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Author Topic: Taylor Swift's Sex Advice to Paris Hilton  (Read 715 times)

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Taylor Swift's Sex Advice to Paris Hilton
« on: October 16, 2020, 12:09:35 PM »
Where Taylor teaches Paris Hilton all there is to know about a BBC.


Note- This is pure fiction with no basis in truth whatsoever.


California, 2020.


"Come on, Taylor. Is it really true that you slept with Kanye West? And does he really have a dick like a prize stallion?"

Taylor Swift looked across the table at the beautiful blonde sitting opposite and chewed on a piece her Double-Double burger.
It was another glorious sunny day in L.A. and they were taking in supper at one of Taylor's favourite joints, the In-N-Out on Sunset, East of La Brea.
Whenever the pair of them got together, the conversation always turned to the subject of sex.

"Paris, the answer is no to both questions. I wouldn't fuck that fat bastard for all the tea in China. And from what I hear, he's hung like a baby carrot. Why do you think he and that bimbo are always looking to adopt? Because he can't get it up is why. I'm sure that Kim only married him because his name starts with a K. Stupid bitch. How the hell did she ever make her fortune with such a huge ass?"

"Yeah. Well you know that it was I who made that bitch famous, AND she knows it. I literally gave her a career. And HE can't sing to save his life. He sounds like a pregnant cat on speed."

"If I want sex, I want a real man. Someone who can keep it up all night, and fuck my brains out. It's hard though, being in the spotlight all the time.
Basically, I'm a 'girl's girl' because most of my friends are female. Every time I'm seen with a guy the media instantly link us as romantically involved."

"Tell me about it. Like, I have about twenty girlfriends and maybe three male friends. If I want to have some quality time with a man, I have to go under the radar."

"Don't I know it. So, when I fancy a bit of the other, I have to be discreet, you know? Just last week I spent a weekend in the hills with Jason Derulo. I tell ya, he's totally gorgeous, AND he has a fucking anaconda down his pants. Get me?"

"The black guy, right. Doesn't it hurt with a massive cock stuffed up you? I never had sex with a black man, ever. I find them a bit intimidating. And I'm NOT a racist either. I was misquoted that time."

Paris waved her hand dismissively in the air and pouted.

"I don't know. I must be going through a phase, or some change of life, but suddenly I have this extreme craving for a big black cock. Like, it's been one of my long held fantasies. It's all I ever think about lately. I masturbate every night just imagining a fit black guy ravishing my body while he fucks me with his massive prick."

Taylor smiled sweetly and took the hand of her friend.

"Fucking a packed black guy can be demanding, for sure. But it feels awesome."

"That's my worst fear. Getting my pussy fucked up. Katy has told me that you've been most helpful in bettering her sex life."

Paris referred to Katy Perry, who had been suffering from the baby blues.
Taylor grinned and held the back of her hand to her brow as if to cool off.

"Oof! That was fun, let me tell ya. Yeah, I think I might be able to help break you in, as it were. Jason has a cute friend named Brett. I'll give him a call."

Paris took a long swig of her strawberry shake as Taylor patted her hand.
Just the thought of what Brett looked like in the buff made Paris dampen her panties under her dress.


A week later Paris visited the luxury home of Taylor with her heart in her mouth. The two women enjoyed one of Taylor's specialties of homemade sweet potato pancakes. They were seated out back on a swing seat and ate as they watched the sunset develop.

"I called Brett and he's on his way. He can't wait to meet you."

Taylor placed her cell down on the table and spread her hands.

"I'm so excited, I could hardly sleep last night."

Looking back, Paris had no complaints about her sex life, and by and large she had been satisfied on numerous occasions by her lovers.
Now, as her big 4-0 approached the wealthy businesswoman and socialite experienced a hankering for something outrageous.

At the age of thirty nine the blonde still had the figure of a teenager. Slim and tall, she had narrow shoulders, hips and natural firm breasts. She was smoking hot and knew it.

"You feel good about how things went?" Asked the fragrant pop singer.

