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Hayden's New Fan (Hayden Panettiere)
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Hayden's New Fan

Originally published June 2012

I didn't mind shelling out money for the Philadelphia Comic Con in my hometown, which I did pretty much every year. I did raise a few eyebrows when my best friend Joel insisted I shell out $350 for two VIP experience tickets, though. It was good for four days, yet Joel was only interested in one day.

On Saturday, June 2, Hayden Panettiere of 'Heroes' fame would be appearing at the Comic Con, and Joel wanted the special VIP Experience tickets to see her that day. According to the website, we would be able to get an 8X10 photo of her, have it autographed and get a photo op with her, and have guaranteed seating at her panel.

As a huge fan of hers, Joel wanted all of this and more -- as well as the $350 for two tickets. Technically he already had $100, but he needed $75 more for his own ticket and suggested I spend $175 for my own. Yet I raised a few concerns first.

"You're really gonna make us both spend that much just to meet her?" I asked like I didn't already know what the answer was.

"Hey, you'd spend that much for Alison Brie, or Emma Stone, or one of your celebrity girls!" Joel pointed out all too accurately. "So help me get to meet mine! You're dumb enough not to drool over her too, but don't take that out on me!"

I rolled my eyes, since I wasn't debating her....drool-worthy capabilities. She just wasn't on my radar of celebrity hotties, yet pointing that out would probably make him madder. Instead I needled him with, "You realize you probably won't get her to fuck you just by taking a picture, right? That only happens in smut fics."

"This isn't about you and your smut fics, okay?" Joel nitpicked. "Just being near her should be enough to get me going. And it'd be nice for you to meet someone famous and hot instead of just writing about fucking them! Even it isn't one of your usual girls!" Damn him for finding some logic at the last minute.

Still, meeting Hayden didn't get me as excited as meeting one of my actual favorites would have. But it was still a beautiful celebrity -- albeit one I didn't pay much attention to -- and Joel wouldn't leave me alone about it. That last part put me over the top and made me pay $350 for the two VIP tickets online.

Not long after, the Philadelphia Comic Con started on May 31 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, and me and Joel did our usual geeking out on that day and the next. When the day of June 2 came, however, Joel did most of the geeking as we got our VIP badges and lithographs, took our photo op and autograph tickets and speed passes at registration, and were among the first to arrive at Hayden Panettiere's Comic Con panel.

I sat next to Joel and occasionally joked/seriously warned that he'd better not start jacking off when she arrived. Joel wasn't that much of a pervert/obsessive fan, yet it was probably good that I was here to keep an eye on him. I felt like a parent who went to his child's favorite non Disney/Pixar movie to pacify him, even though I would get less out of it than he would. Yet maybe that wasn't entirely fair to all of Dreamworks animated films -- and it probably wasn't fair to Hayden either.

It did seem less fair when she finally came out, and I went back and forth between studying her and making sure Joel didn't make my ears bleed.

Just because I didn't follow Hayden's looks too closely didn't mean I couldn't appreciate them. Her sunny blonde hair was down, she had a big bright smile -- fake or not -- her green eyes were just as bright, and the white blouse and pink shirt she had on did flatter a rather lattering figure. Unfortunately, she would be sitting down for the panel, so I couldn't check it out much further. In any case, Joel would likely describe it at length later.

So I sat back and politely paid attention to the panel, her words about 'Heroes' nerd-dom and her career, and an audience Q&A that Joel couldn't quite get to take part in. However, I probably did look like I zoned out once or twice. But it had less to do with Hayden and more due to my own ADD, my memories of the previous few days, fine tuning my schedule for the next two and going over the story ideas rattling in my head. Nevertheless, I didn't draw attention to myself, laughed and applauded at the right places, and cheered at the end while Joel drowned me out.

After that, it was off to stand in line for autographs, and I naturally made sure Joel was in front of me. I was actually behind a few other people, so I couldn't go over what he planned to do or say to Hayden. I was kind of nervous to find out, so I looked away when Joel finally got to the front of the line.

I didn't hear any of them scream and I didn't hear a slap, which was a relief. Still, as I saw Joel leave and give me a big smile while he held up his autographed photo, I did hope he didn't embarrass Hayden. With that, I decided to double check as I got to her booth and held out my photo.

"I hope my friend wasn't any trouble," I said to Hayden while pointing over at Joel -- who thankfully didn't notice.

"Oh, no, he was fine," Hayden as she took my photo. "Was there a chance he wouldn't be?"

"No, no, he's harmless, really!" I corrected, hoping I didn't just screw Joel over. "He's a good guy, he's just a....really big fan of yours. In the harmless way, I mean. But I guess you've had worse." I said before catching myself and trying not to babble in front of Hayden. After all, I risked enough damage to Joel and I was probably holding up the line.

"Well, he didn't get that bad," Hayden assured as she finished signing my photo and smiled, which actually made me smile in response.

"Good. He should be fine at the photo op too, so....thank you. On his behalf and mine, too," I stated as I took the signed photo and hoped I wasn't the one who made her uncomfortable -- irony of all ironies. Yet she thanked me back and smiled winningly, although who knew what kind of creeps she thought we were in her head.

