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Big Titty Committee Affairs: Site Collaboration
« on: August 24, 2020, 11:25:54 AM »

So we've decided to run another site collaboration this time focussing on celebrities with big breasts. These stories should be a maximum of 2500 words and the celebrity you write about must have at least D cup breasts

At the beginning of the story, you should list the celebs cup size as well.

That's it. No theme apart from Big Tits! @@

Have fun!

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Re: Big Titty Committee Affairs: Site Collaboration
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2020, 11:56:59 AM »
Wrong Room

Starring: Lucy Pinder (32H)

Codes: MMF, Oral,Deepthroat, Titfucking,DP,DAP,Facial

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

Lucy stumbled into the hotel room, she was slightly tipsy from her night out with the girls.  In her drunken state she failed to realise the lights were on, turning back from closing the door, she walked down the 10 or so feet past the bathroom to the bed.  Startled she jumped, in front of her were 2 men watching the TV, wanking their cocks hard.  Distracted by the scene on the TV they only noticed Lucy as she emerged into the main area.

“Fuck” Lucy gasped turning her back, “What the fuck are you doing in my room!”

“Woooah lady this is our room!” One of the men said, “Steve did you lock the door?”

“Sorry Hank, I must have forgotten” his friend replied.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry” Lucy said, feeling rather embarrassed.

She started to leave, but as she reached the door she turned around, her memory might be slightly alcohol fuelled, but she could have sworn both had impressive cocks, and she hadn’t been laid in months.

“You know what, fuck it” she said, turning and walking back in, straight to the TV and turning it off, she stood in front of both of them.  “Look you can watch that whore getting fucked, or you can fuck a real life slut like me” she said.

“You’re, you’re” Hank stammered

“Yeah I am” Lucy replied.

“Fucking hell!” Steve said.

Lucy reached up and wiggled out of her dress, boobs wobbling furiously in her bra, she knelt down as both approached her, cocks hard and stroking.  Admiring both men, maybe in their mid 30’s, in reasonable shape.  Steve had a respectable cock, probably 8 inches, while Hank sported a 9 or 10 inch monster.

“Fuck yeah boys, just like that pornstar you were wanking over, gimme your dicks” Lucy gasped, grabbing a cock in each hand.

Lucy stroked them slowly, dipping her head to each shaft, she sucked on the heads. Back and forth she went for a minute or so, lips clamped around the top of each cock, before she settled on Steve sinking her lips lower and lower.  Her free hand played with his balls while the other stroked Hank.

“Ohh shit you cannnn” Steve groaned as Lucy pushed all the way down, to the back of her throat and beyond. 

“Damn” Hank groaned as Lucy gagged a little on Steves dick.

Coming up for air she switched to Hank, her lips bobbing up and down as she sank lower on his dick. Inch by inch, each bob of her head she made her way down until the final 2 inches disappeared and his full hard dick was buried in her throat.

“Oooooh fuck!” he gasped, as she groped his balls and deep throated his cock.

Eyes looking right up his body, she held him deep, grinding her neck onto his throbbing shaft, before easing up and gasping for air.  Releasing their cocks she stood up, winking at them both and reaching around to release her bra.

“Wanna see the twins” she teased, before unfastening it.

Her perfect breasts bounced free, as her bra fell to the floor, nipples rock hard with arousal, her body preparing itself for pleasure. Hank and Steve moved to either side of Lucy, each taking a breast in their hands as she raised her hands above her head. Bending down they sucked softly on her nipples, squeezing and groping each balloon like orb, as she gasped in pleasure.

“Ohh fuck, that’s good” she groaned. “Wanna fuck them?” she teased.

Moving to the bed she lay on her back, as Steve straddled her body, cock pushing up between her wondrous tits.  She gasped as he grabbed both breasts and crushed them around his cock, pumping hard and deep into her cleavage.  Hank stood wanking, watching Lucy getting her breasts pounded by Steve.

“Ohh fuck, put that dick back in my throat honey” Lucy gasped, as she shifted back so her head could hang off the edge of the bed.

Hank stepped up and pushed his cock between her lips, she gripped his ass and pulled him in, until her throat once again swallowed his dick.  Lucy groaned on his cock as he started facefucking her, the big meaty shaft right in her neck, Steve’s dicks pounding her breasts.  Lucy felt every part the whore and revelled in the thought of it.

“Pghhugh” Lucy spluttered as Hank pulled out, “Fuck my tits too baby” she gasped.

He pushed his cock into her cleavage from above, joining Steve, 2 dicks sawing in and out from opposite directions.  Lucy reached up, and spread his ass cheeks, spitting a wad of phlegm onto his asshole she dove in, tongue snaking into his ring.

“Holy fuck!” Hank gasped feeling her rimming his asshole, “Bitch is eating ass” he groaned.

“Like that?” she teased coming up for air.

“Ohh fuck Lucy” Hank gasped, “That was filth”

“You gonna fuck me now” she asked, tipping her head back and catching her breath.

“Fuck yeah, I’m fucking raging hard” Hank panted, easing up from between Lucy’s tits.

Steve got up from Lucy as Hank lay back on the bed, she stood up and pulled her soaked panties off, before moving to lower herself down onto Hanks big dick.  Hands on his chest she eased her cunt over him, gasping as it filled her pussy.  Thighs slightly quivering she nestled her body ontop of Hank, now dick balls deep inside her now.

“Ohh baby, that’s a goooood dick” Lucy groaned, starting to roll her hips.

Leaning forwards Lucy kissed him hard, a nasty porn style kiss that lasted for a long time, turning her head sideways she looked at Steve, “Well don’t just stand there, I want you as well” she groaned.

“You mean in your ass?”  Steve asked.

“Fucking fill me up Steve” she replied.

Steve moved behind Lucy, and knelt on the bed, his hands gripping her ass cheeks, spreading them.  Hank locked his arms over her back, pulling her tight and holding her in place.  Cockhead twitching as he rested it on her puckered hole, Steve pushed and Lucy growled, as he entered her ass.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!” she hissed, as his cock burrowed in.

“Sweet Jesus!” Steve panted as he finished, balls deep up Lucy’s back passage.

“Do it! Do it!” she growled as they started thrusting.

Pinned down by Hanks grip Lucy felt her holes being pounded, cocks slamming both so deep, she was so close to exploding.  Steve’s fingers dug into the soft flesh of Lucy’s ass cheeks, as he pumped her hard and fast, balls slapping next to Hanks cock, as it thrust into her cunt.


She was shaking and twitching now, her muscles clenching tight as her orgasm gushed, roaring in pleasure as she came hard.


Steve felt her ass clench so tight on his cock, he battered it fast and deep, making Lucy howl in pleasure as her orgasm continued.  Hank released his grip and Lucy flicked upright, her huge boobs quivering and wobbling as she came.

“YESSSS!! YEEESSS!! YES!!!!!!” she screamed.

Finally she started to calm from her climax, grinning and looking down at Hank, then back over her shoulder at Steve. “Ohh thank you” she gasped.

They fucked her holes steadily as Lucy calmed and relaxed somewhat, that initial craving sated.  Steve reached around and groped her tits, squeezing them quite hard as she groaned.
“Can we change positions” she panted, wanting to switch things up.

“Fuck, OK” Steve replied, disappointed at having to pull out from that tight ass.

Lucy eased up from Hank as Steve sat on the edge of the bed stroking, she moved around to push him back so he lay on the bed, feet on the floor, cock high, throbbing. Spreading her own cheeks, she sat on his dick, he gasped pleased that she had put him back up her asshole.

“Pound my cunt with that cock Hank” she growled, beckoning him, spreading her legs and leaning back.

Her fingers wanked her slit, glistening with pussy juice, she sucked them avidly as Hank approached her.  Hands on her thighs he pushed his cock into her cunt, balls deep, she bit her lip and smirked.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me good.” She teased.

Hank pumped his dick hard inside her, rutting furiously as Steve anchored her in place with his shaft up her ass.  Lucy leant back letting her huge tits wobble as she felt her cunt getting pounded. Hank was a machine, his hips almost metronomic with their action, she was starting to get close to her second orgasm when he stopped.

“FUCK Lucy” he gasped, “I am gonna blow sooner or later, and I really wanted a go in your asshole first”

“Ohh baby, you don’t have to ask” Lucy said, “Just put it in”

“Shall we swap” Steve said form below Lucy.

“You can” She replied, “Or you could just put it in as well” she grinned, Looking straight at Hank.

“2?” he gasped, “You are a fucking dirty bitch Lucy!”

Lucy gripped her legs, laying back.  Steve grabbed her beasts and held her close as Hank pressed his cock next to Steve. After a few seconds he pushed hard and her sphincter burst, back arching, hips trembling she hissed though gritted teeth as he slid in.

“FUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!” she snarled as his big cock joined Steve in her asshole.

Hands now taking over from Lucy, Hank held her legs wide, her fingers went straight to her own pussy, strumming her swollen clit as they started to thrust.  Steve tweaked her nipples as Lucy ground herself back into him, back arching as her ass was getting buggered by their 2 hard cocks.

“FUCKING TAKE ME! USE ME! DON’T HOLD BACK!” Lucy Snarled as they dual buggered her tight ring.

“OH FUCK! FUCK FUUUUCKKKK!!!” she screamed, her body alight with orgasm.