"Totally. You're so sweet."

Three days earlier Taylor had handed Paris a surprise gift. A giant black dildo that measured eleven inches and the shaft had a thickness of around six inches.

"Holy shit! That is huge!"

"Look at the head."

Paris took the large sex toy from Taylor and clasped the end in a slender fist.


"Eight inches. Big enough for you?"

"Fuck, yeah! Is it lifelike?"

Paris caressed the rigid length, admiring the big, bulging vein that ran down one side.

"It could well be a real cast of Brett's cock, it's so lifelike."

"And he's fucked you with...one like this?"

"More than once. Best fucks I ever had. Let's get you started."

Taylor's idea was to acclimatise Paris to taking a massive dildo in her pussy in time for the real thing.
They slipped back to Taylor's master bedroom and the confidant blonde singer stripped out of her loose fitting floral print dress.

"I'm going to enjoy this as much as you," she grinned with that scarlet perma-pout of hers.

Paris stared directly at Taylor's breathtaking naked form. Her firm breasts were lifted perfectly on her chest and her nipples stood proudly to attention in the air conditioned bedroom. She didn't have much in the way of curves, but she still radiated a certain sensuality.
Her puffy mons protruded exquisitely from her trim bush and her desirable slit was quite visible under the few wispy pubes.

"Now you.'

Paris pulled her flimsy dress off over her head and stood in just heels and panties, and the pair of then traded looks of approval.

"You have nice tits, Paris."

The compliment shook Paris out of her reverie as Taylor took her by the hand and steered her to the large bed.

"Let's warm each other up, shall we?"

Taylor put a hand on the shoulder of Paris and made her lie down.
Paris sighed as her tits were cupped and her nipples tweaked.
Immediately Paris felt her heart race and her loins tingle as Taylor began to nibble lightly on her hard points.
Taylor held her trim waist and put her face in between the two breasts of Paris and then ran her pointed tongue back and forth across each erect nipple.


While Paris moaned softly she welcomed a searching hand dive under the waistband of her underwear.
She closed her dark brown eyes as nimble fingers found her moistness and probe her damp opening.


The eager singer rested her long hair on the convenient pillows of the blonde Paris and slipped a digit inside her.
She squirmed on her back and parted her long legs as Taylor drew down the white panties and tossed them aside.

Now she added her tongue to the mix and licked lightly along the wet slit of Paris. The blonde had shaved her pubic hair and the resulting smooth mound provided Taylor with some very juicy labia.
Paris lifted her hips up off of the bed as she was licked and finger fucked with a sensuous feather like contact.
This was definitely not the first time that Taylor Swift had eaten pussy by a long chalk.

"Is this good for you?"

Paris said it was, but the words came out as muted gasps as she thumped the bed with two fists.
The muscles in her thighs twitched as she stroked Taylor's long tresses that glinted gold from the lingering rays of the setting sun through the big open window.

"Oh, fuck!"

Paris blurted out as Taylor buried her face between her splayed pins and flicked her pussy with broad swipes from top to bottom and back again. All the while slip-sliding her middle finger in and out of her slick cunt.
Paris hissed through gritted teeth as her clitoris was sucked on by the rabid Taylor who hollowed her cheeks and inhaled deeply.
Paris made a series of short and sharp gasps as she leaked juices profusely.
Then, Taylor pulled back rather abruptly.

"What the fuck! I was so close!"

'Like I said, toots. Only a warm up."

Taylor stood and looked at the aghast Paris Hilton who propped herself up on both elbows. She watched as Taylor liberally smeared lubricant on the shining black dildo and looked at it with a certain admiration.

"You're plenty wet now, so let the dog see the rabbit."

Paris felt her body heave as Taylor slid a soft pillow under her ass and widened her legs.
With wide eyes, Paris looked down between her tits to her spit covered pussy as Taylor put the huge head of the fake cock to her entrance.
With the dildo firmly in the grip of Taylor, Paris felt the tip nudge her folds and gradually push on in.

"It's too big."

"Shush. Look, it's almost in."

