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Temptations and Desire (Scarlett Johansson)
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Codes: MF, Cheating/Affairs, Oral, Anal, Tittyfuck, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

This is my first ever story, inspired by many works from Cadeauxxx, mainly his Scarlett Johansson stories and some other stories I read on CSSA years ago.
Thank you to to the following - Cadeauxxx for help with suggestions and editing, and to John Connors for helping decide the title.
If you like my writing, please let me know with some feedback.

Temptations and Desire
Starring: Scarlett Johansson

January, 2009

Success among any business was difficult to achieve without hard work and dedication. When it came to Hollywood, as the old saying went, 'you're only as good as your last picture'. These words had proven to be true over a number of decades with a number of solid names that dropped after a string of bad luck with box office bombs. Jacob Castle was just the kind of man who knew the truth of this matter.

At the age of 36, the director had a successful run early in his career after beginning as a prop artist for a TV show in the 90's. Here was a man in the prime of his life, much younger than most established directors in Hollywood, yet he had already accomplished what many spent their lives pushing for. Jacob had married Ashley Beck back in 2000, a beautiful actress who was struggling to make it. Most men would kill for the life he had earned in such a short amount of time. Jacob felt as if he were on top of the world during the next several years. He had the dream in the movie making business and with a beautiful wife whom he preferred to use in all of his feature films.

By now, he had made a solid total of five films. All of them featured his wife Ashley and all five of them had been critically panned. Warner Brothers took the negative reviews to heart, with a popular opinion roaming that Jacob Castle was merely creating films to keep his wife employed within the film industry. Despite this, the 'Undercity' films were a box office success, raking in millions of dollars each year one had been released. Due to the profits made in ticket sales, the studio had no intention of firing the director, but they wanted something that received positive reception from critics for a change. Facing contract disputes with the studio, Castle took up the offer to make an Action film that did not have his wife whatsoever in a supporting role. The film would be entitled 'Shotgun Blues'.

The studio pulled all efforts to attract a female lead to replace Castle's wife, one that would surely bring in a high reception at the box office regardless of the negative reviews from critics that they had come to expect at this point. Scarlett Johansson had just returned to Hollywood after a year of working in Indian cinema within Bollywood. She jumped on the opportunity to try out for the role, eager to get her feet wet with the genre of Action films. The studio approved her for a starring role, giving her front billing as the tabloids and gossip magazines were quick to print stories about her return to America and the comeback that awaited her.

A week before filming approached in L.A., Scarlett arrived back home enjoying a quiet afternoon as her agent had dropped in. She had already spoken with her publicist, requesting interviews with a magazine to drop hints about the movie to the public. Her agent was an older man from Britain who had previously represented Eva Green. He was tall with a balding head of grey hair and kept a shaved face, always dressed sharp in the finest pinstriped dark suits. Paul was not happy with the film or the fact that she went into it and easily signed the contract before he could talk to her. The two shared a few drinks back in the living room of her hotel suite while he stomped around the room upset. "You're wasting your time with this rubbish! Look at this, you're worth more than this garbage."

Scarlett laughed and shook her head. Glancing back to her agent, she replied. "Well, I have to do something! It's been over a year since I made an American blockbuster. I don't think this movie is going to hurt me. People are bound to fill up theaters to watch me on screen. I went over the script, they needed sex appeal."

"Yeah! They're going to go and watch you and then the critics are going to blast you for being in such a shit movie! It's a fucking Jacob Castle movie for fuck sake!". She let out a sigh before softly replying. "Paul, please. You're over-reacting." He glared back at her before shaking his head. "Oh, no I'm not! I want to protect your reputation, that's all. Do you know what Jacob Castle is famous for? He keeps his wife employed in his garbage movies. If not for him, she would have never made it, and that's just a fucking fact."

"Who's he married to?" Scarlett replied.

"Ashley Beck." Paul bit his lower lip as Scarlett turned away. She was somewhat surprised to learn this. "Wow, really? I never put those two together."

"Yeah, she married him some time back. That's who he uses in those shitty Undercity movies." Scarlett sat there, thinking of Paul's words. She truly had no idea that Jacob was married, let alone to a beauty like Ashley. After a few seconds, she replied back to her agent. "I think I'll be fine in this movie. I appreciate your concerns Paul, but trust me, I've got this."

"Look, it's a waste of your time! You need to do something better, something that can you get nominated for an Oscar. It would be a shame to let your talent go to waste like this by starring in such rubbish."

She rolled her eyes to him. "I haven't been in an American film now for over a year, so I'm pretty sure I'm not in any hurry to sweep up an Oscar bid right now. Just relax, please. The movie probably will be junk, but at least I'm getting paid and who knows? Maybe I can get another action role in the future. Not everything has to go for awards."

With a smile across her lips, she got up from her chair and began to walk off. Her heels clicking and clacking as she left him alone in the room. Scarlett truly did not care about awards. She was aware that all she needed was one slam dunk in the box office to drive up her salary and increase the demand to see her in another film. She would enter filming giving it everything, even if it was bound to be junk. All she had to do was make one hit movie, and Scarlett knew that the studios would be calling her with better roles soon after. She was a hit at the box office before, she was confident that wouldn't change as her talent was still there.

May, 2009

Filming had began in late April back in Los Angeles at the studio. Jacob's film was rewarded a large budget from Warner Brothers. After Scarlett had signed on, he landed Matthew McConaughey as the lead star protagonist, making Scarlett his love interest. The movie was around the theme of a few old Blues songs, hence the title of 'Shotgun Blues' taken from the legendary Lightning Hopkins. The story was somewhat ridiculous, revolving around an ex-hitman who has been discovered in L.A. by an old mob boss who wants him dead. Most of the film was to take place behind a green screen and relied heavy stunt work with a car scene and various gun play. McConaughey had proven to be a fine choice, as the producers worked with him through gun training to make the film seem a little bit more realistic despite the CGI effects.

Scarlett found that she got along nicely with the director and cast. She found that it was easier to work in a place where everyone could get along and there wasn't a whole lot of pressure. Her character in the script was similar to a femme fatale in old Noir films. She played the protagonist's lover who also has her own agenda at hand. The betrayal could be seen coming at least thirty minutes away due to a mediocre script, but she didn't have the heart in her to tell Jacob or his writer's what she really thought. She was here to act; do her job and make sure that this film would be a hit in the box office, Scarlett wasn't the type of actress that complained about a script on the set.

Her wardrobe had a few fine dresses; one that was gold and revealing heavy cleavage, another that made her look like a knockout dame from the golden age of classic Hollywood in a white dress with heavy jewelry. Most of the time, Scarlett spent her scenes in simple pants and a T-shirt. She requested to wear shirts that revealed her cleavage, as she knew that her appearance was the main sex appeal of the movie, she didn't want to pass up on appearing sexy on screen. This request was immediately approved by Jacob without hesitation.