Hanks watched her face, Lucy had her mouth open crying in climax, guttural howls of joy.  Her eyes were white, rolling back in their sockets as her body tensed and shuddered.

“FUUUCKKKK! YES! YES! YES!!!” she wailed.

Her legs quivered uncontrollably, and her huge tits wobbled as she roared over and over in pleasure, her anal destruction giving her so much stimulation. Hank was trying so hard not to cum, as her ring clamped like a vice on his and Steve’s shaft.

“FUCK! FUCK FUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!” she gasped, her body finally easing down from its peak.

Hank pushed balls deep, and held still, his cock twitching inside her ass, as she turned her head to look at him, sweat beaded her forehead and her cheeks were flushed, as she finally was able to speak.

“Oh fuck, that was so good, I haven’t had 2 in my ass for far too long, I’d forgotten how much it makes me cum” she panted.

“Holy shit that was nasty!” Hank gasped, catching his breath

“Oh fuck Lucy I am gonna cum soon” Steve groaned from below her.

“I’m on the edge too man” Hank said.

“You boys gonna glaze my pretty whore face” she asked, know full well what they would say.

“Ohh fuck I was praying you would let me” Steve replied.

Easing from her ass, Hank stepped back and let her fall to her knees once more, Steve stood next to him and jumped as Lucy grabbed his now swollen, ready to explode dick.  Snaking out her tongue she flicked the tip of each of them, a small pearly of pre cum oozed out from Steve and she savoured the taste as she licked it off. Sucking their cocks tasting her own ass on them made her feel so dirty.

“Close aren’t you?” she teased.

Both moved so they were slightly to the side of her face, as she played with their balls while they wanked fast.  She could see the heads of their cocks twitching and knew in seconds she was going to be blasted.

“Cum on me, cover me in your spunk” she begged, “I am your nasty cumwhore, I want that cum”

Steve groaned, his dick pumping, a hard spray of cum basting her right eye, and splashing down her face, Lucy yelped, and screwed her eye shut as Steve pumped thicker stringier clots over her forehead and left cheek.

“In the eye!” Lucy gasped trying to blink it back open.

Hanks cock pulsed, the sight of Lucy getting soaked by Steve setting him off.  A huge white jet of cum laced her left cheek from centre of her forehead all the way down to her chin.  A white continuous rope clinging to her eyelash as it passed over her eye. Second, third and forth jets all splattered her face, as Lucy was blitzed with semen.

“Fuck yeah, all over my face,“ She said encouraging them, “Spunk all over my slut face, cover me in cum”

Steve growled as he flicked the final few drops off over her, stepping back watching Hank finish up. He squeezed every last drop over Lucy’s forehead, and collapsed to the bed panting.

“Ohhh shit yeah” Lucy said, her eyes half closed with the weight of cum, right eye red from being blasted.

They watched as she stayed on her knees, almost revelling in her facial.  She reached down and scooped up a long thick clot from her breast, lifting it up, the pearly droplet dangled from her fingertips.  Opening her mouth she plopped it onto her tongue, swirling it around and then swallowing.

“Ohh fuck, I love the taste of semen” she gasped, now avidly scooping up the cum from her face.

Lucy lifted her breasts to her mouth and hoovered up the spunk, slurping every trace from those impressive boobs.  She sucked briefly on her own nipples, and then finished scraping her face clean.
Steve and Hank sat mesmerised by her show, sweaty, exhausted from their efforts, they just couldn’t take their eyes from Lucy.

“Ohh thanks you so much guys” Lucy panted, standing up her legs shaking, unsteady.

She started to collect her clothes, as the men decided to shower, “You could always stay for round 2” Hanks said.

“Aww babe, I am really tempted, but I have to be up early” Lucy said refastening her bra.  “But I tell you what, give me your numbers, if you don’t go to the press about this, and I think I can trust you, who knows?”

 “Shit Lucy, if there is a chance of fucking you again, I aint selling out for anything” Hank said.

“Here you go” Steve said quickly scribbling his number down onto the small notepad every hotel leaves for guests.  Hank added his as Lucy pulled on her dress.

“Thanks both of you, I was so fucking horny, and you both hit the spot for me” Lucy said as she left.

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Re: Big Titty Committee Affairs: Site Collaboration
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2020, 06:54:44 AM »
You mean any author can contribute a story?

Any author can contribute 😀
'What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams.' - Werner Herzog

'Gotta head full of ideas that are driving me insane...' - Bob Dylan

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Re: Big Titty Committee Affairs: Site Collaboration
« Reply #3 on: August 25, 2020, 08:03:04 AM »

Featuring Susy Gala, adult movie actress, singer, exotic dancer, and model. Bra size, 36D.

Codes, fmmmm, anal, oral, exotic dancing.


I had seen seen the hottest ever Spanish adult performer, Susy Gala, no less than four times dancing and fucking onstage for a paying audience and I could not wait for the next show to begin.

It had been the occasion of the Barcelona International Erotic Festival when I had first seen her in the flesh. Quite literally! I realised that seeing her being ravished in front of a live audience was unbelievably erotic.

I had checked out the adult club the week prior to the date and had been impressed by the pleasant art deco style interior.

The main stage was low lit and had one large circular table in front.

All the chairs were upholstered in red leather and the mirrored walls reflected this to give the entire setting a flame red ambience.

I checked the order of events and discovered Susy was to take on four, FOUR, virile studs in an exhibition of group sex. Fucking A!
Worth every Euro I had lashed out. My program described all the performers and my mouth drooled at the thought of my beloved Susy being fucked silly by these men.   

The blue eyed, brown haired Juan was five eleven, seemed quite discrete and had an athletic build.

Next up was Leon. A tall, thirty year old Frenchman with black hair and was perfectly manicured.

Pepe stood at six feet five and was the tallest and his brushed back brown hair made him seem even taller.

Last but not least was a twenty five year old young stud with blue eyes and fair hair.

Manny had an engaging smile and a dimpled face that gave him a boyish look.

I sat in the middle of the group and the club waiter brought us a tray of drinks.

I had treated myself to a glass of a Chateau and the waiter retired the lights dimmed and music kicked in over the loudspeakers.

My breathing became shallow and I could feel my heart pound in my chest as a single spot hit the centre of the stage.

All eyes went to the silhouette that moved from stage left and Susy came out to the music of 'You shook me all night long' by AC/DC.

The sultry vixen looked so tall in her shiny blue thigh high boots as she began to dance seductively.

She had a beauty completely beyond comprehension and we were all transfixed as she spun and gyrated before us.

Her bare boobs shook and her gloved hands slid over her flanks and bosom as she pouted and giggled.

Susy did a sexy figure of eight motion with her hands at the top of her voluptuous breasts before moving them down to her tiny blue thong that looked the size of dental floss. She jiggled her hips from side to side, showing off her delicious upper thighs.

She turned her back to us and lifted up her award winning bubble butt and let it be known that she was going to le the thong go.

Her pussy hole looked enticing at the apex of her thighs and we all sat up in our seats.

Her dance was one with the deep stiff leg bow and her butt sticking out as she covered the stage from left to right and back again.

She hit the floor of the stage under the spotlight on her knees and began to hump up and down as if fucking air.

Her ass rose to about ten inches above the stage and her bald mound poked out for all to see.

Now she started bounce from above the waist to let her enhanced 32 D cup tits dance an erotic tango on her chest.

The guys began to clap in time with the music as Susy kicked her boots up high one at a time.

'Naughty Girl' by Beyoncé came from the loudspeakers as Susy strutted up to my seat and blew me a kiss.

Her sensuous hips swayed in time to the music and the top half of her body followed her hips.

She leaned forward into my face, arching her back and pushing her sweet and taut butt into the air.

Her deep brown eyes focused on mine as she put a finger to her lips and traced a line down her heavy cleavage to her midriff.

Her right hand fanned her pussy and I was teased in a 'now you see it, now you don't' routine.

After three times exposing and covering her bald snatch Susy let her hand fall away.

I gulped when she bent down with her hips and pressed her bare ass on my upper thighs.

She ground on me in a circular motion and then put her left glove behind my head and pulled my face into her bountiful boobs.

I was so engrossed that I dropped my wine glass and swore under my breath.

Then she laughed as the hired studs appeared and she stood up and shimmied from one of the hired cocks to another.

Naked apart from her stiletto heeled boots, Susy became consumed by the beat of the thumping music and swished her curvy ass in a seductive twerk.

She bent in front of us and then straightened up and then bent again.

All the time her heavy tits bounced on her chest and her hands moved closer and closer to her bared pussy mound.

The music stopped and this was the signal for the guys to act.

As one all four began to remove their already skimpy clothing.

Susy stood still as the naked studs gathered around her and displayed their erections.

As they jerked their cocks to erection two of the club's employees began to rearrange the stage and dragged out a long three seat sofa in red to the front.

Jean was mesmerised by Susy's full breasts, firm midriff and enticing tattoo of the garland of roses that wound around the smooth curve of her belly.

This led the eye down from her navel to her mouthwatering pussy lips that peeked out from between her heavenly legs.

Surrounded by four virile looking men Susy went onto her knees and looked from one big cock to another.

She chose the Frenchman first.

As he held his boner up my wife stared at it hungrily with her ruby lips slightly open.

It looked huge in her hand as she stroked the light brown shaft gingerly.

She enveloped the fat head and sucked on it with glee.

Then, he turned her head towards his upright pole and brushed her mouth with the tapered tip.

