particular file had a metric ton of dust upon it.

But among all those files was a very clear and very detailed response to an armed robbery at each and every bank in the entire city. Sorted by bank location, level of severity, and number of robbers involved, these files were only recently uploaded to an online computer system that allowed senior police officers to access them on laptops from inside their patrol cars. San Francisco Union Bank’s heist was the first time Lt. Simon Archer had the opportunity to use the new system.

So far, he wasn’t all that impressed.

“What do you mean, you THINK there was an explosion inside a few minutes ago?!” Archer screamed into his radio. “Was there an explosion or wasn’t there?!”

“I don’t know, sir!” the officer on the other side called back. “The witness THOUGHT he heard something that SOUNDED like an explosion.”

“God damn it!” Archer muttered, pounding on the keys of his keyboard. IF what little information they had was correct, 3 heavily armed robbers, all wearing ski masks, had stormed into the bank an undetermined number of minutes ago - under a half-hour was the guess, but since no alarms had gone up until something had happened to the vault itself, no one outside the bank knew for sure.

The plan Archer was trying to pull up was a detailed disposition of where to place the rapidly arriving, but scattered response from the cops. The SWAT Team, which would handle the situation if the robbers tried to actually hole up in the bank, was still ten minutes out, apparently caught up in some sort of traffic issue. As it was, Archer and his Patrol car was only the third police unit to arrive, behind another patrol car with a guy ten days from retirement and a rookie in it, and a foot-patrol officer who’d been flagged down by whatever witness was claiming there might have been an explosion.

Finally, the laptop beeped with the download, and a painfully simple diagram of the bank and the surrounding buildings came up on the screen. As Archer watched, red dots appeared on the map, showing where he should place police officers and snipers - Snipers? He didn’t have any god damn snipers! - to contain the robbers. Assuming there were only 3 of them, and assuming they were going to hole up in the bank and try and negotiate their way out.

The diagram stopped at 57 dots.

“Great. Only short 54 men to do this job,” Archer grumbled. “And a fucking helicopter or six.”

“Where do you want us, Simon?” one of the officers called out.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Archer grumbled. “Bass, take Archibald over and cover the south side of the building - there’s another exit there. “I’ll cover the front until more help gets here.” Archer scanned the scene with his binoculars. Couldn’t see anything in the bank itself, but the vultures were already here. At least one News Van - Channel 7 - was on the scene, and another was pulling in. Also Channel 7 - those guys were either very thorough, or didn’t give a fuck about their gas budget…

Archer was distracted as a very cute, young looking blonde popped out of the news van, followed by a camera crew, and raced to start setting up. He recognized her - most heterosexual men in San Fran recognized Ashley Benson and her killer legs - and groaned. He did NOT want to be caught on camera fucking this up. He took a second to check his hair in the mirror - he told himself it was for the camera, not the major hottie in front of it.

“We let these guys get away, Chief Humphrey’s going to have your ass,” Bass commented over the radio.

“Humphrey can suck my cock, for all I care,” Archer shot back. “He wants me to do this job, he can fucking pay for that damn hostile negotiation class I wanted to take last year.”

* * * * * * * * * *

It had been a very slow, very painful morning for Troian Bellisario. The pain in her asshole was gradually relenting... no, more like g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y relenting; she'd managed to drag herself off the bed and gingerly get on jeans and a T-shirt, relieved that this time she'd remembered to shut the curtains so the husband of Maddie Harrington next door didn't get himself another free show.

Carrying herself into the kitchen to stock up on snacks and drink and then heading into the living room wincing every inch of the way, Troian blessed whoever invented remote controls as she put the set on; Channel 7 filled the room up with son et lumiere. The brunette cracked a grin; Hayden was such a suck-up, always leaving it on their workplace before she turned in. But today she had a good reason, and Troian was glad she'd remembered to log the evening news in the TiVo before turning in. She lowered herself onto the sofa and toyed with the remote control, glancing at the clock. "Oooh, almost time for 'Reba,'" she said with a smile. "Hot older woman alert..."

"This Is A Channel 7 Breaking Story!"

Reba McEntire and company disappeared from her mind as work came to the forefront; the OTT graphics flew from the screen to show the Channel 7 newsroom, and Tony Romano and his inability to keep from capitalising every word he said behind the desk, wearing his serious face. The Big One? Bad guys attacking?

"The San Francisco Union Bank Is Under Siege! This Morning A Gang Of Armed Thieves Has Broken Into The Bank And Are Currently In A Standoff With The Police. Ashley Benson, Live From The Scene, Reports..."

Great. Like her ass wasn't hurting enough already.

"They made their move not long after eleven," Ashley said, brushing the hair from her eyes from time to time. "They're in the van that you can see behind me, parked in front of the bank. I'm reliably informed that hostages are in there, but details are sketchy as to how many, or how many robbers there actually are."

"And I Understand We May Have One Of Our Own In There, Ashley."

"That's right, Tony. Hayden Panettiere phoned the station earlier with this message..."

"HAYDEN??!?" Troian screamed at the screen, as a picture of her beloved's face appeared on the screen with "HAYDEN PANETTIERE - Earlier Today" underneath, accompanied by a not-too-clear recording of the blonde:

"It's usually pretty busy running up to lunchtime, but no one's been coming out for a while. The woman who tipped me off... I didn't get her name because she said she couldn't hang around for long, so I think she could be a hostage. I'm going to get a little closer and report back then..."

Troian had been looking forward to Hayden being on TV, but not like this. She scrambled for the phone as the image cut back to Ashley.

"When I got here I didn't see Hayden anywhere, but the Channel 7 mobile unit she brought was parked across from the bank; it's being returned to the station now. Until we hear otherwise, we can only assume that Hayden is one of the hostages..."

Troian frantically dialled the station - her first inclination had been to call Hayden on her cellphone, but the robbers might have taken it, or hear it ringing and kill her to shut her up. But she had to talk to SOMEBODY... maybe the station would be able to help her find out who'd called.

"Yeah, I just saw it... I know! I'm crapping myself worrying about Hayden... Must have been quite a tip. When'd they call the station?... WHAT? You're sure?... That's what she said? You sure?... Uh-huh... Thanks, I'll stay tuned..."

Troian hung up, baffled. Whoever had passed on the tip hadn't called the station... they'd called Hayden on her own cellphone. And her baby, friendly though she was, only gave her number to family, very close friends - REALLY close, in Troian's case - and to her work colleagues. Hayden had probably been in such a rush to cover that tip that it wouldn't have occurred to her to wonder why they called her directly.

Whoever had passed on the tip had specifically wanted Hayden to be down there... and there was only one person who Troian could think of who wanted that. But that would mean she was mixed up with the robbers... and the worst of it was, she would not have put it past an ambitious little tramp like Ashley.

The news flash was over, but Troian Bellisario was in no mood for "Reba." At all.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Movement! Got a van racing towards the bank!”

“FUCK!” Archer swore, popping up out of his patrol car and drawing his pistol. He was barely on his feet, with his gun leveled towards the bank by the time the van screeched to a halt next to the front door. There was maybe ten feet between the van and the front door - not much room for anyone but the snipers Archer didn’t have to get a shot in, with the van blocking most of the space between from Archer’s view.

“Where’s my helicopter?” Archer screamed into his microphone as he waited, praying more help would arrive. Like that damn SWAT Team he’d been promised. Or even just a more senior officer to take the blame when the shit hit the fan.

“What do we do, Archer?” one of the other cops on the scene asked.

“Don’t shoot - whatever you do, don’t shoot unless they start shooting first, or try and get in that van,” he ordered. He glanced over at the news crew - still just Channel 7 and the leggy Ashley Benson, who was clearly doing a live broadcast now.

"HEY, COPS!" a loud female voice shouted through the door. "We got us some hostages and we're taking them for a ride! You wanna start shooting be my guest, but you might just hit one of them..."

“Fuck,” Archer groaned, seeing his entire career go up as women - women? - started racing from the bank to the van, two of them wearing ski masks, three of them holding other women in front of them, clearly as hostages, and one of them stark naked.

“What the fuck?” Bass’ voice came over the radio. “Are they all chicks?”

“And is that girl naked?” Archibald’s voice cut in. “Is she a hostage or a robber?”

“Who cares - dibs on putting the cuffs on her,” Bass said.

“No way, you got to cuff that drunk stripper who tried to pick pocket Judge Buckner last week.”

“Would you two SHUT UP?!” Archer yelled at them. “Where the fuck is everyone else?!”

It took less than fifteen seconds for the girls to all jump into the van, and the vehicle took off before the door was even closed. Archer stood there for a long second, his jaw somewhat slack.

