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Title: Hollywood Pornstars
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Anna Kendrick
Characters (Non-sex): John Krasinski, Madelaine Petsch, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Natalie Alyn Lind, Katherine McNamara, Chloe Bennet
Codes: MF, MFF, Anal, ATM (Dirty), Bondage, Fist, Oral, Toy
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Anna Kendrick, John Krasinski, Madelaine Petsch, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Natalie Alyn Lind, Katherine McNamara, Chloe Bennet nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned

Summary: John brings Anna to a party where Hollywood stars are raffled off to have a private video made of them with a randomly selected porn studio.

***Note - This scene has some rough sex in it, complete with some explicit description of anal play, ATM, and waterplay.

***Second Note - Big thanks to fenderdiesel who was once again a sounding board and collaborator for this story

A phone went off roughly a foot away from Anna Kendrick’s head, but for several reasons she didn’t quite care. For one, it wasn’t her phone. She imagined it was her uncle’s phone, given the fact it was his house and they were the only people present. Secondly, and more pressing was the fact that currently a dick was hammering in and out of her throat.

“Hi John,” Anna’s uncle greeted as he took the call.

Anna couldn’t actually believe that Brian took a phone call in the middle of a blowjob. Sure, doing it to some other basic bitch as she was giving you head was understandable. But this was an Anna Kendrick blowjob. The pint-sized actress knew it came off as super conceited, but she felt like she earned that. Her blowjobs were of the highest of qualities. She matched the pace of them to her man, whether it was fast, slow, deep or shallow. Most liked deep because not many girls could take a dick of any length and thickness and choke it fully down their gullet...but Anna certainly could.

“No she’s here,” Brian answered before looking down at his kneeling niece. “Keep going.”

Anna blocked out the phone call her uncle was having with her sexual master and instead focused back on the task at hand. The Pitch Perfect star was going back down, performing another handful of lightning fast bobs of her head, taking over half his cock in each stroke before pulling off him. A quick intake of air and the auburn-haired beauty was back to work, but her speed vanished and Brian could feel her lips as they slid down his pole, inch by inch. She passed the 5-inch mark and the lucky man felt his tip poke the back of her mouth. Knowing what came next, it took Anna only an instant to relax her throat, opening her gullet fully for him. Pushing her head downward at the same speed, his cock slipped into his niece’s throat without any sputter or gag.

“God! She may have a holier-than-thou attitude towards me but her mother fucking throat is a treasure,” Brian spoke into the phone.

Though capable of holding in her gullet for much longer, Anna was just starting her oral performance and wanted to keep it moving. Therefore, as soon as her nose was pressed against his flat abdomen, she was pulling back, her lips massaging every inch of his slobbery manhood as she retreated. They had been fucking together long enough for her uncle to know that her deep throating his big dick wasn’t a fluke, but Anna was always keen to remind the large man at every oppurtunity. Thus, the actress bobbed once to the 3-inch mark, twice to the halfway point of his cock then relaxed her throat and took him completely into her mouth, down to his balls. In fact, Anna even found the time to extend her tongue and actually give his nuts a little lick as she held all 8 inches of hard dick in her gullet.

“Okay. I’ll tell her,” uncle Brian answered the caller.

Anna resumed her blowjob, putting out of her mind what needed to be told to her. Instead, she focused on her masterclass in oral sex. Going right back to work, the auburn-haired beauty performed another salvo of head bobs with the first 5 inches of dick pistoning into her mouth before she relaxed her throat and swallowed all 8 inches at one time. Her throat bulged out as it was filled with hard cock, her nose pressing into the greasy mess of pubes her uncle kept and his balls met her chin. Holding herself there for a lengthy time, long enough that she had to actually not gag on his cock, Anna eventually pulled away. This time as she did so, her pretty face was red, his cock had more saliva covering it and there were even several strings of spit connecting her mouth to his pole.

“No I won’t forget to tell her,” Brian hissed into the phone.

As she leaned back to his lap, this time Anna was determined to bring her lucky family to orgasm as quick as she could. While her last several bobs on his cock were slow and she kept her face in his crotch for a good 10 seconds, this time Anna went for speed while taking all of him. Essentially using her mouth to fuck him balls deep, Anna kept her throat relaxed as she rocketed her gorgeous face down into his lap. Once Anna had impaled her mouth fully with his cock, making her throat bulge, she retreated back up with length. With only his tip remaining between her lips, the actress reversed course until her nose was smashing against his stomach. Despite the fact that the constant barrage of deep throats would make her voice a little hoarse and and all the blows her nose was taking was causing her eyes to mist, it was well worth it given how much uncle Brian was grunting.

“Her curiosity is definitely peaked,” Brian hissed through clenched teeth as his hand subconsciously tightened to make a fist with her shiny locks. “She’s trying to milk me of my cum real bad.”

This time she gave the perverted man no warm up and simply parted her lips, relaxed her throat and pushed all 8 inches into her mouth at one time. She held him in her throat, her lips wrapped around his base and flashed her electric blue eyes up to meet her uncle, who she knew would be watching her suck him off. She held his gaze as she bobbed up and down, spending no time to make the transition from retreating along his spit covered shaft to plummeting back down it. Once every 3 to 4 times she deep throated him, Anna would take an extra second to hold him in her gullet so she could make a side-to-side motion with her head, which only accelerated how much sooner he’d need to cum into her mouth. In fact, the latest time she did this, Anna stayed down on his dick for almost 10 full seconds until she pulled all the way off for a gulp of air.

“Gonna let you go. Unless you wanna hear the noise I make when my slutty niece makes me cum?” Brian cackled into the phone.

“God I hate him,” Anna thought to herself.

Anna didn’t actually speak those words, as she had more important things to do, such as suck the big dick in front of her face until it exploded its gravy into her mouth. Keeping her throat relaxed and mouth in a perfect O shape, the pint-sized actress thrust her head down with speed. If this move was done with poor aim or not having your throat opened enough could cause damage for both him and her, luckily Anna was a professional when it came to sucking cock. In fact, she was certain she’d make the Olympics if they had a version for sex acts. Regardless, Anna slammed her face down until her throat bulged with cock and her lips touched the base, at which point she reared back until she was 6 inches away from his manhood.

“Oh my God! Jesus, Anna,” Brian practically screamed as his niece threw her face down into his lap once more with the same reckless abandonment.

“Someone need to cum?” Anna asked while stroking him with her hand only.

“So badly,” Brian agreed immediately.

“Then give me your cum...uncle,” Anna practically begged from her knees.

Knowing that her man wouldn’t last much longer, Anna stopped playing with her food and went for the kill. Shortening her strokes with her mouth so that she was only sucking on the first 5 inches, the less distance meant a much faster blowjob. With all the spit covering his shaft, his pecker was practically frictionless which meant Anna’s lips could go that much swifter as a result. Using her peripheral vision to spy his hands tightening on the arm rests, Anna used one last trick and took him all the way, deep throating him once again before pulling off and resuming her half-cock length bobs.

“Jesus! Cumming!” Brian screamed.

The moment Anna felt the first squirt of man gravy against the roof of her mouth she treated Brian to shooting the rest of his load directly into her stomach. Shoving her face forward, Anna deepthroated him for the last time so that his next blast of semen was in her throat immediately. The sudden balls deep sucking made the climaxing Brian squirm in his chair from pleasure overload, yet the kneeling blonde kept his dick firmly in her gullet. Knowing she wanted to be taking his semen right down her throat, Brian reached down with both hands and held the back of her head in place, making a retreat for Anna impossible. Of course, the tiny actress had no intention of going anywhere, content taking stream after stream of warm cum into her throat and into her tummy.

“So what did John say?”

*   *   *

“So we are headed to a mansion to hear an announcement?” Anna asked her driver.

“Yup,” John replied.

“And why can’t we do this like normal people? Over the fucking computer,” the sassy actress questioned.

“Theatrics. You and most of the girls there are actresses. I thought you’d appreciate that. Plus you get to be all dolled up,” John answered.

“I do love fancy dresses,” Anna agreed.

As they navigated the streets, John further explained the situation to his personal sex slave. Anyone influential enough could recommend a girl for contention. It could be a model, actress, or reality star. Anyone really, as long as the shadowy community thought they were famous and sexy enough. Then, the girls would be randomly chosen to have sex, be recorded with the shadowy community, made of mostly wealthy men, able to then purchase the steamy sessions at a steep price. Everyone one. The rich could see gorgeous celebrities having dirty sex, the women’s masters or pimps won by earning ridiculous sums of money. Though it looked like the women got nothing, in reality that then had the wealthy men helping to keep them relevant in Hollywood in order to make them bigger celebrities. Plus, the level of encryption on the videos made illegally sharing them nigh impossible.

“So let’s go inside, you mingle with the others and I’ll network with the other rich and powerful,” John told the actress as they got out of the vehicle.

Anna had a typical quippy response, but John was too numb to them by now to have it even register. The pair separated shortly after entering the mansion owned by some billionaire and it wasn’t long before Anna found other celebrities. Most were younger than she was, and she quickly learnt that while some were in a situation like her own (blackmail or manipulated), the majority were there under their own free will. Their “master” were a boyfriend or sibling in a few cases, willingly selling themselves in order to make extra money and advance their careers.

“Attention all. Please enter the conservatory where the selection process will begin.”

With the announcement made by one of the many butlers, the guests started moving to the rear of the house. Anna went with the flow, staying with the group of gorgeous actresses she had been talking with earlier. Inside the conservatory, apart from the several dozen wealthy and celebrities, were a raised stage with a microphone, several screens and a man, who would be acting as the master of ceremonies. After a few minutes, a loud beep was heard, followed by the left-most screen displaying a name on it: Hoby Buchanon.

“And the next model for Mr. Buchanon will be...Katherine McNamara,” the man at the mic announced.

“Anyone know anything about this Hoby guy?” the blonde asked.

“Hoby is intense. Lots of choking and skull fucking. He might gag you with his dick until you puke. Or he may put it up your ass. No guaranteed either way,” Anna explained.

All eyes turned to the speaker. Anna gave a shrug of the shoulders in response. Her porn addiction was well known around Hollywood and she hinted in more than a few interviews about her habit of watching the skin flicks. And now, that knowledge was of some help.

The girls present stopped asking the question of what their circumstance was, and simply just turned towards Anna. As the next words came up on the left most screen, Anna instantly recognized them. After all, of late it was one of her more frequent purchases.

“HUHS is a mixed bag. Lots of sex toys but for content it varies wildly. The permanent fixture is deep throating. If you can’t then you’re going to learn. Common tricks are anal, enemas, golden showers and...puking,” the Pitch Perfect star informed.

“Are you serious?”

“And Bryan will be entertaining...Sabrina Carpenter!” the master of ceremonies decreed.

“Ugh,” the pint-sized actress scoffed.

Anna ignored the small blonde’s complaint and waited for the name of the next studio to be revealed. Two words appeared on the screen saying All Anal. “Mike is known for his big dick, encouraging girls to deep throat, and above all else, anal. Hence...all anal.”

“All Anal will welcome the Riverdale package - Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart,” the announcer cried out.

“Okay, okay,” Lili nodded in acceptance.

“Could have been much worse,” Camila reasoned.

“And we do it together, bae,” Lili added with a warm smile.

As the Riverdale stars were talking, the next studio was shown on the screen. “Another that is fairly straightforward. They tie you up and 4+ men go to town on all your holes.”

“Bound Gangbangs will make a star of...Eliza Taylor,” the announcer stated.

“In Australia, we call gangbangs a regular Thursday night,” the busty blonde smiled, taking her announcement happily.

This earned a rare laugh from the majority of the women present. Up until this point, anxiety was the main emotion radiating from all the women, and for good reason. They were essentially being ransommed off by their sugar daddies, willingly given to porn studios were they were going to be recorded having sex. Being made into private porn stars where wealthy people would circulate the videos amongst themselves, or anyone who could afford it. Anna was lost in the joke and only just caught the next name up on the screen.

“Facial abuse don’t fuck around. They will make you throw up on their dicks then keep face fucking you. Anal not a given but likely. Coin flip for double penetration. Just super degrading stuff. Other things on the table include pissing, vomit enema, anything really.”

“And for FA...Madelaine Petsch!”

“Jesus Christ,” the petite redhead cursed.

“You’ll be okay, sweetie,” Camila comforted.

“I’m sure it won’t be that bad,” Lili added.

“Good luck, red,” Anna offered her sympathies.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Madelaine swore again. “Well...see you babes on the other side I guess.”

Anna felt for the classy looking redhead. Those guys were gonna have a field day with her. She had everything they liked - a petite girl with a plump ass and big tits. She was the complete package. And they were going to take her sweet personality and ruthlessly fuck her senseless. Anna promised herself that next week she would call the tiny redhead and help console her for the damage that was surely going to be imparted on that ripe body of hers.

“Woodman is hardcore euro shit. Loads of anal, loves the gangbangs, but his added flavor is a good messy ass to mouth,” Anna explained. “Loves to make a girl mess herself then get her to, you know, taste.”

“To drink their own ass juices?” Natalie Alyn Lind asked, jaw slack.

“Yeah. That’s a nice way of putting it,” Anna agreed.

“And the Spider will be hosting Chloe Bennet!”

“Spider?” Chloe asked.

“His nickname,” Anna answered.

“Oh! Next is something called Gonzo,” Natalie spoke up.

Gonzo is like Woodman but more intense. Guaranteed gangbangs with up to double digit men. No holds bar. Essentially you either have an elastic asshole entering their studio, or you leave with one,” the Pitch Perfect star explained.

“Altered butthole…” Eliza Taylor commented.

“Perfect. Otherwise, they do random hardcore shit too. Piss, double anal penetration, sex toys and just throw curveballs sometimes too,” Anna finished just in time for them to announce the girl.

“Gonzo will be making a star out of...Anna Kendrick!”

After that announcement, Anna was still performing the job of explaining the circumstances each girl was headed into, but she wasn’t focusing on who was going where. Instead, she was just curious about what she’d be getting into this weekend. Naturally she was curious and a little worried, but also a whole lot excited…

*   *   *

“I’m sorry to disturb you, but we need all seats in the upright position as we land,” the stewardess said to the sleeping Anna Kendrick.

“Oh right, thanks,” the petite actress replied.

In as classy a way one could possibly wipe away a small amount of drool from the side of her mouth, Anna did so as she replaced the seat to its upright position. While some of the other women that were raffled off got to stay in the good ol’ USA, Anna had to board a plane the next day for Europe. And not the resort area of Europe either. The Czech Republic. And while parts of the country were understandably gorgeous, this apparently wasn’t the part she was headed to. Anna gnawed on her bottom lip as the plane descended into the small eastern european city. She couldn't pronounce the city's name and quite frankly didn't really know where the city was even located.

“Oh my God, I’m in Eastern Europe,” Anna lightly gasped as she exited the airport.

Of course she didn’t have to walk aimlessly around the airport in order to find out where she was going. Presumably the same wealthy individuals who paid for her transAtlantic flight had also sprung for a private driver. At least she hoped so because as soon as she left the departures section of the airport, a man in a driver’s uniform holding a sign with her name on it was waiting for her.

“This way,” the man the size of a linebacker spoke in accented English.

“Lead on, my good man,” a tired but still upbeat Anna replied.

As she drove from the airport to the studio, Anna couldn’t help but get more and more excited. Today she was becoming a porn star! The mere thought alone was insane, but the fact that she could have her cake (doing porn with a major European studio) and eat it too (that her family and friends and public in general would never find out about it) was truly special. Plus, Anna was enough of an avid porn watcher to know what she was getting into with Gonzo. Multiple men with their big hard cocks filling her holes…

“God I’m so fucking wet,” Anna cooed, finding her hand sliding under the waistband of her travel sweatpants to play with her pussy.

Ever since John had began to manipulate and blackmail her into being his sex slave, Anna found herself getting more and more turned on by it. She was learning that she loved being treated like, well, garbage. And now, she was craving to be treated like dirt with the more degrading the act the better. Only a year ago she never would have let a guy do a fifth of the stuff she now did regularly...and got off on it. Performing for Gonzo now was going to push her envelope even further...or at least she hoped so.

“We are here,” the driver spoke over the intercom.

“Didn’t even get a chance to get off,” Anna pouted.

The driver was greeted to the sight of the lovely actress licking down several fingers when he came around to open her door. Anna merely flashed him a smile as he offered her a hand to get out of the vehicle before getting her bags from the trunk. The building they were outside was very much run down, but had a cool, almost haunted look about it.

“I guess this is where the magic happens,” Anna commented as she followed the hulking driver to the entrance.

“Ms Kendrick, great to meet you,” a handsome older man greeted.

“Nice to meet you too. And it’s just Anna,” the petite star replied as she was brought in for a hug and kisses to each cheek.

“Okay. In that case, Anna, you can use the room at the end of the hallway to shower, nap and change,” the man explained.

“All three of those things will be performed,” Anna nodded. “In that order.”

“Perfect. We will send someone for hair, makeup and costume when you are ready,” he added. “And it’s truly an honor to be hosting you.”

“Honestly, I’m so fucking jazzed to be here too,” Anna replied truthfully. “It’s kind of a dream come true.”

*   *   *

Anna had grown used to handling travel well. A combination of sleeping pills, melatonin and timing your meals was key. Therefore, by the time she arrived in the Czech Republic, she was doing pretty good. A long hot shower and 45 minute nap cured the pint-sized beauty of any remaining fatigue, leaving her chomping at the bit to get things started. A quick call to the man she met earlier occurred, with moments later a woman came into her room with a case of makeup and hair products.

“Well I guess we’re saving money on the costume and clothes,” Anna joked, staring at the two items she was to wear.

“At least they spared no expense on the props,” the woman doing her makeup commented. “You’ll see soon enough.”

Hair and makeup took a short time only. Anna was luckily naturally beautiful and only needed a few touch ups to be camera ready. Her hair was blow dried and, allowing her auburn locks to be worn flowing down to her mid back.

“Any advice?” Anna asked the woman as she stepped into her black heels.

“Try not to break. You may have big boobs but you are very tiny,” the makeup artist commented before leaving.

“Thanks...I guess?”

*   *   *

“Okay Anna. Show time in 5..4..3..2..” the director counted her down.

No longer in her room, Anna was out in the main shooting room. It was essentially a large open space with a large leather sofa taking up a good deal of floor space on one side of the room. However, Anna wasn’t on the piece of furniture. Instead, she was on the other side of the room which had undergone a large transformation for her shoot today. Astroturf had been laid over the ceramic tile with a large dog bed occupying half the turf, and a dog kennel meant for a large breed taking up the rest of it. Inside the black metal cage was Anna Kendrick, resting on hands and knees with a wide smile on her face. Apart from the back high heels strapped to her feet, the only other shred of clothing she wore was on her head in the form of a headband with floppy Dalmatian dog ears.

“Tell us what today is Anna,” the director asked the star.

“It’s a very special day,” she answered.

Anna’s head was at the far end of the kennel as she laid on her back with her feet resting up on the wall of the cage. The camera was at the door of the kneel, looking straight at her spread sex and asshole, though her asshole was currently no visible due to the presence of a black bushy tail. Anna was used to performing, albeit never in porn before, so she maintained a ton of eye contact as she lightly ribbed her wet pussy and tugged on the butt plug in her booty that ended with the tail.

The camera took it’s time to linger and slowly scan the actress’ body. Starting at her sex, Anna was used to shaving her bush right down to the skin, which was exactly what the studio wanted anyway. With the lens focused there, Anna showed her anal control by pushing and loosening her asshole, causing the butt plug to slowly slide in and out of her anal ring by an inch only. A few more seconds and the cameraman was focusing up at her key asset - her great tits. A solid C cup which were made to look even larger given her positively petite frame, Anna was proud of her boobs and for good reason.

“Why don’t you flip over for me and start to come on out, you good girl,” the director informed.

Always aiming to please, Anna rolled onto her hands and knees, more resembling the dog they wanted her to be. Playing into that, Anna did a few added gestures such as wiggling her ass to make it look like she was wagging her tail. She also licked her hand then rubbed her face. Though that was more of a cat motion, it worked well enough. Finally, as Anna went to back out of the cage and onto the doggy bed, the petite actress began to bark.

“Woof! Woof, woof!”

With several objects on the dog bed, Anna needed no instructions on what to do from there. As she was backing out, her knee had pressed down on a toy that let out a squeak. Not sitting on her booty, Anna took that same orange toy and placed it in her mouth with no hesitation. Once more the toy squeaked as she bit down on it several times before her hand found something else. As she placed the toy back on the bed, Anna brought what looked like a real dog bone towards her face. As she placed the white object in her mouth, the Pitch Perfect star swiftly realized it was an actual dog rawhide bone! Ignoring the meaty taste, Anna kept the bone in her mouth as she massaged her tits for the camera, moaning all the while.

“We hear that ass of yours is rather impressive,” the director commented to the girl now fingering herself. “Why don’t you show us?”

Anna kept the rawhide bone in her mouth as she rolled onto the side, her legs stacked on top of each other and her backside facing the camera. Reaching down, the actress grabbed the base of the toy where metal joined with the fake dog tail. In a practiced motion, Anna relaxed her anal ring and pulled with steady pressure until the 4-inch long butt plug roughly an inch-and-a-half wide popped out of her asshole.

“Mmmm,” Anna moaned as it came out.

Under instruction, Anna put the toy back into her ass and moved it around before pulling it out again. A small amount of lube was dribbling out of her well-used asshole but she ignored that and kept fucking herself with the dog-themed butt plug. Feeling both loosened up and playful, the actress put the anal toy aside and opted for a dog toy beside her. This one looked like a mini soccer ball with a long red rope coming out of one end. Though most girls would have no hope in pushing a ball over 2 inches wide into their ass, Anna wasn’t most girls. Butting the ball against her sphincter, Anna pushed hard, even getting a helping hand from the director. It took a good half-minute and a lot of effort, but Anna eventually succeeded in fitting it inside her asshole.

“Good girl!” the director cheered. “Now slowly pull it out for us.”

“Ahhh...ohhhh...shhhhiiittt,” Anna moaned through the bone in her mouth.

Though it was a struggle fitting it in her ass, it was even harder coming out. Of course it eventually did, and the gape in her asshole it left in its wake was truly impressive. As Anna took her time bringing the ball towards her face, her asshole stayed yawning wide open, a great view of the first several inches of her bowels on display. Taking the bone from her mouth, Anna licked and lip-smacked at the ball that was just in her colon, tasting the rich, earthy flavor of her asshole in the process.

“Does doggy need to pee?” the director asked in a tone that had only one right answer.

Anna had been prepped before filming about what limits she had and what the studio expected of her. As for limits, Anna was a good and proper submissive sex slave at this point, so they were practically non-existent. Therefore, Anna followed the finger of the director and saw him pointing to a glass salad bowl near to her. Crawling to it, Anna got into the right position and pushed. Within a few seconds a stream of light yellow urine flowed from her, partially filling the bowl.

“Good girl!”

The director didn’t say anything else to her, just kept looking at the bowl, then up at the actress’ face. Getting the hint, Anna reached beneath her and picked the bowl up from the ground. She rose it higher and higher until her lips were against the edge of the rim and she was tipping it upwards. Showing off her impressive chugging skills, Anna poured the piss into her mouth, swallowing it down at the same rate she poured until the bowl was empty. With still a mouthful of her own pee in her mouth, Anna tilted her head back, opened her mouth to show it off to the camera before ultimately drinking it down.

“Doggy was thirsty,” Anna said with a wicked grin.

The smile on the director’s face could only be described as beaming. With a wave of his hand, he was ready to move on from the solo teasing and into the main event. At his signal, a pack of 6 completely nude men came strutting towards the famous actress, their dicks already rock hard. Anna knew enough of the porn industry to know that these men had taken some pills to be able to stay rock hard for hours. This excited Anna quite a lot.

“Gonna leash you now,” the only black man present told her, the collar fastened around her neck. “Like a good little puppy.”

Reaching down, the black man used one hand to seize the end of the leash while the other delivered a powerful spank to Anna Kendrick’s slender ass. As he led her to the large L-shaped sofa, the spot his hand had struck was already turning red on the actress. Anna crawled along the tile before climbing atop the leather furniture, at which point she was surrounded. Opening her mouth, Anna seized the closest dick to her face into a blowjob, while the black man behind her didn’t hesitate to join her on the sofa and pushed his inhumanly thick dick into her loosened asshole.

“Fuck that’s a big dick, dude,” Anna moaned before resuming her blowjob.

Being on hands and knees atop the sofa, Anna was restricted in what she could do. So instead, she relied on the males to work around her, which they did with practiced ease. As the black man continued to hammer into her ass, the men took turns with her mouth by more or less face fucking the beauty. Anna was drooling all over the place as a result, but something told the actress that a lot worse fluids than spit had landed on the couch in the past.

After a solid minute of relentless thrusts, the black man pulled out of Anna’s asshole. Playing it up for the camera, the black man pulled apart Anna’s cheeks to show off her gape. Anna played her role by relaxing the sphincter, winking it even wider all while her face was passed from dick to dick. The hands on her cheeks fell away and a giant of a man took up the coveted spot behind the actress, wasting no time in acquinting his huge cock with Anna’s colon.

“Wanna taste you asshole babe,” Anna heard a man speak.

The men ahead of her instantly parted and the black man who had been sodomizing her appeared. Taking something from her ass directly into her mouth was an old trick of hers, she was willing and able by parting her lips, extending her tongue and maintaining eye contact with the black man. Looking down, she could see the portion of his dick that managed to enter her ass as it had a different sheen to the skin.

“Pretty damn tasty,” Anna cooed.

Meanwhile behind the quippy star, the giant was working more and more of his equally big dick into her well used asshole. Thrust after thrust was delivered until finally all 8 inches of rock hard cock was sliding in and out of her rectum, her cheeks jiggling each time his abs crashed against her booty. As the giant slowed down his fucking, likely to prepare to switch off to someone else, his dick remained fully inside her ass. This was noteworthy because at the other end of her body, a heavily tattooed man was balls deep in her mouth, halfway down Anna’s throat. Taking a dick fully into either end, Anna internally laughed about being so deeply spit-roasted.

“Good girl,” she heard someone say as she was emptied of all cock a moment later.

As the next man stepped up behind her, he had a different idea in mind. A hand between her shoulder blades had Anna being pushed down until her glorious tits were resting flat on the sofa, along with the rest of her body. Her face was positioned perfectly to be hanging off the edge of the sofa so she immediately put the closest dick into her mouth. Meanwhile, the tattooed man behind her climbed overtop and not only began to sodomize her once again, but pulled both her arms back so he could use them to drill even harder into her asshole. It left her completely at the mercy of the man face-fucking her as she was slammed in the ass from the prone-bone position.

“Glllkkk...gwwwkkkk,” Anna gurgled and lightly gagged as her mouth and throat was invaded by dick after dick.

The next man up made her chew the rawhide bone for a few seconds before taking it from her. It was nice to have something other than the taste of her own ass on her tongue. She didn’t mind the flavor of her bowels but at the end of the day it was still ass. Apparently after removing the bone, the man thought she was running low on spit, at least that’s what Anna thought since he immediately bent down and spat directly into her mouth before proceeding to take advantage of her much valued deep-throating skills.

“Fuck me like a bad dog,” Anna demanded, smiling all the while.

As the tattooed man’s turn in her ass came to a close, the man who had spat in her mouth was quickest to reach the hole. Leaning down, the man once more spat on her, this time right into Anna’s booty to use as lubrication. The spitter wasted little time after that to become the fourth different man to sodomize the actress, his dry dick pushing all 7 inches into her asshole.

“You’re pretty little asshole is never gonna be the same, you Hollywood slut,” the spitter hissed as he absolutely thumped down into her ass.

“Fuck me! My ass is yours,” Anna all but begged when her mouth wasn’t occupied with a cock, which was rare.

This was apparently what the spitter wanted to hear. Pulling on her arms so hard, Anna was actually pulled up to all fours once more. This suited the man just fine as he actually climbed atop the sofa in order to hammer down into Anna’s asshole with renewed force and somehow even more depth. Anna moaned loudly as the men closed around her again, her mouth and hands pleasuring three different men. An eagled eyed man with a bit of a gut decided that a dick could also fit in her pussy, so for the first time during the gangbang a cock made its way into her pink slit.

“Oh fuckkkkk! So much dick!” Anna screamed as her mouth had a surprising break.

A sharp tug on her almost red hair forced Anna’s head to look skyward, where the man fucking her ass was waiting. The angle wasn’t great but spitter lived up to his nickname and spat towards her mouth again. This time though, the majority of his wad took her on the cheek and nose, the star feeling it dribble slower towards her mouth after. This prompted not only one, but 3 of the other men to take turns lobbing spit into mouth or face, making the Hollywood actress swallow it down after.

“Fuck yes. Use me as a slutty doggy slave,” Anna begged, reveling in the abusive, degrading behavior towards her.

As the men continued to pass her around like a bong at a college party, several traditions were established. For one, whenever her ass was done being fucked, the men would pull apart her cheeks so the camera could have a good long look at the remaining gape. Secondly, the sodomizer would then come around and get instant access to her mouth, making her taste her rectum, which seemed to be getting stronger and more intense with each subsequent ass fucking. And lastly, as she prepared to blow the next man, they would bend down and spit into her mouth before shoving their dick inside.

“Ready for more, girl?” the black man asked.

Following the tug of the leash, Anna got to her feet, but she wouldn’t be standing on her high heels for long. The black man took advantage of the vacated sofa to sit down on the leather surface. Anna knew exactly what to do at this point, especially since she felt his hands spinning her around so her back was to him. Steering his manhood into her ass once more, the black man took over by reclining against the back of the couch and bringing the petite girl with him. Her legs spread wide and soon the gape was filled with the chubby man as he invaded her cunt.

“Yes boys! Fuck me! Use me!” Anna demanded.

Despite the double penetration, it was Anna’s stellar tits taking center stage. The cameraman gave them their moment to shine as they bounced and jiggled with each thrust into her holes. They didn’t go unnoticed by the experienced porn actors either. Hands groped the natural globes regularly, squeezing them or tweaking the nipples. Some men had a more physical approach by actually slapping them, not too hard but hard enough. Anna whelped but didn’t stop them, nor did she stop them as the slaps to her tits moved up to her face. She simply smiled, which made the man fucking her pussy reached down, grip her throat and start to choke the petite woman.

“You liked being choked? Dominated by a bunch of men?” the choker asked, releasing his grip so she could breathe again.

While Anna was busy engaging in a series of dirty talk with the man that had been choking her, she was unaware of when the man stopped fucking her pussy. The black man remained thrusting up into her ass, but as the next man stepped up to her sex, tattooed man decided he wanted to also fuck her ass. Considering that the black guy had nowhere else to go, the second man figured they’d share.

“Ready for another Gonzo rite of passage, Anna?” the director commented.

“Get both those dicks inside me,” the Hollywood star answered.

Though the blowjob and choking were keeping her distracted, another man thought that the rawhide bone would allow her to be bit down on to help with having a second dick added into her asshole. It was the right call. Though Anna had put a lot of thick things in her beauty, having two porn-sized cocks burrow into her anal ring at the same time was a new experience. They took their time and were surprisingly gentle, and their hard work paid off as the head of the second man’s cock joined the entire shaft of the first man inside Anna Kendrick’s asshole.

“Oh God! Oh wow! I did it! Double anal!” Anna celebrated her achievement. “Now don’t just use the tip and actually fuck me!”

“Horny American,” one of the men commented, getting a laugh.

Though the beautiful girl must be in some discomfort, the porn actors had no intention of stopping their progress. The spitter continued to push into her filled backdoor, determined not to stop until both he and his fellow sodomizer were both balls deep in Anna’s asshole. The petite star had replaced the dog bone with an actual suck, bobbing on the fleshy pole while the other three men stroked their shafts and watched as the 90 pound girl took two cocks in her asshole at the same time.

When Anna had drawn this porn studio, she was fully anticipating this moment more than anything. Her constant craving to push her sexual boundaries, especially as a sub, was a large driving factor as was the fact being so horny made the double anal penetration surprisingly liberating.

“I think doggy is thirsty again,” the director commented.

The men knew what the director wanted and instantly pulled away from Anna and the sofa. It took a moment for the actress to get it, but she was soon off the couch as well but she was kneeling in front of it. A man handed her the water bowl and instructed her to hold it up just beneath her face. Anna knew exactly what was coming and where the majority of men would be aiming their streams. With a deep breath, Anna pulled in some air then opened her mouth wide.

The spitter was the first man up and he initially directed his stream into the dog bowl before getting some into Anna’s open mouth as well. Anna was brave and kept her blue eyes open, looking the camera straight in the lense as the bowl and her mouth filled. The bowl and her mouth filled even faster now that not only was the Spitter peeing at her, but also 3 more actors. Her mouth and bowl soon were overflowing, even with Anna doing her best to swallow mouthful after mouthful of piss. The men became wilder with their aim, soaking Anna’s naked body and face in their yellow streams, but the tiny actress took everything in stride.

“Time for your drink, little doggy,” the director spoke.

Anna placed the overflowing bowl on the wet floor before bending down towards it. A hand on the back of her head steered her face towards the bowl of piss where her adorable face was pushed fully into the fluid. The Pitch Perfect star drank some and then ended up blowing pee bubbles in the full bowl, however they clearly wanted her to drink the entire content.

“Are you seriously assfucking me as I drink piss from a dog water bowl?” Anna commented after swallowing the pee that was in her mouth.

“Hell yeah I am,” the actor answered, thumping his pole even harder into Anna Kendrick’s asshole. “Problem?”

“Absolutely not,” the Hollywood actress replied with a toothy smile.

They ended up all having a turn brutally assfucking the 90 pound actress as she continued to make headway with the bowl. However, after a few minutes, one of the men decided it was going to slow. Pulling out of her well-fucked asshole, the chubby man grabbed the pee bowl and dumped it all over Anna’s upturn face. While a good deal made it into her mouth, the majority drenched her face, body and hair, not to mention the doggy ears which somehow were still on her head.

“You’re all wet baby,” the black man commented as a pair of dicks entered either of her holes.

“Wonder how that happened,” Anna quipped with a smile.

For the next hour Anna was fucked in all ways. Sometimes they would have a one on one session with her, most of the actors preferring to anally fuck her and ignore her pussy altogether. Other times it was back to a traditional double penetration, but a good deal of the time the men resorted to double anal once they knew that Anna could handle it. This ended up being Anna’s preferred position mainly because it felt good somehow, but also super degrading which was turning her on more by the second.

“Okay men. Finish time,” the director told them.

The actors had been prepped on how the director wanted them to cum so they all stepped away and allowed the black man to pick Anna up. Still in her heels, Anna was placed kneeling on the sofa with her ass hanging over the edge. While the black man started to rapidly sodomize the Pitch Perfect star, the Spitter went and retrieved the smallest of the doggy bowls which hadn’t been used.

“Fuck. Here it comes,” the black man warned before Anna felt a warmth splashing inside her rectum. “Uggghhhhh!!!”

After cumming, the black man slowly withdrew and immediately as he did so, the Spitter was waiting with the bowl directly beneath Anna’s asshole. Her sphincter had long lost any tone so the anal creampie came leaking out almost right away. Given the lengthy amount of time with a dick up her bowels, it wasn’t a surprise to any of the experienced actors or cameramen that the cumshot came out slightly tinged in a brownish color instead of the pure white it originally was colored as it left the man.

“I’m next,” the tattooed man called, apparently ready to burst.

Each of the men took turns having a solo session with Anna Kendrick’s asshole until they were milked of their cum as well. In total, Anna received 6 consecutive cumshots into her asshole, at which point she pushed them out to partially fill the bottom of the dog food bowl. Finally, it was the Spitter’s turn with Anna’s all but used up asshole and he performed a solid 5 minutes of the most savage, intense assfucking of Anna’s entire sexual life, which was really saying something. Finally he came with a roar and mighty ass slap before he too pulled out and allowed Anna to squirt out the final creampie.

“Oh that one was for sure dirty,” Anna commented.

There was no point denying her observation, though it was all of the creampies that had a yellow-brown coloring, not just the last. However, the less the actress knew, the better. Anna reached back to rim around her asshole, gathering the last few droplets of the dirty creampie before bringing it around to her face to inspect. Sure enough, it was for sure dirty. The director was about to tell her to just wipe it away and that they can reshoot the ending when the men reload, but Anna had a surprise in her. Rather than act disgusted, the petite actress extended her tongue and liked the small amount of filthy cum before putting the whole finger in her mouth and sucking on it.

“Definitely a little gross but manageable,” Anna confirmed. “I assume you want me to drink the creampie cocktail now?”

“Actually, lick it up like a good puppy,” the director instructed.

“Yes, sir,” Anna readily agreed.

It was clear to everyone (the cameraman, the director, the actors and most of all Anna Kendrick) that it wasn’t only pure cum in the bowl, she didn’t care. Instead, the American actress tucked her hair behind her ears and bent down to lick all of the discolored semen from the doggy bowl. The cameraman caught every grimace and swallow Anna performed, but to the petite girl’s credit she neither stopped nor even slowed. Instead, she lciked and drank all the 6 loads of cum down and smiled brightly after.

“You were fucking amazing,” the director commented as the camera light went off.

“No kidding,” one man said. “You need to get into porn full-time,” another of the male talent added.

“Ahh...thank you,” Anna gushed under the praise.

“Seriously though. You loved being used and could handle everything we threw at you,” another man spoke the truth.

“You sure know how to make a girl blush,” Anna giggled. “But I seriously did cum like 4 times.”

“What are you doing tonight? We know a great club around here,” another of the actors offered.

“Let’s do it. I don’t fly home until tomorrow afternoon so I’m game for anything in the next 24 hours!”
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Re: Hollywood Pornstars (Anna Kendrick, Madelaine Petsch)
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 2
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Madelaine Petsch, Bootleg, Dirk
Characters (Non-sex): Anna Kendrick
Codes: MF, MMF, Anal, ATM, Oral, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Anna Kendrick, Madelaine Petsch, Bootleg or Dirk nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned

Summary: Madelaine Petsch visits the set of Facial Abuse - the hardest of hardcore porn experiences

***Note - This scene has some rough sex in it, complete with some explicit description of gagging, ATM, and waterplay.

***Second Note - Big thanks to fenderdiesel who was once again a sounding board and collaborator for this story

Madelaine gnawed on her bottom lip as the car weaved through the industrial looking area of Los Angeles. Though she had been calling the city home for a while now, this part of LA was completely foreign to her. Boxy looking warehouses and smoke stacks billowing smog wasn’t exactly a trendy area she would normally visit.

"We’ll be at the studio in another minute or two," her driver, provided by the studio, stated. Madelaine nodded and tried to quell the butterflies that erupted up from her stomach.

Madelaine was on her way to shoot a "film" with a studio she had never heard of up until learning she’d be their latest star performer. She had been scheduled with Facial Abuse after they had won her in a sort of sexual auction for higher elites. The name of the studio alone filled her with nerves, but she more or less was able to calm them by assuming it would be a lot of face-fucking. Though that act could hurt her neck and leave her with a sore gullet afterwards, Madelaine had been deep-throating cocks for years so she felt somewhat okay.

And then her friend Anna spilled the beans in a brief synopsis about what she could expect, bursting her bubble in a spectacular fashion.

“Facial Abuse don’t fuck around. They will make you throw up on their dicks then keep face fucking you. Anal not a given but likely. Coin flip for double penetration. Just super degrading stuff. Other things on the table include pissing, vomit enema, anything really.”

Madelaine remembered her jaw dropping to the floor...and that was before her name was called, indicating she’d be their porn actress. Though Madelaine was no stranger to sex and in her Hollywood career, including sleeping her way onto her breakout role on Riverdale, her confidence was shaken by Anna’s description. Though it scared her to the core, yet also made her incredibly horny.

“Okay miss. This is the address you gave,” the driver stated, breaking Madelaine out of her walk down memory lane. “Are you sure it was correct.”

“Sadly, yes,” the busty redhead confirmed.

Using her small pocket mirror, the Hollywood starlet double checked her makeup and hair. This was simply a nervous tick, as she had done a check no more than 5 minutes ago. Just like then, her minimalist makeup was untouched and her luscious long red hair was as silky smooth as ever. Climbing out of the car, Madelaine grabbed her bigger-than-normal purse and headed inside the rundown looking building.

“Hi! I’m Madelaine Petsch,” the redhead extended her hand to a handsome-ish man in his mid thirties.

“Damn. You look hotter in person,” the man remarked, forgoing the handshake in order to scope out her body. “Turn around.”

Madelaine was shocked at his reaction but did as the man asked. Slowly turning, Madelaine was happy she wore her tightest fitting jeans as it amplified her already bubbly ass. Despite having the narrowest of waists, MAdelaine rocked an extremely plump ass, much bigger than someone her size should have. That sentiment also went for her rack, which was bustier than you’d expect for a skinny redhead.

“Me and the boys can definitely work with this,” the tattooed man stated.

“Speaking of which, you are…” Madelaine asked, trailing off her words so he could finish the sentence.

I’m the director. Actor. Trainer." Madelaine nodded slowly with a half smile and whispered, "cool,".

"Trainer?" Madelaine asked herself but sensed her director’s patience was razor thin and she didn't feel like making him more upset. Madelaine snorted quietly to herself and shook her head, "What did you get yourself into this time, you slut?"