Susy bobbed her head back and forth on the thick dick, caressing every inch with her full lips.

Jean had his hands on his hips as he rocked forward and back, pumping Susy's drooling mouth.

She began to make louder slurping noises as she warmed up and bounced on her haunches in excitement.

The others moved in closer and Pepe pushed his boner against her left cheek and snacked it on her with a certain arrogance.

She turned her head, her eyes were still hidden behind her shades, and gasped at his eight inch cock, the biggest of the group.

I saw for myself the huge purple head which Susy attempted to pop inside her mouth.

Her jaw stretched open as the bulbous glans was wedged inside and Susy gurgled and choked a little as she sucked.

She used both gloved hands to wank two of the others at the same time as she sucked on Pepe and I temporarily lost sight of her in the crowd of bare butts.

I craned my neck to see the little fuck bunny going around and around her horny admirers who were all stroking their cocks as they waited their turn.

Susy hopped around in a circle, alternatively licking and sucking all four.

A few sucks here, one or two licks there.

She had hands reaching out to her luscious bod now and her moans grew louder.

One guy grabbed her firm ass and searching fingers probed her anus.

Manny had his hand between her upper thighs and was cupping her moist pussy.

Both her tits were pawed at and groped as the studs ardour intensified.

It was Jean who said something to the group and Susy was lifted up and carried to the sofa.

Susy was lifted up onto all fours length wise along the sofa and Jean got on his knees behind her.

He proceeded to smear some lube into her pussy and asshole and then positioned his shiny cock head to her pink lined pussy and pushed it in with a grunt.

He gave her a couple of probing thrusts before he started to shunt in and out.

Susy was then presented with Manny's generous length and she took into her mouth as she balanced on the palms of her hands.

The blue eyed blonde stud held her face in his hands as he was sucked and the three of them shifted to and fro on the sofa.

Jean pulled out and was replaced seconds later by Leon who entered Susy's sticky cunt with a smooth thrust up.

Susy hummed on Manny as the Frenchman plundered her pussy.

He held her by the waist to steady her and I could clearly see her juices run out down her left inner thigh to the top of her blue knee high's.

As Leon shifted up a gear her ass cheeks rippled from the hard bumping from his groin and they both groaned with pleasure.

Manny was replaced by Pepe who advanced on Susy with his large organ.

He shoved the bell end into Susy's mouth and she tried her hardest to suck in him.

The others hovered behind her and Manny took his turn in fucking the depraved Spanish minx doggy style.

He hammered her like there was no tomorrow and Susy lurched forwards with each power thrust.

I could sense Pepe awaiting his turn to fuck Susy as he loomed over the sofa.

Manny gave her a playful smack on the right cheek and then gave Pepe a high five.

Susy was toppled onto her back and her legs were bent back so that her knees were beside her tits and the stiletto heels of her boots pointed up to the ceiling.

Pepe swiped up and down Susy's slit before finding her fuck hole and parting her soft folds with ease.

Susy grabbed hold of her big tits as she shook from the persistent hard strokes of the tall stud, moaning and hissing each and every time he penetrated her balls deep.

Her heels jiggled in the air as their groins mashed against each other.

Her juices and applied lubricant ran in a line down the sublime crevice between her cheeks and I gulped at the lurid scene.

Jean moved in and quickly took the place of Pepe and the intense fucking never let up for a second.

The athletic thirty five year old planted his hands in such a position that he supported her upturned legs in the crook of his forearms as he moved to and fro inside her hot box.

He bent to give her a passionate and lengthy kiss and Susy's hair was tossed back.

He pulled back until his glistening cock was half out before thrusting right back in hard.

Leon hovered at her head and pulled her back so that her long black hair tapered down.

Susy opened her mouth in stunned surprise as he plunged his cock into her mouth and literally face fucked her.

As one cock slipped into her pussy then the other banged the back of her throat.

Her saliva ran out of the corners of her mouth as Leon jammed his cock in hard. Sweat dappled the back of Jean as he slammed into Susy, paused, slammed in again and then paused.

He pulled out in time to stave off his orgasm and eased back and wiped his brow.

Leon sat back on one end of the sofa and held his impressive pole straight up.

He was in direct line with me and he beckoned to Susy to sit in his lap.

Then, the curvy babe sat down backwards in Leon and guided his dick into her moist cunt.

Still fixated on me Susy dug the heels of her boots toes in and began to grind her hips in a deep shunt that must have vibrated on her clit.

The lust crazed filly parted her thighs out wide to let me see his cock glide in and out of her glistening pussy.

Leon cupped her rounded boobs as she rode up and down his length.

She rocked back and forth faster and the sight of his shaft vanishing inside Susy made my throat dry up.

Her laboured breathing turned me on as Susy felt Leon slam his hips up to drive his big log into her to the hilt.

"I'm gonna cum!"

Susy looked down between her legs and lifted off his cock and hovered over his lap as she rubbed his shaft until he burst and coated her fist with his white goo.

She stood up, wobbling slightly on her knee high boots and shook her head.

Jean had laid on his back length wise on the red sofa and Susy immediately straddled his hips and impaled herself on his rock hard dick.

She leaned forwards and rode him with a few shallow moves up and down and looked behind her.

Manny had joined them and was busy coating Susy's anus with lube.

Susy met my gaze once more with an expression that could only be described as sheer wanton lust.

Manny then eased his prick inside her asshole and pushed through her sphincter.

She shrieked as all three remained still and adjusted to the double penetration.

Then they all started to move in sync.

Manny held her buns as he eased in and out of her back hole and Jean pushed up with his hips into her slippery cunt.

What an incredible sight!

Susy sandwiched tightly between two good looking men who knew what they were doing.

I put my fist into my mouth in awe as Susy was relentlessly doubled fucked.

She squealed as they drilled her, pounded her, hammered her until I saw her body tremble in her well earned climax.

Manny then cried out as he bottomed out and held her tightly in his hands.

His warm cum filled her asshole as he ejaculated and as he pulled out and his semen dripped out of her anus.

Jean held her about the waist and pressed on her hips as he came immediately after and gushed up inside her pussy.

As they disengaged I leaned forward in my seat and looked on admiringly at Susy's stretched out holes and her swollen labia.
The well hung Pepe then came over to a rather disheveled Susy and held up his heavily veined prick.

Susy sighed and flicked out with her pink tongue all over the bulbous glans as the six feet five stud pumped his shaft.

She vibrated her pursed lips on the big head and he sent a hot load into her open mouth and she gulped down every drop of his cum.

I gasped and stuffed my hand down my pants as Susy winked at me and waved happily.
I blinked back salty tears as I gazed upon her superb bottom which rolled seductively as she left the stage.

It was the best live show I ever saw!

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Re: Big Titty Committee Affairs: Site Collaboration
« Reply #4 on: August 27, 2020, 07:12:47 AM »

Featuring one of England's finest glamour and topless models, Rhian Sugden. Bra size, 32G.

Codes- tit fuck, blowjob, mf, creampie.

August. 2020.

As I sat in front of my new air conditioning unit I breathed a sigh of relief as the welcome cool draft helped beat off the stifling heat. Yet again England had been subjected to a so called plume of desert heat from Egypt and London had seem the highest ever temperatures in modern history.

Being a young and virile type of guy of twenty six I had missed having sex during the uncomfortable and oppressive air as it only took the merest of physical exertion to turn me into a puddle of sweat.

Now, as I laid on top of my cooling bed, under the fan, I began to work up an erection so that I could have a welcome one off the wrist.

I closed my eyes and recalled that similar Summer in London of 2017. That Summer had been memorable in several ways. I had sold off my Father's inherited tool company for a tidy sum. I had moved from Manchester to the Capital. And I had moved in with a famous glamour model, who I had met at the Formula One British Grand Prix.

Her name? Rhian Sugden.



It had been a baking hot weekend that August, and the South showed little change in the stifling high humidity and above normal temperature.

As I looked out of the apartment window I saw that the grass had turned yellow and straw like from the lack of rain.
At twenty three I had a tight body and I had taken to staying in the buff indoors in am attempt to keep cool. And also, it turned Rhian on to look on my naked bod when she came home. Our sex life was something else, and we fucked each other day and night.

"Hi, babe."

I turned to see Rhian enter the bedroom in a white string vest and white panties.

Immediately my cock became as stiff as a poker and the busty blonde lowered her sparkling brown eyes to my proud eight inches of rigid meat.

"This crazy heat has gotten me so fucking horny."

"I know, Frankie. Me too."

As she spoke Rhian shrugged her vest off over her fine long hair and let out her mouth watering jugs.
The thick blanket of warm air caused a distracting trickle of moisture run down between her stupendous 32G sized tits.
Not only were her boobs incredibly huge but her impossibly tiny waist made them appear even larger than they were.

"My panties are swimming in sweat. Look."

With that she stepped out of her underwear and held them up.
My eye dropped to her newly shaven twat and my boner bobbed up and down as if nodding in agreement with her statement.

Rhian hugged me and her slender hands grabbed onto my hard ass as she gave me a sweet and lingering kiss.
Her desirable loins ground into my hard on and her bosom rubbed on my hairless chest.

"Fancy a quickie?" She asked casually, as if wondering if I might like a cup of tea.

"Do bears shit in the woods?"

I cupped her hefty rack and weighed them up in my eager hands. Rhian put her hand on the back of my head and pulled my face into her sweat dappled cleavage.

