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The Morning Of... (Ellie Goulding)
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Please note that this story is a work of fiction, nothing that happens or is said in this story occurred in real life. Any similarities to real-life events are purely coincidental. The celebrities featured act as fictional characters and their behaviours follow suit.
I like to interact with my readers so please comment on this story with any feedback you have. I can be contacted on Discord under the username RTMinotaur#1059 or you can send an email to me at [email protected]

The Morning Of…
Starring Ellie Goulding
Codes: MF, cons, oral, cheat

Ellie looked at the mirror in her hotel room. The clock had struck 6.30 am and it was supposed to be the happiest day of her life yet there was a butterfly doing a lot more than flying around her stomach. She was ready to be married and settled down but there was something there, some itch she needed to scratch one last time. Her eyes looked down to her phone to see no notifications; she was kidding herself. No one in the wedding party would be up yet, never mind the guests; yet she still hoped he would reply.

She knew it was tempting fate inviting him as it was, those close by knew their past but it would look odd to her fiance if she didn’t invite one of her oldest friends. Now he was here for her wedding after leaving his own wife and kids back in France where he had settled. The final bite of the cherry was something she felt she needed before heading to Yorkminster Cathedral. Her eyes drifted to the window that overlooked the grounds of the hotel she had booked for preparations and saw the graveyard shift workers completing their final bits of work before the day staff arrived. As she followed a gardener, the phone lit up with a message. Ellie quickly looked down and a smile came across her face.

It took fifteen minutes for Ellie to get changed and head down to the pool area but she knew that she had made the right decision when she looked across the body of water. Stood underneath the shower was the object of her desire; she had known Ryan since school and had developed an on-off thing since their late teens. They had tried dating a few times but it never worked out, their attraction was physical rather than romantic and it showed by them ripping each other's clothes off whenever they were alone. The butterflies in Ellie’s stomach had turned into a heat that flowed down into her crotch as she watched the water flow over Ryan’s body. He was covered in tattoos but Ellie looked underneath at his muscles, she sometimes wondered if he was carved out of stone.

He turned around and his eyes immediately locked onto Ellie. The blonde singer felt overdressed in her hotel provided dressing gown compared to the man who stood opposite to her. He stood in a pair of swimming briefs that clung closely to his body, the man knew what he had and he liked to show it off. Ellie took the lead by walking down the few steps to the pool and dropped her dressing gown. She stood in a one-piece swimsuit that cut high in the hips and dropped down to a thong behind. Ellie spun around in a circle to show off her body to him, she knew he loved her ass.

The thrill of the silence between them rushed through Ellie's body as she watched him start to walk around the pool. His upper body had got dry in the time when they were looking at each other but the briefs still clung to his body. Ellie watched him the entire time he approached and kept her eyes locked on his as the final yards closed between them.

He stood in front of her and smiled as she reached her hands up to his face. She cupped his cheeks as she leaned in and placed a kiss on his lips. It was soft at first but it soon became more passionate as they both opened their lips and their tongue started to interact with each other. As the kiss lasted longer, Ellie could feel his hands start to move down her body to make their way down to her ass. The thong-cut material rested easily between her cheeks and Ellie could feel his hands move along the material before grabbing a firm hold of them.

The blonde singer moved her hands from his head down to his chest as the kiss broke and the two were able to look each other in the eyes again. She noticed how his hands remained firmly clamped onto her ass.

“Well this is a lovely surprise,” he said as he looked at his on and off again lover.

“I just had to have it one last time Ryan, I know once I said 'I do' it'll be over,” Ellie said as she looked up to him.

“I thought my wedding was the last time,” He said with a chuckle as he released her ass and took hold of her hand.

"it was," Ellie replied as she gripped his hand. "Until Paris and Milan."

Ryan led her towards the jacuzzi and pressed the button to start up the bubbles. Ellie watched with a smile on her face as Ryan started to slide the swimming trunks off his body, revealing his muscled ass to her. As weak as he may have been for her, Ryan knew just a peek of his own bare ass would get Ellie’s juices running and he got exactly what he expected when she slapped his skin. He spun around as he dropped into the water to ensure the singer only got a peek of his stem before the bubbled white water hid it from view.

“You fucking tease!” Ellie said as she dropped her foot onto the first step of the jacuzzi.

“Well you’re the one who invited me to fuck and you’re not even naked yet. So if you want to come into my jacuzzi, lose the suit.”