The fear and anticipation were spinning her stomach in knots and completely soaking her panties, she knew the sex she was going to be having would be crazy and most likely with multiple people. The thought of that many dicks in only a few holes made her shudder and lick her lips.

“Earth to Madie,” the director snapped his fingers in her face.

“Shit. Sorry,” Madelaine apologized, lost in her own world as her mind focused back on all the Facial Abuse videos she watched in preparation the last few days.

“Okay well we don’t want you in plain ass clothes for the shoot. You brought something hot, I hope?” Madelaine nodded and raised the bag she was carrying, indicating her sexier clothing was inside. “Good. You can use the rooms down that long hallway. Just pick any of them. But if you walk in on Boots, he may make you apologize...on your knees.”


Madelaine gulped but quickly nodded her acceptance before she took off in the direction of the rooms. Luckily, one of them was cracked open enough for her to look inside and confirm it was empty. As she closed the door behind herself and started stripping out of her regular clothing, she looked around and felt the pit in her stomach grow deeper. Here she was, a Hollywood actress, in God knows what part of the city and about to get fucked on camera for a bunch of rich elites to wank to. With a deep, steadying sigh, Madelaine quickly dressed in a piece of sexy lingerie she’d bought for the occasion and headed out to face her destiny…

*   *   *

“So Madelaine, tell us why you’re here?”

“Well...for dick of course,” the petite and normally bubbly redhead answered.

“You’re nervous,” the man doubling as cameraman and interviewer commented.


“I take it you’ve seen our videos then?”

“My friend Anna gave me her collection,” Madelaine answered, keeping her media-trained smile on her ruby red lips.

“Good. I’d hate to surprise you. It’s so hard filming through tears,” he explained.

“Nope. No tears from me,” the redhead promised and meant it.

“Now answer us honestly. Why is an up and coming Hollywood starlet with a body as hot and perfect as yours, doing on our sofa, preparing to film a porn with two guys named Bootleg and Dirk?”

The well crafted facade Madelaine was wearing cracked. Instead of her happy exterior, the nerves and small amounts of panic bled through. It was only for a few seconds but it was captured by the filming crew. It was also noticed by the two horny men, who felt their cocks grow somehow harder by seeing her true face.

“Well...I was told in no uncertain terms that if I didn’t participate in this round of porn studio roulette that not only would I be written out of the show, but blackballed in Hollywood,” Madelaine spoke into the camera. “Therefore, I’m here to take everything and anything you two...degenerates can throw at my perfect body.”

“And there she is. I’ve never met you before but I’m willing to say that’s the real Madelaine Petsch,” the interview correctly stated. “Now, Madelaine, show us those tits you’re doubtlessly extremely proud of.”

Madelaine had no issues fulfilling that request. In fact, she practically sprang to the action. Of course, it was made all the easier by the fact she was wearing only a slip of red lingerie, a color that perfectly accented her hair color and pale complexion. With the leddy pulled down, her large, completely sagless tits came into view. Either a large B or more likely a C cup, they were perfect. It seemed too simple of a word, but it was the only way to describe the heavy globes she bore.

“I thought they were fake...but they aren’t, are they?” the cameraman asked.

“My tits, my lips, my butt, even my red hair...all natural. It’s all me baby,” Madelaine proudly proclaimed as she gave them a little squeeze and press for the camera.

“Take the whole thing off,” one of the roughest looking men Madelaine had ever seen demanded. “It’s just gonna get pissed on.”

“Oh...okay,” Madelaine commented, standing and pulling it down.

“She’s not lying about being a ginger,” the other porn actor commented with zeal after looking at her pussy. “Look at that little firebush.”

“Normally I’m completely against hair anywhere below my nose but I heard you’d want some visual confirmation of my redhead authenticity,” Madelaine explained.

Of course, Madelaine had been very deliberate in the way she stripped. Ever the entertainer, especially when her career was riding on her performance, once the teddy was dragged down to reveal the 2-day worth of growth in her red bush, she turned around to show the men and camera her ass. Her perfect peach of an ass she sculpted in the gym nearly daily. Despite her narrow hips and slender build, Madelaine had a phat bottom with her cheeks swelling well away from her back. Though many thought she had butt implants, the truth was it was all natural.

“Jesus Christ. What a fucking ass,” Bootleg groaned, stroking his cock.

“Look bro! She’s got a big old butt plug up there,” the other man claimed.

As Madelaine practically bent in half at the waist, her thick ass pressed back towards the men and camera. It was impossible to miss the large black handle sticking out from between her pale butt cheeks. Her previous boyfriend, not to mention a lot of her regular fuck boys, were all obsessed with her phat tush so the Riverdale star was well verse in taking a cock up the pooper. Much like with acting, it was important to come prepared.

“A girl has to come prepared,” was all the cheeky redhead commented as she turned back around to face them.

“Alright. Enough chatting. After all, that mouth of yours was meant with being stuffed with something other than words,” the cameraman stated. “On your knees.”

After telling the command, Madelaine slinked her way off the well-used sofa and onto her knees. It was a position she found herself in often enough since the time she was 14 and gave her first blowjob to a high school senior. Since that time, the Riverdale actress had essentially perfected her craft. Sure, there was always room for growth, but Madelaine wasn’t afraid to put in the hard work and hours upon hours of practice, making herself a well-trained cock-sucking machine. Plus, she had the natural dick-sucking lips that just begged for a cock to be massaged by them.

By the time Madelaine had reached her knees and tossed her long red hair behind her shoulders, the man they called Bootleg was standing before her. To call him the dirtiest man she’d ever seen would be apt. It was impossible to guess his age due to the years of hard living he had clearly undergone. What Madelaine could say was that his boner was raging and of a perfectly good size - roughly 7 inches long and decently thick. The niceties of the interview were over because her head was immediately grabbed and steered towards his dick.

“Gllkkk...ggwwwkkk….kkkwwwkk,” Madelaine gurgled as his dick was forced to the back of her mouth.

Madelaine had seen a number of their videos to know what to expect, but experiencing it was a whole other situation. She kept her mouth open and teeth out of the way as his dickhead grinded against the back of her throat, wiggling there in an attempt to force it’s way down the redhead’s gullet.

“You’re gonna start there...right at the back of your mouth,” Dirk stated.

Madelaine felt the greasy man just holding them steady so she closed those plump red lips around his shaft. Feeling confident, the star even extended her tongue to massage the underbelly of his dick. After a few seconds of ‘prep’, Bootleg started to thrust into her mouth.

“The key is not to fight it,” Madelaine remembered Anna Kendrick’s coaching from their phone conversation yesterday. “They’re gonna get what they want so all you can do is damage limitation. Focus on relaxing your throat and keeping tension out of your neck.”

This advice was key, especially as Bootleg was using her mouth like most men used her pussy. Back and forth he drove his hips, thrusting his dick to the back of her mouth before using the force of his dickhead colliding with her palate to reverse course. Staying relaxed, Madelaine sank a little lower on her knees to better align her throat with his rock hard dick. This prompted the dirty man to hold his dick in her mouth for longer periods of time, making Madelaine turn her head slightly to the side to get in a quick breath. This is exactly what the actor wanted because as soon as her pretty face came into view, Bootleg harked a healthy amount of spit right down onto her nose and cheek.

“You liked that, didn’t you skank? Getting spat on like a piece of garbage,” the other man commented.

After another quick salvo of thrusts that smacked the back of her mouth, Bootleg pulled her off his dick. His spit was still slowly making its way down the left side of her face, but Madelaine took the moment’s reprieve to get in a few lungfuls of breath. While the petite yet curvy actress did this, Bootleg’s hands never left her ginger hair and after a good 5 seconds, he steered the dick back into her mouth. This time, as he pushed forward he met no resistance and his head pushed straight down her throat. Madelaine’s eyes teared up slightly as her sensitive nose smacked the man’s surprisingly muscular abdomen.

“Of course the Hollywood slut can deep throat,” Dirk commented behind the lens.

With access to her throat, Bootleg’s thrusting became more motivated. Over and over Madelaine’s lips slid all the way down his veiny shaft before being buried in what she could only describe as greasy pubic hair. After another half-dozen thrusts, Bootleg drove forward then kept her pressed against his chest. The seconds ticked by of Madelaine’s face resting against his stomach, her lips nestled in his long pubes and his dick completely buried in her throat.

“There you go,” the cameraman cheered.

Not satisfied with soaking his dick in her throat, the greasy man began to facefuck the star with greater zeal. It was obvious to Madelaine what the man was trying to do, and she was powerless to stop it. All she could do was keep her lips wrapped around his shaft as he did slow thrusts in and out of her mouth, holding his cock in her throat for a few seconds before repeating.

“This is all that pretty little face is good for,” one of the men commented.

Finally, it happened. For the past few minutes the man they called Bootleg kept altering his pattern but the overall theme remained the same. Let her have occasional breaths but in between make her deep throat with varying speed and altered time spent soaking their dick in her throat. Feeling a churning the back of her throat, Madelaine allowed the thick amount of phlegm to hurtle up her esophagus then all over the man’s cock, though most splashed down over her big tits and onto the floor.

“That’s it! Now open back up.”

Madelaine was allowed the briefest time to cough and breath before she was told to open her mouth again. Anna had prepped her on this as well. Once they had you throw up, they would do it again and again, giving you no time to regain your composure. Madelaine opened her eyes to see the long strands of her spit dripping off Bootleg’s cock before parting those heavenly lips once again.

“Keep that slop-trap open,” Bootleg hissed, getting his dick back in her mouth.

Madelaine was proud of herself. The homeless-looking man delivered a volley of a dozen deep thrusts into her throat and yet she kept from gagging. His speed was added by the amount of spit on his dick and in her mouth, but she was proud of herself. This just motivated the man more. He shortened his thrusts so only half his dick left her mouth before plowing back down her throat but still the redhead kept from puking, earning herself another deep lungful of breath.

“Come on, Bootleg. Give the people what they want,” Dirk demanded from the actor.

“I’m wearing her down. Don’t you worry.”

Bootleg was true to his words. In fact, he only needed another 10 seconds to accomplish their goal. Madelaine was riding high but it was a zero sum game. Bootleg resumed his throat fucking and once more the redhead handled it well...until she didn’t. This time she felt the churning happen in her stomach before it violently came pouring up her throat and into her mouth. Bootleg’s dick was still in her mouth so her thick white vomit coated his manhood and pubic region before she backed away from his cock.

“Told you so!” Bootleg cheered.

Madelaine coughed and spurted as some of her vomit leaked down her chest once more. This time she coughed a few more times then last, but just like before she was given only a few seconds of recovery.

“Come on,” Bootleg pulled on her luscious red hair when he thought she was taking too long.

Madelaine was obedient and did as was required of her. She loved acting and being on Riverdale so she was willing to put up with this. As her mouth was pushed back onto his filthy cock, Madelaine was forced to taste the regurgitated oat milk that was caked onto his dick’s skin. Still, Madelaine was a champ and did her part by closing her lips around his cock and opening her throat to him.

“Look up at the man who owns you,” Dirk demanded from behind the camera.

Madelaine did as she was told, all while a dick was pounding into her gullet in an attempt to make her vomit. Opening her big eyes, she flashed her warm brown gaze up towards the man who looked like a long-term junkie. The consequence of this was an uptilt of her head and jaw, meaning he was back to ramming the back of her mouth with his dick and no longer able to go down her throat.

“Don’t look at your master you fucking whore,” Bootleg cursed.

As Madelaine squared her face back up to his groin, the dick that was coated in her vomit slid easily back down her throat. It helped that his two hands were gripping tightly on the back of her skull, allowing the man to deeply skull fuck the gorgeous actress with the big tits.

“You think I want to look in the eyes of some soulless slut whose willing to let some guy skull fuck her to stay in Hollywood?” Bootleg continued, hammering down her throat to accent each syllable.

Typically when Madelaine gave a deep-throating blowjob to a boyfriend, the consequence of having every inch of their dick sucked was that it was slow. After all, it took time to ride an entire lengthy cock from tip to root. However, the way Bootleg was doing it, by treating her mouth like a pussy, meant speed and depth were no longer opposing forces.

“Glllkkk...hhwwwkkkkk….kkkwwwwkkkk,” Madelaine constantly gurgled. The next slow, deep thrust particularly tickled her gag reflex but not fully so she only did a bit of a phlegmy cough. “KKKWWWKKKK!”

Bootleg took that as a sign she was ready to lose her lunch again. And he proved correct. No less than 5 seconds after her near vomit, Madelaine was once more puking. Much like last time, her gag reflex was worn down and she felt her stomach contents flowing up her throat and all over the man’s dick, the floor and her own flawless chest. Whether she knew what to expect or it wasn’t as bad this time, but after allowing her a quick intake of breath (without coughing this time), Madelaine was steered back onto his dick. Less than 5 seconds it took this time for Madelaine to throw up that rich white content, albeit less in terms of volume.

“God! Oat milk tastes less good on the way out as on the way in,” Madelaine commented, buying herself a few lungfuls of air.

Madelaine rinsed and repeated until she was allowed another breath. Those thirty seconds between rest were messy for her. She three up 3 more times her precious vegan milk and received a number of jeers from the three men to boot. Oh, and the junkie that was skull fucking her spat a time or two onto her pretty face, which was the icing on the cake really.

“Throwing up cow's milk is worse by all accounts,” the cameraman commented. “Go jump in their Dirk.”

“What. She needs to clean the top of my cock from all her puke,” Bootleg demanded before Madelaine was able to turn to the new man.

Despite having thrown up almost a dozen times, licking the sides of his cock was the grossest thing yet for the stunning redhead. It was sour and foul and yet she did it. They made sure she didn’t forget about licking through his long pubes, nor did they forget the vomit dripping on his balls. Though normally a fan of sucking on nuts during blowing her boyfriend, Madelaine was disgusted as his filthy ball sack was rubbed over her plump lips, let alone when she opened her mouth and gurgled the sack.

“We own you, right?” Bootleg laughed, earning a rapid nod from the pretty actress.

“Turn around,” the new man said. “Let’s make a mess out of that pretty face.”

The new man, Dirk, at least was a lot easier on the eyes. Tall and thin like she liked, he had a somewhat handsome face and was close to her own age. However, it was clear that the man shared more in common with Bootleg than anything. He immediately bundled up her hair, gripping tightly on the back of her head and slammed his dick down her throat in the first second. His initial volley of thrusts into her exhausted mouth produced two more vomits, albeit of lesser and lesser contents, but it still coated his dick richly in her white spit.

“Look at the mess you made, whore,” the cameraman commented.

Looking down now that her head was no longer being held, Madelaine understood what he meant. The rug she was kneeling on was covered in the thick puddles of white vomit she had churned out. She also noticed a big red dog bowl with the words whore and slut written on it. From previous videos, the Riverdale star knew that the girls were supposed to puke into that bowl instead of the floor, but she had been overwhelmed and forgot.

“Put your face on the ground and clean the mess into the bowl,” she was told.

“Serious?” the redhead asked, though already in the midst of bending over.

“Suck it up and spit it in the bowl,” the cameraman stated with steel.

Madelaine didn’t argue or protest any further. Instead, the gorgeous actress with an ass and tits to die for rested her face right into her puke, sucked a small amount of it into her mouth then spat it into the dog bowl as requested.

“Oh God,” Madelaine revolted. “So gross.”

“Do it again,” the man demanded.

Madelaine bent low, started at the near end of the slop puddle and did a long, bigger suck of her own vomit before quickly spitting it into the bowl. The foul taste alone almost made her throw up just from that but she kept it in...barely. She waited there on hands and knees with her face hovering a foot over the puddle waiting to be told to do it again but it never came. Instead, Dirk was back in front of her.

“Open up,” the now kneeling porn actor stated.

The redhead was so broken by the men that she didn’t think, she solely acted. As Dirk resumed deep-throating her mouth, Bootleg was getting down to his knees behind her. While Madelaine assumed the gross-looking man was taking a break, the older man was instead lining his condomless dick up with her pussy. Under any other circumstance, Madelaine would have demanded a condom to be worn by a man looking as rundown as Bootleg, but these men were definitely not gonna give into that request.

“Oh fuck,” Madelaine swore as she cunt was breached.

Having no interest in starting slow, the gross man behind her shoved all 7 inches into her pussy in the first thrust. After vomiting over two cocks a dozen times and then having to lick it off them and the floor, getting her pussy savagely fucked barely registered to Madelaine. Instead, it almost felt good to have her cunt stuffed, her heavy tits swaying underneath her before her throat bulged from Dirk’s dick once more.

“Open…” Dirk said as he poked the back of her throat with his longer but slimmer cock. “Now slurp up your slop and spit in the bowl.”

The entire time Madelaine went from deep throating Dirk then sucking up her vomit, Bootleg continued his all out assault on her pussy. Despite the fact her chest was covered in puke, the same puke she was having to hoover off the floor, the junkie pounded into her with pure glee. Madelaine was easily the hottest woman they ever had in their studio, and they were certainly going to take full advantage.

“It’s so gross. I’m not sure I can anymore,” Madelaine complained after nearly retching all over the place.

“One more time,” Dirk said in somewhat of a kinder tone.

Madelaine did as she was told, despite it being gross. “I’m a good skank.”

“You really are,” they laughed before Bootleg got an idea. “I think you need some new fluid in you.”

“Cum?” Madelaine asked with hope, her eyes sparkling. Boy, did she love cum.

“Not yet,” he laughed. “Sit and face me.”

After he had fucked her, Bootleg had her cock soften ever so much. He’d be able to get hard in no time, but it was just soft enough to allow him to urinate. Apparently Madelaine knew what he meant, as did Dirk. With his gloves on, the other actor handed Madelaine the filth bowl and instructed her to hold it just beneath her gorgeous face while Bootleg told her to open her mouth wide.

The first couple seconds of his piss was a little off the mark and so Madelaine’s shoulder and cheek were splashed. After that, Bootleg’s aim was true and he poured his arching golden stream directly into Madelaine’s mouth. He cut his flow off after the majority of the Riverdale actress’ mouth was filled.

“Now swallow,” Bootleg ordered.

With a grimace on her face, Madelaine pressed those envious lips together and opened her throat. The taste was completely revolting but she managed to get most of his rich yellow piss down into her stomach, though a little leaked from her mouth, down her chin and into the slop bowl.

“One more mouthful,” Bootleg told her.

Madelaine, despite being disgusted, opened her mouth without thought and waited for the pee to fill her mouth. Bootleg didn’t leave her waiting for long, completely filling her cavity plus some. Even before his flow stopped, his urine was spilling over the edge of Madelaine’s mouth and into the gross bowl. Under his command, Madelaine swallowed her second mouthful of piss without a grimace or any spilling.

“This time just leave your mouth open.”

Bootleg proceeded to use the gorgeous redhead as a degrading human urinal. His disgustingly yellow pee flowed from his cock, into Madelaine Petsch’s mouth then spilled into the bowl that already contained some of his urine and a lot of her puke. Not content with only aiming in her mouth, the time Bootleg covered her face, roaming up her cheeks, over her closed eyes and pissing mostly onto her forehead and having it run down the rest of her beautiful face. For a full half-minute, the homeless-looking man emptied the contents of his bladder onto the beautiful girl’s face until he eventually ran dry.

“That was a lot,” a surprised Madelaine laughed.

“I was really motivated to mark my territory,” the skinny man replied.

“And also really disgusting,” the gorgeous redhead added.

“Good. It was meant to be. Here. Wipe your face real quick,” the man behind the camera offered to her.

Madelaine had a few seconds to catch her breath and clean herself of the piss and vomit that coated her face and chest before the men were back on her. This time it was the younger and more handsome of the men, which she liked. He was grumbling about it being his turn to tear up her pussy and he certainly did his best with that. Rolling and lifting the petite but busty redhead backwards, Madelaine Petssch found herself laying flat on her back on the sofa with her legs up in the area and her ass hanging just off the edge.

“Ahh! Fuck!” Madelaine cursed.

Just like the other man had done, Dirk went balls deep and savagely hard. Luckily, despite the pissing in her mouth and face and vomiting, Madelaine’s pussy was still wet, which spoke volumes about her lust of being dominated. The thin long dick took full advantage as it constantly slammed down into her cunt, making Madelaine’s rock hard ass jiggle from the heavy thrusts.

“Shit. God. Fuck,” Madelaine constantly moaned under the barrage of hard thrusts.

Madelaine Petsch had a lot of sex in her short life. She may only be 25 years old, but already she had been taking cock for 10 of those years. With her body literally built of sexy with her dick-sucking lips, thick rump and large perky tits, she attracted men who took every oppurtunity to fuck her. However, the gorgeous actress had never been so deeply and roughly pummeled like she was now. Apparently porn actors had stamina for days because in Madelaine’s experience, if her last few boyfriends went at this pace for more than a few minutes they’d have blown their loads. Currently, Madelaine was on minute 8 of the relentless piledriver.

“Jesus man! You’re an animal,” the cameraman remarked at the tall man’s performance.

“Fuck. Need a break,” he eventually conceded.

“Fine by me,” Bootleg replied, more than excited to get another chance with the curvy redhead.

“You’ve done anal before?” the man behind the lens asked their guest.

“I have,” Madelaine answered.

While the group exchanged their brief conversation, they got into position. Madelaine was kneeling back on the ground but with her upper body resting against the sofa. It allowed her body to be limp and relaxed, which was important as her butthole usually followed suit. While the redhead was positioning herself, Bootleg was lubing up his cock before giving her tight-looking asshole a smear as well. Everyone was now ready so the rough-looking man squatted behind the perky actress as he steered his dick towards her tightest of holes.

“Jesus!” Madelaine swore as her anal ring gave way under his pressure.

“Good girl,” the cameraman told the pale beauty.

Despite looking like a bit of a monster, Bootleg was considerate...for now at least. Though he immediately started to thrust into her tight backside, he did so with short and smooth strokes. Steadily his depth increased until it surprised them all that his stomach was thudding against Madelaine’s perfect peach of an ass.

“Congrats Madie! You’re getting ass fucked on camera!”

“My dad would be so proud,” the redhead joked as her bowels were being constantly invaded.

“I’m your daddy now,” Bootleg reminded her with a sharp tug on her luscious red hair. “Now tell daddy what you are.”

“I’m a little anal whore,” Madelaine Petsch answered without further prompting.

Bootleg went about showing the curvy redhead that he did indeed own her ass. Pushing steadily forward, the rough looking man didn’t stop until all 7 inches were sheathed in her colon. The junkie kept himself buried to the hilt in her guts for several seconds before he changed gears completely. Replacing the static pressure as a thumping pace that was slow on the way out before slamming down hard into Madelaine, causing her ass to ripple from the force.

“You play a cheerleader, don’t you Madie?,” the director asked, drawing a nod from the sodomized girl. “Okay then Boot I want you to stand her up and ass fuck her showing us that flexibility.”

As his dick was removed from her ass, her sphincter tightened up like only a youth girl’s could. The redhead seemed proud to show off her ability, standing on the ground and reaching all the way down. Without needing to bend her knees, the redhead was essentially bent over in half with her palms flat on the floor with her pussy and ass facing the older man.

“God that’s a lot tighter,” Madelaine groaned as her asshole was filled again.

The change in position brought a big difference. Though Bootleg was able to still go balls deep in her colon, he did so at the expense of his relentless pounding pace. This was a good trade off though because after the redhead’s deep throating and tight pussy, the older man needed to recover some stamina. It was also stunning to capture on camera. The bent over position better highlighted Madelaine’s supreme flexibility, and more importantly her amazing body. With every thrust of his lengthy cock, Madelaine’s tits bounced from the impact, much like her booty jiggled from the collision with his stomach.

“What would your dad say if he ever saw this?”

“Oh God. I don’t know. I’d probably die on the spot,” Madelaine conceded.

“Look at the camera and say, ‘Dad, I’m getting fucked in the ass’,” the cameraman instructed.

“Dad, I’m getting...ugghhh...fucked in the ass...ahhhh...in a porno,” the gorgeous redhead obediently repeated.

“Now turn around and suck me. Suck it right from your filthy shitbox,” Bootleg demanded.

To say that Madelaine Petsch wasn’t excited about the prospect of sucking on a dick that moments before had been 7 inches deep in her rectum would be an understatement. Yet, she knew she had little choice. Her rich benefactors had made it clear to her that she was to do exactly what the porn studio asked for. Which was why Madelaine was currently turning around, steadying her nerves and opening her mouth. Bootleg obliged by shoving his dick all the way into her mouth, holding himself inside for several seconds. This time his intention wasn’t to gag her, but to make her soak in her ass juices.

“So gross,” Madelaine complained as she turned back around for more ass fucking.

“Tell your dad what you just did.”

“I just did ass to mouth daddy,” Madelaine spoke towards the camera as she bent back over.

“How about we put her youthful energy to the test,” a sweating and tiring Bootleg suggested.

“That’s why we pay you the big bucks, Boots,” the cameraman retorted.

The junkie drilled deep into Madelaine’s ass again but this time stayed 7 inches deep in her booty. One of his hands wrapped a fist into her hair and pulled her up by her flaming locks. The actress didn’t stay on her feet too long, just long enough for the pair to walk back a few steps and for Bootleg to drag her down onto his lap as he sat on the sofa. They waited briefly for the older man to position his feet firmly on the floor with his hips just over the edge of the couch with Madelaine’s legs spread wide, affording the camera a great view of her trimmed red bush, bright pink pussy and dick straight up her asshole.

“Ride that dick,” Bootleg demanded, a slap on her ass instantly turning the pale flesh red.

Since Madelaine had mostly been on the end of the poundings, not to mention her asshole already warmed up, the redhead had energy to burn. Though the wide-spread legs meant it was taxing on the stretched muscles, the redhead carried out her job with relish. And that job was gliding her tightest of holes up and down a fleshy pole over half-a-foot long.

“Do you like my ass, daddy Bootleg?” Madelaine ad-libbed, all without slowing her energetic bouncing on the man’s cock.

“Oh I like it all. Your ass…” a slap to her fleshy bottom corresponded with his words. “...these tits too!”

Madelaine wondered if her perfect tits would bruise after the groping the rough-looking man did. Then again, she was just hoping her anal ring would recover from the lengthy ass fucking she was receiving. Though she was in the prime of her life and worked out all the time, after 5 minutes of powerful riding her legs were out of juice. When she told the men her legs were gonna give out, they were ready.

“Get down on your knees, and suck it,” the cameraman directed before Bootleg added. “And don’t try wiping any of yourself from my dick. No hands.”

From only a foot away, the gorgeous actress could smell the filth coming from her heinous dick and as his hand reached around her head and began pulling her closer, the feeling she needed to retch only got worse. She doubted it was due to the fact he was just fresh from fucking her asshole. Sure, tasting a cock after it was right from your ass was never the most clean thing, but Madelaine thought it was the combination of having puked on his dick (a lot) then having that bake into his flesh as he hammered into her butthole. Hardening her resolve, the actress parted her lips and took his cock into her mouth, tasting the fresh flavor of her ass on him once more.

Watching such a beautiful girl with a face of an angel do something so nasty sent a surge through not only Bootleg, but both the other actor and the cameraman. They watched her fiery red-haired head bob up and down in his lap, her tongue slathering his cock with saliva and cleaning him up.

“How’s that dick coming from your asshole taste?”

“Pretty freaking nasty,” Madelaine replied honestly.

However, despite her disgust, it didn’t affect her performance. After making her truthful remark, the red-haired actress extended her tongue and ran it along the side of the dick from root to tip. After a grimace, Madelaine repeated the feat three more times to the other side of his dick as well as the top side and underbelly of his manhood.

The men had been working together for long enough to know when they needed a break. Bootleg had been getting closer and closer to his orgasm, as had Dirk before him. Even with the lengthy break, Dirk knew it would take such little stimulus by the redhead to make him pop. Therefore, though he normally never joined the fray on camera, the cameraman stripped and came forward. Bootleg got off the sofa so that the cameraman could place the busty redhead in his spot although she was lying facing up with her head over the edge.

“Told my girlfriend I wouldn’t fuck any other hookers but getting sucked off doesn’t count,” the cameraman reasoned.

“Jesus! You’re huge,” Madelaine gasped at the sight of his cock.

While the length was average, his girth was truly impressive. In fact, if it wasn’t for Madelaine’s oversized mouth, there was no way she thought she’d suck him off. Hell, it would take her pussy stretching to its elastic limit to fuck him and she knew for damn sure it would never fit in her ass. With her mouth wide, Madelaine was only able to fit half his length into her mouth before his sheer girth filled her cavity, but that didn’t stop the tattooed cameraman from fucking her gorgeous face.

“Glllkkk...gggkkkkkk….kkkwwwkkk,” Madelaine began to gurgle as her wet mouth was fucked.

Other than the huge size of him, Madelaine thought she’d be on easy straight with the cameraman. After all, it seemed like his huge thickness couldn’t bore deep enough to hit her gag reflex. Keeping her lips over her teeth and mouth wide open, Madelaine weather the barrage thrusts, as well as when he’d push his cock into her mouth and press it there for long seconds at a time. However, she was proven wrong. Maybe it was being upside down or the fact her throat had been ravaged earlier but Madelaine was puking once more. It surprised her that the white thick fluid flooded out of her mouth, down her right cheek and closed eye.

“Good for you,” one of the men laughed.

Madelaine was given a brief moment to spit some of the vomit from her mouth into the filth bowl before getting the dick back into her. Motivated from making the prettiest girl he’d ever met puke, the cameraman hammered back down into her mouth a handful of times before slowing down and pressing deep into her. He didn’t make it into her throat, he was far too big for that, but he accomplished his goal when he watched Madelaine’s tits heave upward as her back reflexively arched. This time when she puked, the pressure build-up from his dick blocking her mouth made the vomit literally explode outwards once he pulled out. It more or less spilled straight down her face, splitting its flow by her nose to cover the other cheek and eyes with streaks lining her forehead and red hair.

“Oh my God,” Madelaine commented. “So much puke.”

“Here it comes again.”

Just like before they started to fuck her, the blowjob was coming almost non-stop. And just like then, once Madelaine’s gag reflex was tripped the first time, it was a lot more sensitive. This time the big-dick man only had to wait another 10 seconds before the tell-tale heaving of the redhead’s body warned him she was puking again. Thick white-ish fluid poured over her upturned face, coating it further in her vomit.

“Good girl,” someone complimented.

Madelaine was afforded enough time to breathe and spit some of the leftover vomit from her mouth before the big dick was slamming back into her gullet. This time she lasted more than 10 seconds before she lost her lunch for the umpteenth time. However, it was a losing cause. A minute to steady skull fucking later, Madelaine did a little cough which the cameraman took as a sign she was close. Jabbing straight down and wiggling his thick cock, it took a handful of seconds before Madelaine poured more of her stomach contents onto her pretty face.

“Oh my God,” Madelaine exhaustedly stated as she was completely covered in her own contents.

“So chalky,” Bootleg commented about the color of her puke.

“That one hurt my stomach,” Madelaine confessed.

“I nearly came,” the horny cameraman shared.

“Let’s clean off that pretty face so we can all finish on her after,” Dirk suggested.

Madelaine was allowed to take several breaths before she was back on the floor. Sitting on her knees, the redhead could feel the stomach contents dripping down her face as she was right side up now. She was handed the slop bowl and instantly the Riverdale actress knew the manner in which the boys wanted to clean her face off in. When Bootleg stepped to her right side, Madelaine didn’t even complain about the gross act. Instead, she held the bowl under her chin and opened her mouth wide.

“Nice big mouth, sweetie,” the oldest of the men told her.

Her fears were confirmed when the old man pissed his bright yellow stream onto her cheek first before getting it into her mouth. He filled her partially before the stream stopped and Madie was instructed to swallow. With a delay, grimace and whine, the redhead eventually did as told before she parted her lips for more from Bootleg. He obliged, filling her mouth after squirting more onto her face, washing away some of the puke into the bowl in the process. Some of her old vomit made it into her mouth, so it wasn’t only piss that she was swallowing that time.

“Fuck! I don’t know if I can do more,” Madelaine confessed, hanging her head low and trying to calm herself.

“Yes you can,” Dirk commented. “You love acting, don’t you? And all your co-stars? We’re almost done. Drink some more pee and you’re free and clear.”

She may have been struggling the seconds previous, but suddenly Madelaine showed her resolve and sprang back into position. The men took it slightly easy on her, or as easy as they could. His piss flowed but they only made her swallow three small mouthfuls before Bootleg was told to shower her face in his golden fluid. He did as instructed, using the rest of his urine to clear her face of her chalky stomach contents as it all washed away into the slop bowl.

“You’ve seen enough of our videos. Tell me what happens next?” the cameraman asked.

“You’re going to nut on my face then…” Madelaine answered though she trailed off her response.

“Then? Finish that sentence,” he retorted.

“Then you pour the slop bowl over my head,” Madelaine replied meekly.

“I’m up first,” Dirk decreed.

In true Facial Abuse fashion, the tall man stomped forward with his dick being stroked in his hand. Madelaine knelt still as he leaned over her before he erupted onto her face. He aimed specifically at her forehead, letting his thick white goo to slowly ooze down her skin and over her red eyebrow. For a last impression, the youngest of the men leant down and harked right onto Madelaine’s face.

Nearly the moment he was done, the big dick of the cameraman came into her view. He decided he wanted to coat her face so he took aim and did just that. The first squirt made Madelaine slightly reel back in surprise but she steadied herself quickly and took the rest of the handful of squirts with ease. Her nose, both cheeks and now both eyes were rich in semen and she still had one more money shot to take.

“Fuck me,” the last guy cried.

Though he had been pissing in her mouth a few minutes ago, this time it was a different fluid fitting her face. For an old guy, the junkie had a lot of cum and he relished in not only getting her face, but her plush lips as well. Even though his semen was salty and putrid, Madelaine wished it could have continued for longer, knowing what was to come. Sadly, he stopped covering her face in short order then retreated out of the way of the oncoming Dirk with a nasty red bowl in his gloved hands.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God,” Madelaine chanted as a mantra essentially.

It did her no good. Dirk slowly tipped the bowl over and Madelaine felt her hair become soaked in the gross man’s urine. The deep yellow soon gave way to more thick white substance as her puke came out next. Madelaine wondered how many showers it would take to get the smell of old man piss and her own vomit out of her hair and skin. Sadly, she’d find out soon enough.

“Good job, hooker. Now get out of here. Showers are down the hall.”
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Re: Hollywood Pornstars (Kendrick, Petsch, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes)
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 3
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Mike Adriano
Codes: MF, MFF, Anal, ATM, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Camila Mendes, Lili reinhart, Madelaine Petsch, or Mike Adriano nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned

Summary: Next up to shoot their secret porn video is Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart

“Oh God Cami, I’m so happy we get to do this together,” Lili Reinhart said to her best friend.

“I couldn’t imagine doing it alone,” Camila Mendes agreed wholeheartedly.

“Poor Madie,” the blonde retorted after a moment’s silence.

The Riverdale stars were of course referring to their upcoming scene in what was commonly referred to as Hollywood Pornstars. Essentially, it was like a modern day casting couch but the rich and powerful players in Hollywood tapped into their resources and hired porn studios for the deed. The hottest up and coming actresses, models and singers in the bid to accelerate or launch their careers would perform in videos that would be only privately viewed by those willing to pay enough money for the scenes.

Madelaine Petsch had drawn a super intense studio that really put her through the ringer. It had happened only hours ago, but Camila and Lili had just got off the phone with her. The redhead’s voice was still exceedingly hoarse and likely would be for a number of days. It would also take days until Madelaine would be able to sit on any type of hard furniture.

“At least we drew a respectable studio,” Lili said as the Brazilian navigated another corner, drawing them closer to their destination.

“Tell me about it,” Cami agreed as her GPS told her their destination was within 200 yards.

“Plus Mike’s sexy as hell,” Lili gushed, referring to the porn legend they’d be working with.

“And hung like a horse,” Cami added with a wicked smile. “Here already. Let’s go meet the crew of All Anal!”

“Hmm...I wonder if I’ll be taking his pole up my pooper?” Lili questioned, drawing a giggle from her friend as they exited their vehicle.

*   *   *

“So today is a special day, isn’t it ladies,” Mike, the famous porn actor and producer exclaimed from behind the camera.

“Yeah,” both girls celebrated at the same time. “We get to share a cock today,” Lili Reinhart added.

“I take it this is something that hasn’t happened before?”

“No, but after we pulled your name it made us realize that it was something we’ve been longing to do for awhile,” Camila answered this time.

“I mean, we’ve hooked up a bunch of times,” the openly bisexual Lili added. “But we haven’t brought anyone else into our bed at the same time.”

“Oh? When was the last time you two hooked up?”

“Umm...well last week we were eating each other’s pussies in the trailer at work,” the curvy blonde answered after a moment’s thought.

“Well I’m happy to be the lucky man who gets to experience the twin pleasures of the two best friends and part-time lovers,” Mike grinned wickedly. “And so which one of you lovely ladies am I getting to fully appreciate?”

“Well...we decided that based on anal experience and pure enjoyability, I’m is going to be taking your big, hard cock,” Lili answered with pure lust burning in her sparkling green eyes.

“And I’m the lucky lady who’ll be eating a lot of ass and sucking that gorgeous dick,” Camila added, bringing a little giggle from both girls.

“Have you ever had a girl suck a dick straight from your ass,” Mike asked the busty blonde.

“No. Never,” Lili answered honestly. “And it makes me feel really, really excited.”

“Im super excited as well,” Camila agreed.

“Yeah? Excited to taste your best friend’s ass juices?” Mike questioned with a wicked smile.

“Sounds weird but I totally am,” the Brazilian actress admitted.

“Well let’s have you show me and the audience what I’ll be getting to fully appreciate,” Mike stated.

Still holding hands, the two best friends rose from the sofa to give the camera a long look at their fronts. Right off the bat, several similarities and differences could be noted. For one, they were both gorgeous women. Still in their early 20s, their bodies were shapely with both possessing an hourglass figure. Camila had paired her black bra and thong to compliment her equally dark hair while Lili went lighter - her pale skin color and golden locks worn with a purple bra. However, they each wore the other girl’s preferred color as stocking and high heels, with Lili’s black on black stocking-heels combo and Camila going with the brighter purple combination with the color making her pop all the more for it.

“Gorgeous. C cup for Lili and B for Camila?” Mike asked.

“You know a pair of tits when you see them,” Lili replied as they both nodded their heads in agreeance.

“It is my job. Now turn around...first side profile then backside,” the legendary director instructed.

The Riverdale pair did as they were told. They each turned the opposite way so that they were facing each other, standing close enough together that their perky tits touched, but also curving their backs to make their booties more pronounced. From the side angle, they looked almost the same. Camila’s may have been slightly phatter, but Lili had a thick ass as well, with each one being curvy and well defined. It wasn’t until they turned their backs to the director and camera that it was obvious that the Brazilian’s butt was the wider of the two.

“Well that’s totally fair. You both have equally pretty faces but Lili is more top-heavy while Camila has the bigger booty,” Mike observed.

“I do love the junk in my trunk,” Camila grinned as she took a paw-full of ass in each hand and shook it.

“And I’m a big fan of my boobs,” Lili replied, giving each of her tits a feel.

“God! Can’t wait to jerk off my cock with your ass then make you lick it all up,” the director groaned, his erection straining against his pants.

“Should I...start stripping your anal plaything?” Camila asked the horny man.

Lili turned back around, staying on her feet as Camila descended to sit on the edge of the sofa. Ever the performers, Lili arched her back to make her already juicy booty look even more mouthwatering. Meanwhile the dark-haired girl rubbed her hands lately over the fleshy pale cheeks, allowing a lot of access given the tiny purple G-string Lili was wearing. Mike floated about, taking different views from several angles all while Camila continued to stroke or jiggle the meaty flesh, while Lili would go into more of a squat to really make her ass look bigger and better.

“I think you should go ahead and peel that poor excuse of panties off,” Mike said, the camera lens a foot away from the girls.

Camila Camila and looked at the camera the whole time she looped her fingers into the waistband and started to pull them down. She did it slowly and seductively until finally it came off.

“Her ass was eating it,” the Brazilian joked.

“Oh God! Beautiful,” Mike commented before adding. “Spread it for me, Cami. And Lili, can you wink your ass.”

The two actresses went about their given tasks, and like the overachievers they were, they succeed. As Camila grabbed a handful of fleshy cheek in each hand before pulling them apart, Lili strained against her anal ring. Just as the porn director wanted, the blonde succeeded in making her asshole go from a crinkled little starfish to having a small but noticeable gape in it.

“So hot,” Mike complimented.

“I know,” Camila agreed. “I can’t wait to watch your big dick going in and out of it.”

“Wouldn’t staring at two booties be better than one?” Lili asked the legend.

Camila and Mike knew exactly what the openly bisexual blonde meant by her comment. Rolling over so she was on her knees atop the sofa with her upper body resting on the backrest, Lili turned so she was face level with the behemoth of a booty. Like Camila had done to her, Lili stroked the olive-colored flesh and even gave her cheeks a little kiss before she slowly pulled the thong Camila was wearing off her body and around her knees.

“Oh my God! Look at that tight little asshole,” Lili commented about the Brazilian’s virgin hole.

“Can I stick my tongue in it?” Mike asked the dark-haired beauty.

“I’d be sad if you didn’t,” Camila answered.

The legendary porn figure wasted no more time before diving in to feast on the bountiful booty before him. With a palm on each of Camila’s thick cheeks, Mike pulled them apart to better expose the object of his affection. Despite his strong grip, there wasn’t much of a gape in the tight hole so Mike stuck out his tongue and pushed against the anal ring until it gave way. Well, partially. For the most part he was restricted to simply rimming the edge of her ring and only managed to worm the very tip past her sphincter.

