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Author Topic: Coleen and Rebekah, Round Two.  (Read 773 times)

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Coleen and Rebekah, Round Two.
« on: June 21, 2020, 02:32:08 AM »
Note- Totally fiction, but VERY believable if you know the circumstances. Introducing Stephanie Shilton.


London, 2020.

Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy were both furious when they were blasted in the press by 'Granny Wag' Stephanie Shilton.

The 51 year old wife of England great Peter Shilton had bizarrely insisted that the row between current 'WAGS' or 'Wives and Girlfriends' of footballers, Coleen and Becky was a set up.

The self proclaimed Granny Wag had accused the two warring celebrities of staging their bust up as a PR stunt to keep the wife of Wayne Rooney a favourite of the paparazzi. Coleen had taken legal action against Becky who she claimed had leaked false stories about her, but it was fake news according to Steffi.

Steffi further believed the stunt was to give Wayne, an International player with 120 appearances for England, the chance to beat her veteran husband Peter, the famed goalkeeper who had retired after 125 games.

A recent arbitration meeting between the deadlocked Coleen and Becky had ended without success, but they agreed to try again and at the same time confront Stephanie.

As the lockdown in London eased they had read that Stephanie and Peter were due to attend a fund raising event at the reopened Grosvenor House Hotel in Mayfair.

Granny Wag was in high spirits and was excited to attend the champagne reception and three course dinner with husband Peter.
The age defying blonde intended to milk the moment and wore a revealing floor length dress in a racy red which drew all male eyes to her ample bosom.

The voluptuous Steffi, nee Stephanie Hayward, was a fairly successful jazz singer and had tied the knot with the former footballer in a star studded ceremony three years before. Snaring Peter had been a coup on her part and the pair of them had soon formed a shared consultancy company which raked in the cash.

At 7.45 Coleen had arrived first and anxiously smoked a cigarette while she waited for her once devoted friend now bitter rival.

She was filled with an urge for retribution and was even willing to have Rebekah back her up. Ever since the first time they had met they had been friends and enemies. Both were head strong and ambitious, and a strong mutual respect dree them close, and equally apart.

A black taxi finally pulled up and Rebekah jumped out and paid the driver.

"Ready, babes?" She asked.

"You better believe it." Hissed Coleen in reply.

Coleen and Becky turned up dressed to kill also, one slutty, the other classy.
Coleen was in a glitzy thigh skimming mini dress in black with a pair of branded YSL strappy heels.

The wealthy celeb wife had forged a confidant sense of style since her rise in the public eye, but had never forgotten her humble upbringing in Liverpool and still knew how to strike a pose.

Becky had opted for a tangerine dress with an alluring slit up the thigh and an off the shoulder slash on her right side.
The more sophisticated of the two, the reality TV star and wife of International footballer Jamie Vardy, had ambition and drive but was prone to outbursts on social media.

Side by side the indignant WAGS tottered in on their high heels, only stopping to accept two glasses of bubbly from a passing waitress. They quickly found Stephanie who looked up with scared eyes.

"Evening, ladies. What brings you here?"

Stephanie put on a brave face despite her insides melting in fear.
Coleen glared at the older woman with her belly and big ass bulging out of the obviously too small frock and huffed.
Her tits looked as if they might burst out the front at any given minute, thought Becky as she stood with hands on hips and eyes ablaze.

"Don't know who the fuck you think you are, but you need to take back those lies you've been spreading about us."

"Oh, shut up the pair of you. Do not confront me." Stephanie laughed in their faces and turned to go.

Infuriated, Coleen tipped her champagne glass on top of the blonde's head.

"Don't laugh at us, you fat bitch!"

"How dare you!"

The affronted Steffi reeled back and yelled loudly at the blonde Scouser.
Rebekah meanwhile had visited the snack buffet and had picked up two small berry tartlets with marzipan cream. She smashed them firmly into Steffi's huge cleavage and then proceeded to mash the large mammaries together to create a rather sticky mess.

