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Author Topic: What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Kate Beckinsale-Accidental Stripper  (Read 940 times)

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Note- My follow up to Kate Beckinsale-Accidental Pornstar, which seems to have slipped under the radar on this site. Doing rather better at Literotica though since I posted it there.

Featuring Lady Sonia.


"Skool Disko, relive those naughty passions of your youth. Costume's essential."

Kate Beckinsale unfolded the square piece of card and read the invitation spelt out in children's type writing.

"What do you think? You'll be an absolute knockout."

"You really think?"

"After seeing you with those two guys at my place last week, I have no doubts whatsoever."

Kate looked at Lady Sonia as she took a long drag on a thin black cigarette and then watched the blue smoke escape the middle aged woman's lips.

The successful internet star and fetish performer recalled the sex shoot the week before when Kate and her boyfriend showed up to write a magazine article about the rising Japanese porn industry.

Kate had been transfixed by the numerous scenes involving bondage, spanking and full blown sex.
She had even been dragged into being directly involved and Kate had been captivated by proceedings.

As a consequence Kate had been invited by Sonia to take part in a private photo shoot that led to her having some steamy sex with two well hung male porn actors.
Thoroughly enthralled by that, the famed actress of such movies as 'Serendipity' and 'Underworld' had discovered a thus far hidden desire for racy sex, and with more than one partner at the same time.

"I mean, how exactly does one take their clothes off in front of strange men?"

Kate bit on an irritating nail as she contemplated Her Ladyship's offer of becoming a stripper for an exclusive bachelor party at her home in West London.
And not only would Kate be expected to perform a live striptease but she would be on demand for 'extra duties' besides.

"You'll get used to it double quick. It's not hard for someone as attractive as you. What I do is focus on one man in the audience and dance just for him. See it as acting, Kate. Just fake it if need be."

"You really think I can do this?"

"The guys will be eating out of your hand. And with any luck, eating out of your pussy."

Despite the fact that Kate had expressed to Sonia she had been easily aroused by fucking two men at the same time, and wished to repeat the deed again, she had reservations of public sex.

"What about me? I don't want to be recognized. It will be all over the gutter press."

"Don't worry, my dear. What happens in my house stays in my house. Just put on a blonde wig and nobody will be any the wiser, trust me." Sonia waved a dismissive hand and lit another smoke. "I've chosen a sexy school theme so that we can all dress up in a fun role play. Lord Charles Ponsonby has paid handsomely and expects his money's worth."

Between film roles, Kate had found herself quite bored. And now Peter had flown to Tokyo for some considerable time, quite lonely. Not to mention sexually frustrated.
She had to admit to being curious, even going as far as being titillated about what may occur.

"Alright. I'll do it."

"Superb! You'll have the time of your life."


So, once again Kate found herself at the home of Lady Sonia just behind the famous Albert Hall on the northern edge of South Kensington.
The Grade Two building had high ceilings throughout and boasted eight rooms, four bedrooms and one en suite master, kitchen, dining room, and reception.
The location of the Victorian house was fairly private with the street set well back amidst trees and low lightning.

"That's the spirit! Come in, then. School's open."

Kate was ushered inside by the radiant Lady Sonia herself, whose schoolgirl type outfit belied her age.
Her heavy 34F bust was all but hanging out of her crisp white blouse with the striped neck tie that plunged down the woman's vast cleavage.
The tall short haired female's enormous boobs seemed at odds with her lithe and slender frame.
Besides this she wore a black micro skirt and knee high white cotton socks.

"Very chic."

Kate had chosen a much more raunchy type of school costume with her white button down shirt tied off just under her bare boobs, and a pleated mini skirt and thigh high hold ups in opaque white.
On her feet she had a pair of pointed toe stilettos with a very high five inch heel. She had a subdued champagne blonde wig that she had tied off into two pigtails.

As an actress Kate knew all about make up and had painted her lips crimson, and applied dusky shadow to her eye lids for impact.

They passed a large board that had 'Skool Disko" written on it in large lettering. Kate noted the 'K's' were printed backwards.

"Like it?"

Her Ladyship had let her creative juices flow and besides the usual balloons and ribbons hanging from the ceiling, she had tables of sweet foods. Jelly, cake, chocolate bars, and popcorn.

"Nice touch."

Amid the like dressed dancing guests in the main room, Kate felt somewhat silly and self-conscious in her scanty costume.


She started when a chuckling man in a blue blazer and short trousers pinched her on the bottom.
That was when Kate realised that she was turning heads. One man turned her way so fast that Kate fancied she heard his neck pop.

"Kate, this is His Lordship, Sir Charles. The birthday boy. Sixty six, not out."