Then he realized just what he’d witnessed. “GET IN YOUR CAR AND GO AFTER THEM!!!!” Archer screamed, leaping back into his car, acutely aware that the he was going to have to race past the Channel 7 News Van to go after the robbers. Dreading the fact that his face was going to be all over TV as the idiot cop who’d screwed this all up, Archer started to mentally compose his resignation letter.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Who the fuck is this?” Jaime Pressly said as she practically landed atop Hayden Panettiere.

“You weren’t the only one with troubles,” Megan Fox snapped as the girls and their hostages jumped into the van. She glared at Roselyn Sanchez. “What happened in there?”

“Nothing good,” Roselyn said, looking back at Emma Roberts. “Where are your clothes?”

“I work better nude, sue me,” Emma said, trying to get up off all fours and into a seat.

“Oooh, is that your scar?” Grace Park asked, reaching out and touching the small bite mark on Emma’s rear end. “It’s so cute!”

“Grace, concentrate!” Roselyn snapped. “Are the cops after us?”

The sudden flashing of red and blue lights from behind the van answered that question.

“Okay, there are too many people in this van!” Megan said, swerving through an intersection against the lights, forcing cars coming from the opposite direction to screech out of her way. The two cop cars following them followed along quickly. “I can’t get any speed!”

“We took the slimmest hostages we could find!” Jaime replied, her hand suspiciously upon poor little Lucy Hale’s skirt-covered rump. “Left the fatties behind.”

“Please, don’t hurt us!” JoAnna said. “Just let us out, we won’t tell them anything, will we, Shay?”

“Shut up,” Shay said, trying to step over Hayden and approach the front of the van. Megan’s driving wasn’t making that any easier. “How can we help, Megan?”

“Sit the fuck down, for starters,” Megan said.

“And use that rope to tie up the hostages,” Roselyn added. “Jaime, I know your trigger finger works - you feel like shooting at some cops?”

“Boss Lady, you just about made me cream my panties,” Jaime said, hefting her MP5 and moving towards the back of the van. Megan took a sharp right turn, throwing everyone about harshly, and Grace landed in Emma’s lap.

“Ooh, can I sit here for the rest of the ride?” Grace asked, her eyes locked on Emma’s naked titties.

“NO!” Roselyn, Blake and Emma all shouted together.

“Okay, okay. Sheesh, girl can’t get any during a heist anymore.”

“Grace, I swear, if you help Megan get us out of this mess, I’ll let you lick my ass-scar,” Emma pleaded as the hot Asian reluctantly slipped off her naked legs.

“I’ll hold you to that,” Grace said, her eyes running down Emma’s body one more time and actually licking her lips before turning back to her laptop.

“You - you’re a part of all this?” JoAnna asked, her face white with shock as Shay tied the redhead’s hands with rope.

“Sorry,” Shay said with a sad little smile. “I didn’t have a choice. None of us did.”

“Speak for yourself, Pouty-Lips,” Jaime said, stepping over them. “Blake, come here and hold my belt, would’ya?”

“Your belt?” Blake asked, carefully stepping over Hayden and Lucy. “What do I need to hold your belt for?”

“So I don’t go flying out the back when I do this!” Jaime said right before kicking the back doors open. As they swung out, she stepped right up to the edge of the van, lifted her MP5 to her hips in a two handed grip, and started firing away at the two cop cars behind them, full auto.

Blake yelped and leapt for Jaime’s belt, managing to get her fingers around the leather strap before Megan swerved around a slow moving VW Bug. Jaime staggered and nearly tipped out of the van, and would have if Blake hadn’t been pulling her back in.

“WOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Jaime cried out happily. “Now THIS is fun!”

“If you aren’t going to HIT the cops, close the damn doors!” Megan screamed back at her. “You’re adding drag!”

“Drag this!” Jaime shouted back, firing off another dozen rounds from her gun, this time stitching a line of holes through the hood and windshield of the cop car directly behind her. None of the girls could tell if she actually HIT the cop driving it, but the car spun out of control and slammed into a passing trolly.

“Holy shit!” Jaime exclaimed. “I did NOT plan that, but it was AWESOME!”

“Oh my god, do you know how many people you just killed?!?!” Shay screamed.

“Nope - Kung-Pow Hottie, can you look that up on the internet?” Jaime asked, looking expectantly at Grace.

“Not now she can’t!” Roselyn cut in. “Grace! Directions! Now!”

“Take a left here, Megan!” Grace called out, her fingers flying over her keyboard.

“Here?!” Megan asked.

“Yes, here!” Grace cried. The van shifted violently, and Jaime once again nearly went flying out the back as everyone else was flung about in their seats.

"How far is the place from here?!" Megan yelled, knowing that this wasn't the quickest route back to the hideout.

"As far as it takes to lose them!" Grace shouted back.

And that might not be for a while, the hacker thought as Megan shot the van through a red light. They might have been down to just one police car in pursuit, but that was still one too many. At least there wasn't any aerial pursuit.

Behind them, Shay was busy securing the insurance. For someone who looked so innocent, Shay really knew how to tie a knot; as much as to avoid JoAnna's shocked and angry eyes as to focus on what she was doing - or as much as she could focus with Megan's driving and Jaime's shooting - she secured Lucy's hands and legs.
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Re: The Francisco Seven [multiple celebrities]
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"We just want you so we can get away," she told the teacher, glancing up at the frightened young woman. Lucy's eyes were telling her she didn't believe them.

In the back of the van, Blake watched over Jaime's shoulder nervously as she held the other blonde's belt, managing to keep her balance and ignoring the squabbling behind her. Jaime was holding her fire until she could see the whites of the cops' eyes; the weight of the robbers, the hostages and the money was working against Megan's driving, and now the partner of the cop behind the wheel was close enough to start taking potshots. And there he was, aiming his gun.

"Not on MY watch!" Jaime howled, opening fire. Bullets sprayed the windshield and left side of the police car, hitting the cop's gun hand. To her disappointment, the hand wasn't actually blown off, but the gun did fly off onto the road. And Jaime saw the driver's head jerk back with a flash of red before the car lost all control, spun into another lane and directly in front of an oncoming... oh, who cared what caused that loud smashing and crashing?

"MISSION AFUCKINGCCOMPLISHED!" she crowed... as a third car started to join in. One of the (hopefully late) cops must have called in for backup, and there it was, zipping through the traffic and heading towards them a lot faster than any of them hoped. And if there was one there just might be others - you didn't go and cause two cop cars to be written off without their friends noticing.

Behind them, Emma noticed the smile on Hayden's face; something had taken her mind off this situation for a moment. Following the reporter's gaze, Emma's eyes fell on Blake's stance in the doorway - her legs were apart to give her purchase, and her ass was sticking out with the dress stretched out over it.

"Forget it," Emma told her. "Blake's into boys."

"I've met straight guys who've sucked cock. Anything's possible..." Hayden said dreamily, before her vantage point was blocked.

"Your turn," said the blocker, Shay. "This won't take long."

"You read my mind," the reporter cackled as Shay leant forward with the ropes.


Even though the van wasn't taking a corner, Shay landed on the other side among the gang members - for such a tiny girl, Hayden Panettiere packed quite a punch. The tangle that was caused as Shay, Emma and Roselyn tried to extricate each other, yelling as they went, was enough for the reporter to scramble to the front of the van as fast as she dared. No WAY was she going to be held by these thieves - no way.

"Now why didn't I think of that?" JoAnna Garcia asked herself softly.

"Okay, now take the next turning to the right," Grace said urgently. "That'll take you--"

"--right up to where we get off," Hayden interrupted.

"We haven't got time for any shit, little gir..." As she turned to face Hayden and found herself looking right at the barrel of a gun, Grace's voice tailed off.

"I lifted it from that gun-toting blonde when she landed on me," Hayden explained. "You were all so hellbent on getting out she didn't notice it was gone. How about it, Danica Patrick?" she added, looking at Megan.

"How about you sit the fuck back down and stop trying to be a hero?" the driver asked. "Are you gonna shoot me?"

"No. Her," Hayden added, pointing it to Grace's leg. "I'm not a killer, but you don't want to turn up at ER with a whole lot of stolen cash and get people asking questions. They gotta do that with gunshots."

"Aw, come on Pannatone..."


"Not happening, girlie," Megan said, seeing the turning she wanted; Grace hadn't told her but it was like a gift. Time to kill two birds with one stone. "Going up..."

