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Taylor Swift's Sex Lesson
« on: September 17, 2020, 06:38:32 AM »
xxx In which Taylor teaches her best friend, Katy Perry, how to talk dirty during sex.

Featuring Joe 'tiddles' Alwyn.

Note- Although based on known celebrities, this tall tale is pure fiction, and only inspired by those mentioned herein.


"Of course, it all went pear shaped after the baby was born, so predictable."

Katy Perry sighed as she crossed her legs for the tenth time in two minutes.

"The pregnancy slowed up our usual sex life naturally, I looked like a beached whale most of the time. But once I had recovered after the baby was born, Orlando kept making excuses to avoid rekindling our love life. Either he wasn't in the mood, or he was too tired, you know the way men are sometimes."

Taylor Swift nodded, took a gulp of freshly squeezed orange juice and poured her visitor another tall glass.

"And believe me, I miss the sex terribly. Orlando is an excellent lover. His dick is close on seven inches, solid as a rock and thick enough to make me scream the house down. And he is so considerate to my needs. Sometimes we used to do it twice a day! And now, huh! I'm reduced to fucking the washing machine! He's beginning to wonder why I do five loads of laundry a day!"

"What is it with British guys anyway?" Asked Taylor as she ruminated on her past lovers.

Calvin Harris. Boy, he was an insatiable Scot. Harry Styles was a cutie, and Tom Hiddleston, or Hiddleswift as she named him, could bang the shit out of her in a flash.

"I know! What IS that? Either they're tigers in the sack, and the next they go all stiff upper lip and reserved."

"I do love 'em though. Such a sexy accent."

"Tell me about it. Russell used to make me wet just by talking to me. AND he knew thirty different positions."

"Shit! That IS quite a lot. Hey, maybe that's it. BBM."


"BBM. The talking. I tell you, Joe loves it when I talk dirty when he fucks me. He comes like crazy after I'm through telling him stuff. It's what I call 'Brain, Body, Mouth' the ideal combination."

"Really? I don't know. Sounds a bit corny to me. I've seen porn films where they yell out 'give it to me you big boy' lots of times. Lame."

"Maybe you need a few lessons, is all."

Taylor gave Katy a wink and a knowing smile, displaying that desirable pout with the shaped Cupid's Bow. She took Katy by the hand and showed her the rest of the house.

"I love what you've done to the place by the way."

"Thank you, we love it."

The two were relaxing in Taylor's retro property situated in a leafy part of Beverly Hills.
The dreamy living and dining rooms took in views of the outdoor swimming pool which was surrounded by dozens of trees.

Impressive features inside included the period beamed ceilings, extensive glass walls, and white washed ceilings.
Contemporary art adored all the walls, and all the furnishings were of traditional Americana design.

"First, we knocked down the west wall so that this room could flow into twice the size. Out went shabby colour and we got white ceilings, white carpentry, white everything."


"Wait until you see the bedroom. I have far too many clothes so I put in lots of white doors behind which I hide everything. I stashed all my dresses, bags, and shoes in the built in wardrobe. It's so uncluttered now, gives a nice airy vibe. The bed is big and white with a hot pink headboard. Come and see."

The on again, off again friendship between the famous pop stars had ended their longstanding beef claiming it had all been blown out of proportion by media coverage.

Now super friendly the two were entirely supportive of each other, wanting nothing but the best for the pair of them.

They walked side by side down a narrow passage past several rooms and stopped outside a closed door.

"Wait just a minute. I think Joe may be napping."

Taylor held her hand up, slipped inside the master bedroom and left Katy alone for a full five minutes.
Slightly bemused she shrugged and tapped on the door lightly, opening it a crack.


"Come in, Katy."

She pushed the door open and stepped in, and then threw her hands up to her face.

"Oh my god!"

There on the bed were Taylor and her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. And both were stark bollock naked.

"Oh, look er...sorry to interrupt. I had no idea."

"No, no. You're not interrupting. Meet Joe. Say hi, Joe."

"Hi, Joe." Chirped the London born actor in his adorable accent.

Katy muttered a hello as her eyes focused on the young man's fantastic dark hair with the side swept bangs. He looked directly back at her with ocean blue eyes. His body was superb, smooth lines, and zero body hair.

But the thing that took Katy's breath away was Joe's full erection, all of eight inches with a single prominent vein that throbbed down one side of his milk white shaft.

"While you're here, we thought you might like a quick lesson in the dirty talk."

"Yeah, Taylor really has the toilet mouth!"