Ellie enjoyed the glint in Ryan’s eye as he looked at her body. She knew he would be on his way to getting hard and the harder he got, the more fulfilled she would be before her wedding. The British singer slid the straps of her swimsuit off her shoulders and continued to look forward at Ryan. He had kept his eyes locked on her body and licked his lips as she slid the swimsuit down towards the floor. As it reached her feet, Ellie looked up and returned her gaze to Ryan. The tattooed man looked at Ellie's body, her small but perky breasts shone as her perfect nipples stood proud against her areolas. His eyes continued to venture south down her midriff until they reached its goal. Ryan was used to Ellie having some amount of hair above her pussy; sometimes a thin landing strip; other times a bit more but he was surprised to see Ellie completely clean-shaven. She had decided to treat her husband to be on their wedding night, little did she know that Ryan would be getting the treat first.

"May I join you now sir?" she asked, knowing what his answer would be.

Ryan nodded his assent and Ellie slipped her legs into the warm water. Wanting to waste no time, Ellie dropped down onto his lap and let out a gasp as his erect cock slid straight into her pussy. It had been over a year since she had had him inside her but all of the good feelings came flooding back to her.

"Oh yeah, that's it!" Ellie moaned as sunk down onto the cock. "That's what I need."

Ryan's hands moved away from the side of the jacuzzi and slid onto the blonde's hips as she started to move in a solid rhythm on his lap. Throughout the years of them hooking up, Ellie had always been tight down below and he could feel the walls of her pussy pressing against him. He moaned as she increased the speed of her bouncing, the water splashing all around the illicit couple.

Ellie kept her eyes closed as she fucked him, part of her didn't want to accept that she was fucking another man on her wedding day but she knew the cock she was riding was bigger than the one she was committing her life to. It didn't bother Ryan, he hadn't expected to have sex with Ellie again, he had planned on using one of the celebrity guests but he was delighted to have a chance to be with Ellie one last time. His eyes moved up and down her fit body; Ellie had got into working out a lot more over the few years and the results were showing.

The muscles on her legs were bigger and her ass was a lot more toned than when they hooked up for the first time. Her tummy had always been flat but she now had abs showing through, it was in a soft feminine way that really suited her without being intimidating at all. Ellie continued to bounce on his cock through the water and Ryan lifted his right hand up to caress her breasts, his fingers trapped her nipple between them and he pulled hard on the singer's nipples. She gasped with excitement as he did so, it was a painful pleasure she had always enjoyed but so rarely received from her fiance. The man beneath Ellie moved his hand over to her other breasts and repeated the movement, his touch light enough that he didn’t interrupt the rhythm at all.

“Oh I love it when you pull my nipples,” the singer moaned as she felt Ryan pull hard on them.

“You’ll love this even more,” he whispered back.

Ellie looked forward at him as he lowered his mouth down to her right nipple and took it into his mouth, he gently applied a little sucking pressure but that wasn’t what he had meant. Her nippled was incredibly erect already and Ryan found the pink skin easily with his teeth, he gently bit down that caused another moan from the singer and he knew he had her where he wanted. As he felt his cock move in and out of her pussy with a quicker pace, he bit down hard on Ellie’s nipple.

"Oh my God!" Ellie gasped as she felt Ryan bite down on her.

The blonde placed her hands on his shoulders and increased the speed of her bouncing, causing the water to splash out the sides of the jacuzzi. Ryan felt the closeness of her pussy on his cock as he took her other nipple into his mouth and bit down on it. Knowing how to push her buttons, he ensured he bit harder on it; causing Ellie to scream out loud. The blonde songs loved the pain being mixed in with the pleasure from her pussy and pressed down on his shoulders, her manicured nails breaking his skin a little bit as she dug them in.

Ryan knew he couldn't get rough and animalistic in the fucking as Ellie couldn't have any marks on her so he pulled back from the biting. Instead, he manoeuvred his hands to her ass and cupped it gently. He allowed his arms to meld into the rhythm of her hips as his tongue gently lapped at her nipples, paying equal attention to each one. He could hear the moans escaping from her lips as his attention to her nipples coupled well with the feeling of his cock inside her pussy.

Ryan's hands gently massaged Ellie's toned ass as she bounced on him, her speed gently increasing as her pussy got wetter. Despite the guilt running through her head, Ellie kept her eyes closed and enjoyed the pleasure her body was feeling. Her orgasm was getting closer and she didn't want his playing to distract from it Ellie aggressively snatched Ryan's head away from her breasts and kissed him hard. Her tongue attacked his mouth before biting onto his lip as she pulled away.

