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Emma Watson IS Batgirl!
« on: October 09, 2020, 07:31:25 AM »
Note- This is purely fiction and not intended to offend anyone.


Chapter One. The costume fitting. Featuring Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson took the small side street off Regent Street in the centre of London and found the red brick building. He went through the names on the intercom call box by the entrance and found what he was looking for.

"Costumes and alterations, floor five."

He pressed the little red button and a female voice spoke from the speaker grill.

"Push the door hard and come on up. You have to take the stairs I'm afraid. The lift is broken. Fifth floor, third door."

Robert went through the front door and found the old wooden staircase. He saw nobody else on the way up until he reached the door numbered three. The door opened when he tried the knob and he entered a well lit room filled with tailor dummies, racks of costumes and outfits and a long table.

Having won the honour being the next on screen Batman he was due here for a preliminary costume fitting. He spotted two women, one in white bra and high waisted lace panties with tiny ankle socks, and the other in a blue smock with medium length brown hair. The petite one in her underwear was speaking to the other.

"I was SO embarrassed. There I was, up against the desk with my knickers around my ankles and his hands on my waist when...Robert!"

Emma Watson was standing against the table in her undies with her arms outstretched and her cute bottom thrust up behind her. She screamed with joy and jumped up and down at the sight of Robert.

Although her tits were firmly cupped by her bra he found that he was unable to avert his eyes from the young woman's jiggling tits. The slim actress jumped into his arms and gave him a big kiss on the lips. Her perfume was heady and he took a deep breath to steady his nerves.


"Can you believe it? You and me. Batman and Batgirl. Yikes!"

"It still hasn't sunk in yet." Agreed Robert.

Emma pointed to the fitter who smiled hello and sat down at the table.

"This is Rachel, she's going to be helping us with the early fittings."

"Yes, I've managed to get hold of Ben Affleck's last costume and thought we could work from there."

Emma was a bundle of energy as she squealed and spun around in joy. All three went and sat at the table as the middle aged fitter explained what was going to happen.

Sat side by side Robert found it hard to concentrate as he kept stealing a glance at Emma's pubic mound that was clearly visible under her knickers. His cock twitched in his pants and he was relieved that neither of the women had noticed his hardness.

"If you're both happy we'll make a start."

Robert nodded and Rachel stood up.

"I'll go fetch the costumes while you get to know each other. Tea? Coffee?"

"Thanks, but no."

Robert stole another sideways look at Emma's half covered breasts and this time she caught him looking. He is so gorgeous she thought as she looked at the immaculately dressed actor. His black pants were complimented by his dark grey button down shirt and black ankle high boots.

His hair was still thick and dark and he had his usual stubble on his square jaw. His penetrating blue eyes under those big brows were the type that could hypnotise and entice a girl into doing anything he wanted.

"Do I make you feel uncomfortable, Robert?"

Emma crossed her slender legs and swung her left up and down playfully and her little sock slipped a little. They had dated in the past when they were younger and the temptation to take things further had always been on both of their minds.

"Are you seeing anyone, Robert?"

"Nobody special. You?"

He gulped hard as Emma shifted in her chair and scraped it across the wooden floor until they were side by side. He looked directly into those light brown eyes of hers as she leaned in close.

"I don't know what it is with guys. I think maybe they get a bit scared of my fame. Do you get that?"

She put a consoling hand on his left shoulder.

"Yeah, sometimes."

"SO frustrating. I haven't had sex in simply AGES."

His eyes never left hers as her right arm snaked around his neck from behind. Emma felt her breathing deepen as she suddenly smacked her mouth to his. The kiss lasted a full sixty seconds and they slipped their tongues into each others mouths. She could feel something stirring in his pants as they pressed up close.

"I mean. Sometimes I just want to make the first move, you know? I'd love to have a man, just for a short while. Just reach out and take a man's cock and use it for my own pleasure."

"Oh, yeah?"

"I think about this stuff a lot."

The fabric of his pants was soft and it was easy to make out the shape of his manhood with her hand. They both stood up and Emma quickly undid the zip and pulled out his beautiful member.

Emma smiled as she grabbed a handful of his rock hard cock and slowly stroked it up and down. Her thumb rolled around the bulbous head on the up stroke and she felt his shaft pulse in her tiny fist.

"I see that I have your full attention."

She beamed at him with that effervescent smile of hers and then Emma bent down, opened her mouth wide and applied her tongue to the underside and made his dick nice and slippery. As her excitement grew the slim actress began to suck Robert in earnest, bobbing her head up and down and diving down on his length further each time.

"Oh, Emma. You little minx!"

She grinned on his organ as she withdrew until only his bloated head was inside her hot mouth before gliding down almost all the way. She made audible yummy sounds as she went happily about her task, and Robert squirmed on his butt in bliss.

With her left hand she swept back her hair over her left ear as she widened her jaw and sucked him in all the way. Her fingers tickled his balls as slid her head down and went to work on his dick. He fancied he heard footsteps and guessed Rachel was on the stairs outside.

"Emma, if you don't stop I won't be able to get the Batman costume on."

She stopped licking his cock and held the stiff and rather moist organ up to her face. It was a magnificent member and she made a frustrated pout as she let him attempt to tuck it, difficult as it was, back in his pants.

Giggling she stuck her fingers in her mouth and tasted his manly scent on her tongue. Rachel came back then and in her arms she carried two black outfits. The pair of young actors calmed down and Emma played with Robert's left upper thigh with a sly grin.

"Now these are not the finished article, just prototypes."

Robert took the bulky load from Rachel and removed his shirt. The Affleck costume had caused some controversy at the time and Robert could see why. The full jumpsuit was all black with muscle padding in the chest and arms. The chest also had printed armour detailing to portray a hefty looking Batman. He looked at the women as he paused in thought.

"Of course you can't wear a bra or panties under the costume, it's going to fit quite snugly."

Rachel held out the Batgirl costume to Emma.

"You don't mind, do you Robert?"

Without waiting for his answer she unhooked her bra and tossed it onto the table letting her tits bounce out. Then she stepped out of her panties without batting an eyelid and threw them away.

He explored her nakedness with wide eyes and thought her slender physique to be extremely arousing. Her tits were medium sized but pretty nonetheless and had pencil eraser nipples. Her backside looked like heaven, such a smooth and firm set of cheeks, lifted and separated to perfection. Her stomach was flat and her abdomen led his eye to the sublime V of her sex which displayed a trimmed mound that protruded nicely from between her upper thighs.

"Take this."

Rachel handed over a black outfit and Emma shook it and held the top against her naked front. At this point it resembled a feminine looking three piece suit with a molded bustier top and shiny tight trousers.

She poured herself into the stretch pants of polyamide and elastane and immediately liked it. The slim fit black outfit hugged her hips and ass perfectly and the feel on her bare Mons was something else! The bustier had a shape of the Bat emblem cut out just at the point her cleavage started up to her collarbone where the sleeved cape was fastened by hook and loop. Robert thought the window of bare chest was most erotic.

"Can you zip me up, babe?"

He zipped up the back and the snug top made her B cup tits thrust up. She fastened the molded utility belt around her waist and it dropped a tad to the tops of her hips. A pair of elbow length gloves were next which she wound up her arms.

As Emma busied herself dressing Robert quickly dropped his pants and he too got dressed. Once in the jumpsuit he pulled on the flat heeled leather boots and donned the Batman gauntlets with the soft spikes down the sides.

"Wow! That has to be the sexiest Batgirl costume EVER!"

"I feel like I could seriously lick some butt in this."

Emma turned the face mask in her gloves and put it over her eyes. The black plastic was fitted with elastic which she out over the back of her head. Two pointed ears poked up on either side of the mask by about four inches which gave her a sinister look. Then she sat on a chair and tugged the knee high leather boots on, one by one. Robert picked up his black cowl of molded plastic and covered the upper half of his face.

"I'll take a few pictures of you two together."

Emma looked directly at the camera, then to Robert as she leaned on his shoulder. In between poses the pair of actors made heavy eye contact under their cowls. Rachel made them put their arms around each other as the session wore on. Emma looked the handsome actor in the eye and accidently on purpose brushed her hand directly on the end of his dick.

"Oops, sorry. A bit below the belt." Emma laughed but held her hand on his cock for an extra couple of seconds.

All three continued the photoshoot and chatted and Emma stiffened as Robert slid his left glove onto her right ass cheek through her costume and gently squeeze. She glanced at him and nodded for him to squeeze harder and she gasped when he did so.

"Okay, Emma? Not too tight?"

Robert guided his glove down the crack between her firm buttocks and she inhaled through gritted teeth at the intrusion.

"No, just right, Rachel."

As the pair of them flirted heavily Emma knew that they had to fuck. Her pussy burned with the desire for a big cock, HIS big cock. She struck a pose with one hand on her hip with her weight on one heel and Robert felt a full blown erection.

"How about you, Robert? Any stiffness?"

"It's a little cramped in the groin."