But I finally got out of the line, caught up to Joel and let him rave about his brief time with Hayden. We still had another one on the way since she had photo ops to do afterwards, and I felt safe to let Joel get to the front of the line himself. Again, I stayed a few steps behind, figuring I wouldn't need to take any precautions this time.

Joel finished getting his picture taken, gave me a huge thumbs up afterwards, and soon it was my turn to be near Hayden. "He was fine again, don't worry," she actually said as I got up alongside her.

"Oh, well, I wasn't really worried this time. Not that I should have been before," I stumbled again. Once more, Hayden shook it off and got into position to pose with me. At just over five feet, she was a few inches shorter than me -- although she had been involved with far bigger men, as Joel reminded me a few times over the years. Still, I tentatively put my arm around her and made sure not to tower over her.

I was actually able to feel the bare skin of her shoulder, which was quite smooth to the touch. I looked down and saw her hair near my arm, at the same time I could catch its....summery scent in my nose. I then saw her bright eyes and her big smile light up as she looked at the camera, and found that I would have been tempted to seek a tiny peek at the small but certainly visible cleavage of her blouse. That is, if I didn't have to look at the camera and smile big as well.

After that was finished, I shook off my earlier thoughts and tried not to let them make me feel awkward. I turned back to Hayden, thanked her and shook her hand -- while trying not to let its warmth and small structure make me check her out more. But that line of thinking was supposed to be Joel's department today!

Nevertheless, a hot celebrity is a hot celebrity, regardless of how much one thinks about them before meeting them. With that excuse, I got back to Joel, let him rave about being that close to Hayden and tried to forget about how I was that close as well. At least while I was in public.

After paying for the photos, we carried on and started exploring the rest of the Comic Con activities, eventually splitting up by around 5:30 pm. The place closed at 7 p.m., so we'd need to meet up and head home soon. However, it was a guard who was looking for me by then instead. When he asked me to come with him, I didn't exactly have the highest hopes for what was to come.

Before fears of strip searches, rendition or some Comic Con prison took too much of a hold on me, I found myself led into one of the bars in the Convention Center. I was quite confused in between my relief -- but the confusion won out once I saw Hayden sitting at a nearby bar stool. She nodded to the guard and he then left me alone, yet I knew I wouldn't be alone for too long.

"Ms. Pane -- " I stopped myself, figuring I didn't need to be that formal. I didn't know if Hayden was too formal, though -- which made sense since I didn't know what I was doing here, either. "Why am I here, again?" I led off as I took a seat next to her.

"I like meeting one of my VIPs up close after these things," Hayden informed.

"And I made the cut?" I filled in. I wanted to ask why without mentioning Joel and how he would love this more, but that would be difficult.

"I remember your friend cheering and hooting at the panel. But then I remembered you looked a little bored. Yet you still 'warned' me about him anyway," Hayden recounted, leaving me embarrassed that I really did look bored after all.

"So I'm here because I looked bored? It wasn't that, really!" I tried to make myself look better. "It's nothing against you, you were great! I was just mainly there to keep him company. Not that he forced me that much to go see you!" I shut up mainly to buy myself time before digging myself in deeper -- I was doing that a lot around her today.

"But he's the big fan of me. And you?" she inquired, which intimidated me a bit. However, Hayden then looked a bit flustered, stating, "Not that I'm attacking you for not being a fan! Even if you're not! That's not it at all, I'm just....curious."

That sounded a little less ominous, at least. So I answered, "It's not like that. I know about you, of course, and you're clearly talented and beautiful. I just didn't watch Heroes....I was much more of a Lost guy, actually," I pointed out. "And they took longer to string us along, so..." I joked while trying not to slam her old show too much.

Hayden once again took my awkward statements in stride and chuckled, which gave me time to think of something else. "You know what I do remember you from, though? Your old Disney films! Dot in A Bugs Life, Remember the Titans, that stuff!" I recounted with amusement. "You're technically a Disney girl, like Miley or Selena!"

"Ah, so that's your cup of tea, then!" she answered back.

"Not really, but I know just enough about them to make jokes. Like I know just enough about you to keep up when Joel talks about you," I recapped. "But he has his celebrities that he's nuts about, and I have mine. I probably annoy him a bit whenever I go on about Alison Brie, or Emma Stone, or Mila Kunis or Kaley Cuoco or one of them," I listed. "Not that I've gotten this close to them, though."

"Well, I can live with standing out that way," Hayden assured. I did hope it didn't mean that much to her one way or the other, though.

"So you do this at every Comic Con or something? Bring non-fans over to convert them?" I checked.

"Usually it's regular fans. Sometimes a few irregular ones. But you looked like one of the only ones not having fun today," Hayden reminded.

"I'm sorry if it looked that way. It really isn't anything against you," I stressed. "I kind of have a selective list of celebrity actress crushes. I don't think about a lot of them that way, so I get consumed by the ones I do think about. There's not a lot of room for others if I don't watch that much of them. I guess that's how I thought of you until now," I found myself blurting at the end.

"Until now, huh?" Hayden wondered. I thought a bit about what I actually meant by that, yet I soon found a solid enough answer.

"I mean you're on my radar now. I didn't think that much about you before, but this should fix that. Especially since you didn't attack me for being bored, or attack Joel for being....Joel. My favorite actresses are sweet and hot, so that bodes well for you."