"Ugh, you cow! How revolting."

Steffi carefully pulled out the front of her red dress and observed the cool appetizer run slowly down the deep furrow of her two pillow like boobs.

"Apologise this instant!" Barked Coleen as she took a six inch size baked brie with honey and candied fruit and held it up in Steffi's worried face.

"And if I don't?"

Becky came up behind her and raised the back of her dress.
As she turned, Coleen crammed the brie honey up between her legs and smeared the rich contents into her crotch.

"Peter! Peter!"

Stephanie ran off to the ladies with sticky thighs as the white haired veteran soccer player came over to see what all the fuss was about.
Coleen stood firm in front of the tall man and waved an intimidating index finger in his face.

"Think very carefully about your next move, chum."

As Shilton backed off with spread out hands the two angry WAGS hit the rest rooms. They found Steffi looking down at her glistening globes and ruined hair in the wide mirror. The front of her dress was down at her waist and she turned side on to see her nether regions stained and gummy.

"You two are mad!"

"Mad as hell, Granny! Lock that door, Becks."

Coleen got one of Steffi's arms up behind her back in a hammerlock and forced it up high.

"Fuck off!"

Steffi was pushed closer and closer to the floor until Coleen was sitting on her back. The Liverpool born WAG bumped her big, broad ass up and down on Steffi's plump bottom as she continued to push harder on her arm.

"You make a nice cushion, you fat trollop!"

Steffi tried to roll and the pair of grappling honeys shifted as Coleen still maintained the upper hand.

Rebekah jumped in and planted her backside on Steffi's upturned face, as Coleen's legs got a firm grip on her struggling lower body.

Her meaty thighs were quite muscular and Steffi gasped as Coleen ground down on her with her full weight.

"Get...mmph...off!" Mumbled the older WAG as the fullness of Becky's rump pressed on her face.

"Nothing doing until I hear you say sorry."

For a second Steffi stopped struggling as Becky's muff clamped to her open mouth. The muscles in the dark haired WAG tensed as she shunted her cunt across the drooling mouth of the accused jazz singer.

"Nice one, Becks."

Becky grinned as she moved her crotch higher and down harder, thereby cramming her moist pussy into Steffi's mouth.

With no other option Steffi arched, twisted, squirmed, and moaned as she reluctantly kissed the smothering cunt.


Coleen's form radiated power and she turned up her pressure and squeezed her thighs inwards and Steffi cried out louder.

Becky made a few more bumps and grinds with her backside and then leaned over and started to smack Steffi's oversized bared breasts with both hands, causing the ample flesh to redden.

"Even her tits are fucking fat! Here, watch this!"

Coleen pulled her dress down to her upper torso so that her braless bosom spilled out in a brazen display of pride. She stretched out prone over Steffi's tacky body and mashed her own boobs into the others. Becky straddled Steffi's legs so that she could not kick out and watched her former friend move her heavy bottom to and fro.


Becky felt a spasm in her pussy as Coleen's exposed crotch came up close to her face. Coleen's knickers showed a clear wet patch in the middle and Becky carefully moved the material of the underwear to one side.

"Well, hello!"

Coleen raised her bottom up as Becky poked her pink tongue against the damp gash and licked greedily.

The pair of them moved in sync and Coleen sighed as her pussy was probed and licked.

She did not let up on Steffi and the pair of them mashed bare bosoms together in an obscene kind of tit dance.

Each time Coleen reared back her tits remained glued to Steffi until they broke with a tiny squelching noise.


All three now moved together on the floor of the bathroom and Becky moved Coleen's panties so that the crack between her cheeks was completely visible.
Becky massaged the white meat of the rounded ass as she buried her face in Coleen's dripping pussy.

Now in a perfect rhythm Coleen bounced her backside up and down as she was licked out from behind. And at the same time Steffi thrust up and her voluptuous bust came nipple to nipple with Coleen's.