Taylor playfully nudged her laughing boyfriend in the ribs.

"Hey, you!"

Taylor looked amazing in the buff with her snow white complexion and slim figure.
The blonde singer tossed her long hair back and Katy took a long look at her perky tits with the very stiff nipples.

Her bare right leg was bent at the knee and her bald snatch seemed almost to wink at Katy.
Taylor casually stroked her vertical smile and Katy felt a spasm in her own loins.

"Will you look at that?" Said Joe with a twinkle in his eyes. He had his dick in his fist which he transferred to his cute lover.

Taylor leaned over with a giggle and gave the head if his cock a sweet kiss before licking all around the bloated glans.

"I call it tiddles!" Joked Taylor, looking at Katy who was all agog.

Joe held the top of her head as she swallowed the head whole and began to suck eagerly whilst gripping him by the root.
At the same time Joe caressed her slender thighs, slowly moving towards her swollen labia.

Taylor moaned on his knob as he traced out a line around her prominent mound, forcing her to lift up her hips in a futile attempt to make him probe her inner folds.

"Oh, you devil!"

Taylor was breathing harder as Joe took her left nipple between his teeth and sucked it into his mouth.
She raised her eyes to look at Katy, still with Joe's dick in her mouth, and Katy's wide eyed expression turned her on even more.

Taylor kept up a fine pace, sliding down his shaft until she could take no more without gagging.
Joe played with her fine hair and opened his mouth in a silent scream as her tongue swirled around his knob at the same time she deep throated him.


Taylor sighed on Joe's gleaming cock head as he finally slid two fingers inside her wet slit and frigged her hard.
The long haired blonde's juices trickled out down her left thigh as well as smearing his palm as he continued to finger her deeper.

"Excuse me, Katy. I just got to ride tiddles."

Katy gnawed on a fingernail as Taylor inhaled deeply and straddled Joe reverse cowgirl style as he sat on the edge of the bed.

His engorged cock stood straight up and as Taylor moved it between her splayed out pins Katy was in awe at how big he actually was.

"Come here, you."

The toned singer rubbed her bald beaver with his massive dome and began to lower her body down onto his lap, ensuring his dick entered her all the way.


Taylor always loved the initial penetration best of all, and she lifted back off and on again three times to enjoy that moment to the full.

Katy was just as excited as Taylor, and was at a loss to figure out how the slim fuck bunny could accommodate all of Joe.
Joe's hands were all over her tits as she began to grind back and forth on his prodigious length.

"Oh, Katy. I just LOVE the way he throbs in my pussy. He's stretching me in all directions."

"Uh, huh!"

Katy was riveted to the erotic sight of Taylor sliding up and down on Joe, with her toes pointing down into the thick carpet under her feet.

Unable to remain idle, Katy unzipped her blue and gold halter dress and let it puddle around her shoes.
Then she dragged her panties down and kicked them off with a flourish.

"Oh, look Joe. Katy has a beaver!" Taylor pointed and Joe followed her finger.

Katy had let her bush grow during her pregnancy but had trimmed it back into a nice looking triangle of dark hair in recent weeks.

Her 32D cup boobs pushed out proudly, slightly fatter from her pregnancy, but still undoubtedly her most outstanding feature.
They swung lewdly as she approached the bed.


Taylor had hopped off of Joe now and was again sucking on his shiny dick, enjoying the taste of her own juices on him.
Completely naked, Katy sat on the bed and let Taylor fondle her breasts, making her nipples harden as she pinched them.

"Your tits are gorgeous."

"Thank you."

Who would have thought it? Taylor Swift loved tits!
Katy's sexual excitement doubled as she let Taylor kiss her boobs around the outsides, slowly working along the generous curves towards the hardened tips.

Taylor held up her right breast and nibbled lightly with hard white teeth, and then transferred to the left.
She drove Katy insane with desire as she made tantalising little circles with her tongue on her areolas.

"Lie down."

Katy laid back and felt Taylor run her slim fingers up the insides of her thighs to her muff.
She watched Taylor suck on her own index finger for a few seconds before letting it slide up inside her.
Katy writhed on her back and let her stomach undulate as Taylor fingered her deeply, hitting that sweet spot of hers that usually unleashed her juices.

"So warm and wet."

Katy gasped as she was vigorously finger fucked and her bottom dragged to and fro on the crisp sheets as Joe's hands wandered across her boobs.
As Taylor lightly circled Katy's asshole she poked her tongue at her quim and lapped hungrily with audible slathering.