Paris welcomed the coolness of the lube as the head sank in and stretched her out.
As Taylor waited so Paris felt the prickle of sweat on her brow as she steeled herself for the follow up.
She panted hard and her stomach undulated as Taylor shoved the toy in.

"There look. Two inches in."


Paris screwed her eyes up as she saw the black dildo inserted in her bald muff.
Taylor played with the thing and Paris felt somewhat at ease as she began to enjoy the enormous toy in her pussy.

"Look at that, you're sopping."

"I know. I need a big black SO bad."

"Hmm. No damage. We'll pick this up again tomorrow. Let's go have a shower."

The next night fucked Paris with a good five inches of fake cock for thirty minutes. Ten thrusts in and then rest. Ten more hard strokes and then stop.

"Come on, sweetie. Spread those legs."

Paris squealed as she savoured the continual in and out of the dildo.
At the end of the second session Paris had a gaping hole and had achieved a big leap of faith in Taylor Swift.

"How do you feel?"

Paris thought for a moment and answered.

"Kind of tender, yet hot. Stretched out, yet still tight, if you know what I mean."

On the third night, Taylor made Paris go on all fours with her head down and her bottom up.
Suitably lubed up she gasped loudly as the naked Taylor pushed the dildo in about four inches with a single lunge.
Then she tugged it out, only to shove it straight back in.

"Ooof! Fuck me, Taylor, fuck me!"

Paris loved the warmth in her cunt as the giant dildo was thrust in and out by the effervescent Taylor. She wiggled the toy as she pushed it in for variety and Paris shook her head from side to side.

"How...how much. Is in?"

"Maybe half."

"Half! Only six inches! I'm stuffed!"

Taylor used both hands as she fed Paris more and more. Paris felt her knees tremble as she tried to maintain her balanced.
Her pussy lips were pulled and pushed as the dildo kept on coming.

"Eight inches," announced the pleased Taylor as she shifted behind Paris.
As the strokes began to become longer and longer so Paris was aware of an impending orgasm.

"More, more, more." She demanded on the cusp of a climax.

"Nine inches." Said Taylor proudly.

Paris blinked to keep the sweat from stinging her eyes as she lifted her backside to meet the invading black monster.
Taylor looked down at the big toy moving in and out of Paris and began to rub her own hot box in a frenzied passion.

"Almost, almost, almost." Mumbled Paris who tossed her lank hair over her back.

Taylor held the dildo still, half embedded in Paris, who shuddered and sent floods cascading out of her quivering cunt.
Both women collapsed on the bed, panting and jamming hands on their overheated cunts.
The experience had been indescribable for Paris, and she was quite delirious as a result.

"Ready for the real thing?" Asked Taylor.


They both hugged and giggled madly on the big bed.


"He's here."

Paris felt her stomach do a flip flop as she looked to the door of the living room and then back at Taylor.

"I'll get ready."

Paris quickly went off to the bedroom, where she stripped naked and trembled in sheer excitement as she laid across the crisp white sheets.
The door opened and Taylor came in first, followed by a hulking silhouette who closed the door behind them.

"Paris? This is Brett."

'Hi," came the dry throated greeting from the bared blonde beauty on the bed.

"Hi, babe," replied the broad shouldered black hunk in a silky seductive and deep voice.

Taylor ushered the young six feet four stud in and both looked upon the motionless socialite lying on her back with open legs and stiff nipples.
Paris equally stared straight back at her impending lover for the night.
Brett was a heavy set twenty five year old male model, strongly built with a shaven head and his stylish beige jacket and shirt revealed a powerful musculature beneath.

"Brett belongs to a top modeling agency called LA Males. Show her what you got, handsome."

"Only too pleased."

He stepped into the light and shrugged his jacket from his shoulders that Paris thought never seemed to end.
As he stood tall with a raised chin he unbuttoned his shirt and cuffs.
Once his upper body was bared his hairless chest was unveiled, displaying quite superb deltoids, biceps and triceps.
But Paris lowered her gaze to the imposing bulge that was already evident in his pants.