“That’s a tight asshole,” Mike commented, drawing a laugh from both women.

“I really do have a tight butt,” Camila agreed. “Boyfriends complain about it all the time since they can’t get their peckers into it.”

However, you don’t get to be a porn legend famous for anal sex without knowing a few tricks. For one, he had the two best friends start making out. A little distraction went a long way and it was working already. The moment the Riverdale stars started lip smacking and tongue wrangling, Mike’s tongue found a slightly more malleable backdoor. Also, there was no substitute for hard work. Over and over Mike combined his cheek separation with the hands with hard probing with the tip of his tongue. Though Camila was far from gaping wide like Lili could, the man was able to penetrate roughly an inch deep into Camila’s tight ass.

“Do you like his tongue in your ass?” Lili asked her best friend.

“God! So much,” the dark-haired beauty answered automatically.

“And what about our anal star over here,” Mike stated.

Crawling only a foot or two, he moved away from the Brazilian and positioned himself behind Lili. Even with just his pulling of the cheeks apart and asking her to push out against her asshole, Mike and the camera could easily tell that Lili was much looser in the backdoor department. The first time the porn legend pushed his tongue against her asshole it gave immediately and widened over an inch in diameter.

“Look at that gape!” Mike commented before delivering another half dozen rapid tongue pokes.

“Pretty obvious she’s had a couple dozen cocks in there,” Camila mentioned about her best friend.

“Guilty...mmhmm...as charged,” Lili replied through a moan as her asshole was invaded with a skilled tongue.

Always the showman, Mike made sure he had Lili wink her butthole on more than a few occasions for the camera. Despite being only 23 years old, the blonde had quite the anal control, making her asshole stretch from roughly an inch wide to sealing almost air tight. Mike rewarded her with a lengthy rimjob, taking the occasional break to switch over and do likewise to an equally vocal Camila Mendes.

“Feels so good, doesn’t it?” Camila commented to Lili.

“He’s getting me so wet,” Lili stated.

“Ready to come sit on it baby?” Mike asked.

“Yes! I was just about to say I couldn’t wait to get it in,” Lili replied with a toothy grin.

The man decided that lying on the ground was how he wanted to kick off the sodomy so he rested his shoulders and back against the front of the sofa so he was on an angle. Lili had grown so used to giving blowjobs or riding guys on hard surfaces that her knees were perfectly content resting on the cement as she rode his dick.

“Ready for that cock in my ass?” Lili asked the cameraman before turning her head in Camila’s direction. “You ready for it too?”

“Oh I can’t wait to watch you get fucked in your booty,” the Brazilian replied as Lili straddled the well-hung man.

The golden-haired beauty wasted no time in sitting further down in his lap until her ass was hovering right over his thick cock. Though Lili wasn’t lying when she claimed to be an anal sex veteran, none of her boyfriends had be as thick as Mike. However, she had prepared for today well by using the newly bought dildos and butt plugs, not to mention opting for a good deal of coconut oil up her rectum as lube, she felt confident. With only slowing minimally, Lili descended the last few inches and took his tip in her anal cavity without much issue.

“You just swallowed that great big cock,” Camila commented.

Lili had paused for a few seconds after the initial penetration. Normally that was from pain and allowing her hole to stretch, but not today. She didn’t know if it was the excitement or all her prep but she paused simply to adjust her legs and make sure the camera was ready to capture all the action. Once comfortable, Lili began bouncing on his lap, taking a healthy 4 inches in and out of her caboose all the while.

“Ah fuck, keep going,” the porn legend instructed.

Camila watched her best friend ride a thick cock up the ass before springing into motion. Mike had somewhat forgotten about the Brazilian, but luckily for him Camila was used to participating in threesomes. Already between his legs, the dark-haired girl bent low and being safe not to have her head crushed between the floor and Lili’s bouncing ass, she got closer and closer to the couple. Finally within range, Camila opened her mouth and captured one of Mike’s nuts between her lips and began sucking as his dick was ridden by the blonde.

“Fuck, this is heaven,” Mike grunted his satisfaction.

Despite the fact that they had never been in a threesome together, it didn’t mean that the Riverdale girls didn’t have electric chemistry. Camila didn’t know how her blonde friend knew where her head was in relation to her ass because it seemed that Lili would ride Mike’s dick just love enough that her milky white cheeks would just brush Camila’s dark hair but not actually collide with her. This allowed the olive-skinned girl to continue her truly relentless ball sucking of the porn legend’s nuts, taking turns giving a long suck to one at a time.

“How’s the view from back there,” Lili asked her best friend with a sly grin.

Over the past few minutes, Lili had really worked up into a frenzy. Though she had started somewhat slow and with only half his cock ramming into her ass, she progressively improved. First she started going faster on the four inches she was riding then she gradually slowed down and lengthened her descents until she was taking all 8, thick inches into her caboose. By the time she asked her friend how the view was, Lili was galloping on Mike’s cock like it was the final stretch of the Triple Crown.

“Spectacular, bae,” Camila replied. “I love watching his thick cock tear into your tight little bubble butt.”

Spurred on by her best friend’s admiration and the fact she was thoroughly enjoying herself, Lili Reinhart rode faster and faster. In fact, Camila had to alter what she was doing given the fact that the blonde was plummeting her curvy ass all the way down Mike’s shaft, all the way to the bottom. Thinking quickly, Camila decided her talents could best be used further upwards. Rather than latching her mouth onto his balls, the Brazilian extended her tongue and essentially traced the course of Lili’s anal ring. Every time the blonde rode Mike’s dick to its pinnacle, Camila was licking his underbelly an inch below. She immediately would hit the brakes and reverse course down his shaft.

“Oh you naughty minx,” the porn legend grunted his satisfaction.

“What’s she doing?” Lili asked, slowling her fucking down in order to look back over her shoulder.

Licking me right after your ass moves off my cock,” Mike explained.

“So filthy Cami,” Lili commented as she slowed her riding down, giving her friend more time to tongue the man’s cock. “Like the taste of my dirty, dirty ass off Mike’s dick?”

“It’s pretty yummy,” the licking girl answered honestly.

“Have you ever gone ass to mouth, Camila?” Mike asked.

“Never,” she replied with a grin into the camera. “But I’m really excited to try Lili’s butt.”

“Such a perfect slut in training,” the blonde commented about her best friend.

“You ready?” Mike asked, his hands going to the underside of Lili’s legs.

“Lili wanted to give her fellow Riverdale actress the full experience so she descended all the way down Mike’s cock one final time. Rather than ride to the top right away, Lili stayed with all 7 inches of hard flesh soaking in her bowels, getting more and more of her juices onto his manhood but they millisecond. Finally ready, Lili placed both her hands on her meaty cheeks, pulled them apart then rode up the dick until it pulled free of her rectum with a little pop.

Under Mike’s instruction, Camila only held his cock with as little contact as possible in order to leave as much of Lili’s ass flavor on his skin. Camila caught his member the moment it popped out of her friend’s body and as she lowered her face, Cami’s eyes wandered to the wide gape that Lili called an asshole. Her creamy white skin gave way to a pink ring and then beneath was a tunnel of bright red. Remembering the task at hand, Camila’s eyes focused back on the thick slab of meat resting gingerly in her hand before she inhaled over half of the shaft in one sudden action.

“Mmmm,” Camila moaned her admiration.

The Brazilian actress showed absolutely no hesitation as she threw her face towards the hulking cock that moments before had been ass fucking her best friend and co-star. She did a long push and hold, letting his dick linger for seconds at a time in her mouth and more importantly on her tongue. Not disgusted, Camila did the action again before resorting to more of a traditional blowjob with rapid bobs of her lips against his shaft.

“You dirty girl!” Lili celebrated her normally goodie-good of a friend doing such a dirty act.

“Your ass tastes so sweet and nasty,” Camila remarked before running her tongue along the man’s dick from base to tip. “I love it!”

When it was clear Camila was slowing down on her sucking, Mike decided it was perfect timing to switch things up. “Let’s change position to give our viewers a new angle.”

Always a gentleman, the older man helped the best friends to their feet before directing them how he wanted them situated. Understanding full well that this man had complete dominion over them for the length of their shoot, the Riverdale girls listened to his orders. Lili was first onto the sofa, kneeling on the furniture before leaning to rest her arms on the backrest so her underrated tits could sway under her body. Camila followed suit, kneeling but perpendicular to her friend so her gorgeous face came to rest on the shelf that Lili’s ass made for her.

Mike gave them a moment to settle before his big dick came back into the camera’s frame. Lili knew he was behind her as the sofa dimpled just enough under the weight of his knee before she felt his invading cockhead butt against her asshole. Given the fact her anal ring was still gaping wide open, Mike took advantage and eased his dick in without resistance until he got half his lengthy manhood back into her guts.

“Oh fuck!” the blonde bisexual moaned from the sudden anal penetration.

Mike started slowly out of respect for the 23 year old, but that changed when Camila began to diddle the blonde’s clit. Not only did Lili begin moaning, but her ass started to rock back to meet his thrusts. This was all the permission Mike was looking for as he started to lengthen his strides, probing deeper into Lili Reinhart’s bowels with each stroke.

“Wow...she’s so wet,” Camila commented to Mike, the camera and whoever would be watching their porn video.

“Yeah? You like getting ass fucked Lili?” Mike asked as he picked up the tempo.

“So much!”

Mike felt it was time to get Camila back involved so after another dozen of thrusts, he pulled out of Lili’s asshole and left his massive shaft hovering in the Brazilian’s face. She didn’t disappoint by immediately opening her mouth and bobbing her face towards his cock, all without use of hands. Mike rocked his hips towards her face to help the dark-haired girl build moment, though Camila was hungrily sucking away on the fleshy pole that moments before had been wedged deep in her best friend’s asshole.

This time Mike had her perform ass to mouth for only a few seconds before he planted his cock back in Lili’s bowels. However, he returned to Camila’s mouth only a half-dozen seconds later, his cock surprising the Brazilian with his sudden return. His filthy cock glided along the skin of her face before Camila regained composure and steered him into her mouth once more.

“That’s it,” the porn legend commented as the Brazilian sucked her best friend’s ass juices from his cock.

Mike performed this tactic throughout his doggy-style fuck of Lili. He would vary it up as sometimes he would go hard and faster but for a brief time in Lili’s ass. Other times he would do almost a one-for-one style where after each deep thrust inside the blonde’s booty he would then present his dick for a suck by Camila. 

“Ready to taste more of my ass, you shit-drunk slut?” Lili asked her best friend.

“God, you're nasty,” Mike commented.

He clearly meant it as a compliment given the way he bent down to shove his tongue into Lili’s mouth in response to her dirty talk. Just like previously, the moment his thick cock popped free of the warm confines of Lili Reinhart’s ass, the Brazilian pounced on it. With solid eye contact with the camera, Camila energetically bobbed up and down the top half of his length, savoring the strong earthy flavor coming off his fleshy pole. Camila continued to keep his dick in her mouth for a while as her best friend and porn legend continued to make out. Before Camila knew it, Lili was kneeling beside her, retching her head away from the filthy manhood so that the blonde could make out with her.

“You’re so naughty, bae,” the blonde bisexual told her friend between kisses. “I fucking love it.”

“Show me how good friends you are by sharing my cock,” Mike told the kissing pair.

“You heard him,” Lili smiled at the other girl.

They broke their kiss and with her position directly in front of the lucky man, Camila had first crack at him, something she took advantage of immediately. Opening her mouth and pushing her gorgeous face forward, Camila wrapped her lips around the first half of his dick. Lili didn’t mind her best friend taking the lead as she stuck out her tongue and licked the other portion to be sure nothing was left out from the warm embrace of their mouths.

“Mmmphm…ammmahhm,” were the sounds being emitted by Camila’s mouth as she noisily slobbered on his fleshy rod.

Inch by inch, as Camila pulled back while bobbing on the man, Lili let her mouth push closer to her. Finally the Brazilian was left just sucking on his tip until it was just her tongue making little circles around his piss slit. Lili gave her best friend a kiss then edged her out completely, pouncing to engulf half his length in one go, then held him in her mouth with his tip at the back of her throat for what seemed like an eternity. She was an enigma as the next moment she was feverishly bobbing her head up and down his cock with speeds that were sure to give her whiplash.

Mike was loving the dual attention of both Riverdale beauties, yet it was only getting started. Camila may have initially been unsure what to do next but she had decided to sink lower on her knees and moved her head even closer. Opening wide before closing on his closest ball, she sucked on the sensitive sack before taking the other to roll around her mouth with her skilled tongue.

“So good,” he complimented, a hand on the back of Lili’s head as she swirled with every bob along his length.

For the next several minutes the girls continued to work in unison to bring great oral pleasure to the lucky man. Lili had followed the dark-haired girl’s lead shortly after Mike’s first audible groan so that they each had a nut in their mouth and sucked away while one of them stroked his manhood.

However, much to his pleasure, both girls now found themselves occupying half of his shaft with their lips at the same time. They craned their necks to the side so that they were looking into each other’s eyes with their noses touching as they pressed their open mouths along his dick sideways. With noses and lips now touching as well, they moved as a well drilled team to slide up and down his lengthy shaft while massaging the underbelly of his manhood with their tongues.

“We make a hell of a team,” Camila finally commented with a wide grin.

“We may have to make a habit of this,” Lili replied, giving her friend a tongue-filled kiss.

“Damn straight! But I think Mike wants more of your fine booty,” the Brazilian correctly assumed.

“Gorgeous and perceptive,” the famous porn actor stated. After giving an assistant off camera a nod, the man returned with a pair of what looked almost like oven mitts. “Time to give the fans a good view of Lili’s asshole.”

“What have they been looking at then?” Lili commented with a laugh.

The blue mittens were handed to Camila who put them on without needing to be told. She had seen enough of Mike’s videos to know that these were the Gape Gloves. Though they looked a little silly, they would serve an important purpose. Given how sticky the inner palm was, the gloves allowed for the user to clutch even the most lubed up of surfaces and have the surest of grips. As Camila slid the gloves onto her hands, Lili fulfilled her role by resting her back on the sofa before drawing her legs up so she could bring her knees towards her pillowy tits.

Mike took the time that Lili was using to get in position and that Camila was using to put on the gloves in order to apply another healthy dose of lubrication. Though the blonde actress was handling everything his dig dick was doling out at her with aplomb, it was always better to err on the side of extra lube when it came to anal sex. Besides, the grippy surface of the oversized mittens he handed the Brazilian would ensure that all the lube in the world wouldn’t make Lili’s ass too slippery to get a hold of.

“Ahh,” Lili cooed as Mike’s dick slid home back in her ass.

Mike resumed a steady pace of fucking the curvy blonde. He didn’t go too deep, instead only using about half his length to ream her asshole. He stuck to an easy speed that was right in between fast and slow. Finally after giving Camila specific instructions, Mike pushed his entire 7 inches into Lili’s ass and confirmed that the Brazilian was ready. The dark-haired girl took up a better purchase on her best friend’s cheeks and pulled them apart with all her arm strength as Mike told Lili to push outwards. As the blonde focused on the task, Mike pulled back all the way and allowed the cameraman to get a great view at the tunnel deep inside Lili Reinhart.

“Holy wow, Lils! I can see so far into you,” Camila laughed.

“Is it...am I...clean?” Lili asked, worried about the answer.

“I think Mikey here has been packing your fudge so deep that not even your massive opening can spy any,” Camila responded to her best friend.

With Lili feeling more confident, Mike drove his dick back into her booty. This time he only performed a dozen thrusts before he warned the ladies he’d be withdrawing. Just like before, the gape in Lili’s asshole was impressive, measuring roughly an inch and a half. This routine continued but with Mike varying the speed, depth and number of thrusts into Lili’s anus before withdrawing and having the women make her already wide open ass look even moreso. Not to be left out, Camila’s mouth was now being utilized often to perform a good deal of ass to mouth blowjobs, an act the Brazilian seemed to really be taking well to.

“Shit ladies. I’m tapped,” the porn legend uttered. “Time for the money shot.”

“Gonna fill her ass with your spunk,” the still energetic Brazilian asked.

With a free pass into her rectum, the horny man jerked his hips forward all the way until his pelvis slammed against Lili’s well-formed butt cheeks. With time of the essence he reared back his hip until his dick was completely removed from her ass then slammed it inside of her fully. He did this a few times until he could feel the cum in his balls start to boil. He thrust into her one last time then held himself completely inside her ass as he shot his load deep up into her large intestines. The moment he stayed planted in Lili’s rectum, Camila leaned back in and started her glorious sucking of his nuts, which only made the older man shoot his load harder, deeper and more voluminous. Finally, after the last string dripped from his head, Mike’s muscles slackened and he went to pull out and collapse for a well-earned nap.

“Okay, get in position Camilla,” Mike told the ready and willing Brazilian.

Staying with his dick acting like a cork in Lili’s ass, he waited and watched as Camila shuffled in her kneeling position until her face was right beneath the blonde’s thick bottom. The Brazilian gave the older man a nod, the non-verbal cue of permission to pull out. The moment his dick left her best friend’s ass, Camila rose up so that her mouth was now lined up directly beneath the curvy blonde’s gaping tush.

“Push it out, Lili. Give Cami all the cum,” Mike instructed.

Lili did as she was told. Lili didn’t know how her best friend was going to react to the raunchy and somewhat disgusting idea of Mike’s, but so far Camila had handled all the ass to mouth with ease. Pushing out like she was asked, Lili risked making a complete mess as it appeared Camila knew the risks involved and deemed the reward worthy enough. Within seconds Lili felt a large dollop of fluid drip out of her asshole and a moment later heard it splatter against Camila’s outstretched tongue.

“Mmhmmm,” Camila cooed as she tasted the cum which was a perfect blend of two tastes she had grown used to - Mike’s salty jizz and Lili’s ass. “More. Keep going.”

Clearly not going to be happy until every last drop of the porn legend’s load was shot from her asshole into Camila’s mouth, the blonde girl continued to strain and push. She felt several more puddles of the man’s cum push out of her rectum and land right into Camila’s mouth before she gave up and exhaustedly collapsed down onto the sofa.

“Thanks babe,” Camila said, already having swallowed roughly half the cum.

“Not all of it,” Mike told the Brazilian.

Camila knew what the older man meant by his comment, having described off-camera how he wanted the video to end. She had forgotten in the initial lust of having a full mouthful of cum on her tongue, but now she knew she had to be a team player so she quickly popped off from her knees and found herself straddling Lili, leaning right over top of her face.

“Cami?” Lili asked out of surprise.

The gorgeous Brazilian seized the chance now that Lili’s mouth was open. Camila pressed forward until their lips were smacked against each other again, drawing them together for yet another kiss. Lili was just as exhausted as Mike was, but the feel of the sexy girl on her lips again seemed to energize the blonde once again. However, Camila wasn’t trying to get her going again. As Lili mimicked the dark-haired girl’s action and parted her lips, she received a surprise. Not only did Camila shove her tongue into her mouth but along with it came the mouthful of jizz that Mike had deposited in her asshole mere seconds before.

“Mmhm…ughhh,” Lili grunted in surprise as the salty liquid was spat into her mouth.

Out of surprise, Lili’s reflexes almost kicked in and made to cough the thick fluid from her mouth, but she suppressed that urge. Instead, the beautiful blonde steadied herself, regaining her normal pristine composure then fixed her eyes over at the camera. Though the older man was exhausted after being put through his paces by the two energetic lovers, he still had his eyes open and was watching for how Lili handled Camila snowballing his cum into her mouth.

“Yum,” Lili said after she swallowed down the mix of Mike’s cum, Camila’s spit and the faint trace of what was surely her own anal juices.

“Whoa ladies! Well done,” Mike commented, huffing from the hour long fuck session. “Anything to add?”

“I had a great time,” Camila said into the camera.

“And next time Cami will give up her big thick booty,” Lili added, jiggling the meaty flesh her friend possessed.

“I really hope that’s a promise,” Mike added before the little red little on the camera went dark.
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Re: Hollywood Pornstars (A Kendrick, M Petsch, L Reinhart, C Mendes)
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2020, 12:20:56 PM »
Title: Hollywood Pornstars 4
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Katherine McNamara, Mike Angelo
Characters (Non-sex): Caity Lotz
Codes: MF, Anal, ATM, Oral, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Katherine McNamara, Caity Lotz or Mike Angelo nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned

Summary: Next up is Katherine McNamara as she is pushed to find her limit by the studio Her Limit

***Note - This scene has some rough sex in it, complete with some explicit description of ATM (which is implied dirty), and waterplay.

“Are you nervous about your...next starring role?” Caity Lotz asked her Arrowverse co-star.

“Yes and no,” Katherine McNamara replied as she packed her suitcase. “I mean, this is my second time I’ve signed myself up for these private porn films.”

“How many did you have to do for Shadowhunters?”

“6. Three a year for two years,” Kat answered as she folded yet another pair of lingerie into her case. “All pretty gentle. All in the US.”

“I guess both of those change today,” Caity, who played the White Canary replied.

Kat knew exactly what the slightly older woman meant. In order to land the role of the main character’s daughter with a good chance of having her own series as well, Kat had signed up for another round of porn films. This time, 10 videos to be done within the next 3 years. It was a lot, but to have yet another TV series revolve around her was simply too tempting for the 25 year old Kansas native.

“Now I’m flown out to Romania to film with a studio whose schtick is all about pushing women to their limit,” Kat explained.

“I hear ya. When I was brought to the Czech Republic to be used by 4 guys it was pure bananas,” Caity recalled her own experience. “But it landed me Arrow and then nabbed me the starring role on Legends.”

“Oh I’m willing to pay the butcher’s bill...I just like to bitch about it. Just a little,” the petite girl joked.

“Will you be able to handle it?”

It was a fair question to ask. Standing 5’4 but weighing only 100 pounds, Katherine was a wisp of a thing. Despite her slender build, Kat had meat in all the right places. Though her features weren’t large by any stretch of the imagination, the Shadowhunters star possessed a firm bubbly booty and highly impressive B cup. They may not be the largest in the world, but her extremely perky tits that had not even the hint of gar looked far more impressive on her petite build. To round it all out was her modelesque face and mile-long legs that most women would kill for.

“Oh I’m just hoping he can handle me,” Kat said with a wicked smile.

*   *   *

The flight was long but Katherine was always a good flyer. Able to time her sleeping patterns just right, as well as being aided by a good deal of melatonin, the Arrow star was able to get a respectable 6 hours of sleep on her red-eye flight. Despite having the looks of a supermodel, the 25 year old also possessed a sharp intellect, so she planned her flight to leave early so she had some time to immerse herself in the time zone before going on film. After all, if she was going to be pushing her sexual limits while being filmed, she wanted to look and feel her best!

The petite blonde arrived at the studio an hour before filming wearing only a red crop-top that showed her flat stomach and a pair of tiny gym shorts. Even in such relaxed summer wear, Kat looked good enough to be fucked on the spot. However, the crew at the porn studio still had her change into the finest lingerie possible, as well as take care of her makeup and hair. Finally, she was ready to shoot.

“Okay Kat...come on down.”

The blonde was waiting for the order and so once heard the door opened and Katherine stepped out. The camera stayed glued to her every movement as she sexily descended the stairs, being sure to always find a way to make eye contact with the lens. Through the course of her descent, the camera captured her every step until she got to the main floor where the audience got a look at her in her full radiance.

“How do I look?” Kat asked as she walked towards the only furniture in the living room.

“Beautiful my dear. Just stunning,” the director commented.

Katherine smiled before continuing her slow strut towards the fashionable sofa in front of the wall of windows. They had decided on dressing the fair-skinned actress in black lingerie which consisted of a push-up bra (not that her perfect tits needed the help), thong and thigh-high stockings. Rounding off the outfit were 6-inch red high heels to make her already long legs look even more breath-taking. As Kat had a seat, the director called in the male talent to come join her.

“You two met backstage, yes?” the director asked.

“We did, we did,” a handsome, bald man replied as he went right to the woman.

Mikey got to the sofa before Kat could get to her feet, which was just fine. The tattooed man bent down and kissed the blonde on each cheek before plopping himself down beside the gorgeous girl.

“I was shared some footage of your other films as a type of preparation,” the male porn star explained to Katherine as he stroked her silky hair. “You are an absolute beast.”

“Ahhh...thank you,” the Arrow star gushed.

“Don’t let this tiny frame fool you,” the bald man named Mickey explained to the director. “This girl fuccckkkksss.”

“Here at Her Limit, we have a tradition. We try to take a girl to her sexual limitation. As far as possible,” the director explained. “So what are your limits?”

“I don’t know,” Kat said, face flushing. “I suppose I’ll find out today.”

“What about things you haven’t done before?” Mickey asked.

“Well...I guess no one has really slapped me,” Kat answered before adding. “Or choke me.”

“So maybe Mikey here will push that limit,” he replied, indicating the heavily tattooed bald man.

“I guess he will,” the blonde agreed.

“Let me see this tight body,” Mickey told her.

Katherine immediately got to her feet under the bald man instructions. His hands started to lightly grope and touch her body, even earning her a grunt of approval from the man who literally fucked attracted women for a day job. Katherine turned her back to the camera in order to show off her firm booty that she earned through hours a week in the gym. It was at this point that she received her first of many rough treatments. Without warning, Mickey reared his left hand back and smacked Kat’s booty harder than she’d ever received. She didn’t even whelp as it was so sudden and powerful that it took her brain seconds to feel the sting.

“My favorite type of butt!” Mickey commented.

Instead of delivering more abuse to her reddened cheek, the porn star leant down and kissed the stung flesh. The change in sensation confused Kat’s brain and actually brought a moan from the 25 year old. This at least boded well for the rest of her time with Her Limit. The man’s hands were back to her small but firm ass, jiggling the meat and pulling them apart. It afforded the camera a hint of the asshole underneath as the rim of her hole could just be seen around the hem of her small thong.

“Okay, come suck,” the man said in his broken but passable English.

It helped that the porn star was already completely naked and his cock more or less hard. Katherine showed no issues listening to commands as she descended to her knees and had her dainty hand holding the bottom of his shaft. A quick lick of the lips and Kat had him inside her mouth in the next heartbeat.

“Ahh...good,” the bald man groaned.

In her 10 years of sexual activity, the gorgeous blonde had never received any negative feedback about her oral skills. Mainly because there was nothing to complain about. Just like with everything she did, Kat gave it 110% effort. Over and over her mouth and hand worked in perfect concert, stroking the bottom 4 inches with a handjob as her mouth blew the upper 4. Of course, normally Katherine could blow a good 6 inches at a time, but when the cock was as thick as the porn star’s was, she had no chance. So instead the Arrow star focused on speed over depth to deliver one hell of a blowjob.

“Talented cock sucker,” the European man grunted his approval.

“Thank you,” Kat replied.

Katherine used the brief moment without the cock filling her lips in order to change strategy. Instead of the rapid bobbing, the Kansas native extended her tongue and gave the sensitive underbelly a long lick from root to tip. At the top again, Kat gave his cockhead a swirl before descending back down his pole with her lips forming a tight O. This bob down his shaft was slower than the others, and apparently the bald man liked this so he reached down and cupped the back of the blonde’s head. Getting his hint, Katherine pushed further down, feeling his tip press the back of her mouth and try to invade down into her throat though he was much too thick for that to work.

“That’s it. Keep watching me with your pretty eyes,” the bald man ordered.

Katherine had learnt a long time ago that men loved when she made eye contact when their dick was in her mouth. She didn’t know why, maybe it was a power or degradation thing. Either way, she didn’t really care. Instead, the blonde kept her gaze locked on the tattooed man as her eyes started to glass over and even felt a little tear run down her cheek. As she went to pull back, she found her path blocked by the much stronger man’s hand. This was fine for now, she still had lots of air in her lungs, but once he plugged her nose while his cock was still wedged deep in her mouth, she got a little panicked. After another few seconds, and a good deal of coughing and sputtering, his vice-like grip relented and Kat pulled back with a hearty cough.

“AWWWHHHH!” Kat breathed deeply as several thick bands of spit donned his veiny cock.

“Impressive. Half a minute with a dick in your throat,” Mickey summarized.

“Uhhh...thank...aaahhh...you,” Katherine politely replied.

The 25 year old American felt energized by the praise from the professional porn actor above her, which made the surprise dick choking totally worth it. Feeling the spit-covered dick butt against her lips, Katherine opened her mouth and felt his vein member push all the way forward again. Mickey allowed himself to soak within her mouth for a few long moments to savor the feeling of the majority of his entire dick inside of the American’s wet mouth. She then pulled him out all of the way so she could get a long pull of air back into her lungs. When she had recovered from the oxygen debt she took him back into her mouth but this time bobbed her head.

“Gwwwkkkk….gwwwkkk,” Katherine coughed and spewed as her mouth was plunged deep and held for several seconds.

This time as she started bobbing on his rod, Katherine felt both of his hands weave into her golden locks. Preparing herself by relaxing her tight throat muscles, the Arrow star guessed she was in for a rough blowjob. Her guess turned out to be correct. Once more 6 inches of incredibly thick cock fit in the American’s mouth, but apparently the porn actor had wanted more. Disentangling his left hand from her silky hair, the tattooed man slapped down on the back of Katherine’s head in a crude attempt to fit more dick inside her.

“Awwwkkkk,” Katherine sputtered after being allowed to pull away from his cock.

As Katherine took a breath, she found the bald man started to stand, letting his dick fall out of her mouth. Reaching down he hooked his thumb into her mouth, using this grip to steer her back to her feet before making her walk behind the sofa. Katherine had no idea what the man had in mind, but it soon became clear when Mickey laid down so his back was on the seat cushions and his ass was resting on the top of the backrest.

“Lick my ass, dirty girl,” he informed her in case Kat wasn’t clueing in.

“I’ve rimmed Caity and other girls so why not a guy,” the sexy actress thought to herself.

Knowing that this studio was about pushing limits, Katherine accepted that tonight would be several firsts for her. Rimming a guy’s asshole was just another one, and besides, she’d done it to girls so how different could it be. As the petite blonde lent down and began licking the guy’s hairy bottom, Kat realized it was quite different. For one, all the girls she’d rimmed had perfectly smooth and even bleached assholes. This middle aged Eastern European man was hairy, sweaty and maybe hadn’t showered all of that day, making the taste of his ass salty, wet and not the most pleasant. After a brief period to unscrew her face from a disgusted grimace, the American actress gave a few more licks but only staying to surface-level tongue action.


Apparently Mickey wasn’t interested in the lingerie-clad girl simply phoning in a poor rimjob. His one-word comment was enough to get Katherine’s attention, making the blonde lift her head. Almost as soon as she did, his right hand came crashing against her cheek with his open palm. The slap was loud, but no actual damage was done. In fact, other than the suddenness of the action, there wasn't any pain apart from a slight sting lasting a brief second.

“Lick better,” the man ordered.

Knowing now what was fully expected of her, Katherine swallowed her pride and went about licking his asshole. Contorting her body to simultaneously allow herself better access while still giving the camera a good angle, Kat gripped his cheeks and pulled them apart. Doing her best to ignore the mix of sweat, salt and gross taste, the gorgeous actress drove her tongue a good inch into his butthole. Immediately the flavor of his ass was apparent and overpowering. Kat took a quick break by using her mouth to give his balls a deep suck before diving back down to take another tongue poke in his asshole. Once more the taste was intense and strong but she weathered the storm better this time. In fact, her tongue was licking deeper and longer, long enough that Kat could feel his sweaty balls rubbing against her eye sockets and adorable nose.

“You nasty, nasty girl,” the man said with a happy grin.

“You wanna see nasty?”

With renewed vigor, Katherine drove her tongue into his asshole and held it for longer and longer. The taste was just as bad and gross but the 25 year old didn’t care. She wouldn’t say she liked it, but the dirty act was so repulsive that she may have been getting off just a little on it. A touch of her own pussy with her fingers confirmed she was sucking wet. Backing up her claims of being a nasty girl, Katherine adopted a ramming technique, plowing her head down against the bigger man so her tongue would drive deeper into the porn actor. After a dozen times, Katherine kept her tongue buried deep in his poop chute while her brilliant green eyes locked onto his.

“How’s that for you, Mickey,” Katherine asked, the strong taste of ass still residing in her mouth.

“Very good. Very, very good,” he answered, though he still gave her cheek another slap to assert his dominance over her. “Come here. Sit on my cock.”

Katherine was about to head around the sofa when she figured she’d apply another round of saliva to his cock. After all, she was well prepped before shooting started what was happening, and more importantly, to which of her holes predominantly. Katherine went for a rapid and deep approach to her blowjob to the pace of heavy metal music. She threw her delicate face down towards his lap as mouth and hand worked together to please the man.

“Gllggg...ggllllggg…” Katherine spewed spit all over his cock.

Of course, not all of her saliva was going to act as lubrication. As she prepared to pull off him, the porn actor reached both hands down towards her with his right gripping onto his cock and his left coiling in her golden locks. Kat realized what was happening a split second beforehand which allowed her to close her eyes before his dick wet in her spit came slapping against her cheek and eye socket half a dozen times. Not done with her yet, his hand went from his cock to around Katherine’s slender neck. Pulled towards him, Katherine was stunned when she felt a big glob of his spit come firing into her mouth with some splattering on her lips and face.

“You’re mine to do with what I want. Spit on you, slap you…”

Mickey decided the tiny blonde needed a demonstration to the slapping claim because immediately once the words were out of his mouth his meaty right hand was smacking across her left cheek.

“And then I choke you.”

With not one but two hands, the much larger man took up a grip around Katherine’s throat...and squeezed. This wasn’t a light grip either. For a good 5 seconds the strong man choked Katherine McNamara from all the air, watching her classically pretty face turn from lightly tanned to red to deep scarlett. Of course he wasn’t trying to harm her so he relaxed his grip after only a few seconds.

“AAAHHHH!” Katherine gasped as she swallowed in a lungful of air.

“Come...I fuck your pussy now,” the porn actor stated.

Once more using his thumb in the mouth technique to lead Katherine, the bald man simply pulled her steadily towards him. The 25 year old American understood and was soon crawling over the back of the sofa to straddle the man. Despite still wearing her red high heels, Kat balanced poised atop the cushions with a foot on either side of the well built man. She went to pull down her thong but that would take too much time as Mickey simply yanked her panties to the side to expose her completely bald snatch that was colored the brightest of pink. The Arrow star reached down and steered his cock to her wet snatch at the same time as sinking her knees down.

“Awwwhhh yeeesss,” Kat hissed as she was filled with 4 inches of thick shaft.

The man was in no mood to go slow or gentle. Despite her slender frame, this was totally fine with Kat as she had learnt a long time ago that she loved a good hard fuck. Lucky for her that the bald man was more than willing to provide that for her. Katherine was under the gun from intense fucking up into her cunt from the start, meaning the Arrow star could simply keep herself in a power squat atop the sofa and be relentlessly thrust up into.

“You like that?” Mickey asked, his fingers going into her mouth.

“Yeah...oww,” Katherine answered before a hard slap to her face interrupted her.

“You want the choke as I wreck your tiny little pussy?” Mickey questioned, his hand already clamping on her windpipe.

All while he clapped, choked and gagged the younger girl with fingers into her mouth, his fucking never slowed. In fact, the overwhelmed girl could attest to the fact he was only getting faster and more forceful. All Kat could do was try to maintain her squat, but her legs were tiring and she found her pussy being invaded even deeper. Not only that, but the porn actor kept confusing her as while he choked her currently, his other hand was used on her clit.

“Oh God! Oh fuck! Ohhhhh!” Kat constantly screamed.

“Gonna cum? Cum as I fucking choke you bitch?”

Kat didn't respond as she was simply feeling too many sensations all at the same time. She was indeed so close to her orgasm and despite her head spinning from the latest slap and then getting lightheaded from more choking, she needed something more. With the porn actor managing to keep hammering into her cunt with insane stamina and power, not to mention his thumb expertly strumming her clit, Katherine reached back behind herself. Her finger was dry as a bone but she needed a finger in her ass to cum so she grit her teeth as another sensation was added to the mess of the others.

“Fuuuccckkk mmmeeeee!!!” Kat swore as she came harder than ever before.

“You weren’t joking,” Mickey commented to his director. “This girl is a complete fucking machine! But she’s in too much clothes.”

“Thank you,” Kat said about the compliment before shedding her bra and panties.

“Such great tits.”

Mickey immediately went and groped both her surprisingly large tits. Given her tiny waist and petite frame, the blonde should have had little boobs, but that was not the case. In fact, the porn actor thought they were fake at first sight given their large shape compared to her teeny body but now that she was naked (all but for the black stockings), they were very much real. They were just firm beyond belief with little pink nipples capping each sagless tit.

“Now come. I fuck your ass now,” Mickey stated, smearing a healthy dollop of lube on his dick.

Katherine didn’t blink an eye as she turned her back to the large man and backed up into his lap. With her feet still on the ground, she lowered herself until his extremely thick tip split her perky butt cheeks and pressed against the center of her ass. Though he was large and her ass was tiny like the rest of her, the truth of the matter was that Kat had a boatload of anal experience so after only a few seconds, his well oiled cock was entering her bowels.

“Shit! Fuck!” Kat swore due to the initial sting of the butt fucking.

With a solid 3 inches buried in her tight little ass, Mickey pulled the petite girl back onto him so her feet could be up on the sofa straddling his lap. Kat immediately started to drag her anal ring along the first half of his shaft, riding his dick in her ass. She matched his early intensity, riding the man hard as her naked boobs bounced and jiggled wildly in front of herself. Mickey helped spur her on by strumming her sensitive clit which seemed to make her ride his cock even harder.

“Fuck me. Deeper now,” the bald man instructed.

Kat gave a light touch to his wrist, asking him to stop pummelling her clitoris so she could concentrate. Mickey consented but decided he wanted to hear less of her non-stop screaming as she anally fucked herself by shoving her panties in her mouth. As Kat rose high on her feet so she could thud her ass down harder, impaling her own ass deeper this way, the Arrow star could taste her pussy as her panties soaked in her mouth.

“Such a slut. Taking a big dick in the ass and loving it,” Mickey commented with a grope of her chest.

Mickey was now ready to start fucking her hard again. In truth, her holes had been tighter than he expected and he couldn’t help himself by fucking the Arrow star a mile a minute. Luckily, though Katherine rode his dick fast and deep, it still provided the tattooed European with a chance to recover some stamina. Between feeling refreshed and inspired by Kat’s fuck doll attitude, Mickey scooped an arm under the back of each of her knees. As he pulled up on her legs, he used his strength and arm length to good effect by actually getting his hands behind the back of her neck, essentially folding her in a full nelson-looking wrestling move all while his dick opened up her asshole.

“Oh God! So deep...fuckkkk,” Kat swore once more.

For lack of a better word Mickey fucked the girl as if she was a doll. In a rocking motion, the bald man would push the blonde downwards to pierce her bowels with all 7 inches of thick cock. As soon as her pussy would smack against his balls Mickey would pull her towards him so that her anal ring would glide down the length of his shaft until only his bulbous tip remained inside her rectum.

“Perfect slut,” Mickey complimented again as he let her legs go and allowed the girl to straighten from the cramped position.

“Thank...owww!” Kat screamed as Mickey decided to slap her, only this time against her pussy. “Ffuuuuukkkkk,” she swore again as he slapped her pussy once more than continued on strumming her clit as his dick pushed in and out of her ass again.

He made Kat ride him again, and once more she did a great job. Whenever he thought she needed some extra motivation he would either slap her face, smack her pussy or grab her hips and hammer up into her asshole. In truth he performed all these actions regularly and enjoyed it. He especially loved when he used his fingers to diddle her clitoris and actually caused the petite former Shadowhunters star to cum for a second time that evening, only this time as he was 7 inches deep in her ass.

“Show off that wrecked ass Mickey,” the director asked of his male talent.

One moment Katherine McNamara went from having her ass destroyed to feeling hands return to behind her knees and she was lifted skywards. Luckily she wasn’t thrown up and over his shoulder, instead the tiny blonde was hoisted with her ass level with the ground and her wide asshole on full view for the camera. Of course she couldn’t see her anal gape, but she knew it was wide given the width of the dick that had been sodomizing her, not to mention the power and length of time he had spent doing so.

“Jesus! Could drive my Fiat through that tunnel,” the quippy director commented about the slender girl’s asshole.

Katherine was exhausted at this point from the lengthy ass fucking so she was perfectly relaxed. The cameraman was able to get a nice tight zoom of her asshole, which despite how tight it was initially, was anything but now. Her snow white skin curved down to the purple-colored anal ring then a shift of red to denote her bowels before all else was dark. Naturally after anal fucking there was some brown flecks of what were surely dried shit. Of course, neither the sodomizer or sodomite were wise to this fact.

“You go suck now,” Mickey told her.

Kat had performed ass to mouth on several occasions. At one time it was a hard no for her. That was until her new guy was fucking her in the ass in the back of that car, he pulled out and brought his cock up to her mouth, wanting her to go down on him. She didn’t even hesitate and put it in her mouth. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as she thought it was going to be and since then it was a regular act in her bedroom.

As she slid her ass onto the couch cushion she immediately bent at the waist until her face was level with his groin. Just like the first time she did it back in the car, Katherine didn’t think, only acted. Extending her tongue she licked up and down the underside of his cock before replicating with both sides and the top of his shaft before beginning to blow his cock with energy. She tried placing the type of lube he had used because it was coming across as really strong and unpleasant. Normally her ass tasted salty and bitter, but never this overpoweringly gross.