I almost couldn't believe I was quasi-flirting with a celebrity -- and one who wasn't on my radar just days ago. But I had to admit, talking with Hayden and seeing her play along with all this was impressing me. And the more it did, the more I took notice of her petite, trim figure that I didn't get to notice for much of the afternoon. Hell, if she was planning on having me here for a while....

Just then, the phone rang to unfortunately/fortunately snap me out of it. I then checked and saw what time it was, then easily guessed that Joel was texting me and wondering what happened to me. It was almost closing time, so we did have to get going. At least he did....

"Is that him?" Hayden checked. "Are you going to tell him where you are?" She then gasped and wondered, "Should I tell him? Give him a little something extra for his trouble too?"

"I don't know....you do that while he's still here and he might never leave," I predicted. "How long do you need me for, anyway?"

"You can go whenever you want," Hayden revealed. After about a second, I texted Joel. "Tired, heading home. Will meet you at Comic Con tomorrow." Since we didn't drive together and we didn't park next to each other, he'd never know I was still here. With that loose end tied up, I stayed around to let Hayden keep winning me over.

If I had been talking to one of my established favorite actresses, I might have stayed tongue tied a while longer. But since I had no expectations/preconceptions about Hayden before today, it was much easier to talk to her like a normal person. Probably helps that unlike the other favorites, I never wrote a smut fic about her.

Wait. That didn't sound like I said it in my head. "You didn't, huh?" Nope. Didn't say it in my head.

"No, no, no! I mean, yes, I never did that, but I didn't write smut about anyone else, either! I was joking!" And I was aware that I wasn't selling the joke that well. Still, I kept shooting myself. "I write a lot, sure, but on regular stuff, not about real people having sex!" Damn. I wasn't drunk, so I really had no excuse for this poor cover up. She wasn't drunk either, so I couldn't say she was hearing things.

"It's not like you'd be the first one to....not write about me having sex," Hayden said. "Those guys were everywhere a few years ago. The stuff that wasn't about rape or incest or weird fetishes was hot sometimes, though."

Emboldened by her review, I let it slip that, "Well, I don't do that stuff! Mine is hot without being painful or humiliating!" Hayden's eyes widened, knowing she caught me, and I just stayed silent so I wouldn't dig myself deeper. It was clear she wasn't offended, but this was still kind of embarrassing -- which strangely mixed with how it was getting hotter as well.

"So you do write about fucking celebrities. Just not humiliating them," she pressed on.

"Well....I try not to be boring. Regular old stuff is hot, depending on the position. And the chemistry. And the star. And how much you really wish you could fuck the star in real life." I said before I knew what I was doing.

"Then if you never wrote about me, you never wanted to fuck me, then," Hayden concluded.

"I didn't watch you. That doesn't say anything about wanting to fuck you." I pointed out for what seemed like the 100'th time. "If I did and I didn't watch Alison or Emma, or Mila, Kaley, Christina or Tina, of course I'd probably write about you! You've got enough people who do that already, anyhow!"

"None of them are here, though," Hayden reminded. "And I've never met any of them in those other events. And only a few of them knew what they were doing. And none of them wrote about it enough to get a good idea, though."

"What are you...." I asked before trying to figure it out myself. The answer was fairly obvious, yet it just took longer for me to believe it. "These....fans you pick out at these events....."

"Luckily I have the kind of fans who don't blab to the tabloids, or film anything," Hayden celebrated. "They're pushovers, even before they know what's going to happen. But you're making me work to get your attention....that is new."

She kept working by crossing her legs, giving me a view of her taut upper thigh. I couldn't help but look higher at the curves, crevices and cleavage above it -- now that I knew Hayden was probably encouraging it.

Oh God....Joel could never know about this. Yet as I saw her eyes study my body, her smile turn more arousing, and her blond hair frame her face perfectly, I could at least stop ragging on him for talking about Hayden so much. I could give him that much if I was going to take one of his fantasies in return.

And yet I had to risk raining on it by saying, "Technically, you didn't have to work that hard to win me over. And you were gonna make my list before you offered....that. Probably get a story or something...."

"Maybe. But I still want to please my fans. The old ones and the new ones," Hayden made clear, as I began to notice her hand approaching my stomach. Our backs were turned to the rest of the bar, so no one probably noticed -- yet I did. "My Heroes fans won't stick around forever, so I have to get new ones wherever I can," Hayden continued. "And keep them, make them happy....make them so happy to see me that they just explode...."

My explosion nearly came when Hayden dipped her thumb into my pants, yet made sure not to directly brush my underwear or cock. Given how hard it was getting, it was impressive that she did avoid it. Although no one saw her do that, I tried to keep quiet so they wouldn't notice my comical face as well. So far, it seemed to work -- even when I gasped out, "I'm gonna need a minute before we go...."

"That's good, we needed to leave apart anyway. When you're ready to go, meet me at the lobby in the Marriott. If you're still ready to go," she said with an entirely different meaning. She got up and left -- and watching her ass sway away in that pink skirt didn't make me feel any safer to get up yet. Not in that way.

