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Arrowverse :1
characters: Oliver, Felicity

This tread is about the Arrowverse. It will include characters from the following tv shows; Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of tomorrow. The main characters will be ; 1- Oliver Queen aka green Arrow 2- Barry Allen aka the flash 3- Kara Danvers aka Supergirl 4- Sara Lance aka white canary 5- Felicity Smoak aka overwatch there will be other characters as well like; 6-Laurel Lance aka Black Canary 7-John Diggle aka Spartan 8-Thea Queen aka Speedy 9-Roy Harper aka Arsenal 10-Nyssa al Ghul 11-Iris West 12-Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost 13-Cisco Ramon aka Vibe 14-Dr. Harrison Wells 15-Jesse Wells aka Jesse Quick 16-Wally West aka Kid Flash 17-Joe West 18-Ray Palmer aka The Atom 19-Mick Rory aka Heat Wave 20-Zari Tomaz 21-Nate Heywood aka Steel 22-Nora Darhk 23-James Olsen aka Guardian 24-Alex Danvers 25-J'onn J'onzz aka Martian Manhunter 26-Lena Luthor 27-Brainiac-5 aka Brainy 28-Samantha Arias aka Reign 29-Nia Nal aka Dreamer that’s pretty much all of them if I need more I can always add later. This thread is not going to have a proper timeline as the show there will be time travel of course but the characters will travel to different Earths and obviously this story will mainly revolve around sex scenes coz we have already seen or read how they stop the villains and save the world. It will include guy on girl, girl on girl or girls, incest and interspecies but not with animals but like brainy and Martian manhunter coz they have consciousness and they look human.

So now coming to the story.

Oliver queen was happy with how his life turned out. He looked back at the time when he was working all alone but now, he had a friend(John Diggle) and his sister(Thea queen) as backup when he went out in the field and his girlfriend(Felicity Smoak) was working as backup from their base with all their tech needs. They were working as well as the crime was at an all-time low in Starling city. Thea and John took the night off while Felicity was in the base when Oliver came back after a round in the bad parts of the city. He walked to table where she was working, and she stopped working when she saw him and got up from her chair. He put his hands on her waist and pulled her in for a kiss. Without saying a word, he started to unbutton her shirt. “ohhh, I see someone is horny” she said as she felt he was already hard. He eased her blouse off, dropping it to the desk while she got to work on his suit zipper and pulled it down in one swift motion leaving his scar covered body out in the air. She turned around and her opened her bra hook and her bra fell down leaving her topless then she put one finger on each side of her skirt and slid it down a little and wiggled until her skirt was on the floor the she kicked of her shoes while he dropped his pants and underwear leaving both of them standing naked in front of each other. He pulled her in for another kiss. Her hands gripped his side arching against him, she could feel him hot and hard pressing against her. He then moved down a little and took her pink nipple in his mouth and bit it gently and sucked on it softly, his hands were squeezing her other breast and pinching her nipple occasionally. Her breathing was shallow and deep, every time he bit her nipple, she would hold her breath and let out a moan. She started to move back slowly until she hit the table they had in middle of the working area. She laid back on it and spread her legs wide as he was slowly moving down kissing her all the way through her toned belly and then he kissed around her navel before moving down to her most sensitive part. Her pussy was moist and dripping with anticipation. Oliver placed both his hands under her knees and spread her legs wider apart to have a full view of her sexy body. He spread her pussy lips with his fingers to reveal her clit and gently started sucking on it. The moment his mouth touched her clit Felicity screamed in pleasure. He continued sucking on it and slowly slid a finger inside her dripping wet pussy. It wasn't long before Felicity came, and she held his head tight against her pulsating pussy until her orgasm subsided. Suddenly, she felt her legs being released and Oliver pulled her toward the edge of the table. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and he thrust into her, hard and deep, bottoming out on the first stroke. This fast and unexpected intrusion caused Felicity to scream. Oliver gripped her hips and powerfully thrust into her again and again. Then she laid back on the table and he placed her legs on his shoulders and started pounding again.