The van swerved sharply off the road and onto a rising turn, taking it fast enough and suddenly enough for everyone in it to tumble back. Especially Hayden. Scrabbling for a grip, she plunged back among the others, losing hold of the gun which clattered to the floor and slowly started sliding to the back - but grabbing Grace, pulling her roughly with her. "This ain't the time or the place...!" Grace managed to shout as she and Hayden tumbled amongst the others, who tried to separate their colleague from the kicking and thrashing reporter. Hayden had her hands around Grace's throat, Grace desperately trying to pull them off.

The slope wasn't sharp, fortunately for Jaime and Blake in the rear; Blake still had to tense herself a little and hope that Jaime could finish off these cars - SONOFABITCH! Now there were two of them! - before she ran out of ammo. Either that, or hope that Megan could lose them... she turned to scream back "FIND A SHORT CUT!" at the driver and navigator. And saw the face of the navigator a lot closer than she'd hoped; Grace and Hayden were wriggling around in the confined space, with Grace managing to wrench the blonde's hands free and shove her away, extricating herself and hurrying back to the front.

"All of you hold her or we'll never get her tied up!" Roselyn snapped, as Hayden struggled, eyeing the open door. Jumping out was risky, but it was a chance she was prepared to take; hitting she didn't know or care who with her legs, she scrambled for the exit only for Emma to grab her. Hayden's arms flailed out... and hit Blake's legs. Hayden only held on for a couple of seconds, but it was enough for Blake to start to lose her balance.

"NO!!!" she screamed, feeling her grip on Jaime's belt loosen just as the pursuing cars came closer. She tried to tighten it. *Tried.*

Jaime was aiming for the hoods, to get those fuckers off the road and out of their sight. Just as she fired, she fell forward and stopped sharply... Blake had let go, but only for a split-second. But she had stopped so abruptly that Jaime experienced her worst nightmare.

She dropped her gun.

This had to be how it felt for men to have their dicks cut off. "SHIT!" Jaime yelled as the weapon crashed onto the tarmac and she shut her eyes; she couldn't bear to watch FUCKING COPS run over the thing and destroy it. Jaime felt behind her for the gun in her waistband; she needed to show the closing-in boys in blue who was the boss... "Whatthefuckisthiscrap?!?" she growled. Where was her spare?!

Blake had frantically grabbed the doorframe with her free hand, dangling outside at a deadly angle and trying to hold on as the van sped uphill. Jaime wasn't an elephant but she couldn't stay like this forever, and if they both fell out... "GET US IN THERE!" the tall blonde screamed back inside. "PULL US BACK NOW!"


Thrashing underneath Emma, Hayden grabbed her hair and yanked back hard as she glimped Jaime's gun. So did Emma. They both went for it - but Shay scooped it up before she headed for Blake, balancing between moving fast enough to get to her and not fast enough to fall victim to the slope. Roselyn also got up, with her gun in her hand, and moved as close to the opening as she could; pressing herself against the side, she aimed at the closest of the cars, both of which contained cops about to open fire at a much closer range than before. And with two ideal targets hanging outside.

"HELP ME!!!" Blake screamed. "I CAN'T HOLD JAIME MUCH LONGER!!!"

"How high is this hill?!?" Shay yelled back at Megan as she reached Blake. Praying, she leaned forward and circled Blake's waist with one arm, aiming at the cars with the other as she started to pull Blake back inside; Blake, getting a slightly better hold on Jaime with one hand and bringing her other arm off the door frame to get a better grip, started in turn to bring her colleague back up.

Shay and Roselyn fired, both aiming at the tyres; Shay missed - but Roselyn didn't. The front tyres of one of the cars burst, sending it veering away and screeching off the road and down the side of the slope. It thundered down to the bottom, crashing to a stop. But that still left one, on the verge of touching the van.

"Hit the damn drivers!" Jaime snarled. "Here, gimme that and I'll show you how it's..."

It was at that moment that Megan crested the top of the hill, sending the van airborne as it flew onto the other side. Grace couldn't resist a "WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" and all the ladies, including Jaime, screamed in a mixture of fright and adrenaline. She, Blake and Shay had a particularly great view as the car fell away, temporarily out of sight and the wheels briefly off the ground. With a reverberating thud the van landed, and Blake and Jaime tumbled back inside, landing on Shay and joining the others; only Roselyn managed to stay up, but she almost lost her gun.

As a kid, one of Megan's favourite movies had been "Duel"; now here she was taking one of those great downhill drives with loads of hairpin bends. Even though she was driving something bigger than a car, she did not want to wind up like the truck driver in that film; they'd been approaching 70 even uphill, and it wasn't getting any slower downhill. And the sound of that hot reporter still putting up a fight back there wasn't helping...

Although Jaime didn't need Blake to hold her as long as they were going downhill, she still needed the guns just in case that car managed to get closer. A couple of hand gestures later, Shay and Roselyn handed her the weapons.

"Thank you kindly... WAIT A MINUTE! How'd you get my backup, brown sugar?" Jaime asked Shay.

"That blonde had it," Shay replied, knowing better than to point out that she was more biracial than black.

"I saw her hit your friend's legs as well," Lucy added.

"No one likes a tattletale," Hayden said as she shot a whole sheath of daggers at Lucy.

"So it's your fault I lost that piece of mine?" Jaime snapped, returning the daggers to Hayden. "Taking guns to try and escape I got no real problem with - hey, I'd do the same thing - but you do NOT. Make me LOSE. MY GUNS! EVER!!!"

"She's not kidding," Roselyn added.

"This here is a personal favourite of mine, and if it had fallen out of this van I swear I'd have thrown you after it."

"Thank you," Hayden smiled.

"Anyway that car's probably next to us so it's Wheelie's problem. You, on the other hand... gimme the ropes, Brownie."

"She has a name, you know," Emma muttered as Shay gave Jaime the ropes and jumped on Hayden - and took the reporter's feet on her chest for her troubles. This was gonna be tough.

"This is gonna be tough," Grace said, looking out the window.

Megan followed her glance - the other car had managed to catch up to and draw alongside the van as Jaime had guessed. Megan stared out of the window at the cops - they were actually indicating that she should pull over... what were they, freaking Canadians?

"Pull over THIS!" she shouted, giving them the bird with one hand as she brought the van against the side of the car with the other. The car shuddered slightly but stayed nearby, as Megan stamped on the accelerator and swerved in for another shot. Knocking it a little further, she pulled away as she took each curve down, hoping that there wouldn't be another CAR!

Some jackass in the kind of car she stole a lot had taken the next turning at the speed of light and was going right for them. Megan spun the wheel and screeched around the loser behind the wheel with only a splitsecond to spare, then just as sharply brought it back round before she sent the van over the edge of the slope.

"Learn to drive, fuckwit!" Grace shouted out the window to the departing speedster. "Sheesh. Who taught these people, Stevie Wonder?!?"

In the back of the van, Hayden was living out a fantasy most of the women in the van had had at one time or another; being the centre of attention among several very hot ladies, most of whom had a hand on some part of her anatomy. Even though there wasn't much space she struggled and thrashed and kicked, and in Emma's case she had even tried to give a good tit twist (and why was this girl naked anyway? Weirdo).

"Damn, girl moves like an eel!" Jaime said as she slapped away Hayden's arms, a lot more impressed than she let on. "You like this in bed?"

"Are you ALWAYS on?" Emma asked, trying to force Hayden's legs together. JoAnna and Lucy had the same thought, but they just looked on, both having decided to just wait it out. With Jaime being the only real psycho in the bunch maybe numbers would keep them safe from her.

"Is it her fault that we've got three sexy hostages?" Shay pointed out, not seeing the not-entirely-displeased look on JoAnna's face, even in this situation.

Hayden got a leg loose to kick Emma right in the crotch; her eyes widened when she got a feel of how surprisingly moist the safecracker was - a very quick feel, because Roselyn pushed the leg back down. "Don't you know that only works with boys?" Emma laughed.

Blake didn't miss the knowing glance all the other members gave her. She just rolled her eyes as she helped Jaime clamp Hayden's arms together, wondering why none of them had brought any strong tape - the reporter's stream of profanity wasn't helping.

"Did you say something about a shortcut?" Megan asked Grace.

"Around here? You got some kind of dimension-opening thing up your snatch? 'Cause that's the only way you're getting a shortcut."

"Maybe not..." Megan pointed out the window. There was still some way to get to the road at the base of the hill if they continued this way, but...

Grace got it at once. "Oh no. Ohhhh no...."

"Ohhhh yes. We got a long way to go and a short time to get there - hang on, Nerd Girl..."

The next curve on the road went to the left but Megan spun the van to the right, shooting it off the road and onto the slope, hurtling it down the side and making the ride a lot bumpier than before. The money bags bounced along each stone and bump on the ground, and so did all three bound hostages (although Hayden still insisted on fighting the bonds). And so did the robbers.