After giving myself a minute to settle down, I made myself leave so Hayden didn't get that much of a head start. The Marriott was within walking distance of the Convention Center, so I knew exactly where to go. By the time I got outside, I could actually see Hayden walking away from a distance, signaling I was on the right track.

I kept following that blur of blond hair and soon saw it entering the Marriott. When I got in, I saw her standing at the lobby, then she headed for the elevators right when she noticed me. I hurried up a little bit so she wouldn't get on without me, yet a set of doors opened by the time I got there. We both entered together, then Hayden pressed the number 12 and we headed up, presumably to her floor.

I didn't know what to say or what I could say, so I distracted myself by checking the time. "Holy shit, it's only 7:30!" I exclaimed before I could censor myself. I turned to Hayden and pointed out, "I, um, guess we can take our time."

"Later," Hayden answered. I only had a little while to analyze that before we reached our floor. I followed Hayden's lead out, since I obviously had no idea what room we were going to. She stopped at room 1217, so I stopped and stepped back as she opened the room. After she got in and held the door open, I willed myself to walk in without any nerves or hesitation.

I was about to fuck a celebrity I barely followed 12 hours ago, but now was practically drooling over. Still, no need to look too overwhelmed. "So, what was that about later?" I was ready to find out.

Hayden answered by backing me up to the closed door, although it was comical for a 5'2 woman to back up a 5'6 man. But no one was watching and I doubt either one of us wanted this plastered on the Internet. So I was the only witness as she placed her hand right on my hard, clothed cock. And I saw her trail her fingers slowly up to my zipper and start pulling it down all too well.

"You're right, we've got a lot of time. So you can afford to cum quickly the first time," That was almost what I did as she reached into my pants and went underneath my underwear to grab my cock. When it was fully out, Hayden used her other hand to make sure my balls were out as well. That hand jiggled my balls while the other stroked my cock simultaneously.

"Fuck.....not too quickly," I asked her, yet Hayden sunk to her knees and placed my cock in front of her lovely face anyway. And once she opened her mouth and suckled my head, I truly saw how beautiful she really was. She looked even hotter as that sweet face and blonde hair contrasted with her mouth slobbering on my cock -- not to mention her hands still stroking my shaft and balls. It got even hotter when that mouth moved down to my balls next.

All I could do was hold onto the doorknob and try to stay upright. If Hayden had fucked a lot of her fans, she obviously had a lot of practice in this, and it showed. My right hand kept me upright while my left finally went into Hayden's honey blond hair and nearly tugged on it. Once it did, she sunk her mouth all the way down my cock, and by instinct, I put my hand on the back of her head to keep it there. Ultimately she came up for air, stuck her tongue out and licked all over my head, before batting my cock on her tongue.

"I didn't turn you on just a few hours ago," Hayden recapped before licking up and down my shaft slowly. "Now I'm gonna make you cum so hard, and not for the last time," she promised before grabbing below my balls and shaft. She shoved my cock into her mouth and basically fucked it for me, making it thrust in and out until she finally popped off. "Getting someone going that fast is soooo hot...."

To top it off, Hayden placed the top of her tongue on my tip and took most of my cock back in her mouth. She bobbed up and down while keeping her tongue on top, wiggling her tip directly into my slit. She then opened her mouth and bobbed up and down for several moments, then took her mouth off, kept it open and stuck her tongue out as far as she could while keeping it on my tip.

After I took in that sight, Hayden went back to simple tactics by putting both hands on my shaft and her mouth on my head. She suckled a lot slower this time, while looking up at me with her big green eyes and lathering my cock head with the bottom of her tongue. She kept suckling my cock like it was a pacifier while grasping it tightly and devouring my head with her tongue, in the most innocent/sexy display I could think of. Not that I could think much then.

All that came to mind was, "Fuck, I'm cumming!" which were coincidentally the only words out of my mouth. Hayden just took her hands off me and then all but deep throated me again, yet took most of my cock out before it finally let loose into her mouth.

Some cum went onto her lips, although it sure felt like she swallowed most of it. When she was done, she popped off one last time, licked the cum that fell onto her lips, then briefly suckled my less than throbbing head once more.

As Hayden got to her feet, I pretty much sunk to the floor, though I managed to make myself sit upright while leaning against the door. "Now we can take our time," Hayden stated as she actually stood over me, still clothed while my now flaccid cock and balls remained outside. She then headed to the bathroom and I heard her brush her teeth, which was a smart move.

I eventually got enough energy to tuck my cock back in my pants, despite how I still might not need them in a moment. Yet I stood back up as Hayden returned from the bathroom, then headed to test out the bed. I felt the mattress for a second before sitting on it, as it made me tempted to lie on my back and take a nap before whatever came next.

"Hey, where can I find your stories?" I heard Hayden ask before finally noticing she was sitting at a table, logging onto a laptop. "I should know what I'm in for the rest of the way, right?"

"I guess, but that's not going to tell you anything," I warned. "I'd rather not use something old from my stories on you. You've earned a little more effort than that, I'd say."

"Well, I've gotta keep busy somehow while you're recovering," she pointed out.

"Hold on, I'm not an invalid yet, despite your best efforts," I shot back. "My cock may be out of commission for a while, but I'm not. In fact, if you come over here, it should speed up its recovery."