 Felicity was moaning uncontrollably when he smacked on the side of her ass. Every few strokes, Oliver would smack her ass on one side or the other. Her pussy convulsed around his cock, milking him over and over. He exploded inside her and filled her pussy with his cum and finally stopped thrusting and pulled his cock out. “Thank god I’m on the pill otherwise the way you fill my pussy I would have gotten pregnant ten times over” Felicity said catching her breath. “I love you so much” Oliver finally spoke. “Try saying that to me next time before fucking me next time it would be much better but still, I love you too.” She replied. “Oh, and by the way have you been exercising coz your abs felt tighter than usual” Oliver asked. “Yeah I started doing it coz you guys workout a lot and I don’t want to look like your funny fat friend” She replied as she was getting off the table and a little cum dropping down on her legs. “Then I hope you are working on your ass also. You know how much I love your ass in the tight skirt and dresses you wear in the office.” He said. “Yeah I know. I’m getting tips from Sara.” Felicity replied and then said “by the way I’m going to Central city tomorrow to meet the whole Flash team so I won’t be available to you or John for a day or two so you guys will have to share Thea.” “Can she handle two?” Oliver asked. “Not at once but she has lots of stamina. One by one won’t be a problem.” Felicity replied as she picked her clothes up and walked to the bedroom they recently designed in the base. She went in for a shower and Oliver joined her a minute later “well if u are going tomorrow I might enjoy the moment while you are here” he said walking in. He took her body into his own, wrapping her around once she had stepped into the rushing flow of water. He held her from behind, his hands about her waist, touching toward her navel. "Felicity, you... are amazing. You are so... unbelievably beautiful," as he began to kiss upon her neck. His fingertips met at the front of her body, and as his face pressed more firmly on her body.
His hands began to rise and found her full breasts, slippery and wet, her nipples already hardened by the pulsating of the hot stream hitting her body. As he began to fondle her breasts, her head turned toward his and their tongues and lips met. One hand stayed on her right breast fondling, tugging playfully, while his other hand had slipped down just to the top of her pubic area.
Felicity then slowed the water pressure and then turned towards him and knelt down in-front of him. His hard shaft was ready for the taking. With the shower spray on his back and his cock in front of her, she grabbed him and opened her mouth. She wrapped her left hand around his thick shaft and stroked several times. Her right hand cupped his sack; she rolled his balls around and squeezed. Felicity leaned forward and sucked one of his balls into her mouth as she jerked on his shaft. She now moves her tongue around and around before releasing him and sucking on the other. After releasing them she licks his cock from bottom to top. She then pulls down on his shaft and swallows him up, sucking on his cock several inches. She then jacks him off while sucking on the tip. Her lips move up while she continues to suck which feels so good and keeps his orgasm building. She releases the tip of his cock with a pop. Felicity was determined to make him cum. She then grips his shaft and her hand moves quickly up and down, twisting and squeezing which takes Oliver over the edge. She has her lips glued around his dick as she masturbates him to climax. He press into her and pumped solid ropes of cum into her mouth. Felicity gulped down his load. She then bathes the sensitive tip while her hand continues to pump, drawing a few more dribbles of jizz from him. When she was satisfied that he has no more cum, she releases his cock. Oliver helped her stand and their lips locked together.
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Re: Arrowverse
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Always love reading a good Arrowverse story. Keep it up! Good start
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Re: Arrowverse
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Characters; Barry, Felicity

Felicity called Barry Allen (The Flash) and asked him to come pick her up. He was in her apartment in a matter of seconds. She was still getting dressed and came out of her room while the buttons of her top were still open. She hugged him and moved back and started to button her shirt and said, “You are really fast”.
“Not fast enough or I would have been here earlier to see a lot more than just your bra.” Barry replied jokingly. “ don’t worry I won’t stop you from seeing anything you want but let’s go to your city now and don’t go as fast as the last time you carried me coz my blouse lit on fire the last time.” Felicity said.

“Yeah Cisco and Caitlin remember, they told me to go slow as well.” Barry said as he picked her up and ran back to central city. “You are like the best transport service ever” Felicity said when he dropped her when they reached star labs. “I don’t normally do this just so you know” Barry said. “Yeah I know but I knew you wouldn’t say no to me” She replied. Cisco and Caitlin came in the room and they were arguing with Harrison Wells. “Isn’t he a bad guy” Felicity blurted out. “Oh yeah no. he is actually a good guy from a different earth” Barry told her.