“How does your cute little butt taste?” Mickey asked as Kat continued to bob her mouth on his manhood despite her revulsion.

“A lot like ass,” the blonde said with a wry smile. “But it’s pretty hot, right?”

“Agreed,” both the actor and director replied before watching as the TV star went back to running her tongue over every inch of his filthy member.

“Now I’m going to fuck you until you milk me of my cum. Understand?” Mickey told the girl while smacking her in the face with his cock.

“Gonna try to break my ass. Got it,” Kat quipped with a grin. “Don’t worry. I’m tougher than I look.”

“We shall see.”

Kat had to only slide her tiny body off the sofa to get onto her knees. As she bent over, the porn star spun her so that her still gaping ass was pointed back at the cameraman. Rather than go for lube, the bald man simply spat onto his dickhead and rubbed it around before he stood overtop Kat’s slender form and immediately slammed his dick back into its new home.

“Fuck me,” Kat cursed as her bowels were invaded yet again.

Mickey started easy with the slender blonde, or at least as easy as hardcore anal sex could be. He used only half his length and pulled out completely after a dozen thrusts in order for the camera to record her impressive gape. Now that the director was pleased with getting enough gape shots, Mickey opened his throttle and fucked. When a porn star fucked hard, it was different than a normal man when he had sex. The intensity was far greater, the speed nearly neck breaking and his stamina was inhuman. Kat could only scream and grip the shag carpet she was being sodomized on go white with her grip as her ass was relentlessly fucked for God knows who long.

“Oh yes,” Mickey commented, pulling out and leaving a massive opening behind.

Mickey gave the Kansas native only seconds to recover before his mini baseball bat was crammed back up her pooper.

This time rather than his insane hammering technique, the bald porn actor decided to go deep and slow. After each thrust of his entire 7 inch dick, he would pull out all the way. On more than one occasion Kat felt herself leaking from her butt and she highly doubted it was the lube which was all but gone at this point. Blocking that from her mind, Kat concentrated on keeping her butthole relaxed so that each ramming of his dick inside of her didn’t split Kat in two.

Kat didn’t know how long the experienced man stayed fucking her for as her body and mind started to give out on her. First it was her anal ring, which felt far looser than any asshole had any right to be. Next was her brain shutting down as she lost track of time and even what her own name was. Last was her arms as the strength bled out of them and soon Katherine found herself laying flat on the carpet, her tits pressed firmly against the shag carpeting. Of course this new position did nothing to deter Mickey, in fact the bald man laid over top of her and seemed to find another gear as he fucked her even harder.

“Fuck me now. Come on! Fuck me!” Mickey hissed into her ear.

With the tattooed man essentially holding a plank a few inches above her tiny body, Mickey waited for the blonde to understand. Summoning what energy she had left, Katherine planted her hands flat on the ground then thrust her ass up. After taking a brutal ass fucking for who knows how long and having to taste the deepest recesses of her own ass, Kat was now having to fuck her own booty.

“Ahh...ahhh...ahhh!” Kat moaned as she bounced up and down his thick shaft.

In truth, Mickey was close to cumming and having the slender blonde fuck her own ass was a great way of starving it off just a little longer. However, unlike earlier, this trick was only delaying the inevitable instead of preventing it altogether. Timing it so that after Kat had pushed up against him, Mickey plummeted his hips down so it was like having a foot in height to drive his dick down into her asshole. Katherine gave a shriek of surprise and a little pain from the depth of the thrust but only mumbled thereafter once Mickey found her soiled thong and shoved it back in her mouth.

Even though Mickey had sex for a living and slept with some truly beautiful women, Katherine McNamara was special. Therefore, he used every trick in his box to withhold his orgasm while also still ramming her ass non-stop. Changing tactics constantly, the bald man went from ruining her ass with lightning fast strikes to slowing things to a snail’s pace but thumping down with all the power his 240 pound frame could manage.

“Where...ugh...do you want...ahhh...my cum,” Mickey asked.

99% of the time that question was directed at Katherine, but this time the sexy blonde knew that Mickey was asking the director. So instead she got ready by pulling out the used panties from her mouth and listened to hear where the cumshot would be going on or in her.

“She swallows it, of course,” the director answered.

“Of course,” Mickey laughed.

Katherine wasn’t done quite yet as her asshole still had to weather the most intense storm of sodomizing thrusts yet. It only lasted for 30 seconds, but it was an insane amount of slams down into her already loose asshole that she had no hope of counting how many times he fucked her. Once he finally pulled out, the actor helped her off the floor and to her knees by pulling up on her golden locks before using his bent over position to spit right into Kat’s mouth and watched patiently until she swallowed it down.

“Suck my balls,” Mickey ordered as he started stroking his pole.

The hand on the back of her head helped pull Kat’s face in the direction so all the Arrow star had to do was part her lips and accept the sweaty balls into her mouth. As she sucked on each nut in turn, salty brine resting on her taste buds, her nose was picking up the strong smell of her ass from the porn actor’s cock, which wasn’t a surprise given the wet noises that came from his intense ass fucking and her earlier taste test of her anal canal. This did nothing to distract Kat from her job as she continued to eagerly suck at each ball in turn, and even used her tongue to lick the bottom portion of his cock and get a healthy dose of her own strong ass taste for her trouble.

“That’s it. Cum on my face,” the blonde begged.

It only took a moment more before Mickey pulled her hair back so his dick could have a good several inches to point at her gorgeous face. Despite the hour long fuck session including slapping, choking and the hardest sodomy of her life, Kat had a great time. Her mascara had long since run down her eyes and onto her upper cheeks, but that only made the Shadowhunters star look all the more beautiful and slutty. Finally with a few last hard pulls of his dick, Mickey grunted loudly and took aim.

Here it comes. Shhhhiiittt,” the bald man groaned as he reached his peak.

With his tip held steady at the entrance to her mouth, Katherine spread her lips far and waited for him to blow. After hearing his grunt it didn’t take long until the first blast smacked against the roof of her mouth, dripping down onto her tongue. The next few strands rocketed to the back of her throat and she swallowed that down immediately until smaller amounts dribbled onto her taste buds. Without needing to be told, Katherine took his filthy cock into her mouth as well, blowing his still sensitive cock and tasting the rich salty brine of his baby batter replaced with the overpowering flavor of her asshole. Despite how gross it was, Katherine seemed buoyed by the filth of it and gave an even better blowjob because of it.

“So much cum,” Katherine smiled up after sucking him for another minute.

“Good girl,” Mickey rewarded her with another two slaps of his slowly deflating cock to her face.

“You weren’t joking, Mickey,” the director told the male talent with a laugh before addressing the exhausted girl. “You truly are a beast!”

“I wanna piss on you now,” Mickey said, holding her by the hair and leading her towards the bathroom.

“Wait. What? Seriously?” Katherine asked, shocked.

“Yes. Pushing your limits,” he explained.

Leading her from the living room and to the back where a bathroom was located like taking a dog for a walk, Katherine crawled behind the man who had just finished ravishing her. She stopped his progress right in front of a massive jacuzzi tub with the expectation that Kat would climb in...which she did. Why she was obeying was beyond her especially since watersport or golden showers was something she looked upon with disgust. And yet…

“Kneel low,” the porn actor instructed.

Kat should be getting to her feet and telling the guy to fuck off. That no, he couldn’t piss on her. Instead, the golden-haired beauty pushed her silky locks over her shoulders so it wouldn’t get wet. Something told her that getting the odor of piss out of one’s hair was quite the feat. She listened to her sex partner and crouched lower, practically sitting her bubble butt onto her heels with her insanely perky tits thrust out in front of her as she awaited her shower.

“Not in my mouth…” Kat said as she looked at his flaccid one-eye monster that was ready to spew a different type of fluid onto her.

Mickey smiled brightly at the sight of the strong willed and intelligent woman slumping in defeat on her knees before him. He had to fight his initial urge to get hard once again since he needed to remain flaccid in order for it to work. Taking a deep breath to center himself, the porn actor found that the tunnel was now unblocked and soon felt the familiar surge of pressure flowing up the hose.

Kat had her eyes open until she saw the first small squirt of golden fluid leave his tip, at which point she promptly closed them tightly. It didn't stop her from feeling the warm splash on her flat stomach but that was just the start. The bald man was softening by the second and soon was able to produce a steady stream of thin urine that splashed onto the blonde's chest, getting both her perky tits wet. Though he never roamed up as high as her face and tightly pursed lips, he did go as high as showering her feminine neck before his stream eventually started running dry.

“That’s it. Taste my piss.”

“Oh why the fuck not,” a defeated Kat McNamara replied with a shrug of her shoulders.

Though Kat had set clear boundaries on pee drinking, she supposed that a golden shower was pushing the limit without going over. The 25 year old also rationalized that sucking a dick that moments before had peed on you was also in the same boat. Or at least that’s what the Kansas native told herself as she parted those lips of hers and took his soft dick into her mouth. Sure enough she could sense the unmistakable taste of urine as there were still a few drops dribbling from his pee slit, but Kat more or less ignored that and simply sucked and bobbed for a good minute.

"How did you like it," the director asked the kneeling and thoroughly soaked girl.

"Honestly...wasn't bad," Katherine commented as she subconsciously rubbed the yellow fluid into her skin. "Girl could get used to it I think."

“So your limit was pushed today, yes?”

“Pushed and expanded,” the blonde answered. “I think that I’ll be game for more stuff in the future if I ever return.”
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 5
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Chloe Bennet / Pierre Woodman
Codes: MF, MMMF, Anal, ATM, DP, Oral, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Chloe Bennet or Pierre Woodman nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned

Summary: Next up is Chloe Bennet who goes to film with a legend in the porn industry - Pierre Woodman

***Note - This scene has some rough sex in it, complete with some explicit description of waterplay/golden shower and ATM that is definitely on the dirty side.

“Sporty girl,” Pierre Woodman commented as the camera scanned from the floor on up the seated figure.

“I was told to come comfortable,” the actress retorted with a smile. “Besides, I’m just gonna be getting naked anyway.”

“Touche my dear. And it takes nothing away from your beauty,” the Frenchman replied.

Chloe Bennet was dressed in casual, if not slightly sporty clothing as she sat in the hotel room the porn legend rented for their shoot. She came dressed in the same outfit she flew to France in, although she did have time to quickly stop off at her own hotel and wash her hair. She wore her chestnut brown hair straight, which fell down a few inches past her shoulder. On her feet were a pair of Converse sneakers with a tight pair of denim shorts hugging her quite large but fit ass. Rounding out the casual outfit was a baseball style shirt that clung to her medium-sized tits.

“So Chloe, I understand that this is your last contractual shoot,” a man’s voice with an obvious French accent questioned the actress.

“It is. Lucky number 10!” Chloe Bennet said with a warm smile. “3 up front for getting the starring role on Agents of SHIELD and then another appearance per season the show was running.”

“10? That is a lot of these,” Pierre commented. “You have more pornography experience then most actual porn actresses.”

“Wow! Yeah I guess I actually do,” the half-Asian actress laughed at the realization. “Well it’s good to diversify!”

“God I love your optimism,” the man known as the Spider complimented. “And this also marks your second time back in my studio.”

“It does. Had such a good experience with you the first time around that I actually requested you for my final appearance,” Chloe informed him.

“I’m honored. And so we’ve already discussed what’s happening today...tell the people.”

“Well...Pierre invited some of his friends to the hotel room and they are going to fuck me senseless,” the fresh-faced girl answered. “No restrictions. Just good old fashioned gangbang fun!”

“My type of lady!” Pierre celebrated. “Now last time you were here, we had a lot of fun, didn’t we?”

“We certainly did. You came in my mouth twice & fucked all my holes too,” the cute yet sexy actress shared. “But you didn’t want to share me with any of your friends.”

“I still don’t,” the Frenchman disclaimed. “But I know we want to really dominate and degrade you tonight so I brought two of my best. They’ll be here soon. As we wait, why don’t we talk about some sex.”

“Yes please,” Chloe answered, so comfortable in front of a camera.

“What type of sex do you prefer?”

“Mmhmm...all types but my favorite is strong and brutal,” the actress replied.

“Strong and brutal! Oh my!” The Spider laughed, shocked by such a response from a girl who looked as adorable as Chloe Bennet. “So you like being dominated and submitting?”

“Absolutely. A boyfriend once described me as a perfect sex puppet. I love just being used for whatever pleasure men or women can get out of me,” Chloe expanded her answer.

“My goodness. Can you get any more perfect?” Pierre asked with a laugh.

“Well I can try. I’ve swallowed every guy I’ve ever given a blowjob to. Oh, and I prefer anal to pussy sex,” the Agents of SHIELD actress added. Seeing the shocked look on the older man’s face, she continued. “I don’t know if it’s because I have a small pussy and an adaptive butthole or what. I mean, I get pleasure and orgasms from vaginal sex too...but anal is just...awesome!”

"Well, well, well. Chloe! We are going to have lots of fun. Now I know you’ve had sex with two men at once…”

“Only in a train situation. One then the other. Never at the same time,” Chloe corrected him.

“So never one in the pussy and ass at the same time?” Pierre questioned.

“No but it’s a fantasy of mine. One that I’m hoping will be made a reality tonight,” the Agents of SHIELD actress added.

“Oh we will make that happen tonight. Yes, indeed,” he answered, unable to keep the glee from his voice. “Now let’s have you get naked.”

Chloe seemed to be waiting for this command because as soon as it was given, she was standing. She didn’t just whip off all her clothes, nor did she brag it out into a striptease. Off came her shirt and cutoff shorts to leave her in a grey bra and matching thong. She made sure to turn her back to the camera as the shorts came down to really give the view of her booty. Despite her narrow waist and athletic build, the half-Asian actress possessed a thick ass with excellent curvature. When she pulled off her thong to reveal a perfectly bald snatch, it only heightened her sex appeal. Lastly, off came her bra to exhibit her medium sized tits that had a nice bounce and jiggle to them with each capped with a small pink nipple.

“Very nice. Very sporty,” Pierre complimented. “You don’t need such a perfect body with a face like yours but it is all the better you have it anyway.”

“Such a charmer,” Chloe blushed.

“Do you need anything else? We have enema in the bathroom if you haven’t done so yet.”

“Nah, I’ll pass. I’m all about that au natural sex,” the 27 year old answered.

“And you’re aware that there will be lots of butt sex, yes?” The Spider questioned, which was met with a confident nod. “You live dangerously Ms Bennet. But I’m excited to see how it plays out for you.”

The interview portion of the shoot was done and the cameraman, Pierre and Chloe moved from the sitting room of the hotel back into the bedroom. It was simply furnished with a massive bed that took up the majority of the space while a pair of comfortable chairs were in either corner. The Spider had also set up several tripods so that he could station the camera on them though he tended to hold the recording device in his hand more often than not.

“Lay down. I’ll make you cum to relax you,” Pierre instructed.

“I’m not going to pass up a free orgasm,” Chloe Bennet said with a laugh.

Chloe got on the bed and spread her legs wide as Pierre set the camcorder on the tripod before nestling between her tanned thighs. Hooking his hands under her knees he pushed them back up towards her head so that her pink folds were spread wide open. Like a heat seeking missile he immediately buried his tongue in her warm hole and began lapping inside her pussy.

“Oh sweet heavens,” the actress screamed.

Pierre couldn’t help but snicker at the girl’s comments as he danced his tongue along her length, finally settling at her nub. Putting his lips all around the sensitive structure, he darted his tongue wildly over her clitoris. Luckily he was strong and had a good grip as Chloe began thrashing around wildly on the bed, not to mention howling like a banshee.

Now that the half-Asian was thoroughly enjoying herself, the porn legend began to properly prepare her for the time ahead. Bringing his hand up, Pierre gave the tip a small squeeze from the lube bottle before bringing it up to Chloe’s crinkled starfish. He was pleased that she didn’t just talk a big game because as he ringed her asshole with his finger, she didn’t tense up. Then when he pushed inside, he found her booty gave only the slightest spasm shut before the actress relaxed fully and allowed all 3.5 inches of his index finger to enter her colon.

“Ahhh...God I love a finger in the ass,” Chloe moaned in a satisfied fashion.

The older man didn’t reply, instead he continued to eat her snatch with a passion. He had been in the industry for over 3 decades, slept with well over a 1000 women, and that was a conservative guess. Therefore, he knew how to both loosen a women’s asshole in preparation for a good hard ass fucking, as well as being able to quickly bring them to orgasm. In fact, the Frenchman could have delivered two climaxes to the 27 year old actress already, but he backed off when he sensed her getting close. He had more to accomplish first.

“Mhmm…awwhh,” Chloe groaned. “Another.”

“Such a slutty girl!” Pierre said after stroking the first finger into her rear a few times fully.

Her asshole was accommodating but very snug, squeezing his meaty finger like a muscular vice. The Spider pulled his finger out and added more lube before cramming them together and drove them back into Chloe’s backdoor, to the brunette’s joy. Her moans only became more boisterous once the older man resumed munching on her pussy as well.

“Shit! God! So good,” Chloe panted her satisfaction. “You’re a master!”

After he added a second digit to her pooper, it didn’t take long for Pierre to judge she was ready for a third. She hadn’t been blowing smoke earlier when she said she loved anal sex and was rather experienced at it, given the way her anal ring just seemed to melt open for him. Repeating the same trick as a minute before, a third lubricated finger soon found its way into Chloe’s ass with much the same reaction.

“Please Pierre. I’m so close,” she all but begged. “Make me cum. Please!”

“I can’t deny such a beautiful creature,” he answered.

Pierre had grown to know her sensitivities since munching on her pussy for the past 10 minutes. Though Chloe was responsive to several techniques, Pierre decided to use his second hand to thrust another 3 fingers into her snatch while his mouth clamped around her clit. This would not only accomplish bringing the actress to orgasm, but also expose her to having both holes stuffed at the same time in preparation of her double penetration which was sure to occur today.


With an ear-piercing shriek, the half-Asian actress came hard. Pierre, who was used to working with porn stars who commonly faked orgasms, knew she was experiencing the real thing given how her pussy and asshole both clamped around his fingers in reflex to the climax. He continued to suck and tongue lash her clit for another few seconds, making Chloe shudder and scream, until ending her torrent by pulling his mouth from her sex, followed by removing his fingers from their respective holes.

“Shit, Pierre. That was intense,” Chloe commented as she ran a hand through her hair.

The Frenchman had changed slightly since Chloe had last seen him given how distracted she was during her orgasm. The large man had stripped out of his clothes completely and had a lust-fueled glint in his eyes. That and he had a raging hard on swinging in front of him. Chloe didn’t have a chance to move before Pierre placed both hands around her throat and started to little choke her. Chloe felt the mild oxygen deprivation but he was essentially using her neck as a hand-hold so he could climb on top as he straddled her chest and slapped his above-average sized cock square onto the middle of her gorgeous face.

“Suck me, beautiful,” he demanded.

Chloe really didn’t have a say in the matter, but even if she did she would have gladly gobbled up his member. As it was, the moment she parted her lips, the Frenchman was cramming his erect cock to the back of her gullet. After a brief gag that achieved a little more spit in her mouth, Chloe began bobbing her head in expert fashion along the majority of his member. The half-Asian was more or less a dick sucking machine. In the past decade the 27 year old had delivered countless blowjobs so even though she was in a non-optimal position, her neck muscles were able to bob her head effortlessly along his length.

“Oui! Oui! Oui!” Pierre cooed his appreciation.

As good as her lips felt on his cock, the Frenchman didn’t want her to forget about the rest of his package. Scooting further up her body, the large man placed his sack into her mouth. Well, he initially missed her mouth and the pair of testicles landed in her eye sockets, but that just got a laugh from the two of them. Slowly sliding the hairy sack down over her cute nose and finally into her mouth, Chloe immediately latched her lips around the twin nuts and sucked while Pierre stroked himself off.

Chloe went from licking and sucking on his balls to having her lips back around his dick. She had little say in the matter of what he wanted given her trapped position under his much larger frame. Which was fine for the Agents of SHIELD actress as she enjoyed being dominated by strong men. She also couldn’t understand a word the Frenchmen was saying because when the Spider got whipped into a sexual frenzy, he resorted back to frantic French. All Chloe knew was that he was thoroughly enjoying putting her mouth to good effect.

“Need to fuck you so bad right now,” Pierre spoke in English in order for his muse to understand him.

“Hell yes,” the 27 year old celebrated.

As Pierre stood from the bed, he bent down and shoved his tongue aggressively into Chloe’s mouth. The actress returned the kiss though she mainly contended with his aggressive tongue slapping all inside her mouth and onto her lips. As he straightened up, he gave her throat a hard squeeze in a brief choke before the grip was relaxed. Before Chloe could get up, his hand fell hard against her cheek, a loud slapping noise echoing throughout the hotel room.

“Hands and knees. Aller! Se depecher!” Pierre instructed in an alchemy of English and French.

Chloe was in fantastic shape from time on the action show so she had no trouble with taking some slaps or chokes. Using her agility, the half-Asian effortlessly rolled over in bed before pressing up onto her hands and knees with her big thick ass pointing back at the man who had boasted about sleeping with well over a 1000 women.

“Normally I wear condoms,” Pierre stated as he moved behind the kneeling girl. “But I don’t want anything to prevent getting the full Chloe Bennet experience.”

“Well you certainly can make a girl blush,” Chloe replied, feeling his tip run through her slit. Once he reached her opening, the porn legend didn’t delay and shoved half his length inside her. “Oh yes!”

By the time Pierre had pulled out so only his tip remained in her tight pussy, he was driving back into her only this time he thrust with his entire 7 inches. Though he was neither extremely thick or long, the Frenchman had a healthy-sized member and more importantly, really knew how to work it. His stamina was the stuff of legends, so even though he started fucking the 27 year old at neck breaking speeds, he was in no danger of spilling his seed in her womb anytime soon.

“Yes! God! Fuck!” Chloe constantly screamed as she received the fucking of a lifetime.

“Nice, huh?” Pierre asked as he reared back and spanked her right butt cheek hard. “You like, yes?” Another slap, this time to her left side.

Pierre didn’t care for the answer, he just wanted to fuck her hard and fast. Though Chloe was perched on both arms, the Frenchman decided that he wanted the gorgeous girl face down with her booty up. Grabbing both wrists all without slowing his frantic fucking, the Spider pulled both arms behind her back and held onto both wrists with one of his mitts. With his free hand, Pierre used that to take turns turning each of her fat ass cheeks a darker shade of red as he spanked the beautiful woman.

“Enough pussy,” Pierre grunted, pulling out of her snatch and aiming his tip higher. “I fuck your little ass now.”

Chloe felt like correcting the big man by telling him that although her butthole was tight, her ass cheeks were anything but little. However, instead she kept her mouth shut, lowered herself down lower on her knees to better align her hole with the porn legend’s manhood and waited. Pierre didn’t leave her without cock for long. Not bothering to add more lube since her sphincter was still lathered in it from his fingering, the Spider lined his bulbous head with her anal ring before pushing forward.

“Ahhhh,” Chloe hissed from the familiar sting that accompanied every initial butt fuck.

Pierre pushed until he had a few inches deep in Chloe’s ass then stopped his pushing. Chloe had a lot of anal experience so she knew the man was allowing her a few moments to get to grip with the invasion of her bowels. Wanting to show off how proficient she was with sodomy, almost immediately Chloe started to rock her thick ass back into Pierre’s lip.

“Oui! Yes Chloe,” an impressed Pierre cooed.

Once again more frantic French was being spewed at her in the Spider’s excitement and lust but Chloe blocked that out and focused on keeping relaxed. In truth, her anus was already warmed up so she continued rocking back and forth on his shaft until the porn legend took over. Hooking his hands onto her hourglass hips, Pierre started thumping his sex into her at nearly the same speeds he had done with her pussy only minutes previous.

“Take it chienne,” Pierre hissed, Chloe recognizing the French word for bitch when she heard it.

Pierre started to slow down his thrusts but it wasn’t from mercy. Instead of his rapid fire approach, Pierre slammed his dick into the 27 year old with far more force, making her ass cheeks ripple as a result. Chloe initially whelped before regaining composure, just in time for him to slam back into her asshole with even greater power. Sometimes he would deliver a few powerful thrusts in a row, yet other times he’d slam into her bowels and simply soak inside her ass for seconds at a time.

“I see we are a little late,” another man spoke, making Chloe turn her head.

“Nah. I like it when they are loosened up,” a third man added.

“Marcel! Lucien! Happy you made it,” Pierre greeted his friends without missing a beat in fucking Chloe’s asshole. “Pass me the camera there and then come join.”

Chloe had no idea who was Lucien and who was Marcel. Instead, as the two newcomers stripped and joined her and Pierre on the bed, she noted that one was young with tattoos and a muscular frame, while the other was older like Pierre and kept on a wife-beater and hat. Therefore, she’d refer to them simply as either Muscles or the Mad Hatter given the not-so-stable energy she got from the older man.

Pierre was handed the camcorder so he could record Chloe’s anal fucking from much closer. Zooming in, the Frenchman watched as his dick would slide out 6 inches before powering back into her butt, making the cheeks quake in response. While he captured the close ups, Muscles climbed to the head of the bed where his cock was perfectly positioned for Chloe to suck on, which she gladly did. Within seconds of the gorgeous actress bobbing on his manhood, his shaft stood fully erect. Much like his body, Muscles had a tall, thick shaft that Chloe knew would stretch out whichever hole of hers he was fucking.

Though he loved watching his dick constantly slamming into the half-Asian’s phat ass and the way each spank to her cheeks turned them more and more red, Pierre took the lens off her booty and handed it to the Mad Hatter. The older man then zoomed in on the youngest of the trio getting a truly deep and wet blowjob. Chloe found it best to match her sucking pace to the one Pierre was setting with fucking her ass. When he went deep and slow, Muscles’ dick did the same in her mouth. Saliva would spill over her edges of her lips and make her skin glisten, but it made for a great blowjob, especially when the pace was picked up. Chloe at this point would bob her head at a speed surely that would give her whiplash, but given the way Muscles moaned, it was clearly a good thing.

“Crawl up Lucien!” Pierre ordered.

Chloe got her hands back underneath her and started to bear crawl up the bed, but the task was made harder by the fact the hulking Pierre was unwilling to leave her asshole. Her journey was added as Muscles slid down the bed, lining up his cock with her vacant pussy. With the Frenchmen slowing his thrusting into her ass, Chloe was able to steer the second cock into her snatch and a filling of extreme (but pleasurable) fullness shot through her body.

“Oh my God!” Chloe screamed as she was double stuffed for the first time.

“Tight chienne,” Muscles grunted as he thrust upwards into her pussy.

“Such a perfect slut,” Pierre agreed.

“And her mouth...very nice cock sucker,” the Mad Hatter added.

Pierre had taken back the camera and was filming as his and Muscles’ cocks sawed into Chloe’s pussy and asshole that he completely missed that the third male in their party was getting blown by the half-Asian girl. Despite taking a combined 15 inches into her holes, Chloe was still delivering a quality blowjob to the Mad Hatter. Holding her hair bunched up in a tight fist, the older man jerked his hips into her face to meet Chloe’s head bobs, forcing the Agents of SHIELD actress to swallow nearly all of his 6 inches of shaft.

“Fucking fuck,” Chloe cursed, taking a brief break from all three holes being stuffed with French cock. “My first DP!”

“Oui oui baby!” Pierre said in his frantic tone, his thrusts into her ass matching his crazed speech. “So good my dear.”

Each of the three men continued to hammer away on their respective hole that Chloe was treating them too. Pierre took a break from his heavy thrust and instead had Chloe take some control and had the first time DPer ride both the cocks. She had to pause the blowjob for a minute in order to generate enough power, but the Mad Hatter knew his time would come. Instead, he filmed the action as the 27 year old half-Asian grinded her snatch down onto Muscles’ cock while simultaneously shoving her thick ass back onto Pierre’s member.

“This chienne is amazing, Pierre,” Muscles grunted from beneath the riding girl.

Unable to be passive anymore, both Muscles and Pierre seized back control and started fucking the Agents of SHIELD actress with renewed vigor. Chloe found herself bent over at the waist once more, both ass and pussy being pounded to oblivion at the same time and loving every minute of it. With her perky tits resting on Muscles chest, her face was in line for the third dick. With her body being rocked and pummeled, her accuracy was off so the Mad Hatter’s dick slid along her face first, smearing all the spit from her messy blowjob onto her gorgeous skin. Unfazed, Chloe continued to deliver a typical expert blowjob all while the two other men derived a great deal of pleasure from her holes.

“Open your ass baby,” Pierre commanded. “Open your fucking ass.”

Chloe did as she was told by placing her dainty hands on her thick cheeks. As she started to pull them apart, Pierre pulled out nice and slow from her rectum. She’d been getting fucked for the better part of 15 minutes straight so it felt weird to not have his cock in her ass anymore. As soon as he was removed, the Spider bent love to get a nice zoom in of her ass, his lens able to capture a good 3 inches down her poop chute.

“My butthole still cute?” Chloe asked with a giggle.

“Cute and only a little dirty,” Pierre answered, his camera still viewing the flecks and streaks of discoloration both in her bowels and on her anal ring.

“Should I go clean?”

“No, no. You’re still beautiful,” Pierre shooed away her suggestion. “Besides, my fans love the authentic look of sex and a little filth with anal is expected.”

“Gotcha. Fine with me. Let’s be nasty!” Chloe told the porn legend.

As Pierre climbed off the bed, the action continued much as normal. Despite being on the end of three men’s attention, Chloe showed no ill effects as she continued to energetically ride the tattooed man in her pussy all while performing a flawless blowjob. Once the man she referred to as the Mad Hatter, on account of his habit of wearing a hat and his frantic fucking style, noticed Pierre was taking a break from fucking her ass, he decided it was his turn to trade in Chloe’s mouth for her tight ass.

“Gonna steal her?” asked Muscles, the youngest and only one of the trio with tattoos.

“Oui,” Mad Hatter nodded.

The man still wearing a hat got his feet on the ground before reaching out for the riding girl. Muscles released his vice-like grip from her hips and allowed the half-Asian to be dragged from his lap, though she didn’t go far. In fact, Chloe’s face came much closer to his cock as her head was now in his lap. The SHIELD actress was laying on her side with her legs pulled wide so one rested on the mattress and the other was up on the older man’s shoulder. This afforded him perfect access to her well fucked asshole, which he had no trouble inserting his saliva-slick cock into.

“Yes. Fuck my ass,” Chloe moaned.

“I won’t fuck your ass...I’ll destroy it,”

Back when he first arrived in the room and Chloe looked into his eyes, she just knew that insanity was lurking inside the man with the hat. Sure enough, the SHIELD actress was proven correct as he went about blasting his cock into her ass with an intensity she had never seen before. Her blowjob on Muscles suffered as a result, though he picked up the slack by simply fucking her mouth. And though Chloe didn’t think the man could sustain that torrid pace for long, she was wrong as the man seemed more machine then flesh and blood.

“Holy fuck! Holy fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Chloe constantly swore as her ass was savagely fucked.

Over and over the big man reared his hips back before slamming them forward. Though Pierre preferred fucking the women, he was also a skilled camera operator and he was on his game once more tonight. Keeping the lens on Chloe, he captured every look of pleasure on her face, whether it be the moans escaping from her mouth or her eyes rolling into the back of her head on occasion. Travelling down her body, her tits jiggled with each of the Mad Hatter’s thrusts into her. Even lower, her vacant pink pussy glistened from her moisture as the big man railed into Chloe Bennet’s asshole which was getting progressively dirtier by each slam forward by his friend.

Pulling out of her well fucked ass, the Mad Hatter made a demand. “Come suck.”

Chloe waited for the burly man to flop onto his back with his cock pointed upwards. Knowing that the men were enjoying trading off on who was getting fucked while the other was blown, Chloe crawled onto the bed with her ass facing back at the other man so that she was at a right angle to the Mad Hatter’s cock. Already deciding that her final sex tape would be as real as it could get, Chloe didn’t hesitate as she went ass to mouth. If the half-Asian was disgusted with the taste of her anal fluids you’d never know it by the lack of facial expression on her face. In fact, the mic on the camera even heard Chloe moaning slightly during the dirty blowjob.

“You’ve done ass to mouth before?” Pierre asked.

“Nope. My first time,” Chloe answered sarcastically.

“Filthy girl,” he laughed.

After watching Chloe blow the Mad Hatter for a half-minute, Pierre swung the camera back around to where the second man was fucking her. As he got behind the pair, Pierre discovered that the tattooed man was fucking her ass, which came as no surprise. Though Chloe Bennet had an adorable pussy that was bright pink and quite tight, nothing beat the half-Asian’s ass. Both tight and yet loose enough to take a hard fucking, her ass cheeks were also insanely thick which made anal sex all the more appealling on her.

“Fucckkk meee,” Chloe moaned around the dick in her mouth as the tattooed man built up a head of steam.

As the fresher of the two men began railing into Chloe’s booty, Pierre captured it all on his camera. Getting low so that he could capture the doggy style anal fucking from beneath them, Pierre watched on as the half-Asian’s asshole was pummeled time and time again. Though her pussy drew some of his attention given how bright pink it was, it was the growing smear of brown on the skin between her cunt and asshole that was most noticeable.

“How’s his dick taste?” Pierre asked the girl currently being spit roasted.

“Dirty...but hot,” Chloe replied, giving the camera a wink before resuming her blowjob.

“Show me her asshole,” Pierre told the muscular man.

The youngest of the men was glad to have a reprieve and regain his stamina but first he hammered down twice more into Chloe’s asshole. Reaching down with his right hand, the tattooed man pulled one meaty cheek to the side to give Pierre and his camera a better view of her gape. As the smear on her taint indicated, there was more of the discoloration all around her sphincter but it was the view deep in her asshole that showed a whole lot more where that came from. Knowing it was his last time with Chloe, Woodman decided against warning the gorgeous girl and simply told his male talent to continue sodomizing the 27 year old.

Pierre allowed another minute of hard fucking to her ass, allowing the brewing mess to develop even further. “She said she wanted nasty and dirty stuff. Make her clean you.”

The muscular man was surprised by Pierre’s comment as he only gave such an order once a year. Usually it was with a girl that was in desperate need of money, never to one that was famous. However, the man wasn’t going to argue. He was aware that his cock wasn’t exactly coming out clean from her asshole the last few times so he was curious what the half-Asian actress would do. Pulling out of her asshole and standing up straight atop the bed in one motion, the man looked down and noted how his entire manhood was tinged a darker color.

“For little ol’ me,” Chloe asked as she pushed herself up straight.

Chloe made sure to move her hair out of her face so that she could look at the camera in Pierre’s hand the whole time. Her movements were deliberate and other than a quick glance at the soiled cock, she maintained her eye contact with the lens. Chloe knew what to expect and opened her mouth wide before closing her lips around the very tip of his manhood and giving it a slow bob of a few inches. The taste was...overpoweringly dirty. And yet, Chloe’s eyes didn’t so much as flinch. Instead, her warm brown eyes stayed locked on the director as she slowly moved her mouth along the dick until she pulled off it. Pierre figured she was about to call cut or even throw up, but instead Chloe seductively licked her lips as the skin around them started to turn a slight brownish color.

“Yum,” Chloe Bennet commented about her own ass.

Showing off her comfort with the grossness of the ass to mouth, Chloe extended her tongue fully. The Spider captured how the normally pink muscle was a faded yellow in appearance now, but that did nothing to break her resolve. Chloe kept her tongue stuck out and let the tattooed man rub the entire length of his filthy cock along her taste buds, making her taste the strong flavor of her asshole. 

“Nasty. So nasty,” The Spider commented. “Now finish cleaning him. Suck. Suck deep.”

Chloe didn’t hesitate as she opened her mouth wide and pushed her face forward. Though the half-Asian didn’t have the rare deepthroating skill, she moved his filthy cock to the back of her mouth and let his manhood soak in her mouth. The actress pulled back for air, giving his tip a few quick bobs before pushing back all the way down, 5 inches resting on her taste buds for seconds at a time.

“Oh my God,” Muscles disclaimed. “You’re a crazy bitch,” he added with a laugh.

“Oh? You didn’t find that...shitty of me?” Chloe asked with a wink.

“A funny girl,” Pierre remarked as he chuckled at her pun.

“I prefer to fuck then hear jokes,” the Mad Hatter hissed before slapping Chloe’s already reddened ass cheek.

Needing a break after the energetic fuck, Muscles got off the bed just in time for the Mad Hatter to all but throw Chloe to her back. The Agents of SHIELD actress flopped with the push before her legs were rolled up so her knees and face were level. The oldest of the men didn’t delay pushing his veiny dick into her asshole again, ignoring her pussy entirely once more. The Mad Hatter teed off on her brown eye for only a few minutes, giving the other men a chance to catch their breath but soon he needed one too. Of course, he wasn’t going to have a break with a dirty cock so after pulling out he practically crawled up her body to present Chloe Bennet with his soiled manhood.

“Give me that dirty dick,” the half-Asian actress demanded.

Chloe didn’t flinch or wince as his cock was pushed into her mouth, despite the look, smell and taste of the veiny shaft. Instead, the actress simply bobbed her head over the majority of the 6-inch dick with something like a smile at the edge of her lips. Meanwhile, her asshole was free once more but that didn't last long as Muscles was back inside her as she continued to suck off the Mad Hatter. After a minute his turn was over and he presented his cock to Chloe’s mouth all so Pierre could run train on the 27 year old.

“Fuck! Shit!” Chloe moaned as her curvy body was rocked.

“This what you like?” Pierre asked, his thick cock stroking into her well-used ass.

Pierre showed no mercy on the SHIELD actress. His thrusts came hard and fast, each one causing her perky tits to jiggle. His hand was constantly around her head, whether pulling her chestnut brown hair, choking her or slapping her face. He was spewing more and more of his French at her in a tone that wasn’t exactly nice, though Chloe could only understand the odd word, like ‘bitch’, ‘slut’ and ‘whore’.

“Fucking your shitty ass...then gonna feed it to you...the whole world watching you eat your own filth,” Pierre shifted to English to humiliate the actress.

Even a legend like Pierre needed to take breaks, especially after having such a lengthy and hard go at a beautiful woman’s tight asshole. After a few last deep thrusts, the bald man pulled out of the girl but had Chloe pull her butt cheeks apart and try to push her anal ring open while Pierre filmed the result. Like before but only more now, brown smears decorated the area around her sphincter, and a view down her backdoor showed there was still more in reserve.

After Pierre made her clean off his cock like he did with his buddies, he looked down at the girl who had a thin sheen of sweat covering her face.


“Sure,” Chloe nodded. “Plus wouldn’t hurt to lose the taste of crap from my mouth.”

“Good. Open your mouth then,” the Frenchman ordered.

Chloe had seen enough of Pierre’s casting videos to know what the legend had in mind. She had never let a man or woman pee in her mouth before, but neither had she done double penetration or dirty ass to mouth until tonight either. So instead of declining the experiment, Chloe pulled her hair back from her face, opened her mouth and extended her tongue. She didn’t know what to expect but she hoped for the best and reasoned it couldn’t be worse then the taste of the men’s dicks as they exited her ass.

“Uhhhhh,” Pierre grunted as he forced his urine to flow despite having a mostly full erection.

Chloe kept her eyes open as the man twice her age opened a small torrent of fluid from the end of his cock. Not only was his accuracy perfect as it arched directly into her mouth, it proved to be the right amount of fluid that her mouth could hold. A little spilled over the edge of her lip as she closed her mouth and slid down her cheek but Chloe found she was able to swallow down the mouthful of warm piss without any issue. Despite being salty and unpleasant because it was piss in her mouth after all, the SHIELD actress didn’t find the golden shower to be all that terrible.

“Wow. So that happened,” Chloe said, shocked and yet proud of herself.

“I know you boys don’t have much less in the tank so finish up double fucking the chienne then hit the showers,” Pierre instructed.

“Oui,” they both agreed.

The Mad Hatter let his younger actor have some one on one time with Chloe to kick things off with. He knew it meant sacrificing his turn in her ass but the older man needed the slightly longer break. He watched as the muscular man fucked the brunette as he spooned her, allowing him to control matters without too much of a worry of popping his load. Once the Mad Hatter was ready, Muscles wrapped his arms around Chloe’s curvy body and rolled onto his back. As he continued to thrust up into her gaping asshole, the older man climbed between their legs before slamming his cock into her tight snatch.

“Oh fuuccccckkkkk,” Chloe swore as she was double penetrated for a second time that night. “Ooohhhh holy shiiit I can't believe I'm doing this! And it feels so good...mmmm damn it...”

For the next several minutes, Chloe was rammed in both her asshole and pussy at the same time while Pierre recorded all the action. At some points she was strangled, had her face slapped, her tits groped and nipples pulled on. However, she was being used and abused just like she loved but was rarely treated to. The two porn actors fucked her faster and harder then any man previous had done to her, but that suited her just fine.

“Where Pierre?” one of the men grunted.

“You on the pill?” the Spider asked the gorgeous brunette.

“I’m 27 and fuck a lot. Of course,” Chloe answered as her body continued to be thrashed.

