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Author Topic: Public Play: Billie Eilish's Muse  (Read 1909 times)

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Public Play: Billie Eilish's Muse
« on: September 24, 2020, 12:53:12 AM »
The sky glows orange as the sun is setting, while the purple night sky begins to rise. An old park sits quietly, almost empty. Almost. In one of the benches, sits a pale skinned girl with black and green hair, wearing baggie clothes, and holding a notebook and pen in her hands. This place and time of day was Billie Eilish’s favorite setting to write her songs. The park gets little to no visitors, so there were no distractions, and the smell of the nightly breeze soothed Billie's mind.
However, Billie was visibly frustrated, as she scribbles on the paper and rips it out. She tosses it out to the nearby trash can, which had more crumpled up paper. The 18 year old singer was having trouble writing a new song. It was giving her a headache, making her want to quit and call it a day, but she also didn’t want to disappoint her fans with the lack of new content. Billie throws her notebook to the ground with irritation. She needed to get rid of this stress and needed to do it now.

Billie looks around the park, double checking to make sure it is empty. She then reaches her hand down into her pants and under her panties. Billie closes her eyes as she rubs her pussy, trying to get herself wet. As she forces two fingers inside, her other hand moves under her shirt and bra to massage one of her tits. She could usually get herself off in these conditions, but today, her body did not compromise with her, for her pussy was as dry as wood. Billie sighs in disappointment as she moves her hands back out. The young artist sits there, thinking of a solution.

She then takes her phone out and browses through her contacts, looking for someone that can help her get off. She texted both guys and girls, but unfortunately, no one was free at the moment. Some weren’t even replying at all. Jake, whom she barely talks to, was the only person she hasn’t asked yet. Billie thought it’d awkward asking for this kind of favor from her least closest friend, but desperate times calls desperate measures. Having no other choice, Billie send him a text.

“Hey Jake how u doin man?”

“Whats up. Havent seen u in a while. How u doin?”

“Ehh not great. Kinda need a favor rn. U busy??”

“I can help, what u need?”

“Come to the old park that no one goes to ill explain everything”

Billie waited several minutes before she saw Jake walking up. The sky was dark by now, with street lamps in a distance as the only light source.. He sits down next to Billie and asks, “Alright, I’m here. What you need?” Billie wasn’t sure what to say to Jake without weirding him out, “So umm, I’m trying to write a song, but I’m coming up with nothing, and it’s kinda pissing me off. I was hoping if you could help me… release some stress?” Billie stares at Jake, hoping that he got the vague message, but he was clueless. “So.. you want a massage or something?” he asks.

Billie sighs, “You know what, fuck it.” She reaches down to unzips Jake’s pants and pulls his cock out. “Woah woah woah! The fuck are you doing?!” Usually, Jake wouldn’t deny a blowjob from a girl, especially someone as gorgeous as Billie, but given the location they’re at, he was a bit reluctant. “Someone might see us!” he says as he frantically looks around. Billie starts stroking his dick to make it hard, “Don’t worry, it’s dark, and no one comes to this shitty park anyways.”
The singer lowers her head down and puts the tip of the cock into her mouth. Jake wanted to push her off, but the warm, wet sensation of Billie's tongue swirling around his tip was enough to make him submit. Jake was surprised at how good Billie was at sucking dick, considering how prude she was, but it was obvious that this wasn’t her first rodeo.

Billie lifts her head up away from Jake as she stands up. Jake looked almost disappointed when she stopped. “What are you doing?” he asks. “I’m warming you up before I ride your dick,” Billie answers. Then, at that instant, Billie lifts her shirt off and shows off her giant mounds squeezed together by her sports bra. Jake stared at Billie's breasts, admiring the shape and beauty of it all. It was a shame that she always hides them under her clothes, Jake thought.

Jake watches the sexy edgy girl get down on her knees as she grabs his hard cock. “Ever fucked a girl’s tits before, Jake?” Billie asks. Jake was speechless as he was still processing the thought that Billie Eilish, the girl who always tries to avoid being sexualized, is playing with his cock. He always wanted to fuck Billie, but he never thought that the fantasy would come true. Billie laughs, “I’ll take that as a no then.”