Emma chuckled as he bent at the waist in acute discomfort.

"I guessed it might," nodded Rachel. "Ben is not quite large down below, if you get my drift."

"Oh really?" Said Emma. "I would have guessed that he might be all man down there."

Rachel heard her phone chime and looked at her ringing Nokia.

"If you'll excuse me I have to make an important call."

Emma removed her mask and fluffed up her shoulder length hair.

"Take all the time you need, we're good."

The second Rachel closed the door behind her Robert looked at Emma who gave him the wink.

"Come on you sexy man, let's do it."

The smoldering ex model agreed as his aching boner reminded him of his arousal. Emma turned her back to him and leaned against the edge of the table. Robert removed his gloves and found a zipper behind the small of her back and pulled it down over the gentle curve of her buns.

She took the chunky part of the zip and continued to tug it up in front of her until it stopped at the top of her pubic area. With her pert ass now sticking out of outfit he felt her muff and found her labia pouting and wet. As he inserted two fingers Emma let out a soft groan and dipped her head forward.


She parted her legs wider to allow him to play with her sensitive folds easier. He leaned in behind her and blew air into her ear.

"Take off the costume."

He shrugged his shoulders and awkwardly wriggled out of the leather and spandex costume and breathed a sigh of relief. Consumed by a desperate need for intercourse he gave in to the temptation. His cock bobbed in front if him at full mast and he grabbed it just under the head to keep it from throbbing.

Robert was past the point of no return and reached under Emma to poke her opening with the head of his stiff cock. Emma steadied herself as he slid in all the way and held onto her hips. She gave a joyful squeal and rocked on her Bat-Boots. Robert looked down and took his cock out to examine how wet she had made him. Emma sighed at the loss of his boner and looked back to see him grinning.

"Put it back in you devil." She purred.

He nuzzled the top of her slit and bumped his bulbous glans on her hard clitoris. His hand followed the gentle curve of her right buttock and as she shuddered he thrust up into her again and pinned her arms to her sides.

"How bad do you want it?" He teased.

'So bad, I'm literally creaming."

Unable to stifle her pleasure Emma moaned loudly as all of him went inside her tight tunnel. At this point she was so wet she had no problem accommodating all of his rampant eight inches. Her back arched and her bottom pushed out and up behind her. With a perfect view of her pert rump peeking from under her costume he began to bang in and out with glee.

"Is that what you wanted?"

"Uh, huh!" She moaned softly.

Her tits jiggled as she was held firmly and Robert leaned over her narrow back and rocked her back and forth in a fluid motion. Emma bopped on her heels and her pussy rose up and down on his rock hard prick.

"Holy shit! Who's fucking who?"

Robert's mind raced as he relished Emma's silky warmth surround his rigid pole and slide up and down on it. The minx was a superb fuck. Fact. Her body vibrated and shook as they humped each other in a passionate clench. He placed his hand into the small of her back and she shifted to an angle that suited him.

Now he fucked her faster, expelling the air from her lungs as his hips slapped on her backside with each deep thrust. Her cute butt rippled as he collided with it and he pulled back on her arms as he withdrew and the pressure made her arch her back. Just when it seemed that Emma might very well squirt she froze and they both perked up their ears.

"Did you hear that?" Wondered she as she breathed heavily.

The door opened as Rachel returned.

"Shit! Quick!"

"Okay guys? Forgot my diary."

Emma did her best to shield Robert's nakedness behind her body as she smiled sweetly. Robert, having nowhere to hide his rampant erection, decided to slot back inside Emma's sodden cunt.


Rachel half looked up, half studied her notes as the horny couple made out in a slow fuck behind the far end of the table. Emma bit her lip to stifle a fevered moan and bobbed up and down in a gentle but exhilarating ride on Robert.

"Everything fit alright?"

Rachel turned to leave again.

"Oh, boy! Does it fit? Very much so."

When the door closed with a slam Emma slipped her costume and boots off as she watched Robert rub his hard on. They looked into each others eyes and then he eyed up her nakedness and her moist pubic area.

She licked her lips as she looked at his full erection that prodded up at his stomach. Looking into his blue eyes Emma pressed her lips to the base of his cock and kissed upwards, leaving a series of wet dabs on his flesh.

When she got to the sponge like glans she sucked him in as if sucking the big end of a lollipop. As she gripped his tense thighs she started a slow descent, taking his shiny shaft deeper and deeper inside her drooling mouth.

She loved the feel of him in her mouth. The saltiness of him mixed with her own female juices made her pussy spasm and trickle out in a delicious electric tingling.

"Where were we?" She purred as she felt the table against her bum.

Robert slid a finger up and down the sodden crease of her pussy. He used his right leg to prise her knees apart and urgently pressed his cock head at her soft petals and followed through.


With their faces barely an inch apart their eyes locked and they did not look away as Robert rolled his pelvis and penetrated her completely. Their damp pubes merged as he worked his length in and out in an almost slow motion fuck.

They kissed and Emma enveloped his tongue with hers as he held her thighs wide open. A delicious warm glow spread through her as Robert guided her lower body to and fro on his length. Her bottom moved on the edge of the table as he lifted her and then brought her back down.

"Robert. Give it to me, quickly! Before she comes back."

Emma gripped the edge of the table firmly until her knuckles went white. Robert gyrated his hips and his cock did amazing things inside her. She panted as he slipped his mouth over her left breast and took the hard bud in his teeth.

He sucked and flicked her nipple as he humped back and forth, working his rock hard dick in and out in quick, shallow humps. He moved to her right nipple and teased it with tiny nips of his white teeth.

"Love it, love it, love it!" Cooed the sexy babe.

"Stop! This is crazy! We're going to get caught."

Robert pulled back sharply and his rigid dick smacked back on his belly. Emma grinned, her eyes looked at his glistening prick which he reinserted inside her gaping hole and moved it in and out a couple of times before pulling out again. He ran a hand through his mop of hair in a frustrated torment.

"You sure you CAN stop?"

Robert shook his head in an effort to see sense. Then he shoved his twitching knob back in her juicy wetness and banged in and out of Emma thrice more. Her pussy was sheer nirvana. He withdrew again and dropped his head and panted. He looked up to see the little hussy with her head cocked and her thighs out wide.

"You're just wasting time, lover."

Emma went onto her back with the heels of her feet on the table. Robert cursed as he observed her oozing pussy, offered up like some sort of prize. His cock was so hard he thought he might ejaculate right there and then. He leaned over her and laid on top of her soft and tender body.

"Come on Batman. Give me that Bat-Pole!"

Emma spread her legs wide and held his rigid tool in her right hand and guided it to her opening. He grabbed her shoulders and drove up deep inside the insatiable actress. She wrapped her legs tightly around him, raised her hips and drew him in.

"Now fuck me, hard and fast."

Totally lost in the moment Robert went wild and thrashed up and down on top of the groaning woman, slamming his cock up in to the hilt.

'Come on Robert, cum in me. Fill me up, baby. I want it, I want it."

Then Emma screamed as her pussy tightened and she came on his prick. Robert felt his balls contract and then his cum spurted deep inside the shuddering babe. Emma kept her thighs locked around him and licked her lips as he flooded her cunt. Robert collapsed on top of her, totally drained from the passionate fuck. Still inside the panting Emma he felt her juices and his cum leak out around his shrinking knob.

"Nice fuck, Robert."

They both stood and Emma chuckled as they dripped fluids onto the floor.

"We better clean this up before Rachel gets back."

She began to mop up the mess with a Kleenex, bending down and displaying her wrecked pussy, now sodden with sweat and cum. And she STILL looked adorable. Robert shook his head as his cock twitched involuntarily at the sight of her spectacular bottom as it jiggled lightly.

"Emma, you drive me nuts."

More to cum...

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Re: Emma Watson IS Batgirl!
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Chapter Two. Enter Zoe Kravitz. Featuring Robert Pattinson.


"So. Who do I have to fuck to get a part in this picture?

Robert stared at what he thought was one of the most ravishing creatures he had ever set eyes on and felt his lower lip tremble ever so slightly.
The thirty year old actress had cut her hair short which emphasized her high cheekbones and perma-pout.

"Why me of course."

The handsome looking English actor spread his hands and moved in closer to Zoe Kravitz.
Seated side by side, they were dining in the renowned Savoy Grill in central London on the second night of the exotic American's trip to England.

Having heard that Robert and Emma Watson had both been cast in the latest entry in the lucrative Batman movie franchise, she was determined to get the coveted role of Catwoman. And she would do ANYTHING to get it.

"Well, that might just be a bonus."

Zoe eyed up the square jawed hunk with the mop of hair and thick brows and nodded in approval.

"I did have Matt Reeves in mind, but it turns out he's gay."

Robert had been cast in the lead role over a year ago on the much delayed project that had seen countless rumours as to who might be chosen for the other main characters.

"You know, you are perfect for the role of The Batman. You're a really good actor, and you have a fantastic jawline."