The blonde beauty trembled and gasped as I flicked my tongue over each of her erect nipples.
Her hand slipped between our writhing bodies and she grasped my full length in her hot palm.

"Let me taste that salt, lover."

Rhian slid down my front and her face came to my crotch level. I tilted my head back and rocked on the balls of my bare feet as she snaked her pink tongue over my purple glans that emerged from my tight foreskin.

My shaft ached and throbbed as she expertly dribbled saliva down my big blue vein and then proceeded to loudly slobber on my knob.

I played with her golden locks as she crammed her mouth down onto the first three inches of my dick and let her right cheek bulge out in a most obscene and filthy manner.

"Oh you fucking minx!"

I cried out in unadulterated pleasure as Rhian teased me by releasing my cock with an audible pop before diving back down again with a yummy sound. She did this over and over and my eyes blinked back sweat as she sent me to heaven and back.

Pop! Smack! Pop! Smack!

I had two choices. Either cum down her throat or stop her amazing fellatio.

I pulled her up, somewhat reluctantly,
She stood up and gave one of those grins that meant she was in a playful mood.
She sat on the edge of the bed and pushed her mammoth globes together and drooled a vertical line of spit down the deep homemade valley of flesh.

"You know what to do, or shall I draw you a picture?"

Little bitch!

I hurried over, my entire body dripping in perspiration, and nestled my length in that slippery nest of boobs.
I half knelt, half hovered on my haunches as I started to give her a wonderful tit fuck.

No one to just sit back and watch, Rhian began to call the shots and squeezed my upright dick with those wonderful breasts.

Sometimes she slid back and forth with both tits, sometimes with the left one going up my shaft, as the right went down.
The skin on my pulsing organ shifted likewise and I had never had such a stiffness in all of my years.
What an erotic contrast, I thought. My rod of steel and Rhian's soft and succulent pillows of fun.

So deep was her tunnel of tits that I actually lost sight of my cock until the bell end emerged at the very top.
When that happened the famous model tongued the smooth head with throaty chuckles.

I never knew how I managed to hold back ejaculating as I continued to thrust up into those jiggling mammaries.
My balls consistently tapped the underside of the perfectly rounded boobs and Rhian responded with her cute high pitched giggles.

I had to stop and I used a handy towel to wipe my chest and back from the sweat.
Rhian slid up the bed, leaving a tell tale wet line up the damp sheet and looked me in the eye as she ran her middle finger up and down her moist slit.

"Fuck me, Frankie. Fuck me now."

I shook my head and drew in the sultry air and lowered mu bulk onto her curvy frame.
I pawed at her huge and damp breasts as I leaned in and didn't stop until my rock hard cock was deep inside her hot box.

Delirious with lust, embroiled by the suffocating heat, I bucked up into the soft female in an ever increasing tempo.
Steam virtually rose up from our over heated forms as I gave it to her good.
Her hands held onto my broad back, still slick with my well earned sweat, and her legs crossed over my upper thighs.

"Harder, babe. Fuck me harder!" She pleaded and I grunted an affirmative as I pumped her clenching pussy.

I crouched over her jerking body which remained glued to mine as our fluids combined, and our skin oiled up.
Rhian held on tight as her sought after climax caused her cunt to squeeze my boner until I had no more willpower to hold out.

My cock twitched several times as I felt that sublime sensation of my cum coursing through my dick and I flooded her until her overstuffed muff oozed out and down the crack of her ass.
We remained locked together before we finally untangled ourselves and took a mutual shower.

We separated when Winter came that same year, realising it was only the sex that we had in common. But after that I became big tit man, and only had time for women who are top heavy, so to speak. But so far, nobody has come close to having such a spectacular pair of tits as Rhian Sugden.

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Re: Big Titty Committee Affairs: Site Collaboration
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Featuring Kelly Brook (32FF, a kilo each tit, so she says!) and Christina Hendricks (36F)


London, August 2020.

Christina Hendricks is without question one of Hollywood's most recognisable celebrities. It would be hard to argue the point thanks to her fiery red hair and blue eyes, man appeal, and obviously her outstanding 36F sized bosom. After getting her big break on the critically acclaimed drama 'Mad Men' multiple offers of film and TV parts soon followed.

By a stroke of bad luck the voluptuous beauty had been stranded in London soon after that City had it's lockdown and the US Government prohibited travel to and from the States.
It is a little known fact that Christina's father is from England and she had chosen to make a visit to the old country in late March.

Driven nuts by hotel living for three months, Christina had gotten in touch with a casual acquaintance, that being Kelly Brook, who she had met when the British celebrity had filmed 'Piranha 3D' in America.
Kelly welcomed the call, and on man initial easing of home confinement, Christina took off and took the trip to rural Kent where Kelly and her boyfriend Jeremy lived in a charming country cottage.

At first the arrangement was like a breath of fresh air for the physically active Christina as she was entertained and fed by the likeable Kelly.
But eventually the novelty began to wear off, not least because of Kelly and her horny Italian lover's rampant sex life

Night after night Christina was subjected to the sound of raucous love making from Kelly's bedroom which was just down the hall from hers.
Being sexually active herself it was tough to lie on her bed while the couple fucked their brains out.
As the month of August brought an unbearable plume of heat from the Sahara Christina had found it impossible to sleep in the high humidity, even though she had always gone to bed in the buff.
After much contemplation, Christina decided she could take no more.
She hopped off of her bed and glanced at the clock on the bedside table.
She sashayed down the hall in her birthday suit until she was directly outside of Kelly's room.

"It's just so fucking stiff, babe."

Christina bent low at the slightly open door and heard Kelly's breathy voice.

"Suck it, go on. Just suck it."

Audible slurps and moans soon followed and Christina stuffed her fist in her mouth in an effort to stifle her own groans.

"Ammazza! Your tits are fucking gorgeous."

"Feel 'em. Touch them. I am so wet right now."

Me too, thought the busty American as she hopped from one foot to the other in abject frustration and jealousy.
On reflection, four months of living like a nun was just not on.
She had eyed up the hunky Italian male model on several occasions during her visit, and she fancied that he had lusted after her huge rack in kind.


Summoning up her courage Christina burst into the air conditioned room and saw Kelly bent over and licking Jeremy's smooth and large erection.
Christina let out a soft sob and stood in the bedroom entrance for a full minute before speaking.

"For fuck sake, you two. Don't you ever take a night off? You're driving me nuts! You're like two dogs in heat!"

"Sorry, sweetheart. But I can't help myself, look. Have you ever seen such a big, juicy dick?"

Kelly proudly wagged the throbbing organ in her left fist and displayed it to the gawping redhead.

"It is, pretty damn big," admitted the top heavy babe in disbelief as she absentmindedly shoved two fingers up her muff and explored her ever increasing moisture.

"Watch this."

Christina turned her attention to the equally curvaceous brunette who proceeded to raise herself up and push herself down onto Jeremy's upright pole.
She wiggled her jaw dropping big ass and as she started to fuck the desirable hunk, she pressed her 34FF sized boobs into his surprised face.

"Fuck, but he's in me so deep."

Christina frigged herself faster as Kelly rocked back and forth on the thick Italian cock.
The frustrated redhead craned her head to see an amusing, yet erotic display of 'now you see it, now you don't' as Kelly gyrated and shook her jiggling curves on the lucky stud.

"Want in?"

Do I? I do! Thought Christina and went and knelt on the king size bed on Jeremy's left side.

Kelly slid off and Jeremy quickly got up behind the pale rump of Christina and with his hands on her wide hips he mounted her in a single thrust.

"Ooooo, yes!"

Having had no sex for months the initial penetration was like water to a thirsty soul.
Jeremy pushed in and out hard, raising his hips up as he drove in balls deep.
Christina gasped with every welcome thrust, pushing back with equal vigour.

"Fuck her, babe. Give her all of that gorgeous cock."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah! Fuck me, fuck me good!"

Kelly moved so that her gaze was fixed on the American's ice blue eyes.
Jeremy did his best to cup and squeeze the bouncing tits as the pair bucked and fucked energetically.
Christina's flame haired mane swayed about and despite the air con her body became slick with perspiration.

"You have superb tits." Said Kelly in admiration as she reached out and pulled on Christina's left nipple.

Jeremy gripped Christina's hips with a flourish of rapid strokes as Kelly twisted her head to watch his dick glide in and out of the vivid red bush of pubes.

"Fuck, fuck, fucking fuck! Push that thing in me, all the way, all the way, all the fucking way. So fucking good, so fucking big, so...deep."

Kelly smiled, amused by the American's coarse and desperate language as she was rammed into constantly by her boyfriend.
The Italian model wiped his brow and indicated to his girlfriend to flip onto her back.
Christina looked on wide eyed as Kelly laid back and amazingly hooked her feet behind her head and let her wet pussy thrust upwards.

"How does she do that?" Wondered Christina as Jeremy slid between the wide open legs of his lover and fed his twitching knob.

Kelly shrieked as Jeremy buried himself inside her and began to fuck the living daylights out of the grateful woman,

"Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!"

Jeremy happily slapped her upturned bottom as he fucked her, and the bed rocked beneath them as he pounded into Kelly again and again.
Her feet flapped and the muscles in her thighs and calves tightened as her backside nudged up into her well hung lover.
Eager to get in on more of the action, Christina elbowed Jeremy out of the way and laid down flat on Kelly's front.