"No, you can give it a rest. I'll just read your stuff and get hot that way," Hayden teased. It actually did more to annoy me, although I was still getting hot again. If not totally hard yet. I just studied her on her laptop as she tried to find my stories, and yet wished she wouldn't so she could come over here. That was the state she was putting me in.

Although I suspected this was exactly what she wanted, I still decided that if she wouldn't come to me, I'd go to her.

I walked over to Hayden and started typing on her laptop, intending to get her to my page of stories. Once I got there, I announced, "Knock yourself out," which she certainly could have taken literally. But I wanted to beat her to it.

Hayden turned her attention to the computer, while I focused on crawling under the table. I was shortly on my knees, right in front of her bare legs and open, teasing pink skirt. Before she noticed I was gone or where I was, I placed my hands above her knees and heard her suck in some breath. And before she said anything, I took a deep breath and put my head into her skirt.

I could only see enough to tell that her panties were black, but I could smell how wet they were even if I couldn't see it. I made it wetter by licking the front of her panties, then kept licking then and even nibbling them as I heard Hayden start to moan. I kept my hands above her knees, yet soon raised them up higher and then said "Stay right there and keep reading," right into her covered crotch.

"Okay....okay, just keep going," I heard Hayden ask. Now that I was eating her out while she was reading my own smut stories, I'd have no trouble in keeping going. Of course, I wasn't directly eating her pussy, yet keeping her panties over it would do for now.

I kept licking her panties until she thrusted her groin into my face, then I pulled my head out of her skirt. Now I focused on her smooth bare legs, putting my left hand at the back of her knee and beginning to kiss and lick the taut skin. As for my right hand, it took over working on her pussy, yet it still didn't dip below Hayden's panties. However, my thumb did press deeper against her crotch while I kept kissing and nibbling up her thigh.

I looked up and saw Hayden trying to look down and see my work, but I chose that time to finally dip a finger into her panties. She threw her head back with a few "Fuck!"'s as my finger entered her and my thumb glided onto her clit. My head neared her skirt again since my tongue was going higher and higher up her thighs, then my whole mouth suckled on the nearest flesh.

At last, my hand left her pussy and tried to tug her panties down, so Hayden helped by lifting her ass up. I slid her panties off her legs as her bare ass sat back down, yet I didn't want her skirt off too. I lifted it up and fit my head inside, savoring what I could see of her wet opening before I made it wetter with my tongue. But I soon moved to lick and suck her left inner thigh, then her pussy again, and then her right inner thigh before finally focusing on her vagina.

"So good..." I whispered in her while both my hands rubbed and stroked her legs. Hayden just moaned her approval while grinding herself against my face. As she did, I was able to slide my hands under her ass and start squeezing the round surface. She did sit on my hands and make me uncomfortable for a moment, but then lifted it up to better rub herself on me.

After I had my fill of filling Hayden's ass with my hands, I returned them to her pussy and fingered it as she sat down. I put a finger from each hand inside there and licked underneath them, while also getting my thumbs into the mix.

"Fuck, I don't see that in your....." Hayden started before another long, low groan escaped her. When she finished, she then let out, "Let me take this off....let me look at you when you make me cum...."

I needed to get a look at her when she came, so this worked out for everyone. I pulled my head back and gave Hayden room to unhook her skirt, then leaned back into her pussy when she tossed it away. This gave me a clearer look at her snatch and let me look at how turned on the rest of her was, which was an added bonus. In addition, it inspired me to finally reach for her upper body as well.

My hands went underneath Hayden's shirt as my tongue went back into her. As I felt the soft, curved flesh of her waist, I ate her out more intensely and looked up into her eyes to show how much this was getting to me. She wanted to make a new fan, so she deserved to know how much it was working.

I showed it further by nibbling her clit while caressing every inch of her silky waist that I could. And although her eyes were closing too much for her to make eye contact with me, seeing the rest of her beautiful face tremble and quiver made up for it. However, Hayden did recover fast enough to grab the bottom of her blouse and pull it off, leaving her in just a black bra that showed more of her perky cleavage.

With that new feature exposed, I reached up further and jiggled her breasts just like she jiggled my balls when she blew me. As I pushed her firm tits up, I pushed my tongue even further up into her, knowing it wouldn't take long now. "Go on, look at me," I mumbled into her before lathering up her pussy even more and then blowing on it.

"Ooh, yeah....come on, make me cum for you," Hayden demanded. I hoped that brushing my thumbs over her covered nipples and sucking deeper onto her clit would do it. But it took one more lick, one more hard grasp of her tits and one more moan into her to finally set her off. With that, I stopped suckling and opened up to catch as much of her juices as I could, with the symphony of her groans and curses as the soundtrack.

I did my own moaning as I licked her up and swallowed her essence, looking up to see Hayden's orgasmic face start to settle down. I poked her cleavage a bit more to pass the time as I finished licking her dry, then finally broke from her pussy to catch my breath. But just before I got it all back, Hayden suddenly stood up, towering over me as I remained on my hands and knees under the table.