There had been a flurry of suggestions on the casting front soon after Robert had secured the part of 'The Batman' and the names of the new Batgirl and Catwoman were eagerly awaited.

"Pity about Vanessa." Said Robert as he shrugged.

The former Disney star, Vanessa Hudgens, had been initially cast as Catwoman but had given up the role due to the drawn out pre-production and laborious costume changes and fittings.

This had led to a large part to fill, and Zoe was bent on getting the job. As for news on the new Batgirl, the upcoming reboot had been virtually silent on that front.

Initially, the name of the complete unknown actress, Jayme Lawson had been bandied about before the announcement of the just turned thirty year old Emma Watson in the key role.

"Where are you staying?"

"Right here in the Savoy. It's the perfect location for shopping, cultural visits, and eating out. The staff and other guests are a bit stuffy mind, so I haven't had much chance of, you know, getting laid. And I have a voracious appetite for sex."

The couple were taking in a quintessential English afternoon tea in the unique glass domed artrium of the famous hotel in the Strand, and the stunning gazebo radiated natural light and warmth. The table was overloaded with sandwiches, homemade scones with cream and jam, and a selection of pastries.

"You single, Robert?"

"Very much so."

Robert took a gulp of Darjeeling tea and looked up at Zoe who cocked her head and raised her left eyebrow in puzzlement.

"Still playing the field, huh? Why not. By the by, I've got a junior suite with a fantastic view of the River Thames."

Zoe pronounced it 'Taymes' but Robert did not correct her on the way the locals called the river the 'Temz.'
The sultry beauty had arrived after Robert and all eyes in the dining room
turned her way as she sauntered ln wearing a daring black dress with an impossibly high slit up her right side that reached up to her hipbone.

"When was the last time you, entertained female company shall we say?"

Zoe gave him her best coquettish smile and crossed her right leg, revealing a very bare and very sexy thigh.
Robert felt his dick stiffen and he shifted in his seat to ease the resulting discomfort.
He was no shrinking violet by any means, but this one rang alarm bells in his head. Her raw sexuality and dominant behaviour agitated him.

"Oh, you know how it is." He answered with a lump in his throat.

The sunlight through the windows lit up Zoe's face, making her even more desirable than the young actor could ever have dreamed of.
The upper half of her dress left little to the imagination and her pert breasts heaved up and down as she breathed.


Robert muttered under his breath as they stared into each others eyes.
Zoe's left heel had slithered up the leg of his trousers under the table cloth and now nestled gently in Robert's crotch, which now sported a perceptible tent.

"Is that a Batarang down there, or are you just pleased to see me?"


"I think I know what's going on in that mind of yours. My room is on the fifth floor. Care to take a look?"

Zoe gave a firmer press down on Robert's lap and he nervously looked this and that at the other diners.

"Sure." He croaked and stood up awkwardly.

Zoe slid her hand around his waist, letting it travel south slowly until she cupped his lower right cheek.

"To the Batpole!"


The pair of lust crazed actors bundled into the room and immediately began to tear each others clothes off.
Locked in a French kiss they staggered into the middle of the room and in a trice they were both naked in each other arms.

At six feet in height, he towered over the diminutive American, and even in her heels she still had to crane her neck to kiss him.
As they hugged tightly her erect nipples thrust into his chest like two bullets.

"Ah. Your stubble scratches."

Zoe sighed softly and opened her mouth wider to let Robert's tongue slither in. He tilted his head to one side and took a glance at his surroundings. He noted the bright and spacious open plan. One sofa, two armchairs, and a desk. Behind them, a king sized bed with crisp white sheets and a low headboard.

"Like what you see?"

Zoe had taken a step back and Robert's cock pointed straight up as he reached full erection at the sight of her.
Whether she meant the room or her mattered not as he drank in her naked form.

Zoe was simply stunning with pert breasts, a slender waist, sensual flat stomach, and taut thighs.
His mouth dried as he leered at her desirable smooth mound with just the hint of a tiny area of pubes just above.
Her complexion was an exquisite dark and her skin completely flawless.

"My goodness. You're amazing."

His eyes swept over the body of the dazzling woman and he inhaled deeply.
The daughter of guitarist Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, Zoe was not only an accomplished actress, but a fashion model and musician.

"Thank you."

Zoe grinned as she sat on the edge of the large bed and spread her legs enticingly.
Robert dipped his gaze to her bald pussy with the intriguing pink entrance to her cunt.

Reading his mind, (wasn't that hard), Zoe pushed two fingers inside her hot box and slowly frigged herself, poking out the tip of her tongue to moisten her full lips.

"Let's see what you English are capable of. Eat me."

Zoe's legs were now splayed out wide and she raised her chin as she fingered herself faster.

"Very well."

Zoe felt her heart race at hearing Robert's deep English accent, and the close proximity of his masculine scent gave her pussy a welcome spasm.
Robert's cock lurched in front of him as he crouched down and smoothed her supple thighs with the palms of his hands.

"Oh, yes. That feels pretty good."

She looked at him with narrowed eyes as he proceeded to lightly kiss her inner thighs one by one. Zoe raised her left brow as he effortlessly lifted her left leg and placed it over his right shoulder. He leaned in and his nose made contact with her mound and she trembled at the touch. His breath made her pussy quiver and a soft moan escaped her lips as he made a exploratory swipe up her moist slit.

"Oh. Robert."

Zoe tossed her head from side to side as the young actor licked her up and down with his flattened tongue. Her gasps of delight fueled his enthusiasm and his tongue darted in and out of her pussy at a fast rate.

He felt her leg press into his shoulder as he probed her honeyed cunt, and he was rewarded by his chin becoming rather sticky.
Each and every lick, each and every rotation of his wriggling tongue brought forth more and more whimpers of pleasure from the smouldering beauty.

"How am I doing? You like it?" He asked as he lowered her leg.

"Uh, huh!"

Zoe opened her eyes and stared at the brooding hunk between her parted legs. On the very edge of the bed she lifted her hips in an effort to lure him in further. Robert obliged, sticking two fingers inside her sopping muff, and then clamping his pursed lips to her quite visible clitoris.


At the initial touch of him on her clit Zoe felt that welcome shock, almost like being struck by lightning. Robert looked up and saw her puffy lips part and close as he nibbled on her tiny bud.

With every swirl of his tongue and mouth around her clit made her clench on his drilling fingers. Her hands clutched at the sheets and her heels drummed a tattoo on the bed either side of his body.

"Good boy, good boy."

Zoe opened her eyes and shook her head as if to clear her thoughts.
She rose up and looked at the handsome hunk while she squeezed his thick cock.

Her tongue glistened as she gathered saliva and he gulped as he watched her dive down onto his knob. She sucked and sucked as if enjoying a lollipop, concentrating on his bell end which caused his throbbing shaft to swell in abject desire.

"Fucking hell!" He hissed in an appreciative groan.

Zoe ventured down his length with agonising slowness until his swollen dick was fully jammed down her throat.
Robert ran a hand through his dark mop of hair as he gawped at her nose which pressed against his pubes.

He was simply agog as he felt her tongue poke up and slather along his aching rod. She released him with a slobber and a shudder, and as she pulled back she left his erection coated with spit from head to root.

"Now Fuck me. And I like it rough."

He looked at her face which altered from that of an angel into one of a lust crazed vixen. Even her smile had wicked overtones and Robert felt the frisson of a thrill as he lowered his body onto hers.

He positioned himself at her entrance and thrust in. Zoe gasped as he remained still, relishing the sublime sensation of her heat and tightness surrounding his aching log. As they began to move they entwined fingers and ground against each other.


Zoe lifted her left leg and wrapped it tightly over his right hip in an attempt to draw him in deeper. With both hands she grabbed his thick hair and encouraged him to fuck her faster.

Robert growled and dug his toes in behind him and hammered into her with great gusto. As he took possession of her smooth and naked body her back arched up into him.


Robert hissed as the driven female grazed her teeth on the soft flesh of his neck, and her hands gripped his tight butt in her heated frenzy.
The persistent slapping of his body on hers was pretty much drowned out by Zoe who cursed and swore like a sailor on a Saturday night.

"Fuck me like you mean it!"

Her taunting words spurred the young Englishman on and he pounded his stiff dick deeper and deeper into her wet cunt.
Both of them were gripped in a wanton feeling of greedy lust and both were determined to satisfy their own erotic cravings.

Robert had never had such a woman as she. A woman seemingly possessed by almost primal urges as she became more and more inflamed by her deep seated passion.

"Stick it to me!"

The usually composed Robert experienced something new. Despite his undisputed sexual prowess he felt a vexing frustration that unexpectedly fueled his passion even more.
Clever bitch!

"Me now."

As they slowed up and held onto each other, they rolled in each others arms on the rucked up sheets.
Robert pulled her light frame on top of him and she stretched out and grasped both of his arms.

Her body was red hot, almost feverish in her ardour, and as she wriggled atop of him she felt him guide his length to her wet snatch.
He held onto her slim hips as she pulled back into a sitting position and let his cock slide up inside her.