Pierre’s men knew what that meant, which was perfect as it meant they didn’t have to move. A quick glance between their two faces showed Chloe it was the younger man fixing to cum first. Her assessment was true as only moments later, Muscle's face contorted into a grimace before he grunted one final time. Chloe felt several thick strands of his goo splashing the inside of her rectum. It lasted a good 30 seconds, and by the end, not only did Chloe fill full like she wanted, Muscles was completely spent.

“Cum for me you crazy fucker,” Chloe hissed at the man in her cunt. “Fill my tight little pussy with your spunk.”

The Mad Hatter was already on the brink so he gave in to both Chloe and his director’s demands. His thrusts were full tilt and frantic, Chloe pressed flat against the big man under her as she was hammered into. The Mad Hatter could feel Chloe squeezing her pussy around his cock, her thirsty cunt begging for his cum with every pump. The oldest of the trio let out a grunt as he gave her one last thrust before filling her up with his jizz. He continued to thrust through his orgasm, driving his sperm as deep into her womb as physically possible.

“You killed my boys! Destroyed my team!” Pierre laughed.

“Oh trust me, they dished out a lot of destruction on me,” Chloe commented, feeling cum and other fluids leaking from her various holes. “But I think there is still one more load for me.”

“Come suck it out of me,” Pierre told the beautiful girl.

“Thought you’d never ask,” the gorgeous half-Asian stated.

Despite being fucked in her holes with brutality for the past hour by three men, Chloe still had the look of desire in her eyes as she squirmed out from the tangle of bodies on the bed and crawled on the floor to Pierre. The Frenchman had his camcorder in his hand as he sat in the nearest chair, his cock still erect and being lightly stroked in his hand. As Chloe crawled up and took over that duty from him, she steered it into her mouth and was greeted with the combined taste of her ass, though much weaker than earlier, and the salty taste of pre-cum leaking from his pee slit.

Despite her exhaustion, Chloe didn’t let that show. Ever the performer, Chloe never forgot to play up her blowjob for the camera, being sure to have lots of eye contact with the lens. She bobbed fast and shallow before lengthening her strokes to suck him deep but slow. The next minute she would bend low and suck his nuts while her hand beat his cock that was slippery in her spit. She delivered a great blowjob and within moments the last man of the trio was ready to pop.

“Tabernac!” Pierre swore in French just moments before cumming.

At the last second Pierre took back control of his cock and aimed his piss slit into the center of Chloe’s face. The actress had the notice to shut her eyes a mere heartbeat before rope after rope of warm jizz plastered onto her skin, coating her gorgeous face in semen. The older man must not have cum in days because of the sheer volume of his load as barely an inch of her face was left untouched by the time the Spider finished cumming.

“How do you feel, my love?” Pierre asked the thoroughly exhausted actress.

“Well I’m gonna have a lot to unpack with my shrink but I actually had a great time,” Chloe said, bringing a final laugh out of the Frenchman.

“And the double penetration?”

“I think that after this I may end up preferring two dicks from now on,” Chloe answered honestly.
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 6
Author: The Chemist
Celebrities (Sex): Peyton Roi List
Codes: MF, Oral, Sex Tape
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Peyton Roi List nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned

Summary: Peyton Roi List, former Disney star and currently starring in Cobra Kai is up next. Her assignment for the celebrity sex tape is a gloryhole blowbang with the studio Gloryhole Secrets

“Peyton List! Welcome to Gloryhole Secrets!”

The camera was centered on the blonde actress as she sat in her clothes with all black walls, floor and ceiling behind her. Peyton wore a pretty smile and her long blonde hair flowing down over one shoulder. She had on only the barest amount of makeup, not that the 21 year old actress needed it. She wore the smallest of Daisy Duke jean shorts so that her insanely long legs were on full display. Up top, she kept it simple as well with only a black crop top shirt under an undone jean jacket.

“Thanks for having me,” Peyton replied, her enthusiasm drawing a giggle from the man working the camera.

“Anytime. Literally, anytime,” the man replied. “Now, you know what’s what gonna happen today, right?”

“Oh yeah,” the blonde replied with a nod. Seeing the director roll his hand in a gesture that wanted her to elaborate, she continued. “Me and my 21 year old mouth are gonna suck a lot of cock. Oh, and swallow so much cum.”

“And you like both?”

“Probably closer to love both,” the Cobra Kai star answered. “Started at 16 years old and haven’t stopped giving head.”

“16? Is there a story there?”

“Pretty classic. With my boyfriend in his car. We were making out and I was teasing him a bit with my hand and I figured I should at least give him something,” Peyton explained her first blowjob. “And since then I’ve been swallowing cocks and cum regularly.”

“Very nice. Now currently, when you suck a guy’s dick, does it make you wet?”

“Oh for sure,” the blonde actress answered with a knowing smile. “Hearing a guy being pleasured really turns me on. The noises he makes, the way he squirms, how the cock jerks around...so hot. God! I’m getting wet just talking about it.”

“That first time with your boyfriend, where did he cum?”

“My mouth...and I swallowed like a good girl,” Peyton answered.

“Really? Most girls are afraid to do that their first time.”

“Well we were in his car before school and I didn’t want to make a mess of myself or have him mad by spitting on his car mat or something,” the blonde replied.

“Jesus! That’s amazing,” the director laughed. “Okay so the way it works here is that there is a hole on either side. Whoever puts their dick through first, you suck. You work that guy until you hear a knock…”

“And then he cums?” Peyton asked with a smile that lit up her face.

“Your excitement is so fucking hot,” the man commented. “Don’t swallow right away. Show it off to us. Hell, if while they cum you can keep your mouth and tongue out, that would be better.”

“No problem. I’ll be a perfect slut for the camera,” Peyton stated, giving the men her best sultry look.

“I think it’s time to get started,” the director said with a notable bulge in his pants.

Peyton was asked to show off for the camera before getting down to business. A man appeared to remove her chair as she stood and gave the men a good show of her body. Other than her beautiful face with full cheeks and plump lips, the other striking feature were her legs. The actress was of only average height at standing 5’6” but her legs seemed to go on for miles. It helped that she wore boots with a heel and the super short shorts, but her legs didn’t need the help to look great. As she turned around, the camera got a look at her ass for the first time as well.

“Oh damn. Packing some thickness. Didn’t expect that,” the director commented.

“Eat right, exercise and good genes,” the actress replied, slapping her rather meaty ass with her hand. “Guys love a big booty these days and though its not a J-Lo booty, there is still plenty of meat back here.”

“Yes there certainly is,” the cameraman couldn’t help but agree.

“Okay, onto your knees,” the director dictated.

The first dick was still soft as the man stepped to the open panel. Peyton thought nothing of it as she wrapped her small fist lightly around the flaccid piece of flesh. Moving her hand up and down in a fluid motion, the actress felt it start to harden under her touch. After 2 dozen mini-strokes, Peyton leaned in and took the first of many into her mouth. Only 4 inches long while hard, the former Disney star took the entire dick into her mouth, formed a seal with her lips on the smooth skin and began to bob.

Up and down, Peyton’s mouth moved along his small but pleasant dick. With each time she pushed her face forward, her nose poked against his fairly flat but bushy lower abdomen. That didn’t detract the leggy actress from going about her work though.

After the first ten bobs of her head, she noted only some little groans from the man in the room. Stepping up her technique, Peyton extended her tongue as her nose pressed into their pubes, licking the sensitive part where the shaft met the start of his nut sack. As the first man proved resilient to that trick, Peyton would leave her lips pressed tight around the base of his cock, nose completely buried in his thick pubic mound, feeling it start to itch, but that didn’t distract her from sucking hard on his fully throated cock.

“Gllkk gllkkk gllkkk,” Peyton gargled around his submerged dick in her gullet.

Peyton didn’t quite know what to expect from her first blowbang, let alone gloryhole situation, but she was happy this studio hadn’t brought a bunch of half-cocked guys ready to pop with the lightest of stimulus. Eager for a challenge, Peyton got comfortable on her knees and got to work. Shortening her bob so her mouth only worked the top two inches, her dainty fist gripped the remaining half and stroked her hand and mouth pressed tight together and worked as one. 10, 20, 30 strokes and still the first guy held out. Peyton broke her lip contact with him, though her mouth and his dick were still touching via a lengthy rope of spit, as Peyton took a deep breath of air before going back in.

Peyton gave the resistant man her variety pack as she called it. She may have only been 21 years old but the Disney star had more than enough experience on her knees with a dick in her mouth. 10 bobs of each technique should do it, she thought. She used her mouth and fist in unison first, then deep throated his small offering for nearly a dozen seconds. Pulling off to capture some air, Peyton beat his meat furiously for 10 strokes then went and did 10 bobs with only her mouth. As her hand and mouth went back to suck him off together, Peyton heard a 3-rap knock on the wall.

“He’s about to cum,” the cameraman explained, telling the former Disney star the arranged signal.

Peyton went into her finishing posture, however the first trick of looking up and making eye contact with the guy as he blasted a wad of jizz down her throat didn’t work in a gloryhole situation. Regardless, her hand lengthened it’s stroking distance as her mouth only sucked on the tip of his cock in fast bobs, pleading for his cum. Knowing this was all about capturing the whole scene on film, she wanted the camera to capture the money shot, once Peyton felt the first streak of cum on her taste buds, she only used her hand to beat him off so his head could rest on her tongue and allow her to collect.

Proud of herself for getting the first one done with, Peyton turned to the camera and showed off the full tongue of cum that she had earned. Her hand had remained lightly fondling the man’s balls as she showed off his cum load to the camera, noting how his cum had the taste of pennies before she closed her mouth and swallowed his load.

“How was the first?” the director asked as his celebrity guest was already pivoting to the second window.

“Pretty good,” Peyton said, reaching out and stroking the dick in the panel.

Looking to build on momentum of her first success, Peyton leaned forward and took the whole semi-hard dick into her mouth in one shot before slowly dragging her lips away. This man definitely wasn’t the thickest cock to ever make it into her mouth, though his fleshy pole was slightly longer than the last.

“So young but such a natural!” the cameraman commented as Peyton used only her mouth to suck off the man.

The former Disney star had done her research about the studio she was shooting with tonight and so she was aware that her session in the gloryhole booth would be a good hour. Making sure she didn’t exhaust her jaw muscles, Peyton took the chance to pull her lips off the cock for a scheduled breather. As her hand beat the man’s dick, she flashed the camera a seductive smile to portray that she was having a good time sucking off anonymous men. However, she wasn’t going to use handjobs to get most of these guys off, therefore Peyton went back in and took him inside her mouth, using her hand and lips together.

“Whoa!” Peyton shrieked in surprise as she felt a hand grope her tit from behind.

While the next man had stepped up to the vacant hole, he wasn’t satisfied with simply waiting his turn. Instead, he reached an arm through a surprised the former Disney star by kneading her perky tit. After a grope of her other budding boob, he rubbed down her flat stomach then around to take a hearty paw of her thick ass.

“That okay?”

“Was just surprised. I’m cool,” the actress replied.

For two straight minutes Peyton didn’t pull her mouth from his cock. It helped that at only 5 inches long and not very thick, the Cobra Kai star could breath through her nose so she could constantly glide her tongue and lips on the man’s dick. The only time she varied her technique was to take his entire cock into her throat, but after only a few seconds she had to pull him out for fear of gagging. It wasn’t that she couldn’t handle the throat bulging depth, hell, that was something she’d been doing since perfecting how to relax her gullet and suppress her gag reflex at 19 years old. However, she also didn’t want to get it wrong while on camera and have to live with that embarrassment being circulated around about her. Therefore she quickly resumed the mouth-fist combo to get the lucky man off.


“Oh thank God,” Peyton thought as she fiercely beat him off as her mouth waited to collect his semen.

Peyton realized that this man hadn’t cum in quite some time given the volume of sperm filling her mouth. In fact, the load was so large that a small bead of white goo spilled over her lips and down onto her chin. At this point, Peyton decided to swallow the mammoth load of cum, adding this salty batch to the one she ate only minutes ago.

“You got some on your shirt. Now is a good time to get rid of it,” the cameraman suggested.

Peyton gave him a smile for his less-than-smooth way of making her get topless. However, it still was successful as Peyton instantly grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. Her bra quickly followed, which the man operating the camera caught, leaving the leggy actress topless. While Peyton may have been slender, her tits were anything but. Though not mountainous, the Cobra Kai star possessed healthy B cups that were perfectly round and bouncy.

“First time being topless on camera,” Peyton stated as a hand reached through the panel to knead her perky tits.

“Lucky us!”

As Peyton turned to the next window, this time an already erect black cock waited for her. Peyton eagerly attacked the dick with her mouth, seeming to be happy to have some color variety with her gloryhole blowbang. After a couple dozen strokes with hand and mouth, Peyton took him all the way into her throat, holding him there for 6 seconds before pulling off. Her goal was to add some extra saliva to his dick, which worked perfectly, allowing her small fist to glide faster than ever on his ebony rod.

“God, you were meant to suck cock,” the director commented as Peyton sucked him off without hands.

“Awhh! You’re gonna make me blush,” the 21-year old actress retorted while stroking him quickly with her hand. “Can I talk to them?”

“Of course!”

“Want me to deep throat your cock?” Peyton asked the lucky black man.

“Yes please,” the owner of the dick answered politely.

With a thicker 6 inch cock to work with, Peyton found that this blowjob was sloppier and louder than the ones previous. She didn’t do anything about the long drool string that was dropping down from her mouth, down her chin and onto the upper part of her right chest. Instead, she focused on the throaty, wet suck job she was giving to the black man. Adding a new twist to the folds, Peyton switched tacts to only swirl her mouth and tongue on the head of his cock while her fist pumped along the rest of the shaft. Of course she would thread other techniques into the mix, but she would always return to this shallow suck after a dozen or so bobs in other ways.

“Not as easy as you thought?” the director commented as Peyton held him down her throat for nearly 10 seconds.

“Ggwwwkkk,” Peyton coughed, spitting a mouthful of spit onto his cock but more falling down onto her swaying tits. “Love a challenge.”

Peyton now had glistening boobs from her spit, as well as a number of drool strings hanging down over her chin. This didn’t distract her though, as her mouth and thought process were solely on the ebony cock in front of her. Up and down her lips glided along the 6 inch dick, sometimes blindingly fast, sometimes stopped altogether with her only using suction. Other times her depth would be his throat down her throat, moments later she’d only be sucking his tip.


Rather than shoot out of his slit with force, the black man’s cum dribbled out of him. It surprised Peyton at first but she only lost the first big glub to a fall to the floor before she dipped her head lower to catch the rest with her tongue. She quickly showed the camera the half-full mouth of salty jizz before swallowing down, using her tongue to next like the glob that was dangling on her thumb.

“You noticed the big glob that fell, right? And how we agreed you’d drink every drop,” the director reminded. “So be a good cum-guzzling jizz demon and eat it off the dirty floor.”

Peyton didn’t so much as voice a complaint. Instead, the gorgeous girl tossed her long golden locks over her shoulder, scooted back on the cement floor and bent all the way forward. It was easy to identify the fallen droplet of white cum on the all black floor. Keeping her piercing blue eyes trained on the lens, Peyton stuck her tongue out and corralled the fallen cum until it stuck onto her taste buds and she was able to drink it down.

“That’s a good little cum slut,” the man complimented before letting her get back to work.

“Who’s next,” Petyon asked in a sing-song voice, the excitement clear in her tone.

The fourth man was waiting with an erect cock was was likely as fat and short as he was. As she got started by sucking him off without hands, Peyton was surprised to feel a hand on her tit, groping lightly before playfully teasing the nipple. The tweaking of her nipples made her blow the other man with renewed vigor. She had to stifle a laugh at the sight out of the corner of her eye of a naked arm extending out from the hole behind her and fondling her breasts.

Peyton had decided that on this short, fat cock she’d only use her mouth, challenge herself a little. With her hands only being used to steady herself on the wall, Peyton bobbed her lips along his shaft from tip to root, only stopping and reversing course when her nose and chin poked his large gut and balls, respectively. She could feel the spit building in her mouth and spilling over her lips, but she let it drop onto her swaying tits as she focused only on delivering pleasure.


Even with the eminent ejaculation, Peyton didn’t use anything but her mouth to finish the man. Shortening her bobs so her mouth only did his tip, Peyton’s head was practically a blur of motion. This time Peyton List didn’t spill a drop of cum, extremely thick and kinda oily cum, as it pooled in her mouth until she gulped it down all at once.

“Look at this,” Peyton said, spinning around and finding the next guy waiting. “Already hard and waiting for a good suck.”

As Peyton reached out and stroked him lightly in her hand, she noted that this dick was one that would make any size queen happy. He was both thick and long, likely a good 7 inches and she was unable to circle her fingers around his girth. It did have a negative and that was tasting of chlorine, as though the only time he washed was in the community pool.

“Someone forgot to shower after the pool,” Peyton thought.

And of course he wasn’t a two-pump chump. Nope, this guy was making Peyton worked hard, thus taste his gross pool cock for over 5 minutes. At first the Cobra Kai star was only using her mouth to suck his tip while her fist did the rest of the shaft, but she needed to alter her approach when it was doing little for the big dick man. So she had to use her tongue and mouth and more and more of his chlorine cock, bobbing with her lips only, deep throating and even just licking up and down his shaft for awhile. However, all men had their breaking point, especially when it came to a blowjob from the talented Peyton List.

“I should reward you for hanging in so much...and for having a great dick,” the kneeling blond stated.

Bending lower, the former Disney star opened her mouth and took turns taking each of his nuts inside. After a couple seconds of sucking, Peyton spat out one ball and replaced it with the other. Like his shaft, the sack tasted of chlorine, but she was used to the slightly offputting taste by now. With her mouth back on his dick, Peyton released a torrent of bobs with lips and hands working in unison.


Once more Peyton waited a few seconds for the entire load to be deposited onto her tongue. Another few seconds to show the director and the camera then her lips pressed together, her throat opened and the cum was drunk down, all with a smile on her lips. Rather than swivel to the next window right away, Peyton enjoyed herself by using her tongue to slowly and seductively lick at his pee slit, extracting another drop of salty jizz for her effort.

“Thought you had more, big boy,” Peyton stated before giving the head of his slowly deflating cock a kiss.

The next 2 cocks passed by fairly quickly. Both were on the thinner and shorter side with the bigger of the two measuring maybe 5 inches. However, neither had overly offensive cum, maybe more salty than she was accustomed to but not terribly so.

“As sexy as you look in those Daisy Dukes, why not take them off too,” the director asked.

Taking it as the request it was, the leggy actress undid her jeans and wiggled her long legs out of the tight-fitting shorts while on the ground. Her thong threatened to come down with them and the look in the man’s eye let her know it was a good idea so Peyton pulled her thong off as well, rendering herself naked in the small room.

“Was getting a little hot in here anyway,” the now naked actress stated.

Peyton went at the next cock, a soft dick but she knew he’d be long but thin. A good dick for anal she thought. With the thought of anal, one of her favorite new sex acts she’d only recently started performing, Peyton felt more playful so as her hand took over stroking his dick, she angled him upwards so she could lean forward and take the first nut into her mouth. Both man and Peyton moaned as she sucked hard on his right ball before switching over and doing the same to the left one.

“Do you like having your balls sucked or only licked?” the cock-hungry actress asked the mystery man.

The director nor cameraman couldn’t hear the man’s answer but when Peyton dipped low and once more sucked on his nuts, he had the answer. The half a minute of ball sucking had the man hard as a rock, allowing Peyton to take the man fully into her mouth and bulge her throat. With ample amounts of spit now decorating his thin cock and even more falling on her perfect tits. Going back into deep throating his long cock, Peyton’s nose pressed firmly against the wall but that didn’t stop the young  actress from pleasuring the hell out of the lucky man.

Peyton was treating this man to lightning mode. She alternated with speed between three techniques in order to get him off in record time. The first was the deep throat, at which point she would stick her tongue out and simultaneously lick his balls. Next she would pull her mouth from him altogether so she could use two hands this time to stroke him off. Next was mouth and hand in unison. After only 3 minutes of this attack, the noise she was looking forward to sounded.


Once more it was during her swift mouth-hand combo that earned her the rap on the wall, having brought her 8th man to climax. The energetic sucker gave the faceless man another 3 rapid bobs of her head then pulled back so she only beat his load right into her wide open mouth, pooling the cum there before ultimately swallowing the prize.

As Peyton moved onto the next dick, she realized that she wasn’t even picturing who the dick belonged to. Rather than finding that off putting, she was finding it so extremely hot to just use these faceless, mystery men for their cocks and that’s it. They weren’t people, only dicks. And she was just a mouth for them to deposit their jizz into.

“I love how one dick is milked and another magically appears,” the excited 21 year old actress stated.

Peyton was in a flow now. With the eighth man done and dusted, Peyton pivoted to the next dick on her chopping block. As she started in one a dick she would describe as average in every way, Peyton ignored the slight ache that was developing in her jaw from the nearly 45 minutes of blowjobs, as well as the slight stomach ache she was growing from swallowing down 8 loads of not the best tasting semen. Instead, she kept her lips moist, head bobbing and hand jerking until another rap on the wall sounded.

“That’s it. Give me your cum,” Peyton begged from her knees.

Peyton stopped talking, rested his tip on her upstretched tongue and stroked his cock. A second later, a thick squirt of cum decorated her taste buds. She kept stroking and another blast of cum splashed the top of her mouth before falling down into her throat. However, her hand jerked his cock a little too wildly and his next blast of cum streaked over her lip to spill on her cheek and eye. Peyton laughed but kept stroking, getting 3 more cum shots from the man, though another shot went awry and actually went up her nose a bit.

“That was a wild one,” Peyton laughed after swallowing.

“It got everywhere. Your eye, cheek, chin and even nose,” the cameraman observed.

Peyton used her hand and tongue to get most of the cum, other than the shot that went up her nostril. Not wanting to dodge her responsibility, the Cobra Kai star plugged one nostril then inhaled hard with the side that the cum went up.

“Oh my God! You’re hardcore,” one of the man commented.

“What? It’s white. White stuff goes up the nose,” Peyton joked, though a little cocaine was known to find its way up that orifice from time to time.

“That ever happened before?”

“Never,” Peyton answered before looking up into the large hole. “Thanks for my first!”

After snorting a shot of cum, Peyton went back to the second window for a cock already waiting for her. The blonde star went about her task, which was sucking on another ebony cock until he sponged in her mouth for the 10th time in under an hour. Screwing her eyes closed, Peyton pushed her face towards the hole in the wall and took the black man back into her mouth. Figuring speed was the best choice, the Cobra Kai actress latched her lips around his dick and got to work sucking him off.

“Glllgg...ggaawwkkk...kkkwwwkkk,” Peyton constantly gagged and coughed.

Initially Peyton opted for the swiftest blowjob pace she could manage, which was saying something considering she’d been on her knees with 9 other cocks in her mouth for the past hour. Yet the 21 year old actress showed no lack of stamina by rocketing her lips along the first 3 inches of his lengthy cock. She was able to maintain a near neck-breaking pace for a good minute before she needed to surface from his manhood and gulp down some fresh air.

“Dear Lord, sir,” Peyton complimented his stamina before spitting onto his midshaft so her hand had lubrication as she stroked him off.

Peyton went right back to work. This time her mouth and hand worked in unison and she was able to stay with her lips around his meat pole for a good two minute of her most intense sucking before she had to pull off for a quick break. After 10 seconds of beating him off, Peyton went back in.

The director and cameraman could only stare in amazement of how Peyton List could continue going down on countless men for what was now an hour and counting. She needed to surface for air constantly, but she dutifully stuck to her task. Over and over again Peyton’s golden haired head bobbed forward and back along his length, tongue gliding along his underbelly, her lips pinched tight along the circumference of his manhood, her right hand pumping and her left fondling his nuts.


“Thank Jesus,” Peyton praised without being religious in the slightest.

The man exploded right away, barely giving the former Disney star enough time to catch the first squirt of cum. With a quick look at the camera and showing of a mostly full mouthful of jizz before a quick swallow and the load joined the 9 others in her stomach.

“Made me work hard for that one, bud,” Peyton told the black man with a giggle.

By the time Peyton was down licking down his cock after sucking him off to completion, a small bead of cum had appeared in his pee slit. Since there was no cum-dodging tonight, Peyton extended a tongue and slurped up the last of his load. Completely done with the black man, Peyton pivoted back to the other window where there was a rock hard dick already waiting. Not wanting to disappoint, the Cobra Kai star opened her mouth and dove right in.

“Good man, coming ready,” Peyton commented.

Wanting to show her appreciation, Peyton gave his healthy 6 inch dick several short bobs to get his measure. Since her throat was already well used at this point, the former Disney star had an easy time relaxing her gullet fully. Getting slightly higher up on her knees, Peyton used her right hand to massage his nuts lightly as she took all 6 inches into her mouth and down her throat. Holding him there for a few seconds, she pulled back so only his tip was in her mouth then bobbed back down. Once more, his dick fully entered her throat and he felt the 21 year old’s lips around the very base of his manhood.

“This girl is fucking special,” the cameraman mentioned to the director.

Over and over Peyton built up a steady momentum by bobbing all the way down, felt his dick slide into her throat, then backed out again. The blonde would vary it up by pulling back and only blowing half his length, but before long she’d resort to deep throating. This time she choked him all the way into her throat and kept her adorable nose buried in his forest of pubes for 10 whole seconds, leaving behind streams of thick saliva when she eventually surfaced for air.

“Best Goddamn blowjob I’ve ever got,” the faceless man grunted on the other side of the wall.

“Yeah?” a red-eyed actress replied. “You like how I choke on your cock?”

Using her mouth and hand in unison, Peyton started giving the lucky man a sloppy blowjob, making sure she kept eye contact with the camera to her right and made loud sucking noises. Peyton would routinely take the lengthy dick back down her gullet, bobbing him in and out of her throat. The deep throat technique caused spit to coat his cock, all while the actress kept slurping up some for later use or letting the other half fall to her swaying but perky tits. The man on the other side of the wall couldn't help but tilt his head back every now and then and moan a swear word.

"Fuck, this is a good cock," Peyton said as she hooked her fingers onto the bottom of the gloryhole and used her strength and pull herself forward so that she could slam his whole length into her mouth and down her throat.

"Old nuns, dead kittens, serial killers," the man repeated as he tried to think of unsexy things so he could hold out as long as possible under the talented actress’ deep-throating assault.

"Your pubes tickle my nose," Peyton jiggled before pulling herself forward and taking him down her throat again.

With her throat getting a little sore from the 10 straight minutes of choking down a sizable cock, Peyton varied her technique. His shaft was absolutely covered in her spit, making it slippery as a water slide. Taking advantage, the leggy actress stroked the majority of his cock with her hand while her mouth focused solely on sucking off his bulbous head. The lengthy blowjob combined with the new rapid-fire approach proved too much for the man almost immediately.


"Cum in my mouth, big fella," Peyton said before just taking the tip back in her mouth and milking the shaft with her hand.

Peyton was able to keep sucking on his dick for an extra 10 seconds before she felt the tell-tale quiver of his pecker. With a moan and extra thud on the wall as his head pressed against it, the 11th man blew his load into Peyton’s eager mouth, completely filling her oral orifice. Once he was done, she moved his dick from her and showed the director and the camera his cum before swallowing it down, smiling afterwards.

“An hour later and she’s still all smiles,” the director commented as the Cobra Kai star turned to face the men. “Have you ever swallowed this much cum?”

“No! Never. I think my record is probably three times in one day,” Peyton List answered.

Still grinning, the 21 year old actress spun on her knees, preparing for another cock to greet her in the gloryhole but no one was there. With a shrug of her shoulders, Peyton turned back to the hole she just finished sucking lucky number 11 off but found the room was empty as she looked through.

“Wait, is that it?” Peyton asked.

“It? That was 11 dudes in less than 60 minutes,” the man explained.

“Well how about we make it an even dozen for me,” Peyton suggested, looking at the cameraman’s groin.

When Peyton turned to look at the dude who was working the camera, the man already had his pants down. More importantly, his cock, a veiny 8 inches of girthy flesh, was already hard and being stroked. Though she had been coerced into the gloryhole situation initially, Peyton would have been damned if she didn’t thoroughly enjoy herself. And now seeing the cameraman’s massive dick made her panties dampen even more. She just couldn’t help herself.

“Is that gorgeous piece of meat for me,” Peyton asked, eyes transfixed on his pecker as she seductively crawled her naked body towards him.

“Here, pass me that,” the director stated, taking the camera from the normal operator as the man bundled up Peyton’s long blonde hair in his hand as she got to her knees before him.

“I’m all yours,” the former Disney star cooed, licking her lips in anticipation.

Peyton opened her mouth wide and took the first several inches of his penis into her moist warmth. She closed her lips and slowly dragged his cock between them, spreading her saliva all over his shaft. When she got to the tip, Peyton jetted her tongue out to swipe at the man’s pee slit, drawing a grown from the cameraman.

“You like that, big boy,” the kneel actress with a belly full of cum asked with a cheeky grin.

Not bothering to hear his response to her rhetorical question, Peyton descended her mouth back on his dick. This time she swallowed most of his cock until it tapped the back of her throat, a skill she had developed over 5 years of near daily practice. The Cobra Kai star dragged him through her lips once again, repeating her tongue trick once again at the end.

“Enjoying yourself,” the director asked his co-worker.

Peyton’s lips were rubbed raw at this point and her stomach was starting to turn sour from the dozen men using her as a cum rag. This, paired with the cameraman having a look on his face that he wanted to cum ASAP meant that sucking him off was going to be on the quicker side. Not wasting time to give him her top notch blowjob with all the bells and whistles, Peyton was only interested in using her mouth to get him off in the quickest and most effective way possible.

“You have no idea,” the cameraman groaned with the happiest smile he’d ever worn.

Peyton took him inside her oral cavity once again and had him butt up against the back of her mouth. This time, rather than withdraw, she relaxed her throat just like she had done earlier with some of the lucky men in the gloryhole blowbang. However, none of them had a cock this big so Peyton had to really focus, therefore it took an extra moment but her muscles relented and she pushed forward so that now her chin was pressed against his full ball sac, her nose was buried in his thick bush of pubic hair and his cock was completely contained within her mouth and bulging down her throat.

“Oh shit! No girl has ever done that to me before,” the man complimented Peyton’s deep-throating skills.

“Well since this is so special for you, use me however you want,” the gorgeous girl told him. “Seriously. I’m down for whatever you want.”

The cameraman stood mouth a gap as the leggy actress deepthroated his monster cock. Currently, he held tightly onto the handful of hair in his fist and used it to make short jerking motions, making her lips glide over the last inch of his cock while the rest of his pole stayed soaking in her throat.

Peyton was able to let him soak within her mouth and gullet for a few long moments before she started to run low on air. The horny guy looked down and watched as first her eyes started going glossy before she started to panic since his vice-like grip on her head didn’t relent. Finally after another heartbeat of savoring the feeling of his entire cock inside of her throat and the helplessness of the golden-haired hottie, he relaxed and Peyton pulled off his dick altogether.

“Huuhhhhh….Puuuffff,” Peyton choked in fresh air, large ropey strings of drool still connecting her mouth to his thick cock.

Rather than be mad at the man for practically choking her and making her nearly black out with his dick, Peyton looked up at him with her piercing blue eyes and smiled! Peyton steadied herself up on her knees once more, got another long pull of air back into her lungs and then when she had recovered from the oxygen debt she took him back down her throat all the way but this time bobbed her head on her own accord.

“Oh fuck yeah,” the cameraman groaned.

Peyton felt that the man was shifting to his right so she went with him and moved the 90 degrees with him, realizing now that the wall was directly at her back. The cameraman took a step forward and Peyton pushed back until she felt a thud as her back pressed firmly against the wall. With his cock currently gliding fully in and out of her mouth, he continued to press forward with every bob until finally he had pushed the talented cocksucker all the way so the back of her golden head was against the wall as well.

The actress was happy he was exercising his permission to treat her however he wanted as Peyton had no room left to move her head and was utterly at his mercy. He held his cock in her mouth until he could see her face flush red then begin to turn a bluish color. At that point he withdrew all the way and watched as Peyton coughed and spat large amounts of spit onto both his cock and onto the ground. Done with only using his cock to choke the gorgeous actress, the cameraman began to use her deep throating ability to plunge the depths of Peyton’s mouth then pull out as soon as his pelvis thumped the 21 year old’s nose.

“Gllugghh…uugghhh…awwkkk,” Peyton muttered and gagged as he repeated pushed in and out of her throat.

“Just like that,” the cameraman grunted, tightening his grip on the leggy starlet’s hair.

The lucky guy alternated between his original tactic of stroking the majority of his pole between Peyton’s lips, which felt great. However, when he discovered how much better it felt to fuck her mouth with only short thrusts he kept with that technique. It felt roughly the same but it was the extra gurgling and gagging noises come from the gorgeous Peyton List that made it so much better.

“This chick...so special,” the man hissed, grinding his hips in short thrusts in Peyton’s throat.

“Gaawwkkk,” was Peyton’s only reply from being face fucked.

The cameraman let Peyton surface for air after another dozen seconds of the dick sucking, but Peyton only used the momentary freedom to spit the build-up of her spit back onto her dick and take in another gulp of air. Peyton went to steer the sloppy dick back in her mouth, which he allowed but only after batting his heavy pole against her gorgeous face. True to her word, Peyton didn’t argue with her treatment, in fact she smiled all the brighter for being used by the lucky staff member.

Though she was kneeling, her head and back pressed firmly against the wall behind her and her eyes tearing up, Peyton couldn’t have felt more comfortable. Opening her mouth wide and relaxing her throat, taking the cameraman fully into her oral cavity was only getting easier, despite the fact it was an 8 inch long, 2 inch thick monster of a dick. However, Peyton simply stuck her tongue as far out as it could go to even lick some of his sac while he completely fucked her gorgeous face.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” the cameraman swore, the need to cum grown too large.

“Cum for me,” Peyton begged, going to her classic combination of mouth sucking his tip while her hand milked the rest of his large shaft.

“Let go and look up,” her abuser demanded, taking his dick from her hand.

Peyton did as the much larger man asked by sinking down further on her knees and angling her face upwards to look at him, making her face an even more inviting target. The cameraman beat his cock with a fevered rush, Peyton’s copious amounts of saliva acting as a perfect lubricant. Within another handful of tugs, Peyton watched as his pee slit gaped slightly before thick strands of cum came shooting out. With measured aim, he unloaded on the beautiful actress’ face, strands running from forehead up onto the top of her hair, several striking her nose and either running up over her eyes or down onto her cheeks. One or two stray strands went off to the sides, streaking over her ear and landing in her blonde hair again while a final smaller few drops populated her chin and neck.

“Wow! That’s a lot on my face. Any tissues around,” Peyton asked after she recovered her breath. “Or should I just scoop into my mouth?”

“Well you are still technically being filmed for our use and you know the drill…” the director answered.

“Right. No cum dodging. All swallowing,” Peyton finished, using her fingers to steer the massive cum shot into her mouth to swallow down her 12th load in an hour.

“So how’d I do?” Peyton asked, sitting naked on her knees.

“Fucking amazong. 5 star performance,” the director stated without hesitation.

“I can personally attest to that ranking as well,” the slumped and thoroughly satisfied cameraman added.
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 7
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Erin Moriarty
Characters (Non-sex): Shantel VanSantel
Codes: MF, Anal, ATM, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Erin Moriarty or Shantel VanSantel nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned, nor with The Boys or its characters in any way

Summary: Erin Moriarty from The Boys gets the honor of losing her anal virginity on camera. To top it all off, it is with some of her biggest fans.

***Note - Big thanks to asslover for contributing a number of ideas for this chapter

“I’m Erin Moriarty and I’m here to get fucked in the ass for my very first time!”

“Now is this you playing up for the cameras or are you being truthful?”

“No I’ve never tried it!” Erin answered her interviewer honestly. “I mean, I think about it and I’ve heard some things about it. Good things, I mean. So, I’m super curious and then I was drawn with your studio and it fit perfectly.”

“And how many scenes have you done now?”

“2 previously,” Erin stated. When the interviewer asked her to elaborate, she continued. “It’s been fun to explore my sexuality.”

“How so?”

“Well my first scene was a threesome, which was brand new for me. I’ve never been with a woman before and I actually had a lot of fun,” the shy blonde explained.

“Now do you consider yourself a sexual person?”

“Um...to an extent. I’m big into passion. I don’t just go fuck someone randomly,” Erin said.

In truth, Erin was an old fashioned girl, very much the girl-next-door type. She liked relationships and getting to know the guy first before spreading her legs. It was in sharp contrast to a good majority of the girls in Hollywood actually. And yet, the gorgeous blonde still sold her soul out in order to break into the industry after years of failed auditions and bit-part roles in shitty projects.

“Oh but with myself I’m quite sexual. Started masturbating at age 19 and really haven’t stopped since.” Erin added, before flushing slightly in embarrassment from her outburst.

“Hands or toys?”

“Hands...I don’t think I’ve ever used toys actually,” Erin answered. “Well, I did use toys in my second scene for this series. They had me use a two-headed dildo as a scissored my co-star Shantel VanSanten. It had these ribs on the shaft that felt really good.

“So you diddle yourself a lot. What about sex? How often?”

“Honestly, not a ton. Because I can give myself orgasms I don’t have to go out and sleep with random dudes or chicks. But when I do have a boyfriend, we go nuts. I’m a very sexual person with them and I’ll do anything they want, whenever they want.”

“Now presumably the anal sex topic has come up with you and boyfriends in the past? Because I’m getting a pretty clear submissive attitude off of you and I’m sure other guys pick up on that too,” the interviewer commented.

“Yeah I’m definitely submissive in relationships. I like being owned, even roughed up a bit if they are into that,” the gorgeous blonde stated. “As for anal...they’ve asked but I was younger at the time and super nervous. I’d let them put a finger in or lick my bum, and that felt great but...never felt comfortable enough to do it.”

“So what’s the most sexually adventurous thing you’ve done?”

After taking a moment to think, Erin answered. “I guess swinging. Me and a friend traded partners for the night. I thought I’d feel guilty but the next day I felt pleased.”

“And anal is the next sexual adventure you’re to undergo?”

“Apparently,” the blonde said, a note of resignation in her tone.

“You’re nervous?”

“A bit but I’m eager to explore,” Erin added quickly. “Just don’t know if a dick back there will hurt or feel really good.”

“Now we decided to do something pretty exciting for today. Not only are we going to film the adorably hot Erin Moriarty getting fucked in the ass, but a fan of yours is going to be the sodomizer,” the interviewer.

“A fan of my show?” Erin asked, nervous by this.

“It was a producer of your show’s idea. We used all the people who bought a VIP All Access pass at the past Con and put them in a raffle in order to see who gets to have sex with Starlight!”

“Okay…” the actress said, clearly uncomfortable with a regular person having the honors of butt fucking her.

“Now because these aren’t porn actors, we decided we needed several men to do the job. So we have a guy to help prep your booty with toys, another for the blowjob, another for vaginal sex and the fourth gets your ass,” the interviewer shared with their star.

“Is this a good idea?” Erin asked.

“Don’t be a prude. These are your fans! They paid their hard earned dollars to come see you at the Con and now they get a bonus for being such well-paying super fans,” a producer she recognized from her TV show shouted at her from off stage.

While it was clear that Erin was putting on a brave face, she really didn’t want to be here on this sleazy white leather couch preparing to fuck for her role. However, having sex with a pornstar was one thing. They were experienced and could help Erin through her first anal experience. But fucking random nerds that paid a lot of money for the honor of having sex with her? That was near enough to break the gorgeous blonde. Almost.

“Fan engagement is important for success,” Erin cowed under the pressure.

“Why don’t we get you out of those clothes...Starlight,” the interviewer said with his typical charisma, trying to diffuse the tense situation. “And let’s bring out the first fan.”

Erin gave a big smile to the camera before standing up from the sofa to greet the lucky guy. She still wasn’t happy but outwardly her appearance looked excited. A slightly short, olive-skinned man came out from the room and came in for a handshake with Erin. The blonde noted right away that this man, Rafael apparently, was classically handsome with dark hair and a square jaw.

“You didn’t think we’d pick ugly men, did you?” Erin’s producer told his young star. “No one wants to see fugly nerds with a hot girl. Now show Rafael here what his VIP All Access Pass earned him.”

Some of the butterflies in the Boys’ actress’ stomach settled seeing the handsome middle aged man. Rafael sat on the sofa as Erin pulled off her light pink shirt and threw it aside before doing likewise with her bra after unclasping it. Erin was the epitome of an all natural beauty. Not only did she have a beautiful face, but her fair complexion and flowing gold hair further charmed her fans. Despite her figure being very lean, it was still hot with curves in all the right places. Though her tits were far from large, they fit her petite frame perfectly as they were nice tear-drop shaped mounds with adorable pink caps and just a slight amount of jiggle. Next went her jean shorts and red thong, both pulled down her legs one after the other to expose her snatch, which was shaven bare under the producer’s demand, and a surprisingly thick ass.

“Wow Erin! Your booty!”

“So kind of you to notice,” The Boys’ star replied. “It’s gotten bigger. I’m pretty proud. Not quite a full-on PAWG like Shantel but I definitely am proud of all that meat on my bone.”

“That girl does have a big ass, especially for a skinny white girl,” the producer agreed with Erin’s assessment of her co-star. “Oh, and we have one last request. We figure, since these guys are Starlight’s biggest fan…”

Erin Moriarty watched as her show’s producer pulled up a bag that he had resting beside him. Unzipping the duffel bag, the man pulled out a prop from the show that Erin was well accustomed to since she wore them nearly every day she was filming. In his hands were Starlight’s thigh-high yellow boots that would boost her height by 3 further inches. She initially feared the worst, but she understood why they wanted her in the heeled boots - Erin looked fucking hot in them!