Ellie locked eyes with him for a moment before pulling him into her chest and holding him there tightly. She knew no man would complain about being that close to breasts regardless of how hard she was holding him there. Ellie adjusted her legs slightly to compose her balance before speeding the grinding on him. Ryan's cock remained lodged in Ellie's tight pussy as she rocked back and forth in quick, short slides. His cock always filled her and prodded her g spot with every thrust of the British singer's hips.

"Oh my God, oh my God, oh my god!" Ellie moaned quietly as she tried to increase the speed as much as she could.

Ryan could feel his own pleasure increasing with her thrusts against his cock, the increase in wetness inside her pussy helped the smoothness tremendously. Ryan adjusted his head slightly so he could get her nipple into his mouth and he sucked down hard on it. Ellie could feel her eyes roll into the back of her head as the pleasure started to become too much, especially when she could feel his hands move to and start to play with her rim.

The feeling of a little ass play pushed Ellie over the edge and the singer screamed out loud as the orgasm started to thunder through her body. Her juices coated Ryan's cock and mixed with the water of the jacuzzi as they learned out of her body. She kept her eyes closed as her thrusting slowed down but the cock remained inside her. She didn't want to move it while her body remained in the glow of her orgasm but she did release his head from her grasp. Their eyes met as Ryan released her breast from his mouth. An audible pop echoed around as the nipple came out of his mouth, leading her on-off lover to smile at the blonde.

Ellie bit her bottom lip as thoughts of her impending marriage came back into her head and the slight feeling of guilt about riding Ryan to orgasm. She slid off his lap, allowing his cock free, and moved herself to sit opposite Ryan as the two looked at each other in silence. Despite the guilt, she couldn't help but giggle as she looked at him across the jacuzzi; he still looked as sexy as when they were first together and his muscles shone due to the mood lights reflecting off the water.

Ryan stood up after a minute or two and looked at Ellie's position. He smiled before pressing the button and causing the stream of bubbles to commence. Ellie let out an audible gasp as she felt the stream hit her pussy, the already sensitive area releasing a new wave of pleasurable feeling through her body. Their eyes locked again as Ryan strode towards her position with her cock already erect for her.

The stream of water continued to hit Ellie on the clit as she reached out and grabbed my erect cock. Due to being on the water, her hands felt soft as they grabbed onto Ryan's cock and started to slowly move across it. Her grip was always perfect; firm enough to hold it in place as her dainty fingers jerked along the skin but not hard enough to cause pain. There was a smile on her face as she looked at his appendage, it had been too long in her mind since she had last held on to it.

"I bet you've missed me sucking your cock." Ellie said as she looked up at him.

Ryan nodded his head as he looked down at the singer.

"We’ll see how familiar the taste is," Ellie said.

She leaned forward and slid his cock between her lips. The singer moaned out loud. She moved along the length of his cock she easily took half of his length. Ryan grunted approval as he felt the blonde girl slide her tongue along the purple head. She flicked along the end as she started to move back, ensuring the head remained ensnared by her mouth. An audible pop went around the room as she took the cock out of her mouth.

"Tastes just the same but with added me. My favourite combo," she said with a giggle.

"I fucking love it when you suck my cock. You've always been great at it."

"I'll always be great at it. My mouth is for more than just singing, plus I look great with a cock in my mouth."

"Oh I know, I still have those pictures you sent me. The Caribbean ones where you were sucking off your boyfriend wishing it was me."

Ellie laughed at her naughtiness.

"I did. And I believe you gave my pussy a hammering the night I came home."

This brought a smile to Ryan's face, deep down he knew that even when she got married, he could still count on her fucking him when they were near each other, the magnetism between them was too much. He reached forward and moved her hair from her face.

"Maybe you should carry on sucking my dick and I'll think about hammering you again."

Ellie bit her lip and nodded before returning the cock to her mouth and closing her eyes to enjoy the blowjob. Ryan kept his eyes on her face as she took in more of his cock and sucked down hard, saliva swirling in her mouth as she moved along. Her hair kept moving out of place as she increased the speed and blocked his view of her mouth so Ryan grabbed a clump of hair and held it loosely so it didn't change her speed.