Occasionally, Scarlett shared a laugh with the director. Jacob was slightly taller than her, a slim build and with short black hair to go with his clean shaved build and brown eyes. It wasn't hard for her to find him appealing, noticing a muscular build when he decided to come to work one day in a tight T-shirt. Since arriving back in the States, she had yet to indulge in a bit of fun. She often thought of his wife Ashley, knowing to keep her distance from a married man with her own flirtatious behavior. That didn't mean that she didn't often catch his watchful eye gazing into her busty, milky white cleavage. Scarlett was used to men taking in her beauty, so would encourage to take a look by leaning down to pick up a pen she purposely dropped. Another time, she caught him starring directly into her ass as she was wearing a pair of tight white pants and a shirt.

It wasn't until filming had moved to a new set with a luxury hotel did the temptations begin to heat up between the director and his leading star actress. A flame of desire had been quietly lit and as time began to pass, those flames burned brightly between the two.

At the Palace hotel, two weeks were scheduled for filming. Jacob came along as he had to shoot scenes with the mafia boss. The location was set to give off the feeling of grandeur among the characterization for his film. Though she was not needed, Scarlett decided to tag alone and join the crew back at the hotel. She said it was to check out the hotel, but she was aware that Jacob could probably see her true motivations. She wanted to tease him further, as he had taken an interest in her.

Jacob had admitted to Scarlett that he was well aware of her status in the past. Little did she know, he sat behind her at the Academy Awards in 2006. He brought up the red dress that she wore that day, looking drop dead gorgeous. Scarlett teased him during the conversation, asking if his eyes were looking to her face and not down below. The blush over his face made her laugh. That was when she knew, despite him being a married man, he wanted her. His desire could not be understated with the genuine smile he produced to her.

"I think you need a break tonight from all this filming. You look like you could have a good night's rest." Scarlett spoke as stood across from Jacob. He was seated in his director's chair, watching as his camera men focused their equipment on the large hotel suite room to shoot the currently scheduled scene from script. She stood tall with her feet pushed down into a pair of black high heels. Over her slender legs, was a pair of white pants, the front clearly showing no belt between the hoops. She wore a low cut striped blue and white shirt revealing her signature cleavage. Scarlett knew he liked to gaze down into her breasts, so she figured she would tease him by dressing for the occasion. Over the shirt, a black leather jacket over her back was unzipped and pulled apart to reveal her curves to the director's curious eyes. He looked back at her and smiled before replying, "Yeah, I suppose you're right, Scarlett. After this shoot is over, I'm heading up another floor to rest well."

"Would you like some company?" This seemed to be the question he was hoping for. Scarlett knew with a wedding band over his ring finger, he probably didn't have the guts to ask her. "I would be a fool to deny your company." She reacted to that response with a slight grin. That was just what she wanted to hear. "I think there's some people who might agree with you on that." She grinned after her words. He had a soft smile over his face as a reaction. The director got up from his chair, standing to face her. Jacob was wearing a white collar shirt with jeans and a pair of sneakers. Like her, he had dressed casual despite the high class status of the hotel.

"Come then, you can join me back at my suite." Scarlett smiled after he spoke. It appeared that Jacob was going to be a man who made demands. She liked that, especially from a man with a wedding ring over his finger. It didn't matter, for she had no shame. Scarlett took pride in her status as a sex symbol in Hollywood, knowing that she had the power of temptation to push a man's buttons. She nodded to him, not saying a word as there was nothing else to say. About twenty minutes later, Jacob stepped out and Scarlett began to follow him as the set cleared off for the day.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. The sound of her high heel pumps beat down over the marble floor thunderously, echoing beyond the halls. Jacob led them into an elevator and a few minutes later, Scarlett's heels were stomping loudly onto the floor again as he led her to his luxury suite. The door shut behind them as Scarlett stepped in. Her eyes gazed to the large ceiling, glancing over all the marble stone and expensive carpets over the floor. Gold lining edges ran across dark mahogany wood over the walls for interior design, everything about the room was splendid. She stepped around, thinking to herself how she could approach the question of his wife. It was a question she had all intentions of teasing about. All the while, she could feel Jacob's eyes peering over her from behind. Finally, Scarlett turned around and smirked to him. "Does your wife know about me, Jacob?"

The smirk that developed over her luscious lips was almost an invitation in enticement. Jacob laughed before replying to her. "Yeah, she knows. She isn't real happy that you're in one of my movies. I've never made a film without her, she is kinda jealous." Scarlett giggled, stepping closer to him before she responded softly "Jealous, huh?" Jacob laughed and nodded to her. "Yeah, it's true. She told me that I should've put up a better fight with the studio to get her a role. She don't understand. There was simply no way...no way I could... I... could... pass on the opportunity to have you in one of my films."

From the way he stumbled and tripped over his own speech, Scarlett realized the power she held from being a temptation alone. He wanted her. The way his eyes gazed back at her in such desire, it was as if the man were struggling for the purity and truth of his soul as honest with marriage and the temptation that she presented for him. All she could do was smile at him and reply back. "I appreciate your respects, Jacob. It's a true honor to be in one of your films."

"You really mean that!?" He looked back at her surprised. Scarlett knew that she had this man all to herself now. All she did was nod her head and speak back in a low seductive tone, stroking his ego. "Yes, I really do." To play the game as a lustful temptation in her form, she had to make him chase after her. Stepping away from him, she turned around and stomped her heels over the floor. Scarlett quickly glanced around, noticing a doorway close by. Since the design of his hotel room appeared to be almost identical to her own suite room, she guessed where the bedroom was. As she began to walk towards that way, she soon heard Jacob's foot steps coming behind her. He was following her, just as she had hoped. As she stepped forward, her heels muffling over a carpet, she spoke back up. "You know what's funny, Jacob? You're a married man and invited me in. It almost makes me want to ask you a little something."

She let out a mischievous giggle. Scarlett stopped at the door way of his bedroom as Jacob responded to her. "What? What do you have on your mind?" She turned around, biting her lower lip as she looked to him before responding with her question. "How do you feel about your wife? I know she is beautiful, but given how you've wanted my company, I can't help but ask how you really feel about her."

Jacob sighed, glancing back to her face as if he were almost insulted by her question. "Look, I love Ashley! It's just..."

