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The X-Program (Multiple Celebs Series) [Episode 6 Posted]
« on: October 01, 2020, 09:55:30 AM »

After a series of unfortunate events Hollywood is on the brink of bankruptcy. 

This leaves the adult film industry as the only profitable entertainment business still in existence. Because of their constant need for attention and fame several female celebrities have signed contracts with the upstart adult streaming service X-Star Productions.

X-Star Productions has created a new adult series called The X-Program. Each episode of this series will contain two segments and stream weekly on the X-Star website. Now watch as your favorite celebrities entertain you in new titillating ways.

*End of Prologue*

The X-Program
Written by Calibur009

Episode 1

On the premiere episode of The X-Program, Anna Kendrick & Aubrey Plaza promote their knob polishing business. Later Margot Robbie will be interrogated about her last sexual encounter.

Segment 1: The Knob Polishers
Starring: Anna Kendrick & Aubrey Plaza

A white man with curly brown hair named Curt who is dressed in a green polo shirt and jeans is sitting on his recliner watching television.

As Curt flips through the channels he stumbles upon a commercial advertising The Knob Polishers.

Anna Kendrick & Aubrey Plaza appear on screen. Both women are sporting huge smiles and dressed as carpenters. Complete with hard hats, overall shorts, white t-shirts and work boots.

Aubrey begins speaking in a horrible pornstar voice and says “Are you a guy who loves having his knob polished?”

Anna also using a bad pornstar voice replies “If you do then Aubrey and I are the knob polishers you’re looking for!”

Both Aubrey & Anna walk towards a work bench and begin polishing some door knobs in a very sexual manner.

Anna while still polishing a knob looks at the camera. She then says “Wouldn’t you love it if I polished your knob just like that?”

Aubrey while holding a knob starts blowing on it suggestively and replies “That’s right Anna! Our skills in the knob polishing field are unmatched!”

Anna then looks at the camera and says “If you ever need us to polish your knob dial this number right now!”

The number 1-669-552-0069 in yellow letters flashes across the screen.

After watching their commercial Curt says “I love having my knob polished!” He then pulls out his phone and dials the number on the screen.

Two minutes later there is a knock on Curt’s door. He stands up, walks towards the door and opens it to see Anna & Aubrey standing there.

Aubrey says “So do you want your knob polished or what?!”

Curt nods yes and both Anna & Aubrey enter his house.

They all go over to Curt’s couch and the two women playfully push him down and kneel in front of him.

Aubrey quickly unzips Curt’s pants and pulls out his big cock. She says “Anna now this is a big fucking knob!”

Anna replies Wow! It really is so let’s polish it really good Aubrey!” Both women begin to suck Curt’s cock.

Anna & Aubrey rapidly suck Curt’s cock and even lick up and down the sides of it. Anna is on the left and Aubrey is on the right. Aubey begins to suck on Curt’s nuts as Anna furiously jerks his cock.

Anna says “Fuck your cock is so big!”

Aubrey replies “His balls are too!”

Anna starts licking and sucking on Curt’s balls now and Aubrey begins sucking his cock.

After the two knob polishers suck Curt’s dick for a while they stand up and remove their clothing. Now nude Anna begins to titfuck Curt’s big dick while Aubrey is straddling his face as he eats her out.

When Anna finishes titfucking Curt for a while she starts to slap his dick on her tits and says “Oh that feels so good!”

Aubrey while her pussy is being eaten by Curt says “Fuck! This guy knows how to eat some pussy!”

Anna & Aubrey then trade places. Anna is now having her snatch eaten out by Curt while Aubrey begins to ride his cock cowgirl style. Aubrey is riding Curt’s cock wildly while Anna continues to moan in pleasure while Curt is dining on her pussy.

Aubrey says “Holy shit! You’re fucking me so good with your big dick!” She then rides Curt’s cock even faster. She then hops off of his cock and sucks it again before Anna takes her place and begins to ride Curt reverse cowgirl.

Anna rides Curt’s cock rapidly and her amazing tits bounce as she does. Aubrey begins to suck on Anna’s tits as she’s riding Curt.

Anna says “Fuck yeah! Your cock feels so good!” She continues to bounce up and down on Curt’s cock.

This goes on for a while before Aubrey lays down on the couch and Anna climbs on top of her. Aubrey & Anna are now eating each out and they both moan pleasure while doing so. Curt then begins to fuck Anna from behind.

Anna says “Keep fucking me with that big cock!” She then returns to eating out Aubrey.

Curt continues to fuck Anna until he pulls out his cock and allows Aubrey to suck on it for a before he inserts it back into Anna. After a few more minutes of this he stands up and goes to the other side of the couch and begins to fuck Aubrey.

Aubrey is now being fucked rapidly by Curt. He then pulls his cock out of her and Anna begins to suck it for a while before he places it back into Aubrey.

Aubrey then says “Oh my god! Your fucking me so good!”

Anna & Aubrey are now on the floor side by side while Curt fucks Aubrey from behind. As Curt does this he uses his left hand to finger fuck Anna. Curt then switches up and begins fucking Anna and finger fucks Aubrey.

Both Anna & Aubrey say in unison “Oh fuck! That feels so good!!”

Curt continues to pleasure the two women until Anna says “We want your cum now!”

Aubrey replies “Give us that fucking cum right now!”

Curt then pulls out of Anna and the two women begin to suck his cock again. They suck Curt’s cock rapidly until he cums inside of Aubrey’s mouth.

Aubrey & Anna then cum kiss and Anna swallows the hot jizz. She then says “That tastes great!”

After Aubrey & Anna get dressed, Aubrey writes out and hands Curt a bill.

Anna then says “That is our fee”! Come on Aubrey we have a lot more knobs to polish today!” They both wave goodbye to Curt and exit his home.

Curt sits down on his couch, looks at his bill and says “Holy shit! That’s a lot of money! But it was worth it!”

Segment 2: Basic Fuckstinct
Starring: Margot Robbie

The outside of a police interrogation room is shown. We then see three detectives drinking coffee while watching an interrogation in process from a two-way mirror. Detective #1 is a middle aged white man, Detective #2 is an Asian man and Detective #3 is a black man.

Detective #1 says “Do you guys think it was a good idea for him to question the suspect on his own?”

Detective #2 replies “I think he can handle it! Brad is a pro at this.”

Detective #3 responds “Yeah Brad has a lot of experience in these types of situations. So just sit back and watch him work!”

Now inside of the dimly lit interrogation room is Margot Robbie. She is the suspect and seated in a chair. Margot is wearing a white dress so short that it would make Sharon Stone blush, matching heels and smoking a cigarette.

Margot is being questioned by a detective named Brad, a Italian man with dark hair and a beard.

Brad says “I’m going to ask you again Ms. Robbie. How did you fuck Mr. Doe?!”

Margot smirks, puts out her cigarette and replies in her Australian accent “Well I started off playing with my pussy and then I put my tongue down Mr. Doe’s throat.” She then says “Speaking of throat, that's what I did to his cock. I deepthroated it and I got so wet too! Then I began to ride his cock and it was so fucking hard too!”

Brad becomes aroused hearing Margot’s story. He pulls out a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes the sweat from his brow. Brad then asks “So what happened next Ms. Robbie?”

Margot chuckles and says “When I finished riding him, he began to fuck me from behind. As he was fucking me he pulled my hair and slapped my arse!”

Margot pauses, looks at Brad with her beautiful blue eyes, smiles and uncrosses her amazing legs. Showing the detective that she’s not wearing any underwear.

She then says “Detective I can tell that you’re enjoying my confession from the huge bulge in your pants! So how would you like it if I demonstrated exactly how I fucked Mr. John Doe?!”

Margot stands up, removes her dress, revealing her amazing tanned body. She then places her right leg on the chair and begins to pleasure herself while she looks at Brad. Margot then makes the motion for him to come to her which he does. Margot then begins to make out with Brad.

The three detectives look on at the action while continuing to drink their coffee.

Brad is now kneeled under Margot as he eats her twat. She holds onto his head as he's doing this and says “Oh fuck yes! You know how to eat pussy quite well detective!” Margot continues to moan in pleasure from Brad’s cunnilingus skills.

Brad then raises up, removes his clothing and takes a set in the interrogation seat. Margot then kneels between his legs and smiles.

The blonde bombshell says to him “You have a very nice cock detective!” Margot then wraps her beautiful glossy pink lips around his cock and begins sucking it.

As Margot applies her expert oral skills to Brad’s cock she says “I love how hard your cock is. It’s throbbing so much right now too!” She then continues to lovingly blow Brad’s dick.

After Margot sucks Brad’s cock for a while she says “Now that I have you cock nice and wet I think you know what comes next!” The gorgeous Aussie smiles and proceeds to deepthroat Brad’s big cock.

Brad then says “Fuck! That feels so good!”

Margot looks up at him, smiles and deepthroats his cock once more. She then releases his cock making a loud pop noise and begins licking his balls.

Margot stands up, jerks Brad’s cock a few times, mounts it and begins to ride him cowgirl. Margot starts off riding his cock at a steady pace but speeds up while Brad holds onto her hips.

