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This Is The Life (Amy Macdonald)
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This Is The Life by MarcPTFC
Celeb(s) – Amy Macdonald
Codes – MF, Oral, First Time/Virgin, Romance
Originally posted on February 3, 2008 at CSSA

DISCLAIMER: This story is complete fiction and is the complete work of fantasy and does not in any way depict the sexuality of Amy MacDonald.

It was my usual Saturday night in Glasgow, walking about looking for a place to drink, have a laugh or maybe even find a woman to fuck. It was one particular night that I landed all three, and so the story begins.

My mates had encouraged me to go clubbing. It wasn’t really my scene I’m a fairly quiet
guy to be honest – unless I have a few drinks in me. So we ended up at this particular club, we were in and dancing wasn’t really my thing so I told my mates I was going to the toilet and fucked off out as fast as I could! I went in search of a bar where there would be something decent, a music act or a comedian or something; I couldn’t care less, so long as I wasn’t in a loud dance club. I sat down at the bar when a fair attractive young girl, about a similar age as me sat down at the stool next to me we both ordered the same thing, a bottle of Stella and she got to talking to me. “So, where are you from then?” she asked in a polite, innocent tone “Not far from here, a town called Bishopbriggs, I was here with my mates but I didn’t fancy clubbing so I left” “What about you?” I politely asked “I’m from the same place” she said laughing slightly, “I’m Amy”, “and you are?” she added. “Marc” I replied “I heard about you” I said to her, she was a pretty talented musician who gained fame on Myspace, like most acts these days do. “So what are you doing here then?” I asked “I was playing a gig up the road there but came in here for some peace”. We talked some more before I asked if she would take a walk to clear our heads of the smelly pub air that was clogging us up.

We went for a walk before sitting down at a hill overlooking Glasgow where the conversation took a more meaningful and emotive turn. “You wouldn’t believe how beautiful it is up here tonight” she said to me, the moonlight accentuating the beauty in her eyes “Not as beautiful as you” I replied before apologising “That was so fucking cheesy, I’m sorry” “You shouldn’t be” she said before gently leaning in to kiss me, I reciprocated and for a few moments we were locked in a tender clinch before I gave her a sly wink and we hurtled behind a big billboard. Within minutes the tender, loving kiss had turned into kisses of rough, passionate sex driven kisses and I had her pinned against the back of the billboard her legs wrapped around me as I ripped off her shirt feeling her hard nipples pressing against my body as we passionately kissed. We broke the kiss, gasping for air before she said two words “It’s time” she said almost breathlessly she sunk to her knees and unbuttoned my trousers where my semi-limp cock dangled invitingly she pulled down the front of my boxers and took my cock into her mouth, making me moan she trailed her tongue up along the bottom before gently kissing the tip as it grew to its full 7 inch length she slowly bobbed her head on my cock “Very good for someone who is doing this for a first time” I gasped I didn’t hear an answer all I heard was the slurping noise, the slurping noise of a potential superstar on my cock. After about 3-5 minutes of slurping deep-throating and sucking I blew my load right down her throat, there was a lot there and it took her by surprise but she managed to swallow it all. I picked her up off the ground and she flicked her hair off of her face and jokingly said “Bloody hell, I’ll need to get my bearings back after that” she giggled before pinning me against the billboard and coyly smiling and saying “So, you gonna fuck me then?”

“Of course, silly” I said to her and gently pushed her against the billboard and edging her up a bit so I could push into her, I slowly edged my cock into her, taking care not to hurt her, as I slowly edged into her I played with her nipples, making her arch her head back and moan, once I was fully inside her, I started thrusting into her at a slow pace, she was tight as hell, it felt like her pussy was holding my cock in a vice grip “My god you are tight” I managed to gasp as I picked up the pace thrusting in and out faster and faster she couldn’t even make a coherent response she could only moan and moan as she reached closer to climax after about 10 minutes she climaxed a wave of pure ecstasy took over and she spasmed out, flooding my cock with her pussy juice just as I fired my load deep inside her as well, she gasped “That was fantastic, you were fantastic” before we engaged in another steamy make out session, our tongues dancing around in each other’s mouths before we broke the kiss we got partially dressed and fell asleep in each other’s arms, feeling her head move up from my chest I heard her whisper faintly “Marc” I replied, half asleep “Yes” “I think I love you” she said. My heart raced and I got up and said “I love you too” and with that we huddled together and went back to sleep. At some point in the morning, my phone alarm went off, it was 7AM, she woke up and asked for the time, I showed her and in a panic she put her bra on and got hurriedly ready saying she had to be at a music video shoot in an hour and called a cab. As the cab pulled up I got ready she gave me her number before one final kiss, a proper one my hands on her hips her hands round my neck before getting in the cab and driving off. Five minutes later, my phone beeped, saying I had 2 messages, the first one was from my mate asking me where I was the second was from Amy asking if she could see me tonight and at the bottom it read “P.S I love you” I replied saying “I love you too, see you later”

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