“You seem a little...uptight so we are gonna have Rafael relax his favorite TV star,” the interviewer instructed after Erin was done stepping into the thigh-high boots. “Go ahead and lay back so your superfan can claim his reward.”

Erin did as she was told, something that was becoming easier and easier for the 25 year old beauty to do, sadly. An assistant had come from nowhere to turn the white leather sofa into a bed as the backrest flattened out. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs, knowing what was expected of her. Though the natural beauty wore a smile, on the inside she felt numb from having sold her soul.

“Okay Rafa...go ahead and warm up our pretty little Starlight.”

Though he was beyond excited, the Brazilian man held his composure as he lowered himself to his knees. After some instruction so that his body didn’t block camera angles, Rafael had the blonde’s leg draped over his shoulder as his face confronted her adorable pussy. Bright pink with little lips, it was as cute as the rest of Erin. BEfore starting, Rafael took advantage of this once in a lifetime shot by reaching up and groping Erin’s natural tits, even giving her nipple a playful tweak for good measure.

“Mmmm...ahhhh,” Erin moaned.

It was clear to Erin and all the men watching that the superfan actually knew what he was doing. Focusing mostly on the blonde’s clit, the Brazilian wiggled his tongue softly against her sensitive nub. Not only did he draw whimpers and moans from the actress, but her tension seemed to melt with each lick. By the time he pushed a finger into her wet cunt, Erin had more or less forgotten about the blackmail  and the fact she was sleeping with a fan.

“How tight is she?”

“I’d believe her if she said she was a virgin,” Rafael answered.

Erin blushed from the compliment before resuming her steady moans of pleasure. The Brazilian was fucking her smoothly with his middle finger in her pussy, loosening her up while his tongue continued its clitoris work. The natural beauty moaned louder as her superfan added a second finger to her pussy, making short but fast strokes into her.

“Oh my goodness,” the wholesome blonde rolled her eyes in delight. “You sure he’s not a porn actor?”

“Just a big fan of yours,” the interviewer answered. “Now buddy, get her other whole prepped.”

Rafael had been coached backstage about his duties so he waited for his celebrity crush to bring her surprisingly thick booty to the edge of the sifa before leaning back in. This time his tongue wiggled over her equally adorable butthole that was crinkled shut. Erin normally licked when a guy licked her anus, but she loved when her superfan did it. His tongue was wet and strong, able to penetrate her anal ring when he pushed against her center. Varying things as well, Rafael would lick all the way back to her clit before resuming his ass-eating duties.

“This is so good,” Erin cooed, running a hand through her golden hair.

The Brazilian fan looked over at the interviewer, who gave him a nod. This was their sign to make the girl cum, but also to further the butt play. Putting his whole range of skills to use, Rafael used the fingers of his left hand to strum the blonde’s responsive clit while 2 fingers of his more coordinated right hand thrust into her snatch with both speed and depth. To round off the pleasurable assault, the superfan used his tongue to plunge in and out of Erin’s virgin back door, a technique that seemed to have gotten the loudest moans during the initial rimming.

“Oh Lord! Ahhh! God! Gonna cum!”

Erin’s moans turned louder and more frequent until the wholesome blonde was full on screaming. As she came, Rafael withdrew the fingers from her pussy that had been fucking her and aimed lower. As her brain was lost in the realms of pleasure that her orgasm unlocked, the superfan eased a finger into her asshole. By the time she became aware of the anal intrusion, half of the man’s digit was sawing slowly but smoothly into her booty.

“Ahhh...that does feel good,” Erin moaned.

Not only fingering her asshole, the Brazilian still used his tongue on her clit, albeit slower and less aggressive after she came. Given how hypersensitive the little nub would be, Rafael used it infrequently to only help relax her when he felt her asshole clamp around his finger a little too tightly. His free hand was done in his own pants, which he had undone, and was stroking himself off.

“Okay my man. You’ve done your job,” the show’s producer told the superfan. “Milk your dick in her mouth and say goodbye.”

“Wait, what?” Erin exclaimed.

As the producer explained to Erin what was happening, Rafael slowly withdrew his finger from the blonde’s slightly looser ass and stood up. His hand beat his cock with renewed vigor, drawing his orgasm ever closer. In truth, ever since he started eating out his dream girl was he on the verge of an orgasm.

“Ready?” Rafael asked, thinking about how this paralleled the subplot in the first season of the show.

“Fuck it,” the wholesome blonde cursed. “Bring that dick here.”

No sooner had Erin sat up from her supine position was Rafael presenting his throbbing cock to her. The blonde gave one last helpless look over at the powerful producer before she closed her eyes and took the dick in her mouth. The moment her lips sealed around the fleshy shaft and performed her first head bob, Rafael let out a deep groan. Moments later, Erin was treated to a half-dozen shots of cum blasting against the back of her throat and roof of her mouth, filling her up. Knowing full well what was expected, despite the fact she didn’t like doing it, Erin gulped down the mouthful of salty jizz, the disgust of the taste clear from the way she screwed shut her eyes and grimaced.

“Best money I ever spent,” the olive-skinned man said.

The Brazilian did up his pants and wished Erin goodbye as he left the room. Erin used the mouthwash that was in the room to get rid of the vile taste and as she settled back down on the sofa, the next man came in. This man was handsome like the last, and also shared a darker skin complexion, although he was Spanish instead. Diogo introduced himself then was told he’d be continuing loosening up The Boys’ star, but with sex toys instead of his fingers.

“Si! Excellent,” Diogo smiled.

Erin felt pleased once again that the fan they selected was not only handsome, but looked competent from the early signs at least. Erin had laid back down on the white futon as the Spaniard got in the same position as the last guy. The only difference this time was Erin now laying on her side, legs pressed together and ass towards the camera. The sight of her naked little booty and cute dimples on her low back were enough to make her superfan bulge in his pants.

“Diogo is lubing up a vibrating egg. It’s a small little toy so you’ll like it,” the interviewer described to the anal virgin.

“Still can’t believe I’m doing this,” the slim actress commented.

“You always have to pay the piper,” the producer commented from off screen. “Only this payment is with that cute adorable asshole.”

Once the man had coated the metal oval in the lube, he turned the bottle onto the blonde’s naked sex. Erin shuddered as the cold liquid dripped onto her shaved pussy and dripped down into the crack of her ass. The Spaniard used the sift pad of his finger to rub the lube around her anal ring before bringing the vibrating egg towards her.

“Just go nice and slow,” Erin begged superfan #2.

“I’ll be gentle. You just pull your cheek apart,” Diogo urged.

It wasn’t surprising at how much effort it was taking the Spaniard to overcome her muscular ring especially since she was an anal virgin. Maintaining steady pressure forwards, the camera was able to capture both the insertion of the metal tube into Erin’s asshole, as well as her gorgeous face. The actress’ face started to contort with her brows furrowing and her mouth gaping as her asshole continued to expand and more of the metal disappeared inside of her. Diogo told her to spread more as he saw the veins in the back of her hand pop but it did the trick. Her sphincter opened to its new limit as a lubed-up vibrating egg pulled securely into her backdoor with only a black cord evidence of anything different..

“Hhhh….ahhh,” Erin moaned at the insertion of her first anal toy. Suddenly, Diogo turned on the toy and a faint humming could be heard by all in the room. “Oh! Awhhh! Oh my God! That’s new!”

With only the toy vibrating in her bowels, Erin was nearing an orgasm. She never would have thought in a million years she’d cum from anything anal related, but within a minute she was nearly proved wrong. She’d forgotten about the Spaniard until he put not one, but two fingers deep in her pussy. The double penetration of a toy in the ass and fingers in her snatch was already pleasurable, but Diogo had more in store. Rather than simply blast her cunt with his fingers, superfan #2 curled the digits until they contacted her G-spot then ground away at that with rapid and powerful arm motion.

“Oh my God! Fucckkkk!” the whole blonde swore. Her orgasm built up in seconds but the climax was more powerful than any other she’d had previously. “Fucking Jesus fucking Christ!”

“Okay let’s go ahead and pull that out,” one of the men behind the scenes said.

“You okay?” Diogo asked as Erin ran a hand through her golden hair.

“Mhmm,” Erin nodded before her hands took up the position on her ass cheeks.

Erin was pleased that her fan seemed to care a great deal about her pleasure, and more importantly, not hurting her. As he took up the black cord and pulled, Erin felt the vibrating egg start to pull through her rectum. Her mouth gaped and moaned at the same time the egg started to open up her anal ring from the inside.

“You like that? You like watching it come back out of my ass you dirty, dirty boy,” the actress tried dirty-talk to distract herself. “Awhhh…oh my God…ahhhh!”

Diogo saw the shiny metal egg start to open her asshole. As she slowly expanded, Diogo maintained even pressure to aid its journey through her sphincter. Given its shape, once the tapered end gave way to the cylinder, it was all a uniform size so the passage of the rest of the 3-inch egg was smooth, especially since she was so lubed up. In total he was gaping her more than an inch before pulling it out and watching her seal back up but less quickly this time.

“This time, your biggest fan is gonna push a butt plug up into your guts,” the interviewer warned his star. “I assume you’ve never used one before.”

“I didn’t even know what one looked like until 5 seconds ago,” the naive girl answered as she watched Diogo lubricate the object.

“It just goes up into you and expands your butt. It’s great pre-anal practice,” he explained. “Makes the actual sex so much easier.”

The butt plug was just over 3 inches long, with one end tapered to a blunt point before expanding out to roughly 1 inch in width. From there it narrowed again to a small cylinder that went to the other end, an all black base that was several inches wide as to make sure the toy didn't get completely sucked into the user's backdoor.

"Relax, this can sting a little at first," Diogo warned as moved the toy against her backside.

Just like when he used the vibrating egg, Diogo was smooth and gentle as ever as he used the gap from the exit of the first toy to get the tip of the butt plug inside. The toy started to narrow that it had little trouble entering her anus, and from there all it took was steady pressure until superfan #2 and the camera was watching Erin’s backdoor expand before engulfing her adorable toy.

"Ugh," she winced in the slightest amount of discomfort.

“Even your whimpers are adorable,” Diogo complimented the actress.

Diogo let it rest for a moment and allowed his crush to get used to having her bowels held open. As if still surprised that she had something lodged in her bum, Erin’s hand reached down and felt the large, flat end of the plug. Closing her fingers lightly around the edges of it, the young actress slowly spun the anal toy, noting how her rectum could feel the lubed up butt plug rotating painlessly inside her.

Getting a little braver since it felt so comfortable, Erin began moving it up and down. Again, no pain followed so she pulled it side to side and stimulated more of her bowels with the fairly skinny bulbous toy. Erin was prepared to hand the toy back for her superfan to control but when she looked over her hips she saw his arm jerking rapidly while also noting the look of pure arousal on his face.

“I cum in her mouth now?” Diogo asked the men off screen.

“Right down her gullet,” the producer agreed. “Make sure you don’t spill any on that gorgeous face though.”

Unlike the first time, Erin was expecting this. She also didn’t put up a fuss. Instead, the Boy’ star rolled off her laying position and gave a slight wince as the toy in her ass poked slightly deeper. Whether it was the Spaniard ready to pop or the grimace on her face, but Diogo was at his climax. Erin leaned forward, parted her lips and rested the tip of his dick in her mouth. Within a few seconds of sucking his average-sized cock, the man threw his head back and howled in pure bliss.

“Shhiittt,” the man cursed.

After the grunt it was only a millisecond before the first spurt of jizz came shooting out of the end of his dick. She paused a bit out of surprise as the hot jet of semen plastered the roof of her mouth, unaware of the speed that his organ could propel the gooey substance. Erin was shocked at the volume of cum in that first streak, and before she could regain composure, a second equally large spurt of cum filled up her mouth almost to the point of capacity. Before Diogo could add to the growing collection of spunk in her mouth, the wholesome looking blonde closed her eyes hard and contracted her throat muscles, swallowing down the initial burst then had the presence of mind to return to sucking his member. By the time he finished cumming, Erin had to swallow down another large and medium mouthful of salty jizz as well.

“Thank you,” Diogo said to her and the men behind the camera before pulling up his pants and leaving.

“Okay so now we are gonna go to the bedroom where lucky number 3 is ready to fuck you,” the interviewer informed his star.

“You want me to walk with the butt plug in?”

When the answer was a series of nods, Erin rolled from the sofa and got to her feet, though her hand was back pushing the butt plug into her ass so it didn’t fall out. However, as she stood and took a tentative step, she realized the toy wasn’t going anywhere.

“Oh my! It feels so weird,” Erin giggled as she walked towards the back room.

Given how cute and bouncy her tits were, it didn’t surprise Erin that they once more had her flat on her back for her fucking. What did surprise her was that the butt plug remained firmly in place. Her third superfan with the true VIP experience was a tall black man with dreads. Erin was more preoccupied with being told the butt plug would stay in her ass as they had sex that the blonde missed hearing his name, thus she called him Dreads. With her legs pulled wide and her arms hooked under her knees, Erin gave her superfan as wide spread of a pussy as she could.

“Condom?” Erin asked, seeing the black man with an unwrapped dick.

“Everyone here is tested and they look bad on film,” the interviewer answered. “Besides, it feels way better for you if it’s not there.”

“You ready?” Dreads asked as he rubbed his tip through her folds.

“Mhmmm,” Erin confirmed, at which point his head was eased into her very tight pussy. “Wow! Oh wow!”

The shock was the feeling of being full. Dread had a bigger than average cock but it wasn’t her biggest. However, combining his thick slab of meat with the butt plug inhabiting her rectum and it was quite the sensation for the petite blonde. Despite the full feeling, the sex was actually great. Dread knew his way around a woman’s body and within a handful of strokes he was motoring his entire shaft into Erin’s pussy.

“Oh! Ah! Yes!” Erin cooed as her fan fucked her.

In truth, once Dread started fucking his dream girl with the entire cock, he slowed his speed down so that he didn’t pop. He had lots of sex, but this was Erin Moriarty! Not only was she that perfect blend of sexy and cute, but she had great tits that he was able to watch joggle with each stroke into her. Therefore he paced himself, making sure he didn’t pop too soon so he could enjoy the full VIP service.

“That’s it. Harder,” the mild-mannered girl begged.

There went Dread’s plan. Then again, when Starlight asked you to fuck her harder, you complied! Still using the majority of his length, Dread picked up his speed and really slammed forward into the 25 year old. Now her tits were really jiggling, the collision of his groin with her sex making them bounce.

Erin squirmed in pleasure beneath his strong torso as the black man continued to pound his hard cock into her. She didn't think she was a fan of such intense fucking but apparently that was a myth as she only needed the right motivation. His member was thick enough to stretch her tiny hole and plunge deep enough, making it feel amazing as his movements were hitting all the right spots.

"Keep going..." Erin breathed with urgency.

"Yeah? Gonna cum," Dreads asked with a grin.

The black superfan didn't bother listening to her reply as he knew what it would be, instead choosing to focus on plunging his entire length into Erin Moriarty’s pussy. He made sure to really grind his stomach against her with each push with the thought he would rub her clit, which is exactly what was happening. The sexy Boys’ actress was meeting his thrusts by raising her hips off the bed while Dreads watched her adorable tits quake with each and every thrust into her.

"Yes...yes...yes...OOHHHHH," Erin screamed as she creamed all over his throbbing cock.

Dreads buried himself inside her cunt one last time as the slim girl reached her climax, her hands forming little balls in the process. Her pussy clamped down but he wasn't at risk of cumming yet so he easily rode out the storm until Erin went from a rigid screaming girl back to a satisfied, spent sack of muscles. All the while Dreads never pulled out, he just slowed his pumping down to barely much. However, he overestimated how much stamina he had left, that or her insanely tight pussy took more out of him while she came then he thought.

“Wow! We didn’t expect that,” the interviewer remarked about Erin cumming. “For that, you can cream in her pussy.”

“Fuck yes,” Dread cheered.

“What! Seriously! That’s awfully risky,” Erin retorted, clearly bothered by the idea of some random guy cumming in her fertile womb.

“Erin…” was all the producer had to say before the girl instantly cowed.

“Okay...cum in me please,” Erin spoke to the man she called Dreads.

A minute ago, Dreads felt like he could have fucked his celebrity crush all night. However, between the butt plug grinding against his cock, the way her pussy clamped around his shaft as she came and now hearing Erin Moriarty asking him to cum in her, it was all too much. Dreads was lucky if he made it another minute. Knowing his VIP access was running out, Dreads thrust hard and fast into his crush, her tits bouncing wilder than ever. He surprised himself by making it almost 3 full minutes at this frantic fucking pace before his orgasm was at hand.

“Oh fuck! Cumming Erin!”

The wholesome blonde heard his urgent shout before feeling the first squirt of warm fluid coat her inner walls. Of course there was more than just one streak, in total the actress felt 5 full blasts of semen inside her womb before the well ran dry, so to speak.With each successive blast of jizz, the man with dreadlocks slowed his fucking, and it also became more shallow. Finally, he used only his tip in her pussy before that too was withdrawn, leaving the cameraman to capture the thin trickle of cum already leaking from Erin’s snatch.

An assistant on the shoot brought Erin some tissues to clean up the baby batter deposit superfan #3 made within her. By the time she had cleaned herself up, another man had entered the room. He shook her hand and named himself as Steve. Several things stood out about superfan #4 - he was the oldest of the group at 40, but he was a silver fox. She had always found older men attractive and he was no exception. He was also naked, holding his erection in his hand. Erin had no previous anal experience, but seeing the man have a long, but thin cock made sense to be a good manhood for the job.

“Okay Erin. You’ve been warmed up with three orgasms. What’s gonna happen now is Steve is gonna take the butt plug out and replace it with his dick,” the interviewer informed her.

“Lucky me. Losing my anal virginity on film...to a random guy named Steve I met seconds ago,” Erin said, masking her nerves in sarcasm.

“Girls have given up their ass for less. You got a starring role in a hit show,” the show’s producer reminded the blonde.

“Okay Steve, go ahead.”

The grey-haired man grabbed the base of the butt plug and firmly pulled it towards him. He watched as the blonde’s anal ring refised to give him the toy until he started to see black from within the center of her hole. With more pressure the 3-inch butt plug finally overpowered the sphincter and Erin was free of the toy filling her rectum for the first time in half an hour. Steve had already lubed up his dick so he took advantage of the gape that the toy left in the girl’s asshole.

“Please be gentle,” Erin begged the older man.

“Just relax,” Steve answered.

“Oh!” Erin groaned softly as his dick made steady pressure against her anal ring until his tip pierced her asshole for the first time. “OWW!”

Erin’s hands formed even tighter balls as she tried to deal with her first anal penetration. Though his dick was slim, it was still bigger than either the vibrator or butt plug. Superfan #4 r could feel her clench up with every fiber of her being, preventing him from moving within her though he had no intention yet. Steve was a patient man and adored the young actress so was in no rush. He waited with his tool placed an inch within her bowels for Erin to grow relaxed, however this took nearly a minute. Just like he knew she would, her breathing started to return to normal and he observed the tight cords of the muscles running alongside her neck lose their tone.

“We don’t have all day,” the producer told the fan. “It’s your dream girl! Starlight! Fuck her, man.”

Steve looked down at the clearly struggling actress who still looked tense, but to her credit, she gave him the barest of head nods. Steve wanted to be sympathetic to the actress but he also wanted to fuck her really bad. So too did the studio producer. Rearing back his hips, Steve pushed in another 2 inches of his lengthy 8 inch cock before retreating it just as fast. Deciding a smooth pace as best, Steve began fucking his dream girl in the ass. To Erin’s credit, despite the occasional bout of searing pain from having her bowels fucked for the first time, she never cried out for him to stop. Instead, the golden-haired actress bit her bottom lip and whimpered or groaned as more and more of the superfan’s cock plundered her backdoor.

“Ah God!” Erin hissed.

The man was either going fast but only using half his length, or he used a slower motion but pushed more cock in with each thrust. Erin didn’t know which approach she liked, well, hated less. Feeling further up into her rectum poked and prodded was weird and intense, but the rapid strokes through her anal ring caused a low grade burning. As she was moving her hands down to pull apart her cheeks, a confusing sensation happened. A spike of pleasure. Looking down, Erin realized that the older man was using a finger to strum her clitoris.

“Please, yes. Rub my pussy,” the blonde all but begged the silver-haired man.

Yes! There it was again. More pleasure! There was still a lot of burning coming from her virgin asshole being fucked but it was becoming muted. And then she felt something touch her thighs. Looking down her body, Erin realized that the something that was tapping her legs was her superfan. The wholesome blonde now too became aware that she was getting fucked with his entire length as she looked down over her flat stomach and saw him entering her fully. It was a surreal feeling, the naughtiness of being ass fucked when she was a good girl catapulting the feeling of arousal to a new level.

"Awh! That's so deep...in my asshole," she screamed, pleased that it wasn’t all pain now.

Pulling half of his length from her rectum, Steve stopped then pushed all the way in, stopping only when his groin smacked her cheeks with just enough force to cause them to ripple. There was that pain again. No amount of clit rubbing or even pussy fingering could disguise the feel of a dick slamming into her asshole with that much force. She was going to ask the man to stop, but seeing her producer with that look on his face let her know that it would be a poor idea. So instead, she bit her lip and took another dozen hard thrusts into her virgin ass before Steve returned to a fast but smoother approach.

“This is...the best day...of my life,” Steve panted, his thrusts getting faster and more irregular. “Better than my son’s birth! My wedding! Nothing compares to ass fucking Starlight!”

“Don’t cum in her,” the interviewer warned superfan #4 as the man had filmed enough porn to know when a guy was nearing his end. “Still another guy left to stuff that booty.”

“Where then?” Steve asked, his stamina wilting by the second. “Face?”

“Yes!” the producer answered with excitement. “Cover her adorable face in filthy spunk.”

He wasn't able to take any more of it. Fucking her asshole hard for the last 10 minutes, notably a virgin asshole, was too much to take. It had been an inhuman effort already but he couldn't go further so he pulled out of his celebrity crush’s asshole for the last time.

Once she felt him leave her backdoor Erin rolled off the bed and dropped to the floor. She knelt before him as he stroked his cock, getting closer to her face. She gave him more encouragement, telling him to paint her face in his cum, which was unusual because she had never asked for a facial in the past. However she was running off the happiness of her ass no longer being sodomized, so said whatever would make her producer happy.

"Ugh! Here it comes!"

Erin watched until the last second, clothing her eyes as she saw the first white streak leave his tip before feeling the warm jizz run the length of her nose, onto her lip and into her mouth for her to taste. The second jet landed partially on top of the first but extended up her forehead and even onto her silky hair. The rest of his load was in much smaller quantities and once he was done, Steve looked down at the painted canvas before him. His celebrity crush was completely covered in his freakish amount of cum as smaller bursts had landed on her right cheek, almost hitting her eye. More was on her chin meaning a healthy dose landed in her mouth for her drinking pleasure.

"Mhmm...that was so much," Erin cooed as she used her tongue to capture the jizz on her lips.

Steve didn’t know what made him do this next part, but everyone (with the exception of Erin) was happier for it. After he was done beating his cock, the olderman took a step closer to the blonde, his dick a mere inch in front of her. Erin, also running off auto-pilot, did what she would normally do by parting her lips, extending her tongue, and taking the cock into her mouth.

“Jesus Christ! That cock was just in your pooper,” the producer laughed in stunned amazement.

"Oh Lord," Steve grunted as he felt more semen leak from his head as the visual of his beautiful blonde sucking his dirty cock with cum plastered all over her face was too much to handle.

Erin had realized what she'd done but it was too late to turn back. Plus the taste wasn't all that bad. Sure, it wasn’t great, after all it had been soaking in her anal cavity for the past 10 minutes but it wasn’t nearly as gross as she would have thought. Already committed and hoping this would buy her some leeway with her producer, Erin took her time, slowly sucking on his tip before using her tongue to lick up one side than the next before doing likewise to the under and top side.

“That was definitely the grossest thing i’ve ever done in my life,” Erin thought as she used a tissue to wipe her face clean. “My parents would be so proud.”

“Is it hurting more or less than you thought?” the interviewer asked while her body continued being pitched forward and back.

“More. Yup, definitely more,” Erin answered honestly, her ass burning and likely to still be in that state for quite some time. “But some periods felt good at least.”

While Erin was busy cleaning herself off and self-loathing, the last of her superfans entered the bedroom. He was given last minute instructions, though his gaze was firmly held by Erin Moriarty’s bubbly booty. As she turned around, he got a view of her small but perky tits, while she also sized him up. For one, he was probably the most handsome man of the lot. His tall, thin frame and shoulder-length blonde hair made Erin instantly think he could play an elf in Hollywood’s next adaptation of a high fantasy novel. However, what really drew her eye was his cock. She was used to the absence of condoms at this point, but the man possessed the thickest cock of the 5 fans.

“Hi. I’m Emil,” the blonde man said in a foreign accent. Noting the puzzled expression on his crush’s face, he added. “Swedish.”

“That makes sense,” Erin said, touching his golden hair. “That dick is huge. Sorry to be so blunt.”

“I understand...and thank you,” the Swede laughed.

“How touching. But time for more butt fucking,” the producer called over to the star and fan.

The pair received the instruction from the interviewer with Erin getting down on hands and knees on the edge of the bed. This allowed for the Swede to stand and fuck his crush doggy style, with her surprisingly thick booty in perfect view. It meant he couldn’t see her beautiful face or jiggling tits, but it was a trade Emil was happy with.

“Okay, here it comes,” superfan #5 warned the girl.

“Yup, I’m ready...oohhhhhh,” Erin whimpered as her bowels were penetrated by the tip. “Oh my God!”

Luckily for Erin, she had some anal experience at this point, however Emil was the thickest cock yet. She continued to whimper and groan, ball her fist in the sheets and bite her lip as the Swede continued with his slow thrusts into her once virgin ass. Looking down and watching as his dick made headway into the blonde’s peach of an ass, Emil was overcome with the need to spank her. So he did just that. His left hand rose to shoulder height before swinging downward and slapping her meaty left cheek. He thrust another half dozen times into the wholesome blonde’s ass before repeating the spanking feat but to Starlight’s right cheek.

“I liked that,” the 25 year old actress admitted.

Emil smiled at that good news because the Swede loved to see her pale complexion become more and more red. He didn’t get too slap-happy but he definitely kept them coming at regular intervals, all while his thick slab of meat made steady progress into Erin’s booty. The Swede realized if he rocked the blonde actress back towards him, she found it easier so he thrust with his hips less and pulled her back more. Instantly half his length was gliding in and out of her anal ring, which was trying it’s best to milk him of his cum with every stroke.

“Fast. Fast is good,” Erin encouraged the man.

In truth, fast wasn’t good but it was the lesser of the evils. When the Swede slowed things down it hurt way more, plus, faster meant he’d overextend himself. As his thick cock started pounding her with more pace, it also went deeper and now Erin could feel her ass cheeks thudding against the man’s stomach. At one point Erin had to clamp with hands over her mouth to stop from screaming in pain, but she eventually controlled herself and was able to drop them after a minute or two.

“God this is some hot stuff,” the producer commented from off stage.

“Guys! I need to cum!” Emil warned.

“Great. Fill Starlight up!” the producer instructed.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming,” he announced.

“Yes! Fill me up! Give my ass all that cum,” the normally sweet girl begged, wanting and needing her first anal experience to be over.

And with one final plunge into her asshole, Emil shot his entire load inside her bowels. His eyes were squinted shut and his mouth released a mighty bellow as his dick pulsed and spasmed, emptying his contents. The orgasm was intense after the anal fuck session and felt much deserved to have reached its conclusion, although it was bittersweet in the sense that his time with the gorgeous actress was reaching its end.

“Oh! That feels really nice,” Erin cooed from beneath the 5th different man to have sex with her that day.

Though anal sex had ended up being much harder than she thought, the man cumming in her asshole felt good. His cock spasming within her was seductive, but the warm splashes of semen painting her bowels was unique and even pleasurable. Sadly, after a half-dozen shots, the blonde man pulled out of her, and as his semi-flaccid dick left her ass, so too did half his load come pouring out of her as well.

“You did it!”

“I did it!” Erin exhaustedly echoed, her face still splattered in cum.

“How was it?”

“It was...kinda good. Definitely new,” the blonde kept things honest.

“Any advice for any actresses watching this?”

“Relax. Prepare yourself with toys because that was actually helpful. And have fun and let it happen...even if it hurts. Just tough it out and it’ll start feeling better,” Erin gave her parting advice.

“That’s great. Thanks Erin.”

Next Chapter: Shantel VanSanten and Aya Cash
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Re: Hollywood Pornstars (K. McNamara, C. Bennet, Peyton List, Erin Moriarty)
« Reply #7 on: November 17, 2020, 09:50:15 AM »
Title: Hollywood Pornstars 8
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Shantel VanSanten, Aya Cash
Codes: FF, Anal, ATM, Fist, Oral, Toys
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Aya Cash or Shantel VanSanten nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned, nor with The Boys or its characters in any way

Summary: Next up is 2 other of The Boys’ stars in Shantel VanSanten and Aya Cash where Aya channels her inner dom to punish the submissive Shantel in their visit to Everything Butt

“Welcome to Everything Butt, ladies! Why don’t you introduce yourselves.”

“Well we are some of the stars of the show The Boys,” the redhead prefaced. “I’m Aya Cash who plays the delightfully sadistic Stormfront. And this bitch here with the phenomenal ass is Shantel VanSanten!”

“I’m the bitch with the ass,” the blonde laughed.

“Well you two seem to have great chemistry together,” the female interviewer just off screen accessed. “A lot to unpack from that comment Aya but let me ask what both of your anal experience is like?”

“I’m whatever the opposite of a pride is,” the more energetic Aya answered.


“Yup! That’s the word. Don’t do anal all the time but throw it into the mix fairly regularly,” the redhead finished.

“And you, Shantel?”

“By no means a butt slut but look at this thing,” the leggy blonde, tilting in her chair to show off what was truly a big ass. “Guys wanna stuff me back here all the time. I let some of them and if they’re good then I let them have a permanent hall pass for my booty. So to answer your question, I’ve seen a fair few dicks in my bum.”

“Now Aya, how’s your experience with BDSM?”

“So I’ve only gotten into it through my role on The Boys actually,” the You’re The Worst actress answered. “I’m slightly meta with acting so while I didn’t want to go full-on rascist, I decided to experiment with being a top in my lesbian relationships. By dominating them, I felt it helped to play Stormfront so I have maybe a dozen trysts.”

“Wow. That’s great,” the interviewer replied, pleased with the answer. “So where are you going to find the motivation for dominating Shantel today?”

“Although I normally adore her, she can be rather...proud of her booty,” Aya explained. “And for obvious reasons.”

“Clearly,” the interviewer agreed.

“It’s just...well you know how my character Stormfront was always using social media to further her agenda? Well that’s Shantel only she’s furthering her ass’ presence online,” Aya finished.

“Guilty,” Shantel admitted with the slightest of blushes.

“But that meant she’d be distracted when doing filming when the light was in that perfect position because she’d be reaching for her phone to snap a few pics,” the redhead explained.

“Now Aya we gave you a preview and walkthrough of what we want you to do to Shantel, but obviously you’re allowed to freestyle. Plus you seemed to have a good knowledge of the toys,” the interviewer commented, drawing a nod from the redhead. “Shantel, what’s your experience with anal toys.”

“It’s what I would call basic,” the ass model answered. “I like preparing for anal with a butt plug. In fact, one is in right now.”

“Can we see?”

Shantel nodded, having no issue flashing her ass, either in a skirt, dress or in the nude. Rolling onto her hip while staying in the chair, Shantel pulled up her short skirt to expose her truly massive ass. While some women had nice butts for their size, Shantel was the definition of a PAWG - phat ass white girl. Aya helped by lifting one of Shantel’s thick cheeks up so that the rounded base of a black butt plug could be seen by both the interviewer and the camera.

“God this thing is heavy,” Aya commented, giving the fleshy booty and hard squeeze. “Just a big, firm, perfect ass.”

“And you get to fuck it,” Shantel smiled over her shoulder at her co-star.

“I really do!”

“Speaking of which, are you ready Shantel?”

“No time like the present!” the former Flash star agreed.

*   *   *

The studio that produced Everything Butt videos liked to have a bit of a story when they shot their films. Nothing too in-depth, but it wasn’t straight gonzo stiff either. They had crafted a simple scenario to base this current scene off of, based on the information about the two ladies. Namely, what pissed the normally fun and easy-going Aya Cash off about her equally pleasant co-star Shantel VanSanten. In this scene, the set up was fairly basic. The camera panned up from the cement floor where a pair of feminine legs stood. Up the lens roamed, going over a bubbly butt in jean shorts. The ass wasn’t the largest in the world but it was well formed, tight and had a decent amount of the bottom half of the flesh exposed given the shortness of the shorts.

“Aya! Thanks for meeting here,” Shantel greeted as she appeared as a growing figure in the frame as she walked towards the ass belonging to her co-star.

“You’re late...again,” the redhead retorted.

Aya was seething in rage as she slowly stalked towards her taller co-star. Shantel was a lot of things, mostly good, but her narcissism when it came to her ass was becoming a real hot button issue for not only Aya, but others on set. Shantel would come late to set because she needed to finish filming a short video or her photoshoot would run late, conflicting with her schedule for the show. Shantel picked up that the redhead was mad based on her angry tone and the look of almost hate on Aya’s face as she got right in front of Shantel.

“Yeah sorry. I was just finishing another video story for my fans and time got away from me,” Shantel answered as though that was a perfectly satisfactory reason.

Something inside Aya had snapped. She could stomach being made to wait for a few minutes once in a while during filming. But it was getting excessive with Shantel. But tonight was the straw that finally broke her back. Shantel had asked Aya for a favor, coming to this location underneath a bridge to photograph Shantel (more importantly, photographing her ass). Though she was tardy and slightly narcissistic, Aya still liked her co-star so agreed to help. But Shantel was late...again. For a favor!

“Are you okay?” Shantel asked, noting the look of crazy in her co-star’s eyes.

“Okay? I cancelled plans to help you and you shit on my time. You make it the Goddamn Shantel show again! Without a care for anyone else,” Aya ranted frantically.

“Alright Aya, calm down,” Shantel tried to pacify her friend. “I do care about you,” she continued as she slowly backpedalled. “Let me make it up to you.”

“God. I was hoping you’d say that.”

Aya had backed up the ass model until Shantel’s thighs backed against the bummer of her car. Reaching out and grabbing her hips, Aya used an explosion of energy and strength to swiftly spin Shantel around before bending her over so Shantel’s small but perky tits rested on the hood.

“Aya! What the hell?”

“Shut up,” Aya snapped. “You said you’d make it up to me, right?”

Shantel felt her shirt being pulled up onto her waist, exposing her blue thong beneath. “Yeah, but like take you to a nice dinner or something.”

“Well this perfect ass you’re so proud about is the only payment I want from you,” Aya answered. Before Shantel could protest, Aya played her last card. “I’m not the only one your tardiness has pissed off. Besides, I’m one of the stars of the show. One word from me, combined with the backing of some of the other actors and crew, and you’re fired.”

“Wait, what?!” Shantel shrieked, suddenly taking this much more serious. “This is my livelihood. I just bought a new house. I can’t lose this job!”

“Then shut the fuck up and take your medicine.”

Shantel went to protest or even beg but a look over her shoulder say the look on Aya’s face. The redhead’s gaze was staring right at Shantel’s mostly exposed rump as Aya’s hand roamed it’s big, curved surface. The redhead went from pawing the fleshy botto to rearing her hand back and giving it a slap, not too hard but firm enough to cause the backside to jiggle.

SLAP! “I get why you’re obsessed with this thing.” SLAP! “So thick and phat.” SLAP! “I’ve seen those videos you make.” SLAP! “You can really twerk this thing too.” SLAP! “Make it clap, like the kids say.” SLAP!

“Please Aya,” Shantel started to complain as she felt her friend pull down her thong down her extremely long legs.

Despite the soft protest, Aya noted that her co-star didn’t even try to defend herself. At this point, the redhead was on her knees with both hands pulling apart Shantel’s truly large butt cheeks to expose her puckered asshole and bright pink slit. Shantel’s chest remained on the hood of Aya’s car, though the model was constantly twisting her body so that she could look back at the kneeling redhead.

“Listen. I’ll keep my mouth shut to the producers but I get to have my fun, understand?” Aya explained, speaking right into the model’s ear. Shantel went to stand but a hand between her shoulder blades stopped that. “Nope. Stay.”

With Shantel’s face and chest firmly pressed against the car’s hood, Aya went to the back of her vehicle and opened her trunk. Aya was married so during lengthy shoots like The Boys, she brought a treasure chest of sex toys with her. It kept her from cheating on her husband, though they both agreed sleeping with women didn’t count. Unzipping the large bag, Aya targeted the large pocket that her collection of anal toys, which was quite the spread. However, her mind was already made up before she even opened the compartment.

“I think this will be a good place to start,” Aya commented, rubbing the dollop of lube on her palm into her head of the toy.

Shantel couldn’t help but stare in horrific fascination at what Aya had retrieved from her trunk as it looked like something from a horror movie. The shape of the sex toy was an honest-to-God hook! Though the end wasn’t sharp, in fact it had an inch-wide ball on the end, while the other end of the metal hook had a chain connected to it. Shantel wanted to protest, but she also really needed this job. Plus, Aya wouldn’t actually harm her, they were friends...she hoped.

“Just relax,” the redhead assured her friend.

Shantel wasn’t new when it came to butt play, so the advice wasn’t unneeded. However, having seen the crazy shape of the toy, the words wouldn’t hurt. Luckily Shantel felt the slick feel of the bulbous head of the toy, letting her know that her co-star applied a good deal of lube to the toy. After rimming her entrance for a moment, Aya started to push...and push...and push. Finally Shantel’s anus gave way and the head, as well as the first 2 inches of the metal hook entered her.

“Ahhh,” the ass model moaned.

“Here. Hold this,” Aya told her slave for the night.

Shantel was in no position to argue, but it wasn’t holding with her hand that her friend wanted. Instead, the redhead unspooled the 4-foot chain which ended in a leather handle. It was essentially a dog leash attached to a metal hook redesigned to be a sex toy. An anal sex toy to be more exact. Listening to her, Shantel parted her lips and allowed the handle of the leash to be placed in her mouth.

“Get on your knees. Right in the dirt,” Aya instructed.

Shantel was happy to no longer be pressed against the hood of the car, though kneeling on a dirt road while a big metal hook was wedged in her own dirt road was hardly much better. Yet the ass model did as she was told while Aya took advantage of having both hands free to strip out of her denim shorts and panties. With her bottoms removed, she took up Shantel’s old position in front of the car but placed her one leg up on the hood to expose her sex to the girl kneeling directly behind her.

“Give me the leash,” the redhead directed. “Now eat my Goddamn ass.”

Shantel moved just a little too slow for Aya’s liking so she reminded her slave that when she gave a command, it was to be obeyed immediately. With a sharp pull on the leash, Shantel felt the awkward pull of the metal hook in her ass burrow deeper and none to kindly. She gave a brief cry before practically throwing her face directly into Aya’s butt. The redhead’s bubbly cheeks pressed against her face as her tongue dove right into licking and dipping in her friend’s backdoor.

“Mmhmm...momma likes,” Aya cooed.

Shantel was desperate to not have the leash pulled on her again so she feasted on Aya’s asshole with an energy she’d never previously performed. With her other lesbian lovers, Shantel preferred to take her time, but not tonight. Instead, the former Flash star used her tongue to constantly lash and lick her friend’s crinkled hole, sometimes bending lower to target the wet pussy beneath but always coming back to the asshole as instructed.

“Good girl. Lick it. Lick my ass.”

Over and over Shantel did as she was told, performing a log lick from pussy to asshole then a second, shorter lick only over the crinkled starfish. Needing to surface for air after a minute, Shantel inhaled deeply before ramming her tongue forward and penetrating a good inch into Aya’s backdoor. This brought a sharp cry of pleasure from the dominating woman, as well as caused the former You’re The Worst star to reach her hand back and hold Shantel by the back of the head. Knowing that she liked it, Shantel kept her tongue buried and wiggling in her friend’s anus until the need for oxygen grew too great.

“You don’t need to breathe. Get your tongue back in my butt,” Aya demanded with a tug on the leash.

“Ow! Yes, yes. Whatever you want,” Shantel readily agreed.

For ten straight minutes, Shantel did nothing but bury her tongue in Aya Cash’s asshole and breathe her nose. The toy stayed lodged a good 4 inches in her rectum with the bulbous head occasionally shifting around, but it was pain-free from the ass model. From time to time for her own amusement, Aya would pull on the leash, causing her submissive slave to cry out, but almost immediately Shantel would return her tongue back to use on her anal ring.

“That’s it. Make me cum and you get to be free of the hook,” Aya almost pleaded. She was so close!

Shantel could sense how much the other girl was needing release and shifted into another gear she didn’t know she had. Using every ounce of energy in her body, Shantel ate Aya’s ass for all she was worth. At some point the redhead had wormed an arm down between her body and car in order to rub her clit, but that only swiftened the arrival of her orgasm.

“Oh yes! I’m fucking cumming!”