First she unhooked her bra and finally made herself completely naked, giving me a full frontal view of her tight, tanned, tempting, post-orgasmic body and her no longer hidden breasts. She briefly turned around to give me a nude shot of her supple, peachy backside, before turning back and putting her wet pussy back into view. It then dawned on me that I was still completely clothed in front of the naked blonde beauty, which probably needed to change in an instant.

Before I started on that task, Hayden went onto her hands and knees herself in front of me -- apparently for a better angle as she finally actually kissed me. Her tongue licked all around my mouth, perhaps trying to lick her own juices that I hadn't swallowed down yet. Yet eventually, my tongue got into the act and made her lick that instead. Yet she soon returned to licking and suckling my lips before breaking off.

"So I don't need to brush, then?" I joked, given that she brushed after swallowing my cum and I apparently didn't have to. Hayden just smiled and licked her own lips, which made me feel even hotter with all these clothes on. So I crawled out from underneath the table and started to strip, taking my cock and balls out once more and introducing all my other nude parts to Hayden for the first time. Yet the most important part was fully erect and throbbing once again, although Hayden was likely the one who needed a breather this time.

"Okay then. Now do I have to watch a Heroes episode online until you're ready to go again?" I quipped.

"Can't wait that long. I can tell you can't either," Hayden commented, talking more to my cock than me.

"Oh, well, okay....I guess you should lie down on the bed and relax. Let me do the work to start off," I offered.

"So sweet...." Hayden complimented, spinning around and swaying her fairly full behind as she walked to the bed. "From the little you let me read, I can tell you like it sweet. To a point."

"Well, sweet and dirty stuff is the best combination," I reasoned as I walked over.

"Then it's more shocking you didn't think of me before today," Hayden commented. "That's me all over. You only think those other girls are sweet and naughty in bed, but you only know it about me."

"You do have me there," I admitted as I laid on the bed, then started crawling towards her.

"So you be the gentleman right now if you want. But when I'm revved up, we're doing things a little differently," Hayden warned. "You want that?" she asked extra sweetly before suckling my bottom lip. "You also want to shoot big loads of cum all over me, right? More than you did with those other actresses?" she asked more seductively as she grasped my cock anew. "Would you rather they fucked your brains and cum out right now?"

"Not at the moment...." I all but whispered out.

"Then fuck me good and prove it." Not a tall order, really.

Well, one part of it was tall and big. Which Hayden was reminded of as I sank it into her wet opening. I still tried to go slow for her benefit and for mine, yet we both withstood my cock getting halfway into her anyway. We even endured it when I slowly thrust my top half in and out of her, although we weren't exactly quiet about it.

I pulled out briefly and rubbed my tip up and down Hayden's pussy lips, warming her up before I thrust even more of myself into her. With my cock nearly completely buried in, I focused on the rest of her smooth naked body. I hadn't gotten to taste that much of it above the waist, so I started on her upper chest and soon went down to her nipples as my cock went all the way in.

I bit Hayden's left nipple right as I did that, which nearly made me bite even harder. Yet I kept somewhat under control while Hayden adjusted, then rotated her hips a bit to adjust to my cock. In response, I bit her nipple a little softer, then suckled it in sync with my thrusts. Soon I opened up my mouth to take more of her perky tit in, before turning similar attention towards the other one.

"You like?" Hayden cooed. "They're not huge, but they're nice, right?"

"Right on both counts," I teased before pressing her breasts together and licking down her amplified cleavage.

"Oh yeah, you like them...." Hayden admitted. "How about from another angle?"

Hayden did warn me that we would only start slow. That time period ended when she tried to roll me over on my back -- which might have been harder for the smaller actress if I wasn't caught off guard. Yet I was, and the end result had Hayden on top of me and starting to ride my cock. This meant I was staring up at her tits as they bounced up and down along with the rest of Hayden -- which was quite an angle.

"I can like this angle, too," I conceded before leaning up and letting Hayden's right breast drop into my open mouth. I closed around it to get back to work, moaning more around it as she rode me harder. Soon I pulled my mouth off and kept a thumb and forefinger on each nipple, tugging it up and down as Hayden kept bouncing. With that, I laid my head back down and enjoyed what the effect did to Hayden's eyes and face for a while.

Hayden still moved her hips around even as I did more handy work on her tits. But I wanted to work on the rest of her enticing body, so I slid my hands back down her waist. While Hayden was doing all the bouncing, I wanted to help her along by trying to pick her up a little higher, before she came crashing down back on me.

It didn't work that well, but Hayden did get the general idea. In her version, she lifted herself off my cock and left the tip barely in, only to drop all the way back down in an instant and nearly make us both lose it. She did it again twice, and I stayed transfixed on her pussy rapidly taking my cock back in. Then she lifted it up again, but sank back down incredibly slowly and transfixed me even more as my cock oh so slowly disappeared again.

That move couldn't be topped, so I grabbed her ass and let her just ride my cock again, while my own hips helped push it in deeper. Her hands rested on my chest, while mine squeezed her fleshy cheeks and helped push them down on me harder. "Oooh.....now you like my ass, huh?" Hayden questioned.

"I'm getting fond of it," I noted as I gave an extra squeeze and another deep thrust.

"Mmm....hold that thought," Hayden asked, then got off me before I even had an answer. Plus I found it hard to hold the thought when I saw her turning her back to me -- then getting on all fours and sticking her ass out.