Blake was trying to make herself as comfortable as she could in such cramped quarters, but Hayden was directly opposite her and she got no comfort from knowing that Hayden's gaze was transfixed on her breasts and the way they bounced up and down with each jiggle. She was willing to bet money that all the other ladies in the back of the van (except possibly Lucy) were having a look as well.

"No offence to Shay, but is there anyone in this setup who ISN'T a lesbian hobbit?" Blake sighed.

"I like guys," Lucy piped up timidly. She couldn't think of anything else to say.

"Is it your fault you're so hot you're upstaging a girl who's fucking naked?" Hayden pointed out.

Blake broke into a huge grin. Emma very definitely did not.

This journey wasn't doing the undercarriage of the van much good, but unless the police car had jet engines there was no way it would get to the bottom before Megan did. And there was the road right ahead; fairly busy with early afternoon traffic. Megan turned the van to bring it off the base of the slope and into the flow of the traffic, cutting right into a small gap and in front of a bus, ignoring all the honks. The car was way behind them now, but not so far behind that they couldn't see it.

"You bought us some time but not enough!" Grace shouted. "And the nearest exit is a damn entrance!"

"Say what now?"

"It's a one-way road!"

"Will it get us to home base sooner?"

"If it doesn't get us all killed it will!"

"You get lemons, you make lemonade. Now let's see if we got a Duke on our tail or a Cletus..."

"Weren't the Dukes deputies once?"

"Not helping!"

Cutting through cars and bikes like quicksilver, Megan got to the turnoff and added yet another traffic violation to the long list by diving into oncoming traffic. Megan veered from one lane to the next and back, waiting for Grace to tell her when she could turn, and darting away from everything from cars to buses, literally scraping past a couple. This was ironically a little easier than those bends earlier - at least she knew everything was coming for her, so it kept her alert.

The robbers and hostages continued to be thrown around like ragdolls in the back. "I thought she was supposed to be a good driver!" Emma muttered.

"We're still in one piece and we're still moving, aren't we?" Roselyn pointed out.

"'Sides, the sooner we get home the sooner I can have a few words with the hobbit over yonder," Jaime added, glancing at Hayden. "You owe me for my gun, and I'm taking it right out of your ass."

"That girl up there with the driver has first dibs," the reporter parried.

"Who said I was going for YOU first?" Jaime winked at Lucy.

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Re: The Francisco Seven [multiple celebrities]
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Grace avoided the storm outside the window by studying the route onscreen. "We're nearly there... you need to turn to the right NOW!"

Megan spun the van around and took it down the turning, doing a little more dodging of cars and sending a couple veering aside before bringing it into the right road, screeching it into the proper lane and hurtling it towards home. Behind them, the luckless police car and two other vehicles that had been caught up in the same accident lay in a smoking wreck, as traffic started to back up in that direction and making any further pursuit problematic for the time being.

"Barring any more hangers-on we should be there in about fifteen minutes," Grace sighed in relief.

"You hear that?" Megan shouted to the back. "We lost 'em!"

The robbers all broke into perfectly timed applause; perfectly timed because it was at this moment that Hayden's cellphone, tucked away inside her dress, vibrated; nobody noticed, fortunately for Miss Panettiere. Unfortunately, neither did Hayden herself. Not yet, anyway.

* * * * * * * * * *

As she locked the door, Troian Bellisario prayed that Hayden would be able to read the message she had sent her. And that she managed to read it before she kept her appointment.

"Mushroom - A's in on the robbery and she set you up. My ass still hurts but so will hers when I get my hands on her. Luv you, Troi."
* * * * * * * * * *

The van arrived outside the abandoned Victoria’s Secret and pretty much died right there on the spot. The muffler dropped off and clattered on the pavement, and one of the axles finally gave out, dropping the front of the battered vehicle down on its front bumper, the two forward tires going in opposite directions.
For a long moment, nothing happened, then a very naked Emma Roberts jumped out of the van, rushed to the nearest trashcan in the alley, and proceeded to throw up.
“It wasn’t THAT bad a trip,” Megan Fox muttered, sliding out of the driver’s side door - but even she was a bit shaky on her feet.
“You did well, Megan,” Roselyn said.
“Sweet, Tats, you got us all here in one piece,” Jaime Pressly said, jumping out the back and looking around with a shit-eating grin on her face. There wasn’t a cop in sight. “Now let's get upstairs, get our money, and go our separate ways.”
 “What about the hostages?” Shay asked, glancing back into the van where Hayden, Lucy and JoAnna all laid, finally secured enough that they couldn’t move.
 Jaime checked her gun. “I got three more bullets-”
“NO!” Roselyn snapped. “No more killing, you’ve done too much already.”
“Hey, boss lady, you’re the one who told me to shoot at the cops,” Jaime pointed out.
“No one told you to shoot that guy in the bank,” Blake Lively snarled as she climbed out of the van, Grace Park right behind her.
“Ain’t my fault - and it weren’t my gun he was grabbin’ for, Legs McBlondie,” Jaime said.
“I don’t care!” Roselyn said. “Emma, are you okay?”
“Dramamine,” Emma said, finally lifting her head from the barrel and looking right at Megan. “Next time I ride with you, Dramamine.”
“Whatever,” Megan said. “Why are you naked again?”
“I work better naked!” Emma snapped. “God damn it, I like the freedom of movement, okay?! No clothes getting in the way of my work! I can reach anything I need to!”
“But you aren’t working now,” Grace pointed out.
Emma’s mouth snapped shut. For half a second, a confused look crossed her face, and then she ran for the stairs leading back up to the hideout.
“All right, everyone else, pair up and grab a hostage. Let’s get them upstairs before we’re spotted. Bad enough to have a naked teenager running around with us, three tied up mamacitas isn’t going to help our low profile.”
“Fine,” Jaime said. “But as soon as I get my cut, I’m outta here. As fun as this was, you girls are all a bunch of bitches to work with.”
“Right back at you - so how are we doing this?” Blake asked, looking in at three VERY angry and bound hostages.
 * * * * * * * * * *
In the end, the robbers took the hostages up the stairs still tied, each with improvised gags in their mouths, provided from the ripped hemline of Blake’s dress, exposing even more of the blonde’s legs. With the possible exception of Jaime, none of the robbers were all that muscular, but that wasn’t that big a problem, since Lucy and Hayden were tiny little things, and even JoAnna, while several inches taller than either of the other two, wasn’t that much heavier. Roselyn and Jaime hefted the redhead up the stairs, followed by Megan and Grace with Hayden - Grace’s hands placed none-too-subtly upon Hayden’s breasts - and Blake and Shay took little Lucy up last. Had anyone seen them, it would’ve been awfully clear something awful was going on - three bound women being hauled into an abandoned building by six others never looked all that good anyway - but again the robbers' luck held out, and no one raised a hue and cry before the door was closed behind Shay.
“Okay, where do we put the dead weight?” Jaime asked, looking around the room. Roselyn put down JoAnna’s tied legs and glanced about, realizing there was only two other rooms besides the main one or the bathroom. This really wasn’t a hideout designed for 10 women to hang out in for long - especially if 3 of them didn’t want to be there.
“The closer one,” Roselyn decided quickly. “There’s a bed in there, right?”
“Yeah,” Emma said, coming out of the room in question, now clad in a skin-tight T-shirt and a pair of short-shorts cut so high up on her young legs that the inside of her pockets hung down beneath the frayed, cut-off edges. “But before you throw them in there, I’ve got a question for you - where’s Rhona?”
* * * * * * * * * *
Tammin Sursok hated her job.
She should’ve loved it. After all, she’d gone to school and graduated early with exceptional grades, to work at the FBI. But wunderkinds weren’t exactly the most popular people in the FBI, and so here she was, 6 months out of Quantico, and doing little more than fetching coffee and bringing messages back and forth the San Francisco Officer, about as far away from where she wanted to be as possible.
“Hey, BJ, looking good today,” Agent Smythe remarked as he passed Tammin in the hallway. She sighed - if she hadn’t been carrying a tray of coffees and a bag of bagels in her hands, and carrying a sheaf of important papers in her mouth, she would’ve either said something to him or at least made an obscene gesture or two towards him. Instead, she just took the none-too-subtle comment and went with it.
BJ was her nickname around the office, and she was thankful it had been shortened to just that. Originally, it had been the full moniker of “Blow Job Lips,” given to her by one of the senior agents in the office when Tammin made the mistake of sucking on a straw during one of her meetings. The name had stuck, and for the next two weeks she’d heard every possible blow job joke, scene every possible picture/video of oral sex being performed, and been propositioned by pretty much every guy in the office - and half the girls, too. This WAS San Francisco, after all.
After a while, the nickname had shortened to “BJ Lips” before finally becoming just “BJ,” but she still got emailed dirty videos at least once a week, and got propositioned maybe two or three times a month. Mostly by fellow agents, though occasionally by senior officers who she couldn’t really turn down.
Tammin had considered herself bisexual before coming to San Fran. Now, she hated the taste of sperm so much, she doubted she’d ever date a guy again.
Not that she had much time for dating.
Unlike her immediate boss, that was.
Tammin opened the door to her boss’ office, and wasn’t at all surprised to find her secretary, Beverley, missing from her desk. Tammin’s immediate boss was just as busy as Tammin was, but she made time for dating the old fashioned way - by sleeping with her secretary whenever she had the chance. Knowing what she’d find on the other side, but not really caring, Tammin proceeded towards her boss’ door and managed to open it with her pinky finger without losing the bag of bagels.
Sure enough, Tammin’s boss, Jessica Biel, sat upon her desk, her fancy suit coat on the floor, her button-up dress shirt unbuttoned down to her navel, her panty-hose clad legs spread wide beneath her short, short skirt, and her secretary, Beverley, kneeling before the desk, her head between Jessica’s thighs, clearly performing acts on Jessica that could be considered against the FBI’s Inter-Office Dating Regulations.
“Oh, good, Tammin’s here with the coffee,” Jessica said, pushing Beverley away by her chestnut-colored hair. Tammin’s eyes darted to Jessica’s bald pussy, and for half a second, she was insanely jealous of Beverley Mitchell, whose face was coated with Jessica’s juices when she stood up and gave the senior agent room to jump down off her desk.
“Hello, Tammin,” Beverley said, with an all-too-smug look upon her face.
“Good morning, Beverley,” Tammin said after she was able to put the coffees down and pull the files out of her mouth. “Getting an early start this morning?”
“It’s after noon, sweetie,” Beverley said, swatting Tammin’s ass as she walked by to take her seat outside at her desk. “We call this an afternoon delight.”
“Whatever,” Tammin grumbled.
“What’ve you got there?” Jessica asked as she began to re-button her shirt.
“Daily logs from Banks and Delahoy, only three weeks late this time,” Tammin said. “Deputy Director Stevens wants you on a conference call about the recent gun smuggling bust down in LA, and your yearly medical review is in here, too - you aren’t pregnant, in case you were wondering.”
“Thank God,” Jessica said, ignoring the pile of papers Tammin tried to hand her and instead grabbing one of the coffees. “I mean, yeah, it’d have to be an immaculate conception for me to BE knocked up, but I totally don’t have time for a baby right now.”
“Yes, ma’am,” Tammin said.
“Anything else going on I need to know about?”
“Only that Agent Bell is late for work. Again,” Tammin said, frowning.
“Damn it Kristen,” Jessica said, sipping her coffee. “I swear, if she wasn’t the best in this entire building - and a total hottie - I’d have her transferred to someplace so far off the map, she’d be all alone in her own FBI office. Someplace like Vermont or something.”
“She might enjoy that too much,” Tammin pointed out.
Jessica paused to consider that. “You’re right. Still, get her in here. She’s ever further behind on her paperwork than Banks and Delahoy were.”