Shantel was going to ask to have the painful hook removed but she figured that might only make her friend mad. Instead, she stayed kneeling and watched as Aya peeled herself from her hood after her climax and circled the model. Shantel was forced onto hands and knees but she felt Aya grab the actual toy and start to withdraw.

“You want this out?”

“Yes. Yes, please,” Shantel quickly added. “I’d like the hook out of my ass, please.”

Aya was happy to pull the hook from the ass model’s thick booty, only because she had a lot more planned for her. The smooth metal slid easily out of Shantel, the only hiccup being the ball at the end though that too pulled free after only a moment’s hesitation. Rather than clean the toy with a towel, Aya told her model friend to use her mouth, which Shantel did without question. Having had as much anal sex as Shantel had, it was somewhat common for her to go ass to mouth with a man’s cock. This was very little difference, instead she was tasting the flavor of her bowels on a metal hook versus the skin of a dick. Ass still tasted like disgusting ass in Shantel’s opinion so she polished the toy clean with her mouth before Aya took it away with a pleased smile.

“See, not so bad,” Aya commented. “Just give me what I want and you keep your job and your new house. But I don’t have what I want yet”

“What do you want,” Shantel asked before being pulled to her feet and bent over the hood once more.

A quick trip to the back of her trunk and Aya returned with something different in her hand. This time it was a more traditional toy, a dildo. However, the length of the sex toy was incrdible, being a minimum of 18 inches in Shantel’s best guess.

“Wow, that’s big,” the ass model commented as Aya forced it into her mouth to suck on.

“Spread it open. With your hands, come on,” Aya dictated to the slightly younger woman.

Shantel knew the dildo was to make the journey up her dirt road so she made sure to lay her spit thick onto the phallic object. As she hands pulled apart her mighty cheeks, her already loosened butthole came into view. Aya took the freakishly long dildo and eased the tip past her friend’s slightly gaped anal entrance. The head was only an extra half-inch thicker than the ball on the hook, but the shaft of the toy was the same thickness.

“Ahhh...okay...not so bad,” Shantel groaned as the first 4 inches of the nearly two-foot toy burrowed into her rectum.

Aya was loving the look of the metal dildo gliding in and out of Shantel’s thick, tanned cheeks. She never forgot to play up the fun for the camera though. After a dozen thrusts of the toy into Shantel, she pulled the 7 inches of dildo she managed to fit up her bowels and removed them completely. The camera captured the wider gape in the asshole, not to mention watched as Shantel was forced to suck clean the same toy that was over half-a-foot deep in her ass only moments before.

“God, that’s an acquired taste,” Shantel mused.

While giving the toy a quick ass-to-mouth blowjob, she managed to add more spit to aid it’s journey back in her ass. It made the anal penetration that much easier as the head popped into her bowels with barely a murmur from the model-turned-actress. Rather than go for depth and cram as much of the lengthy toy inside her, Aya played with her by constantly piercing her with the thick head of the dildo then backing out all the way. After letting her asshole gape open for a moment so the camera could look deep into her widening rectum, Aya would repeat the feat time and time again.

“Your asshole is opening right up for me,” the redhead commented. “Someone’s got a slutty butt, don’t you, whore?”

Shantel didn’t like being called a slut or a whore but before she could open her mouth and protest, Aya shifted gears. Instead of a short poke into her anus, Aya pushed over 8 inches of hard metal dildo into Shantel’s guts, causing a whimper from the leggy actress. The redhead varied her technique, sometimes going deep like this, other times going back to the shallow thrusts. But always after a deep poke she would pull it out and make Shantel taste it.

“How does it taste?” Aya asked as she watched the gorgeous actress suck a dildo that was just 9 inches deep in her ass.

“Tastes like it always does...but more intense,” Shantel answered truthfully.

“I’m glad the taste of your ass is becoming familiar,” Aya mused. Looking down and inspecting the blonde’s asshole, Aya clicked her tongue in disapproval. “Still way too tight. I have something better to open you up with.”

Shantel was filled with an odd mixture of dread and excitement, knowing that her anal limits were being pushed and imporved upon. Aya disappeared to the trunk once more as she exchanged the lengthy but thin metal dildo for one that was quite different. In the redhead’s hand was a glass toy that was only 6 inches long but over 2 inches in diameter.

“Ready for something bigger?” Aya asked after having Shantel lay on the hood of the car with her legs spread wide.

“Do I have a choice,” Shantel wondered but actually answered. “Yes Aya.”

In reality, this was much too large for Shantel to have tried on her own. It was the equivalent of going from running 5 miles and making the jump to a half marathon. It just wasn’t something one did without a lengthy training plan lasting months...not minutes. However, Shantel had accepted the job offer and knew it came with being entered into the porn studio roulette. So here she was, with a massively thick glass dildo being pressed with ever increasing strength against her rectum until either Aya’s arm strength gave out or Shantel’s anal ring wielded. In truth, there was ever going to be one winner in that battle.

“God! So big! So hard!” Shantel shouted.

“Really stretches you open,” Aya commented, making smooth motions in and out of her leggy friend.

In truth, the hard part for Shantal was the initial penetration. Now that her sphincter had been forced open by the freakishly wide toy, it was much easier to have her ass reamed by the toy. Aya took mercy on her and kept the fucking slow and smooth, using the majority of the 6-inch to fuck her with. The glass toy also had the advantage of the camera being able to zoom into the base, which almost magnified the inside of Shantel’s bowels. Looking straight in lead onto the darkness of her guts, but her pink rectal walls were on full display.

“I need you to be all loosened up before I introduce you to Bertha,” Aya spoke after another few minutes of her slow, methodical ass fucking.


Shantel’s tone matched her facial expression and general feeling of being deeply concerned. That statement meant that this thick as hell glass dildo was just a stepping stone to Bertha and that worried her. It also somewhat excited the ass model. She was so very proud of her booty, and not just the outward appearance of the mound of firm muscle. She was also proud that she could take an anal pounding with the best of them and not back down. However, the leggy actress knew that would be put to the test tonight by her co-star.

“Don’t worry. First, I’ll make you cum with this giant toy in your ass,” Aya assured the leggy actress.

“What? How?” Shantel asked, mainly because she was still biting her lip from the discomfort of her sphincter being stretched so much.

Aya answered not by telling, but by showing. Apparently her last trip to the trunk Aya had returned not only with the thick glass dildo, but a Hitachi vibrator. Given that the red-haired actress needed two hands to operator the massive dildo going in and out of Shantel’s phat ass, she handed off the high-powered magic wand to the leggy girl. Desperate to feel pleasure, with a practiced motion Shantel switched on the vibrator and pressed it directly against her clit.

“Oh fuck,” Shantel swore immediately as a combination of pain and pleasure flooded her brain.

“Oh? Gonna cum with a big toy fucking your perfect ass?” Aya asked, noting the girl’s moans getting louder and more frequent by the second.

“Please. Please can I cum?” Shantel begged through a series of screams.

Aya didn’t even think to have the girl beg to cum. It was a great touch by the leggy ass model who had fully absorbed into her submissive role. Unable to deny her request that was so respectful, Aya nodded her head as she continuing ass-fucking Shantel. In truth, the Hitachi was living up to its brand name as the magic wand. Within minutes of attacking her clit with the vibration bombardment, Shantel was actually on the verge of a climax.

“Shit! God! Aya! I’m cumming!” Shantel wailed like a bitch in heat.

When Aya removed the glass dildo that had been holding open Shantel’s ass for the past 10 minutes, the leggy model had such an automatic response. Instead of hoping Aya just put the filthy toy down, Shantel actually peeled herself from the hood of the car with an open mouth. Aya obliged by sticking the glass cylinder right into her gullet, though it barely fit.

“I have something even bigger to fit in there,” Aya said with a maniacal grin.

“Even bigger?” Shantel asked, though her tone was equal parts worry and interest.

“I’m not quite down with you yet.”

In her post-orgasm brain fog, Shantel blacked in and out of consciousness as Aya made a trip or two to the trunk of the car. Sometimes she’d be a few seconds, other times she’d be gone for a minute at a time. Or at least that was the leggy model’s best guess. Finally a hand wrapping in her blonde hair and tugging sharply brought Shantel out of the haze and crashing back to reality. Aya had used the momentum of the hair tug to drag her co-star off the hood of the car and onto the ground.

“You're naked,” Shantel commented as she knelt on hands and knees on a blanket. “Nice tits!”

“So you notice the tits and not the harness housing the biggest strap-on dildo that Los Angeles has to offer,” Aya questioned the ass model.

“Holy God!” Shantel finally commented, her eyes taking in the toy.

Just as Aya stated, the dildo was insane. It combined the previous two toys into one big dildo...but even larger. 2 feet long and nearly 3 inches wide with a tapered tip that resembled a cock, the thing was beyond words. Rather than attempt to butt fuck her slave with it right away, Aya figured she’d get it prepped first. It was nice to see that her and her friend were on the same wavelength as before Aya needed to issue a command, Shantel was opening her mouth and attempting to choke down as much of the inhumanly large toy as possible.

“Gwwkkk...glllkkk,” Shantel gagged as she pushed her face forward.

Saliva dripped from the gorgeous ass model’s mouth like melting snow from a roof in the spring. Over and over Shantel would push her face forward, cramming as much of the fake dick into her mouth as possible. It wasn’t much, not compared to the total 24 inches in length, but the leggy actress had the right attitude.

“Let me see how much you can fit in your mouth,” Aya demanded.

Through perseverance, not to mention Aya’s hip rocking, Shantel felt inches gliding past her lips and into the back of her mouth. Not even the best deep throaters in the world could get that sex toy into their gullet and down the throat, though Aya seemed determined to try to make Shantel do it. Though she nearly retched several times, all that happened was Shantels back heaved and lots of wet saliva poured around the fake cock and down onto the blanket. After 30 seconds of trying, Aya backed the cock out with her finger marking roughly 4 inches down from the tip of the dildo.

“That’s not very much, is it,” the redhead said with disappointment. “Well I hope your ass can do more.”

Shantel was presented with the massive dildo again and was determined to do a better job at sucking it off for the dominating woman. Her anatomy hadn’t changed so only so much of the inhumanly thick toy could fit in her mouth, but the ass model bob and choked and gagged all over the dildo, doing her best to please Aya. Finally when the redhead stepped back and pulled the fake cock with her, a puddle of Shantel’s saliva pooling on the woven blanket beneath her face.

“Ready to get fucked?” Aya asked, rubbing the length of the 2-foot dildo with a generous helping of lube.

Shantel took a moment to steel her nerves before nodding her head. She still had no idea if her asshole could accommodate such a truly massive object, but she was determined to try. As Aya kneeled down on the thick blanket, the ass model flipped around then went onto her side, as Shantel always found the best success in spooning or sidelying position when trying something new with anal. Aya squirted a healthy amount of lube up her ass as well before butting the strap-on against her backdoor. Knowing the routine, Shantel calmed her breathing, focused on relaxing her butthole then mentally prepared to be entered up her colon.

“Ahhh...ohhhh...shhiiitttt,” Shantel moaned, groaned then cursed as she was sodomized once more.

“Holy fuck! It fit!” Aya exclaimed in a mix of shock and amazement.

Given how long and flexible the fake dick was, Aya had to keep pushing to make sure she had solid footing in Shantel’s asshole so it wouldn’t just flop out. Somehow inch after inch was gobbled up by the ass model, Aya stopping once half-a-foot was in her backdoor. With those 6-inches secured in her anal ring, Aya began to fuck her co-star. Though thrusting was a foreign feeling for her, the redhead channeled all that yoga she did to really snap her hips into the push forward then swiveled them back to withdraw. Aya was so focused on proper fucking technique that she was unaware that Shantel was strumming her clit, nor did she see that another several inches had somehow penetrated the ass model.

“Oh my God, it’s so long,” Shantel commented between moans.

Used to how the dildo was feeling, Aya started to stretch out the amount of toy being pulled in and out of her friend’s anal ring. Though Shantel’s sphincter had been tight at the beginning of their tryst, it clearly wasn’t in that state any longer and nor was it likely to be ever again. After all, Aya was stroking a 3-inch wide dildo in and out of her with ease. Sure, the ample lube helped, but it was still 3 Goddamn inches of hard plastic being drilled into her booty!

“Such a good anal whore. Say it! Say your my butt slut,” Aya demanded.

Aya realized that to get more inches into Shantel’s bowels, she had to shorten her thrusts to only using a small segment of the dildo. That worked just fine for Aya, allowing her to slowly but surely add more and more of the fake cock through the leggy actress’ anal ring. It was slow goings, but Aya had all night and she was having a fucking blast in dominating her highly attractive friend.

“Fuck! My ass is yours! Fuck it!” Shantel screamed as new depths of her rectum were touched.

Aya was completely impressed with the leggy actress. Not only was she taking the thickest cock in the three closest sex shops to their filming location, but Shantel was doing it relatively easily. Aya kept testing her, going slow then fast, deep and shallow. Yet Shantel handled everything. Even now, Aya was fucking her with the first 9 inches, the majority of which was sliding in and out of her sphincter with only the the very tip never leaving Shantel’s bowels.

“I want you to hold your ass open so I can look at my handiwork,” Aya told her sex slave.

Just like earlier, Shantel’s hands gripped tightly onto her thick ass cheeks and pulled them apart. She felt inch after massive inch withdrawn from the deepest recesses of her ass before the lip of the dickhead pushed past her anal ring. For the first time in who knows how long, Shantel was empty and she honestly didn’t like that feeling. She saw out of the corner of her eye the camera moving to get a good close-up of Shantel’s gaping butthole, which Shantel imagined was a good inch or two wide open. After a few seconds, Aya made her co-star happy by pushing the dildo back in her ass. One thrust and Aya pulled back out, allowing the camera to capture Shantel’s yawning asshole once more. Shantel felt lube pour out of her anal cavity each time Aya did that, but they had used so much that the leggy actress was unconcerned.

“Time for the grand finale,” a female voice instructed from behind the camera.

“We got one more thing for this perfect ass of yours,” Aya told her co-star as unholstered the dildo from her harness.

“What is it?” Shantel asked, having rolled onto her back and propped herself up on her elbows. “What’s the one more thing?”

“You’ll see,” was the only forthcoming from Aya.

Kneeling behind Shantel, the redhead stuck two fingers deep into the leggy woman’s yawning asshole, obviously taking advantage of the loosening from the dildo. Not slowing at all, she pulled out and added a third, then a fourth digit to Shantel’s asshole. Still not done, Aya pressed the tip of her thumb into the pads of her four other fingers then started to press them forward into Shantel’s ever expanding asshole.

“Are you trying to get your whole God damn fist in my ass?!” Shantel questioned though she knew the answer. “Such a dirty butt pervert.”

“You’re going to take my whole hand inside you, and then I won’t rat you out and get you fired,” Aya told her friend.

Shantel had never been fisted before, but there was always a first time for everything. She was at least familiar with the process so she did her best to relax her body and let herself stretch - hopefully without tearing her anal ring to pieces in the process. It was slow going, especially since Aya stopped a few times to apply more lube to her hand, but where there was a will, there was a way. With a last push, Aya succeeded in doing something no one else had done previously - fist Shantel VanSanten’s asshole!

“What a complete and utter whore,” Aya half gawked, half insulted as she felt Shantel’s anal ring squeezing her wrist.

“How does this hurt and feel amazing at the same time?!” Shantel wondered, while also beaming with pride as another woman’s hand rested completely in her rectum.

“You’re amazing, baby,” Aya cooed, simply amazed that a model could take a fist up the pooper.

Aya continued to make little twists and thrusting motions within Shantel’s anal cavity as she was simply having too much fun moving her fist in small thrusts into her ass. Slowing down, the redhead slowly retreated her hand from the leggy actress, with Shantel giving a rather loud shriek of what sounded like pleasure as the hand was removed from her colon. Not quite done, Aya reached over the ass model’s body to dangle the fist in her friend’s face. Shantel once more showed no reluctance as she eagerly steered the fist that had been miles inside her bowels into her mouth. Once more, the deep earthy and pungent flavor that could only be her ass juices flooded her tongue, but this time there was an artificial fruity taste from the large quantity of lube that Aya used on her.

“Jesus Christ! That was insane,” the female interviewer commented as Shantel continued to lick every inch of Aya’s fingers, hand and wrist even.

“Not gonna lie, I earned my sleep tonight,” Shantel laughed, finally flopping down flat on her back.

“You really did, you sexy bitch,” Aya complimented before leaning down and giving her friend and co-star a kiss.

*   *   *

“Ladies! Describe to me what happened today.”

Both actresses on The Boys sat on a bench under the bridge that they had just filmed their porn shoot under. Most importantly, they were both completely naked, as was the custom with the after-filming interview for Everything Butt. Aya had the larger tits of the two, being a B cup though flirting with breaking into the C territory. Though Shantel’s were smaller, they fit her thin frame perfectly.

“A thorough butt fucking,” Shantal laughed in answer.

“I put a lot of things in her ass,” Aya added, rubbing her co-star’s shoulder.

“Now you seemed to handle everything totally in stride. I assume you didn’t mind the verbal degradation with the forced anal play?”

“I think it’s going to be my new bread and butter,” Shantel smiled. “I mean, I like when men, and now women, take control of me. Plus I’m used to things going in my ass.”

“On account of it being a great ass,” Aya added.

“Your words, not mine,” the blonde actress laughed. “But I loved it so much. I also liked that the story of me having to take the anal abuse for fear of the show’s bigger actress getting me fired was a perfect motivation for why I took it.”

“This perfectly suited my top style as well. I’m not a frantic top with high, manic energy. I like the spread and slow with a touch of degrading you instead of just hard, rough sex,” Aya explained.

“The shoot was all about making Shantel’s butthole the star,” the interviewer communicated. “Now I need to ask about what it felt to have such a gigantic anal dildo going in and out of you?”

“Oh God. The only way to describe it is filled to capacity,” Shantel shared, drawing a knowing nod from her co-star who also had experience being on the receiving end of a toy up the ass. “There was no free space. It was just wall-to-wall packed.

“Any last thoughts, ladies?”

“I just loved it all. The girl-girl anal, getting to know Aya more thoroughly,” Shantel gushed.

“Honestly, the same,” Aya agreed before adding. “You’re butthole is a lot like you - just a lot of fun.”

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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 9
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Caity Lotz, Lexington Steele, Rico Strong
Characters (Non-sex): Melissa Benoist, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Kat McNamara
Codes: MMF, Anal, ATM, DP, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Caity Lotz, Melissa Benoist, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, or Kat McNamara nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned, nor with Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow or its characters in any way

Summary: Caity Lotz prepares for another segment of Hollywood Pornstars with two porn industry mainstays in Lexington Steele and Rico Strong for some double penetration fun

“Caity Lotz!”

Caity stepped out of the car that had transported her from her house in the Hills to this rather stunning house that was rented for her shoot. As she exited, two men were there to greet her. Being somewhat of a porn expert, Caity instantly recognized the two black men. The taller bald man was known other than the man, the myth, the legend - Lexington Steele. She was the one who shouted her name and rushed to greet her, enveloping her in a friendly embrace.

“Hi Lexington. Nice to finally meet you,” the blonde dancer-turned-actress replied.

“Oh just call me Lex,” the bald man replied. “And this here is Rico Strong.”

Caity took a moment to hug the much thicker man before speaking. “Big fan of your stuff. More importantly, can’t wait to be fucked by your cocks!”

“God! I love white girls eager for black cock,” the wide-set man grinned wickedly.

“Listen, your room is at the top of the stairs to the left. Not huge, but an on-suite bathroom to get refreshed. Hair and makeup are already set up in there as well,” Lex informed. “Just slip into the sexy thing you have and if you need anything else, we always have a few pieces laying about from previous shoots.”

“Won’t be necessary,” Caity replied. No chance in hell she’d wear someone else’s lingerie. “Brought a dozen of my favorites.”

With that, the trio departed. Lex and Rico really didn’t have too much to do before the shoot. As was custom, they’d throw back a viagra and some other pill that somehow made them hold off their orgasm. That wouldn’t be for another hour though. In that time, they’d go watch some TV in the den on the first floor as Caity got ready then did some B-reel stuff to fluff up the video. The old rich dudes always loved when the girls slinked about in fine lingerie, dancing and swaying their tight bodies before getting savagely fucked.

*   *   *

"What to wear, what to wear," the star of Legends of Tomorrow pondered.

Caity looked through her luggage and was frustrated to see that she had somehow managed to forget to bring sexy lingerie with her. On her previous recordings for Hollywood Pornstar, lingerie was the first thing she packed unless explicitly told that it wouldn’t be required. However, the fellas at Black Owned didn’t tell her that. She knew that she should go and ask for the used lingerie Lex mentioned, but that made her skin crawl, so the blonde started rummaging through the pile of clothes she’d dumped onto the bed.

So with borrowing old panties out of the equation, Caity opted for clothing that would be super tight rather than revealing. Instead of barely-there lingerie, the curvy actress pulled out the thinnest tights ever made, essentially the thickness of a second layer of skin. They also happened to be a vibrant purple color with some texture, two things she believed would look good for the camera. Pulling them one, she stood in front of the mirror and craned her neck to check her backside out.

"Damn...if this doesn't rev their engines then they’re probably gay," Caity mused, even slapping her own ass and watching it jiggle.

Caity was originally trained in dancing, which had kept her insanely fit and started her on a course of constantly seeking validation. The combination of a killer body and always needing to please meant Caity Lotz became a sex machine. Her stamina was near endless, making her extremely popular to invite to threesomes and orgies since she was usually the last girl or person standing. Whether it was her strong but feminie legs and stomach, her bouncy medium-sized tits, or that ass which was much larger than your typical white girl possessed, Caity was a stunner. While Arrow had propelled her into the acting realm, it had also prevented her from branching out into other shows or movies given the fact she was now the lead on her own show.

A knock on the door snapped Caity out from being mesmerized by her insanely thick rump. Figuring it was the hair and makeup team, the blonde pulled on her equally form-fitting shirt and opened the door. Her assumption was correct and in came the two women who were here to finish her preparation for yet another porn shoot.

*   *   *

“So the rumors were true! We get to play with Caity Lotz today,” the director for the Black Owned shoot greeted his star.

Caity had been aware of his arrival into her room and was ready. In truth, the hair and makeup artists had little to do other than straighten out her long blonde hair, only leaving a slight wave towards the very bottom. Her makeup was minimal with only a darker eye shade to make her stunning blue eyes pop even more.

“Oh yes you do,” Caity replied.

Standing in the doorway so that the natural light was bathing her tanned body, Caity looked a vision. Though most women would have gone with the lingerie, despite the fact she was covered head-to-toe, Caity looked enticing beyond belief. The side profile did wonders for her body, her hand already on her money-maker, giving her ass a firm grip and shake for the camera.

“God! That booty,” the man practically drooled.

As Caity stood in the doorway, back arched and ass pushed out she playfully giggled at his comment. In truth, Caity loved getting compliments about her ass. Well, about any of her physical beauty but her ass was the winner of the majority of praise. Big, firm and yet bouncy, Caity showed those attributes to the camera by bouncing and twerking.

“I think it’s two...no three of my hands,” Caity replied, using both hands to grip the meat of only one cheek.

“I’d say 3 handfuls and one big mouthful,” the director joked. “It’s a whole lot of ass. Perfect ass, mind you. Love the way that fat ass stretches those tight pants,” the man groaned, a boner evident in his shorts.

“I’m excited,” Caity smiled, running a hand through her golden hair.

“Shall we check out this booty in motion?”

Caity wasn’t surprised by the request, nor was she uncomfortable with the amount of attention her ass received. After all, it truly was an epic booty. In the tight pants combined with the high heels, Caity’s beefy rump swayed and bunched with each step. This effect became magnified as the former Arrow star slowly climbed the outdoor stairs, the camera capturing every moment.

“Like purple candy,” the man groaned. “Could eat that all day.”

Caity stopped halfway up the outdoor staircase and leaned against the wall. Her jiggly tits pressed against the cement as she once more arched her back and bounced her ass. Continuing the tease, Caity hooked fingers into the waistband and pulled the pants down the thick cheeks until the hem was at the bottom of her ass. Hooking the waistline onto the bottom of her cheeks, Caity used the pants to shake her bare ass, much to the amusement of the cameraman.

“So round and jiggly, right?” Caity perfectly summed up her ass.

Caity teased the camera, using the pants to bounce her ass further until she pulled hard and slow on them to squeeze her thick rump more and more until the elastic pants snapped up and over her meaty round. It took a lot of effort to pack all that ass into such tight pants, but the visual for the viewers was worth it, hence why the cameraman had the Legends star perform the move again. She spent the next few minutes squatting and twerking with her bare ass out, really putting on a full show for the camera.

“Spread those cheeks for me,” he insisted next.

“Yeah? Wanna see where those dicks are going today?” Caity questioned with a big smile.

Caity slowly stood from her squat and took a meaty cheek in each hand and pulled apart. Instantly her pink snatch and crinkled hole came into view, making the cameraman gawk as he zoomed in. Already the action star was wet, her pink snatch glistening in the Californian sun. And her asshole...well it looked awfully damn tight. He was briefly worried she may not be able to take more than a tip from either of the large men, but she just seemed so damn confident about getting two men inside her.

“I’ll be able to see a lot deeper in there soon,” the cameraman commented, referring to the tight pucker of her butthole. “Let’s not forget the tits.”

“Can’t forget them,” Caity flirted back at the man.

Turning around, the blonde slowly peeled up her shirt so it rested just over her rack. Though they weren’t the biggest tits in the world, they were a solid B cup with adorable puffy nipples and hardly any sag whatsoever. The 32 year old was in phenomenal shape and it showed as she was able to possess such a thick ass and yet a tiny waist.

The man had her keep her tits out as she walked the last stretch of stairs, Caity knowing the routine by going slow and making her ass pop with each step she took. When she got to the top she spun around so the camera could capture her boobs again, her tanned skin looking perfect in the sunshine. Knowing what her moneymaker was, Caity turned back around, bent over and gave her covered ass a hard slap for the camera.

“There you are,” a deep baritone voice spoke.

The two guys she had met earlier in the day came out onto the balcony to join the flirty blonde. It was no surprise the first of the two men who reached her had his hands shoot straight for her meaty cheeks. While Lex grabbed two handfuls of her large ass, Rico walked to her front, pawing over her small tits, flat stomach and tiny waist. Caity looped her arms around his neck and brought the strong man in for a kiss.

"Jesus," Lex swore as he lowered her pants. "Such a round ass."

With her tights still bunched up at the bottom of her ass, squishing it up, Caity grabbed the colored pants and used them to bounce her thick ass. Everyone in the Arrowverse world knew how large yet fit her booty was given the tight bodysuits that she wore so often, but seeing it literally in the flesh was quite a sight.

"God that is a tight body," Lex said, reaching around to grope the ass cheek not currently being shook by his fellow porn actor.

“Lots of room back there for two sets of hands,” Caity laughed as both men pawed her tushy.

"Such a feast," Rico commented, as he knelt behind her epic booty. "A feast of ass."

Rico knelt down behind the Arrow actress so that he was now eye level with her impressive booty. His hands hadn't left the supple backside when he answered, "I think it's delicious...and hope there's enough for two."

"Oh, there is," Caity replied confidently.

After fondling her ass, Rico got back to his feet just in time for Caity to turn around and find his mouth with her lips. The horny man countered with a kiss more aggressive in nature than his fellow porn actor, his tongue cramming into her mouth as she bent backwards under his pressure. Caity was equal to it and returned the passionate kiss while Lex started rubbing over her underrated tits.

Never getting jealous over what the other had, Rico and Lex took turns kissing the horny girl as she constantly rubbed whichever cock she was facing at the time. It was only fair play, especially since she had their four hands roaming her fit body with her tits, ass and pussy being the targeted areas.

"How about we get her to the bed?” Lex suggested.

“I dunno...I got a whole lot of ass to hold onto back here,” Rico countered, earning a giggle from the blonde. “This fucker heavy too.”

That earned the more muscular of the pair a kiss as Caity looked over her shoulder and planted her lips against the man fondling her ass. This allowed Le to pull up the front of her shirt until her perky tits became exposed to the sunshine once more. After a quick grope, the bald man bent low so his mouth could capture one of her nipples and give it a hard suck.

The men took turns slapping, pawing and pulling apart her ass cheeks, much to all of their amusement. Caity was used to sharing the attention on set with a bevy of other gorgeous women like Kat McNamara, Melissa Benoist, Danielle Panabaker, Candice Patton and others so she loved having all the focus of the men on her.

“Alright men, let’s get you all out of this heat,” the man behind the camera stated.

With a consenting nod, Caity turned to the door and walked back into the house. She made a meal out of it once more, taking long, slow strides and swaying her ass from side to side as the male talent trailed behind her and watched her performance. By the time the hot Arrow actress crawled onto the massive king-sized bed, the two men already had their shirts off. Rico had pulled his effortlessly over his head while Lex undid the buttons and carefully peeled his off his body.

"Get those pants off boys," Caity urged, bouncing her ass to motivate them.

"You wanna suck this fat dick," Rico asked, having rounded the bed to stand right in front of the horny girl.

"Mhmm yes...that's what I'm here for," she retorted. "You too Lex."

They both continued watching as Caity wiggled around on the bed between them as they went about undoing their pants. By the time she had crawled into position closer to Rico, he had undid his pants and slid them down his legs, standing naked now. With a look over her shoulder, Lex was naked now too as he knelt to join her on the bed.

"That's a whole lot of cock," Caity said out loud, drawing smiles from both porn actors.

Sizing them up, Caity looked on and couldn't help but salivate at the sight. Seeing the one in front of her which belonged to Rico , it was a perfectly proportioned cock that was neither too short nor long, too thin or thick. It was idle, measuring a good 8 inches of ebony meat that looked good enough to devour without thought.

Lex meanwhile was a different beast. Much like his outward appearance, his cock was simply massive. At full mast he was nearing a foot long from base to tip but even more alarming was the thickness. Caity had been fucked by dudes with big dicks before and knew she could handle him...probably. Seizing up the man known as Lex the Impaler, she couldn't even clasp her forefinger and thumb together when she tried gripping his pole.

"Look bro, she's speechless," the younger man bragged.

Realizing that she was just wide-mouthed staring back and forth between the massive black cocks about to ravage her, Caity snapped out of her worshipping state and into action. Reaching out, she grabbed ahold of Rico 's perfectly created cock and stroked him, allowing the friction between her hand and his shaft to excite him.

"Mmhm...awwhh," he groaned.

Being no stranger to finding herself on her knees and in front of a pantless boy, all that changed was the number of guys. Caity opened her mouth and mimicked the action of French kissing someone except this time it was with the tip of a cock. Her lips were just able to completely engulf his dickhead while her tongue went about licking the entire surface of his sensitive skin. Wanting to get more of his dick wet with her saliva, Caity freed his tip from her mouth. Extending her tongue she ran it's moistened surface down one side of his baseball bat-thick member until she reached his base. The thick bottomed girl was focusing solely on Rico, though she felt Lex come to life and pull her pants down over her thick ass. With her hands and mouth working at the same time, she licked down and took turns open-mouth kissing Rico 's equally large nuts before returning to the base and licking up the other side of his member.

"Fuck you're good," Rico grunted, reaching down to bundle up her long golden hair.

Not just sitting on his hands as his partner got oral sex, Lex situated himself behind the blonde actress and wasted no time in getting acquainted with her pussy. Leaning forward with his feet still on the ground, the taller man dipped his head low and gave a long drag of his tongue through her pink folds. Given the hunger she exhibited while choking down Rico 's cock, he wasn't surprised to find that she was already dripping wet.

"You taste so good," he commented before doing a deeper lick.

"Well thank you," she said before getting her lips wrapped back around the thick cock dangling in her face.

After a few more probes deep in her cunt, Lex was satisfied that she was more then wet enough for the fucking ahead. He really didn’t want to spend too much time giving her lip (or tongue) service as there was just more fun to be had. Instead, the black man let his tongue ride higher so that he was licking over her puckered asshole. Using his considerable strength, the Impaler caused her backdoor to open slightly, wide enough for his pointed tongue to cram inside.

"Mhmm...awwhhh," Caity moaned as she continued blowing the other man despite the pleasurable rimjob.

"Bro, whatever you are doing, keep it up," Rico encouraged as Caity bobbed on half his length. "The way you're making her hum is incredible."

Lex surfaced for air after another round of lapping along her inner anal walls. He didn't reply to his fellow actor, instead he used the chance to run his hands over the smooth, rounded surface of her perfect ass. It was insanely large for such a skinny white girl to possess, not that he was complaining. Before diving back in to munch her booty, he took one last view to commit to his memory, that of her pink pussy and tightly puckered asshole flanked on either side by a heavy cheek. Lex couldn't help himself and pillaged back into her pussy first. Despite the fact her snatch tasted sweet and flavorful on his probing, he only had eyes for one hole. Pressing his face deep into the crevice her awesome ass made, the bald actor repeatedly lapped at the crinkled surface of her asshole.

"Alright Lex, I need to repay the favor," Caity said, pulling away from the younger man despite spit strings still connecting her lips to his manhood.

Neither male had an issue with her request, especially since neither one had to move as all Caity did was turn herself around so that her mouth was at Lex's dick and her ass was pointed at Rico . As the curvy actress wrapped her lips around her new fuck buddy, Rico stepped up behind the cock-sucking girl and lined up his tip with her slit. After dragging his head through her slick folds he immediately stuffed half his substantial length inside her.

"Holy Lord," Caity moaned, letting the thickest cock she had ever been with slip from her mouth. "That's the stuff."

The Caity from 6 years ago when she first was filmed for Hollywood Pornstars would have been worried about letting a male porn actor fuck her without a condom. However, Caity was a veteran at this point, having performed well over a dozen scenes. Hell, that number was likely closer to two dozen performances. At this point, Caity though she had more credits on her porn database than she did on her IMDB page!

Her cunt was no stranger to getting stuffed with cock so her hole widened for Rico without problem. After two strokes he was able to go balls deep inside her, no small feat considering he was nearly 8 inches and she was pretty damn tight. She was also gushing wet so her own natural lubrication mixed with her spit from her earlier blowjob meant that he had ample lube to be driving into her tasty twat at neck breaking speed.

“Ah yes,” the both seemed to moan at the same time before Rico added. “Take that fucking dick!”

As the younger porn actor settled into a thumping rhythm that caused her insanely thick ass cheeks to ripple due to the force, Caity was still busy on her other end. The dancer-turned-actress had her mouth formed in a perfect O around the Impaler’s massive cock as he placed his hands on the back of her head to help her take more into her mouth since her attention was naturally distracted.

"Glllkkk....kkkhhhhhh...ggllllllll," Caity hummed with each bob on his tool.

Back behind her, the shorter of the two men gave her ass a hearty slap on both sides, resulting in two red handprints forming on her sun kissed skin, not to mention the extra sensation of her tongue vibrating on the underbelly of Lex's meat pole. Hearing her moan as he spanked her filled him with even more lust, forcing him to grab her curvy hips and spike into her twat with even more urgency.

“Oh shit! This bitch so horny she’s fucking herself!”

Rico wasn’t wrong. The thick-set man had stopped thrusting his hips forward and was watching as Caity backed her ass back towards him. Over and over his ebony cock disappeared into her pussy while Caity didn’t slow her blowjob at all. Rico laughed and grunted in equal measure as the blonde fucked him, her massive ass rocking back against his strong abdomen. Though it felt good, Rico was desperate to fuck her hard again, so his hands went to her hips and his cock speared back deep into the Arrow star.

“Take that dick, girl,” Rico grunted, going crazy with his fucking now.

"Careful my man, at that rate you'll be busting before long," Lex called out, at which point Caity grinned back at him as she looked over her shoulder.

Rico blocked his words from his mind and continued his relentless hammering into the blonde’s snug pussy. She was tight around his dick but loose enough to still take him at his top speed and for him to go as deep as he wanted, which was as much as possible. He loved the smacking noise of his skin on her ass and the way her booty clapped and bounced from the thudding. Even more erotic was when Caity started gyrating and bouncing her meaty ass up and down, adding a new wrinkle to his pleasure. Not to mention the vision of her essentially twerking that fat ass on his dick was stunning!

"How about we change things up a little," the cameraman spoke, his suggestion bringing nods from all.

Rico asked for one more minute, and Caity knew she was in for a hard pounding for the next 60 seconds. Her assumption was proven correct as Rico started his time with a hard swat to her jiggling ass. The next feeling wasn’t another spanking, but the roots of her hair pulling painfully hard against her scalp. Rico roped his hand into her long golden hair and pulled back hard, causing not only Caity’s lower back to curl, but also her head to snap back.

“There you go, there you go,” Rico practically chanted as he continued his non-stop fucking. “Take that shit!”

Caity had subconsciously remembered to pleasure Lex’s cock by using her hand to stroke his lengthy tool, which was slick in her spit. Lex wasn’t just laying back, instead his left came around Caity’s throat to lightly choke her. His free right hand was put to use slapping her face, at first lightly but each time went harder and harder, not that the former dancer minded at all. She loved being used and abused by men, especially alpha men like these two clearly were.

“I need to get me some of this,” Lex commented as he laid flat on his back now.

The man behind her eventually relented and gave in to the bald man’s wishes and pulled out from her honey pot. Caity wasn’t free for long because the moment the first dick left her, she crawled to straddle the Impaler. Reaching back between her legs, Caity found his large cock and lined it up with her worn-in hole. Sitting back she felt his tip glide inside her as she let gravity do the work, getting the first 2 inches into her twat before reversing course.

"Tight white girl, isn't she," Rico grinned at his fellow actor as he watched the girl in question bounce on Lex's lap, taking more of his cock each time.

Lex let the bouncing girl control the ride, allowing her to take her time getting stretched out by his surreally proportioned cock. Caity was a quick study and had most of his dick into her well-used cunt after a few rides on his lap. Feeling her start to speed up, Lex knew she was ready for more so he took control and started bucking his hips hard up into her snatch. Caity started screaming as it initially felt that the Impaler was tearing her in two, but she got used to the sensation in seconds. That and a dick that tasted like her own pussy was crammed into her mouth and Caity started sucking Rico off.

“Fuck me! This bitch feels great!” Lex commented.

The cameraman crouched lower and captured the action of her pink snatch being repeatedly impaled on the ebony cock. Lex knew how to play off the fucking for the camera, so his two large hands reached down and pulled apart Caity’s fat cheeks. This not only allowed for a more visual angle of their fucking, but also a view of Caity’s crinkled asshole that had just a slight gape in it now.

"Holy crap! I can't believe it's all in," she still gasped as she sat straight up on his lap with his entire foot of cock wedged in her pink hole.

"Perfect. Now we can actually start fucking," the bald man grinned.

Leaning down with her arms steadying her against his chest and arching her back Caity did just as he suggested and started to thud her amazing ass onto his lap with greater force. Lex lifted up to capture one of her pokey nipples that were dangling right in his face as he simultaneously drove his hips upwards, spearing into her as she crashed down. Faster and faster they fucked, Caity eventually stopping sucking the dick in her face despite Rico facefucking her for her lack of concentration.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” Caity swore. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum for me! Cum with all this big dick stretching out your hole,” Lex demanded.

Rico allowed her to pull away from his dick in order to allow the blonde her climax. As she got closer and closer to her peak, both she and Lex were slapping their bodies together in almost violent fashion. And yet, Caity was screaming louder and more frequently with each passing second until she let out and ear-piercing howl.

“Yes! Yes! Keep going! FFFUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!”

“Good job beating that pussy up,” Rico congradulated his fellow actor who was continuing to fuck up into Caity’s snatch despite her being nearly lifeless.

“You know how I do,” the bald man replied, sweat beads forming on his bald scalp.

“Now baby...I’m gonna fuck you at the same time as Lex,” Rico spoke down to the exhausted blonde.

“That’s what I’m here for,” Caity grinned back at the large man.

“Did you need some time to pause and prepare yourself,” the director asked. “We have lots of butt plugs and toys of various sizes.”

“Nope,” Caity said, rocking her hips on the Impaler's cock. “I want this to be completely natural. No toy prep. No lube even. I want the challenge.”

“Damn! You’re a freak girl,” Lex commented while Rico took a more cynical stance. “Your funeral.”

Caity felt the mattress dipped back behind her as the younger man climbed on top to join her and Lex. In one fluid motion like they did it all the time, Rico pressed his hand into her back and caused Caity to rest her jiggling tits on Lex’s chest while the bald man used his hands on her rump to pull her immense cheeks apart. With her asshole better revealed and even gaping under the strain, Rico moved closer then pressed his tip against the center of her starfish. Without lube or any preparation, it was proving difficult to fit his immense cock into her rectum, but between force of will, Caity staying relaxed and Lex pushing her hips backwards, Caity’s anal ring eventually gave way.

"Ughh...Fuck! Damn that stings every time," Caity groaned as the first 3 inches of his healthy-sized cock was buried in her anal canal.

Her anal experience came to the forefront to the two porn actors almost immediately. After spending only a second with her tiny hands balled into fists, Caity flattened her hands onto Lex’s chest and pushed back to impale her holes onto both of their cocks.

“Fuck yes!” Caity screamed in victory as the pleasure was now outcompeting the pain. "Holy crap! There are literally two penises in me," Caity gasped, the realization of being double penetrated dawning on her finally.