"Oh, that's what you want now?" I wondered rhetorically. I almost wanted to ask where she wanted it, but there would be plenty of time for anal later. I got up on my knees and knelt behind her, teasing her by grasping her ass and enjoying its delicious heart shape from this angle. My next diversionary tactic was to rub my shaft and its head across her cheeks, enjoying their silky texture against my sensitive areas.

"Come on, get back in there!" Hayden groaned impatiently, despite some pleasure being mixed in there. I added to the pleasure by leaning down and giving her a few licks from behind, making her arch her ass and pussy into my face. I then got up and savored how her ass was curved up before finally going back inside of her.

I kept holding onto her hips while staring down at her ass pushing into my groin, slightly rippling as it did so. After going up for a few final squeezes of her tight buns, my hands slid down and started working on her back. We thrusted against each other as Hayden's hands gripped the sheets and her face turned back to see me at work. When I saw her gaze at me, I gave her a few more hard thrusts -- although this made it a little hard for her to keep her eyes open.

"Oh, you like it like that, don't you?" Hayden cried out. "Seeing me get fucked like this is hot, huh?"

"Uh huh," I agreed. "There are....fuck....other fun ways...." And in a flash of inspiration, I proved it by grabbing her by the waist and pulling her back, so that we were both just on our knees and her back was pressed against my front. But my cock was still in her, leaving me to keep thrusting while I wrapped my arms around her waist, grinded her against me and started kissing her arched neck.

"Fuck me, that's so good...." I actually beat her to saying. My left arm stayed around her while my right hand went down to rub her exposed pussy while I was still fucking it. Meanwhile, I buried my face into Hayden's soft golden hair, letting it cover me while I felt her hand grab the back of my neck. It stayed there when she turned her head and furiously made out with me as she kept grinding me.

She only broke off when I lightly slapped her pussy twice, then dipped a finger inside with my cock, collected some juices and smeared them over the slapped areas. Hayden groaned even louder as I rubbed her even more furiously. "Oh, you naughty boy.....I have the naughtiest fans.....even the new ones..." she called out, managing to stay coherent.

My verbal skills were finally failing me, leaving me to answer by falling on my back and taking Hayden down with me. She just laid her back on top of me as I kept pumping her, yet she eventually sat up and officially got into the reverse cowgirl position. She resumed bouncing up and down on me, as I could tell that her body was sweating along with mine.

But my focus went back and forth between her face and her jiggling ass, which I then grabbed yet again and jiggled some more. This time I even pulled her cheeks apart a bit and saw the one hole I hadn't gone into yet. "Oh, fuck, stop! Stop, I'm too close!" Hayden insisted, and since I was too close too, I couldn't argue.

Hayden stopped riding me and I stopped pounding into her, leaving us to catch our breaths. "You really don't want to cum yet?" I asked when I had enough breath back.

"Not until....we try one more thing," Hayden responded. She finally got off my cock and went off the bed, then walked over to the wall. Turning her head to me, she put her hands above her head and placed them on the wall, then arched her ass up as she struck a pose.

"You want me to fuck you like that? Standing up over you?" I double checked.

"After you kneel down, eat me out everywhere and then get into my ass, yeah," Hayden answered casually. Yet I couldn't take that offer quite so casually.

"You want me to...." I trailed off since the answer was obvious and I already used that phrase. "Well....I didn't bring a condom, so it is safer. Wait, you must have one if you knew this was going to happen, right?"

"I'd rather not waste time getting it. Or talking. At least not until you eat and fuck me again....and aim a little higher this time." What was there to say after that?

Hayden stated in that position as I got on my feet and walked over. From this angle, I would slightly tower over her when I fucked her, as I could lay my chin right on top of her head. But looking extra small in that angle probably turned her on -- and so did what I was about to do next.

I went down on my knees and ran my hands up her toned legs again, kissing up the left one until I got to her left ass cheek. After grabbing it a lot in the last hour, I now moved to kissing and suckling on the supple flesh. I then kissed down to lick and taste her pussy, before moving up to orally pleasure her right cheek. Meanwhile, I put a finger into her wet opening and waited to take it out until it was properly wet, then slid it up and through the crack of her ass.

With that area went, I returned to her center and licked from her wet pussy up to her wet crack. Hayden grunted in appreciation and pressed her ass deeper against my face, which was just the sign I needed.

I dipped my tongue between her cheeks, yet licked inside without getting into her hole. For that, I waited until I fingered her pussy again, gathered more juices and then placed them around and even a little bit inside her ass. Now that they were in there, I could lick them up while starting to lube her ass with them and my saliva at the same time.

"Oh fuck, you're really doing it...." Hayden exclaimed. "Keep doing it....oh, fuck me...."

"One more minute," I muttered into her ass. First I had to lube her up a little more and then slide the tip of my left forefinger into her hole. Then I took my right forefinger and fingered her pussy, before pulling it out, pulling my left forefinger out of her ass and then putting my wet right forefinger in.

As I worked on that, my left hand returned to her pussy and fingered it, gathering juices and lubing up my cock with them this time. Just in case, I licked her pussy with my tongue, then licked my hand and then stroked my cock with it to get it extra wet.