“Nice to meet you too” Harrison said in a sarcastic tone. Cisco and Caitlin came forward and hugged Felicity and asked how the team Arrow was doing. “It’s all going pretty well actually. Everyone is in good mood these days” Felicity replied and then asked, “So what are you guys working on.” “We are trying to create a rift device like I do with my power to earth two” Cisco replied. “I thought you already created something like that you gave to Super girl. I mean Kara” Felicity replied. “Yeah we did but some accident happened on Earth 2 and now it moves on a different frequency and we are trying to figure it out so we can go there and bring Harry’s Daughter and Wally back.” Caitlin told Felicity.
“So, I guess I came here at the wrong time then” Felicity said. “No, no you are fine. Barry will give you company while me, harry and Cisco work on our project” Caitlin replied before they went back to the workshop leaving Barry and Felicity in the control room. She looked toward the suit and noticed a few changes and said, “It looks better with the white emblem”. “So, what would you like to do” Barry asked. “So, if you run at you max speed how long will it take for you to run to Paris?” Felicity asked. “I don’t know maybe a few seconds. Why?” Barry asked.
“Can you take me there?” Felicity said with an adorable face.
“Are you serious” Barry asked.
“Yeah well I thought those guys are busy with their portal thingy so why don’t we enjoy ourselves a little as well.” She replied.
Barry thought about it for a minute and then went to workshop area and brought a suit for her.
“What’s this” She asked.
“It’s the same material as my suit it won’t burn up even if I run fast and it won’t hurt you oh and you can’t wear anything underneath it” Barry said.
“So you just keep these suits here for just anyone” She asked with a jumbled tone as she took the suit. “Well once your blouse burned and then I once carried Caitlin to her home real quick and her clothes burnt up and if it weren’t for her frost powers she really would’ve gotten hurt so Cisco designed these suits so that kinda thing doesn’t happen again.” Barry said as he came back wearing his own suit.
He saw her still holding the suit and ran around her with full speed and she was out of her clothes and in this suit in like less than a second.
She looked at him with surprise and he was just smiling and said “You really do have an astounding body Felicity.”
“You can actually see that much while moving that fast” She asked checking her suit moving her hand on her chest and ass checking the fitting of the suit.
“Well for me it’s like everything is super slow-motion and believe me I just saw every inch of you” He replied with a wink.

Felicity just smiled at that remark and he went to the kitchen to pick up the special calorie intake chocolate bars that cisco made for him. Felicity was standing there dressed in a black skin tight suit showing all her lovely curves and said “Well what are you waiting for we should go”.
Barry picked her up in his arms and ran to Paris and they went directly to the house Felicity told him about that Oliver owned in Paris. When they reached there, he dropped her and said what next. “That was amazing” she said. “Here feel my heart racing” she said as she grabbed his hand and put it on her chest. “Yeah I can feel a lot more than that” he said as he squeezed her tit a little.
“What do you mean?” she asked. “Well your nipples are quite hard.” He said. “You told me not wear anything underneath” Felicity said. “I meant other clothes. I didn’t say don’t wear a bra. Oh, wait does that mean you are not wearing any panties either” He asked. “What do you think” she said seductively. He rushed her to bedroom and before she knew it, they were both naked and he was on top of her. “I guess you haven’t been getting any form Iris or Caitlin lately” She said. “Well Iris was sad coz Wally is not here and Caitlin is busy on the project. It’s actually prefect that you came here” he said.
“I can tell you are excited” she said as she felt his cock pressed against her. Barry’s growing erection pressed into her stomach, as her breasts pressed into his chest. She moved her hands down and with one hand she weighed his balls and massaged them carefully. With the other she rubbed slowly along the underside of his shaft. His fingertips slowly circled her breasts to the very edge of her areolas. His lips followed his fingers circling and circling her breasts. Her breathing became deeper and she squirmed about trying to push her nipple into his mouth. It was only after she whimpered softly that Barry poised his mouth above her nipple. Barry then clamped his lips down hard on her and sucked. A moan of deep desire erupted from her. "AAAAUUUUUHHHHH." He released her nipple, then swirled his tongue around it and sucked again.
“Oliver is a lucky man” Barry said. “It’s not like I’m hiding anything from you, Dummy” Felicity said looking at him. “Yeah I know but he gets to be with you every day if he wants too” Barry said as he went back to sucking on her nipples. “Ahh it’s not like I ever stopped you from coming over and it takes u like what a few seconds barely, you can come over as much as you can I’m sure Oliver wouldn’t mind sharing me with you” She replied in between her moans.
