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Taylor Swift's Anal Lesson
« on: September 21, 2020, 08:23:59 AM »
Note- This is a work of fiction.

Featuring Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.


"So. just answer one question for me."

Taylor Swift thought Katy Perry's voice to be rushed and anxious as she spoke on her cell phone.

"Sure, honey. Shoot."

"Do you like anal sex?"

"Babes, I LOVE anal sex."

"I'll be right over."


Katy drove over to Taylor's Beverly Hills mansion and soon they were sitting side by side, knee to knee, on a swing seat on the veranda at the back of the house.

"So Joe went to England?"

"He flew to Manchester yesterday to watch England play Australia in Cricket. I tell you, he's explained that game to me fifty times and I still don't get it. They have to get out eleven batters, twice, by hitting their stumps with a hard ball."

"Their stumps? That's sick."

"They have six balls in each over."

"They use six balls?"

"Yeah, and get this. The so called Test Match lasts for five days!"

"Five DAYS! Can they use the bathroom?"

"Still, I do love English guys, even though they can be a bit screwy."

"Yeah, and they did give us The Beatles and The Stones, bless 'em."

"You just gotta love The Beatles. And now, Meghan Markle has brought us Prince Harry."

"Right. like THAT marriage is gonna last."

The pair of them looked at each other for a second and then burst into hysterical laughter. As Taylor wiped a tear from her eye she turned to Katy.

"More wine? So. Tell me all about it."

Taylor refilled Katy's glass from the bottle of Chardonnay and sat back.

"Well, since we last met, Orlando and I have been at it like rabbits. His libido has increased ten fold now I give him the dirty talk. But now he thinks I'm, you know, a bit flabby in my pussy. So now he says he wants to fuck me..." Katy put her hand beside her left cheek and whispered in an aside. "In the ass."

"Right, right. Well, you know it's not too bad. I like it, and most men LOVE it. It's all a matter of your will. If you relax and take control of your body it won't be painful at all."


"It'll take a little time to adjust, naturally. But I'm here to guide you."

"Thanks, sweetie." The two of them hugged and got up to go to the kitchen for a little dinner.


Katy was then led to another bedroom, different from the last one where they had all shared a bed together in a hot threesome. A special room. Taylor immediately stripped off her summer dress and stood naked before Katy. The pop star, famed for her song 'I Kissed A Girl' was mesmerised by the striking beauty of her best friend. Long limbed with pert breasts and tight behind, you just knew that this girl would never age.

Plus, Taylor's electric blue eyes and girl next door looks belied the fact that the platinum blonde was a little fuck bunny.
Katy gazed at Taylor's the tantalising V of her very tight pussy which was completely bald with an inviting and prominent labia that were just made for sucking on.

"Well, get naked."

Katy followed suit and shrugged off her top and tight fitting denim shorts. The difference between the two was like night and day. Katy having more of a rounded shape to her curvy form and having fuller 32D breasts and a bubble butt.
Her dyed hair was braided in a ponytail and fell across her left shoulder.

"Get comfy."

The sparse room had one big bed, a table, and two chairs. There was just the one closet and Katy wondered what secrets it might conceal.
Since the two successful singers had reconciled their differences, Katy had enjoyed one or two fantasies about sex with girls, and especially with Taylor.

And after their recent erotic tryst Katy had been having trouble getting the image of the nude Taylor Swift out of her head.
Now, as she scrutinised Taylor, she had an uncontrollable lust for her.
Taylor patted the bed next to her as she sat on the edge.

"I can see in your eyes that you've thought about being with another girl, am I right?"

Katy squirmed beside Taylor and nodded, loving the sound of her sweet and seductive voice.
She put a hand between her own thighs and sucked on her lips in abject excitement. Her heart beat fast from the thrill of being naked once more in her friend's presence.

"It's good, it will help me train you to enjoy anal."

As Taylor spoke she fondled Katy's left breast and smiled as the nipple responded by stiffening.
Katy felt a spasm in her loins at the soft and slender fingers that lightly brushed the tip of her boob.
She closed her eyes and let the pleasure of having her sensitive flesh caressed by another woman.

"Your breasts are amazing. Do you like mine?"

Katy felt any resistance melt away as she reached out with both hands and cupped Taylor's pert pair of tits.
Her areolas were a pretty pink and the nipples were as hard as bullets as Katy outlined every contour and angle of Taylor's magnificent bosom.
Taylor lowered her hands, pushed Katy's legs apart and played with the dark pubic hair that glistened with moisture from the pink folds hidden beneath.


When Taylor's slender fingers dipped in her, Katy pulled her legs up and grasped her knees as she was frigged fast. A truly wonderful tingling begun in Katy's toes and grew stronger as Taylor went in up tp her second knuckle.

"Shift up."

Katy moved so that Taylor could slide her hands under her bottom for better access to her cunt.
Both moaned as Taylor made contact on Katy's muff with her extended tongue.

Katy laid flat out on her back and lifted her left leg to hook around Taylor's neck as her pussy was lashed with fleeting darts that sent electric shocks through her.
Taylor was amazing as she explored every fold of her quim in seemingly endless detail.

"Fucking hell."