With her bra still on, Billie spits in between her tits to lube them up, then slides Jake’s cock in. Jake moans in pleasure as Billie squeezed his dick with her Double D boobs. Holding her mounds with her hands, Billie starts moving her tits up and down. She tilts her head down to suck Jake’s tip while jerking him off with her boobs.

Jake moves his arms behind the bench and lets the young singer do the work. He sits back as he enjoys the view: The neon green/black hair, his dick between her gigantic tits, her thick luscious lips surrounding the head of his cock, and those beautiful, grey/blue eyes staring at him. The wet sensation of Billie's tongue and the warmth of her flesh mounds was overwhelming Jake. “I’m… I’m gonna cum,” he groans. Billie takes her mouth off his cock while she strokes faster. She opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out, ready to taste his cum.

In just minutes, streams of semen starts flying out. The first stream lands on Billie's tongue, and the next on her breasts. Billie continues to jerk Jake off as more and more cum lands on her face and chest. Once Jake was finished, Billie takes his cock out of her bra. She closes her mouth and swallow the cum that were in her mouth. Jake takes a moment to gaze at the beauty of Billie being covered in his load, before she took her fingers to wipe up whatever cum she can and put them in her mouth. She stares at Jake seductively as she takes her sweet time tasting his cum. “Mmm not bad, but I’ve tasted better.”

Jake still couldn’t believe what just happened, he fucked Billie Eilish’s tits (or rather, she fucked him with her tits.) Either way, it was still an amazing experience. Billie traces her long fingernails along Jake’s softening dick as she asks him, “Can you get hard again? There’s still more that I wanna do.” Jake takes a moment to gather his thoughts and answer, “Uhh yeah yeah of course. I just need you to warm it up again.”

“Alright, no problem.” Billie stands up and puts her hands on the waist of her pants, then she slowly slides them down, revealing her nicely shaped hips and beautiful legs. Billie kept her panties on, which were moist to the touch. They were green and had that logo of a hanging man. Jake always thought it was weird how Billie wore her own merch, but that didn’t occupy his thoughts for long.

He watched as Billie climbed onto his laps, with her big tits so close to his face, he could almost smell the body wash she used. Billie reaches down to move her panties to the side. She then sits on Jake’s lap and starts moving her hips back and forth. Feeling the singer’s warm, moist pussy rubbing against him, Jake starts to grow hard again.

Feeling Jake’s hardness, Billie's rises up and holds his dick upright, preparing for the penetration. Before she sat back down, however, she uses her other hand to grabbed Jake’s throat. With a cold stare, Billie speaks with a threatening tone, “If you cum inside me, especially before I cum, I will shove my arm down your throat, because I am NOT having your baby. Got it?” Silent with fear in his eyes, Jake slowly nodded his head in agreement. Billie's intimidating facial expression turns back to a flirty smile, “Good, now don’t disappoint me,” she says before giving him a peck on lips. Jake never thought of himself as a submissive, but after being intimidated by Billie Eilish like that, he was harder than ever before.

Billie slowly moves her body down as she inserts the rock hard dick into her wet pussy. The two moan audibly as they go all the way. Placing her arms behind Jake’s neck, Billie starts riding his dick slowly, increasing the speed every few seconds, while her giant tits bounce with her body. Billie moan out loud, as she feels the thick shaft fill her up. She was getting wetter by the second, with her juices coating Jake's dick. She couldn’t remember the last time she had a dick this good, but she knew that she was going to fuck Jake more often. Jake can tell that Billie was no virgin by the way she moved, but her pussy was still amazingly tight. He reaches out to place his hands on her pale ass and gives it a tight squeeze. Her ass wasn’t as large as her tits, but it was still pleasant to feel.

After minutes of the cowgirl ride, Billie was getting close to her orgasm. Enjoying the pleasure of his dick, Billie decides to reward Jake by shoving his face into her breasts. The warmth of her double d's on his cheeks, plus her tight grip on his dick, was enough to make Jake feel like he was in heaven. He didn’t care if someone saw him anymore, he just focused on the sexy girl in front of him.

Jake was about to cum when he remembers the warning Billie gave him. He tries to move his head back to speak, but the young artist had such a strong grip on him that he couldn’t move. He never thought this girl had this type of strength, or maybe he was just that weak. He tries to speak but all that came out were muffles. Jake made all sorts of signals to warn Billie of his incoming ejaculation, but Billie ignores all of it as she continues to bounce on his cock, increasing her speed as she moans out loud. His only hope was to hold it in until Billie cums.