"Just what?" Scarlett cut him off, smiling to him as she stepped forward, moving her body merely inches away from his. She watched his eyes glance down, viewing her heavy cleavage as she always liked to tease him. He starred into her cleavage for a few seconds before taking a deep breath and looking back to her face. It was almost as if the man were about to spill his guts out in a confession. Such a joy Scarlett felt to have the power to entice a man like this. "It's just you, you! You are Scarlett Johansson of all women. You are probably the hottest woman in all of Hollywood, at least to my opinion. I've felt this way since I sat behind you at the Academy Awards a few years ago. Ashley caught me looking at you that night. She said something about how I couldn't keep my eyes off you. She knew." Starring into his eyes, Scarlett inched closer and softly replied. "She knew that you wanted me back then. Is that what you are telling me, dear?"

"Yes! What man wouldn't want you, Scarlett!? Look at you! You're a fucking blonde  bombshell beauty! I think you're the hottest woman in Hollywood, and I mean that! Ashley said something to me that night about the way I looked at you. She said it disgusted her, cause I used to look at her the same way. That was two years ago and now you're in one of my movies and she can't fucking stand that!"

Instantly, Scarlett made her move. She cupped his face, caressing the texture of his skin before leaning in to push her lips to his and indulge in a passionate kiss. It caught Jacob by surprise, but within seconds, he was pushing his tongue up against hers to enjoy the kiss. She moaned into his mouth before pulling back, breaking the kiss.

Scarlett stood there for a moment to gaze into his eyes. Jacob looked distraught, appearing that he needed a moment to embrace the fact he had just kissed a woman he desired for so long. She believed every word he said about her, for the temptations were too strong to ignore. Swallowing her breath, Scarlett glanced into his eyes and spoke back. "Don't think about her right now. Get her out of your mind, you've got the woman you wanted tonight." She giggled, leaning forward to him and smiling before she kissed him again. Jacob responded by moving his hands to feel up her chest, Scarlett moaned into his mouth as a response. When she felt his hands, she reached her left hand to feel the bulge in his pants. As their kiss continued, she pulled her jacket off and allowed it to fall to the floor all while his hands were now squeezing her breasts.

Their kiss finally broke when he stepped back. Their hands away from one another, Scarlett began to take a few steps backwards, moving into the doorway of the bedroom. She gave him a seductive grin, inviting him to quietly come to her. Jacob stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her. His lips pushed to her neck. Scarlett gasped, moaning out and raising her head as he began to kiss down her neck. He instantly discovered her weak spot, kissing down the neck was something she couldn't refuse. She stepped back as he moved to kiss up the opposite side of her neck. It was then that he moved both his hands up to squeeze her tits. Scarlett responded by moving back and then quickly pulling her shirt over her head, revealing those large natural Double DD breasts in a black push-up bra.

She gazed into his eyes, watching as he looked down in amazement at seeing her breasts. Scarlett wasted no time reaching behind her to unhook the bra. She knew that he wanted her tits. She had teased him repeatedly for days wearing low cut shirts to show off her cleavage and he never could stop looking at them. When the bra snapped and fell, her boobs bounced free. Scarlett watched as Jacob's eyes instantly inflated. She moved her hand to cup the back of his head, forcing her to look into her eyes. Her hands gripped his wrists and she silently telling him to play with her tits. Jacob ran his hands up and squeezed her breasts. Scarlett still looking into his eyes dropped her lower lip and let out a load moan to him as she felt his warm fingertips grazing across her pale skin.

There were still no words between them after several minutes. Scarlett was enjoying his touch. He already made her wet down below when he kissed up her neck. Right now she was playing the temptress and allowing him the pleasure to witness her body in the nude. Jacob took a few steps forward, forcing Scarlett to step back and eventually fall back on the large king size bed that was behind her. As she fell down he moved forward and kissed her lips again. Scarlett wrapped her arms around his neck, forcing the kiss into a passionate one like before. When they broke the, she could hear Jacob breathing. He leaned up on the bed, looking down at her before his hands gripped her breasts. "I've always wanted this body, oh my god..." His words came out almost in a whispering tone.

"I'm all yours tonight, Jacob. Go ahead and indulge yourself, dear." He didn't answer her back. Instead, he brought his head down and licked over her breasts. Scarlett took a deep breath, feeling her nipples harden from the touch of his tongue. He licked over them both before moving down, slathering her skin in his saliva. Jacob began to move down her body kissing a trail down to her belly button. His hands rustled over the front of her pants, pulling apart the buttons that popped one after the other. Scarlett surrendered her body to him, allowing him to freely to disrobe of the rest of her clothes as he desired to. She felt her pants sliding down, revealing a black lace thong underneath. Already soaking wet, she couldn't wait to see what he wanted to do first. She kicked her heels off, allowing him to slide her pants all the way down to shake loose from her legs. Scarlett leaned up to see him pulling her thong back and taking his first sight at her wet cunt. Shaved and dripping like a loose faucet.

Within seconds, the Hollywood sex symbol was gasping, raising her body up to let out a deep moan. Jacob embedded his mouth onto her sweet opening and darted his tongue inside of her. Scarlett cried out as she ran her hands to the sheets of the bed, clutching onto the fabric as she pulled at it. Her eyes shut as she embraced the moment as the man began to pleasure her. She spread her legs out further, breathing heavily as he continued to slither his tongue back and forth past her vulva lips. She kept her eyes closed, enjoying every moment spent of him pleasuring her. Eventually, Jacob stopped and began to take off his clothes. Scarlett lay back on the bed, knowing that soon she would be returning the favor to orally pleasure him.

She opened her eyes and looked to see him standing before her naked. Her eyes gazed across his muscular chest with light hair visible, but down below was what she desired to see. Scarlett quickly got up from the bed and fell down to her knees after slightly seeing his throbbing manhood from the corner of her eye. Her left hand reached up to grab his cock, gripping it before stroking it back and forth in his hand. Jacob took a deep breath as he gazed down at her. Scarlett looked up into his eyes and dropped her lower lip, displaying to him her gritted teeth as she stroked his shaft back and forth. The expression over Jacob's face was that of a man who's dream was at long last coming true. Any man would've lusted over her within Hollywood, but Jacob was true to his words of fantasizing about Scarlett all this time. The actress parted her puffy lips and then slid the head of his cock between them. Scarlett squeezed her lips over his swollen rod and then pushed it into her mouth, ready to devour his shaft.

"Ohhhh, god! Yes! Suck me, Scarlett!" Groaning was heard from his voice as Scarlett began to slowly suck his rod into her mouth. She moved her hand down to the base of his cock, holding it there as her mouth bobbed up and down over his shaft. Scarlett pressed her tongue up against the shaft and moaned into it. 'Mmmmmmm', her moan sent vibrations into him. Jacob gasped as he continued to watch her. Her lips moved down and up, sucking his cock like a peppermint stick. After a good minute of sucking, Scarlett came up and released his cock from between her puffy lips making a loud pop sound. She glanced down at his cock and spit on it before she began to stroke it back and forth with the firm grip of her hand. "Ohhhhh, man. You don't know how good that feels, fuck!" Scarlett glanced up into Jacob's eyes as he spoke.