After he had stimulated her nipples equally, he raised his head looking at her swollen nipples. Her chest blushed red and moved deeply with her breath. He shifted down between her legs and gazed at her beautiful cunt. She had very little pubic hair. She shuddered slightly as he stroked his fingertips along her inner thighs up to her crotch. His fingers moved softly up and down alongside her slit. Barry extended his tongue made contact. He traced the outer lips, then dipped down to trace the inner lips. When her hips began to move, he increased the speed and the pressure. He added a finger following his tongue and slowly worked it deep within her. When a second finger joined Felicity cried out. "YES." As Barry pumped his fingers in and out he could see her stomach start to twitch and spasm. Felicity screamed in delight. "Oh God. Oh Yeah." She was starting to really thrash about when he took her to the limit.
He held his lips around her clit and sucked it into his mouth, he flicked his tongue up and down across the nerve filled flesh. Felicity was no longer in control of her body. Barry sensed her impending orgasm as a wave of heat from her body washed over him. Her legs extended out straight, and a hand grabbed his hair. Her hips arched up off the blankets and a loud wailing moan filled the room. He kept licking her pussy as she came and he swallowed every last drop that came out of her.
Felicity was covered in sweat and gasping for breath. Her eyes were unfocused and staring at the ceiling. One arm was extended out the other bent with her hand resting on her forehead. She lifted her head enough to make eye contact with him. "Now. Fuck me now!" Barry moved around so that he could lift her legs and place her feet flat, outside of his hips. This rocked her pelvis up and when her knees fell outward her cunt opened completely to him. She was so wet that he thought it would be fairly easy to slide his cock inside of her. She was tight, really tight. She was biting her lower lip in concentration as he pushed deeper and deeper into her cunt. The heat and the wetness of her cunt was overwhelming. She had the most heavenly of smiles on her face. A slight nod of her head and Barry began to push deeper in. Satisfied with his position, he drew his knees up beneath him and lay on top of her. He kissed her softly. He plunged his cock as deeply into her as powerfully as he could. Again, and again he pumped his cock into her. His balls slapped loudly against her ass. She locked her ankles around his waist and match him thrust for thrust. Another orgasm was soon building within her and her movements became less rhythmic. She began to claw at his back as spasms of ecstasy rolled through her. As her orgasm calmed Barry pulled out of her quickly and turned her over.
He took his time getting into position, Felicity's last orgasm had nearly triggered his own. She moved around and turned to look at Barry and smiled at him. As she felt the head of his cock make contact with her tight ass, she flexed her hips slightly to correct the angle of entry. He started with slow and deep, a nice constant movement. Felicity began to mimic his motion, effectively doubling their speed. Within a couple of minutes Barry felt his orgasm begin to build. Whether Felicity sensed something or just had good timing she turned to look over her shoulder.
“Fill my ass with your speedster cum Barry.” She said smiling seductively at him. He increased his speed and she matched him. With a series of grunts and gasps Barry poured his cum into her. The flow of ejaculation eased the resistance and he continued to pump and spurt after spurt of cum. Felicity started bucking her hips. "Don't stop I'm almost there." Barry pumped hard with a rapidly shrinking cock and they just made it. Felicity cried out as she came for the third time. She collapsed forward and Barry followed. They laid together he was half-straddling Felicity, his cock still dripping cum in the crack of her ass. They dozed off pleasurably for a few minutes.
“That was fun” Felicity said as she went to sleep.
The next morning she woke up she read the note from on the bedside table “I left some clothes for you in the washroom, I will be in the kitchen”
She took a shower got dressed went to the kitchen with a shocking look on her face.
“Really, you got this for me” She said.
Felicity was wearing nothing but a tight red crop top that exposed a little bit of underboob and was tight and thin enough that her nipples were really popping out. For the bottoms she wore nothing but tight white shorts that had half of her ass falling out and that were so tight, you could very easily see the outline of her pussy lips.
“You look awesome” Barry said as he licked his lips.

“I would’ve been better off in a towel. I just wore these coz I thought you will probably enjoy my look that’s why you brought these and from what I can tell looking at you crouch, I know how much are you loving this” She said as she sat beside him a drank a glass of juice.