"Like this."

Faced with the notion of fucking not one but TWO big tit wonders, Jeremy gasped out loud and looked on as their boobs became one enormous fat bosom.
He shook his head to clear it and fed his cock to Christina from behind.
She kissed Kelly and both moaned in satisfaction as Jeremy thrust in and out of the squishing pussy of the redhead.
Christina moved in kind and her muff ground against Kelly's, whose dripping cunt dappled the other's red snapper.
Jeremy's muscles rippled as he withdrew his throbbing boner and slipped it inside Kelly.

"Holy shit!"

She murmured as she was drilled into by her lust crazed lover.
Christina carried on grinding her belly into Kelly and mashing her ripe melons against the other.
Kelly duly climaxed and Jeremy resumed screwing Christina doggy, somehow managing a respectable rut despite her bouncing bottom and deep backside cleavage.

"Hey! Let's tit fuck him!"

Jeremy felt himself slide out of Christina who then grabbed his slick tool and rubbed it across her huge rack.
Kelly propped him up on the bed with a pillow under his ass as Christina grinned and gathered her disproportionately enormous breasts on his stiff hose.
Her bountiful flesh enveloped his dick, and despite his impressive size it was totally hidden from view in that epic cleavage.

"Watch this and learn." She told a rapt Kelly who looked on in awe as Christina pumped her boobs up and down on Jeremy's knob.

Now and again the cock head poked out through the top of the ample bust and Christina endeavoured to flick out her tongue at the amusing moving target with some success.


Christina abruptly pulled back and Jeremy fucked air for a few seconds before Kelly draped her not too shabby breasts onto his rigid log.
She worked her tits on his hard dick lifting and dropping her fine boobs onto him with surprising ease.
The hot brunette dribbled down her deep valley and made a wet tunnel which Jeremy used to slide in and out at a much faster rate.


The giggling women traded again and Christina made an almost air tight hold on the slithering cock that rode in between her jumbo sized tits.
Now Jeremy groaned through gritted teeth and thrust his hips up as he felt his balls begin to tighten.

"He's nearly done, honey."

Christina relinquished her hold on his cock and he welcomed the temporary release.
It was only now that Christina noticed that Jeremy had shaven his scrotum and that the base of his handsome cock emerged from his ball sack like a white column.
She stroked the heated shaft and licked both his nuts as Kelly took care of the business end and slobbered over the tapering glans.
The voluptuous English babe drizzled spit down his rod and Christina lapped it up as it trickled down to his smooth balls.


Christina gently let her tongue follow a line up the underside of the lucky guy until she reached the very tip where the pair of busty females combined to lather his bell end with copious amounts of saliva.
Jeremy flattened out on the bed and groaned in disbelief as two slippery tongues licked his aching dick from base to tip, separately and then overlapping in a constant united effort.

Unable to contain himself he began to breathe harder and he came in thick jets of cum which splattered the women's tits in a white mess.
They both squealed in excitement as they pointed their huge racks in the direction of his quivering cock which continued to spit cum as he bucked on the bed in joyful spasms.

They all collapsed together and Jeremy looked at one and then the other of the panting women who flanked him.
Their vast and heaving breasts displayed a veritable mess of sweat and cum, and he thought the sight to be one of the most spectacular things he had ever seen.

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Re: Big Titty Committee Affairs: Site Collaboration
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Christina and Kelly, thats a lot of boobs ffor 1 story! Great work :)
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Re: Big Titty Committee Affairs: Site Collaboration
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Thanks, this is a great subject. And it's easy to knock a story out with the word limit. I have a story with Amy Childs and Billie Faiers, two British TV personalities, almost finished.

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Re: Big Titty Committee Affairs: Site Collaboration
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Featuring Amy Childs, bra size 32DD, and Billie Faiers, bra size 34F, or 34DDD.

CODES- oral, tit fuck, lesbian sex, foursome, beach sex.

July, 2020.


Billie Faiers had told her best friend, Amy Childs, years ago that she loved having sex in places where she might get caught. So, it was no surprise to Amy when she got up on the rooftop swimming pool of their luxury hotel to see the busty blonde sitting on a sun chair and sucking on a huge cock.

Both of the well known British media personalities and glamour models were on a much needed Summer holiday after the imposed lockdown, and had chosen the Greek Island of Mykonos, a popular resort known for it's idyllic sandy beaches and night time party atmosphere.

In July the Island had reopened it's borders with the aim of kick starting the Summer tourist season after the prolonged lockdown, and the buxom women took the first available flight from Heathrow and checked into their hotel.

The Rocabella Mykonos was located just 500 feet from the beautiful beach of Agios Stefanos, and was noted for it's excellent service, cleanliness, and value. And it's famed rooftop pool.

The two top heavy females had first bonded when they had both appeared on the British reality show 'The Only Way Is Essex' and they had remained close through thick and thin since.
Now they were both recently made single, the main thing on their minds was to get laid.

The air was just warming up at the early hour of seven and thin streaks of cloud trailed across the azure sky.

Billie saw Amy as the signature redhead strolled over to the edge of the pool and she waved at her without pausing for air.
Amy sat and paddled in her barely there scarlet bathing suit and watched intently at the blonde, blue eyed woman engaged in some serious cock sucking.

The man she was with looked to be some sort of pool boy, young and bare chested, and with his trunks down to his ankles.
Billie had one hand on his erection, and the other was busy massaging the tall fellow's tight abdomen.

"Amy! His cock literally throbs in my mouth," said Billie delighted in a muffled tone.

Billie was completely naked and the guy was happily flicking the erect nipples of her massive boobs.
Pleased with proceedings, Billie then laughed and enveloped the rigid pole with her bared breasts and trapped it in her soft pillows.
The blonde had natural tits and proudly displayed her impressive 34F melons, and it was plain to see that she had plenty of practice in giving tit wanks.

"Hey! Like that?"

"Nai!" Came the reply as the guy grabbed Billie's tits and masturbated his dick in her stupendous cleavage.

Amy shielded her eyes from the rising sun and noted several curious faces peering out of some of the windows of the hotel rooms.
She returned her attention to Billie's main assets and was almost overcome by a powerful urge to suck on the pink nipples that stood out proud on her boobs.

Billie whipped back her long hair, wet from her swim presumably, and dropped her shoulders, forcing her bust to pin his dick between her pendulous globes.

Amy tilted her head for a better look and her eyes lingered on the man's taut buttocks as he shunted back and forth into Billie's home made flesh tunnel.

It was one of the horniest things she had ever seen.

The blonde's breath came in gasps as her breasts were shaken and stirred as they glided to and fro on the pulsating rod therein.

"Come on, babe. Come on my big tits."

The guy grunted and began to ejaculate, spewing globs of white cum all over Billie's jiggling rack.

"There you go!"

Over and over his thick rod spat cum and the giggling Billie milked his dick until he stopped his urgent spasms and then she waved him away without a second glance. She took a dip into the cool water of the pool and swam over to Amy.
The rays of the sun bathed her body and Amy stretched her arms over her head as Billie emerged from the pool.

"Nice start to the morning. Eh?"

"Billie! You are so wicked! And you had audience."

They looked up at the fifteen story hotel and saw bemused guests
looking down at them.

"I know," said Billie somewhat brashly. "And I'm only just getting started."

With the prospect of a hot day the two ladies laid back and let the warmth seep into their skin.


Later the same day after spending a few hours sunbathing, the pair took a leisurely stroll along the white sands of the beach.
They ignored the more touristy spots and walked up a dune of sand to the peak where they stopped to admire the view.

"What a glorious sight." Said Billie and Amy looked out in the sparkling sea.

"Yes, it is."

"Not out there! Over there."

Billie pointed down to a grassy section just below them and Amy peered over to see a couple of bronzed males soaking up the sun in the nude. Apart from the men there were nobody else around.

Amy looked closer under the glare of the sun at the silhouette's of the men who were both tall and slim.
They had equally sculpted chests and flat stomachs. And even in their flaccid state their dicks were decidedly well proportioned.

"Come on, let's give them a show!"

Billie grabbed Amy by the hand and scooted down the hill.
They settled about forty feet from the men. who heard their presence and sat up on their elbows to look.
Billie immediately undid her bikini top and her massive bosom flopped out.

The sea breeze stiffened her nipples and the horny blonde used the palms of her hands to rub her tits in a teasing circular motion.
Amy followed suit and tossed her top off and then slowly teased the guys by undoing the string tie on one side of her bottoms and pulling the scanty material to her other hip.

Billie was already on her back, sinking into the soft sand with her legs akimbo, and dipping a finger between her engorged labia.
She looked at Amy who dropped beside her and strategically pointed her naked butt at the two engrossed men.
The women feigned sexual rapture in loud moans as the hot sun highlighted their sensual curves and tender skin.

Amy proudly thrust out her hefty bust and gyrated her hips as she dug her toes into the warmed sandy beach.
The contour of her large breasts were bathed in a golden hue and erect nipples simply cried out to be pinched and licked.

"They are hooked. Now to reel them in. Are you game?"

Amy stole a sideways glance at the now very erect men and then licked her lips.


Next second Billie's hands were all over Amy who slipped her hand up between the blonde's legs to stroke her pussy mound.
They became a tangle of arms and legs and as they twisted around Billie got her face in Amy's snatch and drove her tongue in and out of her hot cunt.