"Oh my gosh!" Said Paris under her breath, putting her hand to her bald mound which moistened delightfully.

Brett then undid his belt buckle which jingled lightly as he dropped it to the lush carpet.
Behind him the bewitching Taylor looked on in her casual silky dress with the spaghetti straps and mid thigh length. The skirt of the dress cling to the contours of her long, slender pins in the still warm night air.
By the time that Brett had stripped off completely, Taylor had swiftly whipped off her dress and she too was in the buff.

"Couldn't you just eat him up alive?"

Taylor ran her pale hands over Brett's chocolate hued chest as she bumped him from behind his back.
Paris licked her lips as she rubbed her wet pussy and stared directly at the ripped black guy's erection that stuck out from his wiry pubes right at her. Taylor gripped it firmly as she nibbled on the nape of his neck and jerked the thick shaft.

"It's so hard you could probably hammer in nails with it!"

Taylor flashed her long lashes and wanked Brett, taking great care to avoid contact with the huge flared glans which shone with his pre-cum.

"How big are you exactly, babe?"

On bare feet, the pop singer dropped down in front of the patient Brett and placed her pursed lips on the tip of the monster stalk only.
Paris frigged her aching quim as she watched Taylor suck on the man's bell end with audible, and frankly, quite unladylike slurping sounds that one would never have thought would come from the sweet young filly.

"I'll let you be the judge of that, precious."

Taylor hummed an affirmative, and as she placed both hands on his slim hips she ran her tongue up and down the underside of the rigid pole.
The one throbbing vein pulsed on her protruding tongue on every up stroke and the frisson of a thrill ran up her spine.

Brett groaned as his dick vanished in between Taylor's luscious scarlet lips. She made yummy sounds from the back of her throat which sent stirring vibrations along Brett's formidable rod of iron.
Her wet mouth popped off then and she looked across the attentive Paris Hilton with an indecorous string of spit still gluing her scrumptious lips to his cock head.

"Fuck her now, Brett."

As she spoke, Taylor took a tube of lubricant, turned it upside down and drizzled half of the contents onto Brett's colossal upright pole.
The clear liquid trickled down his shaft from head to root and both white females looked at it wide eyed as it caught the light and twitched with a certain menace.

"Fucking hell!"

Paris shifted on the bed and fingered her sopping pussy as Brett lined up his very long and very hard dick.
His strong bulk came down on the slender figure that was Paris, and his cock drew in position with her wet crease.

"Give me all you have," whispered Paris in his ear as he bore the brunt of his weight on his elbows and drove up into her and stopped.


Paris gripped his biceps as she became accustomed to the beautiful throbbing shaft that was half embedded in her stretched out cunt.
Brett drew back with strong pelvic motions and thrust in again, this time giving Paris even more of his impressive length.

He lowered onto her until his chest met her upturned breasts and Paris nuzzled his left shoulder as he pounded her with a good three quarters of his staggering hose.

"Well? Does he meet with your approval?"

"Uh, huh!"

Taylor was thrilled for Paris and placed her hand on her pussy to apply a firm pressure on her moist folds.
She was all eyes as she watched Brett move back and forth with a smooth shunting motion and an arched lower back.

Paris responded to the black stallion and her svelte body quivered in delight.
Her cries of passion intensified the more Brett moved in and out of her tight muff. She raked his wide back with her long nails as he probed her wet depths with his stiff cock.


Brett grunted as he expertly thrust in and out with dramatic long strokes that saw his ball sack swing heavily against the upturned ass of the panting Paris.

"Give her a break, lover. And get yourself over here."

Taylor slithered up beside them and laid on her back, legs splayed.
Brett nodded and crawled on top of her and wrapped his powerful forearms under her knees and pulled them up.

His sizeable log of a dick stood straight out over her lower body and she noted how it gleamed from Paris and his combined viscous fluids.
The willowy blonde singer was no match for his strength and was unable to move an inch. She was at his mercy and she loved it.

"Oh, hello!"