The confident Zoe sank all the way down and lingered for a moment to savour that special feeling of total penetration.
She grit her teeth and then began to rock back and forth, her tits jiggling lightly as she rode him.

As her head dipped she clamped her thighs against his and slid her hands over his manly chest. Her hips shifted in a fury of desire as she fucked him, loving his huge dick, hard and insistent inside her cunt.
Robert pinched her stiff nipples which by this time could quite easily have cut glass.

Zoe surprised him further still as she leapt up and tugged on his length in a double fisted wank. Her nimble fingers caressed his shaft only, leaving his bloated cock head to glisten angrily in it's abandonment.

Then she spun around and with a wiggle of hips she was impaled once more on his upstanding flagpole in a reverse cowgirl position.
Fully stuffed with his entire length, Zoe held it there and shifted her legs.

As Zoe rose and fell on his log he played with her tits, kneading and squeezing the firm flesh.
He gasped as Zoe made exquisite circular motions and bucked back and forth with relish.
Consumed with the need to compete with the luscious beauty, Robert pushed his thumb into her puckered star and probed her tightness there.

"Wicked boy!"

Zoe wiggled in a lewd manner as her lips let out impassioned moans of shameless delight.
Just when she thought she might actually cum, Zoe was unceremoniously tossed onto the bed by the impatient Englishman.

"Enough playing."

Zoe chuckled and swung her ass from side to side as she regained her composure.
Robert tugged Zoe into a doggy position, facing away from him and his prick lunged up inside the sopping pussy of the American,
He drew her back into his chest until his head was on her shoulder.

"You're so wet."

"I know. Is that all you got by the way? I could frig myself faster. And talk dirty."

Goaded into action, Robert looked at her defiant gaze as she looked at him over her shoulder.

"You...bitch! You dirty fucking bitch!"

"Now you're getting it. Jeez!"

Robert slapped her on the ass hard. Twice. Once on either cheek.
Zoe moaned and her eyelids fluttered as her knees buckled.
She ground back against his rigid pole as he gripped her about the waist.
His hips went into overdrive as he screwed the insatiable minx with assertive short stabs of his turgid cock.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, yes!"

Zoe groaned and quivered as Robert fucked her hard and smacked the tight flesh of her buttocks with his open palm.

"Fucking whore! Fucking slut!"

Zoe snapped her head back and Robert felt her cunt spasm around his dick as his hips banged into her bubble butt.

"Close, so...close!" She whimpered desperately as the tingling in her loins raged.

Robert grinned with a wolfish sense of satisfaction as he propelled himself forwards relentlessly and he gave her such a whack on her backside that the resulting sound echoed through the room and left an indelible hand print on the superb curve of her dusky bottom.


Feeling dominant at last he reached around and found her swollen clit and rubbed on it as he bit into her neck.
Zoe cried out as a thrilling shiver traveled up her spine.

"Cum in me, cum...oh!"

Zoe had no more words. Just animal grunts and throaty sounds of carnal lust.
Robert truly began to fuck Zoe into submission, ramming his aching tool into her as fast as he was able.
He assaulted her pussy with such speed and ferocity that it literally took her breath away.

With her head flattened to the bed, and her ass high up Robert drilled into her until she came in a series of orgasmic shocks that coursed through her entire body.


It was the perfect ending to a perfect fuck. Robert kept pressure on Zoe's clit as she came, and he drove up for one final super thrust and erupted inside her pussy. He exhaled in a stream of air as he sent string after string of his white seed into her cunt.

As he held onto her waist firmly her overflowing muff dripped the hot and sticky cum which spurted out as they disentangled.


Soaked in well earned sweat and cum they hugged each other in the afterglow. Zoe was sprawled over Robert, one leg slung across his groin, and with her head on his chest.
Not half an hour ago the smoking hot beauty had been dressed and made up immaculately. Now her hair was a mess and her make up smeary.

"Well, Zoe. You're halfway there."

"Halfway? What do you mean?"

"If it was up to me then you have the part. But there's someone else you still need to impress."

"And that is?"

"Why, Emma of course."


Zoe looked past Robert as he dressed and nodded. Then she leaned back into the lush pillows and grinned.

"Not a problem."

More to cum.
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Re: Emma Watson IS Batgirl!
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Chapter Three. The Photoshoot. With Emma, Robert Pattinson, and Zoe Kravitz.


"Hello, Emma."

"Hello, Robert."

The pair of young British actors looked directly into each others eyes as the thick maned man ushered her into his country home in Sandwich Bay, Kent. They remained locked in a hypnotic stare as the bubbling undercurrent of sexual tension made for a thick atmosphere. Emma pricked her ears up as she heard the music of the English band 'Muse' blaring out.

"Supermassive Black Hole? I LOVE this song!"

She slammed Robert into the nearest wall and smashed her red lips to his in a passionate kiss. In time with the loud music Robert returned the hot kiss as he held her face to his and scratched her chin with the stubble of his beard.

Emma gripped his hips and banged her pelvis against him hard and he ran both hands over the gentle curve of her delectable bottom. With an urgent desire to dominate he held her by her waist and spun her so that now she had her back to the wall.

"Oh, Robert!"

She lifted her right leg up at the knee and hooked her heel about the back of his calf. Her perfectly groomed right brow went up as she gazed at him with that innocent look of hers that had captured the hearts of thousands. He slid his left hand up her leg and raised the hem of her cream coloured mini dress to where he met her panty line.

Totally lost in a lust filled frenzy the two kept kissing hard and Robert managed to peel back her light grey jacket off of her shoulders and down her back. Emma let it slide off her arms to the floor and tilted her head back as her lover rained hot kisses on her graceful neck. He held both her arms above her head and pinned them to the white washed wall behind her with his right hand as he used his left to snake under her dress.

"No underwear. WHAT a naughty girl you are."

Robert slipped his middle finger inside her softness and frigged her hard and fast. Emma moaned and closed her eyes as she raised up on the toes of her Gucci high heeled platform sandals. She felt that welcome warm sensation in her loins and moved her hips accordingly. Then he put his hand to her mouth and she licked his finger dry of her own juices.

The music still thumped and Emma felt her heart beat to the drum as she shifted and turned Robert to the wall again. She grinned as she used both hands to pop the studs of his faded blue denim shirt. She pawed at his sexy torso and masculine hairy chest as they met in a mouth watering French kiss.

"I LOVE your body."

The petite actress peppered his chest with consistent kisses and nips as she fumbled with the belt of his trousers. She managed to unhook the clasp and together they dragged his pants down to his knees Hid eight inch boner popped up and Emma grasped the hot shaft half way down his length.

She rubbed it in her small fist until he reached full erection. The music came to a sudden stop and the intensity of their make out session slowed as she went to her knees and held up his stiff cock.

"Well, hello."

Robert looked down with his brooding expression as her feminine hands slid up and down, palms in and fingers pointed. His hips twitched as she blew hot breath on the swollen head of his thick organ and gasped under his breath as she pouted those rosy lips of hers and planted a loud smacker of a kiss on top.

Her pink tongue poked out and went in a circle along the sensitive underside of the spongy glans and then traced a line down the heavily veined shaft to the base. A thin trickle of her spit slowly made its way down, stopping about halfway.


Again she trailed up with her tongue, tugging his dick with her hands until she reached purple head. As she inhaled she sucked him in at the same time and the velvet like warmth of her mouth on the first three inches of his cock sent a shiver up his spine.

With a happy humming sound Emma bobbed on her haunches as she sucked and lapped on his length, increasing the rate gradually. Robert loved how her medium cut brown hair shook about her pretty face as she pushed down further and further.


As her head moved faster he placed his hands on top and urged her on. Emma relaxed her throat and he groaned with bliss as the head of his cock met her tonsils. As she took in all of his eight inches her cute nose nudged his wiry pubic hair.

"You witch!" He cried in awe and she giggled on his cock sending amazing vibrations along his slick knob.

Emma drew her head back slowly, nipping his hot flesh with her hard white teeth until he popped out with an audible slurp. A long string of saliva joined his glans to her lips and she moved back and back until it broke.

"Come with me."

Robert shed his shirt and trousers as he took her by the hand up the stairs to his bedroom. The sun shine through the opaque net curtains and flooded the white walled room with light. As he stood at the foot of his king size bed Emma flopped onto it, drew her dress up to her small waist and spread her heavenly bare legs. She crooked her index finger and beckoned the horny hunk to her.

"Eat me."

As he moved to the edge of the bed her right heel came up and she rested the thin spike on his forehead. She chuckled and teased him by rubbing her exposed and very moist shaven slit with her fingers. Her heel lowered to his left shoulder as she kept him at bay and she moaned noisily thereby driving him crazy.

"You are such a tease, you little minx."

"Who me?"

Emma licked her fingers and caressed her pussy again as Robert grabbed both her ankles and lifted them straight up to the high ceiling. With a strong tug he dragged her along the bed to him and her bum and back brought the crisp white sheet with her.