With her eyes closed, Ellie could explore every vein of his cock with her tongue as it plunged in and out of her mouth. He was always good at keeping his skin moisturised so it felt soft as her tongue ran along it. But it was his balls that he really loved getting attention from her and slowed down the pace of her sucking so she could look up at the man. Their eyes met just for the briefest moment before she released the cock from her mouth. She smiled at him as he was about to talk but the words disappeared as she dropped her head and allowed her tongue to run along with the balls.

Ellie was pleased he still shaved his balls; it was something that a lot of guys including her fiance didn't do and the lack of courtesy annoyed her that she was still expected to fellate them. When she wanted her pussy licked, she always ensured she was well-manicured down below; that's why she was shaved for the wedding, her husband-to-be was gonna end the night by feasting on her. Ryan wasn't going to be afforded that honour but she knew he wouldn’t complain, especially as she took a ball in her mouth and sucked hard.

Ryan let out a groan of pleasure as he felt Ellie tongue his balls individually, the sight of the singer would be enough for any man to surrender and he could feel himself getting closer. Ellie released his balls from her suction and gently flapped her tongue at the balls, she knew he would enjoy it paired with her hand jerking his cock. Unlike her fiance, Ryan still had his foreskin and it bunched as she pulled to the head of his cock. Ellie ran her tongue along his balls and could feel them tighten so wasn't surprised when he muttered.

"I'm gonna cum." Ryan moaned.

Ellie knew she had one last surprise for him as she held his cock in line with her face. She smiled as the first lump of cup shot out of his cock and landed directly onto her forehead. Her hand continued to jerk his cock to get more of a spurt coming from him as flecks of cum landed on her nose, her eyelids and her lips. The irony that she was having a white wedding which traditionally represented virginity and here she was getting covered in the cum of another man.

The stream of cum soon subsided and she released Ryan's cock from her grasp. She smiled up at him as he walked backwards before sitting down. Part of her wished she had a mirror so she could see her decorated face but it would still be better in her imagination than in reality.

"I forgot how much cum you could shoot from that thing," Ellie said with a smile as she tasted some of the salty liquid.

“Only so much because of you, I don’t think anyone has given me a better blow job than you can.”

Ellie blushed slightly at the compliment from the man opposite her as she felt the cum on her face start to dry up. She rose up from the jacuzzi and walked towards the pool before diving in. Ryan just sat back as he watched her and that peach of an ass walk away from him. He smiled knowing all the good times that he had enjoyed with her; an idea came into his mind as he watched the blonde singer swim to the other side of the pool. He knew he would need to be silent as he approached her so as not to tip her off so Ryan silently left the jacuzzi and slipped into the pool.

 Leaning against the side of the pool, there were numerous thoughts running through the mind of Ellie Goulding. She was thankful that this area of the hotel was secluded so they could ensure they were alone but was unsure if what she had done was worth the risk. She placed her head down on the side of the pool when she felt two hands start to move up her legs. Instinctively a smile came across her face as she felt his touch move up from her calves to her thighs.

“Mmm, I love how you touch me,” Ellie whispered as she felt his head come out of the water and kiss her neck.

Ryan didn’t reply to her singer; instead, he continued to kiss along her back as his hands massaged the skin of her ass and gently pushed the cheeks away from them. It didn’t take Ellie long to cotton on to what Ryan was up to and she made no attempt to stop him as she knew her fiance had no desire for anal sex. Even if he tried it; he would have no idea it would already have been enlarged by another man that day.

Ryan stepped closer and more to her side as one of his arms wrapped around the waist of Ellie and pulled her body up to him. The singer moved her head to the side allowing their lips to meet each other as Ryan’s other hand started to move towards the centre of her ass and gently teased her hole. She moaned into his lips as she felt the tattooed man move beyond her rim and his thumb started to gently massage at her. Ellie moved her tongue into Ryan’s mouth as their kiss became more passionate the more he teased her little hole.

“Take me.” She whispered in his ear before nipping at her lobe.

The two locked eyes for a moment, a look of intense lust was shared between them as a smile came across Ryan’s face. He moved behind Ellie and lifted her out of the shallow water so she could bend over the side of the pool fully. Dropping down to his knees, he came close to her ass and could see a glimpse of her fingers already playing with her pussy. He smiled at her before spreading her cheeks and plunging his tongue down into her asshole. The blonde moaning out loud as she felt his tongue come in contact with her ass; the pleasure of it causing her to rub her clit quicker than she had before.