Taylor squealed as Brett pushed his bloated knob into her pussy and flowed through with half of his huge black mamba.
Her body trembled in excitement as he began to fuck her with languid strokes that drive her insane with lust.
Was there anything more wicked than fucking a well hung black stud?

"Oh my fucking lord!"

Brett snorted and slammed into her hot and welcoming muff, and the lewd sound of wet and squelching noises emanated from their conjoined bodies.

Taylor was virtually rocked in Brett's firm grip as he leaned backwards, taking the slender babe with him.
She hugged his wide frame as she settled on his thighs and groin in a semi-sitting position.
With all the will in the world the petite girl was unable to contain the huge mass of his solid cock.

"Fuck that big cock, baby."

Now in command, Taylor ground on his cock with a shunting motion that forced near on his entire length inside her tight cunt. An additional bonus in this stance was that her aroused clit bumped against him in such a way that her juices flowed out and dripped out onto his black bush.
Her feet dug deep into the sheets as she hung onto Brett with outstretched arms. His large hands held tightly onto her taut ass as she was unceremoniously speared on his midnight hued manhood.

"Oh, god! Oh, god!"

She felt her orgasm rapidly approach, primed by his superb love making.

"Gonna cum, gonna cum, gonna cum!"

Taylor bucked her hips to and fro as she climaxed.
Her entire body tingled with pleasure as she fucked him into a screaming climax that she was certain could be heard all over the neighbourhood.
Taylor slid off and formed a foetal position and shook in the afterglow of her orgasm.

"That was out of this world!"

Brett did not rest on his laurels and got Paris up onto all fours.
Taylor stirred and rose up also so that her face was positioned toward the rapt Paris.

The wealthy blonde cried out as Brett gripped her trim waist, aligned himself with her gaping fuck hole and rammed his imposing cock into her from behind. Her pussy walls vibrated from his huge size and after a mere four thrusts she immediately reached a mind numbing orgasm.
He slid his dripping cock out of her and looked at the slick, pink labia pussy that appeared to wink at him.

"Don't stop now. Keep fucking me."

Again, Paris was mounted and she urgently pushed back into Brett, her cunt aching for that throb of his gigantic log again.

"You lucky girl. I love it doggy style too."

Taylor peered into the big brown eyes of Paris and felt mixed emotions. One part of her was jealous, while at the same time she felt exhilarated at the erotic sight of Paris Hilton getting ravished with a big, black cock.
Thanks to the copious amounts of lube Paris was enjoying herself thoroughly as her usual tight pussy had by now been stretched out like never before.

"I never knew how incredible it would be. I...can't...stop...coming!"

The stunned Paris went rigid as she came yet again, and Brett popped out of her once more.
Brett announced to the eager fillies that he was about to cum, and they both leapt up and faced his pulsating cock as close as was permissible.
He pumped his shining erection and ejaculated in a gush of creamy semen that splashed the pretty face of Taylor Swift full on.

The second large blast made her blink hard as he coated her scarlet lips and chin before running in a stripe down her neck to her perky tits.
He turned a tad and Paris was splattered on the nose and cheek and she grinned inanely as the two women shared in the torrent that surged through the black stallion's majestic dick.

"Ho! You too are wicked!"

Brett sighed as he still dribbled from his impossible length and watched in awe as the girls kissed each other passionately, sharing the taste of sperm in an almost obscene trade.
Their tacky lips slid against each other and their darting tongues shared the salty seed as if it were ice cream.

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Re: Taylor Swift's Sex Advice to Paris Hilton
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2020, 02:25:46 PM »
Not much of a fan of Paris, but I'm always game for Taylor giving someone one of these lessons!  And thank you for going the way you did with the first part, because I was ready to stop reading after that first sentence.  Thankfully you accurately summed up how Taylor feels about that family(or so I'd guess)!

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Re: Taylor Swift's Sex Advice to Paris Hilton
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2020, 09:10:45 PM »
Yeah. Check out the parodies section here for my views on the Kard's. Can't stand any of them.
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