Finally I stood back up and slid my wet cock between Hayden's ass cheeks, although I couldn't waste that much time. On that note, I pushed the tip of my head against her asshole, then groaned along with Hayden when part of it started to go in. I even put my own hands on the wall above Hayden's to keep steady, leaving her bent over below me as designed.

Having her small frame below me like that, as I was sliding myself into her tight ass, did do wonders for my adrenaline. Judging by the intense growls from Hayden, it was doing something to her too. They got louder as I steadily slid deeper into her ass, and as I reached my left hand back down to glide against her pussy as well. But my own groans were increasing in volume as well, given how her ass was squeezing my cock like it was turning it into a diamond.

Finally I was able to get all of my cock in her ass while slipping my entire left forefinger deep into her pussy. I thrust both of them into her in tandem for several moments, but ultimately took my finger out once Hayden's moans were more pleasurable than painful. I returned my hand to the wall and leaned over Hayden while she backed her ass up against me.

"Now this you like, huh?" I teased. "Looking so tiny below me while I fuck your tiny asshole? Up that not so tiny ass? With my not so tiny cock?"

"It was my idea -- fuck! -- so what the fuck do you think?" she spat out.

"I think I like this. I think I won't forget you so easily anymore," I promised. "Cumming deep and hard inside your ass would do that. So what should you make me do?"

Instead of answering with words, Hayden backed her ass off my cock and then slammed it right back in, making us both nearly lose our footing. She then fucked my cock faster than I was fucking her ass, yet the balance of power didn't concern me right then.

With time running out, I took my hands off the wall and made Hayden take hers off as well. I then pressed her directly against the wall, fucked her ass harder and went down to try and get her pussy off before my cock did. With Hayden sandwiched between me and the wall, she didn't have much room to move, yet still wiggled her ass the best she could.

"Oh God....you barely paid attention to me and now you're gonna cum in my ass. I love it...." Hayden echoed my line of thinking. "Fill up your new favorite ass...."

"I will....oh God, I will..." I panted into the hair of my new hottest, tightest, celebrity sex symbol. To make her even tighter, I shoved two fingers all the way up her pussy while keeping my cock all the way up her ass.

Both holes clenched around me and nearly made me cum then and there, yet I struggled to hold out while trying to make her cum too. "Fuck me, yes! Give me that cum now!" she screamed despite my struggles. Yet that made me less inclined to keep struggling.

I wiggled my fingers around in hopes of setting something off, but I started to spurt inside of her ass a second too soon. However, Hayden did follow right as I started cumming, with her juices utterly drenching my fingers. So I had that and my cum filling Hayden Panettiere's ass to console me.

My knees started to buckle as I finished cumming, since standing up in this position was suddenly tiring. So was everything else at the moment. Eventually, we finished cumming and we went from groaning in ecstasy to catching our breaths. I had enough energy to take my fingers out of Hayden's pussy and try to lift them up to suck on them.

I did also have to back up to give Hayden room to move, and once I did, I wound up sitting besides the bed while trying to lick Hayden's cum off me. As I finished up, I felt my eyes getting heavy and I couldn't even glance to see if Hayden was up yet. Although I wasn't lying directly on the bed, I could still lay my head on the side of the bed, which was enough to knock me out.

I didn't know what time it was when I woke up, but I did see that it was darker out. It probably wasn't even midnight yet, so that helped explain why Hayden wasn't sleeping in bed. But she was nowhere else to be found in her own room. Yet it didn't take long to find a note on the bed explaining why.

"Had some publicity stuff to take care of. Make yourself at home, do some writing if you want, and I'll be back in time to use some of those condoms. Hayden." Well, now I felt more relieved about taking a nap.

I slowly got back to life by getting dressed, getting a drink and browsing the Internet on Hayden's laptop. I stayed on there -- but didn't actually start any of my story ideas -- until Hayden returned, shared details about her night and then showed me where she kept those condoms.

Eventually we did fit in a few hours of sleep after we got worn out again, and Hayden had to go and head out of town. Luckily, she reminded me where my autographed photo and picture with her were before I forgot to take them with me. This at least allowed us to part with a laugh before she headed off for the airport, and I went back to the Marriott lobby.

After almost napping and getting hard again, I remembered I did tell Joel I would meet him at Comic Con. So I got myself up, went back to the Convention Center and put my photos away in my still parked car -- not caring how much I'd have to pay for parking overnight yet. In any case, I returned inside the Convention Center, waited around for Comic-Con to open up again, then did some browsing around -- at least when I could focus on stuff from today.

Eventually, I found Joel and came over to him, trying not to look too smug. "So, not tired anymore?" Joel asked, calling back to the excuse I used last night not to head home with him. I did take a second to remember, though.

"Oh, nope! I got here well before you, so a long night's rest paid off," I stated, refraining from hinting at how long and tiring and hard and hot and tight and wet the night really was. Besides, if Joel found out, he'd kill me so loudly that the press would be all over it and spill Hayden's secret tryst with me.

Other than having my murder being outshined by a celebrity, this was another big reason to keep quiet. I owned my new celebrity obsession that much.

"Are those the same clothes you wore yesterday?" Joel suddenly asked. Okay, maybe I owed her some slightly better lies as well.
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