Holding it in felt like torture, and Jake felt like he was about to bust, until Billie got off his cock. Wondering what she was doing, Jake watches as Billie reaches down into her panties. She moans turns to a silent scream as she’s fingering herself, and in seconds, the busty artist starts squirting through her panties and all over Jake’s lap. Jake wasn’t too happy about getting his pants wet from her juices, but at least he didn’t impregnate Billie. Watching Billie Eilish playing with herself, squirting multiple times, her nicely shaped body, and her face contorting in pleasure was a beautiful sight to see. Jake was glad he answered her text.

Once Billie was finished cumming, she sits back down on Jake’s lap, with her soaked panties pressed against his dick. Billie looked into Jake's eyes as she puts the fingers she used into her mouth, sucking off all of her juices. After that, she grabs Jake’s face and goes in for an open mouth kiss. Jake can taste to sweet nectar of her cum on Billie's tongue. The two teens sat in the dark as their tongues danced in each other’s mouths.

They make out for a few more minutes until Billie breaks the kiss. “I bet you’re dying to cum again, right?” she says. Jake, out of breathe, simply nodded his head. “Well, I’ve been taking control this entire time,” Billie says as she gets off of the bench, “Now it’s your turn.” She kneels in front Jake as she pulls him to stand up. “I’ll let you fuck my throat, and don’t be scared to go rough on me. I can handle it.” Billie opens her mouth wide, inviting Jake’s dick to enter.

Jake never face fucked a girl before, only receiving blowjobs. He figured it should be the same as fucking a pussy, so he holds Billie's head in place and slides his dick into her mouth. He pushes in until he reaches her throat, which made Billie gag. Worried, Jake pulls out, but Billie reaches her arms behind to push Jake back in, letting him know that it’s ok. Jake was mesmerized by the sight of Billie’s mouth filled with his cock, her beautiful eyes watering as she’s gagging.

Deciding to be rough like Billie asked, Jake puts both of his hands on her head, keeping it in place, then he starts moving his hips to fuck the singer’s throat. Billie gags hard while she drools all over his cock. The saliva flows down her chin and onto her giant breasts. Her face was turning red while tears were running down her face. Despite how painful this was for her throat, Billie was loving every second of it. She pulls her panties down, exposing her privates to the cold air, and starts masturbating again. Soon enough, her eyes roll back as she cums.

The feeling of fucking a girl’s face like this was too good, Jake didn’t even take his dick out to let Billie catch her breath. Looking like she was about to pass out from the lack of air, he decides it was time to bust. He stops moving as he pushes Billie's head towards him, forcing her to take every inch of his cock. Jake then cums down her throat, forcing to swallow every drop. Billie gags as she feels the large warm load flow down into her.

Once he finishes, Jake finally lets the poor girl go. Free from his grasp, Billie coughs wildly as she gasps for air. She takes a minute to recover, then looks up at Jake. Her hair was a mess, and her eyes were red from tears, but she stills manages to form a weak smile. “Well… that was fun..” Billie says as she breathes heavily.

Jake sat back down on the bench with his dick still out. He watches as Billie slowly puts her clothes back on. She picks her notebook up and sat back down next to Jake. “I definitely needed that, thanks a lot man,” Billie says as she starts writing in her notebook. Jake just sits there, not sure what to do. “So uhh, what now?” he asks. Billie replies while still writing, “You could stay if you wanna, or just leave. I’ll call you if I wanna fuck again.” Jake asks another question, “You’re not scared that I might tell everyone about this?” Billie scoffs, “As if anyone would take ‘I fucked Billie Eilish’s tits’ seriously. ” She had a good point, Jake thought as he zips himself back up and goes home.
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Re: Public Play: Billie Eilish's Muse
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2020, 07:44:47 AM »
Loved it!

Hope you write some more Billie Eilish Adeventures.
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Re: Public Play: Billie Eilish's Muse
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2020, 06:03:15 PM »
Another Billie story, excellent! Loved it! Jake is VERY lucky to be on Billie's fuck list  :D
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