Ryan started to lap at her as he released one ass cheek and allowed his fingers to join to allow her hole start to stretch out more. He focused on his tongue flicking against her asshole as one finger slipped in and out of her, causing Ellie to close her eyes and enjoy the pleasure. To match the penetration of her ass; her fingers soon started to penetrate her pussy to enhance her pleasure more. Her moans increased as the two played with her body and Ryan slipped a second finger into her. Ellie could feel her pussy start to fill up with her juices as she started to chase her second orgasm, she always knew the best ways to get herself off during an anal experience and she couldn’t think of a time she didn’t get one when she shared it with Ryan; the two just had sexual chemistry that she couldn’t match with anyone else.

A guttural roar rang around the spa room as Ryan slipped a third finger into her; his fingers thrusting into her with some speed to get her ready for his cock. It wasn’t unusual for him to speed it up as he got her ready and she knew it wouldn’t be long until his cock entered her body; it was an exciting feeling that verberated through her body. She wanted to match the intensity and slipped a third finger into her pussy; the organ already soaking with juices that showed how excited her body was for him.

“You ready?” he asked the singer.

“Yes,” she replied despite knowing his question was rhetorical at this point.

Ryan slipped his fingers out of her asshole and replaced it with his cock very quickly; his length slipping into her with ease due to the work of his fingers. His hands moved away from her ass cheeks and rested on her hips as she started to thrust in and out of her to get used to the tightness of her ass. Ellie looked back at him with a smile; she raised her fingers to show off the shine of her pussy juices before she plunged the digits into his mouth. She cleared off her juices before returning them to her pussy.

Ryan laughed out loud at the show and knew she wouldn’t last long before her orgasm would hit, he would have to play catch up as Ellie loved it when they came together and what better way to finish off this part of their relationship. With a flick of his hips, he started to increase the thrust of pushing into her ass; he filled and stretched her tight hole. He had fucked her ass plenty of time but she always got it tight again with her squatting; she was a true anal queen if there ever was one.

Ellie moaned louder as her fingers busily played with her pussy while Ryan thrust harder into her ass. He kept his eyes locked on her buttocks as they moved with every thrust, it was quite hypnotising for him. It was so hypnotising that he almost didn’t hear the scream from Ellie as she started to get closer to her orgasm.

“Are you close? Promise me you’re close!” Ellie moaned as she felt his cock move in her body.

“Almost!” Ryan said breathlessly.

“Push it hard, fuck me harder and cum with me,” Ellie responded as she pressed hard on her clit.

Taking his orders, Ryan grabbed hold of Ellie’s hips and started to go to town on her ass; he increased his speed a lot to get a faster rhythm to create more friction. It started to work as her ass became looser and could feel his own orgasm coming closer. Her moans got louder as her head rocked back and forth allowing Ryan to grab her hair and hold her head in place, their eyes locking onto each other as he continued to thrust at her.

Ellie’s pussy filled with her orgasmic juices as she struggled to keep her eyes open, her mouth agape but no noise able to come out as her orgasm took over her body. Ryan kept her hair in his hands so he could admire her face as she had her orgasm; there was always a glow when she came that highlighted her beauty in an ethereal way. He let out a grunt as his balls tightened and he shot his load into her asshole. His thrusting continued as his load emptied into her, it was less cum than before but enough that it started to leak out of the singer. His eyes met hers as he looked back up and she smiled at him; the two started to laugh at the experience. He let her hair go as he pulled out of the singer and pushed himself back into the water.

“Holy shit!” Ellie said as she turned around and leaned her back against the side of the pool. “I love getting fucked in the ass.”

“You just love getting fucked,” he replied as he swam back towards her.

“That is true but only by the right kind of cock.”

He swam back into her arms and the two kissed passionately, their tongues lashing at each other as their hands moved around each other's bodies. They let each other go and smiled at each other before their eyes drifted to the clock.

“I gotta go and get ready,” Ellie said as she swam past him and headed over to the jacuzzi to collect her clothes.

Ryan watched her as she dressed back into her swimsuit and walked over to gather her robe. She waved to him as she headed to the exit but stopped before turning back to him.

“You know this won’t be the last time we fuck, right?”

“I know. Go get married.”

Ellie smiled before disappearing from view allowing Ryan a moment alone to plan the rest of his day.

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Re: The Morning Of... (Ellie Goulding)
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2020, 02:56:31 PM »
Great to see a new story from you, and this one is fantastic.  I'm not huge on cheating themes, but you worked it perfectly into the narrative of the story, establishing a past, present and future precedent for these two while keeping pace with the action.  The semi-public setting was a bonus for me, and your descriptions, as always, are second to none. 

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