She says “Oh yes! Your cock feels so good detective!” Brad begins to fuck Margot even faster as she rides him. This goes on for a while.

The three detectives watch on and Detective #1 says “That’s why we should have been in there with him!”

Detectives #2 & #3 nod in agreement as they continue to drink their coffee and are now eating donuts as well.

Margot is now leaning over the interrogation table as Brad fucks her from behind. She looks back at him and says “You really do know how to fuck me like John did! Now pull my hair!” Brad does as Margot instructs and pulls her blonde locks as he continues to fuck her from behind.

Brad then slaps Margot’s ass a few times as well causing her to smile and say “Yes that’s it! I fucking love that!”

After plowing the beautiful Aussie for a timely fashion Brad is almost on the verge of cuming and pulls out of Margot’s incredible pussy. 

Margot turns around, kneels and says “Paint my face with your cum detective!” Brad proceeds to do just that and fires a huge load of cum onto the Aussie beauty’s gorgeous face.

Margot then smiles and says to Brad “So does that answer your question about how I fucked John Doe?”

Brad breathing heavily replies “Yes it does Ms. Robbie! In fact you can go now!”

Margot winks at Brad and says “Thank you detective! After that performance you can interrogate me anytime!” She then gathers her clothing and leaves the interrogation room.

Brad then sits down, looks towards and gives a thumbs up to the two-way mirror.

Detective #3 says “That is why Brad is the best at what he does!”
Detective #2 replies “I agree that interrogation was flawless!”

Detective #1 drinks more coffee, shakes his head and says “That lucky bastard!”

End of Episode 1
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Re: The X-Program (Multiple Celebs Series) [Episode 1]
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2020, 05:01:26 PM »
Great story! Can't wait to read more. Hope you have got some plans for Emilia Clarke. If not it's fine.
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Re: The X-Program (Multiple Celebs Series) [Episode 1]
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2020, 05:33:46 PM »
Great story! Can't wait to read more. Hope you have got some plans for Emilia Clarke. If not it's fine.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. But I have no plans for Emilia Clarke currently for this series.
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Re: The X-Program (Multiple Celebs Series) [Episode 2 Posted]
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Episode 2

Coming up on episode two of The X-Program, Nina Dobrev is a yacht saleswoman who gives a potential buyer an offer he can’t refuse. Later in the main event Alison Brie is a beautiful lady of wrestling who can’t wait to show off her new moves inside of the ring.

Segment 1: Buy The Damn Yacht!
Starring: Nina Dobrev

It is a bright and sunny afternoon at a ship dock named Yachting Emporium. We then see a Latino man named Tony as he looks at a white Ferretti Yacht. He is dressed in a red Hawaiian shirt, white pants and loafers.

As Tony continues to look at the yacht, Nina Dobrev walks towards him. She is wearing a white business jacket that has a smock with her name on it, dark blue blouse, short white skirt and heels.

She greets him, shakes his hand and introduces herself to him.

Nina says “Hi! Tony I’m Nina and I’ll be your saleswoman today at Yachting Emporium. Now I can see you’re really interested in this boat.”

Tony replies “Yeah it’s a really great looking yacht Nina. But I’m just not sure if I want to buy it today.”

Nina responds “Really?! Like you said it’s a really great looking yacht. Imagine all the attention from women you would receive if you owned a boat like this? I would definitely give any man with a yacht like this my full attention!”

Tony smiles and says “Maybe I’ll be back next week. If the yacht is still here then I might buy it. Have a good day Nina!”

Nina in a desperate tone says “Tony wait! Look I really need this sale today! So I’ll tell you what I’m authorized to allow you to test drive the yacht before you purchase it. Maybe that will change your mind, huh?!” Nina then flashes a big smile at Tony.

Tony thinks it over and says “Okay I’ll take it for a test drive, Nina”.

Nina replies “That’s great! Let’s get on board and set sail.”

Nina & Tony board the yacht and begin to set sail on the open sea.

Now on the ocean Nina says “Tony now remember we have to head back to the dock in twenty five minutes.”

Tony while piloting the yacht replies “Okay that’s fine! I will admit the boat handles pretty well.”

Nina then says “So does that mean you’re going to buy the yacht today?”

Tony replies “Actually I’m still not sure I’m in a buying mood Nina.”

Nina rolls her eyes and in an annoyed tone she mutters “I can’t believe this shit!” She then goes into the yacht’s cabin.

A few minutes later Nina returns sporting a sexy two piece black bikini and wearing white yacht captain hat.

When Nina returns to Tony she taps him on the shoulder. Tony then turns around and his eyes almost pop out of his head at the sight of Nina in her bikini.

Nina says “Here’s the deal Tony! If you buy the damn yacht today I’ll let you fuck my brains out right now!”

Tony replies “Sure Nina! Who would pass up a deal like that?!”

Nina smirks and responds “Now that was the right decision Tony! Let’s go out to the deck. We’ll have more room out there.”

Tony nods in agreement, parks the yacht and he and Nina head towards the deck.

Now on the yacht’s deck Nina says “Hurry up and take off your clothes! We don’t have much time.”

Tony as he removes his clothes says “Okay! We’ll make it quick!”

Nina then says “Oh! You have a pretty big cock Tony!” She instantly drops to her knees and begins to suck his dick. As Nina blows Tony she makes loud slurp and pop noises.

Nina continues to happily suck Tony’s cock and begins to lick his balls as well. She says “I can’t believe how big your dick is!” She then stands up and removes her bikini but keeps the yachting cap on.

Tony then lays down on the deck and Nina climbs on top him for some sixty nine action. Tony is eating Nina’s pussy as she blows his cock.

This goes on for a while and Nina says “Oh fuck! Tony you really know how to eat pussy!” She then continues to suck his dick.

Nina is now on all fours on the deck being fucked from behind by Tony. He is banging the brown skinned beauty as fast as he can.

She says “Keep fucking me just like that!”

This goes on for a while before Nina stands up and leans over the yacht’s railing and Tony begins to fuck her from behind again while she’s standing.

As Tony rapidly thrusts into Nina’s pussy she says “Oh my god Tony! You are fucking me so good!”

They fuck like this for a while until Tony lays down again and Nina places her yacht hat onto his head. She then does a split onto his cock and begins riding him cowgirl.

Tony now wearing the yacht hat says “Damn! Nina, you are really athletic!”

Nina smiles and replies “Well I used to be a gymnast!” She continues to ride Tony’s cock rapidly for a while.

Nina then hops off of Tony’s cock and begins to blow him again.

She does this until he says “Oh fuck! I’m about to cum!” Then a big load of cum sprays Nina’s face.

Nina with a big smile then says “That was a lot of cum Tony!” She then licks his cock.

Tony then stands up and looks at Nina and says “Well Nina you’ve earned yourself a sell today.”

Nina laughs and replies “Yes! Well we better head back to the dock now”. She then says “You know Tony I’m off next weekend so we can do this again and take our time.”

Tony replies “Okay Nina it's a date!”

Nina smiles, looks at the camera and says “Fucking a customer to get a sale works every time!” She then laughs.

Segment 2: BLOW
Starring: Alison Brie

A video montage of famous women being fucked inside of a wrestling ring is shown. It is set to 1980’s style rock music and followed by the BLOW logo. A female voice then says “Welcome back the Beautiful Ladies of Wrestling!”

The camera then transitions to a wrestling ring. It has pink ring ropes, black turnbuckle pads and a gray mat with the BLOW logo written in pink letters in the middle of the ring.

The camera then pans over to the commentary booth. The commentator on the left is a Hispanic man named Randy Santana and the commentator on the right is a white man with blonde hair named Andre Hogan. Both commentators are wearing suits.

Andre says “Welcome to another edition of BLOW! We have an action packed show for you tonight folks!”

Randy replies “That’s right Andre! Alison Brie is in our main event this evening. So let’s get back to the ring!”

Alison makes her entrance from behind the curtain and walks towards the ring. She is wearing a red spandex leotard and black wrestling boots. When Alison enters the ring she smiles and waves to the audience which consists of horny male wrestling fans. They applaud and loudly chant her name.

Andre says “Alison is getting quite the ovation tonight!”

Randy replies “Well that’s no surprise. Alison has been a fan favorite in BLOW for a while now!”

Alison is now holding a microphone and says “Tonight I am going to show off the new moves I’ve been practicing backstage on the ring crew for you guys! So I’m ready to face my opponent right now!” She then removes her leotard and is nude but still wearing her wrestling boots.

Alison’s opponent makes his way to the ring. He is a tall chiseled white man. His ring attire is completely black. It consists of a Lucha style mask, cape, trunks and boots. He then enters the ring and has a stare down with Alison.

Andre says “The undefeated “Big” Dick Long will be Alison’s opponent tonight!”

Randy replies “Many of the women on the BLOW roster have tapped out early to the foreign object he’s packing in his trunks. Maybe Alison can score the upset tonight!”

Andre responds “We’ll see Randy. Let’s get back to the ring!”

Back inside of the ring the referee rings the bell and Alison & Dick Long square off. Dick immediately removes his trunks and shows Alison his nine inch cock.

Alison’s eyes grow wide at the sight of Dick Long’s huge member but she will not let it intermediate her. Alison smirks, kneels in front of the masked superstar and begins to suck his dick.