Sonia presented an elderly man in a ridiculous boy's outfit of shirt and tie, the tails of the shirt being tucked out of his short trousers. A red and white striped cap on his head was obviously two sizes too small.

"Good evening, my dear. Care for some jelly? It's my favourite, strawberry. Hah, hah, ho!"

The rotund man visibly shook like a jelly as he huffed and in merriment.

"I understand you'll be performing for us tonight? Look forward to that. Ta ta."

"Isn't he a hoot? This way, my lovie." Said Sonia grabbing her hand.

Kate's next surprise was to be led into a smaller, more private room that had a dozen chairs and a low raised sort of stage.

"Here she is, gents."

Kate looked out under the glare of bright lights and in the dark just made out a handful of patient male guests sitting facing the stage.
Kate tottered up onto the wooden stage as a dozen eager eyes mentally undressed her.
Her heart quickened as the music started and she stared at Sonia who made circular motions with her hand, indicating to Kate to start.

"Here goes nothing."

Tacky strobe lights hit the stage and the loud music began, 'Crazy Bitch' by Buckcherry.
Kate stood dead center with her head bowed. Her golden wig fell forwards before she whipped her head back sharply and started to dance to the music.

She propelled herself from one side of the fairly small stage to the other, keeping time with the hypnotic beat.
The men howled and clapped every time Kate bent down with her back to the audience and thrust out her behind, exposing her thin g-string under her mini skirt.
Apart from her superb rounded ass cheeks her plump vulva could be clearly seen as she swayed to and fro.

"Get 'em off!" Yelled one and Kate began to play with her top, undoing the knot at her front and opening her shirt.

"Alice Cooper's classic 'School's Out' started and was the perfect song to begin stripping to.
As she threw her shirt open wide her firm tits were freed up. Kate had perfect breasts with delightful areolas and hard little nipples.

Her upper body, now bared to all was magnificent under the harsh lights.
She raised her arms and hopped up and down, letting gravity do the rest by bouncing her bosom wildly.
All eyes followed her delicious curves and the toned muscles of her abdomen.

Again she rubbed her legs, this time lingering on her protruding mound between her milk white upper thighs.
Kate stood close to the edge of the stage and pouted fully as she ran her hands up the insides of her thighs to her hot snatch.

"And the rest, darling."

Kate threw out a hip, stood side on unzipped her skirt. It puddled around her high heels as she revealed her peach of an ass to ripples of applause.

Warrant's 'Sweet Cherry Pie' belted out of the loudspeakers and Kate gyrated to the syncopating beat, undulating her hips and belly as she went.
Lady Sonia was quite right. It did become easier as she got into it.

She caught sight of Her Ladyship who was busy with a seated guest and bobbing her head as she happily sucked his stiff cock.

Time to step up, thought Kate.
She again turned her back, straightened her legs and touched the toes of her shoes.
With unbearable slowness the smoking hot actress peeled her g-string down the backs of her thighs to her knees.
Then she lifted one graceful pin and stepped out of the skimpy lingerie.

She faced the audience and let it slide down her left leg to her ankle to the delight of all.
Her pussy, devoid of any pubic hair nestled sweetly between her upper thighs, and the strobe lights teased the audience as they highlighted it in fleeting moments.

"I'm coming out there!" Cried the very naked Kate Beckinsale as she began to stroll around the chairs, tossing her head and jiggling her tits.

Kate saw Sir Charles in front and she came off the low stage and stood over him, raising her hands above her head and clapping to the music.

Her legs parted and she shook her hips, slowly descending onto the cheerful fellow's lap.
She laughed and grabbed his chubby hands and placed them against the outside of her sleek thighs.

"Happy birthday, Sir Charles."

"It is now!" He bellowed.

He moved his hands up to her bared breasts as she ground her bottom into his hot groin.
She felt his erection through his trousers and then she licked her lips in an exaggerated swipe of her pink tongue.
Kate kept firm eye contact with His Lordship as she drew down the zip of his fly and took out his stiffening dick.

"Good lord!"

Sir Charles gripped the arms of his seat as he looked down at the top of Kate's wig as she moved her head on his length.
The old fellow gasped as Kate's luscious mouth sank down his throbbing member in a teasing and languid rhythm. He felt her hot breath cover his organ as she drew him in all the way to his root.


Sir Charles felt his legs twitch as his cock throbbed in the incredible warmth of Kate's mouth and he tilted his head back just as she leered at him and tossed him off in her palm.
He shot his load and he dabbed the sweat from his brow as he savoured the blessed relief of his orgasm.

"Splendid! What splendid fun!"

Kate nonchalantly wiped her hand clean on His Lordship's short pants adjusted her opaque stockings.

"Who's up next?" She asked with a cock of her head to one side.