Amy groaned accordingly as Billie completely smothered her muff and licked her out.
Their huge boobs wobbled wildly from side to side as they both got worked up into a lather.

"Be loud," suggested Billie and they both moaned audibly and writhed in exaggerated grinds in order to entice the men even more.

Being watched and acting like an exhibitionist was all new to Amy, but it quickly became a total thrill to have the strangers check her out.
Then Billie looked up and waved to the captive audience.

"Hey! You two? Wouldn't you rather join in than just watch?"

The naked and aroused young studs stood up and brushed grains of sand from their tight bodies and padded over double quick.


Said Crop Top and pointed to the two busty chests of the naked models.

"What did he say?"

"Really, Amy? Shall I draw you a picture?"

The fair haired Greek pulled Amy lightly to her feet and hugged her tightly, mashing her big globes of flesh to his hairless chest.
His stiff dick became trapped between them as the gap closed and their mouths met in unabashed passion.

Billie had wasted no time and had straddled her chosen man and was using him for her own pleasure.
She was the vision of pure lust as she ground to and fro on Crop Top's boner in a torrid display of steamy sex.
Her belly rolled like that of a belly dancer and her humongous boobs smacked onto her fellow's chest beneath her with audible slapping sounds.
Crop Top met her every downward thrust and her bottom rippled as his balls slapped against it.

Amy had been manipulated into a doggy type position and Fair Hair mounted her from behind and gripped her hips.
Her knees sank two inches into the sand as he drove home inside her tight pussy which dripped juices profusely.
The redhead whimpered and her ass cheeks quivered from the intensity of the youthful Greek, whose every stroke hit the spot perfectly.

"Having fun, are you babe?"

Amy grunted an affirmative as her lover found her vast expanse of tits and Any squealed as he squeezed them in his warm hands.
Billie was on her back as Crop Top sucked greedily on her spectacular tits.
His teeth clamped around each nipple in turn as he kneaded the big globes.
Billie curled her toes into the sand as her titty flesh was drawn into the man's mouth which drooled freely down her ample cleavage.

"Come to mama."

Amy felt Fair Hair's slippery cock in one hand and her red lips sucked in the smooth bell end.
She narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips and milked his salty tasting knob more and more until his cock was rock hard.

"Let's trade."

Both busty babes settled on the sand side by side, not caring who might stumble across and discover their sordid behaviour.
The sun was at it's zenith and they welcomed the two manly shadows which smothered their perspiring frames.
Both ladies groaned as they were filled with hot cock, and each grabbed their respective men's buttocks as they were unceremoniously fucked silly.


Both Amy and Billie screamed at the guys to fuck them harder, and their orgasms began to build like the waves lapping on the beach nearby.
Five minutes of vigorous screwing followed as both men pushed their virile dicks into the ladies well fucked cunts.

Billie arched her back which caused Fair Hair to penetrate deep inside her wet pussy.
Her finger played with grains of sand as her quim tightened and she came with a shriek.
He felt her warm cunt bathe his rod of iron and he fell on top of the panting beauty and squashed her tits under his chest.

"Don't pull out."

The force of the twenty year old's ejaculation was astonishing as his cum filled her up and he emptied his balls inside her.
Beside her Amy gasped as Crop Top pulled his pulsating cock from her gaping fuck hole and shot load after load of cream across her heaving boobs.
Her vast expanse was dappled by big white spots which reflected the sunlight and proceeded to trickle in slow motion down her cleavage.

They all rose and laughed at the huge dents they had left in the soft sand.
The women kissed the guy goodbye and strolled aimlessly along the beach.
Still naked they drew looks from passing people and one strapping man in a AC Milan soccer jersey caught the eye of an admiring Billie.

"So, what would you like for dinner?" Asked Amy Childs.

Billie turned to her bestie and pointed at the tight backside of Mister Milan.

"I think I fancy an Italian!"


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Re: Big Titty Committee Affairs: Site Collaboration
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Shout out to 123z, man you are on fire with these stories!  :Y: :Y:
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Re: Big Titty Committee Affairs: Site Collaboration
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The Sex Guru

Starring Olivia Taylor-Dudley (34DD)

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction

Codes (MF,cons,oral,inter,titfuck,cunninglous)

“Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule, Abram. I’m normally cool and calm about these kinds of situations but for whatever reason, this one feels different,” actress Olivia Taylor Dudley nervously stated.

“Just take a deep breath and relax. I am more than grateful to be at your service,” spoke the 55-year-old Indian man with the rather large beard, wearing a yellow robe and big orange turban as he sat across from the actress on the floor with his legs crossed in his lap. “After all, I am a sex guru,” Abram grinned.

“The best I heard. A couple of my girlfriends recommended you to help get over my fear of having sex on-screen even if it’s scripted soft porn and not pornographic,” Olivia said, biting down on her lower lip, nerves still rattled.

“Pornographic or not, you don’t want to come off awkward or it could ruin the mood which in turn will ruin the scene. You want the viewers to feel the same passion as they see on screen. As if they are making love right along with you. Please, go change into the robe leaving just your undergarments on and we will begin our session shortly,” the sex guru introduced.

A few short minutes later, Olivia returned from the bathroom, barefoot and in a silk white robe with only her undergarments beneath. Abram’s cock couldn’t help but to jump up at the sight of the actress, primarily her mammoth fat double D’s as they pushed outwards against the fabric of the silk robe. She had the biggest boobs of any client he ever encountered and couldn’t wait to get his hands, mouth, and dick on them.

“Shall we begin,” Abram spoke, as he stood up and held his hand out to Olivia. She noticed the impressive bulge under the guru’s robe as he led her to the center of his sizeable workshop. Their bare feet were grounded on a bearskin carpet before they kneeled on the carpet. “You feel intense, Olivia. Relax as I caress the side of your face gently with my hand and place nice sensual kisses on your cheeks.”

Abram did as he spoke, softly caressing one side of Olivia’s milky-smooth face while planting sensual kisses on the other side. His free hand slipped into Olivia’s robe and groped one of her massive breasts over the thick bra it was encased in. Olivia gasped on his touch.

“Will all of your methods hands-on?” Olivia nervously asked as the greedy hand of the Indian man groped her big bra-buster.

“The best way to overcome your anxiety about doing a sex scene is to perform one with an expert,” the crafty guru ensured her after momentarily removing his lips from her face, removing his orange turban, and resuming his kisses. “You have such beautiful milky skin, my dear, and a very healthy pair of breasts. So big and full,” he continued in between his sensual kisses.

He kissed down her neck and stopped to take a big whiff of the peach scent aroma emitting from her moisturizing lotion while his hand continued to maul the large fleshy orb on the outside of her brassiere. Abram heard soft moans escape the actress’s mouth.

“You seem to be fully on board with my hands-on methods, my dear,” he gloated with as smile. “I can feel the sexual heat emitting off your body. I think it’s time we take this lesson to the next level.” Abram stood up and dropped his yellow robe unannounced, shocking the blue-eyed actress.

“Holy motherfucker!” was Olivia’s immediate reaction when Abram disrobed and exposed his raging hard meaty cock. It was big, about 8-inches, thick, and throbbing with veins. Underneath were two hanging balls the size of walnuts.

“Once you have fully embraced having real sex with an expert, doing scripted soft sex onset will be like nothing,” sprouted Abram, as he moved directly in front of Olivia and brushed the swollen dark pink tip of his dick against her soft lips. “Now open wide.”

Olivia, still kneeling on the bearskin carpet with her silky white robe open, seized the guru’s hard erection with both hands and inserted the mushroom between her lips. She stroked her mouth up and down the bulbous head before consuming more of his shaft between her lips.

“Oh god, yes. You’re conquering your fear already, but we must keep going,” he instructed with his eyes closed and basking in the glory of the top-heavy actress sucking his dick.

In fluid movements, Olivia’s mouth and hands were in sync on his rampant man meat with smooth soothing strokes. She increased the tempo causing Abram to moan out loud and jiggly movements in her thick bra from her huge breasts.

“Oh fuck! Oh yes! Oh fucking god, yes!” the guru cried out with happiness on her bearded face. His toes curled into the fuzzy carpet.

After a few minutes, Abram decided to take control and clutched the sides of Olivia’s blond curly head. He began thrusting his meaty log between her lips, sending nearly the entire 8-inch length down her gullet. His hanging scrotum swung around wildly, hitting up against her chin with each thrust. He face-fucked the busty actress for a solid minutes before pulling his brown cock out of her mouth drenched in saliva that dribbled down her chin and into the tops and between her enormous pasty melons.

“The perfect sign leaning into the next level,” he said, eyeing hard Olivia’s heaving breasts.

Shyly, Olivia disrobed showing off a matching set of a big white bra and cotton white panties. She reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra, releasing the desires, obsession, and masturbation fantasies of many of her male admirers, her massive 34 double d bosoms. Olivia had only been with 3 guys in her life, recently coming out of a long time relationship. Abram is the fourth luckiest man on earth to see her bare breasts as the fat round melons set on her chest toppled with medium-sized light pink areolas and small pink nipples barely got any bigger even when aroused.

“My god… You have the most glorious breasts I’ve ever seen,” the guru praised. He dropped to his knees and immediately cupped both giant breasts. The heavy and warm snow-white flesh overflowed his palms as he squeezed and repeatedly rolled her nipples with his thumbs. Olivia deeply moaned. “Both partners being turned on is key to a successful on-screen sex to make it feel real,” he preached. “Stroke me with these stupendous breasts.”

