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Author Topic: Taylor Swift's Lesson In Bondage  (Read 1887 times)


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Taylor Swift's Lesson In Bondage
« on: September 23, 2020, 06:44:27 AM »
Another tall tale of celebrity homage, featuring Katy Perry and Joe Alwyn.


"Come on, Katy. Spit it out. You know you can trust me by now."

"I know. Well, Orlando has another thing."


"It may be a bit out there."

"Since we've shared my boyfriend, had sex by ourselves, AND experimented with anal, I think it's a safe bet I won't be too shocked."

For the umpteenth time Katy looked at the personification of the 'all American' girl next door with the peaches and cream complexion and allure of natural purity and cocked her head.

Who would have guessed that this young filly was a rutting, hedonistic and horny nymphomaniac beneath the wholesome exterior.

"He wants to tie me up to the bed! And then fuck my brains out."

Katy almost whispered to her best friend and blushed at the notion of even bringing the subject up.

"Oh, Katy. Really? Is that all? Why, Joe ties me up all the time. And sometimes I tie HIM up. It's really hot and exciting. Would you like us to demonstrate?"

"It's not too edgy?"

"No. Try us."

Katy's eyes lit up at the mouth watering image of Taylor Swift on her back, stark naked and with her hands tied to the headboard.

"You're on. I would love that. No pain though."

"Good. Let's do it."


After a week had passed Katy returned to Taylor's glamourous home in The Hills and was told by Taylor to wait in the living room while she and Joe prepared themselves.

The room was warm and bright with the white walls and ceilings and Katy sat on the sofa and chewed on an errant fingernail as she waited for the oversexed couple to call her.

"Okay. Come on up."

Katy gulped at the sound of Taylor's lilting voice, took the stairs to the master bedroom and gingerly opened the door.

She saw the English actor, Joe Alwyn first. Naked as the day he was born. He turned to her and gave his best smile.

He had a lecherous twinkle in his gorgeous blue eyes and he ran a hand through his thick mop of hair as he greeted Katy.

At over six feet tall he cut a fine figure with his taut butt and lean form. But it was his outstanding erection that caught Katy's eyes. Smooth, stiff, and strikingly thick. Tiddles, he wasn't!

"Nice to see you again, Katy. How are you?"

"Hi, babes," trilled Taylor from the direction of the king sized bed.

Katy was stunned to see the platinum blonde, with her fine hair spread out across a pillow, on her back and laid out in a lewd starfish position.

Her wrists and ankles were secured to the headboard and lower foot board by black silk scarves, Save for her sexy fishnet stockings the long limbed beauty was in the buff.
As this image seeped into her brain, Taylor smiled broadly, clearly proud of how outrageous she must look.

"Right, so what do you think?"

Katy gawped at Taylor's perky tits that sat high on her chest, and toned flat stomach that moved slightly as she giggled.

Her arms were above her head, and her slender and lithe legs were so splayed out that Taylor's bald muff was exposed to display the pink interior.

The airy bedroom had hit Taylor's nipples and had caused them to stand out in relief, bullet hard and rosy.

"I can't move. Isn't it a riot?"

Taylor demonstrated by wriggling her feet and wrists which moved with a certain amount of give, but not a lot.

"The idea of me being tied and helpless is that Joe can tease and drive me wild enough so that I will literally beg him to fuck me."

Katy pulled up a chair beside the bed and kicked off her shoes. Taylor looked like the hot little vixen she really was and she winked at her friend as her boyfriend joined her on the bed.

Joe cupped her tits and carefully traced one finger around each of the areolas, making sure to avoid touching with the sensitive nipples.

Katy watched in awe as Taylor writhed on the bed, whimpering and moaning softly, obviously aching for firmer physical contact.

"And don't forget the dirty talk, Katy. Aren't these just the most beautiful pair of tits you ever saw?"

Joe dipped his head and kissed the gentle curve of her left boob from the underside to the top, before moving to her right and repeating the same.


Taylor tried to close her parted legs in order to rub her thighs against her moistening pussy. A futile effort seeing as they were firmly opened by her ankle restraints.

Joe took each nipple into his mouth, lightly biting them and then sweeping his slithering tongue over them in rapid nods of his head.

"So hard, aren't they? Taste so good in my mouth. Yes, so hot you make my lips burn."

Taylor mumbled nonsense as she panted in her increased arousal, and Katy saw how her ears turned pink the more heated she got.