"Over her, luvvie. I want to watch you suck this cock. It's rather yummy."

Lady Sonia had dispensed with her skirt and underwear and her white blouse was open wide.
Her humongous boobs hung out with the large and extended nipples.
The man she was servicing had his trousers around his ankles and his fingers played with Sonia's medium cut hair.
Kate moved to stand by Sonia who held up a thick dick with a long, veiny shaft.
Her fingers stroked the rigid pole as she held it out to Kate to taste.


Kate slid both hands, one above the other, around his stalk and guessed him to be eight inches plus in length.
She swiped her tongue over the mushroom head and then popped him inside her mouth with a raised brow.

"Oh, so fucking good." She agreed with her hostess as she continued to move her head back and forth as she sank down onto half of his full length.

"Yeah, take it all, babe." Urged Sonia next to her. "Show us how good you are."

The man moved to the edge of his seat as Kate took in more and more of his rampant dick.
Her eyes rolled back and her fingers dug into his thighs as she moved up and down his shaft repeatedly.

"Oh, shit!"

He groaned and his hot cum shot out down Kate's throat.

"Way to go!"

Another man slid in beside the two women and Kate obliged him by letting her tongue swirl around his bell end.
Lady Sonia sought out another man and left Kate to pleasure the other.
Just over six inches in length, the man had a curious curve to his dick which Kate found amusing.

As she moved forwards she leaned back on her heels and engulfed his cock, slowly taking him all the way to his balls.
The head bumped the back of her throat on each stroke and she hummed audibly as his cock seemed to spiral back out die to his unique shape.
He swelled inside her mouth suddenly as his groans grew louder.


His knob made several spasms in her mouth as she gripped his pulsing shaft hard.
Kate gulped down his load until he slipped out and softened.

Barely ten feet away Lady Sonia was on the floor on her back with a naked buck between her splayed legs and his fists pawing at her wonderful orbs.

Kate looked on intensely as the young man fucked her wet cunt unmercifully with swift hammer thrusts.
Her left sock slipped down to her ankle as her leg trembled uncontrollably due to her excitement.

"Are you free?" Asked a male voice in Kate's left ear.

Kate turned her head half way and felt hot breath on her cheek.

"Yours for the taking, it seems."

Kate pushed her ass back towards the man behind her and his stiff log settled in the crevice that separated her divine buttocks.
He wrapped his hands around her waist and worked his way up to cup her tits.
Her nipples were stiff between his fingers as she ground back into his hard on,
While he played with her left boob, his other hand ventured down to her pussy which he found to be quite hairless.

"Ooh!" Kate moaned as he rubbed her wet slit and flicked at her sensitive clit.

Kate moved her hips accordingly as she tried to fuck his fingers and she parted her legs to allow for further access.
Again, with more urgency, Kate pushed back, in a search for his boner.

"Give it to me, now!"

With that stern order her stranger slid his cock right up into her sopping slot.
As much as he fucked her, so Kate wiggled her rump right back at him.
Glued together Kate bent forwards at the waist and teetered on her heels as the guy pumped her as deeply as possible.
Kate sighed as he rubbed her clit and held her tightly around the waist.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

Then, as quickly as he had mounted her, he pulled out and vanished, leaving Kate decidedly bereft of cock.
Every man in the private room had stood up by now and had stripped off their trousers and pants.
Kate was then seized under her armpits by a tall man at the same time two others grabbed her ankles.


Kate clamped her blonde wig firmly on her head as she was suspended four feet up from the floor and carried around like some sort of trophy.
Numerous hands fondled and groped her slim body. Tits, ass, pussy, the lot.
Her legs were held apart and a finger pushed inside her muff and Kate bit her lip as she was frigged fast.
Another put his cock to her mouth and she slurped on his rigid pole as she was eaten out by a man with a receding hairline.

"I have to fuck her."

Kate was lowered onto a chair as a middle aged guest cradled her stocking clad legs in the crooks of his arms.
She was dizzy with the thrill of being manhandled by so many and she looked this way and that as the ribald crowd surrounded her.
Once he entered the wriggling actress he fucked her bald cunt hard and fast.
Two men stood either side of the chair and Kate stroked their rods as she
was shunted back into the seat.


With her mouth suddenly stuffed with a salty dick, Kate drooled on him as the other thrust in and out of her pussy.
He pulled out and let another man take his place.
This man waited a moment as he studied Kate's smooth quim, now shining with juices from her and her lovers.


He said and plunged up into her slick wetness.
Kate was ruthlessly screwed rotten as the aroused man put all his energy into fucking her.
Kate loved being taken like this and squealed at every stroke he gave her.