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Re: The Francisco Seven [multiple celebrities]
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“She called in, Miss Biel,” Tammin said. “She said unless we’ve got an actual case for her, she’s busy.”
“Did she get promoted over me or something?” Jessica growled. “Get her in-” She was cut off when Agent Smythe appeared in her doorway, out of breath.
“Got a bank robbery, Biel - one dead at the scene, the robbers got away, shooting up some cop cars along the way. Director Daniels wants you and Bell on it, ASAP.”
Jessica sighed, and glanced at Tammin. “Go tell Bell we’ve actually got a case for her.”
“Yes, Miss Biel,” Tammin said. She didn’t move from her spot.
“Something else, Miss Sursok?” Jessica asked as she grabbed her jacket and smoothed out her clothes.
“Yes, ma’am. I did my primary focus while at The Farm on Organized and Violent Bank Heists. I was hoping I could-”
“Fine, you can tag along,” Biel said. “But mostly because I know Bell won’t get me coffee, and even if she did, I’d never trust her to NOT spit in it. Now go call in our wayward agent. I’ll meet you in the parking lot.”
* * * * * * * * * *
“Oh, fuck yes! Fuck yes! FUCK YES! Fuck me with your big, hard cock Jackson! Fuck me so fucking hard I can’t fucking fuck straight for a fucking week!”
Kristen Bell, FBI Special Agent, currently on assignment in the San Francisco area, smiled as she maneuvered her lithe little body across the bed, feeling the cool air upon her sweaty skin and relishing the sensation. As she slunk across, she laid down next to the man and woman - Jackson and Malin Akerman, respectively - who she was currently spending a VERY fun day with. And by fun, she meant sex. Dirty, nasty, threesome sex where one lucky guy - Jackson - got to have his way with his wife and her new best friend/drinking buddy/lesbian lover, Kristen.
It was, arguably, all in the line of duty, Kristen thought as she watched Jackson’s cock slamming in and out of Malin’s dripping wet cunt. Jackson was a low-level accountant in an organized crime ring so clandestine that Kristen had been hunting for it for the last four years. She knew next to nothing about it, except for the fact that it seemed to be headed by a woman, and Kristen didn’t have any more than a first name for her.
There had been some evidence linking shell corporations possibly linked to Rhona’s supposed organization in San Fran eight months ago, so Kristen had gotten herself reassigned to the homosexual capital of the United States, and spent most of her time since then trying to track down any sort of lead. Jackson and his beautiful wife were the first one she’d managed to find, and when Malin had started coming on to Kristen, she happily accepted, hoping she could bring about this exact situation.
A threesome with Malin’s husband.
Now, as husband and wife fucked like jackrabbits on the bed next to her, Kristen couldn’t help but smile - partly because she was finally getting closer to someone somehow connected to this Rhona woman, and partly because she Malin was so smoking hot that Kristen couldn’t say no to her.
“Mmm, fuck baby, fucking look at Kristen’s fucking ass!” Malin said, actually taking her hands onto Jackson’s face and turning it towards where Kristen lay on her stomach, her bare bubble butt exposed to the air behind her.
“It’s awesome,” Jackson said, drilling his wife even harder.
“Don’t you fucking want to fuck it? Fuck her sweet fucking bubble butt into the fucking ground?”
Kristen swore to herself. She wasn’t a big fan of anal sex from guys - they never got just how they had to move to make a woman climax from anal. Kristen had never orgasmed from anal sex with guys. Only other women, equipped with strap-on cocks had ever gotten Kristen off through the back door.
But still, Jackson was her link, and if it got him to trust her…
Kristen smiled and turned her ass towards Malin and Jackson, wiggling her butt a little in their faces. They separated at once, Jackson kneeling behind Kristen while Malin moved to lay next to her, stopping long enough to kiss Bell on the lips once, passionately. Kristen would’ve much rather continued just making out with the other woman, but Jackson was already lining his cock up with Kristen’s backdoor.
“Be gentle,” was all Kristen had time to eek out before Jackson penetrated her ass, sinking a good couple of inches of his cock into the undercover FBI agent in one swift movement.
“OHFUCK!” Kristen exclaimed, wincing from the pain. Jackson was too much like every other guy who’d taken Kristen up the butt. She sighed to herself as he started to work his way deeper into her. Why couldn’t it be Malin with a strap-on doing this part?
And then her phone rang. She knew it was hers at once from the ring tone, and this time swore aloud. “I’m sorry,” she said, not really meaning it. “I’ve gotta take that.”
“But-” Jackson started to protest, glaring down at his cock, no longer buried in Kristen’s ass.
“Sorry,” she said again, grabbing the phone and ducking around the corner out into the hallway. Behind her, she could hear the sounds of Malin doing something to Jackson that was clearly distracting him from his disappointment.
“This is Bell,” she said, trying not to let her own exasperation sound over the phone. She didn’t quite succeed.
“This is Agent Sursok back at the office. You’ve been called in for an assignment.”
“I’m sorry, who?”
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Re: The Francisco Seven [multiple celebrities]
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“Agent Sursok,” the girl on the other end said. “Tammin Sursok?”
“Still not ringing any bells,” Kristen said, glancing back to see Malin happily sucking away at her husband’s cock.
There was a very pregnant pause on the other end. “BJ,” Tammin finally said.
“Oh, Blow Job Lips,” Kristen said, recognizing the voice now. “What’s the assignment? I’m kinda in the middle of something here-”
“Major bank heist at San Francisco Union Bank. Several armed robbers were involved, civilian casualties.”
THAT got Kristen’s attention. A full-blown bank heist, in the middle of the day? Multiple robbers? It screamed organized crime on some level, and if that was the case, there was an outside chance that maybe - just maybe - this was connected to the mysterious Rhona.
“I’ll be right there,” Kristen said, hanging up her phone. She turned back with a sorry expression on her face. “Guys, I’m so sorry, I gotta go into work. They’re falling apart without me.”
“Fuck no!” Malin whined. “Do you fucking have to?”
“I do,” Kristen said, picking up her thong off the floor. “But believe me, we can do this again sometime. Soon.”
“But- but what about-?” Jackson started to protest.
Kristen rolled her eyes while yanking on her panties, then sauntered over to the bed and in one quick move swallowed as much of Jackson’s cock as she could squeeze into her mouth. Trying very hard to not think about the fact that the penis her lips were now wrapped around had just been in her own ass, Kristen quickly started sucking and stroking Jackson’s rod, shutting him up at once, and quickly milking him for all he was worth. In less than thirty seconds, his cum was jetting into the back of Kristen’s throat, and he was collapsing onto the bed, spent.
“Mmmm, next time, you and I need to have more fun,” Malin said, kissing Bell over her husband’s rapidly deflating cock.
“Mmmm, next time,” Kristen said. She meant it, too.
* * * * * * * * * *
Roselyn Sanchez was about as mad as she could be, and she knew from the way the other six robbers were sniping at each other that she wasn’t alone.
They’d been back in the hideout now for almost an hour, and Rhona Mitra was still MIA. Considering how important this heist had been to Rhona, none of the girls could believe she was missing. Grace was combing the net for any and all news about the heist - and possible Rhona, too. Shay and Blake had managed to find an old TV, and were watching Channel 7, which was having sporadic updates about the heist, mostly due to the news that one of their own reporters - Hayden - had been taken in the heist. Meanwhile, Jaime was sitting by the window, a large shotgun in her lap - where she’d gotten THAT Roselyn would never know - watching like a hawk, clearly expecting to be sold out.
Roselyn didn’t like the shotgun being in the room - not for her usual disdain for firearms, but rather because she feared when Rhona DID show up, Roselyn herself might damn well grab the gun and shoot the bitch herself.
“7.8 million,” Emma said, coming up beside Roselyn and whispering quietly. “That’s how much we got, most of it from the safe, but including the 250 grand or so you guys were able to get out of the teller drawers while Shay and I were downstairs.”
“So?” Roselyn asked.