"Feeling a bit neglected down below, babe? Would you like me to eat your pussy? Probe you until you scream for tiddles?"

"Uh, huh!"

"Not yet."

Joe scooted down to her tied feet and held her left in his hands. He looked at Katy as he wrenched the nylon stocking back above her ankle to extract Taylor's dainty foot.
She cooed in abject bliss as he caressed the sole from heel to toes which wigged in her delight.

"Taylor has sensitive feet."

As he spoke he poked out his tongue and worked it in between the spaces of each toe with surprising dexterity.
Taylor purred like a kitten as he lingered at her big toe and sucked it into his mouth.
He kneaded her sole as he sucked audibly, and Katy looked on with a gaping jaw.

"This is new."

Joe had tugged Taylor's right foot out of the ragged stocking and traced a line with his tongue up the exquisite curve of her arch and then back the pale toes with the red polish.

One by one he sucked on them from the smallest on up. All the while, he stroked her calves and Taylor's aching pussy puddled on the sheet beneath her.

"I think I love you," she said as Joe moved his hands up Taylor's flanks.

He lovingly kissed her front in a straight vertical line to her navel. He probed her button with the point of his tongue and then continued with a slight detour to the inside of her willowy leg.

"She loves this," said he to the rapt Katy who nodded in total silence.

He peppered the soft skin with dozens of butterfly kisses and the occasional swipe of his drooling tongue that deposited a tell tale smear of saliva that glistened under the ceiling light.

"Ohhh! Joe..."

Taylor writhed more urgently as he switched to her right inner thigh and lapped like a puppy in a line from her knee to just where the thigh muscle met the cleft of her mons.

Katy leaned in for a closer inspection and saw Taylor's shaven pussy was dripping!
Joe squeezed her silky thighs and expertly hooked his thumbs in to the indentation of her vulva.

"There, there, there."


Joe ignored Taylor's mewling and carried on caressing her velvety rounded butt at which she raised up as much as was permitted by her binds.

"Touch...touch me. There."

Katy was riveted to her chair as she looked at Taylor who had been reduced to pleading for attention.

"Your clit?" Asked Joe with a sardonic grin as he blew air on her pouty labia which sent Taylor into a renewed stream of begging and pleading.

"Yessss!" She hissed as her sparkling eyes burned into his. "My...clit."

"Oh, right."

But instead of treating her gently the Englishman began to spank her hooded nub.


The crack of the palm of his hand on her mound resonated in the room.

"SHIT!" She howled in a combination of surprise and pleasure.

Taylor threw her head back into the pillows as light but firm swats connected with her erect clit.
Her body bucked up from the bed and Katy could see a vivid red patch from Joe's palm appear on Taylor's shaven mound.

"Ooooh, just wait until it's my turn to tie YOU down, you devil."

"Promises." SPANK! "Promises." SPANK!

Taylor hissed through gritted teeth as her pussy juices ran out and down the crevice of her parted buttocks.
Katy inhaled and the scent of Taylor's tortured pussy assailed her nostrils.
Highly aroused herself the short haired blonde stood up and shrugged her dress off.

"Pease, please. Make me cum. I want to cum. Please, please Joe. Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Joe chuckled and reached out for a pillow.
He shoved it under Taylor's backside so she was raised up at a more manageable angle.
Joe held her under her upper legs and buried his face in her snatch.

"Oh, that is so hot!"

Joe relented and licked and licked and licked Taylor's cunt. He opened his mouth and pressed his tongue firmly on her clitoris.

She managed to grind her sopping pussy against him as he lapped up and down harder and faster.
Katy found her own cunt and frigged herself as her eyes stuck out on stalks.
Intense moans escaped Taylor's scarlet lips as her orgasm built and built.


Joe's face was coated with her sweet juices as he paused in his rabid ministrations and took her tiny bud between his teeth and sucked in until his cheeks hollowed.

"OH MY GOD!" Screamed Taylor as she came.

Joe felt her pulse and squirt and he eagerly drank in of her deeply until he slowly pulled away.
He looked at Katy and tossed his head at her in invitation.

She saw his huge log of a dick bobbing in front of him and she stood up and approached the bed with sashaying hips.

Being of a more fuller figure than Taylor, her boobs jiggled on her chest in her excitement.
As Taylor panted in her binds, Katy hovered over her and kissed her hard on the mouth.

"Fuck her, Joe." Moaned Taylor in Katy's mouth as he shifted behind the pair of them and rubbed Katy's wet slit with his flared cock head.