"What have we here?"

Becky dragged down Steffi's caked underwear and thrust inside her with two fingers.

"Oh my goodness!"

Steffi felt the frisson of a thrill as her very wet pussy was frigged hard.
The older of the three shrieked with unbridled joy as Becky finger fucked her full pouting labia.

There came a light tapping on the door followed by a low female voice.

"Hello? Is this engaged? I need to wash my hands."

As one all three groaning WAGS yelled back.


"Well I never!" Came the reply from outside as the voice faded into the distance.

Coleen licked and sucked on Steffi's breasts with a surprising passion considering the circumstances.

Steffi opened her legs wider as Becky switched from eating out Coleen to her warm and moist cunt.

Becky teased and tantalised with her flicking across her slit and erect clit that emerged aroused and erect.

"Oh, that's it!"

Coleen and Steffi writhed on the cold floor from their heated passion and the Scouser felt Sfeffi arch upwards in an electric spasm as she began to cum.

'Oh, fuck!" She cried out in between deep breaths and throaty moans.

Coleen rose up, the top half of her dress about her waist and looked on the bedraggled Mrs Shilton.

"You two sluts! I'm going to sue the pair of you for assault!"

"Not to mention a good cunt licking!" Retorted Coleen with heaving breasts.

"Oh, bollocks!"

Stephanie attempted to cover her modesty with the remaining tatters of her spoiled dress, unlocked the door and left the room.

"There now, you stupid twit. Now I'm going to get another summons!"

The remaining women faced each other, and Coleen raised her chin in defiance and glared back at Becky.

"Don't blame me. You did your bit."

"Did not."

"Yes, you did."


Rebekah pushed Coleen in the chest, forcing her back two steps.



"Stuck up cow!"

With a stiffening of shoulders Coleen reached out and took hold of Becky's left sleeve and pulled hard.
Despite the entire front of her dress coming away at the seems, Becky proved herself adept and ready and punched out with both fists.


Ferocious smacks and slaps resounded in the small rest room as the pair threw themselves at each other wildly.

Inevitably they grabbed each other by the hair, pulling and digging this way and that.

Both topless their jiggling breasts mashed against the other as they soon became disheveled and grimy with perspiration.

Just as before they separated as they accepted they were deadlocked yet again. Becky surprised Coleen by tearing her dress off completely and stepping out of her underwear.

"Is that door locked?"

"Yeah,' said Coleen as she faced her rival totally naked.

Both felt a rush of warmth rise to their loins, followed by a tingle of sexual arousal.

"Are you as turned on as I am?"


Together they hugged the other to their own naked and sweat covered body, with soft moans and embracing arms.

Rebekah moved her long legs in to intertwine them about Coleen's meaty thighs, and twisting them around her calves.

"Do it."

Becky buried her face in Coleen's heaving bosom and humped her naked rival with pelvic thrusts.

Their yielding frames gummed at the belly and thighs, both of the grappling WAGS shimmering and oiled up from their exertions. Coleen trembled as their lewd union sent mounting sensations of pleasure through her loins.


Becky sawed her hand inside Coleen's soft inner thighs and made sublime contact with her saturated pussy.

They rocked back and forth on teetering heels as their fight merged into something else entirely. The same energy they had for fighting was turned into a force for sexual relief as they became a quivering duo.

"Rub my pussy, bitch!"

"Only if you do the same, you money grabbing slut!"

Each rubbed the others cunts as their boobs bounced off each other and their bellies slapped together loudly.

Now they came pussy to pussy, clit to clit in an erotic face off. With eyes glazed they gyrated faster and faster until they eventually reached their peak and they both stiffened in their mutual climax.

Totally spent, they sank to the floor in a heap of limbs and heaving breasts, still clutching the other.

"Well, what next?" Wondered Rebekah.

"What indeed."



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