“So, split evenly, it’s around 1 million, one-hundred fourteen thousand, two hundred eighty-five dollars, and roughly 72 cents apiece. I’m willing to lose a dollar or two so everyone else is even up on the end.”
“How gallant of you,” Roselyn muttered.
“Yeah, I’m all heart and a dripping wet pussy. Can we split the cash now and split or what?”
“You want to run without seeing Rhona? And then have her come after us all later?”
That made Emma pause. “No, not really,” the youngest robber admitted. “She’s kinda scary, that one.”
“She is, and she WILL come after us all if we double-cross her.”
“Ever think maybe she’s double-crossing US?” Jaime asked from across the room - Roselyn cursed herself for letting her voice rise enough for the others to hear. “This smells more and more like a set-up with every second.”
“YOU want to leave, you can Jaime,” Roselyn snapped. “I’m more than happy to let Rhona hunt you down like a dog and put you out of your misery.”
“How about I put my foot up your ass, you Latina bitch!” Jaime said, standing up and gripping her shotgun a little tighter. Roselyn stood up as well, feeling for the pistol she’d kept on her after the heist. She didn’t want to use it, but if she were being truthful, she would’ve happily shot Jaime, just to know she wouldn’t have to keep watching her back all the time.
“Hey, shut up a minute!” Blake called out. “They’re talking about the heist again!”
Everyone turned towards the TV, where that delicious Channel 7 reporter, Ashley Benson, was once again on the screen.
“… something out of a movie. Reports are sketchy, but there were as many as 4 armed robbers, all of them women, who raided the SFUB just about two hours ago. They managed to get away before a significant police presence could be gathered, and they got away with not only an unconfirmed amount of money, but no less than four hostages, also all women, one of them Channel 7 reporter Hayden Panettiere.” A picture of Hayden’s Channel 7 press badge appeared next to Ashley. It wasn’t the most flattering of shots.
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Re: The Francisco Seven [multiple celebrities]
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“Details are still coming in to Channel 7, but we know that there is at LEAST one civilian killed on site, a man whose name has not yet been released. There are also unconfirmed reports that the security systems at the bank were tampered with, possibly even hacked by computer. Police are still interviewing witnesses, some of whom have vastly varying stories, and more information is expected soon. For Channel 7, I’m Ashley Benson at the scene.”
“Fuck, how’d they learn about my hacking so fast?” Grace asked, looking over from the computer.
“Any word on Rhona yet, Grace?” Shay asked nervously.
“Nothing so far,” the Asian hottie said. “I’ve got every connection I have with her pinging away, but she’s not responding.”
“Could something have happened to her?” Blake asked. “Could she have been… caught?”
“Are you kidding me?” Jaime snorted. “That bitch gets caught, she sells us out faster than you can slip your panties off, Boobs Leggerson.”
“So what do we do?” Shay asked. “Do we wait, or do we run?”
“We can’t run on Rhona,” Roselyn said. “Trust me, she’ll kill us all if we don’t give her what she wants.”
“What DOES she want?” Blake asked. “A cut? That thumb drive back?”
“Maybe she wants to bend you over the sofa and take that sweet sweet ass of yours,” Jaime said, eyeing Blake’s ass.
“Do you EVER shut up?” Blake shot back.
“Only if I’ve been fucked REALLY well,” Jaime said. “You should know. You were there the other night when you, me, and Hot Wheels got it on with those three boys. And I KNOW I got fucked better than you did.”
Blake turned her back on Jaime and looked pointedly at Roselyn.
“We wait,” Roselyn said firmly.
“And if she doesn’t come?” Emma asked.
Roselyn closed her eyes and shook her head, as if trying to wish this whole situation away. All she wanted was to be back home with Alicia, wrapped in her beloved’s arms and legs. If Rhona had been here, Roselyn would already be on the road again, her cut in the back seat, roaring towards the woman of her dreams and her steamy wet pussy.
“We’ll wait until morning,” Roselyn said finally. “We wait until tomorrow, and if she’s not here by then, we’ll spilt the money and take our chances.”
“And the cops?” Blake asked.
“Grace, you’ve got some sorta police scanner going, right?”
“You bet,” Grace said, patting her computer. “If they get any sorta lead on us, I’ll know, and we SHOULD have all sorts of time to get away, so long as we hurry.”
“And if not, I’m more than willing to shoot my way out,” Jaime said defiantly. Everyone ignored her this time.
“What about the...?” Shay asked, nodding her head towards the other room where the three hostages were tied to the bed.
“We leave them,” Megan said.
“With bullets in their brains,” Jaime added.
“No, we don’t need to kill them-” Roselyn started to say, but was cut off.
“They know, though - they know about me, anyway,” Shay said. “I worked with one of them for weeks, and the other one’s been into the bank a couple of times. They know I’m not a hostage.”
“Sucks to be you, Mocha Butt,” Jaime said. “You want to shoot them? I’m happy to lend you my smallest gun.”
“They also know we were expecting someone ELSE to be here,” Grace pointed out. “And they’ll know we never met them. I don’t think we can just leave them behind. At least, not yet.”
“We are NOT killing them,” Roselyn said sharply. “We’ve killed too many people already!”
“What’s this we shit?” Jaime said. “I’m the only one around here with enough chesticles to do the actual killing.”
“Maybe we could take them with us?” Blake suggested. “They’re hostages, we might still need them as such. At least for a while. Until we’re all safe.”
“Yeah, but there’s seven of us and only three of them - unless you want to count Shay here as a hostage, and even then there’s still too many of us for us all to go our separate ways.”
“So we leave in teams,” Megan said. “Two pairs and a trio, each with a hostage. We go our separate ways and when we’re sure we’re safe, we leave our hostages somewhere safe and never see each other again.”
“Mmmm, I like it. We can each have our own little treat for the road. But which hottie do I want?”
“I’m NOT pairing up with HER,” Blake and Emma both said, looking at Jaime. When they both realized that, they both spoke again. “OR her!”
“Do I have to do EVERYTHING around here?” Roselyn snapped. “I’ll go with Jaime - only way I know for sure she won’t kill her hostage.”
“Like you could STOP me,” Jaime muttered under her breath.
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Re: The Francisco Seven [multiple celebrities]
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“Emma, you and Shay take another hostage, Megan, you drive Grace and Blake with the third hostage. We’ll leave in the morning or if the cops show up. Anyone got any other complaints?” Roselyn asked.
“Plenty, but they’re all for Rhona,” Blake muttered.
“Yeah,” Shay added quietly. No one argued that.
* * * * * * * * * *
A very helpful cop, whose eyes lingered on Kristen Bell’s legs a little TOO long as she approached and flashed him her badge, lifted the crime scene tape and let Kristen in without comment. Kristen was pretty sure he was gawking at her ass in her skirt as she walked towards the front door of the San Francisco Union Bank. Normally she’d be flattered, but Kristen’s head was too far into the game at the moment to care about guys lusting after her.
“Agent Bell!”
Kristen turned to see Tammin Sursok running towards her, wearing a pair of sunglasses that were just a smidge too large for her face. She carried a clipboard and, blessedly, a fresh coffee she handed to Kristen without preamble.
“Where’s Biel?”
“Inside,” Tammin said. “Down in what’s left of the vault, I think.”
“What’s LEFT?” Kristen asked.
“They blew it - used some C4 or something. It’s an awful mess down there. The local CSU’s already overtaxed on it, and Biel’s pulling rank to get our own people in here, if the SFPD ever agrees to cooperate.”
“SFPD needs to get its head out of its own ass before that’ll happen,” Kristen said before taking a long swig of coffee. As she tipped her head back, she spotted the knot of news crews already on scene, including a gorgeous young blonde towards the front of the crowd, talking to her cameraman. “Is that-?”
“Ashley Benson,” Tammin confirmed, a touch of lust in her voice. Kristen couldn’t blame her.
“I thought a Channel 7 girl was a hostage.”
“Yeah, that’s Hayden Panettiere.”
“Oh, the other cute little blonde on 7,” Kristen said. “Man, where do they find them?”
“No clue,” Tammin said.
“Alright, let’s get inside and find Biel. I clearly need to be brought up to speed.”