Abram lied down on the bearskin rug with his raging hard cock jutting towards the ceiling. Olivia crawled in between his hairy legs with her huge boobs dangling and swaying beneath her. Sitting on the heels of her bare feet, she spits a nice wad of drool on his rigid dick before scooping up her plump funbags and sandwiching his member inside her amazingly immense cleavage. The tip of his rock-hard tool drooled pre spunk and was hardly visible between her prodigious knockers. Olivia started bouncing her milky-white chest melons up and down in his crotch. The sex guru moaned and reveled in the sensation of the actress’s well-endowed bust smothering and bouncing on his wooden log. His 8-inch member felt squashed between the softest and fluffiest pillows ever existed.

“Tell me, dear. Are you always this as quiet as a field mouse when engaging in sexual pleasure?” Abram asked, in between his lustful satisfaction noticing the less than thrilled frown on Olivia’s face. “Talk dirty to me. Ask me how much I love what you are doing with your tits.”

Olivia tightened the grip of her big ample breasts around his seething hard cock, juggling them up and down as she rolled her eyes indicating she wasn’t a fan of titty-fucking.   

“So you love my big ass tits? Do you love fucking my naughty boobies? Look how they wrap around your dick. Hmmm. Such a bad old man with his cock between my titties.”

Abram could tell the actress had a lot to learn about the enjoyment of her enormous breasts being fucked, but her lack of dirty talking skills didn’t impede on his contentment on feeling her pure white as snow massive knockers smothering and bouncing up and down his rock hard prick with their ultra-creamy softness. He fought like hell with every fiber of his well being not to cum until he fucked her pussy.

“I think we’re ready to move onto the real exercise. The lovemaking part of our session,” he suggested, panting hard from Olivia’s tit-fuck.

The former star of The Magicians released his big brown hard cock from the clutches of her wet and slimy fat boobs and started pulling down her cotton white panties. As he got up off the bearskin carpet, Abram saw her pussy being revealed, lightly layered beneath brown pubic hairs. He grabbed a condom off a nearby table, opened it, and wrapped it around his throbbing meat.

“The condom is for insurance purposes. In another life, I would have fucked you bareback,” he unnecessarily pointed out. “You can lie down on your back. It’s time I showed you why your friends recommended me.”

Olivia did as instructed and the sex guru climbed between her open legs and positioned his face over her moist pussy. He took a large whiff, inhaling the sweet-tart scent before plunging his mouth against the entrance of her cunt. He licked and sucked her wet pussy without leniency causing the actress’s body shiver, toes curling, and her big boobs to rock to and fro on her chest. His tongue drilled deep between the fleshy outer labia to the pink wetness inside, lapping at her juices.

“Oh, my gaaaaawwwd! Oh-oh-oh-ohhhhhhhhhh!” Olivia cried out in intense pleasure, grabbing and running her fingers through the dark brown hair of the guru as he thoroughly devoured her moist slit. “Ugggggghhhhhhhh!”

Abram feasted on her pre-cum before turning his attention to her juicy clitoris. Her body shuddered and withered at the mercy of his tongue, feeling his lips tenderly sucking, tugging, and nibbling on her sensitive little fat bud.

“AAAAAAAAHHH FUCCCCCCCCCCCKK!! I’m cumming!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh goddddd!!”

With his dick as hard as concrete, Abram stood up on his knees and impaled the full length of his throbbing slab of brown man meat between the gushy wet folds of Olivia’s pink pussy. He dropped his hairy chest against her immaculate fat balloons and started pounding her drippy twat in joyful savagery, groaning and grunting in her ear.

Olivia was moaning hysterically. It’s been several months since she had a thick hard cock throbbing deep between the lips of her pussy, making her vagina wetter and wetter with each plummeting.


The sex guru lifted himself and seized the actress’s legs. Putting Olivia’s bare feet on his shoulders, he leaned forward until her knees touched her shoulders and her butt was lifted off the bearskin rug. Now mounted on top of Olivia with his stank breath smoldering in her face, Abram started furiously bottoming out her drenched snatch with his heavy-hanging ball sack smacking wetly and violently against her gaping asshole.


Olivia’s untamed incoherent wailing materialized from the deepest pit of her lungs while receiving the full throbbing extent of the 55-year-old sex guru’s thick brown organ. Both of their bodies were hot and glistening in sweat from the intense fucking. 

“You love this cock, don’t you? Aaaah fuck… Your pussy loves my cock,” the sex guru teased, lifting and dropping his hips in pistol rapid-firing sessions, cramming his meaty appendage deep between the glossy walls of Olivia’s moist twat, hitting her cervix on full contract each time. The jelly pink muscles inside her love tunnel strengthen with a vice grip over his throbbing fuck muscle as her body became engrossed by the most intense orgasm she received in a long time. Olivia’s orgasm was long and hard like her utter senseless screaming.

“Our teaching lesson is just about done,” he grunted, slowing his thrusting down and giving her hot glutinous pussy some final strokes with his pulsing knob before abruptly pulling out. “I need one last session with these big titties.”

Abram dropped the actress’s legs to the ground and yanked off the cum-stained condom. He straddled the blonde’s chest, slapping his wet angry cock against her big plump rack, tracing circles around her areolas and nipples with his cockhead leaving them covered in a trail of pre-jism. After a few seconds of teasing, the sex guru slapped his raging member between bulbously large jugs, squeezing them around his turgid shaft making it vanish and started pushing forward.

With relentless fury, the sex guru rode Olivia’s juicy rack with his rigid tool, slamming his pelvic so hard against the bottoms of her giant famous hooters that the tops constantly hit her chin. Having enough, Olivia used her forearms to compress her mammoth DD’s to try and contain a substantial amount of bouncing as much as possible with a 55-year-old sex expert plowing his cock between them for dear life.

Abram twisted and pulled on her little erected nubs while immersing in absolute bliss from the wondrous soft feeling of Olivia’s sweet wobbly funbags around his painfully twitching cock.

“I’m almost there…………………. Holy fucking moly,” the sex guru cried out in rapture, balls contracting and pumped out massive ropes of man goo between the actress’s plentiful knockers. The first wave of his milky spunk blasted through the deep valley of her sweaty cleavage and landed on the bottom half of her face. The next couple of cum shots splattered on her lower neck and upper chest and the remaining cum waves flooded between her well-fucked melons.

“So… Do you think I’m ready?” Olivia asked after a brief moment of awkwardness and cum dribbling all over her chest.

“Oh yes. You’re plenty ready. Speaking of ready, I need to get ready for my next appointment. Please get dress and see your way out,” he said, a bit rude with his rush announcement.

After cleaning off and fully dressed, Olivia walked out of the workshop after the best fuck she had in quite some time. Abram cleaned off and did a little rearranging of furniture before a tall man, well dressed, walked in to greet him.

“Lovely assistant you have. Looks like the two of you did a marvelous job at remodeling this vacated building for my pharmacy,” the man praised. “Nice bearskin rug.”

Abram walked out of the new pharmacy with a wad of cash, got into his car, and pulled out a list of female celebs from his glove department. He crossed out Olivia’s name on the list.

“Let’s see. Ah. Here we go. Amber Heard needs some anger management courses,” smiled the crafty con man.
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Re: Big Titty Committee Affairs: Site Collaboration
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Olivia Taylor Dudley, a seriously underrated hottie.  Great story TLMorgan!  If she needs further help, she can give me a call  ;) 

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Big Titty Committee Affairs: Site Collaboration
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Son of a Pimp
Starring: Demi Rose Mawby (32DD)

Codes: MF, Voyeurism, Comedy, Oral, Tit Fuck

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

This is my first story and I want to thank Cade and John Connors for helping me with it. Don't take it too seriously, hope it makes someone laugh.

Life can be tough sometimes, I guess anyone who isn't born wealthy knows that all too well. What I constitute for my own problems, you would likely shrug off and ignore. What's tough living for a guy like me? Twenty five years old, short and skinny build with long black hair. Nothing too shabby for this appearance, as I've been told I'm not ugly enough for a woman to pass me up. The problem comes with the territory of family legacy. The name's junior, second in line to my father but everyone else calls me Jimmy instead. My last name is something of unimportance apart from the usual legal documents and need for a new credit card every now and then. Let's just say that I'm proof of nepotism and privilege in this rotten society we live in, but this isn't a tale about that.

The first born son of the most notorious pimp out of Los Angeles, that's me. He who shall not be named, for if I bother uttering my father's name, it will only force me to begin balling my fists up in an uncontrolled rage. Despite my name, I have taken the effort in distancing myself from my old man and the game of tricks he has always been known for. After dropping out of college three years ago, I moved across town in LA to work at a modelling studio. It's hard sometimes when you get a phone call from your uncle Spence coming to check up on you, meanwhile your old man is still playing the pimp game with socialites and low level celebrities across Hollywood. The less said about the S word, the better as I don't live by any stupid slogan uttered by your old man and his loser friends.

I could never forgive him for stealing a special busty blonde haired model from me. If it weren't for for dad, I would probably be dating Kate Upton today, but what's the use in staying angry at yourself over a girl? I can waste time listening to old songs to get my mind off her. Thankfully, I don't have to be reminded of her anymore since Kate had moved to a new modelling agency. For the past month, I've been working alongside a photographer who had returned to the company from Britain, signing on a new model by the name of Demi Rose Mawby.