Her hand continued to slowly stroke his cock as she softly moaned. Smirking up at him, she replied in a low seductive voice. "Oh honey, you haven't seen anything yet." Pushing the head of his big dick back to her lips, Scarlett rubbed it over her red lips before parting them once again. He had yet to see the best of her oral skills, as she was prepared to truly blow his mind this time. As she went back down on his cock, this time she moved her hand away from the base. Scarlett pressed her hands into his legs and pushed her mouth all the way down, devouring his shaft inch by inch. Jacob's eyes enlarged as he yelled out to her. "Oh, FUCK!!" Scarlett proved beyond any reasonable doubt, she could deepthroat his dick.

His voice turned into whimpering cries had become whimpering cries at the mercy of her puffy lips. Scarlett devoured his entire shaft, slamming the head to the back of her throat. She didn't choke or gag, showing her experience was that of a professional cocksucker. Jacob's shaft was long, but it wasn't unlike other cocks she had sucked before. After a whole minute, she finally pulled her lips up and released his rod from her mouth, yet again making another pop noise. Strings of saliva dangled from Scarlett's lower lip and back to his slobber-covered scepter. Jacob groaned. "You are something else, Scarlett. Oh my god, the way you suck me off." She wrapped her left hand back around the shaft, slowly stroking it as she moved her mouth down and began to kiss over his balls. Jacob took a deep breath as Scarlett began to lick and suck over his balls, slobbering over them loudly to make him moan and cry out to her.

She had something else in mind for him besides repetitively sucking his shaft. Letting go of his cock, Scarlett moved both of her hands down to grip her large tits underneath while she was still slobbering all over his balls. She held her big natural breasts up and then moved her mouth back. Ready to surprise him, she pulled her breasts apart as she leaned up and then wrapped both of them around his cock, trapping it. Jacob gasped as her big tits squeezed around his shaft. Scarlett licked her lips, looking up into his eyes as she spoke to him. "This is where you really want your cock, right dear?"

"Oh fuck yes!" Scarlett glanced down, looking at the head of his cock as he began to thrust his hips forward. She knew after he had been starring at her tits for days on the set that this was the one act she had to truly send him over the edge and call her name out. When he thrust his hips forward, Scarlett squeezed her hands tighter over her breasts, watching as his cock slipped between the folds and the head would pop back up. She knew that her big tits built for fucking and loved to use them on a man for pleasure like this. "Mmmmm, fuck my titties, darling." Scarlett moaned as he was slowly pumping his cock back and forth between her tits. Gazing up into his face, she could see the feeling of pleasure painted all over his facial expressions. She decided to tease him further with some dirty words. "That's it, honey! Mmmmmm, yeah! That cock feels so good pumping between my tits, yes!"

From the words of encouragement, Jacob began to buck his hips harder, forcing his cock to pump faster between Scarlett's tits. She moaned, feeling him place his hand down over her right shoulder, locking her in place. When Scarlett looked down, the head of his dick poked up from several thrusts. She opened her mouth, attempting to strike her tongue across it but couldn't. She wondered if he was going to fuck her tits until he reached his orgasm or if he had something else in mind. Taking in a deep breath, she quietly moaned as he continued to thrust his long shaft between her large tits. Finally, he began to slow down. Scarlett could hear Jacob breathing heavily as a sign that he may have been close to his breaking point. He stopped completely and moved his hand from her shoulder, pulling his cock from between her tits.

"Come on, get up Scarlett! Get up, I want you on the bed for me." His voice began with a yell but shifted down to a low tone in his passing words. She knew just the reason he wanted her on the bed now but didn't bother speaking. There was no reason for her to beg or make sudden demands for a man like this to fuck her, not with Jacob's strong desires. Rising up from her knees, Scarlett licked her lips while approaching the bed. He reached his hand out, squeezing her right breast. Scarlett whimpered and turned her head to see his face just before they locked lips to share a passionate kiss. After pulling their lips apart, Jacob pulled her to the bed. She fell on her back, allowing him to get on top of her as he used one hand to guide his cock into her pussy. She gasped, suddenly feeling his entrance so suddenly. One of his hands went to her breasts while the other moved to her side after his cock thrust into her. Scarlett gasped, gazing into his eyes as she felt him enter her.

"Ohhhhh, my! Jacob!" She cried out to him as he began to thrust his cock forward into her pussy but was unable to consider any words. Scarlett refused to break eye contact, starring back into his eyes until he closed them. His hands moved to grab her breasts, squeezing them and causing her to moan from his touch. "God, you are so fucking tight! Yes, this is it!!" She didn't know what he was saying exactly, as the man appeared to be experiencing a fantasy of his that had finally come true after a long wait. Scarlett closed her eyes and raised her neck, soon feeling Jacob's lips sucking and kissing down the left side as they had leaned closer together. Her big tits began to bounce, rubbing up against his chest as he pounded his cock into her pussy. She whimpered, crying out to him louder. "Yessss, oh god! OHHHHHH, GOD!!"

Suddenly, Jacob leaned up and the next thing Scarlett realized was that his hands were off her body and his cock had slipped out from her cunt. He was breathing heavily, caught into the moment of their uncontained lust to one another. He offered her his hand to help pull her up. "Get up, come on! I want you to bend over for me." From his words, she realized he wanted to change positions. Scarlett got up, letting go of his hand as she leaned up and softly kissed his lips. She then turned around, moving on all fours as she sank the palms of her hands down into the bed and stuck her ass up for him. She could feel his movements from stepping around on the bed. When Scarlett glanced over her shoulder to see him, that was the moment she felt his cock sliding back into her entrance. "Ohhhhh, yes..."

Softly whimpering, Scarlett moaned and closed her eyes as she felt him thrusting back into her. He went slow at first, but quickly found speed from the new doggy style position. Her lower lip fell, moaning as she raised her head upon feeling her breasts tremble and shake from beneath her. Jacob's balls began to slap into the underside of her ass as he pumped his shaft back and forth into her pussy. Her huge tits were shaking wildly, all while her hair was waving about from the movement of Jacob fucking her. "Ohhhh, god! Ohhh god, give it to me! GIVE IT TO ME!!" Her voice screamed loudly, echoing the words throughout the large luxurious bedroom. She felt his hand pushing over the small of her back, but Jacob didn't stop. Thrust after thrust, he gave her pussy every inch of his cock. Scarlett's eyes nearly rolled to the back of her head, satisfied to experience this frenzy of lustful fucking.

