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Spanking Lauren Goodger
« on: August 30, 2020, 02:54:59 AM »
Note- This tall tale is pure fiction with no basis in truth whatsoever.


London, August 2020.


"What the fuck is this, Lauren?"

I sat bolt upright in our bed and saw my current boyfriend looking at myself and Tristan, naked in each others arms. I looked back at him and only felt, not saw, the stranger in our bed get up and leave in a hurry.

"Was he better than me?"

What could I say as Colin's eyes burned right through me. How could I explain that the thrill of the moment, the excitement of possibly getting caught red handed, and the red hot sex were my main sources of achieving sexual satisfaction. After three months of this horrendous lockdown our sex life had become stale. Methodical. Just plain dull.

"I...don't... oh, I can't stand it anymore! I need to get out, innit!"

Colin was one of a number of steady boyfriends that I had tolerated since breaking up with Mark Wright, the one who had taught me all about the best things of love making and hot sex. As we became more and more in each others faces since the beginning of the London lockdown Colin and I had become more and more bored and unfulfilled. Not to mention horny.

Thrills at home I did N0T get. Ever. When I first played away from home just after the Government eased the restrictions I naturally felt guilt. Guilt changed to conflict as I notched up a series of one night stands, and conflict altered to exhilaration as I experimented in the bedroom with my varied lovers.

My latest beau was one of the Tottenham Hotspurs footballers. He was a slim black guy named Tristan and he had just turned nineteen. We had met months before at the team training ground and I was instantly attracted to his youthful good looks and virile body. I had never had a big black cock and I made it plain of my intentions to fuck him and it did not take him much persuading.

I was in fact looking rather chic if I say so myself. I'm medium height, about five feet six, and my hair is brown and very long, so long that when I move my head it bobs around my shoulders and down my back. My face is rather long and my brown eyes are set well apart. Colin used to say that my pouting lips were perfect for giving blow jobs which I found obviously flattering.

My figure is a classic hourglass shape and I have a taut midriff. But my best attribute has to be my bum. An enviable huge peach of an ass, surprisingly firm I am glad to say with delicate pink nipples that are nice and hard. As I've gotten older, so my gravity defying rear has increasingly expanded, heaven know why or how, it just does. Maybe it's just all my work outs and relentless squats I love to do.

So the lockdown went on and on, and we were virtually prisoners in our own apartment. The weeks passed and a week without sex was like a life sentence as I urgently sent Tristan text after text.

"Where the hell are you, you fucker?"

"I need you here, now!"

"I want your hot bod, you black devil!"

Finally Tristan showed up at our house in Hertfordshire and in minutes we were naked and in bed. I tossed all of the pillows aside and pulled back the expensive covers. I wasn't THAT stupid to ruin good linen. For the next ten minutes the well endowed black hunk sent me dizzy with lust. He pounded my cunt with my legs pointing up to the ceiling, and from behind me as I went on hands and knees.

He smacked my sizeable nates over and over, and his big thrusting prick sent me into a welcome delirium, something Colin was unable to do any more. Then, when I had been reduced to a limp rag I let the black buck ram his pulsing black bone down my throat until he painted my tonsils with his warm cum.

When we were done I felt like I had gone ten rounds with Tyson Fury I was so exhausted and sweaty. But I felt good and another of my fantasies could be ticked off. Then Colin returned home early.

"You fucking bitch! This is it! I'm done with you. But before I kick you out on your cheating fat ass I'm going to beat it black and blue."

"Promises, promises, you walking jellyfish. You don't know nothing about satisfying a woman in bed."

His eyes glared at me and the vein in his temple throbbed as he inched nearer to the bed. I had not seen this side of Colin before and I have to say that my pussy tingled a tad and I rubbed my bare upper thighs together to savour the sexual heat in my loins. I yelped as he grabbed both of my wrists and held them behind my back and then turned me belly down on the bed. With my face buried in the fluffy pillow I struggled half heartedly as he pressed his knee in the small of my back.

"What are you up to, you bastard?"

He gripped my right arm and forced it above my head to the right side of the headboard. I looked up to see him wind one of my scarves around my wrist and then tie off the remaining slack where the mattress met the lower bed post. Before I could respond he had done the same to my left wrist. His face came to the back of my neck and he whispered that he was going to spank my curvy bottom.

"Get the fuck off me, creep!"

Colin moved his hands slowly down my spine as he lifted his weight from my back and my senses heightened as he made his way the backs of my thighs. My breathing had become more pronounced as I felt moisture between my thighs. Then I heard him rise and there followed an uneasy silence and I panted from the light tussle and resisted the temptation to turn my head back.

Then it started.

I shuddered as Colin ran his palm over both my rippling cheeks in what I could only describe as a tender and loving caress. He slipped a pillow under my midriff and I wondered if he was going to fuck me. But I soon realised that my raised bottom was being offered up as a submissive target.


Colin rained down on my milky white buttocks with his open palm and the force pushed me into the pillow. As my huge rump bounced back up he hit me with increasing intensity and my sorry bum burned like hell. I saw the shadow of his hand as it rose and fell in devastating and unnerving accuracy and I whimpered into the pillow. My ears were filled with the smack of his flattened palm on my soft flesh and a spreading heat grew more and more in my nether regions.

"OW! How much more?"

"I've only getting warmed up, you cheating bitch!"