They found Jessica Biel exactly where Tammin had said they would, crouching down in her impeccable high heels to look at some of the rubble that marked the remains of SFUB’s vault.
“Fuck me, they really did a number on this place,” Kristen said.
“Bell, good, I’m going to need your help on this one, big time,” Biel said.
That made Kristen stop dead in her tracks. Jessica Biel wasn’t the type to ask for help from anyone, let alone a girl she didn’t like. Just how serious was this case?
“What happened?” Bell asked carefully.
“It’s like something out of a bad heist movie or something,” Jessica said, standing up and shaking her head. “We’ve got some conflicting reports, and all the damn security footage is fucked up, but we know it was a crew of all-women robbers, and they came in here with a finely detailed plan. And if you consider the fact that they got away with almost 8 million dollars, I guess it worked.”
“What do we know for sure?”
“Just after 11, three armed robbers entered the bank. They had a decoy girl - some leggy blonde thing according to the idiot security guards - who distracted and disabled them just before the armed girls entered. We’re not sure exactly what happened next, but it sounds like one of them took a teller down here to the safe and tried to crack it while the others were grabbing all the money they could out of the teller drawers upstairs.”
“No one thought to hit a silent alarm?”
“According to all the remaining tellers, every one of them hit their silent alarms before they were ordered to the ground. Not a one of them got a signal out.”
“So it’s true someone hacked the security systems?” Kristen asked.
“Every camera was hacked, every alarm silenced, except for the hardwired one in the safe - and even that was tampered with - we aren’t sure how far along the robbers were when the alarm down here went off, but they were a LOT farther than they were supposed to be.”
“And then when they set off the alarm, they decided to just blow it?”
“Something like that,” Biel said. “And here’s where it gets iffy - the cops were barely showing up on-scene at that point, and two of the four who were here when they broke out are dead, and the other’s career is certainly dead. That just leaves the on-foot officer, and he wasn’t in position to cover the front when it happened. Still, apparently at least ONE of the robbers was naked when they all took hostages and fled.”
“They had a va
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Re: The Francisco Seven [multiple celebrities]
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“They had a van waiting outside, with a VERY skilled getaway driver,” Tammin said, picking up the narrative. “They led SFPD on a merry chase through town, but because they got out of here so quickly after the alarm went off, no one was able to get a chopper over them in time. They killed at least two cops, with another in critical condition, and also managed to take out a trolley car, killing four passengers and putting seven more in critical condition, according to the hospital reports. The driver of the trolley was one of them, and isn’t expected to survive - if he does, he’ll do so without either leg and missing half his right arm.”
“Ouch,” Kristen winced in sympathy. “So, other than a naked robber and a beautiful blonde, what do we know about these robbers?”
“All girls,” Tammin said quickly. “That alone is unique.”
“We don’t know that for sure, especially considering they had a van on the outside. What about the hostages?” Biel asked. “Do you have their information yet?”
“Yes!” Tammin said, handing both Jessica and Kristen matching files. “These are faxes, the real files are back in the office. Sorry about the poor quality.”
“Gee, BJ, you don’t have them on your laptop yet?” Kristen asked.
Tammin paused. “I do. It’s out in my car. Should I go get -”
“Just tell us about the hostages,” Biel said.
“Two tellers, a customer, and a local news reporter - though there’s some questions of two of them,” Tammin said. “The customer is local Kindergarten teacher Lucy Hale, early 20s, highly educated and almost as innocent as the kids she teaches. According to a couple of the witnesses the police have interviewed, one of the robbers expressed more than a passing sexual desire for Miss Hale, and if one of them is to be believed, Miss Hale might have been raped had the cops not shown up when they did.”
“I thought all the robbers were women?” Biel asked.
“Yes, ma’am,” Tammin said. “The hostages still say one of them was threatening to rape Miss Hale.”
“This IS San Francisco,” Kristen commented. “Are we certain they didn’t before they left?”
“No, but according the all the interviewees the cops have finished with, there wasn’t enough time for that to have happened.”
“Okay, so we’ll assume that there’s a good chance Miss Hale is still alive, but in danger of being sexually assaulted,” Biel said. “Next?”
“JoAnna Garcia - bank teller who’s worked here for years. Offered herself up as the hostage to be taken downstairs, but was rebuffed in favor of the other teller they took with them. According to her supervisor, she’s a model employee, has a fiance they’re trying to get in touch with now, and is above reproach.”
“Means she’s probably a suspect for the insider,” Bell said.
“I don’t know about that, ma’am,” Tammin said. “We’ve also got the other teller, one Shay Mitchell. She’s only worked there for a few weeks, and was the hostage who went with the robber down to open the safe. That same robber came back naked after blowing the safe.”
“New girl, there just long enough to learn all the habits and security layout, and comes back with a naked robber,” Biel said. “Suspicious, to say the least.”
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Re: The Francisco Seven [multiple celebrities]
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“There’s more,” Tammin said. “I’ve got people checking back at the office, but her ID, while spotless, is a little TOO spotless, and only goes back six years - one more than required for the bank’s hiring process. Before that, it’s like she never existed.”
“Fake ID then,” Bell said. “She definitely sounds fishy.”
“Until we know for sure, we mark her as a hostage,” Jessica said. “Can’t assume involvement until we can prove it.”
“That just leaves our celebrity hostage, reporter Hayden Panettiere. Something’s fishy with her, too.”
“What?” Bell and Biel asked together.
“She got here before anyone else - long before any of the cops did, and before even the crew dispatched from her own office could get here. And, despite the fact that their own people seem to INSIST she was taken hostage, no one in the bank remembers seeing her. Certainly never with a camera or microphone.”
“Could she be one of the robbers?”
“Can’t rule it out - the circumstances of her being here are suspicious at best. It’s entirely possible that she planted the story herself about being a hostage. She could be one of the robbers.”
“Or maybe the getaway driver,” Biel said.
“She came down here alone?” Bell asked. “No camera man?”
“Her usual producer was out sick, apparently, and she didn’t want to wait for an available cameraman - part of the reason Channel 7 sent another crew.”
“Well well, Miss Panettiere,” Jessica Biel said. “I so want to meet YOU now.”
“So, what’s next?” Tammin asked.
“We keep looking for more clues here, and send the cops out to start looking for that van,” Jessica said. “Kristen, go find the producer our missing Hayden here usually works for. I want him or her waiting for me back at the office. Squeeze any information you can out of them while you’re at it.”
“You got it,” Kristen said. “Anything else?”
“Yeah, tell the boys back at the office to dig deeper into this Shay Mitchell hostage, too. She doesn’t strike me as being totally straight, either.”
“She strikes me as too hot to be straight, but I know that’s not what you meant,” Kristen said with a wink before turning and heading for the door.
“What about me?” Tammin asked eagerly.
“Go get me another coffee, BJ - this is going to be a long day.”
* * * * * * * * * *
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Re: The Francisco Seven [multiple celebrities]
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Troian's asshole was about halfway back to normal by the time the bus pulled up to the nearest stop before the Channel 7 building. With a bag over her shoulder and gratitude that it was only a few minutes away, she got off the bus and hobbled down the street before entering the office grounds, smiling weakly at the security officer as she passed.
"I heard you were sick today!"
"I was - am - but the golden girl's in danger. I figured it's better to keep track where I'll get word the second it's out than at home."
"We're all pulling for her," the officer said. "She's a sweetheart."