With her lower body on the edge of the bed Robert knelt down and stared at her pussy lips that appeared puffy and wet. He let her legs down and got a closer look at the pinkish inner folds that protruded ever so slightly.

"There you go, oh!"

Robert held her under each milky white thigh and proceeded to run his tongue up and down the vertical line of her sweet cunt, dragging the pointed tip to her hard clitoris that peeked out invitingly. His cock was as hard as a rod of steel as he alternated giving her sloppy wet flicks, sometimes side to side, and sometimes up and down. Emma grabbed bunches of the sheets and nodded her head as she moaned in pleasure.

Her feet bobbed up and down in the air as her bottom teetered on the very edge of the bed. Having had a good taste of her juices the brooding ex model pushed his tongue inside her pussy and sucked with his mouth at the same time. Emma's moans became a shrill whining which turned to tiny squeals as she was rocked on her lower body.


His beard scraped on her inner thighs and a thrill rushed through her to think that THE Robert Pattinson was licking her pussy. An electric tingling warmed her loins and she brought down her legs to clamp her thighs on either side of his head. She grabbed a handful of his thick mane and let her fingers run amok.

"Hey now, Watson. Leave the hair, okay!"

Robert looked up and wiped the stubble on his chin as Emma raised her head to observe her gorgeous lover slide his arms around her calves just below the knee and bend her legs back. With her hot pussy perfectly lined up he presented his angry looking cock head to her opening and entered the purring young woman. He leaned in and let his arms take the weight and his cock sank in as a result. Her pussy contracted around his thick shaft as he followed through until all of his eight inches slid inside her velvet haven.

"Oh, fuck!"

As he began to push in and out Emma stroked the firm muscles in his back as they melted into a long and involved kiss. His powerful thighs and pelvis enabled him to build up a steady rhythm and they hugged tightly as he fucked her for a good five minutes.

"Go deeper."

Emma moaned and buried her face in his right shoulder as he plunged inside her to the hilt and then pulled back out so that his big bell end threatened to pop out of her slick tunnel. She raised her slender pins again and locked then behind his back which made her heels click together.

Likewise Robert lifted up a tad and his tight ass clenched as he banged in and out in an increased rate of deep strokes. The feel of her around his prick was fantastic and he couldn't resist pulling her legs from his back and bending them back double so that her heels were next to her ears.


He held her in a firm grip as he fucked in and out, each inward thrust causing his balls to smack on her cute butt. The rhythmic slapping of skin on skin, flesh on flesh filled their ears. Emma gasped for breath as her slim figure was pinned to the mattress which bounced a full two inches under their perspiring bodies. Robert was able to bang her a few more times before he slipped out and laid on his back panting. Emma lowered her weary legs and mopped her brow.

"That was great. Now, let me."

She sat up on her knees and drew her dress off over her head. As she watched his scrummy chest rise and fall she shuffled forwards and enveloped his twitching dick into her hot mouth. His hips pushed up a little as he was lapped and teased with her snake of a tongue.

She took half his cock inside her dribbling mouth as she jerked him off at the base. Her tongue fluttered on his shaft and her teeth nipped him every now and again.

"I love sucking your cock." She said slightly muffled by her ministrations.

She let him slip out of her mouth and looked at him with a radiant glow. Emma gave him a devilish grin and got into a doggy style position and showed him her clean pair of heels. She looked over her shoulder and watched Robert inch up behind her and take a firm grip on her waist and pull her back into his groin.

Her hair fell across her face as she felt him tweak her right cheek and she murmured under her breath. He pushed in as he pulled her back onto his rigid pole and her eyes snapped open as he slid inside her to full depth.

"Fucking hell!"

He paused in mid stroke and they remained joined at the hip as he jiggled his throbbing hose inside her sublime cunt. The gentle, accentuated curve of her bottom was her best feature he decided as he gradually withdrew with a slight grunt. The inner lips of her pussy came out too and a trickle of her love juices ran down the inside of her left thigh.

"Come on and fuck me already!"

Emma tapped her right shoe on the bed in frustration as she looked into his penetrating blue eyes. He grabbed her by the waist once more and rammed in her pussy. She dipped her head as he drove in and out with short strokes that took her breath away. He leaned over and his sweating front met her narrow back and they slithered and writhed as they became glued together.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god!"

Emma shrieked as she made several spasms on his hard length. Her petite frame shook against him as her orgasm made her slump forwards. He fell with her with his cock still embedded inside her. She squirted from the intense climax and his prick was a glistening rod of flesh.

Pinning her beneath his panting frame he kept on pumping into the English rose for a further two minutes before he rolled off and settled in a pool of sweat. Emma lifted her exhausted body up onto her right elbow and ran an index finger across his stomach.

"Alright, lover?"

She shuffled over and laid by his side and thrust her mouth down onto his pulsing knob. A muffled noise came from her mouth as Robert shot his load down her throat. The thick cum came in heavy spurts as he bucked up from the bed.

Emma sucked and swallowed as she put her lank hair behind her ear. When he was spent she let him out and laid in his arms. After a few minutes she got up and he watched her slim figure pad over to the en-suite bathroom where she took a shower and used mouthwash.

"So," he said as he stood by the door to the bedroom naked, brushing his teeth. "What do you think of Zoe Kravitz as a potential new Catwoman?"

It had been a while since Robert and she had gone to an initial costume fit for their new movie roles of Batman and Batgirl.

"Don't know a whole lot about her to tell the truth. Guess we'll find out tomorrow at the screen test."


At 3.30 the next day Robert and Emma waited patiently in their prototype costumes in the fairly tiny film studio in Wardour Street, Soho. They had been made to wait in the chilly room while the American actress Zoe was being fitted into her Catwoman costume.

"It's going to take some doing to outdo your costume Emma. You look fantastic."

True enough the black Batgirl outfit made of a stretch black spandex looked striking on her slim figure. The curves of her hips and ass were hugged tightly and her upper body was highly suggestive with the tight bustier and cut out Bat emblem on her chest. Her cowl, with the stuffed four inch Bat ears covered her features but left her light brown hair loose about her shoulders in an attractive cut.

"You're not so bad yourself."

Robert now had a half jump suit all in black but still with the padded chest and biceps. At just over six feet tall he cut an impressive picture. Brian, the ruddy faced photographer and cameraman came into the room at that moment and spread his hands.

"Well, here she is."

Zoe made her grand entrance and both Emma and Robert made stupid gawps like goldfish gasping for oxygen.

"I was wrong. She looks ravishing."


Emma glanced at the tall actor and scowled in jealousy as Zoe stood and drank in the adoration. Her full, all in one black jumpsuit also hugged her figure like a second skin and emphasized all her feminine curves. It had a wet look design and was made from rubber coated spandex and it moved as she breathed.

An erotic looking tight corset in black faux leather cinched in her waist and went from just under the bust to the top of her hips. It silhouetted her waist and had three big buckles in front. She wore black thigh high boots and the four inch heel gave her diminutive five feet one frame extra height.

The sexy boots had a lace up front and three buckles closures. One at lower calf level, one at the upper calf and one at mid thigh. On her head she had a feline looking black half mask with two stuffed cat ears which covered her forehead and eyes.

"I don't believe it."

Emma pointed to the twenty inch long cat tail that hung from behind Zoe's cute bubble butt. She had a coiled up bullwhip on her right hip which she toyed with in the fingers of her elbow length glove.

"So sorry. Have you been waiting long?"

"Yes," said Emma.

"No," replied Robert.

Emma shot Robert a look whose gaze never left Zoe for a second. Zoe saw the look on Emma's face and knew she was pissed off.

"So Robert, you stand up front as Zoe gets cozy by your side. Zoe, I want you to make direct eye contact with him exclusively."

Emma felt the cold shoulder as Brian took several still photographs. Kravitz draped herself all over Robert as Emma looked on.

"What about me?"

"You're good, Emma. You hang back and look aloof."

Aloof? What the fuck? She looked on with acute jealousy as Brian framed them against a backdrop of night time Gotham City and set up a digital camcorder. He longer the session went on the more Emma retreated into the corner.

Shit! I'm Batgirl! Second lead, not this American bitch. After a half hour Brian was satisfied and the session came to an end.

"Boy, this costume is hot." Said Zoe as she removed her half mask and flashed her long lashes.

"Tell me about it." Grinned Batman as he too removed his cowl and made goo goo eyes at her stunning form.

"Oh, Robert. Would you be a sweetheart and come and look at my chair in the dressing room? It keeps making noise."


Zoe turned on her heel without a by your leave to Emma and as Robert followed she fumed and mimicked the American.

"Oh, Robert. DARLING! Would you please help me out. Bitch!"

Left alone the English rose sat and sipped from a bottle of water and waited for Robert to return. After about fifteen minutes she got up and looked down the narrow corridor outside the studio.

"Where did he get to?"