After Alison sucks and licks his cock for a while Dick Long picks her up and begins to fuck her standing up while she wraps her arms around his huge shoulders.

As she’s being fucked Alison says “Your big dick is so fucking good!” Dick Long continues to fuck the brunette grappler in this position for a while.

Randy says “Alison is having some fun out there!”

Andre replies “No doubt about it! She’s taking that big cock like a seasoned pro!”

Dick Long is now fucking Alison from behind as she’s bend over holding onto the ring ropes.

Alison says “Fuck! I love your big cock!” The masked muscle man continues to punish Alison’s pussy without mercy. He even gives her ass a few smacks as well.

Andre says “Wow! Looks like Dick Long has Alison on the ropes!”

Randy replies “It appears that way Andre. But I wouldn’t count her out just yet!”

Dick Long is now laid out in the middle of the ring with Alison on top of him riding his big cock reverse cowgirl. Alison’s tits bounce up and down as she rapidly rides his cock.

She says “I love being on top while taking a hard big cock like this one!” Alison moans in pleasure as she continues to ride Dick Long even faster.

Randy says “Alison seems to be back in control of the match!”

Andre replies “Indeed! But can she keep up her momentum!”

Alison is now on her back in the middle of the ring. Alison’s legs are spread wide as Dick Long furiously pounds her pussy.

She says “Is that all you’ve got?! Fuck me harder damn it!” Dick Long does just that and begins fucking Alison even harder and faster.

Alison then says “Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s fucking it right there!” She is sporting a huge grin as Dick Long continues his onslaught of her twat in the middle of the ring.

Andre says “Alison looks like she may be in trouble now Randy!”

Randy replies “Looks that way Andre. I have a feeling she’s about to make a comeback against Dick Long!”

Dick Long is now laying flat on his back in the ring as Alison is ravaging his big cock. She is stroking, licking, sucking and slurping away at his cock with all of her might.

Alison even licks his huge balls as well. Once she has his cock as wet as possible she inserts it back into her hot wet mouth. Alison then successfully deepthroats her opponent all the way down to the base of his cock.

Randy says “Alison has applied her finisher to Dick Long!”

Andre replies “Indeed! I believe she has this match won now!”

Dick Long loudly says “Holy fuck!” He then blasts a huge load of cum down Alison’s throat. The brunette superstar happily swallows all of the hot white cream down in one gulp.

Dick Long then passes out after he cums and the referee awards the match to Alison. She stands up and the referee raises her right arm in victory.

The ring announcer says “And the winner of the BLOW main event Alison Brie!”

The audience loudly cheers and chants “Alison! Alison! Alison!”

Alison smiles and waves to her adoring fans as Dick Long still lays on the mat.

She looks into the camera and says “That was a hard fought victory! As for you Dick Long I’ll love to have a rematch with that cock of yours real soon!” Alison then makes her exit from the ring and returns to the back.

Andre says “Well there you have it folks! Alison is the winner of the match!”

Randy replies “She came in as the underdog but scored a huge upset tonight!”

Andre responds “Indeed Randy! Tune in next week for another action packed episode of BLOW!”

End of Episode 2
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Re: The X-Program (Multiple Celebs Series) [Episode 3 Posted]
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Episode 3

On episode three of The X-Program, Dove Cameron will share her unusual daily workout routine. After that when Kate Beckinsale & Salma Hayek cause a disturbance at a restaurant the manager calls in a special team to deal with them.

Segment 1: Daily Titty Workout
Starring: Dove Cameron

A living room with an exercise bike in the background, a few weights on the floor and water bottles laying around is shown.

Dove Cameron walks onto the screen with the focus being on her tits. She has her hair up in a ponytail and is wearing a black sports bra that shows off her amazing cleavage, sweatpants and white sneakers.

Dove looks at the camera, smiles and says “Hello! I’m Dove Cameron and today I would like to share my favorite daily workout routine with you all. But I’m going to build up to that first. I think you’re going to enjoy it!” She then gives a wink to the camera.

Dove begins doing some jumping jacks and her tits bounce up and down as she does so. After that she then begins doing sexually suggestive looking squats.

Dove says “Squats really help to give you those booty gains. As you can see it gets results from how great my ass looks!”

Dove is now doing sit-ups and once again the camera focuses on her tits. After she does this for a while she begins to make the fan motion with her right hand and says “I think I’ve warmed up enough. It’s time for the real workout.”

Dove walks over to a workout bench. She then says “Now this workout demands the use of a partner. Luckily for me there is no shortage of partners to choose from. She giggles and then says “Come on in Zack! I’m ready for my workout!”

Zack a buff white man with blonde hair walks into the room. He is wearing a green headband, white t-shirt and green shorts. Zack then immediately removes his shorts and takes a seat on the workbench.

Dove focuses her beautiful green eyes on his big cock. She smiles and says “I can see you’re definitely ready for our workout today Zack!” She then removes her sports bra revealing her big tits and kneels between Zack’s legs.

Dove while stroking Zack’s cock says “If you haven’t guessed it yet my favorite workout is having my tits fucked by a nice big dick like this!” She smiles and then says “But before I do that I need to lube Zack’s cock up first. I’ll do that using my dick sucking lips to suck it until it’s nice and wet!” She then grins, wraps her luscious glossy pink lips around Zack’s cock and begins sucking it.

As she continues to slurp on his cock, Dove says “Oh! Your cock is so hard today!” She then slaps her pretty face with his cock a few times.

Dove then says “Sorry! I couldn’t resist doing that!” She then giggles and continues to give Zack a syrupy blowjob and make loud glug and slurp noises while doing so.

Dove finally releases Zack’s cock from her mouth. She then says “I think it is wet enough now!” She then places Zack’s spit covered cock between her tits and begins to rapidly titfuck him.

Dove in an excited tone says “Oh my god! Your dick feels so fucking good between my tits!” This continues for a while and Dove begins to slap her tits using Zack’s cock. She then goes back to titfucking the hung blonde man.

Dove then lays down on the floor and Zack climbs on top of her and begins to titfuck her as she is laid on her back.

Dove in a happy tone says “Oh yes! Keep fucking my tits just like!” Zack continues to rapidly fuck Dove’s big tits. She then says “This is such a great workout for my tits! Zack I want you to fuck me now”!

Zack doesn’t need to be told twice as inserts his cock into Dove’s pussy and begins to fuck her while she’s still laying on the floor. He fucks her like this for a while until he lays on the floor and Dove begins to ride him reverse cowgirl.

Dove is now happily bouncing up and down on Zack’s big dick. As she rides him her big tits bounce as well.

She says “I love riding your big dick Zack! It feels so good!”

This goes on for a while until Dove hops off of Zack’s cock and lets her hair down. Dove then begins to ride him again in the cowgirl position. As Dove is riding Zack’s cock he grabs onto her shapely ass with both of his hands.

Dove says “Yes! Keep fucking me just like that!” She rides Zack for a few minutes before she climbs off him again. She is now between his legs and begins to titfuck his cock again.

Dove titfucks Zack again before she begins to suck on and lick his balls.

She says “Your balls are so big! I bet they’re full hot cum for me too!” She then laughs and continues to lick his balls.

After Dove does this for a while she’s now in position and Zack inserts his cock back into her and begins to fuck her from behind. Zack fucks her twat for a while just like this.

Dove says “Oh my god! Your cock feels so fucking good and it makes me so wet!” Zack continues to plow away at her twat.

By this point Dove’s body is covered in sweat. She looks back at Zack and says “I want your cum now!”

Once Zack pulls out of Dove she quickly turns around and jerks his cock until he fires several ropes of hot cum onto her face and tits.

Dove tastes some of the cum on her face and says “That was such an amazing workout!” She then looks at the camera and says “Well that was my daily titty workout and now it’s time to take a shower.”

We now see Dove along with Zack inside of her shower. As the water from the shower head is running Dove is kneeled in front of Zack giving him a titjob.

She then looks towards the camera, laughs and says “Sometimes I just can’t help myself!”

Segment 2: Milf Control
Starring: Kate Beckinsale & Salma Hayek

The inside of an upscale Los Angeles restaurant is now shown. Seated at a table are Kate Beckinsale & Salma Hayek drinking some wine.

Kate is wearing an obscenely short red designer dress which shows off her killer legs. Salma is wearing a tiny blue top that proudly displays her legendary large breasts and a short white skirt that emphasizes her round ass.

The two mature women are causing a scene at the establishment. Kate & Salma are laughing and talking loudly. They also begin to inappropriately flirt with their waiter.

Kate in her English accent says to the waiter “I bet you would love to fuck me wouldn’t you?! Well keep dreaming loser!” She then laughs.

Salma laughs and in her Mexican accent says “That’s right! You could never fuck two women as glamorous as us!”

As their waiter walks off Kate & Salma continue to talk loud and make fun of another waiter who passes by them.

The manager of the restaurant, a white man named Eric walks over to them.

He says “Pardon me ladies! I don’t mean to interrupt you. But I see that you two have been making quite a disturbance here for the past several few minutes.”

Kate says “Salma & I are just having some fun Eric.”