They were talking about how to spend the day basically everything came back to same topic every time and it was sex coz that’s why they were here. While talking Felicity could feel herself getting wetter and the tension was too much. She sprung forwards and pushed her lips against his. His arms wrapped around her instinctively, one hand on her hips, the other cupping her ass. The thrust of her movement carried them towards the counter opposite them. His hard cock pushed against her abdomen as he hungrily attacked her mouth.
Barry started using his fingertips to tease the entrance of her vagina from the back. Felicity bit his lip to signal that he should hurry along and as pay back he roughly thrust two fingers into her. Felicity let go for a moment to moan and in that moment he leaned down to kiss her neck.
"Fuck you're so wet, Felicity" he mumbled against her neck.
"Add another finger," She moaned in response.
He obliged and then proceeded to pick up the pace. He was thrusting into her hard enough now that she was being temporarily raised up on her tip toes and all she could do to keep her balance was hold on to his shoulders. He was bringing out all sorts of moans from her and she couldn't stop herself from squealing as he finger fucked her. Barry used his super speed to vibrate his fingers a little which was a little too much to handle for Felicity and she had an orgasm.
He pulled his fingers out of her as she came down from her orgasm and her legs gave way so that she was sitting on the floor with his crotch just slightly above her head.
"I guess it's your turn now," Felicity said as she looked up with her big eyes and yanked his shorts down which sprang his hard cock out almost hitting her in the face.
Felicity gently wrapped her hand around it and ran her tongue along the underside. Then she put her lips on the head of his penis and gently played with it with her tongue. Then she slowly inched her lip forward, taking more of him in little by little. She could feel his anticipation building as she neared the base of his cock but she pulled off him at the last moment. “I thought it would be better if instead of me moving, you move and fuck my face” Felicity said which Barry never expected to hear form a cute and good little girl like her but he knew most people have a different personality when It comes to sex.
Barry groaned and with that he placed his hand on the back of her head and gently but firmly forced his way into her throat. He held her at the base for a moment before he placed another hand on the side of her face and pulled all the way out. He then began to thrust into her mouth and his roughness was turning her on even more. She looked up at him to see his face twisting with pleasure before he tilted his head back, away from view.
Finally, he began to moan and he frantically pulled out. "Give me a second, I don't want to come too early."
“That doesn’t seem like a problem” Felicity said looking up at him.
"I know it’s not a problem but I right now...I want to bend you over this counter and fuck your tight little pussy till you come. And then I'd like to come in you." Barry said.
"I'd like that." She replied as she stood up and took her top off and removing her shorts revealing her naked body. "Yeah, but I mean why limit ourselves? We have the whole day."
He pulled her towards him and spun her around and pushed her against the counter. "That's very true," he said into her ear before trailing his lips down the back of her neck.
Barry spread her ass and lined the tip of his cock against her vagina before thrusting the whole length in. They both moaned as it filled her up. His cock seemed to fit perfectly inside her and he groaned, "Fuck, you're so tight."
Then, before Felicity could respond, he pushed her further into the counter as he pulled out and then thrust all the way in again. He kept doing this again and again, gradually speeding up and finding his pace. His cock felt amazing inside of her and she could feel every inch as he pounded her into the counter.
"I'm coming!" Felicity screamed. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, AHHHH!" She felt her pussy tighten its grip around his dick and he moaned at the sensation but he didn't stop. She was so sensitive now and it wasn't going to take long before she came again. His other hand grabbed her boob and his fingers toyed with her nipple making her moan. She was an incoherent mess at this point.
"Come for me again," he whispered into her ear.
Almost as if on command, Felicity felt another wave of pleasure hit her and she came even harder than the last time. He let go of her as she came and she fell forward and collapsed against the counter. He squeezed her ass and she could feel his thrusts becoming more irregular.
"Fuck, I'm gonna come!" he groaned. "Ugh, fuck."
Then he thrust one last time and held it deep inside her as he came.
Eventually he pulled out of her, leaving her with cum dripping out of her pussy.
"That was so fucking hot," Felicity remarked.
Barry let out a sigh. "Oh, definitely."
"Hope you didn't use it all up in one go, because I expect you to fuck me again."
Barry grinned. "I'd fuck you right now if I could, but maybe give me like 30 minutes."
They kept this going for most of the day and then he dropped her back in star city and went back home.


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