She walked along and passed her dressing room, door one, and then door two. His dressing room. The last room had the door closed but Emma could make out the unmistakable sounds of a couple in the act of sexual intercourse. The bastard! Emma turned the handle and opened the white door a crack and peered inside.

Inside the small room she was astounded to see Robert kneeling behind Zoe who was on all fours across a two seat sofa. Her bustier and cat tail were dumped on the carpet and her costume was unzipped from the nape of her neck, down her spine, and opened to show off her big rounded half-moons. Robert was naked from the waist down, from utility belt to the top of his boots and his rock hard eight inches was thrusting in and out of the groaning American.

"Robert! What the hell! She's only been here five minutes and you're banging the shit out of her!"

"Oh, hi Emma. I thought you had left."

Emma stood with her hands on her hips and tapped her left boot on the floor in disgust. Robert looked at her with a sheepish look and withdrew his shiny cock from the nonchalant Zoe.

"Don't be shy, honey. Robert is packed enough for two. Come and join us."

As Robert sat back on the sofa Emma eyed up his impressive erection which pointed up to the ceiling. Zoe slipped out of her costume and stood butt naked in front of him. Emma noted her A cup breasts that came free from the confines of the skin tight outfit.

SHIT! Her tits are even smaller than mine, thought Emma whose self esteem perked up a bit.

Zoe was now on her knees and sucking off the huge hose of Robert who was on the edge of the seat and wallowing in the attention. Emma felt a frisson of a thrill and a tell tale tingling in her loins as she looked on.

Damn! She was right. How dare she tell it like it is. She sighed as she saw the woman's fulsome lips form a red envelope on his bulbous cock head and took off her cowl and cape.


Determined not to be left out Emma peeled off her Batgirl costume and rubbed her moist cunt. She needed his throbbing cock badly, or else she thought she might very well burst. Now totally naked she moved in close to see that Zoe had hollowed out her cheeks and was drawing in the swollen top of his knob, letting dribble run down her chin. Emma was furious.

"No, no. Not like that. Robert prefers it like this. Watch and learn."

She nudged her rival in the ribs and gave her a withering look. Emma took the pulsating prick at the base and rubbed his upright pole on either side. He moaned accordingly as he watched his bell end vanish inside Emma's hot mouth.

She drove down about halfway as Zoe looked on unimpressed. Emma sucked enthusiastically and hummed happily as she enjoyed his adorable member. Her cute bottom rolled from left to right in innocent bliss.

"That's not how we do it in the States, honey. Let me show YOU!"

Emma was shoved aside, much to her annoyance and Robert's amusement. Zoe virtually inhaled his glistening dick as she deep throated the man and drooled saliva down to his scrotum.

Her nose rubbed on his wiry pubes from side to side and she amused him by half sneezing, half gagging on his whole length. The odd sensation sent a quite different message to his brain as his cock strained at the back of her throat.

"That is CERTAINLY not the thing to do, honestly! Come on Robert."

Emma grabbed Zoe up by her short hair and dragged her away. She pouted with an air of authority as she mounted Robert in a cowgirl position and sank down onto his divine cock with a heavy sigh. Resting her hands on his chest she started a fevered ride on half of his turgid length and moaned loudly.

Her head dipped forwards until her nose was almost touching his and she teased him by flicking out her tongue at him like a snake. Robert grabbed her by the waist and as she sank down so he bucked up into her and lifted her lightweight frame up a couple of inches

"No, no. Not like that. Men prefer reverse cowgirl."

Zoe nudged Emma out of the way and his freed up cock bounced this way and that. She straddled him with her back to him and trapped his organ between her upper thighs. With a wiggle of her rump she let him enter her and then leaned back with the palms of her hands on his groin.

She made girlish sounds of glee as she rocked back and forth, impaling herself on his stiff appendage. Her pussy ran with moisture as she milked him with some gratitude.

From behind his fingers caressed her stomach before moving up and brushing the undersides of her curvy tits. She moaned softly as he squeezed and she began a slow rise and fall on him. He stroked each hard nipple and as her arousal grew her bucking on his cock became more animated. On the precipice of an orgasm Zoe was grabbed by her elbows and yanked up.

"Fuck off, bitch! He's mine. Come on, Robert and show her how we do it."

Desperate for pussy he stood up and regained control of affairs. Emma was lifted effortlessly by the six footer who lifted her off of the floor and plonked her onto his upstanding erection. The big head slid up inside her well lubricated cunt with ease and she was lowered onto his hard spike. His hands held her up by the hips and he rocked her back and forth as he power fucked her. Her slender legs dangled uselessly as he rode her up and down with rapid motions.


Emma wrapped her arms around his neck and held on tightly as she was bounced around on his cock. The penetration was amazing and the wonderful friction of his entire length inside her made her pussy cream and froth on him. Limp in his arms she dangled in the air as if she were a cowgirl on a bucking bronco.

Zoe was livid and moved onto the sofa with her bubble butt perched on the edge of the seat. Robert slowed his thrusting and let Emma rest with his rigid pole fully inserted inside he cunt. He turned to view Zoe and her exposed sex which was up for grabs and thought that he must be dreaming. He lifted Emma high up so that his throbbing dick left her gaping pussy, plopped her on the sofa and approached a grinning Kravitz.

"Robert! I was so close!"

"Fuck me, babe." Zoe pointed a finger at him and then her wet pussy.

Robert went onto his knees and plunged up inside her. He pushed her further back and his belly flattened against her midriff. His boner was forced up deep inside and she trembled from his largeness. He moved her onto her right side and raised her left leg up to the level of his shoulder.

The shallow angle made for a tight penetration and Zoe whimpered with delight. Her whole cunt stretched to embrace his thick tool and her eyes rolled back into her head. In his urgency Robert rolled her yet again until she was made to face the back of the sofa.

Emma was aghast as she watched him settle his warm body against her backside and slam into her. Zoe gripped the back of the sofa as he thrust up into her and she responded with high pitched squeals of pleasure.

"For fuck sake!"

Emma moulded her front to his naked back and clenched backside and slid her arms up the tapered top of his Batman costume. She banged into him from behind with her diminutive frame in time with his intense fucking of Zoe. An idea formed in her head as she eased his cock out of Zoe and started to jerk him off. Just a few hard tugs on his shaft made him grunt and spray Zoe with his white cream from tailbone to upper spine. As the drops settled on her back she looked back with a stern look.

"Hey, I didn't come yet!"

"I couldn't hold off any longer."

Emma sat alongside Zoe and both horny young women spread their bare legs and displayed their aching pussies.

"Well? You just going to stand there and watch?"

Emma bit her lip and her breathing became heavy as Robert obliged and stroked her inner thighs. Her mouth opened as her toes curled as his fingers made contact with her overheated pussy. He gently rolled around the hard bud and the tease of the stimulation closed her eyes. Zoe played with her own clit beside her as Robert inserted two digits inside Emma's wetness, penetrating her up to the first knuckle.


Moisture flooded her cunt as his fingers worked their magic. Her mind was swimming as his buried his fingers and doubled the rate of his frigging. His index finger curved up inside her and sweat covered her slender frame. Emma felt her outstretched legs go rigid as her cunt was consumed by an unrelenting heat.

"Can't take any...more."

The gorgeous actress tightened the walls of her vagina and screamed out as a powerful orgasm hit her.


Her climax made her back jolt up and her thighs to quiver. Her hair had become matted and moist with perspiration as she radiated her sexual release. Robert left her moaning with her hands between her legs as he knelt before a visibly moved Zoe.

"Me now?"

His left arm came up under her right leg which he spread out so as he could stroke her muff. He brushed her entire muff with his palm as his middle finger slipped inside her wet opening and she flung her other leg up and out. Her tits heaved and her cheeks burned as each rub of his finger built her inevitable orgasm in her overheated loins.

"Don't stop now."

Zoe rubbed her clit herself which had become swollen and sensitive and together they brought forth a gush of her love juices followed by a loud scream.

"And to think, we have to do this all over again tomorrow."

Emma referred to the second screen test in the morning in the same studio.

"Better get a good night sleep honey. You're gonna need it."

Robert Pattinson gulped and ran his hand through his thick mane and looked at the pair of grinning, insatiable and very attractive women and his cock began to stir.

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Re: Emma Watson IS Batgirl!
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Some great creativity here. Thank you for sharing these stories with us.  :Y:
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Re: Emma Watson IS Batgirl!
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Some great creativity here. Thank you for sharing these stories with us.  :Y:

This whole series is HOT on Literotica. I was quite proud of this one. And the news of Zoe as Catwoman is inspiration for the update.


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Re: Emma Watson IS Batgirl
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Note- This is totally made up and the events portrayed here have never occurred. There is no cosplay in this chapter. Just a good old fashioned foursome.

Chapter Four, The dinner party, joining Emma and Pattinson are Evanna Lynch and Keo Motsepe.