"GIVE IT TO ME, OHHHHH GOD!! YES!!" If his goal was to make her scream loudly, the man had achieved that and more. Scarlett raked her nails through the sheets of the bed, clutching and pulling them as she felt his long shaft pushing into her over and over. She was so close at this point, all she wanted to do was reach her climax and enjoy a satisfying climax. Scarlett hoped he would know that she was close and make her release her juices, feeling that she couldn't take much more. Her tits were shaking from under her while her long blonde hair waved around from the pounding he gave her. Scarlett gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, raising her head up as she cried out. Once her climax began, Jacob had made one final thrust into her pussy and held his cock still inside of her.

"OHHHHHHH, GOD!!" Scarlett's legs shook as she had reached her orgasm. Slowly, she had to catch her breath while Jacob was easing his cock out of her pussy. His hands squeezed her ass cheeks, making her think of the possibility of what he might do next. Scarlett didn't believe he would go for her last hole so soon, but perhaps she was wrong. Men could be quite unpredictable, as that was something she learned long ago. As she hung her head down and caught her breath, soon she felt his hard shaft pushing between the crack of her ass and finding that little dark hole. Scarlett gasped as Jacob slid his cock right into her ass. All she did was lick her lips and raise her head. He was far from the first man who had fucked her ass before, experience made her body stronger over time.

Smack! Jacob brought his right hand back and slapped over her ass. All Scarlett did was moan, she didn't move at all from the spank of his hand while he began to thrust every inch of his hard dick into her ass. She could hear him grunting as he rammed his cock into her ass and back. Scarlett moaned, but didn't say a word. All she wanted to do was enjoy this pleasure, since he had fucked her good enough to force her climax. Scarlett was amazed that Jacob had yet to blow his own load deep within her. Would he fill her ass up with his hot seed? She didn't know, but she wanted him to experience her voluptuous body to indulge in the lust he always had for her. She felt that cock slide up the crack of her buttocks as he searched for her dark hole. The assumptions she had made became clear within seconds once he began to ram his cock back and forth, pounding her ass with his shaft.

Scarlett raised her head again, moaning aloud as she found herself clutching the bed sheets once again. She didn't expect him to so suddenly ram her ass like this, forcing such a sudden reaction as she clawed at the bed sheets. His voice was beginning to change as he groaned, giving Scarlett the notice that he was close to reaching his own orgasm. With one final thrust into her ass, the man slowly pulled his cock free and stepped back on the bed. Scarlett turned to glance at him from over her shoulder. His facial expression was what she wanted to see, but Jacob looked at her and called out in a commanding voice. "Come here! Get on your knees for me, right here!" A second guess wasn't required for Scarlett to know exactly what was about to happen. She climbed up on her knees, turning around and following his order. She looked into into his eyes while he stroked his hard cock hanging above her head and pointed directly towards her face. While looking into his eyes, she asked him a question to tease him. "Are you gonna cum for me?"

Jacob grunted and reached down with his left hand to grip the back of her hair while yelling to her. "Fucking yes!!" Scarlett continued looking into his eyes while he was stroking his cock aimed directly at her face. She couldn't help herself but to tease him yet again, speaking filthier words while the playing the act of an obedient, willing temptress awaiting the sticky award for satisfying him. "Cum for me, Jacob! Cum for me! I want your cum all over my face." Raising her head up for him, Scarlett closed her eyes and then felt his hand release her hair as she seemed to be perfectly positioned for his impending explosion. Just as soon as she licked her lips, he grunted and cried out.

"FUCK!! OHHHHHH, GOD!!" A thick wad of cum shot from Jacob's dick, splattering across her forehead and into her hair. He grunted and a few seconds later, Scarlett could feel a sticky string layering over her right eyebrow and down her cheek. Another line of his seed went straight up the middle of her forehead and into her golden hair, dripping down her nose. "Ohhhhhhh, fuck yeah!!" Jacob's voice cried out as he was still blowing his load. One spurt of cum went directly into her left eyelid, dripping down like a tear drop. A thick wad of cum flew over Scarlett's right cheek. As she dropped her lower lip, another string of cum went flying over her right eye, dripping down her cheek.

Just when she assumed he was finished, Scarlett felt another wad of cum striking the left corner of her forehead and dripping into her eyebrow. A few final drops of his hot seed splashed over her right cheek and finally, he was finished. All she could hear was his heavy breathing. Scarlett began to slowly open her eyes, blinking as she had one eyelid with his sticky seed drenched in the corner. Her face was a complete mess, glazed and dripping in his hot cum. She looked into Jacob's face as he let go of his cock. The look over his face was of a grin, almost like he had reached a major achievement in life. It almost reminded her of how an artist looking at a finished painting. Her face was his canvas and she was his masterpiece.

Scarlett wrapped her left hand around his cock and brought the head into her mouth. While looking into his eyes, she sucked on his cock one last time. To milk the final drops of his cum and swallow it down. Once finished, she pulled his shaft from her puffy lips with a loud pop sound. Jacob still couldn't say a word, as he was starring down at her face with pride. Scarlett licked her lips after swallowing the drops of cum in her mouth. It was over and soon she would be tucked between the sheets with him in bed. An affair was born out of their dirty deed as Jacob finally gave in to his desire and experienced a fantasy come true. She didn't say a word, but the thought of teasing him about his wife had come up. The more she thought of the other woman, Scarlett grinned to herself.
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Re: Temptations and Desire (Scarlett Johansson)
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Part 2

The next day came to pass like any other. Though Scarlett had slept side by side with her director, they did not speak after waking up in the morning. She heard him on the phone with his wife, though there wasn't the least bit of guilt bleeding through his voice when he told her he loved and missed her. Scarlett returned to her own suite room of the hotel until filming resumed hours later. She returned on the set wearing a pair of white pants and a yellow shirt under that same black leather jacket. Unlike the previous days, Jacob didn't spend a whole lot of time looking her way. Perhaps he truly felt a sense of guilt, she thought to herself.

On lunch break, Scarlett finally had her opportunity alone with Jacob. He walked her way and offered a smile, inviting her to walk with him off the set while the actors and crew scrambled during their break shift. Since they had not discussed last night properly, it was the first thing Scarlett wanted to talk about. Jacob led her to a quiet room on the set, just the place he usually had lunch while filming at the hotel. Scarlett crossed her arms looking at him and smirked before speaking. "So, how was it? Did I live up to your expectations last night?" Jacob let out a deep breath, looking at her shocked before he replied. "Ohhhhh, man. Holy shit, you were fucking amazing, oh my god." She grinned at his compliments.