To describe this girl's beauty is of no simple task. A short stature, slim waist, curvy hips and one of the greatest asses I've ever witnessed on set, so memorable when standing behind her. That ass alone could rival that of Kim Kardashian, (yet another famous woman my dad is usually sleeping with, ugh, my stepmom). From up front, she has dark brown eyes that could melt a man's soul, a soft but innocent smile and then all natural breasts that measured right at 32DD from what I was told. Demi seemed to realize the effect she had on me upon our first meeting a few weeks ago when I looked back at her completely dumbfounded in the presence of a walking goddess. When she spoke in her heavy British accent, my heartrate jumped as her voice called to me in such a sensual smoothness.

There was one important task in mind when it came to this woman. I was not going to allow my father to be the one to swoop her up and seduce her with his game of sleazy tricks. Demi was the kind of lady who deserved better than that and I looked to be the one to show her a true good time.

It was normal back at the studio for men to be flirting with her, taking their chances for a date. I often froze up and blushed when she would talk to me, but after a few weeks of hanging out after photo sessions, I began to grow more comfortable around her. Demi had asked me out for drinks and there, we got to know each other better from conversations about goals in life. Demi spoke of a vacation she had upcoming and a trip to Ibiza Spain. That had become a more recent goal for me, as I asked her what I could do to tag alongside her. With a soft smile, the buxom girl had softly told me it was a game of luck if I could impress her this week.

That was my goal today as I dressed down in a simple blue jeans and a T-shirt casual look and got behind the wheel of my dark purple Lamborghini Diablo. If I was going to spend my day driving Demi Rose around, I wanted to make sure I did it with style. She was waiting on me to pick her up from the studio. Tuesday was an off day with my schedule, meaning I had to work a weekend shift. As I pulled the sleek speed demon into the parking lot of the modelling building, I noticed Demi appeared to be waiting for me. She stood in a black dress hugging over her hips, heavy cleavage exposed beyond the straps and a gold belt over her slim waist that read S-E-X. Such a choice piece of her outfit had caught me by surprise as I slowed down, pulling next to where she was standing and noticed a matching gold chained black purse over her arm. As I rolled the window down to the passenger side door, Demi came walking by, her high heels clacking over the concrete pavement below.

"Nice car, Jimmy." She spoke in a low tone with her heavy accent carrying her words. I watched the passenger side door go up as Demi opened it and then climbed in, shutting it and then smiling back at me. I couldn't hesitate but to gaze down at her amazing breasts full display before looking back to her eyes. "So, what's with the belt babe? Trying to tell me something?"

"I just did a few photos with this outfit. Are you bothered by what the letters say?" I chuckled at her question.

"Not the slightest. It's almost like you're trying to tell me something."

Still smirking, the girl quirked her eyebrows and nodded. "Yeah, let's get right down to it. Do you wanna drive this car or drive me instead? I think I'm better than even a Lambo, huh?"

Surprised at her suddenly coming on to me so boldly, I tried to make sense of it in my mind. Demi had previously been flirty with me, but never anything like this just out right asking for a good time. "Why me? I know we've made each other blush in the past week, but not enough to-"

She suddenly cut me off from speaking. "I've heard some things about you and I figured I might test your resolve."

A cold chill ran down my spine hearing her words as I looked back at her dumbfounded and caught entirely off guard. Did she hear that I am the son of a pimp? That question brought fearful thoughts to the front of my mind, but for now I had to ignore it and not grow nervous around her. Shifting gears in the car, I began to pull out of the parking lot and move away from the building itself when Demi pointed her finger across the dashboard towards an alleyway.

"Pull in there."

"Why there?"

"Don't ask me, just go." Without questioning her, I accelerated the purple car. As I began to drive, Demi reached over and patted the palm of her hand down over my crotch. I couldn't help but blush upon feeling my cock begin to grow within my pants. The alley was connected to an old hotel building and some business, rarely maintained and large enough for a space that Demi had proven to be correct that the car could squeeze between the space. I could feel her hands shoving the zipper of my jeans down and before I knew it, she had her hands around my cock. Gasping for breath, I jerked the car and almost hit a dumpster in the alley.  She giggled at this and spoke to me in her sexy voice.

"Am I distracting you, baby?"

"Yeah! Don't make me wreck!"

"Oh please, it's not like a Lambo is more important than me."

I stopped the car, and then moved my hands to cradle her face hovering above my lap. "Go ahead and kiss me, silly." She didn't need to tell me that again, as I raised her head to face me and our lips met. A soft peck trading kisses soon morphed into something of a tender fire when our tongues collided from within. I unfastened my seat belt and then Demi broke the kiss upon the clicking sound catching her attention. "Come on, let's get out of this car, not enough space."

"Not enough space for what? Your big ass or those tits?"

"Not enough for me or you to do anything to each other." She didn't seem amused at my half-hearted attempt of funny words. This was a woman who clearly knew what she wanted and wasn't going to beat around the bush about it. We both opened the doors of the Lambo, forcing them up and stepping out of the car and into the daylight as we now stood in the alleyway. My heart immediately began to race in fear that someone would may catch us for what we were about to do, as well as the lust I had for this special lady.

Demi stomped her heels around the car towards me. The look in her eye said it all, not giving me much time to react before she fell to her knees and finished shoving my pants down. I could feel my underwear tugged down with my hardening cock springing free before she wrapped her slender fingers around it. Demi didn't waste any time as she began to wank my pole back and forth, tilting her head downward to flick her tongue over the crown. Her lips parted and she slid my cock into her warm mouth and began to suck.

"Ohhhhh, Demi... fuck...." As I moaned out, the glamourous bombshell beauty bobbed her head up and down sucking my shaft with a level of tenderness. She continued to suck and slobber all over my cock while I gazed around the alley, still worried that at any moment, someone would catch us. When Demi had enough of coating my shaft in her drool, she pulled her lips off with a popping sound and proceeded to spit on it. The sound caught my attention as I glanced down to see her moving the straps of her black dress down, allowing her giant natural breasts to pop out into full view.

"Mmmmmmm, you're gonna love this." She spoke softly before raising her tits up and trapping my cock between them. I gasped for air, watching my shaft was squeezed between her enormous tits and then Demi looked up at him, moaning herself as I began to thrust my hips forward and fuck her tits. Demi moaned again as my cock disappeared in view between those wonderful tits and the head poked up with each full thrust.

"Yeah, fuck my tits, ohhhh yeah! I knew you wanted to fuck 'em!" I cried out in pleasure, as this feeling was so wonderful having my cock shoved between those wonderful tits. Demi dropped her lower lip, giving me an expression that told me that she wanted more as I continued to pump my shaft back and forth between here tits. A low moan exhaled from her breath and then I groaned, gritting my teeth for a moment."Jesus fucking Christ, these tits are amazing."

"Your cock feels so good between them, mmmmmm. I can't wait for you to fuck me up against this car." She spoke between the thrusts I made between her tits and then I came to a stop. It was too easy to spend my time tittyfucking Demi and I knew she wanted more. She let go of her tits and quickly got up, right on cue and placing her hands over the front of the car, bending over as I struggled to move around the alley with my pants curled up at my ankles. Once I got behind her, she grabbed the ends of her dress and pulled it up while giving me a soft grin from over the shoulder.

"Fuck me, Jimmy..." It was so hard not to be distracted, as Demi clearly wasn't wearing any panties and her mighty ass was on full display. I reached up with both hands, softly caressing her firm, huge booty cheeks. I pulled then apart, watching the crack of her ass grow and then got the idea to slide my shaft between them. She sighed. "Wrong hole, baby! You know where I want it!"

Without further distractions, I rubbed my shaft down between her thighs. Demi reached down and aimed me, lodging my cock into her sweet wet entrance. I made the first thrust and came to a halt, listening to her moan. My left hand gripped one of her ass cheeks, squeezing it hard. I used my free hand to spank the other side of her ass as I began to thrust my cock into that tight cunt, working into a steady rhythm. Demi's body shook with her breasts bouncing as she moaned and yelled out to me.

"That's it, FUCK ME! YEAH, FUCK ME!!" I suddenly became fearful that from her loud voice, she would alert someone to investigate the alley, but never the less I continued to pump my cock into her, fucking her from behind. After several minutes, Pulled out and was ready to switch positions. Demi turned around and sat on the hood of car, spreading her legs out for me to slide my cock back inside of her. Now able to look into her eyes, I reached my hands to touch her breasts. I squeezed them to prevent them from shaking all about as I began to buck my hips once again, making love to her with inch after inch of my shaft buried within her womanhood.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhh god!" Demi moaned, crying out to me as she looked in my eyes and I knew she had to be close to reaching her orgasm. It was taking quite the effort from my end to not blow my load inside of her, but god did I want to. She was so beautiful, looking at me. "Cum for me, Jimmy. Cum for me, I'm almost there!"

I groaned and finally gave in, busting my nut within her as we both came together. Demi never took her eyes off me and then suddenly began to laugh.

"I knew the son of a pimp would know how to fuck."

Oh god, I thought to myself. How the hell did she know?
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Re: Big Titty Committee Affairs: Site Collaboration
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I love these short stories. Any chance for some new ones?  ^-^

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Re: Big Titty Committee Affairs: Site Collaboration
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I'll do one for Christmas.


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