To celebrate their successful casting as Batman and Batgirl in the proposed new movie 'The Batman' Emma had invited Robert Pattinson back to her place. The effervescent young actress lived alone in a four bedroom duplex overlooking the River Thames, and loved the anonymity.

After weeks of costume fittings and screentests they finally had some free time and she had prepared a nice dinner. By happy coincidence her friend from the Harry Potter days, Evanna Lynch was in London and Emma invited her also, along with her on again/off again lover Keo Motsepe. The pair had been awarded a respectable third place in the tv show 'Dancing With The Stars' and were worth an even higher place in their own opinion.

"So glad you all could make it."

Emma was stunning in a black mini dress with sequins and a daring drape neck and backline as she greeted all three of her guests. To go with the alluring dress she wore a pair of black tassel lace up heels in faux suede and sporting killer five inch spikes. The ties wound around her ankles and lower calves in a breathtaking come hither look.

She had her medium cut hair loose about her shoulders and with a parting on the right. Her smoky eyeshadow emphasized her heavy lids and groomed brows and gave her usual English rose look bolder and more mature. The two guys were dressed somberly in dark suits and tie, Evanna all in white.

"Something smells good." Said Keo.

"Thanks. I've opened some champagne and put it on ice. Robert, how are you?"

Pattinson nodded and gave Emma a peck on the cheek. She glanced at him curiously. Either he had the 'flu or he was acting rather edgy. How boring! They all sat at the dining table and Emma had Robert open a bottle of her favourite champagne, Bollinger Special Cuvee.

Evanna sat by Emma's left and Keo to her right, with Robert at the other far end of the long table. She served up four plates of Pasta Carbonara for everyone which went down well. Emma loved to cook and she especially adored preparing Italian food. This was a simple fare of pasta from Rome and made with egg, cheese, guanciale and black pepper.

As they ate Emma noted that Robert was playing his usual brooding silent type to the max. This infuriated Emma no end and she deliberately flirted with Keo as Evanna gushed about their time on the dance show.

"Keo is such a smooth mover, he seems to glide across the dance floor."

Emma playfully tapped Keo's foot as they conversed and giggled at the table. He could smell her DKNY perfume as she leaned over the table.

"Yes, I bet Keo has a few choice moves in the bedroom. Am I right Evanna?"

"Oh, Emma. Stop it!" Replied in her soft Irish burr.

Robert looked at Emma for a moment and she thought she saw some concern in his face. The pair had slept together of late but she had not been best pleased when he had fucked Zoe Kravitz. Emma turned back to her guests and out her hand on Keo's. Yes, Pattinson was jealous, squirming now with the way things were developing.

"More champagne. Keo?"

"Thank you."

Keo was a professional dancer from South Africa and was a dark skinned six footer with a well built body and big smile. He and Evanna made for a contrasting couple but it was obvious that they enjoyed each others company. After they had all finished eating they retired to the spacious square room with the full length window that looked out over the river.

The room's design reflected Emma, warm and friendly with colourful art on the walls. The central black coffee table had several chairs styled around it. One linen love seat and two three seat sofas, all with dramatic sweeping curves, hand buttoned backs and deep luxurious seats. Robert plonked himself down on the love seat and loosened his necktie and undid the top button of his shirt. Emma ignored the sulking hunk and noted the empty drink glasses of the guests.

"More champagne, I think." Said Emma who excused herself.

"Good idea," agreed Evanna who flopped down beside Keo on one of the sofas.

The bubbly Irish actress and dancer was a slight young thing of only five feet two and was blessed with a glowing complexion and shiny blonde hair. She loved white and looked fetching in her mini dress with a flattering asymmetrical design and button down front. The right arm had a long sleeve and shoulder strap while her left was bared. She had kicked off her shoes and was playing footsie with Keo. Emma returned with an opened bottle and put in on the black table and squeezed in between the two lovers.

"You started without me, you naughty pair."

Emma leaned in and kissed Evanna on the lips who reciprocated. Keo stroked her arm as Emma opened her mouth and let her tongue search out the blonde's. Then she cupped the left breast that fell from the woman's white dress as Evanna parted her legs to welcome the air on her dampening panties. Emma looked at Robert for a moment and kissed Evanna again, enjoying the softness of her mouth. Pattison look back with that steely gaze of his and crossed his arms.


Emma poured out a glass of champagne and then slid her hands under Evanna's bottom and dragged her underwear off. With a sly grin in Robert's direction she dipped the skinny white panties into the full glass and let them soak in the bubbly. She scrunched them up and held them over the head of Keo who tilted his head back. Emma squeezed and let a trickle of champagne out and Keo let it stream into his open mouth.

"That is so hot!" Said Evanna who watched Emma take a mouthful of the wine and then kiss the blonde again.

The champagne drooled out as they giggled into each others mouths and let the liquid dribble down their fronts. Emma pulled down her already wide drape neck and Evanna leaned in to lick the sweet wine from her perky tits. Pattinson looked on and shifted in his seat and sulked as he saw Keo pick up the half full bottle and take a swig.

Then he leaned over Evanna and kissed her whilst letting the wine go from his mouth into hers. Emma joined in and her right hand snaked between Evanna's spread open legs and clamped to the petite blonde's snatch. Keo took more champagne in his mouth and transferred it to Emma who purred in the long and very wet kiss. The cool wine drenched her bared tits and she giggled at the sweet sensation.

"Mmm, wonderful!"

Emma was thrilled to discover the tiny blonde had shaven her pussy mound as she traced a line around the outer labia before moving inside the soft inner lips. Evanna began to bob up and down on Emma's probing middle digit as if she were fucking herself. Emma was making herself just as aroused and needed some attention too.

She stood up and hoisted the hem of her dress up to her hipbones and together Evanna and Keo dragged her skimpy panties down her slender thighs to her heels. Emma wiggled her backside sexily as she grinned at the horny couple.

The actress, now naked from the waist down, put the left heel on the sofa and displayed her trimmed pussy mound. Evanna stroked her inner thighs and placed both her hands on the soft flesh and licked up the moist slit to the tantalising and hidden clit.

"Oh, yes!"

Emma moaned and trilled as she rocked lightly to and fro, her muff getting wetter with each passing second.. Evanna delved inside her hot box with two fingers and frigged Emma's aching muff. Behind Evanna Keo took a sip of champagne and began to lick her cunt. His hands pushed her dress up over her lower back as she settled on all fours along the plush sofa.

The champagne ran down her bald crack in a slow trickle as Keo crammed his tongue inside her succulent cunt. Evanna flared her nostrils at the smell of pussy in her face which prompted her to lick Emma faster.

"Fuck, yeah!"

Shivers of sublime pleasure shot through her as her quim tingled from the overlapping tongue action of Evanna. Keo was licking his girl at the same time, flicking at her hard clit and poking his tongue inside her pink folds. His big hands held her thighs apart as he worked on her exposed pussy. He stopped his licking after a while and gave her a light slap on her cute buns.

"My turn, I think."

The svelte young Irish girl stood and stripped out of her white dress and all eyes drank in her stunning form. Her waist was tiny and her hips were on the small side, as were her rosy tipped breasts. Her skin was the colour of pale cream and as Keo hugged her nubile body Emma was struck by the stark contrast between the two.

He had quickly removed his suit and shirt and was as naked as the day he was born. His cock was circumcised, hard and stiff and pointed straight up. His black skin looked healthy and alluring and Emma's eyes lingered on his toned butt that stuck out behind his narrow back.

"Such a nice cock. So big and dark."

Emma stole a sideways glance at the brooding Pattinson who continued to look on in silence, his hand running through his thick mane in exasperation. So far, so good she thought. Emma came cheek to cheek with Evanna on either side of the black hunk who sat back on the sofa.

The blonde cooed as she opened her lips and flicked her tongue on the flared glans. Keo bucked up as if electrified as his rigid shaft was licked from base to tip.

"Let me have a taste."

Emma looked at the nine inch shiny pole in awe as she ran her tongue up and down the veiny shaft up to the big vein just under the red tip. Evanna joined in chuckling as both girls competed for the chocolate hued pole. As they slobbered happily Keo held the backs of their heads and groaned aloud.


It was the diminutive blonde who enveloped the huge knob in her small mouth and swallowed the familiar cock head. Emma held him tight at the base and watched her friend purse her ruby lips and slide down slowly.

"Suck it, babe."

Evanna hummed an affirmative and managed to grind her mouth down up to the four inch mark. When she surfaced again the top half of his dick was drenched in spit. Emma took the opportunity and pushed down on the thick shaft and moaned as it entered her warm mouth. Evanna flicked at his scrotum as Emma did her very best to suck on such a large organ.

"Can't do it."

Emma drew back and Evanna licked up her saliva on Keo's tapered head and engulfed his dick again. She bobbed up and down, covering more and more of his desirable hose. Emma let her lightweight dress slip off of her lithe body and sat back and strummed her dripping pussy and rested her head on the back of the soft sofa. That was when she saw that Robert had kicked his shoes off and had removed his trousers.

