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Author Topic: Britney Spears Meets Denise Richards  (Read 5509 times)

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Britney Spears Meets Denise Richards
« on: November 12, 2020, 04:27:40 AM »
Britney Spears Meets Denise Richards by Lorenzo
Celeb(s) – Britney Spears, Denise Richards
Codes – FF/Lesbian
Originally posted on August 25, 2002 at CSSA

This story is pure fantasy. It in no way implies that either Britney Spears or Denise Richards are anything other than heterosexual in real life. So enjoy the fantasy!

Britney Spears was getting ready to go on stage, but she was nervous tonight. Denise Richards, the star of "Wild Things" and the latest James Bond had sent her a message, saying she wanted to meet her after the show. Britney was very curious as to why Ms. Richards wanted to see her. Britney was really more than curious; the thought of Denise Richards made her pussy moist. Britney liked girls even better than boys; she had a collection of lesbian erotica, and often used a dildo in her pussy while she read the stories, and looked at hot pictures of teenage girls doing kinky things to each other. Britney even enjoyed lesbian tales about herself. She would furiously fingerfuck her pussy while she read stories about herself with various other noted girl celebrities. She also looked at pictures of herself, and especially liked one in which she was wearing a cheerleaders outfit.

She showed some asscheek in that picture, and Britney would rub herass and stick her fingers in her asshole while she looked at pictures of her own buns. "I would love to have some hot porno photos of myself", she thought to herself. As she readied for her performance, she looked at the clock."Damn, only ten minutes before I go on. No time for a finger fuck!" Britney put on her tube top, and squeezed her tits together through the material as a knock came on her door. "C’mon, Britney! You’re on!" the gruff mail voice said through thedoor. "coming" she answered. "I wish I were" she laughed to herself as she left the dressing room. Britney worked up a sweat on stage, singing and dancing up a storm. She eyed many of the hot bodies in the audience, both male and female.
 One teenage boy tore off his tank top and threw it on stage, revealing his well developed chest and abs. Britney blew a kiss to him, and winked at the sultry brunette girl next to him. The girl blushed, and Britney wished she would tear her top off, too. "The show was a resounding success!" Britney’s manager said after the show. "Thanks, Bob" she answered. "Oh, Bob, I’m having a guest tonight, so tell the desk not to disturb me". "Allrighty, Brit". After Britney was left alone, she went over to the mirror to change. She pulled her sweatey tube top over her head, and threw it on the ground. She looked at her firm, beautifully developed breasts and run her forefinger over
her left nipple. She put her finger in her mouth, and saliva fell on it. She moved the saliva to her nipple, and started rubbing it. Her other hand felt it’s way down her belly, and found it’s way down her cutoff shorts. She started playing with her pubic hair and twirling it around in her fingers. At just this moment, the doorbell rang. "Shit!" Britney said, as he grabbed her silk robe and slipped it over her teenage body. She opened the door, and saw a vision.

"Hi!" Denise Richards said. "Hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time". Britney’s eyes traveled over Denise’s body. Denise was wearing a tight white tank top which accentuated her amazing tits wonderfully. She also wore a very short black leather mini-skirt that showed more thigh than was legal in some southern states. "You’re right on time", Britney said to Denise. She looked at Denise’s amazing body and yearned to taste of her fleshy delights. "So, you wanted to meet me, Denise", Britney said, her wet pussy throbbing. "I’m a big fan, Britney", Denise answered.

Britney offered Denise a glass of wine, and she accepted. "I’m glad your my fan, Denise", Britney said, "because I enjoyed your performances in "Wild Things" and "The World Is Not Enough". Denise blushed, and then said, "Well, I got a lot of criticism for the Bond movie, but I don’t think I was cast in that film for my acting talent". Britney asked, "then why did you get the part"? Denise sipped her wine and said, "For my body". Britney was so horny, she couldn’t stop herself from saying, "and a hot body it is". Denise’s
eyes lit up, and a sly smile crossed her lips. "Thanks, but it’s nothing compared to your body, Britney".

Britney’s pussy was soaking through her panties and the moisture reached her cutoff’s. She blushed and thanked Denise for her compliment. Britney then threw caution to the wind and said to Denise, "would you like to see how hot my body is?" Denise took her hands and put tit in Britney’s silk robe. Her hands reached Britney’s tits and squeezed them together. "I want to not only see how hot your body is, but I want to feel it’s heat". Britney and Denise’s mouths met each other, and their tongues intertwined in their mouth’s. The two made their way to Britney’s bed, feeling each other’s tits as they fell onto the bed. Denise opened Britney’s robe and looked at her hot full tits,with their nickel sized pink nipples. "Ooooh…Britney, I want to feel your nipples in my mouth". Britney pulled Denise down on her, and put her mouth on her tits.

Britney twirled Britney’s nipple’s in her mouth with her tongue, lighly biting them with her teeth. Britney moaned as she felt Denise’s hot mouth on her bosom. Denise pulled Britney’s shorts down, and sniffed her pussy through her dripping wet panties. "Mmmm…smells good". "It’ll taste better", Britney purred. Denise’s tongue licked the wet spot on Britney’s white panties, feeling the sensation of her cunt lips on her tongue. Denise loved the musky smell, and the salty taste. She pulled the panties down, and looked at Britney’s well trimmed bush. She put two fingers in her pussy, and put her tongue in the wet slit.

"Denise, please take your clothes off" Britney asked, "I want to see your naked body". Denise was more than willing to oblige. She managed to tear herself from Britney’s moist crotch, and sat up on the bed. She pulled her white tank top over her head, and revealed a black bra that cupped Denise’s really large tits. "These are why I was in James Bond", Denise laughed. Britney eyed them hungrily and said, "They’re a good reason to be in any movie". Denise unsnapped her bra, and two huge melon shaped mounds flopped out of it.

She put her hands on her tits and clasped them together, saying, "Pierce Brosnan put his cock in my cleavage. He shot a huge load all over my nipples, and then I put the nipples to my mouth and licked his cum off". "Can you suck your own tits", Britney asked, as she lay under Denise. Oh, yeah, I can. Wanna see?". Britney eagerly shook her head yes. Denise pulled her skirt down, and revealed a hot cunt with short dark hair. She put a finger in her pussy while she grabbed her breasts. Denise pulled her breast to her mouth, and sucked her own nipple. Britney watched in fascinated ecstacy. Never had she seen such a beautiful set of tits. She watched Denise nurse her tit, sucking it like a baby with a bottle. Britney then knew what she wanted done to her pussy. "Denise", she asked, "would you fuck my cunt with your tits?". Denise didn’t need to be asked twice. She moved her tits down to Britney’s pussy lips, and placed her right breast on her wet, dripping cunt. She started thrusting her nipple in Britney’s cunt; she never felt such a sensation as Britney’s pussy around her nipple. Britney never felt anything so hot as Denise’s stiff tit in her cunt. Denise started to thrust harder and harder; Britney couldn’t hold off any more. She began to feel the heat of climax between her legs.

"Ooooooohhhhh….Jeezuz….Oh God!"

For the whole night, Denise and Britney had hot sex, and tasted each other’s pussy juice. They became great friends after this torrid night, and always managed to have kinky sex with each other. Perhaps someday those tales
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