Salma replies “Yes! So how about you fuck off!”

Kate laughs and responds “Yes! Eric please fuck off!”

As Eric walks away as Kate & Salma point and laugh at him.

Once Eric returns to the front desk he picks up the phone and dials a number. He says “Milf Control I need you to handle two unruly milfs at my restaurant!”

The male voice on the other end replies “Yes of course! We’ll send out a team to handle the situation in five minutes.”

Eric responds “Thank you!” He then hangs up the phone.

Five minutes later two men wearing dark blue jumpsuits and caps with the words Milf Control written on them enter the restaurant.

One is a white man named Kevin and the other is a brown skin black man named Jason.

Kevin asks Eric “Where is your milf problem?”

Eric points to the direction of Kate & Salma and replies “They’re over there!”

Jason responds “Don’t worry we’ll handle it! We’re highly trained for these types of situations.”

Kevin & Jason hurry towards Kate & Salma’s table.

When the two men approach their table Kate says “Who the hell are you two?!”

Salma rolls her eyes and says “Yes! What do you two want?!”

Jason & Kevin immediately remove their jumpsuits and reveal their huge cocks to the two divas.

Kate looks at the two cocks before her eyes and says “Holy shit! Salma those cocks are incredible!”

Salma speaks in Spanish before she replies “Oh my god! I want to suck those big cocks right now!”

Kate responds “I do too! Alright you studs. Why don’t you show us what you’ve got!”

A few minutes later both Salma & Kate are completely nude. Kevin & Jason are seated on opposite ends of the dinner table as the two milfs suck their cocks. Salma is blowing Kevin on the left side of the table and Kate is blowing Jason on the right side of the table.

Salma is lovingly sucking and jerking Kevin’s cock as if it was a meal. The Mexican seductress continues to lick and slurp on Kevin’s cock and says “Fuck! Your hard cock is tastes so good!” She smiles and continues to suck his big dick.

Kate sucks and licks on Jason’s dick for a while before she begins licking his balls. She smiles and says “Oh your balls taste great!” She then goes back to jerking and sucking Jason’s dick.

Salma is now rubbing Kevin’s big cock all over her beautiful face. She then devours more of his cock and begins to lick his balls while jerking his cock. Salma then returns to rapidly sucking Kevin’s huge dick.

Salma then wraps her big tits around Kevin’s cock and begins to titfuck him. Salma smiles and says “I love how your big cock feels wrapped around my tits! Do you like how they feel?”

Kevin nods in agreement because he’s speechless at how great Salma has been at orally worshiping his huge cock.

Kate continues to suck and jerk Jason’s big brown cock and begins playing with her pussy with her right hand. She says “Fuck! I love how hard your cock is for me!” Kate smiles and rubs her pussy even faster while she is still jerking and sucking Jason’s dick with her left hand.

The English beauty begins rapidly alternating between sucking on Jason’s balls and his cock. Kate then says “Your big cock makes my pussy so wet!” Kate continues to rub her pussy as she returns to sucking Jason’s dick.

After Salma titfucks Kevin for a while she begins to suck his dick again.

Meanwhile Kate begins riding Jason’s cock. As she wildly rides Jason’s dick and says “Your big dick feels so good!”

Salma is now riding Kevin’s cock in the reverse cowgirl position and her huge tits bounce up and down as she rides him.

Salma says to Kevin “I love how your big cock feels inside me!”

Kate is also now riding Jason’s cock reverse cowgirl as well. Kate rubs her pussy while she rides Jason. As she rides him, Jason grabs Kate’s tits as he continues to fuck her.

Kevin also has a handful of Salma’s huge tits as he continues to bang her as well.

Both Kate & Salma continue to moan in pleasure as Milf Control fucks them.

Both Kate & Salma are now on the floor side by side as Kevin & Jason fucks them in unison. Jason is now fucking Salma from behind and Kevin is fucking Kate from behind.

A few minutes pass and Kate & Salma switch partners again. Kate is now being fucked from behind by Jason and Kevin is fucking Salma from behind.

As they're being fucked both Salma & Kate say “We love your big cocks!!”

Kevin is now seated in one of the chairs as Kate is riding him cowgirl.

Meanwhile Jason is fucking Salma rapidly from behind as her huge tits bounce up and down.

Both Kate & Salma continue to moan in pleasure from the dicking they’re receiving.

Salma is now laying on her back as Jason rapidly plows her pussy. This continues until she says “I want to suck your big cock!” He then pulls out of her and she begins to suck his dick and even titfucks him until he blasts a huge load of cum onto her face and tits.

Salma smiles and says “That was an amazing fucking you gave me Jason”! She smiles and continues to stroke Jason’s dick and begins sucking on it again.

Kate has a huge grin on her face as she rides Kevin’s huge cock. She then hops off of it and begins jerking and sucking it until Kevin’s cock erupts like a volcano and his cum covers her face, neck and tits.

She then continues to lick Kevin’s cock and even rubs it on her tits. Kate sucks Kevin’s cock a few times and says “Fuck! Your cock is incredible Kevin!”

A few minutes pass and Eric checks on Milf Control’s progress. He sees that both milfs have been controlled. Salma is sucking Kevin’s cock and Kate is sucking off Jason.

Kevin says to Eric “We have the milfs under control now!”

Jason replies “Yeah your milf problem has been handled!”

Eric smiles and responds “Amazing work gentlemen!”

Kate then says “Maybe we should cause a scene here every week Salma!”

Salma replies “I think maybe we should Kate.”

Kevin & Jason laugh and give each other a hi-five while Kate & Salma continue to happily blow them.

End of Episode 3
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Re: The X-Program (Multiple Celebs Series) [Episode 3 Posted]
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I love Salma Hayek, what a surprise to see someone else write her!  :Y:
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Re: The X-Program (Multiple Celebs Series) [Episode 4 Posted]
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Episode 4: Halloween Special

Tonight on the Halloween edition of The X-Program you will see Paris Berelc & Kelli Berglund go trick or treating for some hard cock. Later a horny Vanessa Hudgens will celebrate her favorite day of the year the only way she knows how.

Segment 1: Trick Or Treat
Starring: Paris Berelc & Kelli Berglund

It is Halloween night and Kelli Berglund & Paris Berelc are seen walking down the street wearing costumes and carrying black bags with the words Trick Or Treat on them.

Kelli is dressed in a sexy black & red nurse costume and Paris is dressed as a sexy devil with a red wig with horns and a short red dress.

The sexy duo walk to a house and Kelli rings the doorbell. A man opens the door and Kelli & Paris begin to sing in unison “Trick Or Treat! Give us something hard to fuck!!” The man pulls out is cock and the two starlets shake their heads in disappointment and walk away.

Kelli & Paris walk to the next house and repeat the process and are once again disappointed by the cock size of it’s owner. The two starlets experience this several times during the night before they approach the last house on the block.

Kelli in a frustrated tone says “The guy in this last house better have what we’re looking for!”

Paris replies “Yeah! We’ve been to every other house on the block already and I don’t want to go home empty handed”.

Kelli responds “I don’t either! But let’s just get it over with.”

This time Paris rings the doorbell and two white men in superhero costumes open the door. The man on the left is wearing a Batman inspired costume. In place of the bat logo is a hard dick and the second man on the right is dressed in a costume similar to that of Robin. But instead of a R logo it has a T on it instead.

The man on the left says “Looks like we have some trick or treaters here Throbbin!”

Throbbin replies “Looks that way Hardman! They’re pretty hot too!”

Kelli & Paris shake their heads and once again sing “Trick or Treat! Give us something hard to fuck!!”

Hardman says “So you you two ladies want something hard to fuck huh?”

Throbbin replies “I believe we can help you lovely ladies out with that.”

Hardman & Throbbin proceed to pull out their big cocks from their tights. Both Kelli & Paris cannot believe their eyes at the sight of the two huge cocks before them.

Paris an aroused tone says “Those are some big hard cocks!”

Kelli replies “Seriously! They are way bigger than the two guys we fucked last night!”

Hardman responds “Why don’t you come on in ladies”! Throbbin nods in agreement with his partner.

Kelli & Paris look at each other and with big smiles on their faces as they walk into the house and close the door behind them. We now see Paris & Kelli’s costumes in a pile laying on the floor as they suck Hardman & Throbbin’s cocks.

Paris is blowing Hardman and Kelli is blowin Throbbin. Paris while still wearing her wig literally has a mouthful of Hardman’s cock. In fact tears begin to roll down Paris’ eyes as she tries to stuff more of his big dick down her throat. She ejects Hardman’s cock from a mouth a few minutes to catch her breath and says “Fuck! Your cock is so big and hard! I love it!” Paris proceeds to slap her pretty face with his cock.

Kelli is still wearing her nurse hat while sucking and jerking Throbbin’s cock. She looks over to Paris and in a humorous tone says “Don’t slap yourself too hard with that big dick Paris it might just knock you out”! She then laughs and returns to blowing Throbbin.

Paris laughs while continuing to suck Hardman’s cock and even begins licking his balls.

Kelli is now rapidly blowing Throbbin and says “This head nurse is loving your big cock! It is throbbing so much too”! She smiles and licks the head of Throbbin’s cock before she begins licking and sucking his balls.