"Sit back, sweetie."

Evanna stepped over to Keo and lowered her tiny frame onto his lap in a reverse cowgirl position. He closed his long legs as she rubbed her bald pussy across his big black log. She looked at Emma who watched with big brown eyes, lifted up a bit and then guided the purple hued bell end to her entrance. Emma gasped as it vanished inside with a low squelch and Evanna's white pussy accepted him.

"My god! It's so big and you're, so tight!!"

Emma was enthralled and got closer as Evanna continued to push down on the black rod, stopping at the halfway mark. Keo held her under her ass as the young Irish blonde dug her toes into the carpet and rode him.

The dark skinned fellow pulled the blonde down hard at the same time as he pushed up and increased the friction tenfold. Emma wondered where Evanna put all that rich hued meat as she rode up and down with sharp cries of joy. Her inner thighs squeezed his flanks as they locked together and his balls buffeted her tiny buns.


Emma felt Robert run his hands over her back and around her front to paw at her pert tits. He bumped his frame to hers from behind and his big boner fit snugly in between her firm buttocks. She shuddered at his touch but loved the feel of his upright cock rub on her ass crack.

"You, are a fucking cock tease, Watson." He spoke into her ear, his boner nuzzling her stunning behind.

"And what do you propose to do about it?"


The ex model turned actor took the cue and fed his erect cock to her soft opening. Poised at the wet hole he grabbed her hips and roughly pulled her back onto his rock hard length.

"Oh, shit!"

With a firm grip on her sides he pulled, pushed her to and fro and banged into her tight cunt. Emma literally had the breath taken from her as Pattinson fucked her with a relentless rate.

He was fucking her like a wild animal as his frustration poured out in the form of pure lust. His hot rod thrust up all the way in her ever increasing slippery tunnel and a red mist came over the overheated stud. The petite actress turned back to view him with big puppy eyes.

"Fuck me, puppy. Fuck me."

Robert growled an answer as the sweat matted his shirt to his upper body. The slap, slap, slap of his groin on her cute bottom became a fuck tattoo as he pulled her back by her arms. Both were upright on the sofa as he bit into the nape of her neck.

"Bastard!" She hissed as she hunched back.

Emma experienced a mini orgasm as he paused his wonderful strokes with her impaled on his hard spike. She could feel the pressure on her G-spot as Robert kept her still against his wet shirt while he gyrated his pelvis and rocked her on his rigid cock.


Robert continued to thrust his hips up, driving her up with each thrust. His perspiration wetted her back and ass as she wallowed in the pleasurable throbbing of his prick inside her pussy. He moved and their bodies became perpendicular to each other. Emma was ecstatic as her lover bucked up against her with violent and deep strokes. With each powerful lunge she yelled out as he banged at her without mercy.

"Give it to me, lover."

Lost in her own pleasure Emma failed to see that Evanna had moved opposite her in a similar position with her cute butt raised up. Keo smothered her alabaster white frame and started to fuck her doggy style. Evanna's modest tits swung gently as Keo thrust into her, inching her body forwards each time he hit home.

Emma and Evanna looked into each others eyes and they moved closer to kiss. Their tongues explored each others mouths as their men pounded them silly. The room smelled strongly of sex and female perfume as both women became more and more sexually stimulated. Keo looked directly at Robert who gave him a cheeky thumbs up.

"Care to switch?"

"Why not."

The two men disengaged and Keo sat back into the love seat. Emma looked at his upstanding flagpole and felt almost embarrassed as her juices ran down her left thigh. She just HAD to fuck this black hunk of man.

Keo held his cock steady and Emma sighed in abject pleasure as she lowered herself onto the dark tip. The heat of his tool made her cunt spasm as she let gravity work and she slid down further.

Keo pushed his butt up and Emma shrieked at the incredible sensation of being impaled on a black man for the first time. His huge member was different to Robert as he stretched her out. Bigger of course, thank god she had fucked Pattinson first to open her up. He was slightly thicker and really hot.


She put her heels up on the seat and rose up and down on his sizeable knob. Her eyes closed and they held hands as she managed to ride on half of his rod. The muscles in her calves screamed with the effort as her pussy foamed and creamed on his black shaft. Keo smiled up at the quintessential English rose as he occasionally thrust up and filled her up with his big black pole.

"Holy shit!"

Every stroke drove the lightweight actress to pleasure she had not felt in a long time. She let her weight go down on him as her sawing back and forth grew more insistent. Down low on his big black chest Emma ground her pussy on his abdomen and brushed her clit over him. His cock throbbed inside her unlike any other.

Even Robert Pattinson could not compare. He meanwhile was on his left side along the plush sofa behind Evanna who had her left leg up and around his left calf.

"Oh, Robert. That's nice."

Evanna sighed as she felt his strong hold pull her elfin frame closer to his chest. With her ass in his groin his wonderful eight inches were all the way in and stretching her pussy out. She lifted her leg even higher as he pushed in and out, gently at first, rolling his hips in tight circles. He looked across to Emma who was in the throes of a delicious fuck and fumed.

"Alright Watson."

Robert tweaked the nipples of Evanna as he began to ram his cock into her repeatedly, making the wee girl shake and shudder. His hips bucked up as he pointed his toes and held her to him tightly. She could feel his chest expand and contract against her narrow back as she wiggled back into his sublime frame.

"Make me cum, sweetie."

Robert lunged up, drawing his dick over half way out and pushing it home hard. Her wet cunt sucked him in and she stiffened in his arms as her welcome spasms wracked her small frame. He came then and Evanna kept him inside her for a cream pie. His hot, sticky seed gushed up inside her and mixed with her own fluids. His hands explored her sexy body as he retrieved his shrinking hose which still leaked cum over her sex.

"I think we just made a baby, hee, hee!"

Emma was tiring now and she rested her cheek on Keo as she ran on empty She tried to rise up but Keo surprised her by flipping her over onto her back with his knob still inside her. Evanna left Robert who flaked out on the seat and joined them and propped herself up onto an elbow to watch. Robert was forced to look on as the black stud now had two white pussies for himself.


Keo pushed Emma's legs wide open to look at her wet pussy. Slowly he began to kiss the insides of her thighs, moving in closer to her hot sex. Emma tensed slightly as he proceeded to lick along the parted folds and Emma purred and pulled his head directly onto her snatch. He nibbled her hard little nub as she kicked out her high heeled shoes.

Keo explored her cunt fully, moving his lips and tongue here, there and everywhere. His tongue swirled in a clockwise circle and again Emma was stunned by his prowess with the ladies. Emma felt his hard on bump her thigh as he moved up and covered her.

"Fuck her, babe." Said Evanna.

Emma shifted on her bum as Keo propped himself up and entered her. As she rose up to meet him his cock sank into her by about six inches. Emma groaned and held his biceps as he got quickly into a rhythm and banged her into the seat. She raised her head to look at his shiny, tight ass between her open legs and she experienced new pleasures so far undreamed of.

With each stroke inside her Emma felt her clit rubbed and she could feel her orgasm build as the black man hammered into her. She turned to Evanna and their mouths met in a long kiss.

Keo pulled her ass right over the edge of the seat and Emma placed her hands under her knees and kicked her legs up and out. He gave her a quick succession of rapid fire thrusts and Emma came over Keo at that point and bathed his prick with her love juices.


Panting and drenched in sweat Keo pulled out of the exhausted Emma and moved to his right and mounted the patient blonde. Emma looked on as Evanna laid on her back with her pale pins wide open with Keo fucking her hard and fast. He held her by the slim ankles as his hips rolled back and forth, thrusting his hard dick deep inside the moaning blonde. His buttocks clenched and unclenched as he stretched his legs out and dug his toes in.


Emma laid still and smiled as it was her turn once more. Keo stretched her out again with his huge cock as he hammered into her with an increasing urgency. She threw her legs over his back and bucked up from the seat screaming for him to fuck her harder. Her tight little ass lifted off the seat and her shoulders took her weight. His balls slapped on her upturned butt as he again pushed her over the edge.

Emma was in that moment where she had become a wild and uncontrollable fuck toy. He was so big and swollen now that Emma went into orgasmic mode and squirted fluids out of her well fucked cunt. When he pulled out Emma put her hand to her face as she was left with a gaping pussy.

"Move closer."

The two well fucked women laid side by side as Keo jerked his pulsing knob over their sweat covered sumptuous bodies. Emma shrieked at the sight of the massive organ which sent out spoons of cum across her belly and tits. He turned slightly to his right and splashed Evanna indiscriminately from naval to breastbone with a white fountain of sperm. With their mouths open in amazement the breathless girls revelled in the cum bath and massaged the thick goo into their pale flesh.


The two women pressed together, arms and legs entwined, as they kissed each other in between giggles.

"Hey, Robert! Be a darling and get us some more bubbly?"

Emma turned her head just in time to hear her front door slam shut.

"Ooh! Someone is in a hurry to leave. Shit! Did you see his face? Oh, well."


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