Katy gasped and closed her eyes as Joe entered her with a pelvic thrust.
His warm hands encircled her waist as he started to grind his hips, keeping his prodigious knob deep inside her.
As her back arched she continued to kiss the still tied Taylor.

His right hand snaked beneath Katy and he idly strummed her clit as he pulled back to the point of total withdrawal before plunging in again to the hilt.

"Son of a bitch!" She muttered as he continued the tease of deep strokes in and long pulls back out.

She pushed back, eager to feel his massive cock fill her up, and found her pussy empty as Joe pulled right out and slapped her left cheek.

"Fuck me." Begged Katy Perry. "I want your cock in me."

"I know, darlin' but suck tiddles a bit."

Joe waved his boner in front of Katy's face, taking care to let Taylor get a bird's eye view as her friend devoured him.

Katy hummed on his length as she sucked in the top half in one gulp and began to bob her head up and down. Her tits bounced lewdly as she shifted herself so that Taylor could look into her eyes as she sucked on her man.

"For fuck sake, Joe! Give me tiddles!" Demanded the spread eagled blonde.

Katy moved aside to let Joe smother Taylor's hot box with his hand, and she gasped as he inserted his middle digit inside her wet slit and jiggled it.

He reared up and then moved on top of her and bumped her mound with his stiff dick.
Taylor, consumed by the need to be penetrated looked almost pathetic as she tirelessly attempted to squirm under her boyfriend.
The flared tip brushed her anus before he lifted his body and pushed in.


For the pair of lovers the sensation was indescribable as usual. Taylor's entire body perspired freely as he impaled her harder and harder, banging her with heavy thrusts that pinned her to the mattress.

"Feel good, babe?" Joe looked into Taylor's electric blue eyes as he stroked into her with boundless energy.

"Yesss! Fuck me, Joe. Fuck me harder with tiddles."

She pulled on the silk scarves as every muscle in her limbs tensed with her heated passion.


Joe's firm body slapped against the softer girl as they rocked together in wanton abandon.
His toed dug into the bed behind him and his calves tightened as his hips jerked back and forth.

A raging fire in her cunt finally exploded from her orgasm and a gush of fluids spilled over Joe's balls.
He slammed in deep once more and pulled back.

"That was fucking unbelievable." Said Katy as she licked her lips.

"You're up again."

Katy eagerly got up on hands and knees again across the stretched out Taylor and Joe rammed four inches of hard dick inside her.
Her head dipped onto Taylor's bosom as she was pounded relentlessly by the forceful actor.

Super slick he effortlessly drove up into Katy's cunt with sloppy strokes that left her rear end quite lubed and smeary.
The more he smashed into the soft cushion of her ass the more he pushed Katy inexorably towards her climax.

"How! How?"

Katy marveled at Joe who seemed to have found a hidden reserve of energy and was literally impaling her on the solid rod that was his cock.
Katy yelled out as her pussy tightened around his throbbing dick and she came hard.

'Taylor! I'm coming!" Cried Katy between short breaths.

Joe could feel his own orgasm nearing as he experienced those sublime spasms all through his shaft.
He pulled his quivering dick from the spent Katy and rushed to Taylor's face which he sprayed with spasmodic gushes of hot cum.
She raised her head and welcomed the long strings of the thick white liquid that then ran down her lips and chin onto her neck.


Joe leaned back on his haunches as Katy licked up any remaining drops of cum on his knob which she collected on her tongue.
She moved to Taylor and dribbled the goo into her open mouth, happily transferring the glorious prize to her best friend.

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Re: Taylor Swift's Lesson In Bondage
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2020, 04:18:11 PM »
I'm usually one for a story where the woman is doing the tying up, but damn if I didn't enjoy the hell out of this.

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Taylor Swift's Lesson In Bondage
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2020, 03:00:32 AM »
I'm usually one for a story where the woman is doing the tying up, but damn if I didn't enjoy the hell out of this.

Glad you enjoyed.
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Re: Taylor Swift's Lesson In Bondage
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2020, 03:33:12 AM »
Nice stuff. I have been reading a good bit of bondage stories lately trying to draw inspiration for some future stories.
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Re: Taylor Swift's Lesson In Bondage
« Reply #4 on: October 15, 2020, 05:38:55 AM »
Nice stuff. I have been reading a good bit of bondage stories lately trying to draw inspiration for some future stories.

A good deal of my stories have a bondage theme. Re-read my Batgirl '68 and Scarlett Holmes series for some of my best scenes.


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