Paris says “Hey Kelli! Why don’t switch up now!”

Kelli smiles and replies “That is an excellent idea Paris!”

The sexy duo change partners. Paris is now blowing Throbbin and Kelli is blowing Hardman. Both Paris & Kelli make loud glug, slurp and pop noises as they blow the hung superheroes' cocks.

Hardman & Throbbin then lay down on their backs for a little sixty nine action with Kelli & Paris. Paris is greedily sucking Throbbin’s cock as he eats her pussy and Hardman is rapidly licking Kelli’s twat as she furiously blows him.

Kelli says “Fuck! Keep eating my pussy like that Hardman!” She goes back to sucking his dick.

Paris says “Oh my god! You’re pretty fucking good at eating pussy Throbbin!”

After a few more minutes both Kelli & Paris begin riding Hardman & Throbbin’s cocks.

Kelli takes off her nurse hat and with a huge grin says “Oh fuck! Your cock feels so good!” Kelli continues to rapidly bounce up and down on Hardman’s dick.

Paris rides Throbbin’s cock so hard that her wig falls off. She laughs and says “Yes! Keep fucking me just like that!”

This goes on for a while before Hardman & Throbbin transition to fucking Kelli & Paris in the spoon position and rapidly thrust into their pussies. Paris & Kelli continue to moan in ectascy as Throbbin & Hardman continue to fuck them silly.

Paris & Kelli are now side by side being fucked from behind. Hardman is fucking Paris again and Throbbin is fucking Kelli.

Kelli says to Throbbin “Your fucking me so good right now!”

Paris says to Hardman “That big cock of yours is so fucking good!”

Throbbin & Hardman continue to pound Paris & Kelli’s twats with no mercy.

Throbbin is now receiving a double blowjob from Kelli & Paris as Hardman watches on and jerks himself off. Paris is greedily sucking Throbbin’s cock while Kelli is rapidly licking his balls.

This goes on for a while until Throbbin says “Fuck I’m about to blow!” He proceeds to fire several ropes of cum onto Paris & Kelli’s faces.

Paris smiles and says “Oh my god! Your cum feels so good!”

Kelli licks some of the cum from her lips and replies “It tastes so good too!”

Kelli & Paris are now giving Hardman the double blowjob treatment. As now Kelli is sucking Hardman’s dick while Paris licks his balls.

They do this until Hardman says “Here it comes ladies!” He then blasts two huge loads of cum onto Kelli & Paris' beautiful faces with some of it landing on their tits as well.

Kelli says “Oh fuck yes! That was a lot of cum Hardman!”

Paris replies “Yes it was Kelli!” She then laughs.

Kelli & Paris proceed to lick the cum from each others’ faces.

Paris says “That was some sweet cum! This should be the only house we visit next Halloween.”

Kelli replies “I agree Paris! This was a great night for trick or treating.”

Both starlets lick Hardman & Throbbin’s still erect cocks.

Paris & Kelli then look at the camera, smile, wave and say in unison “Happy Halloween!!”

Segment 2: Horny Halloween
Starring: Vanessa Hudgens

It is still Halloween night and we now see a Hollywood cemetery with the focus being on four tombstones. In front of them are four open graves with caskets inside of them.

A hearse then drives towards the cemetery and parks. When it does, Vanessa Hudgens makes her exit from the passenger side of the vehicle. She is only wearing a long sleeved shirt with The Exorcist written on it.

Vanessa then turns to the camera and says “Hi everyone! I’m Vanessa Hudgens but obviously you know that! Tonight is Halloween which is my favorite day of the year”! Vanessa giggles and says “So I decided to celebrate by doing something incredibly nasty for you all watching The X-Program tonight.”

She begins to walk towards the tombstones and says “It is just something about Halloween that makes me so horny and so fucking wet”! In fact I don’t think I can wait anymore. How about you guys come on out and fuck me now!”

Four men wearing black cloaks and classic Universal monster masks appear from inside of the caskets. The first one is wearing a Dracula mask, the second a Frankenstein mask, the third a Wolfman mask and the last a Gill-Man mask.

The four men surround Vanessa and remove their black cloaks revealing their big white cocks to her.

Vanessa with her trademark thirsty look, smiles and removes her shirt. She then kneels and begins stroking Drac & Frank’s cocks and says “All of you at home are about to receive one hell of a show!”

She then winks at the camera and begins sucking and jerking Drac’s cock with her right hand while jerking off Frank’s cock with her left hand. Vanessa does this for a while before she starts sucking off Frank’s cock.

Meanwhile Wolf & Gill are jerking their big cocks waiting for their Halloween goddess to show them some oral attention.

Vanessa looks at them and says “I would never neglect cocks as nice as yours!” She then begins to blow Wolf’s cock while jerking off Gill with her left hand. She then moves on to blowing Gill while jerking off Wolf. While she does this Drac & Frank are jerking themselves off.

A few minutes pass and Vanessa is now happily alternating blowing all four of the classic horror icons. She goes from Drac, Frank, Wolf, Gill, Gill, Wolf, Frank, Drac, Wolf, Gill, Frank, Drac, Frank, Gill, Wolf & Drac. Vanessa even licks and licks all of their balls as well as their cocks.

After Vanessa expertly orally pleasures them for a while all four of the monsters’ cocks are completely covered with the saliva from her mouth.

Vanessa says “Now that your cocks are all wet! It’s time you boys to fuck me!”

Vanessa is now on all fours looks back and wiggles her ass and Frank is the first one to begin fuck Vanessa from behind. While Frank is fucking her she begins blowing Gill. While Drac & Wolf jerk off in the background.

Vanessa looks back at Frank and says “I know you can fuck me harder than that! Fuck me harder and faster will you!” Frank does as Vanessa commands and picks up the pace and fucks her harder too. Vanessa while jerking off Gill says “Yes! Just like that! Keep it up!” She then goes back to sucking Gill’s cock.

This goes on for a while and now Drac is rapidly fucking Vanessa from behind as she blows Wolf. Vanessa says “Yes! You’re fucking me so good right now!” Vanessa licks her lips and returns to blowing Wolf’s big cock.

Gill now takes over fucking Vanessa from behind and she begins to sucking off Drac. Vanessa moans in pleasure as Gill plows her pussy. This goes for a while until Wolf takes Gill’s place banging the wild actress from behind while she sucks Frank’s cock.

A few minutes pass and now Drac is laying on the ground and Vanessa is riding him reverse cowgirl. While Vanessa is rapidly riding Drac’s cock she is sucking off Wolf while jerking off Frank with her right hand and Gill with her left hand.

Vanessa says “Oh fuck! Your cocks are so good!” This goes on for a while and now she is riding Frank’s cock while jerking off Wolf & Drac’s cocks and blowing Gill. Vanessa then alternates between riding Gill, jerking off Drac & Wolf and sucking Frank’s dick before she lastly rides Wolf’s cock, jerks off Gill & Frank and sucks Drac’s cock.

The wild actress begins to ride Frank cowgirl and looks back at Gill and says “Put that big cock of yours in my ass now!” Gill does just that as Vanessa is being double penetrated by Frank & Gill.

Vanesa with a huge grin cries out in pleasure and says “That’s it! Keep fucking me just like that!” Meanwhile Drac & Wolf watches on jerking themselves off.

This goes for some time as now Vanessa is having her pussy fucked by Drac while Wolf fucks her in the ass. The four monster icons continue to alternate fucking double penetrating Vanessa. Wolf is now fucking her pussy while Frank plows her ass and lastly Gill is now fucking Vanessa while Drac fucks her ass.

Vanessa says “Oh fuck it feels so good!” She then begins to alternate sucking Frank & Wolf’s cocks. This continues for a while and Vanessa is overjoyed by the pleasure she’s receiving from the big cocks of the four men.

Now Drac, Frank, Wolf & Gill have surrounded Vanessa again. She’s kneeled in the center while all four men jerk themselves off.

Vanessa with her trademark thirsty look smiles, licks her lips and says “Please give me my Halloween treat now! I worked so hard for it. Give it to me now please!”

As soon as Vanessa says this Drac fires off a huge load of cum onto her beautiful face. He is followed by Frank, Wolf and lastly Gill who all blasts massive loads of cum onto her Vanessa’s face. Some of the cum even lands on in her hair and on her tits.

Vanessa laughs and says “That was so great!” She then begins to rub her pussy for a while until she orgasms.

Afterwards Vanessa with cum glazed face looks at the camera and says “Well I hope you all enjoyed celebrating Halloween with me! I’ll see you all next time!” She blows a kiss at the screen and begins sucking the four horror icons’ cocks again.

End of Episode 4
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Re: The X-Program (Multiple Celebs Series) [Episode 5 Posted]
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Credit to DarkSwordsman for the Schlongwatch title.

Episode 5

On a brand new edition of The X-Program, Alexandra Daddario is a lifeguard that is always on the lookout for big dicks. Later on a wealthy businessman receives a private dance from his favorite striper, Camila Mendes.