"I kissed a girl's pussy and liked it!" Hummed Taylor as Katy flung her legs up, which now shook uncontrollably.

Taylor slobbered all over her nether holes, leaving her loins and thighs drenched in spit.

"Hot damn, you taste so good. So, womanly."

Taylor had transformed into a true, debauched slut and Katy had seen nor heard nothing yet.

"Ready for some dirty talk? You can see Joe already has the hots for us, but anyway, Let's pretend he needs encouragement."

Joe grinned as he played with his bulging erection.

"That's right, buster. Make that cock big for me, if you know what's good for you. I'm so fucking horny for cock my clit is aching. I can't stop touching it. Here, can you hear me rubbing my cunt with my fingers? Can you?"

Taylor leaned over Joe and frigged herself in his eyeline, furiously pumping her smooth gash over and over.

"Play with that cock, play with it, you bastard! Make it big and bloody for my warm, wet puss. Do you hear me? Look?"

Taylor held up her hand and showed him how wet it was.

"This is what you did. You make me so horny. All wet and sweaty and hot for your monster dick."

Well, if this wasn't going to make Joe explode, Katy was sure receiving the message loud and clear. Her pussy was saturated and aching for cock, thanks to Taylor and her verbal depravity.

"If Orlando isn't as stiff as a board by now, try the tease technique."

"How's that?"

Taylor shifted on the bed and got as close to Joe without actually touching.

"Look at you sweating. How you shake so. Can you smell my cunt? Hmm? Do you want to taste me? Lick my clit? Do you want to press your tongue right inside me?"

Taylor interspersed her foul language with lots of lip licking and heavy breathing.

"Or maybe you want to lick my nipples. See how hard they are, like two pebbles on a beach. Just yearning for your attention. Bite on these two suckers as hard as you can."

Joe hissed through gritted teeth as Taylor grabbed his balls in one fist.

"Or, shall I play with these? Want me to lick them, shove them in my drooling mouth? Huh? Well do you?"

Taylor yanked his balls, adding a spiral twist for extra effect.
Joe groaned as Taylor dribbled on his tight scrotum and squeezed his sack as his boner twitched and bobbed in her face.
The blonde tease deliberately avoided touching his cock so as to make the aroused young man suffer a little further.

"See, Katy! He's gagging for it."

Me too, thought Katy as she watched Joe suddenly fling Taylor onto her back and dive between her hovering legs.
The crazed English actor inhaled her very essence and swiped her dripping cooze from butt hole to clit.

"And...oh my! Katy, keep...keep egging him...him...on."

Taylor Swift wiped her brow as Joe licked and flicked at her hard nub.
He held the underside of her thighs as Taylor squirted warm fluids onto his lips.

"So good, so fucking good! Lap me up, you bad boy. Drink my cunt dry, you mother. Oh! Your tongue is driving me insane! Get on top of me."

Joe shook his head to clear his head and pressed his hips against Taylor's loins.

"How can you be so hard? Here, put it in. Put it...fuck!"

Joe mounted his lover and pushed his dick in to the hilt.

"Yes! Fuck that pussy! Fuck it, damn you! Fuck it, fuck it, fuck itl fuck it! Fuck...me! Fuck...me!"

Taylor gripped Joe's thighs as he pinned her long pins double back so that her feet dangled by her head.
She turned to Katy and mouthed the word 'wow' as she was screwed into the mattress.
Joe screwed his eyes shut and went at it with hammer and tongs, reminding Katy of what Orlando used to be like.
His pelvis was a blur as he pistoned into the leggy babe with forceful power thrusts.

"Fuck! He's splitting me in two!"

For Katy the sexual tension was getting too much, so when Taylor cocked her head to her in invitation to join in Katy nodded back.
Joe pulled out of Taylor's glistening pussy and together they stretched Katy out along the length of the white bed.
She sighed as Joe trailed his hands down her spine and pushed her knees apart.
He wasted no time, seeing how turned on he had become, and drilled into her with one continuous lunge.


Beside her, Taylor took Katy's ample tits in her hands and fondled them as Joe grunted behind them.
He gripped her waist and jammed his groin into Katy's backside and found her rippling cheeks quite amusing.

Taking each of her buttocks in each hand he spread them apart and increased the rate of his strokes.
Katy was totally manipulated by the young Englishman as he expertly
pulled back on his out stroke to where he just almost withdrew completely, before slamming back in.

"So sexy." Said Taylor as she slid beneath Katy in a 69 position.