"I didn't want last night to end. I could've fucked you until my legs gave out, that's how much fun I was having." Scarlett giggled at his words before replying. She couldn't wait to tease him about his marriage. In fact, it was all she thought about while sleeping next to him last night. "Do you fuck your wife like that, hmmm?" Jacob looked back at her and laughed before shaking his head and replying. "No, she don't let me do certain stuff." Scarlett raised her eyebrow. "Like what?" When Jacob looked back at her, he chuckled before answering her. "Like fuck her in the ass, she would never let me do that." Scarlett smirked at him upon replying. "You didn't even ask me before you did that. That was kinda rude, you know."

"You liked it! Don't deny it, Scarlett. I can tell by looking at you right now." He wasn't wrong, as he caught her bluff and now she was laughing at him to prevent blushing. "Does your wife let you cum on her face?" Once more, Jacob laughed and shook his head. "No, never. Ashley would be offended if I dared to even ask." A soft smile appeared over Scarlett's face. "Well, I've gotta say that was quite the load you gave me last night. I couldn't believe all that cum was from just one cock." Scarlett wanted to see the look on his face after her choice of words, hinting to some of the more filthy deeds she had done in previous affairs. He took a deep breath before speaking again. "Ohhhhhh, yeah. You really made me cum hard last night, Scarlett. I was amazed at how much cum I drained from my balls. That might have been the biggest load I've ever shot."

"So, you like me better than your wife then?" It was a hard ball question that she popped to him as if it had no weight at all. Scarlett just wanted to see the dumbfounded look on this man's face as she questioned his marriage. She already knew the answer to this question, even if he was about to lie to her face. So far, he had been quite honest about last night's events. Scarlett knew that she was the better woman in the bed than his wife, just by the way he talked. After a sigh, Jacob began to speak after apparently thinking for a good choice of words. "Well, I don't know what to say without insulting Ashley. I love her, but-"

"Do you wanna do it again?" Scarlett quickly cut his speech off with yet another hard question. She realized right away that she probably should've just asked him this, rather than teasing him about cheating on his wife. Like the other question, she knew the answer to this one without him saying it. How could he refuse another night with her? Jacob looked at her and nodded his head slowly before replying in a low voice. "Fuck yes. I would never say no to that. When and where, that's my question." Just as she could've guessed, Jacob proved Scarlett's assumption to be true. She smiled, knowing now that she had this man completely wrapped around her finger.

There was just a place she wanted to use as scenery for a good night all to themselves. The hotel had a beautiful private swimming pool downstairs. To be all alone there with him, Scarlett felt it was the perfect place for some smoldering hot sex. "How about the swimming pool? We can sneak in late at night. It's huge, you can make me scream so loud my voice will echo all throughout that room. How about it?" He didn't reply back. All Jacob did was nod his head and smile. "I'll be there, make it around midnight." Scarlett returned a smile to him. "Good, I'll be waiting in a swimsuit. Don't forget to bring some swim shorts, just for an alibi if a security guard comes in on us."

When the midnight hours crept into the night, Scarlett proceeded with her plan. The swimming pool of the hotel was usually empty around 11 PM. The doors remained unlocked surprisingly, allowing anyone to sneak in if they could get past a security guard down the hall. She wondered if they would be seen through the surveillance cameras, but what could she care? At a young age, Scarlett learned that you had to take chances with things. Even if they were to get busted, it was still worth the opportunity. The massive swimming pool was empty in complete silence. Scarlett arrived with a white towel wrapped over her body. Her hair was pinned up in a pony tail as she wore a red one-piece swimsuit under the towel. Standing by the column near the stairs to the pool, she waited for his arrival.

Scarlett hoped that Jacob wasn't about to let her down. He displayed such excitement when she gave him the question of doing it a second time, so hopefully he would live up to his word. The swimming pool was massive, large enough to support a whole party at any time. Patio tables and numerous chairs were lined up outside the pool. She soon heard the door opening and then a man stepped through in flip flops and a black robe. Scarlett smirked, hiding behind the column as she watched him step through. Jacob didn't keep her waiting long but she couldn't help but to tease him over it anyway. She stepped forward, revealing herself with an inviting smirk. "I'm happy you've finally arrived, I was beginning to wonder if you were going to show at all."

"I was coming all along, I just had some phone calls to take care of first." Jacob smirked at her, but his words offered yet another chance for Scarlett to tease him. "Who was it? Your wife? Did you tell her you found someone better tonight?" He laughed at her words, shaking his head. "No, sorry to disappoint you but I've got a job to handle with the set. She calls me in the morning, not at night." Ignoring his words, Scarlett unwrapped her towel to reveal her busty body in the red swimsuit. Jacob gave her a smile as he pulled his robe apart, revealing that he was already completely naked. A funny thought ran through her head, but she simply watched him grab the railing to the swimming pool and stomp his feet down the large white steps to enter the pool.

She stood, gazing into the pool as the man moved around in the water. Jacob looked up at her and waved his hand, calling her. "Come on, Scarlett! Take that outfit off and get in here with me!" Looking down at the marble floor of the pool, she looked at her feet while reaching to her back to unzip the red swimsuit. A few seconds later, Scarlett loosened it up and then slid it down to the floor, revealing her nude body to him. She then walked over to the railing, following his steps as she climbed down into the pool and watched the reflecting colors across the moving surface. The water was obviously cold, she felt it piercing past her ankles and to her knees as she ventured down further, joining Jacob in the nude within the cold water. She swam closer to him, the water was around her breasts as Scarlett's feet were not on the floor. Jacob smiled as they came face to face, she was ready to tease him now about the robe.  "I told you to bring some swim trunks with you. Why did you go naked with just a robe?"

"There's no need for them. You know just as well as I do, we're not here for swimming." Scarlett laughed at his words. "But what if you were to get caught by a security guard? That would make quite the headline in the news, huh? Hot shot Hollywood director arrested for prowling a hotel with no underwear." She laughed, eventually Jacob couldn't help but chuckle with her. Scarlett swam towards the wall, never taking her eyes from his face to tease him with desire as she made light splashes in her movement. After a few minutes, she leaned back against the wall of the pool and teased him. "So, last night was fun, huh? You were doing things to me that you don't do with your wife, I've been thinking about that all day." Jacob smirked to her. "Oh, have you babe?" She gave him a nod, smiling the entire time. He took a deep breath before speaking again. "I've never cheated on Ashley before. I always wanted to stay faithful to her, but with you-"

"You just couldn't resist me, could you?" Her eyebrows raised, as Scarlett was obviously teasing him to try and force him to make a move on her. Jacob appeared to be conflicted from the look on his face, so she decided to ease his thoughts. "You shouldn't worry about her. Your wife isn't going to find out, not unless you are the one that tells her out of guilt." He sighed before answering her back. "I don't think I want to tell her, ever. Ashley is jealous of you. I've never made a movie without her, so you can imagine how bitter she feels right now."