Segment 1: Schlongwatch
Starring: Alexandra Daddario

A video clip montage of Alexandra Daddario is shown. In the first clip she is performing CPR on a guy. When that doesn’t work she begins to give him a blowjob. The second clip shows Alexandra diving into the ocean, losing her bikini top, shrugging it off and laughing about it. The final clip shows Alexandra running Baywatch style towards a man with a big cock.

The video then transitions to a lifeguard tower. Inside of the tower the sounds of a female moaning in pleasure can be heard. The voice then says “Oh my god! Keep fucking me with that big cock!”

A few minutes later Alexandra Daddario exits the tower smiling followed by a muscular bald white man wearing yellow swim trunks.

Alexandra says “That was great! I might have to “save” you again later!” She then winks at him before he walks off.

After the man leaves her tower, Alexandra picks up her binoculars, sits in her lifeguard chair and is now on the lookout for her favorite thing: men with big dicks.

Alexandra is wearing a red one piece lifeguard swimsuit which emphasizes her big tits. As she watches out for hung men she says “There seems to be slim pickings on the beach today!”

The busty brunette is close to giving up until something catches her attention. A buff white man with spiky blonde hair who looks like a surfer. He also happens to have a huge bulge in his blue & white trunks.

Alexandra smiles, leaves her post and runs towards him.

She says “Hey! What is your name?”

The man in a confused tone replies “My name is Clint. Are you a lifeguard?”

Alexandra responds “Obviously from the uniform I’m wearing.” She laughs and then says “Yes I am! Also I cannot allow you to go into the water Clint.”

Clint with a confused look replies “Why can't I go swimming?!”

Alexandra looks at Clint’s bulge and then looks back up at him.

She says “That’s why! I believe that bulge is going to weigh you down and may cause you to drown Clint. As a lifeguard I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I allowed you to drown because a huge boner weighed you down into the sea.”

Clint laughs and replies “I suppose you’re right. What is your name?”

Alexandra smiles and responds “My name is Alexandra. Clint why don’t you come with me to my tower. I think you’ll be safe in there and you definitely won’t drown.” She then laughs.

Clint chuckles and replies “Well if you insist Alexandra I’ll go with you to your tower.”

Alexandra smiles and responds “Great! Come on let’s go!”

They both leave the beach and enter the lifeguard tower.

Now inside of the tower, Clint says “Wow! It’s really small in here and why are the windows tinted?”

Alexandra laughs and replies “So no one can see what I do in here.”

Clint responds “Really? What is it that you do inside here that you don’t want people to see?” He then looks at her and smirks.

Alexandra drops to knees, smiles and pulls down Clint’s trunks. When she does his big dick pops out.

With her beautiful blue eyes fixated on Clint’s cock, Alexandra says “Dude! Your dick is bigger than thought it would be! Fuck!” She then smiles and proceeds to suck the spiky haired hunk’s cock.

Alexandra greedily sucks Clint’s dick for a while and then says “Let’s take this to the couch.”

Clint now naked walks towards and sits on the couch. Alexandra removes her one piece bikini and kneels in front of him. She begins to suck his big dick again.

The blue eyed beauty looks at Clint and says “Your dick is way bigger than the guy I fucked earlier!” She then smiles and continues to jerk and suck the blonde stud’s dick.

Clint says “Damn! You are fucking beautiful Alexandra!” He then groans as she continues to orally pleasure him.

Alexandra smiles and replies “Thank you Clint!” She then begins to titfuck him.

Clint says “Wow! You have some great tits too, Alexandra!”

Alexandra laughs and says “Thanks! I love titfucking big dicks like yours too”! She begins titfucking Clint even faster.

She continues to titfuck Clint for a while until she stands up and takes a seat on the couch. He then kneels between her thighs and begins to eat the smoking brunette’s pussy.

Alexandra says “Oh yes! Keep eating my pussy just like that!” Clint does just that and continues to eat her out.

A few minutes later and Clint is now fucking Alexandra while she is laying on her back on the couch. He fucks her rapidly with his big dick while she moans in pleasure.

Alexandra moans loudly and says “Oh yes! Keep fucking me with that big dick!”

Some time passes and Alexandra is now riding Clint’s big dick, reverse cowgirl. She has a huge grin on her face as she bounces up and down on his cock. Speaking of bouncing her big tits does as well.

Alexandra smiles and says “I love bouncing on this big dick! It feels so good!”

As Alexandra rides him, Clint is holding onto her hips and she begins to gyrate even faster as he fucks her.

Alexandra then hops off of Clint’s cock and sucks again. Afterwards she gets onto all fours on the couch and he begins to fuck her from behind.

Clint says “You have a nice ass too Alexandra!” He then continues to plow her rapidly from behind.

Alexandra looks back at him, smiles and says “Thanks! Just keep fucking me with that big dick!” Her ass giggles and she continues to moan in pleasure from the pounding Clint is giving her.

A few minutes later and the busty brunette is riding Clint’s big dick again, this time cowgirl. She has a huge smile on her face as she rides the spiky haired stud’s cock.

Alexandra says “Oh fuck! Clint your big dick feels so good in my pussy! Keep fucking me!”

Clint continues to rapidly thrust in and out of her twat even faster as she bounces on his dick.

Some time later Clint is standing as Alexandra is kneeled in front of him, licking his balls. She does this for a while before she begins titfucking him again.

Clint says “Oh fuck! I’m about cum Alexandra!”

Alexandra smiles and continues her titty attack on his big dick into it expels a huge load of cum all over her amazing rack. Some of the cum even lands on her face as well.

Now with her tits and face glazed in cum, Alexandra laughs and says “Wow! That was a lot! Aren’t you glad that I saved you from swimming now, Clint?” She is now stroking his big dick.

Clint breathing heavy, looks down at her and replies “Absolutely!”

Alexandra then says “Well my shift is almost over. If you're back on the beach tomorrow I can “save” you again Clint.”

Clint smiles and replies “I’ll be here!”

Alexandra laughs and responds “Great! I will see you and this big schlong of yours again tomorrow!” She then winks at the camera.

Segment 2: The Pole Worker
Starring: Camila Mendes

The outside of a large beach house during the afternoon is now shown.

Inside the main room of the house is its owner, a man by the name of Matt Powers.

Matt is a white man with jet black hair and a muscular build. He is wearing a long sleeved white button shirt, dark blue slacks and black dress shoes.

He is drinking a glass of wine while having a conversation on his phone. He says “Yes I have made the proper arrangements with the manager of your club and I will see you soon. Goodbye!”

Matt then puts his phone away and smiles. He says “It has been a while since I’ve seen her up close and personal. She should be in an hour. So I should get things set up for her arrival.” He then leaves his couch.

Exactly one hour passes there is a knock on Matt’s front door. When he opens it, Camila Mendes is standing outside.

She is wearing a denim jacket, a small white top that shows her midriff, denim jean shorts and white tennis shoes. Camila is also holding a brown leather clothes bag.

When she enters the beach house and Matt closes the door behind her.

Camila smiles and says “Hello Mr. Powers. I haven’t seen you at the club in a while. I’ve missed seeing you.”

Matt replies “No I haven’t had the time with the business I’ve had to attend to lately. But I finally have some free time now. I have something to show you Camila. Please follow me and by the way you can just call me Matt.”

Camila smiles and says “Okay Matt, well show me the way.” She then follows Matt into the next room of his house.

When they enter the next room there is a small stage with a gold dancing pole attached. It even has stage lights as well.

Matt smiles, looks at Camila and says “So what do you think?”

Camila laughs and replies “Wow! That is great and it looks almost like the stage at the club but smaller.” She then says “Well give me some time to get ready and I’m going to put on an amazing show for you, Matt.”

Matt responds “Okay, Camila I’ll give you time to prepare.” He smiles and leaves the room.

Camila then proceeds to get ready for her performance.

Later that day Matt is back inside of the room with the stage. He is seated on the left side of the stage and is holding several $100 bills.

Erotic music begins to play as Carmella walks onto the stage. She is wearing a black two piece designer bikini, sporting ruby red lipstick and black heels. Once on stage she begins performing an erotic pole dance for Matt.

While dancing, Camila looks at Matt and smiles. She says “Are you enjoying my performance Matt?” She continues to dance.

Matt with a lustful look replies “Yes I am Camila! Your performances are always incredible. After all you are my favorite dancer at the club.”

Camila smiles and responds “Thank you Matt! Truth be told you’re my favorite customer too. Not just because you are very generous to me financially either.” She continues to dance.

Matt throws a few of the $100 bills onto the stage for Camila. He responds “Really? I’m your favorite customer. That is great to hear.” He then smiles and tosses a few more $100 bills onto the stage.

Camila laughs and replies “Yes you are. I really like you Matt!” She then looks down at the bulge in his pants, smiles and removes her bikini top. She then begins to shake her ass and at Matt.

Matt then tosses a few more $100 bills onto the stage for Camila.

A few minutes pass, Camila smiles, leaves the stage and proceeds to give Matt a lapdance. Camila looks back at Matt and begins to grind faster on his lap until she feels the huge bulge in his pants.

Camila says “Fuck! I knew there was a reason I liked you Matt.”

She begins to make out with him. Afterwards she kneels in front of her hung benefactor and unzips his pants. She then pulls out his 10” cock.