The two men smiled as they worked in unison. Lex wasn't able to thrust up into her pussy with as much speed now but he was still able to push his entire length upwards. Rico timed it that every time the bald man pulled his huge dick from her cunt, he would thrust his tool into her ass.

"You okay with this? Us stretching out both your tight holes," Lex asked from underneath the big booty girl.

"God, don’t stop, Caity insisted. “You guys are fucking perfect!”

"Ready for me to start fucking you," Rico asked the girl, who until this point had been doing most of the work.

When the golden-haired girl gave a smile and a head nod, the younger actor took that as a good sign. Reaching to hold onto her shoulders, the smaller of the two men started to push his hips towards her thick butt with more vigor. Still not thrusting with his entire length, Rico had managed to work 3/4 of his length inside her with his speed getting faster with each passing second.

"The second I saw you in those tights, I knew I had to get up inside your booty," Rico told her.

"Fuck me! Fuck me deeper! Harder! Whatever you want," Caity told the men.

Rico didn't hesitate, not for a second. Lex slowed down his thrusting once more as his younger co-star slowed to a crawl and pushed with a steady force. Inch by inch the girl's ass ate up his cock until finally Rico felt the familiar thick cheeks pressed against his abdominals. Spotting the chance to fill the former dancer’s completely with meat, Lex lifted his hips until he too was balls deep inside Caity.

“Oh my God! So much cock!” Caity nearly shrieked in pleasure.

With the sexy golden-haired woman now able to handle both their full lengths, the men held nothing back. Not only were they both fucking her with their entire dicks, nearly 2 feet of ebony wood, but Caity wanted it! With a near constant chorus of positive moans, the Legends of Tomorrow star was rocked back and forth in bed as the man behind her plowed her ass while Lex poked up into her twat.

What made it all the better was Caity's willingness for more. With a hand on Lex's chest and the other on the headboard, the fat ass girl used her arms to push back against Rico while she rocked her hips to grind down on the bigger man's tool.

"Don't stop. You're gonna make me cum again," Caity screamed as the thudding of their body was echoed throughout the room.

"Do it," Rico demanded.

Lex had been in the industry for years, almost 25 years in fact, and he’d never seen a girl take a dry double penetration with such ease. In fact, he figured that the curvy blonde must be faking it at first given how much enjoyment she was receiving from both their cocks, but the way she was moaning and the way her body movements became more jerky, he had no doubt now that she would cum. With her pitch getting louder and words more incoherent, the big man reached a hand under their stomachs and found her slit. Practically the second his finger brushed her clitoris, the girl erupted in her second orgasm of the day while being fucked by two men simultaneously.

"OHHH....MYYYY....GGAAWWWDDD," Caity bellowed out as she reached her climax.

"Bro, let me fuck her ass now, it'll be the only chance with her being this relaxed," Lex explained as the exhausted girl rested on his chest, one of the few times he ever seemed pushy.

"Okay but first you're gonna suck our cocks," Rico ordered while pulling out from her well used asshole.

Caity may have been spent but she was still receptive. Feeling her colon free of cock she swung her leg back over Lex and crawled back enough so that she could bend over and have both dicks in her hand.

"Yes girl. The dirty one first," Rico told her excitedly, his favorite kink being a girl taking his dick straight from her asshole.

Caity surprised them by looking up at Rico with a worried look on her face, the first time she adopted such an expression. She was clearly nervous about taking his dick straight from her ass into her mouth. While this was super commonplace in porn, for regular people it was a huge leap given how disgusting the act really was. Especially today since it was clear that Caity did nothing to prepare for anal. Which meant no specialized diet to hinder her bowels from churning too much in the past 24 hours or taking several enamas on the day of the shoot like all the porn actresses did before going ass to mouth.

“Wait. You want me to put this smelly, filthy cock into my mouth even though you had it 9 inches deep in my poop chute?” Caity questioned the man.


Before Rico or the director could finish that sentence, Caity’s face changed 180 degrees. No longer the scared, frightened woman, Caity smiled in a wolfish grin, letting the men know she was only joking about being disgusted by the ass to mouth request. Not just pretending to have bravado, Caity extended her tongue and ran it up and down Rico’s pole a half-dozen times, getting the rich taste of the deepest recesses of her asshole on her tongue. Though there was no visual dirtiness, Caity could taste where precisely this man’s cock had come from.

“You fucking nasty ho!”

In truth, Caity went ass to mouth fairly regularly. Not only did most of her sex partners love seeing it, Caity loved degrading herself by making her eat her own ass. And now she was sucking on a filthy cock on camera, her tongue gliding along the underbelly as her lips made a perfect O to completely wrap around. She bobbed a few times before pulling away and doing likewise to Lex's, tasting the sweet flavor of her cum on his shaft.

"You still sure you don’t want any lube,” the Impaler asked her, flashing his eyes down at his much bigger cock.

"Don't worry. Rico loosened me up enough plus I've put more than enough spit on this cock," Caity explained. "It's ready for my ass."

Caity was sure to leave loads of spit all over his dick to make his passage into her anus as smooth and painless as physically possible. Straddling Lex once more only this time with her plump ass facing him, she rubbed his tip around her backdoor for a few rotations and was grateful that it retained some of its looseness from the assfucking she took by Rico. Lex asked her for a final time to reconsider using lube as he was very concerned about tearing her sphincter apart, but once more Caity shooed away his request. She finally positioned it right in the middle of her bumhole and slackened her knees so that gravity would pull her down and take him inside.

"Awhhh...Sweet mother of mercy," she swore as his enormous tip penetrated her ass. “Fuck it’s huge!”

“No shit!” Rico commented before Lex added. “So fucking tight!”

To her amazement she could feel each inch pass inside her without a great deal of discomfort. Rico had been a very effective warm-up for the main event as she found herself sinking further and further down as she rode the big man. By the time she felt Lex paw at her to rest more on his chest and give him control, he was stroking 6 inches of his massive manhood into her backdoor with relative ease.

"This girl is special," Rico said, watching the proceeding and allowing the other man some one-on-one time.

“Don’t think I forgot about you,” Caity said as she eyed Rico. “Got a place for you right here,” she added, smacking her wet pussy to tell him where she wanted him.

"You heard the bitch," Lex grinned as he started thrusting harder inside her as she rubbed her pussy.

Rico had enough time watching from the sidelines at this point so he climbed back up on the mattress and readied himself. Deciding to press both of Caity's juicy legs together, he held them against his chest as he pressed inside her pussy. It was looser than her asshole, already stretched to its limit by Lex earlier, but her legs together made it snug him tightly.

"Yes...this feels so good," Caity groaned as her body was savagely used by the two porn stars.

Caity had lost track of time as she received the ragdoll treatment from the black men, though both men would have eased up if she asked. Instead, they took turns pulling out and inserting themselves in their respective holes. The golden-haired actress remembered vaguely cumming again, and it was this event that started the cascade for the men as well.

"Can't hold out any longer," Lex grunted from underneath the trio.

"Me neither," Rico added through gritted teeth.

“Where?” Caity asked.

“This is porn baby! On your knees,” the director instructed.

The two men were never going to argue with that request. They each did a few last bounces of the skinny girl's body down onto their poles before they hoisted her skyward until both cocks flopped free of her holes. Rico moved out from between her thighs allowing Caity to promptly roll off the bed and rest on her knees. Nearly the second she was kneeling on the bedroom floor, the golden-haired actress was flanked by both dark-skinned men. Not knowing where to go first, Caity felt Rico 's hand twist in her hair and pull her towards him. With the decision made for her she opened her mouth up to his cock, which he was currently stroking fervently and took his pussy juice-coated cock back into her mouth for the umpteenth time that afternoon to add further encouragement.

“Here it comes,” the man grunted. “I’m gonna give it to you. Beg for it!”

“Please give me your cum,” Caity said in her sweetest, softest voice.

Rico’s hand replaced her mouth on his cock as he pulled out from between her lips and started stroking it in final preparation. After Caity was instructed to kneel lower and tilt her face up to the ceiling, the Arrow star was ready for her face to be unloaded upon. Instead, Rico showed amazing accuracy by erupting the majority of his cum right into her open mouth. Once nearly a dozen streaks of jizz landed on her tongue, he shoved his dick back into her. Caity loved the feel of his dick twitching between her lips as his massive wad poured out coating her tongue and occasionally blasting against the back of her throat. Based on her sexual prowess thus far, Rico wasn't surprised in the least to see Caity drain every ounce down her throat, all while donning a huge smile.

"Shit...here...," Lex grunted.

“Thank you,” Caity said as she kissed Rico’s dick.

The Impaler had been stroking his length watching as the curvy girl drank down Rico’s cum but now he was ready to explode. While Rico had decided to make her drink down his entire load, the idea of cumming on her face greatly aroused Lex too much to pass up. Moving around to her side quickly, Lex got there just in time to erupt a typhoon of cum right onto her gorgeous face.

“Fuck me!” Lex grunted as he came.

Caity was too slow moving to face the big man so took the first streak to the side of her face, painting her forehead, eyelid and cheekbone with his white goo. This got her attention and she fought her mouth free of Rico 's spent cock and faced Lex head-on, right in time for his second streak to fire from his slit. The blonde didn't have time to catch it with her mouth and instead it landed on her nose, lips and chin.

Lex wasn't done yet, still having a reserve of much more cum, Caity was finally able to get her bearings and caught the rest of the blasts of jizz on her tongue, promptly swallowing it down before she wrapped her lips around his tip and literally sucked the last remains of cum from him. The normally cum was the predominant taste that coated her tongue, it wasn’t the case currently as Caity was instantly reminded where this man had been fucking her right before cumming on her face.

"Damn, that was intense," Lex announced, body slumped from the massive expenditure of energy.

All three were now completely exhausted and covered in sweat due to the vigorous activity. Caity had dropped down into a deep kneel while absent-mindedly scooping the cum on her face into her mouth to swallow down.

"So good," Caity added, leaning back to rest against the foot of the bed.

"Seconded," Rico added, still panting from the lengthy fuck session.

“Caity...wow is all I can say,” the director complimented the actress. “The energy! The talent! The booty!”

“Awww...thank you,” the blonde gushed. “I always aim to please.”

The camera light went out and the people on set began to move about. However, after using a tissue to clean her face, Caity went back over to the male porn actors who were both getting dressed again.

“Hey I didn’t know how long this would go today so I have a clear schedule. Either of you free for the next few hours?” Caity asked.

“You seriously just took a double dicking and still want more,” Rico asked in disbelief.

“If you don’t want to…” Caity started to reply before he cut her off.

“I didn’t say that!”

“I’m in too,” Lex replied. “I want more time with that ass.”

“So do why,” the other man insisted.

“Maybe there’s a way for you both to fuck my ass...at the same time,” Caity stated, wondering if she could handle double anal with two of the biggest cocks in the industry.

“Lead the fucking way,” Lex said as both men stalked the blonde back to her room.
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Title: Hollywood Pornstars 10
Author: The Chemist
Characters (Sex): Natalie Alyn Lind
Codes: MF, Anal, Oral, Toys
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Natalie Alyn Lind nor am I associated with them in any way. I also don’t know nor am I associated with any of the porn companies/studios mentioned including Exploited College Girls, nor with The Gifted or its characters in any way

Summary: Natalie Alyn Lind prepares to move onto a new project after The Gifted was cancelled but first she has to visit the set of Exploited College Girls to take some toys and her biggest dick yet up her ass.

The cameraman had finished setting things up in the usual hotel room that his company rented for their shoots. The room was nothing fancy but it was clean and he was used to the orientation of the furniture, allowing him to have several cameras set up to capture all the action. He still couldn’t believe that he worked for a porn company. Yet, it paid the bills and came with the awesome perk of getting to watch hot young college girls get fucked. And then a year ago, Exploited College Girls was contacted by some 1%-er who had an intriguing offer. Well less intriguing and more amazing and unbelievable. Essentially they’d provide celebrities to be filmed, completely private, for the super rich to watch. All he asked for was that the celebrities fit his niche, which was college age and pretty. Tonight’s celebrity was no exception.

“Come with me,” his business partner told Tom, slapping him on the arm.

Tom picked up his most mobile camera and followed his partner, who served as the male talent on some shoots. Once they found out who the super rich were sending them tonight, Tom knew there was no chance his friend would pass up the chance to fuck Natalie Alyn Lind. The girl was exactly Jay’s type - 21 years old, blonde, and curvy as hell. Tom’s focus snapped back to the present as they entered the large bathroom that Natalie was in, using it as her mini-suite for hair and makeup.

“You look a little nervous,” Jay commented to their star.

“Yeah,” Natalie admitted, a slight quiver in her voice but still wearing a big toothy smile. “But only a little.”

“Never had a dick this big?” Tom and Jay followed as the gorgeous blonde exited the bathroom and jumped onto the center of the large bed.

“No! I mean, I’ve had anal before. I mean, look at this ass,” Natalie stated, rolling onto her side so the men could zoom in on her tightly packed booty that was barely contained in her Daisy Duke shorts. “I haven’t taken anything up my poop chute in a little while too.”

“Well we’ll take it really slow, lots of foreplay,” Tom comforted, which brought a calmed expression to her face.

“Stick a butt plug in and fuck you regular first,” Jay added.

Though she was slightly more comfortable, it didn’t stop Natalie from flopping back on the bed. She wasn’t regretting her choice, after all her deal landed her a starring role in a comic book show. Sadly, it wasn’t a great show and was cancelled after 2 years, but it helped launch her career. Thus far, Natalie had a pretty easy ride with Hollywood Pornstar, but tonight was her first anal shoot and that made her nervous.

“What was the biggest dick you’ve taken?”

Natalie wore her pretty smile and mimed out roughly 5 inches and just under an inch thick. For comparison, Jay whipped out his own cock, the very one that the blonde actress would be fucking. Though not the largest in porn, not by a longshot, Jay still possessed a 7-inch member with above-average girth.

“And that’s why I’m nervous,” the big titted actress commented.

“When did you discover you were into anal?”

“I’ve been doing anal since 18 but it wasn’t until 6 months ago when I had what I’ll describe as my first real orgasm,” Natalie shared. “Since then I’ve loved it but I’m just nervous because it can hurt a lot too.”

“We’ll take our time and make sure we give you a hell of an anal orgasm,” Tom did his best to calm the beautiful blonde. “He’s not just gonna shove it in.”

“That does help,” Natalie giggled. “You two are gonna have a lot of fun playing with my ass? I’m sure you’ll hate that.”

“I’ll use fingers, lube, toys then the actual wood,” Jay stated. “And my tongue. I assume if you’ve cum from a dick fucking your ass then you like being rimmed?”

“Of course!” Natalie shared. “But I don’t lick boys’ butts.”

“Sounds like a story there,” Tom probed.

“It was really gross. Stinky, hairy...God! I think I have PTSD from it,” Natalie shuddered from the memory.

“You’ll like my ass. It’s clean and shaved. Trust me,” Jay told his star.

“Jesus! You’re body!” Tom commented, shifting focus off the sore subject for the 21 year old. “Body that won’t quit."

“Thanks,” Natalie laughed, giving her tits a squeeze that were held within her low-cut blue top. She propped herself up on her knees and faced the camera Tom was standing behind, coming more alive. “I’m a fan too.”

“Between the thick ass and monster tits, you’re super stacked. But pint-sized,” the man continued to gawk.

“So a super stacked shorty?” Natalie suggested. “Not the lamest superhero name.”

“When did your tits come in?”

“Like the 7th grade. First as B cups…”

“Certainly not Bs any more,” Jay joked.

“By the start of high school they were Ds. If I gain weight then they can go up to DD but then I lose my teenie tiny waist so the trade-off isn’t worth it,” Natalie explained.

“I think we should see the infamous tits of Natalie Alyn Lind,” Tom stated.

Natalie had been well drilled by this point about the studio guys being in full control. Still propped on her knees, Natalie started to undo the few buttons that held her top closed. As the last one parted, the stacked blonde tossed the top to the side and exposed her heavenly chest. They were every bit as large as the men were hoping for with their perfect roundness capped off by a big pink nipple in the direct center. They swayed with every movement or breath, and the knowing smile on the blonde’s face let Tom and Jay know just how proud the actress was of her boobs. Without having to be told, Natalie also took down her Daisy Dukes to leave her in nothing but a red pair of panties and what was becoming her trademark footwear of black ankle heeled boots.

“So these are the natural 35Ds that are all the rage around Hollywood,” Jay commented, feeling up one tit, pinching the nipple lightly before moving to the next one. “Oh my God.”

“Cute panties,” Tom commented after Jay had taken a full minute to grope the young star’s tits.

“Look at the back,” Natalie said as she flipped over onto her hands and knees with her booty facing the men.

While the red panties looked cute from the front, one the back they had a clever cutout in the shape of a heart. More importantly, the men were able to gander on her thick ass, which had really grown in the past year. It didn’t match the heft of her tits, but Natalie’s ass was more than bubbly, it was downright thick and large. Jay and Tom both confirmed this fact with a hands-on approach. Jay even hooked a finger into the hem and showed off her pussy, shaven clean for the shoot today.

“Such a pretty little pussy,” he told her. “Now take those off but leave the boots.”

Natalie rolled onto her back so that her legs were up in the air as she peeled the red panties off. She made sure to take her time and pull them slowly up her legs before tossing them aside with the rest of her clothes. She kept her legs straight and up in the air at the men’s insistence so they could zoom in and look at their prize - her bald pussy and crinkled asshole.

“God, you’re built for sex,” Tom couldn’t help but comment.

While that comment drew another giggle from the stacked blonde, Jay was already reaching out and rubbing her smooth mound. The girl must have just shaved or waxed because the skin was completely hairless without even the suggestion of hair. Jay was going to lick his fingers but the girl’s slit was wet enough. His fingertips glided easily through her folds, drawing a whimper from the Gifted star. Getting her prepared for the future, as Jay’s fingers rubbed her pussy, his thumb was stroking her asshole.

“Mhmmm...that feels nice,” Natalie moaned.

Extending his middle finger, the horny man eased the entirety of his middle finger into the 21 year old’s bare cunt. She moaned but continued to hug her knees to her impressive chest as his finger sawed in and out of her dripping wet slit.

“How about that?”

“Really good,” the blonde smiled.

As nice as Natalie Alyn Lind’s pussy felt, that wasn’t what they men were here for. After fingering her cunt for another minute, the man moved further down, until his digit was spinning around the rim of her asshole. Narrowing his circles, his fingertip came to rest on the center of her brown eye then he replaced circling with pushing. The combination of his pressure and slickness of his skin, her asshole put up a token resistance before the tip disappeared into her bowels.

“And now?” Jay asked, the first knuckle pushed into her.

“Ahh...I like it...a lot,” the busty girl moaned as the second knuckle of his middle finger entered Natalie.

“I can feel your little ass pulsing on my finger,” Jay quipped as he continued making small thrusts with the middle finger.

Jay continued to finger fuck the 21 year old in the ass for another few minutes. Sometimes he went fast, but mostly he kept the banging to a smooth and slow pace. It was still early in the night and Jay had fucked enough college-aged girls to know that you took your time. Going carefully meant you could push them further, making them take more and more. Pulling out of her ass, Jay knew it was time to move forward so he instructed his blonde muse how to orientate herself.

“Next time just tell me face down, booty up,” Natalie giggled as she got onto her knees with her ass facing the men and their camera.

Once settled on her knees again, a finger was instantly slid back into its new home. Jay had applied more lube so the middle digit slid in like a hot knife through butter despite the tightness of Natalie’s booty. The blonde was aware of the second camera so as her butt was facing the one behind her, she turned her gorgeous face to the other. Her eyes were closed and mouth slightly agape as her nearly virgin asshole was probed with more gusto then when she was on her back.


Natalie heard the whirl of a little motor that she instantly recognized as a Hitachi magic wand a moment before it’s head was placed against her clit. Her dark eyes shot open before a moan escaped her lips. She wasn’t even aware that his finger was probing her asshole faster, nor when he slipped a second finger into her either.

“You like that?”

“So much, yes,” Natalie purred in response.

As they exchanged those words, Jay popped his fingers out of her ass and reached to the tray set up beside him. Like a surgeon selecting his next tool, the porn actor grabbed his next sex toy, all while Natalie moaned from the Hitchi pleasuring her clit. Tom the cameraman had already lubed up a 4-inch long slender butt plug so once Jay started to push the tiny tip against Natalie’s loosened butthole, her sphincter gave way without much of a fight. Natalie could feel the slim toy going in and out of her ass, but it wasn’t painful mainly due to the size. After a minute of repetitive thrusting, the 4 inches were almost all inside her, and though it took a hard push to get the last part in due to it’s extra width, all that Natalie did was grimace her face slightly and produce a low whimper.

“I did it,” Natalie gloated.

“You’re not done yet,” Jay reminded her.

The busty actress heard the whirl of the Hitachi wink out and was curious what the men had planned for her now. After only the world’s slimmest butt plug, Natalie doubted they would move her on to an anal pounding with a flesh-and-blood dick. Instead, she felt a solid object against her pussy before it pushed a good few inches into her. Looking back in shock, Nalaie found an odd-looking dildo in her snatch. The thickness wasn’t a problem for her despite the toy being on the girthy end of the spectrum. Nor was the fact that both her holes were occupied at the same time. In fact the fullness felt new and highly arousing. But the dildo had this second smaller arm coming off of it, not nearly as long or thick as the end inside her cunt. It also had a soft but firm tip on its end.

As the toy started up, Natalie couldn’t help but let an authentic scream escape. “Oh shit!”

Of course the toy was more than met the eye. The main arm in her pussy started to turn in clockwise rotations, making her snatch feel each of the ribs and bumps on the toy’s surface. As if that wasn’t pleasurable enough, the second smaller arm began vibrating back and forth against her clit.

“You gotta tell us if you’re gonna cum,” Tom said as the other man began making thrusts with the multi-faceted toy.

“Mmmm...soon...ahhh...yup...fuck...soon,” Natalie moaned, her body rocking back to meet the dildo fucking her.

Within a minute of the dildo fucking, Natalie was ready to burst. It wasn’t quite record time for her, after all she had a bit of an easy time getting to climax. She was like a teenage boy in that respect. However, what finally tip her into the sweet oblivion of an orgasm was Jay using her free hand to push against the base of the butt plug. As the man fucked her with the vibrating multi-arm toy, her butt plug kept sliding out of her ass a little bit. Now that she was essentially getting double fucked by both toys, and her clit massaged, Natalie’s brain was overwhelmed and her climax hit her full force.

“Gonna cum for us?” Tom asked after observing her face scrunch up and her hands grip the sheets tightly.

“Ah fuck! I’m cumming!”

Natalie’s body heaved back and forth, at times looking like she was trying to pull away from the double penetration while in the next moment she would push back against the toys. Her massive tits swayed and jiggled beneath her thrashing form all the while. Finally after a minute, the satisfied girl practically collapsed against the mattress and let the man continue to double fuck her holes.

Under normal circumstances with a regular partner, Natalie would have demanded them stop after she came. However, this wasn’t a normal circumstance so instead she allowed the man to keep going with the butt plug and dildo combination. Though her sex organs were hyper sensitive, something odd happened. She started feeling not only pleasure again, but a lot of it. In fact, as Jay started fucking her harder with the toys in both her holes, Natalie was climbing towards another orgasm until it came in less than a minute after the first.

“Jesus! Cumming again!” Natalie screamed.

“Ready for something bigger?” Jay asked after placing the butt plug aside.

“No time like the present,” Natalie sighed. “I literally can’t get any more zenned out.”

Natalie stayed perched on her knees as both toys were slowly withdrawn from her ass and pussy. The Gifted star was surprised to find that she missed them both equally after growing use to the feeling of fullness in her ass. Luckily, that didn’t last long as another tapered object was pressing against her butthole once more. This time it was a bit more of a struggle as her anal ring had more trouble relaxing, but after enough pushing the much larger butt plug overcame the sphincter and entered the 21 year old’s asshole.

“Feel your ass getting stretched out?”

“Yeah...I like it,” Natalie replied as she bit her lip, not from pain but pleasure.

“It’ll keep you loose so you can take my cock easier later,” Jay informed the younger girl. “Now leave that in and get on your back.”

“Mmm yes sir!”

Natalie flung herself over so that her head was on the pillow and her face was upwards. Tom hurriedly rearranged the cameras to make sure they would capture all the action while Jay pulled off his shorts and exposed his cock. It was already hard, standing a good 7 inches long and of impressive thickness. Not freakish compared to some male pornstars, but definitely bigger than your average guy.

“You seem eager for this cock today,” Jay commented as the girl was practically chomping at the bit to get it in her mouth. “But first I wanna fuck those titties.”

“What a surprise,” the Gifted star said with a wry smile.

“I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess you’ve given a few titty fucks?”

“Solid guess,” Natalie laughed. “Try like every guy I’ve ever blown or had sex with wanting to get his meat between these boobs. And I let them of course!”

“It would be a crime to not have you sandwich those big perfect tits around my dick while you were here,” Jay stated.

With his pants already down, the lucky male crawled up the bed, straddling the young actress until his dick was level with her flopping boobs. In his hand was the lube bottle, which he gave a pump to in order to coat both his cock and the inside portion of skin of Natalie’s impressive rack. The actress knew what to do from there as a dainty hand went to the outer globe of each and pressed them around the slick cock, forming a tight but slippery seal.

“That’s it. Fuck my big tits,” the actress encouraged.

From the position flat on her back it was impossible for Natalie to do anything other than keep those perfect tits of hers wrapped around his cock. Not minding to be the one doing all the work, not when his dick was sandwich between Natalie Alyn Lind’s insanely big boobs, Jay thrust his hips repeatedly into the twin funbags.

“Now I want you to suck me,” Jay demanded.

“With pleasure,” Natalie replied with a wicked smile.

Lying on your back with a guy straddling your chest with his dick in her face wasn’t the easiest way to blow someone, but Natalie was determined to give great oral regardless. Opening her mouth, the Gifted star lifted her head off the pillow to take the majority of his dick into her gullet. This instantly drew a grunt of satisfaction from the lucky man, especially since Natalie pushed her face practically into his pubes. Her mouth emitted a wet gurgle as she nearly triggered her own gag reflex, but she did that so a lot of spit was now coating his member.

“Glllkk...ggwwwkk,” Natalie gagged a few more times.

With his cock now covered in her salvia, Natalie’s lips glided with smooth ease over almost the whole length of his cock. Despite being only 21 years old, Natalie sucked cock like a vetaran. While not totally able to deep-throat him by taking him down towards her stomach, that didn’t stop her from delivering an energetic and wet blowjob. She also knew how to make sucking a guy off even more erotic as the blonde maintained plenty of eye contact, even as a tear or two rolled down her cheek from nearly gagging on his meat pole. The sound was also highly pleasurable, the wet slurps and occasional gag really lending itself well for a total experience.

“Don’t forget about the balls,” Jay looked down and told the girl.

“Of course not,” Natalie replied as his cock spilled from her mouth.

Her lips weren’t free for long as the Gifted star put them to use latching onto one nut at a time and doing a combination of sucking and licking. Jay grunted his approval, especially when she started humming as she sucked on his balls as cameraman Tom was using the Hitachi on her clit once more. It meant her ball licking would have a few seconds of stalling out as waves of pleasure flooded her brain, but looking down and seeing his sloppy cock resting across the actress’ gorgeous face more than made up for that fact.

As his dick was steered back into Natalie’s mouth, she would still take pauses from sucking him off due to the vibration assault on her clit. Oftentimes this would happen as she was mid-lick, her tongue staying extended on his tip or pole in the most adorable fashion. Wanting to aid her, not to mention increase his own pleasure, Jay took a more active role in the blowjob by using the pillow that Natalie’s head was resting on in order to pull and push her head up and down, her super plump lips constantly gliding on his shaft now despite her moans and eye rolling from the clit massage.

“I think you need some penetration,” Jay remarked, seeing the girl getting closer to yet another orgasm.

“Yes please,” Natalie beamed in excitement.

“Okay great. Let’s get this cock into you,” he added while Natalie went and gave his dick a sloppy suck again.

For those watching later on video there was a quick edit as the trio got into position, which was Natalie still on her back but now at the edge of the bed. It allowed the male talent to be standing between her legs so he could generate power while leaving the camera with all the visuals it needed.

“I’m gonna leave the butt plug in as I fuck your pussy first,” Jay told the younger girl.

“Sounds fantastic to me,” she smiled up at him.

Under their instruction, the busty actress moved her knees to her chest but pushed wider so that the camera could capture that impressive rack of hers as she was fucked missionary. Normally the man would use lube but Natalie had cum twice already and was knocking down the door for a third so her wetness wasn’t in question. After rubbing his tip through her folds to gather more moisture, he pushed into her cunt and didn’t stop until he was balls deep in the busty blonde.

“So full!” Natalie moaned. “This is crazy!”

Jay had every intention of going nice and slow with the blonde, but he soon abandoned that plan. Despite the fact that she had a fairly large butt plug in her ass and was taking her first double penetration of any sort, the Gifted star was clearly handling it better than expected. A fountain of constant moans, Natalie was all but begging for him to fuck her harder, which was what the horny man did.

“God! Look at those big titties flopping around,” cameraman Tom gawked.

The man’s assessment was right on the money. As his friend and business partner fucked the blonde harder, Natalie’s epic boobs bounced up and down wildly. How the Gifted star wasn’t giving herself a matching set of black eyes was the real mystery. And throughout the rigorous banging, the blonde moaned, shrieked and screamed, clearly loving her on-camera sex.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Natalie screamed louder and louder with each word.

Given the amount of years the men had been filming college girls to have sex on film, it surprised neither Tom nor Jay that yet another of their actresses was cumming despite the rather big plug filling their ass. In truth, the butt plug served twin purposes in keeping her anal ring stretched out to make the inevitable ass fucking easier, but it also changing the angle his dick was moving in her pussy. Instead of just slamming deep into her cunt, his dick was angled upwards so each and every thrust rubbed and poked her sensitive G spot.

This worked out even better than Jay could have predicted. While it was common for the college girls to orgasm while on film, rarely did a girl do so 3 times. Yet here Natalie Alyn Lind was, her big tits bouncing all about as she shuddered and shrieked as a third orgasm made every nerve ending in her body awash in pleasure. He was easily able to ride out her orgasm, despite the added tightness of her cunt, as he had much more in store for the busty girl.

“Okay I’m going to take out your butt plug now,” Jay said, pulling out of her pussy.

Once free of her cunt, Jay bent down and gripped the base of the toy in her ass. He made sure Tom was filming right over his shoulder as he deliberately went slow with removing the butt plug, watching as her while anus pulled outward in order to keep the toy in her butt until finally the anal ring gave way and the glass toy came out. Natalie whimpered about feeling empty but Jay was about to change that in short order. Lubing up his cock and the outer rim of her asshole, Jay held his slick manhood in one hand as he placed it against her sphincter while the Hitachi wand was placed back at her super-sensitive clit.

“Scared about taking the biggest cock yet into your ass?” Tom questioned.

“Medium. Not as much as I was originally,” Natalie answered.

Even though her asshole looked just as tight as ever, as soon as Jay started to push into her, it yielded without much fight. After only a few seconds, Natalie felt the fleshy pole breach her anal cavity and come to rest with a few inches of cock in her butt. It surprised her in the lack of pain she felt, something that must have been reflected on her face.

“Pretty good, right?”

“Uh-huh,” Natalie nodded her head with a genuine smile.

Jay pushed just short of half his length into her bowels on the initial penetration before he backed out so only his tip stayed in the busty girl. He knew that it was much easier to keep the backdoor always propped open so he reversed course and thrust back in with that same slow, steady stroke. The initial start to anal fucking especially with someone so young, tight and inexperienced was always the same - slow smooth strokes that used only 2 inches in either direction. It was a successful recipe most times, and Natalie handled this well. For 5 minutes he went with this approach, opting for his thumb on her clit instead of the more vigorous magic wand, at least at the start.

“Tell us what you’re feeling,” Tom asked their star.

“Feels so good,” she blushed. “Love how it feels going in and out.”

“Okay then I’m gonna fuck you a little harder,” Jay warned.

True to his word, that was exactly what the guy did. It wasn’t the thumping fuck he gave her pussy earlier but he was now able to fit his entire near 8-inches of cock into her ass. In fact, even as his hips thudded into her sex, her tits did a little quake from the contact. He was also able to lengthen his strokes out, using her anal ring to massage nearly half his total length with each thrust. As it started to show on her face in the way of a minor grimace, Jay reached for the vibrator beside him, swapping his finger on her clit for her favorite new magic wand.

“Oh fuck,” Natalie cooed in excitement as the now familiar whirl of the Hitachi buzzed against her nub.

“That got you excited, huh?”

Natalie had taken the magic wand from the man ass fucking her and was pressing it firmly against her hooded clit. Her response was biting her plump lip and nodding her head as her eyes began to roll to the back of her skull once more. Struck with an idea, Tom passed his partner a slender but long vibrator that was no more than an inch in diameter. Already it was whirled to life and Jay was on the same wavelength. Since Natalie had her eyes closed and Hitachi to her clit, Jay slowed his sodomy down so he could put this second vibrator into the blonde’s cunt.

“Shit!” Natalie screamed.

Wth the busty blonde getting the twin vibration sensation from both inside her pussy and on her clitoris, Jay ramped up his anal fucking. Going faster than before, Tom watched on as the 21 year old’s big tits started bouncing from each thrust into her. Mostly Natalie was just moaning, but hearing her curse or shout out how good her sodomy felt wasn’t uncommon either. In fact, the only time she was even challenged with the anal fucking was when Jay went slow but thrust fully into her ass, making her take all 8 inches at once. Even then, it was only a furrowing of her brow for a moment before the vibrators washed out her brain in pleasure.

Finally, it was Jay who broke as he eventually pulled out of the snug confines of Natalie’s asshole in order to take a break. He was getting officially close to cumming and he still had way more fun planned with the eldest Lind daughter before spunking on her.

“I don’t know why I was so scared of taking your dick in my ass,” Natalie complained from atop the bed. “This has been amazing.”

“See? I knew you’d be fine,” Jay told her as he idly poked in and out of her asshole for fun rather than pleasure.

“I’ve heard doggy style can be the best for anal,” Natalie suggested. “That’s my favorite way to get fucked normally so I thought we could try.”

“Well that’s funny because that was exactly what we had planned next,” cameraman Tom informed the horny star.

The men instructed Natalie to lay flat down on the bed with her elbows supporting her upper body and several pillows built up to rest her pelvis on. It gave her that arch in the back that better presented her asshole to Jay, while resting on her elbows afforded the camera to have a view of those epic tits she possessed. Also, resting flat rather than on hands and knees made for an easier anal experience since less muscle tone was required. Natalie found that out as Jay’s lubed-up cock had little to no issue spearing back into her ass, only stopping when he was balls deep.

“Jesus Christ!” Natalie moaned in surprise. “I’m such a butt slut now!”

Upon hearing those words, Jay was less concerned about taking it easy on the 21 year old. Instead, he pushed all the way back in several times, going balls deep in Natalie’s asshole before he concentrated back on speed. The more power he eased into her, the more Jay felt her body press back against him as the spring in the mattress worked to his advantage. The only thing better than seeing Natalie Alyn Lind and her big tits getting fucked in her underrated ass was the look of pleasure on her face as she did so. Not only did she keep her light brown eyes fixed on the camera, but her mouth stayed slightly agape to allow her moans to spill out regularly.

Every so often the men would bust back out the magic wand to use on Natalie’s clit as they loved the way she’d pant and roll her eyes when they did so. Meanwhile Jay was finding he needed to constantly change his tactics due to how close his orgasm was getting. He found that the long strokes were too pleasurable but had better luck with going balls deep but then making only short but hard thrusts down into the blonde’s ass. He knew it was a losing battle but any extra minute of sodomy with a girl like Natalie Alyn Lind was well worth the effort.

Natalie wiggled underneath him, getting her arms extended against the headboard so she had more pressure pushing back against him. “Yes. Fuck me. Fuck my ass hard.”

Even though Jay knew what it meant for his waning stamina, how could he pass up the offer of fucking Natalie’s ass hard? Giving her what she wanted, Jay rose and fell so the entire 8 inches of dick was plummeting in and out of her asshole , going faster then he had dared even in her pussy. She was able to take it especially since Tom had abandoned the cameras onto their tripods so he could work the vibrator against her clit, trapping it between her nub and the bed.

“Fuucckkk,” Natalie screamed.

“You’re gonna cum again, aren’t you?” Tom asked in near disbelief.

Natalie didn’t need to really answer the question as it was obviously true. 4 orgasms while her ass was either poked, prodded or downright fucked. Tom and Jay didn’t keep track of that data but they were willing to bet that would be a record.

“Yeah? You like when I fuck that ass hard?” Jay crooked out as he slammed into her ass harder than he’d done to any other coed in recent memory.

“Mmm...uh-huh,” Natalie moaned her response.

“Look at you taking that cock like a champion, you little anal whore,” Jay hissed, lost in his pleasure.

Between the thumping rhythm of her sodomy and the vibrator on her clit, it took Natalie little time to cum again. She did her usual signs of loud moaning with intermittent lip biting and eye rolls until she went deathly silent as her body shuddered. At first Jay was able to take advantage of her anal ring loosing all tone, thrusting harder and faster than any man had any right to do to a girl’s ass. However, he experienced the flip side of that coin a few moments later then her sphincter reversed course and it nearly pained him to make pushing motions into her butt.

“You know what the tradition for the money shot around here is?” Tom asked, knowing his partner was mere moments from his orgasm.

“Of course,” Natalie said, sweat beading on her brow from the energetic anal fuck. “Shooting all that naughty jizz on my face.”

“Shit! I’m spent,” Jay said after another dozen hard fucks down into her colon.

“Okay, onto your knees baby,” Tom instructed the new anal queen once Jay withdrew from her booty.

Normally Jay had the girl stroke or suck him off if they could convince the college girl to do ass to mouth. However, tonight Jay had sacrificed that option since he wanted to fuck Natalie’s ass until he was practically about to spunk. By the time the blonde got onto her knees at the foot of the bed and he got onto his mark, his dick was ready to pop with the slightest provocation. Seeing the way his face scrunched up, the grunts he made and the furious way the man beat his cock, Natalie knew it would be any second. She was afraid of taking a salty blast to her eyes so she closed them before opening her mouth and extending her tongue.

“Shit! Fuck! Here it comes,” Jay swore.

Natalie opened her eyes at the last second in order to stare down her fear, just like she did with her sodomy earlier. Her eyes opened in time for the first squirt of jizz to take her to the left side of her face, some getting in her mouth but the majority decorating her lips, cheek and nearly reaching her eye. Two quick jets took her in the mouth and nose mostly before her left cheek was plastered again. The amount of intensity of the semen launching from his tip started dying down, though it still had enough to cover her chin, and more importantly, glaze her amazing tits in his baby batter.

“Oh my God! How’d you cum that much?” Natalie giggled.

“So I think it’s safe to say you enjoyed anal way more than you thought you would,” Tom spoke to the cum-covered girl.

“Yeah! Discovered something new about myself,” the stacked blonde shared. “And I got to try riding the biggest dick ever in my butt. That was new and fun!”

“Can you stand and bend over the bed for us,” Jay instructed.

Natalie rolled up from her knees and followed the instructions with glee. With her feet still on the ground, the Gifted star bent over until her face and large tits were on the bed. The bed that she was sodomized on camera. Listening to the men, she reached back and pulled her butt cheeks apart to show them what they wanted.

“See! You were built for anal,” Tom commented, looking at her tight, albeit more red asshole. “Bounced right back and looks as tight as ever.”

“So is this what you expected from your anal shoot today?” Tom asked after she straightened back up.

“No! I thought I’d be hanging on for dear life,” Natalie shared. “But instead I had fun and enjoyed myself. Came 4 times, I think. Which is a lot for me. I was just loving it!”

“I knew you were gonna be into it when you took that DP and came,” Jay stated.

When all they got was a nod and smile from the girl, they realized how truly tired she must be. After all, their shoot had gone into the third hour. Not only the time, but Natalie had been so thoroughly fucked and came 4 times. At this point, she must have been running on fumes.

“Shower and nap time?”

“Think I earned it?” Natalie laughed. “After all, Exploited College Girls just turned me into a proper anal pornstar!”
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That’s cool. Maybe nex stories will be with the next sexy bombs: Alexandra Daddario, Ana De Armas, Sydney Sweeney, Margot Robbie, Alicia Vikander, Maya Hawke, Lily Collins or/and Sophie turner?
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That’s cool.

Thanks for reading and I hope you've been enjoying.

Maybe nex stories will be with the next sexy bombs: Alexandra Daddario, Ana De Armas, Sydney Sweeney, Margot Robbie, Alicia Vikander, Maya Hawke, Lily Collins or/and Sophie turner?

Those are some top suggestions. I'm planning on getting Alexandra Daddario and Sydney Sweeney into a story shortly.

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The Natalie fucking was absolutely fantastic!  8#=D

I am most definitely looking forward to a Sydney story now.
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The Natalie fucking was absolutely fantastic!  8#=D

Thanks TLMorgan. I have a few more scenes with Natalie coming up for some Christmas-themed chapters

I am most definitely looking forward to a Sydney story now.

Something coming down the pipeline. Feel free to give any suggestions for what you'd like to see

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Great series so far. I'm eager to see what you come up with next.

Since you're open to suggestions and I see that you've already mentioned Maya Hawke, would you ever consider a chapter with both her and her mother, Uma Thurman?
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