"I don't care about her feelings towards me, Jacob. I'm here, she's not. You and I are about to have some more fun, she can speculate over what we're doing all she wants." Her words obviously had an influence over him, pushing him to lean forward and kiss her. Their bodies splashed around in the water as Scarlett's wet breasts pushed up against his chest. Upon pulling their lips apart, Scarlett had one final question for him before the true fucking began. "You don't feel any shame about this, do you?" He shook his head at her. "Hell no! Look, I know I'm never going to win an award in this industry. My movies sell tickets but you're never going to see me on stage getting handed a trophy. At least I can go to bed at night knowing that I got to fuck the most beautiful woman in all of Hollywood, that's the way I see it."

"You say that with such pride,dear." Jacob nodded to her answer. "Yeah, I'm proud of that. You're the most beautiful woman in the business, and I got to fuck you last night. All three holes and I even blasted your face in cum. That's enough to get over the fact knowing I'm never going to become a critically acclaimed director in history." Scarlett laughed at him. "Well, you're not done yet! Here's your second chance and I want you to fuck me real good again!" She was done with the chit chat for now, actions would be the only thing speaking for now. Scarlett kissed Jacob again as she reached through the water to find his cock down below. As their kiss became a passionate one, She felt his hands hold her back from under the water just as Scarlett guided his thick rod into her opening clit.

"Oh yeah, that's it! Come on, Jacob! Fuck me, fuck me!!" Her voice yelled throughout the large room, echoing off the walls and large ceiling. Jacob immediately took control, pushing Scarlett up against the wall as he slowly began to thrust his cock into her. The water splashed around them as she panted and moaned out. He placed his hands down over the wall to push down as he began to buck his hips underwater to drive his cock back and forth into her. "Come on, scream for me! Scream Scarlett!" A grunt was heard from his voice as he continued to slow thrust into her. She closed her eyes, listening to his groans as she felt every inch of him sliding into her and back.

He pushed back from the wall, instantly pulling his rod from her clit. Scarlett looked back at him surprised, but soon she understood why. He swam backwards, pulling at her hand as he moved to the steps of the pool. "Get up there for me, babe!" His words offered just the chance for her to tease him. "Why? So you can pound me outside the water!?" Jacob grunted again before answering her back. "Fuck yeah! Now get over there, go on Scarlett!" Following his command, she climbed up over the steps, rising out of the water and positioning herself on all fours. To her right side was the metal rail attached in the middle of the steps. As Scarlett looked down into the white stone of the steps, she could hear the water splashing as Jacob moved behind her. She turned to glance over her shoulder, seeing his legs still knee deep in the water, but all that mattered was the position. Scarlett was on all fours, inviting him to slide his rod back inside of her waiting cunt. A gasp was heard in a sharp tone from her voice as his cock found it's rightful place back into her clit.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah! Come on, FUCK ME!!" If his goal was to make her scream, he was accomplishing it with ease. Scarlett whimpered while biting on her lower lip. When she turned her head to look back down into the white steps, her pony tail flipped and hung over her shoulder. It wasn't long before his cock was pumping into her back and forth at fast pace. She felt both of his hands come down and grip her hips while his balls began to slap against her thighs with each hard thrust he sent into her. Slipping her hands  down into the water under the steps, Scarlett closed her eyes and continued to scream out to him. "YES, YESSSS!! FUCK ME, JACOB!! FUCK ME!! OHHHHHHH, YEAH!!"

Her voice echoed, screaming out along the large ceiling of the swimming pool room. He began to thrust, harder, his thick cock striking her g-spot from within. Scarlett's eyes popped open as she gasped and gritted her teeth. With his fast thrusts into her, she could no longer hold back. Jacob's own grunting could not be heard as his Hollywood seductress cried out and then closed her eyes again as her climax had been reached. Yet again, Scarlett screamed out as she felt her body tense up during her orgasm. Like the night before, Jacob was quick to push her to the limit. She felt his cock slip out of her pussy to instantly alert her. As Scarlett glanced past her shoulder, he gave her a smug grin before speaking. "You wanna clean this cock off, Scarlett? It's dripping in your juices." She had to catch her breath while turning around, the water splashing over her knees while she licked her lips.

"Mmmmm, as a matter of fact, I do." The man stood tall, towering over her as Scarlett gazed up into his eyes while bringing her lips down to his cock. True to his words, it was dripping in her own sweet juices. She slurped like a hungry whore, sliding her lips down the shaft and swallowing up her own warm honey. She noticed Jacob move his right hand up against the rail, clutching it as he stood tall and watched his Hollywood seductress begin to suck his cock. Scarlett ran her hands down to her big wet breasts, holding them up as she knew what he wanted to do already even if he didn't say it. 'Mmmmmmm', her voice cooed over his cock as she bobbed her head up and down the shaft. "Ohhhhh, fuck yeah! Suck that fucking cock, just like that..." Jaacob's voice went from yelling into a cry of pleasure, still Scarlett continued to bob her head up and down.

Saliva strings built up, dripping from the base of his dick as she continued. Soon, Jacob's voice alerted Scarlett to what he desired next. "God, you're so fucking amazing! I want you to hold those titties up, Scarlett. Wrap those big orbs around my dick, fuck me with them!" It was as if he read her mind, Scarlett knew that he loved her breasts. She moved her lips up to the head of his cock, holding her breasts up for a little trick. Her lips released his drool covered rod with a pop noise just seconds before her large tits came up and wrapped around it. Scarlett gazed up into his eyes as she squeezed her big breasts around his saliva coated shaft and began to pump them up and down. "Mmmmmmm..." Scarlett moaned while pushing her tits up and down his cock. She heard Jacob groan as she looked down at his cock, spitting on it while she continued to move up and down.

"Ohhhhh, god! Fuck yeah, that's it!" His voice cried out, forcing Scarlett's eyesight back up at his face. She smiled before gasping and letting out a moan while her large breasts continued to thrust down and up, fucking his cock to a pulp. Scarlett kept her eyes locked up at him, still pumping her tits up and down. She knew Jacob was close to reaching the edge of his own climax. He was twitching, just begging for a release, but Scarlett could not stop herself. Over and over, she pumped her large breasts up and down over his cock, up and down she continued. Finally after another minute, Jacob reached down and snatched his cock out from between her tits. He began to stroke it with his hand and Scarlett knew precisely what was about to happen. She looked up into his eyes, her hands still holding her breasts while she licked her lips. It was time to tease him before the big splash that would strike her face.