The dark haired beauty says “Oh my god! I had a feeling you were packing a big dick. But holy shit! I didn’t think it would be this big!” Camila smiles and begins to lick Matt’s big dick.

Camila happily jerks and blows Matt’s huge cock while he is seated in his chair. She rapidly sucks his big dick for a while and even licks on his balls as well.

Matt groans and says “Fuck! Camila you can really suck a cock!”

Camila looks up at him and smiles. She says “Thank you Matt! It also helps when it’s a big one just like this.” She giggles and returns to sucking his dick.

A few minutes pass and Camila is back on stage leaning against the pole. She is completely nude now as well. Matt is behind her eating and licking her pussy. She moans in pleasure as the hung businessman continues to eat her twat.

After licking Camila’s pussy, Matt inserts his big dick into it and begins to fuck beautiful pole dancer from behind. He fucks her at a steady pace while she is still standing and holding onto the pole. She even shakes her amazing ass a bit too while he continues to fuck her.

Camila looks back at Matt and says “Oh my god! Your big dick feels so good! Keep fucking me!” She continues to moan in pleasure.

After Matt fucks her for a while, Camila kneels in front of him and begins to suck his dick again. She sucks and jerks it rapidly using both of her hands. This goes on for a while before Matt brings the chair he was sitting in earlier onto the stage. Camila then sits in it. Matt then kneels and begins to eat her pussy again much to her delight.

Camila smiles and says “Oh fuck! That feels so good! Keep eating my pussy.” He does just that and soon after inserts his big dick inside of it and begins to fuck her while she is seated.

Camila moans in pleasure as Matt’s big cock continues to thrust in and out of her.

Some time goes by and she is once again sucking his big dick. In fact Camila even titfucks Matt’s large member as well. She then returns to sucking his big dick.

Camila says “Matt your big cock is such a mouthful!” She then laughs.

Matt smiles and then lays on the stage and Camila begins to blow him again while he is laid on the stage. She does this for a few minutes and then mounts his big cock.

Camila is now riding Matt cowgirl. While she bounces on his dick he grabs a hold of shapely ass too. 

She then says “Shit! I love bouncing on your big dick Matt!” Camila smiles and begins grinding on his dick even faster.

The dark haired performer then hops off of Matt’s dick and sucks it again for a few minutes and even licks his balls. She smiles and then returns to riding his big dick. Camila lets out several joyous moans as she experiences the pleasure of Matt’s big dick.

A few minutes pass and Matt is fucking her in the spoon position on the stage. He rapidly thrusts in and out of Camila’s pussy and she continues to moan in pleasure as he does.

Camila smiles and says “Oh fuck! That feels good!”

More time passes and Camila is once again back on the chair and Matt is fucking her from behind now.

As Matt fucks her, he says “Camila your pussy is incredible!” He then continues to bang his favorite dancer from behind. Her incredible rear also jiggles as he plows her too.

Camila says “Fuck! Your dick feels so good Matt!” She continues to moan in pleasure.

A few minutes later, Matt is now jerking his big dick in front of Camila. She is kneeled on the stage awaiting her creamy reward.

Camila smiles and says “Shower me with that hot cum Matt! I’ve more than earned it!”

Soon after she speaks those words Matt proceeds to to plaster her gorgeous face with several ropes of hot white cum. Camila’s brown eyes are in amazement of how much spunk the dark haired gentleman plastered her face with. Camila then licks some of the cum from her lips and smiles.

She says “Wow! That really was a lot of cum Matt.” Camila giggles, strokes his big dick and licks the head of it one more time.

Matt says “That was an incredible fuck Camila. What would you say to becoming my full time personal performer? I guarantee the money and extra perks will be more than worth it!”

Camila smiles and replies “Yes! I would love to Matt! This is so much better than dancing at that old club. I can start tomorrow if you like. In fact I’ll even stay the night and give you an encore performance.” She then smiles.

Matt says “Splendid! I believe you made the right decision Camila.”

Camila replies “I know I did Matt! Now let us start on that encore performance.”

Still sporting a cum facial, Camila begins to happily suck Matt’s big dick again.

End of Episode 5
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Re: The X-Program (Multiple Celebs Series) [Episode 5 Posted]
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Another great chapter. Alex can watch my schlong any time she likes  :D
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Re: The X-Program (Multiple Celebs Series) [Episode 6 Posted]
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Episode 6

The latest edition of The X-Program is here! On today’s episode, Victoria Justice is a ranch owner who gives her new farm hand some much needed release. Later Olivia Holt is a maid hired from a special service. But she is more interested in cleaning her new client’s cock than his home.

Segment 1: A Roll In The Hay
Starring: Victoria Justice

The video opens on a ranch in the country. The camera then shows Victoria Justice leaning over a white fence next to a huge red barn. She is looking out into the huge open field with a smile on her face.

The gorgeous brunette is wearing a black western hat, pink bandana around her neck, a small black top that shows off her midriff, a black denim skirt and black knee high boots.

As Victoria looks over her fence, a white pickup truck pulls up. When the vehicle parks a tall muscular white man with blue eyes and dark hair exits the truck.

The man is wearing a green cap, beige t-shirt, work gloves, jeans and boots. The man begins to walk towards Victoria.

She greets him and says “Hello! You’re Ken right?”

Ken smiles and replies “Yes I am Ms. Justice! I answered the ad you placed about needing some help on your ranch.”

Victoria smiles and responds “Well I’m glad you did Ken! You definitely fit the qualifications I’m looking for in a farm hand.” She then eyes him and smiles again.

Ken smiles back at her and replies “I can get to work right now Ms. Justice. Just tell me what needs to be done around here first.”

Victoria smiles and responds “No need to be formal Ken, you can just call me Victoria.” She then says “Well follow me into the barn Ken.”

Ken replies “Okay you’re the boss.”

Victoria looks back at him and smiles. Ken then follows her into the barn.

The video then transitions to Ken working inside of the barn. He is moving haystacks and pitching some hay. While he is doing this Victoria is watching him with a big smile on her face.

Victoria says “Ken you’ve been working pretty hard for the past few hours. Why don’t you take a break now okay.” She then smiles.

Ken replies “Thanks Victoria I think I’ll do that.” He then wipes the sweat from his brow and drinks a bottle of water.

While Ken is drinking his water, Victoria takes a seat on the haystack in front of him and smiles. She is also looking at the huge bulge in his pants.

Ken with a surprised look on his face says “Victoria what are you doing?!”

Victoria smiles and replies “Well Ken since you worked up a sweat I decided to give you a break. But now it’s time for you to work up another sweat!” She then winks at him.

Ken smiles and responds “Now I understand that extra qualification of having a big dick!” He then laughs.

Victoria laughs and replies “You catch on quick Ken! I think we’re going to have an incredible working relationship!”

She smiles then removes her clothing. Victoria is now nude except for her hat. Victoria then sits back down on the haystack and begins rubbing her pussy while looking seductively at Ken.

Ken smiles, kneels and places his head between Victoria’s thighs and begins to eat her out. She moans in pleasure as the farm hand licks her pussy.

Victoria says “That feels so good Ken! Keep licking pussy just like that!”

Ken continues to lick and eat her pussy for some time. Victoria places her right hand on his head while he does so.

After a few minutes, Victoria unbuckles Ken’s belt and unzips his pants. When she does his big dick springs right out.

Victoria’s brown eyes light up at the sight of it. She says “Wow! Ken you have an incredible dick! It is so much bigger than my last farm hand’s dick too.” She then smiles and begins stroking his big dick.

She licks the tip of Ken’s cock and even flicks her tongue on it as well. Victoria then inserts it into her mouth and begins sucking the farm hand’s huge member.

Victoria continues to lovingly suck Ken’s big dick for a while she licks his balls as well. She says “Your dick is so good!” She returns to sucking Ken’s dick.

After a few minutes Victoria stands up and leans against the haystack. Ken removes the rest of his clothes and then rubs his cock against Victoria’s pussy, inserts it and begins to fuck her from behind.

Ken fucks his beautiful boss at a steady pace but then speeds up. He fucks Victoria like this for a while. He then cradles her right leg as he continues to plow her.

Victoria says “Oh god! Yes keep fucking me just like that!”

Ken continues to rapidly fuck the beautiful brunette from behind while she is standing.

Some time passes and Victoria is now kneeled sucking Ken’s big dick again. She says “I can’t believe how big your dick is Ken!” She then smiles and continues to blow him. Victoria even massages his balls using her right hand as well.

When Victoria finishes giving Ken another blowjob, he takes on the haystack and she mounts him. Victoria is now riding Ken reverse cowgirl.

Victoria bounces up and down on his big cock at a rapid pace. She smiles and says “Your cock feels so good!” She continues to moan in pleasure.

She continues to gyrate and grind on Ken’s dick as she continues to ride him.

After she finishes riding Ken’s dick, Victoria begins to suck his dick again. Her head bobs rapidly between the hunk’s legs while he is still seated on the haystack. Victoria continues to happily suck and jerk Ken’s big dick while retaining eye contact with him.

Some time passes and Victoria is riding Ken’s cock again, this time cowgirl. She has a huge grin on her face from how well his big dick feels inside of her. Ken even grabs a hold of Victoria’s ass while she rides him too.