Katy legs felt like jelly as they were widened by Taylor who plated her clitoris with superlative flicks.
Katy's pussy was soaked and her breathing had become shallow and quick. Her legs dangled lifeless off of the edge of the bed as Taylor snaked her tongue inside her warm and wet depths.
Katy peered out of half lidded eyes and looked down on Taylor's back that glistened with the perspiration of her endeavours.

"Sweet mother!"

She was lost in pure bliss as Taylor concentrated on her clit who pursed her lips and seemed to attempt to suck the tiny nub out of Katy's cunt!

Katy's breath caught in her throat as tight lips closed around her clit and Taylor's tongue lapped over the stiff little button until Katy bucked up with increased abandon.


Katy exploded in her orgasm and each glorious spasm sent a pulse of pleasure over her loins.
Still Taylor was not done.
As Katy gathered her wits she felt her cheeks part so that her anus was in plain sight.


Taylor's pointed tongue slid in, past Katy's snatch and down toward her puckered star.
She started as Taylor buried her tongue inside her for a split second before gliding over her extremely sensitive perineum.
The feathery touch of the platinum blonde on her asshole made Katy grab fistfuls of the sheets as she got used to the exquisite sensation.

"How do you know these things?"

Katy was placed onto her hands and knees as Taylor buried her cute nose into her fleshy white cheeks and puckered up her cupid bow lips.
Kiss after kiss followed on Katy's starfish as she wiggled her hips from left to right.
Katy was agog as Taylor then hummed between her splayed legs and traversed over and over again on her cunt and asshole with her prodding tongue.


Katy was coated with spit down there as she yielded to the sublime oral assault from the lust crazed singer who brought her to a second climax.

"Right," said Taylor who rose up and wiped her glazed chin. "Step two."


Taylor padded naked to the closet and came back with an assortment of objects.
Katy watched as her friend drew a snug thong up her impossibly long legs and tugged it firmly over her high scooped buns and between her shaven snatch.

Taylor shrugged her locks down her back and secured a black strappy harness over the tops of her hips and back under her.
Then she fitted a formidable looking purple dildo into the diamond shaped front of the contraption and spread her hands.

"Well, what do you think?"

As she spoke she opened a bottle of lube and liberally smeared some on the shaft of the fake cock.

"Cute, isn't it? I call it tiddles two. After Joe."

It was a well made thing with a rounded and circumcised head and thick, veiny shaft.
Katy got up on her knees again on the bed, put her head on a pillow and stuck her tush out invitingly.

"Relax, it's all about trust and relaxing your muscles."

Katy watched Taylor who lubed up the dildo one final time and stepped up behind her.
Katy gasped at the feel of the lotion being applied to her rectum, and a sense of panic set in a little at the thought of her anus about to be breached.

Then she felt the sex toy slide up and down her nether holes as Taylor held her hips in position.
As soon as Taylor felt her friend was ready she pushed the tip of the toy to Katy's anus which parted as it was probed.
She looked back at Taylor who had the most wicked of grins on her face as she inched the dildo inside with slow and deliberate moves.

"Do...do I push back?"

"No, sweetie. Hold still for now. I need for your sphincter to relax.

Taylor twisted the dido as it passed inside Katy's anal ring.

"I'm in."

"Fuck! You're in!"

Taylor used her pelvis to back in and out in a masterful cadence of fucking that gave Katy the most unusual sense of friction in her tiny rear chute.
With each shove in, Katy received a jolt of pleasure plus pain, and her bountiful tits jiggled under her body from the forward thrusting.

"How you coping?"

"Okay, I think. It's intense."

Taylor have Katy half of the length of the dildo, taking care not to sink in all the way, although the sight of Katy Perry taking it in the ass was a tempting offer to fuck the shit out of her.
She gripped her by the hips and Taylor burst into a flurry of short snappy thrusts that caused Katy to shudder from the steady strokes of the dildo.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god!"

Katy whimpered as she wallowed in the wicked pleasure of the dildo pounding her pulsating ass. The almost obscene sound of Katy's poop chute squishing loudly merged with the frenzied noise of her rump being rammed against by Taylor's taut thighs.

"You're doing great, now try to move your butt back.


"Sure you can."

Katy grit her teeth and pushed backwards, taking more than half of the toy cock into her asshole.
Together with Taylor manipulating her hips, they moved together in an erotic tandem.

"This...this feels good." Mumbled Katy as the slick dildo disappeared into her back passage.

Taylor tossed her head back, sending her hair flying, and then she leaned over Katy's back which meant the dildo was almost buried in Katy's ass.

"Oh my, oh my, oh my!"

Taylor kept on pumping with her hips, faster and faster, dripping sweat onto Katy's spine as she did so.
Katy collapsed onto her front and Taylor followed and fell on top of her with the dildo completely shoved inside Katy.

The pressure, the singular moment of ecstasy, and the sweet scent of Taylor Swift's flesh on hers gave Katy a cataclysmic orgasm.
They disentangled after a few blissful seconds and Taylor pulled the shining toy out of Katy's gaping ass.

"Will it go back to normal?" Asked Katy as she contemplated the wide open pit that was her butthole.

"It already is." Answered Taylor who pushed Katy's buttocks together and lovingly massaged her winking anus. "We'll do this again tomorrow."

"I hope so," purred Katy Perry as she wrapped her arms around her best friend.

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Re: Taylor Swift's Anal Lesson
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2020, 07:53:46 PM »
An excellent followup!  It's so nice to see Taylor helping out a friend!  ;)

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