"Are you gonna cum for me, Jacob?" Scarlett glanced down, starring into the head of his cock while he groaned and replied. "Fuck yeah!!" She licked her lips, teasing him again. "Cum on my face, Jacob! I want you to cum all over my face!" He grunted again, the only sign Scarlett had that her face was seconds away from becoming a sticky, dripping mess for the second night in a row. As soon as she closed her eyes, he groaned and screamed. "FUCK!! OHHHHHH, GOD!!" Scarlett felt the first strike of his cum splattering over her face with a thick string over her forehead. Seconds later, another gob of his seed splashed across the right side of her face, streaking into her eyebrow and over the side of her forehead. She gasped, almost giggling as another wad of cum hit her left cheek. Since her hair was fixed up in a ponytail, it offered a clear canvas for him to paint her face into a mess. She heard him grunting as he finished off, shooting a final string of cum over her right cheek.

Scarlett opened her eyes, slowly blinking as she smiled up at Jacob. He was out of breath after making her face into a mess. With a big mischievous grin, she teased him in her low voice. "You made me dirty, didn't you?"

Jacob was busy catching his breath, but not without smiling to her and nodding. "Yeah, you're my dirty angel, Scarlett." She giggled at the cute nickname he offered to her. This was a perfect time to tease him about his wife, she assumed. "Well, do you wanna take me upstairs and let this angel get even dirtier?" With a big smile, he slowly nodded. "Yeah, I'd love that." Scarlett climbed up from her knees and they both left the pool. She had to clean up her face before dressing back up in the swimsuit. An hour later, they would be back in his luxury suite just like last night. Playing the role of his Hollywood seductress, Scarlett enjoyed letting the man indulge in his fantasy with her and do things he couldn't enjoy with his wife.

July, 2019

Shotgun Blues hit the theaters in the summer of 2010, almost a whole seven months after production had wrapped up. The film went through a heavy editing process while the studio pushed for a big marketing campaign. During the final wrap of the film, Scarlett enjoyed the short lived affair she had with Jacob. The film itself was a box office hit, though the reviews were mixed at best. Critics praised Scarlett Johansson's performance in her big screen return to Hollywood. The most negative part of the reviews focused on Jacob Castle's gimmicks of special effects and poor script work that relied heavily on the sex appeal of Scarlett and action scenes. The film itself was forgettable as the years went by, though the box office results raked in millions of dollars to allow the studio to extend Jacob's contract.

Four years after the release, Ashley filed for divorce from Jacob. Much of the gossip in celebrity tabloids was shocked over the couple's split. Inside the dirty side of Hollywood however, anyone that had seen their relationship up front could easily guess why they were breaking apart. Jacob began to make other films that starred other actresses but with his wife still on the screen. Ashley refused to allow him to make another film that didn't star her, for he was the only reason her career was still alive. Scarlett had heard rumors over the years of Jacob indulging in short lived affairs with other actresses and models that were starring in his films. Inside Hollywood, everyone knew that Ashley was truly divorcing him due to his affairs, even if they were kept quiet and out of the spotlight.

Though the years had passed since the short affair, Scarlett was well aware of the part she played in awakening Jacob's desire towards other women while he had a wedding ring on his finger. She heard over the years that he had become quite the womanizer on the set, such tales that made her laugh since she remembered the effort she went through to seduce him. Just like he had told her, he may not ever win an award, but at least he could take pride in that one moment sharing a lustful evening with a sex icon. Scarlett wondered if Ashley was aware of his affairs going to back the very beginning with her. Over the years, they never spoke again as both of their careers moved down different roads. Scarlett surprisingly began to do more action films, as her work in Shotgun Blues had opened the doorway to new roles. In 2016, she began the highest paid actress in Hollywood for that year. Jacob continued making the Undercity films, still starring Ashley even after their divorce. He was often referred to as a 'hack director' due to his limited style. Soon after the divorce, Jacob began to indulge in an open lifestyle as a womanizing playboy. Success and fame had it's way of changing people over long periods of time.

The end

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Re: Temptations and Desire (Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2020, 12:40:13 AM »
Fantastic story!

Always enjoy a good titty-fuck story with Scarlett  8#=D
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Re: Temptations and Desire (Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2020, 04:14:22 PM »
A fantastic story. Both detail and characterisation are outstanding and really add depth to the tale. I really hope that you post another story soon.
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Re: Temptations and Desire (Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #4 on: October 11, 2020, 03:16:53 AM »
Excellent story. You've got talent and I hope you write more stories in the future. This was quite the golden debut  :Y:
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Re: Temptations and Desire (Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #5 on: October 12, 2020, 10:11:15 AM »
Thanks everyone. Seeing as people like my writing, I might make work on a new story soon.

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Re: Temptations and Desire (Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #6 on: October 14, 2020, 02:49:40 PM »
What can you say? Awesome? Incredible? Brilliant? All these words feel empty when you want to talk about this masterpiece. I can count on my one hand other great skilled writers, you are one of very few unique artists and incredible people in the world. All I can say is thank you for sharing your story! Love you! :)
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Re: Temptations and Desire (Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #7 on: October 14, 2020, 05:36:51 PM »
It's hard to believe this is your first story, it has all the trappings of a seasoned pro.  A dexterous balance of plot and sex, great use of location and total fantasy fulfillment.  I really do hope to see more from you in the future.  On top of that, it is always a wonderful treat when a longtime member becomes an author! 

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Re: Temptations and Desire (Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #8 on: October 18, 2020, 05:07:47 PM »
It's hard to believe this is your first story, it has all the trappings of a seasoned pro.  A dexterous balance of plot and sex, great use of location and total fantasy fulfillment.  I really do hope to see more from you in the future.  On top of that, it is always a wonderful treat when a longtime member becomes an author!

Thank you kindly. I have done roleplay writing in the past, that is the kind of writing I am accustomed to. Cade has begged me for months to try and write a long story and I have to thank him for encouraging me and his help with editing this story. I am planning on writing another story to post here in the future. Thanks again, these kind of comments are a good confidence boost.
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Re: Temptations and Desire (Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #9 on: Today at 02:51:32 PM »
I do have to say I really enjoyed this one. The premise and the buildup were well done, the sex was insanely hot (in no big part thanks to how raw, rough and lustful it was) and the little details about all the things happening around those characters made the whole thing feel grounded in reality.

The fact that such a good story was also your first one speaks volumes. I do hope you continue writing since you clearly have the talent and skills.


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