Victoria says “Fuck! Your cock is so good Ken!” She continues to moan in pleasure as she rides the farm hand’s dick.

Ken continues to thrush in out of Victoria’s pussy as she rides him. He begins to suck on her tits as well. Which excites the brunette even more.

Some time passes and Victoria is once again kneeled sucking Ken’s cock. She jerks it furiously using both of her hands. Victoria then smiles and proceeds to lick and suck on his huge member again.

Ken groans and says “Oh fuck! Victoria your mouth feels so good!”

Victoria smiles and replies “Thank you Ken. I get that complement a lot!” She laughs and continues to blow him.

Ken then stands up from the haystack and picks up his beautiful boss and turns her over. When he does her falls off of her head and begins to eat her out while she sucks his dick.

As Ken licks and eats her pussy, Victoria says “Oh my god! That feels so fucking good!” She smiles and returns to sucking his dick.

They continue their standing 69 fun for a while before Ken places Victoria back then on her feet. She says “Wow I loved that!” She then kneels and blows him again.

When she finishes she walks over to the haystack and lays down on her back. Ken then inserts his big cock inside of her pussy and begins fucking the beautiful brunette.

Victoria says “Oh yes! Keep fucking me with that big dick of yours Ken!” He does just that and begins fucking her even faster.

A few minutes pass and Victoria is now riding Ken, cowgirl again. Her hair and back is still covered in hay from when she was laying in it earlier. She smiles and moans in pleasure from how well Ken is fucking her.

While bouncing up and down on Ken’s cock, Victoria says “I love riding your big dick Ken! It feels so good!” She then smiles and kisses Ken while continuing to ride his dick.

Some time later, Victoria wraps her lips around Ken’s big cock and begins sucking it again. She then jerks it using her right hand while her left hand is firmly placed on his left thigh.

Victoria finishes up her blowjob fun and then gets on all fours on top of the haystack and Ken begins to fuck her from behind again.

As Ken fucks Victoria he gives her ass a smack as well. This turns her on, she looks back and says “Oh yes! That felt good! Keep fucking me Ken!”

Victoria’s moans intensify as the farm hand continues to rapidly plow her pussy from behind.

Ken says “Fuck! I’m about to cum Victoria!” He then pulls out of her and she kneels in front of his big cock. Victoria then begins to jerk it as fast as she can.

Victoria smiles while jerking Ken’s dick. She says “I want that big load of cum on my face so bad Ken! Please give it to me!” She continues to jerk Ken’s big dick.

She does this until he fires several shots of hot white cum onto her gorgeous face. Victoria now has a huge amount of cum on her forehead, nose, mouth and chin. The cum even drips down to her nice tits as well.

Ken breathing heavily says “Did you enjoy that load Victoria?”

Victoria laughs and says “Yes it did Ken! That was a lot of cum.” She then licks the head of his dick and smiles.

Ken replies “Thank you! I guess I should get back to work now Victoria.”

Victoria while still licking Ken’s dick responds “You’ve got plenty of time to finish your chores later Ken. Right now I think I need another roll in the hay.”

Ken replies “Sure! Victoria you’re the boss after all!”

Victoria smiles and responds “You bet I am! Like I said before we’re going to have a great working relationship Ken.” She then laughs and continues to suck his big dick.

Segment 2: Laid Service
Starring: Olivia Holt

The video begins with a black man named Derrick looking around his home and sees how messy and disorganized it is.

Derrick has dreadlocks and is wearing a dark blue polo shirt, tan slacks and brown loafers.

In an annoyed tone he says “Holy shit! I need to get my house in order. But I haven’t had time with my work schedule.”

Derrick thinks for a moment, smiles and says “Maybe I should try this new house keeping service a friend told me about. I think it was called Laid Service.”

A few minutes later Derrick is talking on the phone. He says “Is this Laid Service?”

The female voice on the other end replies “Yes it is! How may we help you today?”

Derrick responds “My name is Derrick and I really need someone to clean up my house. How long will it take for one of your maids to arrive at my home?”

The female voice replies “Okay Derrick, I can have one of our maids dispatched to your home in two hours.”

Derrick smiles and responds “That’ll be great! Thank you and bye!” He then puts his phone away.

Two hours later, Derrick receives a knock on his door.

When he opens it, Olivia Holt is standing outside, wearing a sexy maid outfit.

Olivia with a big smile says “Hello Derrick! I’m Olivia from Laid Service and I’ll be cleaning your home this evening.”

Derrick smiles and replies “Hi Olivia. Please come on in.”

Olivia enters Derrick’s house. She then says “Wow! Your house really is a mess Derrick. But other than that you have a nice home.” She then laughs.

Derrick replies “Thank you Olivia. Well I’m going into the next room and I’ll let you get started.”

Olivia isn’t paying attention to what Derrick said because she’s staring at the huge bulge in his pants. She then says “Oh yes! I’ll get to work right away and have this placed cleaned up in no time!” She then giggles.

Derrick nods in approval and exits the room. Olivia begins picking items off of the floor, dusting and sweeping as well.

Some time goes by and Derrick returns to check on Olivia’s progress. When he enters the living room, he finds the beautiful blonde maid nude and pleasuring herself on his couch.

Derrick in a shocked tone says “Olivia! What are you doing?!”

Olivia gasps and replies “Oh I’m sorry Derrick! I just finished cleaning most of the house so I figured I could take a small break.” She then laughs and returns to pleasuring herself.

Derrick responds “Taking a break is fine. But why are you masturbating on my couch?” He then raises his right eyebrow.

Olivia smiles and replies “I think you know why. It’s because I'm thinking about that huge bulge in your pants Derrick.” She then smiles at him seductively and says “Can I please see it?” Olivia continues to pleasure herself while looking at Derrick with her brown eyes.

Derrick smiles and says “Why not! You did do a great job of cleaning my house so far. I think this could be considered a bonus in addition to your payment.” He then unzips his pants and pulls out his big long dick.

Olivia smiles and says “Oh my god! That dick is bigger than I thought! Please let me suck it for you Derrick.” She then smiles at him again.

Derrick removes his clothes, now naked he walks towards and takes a seat on the couch. When he does Olivia leans over and begins to happily suck his dick.

As Olivia blows him, Derrick begins to finger and play with her pussy using his right hand.

She says “Oh fuck! That feels so good!” She then continues to suck his big black dick. Olivia even licks his balls too.

Derrick says “Damn Olivia! You really know how to clean a cock don’t you?” He then groans from how well she is sucking his dick.

Olivia looks up at him and smiles. She says “Thank you! It’s all part of being a good maid.” She laughs and continues to blow him.

After a few minutes Derrick kneels between Olivia while she’s seated on the couch. His head is buried between her thighs rapidly licking her pussy.

Olivia says “Oh fuck! That feels so good Derrick!” She continues to moan in pleasure as he eats her out.

When Derrick finishes, he inserts his big dick into Olivia and begins fucking her. He plows the beautiful blonde maid at a rapid pace as well.

Olivia moans in pleasure and then says “Oh yes! Your big dick feels so inside me Derrick!” He continues to thrust in and out of her as she moans in pleasure.

A few minutes later Olivia is now riding Derrick, cowgirl on the couch. She bounces up and down on his dick wildly and has a huge grin on her face while doing so.

Olivia says “Oh fuck! I love riding your big dick Derrick!” She then smiles and moans in pleasure.

Some time passes and Olivia is kneeled between Derrick’s legs sucking his dick. She makes loud slurp noises as she sucks it and even licks his balls as well.

Olivia then sticks out her tongue and Derrick begins to slap it with his big black dick. She then laughs and proceeds to suck his dick again.

Once she finishes her oral fun, Olivia gets back onto the couch and Derrick begins to fuck her from behind.

Derrick fucks Olivia rapidly and his huge balls slap against her pussy as well. He even has a hold of her ass too while he fucks her.

Olivia says “Oh my god! Keep fucking me just like that Derrick!” She then says “Your dick feels so good!”

Derrick continues to fuck the hot blonde like this for a while.

Olivia is once again giving Derrick a blowjob. She says “I love sucking your dick!” She then licks it up and down a few times and sucks on his balls once again too.

Some time passes and Olivia is riding Derrick’s dick, but this time in the reverse cowgirl position. As she bounces up and down on his dick as fast as she can.

Olivia says “Keep fucking me just like that!” Derrick does just as she says and fucks her even faster.

A few minutes later, Olivia is kneeled while Derrick is jerking his big dick off in front of her. He does this until he expels a huge load of cum onto Olivia’s pretty face.

Olivia smiles and says “Thank you for cuming on my face Derrick!” She then proceeds to lick off the cum that is still on his dick.

Derrick looks down, smiles and says “That was a very nice clean up job Olivia.”

Olivia replies “Thank you! I’ll finish cleaning up your house now.” She then smiles and strokes his dick.

Derrick responds “Excellent! I’ll check in on you again later Olivia.” He smiles and leaves the room.

Olivia happily begins cleaning Derrick’s house again while still nude, only wearing her heels and with a load of cum on her face.

End of Episode 6
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