"You know it," Troian agreed, entering the building and planning to head for the news office; her bailiwick was normally among cameras, but this was a crisis. Hopefully Zucker had some info for her, and Troian mentally crossed her fingers as she knocked on the news director's door and was summoned. The first thing she was going to ask was if Ashley was heading back to base...
As soon as she entered, she saw that something new had been added; there was a young woman sitting across from Roger on the other side of the desk. A small blonde with great legs, but not the one she was looking for - especially as Ashley's face wouldn't have lit up when she saw Troian the way this one's did, almost as if she was expected.
"Speak of the devil..." said Roger. "We were just talking about you, Troian."
"You were?"
"This is--" Roger started, ignoring the employee.
"No, let me do it. I love doing this," the woman interrupted, getting up to face the bemused brunette. "So you're Troian Bellisario?"
"Um... yeah. And you're...?"
"Agent Kristen Bell," said the blonde, treating Troian to her ID. "FBI. I must admit I'm surprised to see you here today after what he just told me..."
"One of our own's in danger," Troian said. "I had to come in."
"Yeah, about that... let's talk."
"Not here," Kristen added. "Back at my place. My WORK place. It's okay," she added as Troian swallowed nervously, "we just want to ask you some questions about Hayden Panettiere. We know you've worked with her closer than anyone here..."
"You can ask them here," Troian assured her. "I've got nothing to hide." Except about how she and I are in love, she thought.
"It's all right, Troian," Roger assured HER. "I've told her Channel 7 will fully cooperate with the FBI. We want Hayden safe as much as you do."
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Re: The Francisco Seven [multiple celebrities]
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"C'mon... this won't take long."
Casting a regretful glance at the television in the office, Troian allowed Kristen to lead her out.
* * * * * * * * * *
"I ought to thank you, Miss Bellisario," Kristen said as they entered her office.
"Call me Troian," the brunette replied, playing with her bag as she sat down, wincing a little.
"My immediate superior wanted you down here by the time she returned," the blonde explained, heading to her side of the desk as Troian took the opportunity to check out her legs. Not bad at all. "If Biel comes in and we're well on the way to wrapping things up... oh, I'm sorry - I'm making this about me..."
Kristen was tiny, gorgeous and all smiles. Troian was therefore a little cautious - it was always the cheerful ones you had to be careful about when dealing with enforcement. Actually, it was also always the sullen ones you had to watch out for. Basically, with these types it was always any of them; and Troian hadn't even done anything to interest the Feds.
"You okay there?" Agent Bell asked.
"I had a bad night," Troian explained. "That's why I wasn't in this morning..."
"Yeah, that's kind of why we want to talk this over with you. Right on cue," Kristen added, as another agent entered the room carrying two cups of coffee in her hands and a very resigned look on her face. "Thanks a bunch, BJ. Let me know when Biel gets in; she might want a few words with Troian here as well."
Seeing Tammin's badge, Troian wondered what B.J. Sursok's initials stood for as she thanked the rookie. Kristen took hers black, and she tellingly hadn't bothered to have any creamer brought it for any guests who might, you know, actually LIKE their coffee with the stuff. Still, if it helped get this over quicker... "Thank you, miss," she told Agent Sursok, and was rewarded with a little smile of gratitude.
"Not at all," Tammin replied, and stepped out.
"Now, about Hayden... how long have you worked with her?" asked Kristen, settling back as the recording, which had started as soon as they entered the office, continued.
"Ever since she started at Channel 7. Almost two years now," Troian added with another wince and a twitch.
"Uh-huh... and what's she like? No need to hide anything here."
"She's a good reporter, works hard on the stories... everybody loves her at the station. And in the audience - you should see some of the letters she gets," Troian laughed. "Boys, men, even women."
"Is that a fact," Kristen smiled, seeing the look in Troian's eyes and coming to the right conclusion. She wanted to bring it up, but it didn't really have anything to do with the case - and besides, for all she knew Troian was closeted. "I think she's pretty hot myself."
"She's spoken for."
"Figures. Anyway," Kristen continued, "why weren't you with her this morning?"
"I had to call in sick."
Troian's mind went into overdrive. If she told this FBI agent the truth she'd basically be outing Hayden, and if her girlfriend wasn't about to come out at work... on the other hand, maybe she could disguise it and the Fed wouldn't start digging.
"I had a rough morning," she said.
"Doing what?" Kristen asked.
"Oh boy," Troian thought. Out loud, she slowly said "Me and my... lover were having some fun in the shower."
"She must have been busy there," Kristen cracked.
"Yeah, she wa-- wait a minute..." Troian winced again, partly out of pain and partly out of what she'd just said.
"Oh come on, Troian; I knew what team you play for the second I saw you. Takes one to know one, kid." She winked and sat back. "So I take it she played with your keister hard enough so you were laid up all day, right?"
"Yes, Miss Tactless," Troian said, minus the last two words. "I really wanted to be with Hayden today as well."
"Any particular reason?"
The glint in Kristen's eyes was begging for a fist on them. "To give her support on-set, because today's - today was due to be the first time she anchored the main news."
"Was it now?"
"Mm-hmm. Her and Ashley Benson."
The idea of Hayden Panettiere and Ashley Benson teaming up brought all sorts of images to Kristen's mind; she pushed them aside (and filed them away for later fantasies). "And the next thing you know she's rushing down to the SFUB because she gets a tip at the station."
"Yeah. A tip."
Kristen raised her eyebrows - Troian sounded a little suspicious there. Maybe the two of them were on the same wavelength... "Go on."
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Re: The Francisco Seven [multiple celebrities]
« Reply #29 on: August 24, 2020, 05:29:38 AM »
"I'll level with you; Ashley's a total bitch. Always has the eyes on the prize, and hates anyone stealing the spotlight. You remember Katy Bailey?"
"The weathergirl? Yeah, I remember."
"Ashley had her fired because she hates girls who like girls."
"I heard it was drugs."
"Ashley smokes too; she wouldn't have blown the whistle on her just for that. She wanted an excuse to send her up, there it was. She's had her eye on Hayden ever since she joined... that's why she called her this morning."
This was getting interesting. "You're saying Ashley Benson rang up Panettiere?"
"Yep... the call wasn't put through to the station lines but right to Hayden's cellphone, and she doesn't give the number out to anyone except family, friends and workmates, so it had to be someone who'd already have it."
"Why do you think it was Ashley?" Kristen asked.
"Because," Troian said as she opened the bag she had brought, "a) Ashley would love to knock Hayden on her ass before she could get started, b) Ashley wasn't on the premises..." She took out a sheet of paper and handed it to the agent. "...and c) I called up our phone provider and had the call logs checked. In the hour before the shit went down at the bank Hayden made one call - to the station - and took two. One was from her mother and the other... the one I circled there... was from Ashley's phone."
"Hang on - OUR phone provider?" Kristen interrupted. "How come you and Hayden have the same service?"
"It's not impossible," Troian pointed out.
"True, but you could have just said Verizon or T-Mobile or something." Kristen leaned towards Troian, grinning. "The two of you sharing a system... Hayden's the lover, isn't she?"
Troian looked at Kristen for a long moment before nodding, wishing she could apologise to Hayden for this.
"I *KNEW* it! I knew she liked the ladies... not surprised you're so ginger with the walking; Italian girls can really stir it up!"
"Stir what up?"
Kristen and Troian looked up to see Jessica Biel entering the office, her harried face pleased to see the Channel 7 brunette. "And what Italian girl?"
"This is Hayden's colleague Troian Bellisario," Kristen explained. "Partners at work... and at home. Apparently everyone's favourite sexy little blonde reporter is why Troian here called in sick, and she did a little detective work of her own," she added, handing Jessica the phone records. "I think Beverley Mitchell should check over these, just to be sure."
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