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Celebrity Limo: Christina Aguilera
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Celebrity Limo: Christina Aguilera She knows what a girl wants! by Kat Jones
Celeb(s) Ė Christina Aguilera
Codes Ė MF, Oral
Originally posted on August 25, 2002 at CSSA

"Iím still a little jet-lagged from New York, boss," Iíve spent the past week back in Queens with my fiancťe, Michelle, while I worked for my latest modeling gig for a new underwear company. When youíre a big Italian who works out and has a decent face, itís not hard to find work. My name is Nick Lorenzo and Iíve been in LA for the last two years trying to get acting jobs while I drive for About Town Limousines. "Canít you ask Colette or someone else?"

"Nicky," I fucking hate it when he calls me that, "You are my guy. Besides, when you see who youíll be getting, I donít think youíll complain."

The good news is I donít have to wear my chauffeur suit, the bad news is my balls are still swollen from New York and Michelle. Sheís so fucking hot. Her family is Greek, so sheís got this long, dark curly hair that falls all the way down to her sexy, heart-shaped ass. Sheís got legs that go on for miles. Her sweet little smile and double-D cups first caught my eye. Weíve been engaged like forever. Sheís getting tired of waiting for me to get this acting shit out of my blood, though.

I told her when I left that if things didnít pan out soon, I go back to New York and work at one of her dadís body shops. Itís not what I want though. I think I can make it out here. In the meantime, I drive limo and do some modeling here and there. I sometimes think about bringing Michelle out here, but one, I donít think sheíd like it. Her familyís in New York and she loves it there. Two, I donít think sheíd like all the attention I get from the women I drive for. I mostly drive movies stars around, but once they check me out, I often get to do more than drive. Sometimes they pay me, sometimes they donít. I donít ask for it. Besides, the boss sort of expects his drivers to do whatever the client wants. His company has quite a reputation. Heís known for having the sexiest girl drivers and the most buff guys.

The sun is going down as I head over to the Beverly. Itís the hotel where all the money stays. I like picking up from there because I know Iíll always get a good tip. Not because rich people and stars are generous, but because they want to look good when they tip. I have no idea who this chick is Iím picking up. The boss said sheís a singer. So fucking what? Right? Who is Christina Aguilera?

I pull up to the front and see my man, Rudy. We used to be roommates, then he moved in with his girlfriend whoís a screenwriter and started working here. He always gives me her screenplays so that I can give them to clients. So far, no one has ever bought one, but at least they look. I get a commission if one ever sells. Rudy bops over to the back door and opens it. "Iíll be right back, Nick."

Iím sitting in the front seat thinking about Michelle and the last time I fucked her. We did it at the airport in the ladiesí room. I slammed her tiny ass against the wall and banged her until the cleaning lady came in. She almost choked when I pulled out of Michelle and showed her my 8 1/2 inches of concrete glory. She dropped her supplies and ran off. I pushed my cock back into Michelleís hot little cunt and held her ass while she wrapped her long legs around my waist. I fucked her until security came and so did I.

I look over my shoulder and see this little blonde chick with big, pink lips wearing next to nothing. I know I should know her. Sheís got a silver backless top on with a black leather miniskirt. I feel my prick jump to attention when I see that sheís wearing fishnet stockings and theyíve got little tears in them. She looks at me with these huge baby blues. Rudy puts his head into the car, "She wants to have fun tonight, Nick. Take care of her."

"I want to go to the Viper Room." She commands me. I like a woman who knows what she wants, but that place is pretty rough and tumble for someone so young and sweet. I know I should know who she is.

"Well, doll, thatís not a very nice place for a gal like you. Besides, you gotta be at least 21 to get in."

She smoothes her hair back out of her eyes. She looks at me through the rear-view mirror, "Donít you know who I am?"

I didnít mean to piss her off, but she sure is cute when sheís mad. I feel embarrassed to tell her that I donít know who she is, though she looks familiar, "Are you that Brenda Spears, or something?"

"Her name is Britney, not Brenda and I am not her. Have you been living in a fucking cave, or something? Donít you watch MTV?"

I remember then that the boss said her name was Christina. "Iím sorry, Iím just so tired. Didnít you win like a Grammy?"

She sits back. I see a small smile come over face. Now I remember. Her face softens as she says, "Yeah."

"Jesus, what was that like?"

"Like you care or something."

"Sure I care, Christina. I would call you by your last name, but I canít remember it. I just got back to LA last night."

"Itís Aguilera. I guess ĎSpearsí is easier to remember. Britney is actually a good friend of mine. She gets all the attention. She deserves it."

I remember who she is now. She was wearing an incredibly sexy dress at the Grammies. I had to drive Melissa Etheridge that night. I did catch a glimpse of Christina at the end of the night. She looked great, but her makeup was a little slutty. I donít mind that on a girl Iím just going to fuck, but if it were Michelle, Iíd make her clean it up. I can be a bit of a macho asshole sometimes. "Well, you won the Grammy, not her. I did see you there. You were wearing a dress with a butterfly."

"You remember my dress, but not my singing. Are you gay?"

"No, Iím not gay. I model, though. I did some Versace print work last year, as a matter of fact. I saw your dress on another model. I fucked her."

I see her crack another smile. "Did I remind you of her?"

"Of who?"

"Your girlfriend, the model?"

"I didnít say she was my girlfriend, I said I fucked her. But yeah, I guess you did. You were hotter, though."