He came soon with a guttural cry and he slowed up as he gushed inside her.
A second cock took the place of the shriveling other spent guy, and Kate panted as she was banged into the seat.
No sooner had he come in her cunt, another, and yet another fucked her in sequence.

"Keep it up, keep it up!" She urged as she welcomed one and all.

Kate was heady with lust from the serial fucking, and the streams of cum deposited in her gaping pussy leaked out and creamed her upturned backside.

"Are you free?"

HIM! Kate blinked hard as she focused on the intriguing man who had taken her earlier.
A muscular young male, he stood before her completely naked and sporting a well proportioned erection.

"Will someone fuck my tits?"

Kate turned as she heard Lady Sonia speak out loudly.
The middle aged dominatrix lifted her pendulous boobs as one fellow accepted the invitation and slid his cock inside the cavernous cleavage of Sonia's enhanced jugs.

"Care to suck it?"

Kate looked back at the good looking man in front of her as he offered her his knob.
She licked her lips and promptly popped the business end past her crimson lips.
His bell end filled her mouth as she attempted to fellate him.
He took her by the shoulders and held her in a firm grip, all the while gazing at her with his blue eyed stare.

"Just let it glide."

Obviously knowing his own prowess he moved his pelvis in an upward motion that fed his cock along Kate's lolling tongue and on toward the back of her throat.
The sensational feel of him literally stroking the inside of her mouth was something Kate would not forget for a long time.
She squeezed his scrotum and enjoyed the fact he narrowed his eyes in bliss.

"Let's do it doggy."

Kate was spun around so that she faced the back of the chair.
She used the back of her hand to wipe her lips and balanced on the tips of her heels as her lover kicked her legs apart effortlessly.
He cupped her sticky cunt, still dripping cum, and presented his cock head to her sodden entrance.

"Doggy? Again?"

"Yes. Like this."

With her hips held in an iron grip, Kate gasped as her pussy was speared yet again by his incredible length.
She grabbed onto the back of the chair as his groin smacked into her quivering backside with force.
Her initial gasp became a moan which grew into more of a strangled cry as Kate felt her soft nether cheeks pushed together.
As he pushed on through, his considerable log was sucked into Kate's saturated pussy which oozed spent cum with copiously.

"You're all squishy." Said he, fascinated by the sight of his boner disappearing Inside her, only to re-emerge coated with white goo.

Kate muttered under her breath as she was stretched by his swollen organ.
He fucked her slowly, plunging in up to the hilt and keeping himself inside her, before pulling back all the way.

"Harder, you...you...oh!"

"Harder, I can do."

He slammed in, fucking her with rapid and steady thrusts that had Kate's knuckles turning white as she held onto the back of the chair tightly.
Well lubed and super slick, he had no trouble sinking in all the way to the hilt.
He tugged on her hips as he went, pulling her back onto his stiff dick, whispering in her ear how she felt so good around his cock.


Kate was roughly pulled upright against his hot stomach and chest and her jiggling tits were squeezed as she attempted to buck back at him.
She came with a scream and tried to muffle her emotional cries with her hands.
Her lover snorted and pinned her perspiring body to his as he just about used her limp form to rigorously masturbate himself with her.



Kate welcomed his cum as his cock pulsated and he pumped her with several intense twitches.
With each tremor he thrust up deeply to emphasise his lust for her.
He remained inside her until he recovered his composure and pulled out.
The sudden withdrawal saw Kate squirt cum from her cunt and make a conspicuous puddle in the floor.

"Are you alright, my dear?"

Kate slowly managed to lift her weary head as Lady Sonia spoke to her.

"Fine." Answered Kate as she straightened up finally. "Do you have a Kleenex by any chance?"

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Re: What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Kate Beckinsale-Accidental Stripper
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2020, 09:20:41 AM »
As Kate has been my #1 celeb for quite a while I can defininitely say enjoy this story. 8)

One thing I particularly like is the idea that underneath the cool surface even celebrities have uncontrollable urges just waiting to be unleashed. That's the kind of portrayal I tend to like - not just about the women who are natural born sluts, but girls who are suddenly in circumstances that pushes them over the edge, allowing them to go nymphomaniac on the world!
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Re: What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Kate Beckinsale-Accidental Stripper
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2020, 10:31:53 AM »
As Kate has been my #1 celeb for quite a while I can defininitely say enjoy this story. 8)

One thing I particularly like is the idea that underneath the cool surface even celebrities have uncontrollable urges just waiting to be unleashed. That's the kind of portrayal I tend to like - not just about the women who are natural born sluts, but girls who are suddenly in circumstances that pushes them over the edge, allowing them to go nymphomaniac on the world!

Check out the first story 'What If Celebs Were Porn Stars' which preceeds this one.


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