Her face came up to meet Joe's hairless balls which she fondled and licked as his dick drive into Katy still.
Katy dipped her head and smothered Taylor's snatch and sucked her into her drooling mouth.

"You do that so well."

Taylor cooed against Joe's ball sack as she welcomed Katy's warm breath on her quim and her rolling tongue which licked up her sweet juices that trickled out from her inner folds.
Taylor's hips writhed as her climax built and built and built.

"I can't take any more. I need tiddles inside me!"

The three of them parted and again Taylor chose the more dominant role, and settled on Joe's lap facing him.
They locked eyes as she lowered herself onto him with a drawn out gasp.
Joe gripped her hips and guided her until he was all the way in.

Taylor leaned over him and lovingly kissed his face and neck. Katy looked at the pair of lovers as they remained still, joined as they were with Taylor fully embedded on his huge member.

"Whenever you're ready." Urged Joe as he throbbed inside his lover.

He loved the feel of her peaches and cream skin and caressed her body as she relented and moved on his log with a series of grinding motions that caused his cock to stimulate her clit immensely.

Joe took her left breast into his mouth and the raunchy blonde pop star moaned through her teeth at the exquisite sensation.

"Oh, lover. Your cock feels so good inside."

Taylor placed the palms of her hands on his chest and ground her hips in a mind numbing circular motion that brought the lecherous singer to instant orgasm.
She fell forwards across Joe's chest, now soaked in sweat, as she wallowed in an earth shattering climax.

"Wow!" Exclaimed she as Joe lifted himself up and picked her up with him, still inside her sopping pussy.

Joe began thrusting into her like an unchained animal and her slender legs wrapped around his lower back.
He propped up on his elbows on either side of her as Taylor lightly ran her fingers through his hair.
She groaned with euphoric bliss as she was fucked with hard and deep strokes.
As he pumped her even harder he looked at Katy Perry who was strumming her clit in profound jealousy.

"Holy shit!"

Taylor experienced yet another orgasm as Joe screwed her with alternating slow strokes and deeper thrusts that took her breath away.
Her long nails dug into the flesh of his dripping back as they became glued together at the hip.
Katy laid beside them and kicked her legs out in open invitation.

Joe paused fucking Taylor, his rampant dick half in, half out of her pussy.
He shifted to his left and dragged his shining cock head up and down Katy's wet slit.
Katy turned her head and kissed Taylor who moaned into her mouth as Joe started to shunt in and out of her.

"Fuck me, puppy! Fuck me with tiddles!" She cried.

"Now you're getting it." Said Taylor impressed by Katy's lusty cries.

Joe rolled his eyes and felt her beautiful cunt twitch around his log as Katy moaned like some crazed animal in heat.

He looked to his right and noted Taylor working her fingers in and out of her cunt which dripped clear warm fluid.

Joe dismounted and took her once more who stepped up her own wanton behaviour and pushed back into his groin.

"I am fucking you!" She whimpered.

Joe banged the wild minx with repeated, rapid thrusts and Taylor became limp beneath him as he drained every bit of her stamina as he fucked her silly.

"Fuck me, please?"

Again Joe changed partner and viciously rammed his gleaming rod inside Katy.
Joe was nearing his own end and grunted louder as he pounded Katy over and over.

Her lustful moans became indistinct from his as they bucked in each others arms.
Katy let it all out in one long tirade of dirty talk.

"Keep fucking me with that big cock of yours. I fucking love it deep inside me. You're giving me the shakes. Fuck! Yes! Fuck! Yes! Can you feel me squeezing your dick? Pound me, fuck me, give me an orgasm!"

Katy beat him to it and was the first to cum and Joe withdrew as she climaxed.
Barely able to breathe she collapsed beside Taylor who draped her left leg over Katy's right.
Joe jerked his cock as he loomed over the two desirable pop stars, his eyes lingering on their perfect pussies.

"Come on, Joe."

Joe threw his head back as he sent three quick white stripes across their pursed lips.
As they licked their mouths, Joe sent three more bursts that splattered their tits which they pushed together.

"Shower time, I think. Tiddles is a bit sticky."

Joe excused himself as Taylor propped herself on one elbow.

"Any help, babe? BBM gonna work on Orlando?"

Katy tossed her head back and laughed. Then she gave her friend a high five and rolled over onto her front.

"BBM, Too fucking right!"


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Re: Taylor Swift's Sex Lesson
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Hot damn man, I absolutely love this!  More please!  It's right there in the intro, but the use of dirty talk is superb, unique and creative.  Top tier Taylor story.

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