She reaches into her little purse. She pulls out her lipstick and starts to run it over her already-done lips. I love watching a girl put on her lipstick. I imagine what her glossy lips would look like wrapped around my dick as she sucks me off. I would love to see her pretty little mouth on my meat tonight with those blue eyes looking up at me as she sucks. My pants get tighter just thinking about it.

"So, whatís your name? So I can forget it."

"Youíre just busting my balls, now. Not that itís anything to you, but itís Nick."

She puts her lipstick away. "Well, Nick, since you donít think I should go to the Viper Room, where do you think I should go? Iím just a girl looking for fun."

"Baby, you donít want to know where Iíd like to take you. Youíre practically jail bait."

"Well, Dick, isnít it? How about taking me back to your place and fucking me ítil Iím no longer Ďjail bait?í"

I nearly wreck the fucking limo. Sheís pulls off her top and rubs her perky nipples while she licks her lips. I would like to pull the car over and stuff my sausage down her throat right now, but I would much rather take her back to my place and spread her legs apart on my king-sized bed. "I hope you like Italian, because thatís what youíll be sucking on tonight."

"I canít wait!" She sighs and puts her fingers into her crotch. I try to watch the road and her finger her pussy as I try to remember how far we are from my place. I see her pull her stockings and panties down while she takes out a big leopard-print vibrator out her bag. She rubs it along her creamy thigh and then pushes it up under her leather skirt. "Iím just getting ready," she moans. "Iím wetting my appetite."

I drive as fast as I can. In the back seat, sheís rubbing her nipples and stuffing her vibrator in and out of her pink little pussy. I hear her screaming in the back. Sheís sitting on her toy and bucking against the seat while she looks out the back window. We are finally at my place.

She pulls her clothes on and I lift her out of the car. I slam the door shut with one foot as I hold her in my arms. Sheís squeezing my biceps. She leans up to kiss me and says, "I canít wait to suck your cock."

I carry her up the stairs and to the door. I fumble for my keys as she reaches down and rubs my bulging pants. I hope she doesnít get scared. It wouldnít be the first time. Instead, she squeals and
 tarts to kiss my neck. When we get into my apartment, I kick the door behind us and cart her off to my bedroom. I throw her on the bed. Before I can undo my 501ís, sheís kneeling in front of me, unbuttoning them for me.

"Let me do it," she says looking up at me, "I like big surprises."

I stand there as she undoes the last button then tugs my pants down. Iím already pointing my cock at her when she slides my Calvin Kleinís off and gasps. Without hesitation, she takes my thick manhood into her mouth and starts to suck me off. I put my hands on her blonde head and push my cock further down her hot throat. She gags a little at first, then relaxes and takes me like a pro. I feel her hands reach around and grab my ass. As she pulls me deeper into her, I feel her taking her thumb and pushing it right
under my balls. In a few minutes, sheís drinking my milkshake and gazing at me with her innocent eyes. I drop to the bed after and she takes off all her clothes and jumps on top of me.

I sit up to take off my white T-shirt (she helps) then I pull her to me and kiss her. "How the hell did you learn to do that, baby?"

She laughs, "Voice lessons, I guess. Now that Iíve cleaned my plate, what do I get for dessert?"

I start to kiss her gorgeous tits and slide my finger into her moist pussy. "I havenít eaten yet, do you mind if I eat you?"

From the look on her face, Iíve just made her day. I lay her back onto the bed across my leopard print sheets. I rub her legs slowly as she spreads them for me. She reaches over the side of the bed and gets her toy from her bag, "See, we match!" sheís giggling as she hands it to me, "could you use this while you lick my pussy? It makes me so hot and wet!"

Who am I to argue? I take it from her and turn it on. I rub it up and down each thigh, then I rub it around her pussy. She moans and blows me air kisses. I lean down to taste her juicy pink parts. I find her erect clit and twirl my tongue over it. She lets out a yelp. I continue to flick and twirl over her clit while I slide her vibrator further into her pussy. In a few minutes, sheís screaming so loudly that I hope the neighbors donít think Iím killing her. Before she can finish, I take my enormous erection and put it to good use between her warm, wet legs.

It feels so tight at first that I think Iíve gotten the wrong hole, for a second. I slide my hand under her ass and she lifts herself up. "I want to be on top of you, Nick."

I do as she asks. I roll onto my back and climbs on top of my huge, throbbing cock. I reach up to play with her beautiful, young melons. She takes my hand and puts my index finger in her mouth. She sucks my finger as she bounces up and down on my happy cock. Iím just about to come when she tells me to take my wet finger and stick it up her ass.

I find her small asshole and slowly stick my finger inside. She leans back on my finger to take it all into her as she starts to scream again. I push it in and out as fast as I can while she comes all over me. I can feel her pussy like a vise over my dick and I canít wait another minute either. I start to spew my load up her hot volcano as she cries out with sweet little songs of pleasure. As we finish, I lay back and she drops to my chest. Sheís got tears in her eyes.

"Are you alright?" I know how big and hard I was before. I didnít want to hurt her.

"Iíve never been fucked so good in all my life," she says wiping her face, "can we do it again?"

Is she kidding? "You sure know what you want, donít you?"

"Yes I do. And I always get it. Rudy told me you were to best in town. I guess I can thank him, too."

I might have been upset with her for saying what she said, but how could I stay mad at her when she was already reviving my tired prick with her sexy little mouth? Would you stay mad?
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