I tugged on my wrists that had been spread out to each corner of the headboard as Colin now got into his stride. My stinging nates bounced up and down as he made firm contact and I swore into the pillow. There came a lull in the proceedings and Colin seemed to retreat into the back of the bedroom.

"Ah, just the thing."

I heard him rummage around in my dresser and the next thing I did was yell out in pain as he struck me with my wooden hairbrush. Each hard blow left me with what I could only guess were red rectangle imprints of the back of the brush as I was beaten soundly. I attempted to wiggle my large posterior in a vain effort to avoid the inevitable but a rapid barrage of spanks pushed me flat to the pillow beneath my belly.


"Shut up, you cunt!

I buried my face in the pillow under my head as he gave me cracks on each cheek in turn, left, right and left again. Then he paused and I heard him panting behind my ear before he proceeded with an over lapping assault on my stinging derriere.


He swung his arm up in a wide arc as he struck the soft cushions of my rounded bottom. In his anger Colin managed to make contact with the backs of my thighs, although I was not absolutely sure he didn't mean it as he then concentrated on smacking the brush on the insides of my legs. Now I had pain on my backside and my upper legs, almost up to my pussy which poked out from between my chastised buttocks. Now he made a slow and steady build up in speed and I howled in protest. Then he slowed and banged the brush on the precise centre of my buttocks with mind numbing spaces of three seconds between hits.

FUCK! Was I getting it! The resounding slapping took my breath away and a constant throbbing sent my cheeks rippling like ocean waves hitting the beach.
Colin further raised up my rump as far as permissible and he ran his palms on the bottom half of both my buttocks.

"Let me look at you, you silly bitch."

Colin had stopped spanking me to study his handiwork, just at the point when I wondered how much more abuse I could endure. I quivered as his fingers invaded the sore curves of my glowing bum, pausing at what presumably were the biggest marks. Then I gasped as he moved his attention to my vulnerable pussy where he lingered at the point where my anus stopped and my slit began. He squeezed and I was surprised to discover that I was very wet down there.

"Would you like me to fuck you, Lauren?"

"Yes, I think I actually would."

I waited for his next move which was not what I expected at all. He bent my legs up at the knees and I felt what seemed like soft rope of some sort being snugly wound around my ankles. Then Colin released my right wrist from the bedpost and pulled my arm behind my back where he wrapped the same rope around my wrist.

Where the fuck did he get the rope from? Did he have it already just for this purpose?

I tried to roll onto my side as he undid my other wrist and brutally pulled my arm back and connected that to my right one. He pushed me flat onto my front and used one length of the rope to tie my ankles to my wrists behind my back. I was now teetering in a hog tied position on my front on the bed and I was fixed rigid. My arms in their upraised position counterbalanced my weight on my front and I was thus rendered helpless.


Colin grabbed my hair and pulled so that my neck was up an awkward angle. He put all of the fingers of his right hand in my mouth and I tasted his flesh. Then he let go of my head and moved between my legs where he inserted his middle digit inside my dripping cunt. My mouth must have hung open as drool covered the pillow under my head. He frigged my pussy with two fingers combined as his thumb probed my anus. I began to moan. The moans that were initially ones of discomfort were now those of pleasure as my pussy and asshole were probed and nipped.

"Oh, Fuck!"

Colin had his erection in his right hand and I felt it at the entrance to my quim. His left hand pulled my left hip to his groin and his hot length slid inside me. He started to fuck me as he held me by my ankles which were up in the air at the same level as my head. My back arched tightly as he thrust up and rocked me on my front gently.

"Fucking whore! Fucking cheating slut!" He intoned again and again.

My angry boyfriend pulled me into his groin as his cock buried itself deep inside my pussy. I was incredibly wet but my cunt was tight as my body was wracked into the hogtie. My pussy walls stretched around the familiar thickness of his boner as my hips rolled from his frenzied fucking. Then came a pregnant pause as Colin left my cunt gaping and my hips involuntarily gyrating. I felt his knob, covered with my juices, lube up my puckered star and press urgently to my asshole.

"Do it, you saucy git!"

He slowly pushed in until he was up my poop chute all the way. My big bottom made a welcome cushion on his sweaty groin and his balls on my pussy made my cunt pump out more juices down my thigh.

"Bloody hell!"

Colin grabbed me by the hips and began to ass fuck me with a certain amount of roughness. His thick cock drilled into my tight rear hole and I started to cum. And cum and cum. I screamed into the soft pillow in my face as his balls made firm contact with my aching clit.

"I'm going to flood your fat ass, you bitch!"

He held my body still as he finally came and sent his hot seed into my quivering ass. I felt my own spasms as I reached another climax and we both gasped for breath.

"Put that in your pipe and smoke it."

Colin began the task of undoing my binds and I came to the guilty conclusion that I had just thoroughly enjoyed myself.

"Am I forgiven, babe?"

Colin rolled onto his back with his dribbling dick on his right thigh and I already knew the answer to my question.

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Re: Spanking Lauren Goodger
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2020, 01:51:24 PM »
Yes!!!! This was a real treat to come on here today, thank you for this! One of my favorite UK women!!!
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Re: Spanking Lauren Goodger
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2020, 02:50:24 PM »
Yes!!!! This was a real treat to come on here today, thank you for this! One of my favorite UK women!!!

Thought you'd like this. Glad you enjoyed.


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